Newspaper of Evening Star, September 23, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 23, 1861 Page 4
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thf. fvkm!s<; star There v?i a Mao There w*a a man in Richmond towu, And he wsi wondroot W tee, H' Jumped upon battle-hor?e, And t? the war be die*. But when he hw the ywua about, With all hta might and naaln, He jumped upon another horse And?rode away again <<>?? TO GROW VERBENAS. Conflicting reports reach ns, this Sammer ywpectin* tne verbena. In sorae quarter* we are tokl, the plants have rotted off, m other they hive t>urce?i out, in others succeeds moderately well, in others inaeets and mildei tire Infested th#<n, and in still others the; iave been. 4 biuie of bloom all Summer loDg. Of oouree, we oan not answer all the name T^us Inquiries m to the cacse of these varprinj xperiences. But a few general principle may be stated, which applj to a multitude o cases. A* a general rule "not forgetting th xeeptions,) native seedlings thrive better !i our olimate than foreign varieties. And, sine our Summers are confessedly better suited t the verbena than the English, and as seed ripea hare so readily, we see not why we shouli depecd on foreign sources for oar now plants WbT, indeed, should we act send our seedling to tba foreign market* ?, success with the Terbena depend i the character of the soil. It snouli not b? rfeh. This plant dislikes manure; am besides, if the soil is (joite strong, we get a grea ^ vwiu ui Tiuro sou onij a raw dios^qii j common sandy loam ia what is wanted; or, t follow high authority, "two parts loam, two o leaf-mold, with an admixture of sand."' Le the border be dry, and open all side* to tin run. There ia, also, this peculiarity to bt Doted, that verbenas seldom succeed wet! In th a'me ground more thaD two years in succession Either the plants should be set in new bed every other jear, or the old beds should havi the toil entirely renewed. Many persona get only small. feeble, rust} plants from the florist and then set them ou quite late in the Summer. Instead of this vigorous plants should be got early in th< Spring, then ahifted into larger pots, be kep In rigorous growth, ami be exposed gradually in the open sir for a week or ten days befor< before being bedded out. Thev are hnrrlin than Boat other bedding-planta and may bi set oat early. Thus managed, they will be eooe Urge plants early in the Summer, am will make a vigorous show of flower*- llii ]aat hint we consider of great importance. O courso, the shoots must be pegged down aa tlie^ grow. With th?3? directions all followed out nceeff may at least in all ordinary ca?es b< depended on.?Amtrirnn Agriru'trtrtst. ^ OCEAN/STEAMERS1 BAILING D ATI pfcom rw? P-tatm. Sttomir*. l.tnrt. Per. Davi Atr 1IM New York Liverpool.. Sept J Kanjar<o._. ? .New York.... Liverpool^..S?pi i fkew York ,N*w York.. Bremen S^p? 2 Faro** .. Haeton Liverpool. ..'Hit Great EMtern New York-. ijivorpoU .Oct K-wma .New York.?Liverpooi?..Oct i.vta/a, Ho?n>o. Liverpool...,0c 1 Ajiv New York ? Liverpool... Oot2 Bremen New York..?Brenien..^_Oct2 Fnon Era jra Oreat Eaatem .Liverpool V?w York, Septl Svonta. South pt"n . New Vork. ..S^pt 1 rerei*.?^?Liverr'tcL.. New Vork S pt! Fw.t/?n . , ^outli'oion New York.. >e -t I Niac&ra .. Livoriumi it, ??.,, c ?- * _ , . - ? ? r W?< - '""C p I <t A?ia__ ? ?? .Liverp >1 N?w York ..Sept i Hremec. r^oothvton ..New YorS.?Oot The California ma'! i;wi.i?ri [e*T.? New Y?nl ob the 1 *t, :^rf. svd 21 at cf evrry luoulu. TVI _ BALKOfUL FK1HT8. ll?W A>U?m-ina Ta.Mii, AT *Ol> KtiATK PhlCKS. A law suppl* of Lviie? lii> ps. 1,0"u pieces handsome A name Prints, at 12K eta par yard. i?w pieces New Mouarelines, new styles, at ?j cti f ?f yard. W itit a)l kind* of Dry Goods lor the gsnera) an< specia wintiof famines. One pnoe only. m*rk?J in plain 6rore*. New comers, atrausera, 'journers ac<l ot'izem win ln?p?ct our a o;k at plsiaure ; it implies n? ohlicatiun to p?rona". fERRYk UROTHER. I'a. avenue *i?d N.ntu >t, a*? at Perry Ballrtms." Oil! OH !?So U> the People's Cio'irnc Sftore No. 4RO Seventh street, opposite Po?t OflSco aodaxamin* toatjaew stock ??f FALL, r;/ ?TH 1NQ, iRlNKte. a AT? and CAPS. all for s*le a th* Inewt N-w Vork prices an ?>-lm NKW V1)KK PRICKS FOR ALL KIND80P OLOTHlNtt, HATW, U?PS. TRUNK* VAUSfcS. HiliR rs, COLLARS.and TlKf?, al SMITH'S, No. 4?0 Sevsntn sU, opposite Posl < >w<x? an ?-lst) UUMK-MAUb BOOTS AND SHOES, . ? uajmh , Hiiiu Ann viann'! wia, it Kzt*4d\nt>* Lo>m prictt. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Muk?t S?ac?, ma ?o P%. *?.. KM. *??> Mid 4th ?t?. W BOYS' CLOTHING. R Have received witv... ;ri-< .tat day or tw?i 'art* aaaortment oI HOYS' SPRING CLOTH ING. embracing til cttlea of lc w-prioad, medium %rC foe ?B&liuea, vtmoL we are a?liinf a t *er Ipv frioee for cash. WALL. STEPHENS * CO , 3si8 Pa. ST., between 9th and loth ata ? H Mmlln?no*raBd Rwhiman.' in I BUB' HA IK STORE, II No. I'a. av.. bbt 12th and 13th ?t?. PKHtUMKHY. tc. BRAJDH CURLS WIG? HALF WIGS. FR1ZKTTES, Ac. A fall atoc k*t<i on Kai><l, or mode t?> order at the ?fcorte? notice. Hair Won repaired or exchanged. N. B.? Ladlea* Uw Prtd :a tie no?t FK'uri g^?r. ma W tin WHITE l OTTON8, WOOL'rLANNELS aa Canton Klannela.?A ml Sto^k if ehoio |tx1m at Use old price*, not wuhitanding a! acL govi* are daily ad v*roiufjn valee. PERRY A BRO., Penn. avenne and 9th at'e*t, ae H Hit "Perry Baiiding " Ywood and coal. OU Will aareii get yocr ciocey's worth b tiling at tne PlONEfcR MILLS, t<mtkwit cer mm V S*+*mk ?tr??t amd Canal, (GEO. PA?t( Sit.) They Mil ohaaper and gi*e Setter mcannr aay otlMratB tiiapity?out, split, a&d deli* free of pharga. If yon <1o? 11 einve . i y Ioqmt Mux atria.. an J oeaatitfea. * tw W ota rots: POTATOKB! StJOM tmaWi prune Weetern IttToera will b old thia w?or At No. ? Peon**;vamaa v.. oorca ef Saoond at. First car load a> rived to day. Give ua a triai, and veahail give you aatiafae tion. Ohio, Indiana and Kentuoky money, in *< <? taad ?g taken at par. au *-& J. W. STEELE A CO. TCARRlAttKS. HB Babaarfber having rsado additions to bi where hia fvv <t'eaftJ39fc? for maaetaotunng CARRIAGES ?ndJH^=K L19fi r WaGO.NB o< ait kinde cannot ba aor MM?d, and iroia Itii long exp~rieooe .n tha baai imi, 3# aop#a to giva gene*. ea.Ua/4cU0a. Alifc:aca of Camagea and Lijnt Wagona kep aITmPAW 9 neatly done, and all order prc?fV? nttanded to. uaad Oarr.agee t%g?n in exchange fo ?e?oa??f. ANDRKW J JOYl% 4 1? tf wii?f of Faart??nth and K '? j^OTVJiN AND WINTER DRY GOODS. A fall a-d aomplate a took now in a tor a, at prio# to wit hi* ownera of umiI puraea. One prio- only va.