Newspaper of Evening Star, September 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 23, 1861 Page 3
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lOCALj'WEWgy'i CTTbo??t T*aSraa kfiliMNlkiMal rirtiri prrm la aw aoutt ?# Bivittaiore. Ita dittos to to largr aa I* r?q?lr? U to b*? patio pmi ?t M aarly hear; AdTwtUMaeafc, ttanftwe, should b? mt la before IS o'clock m.; ?thevw1ae they My aot appear aatU (ha ant day. w Ncrica.?DWrtct of Colombia A4Nr?MMBt ? to laaertod la tha Haltikokb t?va tra raaatvad at aad forwarded from Tn ha (tic*. Fti? PtamuTtoi ? Satarda? mnlit last. a beanflfal stand of colors was prevented to (to flrtt regiment District rolunWrs by Mayor WslUch OB behalf of tbe Udt*? of tbe Fifth Ward. The cctenmiv took place la tk" park east af ths Capital. Bafsrs tk?W appointed for tbe carets on las. pattering drops warned tbe assemblage < which Included a handsome rvpr^acutatlon of tbe ladles of Capital fltlt* of tbecomingrain. and all took abetter beneath tbe tki> k cluster of trace, where tbe flag underwent a coarse of 1 aspect}04 st tba haads of tto crowd that would do credit to the meat rigid Inspector of Uncle Sam The fl?g? manufactured by Olbba. of Baltimore?fs sn elagaat a flair, of ths re^ alar Army alse, splendidly mounted, bear lag tto stars and stripes. with tba Inscription an aaesldoof ttoUalaa, " First Regiment District of Colombia Volantsars " Oo tto arrival af Mayor Wallsch, s drcia of tba officers of tbe regiment, enclosing the Colonel and Mayor, wm formed upon tbe gr*Tel walk, when, taking tbe banner to nis band, tho Mayor addressed the representatives of tbe District volunteers aa follow* : Col Talt and officers of tbe First District regiment: In behslf of the ladles of tbe Fifth Wardmany of whom I am happy to see here, notwithstanding tbe rain, to adorn this occasion?I have tbe honor to present to yoa this beaatlfol stand of colon. It Is no ordinary compliment to yon, coming ss it does from those among whom yon have lived and who know yon, and It fa peculiarly gratifying to roe. from my long Intimacy with you all, to be the medium of tbe glit. Voa are about going to perform a doty that Is common to us all. bat one which belongs more properly to tbe men of this District than thoae of any other part of tbe country Things tbe seat of tbe National Government, Its public buildings have been placed here in our care. That grand old edifice opposite (the Cspitol) Is In our keeping, and we must protect It. When first called upon to dn so, von responded nobly, snd now you are again rroay with bravs hearts to meet your brethren from nil sections of tbe country, and unite with them In driving back tbe rebels who have taken up arms sgalnst it. I am satisfied tbat If opportunity offen to sbow your gallantry, your valor will be as grvat as I know yoor loy alty to bo. [Cheers] Col. Tait. taking the flag, said : Mr Mayor and ladles, as officers of the District of Columbia, we thank you, and through yon, our ladv friends, for this beautiful and appropriate compliment. It la usual on occaiions like the present to make promises that are never fulfilled We will not say that we will carry this flag into the thickest of the fight, and that where it waves we will follow, but we will promise to remember that this emblem of our country was presented to ns within the shadow of the nation's Capitol, and that it wis the gift of woman. With this remembrance we cannot prove unfisithfol to it. Even here where we stand the echo of the voices of oar great men have been heard; here the feet of the immortal Washington may have trod the sod: here in days gone by the shout of joy has ascended to Reaven on independence day from a united and happy people; but cow, alas, times have changed ' Our glorious old banner has been torn down and trampled under foot by onr brethren, but the morning sun of the country'a resurrection from evil Is already vialble. and the star spangled banner will again soon wave over a united and hannv natian I.#>t others mako their selection. we have made ours. Under this glorious old banner we have lived and prospered, and If It is God 's will we will die in ita defense Again, ladles. 1 thank you for presenting us this beautiful gift, and will promise you that it shall never be disgraced in the hands of the District volunteer* [Apflause] Mayor Willach ? We all believe so After a brief apology from Col. Talt for the absence of his regiment, (which could not leave the carr.p without much difficulty In obtaining a permit.) three hearty cheers were tflven by the offlrers for the ladles of the Fifth Ward, accompanied by a rousing " tiger," when the company briskly dispersed for their homes to escape the rain, ana the officers of the District of Columbia regiment ftiled into their coach and left for camp, cheering ostlly as they drove sway. A ?ci?w Loose?Although the military authorities here are exercising more oautlon now than at previous time in the granting of pss&rs, instances of gross carofeaaness. if not something worse, are occasionally brought to wac .notice. The abuses we speak of are not charJ^fc? to those who grant passes, but to v. *. . Selency of sentinels who are sta?'"l '"P?*** i-?? -vi ?? nvAn masntncr well no doubt. ft?rsobject persons of und^JjW loy.ltv U>* delay and Inconvenience, w*>";peas without location others known" ^ircitlxena to be inimical % tbe Otiwf} Tblsmsy be owlag to tbe plausible i?'-* told by these " would-be aeceaalonists If icey dared;" but it la nevertheless culpable 1? ^gb decree. Union men would cheerful)? b*ar tbe annoyance of a rigid scrutiny, If, wiiile undergoing it, they were aaved tbe mortiflcaUuD of seeing Southern Rights" men, on tie ploa of businrsa or aomrthing else, elbow pa?t them witb unblushing effrontery on tbelr way " within tbe linee " Only laat week, we are informed on good authority, that wbtle workmen oe tbe fortifications on the Virginia aide were topped by tbe guard at tbe Alexandria aqueduct until tbelr foreman could go to Gen. MeClellsn's rttce in Washington to get pastes. and were thos kept waiting until 10 o'clock, tbey hw well known aympatblaera witb the cause of the South peaa tbe sentrtea uncballengt-d Whilst we would oppoee making martyrs cf even avowed secessionlate in oar midst, who talk only and have not tbe power to damage tbe cauae of the Union, and while we would accord tbe same exemption to those prudent souls who hold their tongues and wait tneir time, we would at tbe aame time allow no man to bold o&ce or pes* within tbe Uses of tbe army, unleea bis loyalty waa above kusplrlon. There iabardly a man In tbls community wbt ae sentiments are not known, there is certainly not an earnest Union man who Is not well known to besucb, and while tbia la tbe case, there is no wra WUI 1MB iuuki wo myjra* 01 aaouia con Unaeoneasy., What ia tu Mattk* with t?h Peovost 0?tiD?