Newspaper of Evening Star, September 24, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 24, 1861 Page 3
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I HCAL NEWS. rr Tko'-rb Tib ?ta* a pciated oa the MM M<?? pr**s 1* av south of Baltimore, lis editloa to so large m w> rrqilre It to be put to prem it u arty b"*r, Advertisements therefore, sboald be mi ia before 12 o'clock m.; ctherwiee they mvj ifl an til tbe next dtT Nov:ci ?District of Columbia A4ftiUw??> i* kr laatrted la tbe Butiioii BramriMtnl at u4 lorwtrded from Tui ?ta* OIm. PaociTDinea of thi Citt CornciLa. Sept n fi-eri of Aldermen ? Communications from th< Mayor were received approving certain acta, and railing attention to the bed condition of certain Uerta. especially those moat travelled by Governmeat wagons. and aaklng that means be provided foe repairing tbem and keeping them la good condition daring the approaching winter; referred A petition from Thomas Carberry and W. B. Todd. ifrM of tbe two orphan asylums. aaklng relief from payment of the water tax waa referred Tbe Cbalr (Mr. Dove) made a ststement, that oa the lWh Inst he received through the Stste l>psrtment a communication from Mr Berret, which he proceeded to read, aa follow*: Foar Hiimtoi, Sept 14, lsel Hm. Wm T. Dove, Pre,ideat a/ tk* Bomr4 } Aldtrm i. Wnskxngtem, D C?I th*1 TN will communicate to tbe Board of Aldermen this bit resignation aa Mayor of the city of Wsshtngtoa, tad traaamlt a copy to the Prealdeat of Coeamon Council .. . _ I am very respectfully yobr obedient aervt. J4*ti G Biairr, Mayor. Upon tbe reception of the ibove communication, be (Mr Dove) addreaaed the following note to th* Corporation Attorney, which waa read to tbe Board: To Jot H Bradley, E*i , Corpormtio* Attorney. Dear Sir: Enclosed you will find a communication from J G Berret, E?q , (which came to me through the State Department,) resigning the office of Mayor of thla city. Yon will confer a favor oa aae by ad vial ng the proper courae to be pa raced Yours respectfully, Wm. T. Dova, Preat. B of A. Sept 17,1661. _ Hi. Dove atated that upon the reception of Mr. Berret*a resignation he did not know what waa aeceaaary to be done, and waa not willing to take any reaponalblllty In tbe matter. He thought It might be neceaaary to call a meeting of the Council?. aa he did not think It desirable to have the eltv remain without a Mayor. He bad addreaaed a note to the Corporation Attorney, and bad received a communication la anawer to It wblcb, If It waa the pleaaure of the board, could be read There being no objection, the opinion, which la very lengthy, waa read The main points presented are that It Is dlfllcult to determine whether, under the clrcumatancea,lt la competent or proper for tbe Councils to do mom than accept the reslgnatlon with such reaolutlon aa they may deem fit and expedient Upon Mr. Berret'a arrest and removal from the city, the Journals of the two boards show the? met to elect la hla place another person to " aerve for the remainder of the term, or during such disability.'' There waa no formal declaration of the character of the dlaablllty by resolution. Mr. Bradley quotes from tbe journal of tbe Joint meeting to show that the office waa declared vacant Mr Berret waa apokea of aa tbe late Mayor, and an election pro tempore waa gone into. Mr Wallach waa elected, accepted, qualified, entered oa the dutlra of tbe office, and now holds it. So long aa Mr. Berret remained under the dlaablllty of conatralnt or absence from the city, sltbough It bad extended to the end of hit term, there can be no doubt that Mr. \Yallach would have continued Mayor. Doea It make any difference (Mr. Bradley aaka) that inatead of remaining absent Mr. Berret, by another act equally definite, baa continued tbe disability and made the office vacant which the Counclla aaaumed to be ao* It la not vtry material how the question is anawer*d Mr. Wallachcan, underhla present election, bold and exercise all tbe dutlea of the e>ce, because, having been elected pro tempore toaupply the existing diasbillty, and that disability never having been removed,bemust continue In oflk-e. But Mr Berret baa by his own act, pending tbe disability, rendered It impossible to remove it. So that Mr. Wallacb must fill the office for tbe remainder of tbe term aa though he bad In terma been elected to do ao. Itwaaamlarake in tbe Councils to aaaume that tbe office wai vacant, and equally a mistake on that aaaumption to elect pro tempore unleas tbey thereby meant "for tbe remainder of tbe term" The charter clearly intends to distinguish between thoaecases which create a vacancy and tbo#e which only suspend the power of the Mayor to act In the former case tbey must elect for the remainder of tbe term, in tbe latter during the dlaablllty. Mr Bradley proceeds to ar*ue that the Connclla have already exbauated all the power given to them by the charter; and then goea on to aay that the Counclla proceeded on the ground of a vacancy when none exlated, and that vacancy la afterwards created while tbe disability continued for which tbey ought to have provided; and concludes as follow*: > oa tbe whole, on the best reflection I have been able to give the subject, I am satisfied that Mr Wallacb'a election extends to the whole remainder of the term of office left by Mr. Berret, and no further election la necessary." Mr Magruder moved that the resignation of Mr. Berret be laid on the table; and that tbeoplnloa of tbe Corporation Attorney be printed with the proceedings of tbe board Mr. Moore moved to Include tbe resignation and Mr Dove's note to tbe Corporation Attorney. Tbe smendment wa* agreed to, and tbe motion carried?Mr l.loyd only voting against it. Mr Moore offered a reaolutlon requesting tbe Msyor to Issue his proclamation enjoining the observance of Thuraday nex', the iMtb Instant, aa a day of faatlug, humiliation and prayer, in accordance with the proclamation of the President; and that all secular business be suspended, Ac. Mr Lloyd saw ao reason for the passage of thla reaolutlon The Msyor baa already recommended a proper observance of tbe day, and we have no right to request bim to laaue a proclamation Tbe President has already lasued a proclamation, and tbe Mayor has done in the premisea exactly what Governora of the aeveral States have done Mr Moore aaked