-ked u piaia tnm. PFRRY A BROTHER. Pa ave??aa and Ninth at. B7" CARPETS, CURTAINS, UlLCLOTHfl As.. CppeT Plocra. ? 17-Mil / vat the old pawn office.^ m ft tiatxoMl Hattl. Q | at libaral advaaaae eada oe noM aad nlv?> Clock iiiiiitni >w eoaiddDtitl. A"Y mVe&)>*cgS*Pjaa ^ ^ *t a 7*v A wH M K A r i siB&sr* H?OM( BOAPT HPv Vom J*) i*n? K K KSH ML'Y , yi* Ml' e?n? B KEFacd GkI. V, MAcana fOlPaad BOUIL VMM* Fi^KNCH DEbtJI^VTEi, V*?E For at>?ar York Faatir j ,, , , kino a fitnua. - Via. ie 6 Corner ' aid ' ifr* nta >*. CTKINWAY A WW AND RAVEN * b%v P C?'N*t? PfANfW.- A lat" MI'j';BMWj(I haa Jo?t t-oen raoeirod.- Pwioii in r?''' MPH of a rauaUa iMtTaif.aat U? i?? *'sT?"" >!? ' '<m>k it, Mr. MABCUS KKKIMK r?n rrrl# T?B.f * A" " aiWU' AND W*irPIN??A few o?Ur*iy b?w mm* ?it u*n tnioga f rwml no*"strx0 raj,, ... ^PKClAL BARGAINS O IN MOUKN1NM fOOJHV W o9t *U tta Ma* *m*ee of Mouiiii we *rv/xn. wrfc. Ml ^jiair of<P?. ?v.u>4 iuiiialfe A 1 " ' " ' ? p I O P O B A & Nm Dw vmt**jrr. I B*rfm ?f Yard* mud D*ck$, Sept. 4? UM.i , liBALED 1-morOMLa, for e?Oh oiM? teparateiy. " rrupoaale for Claea No. (nan- tM oliu) for the Navy Yard at t ume tha yardwill ba reo/iv*d at th:a oinoe until noon on the 2d day ?f October next,-or fornfahini and d-livanng at iba aevfrai Navy Yard* named. Me materiaia and articlea embraced in printed eeuedaiM. whioh ?i 1 be faraiabad on apylioation. aid aeat by mail, if ao rtquea-.ed. to D'r^nna deaini.c to <>ff-?r tn oontraot for any or ail of thaelaa^ae named the rem, by the Com- t mandutaofthe*eTeralNavy \arda,for theclaaae* for the yarda under their oorannand. or by the Navy Acei.t ueareai thereto, or by the Bureau for any rr '? aJltheja<da. / I, To prtmtnt cm fusion and miitalut in ttalims the ' - tftrt, im bid wiU b* rtcttv d which contains clautt " /#r mart tk\n on* yard in en* rnvtiapt; and each loll dividual of a firm mj?t airn the bid and oor.traoL H ll 1/lW * m AM kavtk* ...1 m. m* .4 iv mtomw m ??? nou v; vwmuuru auu fm iiuumi 17 _ no'ifi?*1 that their offer* mutt be in the f >rm here' iaa(ter preecn^od, and be mailed ia time to mat tfe?ir destination before the time ezairea for reoei* ia* them; no bid trill be contidtred which skill b* x rtcf'ved after the period stated and ho ailowasus s mil bt malt for fai.urn nf ike mail. * To guard araii at offer* bem< evened before the >f time appointd, bidder* are reqaeatad to endorse c on tbe envlope, aoove the addreea, and draw a lime under the endorsement, thus: n "Proposals Jcr Class HoAnamt tkt class) Jar tk4 e Nary Yard at (mams tkt ?arrf )" ? Jo the Chief of the iiareaa of Yard* and Dooka, "a Waahiaciou, D. C. d Form or Orrtx I ? (Here date the ofl>r.) I,(here tnrert the name or name* oompoaiiuc the s firm.) of (name'he town.) in the btate of < name the . State,) hereby rffer to firmth acder yoor adrert ticement dated (date of advertiaemeat )and subjeot to ail ta* requirement* of the ?arae, *nd of the * printed aohadule to whioh it refer*, a 1 the article* ? 1 embrace*) in Claaa >o. (name the ola*?) for the t navy yard at (name the yard.) accordmc to aaid ' > eeheanle, viz. < here pattern the printed c a>* from * ts* ?ch?da!e, and opposite each ar'tele set tJj? pnoe ' o and oarry out the amount in the oolurma fordo) ara , f ard oe:.ts auii foot tip the axsreca'e amount of the bid for the oiatjJamuonimi to (hare wnte the amount in word*.) 1 propose an my agent(here nam* th? trie i> required uj the aohedule) far the supply ucder the elaasee misoellaneou*. by a roa resident of 1 thealsoe of deliver}; aid should my offer b* ae ] ceptsd, I rrqunt the oontraot may be prepared and , ecnt to the naiy *?ent at (name the agency) for signature* and caitifioate. 1 (Here the bidder and each member of the firm ' to ?ra ) | FOBM OF GCABAXTfcK. , The undersigned (name of guarantor) of (n*me the town) arid State of (name tue Mate,) and (name ! of second guarantor. Ao ,) hereby undertake that ' the above nam*d<jiame the bidderhr bidder*) will. ' it hia [or their] offer aa above be accepted- enter < into ooutract with the United States within fifteen day* alter the tiate of notioe thrugh the poet offioe <>f the accep anoaol hia [or their] off it before men 1 tioned. (Signature uf guarantors.) . Witn?*a: ' I certify that the abore named (here name the uaran'ors) are known to me to be ro^d ard re ' sponsible gua antora in this case (Signature.) To be signed by the diatrict jnlge, district attorne?. eol cctor, navy agent, or acme person known to the bureau to be responsible. . PORTSMOUTH. N. H. Claea No Whit* pine. apruoe, jumper, and 07rreaa; claae No.S Gravel and aand; ?l?w No. 11. roD, iron and apikea; olaaa No 13. Steel, ; ilaaa No. '4. Fne?; olaaa No. lfi. bhip ohandlery; olasT No. 17. H\rdware; e'a^a No. 18. Stationeiy; o ua No. 23. Belting, packing, and hoa?; olaaa No. ? AtiK?>ra. 5 BOSTON. C'aaa No 1. Pricka; olaaa No.2. Stone; olasa No. * 3 Ye !o* pine timber; olaaa No.S. Oaa ar.d ha;d 2 wood timbe'and lnm'-er; c a No. 6. Wh't?pire, 4 apruoe, juniper. atid oypre*a; claaa No 7. tame. J air. and plaater; claca No. 8 Cement; r>aaa No 3. 2 Giavd aid aana; cla?? No 11. Iron, iron apikea and uatia; oa*? No. 12. fctoel; ol%ra No. IS- Pig 6 iron, o aa? No. 15. Paiuta. oils, aud glaaa; olaaa No. 17. Hardware. " NEW YORK. \ Ciaas No 1 Bricka; claaa No. 3 Yellow pine J Htcher: c'aas No. 4 Y?-llow pine lumber: oiaa* Mo 1 5 Oak aid hard wood; olaa? No.6. White pine, ' aprur-. cyp eaa a-d juniper; e'a-s N?. 7 L ine. 5 ''air. and planter; o a- a No. 8. Cement; cia a No. 9 <?r.v?