Newspaper of Evening Star, September 23, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 23, 1861 Page 2
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THE rW M\<; STAR. | _ ! ^ . . * ? "W ASTH1NUT0N C1TT: ???? * VpKuWl U, IMI. " 1 ? : ... Or* Paitrm* at the virion* mllUarv camp* and portion* will confer a faro* by keeping a* ported a* to movement* and affair* In tVelr vicinities Spirit *f ttaa m?rili? Pre** The I?i0lligtntn baa an elaborate article sus tololng (be Pr?atd*nt in hi* poaltlon with regard to the pr elarrntlnn l*?ned recently by Majoi Ge**r?l Fremont Tbe Kfpubhrmm la erenpted with the Fremgn a- - ?- '* * proeiaiBiiios qamiog J 1 ?????? Tu Miw Tiuti with Duiuu, tbe rati*. eatt?*n of which bu just been exchanged at th< State Department by Mr. Secretary Seward, ot tbe part of (hit Government, and Cot. Raaalof the DuM MlnUter, an the part of Daainark peovldee that batecfter deaerttog teamen ahall bi aarreadered to tbe Coo aula of tbe rea peril re coon trtaa, and alao that the CopMl* are to have ful Jurisdiction In all c&aet 0f difference arlalnf betweee the otlcera and crewa of the ahlpa o their HMfc *] HantniMi and Coxpaxy plnixe ?*o* Kmvucct ?A epeclal diapetch fro an Frankfort Kj., to the Cioclnaatl Gazttu, ander date 01 Sept. SO, aaya : " Tbe leading re be la are leaving thla State with it>nn?i< ? '* ? ** n_? w - .- ^.Kvw ?v v*viw uirtm laridge, Preaton, and other*, have gone. Deste of Harrison. left thla evening " Among tbe moat beautiful and tasteful ol Vh? many atylea of "Union7' mvelopea now ?? popular, we hare aeen some specimens we bav? J oat received from tbe publisher, Samuel C. Upbam, Philadelphia. They are of endleaa variety of patter a to autt tbe taste. lE^Totba publisher, J. T. Lloyd, New York wa ara Indebted f?r a copy of " Lloyd'* Military Map and Gazetteer of tbe Southern Stat**," a val uabla publication, the map being apparently I reliable one, and tbe atatlatical matter made uj from tbe beat data JET Several influential merchant* of Ne? York city, it la dated, have addreaaed a letter t< tbe Secretary of the Navy, aaking tbe relnstatenieht to hi former rank In the navy of Captaii Sbofeldt, now Consul at Havana. P* Last Saturday night an accident occurred oa the Northern Central railway, resulting in tb< death of two laMlKn ?nH ? "> <>"<? ? ..v imnlulilt^ vi iuc cq glaeer, caused by me train running into the rrai of another. cT James r. Den n la, Eaq , a member of th< Maryland Legislature, arrested recently, wai dlt charged from Fortress Monroe on Saturday after noon, having taktn the oath of allegiance. CIT 9&f>0 have been received by the Mayor ? Wheeling, Va., from the citizens of San Fran cieco, for the aid and comfort of the Flrat Vir Sloia Regiment, now organ.zing for the sup pissaion of the rebellion |fT Decisions have already been rendered bj Judge Bttta, of New York, condemning elevei vessels and cargoes, worth 325,000, for attempt log to run the blockade. Th* Confiscation Act ? Ah Explanatory Lrlttr from the Secrttar y 0/ Stat?.?The follow *?? circular haa been issue 1 by the Secretary 01 StateDepartment or Statk, ) Washington, September 21, 1861 { *1* In order to prevent the seizure of property belonging to citizens of InaurTectioaary Stat* a. not warranted by the acta of Concreas relating to thai KM It t? ? >? ' ^ *-*~ " * * ^ , .. ? au*i?ioir 10 gireel tnc special attention of marsbaisand district attorneys of the United states to the provisions of these acts: Tbe fifth section of the act of July 13 provide hat all good* and chattels, wares and mercbandiss coming from or proceeding to a place or State declared to be la Insurrection, together with the veaeel or vehicle carrying tbe same, or conveying persoas to or from auch State or place, shall be forfeited to the United States This section obviously applies to all property In transit or purchased, or provided with a view to tiaaslt, between loyal and disloyal States, and especially to property forming tbe iubject of commercial intercourse. Such propertv. whenever found. Is liable to seizure, and the only redress of parties who think themselves aggrieved la by appeal to the Secretary of tbe Treasury, who alone Is iaveeb-d by law with the power of mitigation and remission The first section of the act approved August 6th, declares that If any person or persons, his. her or their agents, attorneys, or employees, shall purchase or acquire, sell or give any property oi whatsoever klud or description, with latent to ate or employ the ?ame, or suffer tbe s&me to be nerd or employed in siding or sbettlng or promoting such Insurrection, or any person or peraons engaged therein; or if anv person or person*, being the owners of any such propertv. shall Knowingly ok or employ, or ss9er the use or employment of tbe tame u aforestated, all inch property ! hereby declared to be lawfully subject of prize and capture wherever found No doubt can be entertained tbat this section was well considered, and tbst its operation wai Intended to be limited to property used in furtherance of Insurrection only. Seizures under tbe act of July 13th should be made by tbe officers,or tinder the direction of the officers of the Treasury Department, sod all District Attorney* snd Marshals of tbe United State* should afford all practicable counsel and aid In the eseeudoa of the law. Seizures under the act of August 6 should be msde by the msrshal of the district In which such property msy be found, under tbe general or particular direction of the district attorney or other superior authority Foe sueh seizures there is no power of mitigation or remission in tbe Secretary of the Tressury, bat tbe district attorney, or oth*r superior authority, may direct the diacontl nuance or any proceeding in relation thereto, and the restoration of the property seized. ft will h? e???" -- " _ ? .. w.? au iuvpc^uoa UI IDW pro Islons of the sets of Congress that no property 1* confiscated or subjected to forfeiture except such as Is In tremit or provided for transit to or from lasnrrertionsry States, or used for the promotion of the lcsurrectlos Rrtl estate. bonds, promissory notea. money on d*postt, and the like, are not therefore subject to seiture or confiscation la the absence of evidence of *uch unlawful use All cScera, while vigilant la tbe prevention ol tbe conveyance of property to or from inaurrectloaanr State*, or tbe nae of It