Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1861 Page 1
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f / * i .%?<-? '?*' ?r~? * + -r^T i (&b mmg ?tur, * V?^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 25. 1*61. N?. 2.68-3. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED BVa&T APTBRNOOIf, ( UNDAY EXCEPTED.> AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cotmt / SVMM Md EitVtUlk It. rr W. D. WALLAOH. Ptpen mmd la ptehfti by wrlm at ?4 i ymr, Of r oea* jpr month. To mil rabocrlben U* M*m to C3.M mr. < mtmmmm.- k for di moatha; SI for three moat ha; u< for lam than three moatha at Mm rmte of IS ccnta a week. Sl?(le eoplea, on cbht; 1b wrapper a. two cerre. C7" A&TKvriaBxiaTa ahouWl be aeat to tke eMee > < ? tt o'clock m ; ethti wlao they mmf aot appear aatll the neat day. - - L kT THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. A The Richmond Dirpatch of the 12th gir? the following newt from Monion'a Bill: v Mas Altai, Sept. 11? Notwithstanding mj i. proximity to the headquarter* of the army, I find U next to impossible to aeparati the few lie mi at Uath I aeeire to giro you from tho M rf > ! ! il rnMM that in mMtant. f !J afloat, some of than a? ridiculous u they arc * iapoaaibie u4 false. " The heavy cannonading that baa bean ao . frequently heard in tbe direction of Arlington Heights, baa given rise to assertion* that there are daily akiraiahaa between the advance of the contending armies. At I hare stated previoosly, thia firing is from Fort Corcoran, tJ abort d lata Doe above Georgetown, where tha Federal* drill daily In artillery practice. On Saturday and Monday tbey were using tome j, heavy guns. probably reocoast howitzers, the h report of whwb, echoing over the hills, oonld . ho distinctly board at Manassas. The smaller Q guns and tha light artillery can be distinguish- n ?d at Fairfax. Occasionally, a few reports are # heard down the river, bnt they are evidently Tl for practice, or the signal guns by which the g| enemy maintain some secret communication. tj Finca tha little aff*ir at nr near lire, at Falls. _s where the Washington Artillery cave the Van- rj kees a terrible acare, and made tbem ibow the ? white feather, a a well as the white flag, there a haa been bo skirmiahing of any importance. ,j Every one i? looking anxiously towards D Mnnaon'i IIill and the vicinity of tke Chain ^ Bridge in anticipation of aome stormy scenes B, within a short time. II is expected thattbe j, enemy will endeavor to drive oar men from the kill, and that they, mindfnl of the former p unsuocessfal attempt, will come oat in mnch {, stronger foree Oar men on the bill and the w vicinity are prepared for them, and nightly sleep on their arma, with the parks of artillery ^ in poeition, to be ased in lees than four min- jj utea from the alarm. All the paseea to the hill g\ re carefully guarded and fortified, and it may ^ firove hatardons expedition should McClel- w an try to get poeaeesion of the works there, ai whiob be undoubtedly wishes very much to do, and pull down the Rebel" flag that is continuslly floating in his sight. One can very e, readily imagine that it must be an eye-sore to ^ the fanatical Roundheads, and that it recalls unpleasant memories of Bethel, Bull Ran, Stone Bridge and Springfield. g( The possession of Munson's Hill is at this it time of much more importance to the Federals jl ia?n w> us, ana lor tnis very I?Ml it is aesi- in Table that it should not fall into their hands, it With Upton's, Taylor's, Manson's and Mason's th Hills, a most admirable line of defence could m be formed, which, with the field work that *i could be easily erected, would resist any force w that MeClellan can bring against it. Guns gt mounted on the redoubt on Mason's Hill would tt sweep all the roads and approaches to Mun- m son's Hill, and could do admirable execution to upon troops advancing by the Leesburg turn- aj pike, certainly the most desirable avenue of of approach for any considerable body of men. a From Uptoa's it is an easy matter to throw aj shell upon Hall's Hill, and it would b? but ai little work to destroy entirely the house of Mary Hall, now used as a lookout or observatory by Federal pickets. That house has now tl baoome quit* a centre of attraction, and there qi are many visitors who climb to its roof in order tl to get a glimpse of the Confederate camp near S< Uptou's bouse. ti On Sunday last a number were assembled in ti -both houses, and stood peering at each other ol through glaaeea for some hours. We in Up- di ivu mvm*w W?T?U oauu laroaiec to IOOM ?p- a posite, and the salute wu immediately re- pi turned; bat aoon after, possibly when it wss ai suggested that the signal was for an attack, tb there waa a general stampede, and we taw no 01 more of them for some hoars. m The line of hills now in oar possession are of ot some importance as positions of defence, and sc for little else. The Federals have erected tt powerful field works opposite them, with bas- a tions baring heavy guns mounted en barbette, pi They hare also several smsller fortifications. X stockade forts, redoubts with redans and lu- d ncttas, and various kinds of shelters, behind 01 which the light artillery oould be safely used ai Every point that can be strengthened and ei made available for defensive operations is V being fortified, and they are burning the woods a in every direction, bringing to light houses g that have been hidden from oar sight by the ti intervening forests. *t It is evident that hot work is expected here. " and that McClellan is using every exertion to R perfect his defences before the blow is struck. c< I have said this line of hills is aseful for ma- S king a defence; but as a base for offensive ope14 * ? - ~ ( uw ii li OI 1M TUB*. AS far U ID) judg- t< me tit goes, I should mj that the beat that