>i and aand; olasa No. 10. Mate; olaar No It. it Irou- I'on apik**, and n&i'.a; olaaa .10.IS. Pic iron; o'\:a No. 15 famta.oiia au<l g<aaa; olaaa N<*16. ? ^li p et aud.ery; o aaa No. 17. H?irilwatr; o'a"8 nio. ' 25. Belting, pecking, ard hose; Iron work, 4to. PHILADELPHIA. n'-? ? " * - ? v n?. 9. lenoir pine utr.Der; No, 5, Oak and hard wood; oi?*a Mo 6. White viae, spruce, juuiser. an?l ?ypreav; ola-n N<>. II. I cm. t iron pike* aad nMls: class No 1?. Fii*e; olas" N'?. | ' 17 Hardware; cla*a No. ?3. tteiung, packing, and j h se; oiaae No, 55. Auger*. " WA8H1NUTON. J , Claa* No 1 Brick*: class No.5 Oak and hard , wood; o'aas No 6. Wh't- pine, spruce, jumper. . and ejpreas. c a?? No. 11. Iron, iron spikes, and nails. o'aaa No. 12. Steel; n ?.*? No. M Filei; o a*s No. 15 Paitu, oi s, a ! i.&ii; o aai No 16 Shia I oivfi?.dler?; e.a?s No. 17. Hardware; olas* No 24. i Sperm and inbnoatmgoi a; oiasa No 27 Auth acite . t ooal; olaaa No. 2). Bituminous Cumbarlaod eoal. ? * ! . The aohedole will state lha timoa within which ' artioiea will be repaired to be delivered; aad where the printed achednle la not used, the period* stated ? ' in it 1 >r deliveries mult hi oopied m the bids All k C"? articles whioli n>?r ! i delivered at sucn piaoe or places, including: dray 1 t age and catage to tha piaoe where used within tfia | navv ya-d*, respectively, for whion the offers are ( ?iaa<<, * m?y be directed by the commanding offi er thereof; and all etker toinga being eeual, preference will be given to Aperioan inar.ufa ture. No artioio wi.l be received af er the expiration of i the period specified in the schedule for the ooin- , pletfon of deliveries on.ess spooiallr authorised by the i>partm*nt. in oomputmg the oias es, the prioe ata ed in tli? column of prioea will ue tho ' a ani?rd, and the aggncate of the cia*-s will be carried out according to the prices stated i t is to tv provided in the contract- an 1 to be distinctly understood by the bidders, that the amount i? and number of artioles enumerated in cla-sea J beaded ''Missel aneoua" are specified as theprobable ^uan'ity whiob may be rt^uiied. as well as to 4 fix. da'a for determining the I ;?m( hid ? Kn? the contractor ia to farnah mora or leu of the Mid enu- , mnratrd article*, and in suek quantities, arid at such time*, as the bureau or commandant may refwi'4 ; anon more***, however, r.ot to exceed oneb? f <<i tha quautiti-a stated (Mid requisition* aent ' through tne po?t office shall be deemed auffiniont , b jU ) dunce the fiscal y> ar ending tne of Jnne, 1U82; acd whether the quanti ies required be more or lesa than thoee apeciaed, the prices shall romr.ln the same All the artic ea under the contract moat I>9 of the t, best qu*iitjr, delivered ia good o'der, fre > of all e and every charge or expense to tbe Government. II and anbieot to <he mapec'ion, oouat, weight, or j measurement of the aaid navy yard, and be in all r specta (.atiatactorv to the ouiumaadant thereof. Bidders are referred to tno yard tor piaus, apeotfi eationa. or aampl*a, and any further description of - tne articles. When bidders auall be in doubt a' to < ttir precue artiel**a named m the schedule, t^ey y wili apply to tbe commanding tffiier of the navy fard and not te employe?.< for deacriptiou of he arI icie or aru^ee in doubt, whioh niiormation tne e said will give ia writing. Contractors tor ' - ?ia*aea headed "Miscellaneous," who do not re ' aide near the p.ace where the article* a e to be delivered. wi:i be required to name in tfceir proposal* ?n agent at the oity or priuoipal place near the yard Ol de.ivsry, wi o may be oal:e<l upon to de:iv?r ar i tioiea without delay when they shall be required. Approved s-rete* m the full amount of the oon* tract will be required, and.twenty per centum aa ir additional security deduot"d from eaoh payment Bti' the oontraot shall have b?n complete'! or cancelled, ouleaa otherwise autlionx-d by tlie De 1 a ? 1 -* * * * - * aounub i/ii viusn 01 sruciri lieMN "fllHSSl- ' lan*'ua," to be dsiveied a* required < nnrg 'he i-hs?iI yar, tho twenty per wctum retained may, at the di?<v->UoD oftheoommandant, te paid ?u%rtcrly on the first of January, April, July. ami Oo- ( * tober, when the deliv^riee havo b*t?n satisfactory, !* kal the t alauce (eighty per oeut.) will be pairt by i th* respective nav? mt a within thirty data after ' the presentation of bilia,in triplicate, duly vouched and approved. ' No part of the per centum reaerved is to be pai J Lt. 1 all th?, rejecVd articiea . fared under the eon I ' tract ahall have been removed f> ora the yard, unleaa apt'oiali* amuur z*d by th* j>epartuieut. It will t e stipulated in tha onctract. that if <iefaclt ahall be made by ih? parties of the firat part i T in delivering all or any of the a'ticlea n??-nuonf-d in any 4 aaa bid for, of the quality and at the tunes and p aces above provided, then and in that case the aatd parties will forfeit and ray to the United States a aura of morey not to exceed twloe the I amoutit of sncli o a-*; wLioh may be rnoovered, * from time to time,aoaord:ng to the aot of Concreaa * in oaaejrovided, approved Maroa 3, H43. The sureties muat n*n the ooctraot, and their , responsibility b> oertified to by a na?y agent, col- 1 !eet<>r, diatrict atlorne?, or acme other aerana. tip-1r knows to the bureau. ft it to be provider la the contract that th<* bureau hall have the power of a..nulling the ooctraoi, i withoat iom or e to the Government, in one k Congress shall not have made luffioientaypropri*" tiuLB for the articles Darned, or for the oompletion r of works estimated f ir. and on whioh tms adverti semen t ia baaed, and hai aleo have the power to * inor**ae or diniin.?Q the tnaatitiee nani?d in the aaaaa not hevled * MieoellaaOjua" in the eohedu e. twenty-five por centum. Person a whoee offera aha. I be acoepted will bo notified bv latter torouh the poat oflne. which notice shall be eonatdere<l pu Anient, and if they do aot enter into ooctraot for the aoppuea epeeifi d Within fifteen days from the date ofnotio* from the b'i"?au of the acoeptafcoe of thetr bid, a eont.aot will b? made wKh some other person or person", and the itarantora of aneh default ur bidders tsill be hold respo aiblefor all d.?liR?