Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1861 Page 2
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' " 11th 1 M MM, M Alt. W \SITTNOTOX CITY:. . wernram ts, IMI. On* Frirkd# nt tkf nrlm in Hilary i ampa and position* will confer a f*for by keeping us posted to movr-rrrnt* ?rd affairs In tkelr TlelnltJea. ml the Pr?M The TmiftTigtnrtr rebnkf* the Impatient spirit of tbm-, who, orderratlng the atrength of the rebel*, mnrmnr at what la called tbe "rterlle yeralta" of tbe campaign. , Tt<* Rejmbli-an not'e.e* the many indncementa to alaves to leave Virginia ar.d seek abetter aa contraband*" at mar military pea a. To notlow being tie d?j appointed by tbe President In compliance with the requeet of the two Home* of Con great aa a day of national faat, no paper will be loaned from tbla ofltee. Th* Dat ?f Hvmiliatiox asd Pbat** ?We are authorized to atate that, by direction of the Preeideat, the Departments and Public o It era in thta city will be ?losed|to-morrow, which is set , apart aa a aay or nomination, prayer and fasting, for all the people of tbe nation. i * 1X7" Tbe subscriptions to tbe new 7 3) loan In New York city, last week, were: Irdlvtduals, iomioo; paid In by banks. ?7.MW<*> The to:al amount of tbe last fortnight was gift 965 0"0, and tbe wbole amount pa'd op to Saturday ni^ht, sine* tbe llrst subscription, ?33,740.W0 The whole private subscriptions, from the 19th of August to tbe -ilit of September, may be reckoned I as follows: At New York, *10.610,000; Boston, 5,000 000; Philadelphia, *2 294.000; other agendas, say f1,000,000; total, first month, *18,031 000 ET According to army order*, Jnst Issued, whenever eowpani?sby an eronomieal use of tkeir rations have raised a surplus. It must be left in tbe bands of the comrui?**ry from whom they dnw their rations The bills af onrehaae at mat nHf?? - r r- of article* will b? paid by any commissary l aving fund* for that purpose, for the benefit of the economists Heretof >re surplus ration* have been sold to autlert and storekeepers, or exchanged for other oppliea by the soldiers. f7~T" Yesterday afternoon, Henry E. Johnston, of the banking bouse of Johnston, Brothers & Co .of Baltimore, was arrested and placed in Fort Mr Henry, by ordet of (ien. Dix, upon a charge of treason The banking bouse was taken possession of by the Provost Marshal, and a guard tattooed the entrances with a view to some Investigation to-day. fTT" The receipts of foreign gold and silver, and of gold from CaUfornis, at New York, and at Baatoa for New York account, since January 1, amonnt to 967,337,000, an Increase over last year of SU^MMO. Daring the same time the exports of specie from New Vork ar* *3,275.000, a decreeee from those of last yar of *3^,143,000. H^Geerge R. McQowsn was arrested In Baltimore yestgrday, upon a presentment for treeson by the grand jury of the IT. 3. District Court Mr. McGowan Is ?harmed with participating in the'riot of April 19th. and was admitted to bail la the sum of 940.000. |[TTh? U. 8. steamer fctontlceilo left the Philadelphia Na*y V ard on Mondav for Fortress Monroe. Her armament now consists of one 30pound er rilled Parrott gun, one 10-inch pivot gun, and three 32-pouaders irr There are now five Brigadier Generals !n the service from Connecticut?Generals Totten, Mansfield, Ben ham, Sedgwick, and Wright. These are all West Poiitt men. and all but Gen. Sedg wick members of tbe corps of engineers i ICTTU. contract lor supplying i Hlonery to I the Navy Department for the present fiscal year ku bee a awarded to Philp A Solomons, o I ibis Ity. ITT U.S. revenue cutter has been ordered to cruise in Delaware Bar, as a step, It la slated, towards organizing an effective coast defense for Philadelphia. IP- S3,(XX) per month 1* to be furnished to the Government loan by the employee* of the Pennsylvania Reading Railroad, during the continuance of the war. ITT"Gen. Helntzleman, who was wounded in the arm at Bull Run, has nearly recovered from the Injury. He will be assigned the command of division In Virginia. IC^Tbe ladles of North Baltimore to-day present a beautiful silk flag to the Sixtu Michigan Regiment, near the city. ?r~^ Hn I?* 0_y v?>uiuay last mere VIBIVTO IOC WCW York Central Park 25,UU) pedestrians, 600 equestrlana. and 4,500 vehicles. <rr The Harriet Lane has completed her repairs, sod la now ready to sail from the navy yard at Philadelphia. - tJ~T* S8,96fl 90 waa subscribed to the national loan at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of the United States In Philadelphia, on Monday. JET Drilling with the musket la to be Immediately commenced W the police force of Near York and Brooklyn. ITT Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper has been pat ander the editorial charge of Hon E. G 8quier, C7" The exports from New York alnce January 1 show an increase over those of last year for tfce same lime, of *?7,441,049. V~T Virginia stock ranged In York city last week from 31 to S3, Tennessee from 43 to 43^. lTT"Ttae War Department has authorized a cavalry company to be raised in Oregon. ID-Mr. Roes W loans, of Baltimore, ar-1 Tlted In that city yesterday, having been released from Fertrea* Monroe on signing the following parole, signed by him upon the occasion of bis release from hie former imprisonment: "I solemnly give my parole of honor that 1 will ot openly or covertly commit any act of hostility ' against the government of the Lofted States pending existing troubles or hostilities between s*1d government aud the Southern seceded States, or aay oae ct them " ITT" The Nrw York Herald of yesterday say*: W e understand that the Bank Committee, which lm t?t wtw?i w ?fci ? ?1' m ? -w.