h ooald be done voald be to ereotcounter works, * mounting tome of oar beavieet guns upon n them, and than under oover of their fire, a sue eeaafal advaooe might be made The present tl position of the two armies is one of much inter- *' est to an engineer, and there are man;* pro- g bleats apon the board that woald require maoh ol skill and hard study to solve. a When the armies are so oloee to eaoh ether tl it is not surprising that some small sallies T should be made occasionally, aimilar to those a brilliant aortiee ae common daring the Crimean ? war. A brave, dashing man calls for a few tl volunteers and goes out on a scouting expedi- c tion. He learns bj reconnoisance of a partj 1 of the enemj, and endeavors by surprise, or ? rapid charge, to capture them, which he pos- ? sibly can do with the loas of one or two men. p The history of all wars shows thii practice to " be tommon, and they serve to enliven the dull * routine of camp or garrison duty. In our war d tbeae small skirmishes furnish the ground b work for the telegrams which appear in our *4 daily papers, received in a msiority of cases h from Yankee sources. Last night one took tl place naar the Chain Bridge, in which one 6f * our Captains, a Lieutenant, and a private were * taken prisoners, and two privates killed. I have not learned the full history of the affair, but you will undoubted!? have a mma* the telegraphic diapatebee from ^aahingtoa ? sooner than I can col it to yarn by mail. The pickets ati H keep firing on eaoh other, I tl bat tbaa far bat little baa bean accomplished tl oa either aide. Thar* aaetna to be a number u of amataar ftghtara on the Yankee Una?fanat- " iea! Abolitioniata, wh* come oat from Waahingtea, briagiac aparting rifles of loag range, ? and apand tba day ia eraoking at oar piokeU ? wbaaeVer they oome ia eight. I believe that ?a hare loat bat two aa yet, notwithstanding many tboaeand minie bail a have bean aimed ? at every person who oomee within a thooaand ft yards of thair line. On 6anday a young man f, \>?loagiag to oae of the Tonneeaaa regiments n wda fait white peeeing from one poet to another, n and waa severely woaaded in the aide. The el ball atraek one of the ribe, shattered it and paaaad oatwards Ha will rrnear. Abou t tba s*me time a spent ball struck another of our I piekaU in tke foot, exactly oa the aole of kia # ahoe Tka Mow caused some swelling of the g foot end ankle These are all the lata casual- a tie* near Manaon'a Hill. The weather to-day haa boon stormy and dia- a. agreeable, althoagh bat little raii haa fallen, si It is a rare oiroamatance to hare three pleas- r< aat days ia ?eases ice G M ' Imu or tsi Baona Island Beoijcckt ? '' The Thirl Rhode lalaad Begiseat, which left * the eenp at Pert Hami Itoo so suddenly oa Hatnr- ? day night a week ace, sad according lo the Be'- " aid eaiTed oa a secret expedition lo the South, returned to their etd quarters oa Thuredar eventag. h Thoy aaat le Waeh a^toa. raaraleed there a frw p days, and ware then ordered hack again It ap- L peasaltet tkay w?reordered eCbv mletake Tb?y were ?a<aaiad U reeaala la the rtclaltf ti the li Fert aattl saUe^ed -H Y h IfT flea. WlUls F. Maagaaa, of North Care- " Una, died at kto rertdeaee la Oman T tm that Stat*, m Satardav tM^rtaaafaa^'ajp" | i owM lil nllf 91 \ * Frock EiUatu of Omrtli McClillta ad McDtwtll. Tbe American correspondent of the Opinion ational is said to be either th? Prinee N?popon or a member of hia suite, and numerous aealiaritiea ia hia lettera fmror thia idea. The pinion, at any rate, ia the reoogniaed newaaper organ of Hia Imperial Highneaa. In the itter dated Waahington, August 16, we find Hae eariona matter : " Qea. McClellan, a pnpil of the Weat Point cademj, ia a man abont 35 yeara old, rerj nail in atatnre,with blaok hair and mnstaohe, n intelligent, frank and agreeable coante...... -- I ?r -I i. 1 ?i l.l?:? (J ? auv?, ?UVft U1 OKUi^IC, LUUUOSb UCUflTIUr. OBC* 32 him pass in the street, 70a would certainly ike him for a French officerfof engineers or rtillary. Gen. McDowell commands all the roops oa the right bank of the Potomac. lie I a man about 42, is large and stronglj built, is face dot parti"ularly delicate, but remarkblj open and from it* expression of frankess and amiability, engaging If McClellan Membles one of our engineer officers, McDowII ia like a Frenoh infantry officer His conersation, his character and his principles are iperior to his exterior, however prepossessing lat may be. He is a man as jast, as true, as mple as one can meet. He received a terible check at Boll Run, and he speaks of it ithoat bitterness,without recrimination, with n accent of sincerity and an elevation of senment that do him the greatest honor. Derived of iha supreme command in eonsequence f this reverse, he saw McClellan, his comrade I Weat Point, and his janior by several years, iherit his pewers, his positions and his growwnnnU-U. Tl? a. - J ??? 1 *8 F"Fu,aw1/- u? <m}?o|>m9u, wunoui ooinlain t or murmur, an inferior position under im whose mission was to repair the misfortune ith which his own name was associated. Yet o one doubts that McDowell will prove the toil submissive and the most devoted of the eutenants of McClellan. McDowell has, bedes. the reputation in the army of being a >rt of philosophical stoic, a reputation of hioh some of the West Point graduates are mbitious, and of which they are in some deree worthy. He drinks neither wine, tea nor jffee; he does not smoke, and his sobriety and ldurance are quite analogous with his Puriin principles. Of the troops this close observer remarks; ' The cavalry is not at all numerous ; as for eld artillery, it is not seen, which proves that Kaa I 1 - ^ ^ um uw ;vi icj'oiici ito tosses ai duii nun. bere remains the infantry, which u encamped i an irregular bat still comfortable manner. a