Newspaper of Evening Star, September 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 21, 1861 Page 4
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THE PVEIS1NG STAR. j?rr datis it con isg, oio? Air?Campbells mrt Comtng. j*ff Darla is coming. O! O! W hen lhall we tee nlm. O' Of When the river la riling * Oh, No! He will wait till the river la low. And Johnaton la coming, O ! O! Oo get me a trumpet to blow? Hla moavmenta are dreadfully alow. And when, if he cornea, will he go! Heaure^xrd U coming, O' O! On a :h>rger as white aa the snow Col. Thlng-a>mee gave him for show? He will free us (of money) I know. TKoeo tKav oil iWa^. I? - ?? - -v?v ?vj MV) nu IUICC iU IUW, Brave Johnston, and Jeff , and the Beau ; Will they wade. If the river Is tow * Or wait till it c?sm to flow ? Jeff Davis ) com to*. O ! O ! fce [Baltxmor* Amir km. CIR* AWT Win. The "Country Gentleman" publishes the following ?To make currant wine of the first quality, and that whieh mil uot tour, it is essential that the currant* should be pioked in a clear, dry day, and when fully rtp?, but not over ripe. If over ripe, they are usually shrivelled a little, atd are then unfit for first quality wine. The juice should be expressed from them as soon as possible after gathering, -and before fermentation commences, which may oeeur in one or two days after they have been picked in warm weather. Id a small way they may be crushed with the hands, or bruised ia a tub and the juice expressed in a coarse cl^th by ?queexing with the hands. On a larger ac*le they mi; be crushed in a small portable ?:der mill, and the juice extracted in a press. To every gallon ot the juice add two gallons of (*Imv art ft atfav attrl #a aw*** moIIak ? - v.-^.a . wa. vrwv-vs, auu iv v I CI J gnilUU U1 IUIO j mixture add four pounds of coffee crushed | agar. Put this mixture, after the sugar is thoroughly dissolved^.igpJltfMRJr?jQF i>o the liquid corned up even with the top of the bunghole; this is to allow the scum and impurities thrown to the surface during the process of fermentation to escape. You must manage to have left over a little of the mixture, perhaps a quart will answer, for the purpose of filling up the vessel three or four times a day, as it gradually loses in quantity by the process of ejection at the bunghole, and evaporation. Let the fermentation continue about the period before named, then close up the cask before the fermentation has entirely ceased, but after the most violent stage* of it have passed by. This can be ascertained by placing the ear to the bunghole, and listening to the singing of the effervescence and noting its gradually diminishing action and force. On dosing drive in the bung tight, and let it remain at rest nrnil tbo February or March following, when, if it is perfectlv fine and tran*nar?n?- it K? drawn off andlmttled. If it is not fine, it may be made so by adding to every gallon of the liquor i ounce sulphate of lime. Draw a quart <>r so of the liquor and dissolve the ?ulphite, and retarn the same to the cask, and mix thoroughly by stirring and shaking. In the course of one or two months it will become perfectly fine and bright. When, however, everything works favorably no fining is required. After the foregoing recipe we have succeeded in producing a wine much approved and admired by all who have partaken of it; the only objection wa? in being a little too .sweet, but this will, in a measure, wear off by age ELPSRBERRY WIHB. The berries, when ripe, are picked by the stems, then stripped with the bands, or trimmed with shears. Next they are mashed fine, which oaa be done by means of a pounder, similar to those used for pounding clothes. Let them remain until the next day when the juice is pressed out in a cheese press, or any other convenient way. Next, boil thejdiee .twenty minutes; skim it, and add four pounds of sugar totha gallon. When milk warm add a small piece of bread cruit that has been dipped in f AAJt it J ^ ? .* 1 tmmmm % wn U1JTB. rcuiu V f IUO enut. and toe fine is ready for bottling. Age improves it. Some add spices to the liquor when boiled. This is a great favorite with the Snfiish. C.N.Bembht. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILINGDAY8 F*om TBI UatTBS Statbi. SliMUT) L*M>?. For. Dni. C.of Baltimore ..New York...,Liverpool_Sept21 Hamiooaia. New York. ...Hamburg. ..Sept21 Aifiw ..New York....Liverpool ..Sept 25 Kan|*roo.._ .New York... Liverpool...Sept 23 New Y?rk .... .New York...Hremea.....Sept24 Koropa..?~ Boston .Liverpool....Oct 3 Gre%? Eastern New York?, i.iverpoul ...Oct 5 r*"!* ,N?? York.?Liverpool....Oot 9 Niagara. Boeton. ?- Liverpool?..Oot 16 IAaia .New York ? Liverpool... Oot23 Bremen .New York.?Bremen? Oct28 Pitox Emopm Greet Raatern .Liverpool....New York.. Septlft Buoius South'pton.. New York...Sept 11 Persia.?Liverpool....New York ,.8'ptl4 Pw ton ... Socth'pton New York...Se^t 18 Ni&tara ? Liverpool Boston Sept 21 Aaia... ? .Liverpool....New York ..Sept 28 Bremer. Sotithfpton...New York..?Oot 2 i d* uaiuorm* mail ateamera Imt? New York on tbe lac. litfi. Mid 21 at of everr month. / k H : <?ll !?Go to the People'a Ciothiu; Store, 'J No. 4??0 Seventh atreot, oppuait* Post Offioe, ud examine tnat new stock of FALU CLUTH 1NG. I KUNIS. HATS and CAPS, all for aale at t?? *i?w York arioea au 3>>-ltn (VI k- \V iy 1'KioKS t OR ALL KINDS OP CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, TRUNKS. VAUSKS. SHIRTS, COLLARS,and TILS, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at., oppoaite Poat i '-???. an a im \k/ BOYS' CLOTHING. " K Have reoeiveti witnin the laat day or two a lane assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embrauiog all atrlea of low-prioed, medium, anB tee f aaiitiea, which we are selling a t verf low pnoea tor caah. WALL, STEPHENS 4k CO.. 3X9 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th ata. > g nrtsHirmeor and Republican.) HAIR STORK, No. U4H Pa. at.. bet. 12th amd 13th st?. rm&rummhy. kt. br/uiw-curls.wigs. HALF WIGS. frlzltteb, Ac. A fall atocc aiwaya on kand^ or made to order at the shortasl aotioe. Bair >V ork repaired or exchanged. N. B.?Ladles' Hair Dred in the most natural y?wr. ma W irr !v WOOD AND COAL. I OU Will ?arelj tct your moaey'i worth bj M..HI it the PIONEER MILLD.iMliviil tmr mm of Sunik iitmi Cm*!. (6KO. PASS, Agent. ) Tney Mil oheaper and give totter n,?MJre than ut others in the oitj?out, split, aud delivered free of oufc'xe. if to* aau 11 eiiove ?i re U? Pioneer MUU a tri*., and r>? satiated. *1*r. DOTAIOBS! IT POTATOES! 