-We hear daily complaint* of drnnkenaess ud disorderly conduct on the part of totse portions of tbe Provost Guard, particularly in Georgetown and suburban localities In this city We Cave forborne to speak of it until we am com. p?lled to do so by the weight of evtdenc* preseated. We omit all Mention of minor offences, b"t there is one occurrence which demands some notice On last Friday night a large squad of the guard?probably twenty or thirty?attended a ball at the bouse of a man named Ridley, near the market bouse, la Georgetown, which, we under, sund, was got up for their entertainment Why so many of them were allowed to be out for a frolic, we do not understand At any rate, towards midnight the fan grew fast and furious, and a more drunken or riotous crowd Is seldom seea Sergeant Newman and his patrolmen were on hand, bat they were utterly unable te cope with ao Urge a gang of armed men The affair wound ap with a free fight, and one of the regulars (Provost Guard) vraa, as a spectator aays, 'pretty well kaocked la the head by young Ridley," (tbe son of the host ) The soldier was conveyed to the hospital with a bead badly cat, and yoang Ridley wsa arrested by tbe patrolmen. Which pat a atop to Um (NtlTlilM W? have t few other caaee la reserve, but tbla will aufice for the preaeat Bayomtib ?Yeeterday, a Sergeant, with a aqaad of nea belong log to the 31at Pennaylvanla rtflMt, were aeot to tbta city to arreat u4 ret tan to their quarter* certain men of the ra?.lmen. who bad left tbe camp without leave Among the dellnqoenta were two brother* named Kalne Eva tea of Caeapaay C, who were overhauled bv i aqaad at the corner of Maryland aveiue and Poarand-a-half atreet J. T. Kalne refuaed to obey the oc?er ef the Serjeant, and fall la with the aqaad, and became violent The Sergeant gead with him a long time without effect, and raata ware aa oaeleaa aa perauaalon The Sergeant then undertook to take blm by force, when a acaSe eneaed, la which tbe Sergeant bayoneted Kalne, the bayonet entering hia left aide, a Utile hetow the heart, aad paaaed through hla body. The wounded man opened hia clothe* and Immediately laid down upon the pavement Dra Morgan and Wlllett rendered what aid they could ia a abort time after tbe act wae committed, aad the wounded man waa taken to tbe laIrmary. Tbe Sergea nt and hia aqnad were coa- I veved to tbe guardbouae by tbe Provoat Guard, ^ l-T *4 M.. V. ?*Hi > M? awilt IU iH TOTII KMI1VU Uf UliitMU J U1UUIUJT The woo tided man Is doing wall tbla morning. Camel or Paiaon ? About thirty soldier* vc'i venter day afternoon taken from the crowdvd colli of the central guardhouse to the not less crowded cella of the county Jail. They aro cbarfed with desertion, Insubordination,and kindred ofence* This la a change of locality, bat can hardly bo called a change of aeeoo. Th* Rivie ?The only arrivals slnoa our last report are the schr Chaa H Heckshlre, at Carter's wharf, with coal for Drorr; achr K J. Pickup, at Harvey'a wharf, with coal for Harvey; and a number of ansa 11 omit with awoot po'.sloes, wood, Ac. Asoman waaa of tho Campbells at Ud4 Pol* Iowa* Hall, with programmsa mads np of aide splitting burlesques, comicalities, and roaring forces See the bill for to-nlgh', and he mm hacuT Loo* on tor the grand Smdiy School EihlhtIIM cf M A levies choreb. I* asms of tut rffs ntit &Aiss*toitt!sirmmm . * H?? Lfra Innr dtp the following from tbe " Washington correspondence' qf t)M ** Anglo African," a renUy bandaom* aid well-fllled weekly pep^r published by tbe colored persuasion of New York city, the faltowinc item of gossip relative to late emits In tbe koding cirrlea of Jackaon Hall Alley, Frog town and Her ipg Hill: " An agreeable evening party was giwn by Mr Payne a few evening* ago Many very interestlng young ladies aad gentlemen were preaent, and npeat ? charming evening Mr. Pnyae deserves much praise fer bla effort* to keep society lh cberfnl spirits ' The wedding of Mr Wm Aogwtus Olbeor and M1?a Rate Mirthull came off on Thursday, Sept 5,at 9 p m , at IvmI Church, the Rev. Mr. Smith r fldatlnf It wu a brilliant minir, though ir.any ware prevented from going by tha atat? of tba weather. Nevcftheiaaa. the church waa nearly filled Tbe parties entered In the following manner: Mra Otbaon, mother to tbe groom, tnpport. ed by Mr Dermla Smallwood, and Mr* Den nil Small wood cup polled by Mr. John Smallwood ; after whleb followed toe brldeamald and Mr. JUak-Srooka. In front of tbe bride and groom. After tha parttea were properly arranged before tbe altar tbe tH*tnony waa commenced, and befare tbe intereatlnc oompanv they pledged their mutual vowa,.which joined them before Ood and Kan in holy matrimony. The bride wore a auprrb white Swlaa maalin trimmed around the neck with lawn lane, and gracefully bung from beneath a wreath of orange bloaaomi an iliualon ??'|| 'ut wnoie, utvuiu (uim, buuwpu ma ?uu esqulslte taste. The bride was a beautiful lady, with lam dark eyas and dark hair. The bridesmaid, Mia R. V. Gibson, a sister to the groom, was dressed the same as the bride, save the bridal ornaments The gentleman looked very well After leaving the church, many friends paid theli respects and congratulations to the happy pair, at the residence of Mr Dennis Smallwood, where was prepared a handsome snd magnificent wedding tea party. After partaking of the rich dell cacles and apending a few happy houra your correspondent left; not, however, before congratulating tbe happv pair, and wishing them a life ol aunablne. B Ckobltt to AwmiLa ? Ed Star: In a atroll 1 took In the northwest part of the city this afternoon, I visited the wagon encampment, and I was amazed at the vast aa well aa complete preparation of the Government, In thla particular, foi tbe war that la upon ua. I looked upon th< lmmenae number of fine anlmala congregated there, and thought of the great expenae whlct tbelr purchase muat have coat I aaw. too, a sigh which gave me great pain. An enraged tea mite i was engaged in inercileaaly beating a largo and noble mule. He commenced with tbe butt-end ol bit wbtp over tbe bead and face of the animal but ?oon dropping thla, be aeized a clnb that la\ on tbe ground, ar.d applied this, with all kli atrength. in tbe at me manner aa be had used tb< whip b#fore. No effort waa made by thla brute lr human form to coax or peranade the mule Ink obedience, if Indeed he waa at all refractory, foi I aaw no evidence of thla; and h<a whole courts toward* thla poor dumb animal aeemed to b< nothing leaa than tbe most wanton and unprovoket cruelty. A number of teamatrra atood by, but no one opened bia mouth In behalf of the mule. I rriai vo me inai moae in cnarge or mis mane should have an especial eye to the conduct o these men In this respect, or their low from mat m? and Injured anlmala, on