appearanoe is not favorable; this is partly iff fault of the men, who appear strangers to ilitary cleanliness and the use of weapons, id partly the fault of the administration, hich is far from baring completed a regular yle of clothing for the feet, the persons, or le heads of the troops. The instruction of the >ldier is inefficient, and to my notion there is | 10 little thought about it. In general, the ipect of the camp is dull?as much on account the somber color and bad condition of what theatrical manager would oall the properties, i the bearing of the men themselves?heavy, id destitute of animation and gaiety." So much for oar side, now for secession : "At the first meeting, one can form an idea of ie exterior of the secessionist soldier. The lestion of uniform, but little considered at ie North, is not considered at all by the >uth. It seems that the effort* to uniform the oops have not reaohed beyond the distribuon to a few corps of a sort of coarse grey oth garment made in Virginia. Uniform resees or fanoy dresses, the entire tinus is in miserable condition ; the soldier, however, reserve* under his rags a tolerably martial ir, and perfect order reigns in the camps and ie outposts. What impresses one most is tha ivalry, which i( very numerous, admirably I ounted, and composed of picked men. It is j icspicuous at a glance that these men are the >ns of farmers, of landed proprietors, that ley are accustomed, if not to arms, at least to rude and rural life. Nothing can be more icturesque than these southern cavaliers, hey wear their impossible costume, dilapi?ted by a bivouac or three months, hats withit tops, boots without soles, with a grace and a heroic air that Don Ca;sar de Basan might nvy. And as these knights in rags have fine irginia faces, as their horses are magnificent, nd they ride with the greatest daring?one at* to admire them just as he admires the faniltifl Wirrinffi ..?w> v? w\t uj utiiT auvi lkusn . x lit) Mffi of Generals Beauregard and Johnston are smarkable If the United Stated were not a epublic, I should say that these staffs were imposed of the flower of the southern nobility, everal are owners of immense fortunes. " Disinterested in this civil war?a ranger > the hates, the passions, the interests that are kindled it?I oould not but be touched t the sight of some of these men with white instaohes, aristocratic and military bearing, nd distinguished manners, who had ^nitted leir families, their firesides^ their importnce, to serve u aides-de-camp under young enerals, lately unknown, and in the rudest f wars. It is inoontestible that there is much tore passion and ardor among the officers of be Southern army than in those of the North, 'hey assert in the secessionist camp that this rdor, this disinterested devotion for the comion cause is shared by the common soldier; bat at the South tbey serve for honor and uuTiQiion itit; tnat among the Federalists ha soldier bu no other motive than pay?no ther impulse than poverty, the best of reruiting sergeant* from the population of imlense citics. Undoubtedly this is general, ling too widely in a fact which mav be true ithin certain limits. Individual valor is unoubtedly superior in the Confederate camp, at the Union camp neutralises this advanige by a more advanced state of military nowledge and organisation, at least among ke privates, so that tbeee elements balancing lmost equally, it is difficult to foresee towards rbich side the scales of war will turn." JET" a horrible accident occurred In Douglas iwnehlp, Berks county. Pa , on Friday last. As Ir Chas B Weaver, of Colebrookdale Foundry, r??experimenting with a bomb sheet, whlph had ist been cast. It prematurely exploded. a olece of m miaaue striking htm In the fore bead, between m eyebrows and the root of the note, penetrating > the brain. He la not expected to live At the une time Mr. Samuel Weidner was terribly araed In the face, and w*t probably low hla ye-aigbt The Weavrra have a contract for taking a large number of shells for the Governlent. Excitkmbst at Fbbna.ibijia. Flobida.?Tbe avannah Republican of September 5 sava: 'We ?rn there has been quite a stampede or fa ml Ilea om the town of Fernandlna, Fla , in' the last w days, under an apprebenaion of a bombardment of the town by the Lincoln fleeta. We bave ot learned tbe particular ground on which the Itliena anticipate an attack at thia time " Thb Chicaso Pbbss Advabcbs it* Pbicb.? 'he Chicago dally papera, viz: tbe Tribune, the 'Imea and the Journal, bave advanced tbe price f tbe papera to city aubarrtbers from twelve to fleer cents a week, and mall subscribers to pay ?vea Instead'of six dollars a year hereafter (XT'At last accounts Mt. Veauvlua had begun teaia to emit smoke, rumble and abow decided Igna of a coming eruption. Prof Palmier!, dl fcior of tbe N?jpoliian Observatory, ! la dally i pee tat Ion of something turning up. ID" The balance* due southern newspapers at etikoglU's Advertising agency, In Boa ton, were tUchtd. by tbe United states Marshal oa Tneaay Tbe aggregate autn will amount to aaore van a theuaand dollars Tbe Cenaua Marshal of Nevada Territory as Inlahed bis report, and lad* that tbe total npulatlon, Including Kameraida aad Honey akr, is 16 a;4 ItTThe Panama Railroad contpaay voted to i Teat about SSUO,OUO la Trsaaary a own. They ave already takaa tKKMM), aad ptapoas I* recall idr deposits from London \?T H ia ac pacta* that bv Ua 1stat Jaaaa/y enilng, tbs 11 ao of telsgraah asaasctlag 9t. Loots 1th Saa PYaocIseo will bo eo?plc<odaad to ?fking order. W B. Astos boo aohoanbod tor ?40.00t> of mSSTSuST ^"' Hi'" SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Publuhtd t? conformity with the resolution o1 the Senate of July 16, 1981. At General Hotpttal on E ttreet, bitwetn Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington, Sept. 20. lit Excelsior Brigade. 