5P.COO bushels prime Western Meroers will be ola tt>i? season at No. ? Pennsylvania av., corner of Seo>od at. Firat car load arrived to-day. t-ive us a trial, acd wa sball give vou satisfaction. Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky money, in good ataod ng. taken at pa<. aa .?-U J. W. STEELE A CO. rr CAKP.1A9ES. A H E Subscriber leaving made add tiona to hla fin-Rfcsi' sksm4. "Soteyne* &.W?5S'?I?caw vs^oKSTErSir passed, ar-d irom hia lone experience the busi hopeato give general satisfaction. I Ai. kinds of Carriages and Light Wax una kept -Aa REPAIRS neatly done, acd all orders jrompLj attended to. Second hand Carriages taken In exchange for ewonea. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d is ft comer of Fourteenth and E eta. xnAT T,1K ?fe,i?ASf oFticta?x V 9 Birk if the national Hot'l. O fl M< at liberal advanoea made on ttold and rilver Watoii#*. Dtanwn a, Jewa.rv. Silver ware, Clotk- I int. Pistes, and ail kinds ol Meichandue. Host- I Baas strict: y connder.ttal. I .niiHAOBKUi Ml 1/ itreet, Ul in Between <36 ud 6tA it*. ?mui paisaok Skat, *%> mu FKt>H TOMATOES, tT cai*. FRK8H VEAL sSfiWiWto. i<4" oani BEEFand GRAVY, H?i?aa sjOlPand BOCILL.I, ??? < french dbsalcltbd vegb For at New York Fftetory jr icee, KING A Bl KCHtLL, h t Comer I and Hftecpth itreeU. il FRENCH A K1CHS7K1N _ Have Ju?t reee.Ted a fr?h ropply of N ate Pa??r, Colored B-rdor?, r?led and piato, with EnweioMa to p.s oIi Alao. Kla* Paper of all kinaa, w?tii and wt : <<? Mcttc*t; Enve>ope? to matoh. Purees ai-'i Pocket Book* of ererr tfeocription. A %r(e r *..t of 8t&Uoiterv. _ N#>w York P??er? received aaiif; Paper* from all fMta o( tk* ootntrr. FRENCH * RICH8TEIN, ? ?? P?n? iH?Du?. | mr- o WR8T EN1) SODA FOUNT 18 i?l in fu: <>p?f%t;'>n. di*??ntinj pore C*rboniO Am w ?t?r. villi ciw uriM of difforoat linn, U> Mill tu p?troa? I a additiuc to It &m kiook of ModioinM, ho hM ? %??< rtmoiii of Toiiot AruoiM, fu CifWt. |t>-^ KWSfJ* * 5o5i' AND RAVEN* H*0?N iPlANO?.-All.'|?u?ururf: ' la AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATI AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! D1ATI AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATI AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISBASE! DEATI AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATI AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATI AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATI AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATI Avful Sacrifice?! Diaeaie ! Death ! Avfttl SaoiififM ! Dixut! D?&th! Awlnl Saonfiota! DeUh! Awful Saorifloei! Uiaaue! Deatc! Awful SMriSniw! DDeath ! Awful Scorifioea! Disease? Death! STRIKE AT THIS ROO^OF THE DISEASI STRIKE AT THE RO(TT OFTIIR DISEASi STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASI STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DI8EAS1: STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASI STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASI Btnke at tee Root of the Dtiease! Strike at the Root of the Diawii Strike at the Root of the Diseaee! Strike at the Root of the Disease! Strike at tbe Root of tb? Disease' Strike at the Root of the Disease! CONSUMPTION, INSANITY, 1SPILEPTI FITS, GKAVEL, DROPSY. LANGOUR, NERVOUSNESS, CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL. INSANITY, DROPSY, EPILEPTIC FITS, LANGOUR NERVOUSNESS, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits Consumotion. Insanity. Evilevtic Fits r - - ? m *r * ~ r f Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits Gravel. Diy.?s*- I anron'. Nervf;u.u . "'S.Si; tftofij, Largour, Nervousness, Gravel, Drt psv, l.angour, Nervousness, Gravel. Dropsy, Langour, Nervoosnes*, Gravel, Dropsy, Langour, Nerv iu?ne?s, Gravel, Droy?y, Langour, Nervoaaneaa, Univeraal Lassitude of the Mutcular System Universa.1 Lasntode of the Muscular System Univerra! latitude of the Muscular System Universal Latitude of the Muscular System Universal l.assitude of tha Musoular System Universal Laasitude of the Mnsoslar System Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and Iuaanit Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy aid lnsanit Dimness of-Vision, Impotenoy and Ins&nit Dimness of Vison, Impotenoy and Insanit Dirrueaa of Vuion, Impotenoy and Inasmt Dimneea of Viai*>r, Imjoteccy And Inaanil THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG Ol both wxtt die w.nually of the above L':?a&a oamed by abuse of tke GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, and from dise&cos &ri?in* from * HaUte of Dta patioo." Diaeaaea of ti.eoe organs requirr the aid of a Diuretic. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCH HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCH HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHl HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBO D S EXTRACT BUC1H HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHi 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THK GRKAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC and a potiUre and specifta remedy for diMMM the BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, DROPSY, ORGANIC WFAKVES8. ABUSE. o ar.d Vener?