*i uruui|ivii, irvcmJlliniUCU the morulr banks, at a meeting bald to-day, to rssame tbesecnnd fifty millionsof the 8150 OOo.ftOO Govern aunt loao, and that the banks at once i agreed to do so The taking o( the firat fifty ?ntl- , ltr na insured the taking of tne rent; bat the fact is none the lea* gratifying. The bankers returned frrxn W a?L.ogTon very confident of the power of the Ouvernment to suppress the i*belliou within a few mouths UjTThe New York Republican State committe adopted a serlea of resolutions setting forth that at least half a mlilioa of men should be enrolled far the war, sad that New York aboard famish st least oae hand red thonaand men. Reeomjocadiag to the general government the propriety of giving seen volunteers hereafter enlisted twenty dollars of the bonaty promised at the end M the war, or eaa maths pay in ad ranee to the time of his enlisting. __ U3T On Saturday evening the U. 8 gunbeat Cambridge arrived at Beaton with the British veeael Revere, centered September 11, while att -* - - **- - *? * ~ t.., ? ruu in wKiiac ii aeeurort, M C. The Revere ted i cargo of 490 bbb berrlngjM ? and ter I*pot* ateted Itet abe ted ciwfd for K?. W?t 1ET A Urge rub, cm* at the West Point fouadry. weighing elx tone, ft Ml capable o( , ?t rowing a ball weighing two hnndred and fifty .r.d* wMafeipped!bom New fork for Wqh. U7* Tte Etch mood Whig aaya tbftt cttr U oded with all ao tftofabtaptMtera.eMaeofthem pfkoed tevediaofTonU to the ahaponf banknote, foT^the^purpo?t' of defrauding the lg^oID" A e? MftHoa of ? Vooftt Mftftl Ctelattoo Aii'ilalll of tte U ft Mod MM to to Tte hrid la Now York city, to take action tor euppi^i, > l.^tM if,nZ wlthj^llgloOT^feadliij^ and tbfc frr Oot AndiTW, of Maaaaekneotka,tea con' ' tinc^d wllk^wy te?t^>yUw^ for lOJmu C Wftiftoto te?w?tefe|for)teauto ^'i; C7"ft?* Col. MoCartar, fciiMl oi itenr Faul'a M E Ckorch, la l?kll*lrlpbr^ iMft; -w^l^oftt Ay tte ww, and tea llywdy enxoMfc -r ? in-i i jm \S ?M 1 / # s * 4* m OCR MILITARY RVDWKT. ANOTHER 8XIZ01K OF 1IHI, AS D C t A LATE SECK98ION fOLDHR. On Monday morning la*t Lieut. Wilson, of 4tU Cavalry, with a detachment of thirty trooper*, were dispatched by Provoat Marabal Gen. Porter to the neighborhood of Unity, ia Montgomery county. Md ,t point about twenty-five ml lea from bfre, to recover arira known to be In the po?eaaton of certain rampant aeceaai on lata in that quarter. Arriving at night, after resting the homea, Lieut Wilton proceed'd to make the seizures in the >mall hours of yftWday morning. Thus be vlaited twenty h'-uaea, and secured In each a complete aet of cavalry arroa, a aaoer, platola, Ac. The partiea from whom they were taken wrre member? the former volunteer cavalry company of a Captain Owens. The arms in the posaettion of tiM Union membera of It were not touched. Ere Lieut. Wilaon waa through with his work the aecenatoniata in the vicinity all got wind of bia operations and ted into the wood* in great conat?rnation. Betide* the arms, be brought back with him an individual named Cbarlec A. Worthington, wbo bad returned to bia home there after bavlag terred a tour of duty in the traitor army In Virginia. He la likely to have a bard time of of U, we fancy. TH( IIVIIW TtlTIlniT The event of yesterday was the review of a por. tion of tb? cavalry and artillery attached to the army of the Fotomac, at 4 o'clock, at about a mile beyond the Capitol, the best location that could be selected In the vicinity There were live regiments of cavalry, under command of Gen. Stoneman, chief of cavalry, and eight batteries, corslst. ing of fcrty-elfcht pieces, under command of Gen. Barry, chief of artillery. The review was witnessed by the President, the heads of the Departments, foreign ministers and other distinguished personages, together with an Immense crowd of spectators. Gen McClellan and staff appeared in full uniform, accompanicd by nearly all the field and staff attached tp the army of the Potomac. Th? artillery tired the salute usual on such occasions. There were two full mounted bands of music. The artillery display was fine. As respects the cavalry, (volunteer at least,) the parade was ret!?fictory, rather as indicating wnat this branch of the service may com* to be six months or a year hence than as showing the force to be much more now than good material, (horses and men,) to be worked up Into what may legitimately be termed cavalry.* TBI MABYLAND COUP D'ETAT. Every day brings something to Utfbt serving to prove the great Importance to the Union cause of the late wholesale State arrests In Maryland It la certain beyond question that a plan had been arranged for the adoption of a secession ordinance by the traitor Legislt ture of the State on the da/ after the session commenced, and the simultaneous transfer of Johnsvn's army over te the north bank of the Potomac, with a rising of Maryland secessionist* In arms throughout the State whereever there might not be Union troops actually present. How seriously the execution of the conspiracy would have added to the complications of the situation, can easily Imagined by the loyal public. The act of the Government In summarily and unexpectedly defeating the Maryland portion of the S; h me, defeated the balance alio; as Johnson did not dare to attempt to cross toe river without the backing of the Maryland secessionists In arms under their leaders; of whom the latter were deprived by the arrests. According to pipers secured when 'he arrests were made, the actual force of the enemy under Beauregard and Johnson on the day the scheme was to have been attempted, was IK>,0U0 effective men. "SSTTIHO" DIXIE "tTT " Mejor General Fremont seems to be in a fair way to do much towards supplying the Jefl I >avisiles with money and arms for the prosecution of the war. His failure to reinforce the gallaut Col. m .. 