if the Mayor had already done *?Mr Lloyd aald It waa la the National Intelligencer of thla (yesterday) morning The passage of this resolution would be a reflection on tbe Mayor, and be could not vote for it It would look as If be (the Mayor) was to ssk the board for permission to carry oat the proclamation of tbe President. Mr Moore said the Mayor had not lasued anv proclamation?he had only made a request It was always usual for the boards to act. This Corporation consists of a Msyor, a Board of Aldermen. and Board of Common Council It waa as much the dnty of these thirty-four elttiens In the boerd to recognise tbe dsy as it Is tbe duty of the Mayor He simply makes a request to observe tbe dsy Aa order Is usual from tbe boards, and if ws do aay less we sre remiss In our dnty It had always been the case for tbe boards to act heretofore except In one inataace, when for some reason tbe Msyor issued bis proclamation for tbe observance of Thanksgiving without tbe ususl request of tbe boards Mr. Lloyd said tbe cases were not parallel. Heretofore tbe Governors of three or four S'ates had lwued proclamations fixing the s*me day for thanksgiving or for faating and prayer We deairing to join In the observsnce of the day, requested tbe Msyor to issue bis proclamation. Now it ia a national fast dsy, proclaimed by the Preaident. Mr Moore said the office of Mayor waa not that of Goveraor Mr Moore said the Mayor occupied tbe same position towards the people of the city here, ss a Goveraor towards tbe people of hia State. The Prealdeat had lasued his proctamatloa, tbe Mayor had requested the people of the elty to observe the day on tbe recommendation of the President, ought he to come to the boards to aak whether be s boo Id observe tbe dsy la accordaace with tbe President's proclamation After further debate, the resolution passed by tbe following vote: 0 , Ayes?Messrs Brown, Bo brer, Bayly, Brodb~d, FUber, Magruder, Moore, Bargeat, Weadell snd President Dove- 10 Noca?-Messrs. Clark, Lloyd, Richards, and *?hefoitow1ng bills were passed Act for repair of gutters and flagways la tbe fifth Ward Act for repair of Third and Fourth streets east at their intersection with Pennsylvania avenue. Aot for relaying gutter oa K street, between Nineteenth snd Twsntleth streets Act for repslrtag stoas pavement In alley la a resolution came np from tbe Board of Common Council for tbe obeervaace of Tburadsy next (?th Inst) sa a day of testing, humiliation, and F ltT was observed that a resolution la relation to tbe subject had already been psasjd Mr. Dove?"Oh? |>sss them all. The resolution was paased. [ST?".?~ TJTtle^apeko very considersbte^ength tn tbe'cUy <iu? Ma'Mag ruder replied la a few woeda; when_ Mr Moore again rose and waa apparently In the middle of another loag argument when a^T gruder arose sad said : am mtlafied, perfectly **M?"Mooce ?"But I sm aot Urough yst " Mr Magreder ?"Well, bat I am atMed.'' Mr Moore ?"How caa tbe gentleman be satiated ' 1 haven't got to tbe point yet" Mr Magrader ?"I am afr? d tba gsotlimaa never will get to tbe poiat 1 am perfectly sallafled " (Laughter J if M kMl?. remtadback tba aomlastloo of Dr 6 M Dove ^SXSiSii Si 'swXroctly. ** J/ . el After debate, the nomination wu laid or the table B!U for. remitting a fine imposed upon J. A. I Hopkins, f .f improper language, waa made the Special order for Monday neit Bill remitting a fine Imposed upon John Gltck, l Wa? referred. i Mr Lloyd offered the following concurrent rea, olutlnn In regard to the Mayoralty: W bereaa the Corporation Attorney has expressed the opinion that the resignation of tbe late Mayor does not Involve the necessity for a new election I by the two Boarda; Therefore t Ritolrtd, That as the Boarda of Aldermen and Common Council did, on the 36th of Auguat, 1861, elect a Mayor, it la unnecessary for said Boards to take any further action la view of the resignation of James G Berret, Esq. Mr. Bayly thought that the resolution had better lie oter nntll next Monday. Mr. Lloyd thonght the Board might just as well deride this evening > Mr Moore said the other papers In connection with the matter had been laid over; why not tbla? Mr Lloyd aald thoae other papers might never be called up He wanted this matter antled now. Mr. Dove thought If the paperaerere never called np the gentleman's end would be accomplished. Mr Lloyd wanted the Mavor to hold his ofllce < strictly m accordance with the law. He wanted i no delay, and wanted no unfair advantage taken 1 Mr Bayly thought It beet to defer the matter i , one week, to give gentlemen a chance to examine Into the matter. The resolution was laid over by consent. Mr Brodhead'a resolution, to hare all votes on ' , Mayor's nomination taken *** roci, waa, after debate, referrfd to the committee to prepare joint rnlea. Common Cewsct/.?1The following communlca- ' tlons were presented : From the Mayor,approving , certain acta; from the commissioner of the western district of the city la relation to the aewer drop on Eleventh street, between 0 and H streets; from W. 1 . Dove, President of the Board of Aldermen, transmitting a copy of the resignation of the late Mayor Berret; from Jamea Man ken and others, remonstrating against the aale of the ] M.E Church, on Eighth atreet, for public school purposes; and from the City Surveyor in relation \ to tbe sewer on Thirteenth street. A resolution asking tbe opinion of tbe Corpora- , tlon Attorney upon tbe 5th and 9th sections of tbe , act paaaed at the late session of Congress creating a Metropolitan Police for the District of Columbia, ( In relation to the board of health, waa adopted. Also, a Joint resolution In relation to tbe day s?t , apart for national humiliation, prayer, and fast Ing. A bill appropriating S80 for grading Third ( street eaat, between D and E streets aouth, waa paaaed Resolutions authorizing the laying of a stone , pavement In the alley in square 378 ; and requesting the Surveyor to furnish tbe Board an estimate of the cost of grading and paving the gutter on the i north aide of square 184, were adopted. The Improvementa committee, by request of the chairman, was discharged from tbe further consideration of the resolution In relation to a change of rooms for holding tbe sessions of tbe bi>ard. A joint resolution permitting James Olnlty to erect a brick stairway