%l DiiMiei, FEMALE COMPLAINTS. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, rt^MALt. LUMFLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, and all Disease* of the Generative Organ*, whet er existing in YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD. MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oauce originating, a* dnomattei HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HKf.MRnr.n'x srw act uur>u ? ^ ^ x iv/iv 1 lit'OIi I HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCH HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCH HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHi HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHI HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCH I la pleaaant m lU taste and odor, immediate in action, free from *11 "injurious properties," and taken without "hmdrano"'* from "business."; Lit: le or No Chant* in Diet. I.ittle or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Chance in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Cvree at "Little Expense" and "No Exposure Care* at "Little Expense" and "No Exposure o?.* til ;??u r--.?-? ??*' - ? -- \J HI OS ? lAfcviv ij*pruiD CkUU iiu Etipoiaro Care* at "Little Expanaa" and "No Exp^aara Caret at **L>itUa Expeaae" and "No Kxpoanre Cum at "Littia Expeaae" and "No Expoaure If you are autferinc aend.or call for the rema at oace Explicit direotiona aooompany. Pri 1 par tottaor aix for ?5, deliver ad to any I dree a. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE" VI mu uKO SECRET" or "iKQRBDIIMTft. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU laoompocedof Uuchu, Ca^eba and Juniper Barn aeieotad with great care by a oompetent drariia PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBULD, PraoUoa! and Analytioal Chemist. and Sola Ml ufaotnrer of HEDMBOLD'S GENUINE PftEPAICATIOJi EXTRACT BUCHU, l?TTD i/>f O ADO J n < r? t r r - uaiitAVl uylivoyirn.L\ I Ldl, IMPROVED WASH OF ROSES. Sold in WuhiBftoB by 8. B. Waite. 7. D. G mamt Joan Wiliy, 8. C. Fobd, 8. B. fc-Ktwin Kidwill tt Lavbemce, Washington aad Geori town, and ail ihnggiBta avary where. r <' HELMBOLD'8 MEDICAL DEPOT, J1?. 104 8mUA Tmtk Stmt, Mow CKntnut PhiladelphiaM-ytian la attendaaaa ham * a. m. to g p m. ptivot letters HELMBOL&S MEDICAL D fOT. I"4 Hoath Tenth *lree?, below Cheannt. ItMAJ-ih* J7npt >rn% jp all communication*. [ ST-)?' J '' *rvm~0m"m" ? V. "Tbty I# r If lit to tlM totl" ii < U. J f INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR OOIVH 1 PD*IFY YOUR BREATH |! STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! I! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTlOfS ABB GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, -- ? ' ----- ?W ...v OfV Yon will find them very useful and pleasant whi traveling or atendmg public treetings, for atilli your Cough or allavint your thirst. If you try o package I am >afo in saying that you will ever i terwa?1a oonaider them indispensible. You w find them at the Dmggiita acd Dealers ia Me?. ? cinee, PRICK TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My aignature ia on each paokage. All othera a counterfeit. A Package will bo aent by mail, prepaid, on i ;y, eeipt of 1 hirty Cents. v. Addreaa, HfcNRY C SPALDUO, . No.49 CEPAR STREET, NEW YORK J y, ' - &PS2*9 NervousHeadache i Headaclie j , j r. By the iw of theee Piila the periodio attaoka Ntrioui or Stck Htmdth* mar be protected; a If t taker at the commencement ol an atUok imn U a.ate relie! (torn pa<n and aiokneaa will be obtaim .j Titer aeldora fail in rsmoving the N*u??? a - HtMdack* to whifih females are eo anbjeot, U They aot gently apoa tbe bowel*,?removing Ci [J HtMIK. u For Liltrart Mm, Studmtt, Delicate Femai and allperaonaof t*i*ntary k*bttt, they are v; U o*bie aa a Laxaum, improving the rpttiti, givi imu and wig or to the dlgeatire org&na, and i atoring the natural alaatioity and atrength of 1 whole ayat?m. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the remit of lo lamuiMivutnu wrwsuy cunauowa siffflMO u?*iug been ib im many years, during whioh til they have prevented and relieved a mt amount tain and suffering rom Headache, whether on aating in tho *?rto*j system or from a deram state of the itomtick. f bey are entirely vetetable in their oomposltli aid may be taken at all timee with perfect safi eithout mating any change of diet, mud tk* < iimi of any iifgr$4abU tan* rtmdmt it Miy dmmitttr ikttn to ckildrm. beware of counterfeits ! The genuine hare five signature* ol Henry Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Oreggicto and all other Dealers in Me tinea. Ui- A ttos will be sent by mall prepaid on reeeipl PRICE, il* CENTS, .... - - au r??ri anoaia b? addressed to HENKY C #I'A LD1N?, 48 CiDAX ^rmiT, Niw You hm tkt Ezammtr, Norfolk, Vm. Cephalic fills aooomeliah the object for wht they were made, via: Cure of headache in All MM. From tkt Emmminor. Nor/oik, Tm. They L??e been tested is more than atkemsa imii, with entire aaooeaa. from Mi Domoermt, St. Clomd, Mm*. If Too are, or have been troubled v ith the bw ache, eenn for a box, ( Pilla ,t to Hat j inay have them in oa*.?j of an^ttaok. From tkt Wtttim R. R. GtmttU, Ckxttt, JU. We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding,and kia t rivalled Oejhalio Pilla. U ? .. Fr?m tkt Soutktm Putk fWtr, Ifm Orltmru, i v Try them ! yon that are afB ioted, an (I've are ai U that yonrteeamony can be added to tbe alraa numerom liat that haa received benelta Uat U other mediome oan jroduoe. From tkt SuiUi, Vttnport, ItWM. U Mr. Spalding wonld not oonneot hie naaa W1 t, an article he did not hmorm