account of cruelty froo ferocious teamster*, will be Immense. B. A Hist to Uxcls 8a.m.?The Government wll loae nothing by keeping an ere to the teami wbicl haul wood to the various military posts We hea of logs falling off occasionally; and wbat Is a llttli remarkable about such accidents Is, that thev at wa\'B occur near tfie shanty of some friend of th< drivers, and there is generally some one In wait lug to take whatever 1'rovldence may send In tb< shape of fuel. This applies to Washington Georgetown, and the surrounding country. Dome Wiil?Mr. C. W Cunningham's llttli daughter, who was accidentally burned a fev days aince, Is doing well We learn that tfc child's life wa* saved by the presence of mind o the mother, wbo was In the house, and hearini its cries, Immediately ran out and enveloped It li her own clothing, burning her handa badly. Thi little sufferer is only three years old. ELftBwam will be aeen the notice of th Fourth Annual Aaaembly of the Merry Socla C!nh, at Odd Fellow*' Hall, Nary Yard. J good time la anticipated. AaaivgD at Carter'a wharf, (foot of Thirteenth and-a>h*lf atreet.) achr Charlea H Heckahlra Boyle, Philadelphia, with 300 tona of coal fo Terrence Drury. His Conditio*.?MatthewKenney, of compan K. aroad cavalry, who waa wounded In Nellie" alley, on Thuraaay night l?at, at 111 Ilea in a ver critical condition, at the E atreet Infirmary. Acenowlbdoxknt.?The Secretary of the La VWW2L82?ie,Ii giment, in aid of their objeot. * *" " l| IifniA Rubbbe Blankktu foe half ratca, be Ing tligKtiy dlacolored, bat not injured for aer ice.. 5 000 large India Rubber Blaoketa, llnei with Canton Haunt I. 6 feet 4 inchea long and feet 4 inchea wide, for S3 each, unual price JM For aale at the India Rubtwtr w?f?hnn?? *? PennayLvanla avenue, between Ninth and Tentl streets se23-tf Washin^toh. Sept 23, 1?61. We, the undersigned citizens of Pennsylvania having the profoundeat respect for Colonel Ma: Kxatefn, of the 27th Pennaylvania volunteer regl m?nt. do hereby protest agalnat the treatment h baa received from bla aup-rior offlcera. and alai do we proteat agalnat bla being kept under arres any longer without a trial, he having now brei under arreat for a period of th1rtv-s?ven daya with ou? any charge being auatained or preferre< agalnat him; and we, as citizens of Pennsylvania demand hla Immediate relexae, aa we believe bin to be a man of atrlct Integrity and a profound aol dler frtm practice We alao bope tbat our Gov ernment will Immediately take thia matter li hand and protect from lnault such a brave msn and we, aa citizens of Pennsylvania, are most d? slroua of entering under his command at th< ' present. Signed by?Hugh McGlnnl*, Jas Lagg, Johi ! Gallagher, Chas. D Myerle. John Hughes, Johi j Mootacue, John Duffey, Wtn DulFey, Lemne snyaer, wm Marlon. John Alt^nus, Rlcharc Bonart, VVm. McGuire, Francis P. Hughes, 8am' James, Tbos James. Richard Williams, Wm Jones, J. J Welio, Jas R Williams, Thorns Rcdgers. Jas Divine, Arthur Cunningham, Johi Miller, Albert D BashaNr, Jos Grimes. Samue Rowan, Henry Logan. Jaa. Matthews, Ricb'd D George, Abtgial Josephs, Tbos O. Cnnneil, Ralpl Grant, Caleb J. Wright, and JU) others In towi at present Niw D*t Goods. Pt^ck just opened at R b Hall's old stand, 37 Seventh street. ^t-re crowded with eustome<i Goo >a to > ait the tim .* and at prior a to plea e sell eo?t MaTTitaws * Co.,*75Seventh at. Mia* lis are prostrating the volunteers by ban dr-ds ; toe hospitals are orowded with them. Sol diera. be wa ned in time Holloway't Pill* an positively ui'al ibie m the oure ol this disease occasional doses of them will preserve the heaitl even nnUer the createst exposures. Only 25 oenti per box. se 21-1 w ... ii * OIKU. At 11 o'elook a m , Sept. 23. Rev JOHN B PKRGUSON, in the t3d year of nis ace. MTh*- friends of the Ifcmily are invited to attend hit luueial, to-morrow ( t ueeday > afternoon at 3 o'olk from the 1st Meth Prot. Churob, Navy Yard. * (Bilto and Western N- V. papers oopy.) On the 16th instant, st the residence of her grand father, AI.1CK. younsest daughter of Col. L A and tieorii < W hitelej, in th< 5th year of her ace. On th* M in.tant IOUNMV ? ? - i ?a t iui?h? wh w Into and Susan IS. Smith, aged 16 months. D a rest batty, thou art gone? Frn-w my sight forever flown; fat. though 1 live ar d see thee not, bou oanst never be forgot. * On the 1Mb instant. CATHARINE A. ANDERSON, in the Ukh year of her age. * Tto those out of funds. HE Individual who appropriated to hia own use. on the ltih instant, the notioe on my offlo< door,'*Oot of Fundi," has my unqualified tympa thy, aa I presume he needed the paper for hia own door. If h* will eall acain, I will furnish him one of th< same better sxeouted. MORRIS S. MII LKR. September H.'Ml. ee? at* I J\J OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS IMPEDING Any kind of Fanoy and Staple DRY WOODS for the folks at home are eolioited to in speot our vast atoek ol New Antimn and Wintei babrioa. ... An examination of stoek impliee no obligation U purchase. One snoe only, marked in plain figures; thereBROTI1?, Fa avenue and Ninth st, eeVit if 'Perry Building " a l-l. situns nr mi ra ?t i td rm - vw v? fc/i u "?vj n ? " nail t\ ih? old p'io*- , notwithstanding til* advanoi is EatoNUd the mw ttrif Pertou* ne?dirg SILK GOODS for autamn an< inter will rlTttU a to id earing br making then puroha*** now. Tee ? fco Male tad re'nl ba*laea* of the oouitn beio* now reduced to the oast* eUad&rd enaHei a* U> off?r a i ertieW a* e rednaed tariff of profit* ONE PKICB ONLY, mtritd in plain flgnree Nnreomeri, aojoarnere, oitisen*. end ttrangeri Hi mteeot oar ? oak et Umm pieaaare; it taeari eo ebligatioa to pare ha eo. ^Cerpe^e^arWue, aoa Oilcloth*, Rag*, ko JSggr* * mfflvr' "* rc&sas One prloe only, merkedln plain figaree ; kea? 4MUSEMENTS. I A. SifC* MORF.IIND FRIENDS. I AT The rf a neat of th?ir rrapy frienda, the i MER*Y SOCIAL CC!TB wilTTire th?ir M - FOURTH ANN UAL ASSEMBLE atOro ?i Fmiowi' HALLt 1*?vt Yard on W D fH NE*OaV EVENING, 8*?i?r..Ur 25. i#6l LA The Committee ha?<? made unumai ar^p*r'ti .na ' to render thia a p e???nt 0 eniug to alt t at may ftv<ir then with their pr?e?noe Ticke'a 30 oenta, , admitting ages leman %nd Ivfiea. ComtnitH*. Joseph II. Pegg, Jmimm Mat'hieaon, Samuel Howell. Famael i rota, Frank Thompeon, B. MoAlwee. 