for Insurrectionary purposes, are expected to be careful Id avoiding unaecesaary vnation and roots by selzurea not warranted by law. William H Siwaxd, Secretary of State. laspsrtaat Kaatr from t hmt Miaalala. Tbe Wheeling Press of Saturday has received the annexed despatch, sild to be from a reliable source, though we doubt Its reliability: WaasTM, Va., Sept. 2U?A messenger from Cheat Mountain reports that tbe Rebel srmy have retreated and cannot be found within fifteen miles of oar camp. The Rebel forces bad a fight last Sunday nlgbt amongst themselves, A great msny dead bodies, arms, bUsketo, Ac., were found where tbey were &KTBKAT Of VLOTS AID Will. Tbe correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial writing from Gen. Roaecrana' army, under dale of Sept. M, ?ti : Cel. MeCook baa already advanced fourteen ml lea beyond Geoley river, with hie brigade, and leal night waa encamped at the janctlon of the Sunday rood with (be Kanawha and lame* River Pike, 43 miles from Lewtaburg. He met Gea Cox there with part of hie brigade, waiting for Floyd, bet the latter bad allpp^d through before Gen Roeecraoa' order reached Gauley bridge. Cox waa ready, with three daya cooked rations, to move, when the order reached him, and Friday evening be encamped at the point above lated, to await further order* Hla advance guard, under Lleat. Wagner, U. S Engineers, approached so nearly to a small detachment of rebels wbleb were endeavoring to get out of our reach, that they left their camp equipage and an Important mall behind . A Richmond paper containing correspondence from the gentleman who left Ma pbudi sketch at Carntfax Kerry, waa read with eenald'rable unction The aforesaid gentleman waa describing the amir at Groan Laoea. He waa terribly addicted to the rolmlaative style of writing, aad remarked upon that enterprise, "Tbto la ll- * ' * . ?rin *1 ptroaia sanncrt by Floyd 1 can unr? yon that tbey will be foliowm ap. drat by an attack upon Gauley Bndg?, and then tbe enemy will be driven until tbey Mop on tbe other tide of the Obto. Tkis krtgmdi w%U msetr tnakt a rttrorad* priaoaer my that Ployd bad tow of bla beet boraea aaddlrd on tba oppoaito aide of tbe ferry, on tbe day of tbe battle, to enable blmaelf and uf to cacape if we puibed hljn too clonal jr. TUere are bow >1)11 stronger evidence tbat Pic. d would baTt retreated tbe nlgbt we arrived beta, If we bad net attarkrd klm Lieut Wagner alao reporta tbat bla tauuasd captured flfleen prleooera, laeloding a Lieutenant of A/tlllery and a Haraeen, at Dog Wwd data Tbara la little doubt jMfVoftfUjril tad Wtoe ara la Ml limt Mr OCR MILITARY BUDGET. THl A.MMS#?* lOVAVfS. On Saturday afternoon last, we * a sight 01 Pennsylvania avenue disgraceful to the oficera o tbl? regiment. That la, quite fifty of tbe men o i [ tbat regiment being removed aa4n pirl, ft** I tbe Provoet Marshal's guard house to their en campment Of courae they were absent from thei camp without leave when arretted. The fact that they were ao a been t proves, I neon tettlbly, tbe Inefficiency of the discipline to whlel I they are aubjected. The material of tbe Anderaoi r Zouaves la equal to that of any other voluntee regiment In the service, and that it la uncontrol t able, (aa the constantly occurring heavy arrest i/u xmu 01 i? mfimm proTfi^j praoncf prima facta evidence of utter lnaflclency of II officers. > 1IL1AIID, ON PAKOLKi Pint Lieut. Good enough, of the New Yor > Fourteenth, made a prisoner in the battle of Bui i Ran, accompanied by seven United States aui ! genna, reached here 1st evening from Fortrei Monroe, baring been relraaed from lmprlaor 1 ment at R Ichmond on their parole. Of coon ? they decline to make any '.expiations calculate f to aid the United States military operatloni They, however, Inveigh aga'.nat the treatment t [ which theaUnlon prisoners are subjected in Rlct mond. f They were doubtless released to further th purpose of the dlsunlonista to Induce the Unite states uovernment to treat the rebels as belli?* rents. 81NI1AL TftXXOIlT. We have authority for flying tbat all rumot r te>atlve to the removal of General Fremont fror i tbe command of the western department have n foundation in truth. Tbe Administration ba newer entertained the idea of removing the Gen eral. and he Is aa high in tbe confidence of tb Government as he was when entering upon hi minion.?Sunday Morning Chronicle. We know not what authority our friends of tb > CkronieU may have for the above statement Be ' we do know that the subject of the withdraw al r Maj General Fremont from his present comman 1 been earneatly considered more than once I ' Cabinet meeting, and that up to tbia morning I hid not been disposed of. r THK SITUATION AT LIXINOTOlf, MO. ? The War Department have advices from Ger Fremont up to yesterday, from which the cor i elusion is drawn that Col Mulligan did not sui render his command entrenched in Lexlngtor Mo , on Friday laat, aa telegraphed from Chlcag I thl> " * " ' " " ?. uu iuc contrary 11 H Deneve 9 that reinforcements reached the Immediate vlcli ity of M > position ia time to relieve him, an r render It questionable whether Price (dlsunlor ha* not been overwhelmingly defeated by th] time. ! AIOTHIR BRIGADIBR 0ENKRAL APPitlXTlD. John B 3. Tcdd, Esq . of Dacotah Territory late a captain In the Sixth Infantry, U. S. A., graduate of the West Point Military Academy f has been appointed a Brigadier General of Vo cntcers While In the service he was justly ri garded as one of the first officers of his ranV b< > longing to the United States Army. Hl? srlectio for a Brtgadiershlp Is therefore a fortunate one. TREXOTHENIKO THEIR PICKETS. We learn that the disunionlsts have greatly It 1 ereased the number of thdr pickets opposite th forces commanded by Generals Banks and Ston< The legltlmste inference of that fact is, that the 1 have thrown a heavy increase of forces there ver recently?if it Is Rot designed as a blind, to cove [ a withdrawal of a considerable portion of thoa i 4k>* ? -a ? tua> were iBfie not lODg I10CC. ANOTHER RKVIKW. f Thl? forenoon, Gen. McClellan,attended by bl [ staff and a aquadron of cavalry, and accompanies t by the Prince d? Joinvilleand suite, reviewe< ! the brigade of Gen. McDowell, in tbe lmmediat ' vicinity of lta position, on the other aide of tb , river. TRIAL T*ir. The flrat of the gnnboata, the Vnadilla, mad her trlsl trip on Saturday. from