to possess real merit U From tkt Adtrtittr, frwtfwMt EL I. ir The Cephalic Pills are mid to to a raioarkal " ?ff?JtiTe remedy for the haadaohe, and one of I XJ wott best for that very fro^*ont eounpiaint whi ^ baa ever been discovered. y from tkt Si. Limit Dmnrtt. The imme:ie denuuut for tkt article (Gepha 1U fills) u rapidly increasiox. I ie From tkt Kmim*U Talk* Star, JeeewAa, Tt We are (tire that pereooa rafferLus with the hM aehe, who try them, will stick to tbra. Am tkt Ad?rtittr, PrtwUmui, Jt. J. The testimorr in their fevor is etrouc, frea t soet leepeotab'e ? Barter*. Prom tkt Daily Ami, Niwport, Jl, 1. Oep halio Pills aro taking the plaoe of all kiodi frm lU Commercial Built tin. Bottom, Jttaji 8aid to b? very effioaoiou for the headaohe. Prom tk* Commercial. Cincinnati, Okto, Buffering humanity can nov be relieved. dy r . lo# nj 07 A ?in*le bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue ,, will save ten time* its post annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE BAVE THE PIECES! kn" ECONOMY! DISPATCH rg e7"a Stitch in Tim As aocidenta will happen, even In well recvlal families, it is very desirable to have some oh? and^oonvenient way for repairiac Furniture, To va w*wi j ? ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE IL- BMti all raoh meri.enoiM, and no honaehold o afford to be without it. It? al wajr? ready, aad L* to the atiokinc joint. * " -USEFUL IN EYEEY HOUSE." N. B?A Brmah aeeomyaaiee eaoh Bottle. Pr H oeota. Addroaa HENRY a 8PALDIN9, No. 4? Cedar rtnet, Nov York CAUTION. , awsaa 4. , ? f^nni V"*H . OOOB FOR LECTURERS, t, OOOD FOR FVBLIC SPEAKS IS, i! GOOD FOR SINOERS, 5! O 00D FOR CONS UMF&TKl t! 5! H GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTDNS. LADIKB ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS CHILDREN CRY FOR c SPALDING'S THROAT CONFBCTICNS Thar relieve a Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. They give etrength and vofume to the voio?. They impart a delioioui aroma to the breath > They are delightful to the t&ete. > They are made of simple herb* acd cannot har , any one. 1 advue every one who has a Cough or a His) > Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty oi t! I Throat, to get a package of my Threat Coefa will &rree with mo that "ther wn ri?ht ?-? ?h? Thia ia the only plwo* where a nn and a^eedy enre can be o5t*ined ia (he work! for alluapro?M and eril habite. f< norrhaa, fleet, aenunal weak eee, typhun*, primary, Meond&ry, and tertiary, orcanio wfUnNa. punn in the ioina, aUie'.aree, C?neral debility. *r?atriUon. nerrouHceea, reatieaa I night*. palpitation of the heart, rin*ine in the eare, o? ? of memory, confusion, me:*uc. c;?. fcflectiona of the head, throat, noee. and akin, and all tnoee peouiiar disorders arising from the indiscretios of yo?th, rendering them unfit far either baaineee, t?fi ss&v?ii. i. 4,. world for diMUN of the blood. eonorrh?, gleet, stricture?, ay phillia, seminal weakness. eelf abuae, ko. There la no onae tn whien they tell to cure in from S to I day a. Viotima of these horrible oomplainta, who woald f wiah to be ml sable men and ornamenta to eooiety. ' ahonld emfcraee the earliest opportunity for rebec. baa made the iroat oomp ete arrangements for the com.?n of b-wi paiienu whooonae from a diatnnoe. They wilT be farntened with the moat pleasant and agreeable ^nartera, necessary diet, and made aa comfortable aa they wonld be at a firat olaaa hotel at leas than half the ooat. Do not forget the name and somber. Dr. Shu man's office ta on the oorner of Sixth street and rennaylvania avenue, Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington. D. C. Persona at a distance should enclose itami for return postage. Offioe honrs, 9 A. M to 10 P.M. Various parties have been entio*d Irom my in U_ ? ?i * - uuiiivb uy oerwin swinaicrt on DftOC uthll ii thi? city, who will rue it til! the day of their death. A word to *h? wi>? i? nflicient. a? *? Our< Ctmtk, Cold, Homrtmutt, 1*^TVu/ilV My /rrilai*M? or S?r?n?*? ttf U< 74r?cl, Kitiiti tkt AhUHMifK Hfkxnt Couth in ContumwRl'fllMHilLlI tton, Bronchitis, Athma, UiIiIlUIMh t Catarrh, Clear and riw lKffiVW sir?ntt\ to thi roiti of ? ^^iunvssr public speakers m and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of checiing a Cough or "Common Cold ' iu its ?rst aiace; that jy which in the begming woaid yield to a mild remeie dy.ii negleotod.toonatt&ckstbeLang*. "Bro*m,i Bronchial Troeits," contain t-ng demuToentingredi?* anta, allay Paimonary and Bronchial lrrit&tion. t.' BROWN'S wKicH "{he ''lVoe*<<" are a specific) lie having made me often a mere whiaag TROCHES perer." N. P. WILLIS. da brown's "i recommend their oh to 1'wblis Smuu." U TROCHES RKV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great servio?in snMmng Hoaiii ll" BKOWN'S n?." REV. DANIEL WISE. *nnrnp<i "Almost instant relief in the dis TKUunbs treMllif iahor of breathing peculiai re BROWN'S to A"RKV, A. C. EG6LESTON. .. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anythmt

