Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1861 Page 3
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<>( AL N EWS . " 1 I Til ?ra k prUM Mttt M? pra la w?uU *f B?it< a?or?, Its el'tioa t* eo lai*e ia M? reqjlw !t to be pat tn preaa at aa Mrlf bear; Adiutlnaarata, therefore, should bt Mnt Jm h?(w tt *vi?k in.; ethwwlK tbey moy a ah api*-r aatii the n?st day. "form.?DMrlct of Colombia Hiaiaam ? be IneerW la the Butnoii Bn wo reoeiTed at ud forwarded from Tn ftr&a OJke. ubpwaiv*' i" or it. TUTnotT ?IV OwrtfMn- i ship /. Et-Liemt Chatr Bmrmtjr'? children?Mr. Barney charged tritk brutality towards hi* wfe, i infamams conduct towards the R?r?, (< ?Extraordinary allegations?Disgusting details. wmfit for on?A French witnass ? Almost a fightm Ike eemrt room?8mm between the frenth \ nnrst and Mr. Barney's mother? Still nearer a i fight after th* adjournment?Th* children fright j snrd. fc , 4>c.- It Is perhaps kaovn to oar reader* that Mr Chaee Barney was, ta 1847, married < to Mia Oe Kraft. He vai at thai time a Urate*- i ant ta the Naee. aid wee t7 yean old Hie bride 1 waa aa accomplished voeog ladr, IS y*ara old, i and wae aa orpfcaa, with a considerable fertile. ] Fearehlldrao?twe beya and twa girle~-were the 1 la?ue mt thla marrla*e, which etem ta have baea ] a eeey aehap^y oae The parttea Heed la Parta i It te alleged that Mra Darner wae granted proV-rtlaa from her ha abend by a F reach tribunal In 18if, end the time having expired, a provisional decree o4 divorce for tlx monthe waa tented by the j aame coort la January. 1890, ta alee Mra B. an i opportnalty to get a divorce In thla country In < uwaawan 01 low, ?ne wu ainRH OT M Iowa I court, and died aoon afterwards ta New York 1 city in October. Her coua n, Mr D?Krafft mdttlnae iM arasd applied far tbe guardianahlp oC t the children, alleging that Mr. Barney had unfitted htmaelf for aucb guardianship by improper i conduct even tf the divorce waa aet aside by this i court. It will be roc o lire ted that the J udge of , the Orphans'Court not long since depnted Mr. , f*aiBuel Phillip* to proceed to Parts and Ket tbe ] children, aad that be returned to thia country i with them > few weeka ago Since then they i have boen la the rnatody of tbe Marahal. and the caae haa been before the court once or twice, bnt < for Taxioua raaaoaa little progreaa haa been made ] la It. i Yea'erday, tbe partlea appeared before Judge i Pareell, of the Orphaaa' Court. Mr Barney waa i rreeeat with hia counsel, Mr. Davtdge: and Mr. ( j)e Kraft with hia counsel, Messrs Linton and < Kendall, Jr. 1 Mr Baraoy'a mother waa there with him, and \ Mr. Samuel Phillips brought tbe children lato ] court, accompanied by tbe French nurae, who ta j also a wltneaa. The aldeat child, a bov. ta ap- < patently about 11 or 12 year* of age, and tbe youngest, a girl, about J or 6 Thev are all bright, handsome, intelligentlooking children, and aeem to eoaabtae American aptness with French t1 rarity The oldest boy and the two little girls kept clow to their French nu'rae, and would not go near their fkthsr or grandmother, or apeak to them. Tbe yonngeat boy, Eddy, however, kept near hla father, fondling him, and aeemlng to aak qtt%tiona and to make amusing remark* about person* In tbe court room, which brought a smile upon the fae? of hla father He slso~ aecmed to be attached to hi grand mother, frequently whispering to her and making rt marks on tha course of tbe trial. Mr Ltnton, In opening tbe case, eulogized Mrs. Barney, and mid sle had died of " mental agony and the torture Inflicted by this animal here," (Mr. B ) Mr Davldge objected to the remarks Indulged in by tbe counsel, but? Mr Linton said, excitedly, that on account of "tbe beastialitv and tnae turpitude of this rascal here," t Mr R ,) be