outside his house, was referred. The bill from tbe Bosrd of Aldermen (substltute for that passed by the Common Council) requiring a special oath of allegiance to betaken by ( all officers, employees and contractors of the Corporatlon, was taken up. Mr. Given moved Its reference to a committee. Mr. Shepherd thought It unnecessary. There was no need of hesitating about taking an oath of i allegiance to tbe Constitution. I Mr Mohun waa of tbe opinion that It should go to a committee. He did not like Its form ex- < exactly, but preferred that It should read "re- i quested" Instead of -'required." The action with regard to taking the oath should not be forced, but should be voluntary. Mr Given desired to know what penalty they would Inflict for a refusal to comply with Its terms. How could they expel a member of the board simply for refusing to take a certain oath. 1 Mr Shepherd said they would do it by voting for it He Relieved there were loyal voters enough to do it too, If It was necessary 1 Mr Mulloy should not vote for It, and be was not afraid to say it In the face of the Administration He should take no oath couched In such 1 language, nor should he bind himself sacredly to < one Constitution when It might compromise him l with respect to another. He was not agoing to legislate a halter around his neck The bill was Anally referred to a committee for consideration. An amendment of tbe upper board to a bill for raving the gutter at the corner of north B and ' Third streets east, changing it to corner of B and \ First streets east, waa concurred In A substitute for the bill authorizing the Water Register to lay certain water mains by special 1 contract, and a joint resolution originating in tbe upper board, recommending the observance of the day set apart for humiliation, prayer and fast- I lng, were adopted. I A joint resolution In relation to hogs going at large was tabled, and a resolution In relation to the finance committee of July 8th, In response to , a resolution of June 10th, was referred. < A resolution requesting the Surveyor to furnish | a plan for altering the pavement In the gutter In ' square SC6 with the cost was adopted. Mbetiso or PoLtca Commissioners ?The Board met yesterdav afternoon in their new room over toe Gaa Light Company's Ofllce on Eleventh | street. The following persons were designated for trial on th? police force, to All existing vacancies: Fourth Precinct, First Ward ?John McLean ' Huel, Charles Boaman, W. H Stewart, John U. Stincbcomb and John Rau, In place of J J .Carr, i D. Crump, W E Stewart, J. H Godfrey and D H Leckron. declined. Fifth Precinct. Second Ward ?Tbos. J. Littleton, In place of M. Gasaaway Seventh Precinct, Fourth Ward.?F Depro, In i place of Frank Miller, declined. Eighth Precinct, Fifth Ward?John B. Con- i way, in place of T. Ca-raher, Ineligible. Ninth Precinct, Sixth Ward ?d. Arnold, In place of W. Boyd, declined. Tbe vacancies in tblactty are now all filled; the whole force?one hundred and eighteen men ?being on duty A committee, consisting of Messrs. Brown, I Tenney and Bowen, waa appointed to procure < station-bouses la each precinct. ' The uniform noticed In the Star of last week, ' 1 was adopted, (similar to that worn by the New York police,) with but one change?tbe substitu- ' tlon of the regulation hat of the army for the cap ( The Board adjourned to meet on Friday next at 1 o'clock p.m. ] Cam a al Gca*i>hou*e Casks? Effort JuUxtt Clark ?September 21 ?Wm Young, drunk and profane; fine and costs *4 19; workhouse 00 daya 1 In default of payment Albert Foreman, firing ! pistol; do. 60 daya. John Flaherty, disorderly; fine and cost SI 94 Jacob Frank, do ; work bouae 60 daya. Patrick Brown, profanity; fine 1 and coeta. fit 94. James McDonald, do ; do. ' 1 94. John Dunnagan, drunk; do *3 19. E i Burger, sleeping In tbe market; fine and coats, 1 58 John Wilaon and E Brown, profane and i disorderly; do. ffl 69 September ?1 ?Patrick Meath, profane and dla- 1 orderlv; fine and coats, SI 91 Elizabeth Moun- ! tain, do. do 92 W. * Mary E Lee, do ; do 92 91 , Charlotte Guater, do ; do 92 91 John Anderson, profanity; do S3 T7. John Doyle, disorderly; workhouse 60 days. Uritcd States Cases. ?Since Friday last, I J ustice Clark baa disposed of tbe follow!ng caaea ' under the U S laws: John Sblnlln, selling liquor j to aoldieta, fined S25 E Getz, do ; ?25 Jamea { Savoy, do.; ?25 John Maher allaa John Cun- J n Ing ham waa arreated for ?saaultlng and demand- c lng the pocket books of Wm. Harlow and Nelaon HufU, and with knocking Harlow down and robbing hla pockets of a small amount of money. Huftl saved himself, but lost bis bat, by running. Andrew Kldwell and John Faley were arrested aa participants with Cunningham In tbe robbery and assault, and were sent to jail with him to be tried at the next term of tbe Crimlaal Court. Took the Oath like a Max.?Mrs Suaau Hurdle, of Montgomery county, Md.t a venerable lady, nine years older than her county?having been bora M years age?came Into tbe city ? yesterday to draw her pension, and tbe uaual ostb of allegiance waa administered to her by Justice Callan She baa lived long enough In * our heretofore happy country to appreciate tbe bleaainga of union, and took tbe oath with an ( earnestness of purpose which waa very Impres- ( elve. J The Campbells give a rich new bill to-night, < overflowing with ran and sentiment. Nothing j inore mirth-provoking can be Imagined than : these novel and varied performances of tbe Campbells, and all la In auch good taste that ladles and children are enabled to enjoy these entertainmenta, which opportunity they largely avail themselves of A number of patrolmen are stationed at Odd Fellows' Hall nightly, and the best of order 1a thus secured. New EKTSETAtMMKNT ?By the announcement j elsewhere It will be seen that Mr Wm.EUlnger, ; of Baltimore, will soon Introduce some novelties la the entertainment line here, and will bring out | tbe chariulng Miss Helen Western, who la making such a hit at the Holllday street theater, Balti- ' more. She la In fact perform! ig the sixth week , of her eagagemeat there. Accident ?A little boy, aon of Mrs Wall, who resides on Twelfth street aear M, waa kicked la tbe forehead by a horse, on Sunday afternoon, but escaped without other damage than a badly I bruised face Barb Comae ?Gtllmors'a celebrated Satan 1 Band, slity-two performers, including tea buglers and tweaty drrmmers, ia coming to Washington | with Gen. Wilson's regiment, which will probably arrive here la the course of a few weeks Dura or A Solweb ?Mr Joka Brown, of ! company B, first reglnaeat Excelaior (Slcklea') , Brigade, died, yesterday moral ng, laths E street Broom Death?Alexander Scott, a clerk la the office of the Third Auditor of the Tronry Department, about 90 year* or aire, died suddenly this morning, about 3k o'clock, la the houae of Laura Bailtb. No. 4<H Eleventh street, near the corner of O. He la a native of Newark, N.J, and bad room a at the comer of Fifteenth and F streets He baa z wife and three children?two boys and a glfl?the oldeat abont eight, and the younpea' about three years of age HIh family are at preaent In New York city, but were expectad to retiirn on Saturday next. Hia Brat visit to the houae of Laura Smith was on Sunday nl^ht laat, in coaapany with Dr. Williams. and he waa not tbere again until laat night at 10# o'clock, when be came and Inquired for Dr Wllllanr.s. From the evidence it aeema that he bad been Buffering with violent palna in hia atomacb for acme days, and ytsterday, ia aim posed to have taken chloroform, to get relief. He waa laboring under excitement, (probably from tbla cauae.) and took laudanum during the night from a vial which waa found thia morning nearly empty on the mantel-piece In the room where the body waa lyiag. A jury of tnqueat waa aummoned by Coroner Woodward, in view of the body, which waa lying on a bed Id the front room on tbe lower floor of the houae already named. The body la that of a fine looking young man, and waa lying on tbe bed with vest, panta, and ahirt on. Nothing waa found in hia pock eta except a few keys, storecards, receipta, and a daguerreotype of hia wife, aid to be a young and beautiful lady. The Jury returned a verdict in accordaaco with the fhcta wa have atated. Married in Church?At noon to-day tbere waa a throng of faahionable carriages around tbe door of the Church of tbe Epiphany, In O street; the occaalon being the marriage of Major Clark, U. S. A., to an intereatlng daughter of Col. Taylor, Aaalfttant Commlasary General U. S. A., the strand-daughter of the late Judge McLean, of the Supreme Court, and nelce of ex-P real dent Taylor. Washington, Sept 83, 1S?1. We, the undersigned citizens of Pennsylvania, having the profoundest respect for Colonel Max Einstein, of the 27th Pennsylvania volunteer regiment, do hereby protest againat the treatment he has received from bis superior officers, and also do we protest againat hia being kept under arreat any longer without a trial, he having now been under arreat for a period of thirty-seven dryi without any charge being sustained or preferred againat him; and we, aa citizens of Pennsylvania, demand his Immediate release, as we believe him to be a man of strict integrity and a profound soldier from practice. We also hope that our Government will Immediately take this matter In hand and protect from Insult such a brave man; snd we, as citizens of Pennsylvania, are moat de irous of entering under his command at the present. Signed by?Hugh McGlnnis, ias. Lagg, John Gallagher, Cbas. D. Myerle, John Hughes, John Montacue, John Duffey, Wm. Duffey, Lemuel Snyder, v\'m Marlon, John Altenus, Richard Bogart, Wm. McGulre, Francia P. Hugnes, Sam'l Jamea, Tbos James, Richard Williams, Wm Jones, J. J Weltn, J as R. Williams, Thomas Rodgera. Jaa. Devlne. Arthur Cunningham, Joba Miller, Albert D Bashaw, Jos Grimes. Samuel Rowan, Henry Logan, Jas. Matthews. Rlch'd D George, Ablgfal Joaepba, Thoa. O. Connell, Ralph Grant, Caleb J. Wright, and 300 others In town at present ? Okoroetown, Sept. 23,1861. To Iht Editor of the Evening Star: Dear Sir? In reference to an article in your respectable paper (23d September) called "What la the matter with the Provost Guard?" I beg your permiaslon of making a modification to your statement concerning my establishment. In the first place the soldiers which were here on Friday night were not on duty that evening, and their number amounted to about 15; the muaic, 6 in number, had a pass until 12 o'clock from their Colonel. !*econd. The peaceful amusement was disturbed by a riotous set of loaferg outside, rs they were not admitted; and two drunken soldiers, one of them received a wound in the street, not In the house, by whom I don't know, but certainly not by one of my family, as no arrest has occurred la the same, as your paper stated As I am a complete victim of a certain conspiration and agitation of my neighborhood, yon would oblige me very much indeed, if possible, fo make a extract from this statement .In your respectable paper In favor of my establishment. * Your*, with resprct, A Rittlir. India Rubber Blankets for half prick, being slightly discolored, hut nor injured for service. 5 000 large India Rubber Blankets, lined with Canton blanntl, 8 feet 4 inches long and 4 feet 4 Inches wide, for 82 each, usual price JM For sale at the India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth treeta. ae23-tf New Drt Goods. Stock just opened at R H. Hall's old stand, 375 ?eventh street. Store orowded with customersGoods to auit the tinits, and at pnoes to plea*e. se21-eo6t Mattiiiwi A Co., *75 Seventh st. , Mbaslss are prostrating the volunteers by hundreds ; the hospitals are orowded with them. Solliers, be warned in time Holletoav's Pills are positively iural<ible in the oure or this disease; woaaional doses of them wnl preserve the health Bven under the greatest exposures. Only 25 cents per box. se21-lw To thr Afflicted!?We sure to read the adverjasinent McLean's Strengthening Cardial and Biood Purifier, in another column. if , . . P*nn11s. Persona desiring pennies will always find them for exchange at the Star Offioe counter. tf Keadir. have yea seen Prof. Wood's advertise went in our paper. Rear it; it will interest you. an jn-eolv UIKU, On the morning of the 2tth in-tan?, at half-past I o'clock, fr.LLEN H., aeo<>nd daughter of Emeline F. aad the late Charles Soran, aged 22 years. At rrat The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral, at 9 o'olock a m , to morrow. (Wednesday,) September 25, fom St Patrick's ? hurch. In Georgetown,on the morning of the ffth inst, tt 4 o'olock, Miss LUCY THOMAS, only sister of Mary A. Thotnaa. The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral, to-morrow (Wednesday ) afternoon, at I o'olock. from uer late residenoe. No. S3 High at. near hirst, OHj' **? tha Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Post OflSoe,^ tnd examine that new stock of FALL CLOTH ING, 1'RUNKS. HATS and CAPS, all for sale at the loweat N w York pnoea an ?