|uencie?. Ail offers aot ica<le in itriet* with this advertisement will, at the option of U?e rejected. f hose onlj whoee offe-a mar beaooepted will be ? wiihmw win dv ri<Hf wr ftxeounoa M eoon Ihvtt/Ur M way be praoucaU*. wy 8 <wV?w i TNION PAPER AND KNVKL.OPKH.-Tvm ?J ty Uifferant atylea of Not* and Letter Piper, With EavelojNie to aM'oh. Vieva of W?abinftuo in tta# form of a Koee.and , Id 'took form ; also, sep&r&tr ! Kli Daily and WaetjiPapers con-tartly on hand. ,.>r?Id, Timea,and Tribune reoeivad every afresh auppt? of B?ok? for Maxaar reading, j *hA%r>* aaa?rt*??U of JaveailM?Aiayaa Raid's Books. Bo^ks-Abbotfe HlBtonee. Ao. a <"? ? <>'i pp. National Raokitm-^. flTa ? * I ? ^ytibom t#8HS?L 1 | Hi ?T9 rtnUMiufi |1 ^ ' 1 II They ro right to the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR DOUGH PURIFY YOUR BRRATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S rHROAT CONFECTIONS, ASS 900D FOR CLERQYMEX, wuuu run LtsLrian Ann, GOOD FOR PUBLIC BPBAEBRS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. SKNTIEMKN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIKS ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT C0NFBCTC0N8. CHILDREN CRT FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. rhey relieve a Conch instantly. rhey olear the Throat. rhey jire strength and volume to Ute voioe. rhey impart a delioious aroma to the breath. rhey are delightful to the taate. rhey are made of simple herhs and oannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky /oioe, or a Bad Breath, or any diffiouity of the Throat, to get a paokage of my Threat Confeojons. They will relieve you instantly, and yo? rill agree with me that "they go rieht to the spot.' i'ou will find them very useful and pleasant while raveling or attending public meetings, for stilling rour Cough or allavinr your thirst. If yon try one ?aokage I am ?afe in saying that yon will ever af erwards oonsider them indispensible. You will ind them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Meditines. PRICK TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on eaoh paokage. All others are sonnterfeit. a u..w ? ?ill * a n i ouangc win ur ?mi oy mm, prepaid, on r? seipt of I hirty C?nt?. Address, HKNRY C. IPALDI16, No. 49 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. ^wjlcad^ ^ CURE MAP\fAI irllAn#JM *U ^ mci vuuancauduie <uSB?* Headache. By the ?ae ot IHM0 Pilla the periodic attaoka o ffor^ous or Sirk Hfdmel* may be prMNiW; and I taken at thf eommeroement ol an attack inr;me Uate relief front pa?r anrt aiokneaa trill be obtained. They seldom fat! in removing the A'nwia and Htadaekt tn whioii females are ao subject. They act gently op jc the boweU??removing Cot ivmtst. For Lit*rmr\ Mm, 8ituUmtt, Delicate Females, md all peraon* of soitntary Kibur, they are variable aa a Laxnttvt, improving the giving on* and vigor to the digeetive organa, and re itoring the natural elaatioity and strength of the rhole arsttm. The OKl'HA L1C PILLS are the result oftocg nveatigatlon and carefully oonduotod experiments, tavicr hee?> i" "" - -r ? ? ?? ? ? ?mwi? wum hey have prevented arxl relieved a vut amount uf *in and ?ufferLn* ron Headache. whether oritilAtlnc in tbe Mtt?i *7 item or from a druiid tats of the ttommck. They arc entirely vegetable is their composition, knd may b* taken at all timM irith perfeot safety ritbont making anj ehange of diet, a%d tkt ai?vi of My ditmrttabU Miti rmdtr$ it eajy le idminiiltr tktm to cAildrtn. UEWARK OP COUNTERFEITS! The gennine have five aignatarea of Henry C Spalding on each Box. Bold by Draggiau and ail other Dealers la Medilinee. Box will bo sent by mall prepaid on roooipt* PRICE, ?? CENTS. All ordara staoald bo addressed to HENRY C. SPALDINS, 48 Cisar SmiTi N?w Yoai. | ' fttni tkt Ermminor, Norfolk, Tm. Cephalic Pills aooomplish the objeot for whiok boj were mads, viai Curs of hoadaoua la all Its onns. From tha JSummimtr, Norfolk, Tm. They have been tested In moro than a tkoaaaad mm, with entire snooess. From tk* Domocrmt, St. Clomd, Mimm. If yon are, or hare been troubled w ith the hand- i kfltc. send for a box, ( Pilla ,j ao thai j-oa nay have them in oaaa of aiiattaon. ivtai ti( vmim ft n ? " We keartliy endorse Mr. Sffcldiaf.aad kla Ui railed Cephalio Pill*. Pram Ikt Smmtkim Pmtk Fimdtr, Itim OrUmu, La. Try them ! ?ou that are afflioted, and've art ?or? hat your tettirnony oan be added to the already lomeruaa liet Ib&f bu rooeiyed beneite Uti no tlher medioice o*n prodaoe. Fr? w Iks S linn, DammrmrU iewa. Mr. 8paidiuf would not ooaoeot hie naae vlU id artiale he did not kntm to po*ieu real nerlt. rvem tki Aditrtun, PrniiMW, JL L The Cephalio Fills are said to Nl remarkably ?fl*ot>re remedy for the hnadaohe, ud eaeofthe rery heet for that very fre^uert aompialnt whieh taa aver be*n dlsoorered. F\im tin St. Ltmt Dwwxfl. The dem?n.1 for the t; title (CapfcJis Pills) is rapidly increasing. from ?Kt KtmmmUm FaMe* Stmr, Km* mm km, fa, W a are sara that persons safariu with the bead keha, who try them, will stiok to then. Ami Ui iUsirtiiir. JVieUsan, JL /. The m their <kvor is atrong, fraot Us cost reapeotab'e quartera. iVeas lis DtMy Asses, Ntwrort, H, 1. Oephaho Fills are taking tha place of all kiocs. FVem I kt Commercial BnlUtim, Boston, Mass. Batd to ba very s&oacioas for the headache. from tk* Ctmmtrtiml, CimttmmaH, Ohi*, Buffering humanity oan now ba relievad. ID" A nort* bottl# of Spalding's Prepared Glue will MVS ten tiBiM 1U ooat annually. SPALDING1 S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH C^-A Btitch tw Timflitu Niiia".ni As aooidenta will hap??n. evaa in wail regulatec "ajniliet, it 1* rar* desirable to tndloonvenieut way for repair In* Furniture, ToyV Crockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE im?U *11 neh eraergeaaiee, and no heaeehold oa kfford to be withoat Ik It i? alway ready, aad to the tloking point M USEFUL IN KVBRY BOUflJB,N. B,~A Braah uooafUlM eaeh Bottle. Prie Ik eanta. Addma BKNRY a 8PAL.DIN0, No. 4b Cedar treat. Now Yort CAUTION. Aa avtaia anpriaaipled eenoaa are aoaa Mine ?a tkiAt i mil. i m WASHINGTON LOCK koSPITAL. %^rnKr. ??2 ?uao*ery, plf-latwl*l India* or Vena** doct -ra, d4 pretender* of wtteberaftibd impoetori m |?wal Tku in the only plaoe where a anre and apeedy oore ?m be of>t*ln?d in the wofld for all improper a&d ?il kabita, fpnorrkaa, ?leat, mm*] weakneee, ayphilliarprimary aeoondary. anal tertiary, otranic WMkofM. pallia in the loina, triotcree, general debility, prostration, nerron?neaa, reetleaa nifhu. palpitation of the heart, riccing in the eare, loaa of memory, oonfuBioo.meiarciiory.allectioiia of the heart, throat, aoee, anU skin, and all theae peoniiar diaordera ariainc trom the indiacretion of yonth, rendering then nniit for either bnaineea,