injurious." DR. A. A. HA v KS, BROWN'S C'jkmtX, Ao*ten, *' A simple and pleasant oombina TROCHES tion for Coc&hs, ?e." nDn?r?.?i & F. BIOELOW. BROWN'S Balm. ? _D(1PHL u * Beneftotai in BaoMcaiTis." TROCHES DR. J. F. W. LANE, BROWN'S Hesiim " 1 have proved than xoellent for TROCHES W*ooriji? Co*?H." REV, H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bostm. VROI'iiKS " Uenefioiai wl,en compelled to fHOiMts *peac, eaffennt from Cold." a...*EV- 8? J- ** ANDERSON, BROWN'S Si. Ltnt. vrhphra ** ErvKCTfAtin removing Hotrie noes and Irritation of the Throat, to BROWN'S oorarnon with SrsAtBEi and B;neTROCHES Prof' M. STACV > BROWN'S TROCHES "6raat benefit when taleu before and after preaching, ee tney prevent BROWN'S Hoaraer.ess. From their past oi5?*ot, i think they will bo of permanent auTROCHES raiiiaee to me. flEV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Preaidont of Athene Coiiete, Tenn. TROCH K3 fTTSoId by all Drue gista at T W KNTY FIVE CENTS A BOX.??U ? 4e 1-ty JOT F<?g THi; SICK AND SUFFERING LMT ALL WHO AtfJS AFFijICTMJJ 0 RKA.V! n?d Air J. r TIM 5 CHJtD 1 i? ? BJOJCB iy HMjjirii. *d. Pnea*. < yoa siT*r? Ai* y** the rietia af any Ed *? Ihot* o?n,9ro*? ?i; treats w>;ok arn>e from imparity of the blood.' Wiiliri ther, do jet ?*c! lather a?*, what are they cot.' The blood :i thi " ion mo! 'uearA boclta, and it ? the firrt eie-neni of oar teint to reeyond to *lj caa?e wiuch affecti M llie sTsteia, % t!i? ? ;!?-? infallibly attests The erei , previil-nc Near*it4a, k*je irritat;: ; fcrjtir^la:, tb< sabiie BerofaA, the?iu*;EiLt Ah^tmatisrr, Nertoir J>3bUitr, l>T59?faia. Liver Comsia^ncvitnfU re toraor and dojfcoliou, and the nxmterleis litatisl h. flesh ia aoir to, dsrive their aideon oririn from th? blood. Itoal kindly then and ?enfc? with tha tiood Vee (he itaiiiinc roaoarsea of nataie for iu aid. ng and safer aa to oommea ! to year oonfiaenoe im U, aae that truly valaab.e me<iio?a>eiit known as me mas. M. COX'S ?f INDlAf1 TB?STABLE DEOOOTJON. (I. With ret aid to this almost infallible Vi popular sentiment has spoken in decided U'/rai >vu and the evidences of this treat eftoaoy are aas tamed by oonstant avowa.s ofctrative c?eoU and >n, tb? happiest results frotn its aae are after ail othei ,tT remedies and tbe o??ot medioal skill have failed. Let us say. in oct-oiaeion, that crrt.Scales 1 eares are not eoatnt fiom the illiterate and superle fioial, bat they are .oianteered from the most ro AnhiKU nM MS* irH itlatif* t'ba Ki>Kaar Up.n. i. ? yvw^wwi'v rv? w?v J -?! * J ?MW U< % Mt/U k ??? UI? ll< ?hioh it is poimible to oomuiaud no valuable a apecifio tn poohc approval. We inay add alao thai n the curative propertfeeofthemedioineareesuslled aaly by ita restorative effects, the system recoverin* from disease with renewed ooaatitntional visor, dl For aale by all reapectable 1> rugs lata in thii slty. and by the proprietor, A1K8. M. COX, >c Mono tennine anieta her name is biovji on thi bottle ana her aeikl on the oork ITT-Price CI per bottle, six bottles for ft. wAeUrtUt in*:. R. ?. T. CIS8KL. Drifslat eorjetowL. j) C.. Wholesale Agent for the District, and will ssppiy the trade at my prices. as li-ir 1"?HK ALV8UFFIC1KNW VHRKK. TR1E8KMAR, 1,1 and ?-Proteoted by Bora i.ettert Patent of Entland. and aeoared by th< .k Beaia of the hoo e de i'harmscie de Fans, and th< it* Imperial Coi ere of Medicine. Vienna No. 1 la invaluable for exhaustion and naterrhea. an i all physical disabilities. No. S comy'?teiy eradicates all traces of thoai diseaaea that nave been hitherto treated by ths ntaAd aeoaa %nd pernicious sae of oopaiva and eibebs. no. 3 has entirely eusjianted the injurioaa see ol raerourr, thereby Insuring to the sufFsrer speed] relief, dispersing ail natalities, and rooting 01 Us venom of disease. kl~ TR1ESEMAR, Not. 1,1 and I, are prepared ll the form of a loaenge, devoid of taste acJ smell, and oan be oarried in the waiatooat pocket. Hold in tic oaaa*. and divided into separate doses, aa ad ministered by Velpeau, Laiioiuaud, Hoax, Ricerd Jto. Price f 3 eaob, or four o&sea for S3, whick aavea OS; and in *? cases, whereby there is a aavingoffll. To be lia'l.wholeaale and retail, of Dr . HARROW, or 184 Bioecker atreet. New \ jrk Iramediatelv on receiving * renuttanoe, Dr. Harrov ire w uTforward the Trieatemar to any part of the world, 4y aecur^ly paskod, and addreaaea according to the ioDo etruabnna of the WTiter. The Book, of all others, that should be read bj msn with danv?*" broken down gonatltntioni la "Human rrautj, or Physiologies Reeearohea." Itk I II tab eiuufally illustrated, and treala "inuteW 01 all c. > tyiayioms that icv&nmblj develop th'eiueooner or later, reg-iltinj from the frailtiea and nt-atim iiabits or earb touth, tnoayacitatinj th? Tiotim iTom ?a?rmj tli? fruition of the roatri Sit moniaa nuke, aiid. if not eheeked in time, derenerthe atint a!i the function* of manhood, bnnfini cb him, ate? by strp, toainnerintaiid nntimely death Bold by J>r. HARROW, 1?4 Bteeoker street, foui door* below Maodoagal, Nev York. Price % seuts. Bent free every where. .. Bold also by B. O. For?, Jr* i)r*j Store, Washlag ton. D.C. dett&n HNBW BOOK*. I8TORY of the United Netherlands by Join h4 Lothrop Motley ; 8 vols.; free b? mail. 94. The RiMOf the Dntoh Republic, a history, bj John Lothrop Motley; a vo s oioth; free by-Mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver "t Ravelol, by th< U,B author of "Adam Bede cloth ifioenu; paper ft BMtl. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintroi Sarceact; #l>o. i After Iceberg* with a Painter.a Summer Voyari to Labrador and Newfoundland; by rot Lome L Nob e ; 91 JO. The Manufacture of Photorenio *r Hydro-Car bon Oil*, by Thomas AnttseH, M. D.; ?1.76. Any of the above free by mail FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ay M Penna. avenue. 9 qunboats foe wwkbtkrn r1ver8 QCA.aTEiMA.8TIR 6 enseal'* OFFICE, I Washington, Jwnt 17,1861. \ Peofosals are iavitad for eonstraotinc Gun t?>ata upon the Western river* Specification* will be immediately prepared ami may beexBim?d at the Qn?r?f master's Ofloa at Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and at this oftoe. / Proposals from boat bull ers and en(iae-b?114 sr? alone will be eonsidered. f Plan* submitted by bidders will be taken ink oousideration. M C. MBI6S, Je 1* (Joarterroaater General U cited State. r gOOTS AMD SHOI^ TO B?i? Til W? are row mannlKctarinx all kicds of BOOT1 tnd SHOES, acd ooretantir receiving apply of eastern made work of every u?