1 H. L. Atohuon, Wm H.Edeiin, 1 Lojd Pi mphrey, M MeNelly, John Lang ley. Jaa. Kenton. ?a-?f L THIRD ANN hat, ' 1 EXHIBITION AND CONCERT r _ _ of the lb lid re n or St. lUyilla Sonlty School Proctt It for (U Vttt of tkt Pom if tk* Same, ' Assisted by Instrumental Anoompaminent. Will take p toe WEDNESDAY. Pbftbxbz* SW, , Corner ?f I and North Capitol streets fast i. 1. Gloria, from De Monti............Full Chores 3 Angels Whi?per (solo) ~. . Mar? Neff S Hail Mailing Morn _ Foil Choral i 4. ttolo Violnaoello, Piano Aooom paoiment, by Prof. Musg rore 5 Erin uni Hone (quartette;... Missea gadget 6 Where are the friend* of my youth f .Win. Randle 7. Gambler's Wifeieolo>. Miss P. Radolifie I Crows in the CornfiA*J "T. Choree of Bora I 9 Vio onoello 5oio. with Piano...Prof. Mnagrove a ri?i _ aa ! ^ - u nvmarnini 11 ' II. On to the field ot c ory ,B?ya in InUaoldierdrees IS. Com*, com*, com?! (eolo and choraa)..?. M?rj Bauty 1 IS. Fairy Uvj ... .? ISddy White PART III. Conoludea with Gilee Cmggins, the ohoolmaeter. Tioketa SS omta; ohildren 10 oente. Door* open at ha!l-paat6 o'clock ; commence at r half pa?t 7 e> 30 d ODD FELLOWS' HALL! success. success! succes-! success: crowdkd house8! 1 crovvdt-d houses! tflXTH WEEK r SIXTH WEEK 8 of the I CAMPBELL M'NSTREI.S! CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! kveky wmhkr a star! every m km her a st a r ! r change of progra MM k 1 change of pkogkammr f every night this week ! EVERV NIGHT THIS WEEK! A EMISSION 83 CKSTS. ?0 17-lW WANTS, U7ANTKD-A SCRUB GIRL. Apply ?t the VT F hhitt House- It* WANTED-A WOMAN to oook. wash and vv iron. Reference required. Ap*ly to R COHEN. Boot and Shoe fctore, No. Sx9 Pa av., between 6th ami 7'h sU. >e 23 2t* A N EXPERIENCE ? OPERATOR. havi-g a /X Wheeier A Wilson'a Sewing .Machine, will?? 1 out sewing, by the we?lt or month, Apply at th< i Agency? Mr. Steer's. 34 6 Pa. avenue so 83-2t* A SITUATION WANTED, in iome (tore, bj an active and intelligent boy of fifteen; wi itei 1 a good hand, and will make himself generally u?e, fuT. Kirst-ciass reference* given. Address Boi r 81 a. Was hi ngtoa Post Office. se 23 Si* 8 ANTED?On the 1st of October, 1861, a mod "v rrarely furnished HOUSE, in a healthy a^c - rfllDflftbtf IA aituihnn. A^roaa r * Q VAJ i) " Hotel, stating price anifdoi-cription lt^_ e \KJ ANTE0-A GIK L or WOMAN c>r coo* ? character, to do general housework for ( ' 8'saU fsmiiy. App y at W. C. O'M ri A R a 'A Variety Store, 0*24 Pa. avenue, between 2d and 3! its e 23 It* r AN AMERICAN WOMAN W1S.ESA8IT /*. UATION a* eook and aasut in washing. Un ? denia le reference ca i b? given as to character I Address Box lit,8Ur Offioe. It* n VAT ANTED? Bt a respectable young woman, i g " 8 TUATION as cook, wa*her and ironerfoi a small la nily Go>d reference oau be given. Apply at_No 179 Massaobuaetti av. It* e \%7 ANTED - By a respeotable young woman,? I ?" SITUATION se chambermaid; is wil ine t( , a*si?t in wa-hm* and ironing, or corse. Apply a N? 118 23"! st , between 1. and M. it* WANT El'?FURNISHED ROOMS ANI BOARD, for a gentleman. wife a-d child i witbin hall a mileoftt.e Treasury Buildi"gs:i ' private family preferred, where the comfort* * { t home oan be erjoypc. Address?stating partiou lars. etp to "< o fort " this Qfrc*. ae IB 2t f A YOUNG I.ADV, who oan oome satisfactorily s I\ reoommended, desires a SITUATION in i ? MilinTr, Ladies' Dress Goods, Drut? or Wal'f o? - ?? ? - -i - ? - - * p?p?r oior". van a mouoratp salary required Ad dress. for information,'*H. G."t City Post Office, se 23 eo3t* a tf^OVERNMKNT HOSPITAL FOR THE IN _ *? SA NK.- W A NTE />?Two sinjrle M KN as at tead?p.t*.Hp.<i?.?atienU' *n'1 a* dining-room servant None but those who oai furnish satisfactory evidences of good ohaaote and disposition need apply. se 20 lw V|7 ANTED? A WOMAN to oo-k wash and iroi " for a email family. Also, a Gl R . from 12 u 15 years of aire, to tak- oare of a ohnd a d assist a1 3 honsework. Good recommendations or referent I) required. Apply at No. 4*4 E etreet, between 5fi and 6th. se 19 tf CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, 8TE PHEN8 A CO.'S. 3-2i Pa avenue. se 18 l WANTED-A good WOMAN HOUSE SER * VAM'i also a MAN SF.WVANT. Botb e must onme well recommended. Colored preferr d nirc at 433 F st. se 9 t W/ A XT ED?To have every body to call ai j *v SMITH'S. No 400 Seventh st, opp.?lt? Poll flffiA< anil .....k*.. .1..,. fill VTL'D '?iiiwjoiiu j-mu iw*' irrou ?- nuu anu 11^ m on . OL.OTHING, TRUNKS, HaTS and CAP*. al thevory lowoat prioea. Give him a oall. au 30 lni WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AH kinds ol SECONDHAND FURNITURE ANU HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persona leaving the oitr or having a aurplua will do well to oall immediately. R. L UC1H-Y, je 3 4Seventh. between G and H ata. VLTANTED.-We are now buying SECoNDyw HAND FURNITURE,BTOVfis and BED DING, for whioh we are paying the highest 1 oash prioea. Families deolining housekeeping, oi i having a urplua of furniture, will find it to their 1 advantage to give ua a oall. I . BONTZ ft; GRIFFITH, I jelVtf No. 369 7th at., betw. I ana K ata. ; LOST-AND FOUND. 1 CTR AYED OR STOLEN.?From the owne' oi O September Slat, a large dark 11' 1 COW An? peraon return ng her to 171 i South B street, between 9th and Wth on&ik the Iaiand, will be liberally rewarded, aa ahe l?fl a young oalf It* 5 &90 REWARrV-STOLKN aGREY MAKE , yr?ioru?j oeiwHJD (weiv* ana one jry o'clock, hv an officer of the army. ThejuJR Mare it 15* hand* high, seven years old.^"*?^^ black mine and tail and baa a small brown apot on the left aide in front, ahe had a bl ne blanket under an army regulation saddle, a douoie bridle and 3 was tied, with a new halter (bI*ok leather) to a ; post in front of 330 Pennsylvania avenue. The 1 description of the oftioer is Known to pirties w*o i witnessed theth A, and will be published if the Ma e is not returned to 340 Pennsylvania *venn?, ; before Wednesday. se23-3t* ttC RKWARD ? 1 ost, on Friday morning, th? V*-* 20th instant, near Gen Porter's Office, a * leather W i\ containing two five dollar cold pieaes and one ten-dollar Treasury ncte. Tre 1 above reward will be paid to the finder on return ins the same to this office. se81 3t GEORGE B1KL. ? 10 REWARD?Ran away,on the 7>h inst., MU two NEGRO BOYS. Levis and jkf Henry Lewis is of oopper oolor and about CI f 16 years old; he was purohased about 4 years 1 aro of George Horseman, residing on the Island, Washiniton city, and may be lurking ' in mai vioinity, Henry is arxiut 14 years old. and na* lost the firat ioint (or nearly 10) of hi* 'ore finger, right hand; no other marks recollected. I will pay S30 apieoe, if aeoured so that I get them. e?ORGE HUMES, ?e 213'* Beltavllle, Prince George'a co., Md. STRAYED AWAY? On the #th instant, a dark brown CO WTdaek leg a, long bar, front tea is lone, one horn loncer than the < ther. aur* brush <>f tall cut off. A libera! reward wii'sb^Mi be paid for her return to J. VAN HOi.K. ijni<>atown D C . oppoaif Navy Yard ?e 20 3t? f^TR AY.-Taken up astray. on Sunday, the 15th ?i instant, two HORsKH, woiob the own- fly er oan have by proving property atd paf-TuJR ing damages. Can be aaen-at Earle'a a lablei, on H at., between aoth and 21 *t ata ae 30 8t? JAMES MO RAN. d>1A REWARD.?Strayed away from the aubV