New York barboi She carries one 150-pound rifled gun snd foil ffci'a Her performance waa admirable, snd gav unqualified satisfaction. ALL QCI1T ON TH1 LIST. Lhi otjrht waa an unuanaliy quiet one on on line near tbe Chain Bridge?the first night psaaec there for aome time without tbe occurrence o firing os tbe picket* on one aide or tbe other. BA1LHOAD TO AN3AFOL1S DIRECT To Ik* Editor of tk* Star : In view of the possl bllltyof th? Potomac river being controlled by th ; enemy, will yrti allow the following rough an< , hasty view* to be published, as they may hav i the effect to draw the attention of the Governmen not only to a quick and cheap plan of access t and from the aeat of Government, but confer lasting benefit on (be business Intereata of Wast ington; and aa It la known the Administration I desirous St advancing the welfare of this city, 1 serDs to the writer there could be no other pla adopted that would so effectually and permanent i accomplish both object*?I mean the construztlo of a double railway track to Annapolis In straight lint. The advantages of this route wouli , be?1st. At all seasons of the year certainty c access to the seaboard, as Annapolis harbor I i never obstructed by ice; 2d. Economy: as I thin! it can be demonstrated that the two tracks by thl , route can be constructed st less cost than twit inference to the opinion of yourself) one sdd! tlooal to Baltimore, the distance being onl twenty-two miles?about one half the distance t Baltimore; the country la almost aa level as plate of glass; tkt road tould tanly 6? ifftndu1 and Annapolis Is capable of being made a secon< Gibraltar. One great advantage to be derived b Washington, you will readily see, If no othei is that of decreasing tbe distance to the aei i board. Waahlngton Is situated about *230 mile from tbe capes of tbe Cheaapeake; Annapol! a*>out 160; add the ti by rail to Wnahlngton, am you have'193, which leaves a clear gain of 4 miles?a considerable Item in time and cost, yo J must admit. Further: Baltimore, with a line c steamers, eould aa well, and at less cost, dellve her produce at Annapolis. (In case of too great a amount of business for the Waahlngton Brand road;) and at the same time another line or tw of boats could be run with advantage from Havr d? Grace This flan would, In all probability wake up tbe energies of our antiquated sister city and cauae ty-r to prosper at a rate never drnm?? of by her oldest Inhabitant, and would add t? tb Interests of Washington permanently Take on> Item for Instance, the trade In Cumberland coal that Is now shipped at Alexandria. By trans porting the coal direct through the Washingtoi canal to tbe Anacoctla river, and thence to Ben nlng's Bridge, where tbe proposed railroad shouU strike tbe city line, I have no doubt that four flflhi of all the bituminous coal mined In Maryland would be shipped at Annapolis, via Washingtor canal, Anacoctla river, and railroad I could stlC further enumerate, but will wait and see wbethei what is said will have the effect to draw publl< attention to this route. If so, my object is accom piishad. J B E. t^cmiTKACTRn MEETING?Rev W if Rosy will Breach in the Methodlat Proteatant Chnrcb Nil th ?t.,between Eand Fata., THIS KVF.NING . a'eo, thvs wi 1 he preaching even ever.i-a daring the week. t<>commence at a qu\rt?i bafore t o'olocY All are invited to attend. It* lY^ TREASURY UKPARTMENT. >Ji SsPTBiiBtB S3. 1861. Tbe Peretary o'the Treaaury aok lowledgea tb< receipt of fino with tha not* of wh oh a o py is annexed , ana b*s dspoaitad th? niotej in tbe Treaaar? : " To Kll Secretary *f tke Trtmury of Ik* U States- Sir: Enolosad yon will find mm kundrti dollar', which rightfully belongs to the Treaau j of tbe I nited states It (Ptgnad.) * Oo*?ci?ncx " nry MAYOR'S OFFICE, JJ? W a an mo ton, Septemt?er 21,1W51. Tnoonfnrmitr witb tbe reqae*t of joint com**itt-e of Congress, and m aoordanoe with the Proclamation of the Prsaideat of the U- i'ad Statei of tbe Hth of Aatnat last tba asveral offioe* of tb? Corporation will ! saoaed, sn4 all its work suspended,on Tbiradav next, tbsSSth instaat to eu ki.i* it. ?i??- - * ' __ ? ? iiHi at; Ofinitil lawoo, ?r?jer tod rulini,'' and I rMprotfml) pi(Act to my fellow-ait.s3D? lb* iroirlatr oi cP*m* th??r piMM of bmiuMs and ab t&inlnc fr?io ill te^ar employment on the ooo* atns.aad tfcuaaMiat in pr<>m tint *?* ?bjeot ?f tb< trodMakM. A1CBAKD WALLACH. ? ? at Mayor. org* MA VOB'H OFFICE, 1L ? JVAiatsnoa MMmlm ?. INI iarfftt^ainwfif U fgsir invttih., j M i " W)?6W ? XT Utor Irta Binp*. St. Jonas, Sept.? ?The steamer Saionla, from Hamburg *? Southampton on the 11th lnat., p aland Cape Reeb yufcidiT morning, and wan inI tercented bf the 90** bo?t of the associated preee. f The mwi ia threedays laHr than the previous adf vices. , The steamer Pertla arrived at Liverpool oa the 9th and the Bohemian at Londonderry on the IQth. Tha policy of the Brltiih government in Madr injc reinforcements to Canada waa much iaestioned, and tbe arrangement* making for the 4 transportation of troops have been impended for the present. II It le eipectedthet a combined Anglo-French a naval expedition Will be organized against Meilr co, to obtain redress for Injuries sustained by British and French Interests in that quarter. The London Tlmee, In reference to the French Anglo expedition against Mexico, mvi that for* etgn intervention li prayed for by the whole a Mexican population, and it is assumed that the Federal Cabinet at Washington will cordially cooperate to permanently conciliate all national dalma without delay. k Spain, in conjunction with England and France, 11 will interfere in the affairs of Mexico by tending troops from Cuba. It was rumored that the minister of the Unfed States at Brussels had addressed a proposal to 0*1i baldl to take an Important command in the Fciem ral armv, and also tbat Garibaldi bad accepted Ibe . offer under certain reservations. The Liverpool jottnn market closed firm wd > prices unchanged. Sales daring two days 80,100 o bales Wheat advanced 2a3d. Corn is a trBe higher. Wheat closed firm at the advance. C*n closed quiet, and all qualities slightly advanca: sales of mixed at 3v>s. ?? ?