111... - i* ? - - ii mui, gave iuciu no ifii man a quarter of a million of dollars In gold, wLlch they found burled In the surrendered Lexington fortification*, and magnificent supply of gun*. According to the latest telegrams he has also managed to get Geo. Prentiss' command In northern Missouri surrounded, with a fair prospect of being forced to surrender ere he begins seriously to entertain the Idea that It may be proper to reinforce htm?Gen. Prcutlas. Ii forced to surrender, Dixie gets his guns and all the gold that may be in his military ch'St, of course In view of the fact that Gen. Fremont has sixty thousand troops under his command, while Dixie has but forcy thousand opposing them, such occurrences are, to say the least of them, not very agreeable to sincere friends of the Uulon cause. havy Yard. There was no news of Importance at the Navy Yard this morning. The steamer Lockwood was ^ v iu^ m j;*j uuwii iuc river, navin^ idicn on her armament consisting of a 12-pound rifled cannon forward, and a 32-pounder aft. This morning workmen commenced bending on tbe salla of tbe sloop-of-war Pensacola. Interesting experiment! with rifled cannon, testing their range, were mid" at the yard yesterday afternoon. T1IB ABT1LLKRT BKP0KTS THIS MOJXlSft. The firing hear<^}bls morning was lottery practice In General Blenker's brigade, over the river and also on tbe part of Captain tirittn'a West Point Battery, on this side of the Potomac. A HBW WAT TO OUST AN BNBMY. [Special correspondence of the Btsr ] Bailey's Cboss Roads, Sept 21 ?Editor Star: At a point within gunshot of our pickets stood the fomous Munson barn and hayricks, heavily planked and sodded wUhin, loop-holed, Ac , ftc.? and well guarded by the bay rlcka. Tba enemy would advance from the rear and pick off our picket* whenever any wa* ao unlucky aa to expose hi* mug from behind the friendly tree or log, which s-rv?-d a* a covert. Many plana had been auggi-ated around the camp fire to abate the oulaanre, but none feanible. Storming it would never do, as Munaon Hill waa in too cloae proximity. Yankee ingenuity at laat hit upon an expedient, and it waa laat night aucceaxfully carried into execution by Major Frank Lemo.i and Lieut. Chaa. Dimond, of the Plrat California Regiment. At the forge of aome blacksmith'* tbey made tome fifty or more conical aluga, and with theae and a Sharp's rill', they a'&rted for th? line of our pickets, built a fire, and commenced heatlnt; shot. One of them, with a cloth, would drop the shot into the muzzle of "the rifle, aod the Major, being the belt shot, blazed ?way At the sernnd shot the bay ricks were iu a blaze. In two more ahota the barn caught. Out rushed the rebels and made for the hill; the long roll of the enemy was beaf? rocketa were aent ?p, orderlies were seen rushing to and fro with great speed, and evidently the enemy were expecting an attack along the length of his whole lines. Meantime our gallant Major and Lieut. Dlmond, oyer soiqf good old apple jack and aait beef and craekera. enjoyed the fun amazingly. This was the light seen In the dlrec tion of Munaon Hill laat night about 10 o'clock. O* I-aat Batarday, a terrible tragedy occurred at Port Deposit. Md , resulting In the death of two citizen*. two soldiers and wounding of several others Saturday wae ibe day (or tbe primary meeting! of tb? " peace party,*'and tbe supporters of that party rallied In tbeir strength there, being the voting place for the seventh election district of Cacti. They assembled at the botel of Mr. Robert Baith, and were programing with their deliberations when some Federal soldiers, who were off on leave of absence, entered tbe hotel A general fight immediately commenced, which raged with indiscriminate furv until Mr. Robert Stephenson sad Mr Tbos Kelly were stretched la death on tbe floor, and Messrs George Gorrel, Samuel Aikln, John W. McCullough and John fUlteapU wounded. Several of tbe soldiers were badly wounded, ard two of them an reported (Z7"?agloeers have been employed by the committee on-the safety and defense of Philadelphia to make a topographical survey of tbe Susquehanna river, with tbe view of erecting, If necessary, suitable fortifications for tbe defease of the %}ty Tbe party employed will commence operations aear the mouth of tbe Jualsta, and tbenee dowa the Pusaaebanna river, ascertaining lie depth, aad at all plaaaa where tbe river eaa he Car???t u>e declivltj of tbe beaks, the elevation ??pr?-Moa oi ibp i*na rcr ill or sight mhrt Inland wilt hm mote4 ud r?pwM upee. ? , * * . " * K~r In PktMrtpbU, MJMOUO have already kXmMM tnjMMit?9it ioll. TIM book* have only baaa op^rebeot ta*o weeka !. ' l/Thi Matrttatteaifcr the r?IW of Ik m6 ' ftgtrn br tba eaUoalty at ?be Philadelphia OatlHiil wUl mcii tfct mm. ,* M t } h m The traria Wrtt?r? Virginia. The Western Virginia correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette write* from Croas l,anra, Va , Sept. IS;h: One week ago yesterday the attack was made en Floyd's camp a*. Caul/ex's Ferry. The week has pissed, and we still linger the scene of near the action. Floyd has hurried back to Lewisburg; Wise was ahead even of Floyd; they are near White Sulphur Spring* and direct railroad com* munition with Staun'on and Richmond. Aa energetic pursuit, after a day's reat for the Uoopa at Carnifex's Ferry, wonid ha*e overtaken Floyd almost before be had atar'ed from the other aide of the Ganley. As It Is, we have just begun building a bridge, snd McCook's brigade has already croaaed on an old ferry boat. h urn noyn irn nil inwericur?t campn Uarnifex's Ferry, be fl^d across tbe country till be reached tL?