I '' son her, a dark nay mare JVIULK called on both ?houl<1era, and grey in thef^^^ forehead. Any one le*viag it at my ata- ViS ble will raoeiva the aK-ove reward. JAMES H BHREVE.^^"^ ae >0-St* Seventh at, between H and I ata _ LOfcT?On Thuraday evening, in or near the Camps at T?nal!ytown, a da k colored leather POCKET BOOK.ooniainingaonmean me?al, a r ditoharge from the KriUsh annv, and otber focn, menta of no value to any bat the owner. A liberal win D* rt*en. U required, for the above. App j at I T?-nallytown. ?e10 at r | OPT.?#4 Riwakd.?Lo?t, iMt evening. a Li Culi'e 7-Inch N?vt REVOLVER, ilver ' mounted, marked "Mortimer Thomeon, 1861." The above reward will be paid to anj ?ere?? who mar return the pietol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 941 F ?t., between 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Chad1 wiok, WUlawU' Hotel. eelltf ' REWARD Will be paid tor theapprehen i?p jsffsK M ? ealf? hereeu LouueHaneon She U a tall, Upper Marlboro* or aeifbborhocMl. She ha* a hui ? * umrnwtl Frim* S*ow?? oin . ? TE L EG It APHl^T NE WS THE WAR M MISSOI RI. The LrxiB|toa Battle?T?t1?m 4ee*iati j?yri*sos Citt, Sept 20.?It la supposed at headqoarteri that Col Mulligan'* forre at L^ilngtnn la 3.5(10. rocs'itlng of an Irish brigade. Pol. Vnlli(P?n. 900; Col. Marshall's .Illinois cavalry. a Kansaa raiment, the mini her of which la not known: 500 home guards, mounted, 500 home guards. Infantry; three 6-poandera, oae howitzer and two mortara Some Federal sconts jost In report the firing at Lexington atlll going on Wednesday evening The rebels are said to aave no shells, shrapnel or eannlater nothing bnt ronnd shot and slugs. V?r 1 firm n-?..?? *.? v, ?J *? i'v?. ?twv wTctiiuirnt sa\nwrrw ?itu in?ira orr within Mulligan'i intrenchmenta, requiring much care to prevent a atampede Kaxbas Citt, Sept. 19 ?Advlcea received bv a private letter from Lexington to-day aay that Gen. fries attacked the Federala at 10 o'clock yeaterdav morning with a force of 30.000 The Federal force waa eatimated at from 3,000 to ? 000 The Federala fought them two hoora, when the rebels drove them bark Into their entrenchmenta, carrying everything before them. Tne Irlah brigade then came out and charged them at the point of bayonet, acatterlng the rebela everywhere. Gen Price waa to attack them again thla morning with seventeen piece# of artillery. No atate menu 01 tbe lew on either aide i> given. Jxrnxsoif Citt, Sept 30 ?A special diapatcb to tbe 5*t. Louis Democrat saya: Jeff C. Davit, commanding here, received bla appointment aa Brigadier General to-day Geo. Lane la reported to have made a junction with tbe forces at Lexington with 4,000 men. Reinforcement* fromJSt. Joseph are alio reported to have reached that place, and Lexington U now considered safe Gen Price will undoubtedly be surrounded and cut off It Is feared that the reinforcements sent from here have not yet reached Lexington. Heavy batteries are planted at Glascow by the rebels, and our troops will hare to disembark below the town and atta-k th?m In the rear. Fifteen hundred men, under Col Smith, overtook aix hundred rebel* aa thev were crossing the river at Blue Mill* Landing, on the 18th, and completely routed them, killing from 150 to 31)0, and took 1*2 prisoner*. The Federal loss la SO killed and 25 wounded. rurthrr particular#. St. Locts, Sept 22 ?It appear* that there were two fights at Blue Mills Landing on the 17th. The first between 5?i0 men of the Third Iowa Regiment, with one piece of artillery, under Lieut. Col. Scott, and about 4,000 rebels After a desperate struggle of one hour's duration, In which the Federal troops lost 120 killed and wounded, and all their horses, they retreated slowly for half a mile, hauling their cannon by band, and took up a position on an eminence, and awaited an ati tack, but the enemy did not pursue. Not long arier uoi snrmns commana or Federal troops, [ with four pieces of artillery, approached Blue , Milli Landing bv another route, and engaged and , routed the rebels aa they were about crowing the river . position or the roacxs at lsxikoton. ? 8t Louis, Mo., Sept 21?In order to correct ' confusion and the many contradictory statements relative to the position of Lexington and opposing r forces of Col. Mulligan and General Price, it is i deemed necessary to make the following explanation : 1 The general direction of the Missouri river at Lexington is from west to ?ast, Lexington lying - on the southern bank The early settlement, now | called "Old Town," is situated back on a hill, and bai been superseded by New Lexington, farther up the river, where the steamboat landing is, ' and which is the main city. Col Mulligan's fortifications are on a ridge running at right angles between the two t^wns. Tbev surround the Maaonic College buildings, standing about a quarler of a mile from the river, " which have been used as quarters for the troops and strengthened to resist an artillery attack The line of fortifications runs down to the river b uff, between which and the water's edge is a wide i shelving beach. This is the point where the r conflict took place on Thursday for the posse* ion of the ferry boats The main body of Price's army is situated at the i Old Town, but the fortifications have been as> sailed from all sides except the rivnr * On Th'.irsdav of last week an attack was made . from the O'.d Town dv a strong party of rebels, ) who were repulsed with considerable loss, and the , Old Town was shelled and burned to prevent its being used as a shelter Lexington proper la in the possession of Gen. Price, but it la not being made the theater of conflict. The reinforcements wh'chlefi Jefferson city on Wednesday, If they were not assailed by batteries along the shore, must have reached the neighborhood of Lexington yesterday. These troops could doubtless have been landed on the south side of the river. The steamers having crossed to the " ferry. Gen Sturgls's command being brought lU'rdSM. atiu Hittuim.ii.v4 ?... ? k..i_0 } lU.wu. marching on Lexington, with the assisti ance of Mulligan's heroes and Gen. Lane's pomr mand. can attack and completely rout Price's whole army i J kffkkson City, Sept 22 ?There is no news > from Lexington to-day. The steamer War Eagle t arrived from above this evening. This steamer, * together with the latan,with the Indiana 22d and 1 18th regiments on board, accompanied the *U am ers White Cloud and Desmolnes, with the Indi ana '2Gtb regiment aboard, as high up tbe rlv<-r as Cambridge [about 80 miles below Lexington], where they captured tbe steamer Sunshine, seized i a short Hme since by Gen. Green Theyencoun, tered no rebel troops. Union flags were flying at Glasgow. The steamers War Eagle and Iatan returned from Cambridge, the former to this city and tbe latter to Uoonville. Th? steamers White Cloud t and Desmoines went on up the river to reinforce 1 Lexington f While all four boats were laving up for the i night, a short distance below Glasgow, two detachments were sent out to reconnoiter. In the ' dark they encountered each other, and each mistaking the other for the enemy, fired, and before their blunder was discovered four men were killed and several wounded. Among the wounded Is Major Gordon Tanner, of the Indiana Wd regl; ment. TUK NATIONAL FLAG STILL FLYING OVXK THE FEDtUL KNTRKNCHMBNTS. 