atady, aooiety, or maniac*. I/I. C. OH a? [rwtMt remedies la the know I world for diaeaaee of the blood, tonorrhw, fleet, strictures, sypn:..i?. seminal weakness, self-abese, to. There is no oase la which they tail to oar* in from s to 6 days. Viotiais 01 these horrible oompiaints, who weaid Siah to ho valuable men and ornament* to aoeierr, aid embrace the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. Suiunan baa ouule the most oompiete arrantemenu for the comfort of his patients who oome frofh a dutance. They will ba furniahed with tha moat piquant and agreeable quarter*, neoeaeary diet, and made as oon/ortabi* aa they would be at a first olaea hotel at lees than half the cost. Do not forget the name aad number. Dr. Shu man's office u on the corner of Sixth etreet aad Pennsylvania avenae.Clarendon H<-tel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington. D O. Persons atadiatauoe should enclose stain* for return poet&ce. Offioe hours, 9 A. M to 10 P.M. Various parties have been ectioMi imm ?>? - aurnuon by oertain awindlera on back atreeta in thn city, who will ma it till the diy ol their death. A word to the wia* i? anffloient. a? 9 It Cm* Couth, Coin, Hot iinns, JnAutnxm, any lrri:nion er Sorr IMtt Mil of lhi T*ro*t, Kiluvt thi AkjMBfMt Htkxn*JJ<m*h m? Con rumr~ IknnTrilLiI Item, fifmuitii, Atkma, LillkyiifU t Catarrh, Cltnr and. c??i WfHPM itrtntth to <4* vou.4 if PUBLIC SPKAKKR8 am> SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of checking a Cough or "Common Cold" in ita ftrat atage; that which io the betinmg would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, aoon attacks the Lanta. "Brown't Bronthial Trocits." containing demnToentlngredlacta, allay Pa.raonary and liionohial Irritation. I "That tronble in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S i which the^'TVoai^" are a ipeoifio) iiuuo mo oiwn & mere vnii TROCHES ferer.* N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S M ' reoommend their into P?bli? Sruiui." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "6reat service in auMniDg Hoai?i BROWN'S !*??." REV. DANIEL WISE. fpnmL'a " Almoit instant relief in the die treseint labor of breathing pecuiiai HPilWN'R to Asthma." UKUWNB RKV. A. C. E68LESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or snyvhint injanous." OR. A. A HA > K8, BROWN'S Chtmist, foiton, .n?/.BL.a " A simple and pleasant oomcina TROCHES tion for Coreas, to." BROWN'S 0K- 4' F- B,8ELS -_ tttOOHF* " B*Mfio?al ID BROweH.r.p""^ BROWN'S F. W. LANK^ troches w.'.r, BROWN'S * H- WAE JlJiw,. TROCHES C^W1" " BflOWN'H RRv. Kj.P,iNDf||so!1l TROCHES n''K"*VT"iLJn r?J?wni Hoar?e noM and Irritation of rh? Throat, so BROWN'S Jfryj?011 8p*aimu and Sma TROCHES Pr0?' M. S7ACY JOHNSON. BROWN'S Teaciwr of ft/u lc.'SSoVhern hWDa;?Col;a??. TROCHES " Qraai benefit vhen taken before ! apnil,?ia and after preaching, aa taer prevent BROWNS H careen ?b?. From their pa?t eflect, TROCHES : "lira rimfiil StSfiE | *KOGKl?P ijT^Sold by?1!procfiaUUT \Vi',N- ' I TV F1 VE CENTS A BOX../}) ! ? 1-iy j loy FOR THKSICK ANP SFFr^JUNtf 9 i?r ALL WHO AI'B APFLJCTXD *SAl?i Arr-Li rHE ammzct R JR JO leg )n HBA M ti. FrJi?"?i. *e j?? esfn.' Ar^ yoa ;1?e *jeiiir #f ?bt 1 ?:?:e??i-o?e *ih<i?eVt wki*>i ?rvrf fr?:n smr?rltyMoo4.' VuSt urs ii>?* U<> yo? a?k/ fc?.?n/r *,??. wfc*i *rf ?h?j- not.' Tb? biooa n lt,? i IOk<t<> Ufa and l fcBU It 1* Ih* flxat olrmrrt j 9f on i>einx to r to *nj which the lyaica, w? thr pale* :ri&:ub!? ittfeti. Tha ?*?r ?r?T*jlLct Kixr?!iU, tA* imottict Flrrtia*'!*, ha tafctla torofi'a, tfce accnjiiof Rhfiunitiix, Norton Dfbultj. i?jij9Fttv Unr Complaint with iu fcH-arjrand d?;w(i#u, mJ tbo ntaberlou ii!? thM ftoah io hetf to. d#mT> *h?ir htdouna orirm fr r.i tl:a Iijotl. Do*! tier ar><l recti* wr.fc th? M<>?d, lew tha Timliainj reiovroM cf t>atari? for iu aid. asd aafer to ocmmeud to ros> ao&2d#no? ac4 ?# lk?t tr*iT Talaabia m*U.0MF >iit know*. a4 j MKZ. M Otit'H IJfDJAN TMOKTABLlTDKeOCriON. iT ltfl T0fATi aw mmm -? 4 -| ^wiai toyalar entimeat haa (pokes la decided unr.t ana the erldeneea or thla froat e?oacy are sue#d by ooaatant itotm or owratiTe cfecta ard the haeaileat reealta from ita lae we ut?r all other reneaiea and the boat medical aiiH have fail*!. Lot aa far, in oonciaaion. that o?TtlAoatM a are* are not aoai ht from the illiterate and aaaer- | total, but they are Tolanteerw from the moot reireoiable foaroea an<i jnetify the luiheat terme in vbicb it la poeaible to oommssd ao *a.u?b> a ^eeoihc to yabiio approval. We may add alao that 1 Mto or rati re fopwrtieacJ t^re medicine a^e oquaiied I ouly by iu reatorative effecta. the ayatem recover- i icc from diaeaee with renewed eonatustion&l tnur. For aale br all reapootabie DruirieU in iLia aity, a&a by the proprietor, MRS, M. COX, None uiM her oust u blown on U* eottle ana her seal on the oork inr Cnoe #1 per bottle, biz bottle* for ft. WioUt+l* Attnt. R. H IP. Clt*SKL, Draffiat eorjetown. D C., Wholeaale Agent for the Die<rict, and will aapply trade at my prior*. aa t* tr J?HE ALt. SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR.l.S and S-Protected br Royal ?tore Patent of England, and aeonrea by the la of the Koo.a de Pharmacia de Paria, acd tha Imperial Coliece of Medioine, Vienna No. 1 la mrauabie tot exhalation and Laurrhaa, t and all phyaiud diaabuitlea. No. S completely eradio&tea all traoea of thoaa 1 diaeaaea taM have been hitherto treated by tha naaeeona and pemiolooa nee of oopaira and oabeba. No. s haa entirely anpplanted the mjariona a a* of xerourr, thereby Icennni to the anfierar apeady relief, diaperaini all imparities, and rootlet oi the renom of diaaaae. TRIE^KMAJI, No*. 