>-1 m NKW YOHK PR ICES FOR ALL KINDS OF CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, TRUNKS. VA ^^-S- SHIFTS, COLLARS.and TIE*. at SMiTH 8, No. 460 Seventh st, opposite Post an 29 1m PIANOS, PIANOS. PIANOS-New Pianos reoeivsd even week Come and look at tha assortment at W.G. METZF.ROTT'S Mnaio Depot, renter Pa. av. and Eleventh at. ?efi T NOTICE. HE Copartnership eietofore oarried on by the same of H. F. Lovdox A Co. waa dissolved on the 1st instant by iu own limitation. All those owing iraounU to said firm are resetted to settle the ?ame without delay, aa tiie suooersors are anxious ' o o ose tns books and settle aooounta a-ainst the tbove expired copartnership. GKORCE W. FARANT. FRANCIS J. HKI . EKGR, JOSHUA H. KING. ILr NOTICE.?T^e nnd< reigned rospeotfnlly inform their patrons and the public generally of ;beir having formed a ^partnership to oontinne ti e lasiness, in all its hranories, aa suoc?saprs of the ate firm of H. F. Loudon A Co. Whilst tendering ibeir thaaks lor the very liberal patronage r?Mived, they pledge themselves t > use their utmost xertions to merit their oontmued favors, .F. J. HEIBERGER M CO. Sucoessor to H. F. Loudon and Co., Military F. J. N"*1 J. H. Kino. asp 11 8w H. I. FRANKLIN, K5IKNTIIIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (From Philadelphia,) 144 Penn'a av., i noi th aide,) bet. 12th and 19th sts. 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M. and II P. M , arriving ta Washington at St) P. M.and ' Expreeass leave Baluaiors at 4 ? A. M. aad S P. arriving la Wast uigtoa at 4 A. M aad SpsetaT Contrasts Tor inrgs s aantities of Freight oae bs mads ou.aeplieation to this 'See. 4 ? '. ' *? k **.W A , ? I M1ST AND FOUND. I ST*AyED,A? AV-Abo?t the 1st oT8.p,? rL?TntiTrlLh,0'we HORSE. About IJrv. I rl* * ,ltt,e on th" grey T_ZT I nkl.r,f*c,-?n8 ^ "'h Hin<t feet A^C7 ?><1> 'f "turned t7 9i4 st- U-twan 18th and 18th ?e U? SeL'tlS? ?if ? LEN U>?n*nv I rnvi ' *nb*r ,,Bt' * '*'* d%rk " k ',h ?A"' P?f*on return ax her to IT 1 mij fu.... l>etWf??.n 9th arid I'-'tn oq*j L\'.."??h7w " I A^o^j "'tllSHJjOST.?On Tlianiltrevetiii I fzJZ.,Ia;?tot'*n Army He r e with sail- 1 I i?JT-5tPl ,r,<Ll#!lt? ri<l*r *nl run uinT^r I ?? ? a *' k*'lfht 18 or '* h"nde,with b? voArVSZVJ.yZf ,D/U^m,itta 4t ??o" ? I win , A non-oommiMioard ofio I * * lt. POa*lW# for th? ,OM'll not r??w*?roJi ?90 RKWARD-8TOLBN.aGKEY M\R~ '."terdsy between Iwelv* aud "ne^v M sre i? 1A& vl Ua ^ ?f ,he army- ThefC^ I c!*If '* '** hand* high. seven years pl.-j./O I PkHiiTtt* ??>d f?M ? ?ma!l brown s?ot? I m iTHl < front, ?he had a blue blanket una I VLffiOJ ir^?'at'on ? double bridle ai I .Lr' wJ,h* n?w halter (bl-ck leather) to I po^t in front of 39^ Pennsylvania aTinno 'ti iT":^n.ofth" offiosr ?s know* to ptrtfos w witnessed the thrft. and will be pab.ishadift ss?j wasas^ *?310 p'"^^s: I$5 2nthWAKD~l o,t' on Friday morning t! I SjC-Tur a?".U.?.u ne*r .? Porter's Oftoe. r~~ J*<e exssswae! ?"?c^? ? **81 *L GEORGE BIRL, fir9 "st?r"?i*-' -s 4 ' "wi^sits aussuatok | IH? *f to'f Horseman, residing on the Jk I in ?hV? 0lt'iand m*y be lurking Phliioif iS i17'. Henr7 ?? ?bout U years oV ai riih^h. iolnti?' nearly so) of his fore fi ear *i) a ' r? oth?J.n>*r'ti recollected. I w J pay apiece, if secured so that I get them seMSf n?i?.?iii. ?UKOSG* HUMES, se <1 at Beltsville, Prince Qoorge'soo ., Md, I /XSSZ^fa R*^*,m.-Lo8t. last evening. Colt1 7-tnoh Navy REVOLVER ifvn I monnted, marked "Mortimer Thomson, 1861.m TI atiove reward will be paid to an/ person who mi S5FI the P'.tol to MORTIMER THOMSO | jy>fjjhiii!srm' "d "" ; ".'.ffa FOK WALK ANli KENtt" sgpihissa I -D renth.: se2l St* pUKNItfHEO ROOMS-A Parlor and Cha. I ?f?? * or ^"ptyi'nbor*, on the first or prinoip I D**! ' furnished, location very rieair bl? and very pleasant, very near tne Preaideni "?Bi?P?W.e Grounds-X?. 46O New V?i I .? ?d door from Fifteenth st. se 19-3tw I F^m^K IrT?^ ub8t*?.tl?J three story BRIC ThirdV^haTt!^^ I of re?ftif' Tery Wealthy location, and prii ftra1 Mr *BA C t> *nMt^oc hfrfcggs P<i5JfENTrTh? north HOUSE of the row brltu^rw.tirpis1^^ 40 Louisiana avenue. mall i^tj HVi!i9Ea^FQ5 REN.T-No.aiandNo.8T,i ** the south side of Indiana avenue, both of the very largo and convenient houses, with good st bling and oarnage-houses. " I ~? if?f tll?00??|0di0a and large House, No, 3$ I on th? north mdo of C str6?t nV?lTJr?THOMAS ?^AG1)EN, No 499 Pe I *ntn street. jy 17 2awtl I A STORE on Penniylvaniaav I ?. nue? aui1 ixtures for sale. Apply at thu ' fill >e ll-2w* |fOR RKNT-HOUSR 4 0-J Penrstlvama ai I over 'he hookstors of Franok Taj lor?a p!a I for a professional man. ** 4-tj ||ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS I ?^hFour ""dsomeiy Fnrnishe<l Rooms, sappli I Mi convenient to the Pate SjUtfi Offi Departments, for rent. Asp j personal" A , , o NOTICE. I - " P?"ons are hereby notified nottoorei I ??oount(unless with a wntt I SCTifi? hlf 1 will pay no debu oth than those contracted by mjeeff. **8'-'w* J. N. SINGLETON educational. I SCHOOL FOR " M. r. ?w^sb?8itt>8issw. th. m ig^fiiass^etpbia.'t to HSK5 a limited number of pupi a* bo-irders. au 87-^3w (^KORGETOWN FKMALE SEMINARY, I ? <r. nr < M'?? H ** ?0 VlK's.) | Ifo. 151 W$tt $t., between C ngreit and Hxtk its, thlfier.dtUM,#! ?.f th'? InstiTttion will be resumed? I Inenrit Monday in September next I 11 i nB!,on ?,* and guardians is parti I the ClajM in Caiistkenies, whi I !.ir?ki ? ' A'ondaT, the 9th mat, by a gra I Date of the Lewis Norma! Institute of Phytic I Education. The former pupils are earnest!t s I licittd to attend the Class. earnestly s I m- ..r - Instructors. i m.!m ? s iV\rr,K^t- Mr? ' Otlis Young. ? M. E. J. Kaufman, Mr. W. O Bergman, V Har/over, A Z-ipyone. M. D , I 4, Gait)ette, Charles de Frond rat. i J Ia0? %r* ,uVi obtained at thA Bookstore*, l>y addressing the Prinoipal. ? ???, M J. HARROVER WASH^^N^i^SMINARV. vxsstjs'* u t, JiSS; oftfriends wno desire to p tromie her b I dislike at presort to send their daughters I Ln ^ omnibus, ha* made arrang *W^Wl of her Scho. I re,?