2 5th New Jersey Vol... 9 2d do do.... 4 3d Milne Volunteer!.. 1 ( 3d do do.... 3 3d do do...... 1 { 12thN.Y.Volunteer*.. 1 4th do do...(<!) 1 21th do do 4 2d New Hampshire .. 3 1 25th do do 2 2d Michigan Vol 3 27th do do...... 1 4th do do...... 5 28th do do 1 5th do do 1 1 31st do do 1 2d Wisconsin 3 i 35th do do....... 1 1st California 1 i 36th do do 3 Starves Rifles 1 37th do do 1 1st N ir. Cavalry 3 1 Ota ao ao 1 lit Kentucky Cavalry. 1 69th do do 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 2 79th do do... (a) 3 1st Indiana Cavalry... 1 9th Maaa. Volunteers.. 1 Harland's Cavalry 3 10th do do 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry 1 | 19th do do 1 1st Chasseurs 1 2d Vermont Vol (6)2 Berdan'sSbarpshooters 2 1st Pennsylvania Vol.. 6 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 2Qd do do., 'i D. C. Volunteers 2 26th do do.. 2 ? 27th do dc(e) 1 Total 85 . 30th do do.. 1 (a) Including an officer. (6) One officer. (e)One officer, (d) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Sept. 20. 1st Artillery 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 2d Maine Volunteers.. 5 1st Penn. Cavalry .... 2 3d do do 2 1st do Artillery... 3 6th do do 2 6th do Reserve.... 1 ' 7th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 8th do do 1 9th do do 2 9th do do....? 8 ( 3d N .Y. Volunteers.. 1 10th do do 1 j 14th do do 2 11th do do 1 vntn ao do 2 l*th do do 1 < 33d do do 7 l?t Minnesota Vol.... 2 1 35th do do 1 l?t Michigan Vol 1 79th do do 1 'id do do...(6) 9 | Mozart, New York. .. 1 3<1 do do 2 < Tammany, do 3 4th do do. ..(c)24 I Long Island Vol 5 1 19th Indiana (?)23 Total 118 ( (?) One officer. (6) Two officer!- (c) Four i officers At General Hospital, Union Hot*l, tomer Bridge and Washington struts, Qtorgttown, Sept. 20. 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 511st Penn. Artillery.... 5 i l'2th do do l lit do Oavalrv 1 1 13th do do 5 3d do Volunteers . 2 14th do do 9 Sth do do 2 17th do do 1 11th do do 1 i 19th do do 1 12th do do 2 ? 22d do do 4 2fith do do 1 ] 23d do do 7 27th do do 2 i 25th do do 2 19th Indiana do 1 ] 26th do do 1 21st do do 1 33d do do 14 2d Wltconalndo 5 35th do do 4 3d do do 1 * 79th do do 6 6th do do 1 1 Ho" kh tit's Battery H2d Michigan do 2 ? ,Excelsior Brigade.... l|3d do do 13 j n.iraih ?U?w -i w ? >*? * ? a tm uo Mozart 3 1st Minnesota do 1 ' 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 4 lit California do 1 . 3d do do 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 2 : 4th do do 2 5tbU.S Artillery 1 e Sth do do 8 Lincoln Cavalry 2 I 2d Vermont do 4 Teamster, U. 8. A.... 1 I 3d do do 12 Guide 1 * ?tb Man do 2 . 2d Rhode Island Vol. 1 Total. 102 1 At Hospital at Columbian ColUg*, Washington, Sept. 20. | 2d MalneVolunteers<a) 7 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. * 3d do do...... 5 Garibaldi do do... ? Sth do do 3 De Kalb do do... J 7th Mas*. Volunteera. t 2d New Jeraey Vol.... * 10th do do...... i 3d do do.... 14th do do 3 Ut Penn. Artillery.... 1 19th do do 3 26th do Volunteers.. J 20th do do 1 31st d? do 3 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 2d Michigan Vol ..(6)1? 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 3d do do r> r 1st New York Cavalry 1 4th do do 2 2d N. Y. Fire Zouaves 15th do do 1 Anderson Zouaves, NY 1 7th do do H * 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 312d Wisconsin do 3 8th do do 1 5th do do It 9th do do l|flth do do 1*2 11th do do 1 lit Minnesota do 4 12th do do 1 19th Indiana do 15 14th do do 2 1st California do 4 22d do do 13 Berdan'sSharpshooteraS g 2Kb do do 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 25th do <lo...... 3 McClellan'a Dragoons. 1 ? 32d do do 1 2d U 8 Cavalry 2 , Sid do do 3 4th do do 2 35th do do 12 Quartermaster'* Dep't 3 36th do do 4 37th do do 1 Total 201 2d Sickles Brig., N Y 7 (a) Including an officer, (b) One officer. Ii At Otntral Hospital, AUmndria, Sept. 13. 15th New York ....(a) 2|5th Maine (4)16 , l?4L. JA ? ?? ?'- -- imu (ojic i?i Massachusetts 1 17th do (r)!7 3d Vermont 1 ". 18th do 6 1st New Jersey 1 25th do 7 2d Michigan 1 < 2?th do. 7 3d do 1 I 27th do It 2d Wisconsin 3 i 31st do 10 1st Minnesota 4 I 32d do 17 1st Artillery, U .8 A . 1 37th do.. 2 2d do do.... 4 38th do 9 2<t Cavalry, U. 8 A... 1 40th do 9 3d do do.... 1 ( 79th do 2 Lincoln Cavalry 2 ' 2d Maine 1 ' 3d do 8 Total 175 , 4th do 12 J (a) One officer. (6) One officer, (e) One officer, i (d) Three officers j Sick remaining in IA? Hospital for Eruptive 1 Disease*, at Kalorama. Sept 20 | 34th New York 113d Michigan 1 ni?t 11 ?????' * t vaui, iiiouu m v/iiciua, 8tb Infantry 1 New York 1 I '2d \V iKoniln 1 15th N Y. Chasaeurs.. 2 J 3d Infantry 1 3d ExceUlor 2 3d Pennsylvania 2 5th Wlaconalo I 18th do 1 l?t Cbaaaeura, N. Y... 1 2d German Rifles .... 1 Sturges Rifle* 1 8tb Pennsylvania 1 ? ' 30th do 1 Total 26 I9tb Indiana 6 a < IfT Washington paper* please copy and aend { hills to the War Department. se^it 34?3t , US. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Wash- j ingtoa and Rookvilla 1 saves ' eartia's Hotel, oor. 8th and D sU VERY MORNING(Sandaya ceftad) at 7 o'biook and I. C. Conoda ?. nor an<l Uh:: sU., Georgetown, at 8 o'oiooK ; retarninf , daily. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday*. j tarouch to Poolesvilla: Tuesdays, Thursdays and fSSSb BILLIARDS! The lovera ' ^ of the GAME OF BILLIARDS 1 will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL, Corner o Pennsylvania aveuue and Uth street, ( oath aid*,) i tiro of the moat admirable TABLE* ia the United States, with every oomfoct and i convenience I aa S tf lor the playefra. W? BOYS: CLOTH1N?. ? * a n are rMMTM Wlttun the I ut day or two a * ! Msortmont of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING. ombrooinc all stiles of low-priood, medium, wd Id* saolities, whioh wo aro selling at very . low prioM for oMh. WALL, STEPHENS A CO . 188 Pa. between 9th and 10th sts. tl (latoilicraoMr Md Republican.> / VAT THE ObD PAWN OPKICE.^ m ? B*ck of tk* Natttmml HoM. 9 Q M< it liberal idvuoM nod a on wold and .-tlvor ( W atones. Lhamoat, J ewerjr. Silver war*. Clothing, Pistols, and all Kinds of MMohaadiao. Basi- < ? "TSir'ii'Kl'zBP.B., M. C.^ m l-im JWwwOiaadwKtb. 0 SUMMER RETREATS. SKA BATHING AND BAFK RKTRKAT, At Point Look-Oo*, Maryland. Tiiiv oe ehrat?d Bat hint Plaoe. aitnated at the ibnotionof the Potomac River with the A. . A Cbeaapeake Bay, will bo opened by