8t. Locis, ?ept 22 ?A special dispatch to the Democrat, from Hamilton, says that reports from Camden, nine mllea above LexlngtonLaonounca mac tne united states nag was at 1U flying over Col. Mulllgan'a entrenchment* at Lexington, at 0 o'clock on Saturday morning Gen Fremont baa appointed Brigadier Generals Pope, Slegel and McElnatry to command aa acti lng Major Generala, and Colonela Davla, Mulllt gan, K el ton and Totten aa Brigadier Generals KBPOKTBD ICRlIMia Of COL MCLLIOAN AND HIS , COMMAND TO Olil PBICB Chicaso, Sept 'J2?a special dispatch to the Timea, sent from Quincy, III , at 1 o'clock thla mornlno, aaya that the mail agent on the Hanni1 bal and St Joseph's railroad, who arrived at 7 I o'clock on Saturday evening from St Joseph, states that Col. Mulligan and his whole command, at Lexington, aurrendered to Gen. Price on Friday morning at S o'clock ' The ategc continued from Monday until the time ' of surrender. Col. Mulligan's men were without water all Thuraday and Friday, and were com pletely exhausted. They fougnt most valiantly, > out were compelled to yield to vastly auperlor numbers. 1 ?_? ? ? TUB IATTLK AT BLUK MILLSAfter the rebel* retreated from Blue Mill* Landing, they crowd the river just In time to fall into tbe band* of tieu Lane's brigade, 4,000 atrong, who were also marching to reinforce Mulligan The Unionists captured from 700 to 800 rebels, and killed 200. Tbe rebels finally fled and recrossed tbe river, when tbe Iowa regiment started In pursuit Eleven of the rebel prisoners have been brought toQulncy from St. Josephson Saturday. Two or three are known there to have been concerned In the burning of bridges some days since. rUSTHKK or THE BATTLE AT LEXINGTON. The loss of the Union troops at Lexington Is said to be eight or nine hundred killed snd wounded, while the loss of the rebels Is estimated three or four thousand killed with n proportionate number wounded The report of tbe battle and surrender of Col. Mulligan is fully corroborated by passengers who came by the same train. The new* was brought by stage to Hamilton, the nearest point on tbe railroad to Lexington, oeing a waul 40 milt*. Of the fact of the surrender it la thought here there can be no doubt. THE ai'EEEKDEE OF COL MULLItiAH HOT CREDITED AT 8T LOD1S. Chicago, Sept. 22 ?A special dlapatch to the Tribune, from headquartera at St. Louis, this evening, aaya that the reported surrender of Col. Mulligan It not believed there,and that reinforcements were puahlng towards him from four different directiona. Freaa talliaraia Octee Station, Pacific Telegraphic Company, 120 miles west of Fort Kearney, Sept 20 ?The pone|r express paaaei last olght with date* to the 8ah Feaecisco, Sept. 11.?The steamer Orizaba sailed thla morning for Panama, with 150 1 paaaengera and SI,090 000, of which 1944,000 la for New York, and Sl58,000 for England. The State election returoa are still Incomplete by from 13.000 to IS,000 Thus far, In round numbers, Stanford, (republican,) for Gsnrnor, has 52 000 votes, and the other two candidates boot 97.000 each, with even chances aa to which of the two latter will ptove the strongest in the ?IIU ^ I ? Edw?rd R?nd(rfph, the dlatta(uiah?d Uwjrw, died at ten Fruolaeo on the Ttb. 4U?V.*A?h| THE LATEST MloVl KtNTVCIT. col c*Trr*mnai'? iwrkut I <y*T?tiLL?, Sept W ?Col CrtttmdM. from Ikdltm, wbfc was the f r?t to WlBf reftcMOt from another Stuip Into Wrrtera li*lnia7l? of the Federal Oovrrnmoat. and the fl-st to come to tb?- aid of Kpn'O'-ky, pwrd through ooritrrrti toward* the Nashville depot this afiernooa, tod pToerrdfd immediately tootkward. Thf? were ratbasiastlcally received at different point* om the route Brig Gen Ward arrived to-day from Washing ton. and will immediately take command In Central Kmtucky. r VHIOJISTfl JOlSIMft^THI TIT)IEAL TOECl*. unnnTiLLi, ct|'* **' ?coining or importance hu been received from points south of here. Pa??engers from Lebanon report that tbe people from tbe coixUry mre coming In to join tbe Federal force* NotblnfrhM yet been ascertained of movements la Southern Kentucky, tbe telegraphic communication being still Interrupted beyond Lebanon Junction. W N . Haldeman, the principal proprietor of the Courier, will publish a card in tbe Journal tomorrow, asking a modification of tbe Interdict against tbe publication of tbe Courier, and agreeing to avoid tbe publication of matter prejudicial to tbe Federal Government, and to be loyal to that Government while Kentucky remains In ths Union. Lotnt villi, Sept tl ?The following proclamation has just b-en received: ? To tk* People of Kt+tutky: " The Legislature of Kentucky have been faithless to tbe will of tbe people. They have endeavored to make your gallant State a fortress. In which, under tbe galse of neutrality, the armed ??.? .# il. t?-i??a o?-?.? -?? i * -* luicrs vi mc t iiuru awn migDi ircrfuy prfptrc to subjugate alike the people of Kentucky and the southern States " It was not until after month* of covert and open violation of voor neutrality, with large encampment! of Federal troops on your territory, and a recent official declaration of the President of the United States not to regard your neutral position, conpled with a well-prepared scheme to selle an additional point In your territorv which whs of vital importance to the safety and defense of Tennessee, that tbe troops of the ConfMeracy, on the Invitation of tbe people of Kentucky, occupied a defensive post in your State. " In doing so, tbe commander announced his purpose to evacuate your territory simultaneously with a similar movement on the part of the Federal forces, whenever the Legislature of Kentucky shall undertake to enforce agalut both belligerents tbe strict neutrality which they have ao often neciarea i warn amongst you. citizens of Kentucky, at the head of a f ?rce the advance of which la comprised entirely of Kentuckians We do not come to molest any citizen, whatever may be bla political opinions " Unlike the agents of the northern despotism, wLo seek to reduce us to the condition of dependent vassals, we believe that the recognition ?