bad a rlytat to do it. Continuing, he said be would frc^e the Infamous conduct of Mr Barney, snd * * * * He bad tried to rolaau the inlndaof therhildr?n < 1 *m that bo>'s gndftlbrr," nid Mr. Linton, pointing to " Eddy," the boy already mentioned, who was sitting beside hit grandmother, "and be won't peak to me " ' No, 1 won't apeak to voo," nid Eddy promptly, and with no little vim Mr Davldge repeatedly objected to Mr Linton'a remarka, ana the Judge had to Intlat upon coaoael restraining themselves from anything personal or o^enaive Mr Davldge having commenced hla remarks, made some observation about hla client; when Mr Linton explained: "Admit the beast, that la all I want This bane, detestable, belllah creature only wanta the children's property " Mr. Davldge, 1b hts opinion, aald it was tbe duty of the court to protect Utlgaaia from personal Insult here wltfcla the ahadow of thla temple of juatlce. He apoke with considerable feeling, and aald he would take up the papers seriatim and state his exceptions to them; which he proceeded to do. He was Interrupted several tlims by Mr. I intaif avifi aiu>a anorv ?*nv/4? rtaaxJ .? ? , ??- ? J {' MCU vctwccn Mr Linton and Mr Barney, which our reporter could not hear The at paper contained two depositions taken before Henry M. Spencer, the American Conaul In Psrls, claiming to soow Mr. Barney'a brutality to hla wife, 4c The next waa tbe record of the court tn Iowa. Next, a copy cf tbe first paper with other drposition* of the aame tenor, taken before tbe American Cocan 1 [Tbe drpoaitfons In tbla paper are those of the Frtnch nurse and tbe children, and are of a character to disgusting that they are totally unfit for publication J Next, three letters from Monsieur de Long CLamp, a French attorney, to Mr. De Kraft, atattni: tbe refusal of Mr. Barney to provide Tor bia children N?-xt, "what purports to be" (we quote Mr. Dsvidge) a record of proceedings In two French conrta * Next,correspondence between Mrs Barney and 1 brr nuaband, and Mrs. Harney ar.d Mr De Kraft, ' at different times, containing among manv others ' one letter from Mrs Barney to Mr De Kraft, en- 1 closing s provisional order of tbe French court; 1 rate from Mr Barney to bis wife, enclosing a scran rf Paris gossip from a newspaper, (supposed to refer to Mr. Wilbur of the American Legation, and Mrs. Barney ) 1 Next, a power of attorney authorizing Mr. D? ' Kraft to sue for a dtvorce " < Mr. Davidgs excepted to the paper purporting * to a record of tbe French court, that It waa 1 nothing bat a history of the case, without the French seal, an oflelal certiteste, or any mark* to establish Its authenticity. He had on previous * occasions argued against tbe Iswa decree tt^t I Mr. Barney had nev?r been be lb re the court there 1 to defend almself. that the six monta's residence f of narttas suing for divorce waa not complied * with. a?d that tbe decree was granted oa tx pert* testimony. Te tbe letter* and other papers he excepted: that they W*W scraps of paper of no value at all as evidence 7n tbe case. I Re was ooce or twice Interrupted by Mr. Lin- 1 tea, who said be had wltaeana to provs tha alia- ( gitlssi Onee Mr. Davldee remarked that ho hail ku lb a re of amiability, but there was a lliutt to It The Court requested Mr Davldge to atate bla exceptions in wntlag, which he dtd. Mr Davldge urged tbe Court to give a declaloa pn the pa pen pr raw a ted, particularly on the de- 0 cree of tbe Iowa court, urging If that waa ad- fi mltted. the taking of testimony might by consent of rounael be dlapenaed with Tbe Court ruled out tbe record of the Prench court* became of Ite not being properly authenticated, bat reserved a decision In the caae of tbe Iowa decree. Tbe Court notified counsel that he waa ready to bear testimony, and Mr. Linton called to the staad tbe Prsaca nurse. She la rather dull looklag la re peas, bat being sworn gavs la her testlnaony ln a very animated manoer, la very Imperfect Lngllah, however. She seemed to be much attached to the chlldrra. AUxmmdntu Per/aw, sworn ?Waa bora at Blots, la Fraace; cane to Par la when a little ! 