* main pike leading from Gnu ley Bridge to liewiiburg. He tarued dow i this road, went a abort distance t&irar 1 (jauley Bridge, and there commenced new latrencbmenta. Meantime VVlae, who bad only been sewn miles from Carntfex* Ferry on tbe day of tbe sttack, no sooner beard of Floyd's retreat than be got on tbe Lewlsburg pike and started out of danger. Cox, whs had been ordered to " raise the shoot and start ss speedily aa possible after Floyd," hurried up from ttauley. and reached the point on the I^ewiabarg I Ike wnere Floyd had been intrenched juat tteo our after the Great Thief, warned of Cox*s sd ance, bad deserted bis works and fled after Wist! Ana so we mlMe<l bltn again. The probability would aeein to be that, If we succeed Id getting to Lewisburg without being repulsed, that point will end the marchings of this division or the Army of Occupation for the winter. Lewtsburg is an Important strategic position, commanding the terminus of railroad communication through the Valley of Virgin!*, and continuously, on down to Rlc&mond; while at the same time a rapid march from that point would put us In Lee's rear at Monterey, and shut him in between Reynold* and Rosecrans But it must be remembered that the railroad connection with Richmond renders It easy to run out | any number of troops to reinforce Floyd and Wise, (only limited by the number they have to spare,) far more speedily than we can bring forward our reinforcements t>v the long overland march through tbe mountains. There seems little probability that the forces will, in any event, be withdrawn to Eastern Virginia Many ot tbem are from Western Virginia; tbey were nearly all enlisted for the campaign here, and here tbey are likely to serve, if anywhere Floyd's men appear to hive nearly all come from Southwestern Virginia?as far down cim ua mr ickjou 01 vnmoeriana */ap. Wytbeville, on the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, was their rendtzvous, and they probably traveled all the way by rail to White Sulphur Spring*, where tbelr active operations began There la still another force of some two'or three thousand men, under one tien. Chapman, whose movements are as yet a mystery. Their whereabouts must be discovered before we can advance. Tbey were near the Fayette Cosrt House, but whether they have retreated with Floyd and Wise towards Lcwisburg, is as yet unascer'nlned tien Kosrrar.s' camp near Corn Ifrx Ferry being dirty, d imp, and dliagrreable, headquarters have been removed to Cross Lanes?the tceue of Floyd 's first military exploit. In bringing out live thou ana men with artillery, to surprise and attack seven hundred The place Is simply a "cross lanes,'' with a dwelling house and d?serted post office In one corner, and a blacksmith shop In another. Highly Important frsm tndiaunpslis. [Special Dispatch to the Cincinnati Gazetto ] Indianapolis, Sept 'Z~i ?Ths following Is a dispatch received by Gov Morton from Gen. Anderson. dated Louisville, Saturday afternoon: 'Information has jutd reached me that Btickner Is approaching with 7,tiOU men; 1,'AXi cavalry, and 21 pi?ves of artillery. The road has been repaired and they are prnbah!y at Kllzabethtown The m^n are said tube fine locking and well arm?-d My informmt says that there are no troops at Memphis Send me all assistance yon can " Upon the receipt of the above al*patch, Gov Morton dispatched the Thirty ninth Regiment, Col Harrison, to Louisville, ar.d the Thirty-first, Col. Scott, to livansvllle. This was all that the transportation facilities could afl'^rd last nl^ht. The Tenth, Col Manson, was sent to Louisville this afternoon, and another regiment follows tomorrow. This affords another evidence of Gov. Morton's promptne>s and decision He has dispatched an aventto-dnv tn tii? counties, with general orderi to the Indiana Legion, looking to placing tbeae companies on a footing available in any emergency. The orders are to meet often and regularly for drill; all members to provide themselves with sn?b private arms as may be easily procured for the time being. Tbe uniforming of the companies Is waived until tbe Government furnishes nrms Tbe ranks are to be illed up and the muster roll to be returned to tbe Adjutant General's < tHee ?n the flr*t of October tiov. IVlorehead, Uarr and Durrett reached here on Saturday on a special train, and were sent through to Columbus. Officers with writs of habeas corpus followed, but arrived here too late Gov. Morton ha* ja?t received Information from Evansvllle that a messenger was arrested to-day up Green River, wbo wai bearer of orders from Gen. Buckner to a prominent secessionist with a plan to destoy the locks on Green River Two compmles of Col. Craft's Regiment, and one hundred Home Guards have been sent up to project the locks. Ytr^UNlTAVIAN CHURCH.-P.4Sr DAYRev. William Hb*rt Chawm*? will preach in this Ciiuroh on THURSDAY MORNI>G, at 11 o'clook. Th* subject of his discourse? "Rfl ttions Patriotism." Notics.? Alter tiioabove service, there will be a mfetiiir of the pe * and seat holders at vhioh the fcui'iect of 'he election of a per a :ent Pastor will be determined. A full attendance is requested. H* ry-g=-MAVOR,9 OFf'ICK, LL5 Washington, September 21,1861. n conformity with the reque.t of a joint comitt e of Congress, and in ncordiwice with the P.ooia* atioo of th* President of the U ited states of the l^th of Autust last the several offices of the < \>i y irniuii win ' e o oseu, and ail ita work suapcn'Vd, on ThurNd*T n?xt, the2tith instant to en at Is it^i employe's to observe it as a day of''hnmillanon, irayer and fasting,*' and I respectfully suggest to ray fellow oit'sen* the propriety of cloeing their respective planes of business and abstaining from all se~u'ar employment on the occasion. and thus assist in promoting the object of the proc amation. RICHARD WALLACH, m S3 St Mayor. ^t?TURNPIKE KLKCTION-Notioe Is 1L5 hereby given to the Stoakho'dera of the wa?hington Turnpike Company that an election will be held at the Farmers and Mechanics' Bank. Georgetown, D C.t on 'herecond MONDAY (14th) in October next, for the eleotiou of a President, eight Managera and ?Tr?n*iir?r ?? fain of Mid Company for the year then enauing, or until their aoooeaaora are elected. au ? lawtd ROBT REAP. Treaagrer. rr-^COMPANY "A," U. 8. ENQINKERS.IX.9 Fifty intelligent and able-bodied meobanioa will be enliatad to fill thia Company to the max imam fixeu by law?ISO men. Inquire at No. 