ndsraigned on the 10th of Juno, in tbeJU?flLA vary beat atyle, for all peraona who mar wiah a aafe and auiet retreat. where they oanbaTe the benefit of the beat aalt water bathing and enjoy the lisiiqaoies of the water, auoh aa Fish of all kinds. Oysters, Crabs, Ao. Every description of fithinx tackle will bo kept for the aooommodation of guests. A fine livery stable kept on .the farm Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons; with all other amusements naually fonnd at anoh plaeea. The t*hU ?iii .---i.-a a*.\~ _.?u t?l.' win uv ufpii cm uaii J w lwii 11 n II VOJJ Ptable* from the garden on the premmes and from Ihe Baltimore and Washington markets. The heat Liq uori and Clear* will always be found at the Bar. Board, $2 p?r day; one wsek, }ia? second week, 1?; f'Ur weeks for #36; om.uren and colored aerrant? aarr-prioe. The steamer 8t. Nicholas leaves Washington Tuesday a: 6 a m aad Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. to The half past 3 o'clock p. in. train from Washington will connect at Baltimore with the boats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a *o, a tri-weekly rtage from Washington, by way of Leonardtown Add ess tke proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington, D 0., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWER k. CO , Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R. BOTELER, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Tooth Streeta an a6-eo2m \f TEETH. L"l? LOOM18, M. D., the inventor and patentee >ft&a MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at . ^ tenda peraonally at hie office .n thia eitr jpflKBf Man; remunan wear these teeth wjk>* xd annot wear others, and no person oan wear others rho oannot wsar these. Persons ca!! ? a at my off oe oan be aooommoaated rith any sty'.eand price of Teeth they may d-sire; >ot to those wko are particular and wiah the purest, lieanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that krt oan arodua*, the MINERAL PLATE will be nore fully warranted. Pooms in this city?No. 33? Pa. avenue, between and 10th ata. Aiao, 007 Arch street, Phi adei ihl*. ? '" w i# u GAS FITTING^ &c. A WM T. DO VK A CO. PA. RE Now prepared to ??*e<!ute auj ?rd?ra wita rtaioh they roay be favored in the PLUMBING, ?AS OR STriAM FITTING BUSINESS. Store on tth sireet, ? lew door* ncth of Pa .renpe, where mr he foam a compete a^jortmenl if CHANDELIERS and other GAS. STEAM and WATKK KIXTHRKH > rt It | SNYDER, I. PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER. Uu removed U tha corner of Twelfth and F et?. leis prepared to introduce Water and Gaa upon he moat favorable terraa, and gnarantiea entira atiafaction. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other t cjo, wmonne win Mil ieaa tli%n ooat, as it* riahee to got rid of them. no H UU OAS FIXTURES. " E Have iu alare, and are dai y reoeiYtng, 8i6 fllTORESof entirely New Patte-ua&nd Deairna Aa Finiah, auporw in a trie to anything heretoioa iffej d in thia market. We inviteoitimena general r to aall and examine oar atook ol Ua? ana Water 'ix irta, feeling oinhdent that we hare the bast leieoted atook in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intra*ted to aur oar# rill be promptly attended to, MVKRS * McSHAN. nur >-tt 378 If at reel Jr iue. ur insrmrruK and seale* of ?4s meters. wabhiiwtow. jmlr 1?. !** , MOT I OK IS HEREBY (fitEN. Tint, i(rM .bly to the pronnom of the ordinance of (he Cor*?ration a?proved Mat U. I860, the underaicned it iov prepare*, "vhonever refViired in writinf .and m pre-payment of the foe of fifty oenjt, to inapeot. xainine, te?t, prove, and aeeertain the acenrao/of titration ofany cm meter in na? is thiaoify." %very aieier, iffoaud moorreot.wili be condemned ,ud another, aealed and marked aa true, will he et in i>* place. If proved to be aooB~a?e in ita r.eaaui?ment of caa, it wii! beaealea acco-amgly, ,od again vat in poaition for me. CHioe No, *10 Seventh *troet, (near Odd Fal Vl' Hill.) ()Mn from fl m *a C m " UiAirr.ES W; CUlvfrTNtfHAM. Jt l? tf inspector and Bailor of tias Meter*. 4 T THE OLD RATE^.-Blaok SILKS, extra V glossy aa<l fine, all widths. Piain and Panov SI 1 n ohoiee stvles. With all kind* of DRV GOODS adapted for the ;en?ral and pecial wanu of families. ONE PhlCE ONLY, marked in plain figure#; ienoe no puroha??r is deoeived. CARPETS, CURTAINS. OILCLOTHS, &oJpper Floors. PERRY & BRO.. Penn. avenue and 9t>< street, e 18-Stif "Perry Building." wy H COAL AND^ WOOD. ^ ? M?,v VH itwi u auu u uaukubi j i curi vi !1K srge quan'ities of all kind* of Coal, which wrare telling at low prices tor ca^h. We have now afloat our cargoes We will sell it a' 25 cents per ion ?h when taken direct from vessel. Also, Oak, Hickory and Pine Wo^d, at low rices. WARDER JtSTKWART, se 11-tf Corner H and Twe ftn sts IVK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a laru assortmentof GRKY and BLUE FLANNEL JVER-SH1RTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAW3R9. CAl^P BLANKETS, HALF HOSE, fto., rhicti we invite all oash purchasers to examine >efore making their seleotions. WALL, STEPHENS It CO., 343 Pa. ar? between 9th and 10th su. m g (1 ntel lit enoer and H em b I lean. > SMITH'S, No. 400 Seventh street, is the l.est o plaoe la town to bujr CLOTHING .TRUNKS, HATS. CAPS, VALISES. CARPkT BASS, ?3 jff kind* of GENTS' FURNISHING juuvo, m ne una an ma goods at New York irioea. au 29-1 m MOORE'S A6UE CURE AND ANTIDOTE, an inrallible, safe aod effectual remedy and preventative of Ague in ita varioua forma, having >een'ally tried and proven, ia now offered to the inblio Price fljo. Sold only at MOORH'S Wsat End Drug y+ore. 113 Pa av au 28-tr RESUMED BUSINESS. A RWJL The Umieraigned would ii form hiiX A P fpfrK'ntis ai.