-9H(| ortvunD, m>de expreeely to order, and whlfBI teo too on Id at a maeii lower tnoe than haa been* mm* > heretofore charged id thia city for auk uuwioi f ^Pereone In want of Uoota and Shoes of ?turn m lit? made work, wilt a;war* And ajood auorimea la store and at the leweet prieee. ?mua call, a EIFF1N * BRO., Roaches, t<M Bug*, Aqm. Sfe. Moore's Sat and - mftmm lUMrrainAtor neverAita. Moore't Bmiw ill remove woL r?rn??h or raM of any kind from th* moataenotto febrie, nlk or woolen, with ont in jnry ? jwJor or ^enriMjwill ?!? Kid TRAVELLERS' DIRBOTOBT, T |JI?ITSD STATES JOUTAET SO UTS. CJ ? Uw> CHAffOS OF HOURS. at ? m On and after Monday, August 19<A, 1M1, numu mm wiu ivm ai vollovk LEAVE WASHINGTON Ml udll v*. *1 * ! > Snd KlAi m. Afrivinr at RaJH mam aI 11ft snS # 9.10 m. and 446 and 7JB p. m. , O LEAVK BALTIMORE at tJK> u4 t-41 a. b.u4 Tn S ifi fcnd 5 p m , arnruii at Waaklacton at aad Dei 10J6 a m. and at iS>aad s 46 a m. V PaMsiN Trains lcanac Waetoiartoa at7*> a. M* m. and iA' p. m ,aac Baltimore atlSia. n aad S.44 UA 5. m . make direct connexions lor Annapolis at the Nh notion. 4av Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore aad Waii A ington at U6 a. m. and 3 p. m leai P%ssenf er Train* leaving Washington at and Hal 7 9u a. m and ? *> p. m. make direct oonoexioas at P Baltimore fur Pluinde.pUiaand New York- nth All artiolee of freijht (cot oontraband of war) w?< will be transported ow the iiaa. Tociue Trains i will leave Baltimore at 4 M a m. LeavaWaehiu*- #nt ton at 7 p.m. By order of the Secretary of War t THOMAS A. SCOTT, gH THOMAS H. CANFIELD, H Assistant Mitnacer. am 17-tf CK SPECIAL NOTK E. da.*. SUNDAY TRAIN. On *nd after SITN n A V. s.*th J?i? Uxm ?in I Mc _ _ _ _ *? j | MiVI W ?I(U W* ?f but one Saeday (in; j fram? f Leave WASHINGTON at2.? p. m. for NEW f YOHKwd PHILADELPHIA.. , _ J? From N fw Vor< aud Philadelphia, arriving 1b Washington at 6 10 a. m. J A SCO I T, Jv, it n general Mac aft. X?A** bTKAM WKKKLY BETWEEN ,4o NEW VOKKAr pLIVERPOOL, Gr, tt-i'i?i~^i Laadu g and emuarkmg paaaengers at [>* OufDiiovD, Ireland. ... La The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Ky jjj SLAbtiOW Haturv.a?, August 3d. f ' CITY OF BALTIMORE, " " loth. fen KANGAROO. '* " Bth. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North riv*r. r lmior niuei. Bo First Cabin $75 w Di>. to London. ~ ? p0 Bo. to ^aru 85 o. to Hamburg 86 I Steerage f? Do. to London .. 34 l?o. to?? ??^ 34 faDo. to Hamburg..... ? ft, Pvpeccer* forwarut d to Ha?re. Uirntn,Rot- \Vi terdam, Antwerp, io , at reduced through (are*. m.m Person* visiting to bring out *heir irieni* oan p buy ticket* at low rate*. r?. rur iurwier iuiorm?fv>n ?pt?Iy ?t the Captains s0 Ofto*. JOHN *?. DaL , A?snt, |. \i Broadway. N. Y ? Or to Q. A. HERRING, Aoams Express Btltiraore. ? .*ErvNDmi>UAL e^terp,ii6b A ?ASrFRNLi>I>' WWSTFRPI ^ SHORE STEAMERS. ?? "KENT," Capt J H. K rwan "HOXEEX,-'C*pt.YT.KoTm*?, ?? Wiii run their routes a* follows, leavi r Light 77 ?treei, Uaitimore, foot of Camden, all o'clock A. I ' KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Lauding* Tn on Choptank river, every WEDNESDAY and _ I bATrRUAY, returning every Thursday and ?* Monday. fcl For Annapolis and West River,every TUEB- * * DAY and FRIDAY and returning ?a elays. PIONEER?Fobt. M ohael's an-i Km ton, via | Mile's Kiver, every WEDNh.8DAY.a~d return fbo the same day. , | I or /vncapolU, Wett River, Cam bridge, Oaford ?oi and Easton Point. er?ry THCRtfDAY. returning !> { bvj>ame route ou Pudaj * For Annapolis. WeaL River, St. Michael's and yD Ev ton, via MiieV River Ferry, every S\TliRpA V, rrturrinr every Monday r>y eaiue route. ? K*re to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaaton a Fomt ?- *wr M SO M Fare to ft Michael's and MUea' Rivera rounu ~ tr;p.$l ) ... 100 AI Fare to\V eut River,(round trip, #1)......? 1 ?0 Fare to Annapo.i* (round trio 75 ceata) 75 MfCALS EXTRA. 1 fry Freight rouat l.e prepaid. 36t wharf and Ollioe, LIG HT 8T? foot of Camden. 1 Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. Ff set NORTHERN ' CENTRAL RAILWAY. * i SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I I Caxvtxt Station, Uatimore. MaylS, 1S61. \ i On and after Sunday, .May 19th, 1861, Traits oa *l{ the NOUTHKRN CENTRAL BAIlWaV ari . *- - - #-n ?--1 ?? - ' iitu ouu uv-ytu v mo IU.IUW1, laiwner DUU09. "jj , TRAINS NORTH. m. MAIL at8 15 A.M. F.XPRESS *t3? P. M. J HARRIS liURG ACCOMMODATION at P. ] M Ui Tli* B.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relir Hoim < with traina on the Weetern Maryland Riimu, 1 lit Htn?T?r Jnr.otioa with Htsov*rMd Railroads; At York with York and Writhta-ile S Kail'O&d; n; lfArr "burcwith Pennsylvania Rail- str , road for ail parts of the West, also with Lebannon Hi Valley Hail road to Nno York dyrttt; at Northum 7-? beriand with L And B. KaiiroAt! for Kingston and ? I all part a of Wyoonung Val.ej.Ana at tf anbury with n ' the Philadelphia and Erie Raii-oad lor all parts H Northern Pennsylvania And New York. The S 3" P. M train makes ail the above conneo- 011 tiona except Hanover Railroad, WYuhtsville atr : Railroad an 1 the Lebanoon Vail"; Railroad i j The 8 P. M train makea connections with Pane *n , ar vania Kailnad for all parts of the Weat, and > I j direct oonnects for New York. 8*1 I TRAINS ARRIVE. MailatSlOp MExpre- a at 7 45 A. M.; Harrie- ; > burg Aooommodation at 2.43 P. M. , I For Tioketa and information ins aire at tha . ' Ticket Offioe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. * . i J. C. CLARK, Bapt. ^ aiiawBh le?q? wmgEk.p'"A & The Cam<1eu and Amboy and Philadelphia and f, Tron ou Railroad ContpaciM'Line trom PUfLA- ?n, i)E? P(11A TO NEW yO?R AND WAY *** PLACES, from WALNUT STllEKT WHARP ? . AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as fol ? I Iowa: 1 I At 6 A M , via Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. m 1 Accommodation.! At6A. M , via Caradao and Jereey City,(N.J. gt, i Accommodation.) nt At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jereey City.iMorn- ? ' II C _ _ M AtllK A. M , via Keuungton and Jersey City, D? . (We?tern Express.) roi 1 At 12H P. M., via Camden and Amboy,( Aooommo- i ' dat>on.) . 