_? *? r% m * * ? mnm were ami. uffi n*o t a own wan d tendency Pork waa eaaler. Bacon very dot. . Lard closed firmer. Tallow wai steady. The aettiement of Coneola on the 10th waa tended with much confusion, eight operators au? pending s Contois closed at OQ tfaOG#. o JUT" Saturday afternoon, two steamers left Now * York city for Old Point, with a portion of pt '* Ellsworth Zouaves ' IE7" The receipts for the whole term of the New York State Fair, which cloaed on Saturday, ? amounted to nearly 89 000. f ITT Shilllngton, Odeon Building, aends at the d fresh and inviting October number of the Atlant'.c mumuiVt it " 1 . Musical insruction.-a T*oher <* .M "*i j, veil quaufied in his profession, wshes to obtain a o as* of pupils in a private soh?p. i. Re>renoe can be given il required. Terms mad* known on application. Address' MusioTeacher," at the Star Office, stating name and res denes. 3 * ? OUTTER ANU > (iGS ? At No. 45J Eighth o L> street between Pa ave. and L) streM, reoei? . ing d?i'j fresh lots ?f Now Vork, P"ina* 1 vania a and We/tom Butter which we arc tor 12K i- of nts and no wards. J Alsr>, fresh express. *e S8-1W CJK^LKn PROPOSALS are inw:t- d f?r FLOUR ' O uli thearuh September. 1*61 at 12 o'd^ok m. About 6 nun ha reis wi'l be required, a separate lots of about 1 ono barrels each Th? floor t.> t.e made of new wiieat, and the deliver? of the whole , lot to he made by the 8th October 1861 The Fiour r quired to be of the following brands, and tj pass the lnxpeotioa of a Board >f Armt Ofr fic-'rs. or suoh o-her inspection as the Subsistence , Department may direct. ' Arlington Extra, a_ I (^insiAac An. H Pry do. r* Kairview do. il Cedar Vale do. G leu wood do. Eagle Mills do. C agett do. J i^ewcome do. I- M. Smith do. ? Roxbnry do. Joe Charlea do. ' J. Davidson k, Co. do. v Foundry do. Heok do. y La Gloria do. t Patuxent do. Oakler do. e Avondale do. Fowier fc Zeisler do. Chesapeake Mills do. D. L '?ioiM? >n * Co. do. Lyon's Unn-n Flour. . Hie Sprin? Joe Cha-len. Ede'K Extra Baker a. i A fow barr?ia of the s*m* grade of Southern e Floar will be taken, provided that it proves rqu*l in grade to the hra>ida above-named Th-* bidders e to stat* the bran.) and th?? number of barrels of each kind they proposefto furtish. The b*rrela containing the Flour to be strong, well-hooped and he>d-lined. . The proposals to beaddreeaed to Capt. A BECK e WITH, U 8, U.S. A.. Waahington, I). C , and ' en<3or?ed. "Propoaaia for > lour " ae 23 r rp TO OFFICERS. m I RP PtUDA w * " , vnivi nmil ?a ^ainjncnirr wacon on the Pru?i:?i puDoiple. arranged for aloep- rv ing or to act a* an Amf a anoo in o&h of aiekneaa or wngndi. with ampin room * Mil provi??ui; light, water-proof, and p?rr feolly n?w, havi >g been j art 1 n>U t? ?rder bf one 1 of the fir?t maker* in N-w Yoik, ie offered for aale , a< coat p -ioe. 1 A ao. a handsome, itr in?, aouad, dark-brown HOK^E, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen on application to JAMES GROWN, at Mr. Irvine'* Stablei, Corcoran'* aue, behind the Chain Houae, between 1 and H " atreeta. ae an ! &nn nnn rough tallow and i OUU.UUl) OBEA?e WANTkJ), for whioh e the highest price will Ke pa>d m ap< oie " Alio, lid COO Iba.of SIHAP and CANDLES for '* aale oheap for o*ah, at the N&tiona Soap and Can0 die Woika, Oreen at. and the Canal, Georgetown, . D.C. C. B jfiWELL. * ae 19 1m Proprietor. 1 QQQ JOHNSON A. NAOLE, OhtiQ * ?0?7 No 2?9 PENNSYLVANIA AVI5CE, fcOJ I* Between Ninth and Tenth eta., south aide, n IMPORTERS OF WINKS. ? 1QUOKS. SK? OAHS. PICKLES, PRESERVES, & t Ry DINES. FINE GROCERIES AND n SUTLERS' STOREi IN OhNERAL. a Juat arrived the following branda of , CHAMPAGNES: a G H Mamrn, Piper Heidaiak, if Moet A Chandou, Cartier A Co , Karat & Fagot, . Tourett.;, Kojal Grape. fTm?a wb oner m "vow York Prioea?freight k added. JOHN?<?'N A NAGLE, g 2K9 Penan avenue. w Abm. M. Hin'ngerA Co.'?(19 Wro?d atreet. New b York.l^orld renowned BOTTl.ED W IN ESaod I- LIQUORS, for Camp, Medioina', and Famil? u?e, oonstantly on hand and sold at New York Prioea V by the Cue. At JOHNSON A NAGLE'S, 0 389 Penna. avenue. a PICKLE8, Pepper and other SAUCES. TO. iMATO CaTSU P. by the barrel, rallon, or dosen, , from the o*'?brated manufiotorjr of Kohr?nb?rh A 1 Co . New York, at aatoniihincly low pnoea. At JOHNSON A NAGLE'B. " Sole Agenta. Alao. PICKLED: PIG FEET, LAMB AND i- BEEI^ TONGUES, TRIPE, eto., by the barrel a or half-bnrTel. ae 10 a TREASURY NOTESOK ALL DENOMINiT 4 1 TION8 BOUGHT AND SOLD. a We will deposit in the United Statea Tr#a?nr? m i - * a aero or in \?w y rK. withoa* cha- j p, all nmi not .. le?? than Fifty Dollar* f ?r parties vuoine to invest in Three-year Treasury Notes, bearing 7 3-10 interf est. SWEENY, RITTKNHOU8E. FANT * CO.. ?ee 11-lm Bankers. No. 33'2 Pa avennt. * ALL THE BEST GRADVS OF HEAVY h A GOODS FOR SKRVANTS' WEAR. 0 An amp and extensive stook now in store. The whole of the above at onr proverb ally low prioes. ? One prioe only, m^rlr d in plain figures PERRY A H (OTHER, ? i a avenii' and Ninth st., sen 5t,if ''Parry Building." e pROPOSALS FOR FORAGE. e Quaktkxmartib Binbral's Orrici, / Washington, Sep ember ID, 1861.\ Pkoposals are invited lor furnishing Foraje* - The quantity to be received will be about? , l&i ??t bushels of i >at?, 16?/00 bushels of Shelled Corn, in,onotons of Hay. 1 All to be delivered by the end of Maroh. 1RS2. The delivery to be in sueh quantities per month as 1 may be directed by the (Quartermaster. The total I quantities not to exoerd those ab >ve epeeifi d. All the forage to be delivered at sueh storehouse* or 1 depots a? the Quartermaster may provide, in or I around tie eity of St. t.ouia, within two atd a half . miles of the Con t-house. Proposals should be a-<dreeaed to the "Chief Quartermaster of tne Western Department," M. Loui', Missouri Piopnsa s wi 1 be opeaed at noon on the SSth of September,. at the oftoe of said Chief Unar wgiHi-r, in io> pre?e;io ? Of MNNi whsn con tracts will he awarded to the lowest bidders who give satisfactory ?eouritj. Bide wi I be reoeived for the whoH or for any I part of the a!>ove. M. C M"IGS. r se ?l-3t Quarter master General U. e A. r EmJrsALK-A good RESTAURANT to b? r sold on r>M<*nanle terms. Ineuirn at JOHN K. NlEDKELDT'S, No. 440 E St., betwen nth art'l 9th ?'S s? 81 s:* WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 3il'J t*BIfHSTLVARIA AVIHCl, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. t AND HEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, ' AND EXTKNSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, seft-if (Intel. A Repob.) US. MAIL*STAGE LINE Between VVash ington and Rookylile leaves Martin's Hotel, oor. 8th and D at* JbpcMJ ? EVERY MORNING (Bandars a-jBEgiC t cepted) at T o'o oek and I. C. Conode's. oor. nign ? and Baall sis., Gaornacown. at o'oloak; returning daily. On Mondays. W*ane*days^and Fridays. ?...?mu *> ruui?nuif; rwwsis, Thur?d?r? fM ; >"?