'i4u O street Pay from $13 to fst per month, besidea food and clothing. au 17 tf INDIA. RUBBER OOOD8-All kinds of In<lia Rubber Goods constant * on h*nd, Wholesale a ad rela l. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., act 3ia Pa. avenue. TKNT, TENT FOR 8ALK-lcial? feet long, 1" fe*t feet wide, with wall* 3 f?et high; made in tue best m* o the best m&terKI On exhibition at No 573 Seventeenth a reet weat. ae 25 3t* WJ ATCHK8, > ?? WATCH REPAIRING. 4fco. Jnst received a larg? m*oioe of Ladie*' and Oent'en en'a GoM ani* Silver Wt ohH, inolnd ng Iv the "Army Witch/' the moat desirable arti- rTM cle eve- introduced. tSuim f\y Watobes and Chronometer*, aa well as J..,lr,,t?..o.,.f.lgr^.diT ^ BRo Jewelers, 3S4 Pa. avenge, se 26-3t Foor doors weat of Brown's Hotel. cnn SUNDRIES. DUU GROP8 of Velret Bottling Corks, sm oasis Babbitt's Vrast Powders, boxes Babbitt's Erasive boap end Soap Powders, |SA oase* fresh Marseilles and Bordeaux Salad Oil 60 b xea first ?uaiit* Adamantine Candles, 50 bar re's Po'omac Hfrrimi, Also, Cream Tartar Selerattia, Brocma, Bnokets, Patent Twine, Peanuts, Ao Recived and ut sale br _ea35 6t MIDDLETON k. BEALL. ~ A RMV OFFICERS' REQUISITES.?J ust reA oeiredalarge assortment of FiMd, Spy and Marine Glaases; Pocket Compasses: Drinking Caps; the Pocket Companion; Colt's Pooket, Bel', Army aad Navy Pistols Also, the ''A'tny Watoh," a oheap and reliable timrhwMr. with lr?w ?_ ' ' -* ,, --j .i.-uini imvu me 0W| whioh arsventa the eotyibiiity of its iom. M. W. GALT * BRO., Jeweller*. S34 Pa avenne. Four doors wMt of Brown's Hotel, se 25 St (Intel. k Repnh.) CAMP LIFK MADE A I.LXURY.?The ?re*t ?t invention of the age, HARDlk'g ARMY TRUNK, c>?'Pri?ing Trn?k, Bed with Mosquito Net attached,Tab e WriUng Desk, Lnun.e, Settle, ard Chair, all obstructed Muto foH within the ??ver of the trunk leaving p ent* of room f?r an c ffioer's wearing Pra-H On exhibition at the War Deeartnte't. STEPHEN M. GRltfWO1 D, Sola Ageat for Washington. ?e t* 7t* Um N10N ENVELOPES AND PAPER. The most b aatiftl Envelope* published ia tha United States, printed in two, three, (oar, ana one ia XMt ?il mt behjul of a. C. UP (I AM, zssevsix.'"""""" gmsUL A??^nlo?Nm. 4 ,N / II' I Frena thr Upper Petenae. majoe lewi* killbd bt a ktlvati??k1*h18hi iso. ktc Da?s*?towi, ?*pt 23 ?A tragical occurrence t waa wltneaa d nwr thla village yealerdaj, In the Pennavlvanla 46th, Col. Knlpe,'nn their way to Join (Jen. Bank*' column la the regiment la a

company nompoaed principally of friah. When near Muddy Ran two of the men *ot engaged in a fight, ami one of thrm named Lamban. of Company I, a vert bad character, waa, by order of M^Jor Arnold C, Lewla, tied to the rear of a b ggage wagon Aft* r proceeding about nt!e, It wh reported to Major L<ewti that Lanaban waa at large, with a loaded gnn In feU hand. The I Major, accompanied by Aaalatant Surgeon W. Cbarle* Roger*, rode towa da Lanaban, and ordered him to crtv* tir> ?k? 1 ? . . v v.y ?mv ^uu. uuiiauan rciu*ai? and while the Major wma In the act of getting off hia borae to enforce hi a order. Laaabaa retreated a few a'epa, took deliberate aim, and ahot tbe Major in tbe back with a ball and three buck hot. Tbe latter fell and expired la three mlaut-s, without uttering a word I^aiban ia now In the hand* of tbe Proro<t Martha!, and will be tried by a drum-bead court, probably to-day Yeaterday morning Col. Le Due, of the New York Thirty-fourth.keeping guard on tbe Potomac, dlacovered a body of rebel cavalry on tbe opposite aide partially concealed bv tree* and ravines From various movements It waa suppoaed that they meditated constructing some offensive works there. About noon be commenced throwing shells from a point too far diatant to produ le much effect Chanting the noaitloa. threw several ahella Into their midst, scattering tbem In ever? direction. Tbla occurred at the mouth of the Seneca river. Tbe Maaaachuaetta Twelfth, Col recently taken a poaltton which relieves the New York Thirty-fourth of a portion of tbe arduoua duty of guarding nine miles of the river line. Point or Rocks, Sept '24 -To-day an action took place at this point between a part of tbe forces under ibe personal command of Col Geary and 8">me four or five hnmlrwl r?h.i? ?? ginla tide of tbe Potomac. Tbe enemy were ibeltered In tbe high point of Catoctin mountain, and in tbe bouaes at lta bay, but they were driven from every place by tbe battery and tbe rifle* of Col Geary's command Tbe house* were burnt to tbe ground, and whilst several of tbe enemy are known to have been killed and wounded, tbe Federal troop* sustained no injury. - OIU NOTICE. * ? *? t?io ?' ?510 ARMY AND NAVY OFFICERS, CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. I would most respectfully lnfoim you that I have now in store my full supply of IUKDWARK, COOKING and HFATING STOVES, PARLOR HF.ATKR3, that heat above, PARLOR GRATES, COOKING KANGES, for Houses and Camps, HOT-AIR FURNACES. HOUSE-FURNISHING GOOD?. All fu'l and complete, and will sell them very cheap FOR CASH. C. WO'tDWARD, No. 319 Pa.av., bet. 10th and 11th sts.. ae2S-eo6t Dnlcony in front. p R O PO S A L sTo R~8T ATIONK Rv7~ Hcuse of Eepresentatires of the United Stntts-l Clerk' Office, September 2",186t. ( In rnmiDAKri of the eeven'eeiith Motion of the a<rt of Cone e?a of Auguet ?6, 18?2, emitted "An act legalising and miking appropriation* for auoh r.roeanary objeotau have been usually inoloded in the generai appropriation bi t* without authority of law, and to fig aud provide for oertain incident al expense* of the Departments and offioeeof the Government, a'd for other purpoae-," ?ealed proroaa'a will be reoelved at thia office until Friday, he 25th f*a? o* Ootober next at twelv o'clock m , { >r furniahinc the following article* of fWanonery or the u*e of th* Houae of Representative* of tbe United statea, vis: Cl??