1 At 2 P M-, via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. m, Express > p, 1 At ?H P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, i I (Evening Express.) ? 1 it Ok P M , via Kensington and Jirw City, p (Record ClaM Ticket.) ?] At6 P M.. viaCamden and Jersey Ctty,(?venir{ ?u 1 Mail.) ty At Ilk P. Mm via Camden and Jersey City,(8oath- ti: era Mail.) , At6 P. M , via Camden and Aniboy,( Aooomntodation, freight and passenger, First Claaa Ticket.) r?, > Beocnd Class Tioket. ?,c Th?>6 P. M. Mail Train rnns daily. The 11* P. M. Mail, Saturdays excepted , For Belvidere, Easton, La?"bertv'Ue, Fleming- V| ! ton. &o , at 7.10 A. M.;and?H p. M., from Kei>- K . aing ton. i For Water Bap, 8troad?biirg. 8oranton,Wikes- tv birre, Montrose, Great Bend, Ao.. at7.10A.M., gD tiuw IfeimingUin, v.a Delaware, Lackawanna and ] > WectTii ilailroad. (rl For Mauoh Cbuu?, Allentown and Bethlatiem^t pa 7.10 A. M. and fcfc P. M. from Kensington depot; 7k > the 7.10 A. M li e oonneots with the train leaving ?T fcaaton at 3 35 f M. I For Monnt Holly at aad I A. M. aad t and Of ofl P M, (Qi For Freehold at A. M. and 3 P. M. t*< For Brutol J' 7.10 A. Mntt aad 5H P. M from Kensington, and 334 P.Mfrom ? Wainut ure.t wharf. F?>r Palmyra Riverton, Deianoo, Beverly. Bnr- e ) llncton, Fiorer.ueoo, Bordentown, Ao.,at I, 3, 4>4 and 5 P M *r< r Steam ?r Trenton for Borden town, and interna e- r? > diate place*, at 3K P. M. from Walnat street wharf. 6? > (17" For New York and Way Li pee, leaving W ) Kanaiucton llflonf. t*Jr? tWa nm.CTi ? ahov* Waii.ut, balf an boo/be?ore?eaa'tare The fa > cart run into the depot, and on amval of train ran pi from the do pot. Qr > kifcj pound* of ba<(ac? only alio wad to*aoh h, paaseoger. Paaaens era are prohibited from taking * any thing aa baccate bat their weartnc appar*. M All uaccate over fifty pouuU* to be aa.U 'or toi extra. The oompany limit their raapoLii&ility f r baciace to one "ol ar per pound, and will not be fi name Tor any amount beyond one hnndrad do.lara, _i ; *X??Pt * 6ATZMKR. Ac?t. ?&?5BH3 wl? It ' a vif Sb u t h m "I BALTiMGKK AND OHIO aei RMLEUAD. ?( i On and after Mat lftn, lad, the t/ains will ran fai ai loliowa, vi*:?Leave Camden Station. Balti- Tr more.? Mail,?ezoept Sunday.) at IDA.M^Ki- I A. , Tr FOR WAY PAB8ENOKES. ,, Between Baltimore ud Piedmonttake theA.M. (ft Train; b-tw<*n Pi?dmont mm WJmoUbc uke ae ; oommcKlatiOD Train. leading Plod wont,atft. 40 A. w. M ;and Mvms Grafton and Parkertbarg, take ? I the 5 S> A M Train trom Baltimore. ? The FRhDEKlOK TRAIN ar?e Baltimore 1/ at 4 90 P. M. aod Freuonck at?.?A. M. JT Th- KLLlCOTTS MILLS I K A1N leave Bal- iar timure at an and 9.15 A. M. aod 1 4ft and &.#> P. Mof r and fclliooit'e Milla at7.40aad ll.flo A. M ,aods.i& p*i and 7.W P. M. . , oil r For further information,Ticket* of mrmrj kiad, i Jtc., apply to JT*-tNGLAN 0 Agent, at Camdec Ti Station, or at tho Tick* o?oa I i u?.wgessfisBi?s?. i ! trnrnm-mmm. i A?d WEST, TralaaIooto: 1 Front Chaaobo* a at. N.Y. From J th strati. J" ExproM. 7 and II a. m., 7J6J1* a. m., and MB aud t-SDaad A p. m. . *?mp. at. ' Troy and A< haul* with t?,46 p. m., (Budaya ia ?l .$** * > ... 1 ? 7 iiV i" ? ' " * ? !.? ?.? i? ? I oak p. b\? or ima?UMplr Mtar tfirrlrM^ TisiiTvUeh IwveeweefciigtoB ?-<f ' M. W FALiA ?* WS^MfL gjgjptfwwri JM (or Phik*J*-?ti* will ir*T# PrHtmt iflll , ^rarSss?2rEH5E J w York uwueiofju ?4f. M7tru? *e NUti. I Vll(ll fB> !??PWI.1 |MM?p4 1 Vui ! < U> ?ni >a??dit>wM rmmUtZ* ' t of wTliuxMa. ZT All CoWrtdPirMM luwt (Its boat hofort iifint U><otn. WM r?M?roiD,<mt. UTRJU. FA tTrOAP Txlrt?TiS?? w Yrrte ty dejou of fladaM ?i*orlUHio*d It- Hnniiri MOOf***. M> loI?<*r?t >m Chambers afreet Pmb?? it iw???. T??B AtTMta M ? t?? ?-? - *? f ? !UTw b.W. """ 'r*m with i!ni.E{ * a onnootiDK ftt Albeay with the New Vo:k C* I Rulmad it* ftefceeeotedy. It reverter J ttoa i*tn%. Rome, *b4 ittboM ua 1?M u4 w ! m Raalr ** HetfU*. Svrnoaae. > i?f?r& F? r, ipeoai< n Br?i|?) Aitun .Oer?n.C?H < a *. 'rtina in ooBDoation ijere BufVo mm] ?o?*n ?? L*k? S*hore, Buflfcl* ?*<: . akeHu ot a>4 Mkt R*ilfMui for Hamilton. 1 p?ri)?r I troit.ChioMO. Toledo.Mtlwnakie. Fon 1 u !.v , I'roM*, MaciecD- frairi* Da Chten, y ?. nlaitb. Duk>o?na, Peona po?k Ulead. K??an. Iowa On', Bailiartnc. l>>rft|??.d, :?P. i^oMw.oairo.TeTO ntito, lrdiar.naoi?, uiBTiiiv.vinoirnaci i ?*iab,, l>-v^ d,*ndal! poirte WMt, Northwest and Houii NOKTHLRN ROL'TK !onuotiu vuh T(?k.i u lro>, with Tr<>> A ton and Rcaa. k. Road a f>>r ?*r*'<>i.a. hiteha 1. Rut and, Rarimrtoa.??L Albaxa. K<>u*a mt, Piattibargh, 0(dacab?:fh, Montreal. A 9 , (ET Freif ht Arranxawenta by thia roate a? ive.vittotlckuitof Oa!i,lioa ui* Drpo'i la mbwi and i-anai M/md. ir? at all urn** aa oraM* aa made t > o?to-r H ai roiii< i-t. a laall'tiea of ttua traat N?w Vork KmU, ?o the sat commend it to tha ?r ftdenoa of n,e:cha?ta ah pp*ra for pretnpt*>a?a and di?y*teh 'aaaar jer traina, with Htnoking ax> Qimiiii ra ran m oonnoction oa tha N?w Yo'k Let.rail ad. - ?. ? * * * * ? - V. p*ihuw>m u> iogM ir-ini *00 irpttm U igAiueaU, inquire at th* d*l*>t. 6f> Warm. at. A. K. SMITH, Siytrintft'iwt JT?k U 8 GOVKRNMKNT LINK efifc10 "kwfSSM^ OLD arM th? loir?* n'l < f INl'iN I)00?,B?'ti re, weal aide, MAILT, i9unda?a iM<?>d*d.tat o'e'< ok Pit. takin* pasa*?rrri and fright, an* icotinf with th* EauroM Jims, t* and f r*m aahirf on, I). C.vPhi adepht*. Naw York, Boa i, York, HarriaDvrK, Pittabarc. Pa, aid the Mt, immediate!