61rl; am 9tm S3 TW* old Came to reside In J Ira. Barney's family la th* Booth of October, f lei* Mrs. B hod a aunt for the ho by, ?lx meoths oid Witness hod chares of Chosoy, Ed- 11 dy, sod Hobs. Sow Mr. B. drunk moot every rlrl commenced to gtve to her tee- I * timooT, Mr. Barney atationed himself oleeeto her u rtfht side. tBoehtoff her, aod Mr. DeKrsfft lo the r seme positleo en her left. Both KOBUcaea are sessewhat hard of hoarln?. At this point la the ivhiuivhf uiw* ucuiru rAtuinjtri IUOM aui Indicative o( love for each other. when Mr BarMf ncktn?4 sharply, "Doa't look at me ao." Mr. DeKrafft made some reply about laoklng as be plied, and advanced ctaaa to Mr. Barney, when that gentleman said, "I am going to whip yon anyhow." Both assumed threatening attltodee, bat In tbe nsesntisne the Court had ordered tbe bailiff to prefirt order, and they war* separated 1 Mr. Linton now naked tba witness If Mr. Bar. ??r waa not eery violent and brntal to hla wife. Witness Y'ea, airMr Davldse objected to tbe counsel asking leading questions Mr Li M ton aaked the wltnew If Mr. Barney brntally ireatrd hla wife. w Itnesn ? Van, air. Mr Davldge again objected; when the witness MalniMil r. nkilTw ?Knf (Ka WTAtl III Adit t?il Mfhlt VMWIHItW, I . ?? ? ?? ? "?7 ?? ? ? vm true; ibe children were bere, aad would '"The Caart MMUlncd Mr. Dartdft* objection, ( Mr UitM nkf4 wbetber Mr. Bumt^ con4act wm good ov bad WrtMP add, bad; Mr- Baraay eoaoe home . inuk after wa goae to bad at it o'clock; won id ?hi VMlipi would aiake the ckildrae fell i wp. [dba Ur# laraed toward* Mr Baeeef and t add, "Mr Barney eaa toll 11 ll U tree "J He vaatd make a> all gat da aad draw oeraelree f and f o aa the street at 12 o'clock at atdbt. M ta. 1 Barney didn't want tbo cklMiaa to f oat MUr room. SMWttiMi two or tkrw 4*f? be wm not dnik-Mnrtlmn a *tfk drunk all the time, from morning till icb*. The wttr-ae here proceeded at tome length to teetlfy to attempt! of Mr. Barney to tako improper liberties with her, and save other o*idear* *f a nature nnft for publication, after which the continued aa follow*In .the atreet Cbatenobrland Mr B , ?m *o drunk after 13 o'clock be come into Mra. B.'a room, he tella something bad to bet. tM>e said "Let me alone; K* lo bed " Bo mid "I ahan't (b to bod, I am your husband " He go back In hi* row, come Mck attain, and told Mn B. > nasty word la Eagllab. I don't know what, bat Mra. B tells me It Is a nasty word lie aald he wanted the children to get up and drear Chaaey d'dt't want to get up. He took bold of Chaeey by the throat aid make a big mark and make tbe blood come Chaaey called, "Ma! ma!" Chaw y roo Id hardly apeak Mrs. B cried, and said. "You shan't treat mr children thla war " He aid. "If you tell me that I whip you too " He turnrd to Mr* Barney, on her bed, and whipped her twice la the face, and blood ran from bar month, i brought her water myaeir to araah her fee* The children cried; everybody cried; It waa three o'clock In the morning We ill dreaaed. The children were told to go to bed, bat were afraid. Chaaey at Id It would aoon be tlm? to g* to aehael. Ha (Mr. 8 ) waa ao drank be didn't know what he waa doing He aa*d be would cot our tbroata and tttea cut hla own throat. He waa drunk meat all the time. We were afraid to go to bed every night. i ne wiibm uo not concluded her testimony, bat It wai after three o'clock, and the court adlooraed to meet to-day. Daring tbe trial Mr. Barney* mother