<1 'he public that he ha?? V aken honae on Ninth at., between D and E, where le will again do buaineaa aa a lioenaed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all buaiueaa tranalotiona. |e?l 3m* ENOCH WARDHHh, bUKOPEAN HOTEL, REP* BY T, 1 EMRICH. at the corner of Penu. t . . A tvenuo and Eleventh street, haa l>eenlC?B;V rreatly Unproved recently and now offeraJUyflU greater inducements for the patronage of cifixena snd atrangera tban any other sablio honu in th? aity. his pnoea beini less than Ihose of any otner hotel on Pec a. avenue, and hi* aooommodationa lor permanent or transient boarders anexoeption* tble. The bar and reetaarant arrant ementa of the European Hotel have already beoome very ?o?u lar.bemc all that oan be desired by the moat faa tidiova. The proprietor eledcea unremitted attention and oontmued liberal expenditures to fire *atlafaotion toall.and thua renew* hia invitation ? all to iirt the Roroman Hotel a eall. ?ie 4-ti TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for sale the largest aanortment o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be foand m? this oity, oomprisiiu best Sole LeaiherBMH Ladies' Dreaa and Paoking Trunka, Va-^?*? lioea, Carpet Baca, fco., whieh we are now aeling it very low pnoea. WALL. 8TEPHKNS k. CO.. a? t* wo P-? 1CA8H NOTICE. N CoiMfiinM of our bavin* to par each for avery artiola of gooda we auroh&ao. wo are forced to retinoe our busineea to Cash exoluMvely, f?r the prooent. Wo have in a tore % very Urge aaaortmoat ?f READY MADE CLOTHING for men and boya' wear, which are eeilint at a much lower rate than uaoaUy. WALL. 8TEPUENS A COSH# Pa. avenue. between 9th and loth at-, Jo 7 ilntel.* Ro?ah.) WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the beat eatabliahmenta, and f Brushed with a complete set of toola for repair- *v tag ovary deaoripuon of fine Watchoa, aad Ml] particular attention rive to the same, by aJH tho agh competent workman And a. work ruauui uod Also, every deacrip ion of ataadard SILVER Wi RE. plain aad oraaaiental, manufactured under py own supervision, which my ouatninara will find Cr MMrn. la --.i -M ?- - ? Ui Miu HUWU w UVIUIUTtt w#r? (Ola cry awl or in (enernl and r??r?ts#nted u thntr >vn mnnnfnotni* H. O. HOOD, ? tj? Pi. ?v?nno ? *<k NION fAf KM. AJMp BN VKLOj*KS.?Twnn atylM of No? Letter P&p*r, fitk KiraUtm ta muk ,_V|^3l l. for"*< * >*** HlIK JOMISTO.l, ILTinURK LOCK HOSPITAL, W?i ^M**m4 tkt most (Vttw, Smttdf mmd MJy Efftttmal L tmtdf ? til lr*rU, FOR ALL PitfKA9K8 OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BKLICACY FRXTMNT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 4 CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARUE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DA.YS. Wtaknttt of ?t Et:k, Btrtctartt, Altctwu of tkt K4btti nd Bladder JSfMKUt* Smciu|?i, InfoWMf, 6*t nl Dibilit;, Nimmucm, Lurior, Cwfnua of Idtat, Low ? p'tiuotj of tli* Htart, Timidity, Trtmblinft, Dimottt o? 8if nt or tiiddtetat. Dutut of tkt tad. Throat, Noti or Skin, Aftcuont of tbt Luti, Sittoatb of B"wtlt?thttt Ttrriblt Diaordtrt anting iron 8ol?tar? Habitt of Yoatb?thttt Drtadfal and Dtttraetttt PrattKti which rtsdtr Marriaft impottiMt, and dttuwy both Body aod Mmd. YOON? MEN ELanari*ll* ?kA ?W- -- m f J ? ?? - - ? - W* ?"V i II >! ? ?VI IV?I J ? IV. ( that drmdfal and d?*(recti*? habit which aunaally itup 10 a* anumaly fTa?a t! onudi of Y<?rf M*aa ?f lb* Ml *X*lt*d talent* and brilliant IntalUct, w h. might oUtarwia* ha?t *nttaiic*d U*t*o*nf 8cn*l*a with lb* tbaudara oI al?aaane* or wak*d to (catae; th* li?ing lyr*, may call wilfe nil canfdanca. MARRIAGE MtlllBD Youf Min caounplatlnf Marnan, b*mg *war* ?f phytic*! *<akc***, organic dabituy, dtforntiti**, Ac., *p**ditT cartd. Ha who plaeaa bim*alr *ud*r tfc* ear* *1 Dr. J. may ralirv ***;? cooidt in bia honor aa a g*ntl*iBan and Motdcauy raly upon bia akill a* a.phy*ician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lift band aid* rnti>|r from Bain mora auaal, a fa w <aan frca th* coruar. Fail not to obaarvt nam* and ainbir. L*Uan raaat b* paid and coaitatc a a tamp. DR JOHNSTON, M*mb*raf th* Royal Go!!*** of Barfaon*, Lontaa, rrmda ata from on* of th* moat eminent Collfjea in tJl* Waited Butt*, and th* ri**ter part of who** lif* baa b**ti spent la lb** of London, Pari*, ghiladtlphta aad *l**wb*r*, ha* cOcttdaoia* of lb* mo*t aaux.wbmr aara* that war* Hir known; many troubled with ringing la the bull and in when aeleep; great tier?ouar.ea?, being alanaed at eadden eoonde, baahfnlneee with freqaent blaahing, attended aometiroee with derangement of mind, were cared Matdietely. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yon if M?n ana otftere who have injured UtaNliM kf I rum practice indulged in %htn alone?? habit freqaeuily learned frrnc il coinpanione, or at echoel, tha efecte of whicn art mgtitly felt e?en when aeieep, and if hi end. randan marriage irapooetble, and deetroye bath miad and ko^T, ehould apply irrmtdiuKl?. Theee art eome of tha aad and melancholy effeetajprvdaced by early halite of /oath, tis: Weekneee of the Back and Limbe, Paine in the Head, Oimneee of Sight, Loee of d._._ d.u...