* afer the arrival of t%? Liprew sir from New \ o;k and Philadelphia Th? following ia the SehMti ?: r>m New Tork to Fort Monro* and hack. 114 Dm Phtladalph a and Ntck.. f 14 did Ba timore and baok?.. a6. IETPROCURE VOUR TICKET*^31 n New York at the Naw Jars?? Railroad Ofte* t 4>f CoarttaLd itraH. a Phi adeiphia, at U? Company's oAoa. M. W. n*?r <>f Sixth and Chestnut ?tr*at*. or at th* pot. Broad and Prim* stnats. n Baltimore, on b->ard th? 0taam*r?. foot ol ion Dook. Hl'iiH o roVNKU pMwaiiw hkNEW VOKK. HARLEM AND TPTTK ALBANY railroad LEAVING MEW YORK FOR .BANV.TROV, NORTH AND WK?T. SUMMER ARMAN6KME *T Commenomg Mondar, Mar ?7lk, 1HH. 7or Abaoy?11--W a. >. fast (iprtw tiaui IroM 'prfSrrer Plaice?a.-fl" p. m (topping at WH'? (.in a aad t tat ion* north to Dover froea A *tr*#t ctation Thi* train will ran to Millertoa wai frataroa? 'or^'roton Fall*?i:W a. m. atoppkcf at all sta d* north of Kordhan iron* 28 b *tr*?i stauon. 'or W hit* Plain*? J^n, 4:16 ai d 8K? p. m. rtop if ?t all ctation* from *6ih *tr*?t atfltioa. 'or Whit* Piaia*??.-? p. m. Moppiac at a<l e?a>n* tram VS bit* *treet tutte*. "or Wil lama Bridge?1M, ll:U a. m. aad t;3b-p. topping at all atattoa* from m* itiMt elation. Retorniiu will lrave? Libany?a. m. ta*t expre*a train. Dover P aioc-MO a. m. <Thi* tram leave* Mu -ton ever? Monda? moraing at 6 a. m.) 3roton FaJia?*> >. -VhlU Plaint?flu, 7K? a m. k im p. m. dviliiami. urj.*?va ? a lundar trains viil Inn 4th Av*nae oomw 22^ tfrtylor Centra! Park, Yorknlie, H*r1em aao h Bridge ' [? ffW intent**. fr?m MP a. ? to >p m. JOHN BCRCHILL. As* fey't. ^^NEW YORK AND ERIE RAIL n road Passenger Trains leare Tia Pur* i Ferry and Lout Hock, from foot ?/f Chanf-ais e?t, New Y^' follows, ri? : iio a. m , EXi'R KStkfor Dunkirk, and Bufai*. dpriLc.p&l iLlftme ke Stations. no a. m, MAIL, for Duukirs. and interned iate ktiocs?This Train r?ma;nt o?r night at ia, d proceeds the next morn eg a m MILK dail., for OtteriHe, and inter idiate Stations. l.noa. m , ACCOMMODATION,daily,for Port rvis, and yiiaoival Sta^ons 00 s m , WAv. for Middietown, Ftewbnrgb. d intermediate Stations. M f. m.. NIGHT tX PRESS, daily, for Dan rk, Buffalo, Canaudais ua.and prtnoipal ntfttioiis ;e Train of Saturday ?to?> at all Mail Train stions.and mnsonlj to E'tnira 00 p. m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Homssville, 1 yrinoipal Stations CHAP. MI NOT. Gea'l Hny't. JATHANIFL MARSH. Heo-irer. Jf?^FOR BOSTON VIA NRWPORT ftW/ AND FALL RIVER. MM* By the ssieoaid and superior trawi fiyfi-Ws awffisES ni|MU, Id ooiMrtum w?in tb* Btonfnetos ua oridi-no^jtJ.o HucouUiil rroTidaooe Rt .rvMl, iTLni New York duly, Ssndaja io?pU?J, from r No IS North R.rer. Mr o'clock r. M., ud oton at UP o'olooc C. M? or ntMirriTii c( ? Mail Train whieh \rnri Beaton ?t I* P. fff. rk? PLYMOUTH Bi^K from Nt? V. rkoudu, W?diNd?<.kai Fridt?. From OroIhJ*OmVc^WKA.' TH, We* YorkiMdiy Thind?;.uSMtirdtr. From 6roles Monday, Wada#*aay, uf rnitT. fma OrotM yrMM Mr rulivt4 tn ondwof ai.<* Boeu.n. is C? kxfxfw Mail hi. rtuhini Mid plaoa 14 HniM i f thoss by u?r rosta*. bud in un?l* Um tor Ml rtis early rung Linos ooaaotmc North and La*:. t u agora that prefer it. rsaatin on ha d the tamer, enjoy a nights' ro?t cn^.atarW brsafc it lfdssifed.aadlaare Gfoton m thai ISA. M. AHi.^eonn^ouBK at Providooso w?* ? ?" ' re fro* frovidense U> Kswyoit-FUw aciUa. k baccate Mas tar aooooapaniae theBtaaiuer a*d Paaaage'Bectha, State Room, or l^slcht, ply on board the ?t*sro?r. or at ths fit*tat Is*, Pier U North Binr, or at the (jC?o ?{ > Company, No. 114 ^ * t *? of <*ortidstrost. Now York, Fshll.?. > Mil 1TARY BOOKS KENCH k. RICHST1KN havs jue< rsootrad a ?saad comp el* aaawriaestof Military Books all htsd?. whieh they offrr irom tea to hf*y r oaoL he low the regaiv ret*i yrioaa,?midinf i k new sditios of Hardss's 'cfa'Uy and Rita hctica, aomaleU, f 1.SA * r??. t? BpL m ^ 'vmrWIMBVpSBp^VvHBP^ IN tfOM'i MihUrj Hfcrierj.-ao I luu'a F?* 4 Fortlboatkoc M< 1* IwiM'tTkoUo*. ?li?v wlitioii. 4s fk? ?o,i!ur Guide, a oompi?U msvi1 *u*1 .11 book for the it* ?t Ui? V#i*els#r Mi litis %*.4 R?m8(v4 Me rh* Hu4 Book for the 0.0. BoMly. Imm tt took of inatrueuoa to the U. ?. MMkry ** " I SSsffig ar-*"' * ? fifth aad a?e*d, bat particaLarly *dapt*d t" tho lgation of Locx l?.ind Covad, raooicf it. oonotion with tne rail Bi??r *'xl OK Coloty fcaiad,(Iuudm of BipilM on:y to BuMid Pier No. ??arth E1t*t Mar the . FheBceaiiNir KM hi R? 8TATR. Ca*t Br*) ton. ordaya. Wedn?Maya, ud Frldaya, at A a'atock M., toaohini at NewB trt each waj rh? Steamer METIOPOLip, Ca^t Brows, on ie?dayt. Thursdays ai>d Batardava, at I o c.ook Ttoaeh way. riMM Bteamera a>e fltend with ooataaodtoba iXe room*, and erery arrangement for the aerart at.4 oomfort ol paaaengera who are af ortied by ij ronta a aighta' raet on board, and ro arn*ai Fall It Ivor proceed per Br earnboat Tralr. reach [ Boaton early the f< llowint noraiag : or may nam on board catil atartin* of the Aoo^rr aiooa ._ Aa A *2 I _ ?L .-l- A* > ! ? . .H i uy wllion u?T Mf NMI Holloa K laimi mwttr is attackod to aaofc u rtotiTM and Uck*U m* btime. im aooosuaio? the *amc to iudoatinatioa. 1 iImimi run? id oono*otioa witk tlua hint N ?c Fall Btvor and rrovidoaoo daily, exoopt iwioya. rr*i*ht to Do*toil* forward ad tfcroor1 w?U mU diapatofc by an fcxarota T. kio. *k)?k ,fl Kivar ever niumi'i, Puodtya oxoaptod.a* o'clock for Bo*t r, ard Naw Bad'ord, arrtviiit lU deotin%boB e.t about U A M 'or p-euht or p??saf?. a?p joe board, or at tbo io*on Pior No. S Nortt Rivar For atato r\ on. d bo th* lip f oo woard. or if doatroo to Book tm inad*noo, to WM b?*Dt.N. Aft TO and Tl W?t atr??t. N. V. ^^"and PRO VI PKlfOK, PU* BOb )N?island Root*?Tba itortoit aad Moot list?Carry too fcaotort Mail.

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