had made repeated attempts to lndoo? the two little girls to approach her and apeak to her, but they perslstPDtly refused. She now approached tbe Judge ind asked that the children might be taken from the charge of that French woman, that ahe had poisoned their nslnda agalnit her (their grandmother) and agalnat their father 1 he Judge reeled that therourt was now adjourned, ana that >he children were In cistodv of the Marshal, who wonld ne doubt do what was proper. All started >ut together, when something occurred at the door, and the nnrse came back crying and ejaculating, and claiming the protection or ih? igalnst Mrs Barney, yulet was ultimately reitnrptfl and all ilartM) ilnurn tAaof K?s? At the bottom of the steps, on the firat floor, a ilfflrulty aroae between Mr Barney and Mr. De Krafft. After a word or two, Mr De Kraflt ipproached Mr Barney, and a row was Imminent, when the gentlemen present interfered and teparated the par tie*. Mr. Barney held out hia unbrella excitedly, saying to the bystanders, Take this if you want to see a man whipped," irbile Mr De Krafft seemed equally eager for the fray. Mrs Bsrney and Eddy kept near to Mr. Harney. while the little girls seized bold of Mr. DeKrafft and cried ia a frightened manner. The ?ldest boy, too, stood by bis sisters Tbe parties Jnally separated, going In different directions; Mrs and Mr. Barney and Eddy In one group; tbe mrae and other three children In another: and Mr. De Ke Krafft and his friend* In yet another. tbs OB'BBVAUrl of tbi Dat To-moiiow From present indications tbe National Fast Day will be generally and appropriately observed hroughout the Union States. In this city boslirss of all descriptions will be suspended In the morning there will be services at various ?tt? rKltrrhM *n/l IOIA* ! % Ammm A ? ? ? .?, v ...? iu^? iu me uaj rrui fiiiiasa McCoy, of New York, will undertake tbe repetition of tbe exhaustive oration on tbe ''Constitution of tbe United State*," delivered by blm on the afternoon, evening, and night of tbe 17th, ind early part of the day of tbe 18th of SeptemDer, 1861 Ten or fifteen hours of McCoy upon Ibe Constitution, taken on an empty stomach, jugbt to adequately mortify tbe flesh for us of Washington. Central Gdabdhousb Casks ? Dennis Da^ey ind Margaret Dacey, drunk and disorderly; worklouse 6<i days each Tbeo Wieser, drunkj flue ind coats,SI 94 Thos. Taylor, disorderly: workjouse 60 days Patrick Murth, dru ik and dUorterly; fine and com, W 91 Jas Williams, do; io., 81 01 John Rozier, drunk and threatening lis wife; do . 91 94 Thoa. P. Hoylan. profanity; Inrned over to the military. Alice Smith, drunk ind profane; dismissed. Peter Callahan, sleeping in an rIUc Ha ? ?... ?>vj | ?* iiiioui #aiurat UMI. | UUi anci dour*, do Peter Fitzgerald, drunk: do. J*rm-s U' , do Antbony Dunnand Mary Dunn, ;obablting; dismissed Emmett Melkea, turned jver to tbe military. John Campbell, do. Ladivs, Attmtioh !? Mrs. R. 0. Etchlson lasjust returned from tbe North with h?*r usual rery large and beautiful assortment of Millinery md Lace. Goods. Bonntts, Flowers, Ribbons, Racbea. Bilks, Velvets, Feathers, Laces, F.mbrollerles, Ac., Ac. Her Flowers, Feathers and Millinery goods f?nerally, dese ve special attention, and she only isks you to call and look at them, satisfied that ron will bay. 3t Exhibition.?To-night the Concert and Exilbttren of the Sunday school children of St. Moysius Church takes place In that church, ?rner of I and North Capitol street* Tbe programme In another column promise* one of th? Tiost agreeable entertainments of the season, snd trill donbtUns draw an Immense crowd. An ?rlv attendance will be reaulalte to Insure a jood wat A Hroi bill at Odd Fellowa' Hall again tnilght, overflowing with the rreara of eomlfimll;ies Aa tb* Campbella