<. - u r* u ? ? vw?i, i **>yimu<ni wi me nton, u jmyvy* j , ncmm lmil" bilitf, Deraugemaat of the Difftauva Ksuction*, Gtntrel Dehiiitf, Sjmptome of Coimniptioo, Ac. Mihtalit.?Tt.? feerlul ificu on th? mind art aach ta t? dreaded?Lose of. Memory, Coofoion of Idea*, Depreeeios f Spirit*. Evil forebodings. Aversion of Society, Self-Dieuui, Lo?e of Solitude, Timidity, tic., are eome of U* eeii# produced. NlRfur< OMILITI.-Thoneande can ?v Jidtl vkilh (ha can?e of thtir dr mng baalth, loeinf H air vigor, beco?uii>g weak, pale, iiervcua and emaciated, having a aingular appearance about lha ?ya?, cough or eyn.( >me of cenjiarapUM. DISEASES OFIMPRUDEyCE Whan the misguided and unpredent vot*rv of pleaeire lode ha hue imbibed t?t aeede of thie pxiufal diaaaaa, it to* of tan h.ppent that an lil-ti'i.ed aenee of shame or draad of diecovary deiers him from applying to thoee who, from education and respectability, cao alone befruud bin Ha falls iota th* of ignorant an<? deeigning pretendere, who, incapable ? tnntie, uita gib |'ftuhi.iry idmuici, icip ami irinmf month alter mouth, or ae lorf tht amalleet ft? can b? obtained, and iq deep ir leave nim mi'.h muted health to eurta Tar hi* ralliog dieappomtnient; or by the ni of that deadly poiaon ? Mereory?hiatal, the cot.etituiinnal eymptoma of thia terrible dieeaer, aoeh <> Affectiooeof the Heart,Throat, Head, *> in. Ac.. profreeatnr with fngbt/si mp idity, ull death pate a I period to hia dreadful euffennje by ee-dir.j html o U.?t mnJiecovered coantrr from whoee hoarne ao traveler retarue. DR JOHNSOKS REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTSNCY By thia f real and tmrorunl remedy weaknoee af the ertue are apeeduy cared and hll ttyor reeiored. Tboaeande of the eei nerroaa and debilitated, who had laat all hope, aire been immediately reliered. All impedimenta to Marriage,PhyeitaJ ar Meatal Dieoaallitattooe, Loee of Procreatire rover. lirreM Irritability, i T ni and Weahoeea or Kihaaatiaa af lha moot foaeral kind apct'liij carad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. VMM Mart ThoiiaSPI carad at Ibw laaytatiac Wltkla iti lut ii'Mtiin tun, abd tha aioirau imponaat nrria?l aparauooa ptrformad b? Dr. Jahaaua, ?iu>aaa?d by th? HBtrutt ot tha f?pin ud au; nbai mnim, much tt vtiieh fcd?? appaa/ad agaii. and tgan. tafora tha pablic, baatdaa bia (tandinf aa a (amlaman af ebaraetar aad rtapaoatbtliiT, I* a aflciant faarantaa ta iha ??ictad. mar lily Dm. J. H McLKAN 8 8TREWGTHEWIMG CORDIAL AND BLUOD PCfUFIRK. THE GREATEST REMEDY %n tk* WORLD Iho most wwsa dxliciqvs arb w*m jfr' DELIGHTFUL Jt E? J COR 1)1 AX ? fr arg* TAKEN jAB KL MTl ?? ' aulaOT a aalIlfi Vr *ad tifiWSK //% Caapaaad, ?r?P^ilJ aarad by ;aa diatllla- Br 'a! CJV.?bk Uta ?f laata. ^arba. ^6 4 aid karkt. T ilUv JK ^ y. yjfek >Ht, I*?d Imu **' *M V*^45L I'nk l?n,l?mp? Kj Jgi ISA rtlla, Will Ckarty M .Jj1 tp0 n luk, i>u Ptiiliilra W fji^p mm lit* 1m mm- bn IB tatiri attlr* A a. /Tg?'A. Tt rtatdlkl priatlpl* Befort trt^jrrSU ZXZiM" ' *!?* <l*tllllc(, ??*4w?i f a d*lt#t**?, MailtnUif tpir*. *at tt? mi tafallU:* itaady fat raavraUaf ui imuit ??? , ui xiMrlaf Ik* !* ?*I*rt?g, ui Atkllluud larUU M feailtk ui uttmgxk. M*LBAITS 8TRBlfGTHMWIlf8 CORDIAL Will tVaaiaally aara Cacaplalai, Djiiifiti, Jindl*?,Ckraala at Mtrtui Daklllty, DIiium afua EHaayi, aad ?li {llaiuM arialag fraa? a duarda rad btii at IihuiI, liulkin, liTtrd Piiaa, Aaldltr ar liikuu M Ik* Vlaauak, Pkilaaaa af liaad w Ua lul, Dail Paia at vlamtaf la tka lud, Pilpuauaa af Ua Inn, Paliaaa* at Walfki la Ui kiaaaak, Saw ImutiMi, Ckafciaf at l?fH>ila| Pttllag vkia lartaf dava, Dryaaaa at YallaWaaaa af lk? 111* ud Byaa, Il|kl Haw, lawatd Patata, Paia la Ua Smalt af ika I>it, Ckati, a* Bid*. NUaa Plaabaa af Baal, PiprtulN af Spirit*, Prlfkifal Viaua, kufiai, Dniniui; > tor >?niu dliuii.k.n a* Blaiakt* aa Ui lkta,ui Pitiiui ipi (at CfctUk u4 r**MJ 9TM* A MILLION BOTTLES kt<a kna aald dutaf ika laai in aaatka, aad k u to Uaia kat It failed la ffriaf aatltt aattafaatiaa Wka, tkta. vlil aafat traaa Vtuaaai at OaMUu arkaa McUill RlBUimmill CO&OLAk will aar. ytm ^ Ha liifltp hi imti; aa aoaaaata liaa af Ika I? adlata aad alaaat altaaaiaaa akaaf a aradaaad kr ukkf tkla Cardial la Ua dl*f***d, daklllutad, aad akmuarad aamia faiia, vktiktr krakta dawa ky tiaaaa, vttk ky aatwa, at laplrai kr alakataa, ika talaiad aad a>*ma? atfuitaOca la raitartd ta !l* ptlrtfaa iittlU aad rift* MARRIED TMRSOWSy n aikin, iMia iai af laakallt* fraa vktitrat aaaaa, vtll ad MakBAB'* BTBBMTBBBIBB COBBlAk a Ikafaagk rtfaatraiaf af Jia *yataa; aad all vka aa? kava la hital Utmaalraa ky latmir ladmlaaaaai vtli Cad la UU CaidUl a atrlala cad itiatDlaadt. ro Tint LA DIMS. Met**mi rr&B*?TREHm? coaviAh u a ww In o<t ?y?idya*nfa? latlplaai Canaaaptlaa, W*itaa, Eitnxuc ii t.ltiu MaaitraauaaJ sttatlaaaaa at trtaa n la'alcatarj Batkuft tkataaf, ralllaf at tka, iia all Ibiun taaldaai u Faaaalaa. ThMRE IS NO MISTAM.M ABOUT IT tatat as TUi Ii >Mwil>| la dlriauaaa. it ?1li atlatlata. lUtafikM, *ad tavlfanta yal aad aaaaa tka kwaa ( kaaiu ta mui yaat akaak ifila Bvary kattia h vatraaiad U fl?? aatlafaaUaa. FOR CHILDREN, If Tail aklMna att aiakly, p?ay at aBkatad, MtkUSI CO AVI A b will aakt Ikaai kaaltky. fat, aad rakaai. Dalay a at a BaaiaU tw It, aad yaawtll ka aaavlaaad. U la da Halaaa tataka. a mon. Bawaia afdnrTau daalara wka aai uy ta pala apaa yaa aaat kluaf a? aaaaa pan 1 la umafc, vk>ak Ik a 7 au N) akaap, ky wrla| It laJaat aa a aad. Aaaid raak %aa. A at laf Ni-LKAfriYrRH?TBlClllII? COKOIAk, aad lata aatknif aiaa. It la tka aaly ramady tfcu will parity tka Biaad taaraafkla tad at tka aaraa lima atvaaftkaa tka ayataa Ooa UUNinra! Uiktn irtrt ?? ??"4-4* 1 fittiiUti fti Ckditt, CkiUa u>d r?'