** ""mrafcfor. ^SSk yfeEo'NLfl'mfffl' KV? l?m??i ^r.l^fTJiVOTr'oiLOLOTM. ?? ' *zL !-**&&*. { * ** ' '** I _. / I pROPOHALS FOE INDIAN SOOlJS. I D*p??tmi^t o? th* I I ; Oft* 4/?iri, Sefttmhr V, IMl.t I | Pjaiid PmoroiiLi, endorsed " PTopoeale for v Indian (I'lui 1.3, 3 or 4 M the oa%e ** 1 be,) to he d-livered in the city of N? w a to reeelr d a the Ofcae of Indian Afuti 1 tioiec OLaki No.L ' Madnnac Plnn.ktt$, Clotkt.mnd Iky Good*. J SOOOfttire 3-foin? whre MMkinM blanfce?a. to \ , ?e\a??? CO by 13 mohec. ?n<l # ??*? ?fg?J' | * 2,wpa> ?2*-? intwSit- Ki kMU mtanrc Mbj(? inch*, and ei?h J**0"* I ; 1,0)0 pairs 2-poirt white Mack nao 6la?**U,_*? | f meanord 45 H. t? .?i? ?-? OAfi - ? "/ luwnri, (ftiru wri|D l> ? paif? iX joint whita Maokinao blanket*, to ? JTf* "J'? ? by 50 in:h<*a. anl weuh 4* iba. J iK'mt Whlta Ma.kiiuta I

J1"38 br ?8 tnotooa, and w^uhMflU *, 300 paira 3 point acurl ?t M&ck.riao FlackaU, to ?n ??.h* 78 in h?a, and with 8 poor da , *? fair a 2* p-?int aca-lrt Maakinao b a^ke-a, *o J **%t> 54 by 86 icon*', and weich 8 poucda 2 ' aoarlet Alaolnoaa ?aak?'a. to ?MM?re Oly 58 inotiaa. aod wwrt flii. ?5J pair a 1-point aoarlst Maokirao t>,aok*U, to tn. n^iw 88 by 48 nohea. and weifh <ba. 1 100 paira Shi point green Mackioac hl%nae'B, to n??aanrp66 bf 84 in?h*?, and yrwth 10 lba. < ?00 paira 8 Point trwi Muikinui Mukata to ??eMera 60 by 7* inches, and *?(h poaeda 4 ?<*J psirt 2Jf point (rwi M?ektnae b??rkrta, to I nitttareM by 86 iBohea. and weigh 6 ponnda < 2v? paira aX-point indigo hlaa Maokicao blsn- I keta, to mcuDit 66 by 84 n?kM, aid weigh ^ Wpoant'a , 2"0 paira3 p unt indigo bin* Waokinao WukM, ?o 60 by TJ inohea, and weigh 8 ib? 200 paira 2H- point lcdiro b'ne Maokinac blaoketa. to mausra 64 by 69 inanea, end weigh 6 poandn 1 2f0 pura SH-pomt geatinela bias Maokinae I Dlanketa, to meaaure 88 by 84 inohea, and veigfa 10 poanda 6"*) paira 3-pDint gentinella h oe Maokinae b'an- J keta. to measure 8# by 72 icehea. and weigh 8poand? ( 400 paira 2>? point gentineMa blaa Mackinac blanket*, to raaaanre 54 by 66 inches, and weigh 6 pounda 250 paira 3-pt int gentinel'a bine Maokinaa blan- , k*ta, to meaaure 4i by 56 inohaa, and weigh 51* pounds , 9TUt m_ _? 11/ _.._4 ?: 1?- *-1 aa a_J 1 ?? K? T1 i;j? Bi'ini I en : I nniin \ b!?tKeu, \o measure 9b by 50 inches, and wtigh *H ponnda iy* pair* 1-poiut gentinella blue Msokmao blankets, to measure 33 by 46 inohes, and weigh 1 S>4 pound*. 4,ono jm di f?not liat blue oloth ?? do do green oloth 2,000 do grey lift bine oloth 2 OX) do saved lift blue oloth 1 1,000 do do aoarlet o^oth 1,200 do Co green oloth l*io pounds w <rstcd yarn, (S foSd) 1Wdozen cotton flur i.andkerohiafa 100 . do fasor aotton 60 do Mack ailk l<w co a 4 ootton ahawla l'O do 6-4 do 60 do 4-4 do | 100 do 8 4 woolen do 9*o pounds linen tliread. No. 40 fifl cross worsted gartering 43.000 yarda ca'ioo 2S.ono do Merrimao oalioo 7,0(4) do Tarkny red oalioo l-'OfO do bine dril.ins") ?to nenabarga 7,6 >0 do brown drilling 5 OCA do Georria atripea 5 WO do b.'ue d nines 5.W0 do o >tt'?nad9 12 600 do bed tioking 5 ooo co Kentucky jeana 1 j# d > aa'inetta lo,ono do piaid l'naeya a r.^k 3k _ l - ? * -? i vv no o eaonna aniru'g 15.01)0 do domest;o shirtirg, unbleached inoo) do do aheetiug, do ,00ft do bleached do lo,t?0 do brown cotton dnok do check*, stripes, and plaids 2,o*? <10 tla nela, aaso'ted l.Min pounds ootton thread 1/w oo brown filling twine, No. 3> 80(i do cotton maitre 1 5 ? twilled flannel shirts lri0n o&!ioo st irts dozen hickory ahi'ta 100 to Madras han 'kerchief*. Class No. 2. Ready mad* Clothing. 175 frock coats, indigo blue broadcloth 175 pantalo' ne, do do SO indigo blue Mackinac blanket capo'.** 175 blue aatmett o a a 175 do pai.ta'oona 75 cadet- mixed sat nett coats 75 do do pan'aloona 775grar aatinett ooata. Uack) 275 do pmta!oons 375 do vasts. Class No. 3. Hirclwar', Atrieuitural Impltmmts, fcA ftOfl BAHTiHa Krasa IraHlaa 40" tin kett'ea,'5 'lsea) 125 neat? Japanned k?tt!ea, (S in ft neat) 276 ramp k?tt!ra,(3 ?iie?> l"?Aduien 3 euar. tin (*' ISO d?sen 9 *uart tin pa..e 30 do 8 *nart do 375 do tin cupa )ifl do ai?? i?li 1 do fiah hooka > 0 do fi?h linea 750 groaa nredl?a, assorted 875 oozan coarse tooth oombs 75 do fin* tooth oombs mr 25 do grabbing boea 25 do werditg hoes 150 drawing knives, 10 inches 5" hand uwi loodmen hand saw filea, ih inohee A do aborele 25 do spadns 750 ahort hand'e fry pane 25 dozen baa in* apoona 200 do iron table spoons 2t d> ax>a, to weigh to 5X pounda li? do half axes to weigh 3 pounds, (with handles) 100 do sine mirro-s loo do fire steels 100 pounda braaa wire lno do beat Ch neq* Termillion. Gooda of Ainerioan manufacture of the rr?Dir?d styles and. quality will be orefe r#H- K?t ? ?v m - ? , wo* WW CltU samples or bankets and oloths arc foreign tahnos. it will b* ne::as?ary, id proposing a dom'suo article of either of those kind* that a sample thereo: shall accompany the bid. i h<* artioles t<> b* furnished must in all respeots 0">nlorrn. to and be equal with th* Govertmei.tsam6es whioh mar be seen a this oifioe on and after is first of Ootouer next. The artioles will be r gidly inspected a< d compared witn the samples by an agent or agent* appointed for that pjiposa. guoh as maj be unequal thereto in any particular will be rejected, in wh oh c*se the contractor ?ill be bound to furnish others of the required kind or qu%lity within t^>r?e days; or, if that be i ot done, they will be purohasal at his expense. PaymeLt wilt be made for the goods receded on invoioe* thereof, certified ? y the agent or agents appointed to inupect them It is to be understood that ?h? right Will be re served to require a greater or lews quart ty of any of the a<-tioles named than that tpeoii d in tne above aouedule; and all bida for farniahing said artic'e* may be rejeoted at the option ot the I?? pirtment; ana that neuefrom persons who have fail*! to oomply wi'h the requirements of a previous contract with the United 8taU<. or who are not manufacturers or wholeaale dea'ers in the required artioles, will be oonsiderea ; and the faot that bidders are saoh