are about to leave ua, an apportunlty of enjoying tbla, one of tbelr beat :re?ta, ahould not be neglected. The great opeatlc burlesque of "OhHuah!" whlcn elicited >nrh abouta of laughter last night, will be repeated to-night. Mm. Giikwols haa on exhibition at the War Department one of the moat /fngenoutly made irmy trunks ever Invented. Itconaintsnf a trunk, ?rd, (with mosquito net attached,) table, writing leak, lounge, aettee and chair, all no constructed ta to fold within the cover of the trunk. It la rortby the aperlal attention of arm/ officers. See idvertlsement In another column. Elsxwhhb will be seen the card of Messrs. lambsburg A Ebert, of Georgetown, offering the lues*quality of gauntlets, gloves, leggins, portuonnaies, and everything In ths buckskin line, it astonishingly low figures for durable, neat, ind Inexpensive buckskin accoutrements, call on lunbnrr A Kh*rt Convict Labor ?A communication to tbe I lecretarvof the Interior, recommending the emiloyment of tbe prlaonera tn tbe penitentiary In be dredging of Jamee' Creek and otlivr contem-1 dated improvements In tbe proponed Araenal exenaton, baa been algned bv tbe Mayor and many members of tbe city councils. Ma. Eb tow : Tbe Dr Wllllama wboee name s mentioned in connection with tbe deatb of Llexander Scott, la not Dr J. W . Wllllama. 320 ? atreet You. will please lna-rt and oblige, very ewpectfully your obedient servant. J W. Williams. This ivinibo, tbe fourth annual assembly of be Merry Social Club is held at Odd Fellows' (all, Navy Yard Those who have an inkling >f tbe arrsngementa made, are prepartrfg for a ;rand entertainment. Don't miaa It. \ Gbobobtown. Sent 15 1mi To the Editor of tk* Evening Star: Dear 81 r? n reference to an article In your respectable paper 1 23d September) called " What 1* tbe matter with ( h? Provoat Guard?" I beg your perm I Ml on of oakiag a modification to your statement conernlng mv eatabilahment. In the flrat place the oldlera which were here on Fr'day night were I lot on duty that evening, and tbeir number mounted to about IS: the muaic, 8 in number, tad a paaa nnUl W o'clock from their Colonel, lecoad. Tha peaceful amuaement waa diaturbed >y a riotoua aet of loaf era outside, aa they were lot admitted: and two drunken aoldlera, one of bem received a wound in the street, not in the iooae, by whom 1 don't know, but certainly not ^ iy one of mr family, as no arrest has occurred in He same, aa your paper stated Aa I am a com pi eta victim of a certain conspiatlon and agitation of mv iuH?kharkanJ mn rould oblige me very muct Indeed, If poeal^le, o make a extract from tbla atatement In your expectable pa pet in favor of my eetabllabment. # Youra, with reap* ct, A. Rittlik. India Rfuu BLimira ro* ialf rntci, beng thgkilf dlacolored, but not Injured for eerlce. 5.000 Urge India Rubber Blanket*, lined rltb Camion flmmmtl, 6 feet 4 incbee long and 4 ret 4 Inches wide, for SS each, aaual price M ror aaie at the India Rubber Warebooae, 306 'ennaylvanla avenue, between Ninth and Tenth I Ireeta ^ ^ ae23-tf MAKR1KU On tha Vh inatant by the R?t. Pater I.. Wi.aon, Jr J. H. t>M TH to ANNIK BRI CK, aeoond i(|ht-r of J B'ooa, all of this aity. a U?? '? h ina'ant. by th* Rar. Mr. Coombe. ?LtXAM>ER WKltoNER to Miaa AMANDA lAKKMAN.all of thiaoity. On l^L ?4i*L inatant, by the R*?. Mr HoJmfad, WAI.TKK KM HALL, W 1UIM ItbULUUA 11DGKLV, ft 1 of thi oity. * UUb, Oft the Mtk of September, ftt 8 o'elook ft im., JHA RLEa LANCASTER, ftfed9 yeftre7months Bit fonerai will take pieoe oa to- Morrow <Thsra1*1) Iflftuon at * o'elook. from hie iftie residence, } st_ bXween 6ih snl 7 k sta. Friends aod aoluain a ;e*s are mrited to attend. .fif n&. ssjyy si'sar.a- S?J t kaera'. maharlaUro iden?e, on B street, oa n miMiB fTklfMUlMinin A n'nl/wvlr. * 