* No. i. 75 rwam* white oap ra*or. extra auperfine, feint lined in ream* blneca* paper, 'xtra auperfine, feint lined rnanii white nap paper, extra *np*rfine, plaia U6 ream* white flat cap, eitra superfine 151) ream* white quarto poat, extra auperfine, faint lined, gilt 25 ream* blue quarto poat, extra auperfine, feint lined, gilt 50 reams ? hue quarto poat, extra auperfine, plain, silt 10 raairis b'ae quarto post, extra *uperfine, p:ain. 2t re um white qnarto post, large use, extra thin, (emt lined 10 ream* white quarto p<>?t, large size, extra thin, i>lain an ream* white laid Bath post, extra superfine, feint lined, silt 1 j reani* white laid Bath post, extra superfine, plain, silt ISO ream* white note, extra superfine, targe #se, feint lined, gi t SO reams buff note, extra superfina, large site, feint lined, gilt 25 reams damask note, extra superfine, large sue, fein* lined, gilt Mf iw iiiir uu[0( oim superzne, IV|6 ilzti ? p am. cut 75 reams white note, extra tuporfine, small use, f?*int lined g It 25 rMint while not?, extra *uje fine, imall size, plain, gilt 25 ream* white uota. extra thin. No. , feiat lined, gilt ' 10 ream* wh te not?, extra thin. No. 6. plan, gilt Oreairs wr ite not*, extra thin, N?. I, plain, gilt 10 reams white note extathin, No. >, Je;nt lined, Kilt SO ream* Jesnp * Broe. extra seperfiae, white wore fo*t,/eint lined,(wide ro'ed ) l**? No 2 ?E*v$lop*t. 50,000 white thick adhesive envelopes, by 3S Indies fin roo whi'e thiok adhesive envelopes, bJi by 3S inches 40,000 buff thick ad he?irs envelopes, h? 31, inches iO.Oou wh.te thio* adhesive envelopes, ") 33% inches 10,000 white thiok adheeive envelopes, Mi by 1\ inches 25.000 wh te thiok adhesive envelopes, by SX in ohes 1 000 Of-O buff thick envelopee, ?X by 3K itohee 100,000 i.uff thiok adhesive envelopes, b? in ?u?|. rl4s8 No S 2T0 groat beat metallic pena, in boxes 26 gross 1'erry'a doable patent large blue barrel pena, fii*e point*, in dosen boxea 26 dosen blaok ivau qoill p*n? 15 gr oa? penholders, amo'Wd atriea 2 gioaa out and pressed glaaa inkatanda, aaaorted a: sea aid atyle?. Clasi No 4.?Misce<'antoui 6 dosen pearl handle pooket knivea, four blades 6 nosen ahell handle p >oket knivea, four blades lOooseu pearl and ahell handle pooket kiates, blades i dosen office aheara, 11 inohe* 1 dosen officeaheara,9 nic ies 4 u set. oihoe aheara. fi lucht a 4dcsen ao'Mora, 4 inches )0 desen ooior pjiicu*. larea and mil 1 SO pouada sealing was, bast quality iiO apools red tap? 6 dogen letter clips. Kilt and bronze 2 '<osen letter fi ee 15 pounds Indian rubber, median sised pieoes 4 doles bottles p >unoe 6 doien abort rubber penoila 4 doien portfolios, different styles Class No. 5. ISO reams brown Manil a enveloping paper, very tough, with smooth surfaoe, *7 bj 57 inches, to weigh not lesa than 42 pounds per ream 600 reams thrown Manilla envefopiog pater, very tough, with smooth an faoe >u by 28 inohes, to weigh not teas tn\n 36 poinds per ream 800 reams same as above, 19 b* 24 loohes, to weigh not lesa than S3 pounda par ream. Piopoeala for the above must state the priee per ream for paper, and prioe per thousand for envelopes, and 6* aeeen.pani?d by the names of the aureties intended to be offered. By the aot %fproved June IT, 1(44, the Clerk of th* House of Representatives is "direoted to oonfiue his parehaaea ezoluaive'y to artiolee of the growth and manaiacture of the United States, pro v.ded the same - an be procured of saoh growth and mauafaotu e, of suitable qt?alit?,and at reason able prioes. upon a< good term*, as to quality and pridfe, aa oan be obtained o( foreign growth ana manufaoture." A p-efe-euoe will therefore be given to the productions of Amerioaa iadu* try; I and all persons makiag eroeosais to s??l> ?? uoie will ?t?te whether the *a??> la the * rowth and manufaotu eofthe l'n?t-d Sutti Til* artifl.ea ?' vo be delivered, fire of k; charge for carriage, at th* oft je of the Clerk ol the Houaeof Rep -eeentauvee, on or Mfor* thetwtn tieth day of November n xt. Ksah turiner, thou-h he Mt deaire to propose for the whole of the artiotee above ?osm?ratrd. will be requirrd t > make a trpmratt and liisttncl JMMMM /er aoch eia*j ; and no propoaai or paper amtiaeiog mu than * aiogle elaaa will be oocaidered. Each propoaai to be endoraed. "Propoaala for Claaa Mo ?, of Stationer* for the Boas* af RepieteotaUvea of the ttUUa " aad addreaaea to the andaragoed. 1 hey will ha free of ' apeoimena of ea-h elasa maataooom msv in* propoaala matkeJ with the name of the akmMNSISwM ?*M *M0nUaR *? sag* shall reofire a eohUa** t*r th mm en ?x eating SS?ifi-257 fffiSjHMrtsrU* ? ? * M WANTS. \kJ ANTED-TAILORS. TAILORS -*? Ta lo?i " " o>mpMartt? work on military rood* Afplj 0 KOI.P. at . W^ph?n? jt <-o V a?aa WANTKD? m?? r??BMtahl0 *n?n? W'>n??, a 8 TL'MIONnoook. ia a prival# teosilv, Bowl rrr?-?ae? oon be giv?u. Apply at No. 36, evrtrnij and CI r>?. U* WAN rKD TO KKNT. <M M KDIATELV-Bj apnv?tof\nnly,a FURM9HED HOUSE, ?r n'aifiirj | of 10 nam*. Th? hona* matt ba id to 4. order. ?i|?n teat aad not <n?t*ct f om tN Trritr* B?wairica. Aprtii H. E. MURi'?N, ?? ?vcff0? r?? ?' UUKNI&HKD HOimE WANTED, for six 1 rr ontha. with th?aririlM? nf nu >ur mini h\*e iraa and v?'?r in it; femiture an?1 hoaee >a ltoo<1 condition, ard writ of 9?T*nth eL Addreee Hox 613 Port Otw. wIMt* WBANTED-A BOY between the mm ofl7*nd $>. to aot in the e*rao>ty of porvr Nsatkit tkoee vko osnoome veil reoe<an>er4ed need Mp'j, Apply at No. 49 Market Sqaare, between 7th and M ?U ? ? M vy ANTED?Two MEN to ao? as nnreee,oa the " U. P. ?tearner Peneaaola. Apply at tfea Na> j Yard. ee U7ANTKI>-ThrH TIN AND PUKRT IRON " WORKERS. H. J. GREGORY. ee 34-tf Ml Pa. am?? WANTED TO BUY-Oa w??H. Mrai.a " iraall BRICK HoUSS.ia goo<f repair. ft. r C ?