tnsnufa* urers or dealers most be e*idtnoed br the certifioate of the ro lector ot the port where thry reside, or wh-re it is p op"xo<1 to deliver the artioles TTie proposals must embrace the articles, with the qiiao ities therrof as they a e ariangcd in the schedule, with the prioes annexed, to each, in dollars and cents, at whioh they are t<> be furnished; and th amount* must be oarried out a"d footed up for eaoh class aid p noes and smnimNi ??' wmvvMW l|TU*)% UO o civet, without Any modification, r proposed modificat on, or variaion whatever They should be submitted with th* following headinr: *'1 (or we) hereby aropoae to Airniah f.?r tSe aervioe of the ludian D'paitment. and ajoordmg to the?ermaofia advertiaernent thereof, dated Slat SoptemVr, 1861, the following aitiolea. at the fnoea thereto fixed,(here inaertthe li?t fcooording ' the olaaa or olaaa -a propound for >de ivrable in the o:ty of N<>w York by tii? fir at day of April next, or at audi time or timea during the year 1862 aa mar tie ordered by the Commissi >ner of innai* Affairs: and, if t^i* proposal b? aoo?pfe.J, (here ineert the worda,'in whole or in par/ if more than one olaaa b? proposed for,) 1 (or we) will, within twenty daya thereafter, execute a onntraat aooordingly.aoa gi*e seountv, aati?fector? to th? Commia?>oner of iDdian A Hair a, for tit* faithful performance of the aame " ? aoh proposal rouat he aooon.pamed with a guarantee in the following form, to be aigned by two or Sore reaponsille persona, wboae auAoiocor raaat i oertified to by a United States juuge or aistriot itlofMr* " We bertbv jointly and severally guaranty that the above bidder, tor bidden,) if a contrast a hall beawaided *o him, (or them.) aooording to his or their bi 1 or proposal, will exeonte a oontraotao- <l oordingly, and give the requisite security for the performanoe thereof, aa sreaoribed in thealvertiaement for proposals for Indian goods, dated Slat Meptember, 1861; and, in the event of his (or their) failure so to do, we hrreby agree to bind onraolves, our heii a, executors, and asanas to forfeit and pay ?ie United Staes. aa damages, a nn not less than fteeo ser oent. di the ---? v? mnu utu ur propp ' Bonds will be required in the amount of the bid lor the faithful performanoe of !he oontraot, with two or more sureties, whoee sufioieooy ma at be oartified by a United States judge or distriot at toroey. No proposal will be oonsidered that doee aot striotly oonfornt, in all p?rtionlars, to the terms and directions ol thia advertianmenL CHARi ES F. MIX, ae 73 StawOot IS Acting Conmiaaioner. NOTICE! NOTICE'. NOTICE!!! M. WILLI \N having taken the a to re formerly oroupie.t by Mr. R. C.Btbviim, 31? Penn?yi?ania 1 avenne, between 9th acd |icth ata., will ?p*n it on MonHa?, '6'h iuat, with a new stoek of FALL 0001>8 comprising? French Bonueta, Cloaks, Dreea and Cloak Trimmings, Flowers. Feathera. Ribands, Embroideriee, K?. Head Dreaeea, Wreatki, J and French Laos*, fto.. eto .! I avail myse'f to o(T*r to the ladies a large and well-aefroted atoek?every ?rtiole mmm ! ? wr. ? >j mrMu-u modtrM price* dF; J j" ' mttwii to (In F*(ioiqc Lnfiu in WmIubcK-^^^teb'rr^jWirps; dei?hiv ?nd tiifct h? ^,il duriaj^tk^ tiin?,^? JS&r&. ?|? FOB 8ALE AND BINT. pOR REV^-Tw HODWBS. ?n? on L ?t?i, >?t^C mr%cfl? roomn IB Mtofc knaa*. M?iw>fJOHN MllllV. SrooM-, w<Hr of L i i tfliii. 1 ? r ? POeVaIiM i ftWM,?'at*liil?i B *or? of r gMd l?r.<*., |h* 6?>m(ovi and Roekrilk* rurr?l|o,9 nlliiBM the form-r plfto*. IB ? cood ifiikWhuod. i.oe*t.on t?ry k?utky. ExMllMt raur.cood Irnft, fcs luaure on th? pr?mi?**, or Mid rear HK >RV RLAHInT, Rockri ! . Moit icmwy co?ty. ? iT-lw* (i'OR RENT-HOUSK * ? P?nor?lTania ? ., " over the bookitor* of Fraack Tmjlor? alaoa Of * pro jt?uttml UANOWJMIiLY FURNISH KU ROOMS.IX Four nard?om?ly Farniafead Uooeu.eewlied nth and water, and uoav*aan?t to th? Patent ind Po?t Offioa Department*, Tor rant. App y al Kh?an^ith^ft"#tt%WaM,,,WU -PERSONAL. A.LL Penoae ar*^kerebr^notifed not to o rati t let ^Tinn on hit aoooaet wit* a w ittee ?tUf r> from Uua tou u 1 wiil My n* MU oUiar tbaa tfcoM oontiaated by m; ?!!. en-Mr* J. N. SINOLBTOft, EnnniTioMii. ' EST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL, ? ? FOR SMALL BOTS. The Sutera of the Hoi? Cross hay* o^im a Sonool for Small Hot* at St JoNtk'i Male Orph*a aornar of K im Tenth sis. n HHI GKOROETOW.N FEMALE SEMINARY, (MIM HABROW'S.) Ho. 151 W*$i it.. bitten* C nrrui mmd Hitk its. The du tie* of this Institution will b? r?nm?d or Lhe first Miaday in September next Theattrntion of parents and guardians is partioBlarly oalled to the Civ" ' wbicli km b? A>rmea o Monday, the 9th met, by a graduate of the 'Lewi* Normal Institute of Phyvioa* K.duc&non." The former pupils are aaraaetly solicited to attend the Clasa. IltSTBDCTOBt. Miee K. W. Wrirtit. Mri t'eailia Yonnc. " M. B. J. Kaufman. Mr. W. C Bergman, " M. V. Harrover, A Z^ppone. M. D . M'Ho M Gardette. Charles de Frondrat Cironars mar be obtained at the Wooketorea, or by addressiag the Pnnotpal. M J. HARROVER. Washington kema..k WiMI.NARY, No 49)2 F Stxxkt, Bttttffx Sixth and Seventh ilf. M1S9 harkovhk. in oomrliinM vitk the wishes of frienda who deaire lo p tronma h?r bat dislike it presert to tend their daughters to Georgetown in th* oranil>us, ku n.ftde ftrrftngerrents to eitftb.iah ft department of her hoho^l in Washington. and rrspeotfally requeats ft ahftr* of th? public pftt'oaftge. The first aessi n will oontmenoe oa Monday. SapttaibtrM. Cirou ar? may be obtained ftt tha Pern i oft ry and ftt the prinoipai Bookatorea. aa m tf M.J Ha*?QVER Pnaoip\l M VOCAL INSTITUTE. 33. CBCIL' \ YOUNG Will raaume her Dlftxxea in Voeftl Maaia cm Monday naxt, ^epteasbar 9'h ftt bar rasidanoa. No. 4U6 Eleventh street, between II ftud 1 ata. Terms mftda known on ftppiiofttion. aa 3-lroeo F'aik hill boar din? school, FOR OIRLS, At 3A*dt Spams, M?. This Institution, which has hoes in aacoaaafal operation fur the p**t tan yaftra. will ooumenee ita awauikc regular term on the 1st of the 10 mo <? ?tobur) next For circulars, oontft wg farther information in regft.-d to the school, apply to WM. H. FARQUHAR. ?'J SI olm* (line? P.O. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS (V?