1, land S.are prepared !b the form of a loienje. devoid of t&ate axiVlamel), and o*n be oairied in tne waiatooat pocket, &o.d in bo oaa?p, aid divided into a?paiptedoaee.a? ad- , nuuiatered bj Velpeaa, L^lem?nd, Konx* Kioord i *v? e i mi vwiiit vr iuit QMOf wr VAIOI " UTM (a, wl ID t*7 oum, whereby there ia a mtin* of #9. Tu be nad.wholesale and retail, of Dr ! BARROW, of 194 piot-oker atreet, New York, Im mediator on rooeivinc a reraittaroe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Triraenar to any part or the world, I eoarely paofceri, and addraaaea aaoordtngto the ia- ; atnvoUocw of the writer. The Bock, of all othara, that ahoaid be read hy < men with aaioaisd and trokon down aonatitutiona . ia 'rHnmtn Krafity. or Pbyaioloc ioal Rcae&rohea." i It ia cuaatifGlly ilinatrated, and treata minutely of ait tno tympiorna that invariably develop thorn- ! rlTes. noocer < -later, reanltinc troni t.e rraittlee aud T:ti?tint ht.biuor aarl* /ootk. incapacitating tba viotirn trost anwint tho trait.on of tne matri ropnial state, and* if not checked in time, degenerating all tha function* of manhood, and bringing him. ?t*t bv at#B. tAl. llnfftrinv Rr.H itntimaU i. Sol? by t>r. HA ft ROW,T. 94 bleecker atreet, foar | docra below Maodougal, New York. Pnee U I rpu. {tent iree ererr where. Sold a I no by S. C. Fora, Jr., Dnu Store, Wukl&fton. 0. C. rj NEW BOOKft. EXJSTOKY of th* Nntlierlanda, by John Lotlirop Motley ; 2 Tola ; free b? mail, f(. The Rim of the Datoh Republie, a history, by John Lothrop Motlej; S toj cioth; fim by mail, Bilae Marner, (ha Wearer of Rarelol, by the antuor of "Adam Bed* , oicth 74?oenU; paper 10 oenta. * Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Saraeaot; #1X1. After loet>erga with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Bit Lena L. Nob as #IJ? The Mannfaotnre of Photocenio or flydro-Carbon Oila. by Thomae Antiaell, M. D.; ?1.75. Any or tha above free by mail. PKfcMCH * RICHSTK1N, aj to <7*? Penna. aveaue. rOlNIiflATKmi Wl-?Tl;?v '"uny ^ ? ? ? ? - m*M.m ?* UW A ? wm *1 Ml f CHOI QiiiTumim fiwnu'i Omci, I JtMM 17,1861.{ PnoroaiL* are iuTited for oonatrnotinc 6ub?au uPQn the Weetern river? sp^otfioitions will b? immediately prepared and may examined at the QnaMermaeter'a O&oe at CiootcnaU, Pit'ebcch. aod at tliia offioe. Propoeala from boat bail-era and engine-baild er? alone will be oonaidered. P ane submitted by biadera will be taken into consideration M C. MKI6S, ie 18 Unarterroaater General United Stateg |?OOT8 AMD TO SVIT III We are now manttaotannc all ktnde of BOOTS and 8HOKS, and ooistantiy receiving a^^^ nppi? of easVrra made work of every de-HK aortf^oB, made e*preeely to order, and wil be aotf U ? maob lower erioe than hu b*?n * WL heretofore our|?d la tkift oity for ma oh tafarwr Fer>oni la vut of Boota and Sfenw of aaatora w ity mad* work, will ft!rtyafnda??o<l a??or:n)*a S M A. U. J^jgp ' l?l ' ? 4 KMI* Gwmps?^ Roachea, Bed Ba:a, AnUtio, Moorrf BKiai Monae Exterminator amrailfc Moorya Became will rjmerejftjnt Tarawa or r?ua of ftuj kind from Ike moat deho?te ffcbno, ir^oolen. witljCj *?j TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JjNITBJ> STATUS ^MILITARY KOVTE CHANHB~Or HOVRB. On mmd afitr Monday, Aug-mM 1 $tk, MSV. rtMMii mim will ur u nuowi: LRAVfc WASHINGTON U I Mrf 1? ?. n. 190 and 8 45 p m.. trrmni at BtlUaon at IM MM *" L EAV t*B AL"?hj oil & ac*4Jt udL?k bl.u4 S.4f> and 5 f m . arriTi&i at Washiactoi atiaad 1?J6 a. m. and at er and?46 ?. bl Paa?enc?r Tram* !eartac waahiactoa at 7 V a. a. aad tv p. ai. And Baltimore at i * a and La r ?umt WIUHNM M AIM>11* ItM JUDotlOD. Train* lea re Anna poll* for Baltuaor* aad Waah lactoa at U5 a. m. and 3 9. m. P?u*erfer Train* leavin* Waekingtoa at and 190 a. m aad l*1 p. m. mac* direct oonaexlea* at Baltimore for Philadelphia and Now York. All artioiM of freight i not eoatrabaad of war) will be transported over the iiaa. Tonnage Trata* will laave Baltimore at 4 au a. m. Lea vew aafcl&rton at 7 p. m. _ _ , 6, ?4- - u. ?~'flgj'Arr ^oorr, THOMAS H. OANPIBLD. AMittant Manager. aa fHf SPECIAL NOTIuE. P.vbA r TRAIN. On and after 51' N D A V. il'h J air. there will be * - untuQ* jonaij am; fain? L?avt WASfil.NbT(?N attSD p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA, From New \?r* and Pi.ii?aeiphis, arriving is Washington 10 a. m. 17A ?COTT, Jy tl General M snag sr. STEAM WEEKLY* BETWEEN *41* JW MKVV YOKK ANDUVKRPUOL. Landing and embarking puMC(tr? at Quetonstown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Company ntrr.u dispatotunc their rail powered C!yd?-built iron 9taara?hips as fo.lows: GLASGOW Sstur a?, Ai(ut 3d. CITV of baltimore, M - loth. Kangaroo. - wij. And everj 9atsrdar?at aooa,from PisrM, North river. SATIS OP FUIM1. First Cabin ?lt Do. to London__ Ml Do. to ?*aris tsA Do. to Hsmbsri. K o> . Dwerwe _.... ? tfo. to bond^iL M bO. to m Do. to Hnrnburc..^. >6 P&aaenrera forvard?.-<l to Ha*ra. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, A o , at reduced throatfc faraa. Hereon*. wioh'Bjt to bring oat 'hair frl#ad? ou buy tickets at low ratee for further information apply at tka Captalna Ofije. JOHN t>. DAL , Acaiit, 16 Broadway. N. V., Or to Q. A. HERRING, Acama Eiiini Bftitir more. J^?wlNPlVIDPA^BNTERPRISB ?n*S? EASTER* AND WESTFRN SHORE STEAMERS. "EENT," Capt J H. Krwan "tIONEER,-'C?fl. W. Normaa, Will run their youfea a* follcwa. laari-1 Lifkt afreet, Wfetimore, foot of Camden, at 1 o'oleek A. M. KENT-For Cambrtd?a, Dratog, and Landing on Constant nrou avary WEDNESDAY and HATOrDAY. returning avarr T??r?<U? ' Monday. For Anrapplia and Weit River, every TUESDAY and PR1UA Y and returning aa ie tfaya. PIONkEk?Fo'St .M>onaei'a ani Eaaton.via Mile'e River, every WEDNESDAY, a..d retnrn the aame day. For Anuapolis, Weet River, Cambridge. 0*f?rd aud Kaatun Point, every THLRi?1)AY. returning by name route on Friday For Aunapo'lrt. Weat River, St. Miehael'a and Ea Urn, via Mile'a River Ferrv, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday ny same ronte Fare to Cambridge, Denton. Oxford and Faatoa Point. fl 30 FaretoJH. Michaei'a and Mil ?' Rivera round trip >1.) .......... 