-u? >b?ra I tomborSM ***"lun wil100?nnaeno?onMonday. Se l.s'lt011 ar8 ,,??r?* obtained at the Seminary ai [ at the principal Bookstorea. ' i M " tf M. J. HARROVER, Principal geokgetown adveht'mt I1UCKSKIN GLOVES, fi call theattention c f SutlerT.^K ?xfm^tal C fioers, and others wishing to purchase Buckak ?h27ep' ?anntl?t*. Mittins, Parses, Tobaooo Po ohes, Portmoonaies, Lesgins, Ao., at wholesa e ourextanaive .tock-an of our own m%nuta"urV n?J r?ra' h,*.n ,tre?t. Georgetown. Our Gloves Gaunt leu and Mittens are of tl best quality, of real Bnckskin. 1 Military Buff and White Gauntlets made to ord ... KAM^BURtt A KBHRT, MR. 105 High 'treet. Georgetown, D h. jh' iarf? qo?ntii/of scraps of Buoksk *? C k!?0^" '0r P?',,h">g guns, acooutremei t fte-.on hand. se2? lm |\f ASSEY, COLLINS ft OO.'S ^r1' xxxx ado<'ht AiEWO hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. \??* Mnnl Will be for sale Terms sai delivery. ARNV * SHINN, 01 7 Un>on Depot. Georgetown I U8T KECEIVKD- " j ? 8bt?fefwifblrv!toab8 * ^ i^sia*3Afcfis!eaa. Q fe,' ?,10 *Bd COFFEE, mu 486 INTI!R10,t I>ECOEATIOW8. a q WWW?"ASI8!SK!; PICTURE rASSELS.e.LTOVA.t. PIOTURB frame Mn MARKRITER'-S. M II IM.,9?' 488 8?v?nth St.,I doors above ? H-1*H if Odd Fellows' Hall S^rLl?l P5?.P?8At8? 0,1 th??h of Sepier JXh^,r-!? L*li^ ? oolL? invited, for fu of hav cubsistenoe Department with lao to tojHS delivered in Washington at su< M the bovernm*nt may direot ?f j? i* *??l *!> beet and to oonai ?f timothy and clover mixed ?Ir? ?Pv*rBm?nt reserves to itaelf the right Zl .? *?T th" *n<1 f?r V>T oause hsl^'ns 'TOMr Payment for said Hay to I 3-Jln Tr?*?nry notes, if Government deairee JfftL H*'ri?wbe f?fniahed ia bales of from J*i ^ to^tdte^htof'rood ^wir# "?l^C-tg..bU?^ endorsed JsiEALED PROPOSALS are invitad till thttf *^?f September at IS m , for supplying CORN i'? i* noe Department of the Army. Corn 'o be in the ear, and to be delivored i Square1 ? Cl,''atthe Cattle Yardon Monjme lbs ofeara* r?^aei,,U<110 ,toto the pnoe per 1 5g5i^naft^cvVM8ft% "ZlA'tktobi*" " " wr,^'^t?be djr^tod to OuUui A. BECI ff&njr 8 u-8 A" ^ mswsraa Dry Good* ia all departments of ftrat class Ear sr?"? "* .arkcsri^"7e?" <??? ' ' ^ ^Ue* wTk 4 3 *4 I]TELEGRAPHIC NEWS m- . THE Sl'RRKNDCR OF tOL Ml'LLlOAN. New Voir, Sept *4 ?Th? piper* here poV fN ]i*h dispatches dated Jefferson City, Monday, ? stating tbat Col Mulligan, before surrendering ^ to 'hf Confed< rates, sent two hundred of bis men actosa the rim to Broukvllle, m '*?t* for Quia cy, Illinois. * Cmc?6o, III , Sept S3?Col Mulligan baa u. **'*n ?" bli I*role, and will probably probably arrive bere tbla evening ^ Two thousand of Mulligan'a command bare if] *!*> b?n released on their parole, and will arrive er at Qulncy on Tuesday Tbe force at Lexington waa only 2.300, Including g the Home tiuarda, who are accosed of cowardice, ' Tbe flag waa hauled down by the Home Guards 5 Col. Mulligan refused to surrender his sword, and It was taken from him by force, rd ' ^aUr?^ dispatch from Qulncy says that Col a Mulligan and all of tbe commissioned officers are ie held prisoners b> the rebels to ie ???? e. THE WAR IN MISSOURI. ? St Louts, S*pt 83 ?General Prentiss' official he dispatch announcing the surrender of Col. Mailt pan at Lexington, states that the Federal loas was _!*( 37 killed and 140 wounded The rebel loss la n- supposed u> be about 8U0 killed and wonnded. DBTA1LIP ACCOUNT OF THB ACTION AT BLPB MILLS L_ Louis Sept. 92 ?The following account of t^ tbe battle at Blue Mills Landing, Is derived from A an authentic source: ( Lieut. Col Scott, with 570 men of tbe Iowa r\ Regiment, and one piece of artillery left Cameron, on Monday, the 15th Inst , in pursuit of the d rebels, who left St Joseph on Friday previous n- Col. Scott arrived at Liwrty, Clay county, on ill the morning or the 17th inat., and marched from that place at 1 o'clock p m. At 2 o'clock be fell In with enemy, 4 500 in number, occupying a L_ strong position. a Our aklrmlabera received a galling Are, and 1 r slowly retreated to our main body, ween the acNo tlon became general. Our six-po;inder was V brought to bear on the enemy, and few sh^to ' fired, which proved destructive. At this times heavy lire opened on our single gua. killing our _ gunner, and wounding others On this s vera! ' ? other gunners, Germans from St. Louis, abandoned the gun. carrying off the primer and _ matches, to render the piece useless. Tbe action it, continued for an hour, when our column was ie, slowly withdrawn to a more open position, bringing off tbe wounded, and dragging away the gun M by hand, all tbe horses having been killed or bad? ly wounded. n- About this time, Col Smith, who left St. Joseph with 1.400 men at about the same time with Col. Scott, for rhe same general purpose, j lined rk the latter, having pushed forward hta mounted i men and artillery at a rapid pace on receiving a ? message from Col Scott, when ten miles hack. ? that he was advancing on the en?my. But It h' being night, and the men completely exhausted, oe while the rebels were reported to have strongly sn entrenched themselves at the thicket, which was >r; Impassable except by a narrow road, a further at . tack was postponed until morning. ? Early on the following day an advance was of made by the combined forces, but on arriving ?n at Blue Mtlla they foond that the enemy had w crossed the river before daylight, taking the road towards Lexington. ?' The following la a partial list of the killed and ? wounded of the Third Iowa Regiment: 50 Major Stone was slightly wounded Company A?Capt O'Nell, allghUy wounded; Lt. Duane, severely; Privates VV. H Mungen, E. ? Chrlsfield, A J. McCafferty, severely, Andrew Murray, missing v- Company B?Lieut. Hcffs, Sergeant Woods, [_ seriously; Privates Robbins. Hart and Woodruff, 0 seriously. Company C?Corporal Huntlns, seriously, Privates Droan, Maddoxand Squires, missing. Company 1) ?Captain Wlllett,seriously; Lieut Anderson, mortally; Private Miller, seriously; f F'eink, missing. Com|>any E ?Corporal McCowan, serloualy: v. Private Guthey and Hill, severely. nl Company F?Lieut. Brown, slightly; Corporal Davis, severely; Privates W incbell, Isbam. Sanen ders, and Hauel. severely; Nolan, killed ^ Company G?Privates Swan, McCullough, se? verely; Michael Lalla. McCullough, missing Company H?Capt Warren. Lieut. Fuller, severely; Privates Gambel and McClure, severely; Barbent, Weenie, dangerously; Corporal Lacey, lit missing. en Company I.?Lieut. Knight, Sergeant Forney, ier Corporal Bordlck, Musician Balscomb, severely: Privates Buell, Carter Delobe, Hawks. Pepper, Russell, Stocks, Wilcox, Walley, Wllbourne, " severely; Lawlsn Merrifield, dangerously; Wasbburne, mortally; Darlan, Bldell, Mix, tfrowrieil. killed; Davenport, severely. Total killed, j; wounded 84. missing 6; three of whom are supposed to be in bands or the enemy of and tbe balance killed. u- In addition to tbe loss of the Third Iowa, there were six Home Guards and one artilleryman !'" killed, among them Captain Cupp, and about ten ? wounded. Four of these Home Guards were killed In a skirmish about two hours before the battle. It is perhaps proper to state that Gen. Pope's an orders to Col. Scott were to remain at Liberty till he was Joined by Lieut Col Smith, but learning 0- on his arrival at that place that the enemy was oh only five miles distant, be sent a messenger to d- Smith with word to that effect, and pushed on, giving the rebels battle A TIGHT AT M ABE IOTTS TOWN St. Louis, Sept *23 ?The Leavenworth Times of Frldaystatesthata fight took place at Marriotts town, Mo , on Tuesday morning, between six hundred Federal troops, under Cols Montgomery ur and Johnson, and four hundred rebels. In which the latter were completely routed, with a losa of . seven men killed and tbe capture of one hundred horses, and all their tents and supplies. The Federal troops lost two privates klllraand six wounded. Col. Johnson, while riding at the bead of ha bis command, was pierced by nine bullets, and ut jngtantly killed. to The Latest freas Kentucky. of Louisville, Sept 23?A battalion of secession cavalry, under Mitchell Laporelle, drove In Capt 1 P- Gibson's pickets last night at Salt River, and n(j four are missing. A Federal encampment has been established at Harrodsburg, where two prominent secessionists ? representatives, Messrs Twlng and Silvertooth, have been arrested 0 Two supposed spies from Bnckner's army were ? arrested at Louisville'his morning. Feanxtobt, Sept. 23 ?lt is reported that J. C. . Breckinridge and William Preston escaped from in bere through Montgomery county on Friday _ General Sherman bad possession of Muldrougb*s to Hill yesterday 1? Henry Dent, city marshal, baa been appointed provost marshal of this city. 110 ????? er Rallrsad Accident Philadelphia, Sept. 23 ?An accident occurred . en tbe Philadelphia snd Baltimore Railroad at , 0 Ciaymont, Delaware, twenty miles from this city, 1 ' this morning. A team was crossing tbe road and ? stopped directly upon the track. The man in charge disengaged the horses and attempted to < give tbe signal to tbe englneman but felled to do i so in season. Tbe engine, baggage and mall cars were thrown from tbe traek Tbe passenger cars were not Injured but one passenger, who was In h the baggage car, had his legs broken. 1 ? Freas Gen Banks' Cslian PooLKSTiLLt, Mb , Sept 22.?Tbe Confederate camp can now be seen near Leesburg from here Without the aldof aglass,niirt*nta being pitobed leas than six miles from them. The Potomac Is still tbe only dividing line of the forces Tbe Confederate cavalry ride along tbe Virglnlaahore and continually are at our pickets, who are ? watching the Maryland aide. The Confederates , K continue to manoeuvre their forces as though they " Intended to cross near Edwards' Ferry. 1 ? 8' Arrival sf a Prime Scheeaer. Boston, Pept. 22?The British scbooaar Re_ vere, of and from Varmouth, N 8 , with a cargo of salt snd fish, arrived at this port last evening, i in change of Henry W.Wells, master's mate, and D( a prlxe crew from theU.S steamer Cambr d^ The Revere was captured while attempting to >h run the blockade at Beaufort, N C. Tbe vessel < and all her payers have been placed in charge of * the U. S. District Attorney. to it Saapeaetea ? Boston, Sept, 23?A letter from Liverpool by the Europa from Messrs. James Hewett A Co.. to atates, that, "owing to tbe Interruption of peotal in and commercial Intercourse daring tbe war, we have suspended the publication of our Weekly 1 ' Circular, which would be entirely cut off from >' our Southern friends." th Steamer North Star Arrived. u Niw Yobk. Sept 23 -Tbe steamer North Star, ( ,n from Asptnwsll, has arrived at The North Star brings *950,000 la treasure from California. She exchanged signals with the 08 ateauier Northern Light on tbe morning of the to 18th' he New York Baa fltateaaeat. LNiw Yobk, Sept 23?Tbe weekly statement of tbe city bauks shows a decrease of *6,373 365 la I loans, S7M 235 ia specie, 989,937 la circulation, l| and *7,444,045 in deposits. d- Draftla* la Iowa. Ckicaoo, Sept. S3 ? Drafliag for thoanay co?roeacesla Iowa to-morrow, ordeie to that eff ct having boea Issued by the Governoroa Saturday. ? . Prlace Kapeleoaat I stoe. t# Boston, Sept 22 ?Theyatch JaroeaeNapoleoa. with Prince Napoleoa a ad Mt* Oh hoard, f reived ? here afteraooa ' THE NEWS. (FROM YESTERDAY'S 8ECOXI> EDITION. | OUR MILITARY BUDOBT. military trroivrunm Bltet the ImI Issue at tbe Sim*, the following Hilary appointments hivi km mode Via: Msjor (aid Quortormaatu) Stewart Vaa Vtolt. of U . 8 Any, to te a Brigadier (.?mr1 af Velunteera, to be aaalgaed to duty as chief of the Quartermaeter's department ?f tbe ray of the Potomac. Msj JO. Barnard. ?f engineers, U S A . to be a Brigadier General, to be smlgned to daty aa chief of erglneers of the army of the Potomac John C onner* to be Coloaei of second raiment of Maryland volunteers Eugene Dnryee to ba Lleetoeaat Coleaei af Second Regiment af Mary toad Velaatoara Edward C Boy a too, to ba a Capiat a lathe llth Infantry U. S. Army David P. Dewltt to be Major of tbe flirnni Regiment of Maryland Votuateers Dr 0 W Btipp, to be a Brigade Burgeon af Volunteer* Dr. H P. B?aaraa, do. Dr O B Oliver, do. Dr D W Bliss, do Cap* C bar lea Candy, to be aa Assistant Adjatant General of Volunteer* Capt 8tanoa B. Brown, to ba aa Aaatotoat Uaartermaater of Voluateees. John Newton, to be a Brigadier Goner* 1 of Volunteer* NVlnfleld 8. Hancock, to be a Brigadier General of Volnateera. mrt taid Veaterday tbe propeller Puaay, Captain