>f the civil rights of citizens la the foundation of constitutional liberty, and that the claim of the President of the I nlted States to declare martial law, to suxpend the privilege of the writ of kabras corpus, and to convert every barrack and prison In the land Into a Bastlle, is nothing but the claim which other tyrants have assumed to subjugate a freepeople. "The Confederate States occupy Bowling Green as a defensive position I renew the pledges of the commanders of other columns of tbe Confederate troop* to retire from the territory of Kentucky on tbe same conditions which will govern their movements I further give you my own assurance that tbe force under my command will be used as an aid to the government of Kentucky In carrying out the s'rlct neutrality deal red by Its people, when ver thev undertake to enforce It against the two belligerent* alike "j* R Bcck*rr Brig. Gen. C. 8. A. " Bowling Green, Ky." proclamation of general robert anderson to the pboplb op kkntcckt. Locisvillk, Sept al?The following proclamation has juit been issued: Kentuckians: Called bv the Legislature of this mv native State, I hereby assume command ot this department. 1 come to enforce, not to make laws, and, God willing, to protect your live* Enemies of the country Dave aared to invade our soil Kentucky is in danger She has vainly striven to keep the peace with her neighbors. Our State is now invaded bv those who profe?a?d to be her friend*, bnt who now seek to conquer her. No true son of Kentucky can longer hesitate as to his duty to his State and country The invaders must, and, God willing, will be expelled The leader of the hostile forces who now approaches, is. 1 regret to sty. a Kentucktan making war on Kentucky and K'ntuckians. Let ail past differences of opinion be overlooked Every one who now rallies to the support of oar Union and our State is a friend Rally, then, my countrymen, around the flag oar fathers loved, which has shielded us so lone 1 call you to arms for self-defense and for the protection of all that is d>-ar to freemen. I*et us trust In God and do our duty, a* did our fathers Robert Anderson, R?n?ral. IJ.S A . proclamation of the governor op eehtccet. Governor Magoffin has alac Issued a proclamation ordering Gen. Thomas L. Crittenden u ** . cute the purposes contemplated by tbe recent resolutions of the Legislature in reference to tbe expulsion of Invaders Gen Crittenden baa accordingly ordered tbe militia of tbe State to be mustered forthwith Into aervlce. THE LOUISVILLE HOME GUARD ORDERED OUT. Hamilton Pope. Brigadier General of tbe Home Guard, alao call* upon tbe people In each ward in Louisville to meet tbis afternoon and organize themselves Into companies for tbe protection of the citymore invasion or TE5XESSEE TROOPS. The K veiling Bulletin says that a body of seven or eight thousand Confederate troops, witb twenty one cannon, arrived at Bowling Green (on the railroad, about twenty mile* from the Tennessee line.) on Wednesday, taking possession of tbe cannon there and some 130 stand arms belonging to tbe Bowling Green Home Guard, and bad sent six cannon ard -J uO men to Gen. Roger v\ . Hanson, tbe Confederate commander ou Green river. KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE?ARRIVAL OF TROOPS AT louisville. Frankfort, Sept *21 ?Tbe legislative proceedings to-day have been unimportant. Louisville, Sept '22 ?There is no news from ucivw tun puiui, onu mere is no wi-gr.poic communication south of Lebanon juoctlon. The Forty-ninth Obio Regiment arrived here this morning. On pasting the headquarters of General Anderson they were addressed by the Seneral in a brief patriotic speech, wtich was enlusiastically cheered advamcb or the cokfepeeates OK el1z aeethjow*. Louis villi. Sept '21.?It is rumored that Gen. Buckner has advanced on Elizabeth town. movements of bebel teoom ik kentucky. Lochvillk. Sept ti ?An Intelligent passenger from Elizabethtown to-day, reports that 1,500 of Geuer&l Kuckner's rebel forces, mostly from Harden county, Kentucky, are eight miles south of that place The bulk of his force was still at Bowling Green Each division was gaining reinforcements at vjrious points * Gieat enthusiasm was nitnlfMfxl at IahI??iiu to-day at tbe aucceaaive arrival of troop* from tbe Nc rib. deatined to form a portion of our ad ranee. Mr Hnldeman, recently proprietor of the LouiaTille Courier, baa left for tbe Southern Confederacy Humphrey Maraball has been made a priaoner by the aeceaa ion lata. . A Sklrnalab Cairo. Sept 23 ?A akirmiah on Friday occurred below Fort Holt between a rompany of tbe Tenth Regiment and a amall company of rebela, In which the latter were routed. One Federal soldier waa wounded. On Saturday the gunboatk Tyler and Lexington went down tbe river aearcbing for maaked Datteriea Tbe Lexington went in alght of tbe rebel camp at Chalk Bluff, but found no batter lea and all quiet. Indiana Federal Treepa t)<der>d te leatacky. isincinnATi. orpi. xi ?11 11 unaemooa IMUjr that some eight regiment of Indiana troops have been ordered across the Ohio river Into Kentucky. Gov Morton, accompanied by Col Wood, was In Louisville yesterday, consulting with the Kentucky authorities, ana the Home Guards of the border counties hsve been ordered to hold tbanselves In readiness for immediate service. The Mtasoari Slate Caovsattoa Jkffkksom Citt, Sept 42.?Gov Gambia has Issued a call to the State Convention, saying that the exigencies of the State require the assembling of the State Convention In *?t. Loots on tbe 10th of October next, to adopt such m-asures as the welfare of tbe State may require. Peltttcal Prlssaers ts go to Bsstaa Harbor. Boston, Sept. ai ?Orders have been issued from Washington, to Cspt tteavll, qaarteim?ttr at this port, directing him to provide quarters and rations on George Island, In this baroor, for 100 political prisoners Tbe prisoners are expected to arrive In a few days. PeuiyUaila Eilntacau. Hiimtna, 8ept ti ?Gov. Curtla baa detarmined to atop all enllatmeota la tbla State for r%menu mi other States, and will lame a proclamation to that effect on Tueaday. 8o> retar* Cameron la her* and fnlly awtalna the declaon of the Stata laUwWei. I^UVTTOCK AND WHOLK TAKIJKK of CUCL'Ifr^ D'T Gooda to all departin*Bta of Irat eioaa Baroks.