1? Fare to We?? River,(round ri?, ?1). 1 an Fare to Ann? poll* ('onaa tri T5eeuU)__ 7i MXALS tXTHJ. fly Freight moat he prepaid. Wbarf and Offio?, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Ba'tiroore. C. K. CANNON. cenAa^IiLway. SUPERINTENDENT'S officb.i Calvbbt Statioh, tfatimora. MitIMH. I On and aft-r Sand*?. M*y 12th, IW, Tratoa on the NORTHERN central r.All.WAY armea_u .lepar: aa followa, until lc.-ner aoUca. I . THAI y 8 NORTH. MAIL Mil) A. M, EXPRESS MS 3D P. M. MHARRI!?BURG ACCOMMODATION a< P. The 115 A.M. train oonneoU at p-'? huai? with train* on the We?tern ALafTlaa4jtj>(^1t. Vr ^ ^Vs,t[ ^ o'^thVebar LOC Vai.e, Kailroad Y~k dirtet; at North ? beriand with L and B. " ai 1 road for KiucatonaDd Vv?00,Iua* Valie^and at Sanbury with the Philadelphia and Erie Kill tmi/1 ior ?J! **.,-? Northern P?hnaylvania and Sew Yorfc. The 3 SO P. M train nukmail the tlwrt oonneotiotiv except Hanover Railroad, WriihtrnUe Railroad and the Lehannon ValW Railroad. T;e 8 P. M train makea oonnn>tiona witb Pens ?T'ran:\ Railn ad for all parte of the Weat, and direct oonnecte for New York. TRAINS AMI ITM. Mail at 10P At.; ?xpre?e at 7 *6 A. M.; Harrteburt Aooommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Ticket* and trior.i.ation ineoira at tha Ticket Offioe, Calvert station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Ba?t. ihi ?sp The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Tren <>b Raiiroad Compa.-iief'Line irotn PHI LADKI PHI A TO NKW YQJRJt AND WAY PLAO t*i frouJ WALNUT ttTRKET WHARF ANU KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave aa f?l lows: At 6 A. M .via Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. Aooommodation.) , . Ai6A.NI, via Camden and Jereey City,(N.J. Aooommodation.) _ At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jereey Crty.iMorni ir Mail.) _ ^ _ At UK A. M , via Keiuinffton and Jereey City, (Weetern Expreea.) , At UK P. M., via Camden and Aaboj,( AmowmAt jV lit! . Til ?~l * ?k? -?1 ? ? I ! UWJ I IV ?B? At Knmt.) At Ok r M . !? Ken?in(tOD ud Jertey City, M*'*^a* &*n?iilgu>0 and imir City, (tfeoond Ciaaa Ticket.) Ate P. M., vi?Camden and Jersey City,(Ktwubi Mail.) At 11M P. MtieCamdenand J ereey City,(So?th wo Mail.) ? , At 6 P. M . Tia Cbmden and Amboy, (Aoonmnu*1*tion, freight aad pawnjer, Firtt Claaa Ticket.) Second Claea Ticket. The 6 f. M Mail Train inns daily. The ILK PM MM!, Saturday! excepted For Belvidere, r>ston, ljaxibmtnlla, Flemmjton. Ao., at 7.10 A. M.; acd Ot P. M., from K*?tfneton. For Water tiap, ?trou<Wburr. Scranton.WUkqaberre. MunUoie, Croat Bend, Ao.. at 7.10 A.M.. from Kaamngtcn, via Delaware, Laokavanna and W*?t-rn It ail road. f or Maacli Chunk, Allentown and Bethlehem,at 7.1f? A. M.and 5ii 1*. M. frctji Sensing toe depot; the 7.10 A. M li oonneota wita the train learing feutuD at 3 S5 P. M. For Mount He tly at ? and I A. M. and t and ?K P M For Freehold at A. M. and 3 P. M. _ For Bristol, Trentos, Ac. at 7.1# A. ftf., ?X and KP. M from Kensington, and S3* P. M from Wa:nut street wharf. For Palmyra Riverton, Delanoo, Beverly. Barling ton, Floretneoo. Bordentown, fee., at 1SK, I, 3,&and6P M . Bteamsr Trenton tor Bordentown. and intermediate plaoes, at W f 11. from Walnut street wharf. IC7" For New York and Way Llaaa. leaving Kensington Depot, take the ears oaPJVh street. above w a.put, half an hoar before dseaitare The oars ran into tne depot, and en arrival of train ran from the depot. hifty poinds of baggage only allowed toraeh passenger. Pam-niters are prohibited from anything as baggage bat their wear tec as?ar?L Alt baccage orer ftfty ponnds to be jAid for extra The oompany limit their reeponeMrtlfty f<>r hagcage to one *ol ar per poand, and will not be uaWerorany amosnt beyondoae hiadred dollars, I 'jSjjFk. 9ATIMCT. A,?t. ^Tw*sf!?aK Otoblri,*.AJ'Ify|?i I r > *' . lo^c. ^ foucfte^. i.-ai^ b. ? > ..?* rTU?nMV*tii. , tn ^ k r ?. . _ PUH^IHlMP p ?-f? ?" . ?M ?7a?. ' P^?f?C ai MMB WEbT AND fOUTi ?1 BALTIMORE AND OHIO (UlLKOAlT On and after Mat letn, 1*1, the tiain* Will ran aa follow*, n??L?aw Canutel Station, Ba n mora.?Mail,<exoeet Sunday.) at 5 *> A. M.; Kx riu da*T at S. 4ft P. M. Both Tnujae (o dinaaUy tnroucb M-'R Al.L PART* Of 1 UK \\ EST, SOUfHWBfeT AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. ^ BMtwb Baltimore ana Piedin uptaketke A. M. Train; between Piedmont andWkeeiict take Ae Smmocauon Train. lea?in* Piedmont at ft. 40 A. ; and between Grafton and Parker iberg, taka * 6 9 A M Train from Baltimore. Tbe FREDERICK TKAIN l-avee Baltimore at 4 30 P. M. aro_Freuenck at I SO A\ M. Th- tLLlCOTT'8 MILCH I R41N leawa Baltimore at S 90 a?4 9.1ft A. M. and 1 45 aadA4* P. Mj and to .icoit'a Mili* at 1M aLi U4? A. M ,aad ?a ManW--fclS?IT|i. M? COLE, G?; am ES&JEa, Mum- . wy?iwtofc I ?rn^ZZm Tmm Jgnq^y ^mg?% .. pB53^JSfcto^2?sfc Sfe.tSn&sMse^SSSS ?l( Mf? purinorv FYKKY JffkT if*?"*1 I) fr*a UMir wterf. foot M Umm l>ofk. M ?S o'oiook ?. au. or taiEediMf U V^* "* >rt?? of tto WMklMM TTKIB. VMM THTM WM'.ailM at >H o'ftook t?? j^tT^ m. n faua. rwx 4 A jfv Jir ? a *r bn ted Jtov 1 UK?DA V Mar UU.A??m? Tnuu for PkiUdo ?hi* wiQ ,?f; PrwtJett aWoot I #o?o?I l?**to?r>|tv* .aV'JT fcVVLL W Vf? 'SJLSFiZtfit t* fy"wfW 28. "AVtm^o?irSRk Snr T*rk trilu ?xo?pt 4 A f. If- tm? m K?t?. ^mir-sis'src^ttsia Bftltin.or*?D<) H|,tt? hiMUMi for IN U* Kutm Mmt* 1 "* f jW*"'" *"f ?*- *>r KT*J! Cvtofd ftrwu Biilflrtbok be for* L WM.OIAWroip.iy,t rc^rr ',S" Traia with aWp'ni| oara. I.'J a IB I 1 it t VI Connecting at Albany ffiuu* Nov VortCM tr% S?3ro^l? 8c^n?K>tar>< efc-f r JJU?a Btitv t. Rome, ard ?taU<>na on Ronie m4 w Mftlv*D Rv.'r.fc*. Rcffkio ttyraoaaa. Niagara Pal*. Si?Kr,,|r" Bride*. A?Nnx.9*s<-T%.CaMpi<t??(?A. TniMH* >t l?T? fllMtkM ii' l > nt !.m? t*hore, ibi.d?ioftM < afce Baton u4 Great Wni?i Kauroaa. lor Haniiloc. T??f?to, Octroit. Ckioaco. Toledo, \JUvaokie. Fool)* Lao, 'L* OrotK, Ma<}i?.'n frame I)a Ctlea. Oa ma. Puninth. D?ha?aa. Peoria, Poo* luaad, Uoeea Una, Iowa City, Paihngton. (JamcT. Henntfew, tltna, !