Hoaaa, went down to Maryland Point, retaralng isst night She report* all quiet ea the Potomac. A battery mount!ag elgbt guna la visible ao the bill juat In tbe rear of tbe wharf at Aqala Creek, with a large flag waring from It* summit No mee can beaeen, but there are evidence* of quite aa encampment Laat Prlday the Ioe Beet wa flred upon by the Aqula Creek batterlea, but without doing any damage. Two aboto oaly were Brad, both of which fell abort. Tbe ateamar bolaled her anchor and dropped quietly a little lower dews, out of range Three amall sklflt. picked ap oa tbe Maryland shore,were brought ap by tbe Puaey In order that no poaalble meaaa of eommanleattoa between Maryland and Virginia aaay be aflWded the aeceaaloBlata. Under tbe atrlat surveillance of tbe flotilla, few succeed la creaalag the Potomac now, and tranaportatlea of auppllea to the rebela haa been pretty effectually checked. Experiment* were made with a new cartridge for ordnaaqe, at the yard, thla morning, he Lieut Badger. Tbe Improvement conalata la a waterproof caae for tbe powder, ao that la earn at accident at ara, the eoatenta of a magazine may not be destroyed by water, a* waa that of the R B. F or bee oa her trip from Boaton, by which about 1 aoo pound* were ruined. LA TB LOCAL NE W8. MiLiTAay Fcnkkals VaaraanAv Cant. Liegerfelter, of Company B, Col Baker's California Regiment, left hla camp with all noon oa Saturday evening, to go on a acoutlng expedition At a point about flee mile* beyond tbe Chat a Bridge they were attacked by a considerable body of aeceaatonlata. Capt Ltngerfelter received a Wl la bla temple which paaaed through hla bead, killing him Instantly Hla Sergeant avenged hia death Immediately, by killing tbe aoldler aeoa to aim tbe feUl abot at Capt L Tbe bo<1y of the Captain wa* aubarquentiy found ua tour bed at tha pot wbere be fell, and waa brought to thla city, and yeaterday afternoon wa* conveyed to tha dopot, to be aent to hla late boaae la New Vork city. The body waa eacorted by hla company, marching with arm* revereed Another funeral eaoort followed la tbe aame direction Tbe deceaaed waa Capt Kerrigan, of New York. AnoTHxa Dxkceht cron Maxbli Alley On Saturday night tbe metropolitan police and provoat guard paid another vtait to Marble Alley and raked out a few of tbe military gentlemen who bad quartered there. Tbe proprletreae of one of the establlsbmenta waa exceedingly wrothy at tbe vialta of tbe police to her domicile. Through tbeoe persistent vialtatlona her girls have been put to their sblfta (no pun latended) to conceal their military cavaliers In thecloaets and clothe* presses Madam wo* told by tbe eRcer of tbe police that be latended to break up all each eetabllahment* In hla dlatrlct Yeaterday another baal waa made at a bouae la the aame neighborhood, which reaulted In tbe exposure of aome more about dor-strapped gentlemen. In another locality, tbe cltls'a* who have endured tbe outrageoaa deportment of oA cera, threaten to make up a Hat of tbooe who are openly vlaitiag notorloua place* of Infamy, with tbe reglmenta to which they are attached, and tbe addreaa of tbeir famlllea, la order to report them to tbe commanding general, and alao to their faint lie* at home. Highway Robbeby ? Wm Harlow and Neieon Huptall, two aoldler*, were met oa Maryland avenue near Third Mreet, oa tbe Ialaad, laat alght by three men, wto knocked them down and robbed them of all the money tbey had Tha partie* concerned to this outrage were aubsequeaUy arrested by the patrolmen and Identified by the aoldler* They proved to be Joha Maber. altaa Cunningham, Andrew Kidwell and Joha Palley, tbe first two not more than a week or tea day* out of tbe penitentiary, where each served a term, and the last one aa " Intermittent" beardar at tbe county jail for tbe laat twelve year* They were committed to Jail by Justice Clark. Dbcmmbd Oct?George Haya, aim* William Miller, of Company K, U 8. Dragoon*, waa drummed out of the service this BDorntag for tbeft. He stole a horse from Truxeo Beat, which be aald to Patrick Hurley, and then made hi* eecepe to Baltimore. He la alao charged with atoallag two cavalry revolver* Detective Kimball followed and arrested blm, and alao a dlacbarged aoldler named La vet Pete, auppoaad to be aa accomplice Hays waa drummed out this mora lag wlta tbe usual ceremonies, and be aad Pete are both committed to answer tbe charge of feioay before the Criminal Court. Natiohal Past Day ?It will be aaaa by the advertlaement In another column, that Mayor W attach ofllclally recommeada the general observance of Tburaday next ' aa a day af humiliation. fsating abd prayer " Thla la to carry out tbe request of the joint committee of Coagieas, aad tbe subaequent proclamation af tbe P real dent Chaxgb ot False Sweablns ?Tbla maralng Policeman Reynolds arrested Jos R Swift, on the oath of Adam Ottwlth charging blm with obtaining by fraud and fa lee swearing a patent for car coupling, thereby defrauding him oat of the ame Tbe accused was takes before Justice Donn.who held him to ball for a farther bearlag. Coxtbabamds ?Six runaway alavea tram tha adjoining counties la Maryland?ovar tbe Eateora Branch?were brought to jail veaterday, aad are there conflned. LA TBS T NBWS B Y TELBGRA PH. THE RRPORTBD SURRENDER OP LEX. INGTON?AFFAIRS IN MISSOURI* jErrsason City. Sept. S3?A dispatch received here my* tbe Federal troopa at Lexiagtoa Hirrendered to tbe rebels oa Ffiday aftornooa, tor want of water Gee. Ben McCulloch wm la Barton couaty ea Monday last, marching ea Lexington Major Taaaer'a wouada, It 1* feared, will prove mortal. Tbe greatest activity preraila la military electee. Tbe steamer Sunablaa arm brought dewa here today. 8 be will doabtlem bs ceeflacatod 07" Yeaterday afternoon Thomas Wlaaaa, Eaq , of Baltimore, proooaded to Fortress Maaree wltb aa order, It la stated, far the retoaae af hie rather, Rom Wlaaaa. TaaaavaT Noras ?We tesrasd ea Saturday that tbe Clttteaa Baak, Beak af Cemmaree, Mechanics' Baak, and tbe Farmer* and Plnators Bank, received on depoatl tbe Uaited Btetea Treaaury notes, paysble ea demand la tbe Eaaftara sad We*tern cltfce. Store-keeper* aad ethers were receiving tham m freely as ths bills so aar city baak* ?B+U deppsr "HRVWiaBEt nTw 'w^teesNw Meaaaallaaa. wt stylos, SSih. 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