*S OMpoaaaiW, marked im ^ ooaao^ueut'y no surchABor i? overewgei. SECOND EDITION. _ THREE ?'CLOCK P M . OUR MILITAR T BtJDOET ~ itiTABT APPomrxtirr* Plore the lad lirw of tbf Star, the following military appointment* haw lull made VIt Major (and (Juartermatof) Stewart Van Vlett, of L S Army, to be > Brigadier GeaaraJ of Vo?unteera, to bo M^ird to doty aa chief of the quartermaater a department of the army of the MaJJ.G Itirnrl. *f V. >. A , I* be a Brigadier General, t* be wtgned te itty a* thief of rtjliiffn of the army of tb? Potomac John ^otnnien. to be Colonel of aerood rngl meat of Maryland rolunteera Eugene Duryee, to be Llfotoaut Colonel of Second Regiment of Nar^lud Voluatoeaa. Edward C. Boy a ton, to bo a Captnia lathe Ulfc Infantry. u. B Army. David P. Dewltt, to be Major of the Banal Regiment of Maryland VolanUnie Dr 6 W StJpp, to be a Brigade Balnea of Volunteer! Dr. R P Btoorra. da. Dr. 0 Oliver, do Dr D W BUaa, do. Capt. Char lea Candy, to be an A.aetata at Adjutant General of Valnatoera. Capt Blmon B. Brown, to be aa AaMa* <4uartennaeter of Volaataera. John Newton, to be a Brigadier General of Velunteera. winleidS. Hancock, to be a BrlpMtr Qwtl of Volunteer*. JIAVT TUl Yesterday the propeller Paaey, Captaia Hmui, went down to Maryland Point, returatag teat night Site reports ail quiet an tkt Pal?ae. A battery mounting right gana is tWMi on tka kill jutt in the rear of the wharf at Aquta Crook, wltb a large fag waving from Ita aummlt No Ma can be aeen, but there are evidences of quite an encampment Last Friday th- lee Boat was trad upon by the Aqula Creek btttrrln, bat without doing any damage Two abota oulv were fired, both of which fell abort. The ateemer boiatrd her anchor and dropped quietly a little lower down, out of range Tbree email aklfla. picked up ee the Maryland ahore,were brought up by the Pueey In order tbat no poaelble mesne of eoaamuBleotlM between Maryland and Virginia may be afforded the aeceealonlata Under the atrlct urreiUaace of the flotilla, few aucceed la eromlng the Potomac now, and tranaportatlon if aupplleato the rebel* haa been pretty effectoally checked Ex peri menta were made with ? ?rw oertrtdg* for ordnance, at the yard, thl? morning, by Lint Badger. Tbe Improvement conatata In a water proof case for tbe powder, ao tbat la ease of aocldent at tea, tbe eontenta of a msgaslne may not be destroyed bv water, as was tbat at tbe R B. For boa on her trip from Boston, by which about 1,800 pounds were rained. LA TB LOCAL NBWS. Military Fcmirals Yeitbbday ?Capt Ltagerfelter. of Company B, Col Baker'a California Regiment, left bla camp with all mon on Saturday evenliur. to to on i acanttnv ciaidltlaa At a point about Ave miles beyond tbe Chain Bridge tbev were attar ked by a considerable bod y of aeceasionists Capt Lingerfelter received a ball In bts temple which passed through hit bead, killing him Instantly. Ilia Sergeant avenged his death Immediately, by killing the soldier seen to aim the fatal abot at Capt L Tbe body of the Captain was siibeequentlyfound untouched at tbe spot where be fell, and was brought to this city, and yesterday afternoon was conveyed to tbe depot. to be aent to bis late home In New York city. Tbe body was escorted by bis company, marching with arms reversed Another funeral eecort followed In tbe mm# direction The deceased was Capt Kerrigan, of New York. Akothm Desceht vrox Miain Allbt ?Ob Saturday night tbe metropolitan police and provost guard paid another visit to Marble Alley and raked out a few of tbe military gentlemen who bad quartered there Tbe proprietress of oae of tbe establishments wan exceedingly wiothy at tbe vislta of tbe police to her domicile Through these peratstent visitations ber girls bavs been pot to tbelr shifts (no pun Intended) to conceal tbelr military cavaliers In thecloeetsand clothes presses Madam was told by the olov of the poUee that dc lnnnaeo u> dtmi up ail sucb establishments la bis district Yesterday another haul was made at a bouse in tbe same neighborhood, which resulted In the exposure of some more shoulder-strapped gentlemen. In another locality, tbe citizens who h?ve endured the outrageous deportment of sfl cert, threaten to make tip a list of those who are openly visiting notorious places ot Infamy, with the regiments to which they are attached, and tbe address of their families, in order to report them to tbe commanding general, and also to their families at home. Hiohwat Robbkxt ? Wm Harlow and Nelson Huptall, two soldiers, were met on Maryland avenue near Third street, on tbe islsnd, last night bv three men, who knocked them down and robbed them of all the money they had The parties concerned in this outrage were subsequently arretted by tbe patrolmen and Identified by the soldiers They proved to be John Maher, alias Cunningham, Andrew Kidwell and John Falloy, the first two not more than a week or ten days out of tbe penitentiary, where each served a term, snd tbe last one an ' intermittent" boarder at the county jail for J?e last twelve veers. Tbey were committed to Jul by Justice Clark. dkcmmid Oct ?George Bay*. ali*? William MI1W. of Company K U 8. Dragoons. waa drummed oat of tbr service thlamorning for theft. He stole a borae from Truxen Seal, which ha told to Patrick Hurley, and then made hla escape to Baltimore Be ia also charged with stealing two cavalry revolvers Drtectlve Kimball followed and arrested him, snd also a discharged so Idle* named Lavet Pete, supposed to be aa aoMapUat. Bays wss drummed out this morning with the uftu&l ceremonies, and ho and Pete are both committed to answer the charge of felony before the Criminal Court. Natiohax Fast Dat ?It will be seen bv the advertisement in another column, that Mayor Wailach offlclally recommends the general observance of Thursday next "as a day of homlllatlon, fast tig and prayer " This Is to carry out the request of the joint committee of Coagreas, aad the subsequent proclamation of the President. Chaioi or Falsi 6weab:j?o ?This morning Policeman Reynolds arrested Jos R Swift, on the oath of Adam Ottwlth charging him with obtaining by fraud and fa las swearing a patent for car coupling, thereby defrauding him out of the vniuc. or bccubcq was mxcu oriorv Donn.wuo held him to ball for * farther hearing CoMRiiiJirn ?Mix runaway slave* from tha adjoining counties In Maryland?over the Eaetorn Branch?were brought to jail rotordij, and are there confined. LA TES T NEWSBTTBLBGRA PH. THE REPORTED SURRENDER OP LKXINGTON?AFFAIRS 1FI MISSOURI. Jzrnason Citt, Sept. S3 ?A dispatch received here aaya the Federal troop* at Lexlngtoa 11 r rendered to the re bell en Friday afternoon, ter want of water. Gen Ben McCulloch wu in Barton coopty on Monday last, marching ee Lezlngtoa. Malor Tanner' wound*, it la fttered. will prove ? * m Mortal. The greatest activity preralla In military elrdee The itMaitr Bauhlnt waa brought dovi here to day. She will doabtlaea be coo faceted. D7" Yesterday afternoon Tbomaa WIdih, Eaq , of Baltimore, proceeded to Fortiai Moarot wltb an order, It la atated, for the raleeee of hie father, Roaa Wlnana. Tiuwtt Norma ?We learned oa Mardijr that the Cltlraa Bank. Bank mt Commerce, Mechantca' Bank, and the Farmer* a?d PUnton Bank. r?retved on depoalt the Ueltod fttaleo Treeenry notea, payable oa demand la the Eaetera and Weatrra cltiee. Storekeeper* and others were receiving them aa freely aa the btlle oe e?r any DtBi< ?XMMi wipftr MM bJs.'oAT*, ?TWTM1 M,?J&# JSOiHh*.New AT ^ f?K^'S^di^?!wHr1nU1W INA '"*% Niw MetiMliaH.uvilr^ktKrtL 3??f tE**-* ? ? ?? j>M ?riM Otl;. awM la lltii bin*. _

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