*t. l,ooit.Ct rn.To'ro tlaate M ataiulaa, ouiarille, Cinomaat', I a'ton, Colaa boa, t**va.aua.aadal: pouU \\Mt, North*M aa4 lnUW*"U NORTHERN ROUTE. Connectingwith Trait, a at |to?, with Troy A Bj?tor and Rem. A. Saratoga Roe'I* for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rot auO, BarliBCtne, rt. Mbare. Roa*a Point, PlatUbargh, Ogder>*t>a. fk, Montreal. Jto., to ID" Freight Airaugemerte by thi* roate aa above, without oh an. e of Ca-a, from the ftepota in Chamnera and < atreeta. are at all tlaaaa aa favorable aa made by oVb'r Rai'rr?kd ComMm*!, The faoil'tiaa ofthia treat New Vork K> at*, to the Weet eoarnenc it to the cenidasae of veickHU aa4 ek'rpera lor eroaiftreea and diapatah Paeeecg^r traine. with Hmokint aad fcyeapita Car a ran la aonuectict. m the New Tork Caairal Road. For a* to loo?! tr*in? ?n* flight ir rOlKT COMFORT. Lmtm th? lownd ?"f UNlnN DOCK. B^iM -vr#. w?l met. 0A.1LT, inotaM.t?t 4Xo'ol"*k vVwL. tftkinc puiMitriWl fright. *?<1 eoBBootinc with the Rulro^d ind (toa WMkjrgroB.n. C.. Phitad* tki^ NfwYoft, B??ton, York., Pitttbur*. P*. ff.4 tb* WMt,nniD?'?di*t?li*r?r the *rnv?Tof UuSjfraw ' Trut t-r Tu New York ftod Philadelphia. Toe following u the ^oi Ku.e t From N(* T.irk In Port L"1 "" From PhilaJeipUa ud r>?okJ". Iia Froni Baltimore and baek ft. GTPROCURE VOI R TICKET* ^/Tl In New York, at th* N*w Jertej Railroad OAm foot of CoortJard itreet. In Phi adelpkua, at the Company'* rftoe. N. W. oora*r of t?i* h and Ch**tnut *tr*eva, or at th* D?pot, Broad atd Pr<m* ?tr-eu. 1b BtiUmoi*. on t i? Steamer*. foot { Union Dook. HU6U <> CONNER. PMwattf Ar?* CKK, NEW YOfcR, HARLEM AND B6B?4 ALBANY RAILROAO LRAV?>? NEW VOIR FOR ALB?^T^VJ..RTU^DW,r. C*tnmencinc Morda*. May mk. latJl. For Abaay? 114)# a. m. flat rxpre** train Imai ?n etreet. For PnT*r PlAiiiB??iw p. m atoppine at White P'.a.n* and atatioaa north to Dorar piain*?from 36 tb street station. (Thi* tra.u will run to MiIlertoB erery fratarday venire.) For Cro?on Falte??:15a. m. atcppint at all ate t?oii? north of Kordharo from XL ilr?? station. For >V kits Piame?Mt, 4:1* acd doOM f m. atop ptng at aii ata'iona from 2Rtt> ?tr?*t *tatioa. For White Plain*?6: 6 p. m. atoppiBf at all ataHoc a from Whit* ?tre?>t station For Wil'iam* Bridt*-?*'; 11:15 a. in. and :? p. B- atoprinc 11 at. ? atiore fYom TTih a treat statron Returning aril! leer*? Aiba' j?^MO a. m. laat express train. Dover P'aina-frOD a m. (This train !?* Mti l*rton e?wi Monday mornin*itia ?.) Wu^'' t e m. 4:1# 4 7^0 p. m. a. ft \*? f. m _ . U.\T^t41b? will inero 4th A v?n? corner ?1 JP* ?. JobN BCRCHILL. A .it & >?. YO?K AND ERIK RAIL pwmd(m tl*4 int* vib r?v? bu Ferry end Lob* iiook, Irooi u^,t ?f Chan e?e street, Now YjykuV.fc}l7wVl? ^ _ , 7j00 e. in , BX^R^^ito'i>??ik?rk,B^ Buffalo, end btu c.pil mt*riu* Si'* ptinoM. > n<e. m . M AIL,for l>nnku?- end lr.twn^d^t# B'etiop#?Ttin Tretn r meina < ver niglit et Enure, end ?rooe?ii? tne nnxt ibomkbi ?.*/ e ku. MILK dew , for Otwviiln, end later. ^M^ACCOJIMODATmN f?r P~. Jerrii, f inojpai StaMona 4 00 . m . Wi1, for nliddletown, Nvwbargk, acd Intermediate Station*. SJB I. m.. NIGHT hXPK KSJ*. da-'y. for Dunkirk, Buffalo, i'u?j daitaa-aod princip* ?tatioi.a The Tmn of batarua; atop* at all Mail Trata Stationa, and rasa osh to b intra. OPf. m,. ACCOMMODATION .for Horneanl.e, and princ pa Htafcona CH * 8, MINOT, Sw>*l Popt. NATBANIKt. MAKPH. >?afiT>r. __ jav.FUl BWTL,N VIA PI?WPOET AND PALL RIVER. atrMctk aad aaaad, bet particalarly aoapt?4 to tta navigation of Lou/ laand tVjutd. ranting la aoaDectiua with Ui? Fall Rivar a<-d OM Coloaj Railroad . oiai&bo* of M n i #a oniy to Boatoa fat Mod'Uti. Wednesday*, and Pndaya, at t ocJoek P. M., machine at Nfwaort aaeh way. Toe ikran*: M ETEOPOLift, Can. Browa, oa Tv?edaya, Thuradaye, and Katm uata, at I o'otock P.M., toaeking at Newport each way. Tmm maaui?ra at a tuad wita eoaaadlou ataU rooma, aad every ar'aagenaeat for tbe aaruri ti a an onaifort nt aaaaaneara afcn utdM^k> thia roataa nichu' real on boaid. and onarrita' at Fill liver pr<>oe*d per Train raaeh in( Uostot early the foJowin* iMorninc: or may rcmai l on board an til etartuif of the iooonoMauunati A. M., by vkwk t*ey mar reach Beaton abontLtfA.M. A baccate maator it attac; ad to each atauaar, wh?> reoeivre and Uok'U t^ia lactate. and acoompanie* tba tame to ita deetination. A alaaioor rata in oonneotioa with tbie Lira batwMD Fall River aafi Providenoe oaily, exaapt 8l'I.JSTi Frmcht to Boston la forwards Uirouyh with rraat dia^atob t>> an Kviini Tra l. which imvn F'afl Kiver ever? aioitu/ i, Sundays aioeytad, at lit o'olook for Boaton ard N?w Bedfoid, arriving at ita doainauon at about II A M For freight or pataac*. Mf r board, or at the oSoe on Pier No.I North River For state toaai and be-tha aaply on tnard. or if d^sireo to aeoara tham in advVboa, to WM BORDKN.ii'l 7v 71 v? ?i ?u?et. n Y. "Md providence, for <> TON?Inland Ron to?The enorta* ud mat di root?Carry the Miltn Mad. The stoam< r PLvMoCJH ROCK. Cut, J. C. ?Mr, aSdCOMMON WEALTH, Cain. W. Wil'iama, la goDtMbon wiu> tb? f ;or.:n?toa aid PirPfo 1> North Rirar, at 6 ' Wk P. M.t aad drotoa attJD o'cu ct **. M .or oatMarnrtlof Monday, Waagaadaf. and Prtday. Fro? 6r? ^Ka "^V^W^lj^^aa^jew Tot*Trwa, rtaohinc aa <1 p.nae in advaaM?fthoee by oicar romta*. and ic umIium tor all the aarly Moriucf Lin#* ooneattBf North and Kaat. Paeeengere that pre far It, remain oi board th? aiaavr, aqjoy a nighta* reel andiatarbed breakfeet Udeetrad, aad leave 6 rotoa ia taeiUA. MArMn'TMVDf?l'HK " *>rv*idMM w>th U? Id* F*r? fro? i rpridtrM to Newport, Fifty oeata. A batiua maatar aoo^n panioe th' Steawc aad Train aa^h ??y For Paeaag e, Bertha, Stat* Rooae, or Pralfht, IftBlV OB hoArfl Ilia ata*B>et Ae ?* # <*?, K?or U~ N o?th f< l r*r . or mi U*' u>? C^mHtr, No. lift V f t ?f ?^J,<w_rnoT <f CortI?a4rtr-C N?f Yoi?fc Fob- ?. WT. y military boor*. r RKNCH A. klCH&rilfiN fm CMt. bWow Um> rofiltr retail ?ri?. ! ""am* edition of B?rdM> lateotry tn4 Rift* a ?fc it All# .' Cowoit^iuni uf fltr<ioo'?Tlcuoa, ** ESS&srr? rx&fcss^ik.*? ?i?. >? ><*? W tk* MW i

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