?i, TiUt? m a* ftatalam dlaataa. It la pa; aa la larva kaulaa. friu Ml; |l k*ull, M I k*Olii hi |k ri KckBAI. Ma praartatar af tkii CwOltl; tlw, Hikwi'i Tiltuli Ol bltlBMl PilMlpil Dim* ? tk* wntt af Tkiri u< fta? iuiiu, Si. Lull, It*. XoLe&n'a Volcanic Oil Linimaat, (TIE BUT bUUMBMT Ol TBI WORU>.) Tka aaly aafa iM aariata cara fai Caaaava, PUaa, Tv a art, Bvallinfa u4 Braockila at Catut, Paral/aia, Has r?lfia, Waataaaa af Ilia Maaclaa, Chaaaalc ar Itlaaajataaj Bkaaaatiam. Slifuaaa af tka Jaiata, Caauattad Maaclaa aa UP ar.u, Karat ka arTaatkacha, Braitaa, Bpmaa, Traak Caw. Waanda, Vlaaia, raatt Sataa, Cakad Bra tat. Ba?a lllfr>"i Baiai, Baalda. Bart Tktaai, aa any la>a??aiaaa aa aaia, oa 4i(iraati kaw aaaara a* laat Uta iiaapaa aaat [.fa aslMad. McWJLA** CKUIUTBD UKUtKVT a a ruia r a ready. Tkaaaaadaaf taau Man lata ka?i aavtdaWaaf lb arapuada tad aiaary ky ika aaa af tkta taraiaaWa ramady. McLEAfTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ialla?a fait, alntai ir.aiactaaaavaly, aad it will a lata, parity tad kaal tka fatlaat aaraa la an taaaadikla akan u?a FOR HORSES AND OTHEE ANIMALS. MckKAWB ClklEHATKD UI1MDT U tka aaly mla la4 rilul.i h> <k. -? m I * ibmsaaa* THE WEEKLY STAR. Tfcla OMUtlt PfcaUly ta4 News JovulMBkliiH |WlR fvtoty 1 IHm-n M4 lag tku ru be touU la uf etfces Is pobUsk?4 PrMay aorBlaf. Tiihi-OiiV wi?mHy, ? *??n HUgle oopr, per una .Si mo Five copies 4 71 Te? coplH... i ? Twenty l*e copies M ? MUfcnmiiMits- wi*?r ? 1 ttftl tea bm4c Tk* Dmtif I>wn| (mt tlifUH ! ? (iMnUf ttno|te?l tt* ettitry CT8?i?irl? copies (U wfwfipwe) mi to ffcarM at the e*?atar. law4liWr a?er Dm of Ibt paprr P?ir*?THRKK CENTS AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE DEATH AWFUL SACRIFICES' DI8EARK' DIATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE* DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATH A I ? 1 ? * * " Ml whwbm i ??W . VINH* ; IMII T Avfal hiril^N ! Dimm ! D*iu ! Avt?i SwnftoM ' Ihrnmm! 0mU! AwfW Mtail UiMMt! Ontk! vf?i Stor.ltN! I)}mm! DwU : STRIKE AT THE BOOT OF Til DISEASE! TR1KEAT THE ROOT OF TUB DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOTjQfJTUJR ( STRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THB DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THR DISEASE! Strike at the Ro? ti tto IMaun Rtrik* ! tWa Im* *U t Sink* at tK# rod at Mm Diimn ! Btriks at U? lM( of tk? I1?mw! Strika kt thfl Root of 1M DtMU*' CONSUMPTION. IltSANITY. EPILEPTIC FI1S, ?HAVEL, DROPSY. LAN ti OLE. NERVOUSNESS. CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL, INSANITY, DROPSY. EPILEPTIC FITS. LANttOUR. NERVOUSNESS. Consumption, Insanity, Epiltptie Pitt, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Pitt, Consumption, Insanity, Epiltptie Pits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Pitt, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptie Pitt, - ? - ? ? %^on*umptt0u, insanity, Bpileptie Ftts, 6r?wl, Dtoffr, LU(oi', Nmtoumn, Gr*r?l, Dtppay, Lapkoar. Nktommh, Grarel, DroptT, Langoar, Wirwuawi, Grave!, Dropay, Uuoir, Niffoiwm, Gr?T?l, Diopty, Languor. Nwtobimm, Universal Laa?itade of the Moeonlar fyatam. UniveraaJ Lassitude of tha MoMtlir System, I'nlTtrHl l,a*?itude of Ik* MiNilftr SnUa, Universal Lassitude of the MumiV System. Universal Lassitude of the Maeoslar trstMB. Dlaataa of Vision. lmpot?n?y and la? it?. Dimness of Viaioa, (mpotenoy arid luaanit*. Dimness ol Tiaioa, Impoteno; sfed Iaaaaitj, Dimness of Vim on, Imaotanor and leeaaitv. Dimness of Vinoa, Impotonor aid laat%)tv, THOUSANDS OF THE YOtNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOU NO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOU WO Of botk mm die ft&nullr of tho ?6or? o&u??d by ?b?M of Um GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGAXS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS* ad from diMuw artaiBg from " M&biU of Dimpiboa." Diiimii of Umn oritM ! repair* Ut? aid of s Dfarotio. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHW HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BVCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV IS TBE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC ftnd ft poaitiT* ftnd ap?ciio rtmidr for dj??? Ik* BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, DROPSY, ORGANIC WEAKNESS, ABUSE. Syjhiut c a-xl Ven*r?al Diihiw. FEMALE COMPLAINTS. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, th. MALb. LUmrLAInTS, tod ail DtutM of U>? Ganer&U v? Orf%D?, whether axittiBg in YOUNG OB OLD, YOUNG Oft OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG Oft OLD, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever omn ortfiaAUsg, a?<4 m MM ?tf HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING, BOW LONG STANDING. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCUU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCUU HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCUU HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCBU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHW la plaaaaat la its taata aa4 060r. im?'. at* la ita actio a, ftm fro* all "injanoaa aroportiaa," ad la takaa vtUoat ' fciadraaaa" frmm ' aaiataa *? Lit la or No Cfcaaaa ia Dirt. LitUa or No Cbaaga ia DtaC Ldttla or No Ckaaca la Dtot. Littia or No Cfc*a?a Ia Dtoc Little or No Ckaaca la thrt. Caraa at "Littta Ex panto" a*4 "No Kxjnaaia." n Ml i*?U " ** MM* 1 IV Carw M "LittU Kumm" tad "N? Kir*r*." Cir?a*t 4Uttl? fciyww" ud "No Exfoaw*" Ucmh"UKi KlftMt"Md "No Ifi|? f." 1/ TMtnnflWioiMi.w a?U for tfto reewiy at osm. Expliat toittoM mmomfmj. Fnoo I ft bolt*, or in for 95, Mwtd to H) a4" phywicia1hs" flu asm * notice W? MACS "*0 IBCBBT" Of "IRBBBDIBBTS.** HKLMBUL1TB KXTRACT BUCBU m mmtmmt at m?b>. o?" ?> < J ?i?w iw, prepared iir rjcro. Y M. T. HILIIOLI, PfMloftl **4 AMjjtiMJ Ch?i*. Mi K?iHKDMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. EXTRACT BUCBU, EXTRACT BARSAPARILLA, IMPROVED WASH OF R(JSE8 Sold IB WnkUHtn br B. B. Wait*, I. D lnKil, JvKM WlLBT. S. C. fciuli M*I> lint KLHIAIJIV M nir *> nWtunoLtrs mi ore ?lo? CTIMII mik ETOwttaRriM. M? .|v

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