-it'7 '' Stfcr ??06' t*Un? partioalar?, lie. ANTED-A SALK9MAN in a Dry Oooda Store, none need apply except tkoee who ean produce food iefereaoe* and are a^qaaitetf with the oity trade. Apply at 49 Market Spa-e, he*ween 7>tl ?n<l eta. ee >4 ?' WANTED TO RENT-A HOUSE, already ftrmahed, located m noinity of Wiliardr Pot*K by a^entleman wit'i email family. Ample w??nj tuu ioirrFn"Oi JIVJD IIBfllOcn* entor.w throagh Post f i?*. KW it* A SITUATION WANTED, ii mux tor*, by an active and Intel igent boy of ftfleoa; write* a good hand, and will itake himself generally u efu' Kirst-class reference* given. Address Box ?18. Washingtoa Po*t_Ofic?^ *e a >t* AYOI'NO I.ADY, who oao ooim *at*factorily recommended, desire* a SITUATION in a Milin?r?. Ladies' Droa* Uood*. Dm, or Warpaper Store. only a moderate salary required Address. for information,**H. 0", City Poet Oftoe. *e 23 eo3t* CIOVERNM KNT HOSP'TAL FOR THE INI SANE.? WANTED?Two sinc'e MEN a* at fend ants upon patients, snd two middle ated American WOMEN, one a* housekeeper and the other a> dining-room servant None but thoee who oaa furnish rmtm factory evideuoea of good eba' aotor and disposition need a*ply. ?e? lw %R7ANTED?A WOMAN to oo k vtiliud iron " for a ml I family. Aiao, a 6IR . from li to 16 year* of age. to take ear* of a child a d aeaiat at koosework^ Good recommendations or references required. Apply at No. 494 E street, between B*k ana 6th. ?11 tf CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS ft tib.'a. 388 Pa avenge. sell WANTED-To have every body to oall at HMITH1'. No 4fi0 Herenth rt.. opp-?1t? Poet Offi?e,*i>d Doroh%*e their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS, HaTS and CAP*, at the very lowest prices, (live hire a call an 3D Im WH1ANTKI). FOR THE CASH-AU kind* of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Ptraoni leaving the oity or having a sarplas will do wall to oall immediately. R. BUCHI-Y. j e3 48* feventh. between G and H ?U. ANTED ?We are now beyini SECOND HAND FURNITURE,STOVES ac.?l BED DING, (or winch we are na*inr the Hi?h*a< oa*li prices. Kmiii'iob decI'mor ho??rk?epinc. or having a tirpius oi mrmtvre, will End it to their advantage to civc us a "all. BO NT* A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 tth it., IkHw. I ann K utt. G ALT'S FURNACE, l.ATROBE. RANGE. A RADIATOR. COOKING CO ALiBf Well Screened before delivery. |[T 2 240 ponnda to the tot.-TTl HICKORY. OAK. PINK Prepared or delivered Cord length. Wharf and Mill?Foot of 17th atreet, below War Diana.) tm?nt <>ffie?? 2*9 Pecnaylncta avnoe between 11th and 13th atreeta aefr-fi* TERMS CA8H. , METALLIC t o a I'lttaiif. Pellahlag, aW Prcveatlaf Raat. Thin ia aup^rior to all other oila in the world for the *bor? pnrpoca. ai well I or miuihiiM; and lubrioiting uaea It ia equally applloab e to aunlooka and ewma machinea. It fa ia hfan favor at tbe Government Navy Varda for ordcaac* and machinery. Principal Depot at i General Atmry, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenne, i.f>ar Eleventh aa JO" Acecta wanted with team*, to anpply encampment* ae ^4 2m Vl/ashinoton arsenal, SlPTKMBtm *J, Ml. S*?L*i) PioroHLi, to be ei doraed '-prop?>ea!a for Fuel," wiil b? received by the Aotmc Aaaiatant Quartermaeter at thia Areena' until 10 a. m. ol 4L. : * * ' * - mc 4oiu iihiaih, 10 r inn delivery oi4 ? oord* best tea>onod Oak Wood and 130 tout beat Whit* A?h Anthracite Coal The ahove .articles must he st'ictly ofthe<l>est quality ; the wood to be stra-ght and oat in lengths vf four reel Both the Wood and Coal moat be delivered at the Aiserai, and the Wood to be eorded and measured by a a worn city wood measarer. Tree of expense to tlie Government. Hiddera will atate the price per oord or ton The oontract will be awarded to the lowest re*sonaib!e bidder, who shall give satisfaetor? aeenrity. Payment to be made in Treasary notes, if the Government de.res to do so FR8 J. SHUNK. se ?> ?t 1st L*e?t. Ordnance. A. A. Q. M. , l^RENCH COUPEE FOR 9ALE ?The adver' r tiaer haa for *ale a splendid Coatee..jBWcg. m?''e hy he heat maker in New York.mgHK a> d thu best finished in all re?peota il r ~ M? this ooontry, hav nc all the modem improvem*aie; it is nearly new, having been as?d only sbnat a Also, fo' sale, a F'enoh CABRIOLET, a most beautifal Open Carnage, jast s*w, few times nsed, and one o| the most efeg?nt art! ci-a ever mu?. The abor? UtrnuM will be aold r.irr eaaonable the owner bnvinc no aae far the*, lb* fam'.j b*mg in Knrop*. bboold any avrobacar doaire a pair of .tyiiah CARRIAGE HOKMiS, long tail*, dark brown mottled 16 V hand* kick, fine Kotior, gentle, and fait, they mum acorn modated ; but the oarriacaa will ba aold separata 01 ?itb tii# pair of boraea. Addreaa "O 8 car* Bo* 1,?T* Toat Oftoe, Baltimore. with real name and add(Q?a MM tt* fkf U8ICAL IN8RUCTION?A Teaober ol 1*1 Mu?ic, veil qnaiifind in tie profeeaion, wiehei to obain a o'aaa of pnpila in a privaia echoo1 Ref-ienoe oan be giren it required. Terma madi known on ap-'Hoation. Addreaa "Mnaie Teacher," at tba Htor Ofioe, atating name and rae denoe. a* ? S'.* BB UTTER ANI) t- GGS ?At No. 4 30 Kifhtfc atreet between Pa ava. ano 0 street, ram* ing dr T y freah lota f Naw York, P*nna? Irani* and v\ e?'ern Hotter which we are tailing for 12X ot nta and ap wards. Alsn?fre?h E?h. h? ?* '?*? m as iw* * PEOPOBALBar#IotiN tor FLOUR O fill the SN'h September. 1861 at 12 o'olook m. n?