^NOTrCEJJ CENSUS.?Ail persons wh>?? Lk3 licenses from the Corporation of Geotcr. town expire on the ?nh in?t-, are hereby notified promptly to renew tne him, otherwise they subjeof them?e ves to a d the law is oovpaleon on th* proper ofliotra to enforoe eaid fine s*ainet ftl del nfluent*. WM. LAIRD. Clerk t*eptember 3' 1?61. <?e 3S-yawtoot 1ft (Y5?N??TIC?i-non LICENSED.-! h?own*n 1L_3 of dops m Georgetown are he ebr notified that all dof UoentM expire on the SOtb imL, if payment is de ared beyona the 10th of Oot ber next the lioenee br law is made 35 ce"ts higher, end ij not then pa?f, wh'n demanded by th? proper cftoer ?hs owner i? subject to a fine, and tha "Beer is di Tf?ted to kill th* dog. WM. LAIRD. Clark. Septembers, liW. > a Stawtoat M> jyjAuaEV, c^.N5AcgJ. BKAmm Expected this day. per steamer J. Jerome? barrels \ X DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. lXIl do. do. tun hlf.-bbls. ao. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale Terms easl on d?nvery. ARNV * 8HINN, m 7 Union Depot, gaergwrs. luor ??vnrTHir w 10 hhde.jnme I'orto Rioo SUGARS UO bb!?. Q;d Rye WHIKtY, tto bbls. HKRRING and ALKWIVMfc 10 bbli. Cruahed and Rpficen SUGARS, SO barp Rio and Java COFFEE, M hh<1e.( low ?rio?d) MOLASSES. Forea!c by JOHN J. glHTUE. MM ^0 interior DECORATIONS. PAPER HANGINGS, all gradee and ancee WINDOW HHADKS, PICTURE CORD anc 1 ASSELS. GILT OVAb PICTURE FRAMES Ac,at J. MaRKKI TER'S, No. 486 Seventh ?t., 8 door* above ee ll-10t*if <'dd Fellow' Ha.!) Sealed proposals, tin the atth of ?ep<wn b?r. 166 , at 12 o o oak tn , are invited, for farnutune the Pubeiatenoe DrrarUnett with lflO torn of HAY The Hay to be delivered in Waahlngton at suob place a* the Government mar direct The quality to be equal to the beet aad to eonaiel of timothy a;.d clover mixed Tlc? Oover'-rT.erjt re?erve? to iteelf the right to rejeot all or any of the bide, and for >ny oaaee H ma? think irour. PaTment for & i) n?. ?? ?* mule in Treasury notes, if U jvernmr at desires U d> BO Tn- Hay to be furnished in bcl?? ot from 1*"> tc 40' lbs., and the weight of wood and wire utd ia baling to bo deducted The bws to be directed to Captain A. BECK?'l rH, C. 8.. U. 8. .and endorsed "Proposal r Hay." ee 14 CF.ALKD PROPOSALS are invited till the 25th O of September, at 12 m , for supplying CO K.N t. the Sut? i?ieuoe Department of tne Arm*. The Corn to be in the ear, aid to be delivered id W sshington City, at the Catt'e Yard on Mnajment Sqnare. Bidders are reflected to state the pnoe par lot lb*, of ?>ars A bunt UO.OOO pounds of ears will be required, to be delivered one-half by the lOti of October. l?l, and the who e < elivejr to b? made dariag tlae month of October. The bids V> be direoted to Captain A. BECK WITH, C. 8 , U. 8. A., and endorsed "Proposal! f r Corn " ?e 14 T NOTICE HK Copartnership i.etetofore carried oa by Um name of H.F. Locdoh & Co. was dissolved oa Um 1st mrtant by it? own limitation. All tboee owing amount* to said fi-m are reqae?tedto settle the unit withoet de^ay, as the suoo??eors are auioil to o ose tne books and settle ajoounU a:aiaet th? above expired oopartnersMp tiKO'OJE W. FA RANT. FRANCIS J HM-EKGK, JOSHUA H. K1N8. fTT NOTICK -Tne B *> Pli ? nMA vaeee??A.H _ ? i inform their patront and the pnblio general!) ol their naving for med a oopartnrrahip to oontiuae the butineta, in all iu auoe?s;or? of th? late firm of H. P. Loudon * Co. WkilsttenAerisi th*ir tlianki for the very liberal patronage reeeived, the* pledge themaelvee to dm their stakml exertions to merit their oontinu*d favors, F. J. HEl BERG KR * CO. Suroeeaor to H. F. Louuon *nd Co., Militarr and Naval Merchant Tailors. I. J. Hi'iiuu. . H Kmg. ?f 11 9m n. i. ramuin, BCIENTIf 10 AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAJT, (From PkxlmdilpkiA,) 844 Penn'a av.,< no. th side,) bet. 12th and lath ats. Improved SPECTACLES and EYE GLASSES, auited comeotly for every eye niht?mounted in Go d. Silver, fine Steal, India Rubber, or Tortoise Bnell. Military Fitld Olattu, Micrttemtt. TUummi Ei ana martm UMiiij with tk* ??u Achromatic J, Maiktmatxcal and fhyrieai Insti nnari. PMMI. >Sl<rtMMfW OH WlflMUn'l ftllti fe a * <*?< varUtt, kt Um lovMt Eaatera prioas ao ?-tr NOTICE. "adams' express company" This Co?Mif offer* to the ??blioM t Da^aallad Adv?.atAf?? fur ft*/e fctwf Qn'ek iMipatch o| Heavy F'Pifhu Pioka?ea, Va)*?btto, Money, Ae. fco., to all parti ofThTiTnited *tatM. Kxcreaaei to and from the North aad Waal dapart from and amw in Wtahinc ton tvioe daily. All Ex?r*?aM ara in eharga of txptritnctd and "ah Ptwoka?M for Tha Bohliara carnea at **oira salt" oar aaaal rataa. All Gocda for the ao-oalled "CocMa.ala Quia " ud all Article# ** Contraband of War" vul ha Ov Kinmm Iwve.Nw York at I, J, aad P. M^arvivbg la Waaktactoa at ?a. k aad A3Q '^lirHua laava P?il?delpkU a<ui> - ?? ?? r.m.wnniiut WMHiitm*t?B>.M,M< _Expr?MM for til MUta Nortk W?< ton ^nonm'SST *rjiii I'tnftM \ u? Ht| ?r xasgari lhatr.ot, ud kMVr lad Nairn* :nd u Lota nn 'hirtt-fcuf'*1 ( M?V-l?iin IS Nurt i^*N8li^iroir,s2 u &*****?ASm It^tlmlMiiMKRNiH with ? * M S883F be awVfg fry /5*fJRrH IKSStofiili t?k>lM?Wvitli tatr* aKx?a^.'v. .SB ,;:v.7,r JOBJIX cwMiCriMiB. "* i ?WrV^4^WwiH>r" By ORKKt ft WILLIAMS. A?lBlM?fl. g>U8KHOL? AMP^KITCHKN FURNITUBE AT AccTtO? -fO? Tt/KBDAY. ? Mtt 1, we ?Keli Mil. at the rf*tde<>?? of a f*aua d'tnnUi b naetr No 4 4* mpIi aide ef ronh L. M*n Tw*lf h aMt IktotMU i t. treet. ? 10 o'clock a. bu, aa ?aeeiieat mm ' of Farpttere. v.B? Maho*AEr tod *trr*^OHwn?, War*n?b?.^a^^B^aadChin, Tbre*-pty and ? > ?* carpet-. and Matftar. Cuttac*, a*d otAer |< d -Ueda aiHfili??. Pn*??ii, and other Carpete.aad Miltii, Crockery ant G'aaa Ware, K?ri|in(or, ? eking ard omr A roxilotofK t' hon KoquiaiMe. Aqaanaai T? aatk ? oaoota. ???t OfFfey k WILLIAMS, A?ta. By J. C. MoGLIRK 4 CO.. AmUcmm VERY SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD0*ICRRRiso Po?im. fl?M? ? fiat rimmei. Caiibit Prswirrmi, and J}or*jRMoi.i> rracn ?Oi TCE-DaY MOftKHIB. fptrw Wh r S4lk. it It at (M . 'hillipt, I it'Nl.MtTMi ITrk aa4 l?tt atrwU, wa ?hajl II *11 kit Pirattaro lad Efaota, to* ? IMBC? Vmt Supanor Roaevootk CvrW Cm* Pimm Ports, by Chiokertnc, Eiico Cove- .Stool. Moilt !*tud, irrant Kruriih P at* Oral Miato. Mirror,it rt?hly CiitmI *??lt kor*e and Hmd* m < P?er 61*m,S ?>> ir.t Br%rk?t. lit* of KoWTood Hr< cualiv epaar^d Parlor Fura o><ai>r ?mf >hr?e Sobs, two Arm Chun, IU (weira Kit mr CUin, With hints ontlf Kntifaly d?orit*l French Chin* Tim, >t*l Ominrnt*. Wa Dit Wkit-ot, Rorrrghmont TtbU. mmwood Maibia ti)? C*rt?