> ba^rela will ba r-qui'ed, ia aeaarate lota of about 1 000 harre *aoh. Tha Ploar tone new wbefct, awl tha deiirarr of tha vbola lot to be made b? the 8th Oot?b*r. 1?T .Tha F.our rrqnirad to ba of tha following br&ndt, Arlington Extra. ?wr is Fairview do. SSXSt J-SW'1 J > ewooma do. M. Smith do. IwWiy ? Joe Char lea do! .Mr"* I M.m wluilft do. H&tuxent do. Oakley do. fidne do. i ior k Zeitler do. ?f?cke Mill* do. WorrisoD A Co. do i*e Uunn Plolr. *prtn< Jo* ChaMM, Eif* Utker'e. A few barrele of tlM mil M Voatbara Ploer will be tekM,r<)T;d?d twt il pr*>*? ?eel in grade to the btnidi ehore ntifted Th? hidd-ra to ?t*t? the breed end th* nsnbtr of barela of Moh kind they jToaojefo furnick. The b*rrel? e?atai?iag th* Pi our to bo itr*l(< ^finjffi^qgSSggft ?".CA eodorted, MPro?o*al? for V loer " ee a T?E C*HPa\8^S5^: I Wrgoaoa the Proeeiae jrieo. pie. ar>?oie?i tor eieep- rv Incortoaet ee an Ai^ium is oaee o( jLiTW noknoM or woands. vttk aa.pto nw for tore* and proviai?M; light, wate* precf. ?ad p*rWKWS: ' f?'* . i * , j I Lv <-i J N' " ~r * S \ 4 AlH-TJOM HALhW > Bt J. C. Mot. I ] R K A CO.. ' UANMOME KO9RWOO0 PIANO POITK , RrvSisnai assHUf opp ifc? Capito' ? *.< *. Ml kit hi ?lnW rTMtef lid hfT'?,?OB?l?l|ffO't iimdeon f Rosewood J<evtn t>?Ur? Pixmt> KortA, neo.1* aew. i W? Mt ?of?, Booker *?d Parlor Ckaire, i M ?lMt MerhU top Center Ttble, , MikHMf fide and Mk T?We?. l}? wd v\ *.1?H Wardrobes. Do led W?'<it FMldUd'. !) ftod W?Ual t ' t Hair-ftrookard Hn?k aad Cotton Mattraan*. y cather Bed*. Bc'iwn aa?l Pil?*i, SSSWUifSS.'a !&** cw, KaHoraad ChM>b*r C?f*?rt. |n? tit. IWf1? w4 VmiM* Mur Omiu, Mirror. Girandole*. Laiep* and Maatel Oraa 1 editor'and ^*tm her ^teree?*^ Cookiox Ntn, with a genera; attorfwl of KtttkN I^IMtHt. M*?Td***^ J. C McGUllK 4 CO . A?oUBr TBOS. IM)WLIN?, Aiittwiw. y n?iot?r Bisi ?< 4 p m ^>it?irw|i?t all thoee pieoea of groaea ia Gaorfttowa MwribM M foliowt. b: I. All that pert of Int iimtwn (17 > Hi ?M besiaairf. Ii>r iu b< * dr. at the t*4 third line of Mid 1ft on Fa 1* tiNt.iai rnnnint thenee, by fcrd with Falle itmt. M?t ih'r'y three (n(. tk(tN MttMrir, to t kniMd one. No. s, toiag air.etj h?e M from falle treat 'hence watfrly to * t?<?ruled atoae Ne t> forty-lve feet. to la'.ertee-. raid third liaa of lot eateoo. t*iac ninety ire feat from Falle etioot. and Ueaoa eoatberlf. with Mud Ultra liae te Uto w th the imp ovemmW. S. Alro. that moiety <>Tlot liihUt* of old 6e*?r? et >wb, be- mni>r. tor it? t>oai ds, at the eoathwa?t <-o'Der of let KT>ata?r. he,a? weeierly. from boaodar? No ?. 94 feet. and ia the liee of Pal'a ireet. ana running e ith ict eeveeteen, porth to Proefot street, thenee with the Ima of Preeaaat treat weeteri* thirty thr?e f?et, tfceere with a line drawn eou>h?tl . parallel witn the fcret line to Kali* etrort and ihanoe with aaid street eaat, te the Mgtaaiaf with imyroT??'e>t? Term* of sa e : One third of the parabaae aoaay to be paid ir oa h. and the reeidee in two r?aal instalments, at ?ix aod twelve montha, with intereet. to ha eaonroi by d:od oft urt T*<m? of sale to be oomptiad with wMhia o?e week after the ->le, or the proparty aa? be reao.d at u? r ti and ooat of tk? iirtbuw,' kftw tie Wcfk?' Rotioa. EDW. TAMWACK. TmiV#. Mg ?awAd? THO*. IV)W flWG, A?tBr GR KN A WILLI AM9. AartionMr* HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN KUENI ttis at Awctiob.?Ob FRIDAY. U? TTtii ii ?tant. thai! a-l at tt* rwiden of a |?at.* man dent; r.| hou?*kr*finc, at M o'eloa* A-"1., at >o. 40A itrMtvtft, b?Hwi K mmi F Itrwti 110nh. known aa 1 ta? Lfeoham CoOac*. ac eso*t]*? i a ortmeat of Farnitiir*. ns? Uo?ewood and WaJnnt far or Si t. Wa nt Marbie-tnp < ' rior aad Cmi Table*, Do FttMMOl. Ikwiw MiolkArT.K'.. o 1 Paiariata.Cfeiba. tflatt. and Crook*rr Two fine - aintad CottM' ChwnW tMU. , Cot>?Ke and other Belataade, Irra Hu ftttk, mm4 Gftrptl* Ret-iiienora, with ft Rood lot of Kitahea l*?u(itM, With man; other art oiaa which videem idbnm Mr; to nam*r?ti eeCd GREEN A WILLIAMS. AeaU. PFOR ARMV MEN. LAIN. Striped ard Piaid KLANNKLS for ehirta, whit* iftr in and Cotton, heavy Gr?y a n't \\ bite BLANKET?*, with all other kiada of l>Rr GOO?IS for th* vanti of fknnliea. One erioe only, ma had in plaia fig urea ; haaoe no purotiaser is eeoeived An io?peotion ot atoaa implies bo objgatioa to purotiaae CARPETS. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, BP f T/la a tt n uod, bd i u pp*r r icx?rm. FFRRV it BHOTHKK, CkiTttM and isilU at., *'P?rr* f.11 idlK." B* inn oartona GENT? POCKKT HaNDCR1EF8, ready he* i?ed, from M cent* aywarrta. K17 at.'f NUT1CK! NUTIOK! NOTICE!!! M. WII.LUN htTini t?k*B the etore formerly occupied by Mr. R. C.ftnrint, 336 PtWT vliit avenue, between *th aid |Wth eta., will ?f*? it on Mon*a*f 16th mat, with a new atoek of t ALL. GOO US. oompriainf? Frerch Bonneu, Cloafca, Dreea ud Cloak Tri?iringa, Slower*. Feathera. Rihaada. Babroideriee, ana, Head Oreaaee, wreattia. aal and French Laoe?. eta., at* I arail myeotr to offer to tba la*tee a large and we.i-ee ected atoo^?every artioie beta* ia 35= oott ?? famrlniiittm.*. N OFFICERS AND SOl.DfEM EEDlNG Any kind of Put; inTCfii DRY WOO US for tka fo.ka at home are eo hotted to \W K?t our tilt (took ol N?? Autumn Im Witiar t 101, Ad exarainatioa of stock impliee boeblicauon to pnrofeaee. On prioe oal j. marked in flats i|irN ; Utr? fore, no purer aaer is deceived. PF.KKY 4k BROTHBR. Fa. arraai aod Ninth at, ? an 5tif "Perry B aildiac A LL KINDS OF SILKS AT LE^S THAN IX. he old pMo'?, ootw.fstaiMiiuc too advaaoe in Europe and the Dew tariff . ^ Persona oeedirg SIl.K GOODS for MftCW * * winter will effect a ao id aavinc by makin* tfceir i purohaaea now. The whoieealeaad retail bnaioeaa of tke ooantry ' beinf bow reducrd to tlie oau atandard ?ni n 1 u? to nfar a I artiol?a ?' ft radaaed tariff at aroita. ONE PRICK ONLY, Mmd is plain ffcaraa. Newcomer*. aojjarn?ra, ciUgeni. and atrftacera wll. intaeot oar ook at tfteir p!a*aara; it incora ro obligation to jurchaaa. Carpota, rartaioa, and Oilalotka, Rata, he, ^rvaa?w u. "KifvrnJWff-" * ; Praa. avenue aad ?tk ureal _ mm is 5of "Parry BaiMiaf OQQ JOHNSON * NAGLK, O*9 No MIHumTLuiuArim. fcoi/ Batwaaa Ninth sad Tenth aU . aouth aid*, t ** 1 j e H. Mm, Piir Hmdwek. Moot k. CkM4ot.Cwu*rlCo , bvt( A F??ot, wkick w? of*"k^w y111 added. JOHN?m?N it NA6LE, I by U? Cam. 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