> mm) tSofi Tlblaa, Roth >*?at i h?ira, Rrekrra, Fancy Ttolaa, Briaaal* Carpata, Otic t"hc. Rq(S, Ptraw M&ttiB* Itui i Wi'nni h>t frw, Hail Ditmi. Mahogtnj E*?mh<h Tablet. Sideboard, Do fco fa. A ra and !*' da Chain. ' E *(Mtl} iwonttl Fmtb CUm Dmirt Bar Tio*. Poheimao and Cry?t*l 6 a'?ware. Slock', V9 lrdow fitUM, Co aloe, Mlid Mah ??an? CvvMChiabK Bet, <>*k Mir bit toy ChMiktr Set. Bedtt*a<l>. DrMiiac ?nd P.ain Biritw. Wa?hetaode. Toi ? R?i tIBfrior Curled Hair H?**miN, oi?.er? aad PiMow?. Mt't e?? aad Baddiac, LArt? Fr? cob P tU P'jokf Gaae. paperior Marble U?Df etn? Tab1*, Rockers. l*r*? finsi Vroi.t l,lbra>y B<v kaaaea. P??ka, Writing TV?lee. Oftoe Caatra. '1 C >oklr(. Hail, and o her Btovea, To*rth?' with aj*n*-a assortment of Boaeefco'd and Kiuthea ^ laitea. Tern a < aah P. 8. The home n for rent, la^aira of Ut Aactiowm. e?H d J. C MoGUlRb A CO., A?ta. Py GREEN ft. WILLIAMS, Aaouoaeara. /GOVERNMENT SALE OF CARPETS,Oil cloth. Matti** Cit?hio?j?. Fraiii raavJtr., at A rcTi"H?On WF.DNEfDAV.tke *?h ir,?i at I o'clock p id . we shall eajj. at the e%et front of ths Caattr?lf by order of the Clerk of the Homo of RurMr a'ire?, a very extensive lot Ol? V?!T?t. TwMtr;, BnM'li and V>Mtiaa CaryeU, Oilcloth. Mattinf, Cushions,and Firaitnre, A 'o.a large lt-t cf Stores With many other article* whie? we dam aeaeoeeeary to eo nine rate Term* oash in eyerie. r ? ?'d GREEN k WILLIAM*. Aaoto. By GRJ'EN * WILLIAMS. Aacttonoera. HOUSEHOLD AND EircHIJ* FUHM tvm.m at Acctios.?Oa FIIDAYi tke ru I iretaut. we ?ha 1 1' at the i udente of a gent* ran declining boaaoheepinc. st W o'eloe* a ?., at , No. 4 06 Nineteenth street weft, between K and P P streets north, k - f wo as 'he I>rcha? Coltaf*, ao ezoelleiit a-sortment of Famitnre.Tis? ! F e?owood and Walls! Par or Ss t, Walaat Marble-tor v-ei.ter and SidsTah'ea, Da Bxter.nrn. Din'og.and ether T*bie? O 1 Painting*. China. Glass. aad Crockery Ware, Two fine airtod Cotrase Chamber Sots. Cot'sgeand other Bedsteads, Iron Hat Bask,aad ef^Ue ators, with a good lot of Kitahsa Ee?n.sitas. With b?it other art olas which we doaa aaneoeet ?*rj to ennmerst* .satt-4 OBEEN A WILLIAMIk Aoeta. - 'I'KUBTKC'S BALK OF VftftY VALUABLE 1 LAKB III BLKSiuet.? Br virtaa of a decree 01 the Cif mil Ooert for Hovird o enty.the udr ?l|B?d m irnw* irll cff?r|tHM'? ?aJa, on the eremiaea, oo 8ATURDA Y. I. IB) M It o'alook the f AKM of the lata Maj?r Charfca HMrnord oontaininf 41* man*. 3 t of whieh la m : fine ataia of cult r* irn. and the>aiaa9- in oak. I kory,a->d eh<*DiM^jaU nc the iudi ofO??na BtooUU, Mra John Ujti't Sianoad aad W K. i pir*t , anH it w thin i mi xofE lnott'i ) Milla 6 ol the Raiat Houe*. <u?d 14 lm? ftaJbnore bj tur^p *e Tfci propertr wi.i be cfV-rad frat m i ons tract, an 1 if i ot e>ld will Unbtof red la to ?e par?. a? follow# : No. 1.?Conta tag ?H"?t 133 hw of a-d, imp overt b? a i?'(e UWKL IN?# HOl>E, Batvai'i' Qr? ??r, stable. (jranar', Corakuna, Ac. Thia a the m^it b-actfu. ta la the St?te, ao?r> aundng a new %a far ?a th ey-. car r?ecti > of a delightful and higher cull rated ooaotry.wtth I a new of the Cheaap?ak < bay. Moe. 3 and Sa'ijo n the ab^Ta, aai ooatain aaca i ISSaer -a of the fice?tl*Qd in tne Atata. lo' rare%?eed oa W at or !*o?U> nrera, the whole Blvioad into fielda with i aiming etreawe, and 1 ? aarae ta heary timber. 1 he health aooi*ty fr? xitaity w? ? aeho la, ot-arphei and ma fc*ta, oomb.aa with the t tnpenor * ira ity nf t..e aad to lanta the attention ' of farmer * aad othera to lite ab jve aaia. > Termaae pr>**oibed bi the deorae . Oae third aaah; bateooa la oae an ' two years, with intereef. i aaSft-r* 39 St. Pul Hn?, Baltimore. Bj BARNARD It BUCKEY.Aaottoaoara. fpRUBTER'B *ALE.-Bj n.ui of a deod of 1 truat fr m J oka W. fk> koros datad tka ITU June, 1856, mod* ?o a'ear*7 the debt ih*rtoa naoHoMd, to Benj. P. by the direction of *a?d M'Xlrr, 1 will Mil at aabtlo aaetioa am i? 12th day of? ctotier nut. at 4 o'ekoek ie tba ite?oob, ib from of the p ernif ee. to tka hifheat MOer. the folio vine deeortbed premier, to wit:? Tho?i porta of Iota naaber 1? and IS in old Gw??Iowa, b^f^g at tka ead of \% f*?> laea eared vest on tka Iibo of >a la atraat from tka diridiac line Hvrw lo*a 17 aad It. and rename thence oa aaid baa eaat 45 feM, theaae aortherly m a kouaod ana ^o. t, boioc W fnot froa Fall* street, tkeaea VMUrl; to atone No. 1. 46 feet, tnanoe aoatkar!; 96 foot to ttia beeinniaa, being the taaaa rraaiae* which George M. Hotkoroa Bad other* eon wed to aaid John w. Sothoron b? d*d of tka W De eetpb *r. H^, with the betiding* thereon. T*f aa: Oi>a tbipi of taa par^haea atoaey eaah. and tbe reeidne at aix aad twalea ivoataa. for which the parchaaera not?i bearing int'reet from tbe day of aa e, wi'1 be taJten. mabtaH or t ? MB1M*. I>?*d? at the parebaaei'e *xpnea. I It th? U"IBI ?r? ?OtO RlfllW wi'h WlthlB tkfW date from th? d*y of ?!?. the ?r?mleee an I! he resold ?fu>r a we'V ' pub'ie notice, at the rt?k MU ooet ?jf the defauln ijgylM i-r I ae io a^wim* b'aeWaAky\a?<u. ' PLAIN, strpi*m *"VL*KLANNBL?f?r r ahirt*. w hit* Berlin and Cotton G LOVKtt, he??y GrtTtnd W kite BLANKETS, with all otfcerkiada I of 1)RY GOO tfH for th* vaata of fumiiee. One p-ioe naJr, maked in plain if area ; baaoe ao pwaja?r i? a w v?-d An inep?ouon of atook iwphea ao obligaa? to lirokiiM OAKPET8. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, , RIGS, Ae., UPP? Klo^r*. _______ IjyiM <wt?aa GEVT8' POCKET I PR CHIEF 9. retd; h?j m?l, from ? mtt^wcb rciww . 4MBB P DAWSON R?*io? H"*wd thm Mt?b fikwat formerly ovbm by m*, I o*? 1 <1rntlrtMMHMid hii to mj Kir?> Mtroaa M a thorOBxhlT MBSBUd *rkd ?' r~ ~~3 ogrrggiafBfc Washington, P?ftraib?r It, 1ML J * MM P. Q4WBON, CHEMIST AND D It U 4 O IB T. No. 4IS Pkvka. A viwvk, Vndtr Cl+r's &MM, ' psnn?9 ?i * Risor? 7 i' T'hToM,tP??L^ lo'?Kfo?mn ^niboSuM^Sui ?Jl ofroiab% b'<;?h *. Ac. Gmiim H?vm*C1GA.19 of iL? t?ry hM' ?u*]ity ; ill of VMM will b* tola U>? r?ry lowl *'??h ?ria?. ? IT <0** SIB W. TUCKER WoildiupuM to Ut Ml ??n? in Itt**y aa* mjoimn in Wask-_^ >m od that h? u now prmm?tt*( tfca Tai :orittj Hiunmuitli ?U brM?t??, at No. n 4?TWitt at, SI 4**t north orPa a?. H? K ?!* ?. M ? ? . ? OIV, T*f*lT, P 12.75"" ... ^saaar- trn'-sfey , ftrv*nU> ?t.. OM4MlU> f 'llOM 401MC hi* mrw rtoak ?/ Good*, wfctofc vt* ka *mti ? wf ihuiTowrm . . - ? I AINOMKONIOIW-OlilOtn. _ J U8T m++e\rwi mm mm?hi M? >mmmLm HM

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