0 Mayor's Office, > W??b!mtoii, fcept. IS, 1681 \ la compliance wlttyttoe following joint reeolu- 1 tion of the City CooncTU, which I have approved j thla day, I do recommend "to the pmpleof Wash- c ington. aud especially to all ministers and teneh- . en of religion, nnd to all heads of families." the j observance of Thursday, the Wh in?raot, In the j manner and to the end Indicated In the l'roclaraa> c tlon of the President of the United 0tatee, and r thnt on that dayall secular hnsl nets be suspended, j and all places of business be closed. * Rich aid Wallach, Mayor. > o Cornea No. 59. In Board of AUUrmm. Joint Ruoivtmr recommending I religious J obeervance of th? day set apart by the Pre*I- C dent of the United States as a day of national 3 humiliation, prayer and fasting. >1 Wkirta-i. The P real dent of the United States, In compliance with a request of the two Houses I of Congreas. has appointed Thursday next, the ?th of September Instant, as a "day of public li humiliation, prayer and fasting, to be observed f, by all the people of the United State*, with re- p Uglons solemnttlea, and the offering of fervent ? supplications to Almighty God for the safety and 4 welfare of these United State*, Rla blessing on >1 their anna, and a speedy restoration of Peace": w And whereas, It Is eminently proper that a peo- I pie Instructed In the truths of Divine Revelation S >K?nl<t In IK> ? ?# > * uvu<? iH ?V Ml wuvp "i Iiaiivuai u?i?iUi If UU111* * ble themselves before tbe Great Ruler of Nation*, ' to confess and repent of their national and Indi- ?! vidnal alna, to deprecate his wrath, and to pray f, that the evil may be stayed, and that Hia protect- ii in? arm may be extended over tbem : Be it ritolved fry the Board of Aldtrmtn and t > Board of Common Council of tk City of Washington, That the Mayor of thia city be requested to Iwoe bit proclamation recommending to the people of Washington, and especially to all rein- Isters and teacbera of religion, and to heads of I families, tbe observance of the said day, In the * manner and to the end Indicated in the proclama- \ tlon of the Presideut of tbs United States, and w that on the said dav all secular hn?in#?? honn. ti pended, and all places of business closed. ji Z. Rtchabds, *] President of tbe Board of Common Coancll. ?' W m T.J)ov?, ?| President of the Board of Aldermen, h Approved September 25, 1801. Ricrabd Wallach. Mayor. S AMUSEMENTS. U ODD FELLOWS' HALL! The Only Plfcoa of Aransement % IntheOity Sevtntn Wetk of T Obioinil and Only " CAMPBKLL MlNSTKhLS! ! 1* STAR PERFORMERS, " In ?he Opera of OR, HUSH ! J The ? BLACK STATUE, ? A nd p. DR. LINCOLN OUTDONE. Admission Twenty-five Cents. se25 Dr. 8. FORD. Agent. J ^*R L I N O T O N CLUB. j The members of the aITLiNGTON CLUB beg ? leave to announce to their friends and the D puMio in sene &] that they i?terd giving M their Seventh 6R AND COTILLON PAR /A J TY at Frasklix Hall. D st., between U'huum .* and Wh ?t?., on WEDNESDAY, October 2. :?61. ? Tickets SO cents, admitt iig gentleman and ladies. " se25-lt* f ji T GREAT CFI.F.BKATION ! ? HE Magni6cent Orat'on heretofore d?;ivered " on the anniversary of the opeiunc of the Mammoth Cave, by Prof Phi.cmmkrkt, l*te of New Z**l- P1 and-before tho Terrific Leg on and Thunder and i.ichtr.icg Bricnd*, will be repealed, hv ^ener*! _ r? quest of n?bot1j, at ha f p??t ten o'oluck next W' eW. in the Huu?e that Jack built t Eloquent and scientific allusions will be made, .. during the address, t > the use of ?mok* as a h*- % diaalio p"wer. at d the p'ioe of watermelo-.s in the n London markets, as wed as other equally interest- ?j ing and excruciating topic. _ N B.?As a I the members of the above corps, except seven, and a boy, are now enr*ced in com- a m<yn public service at various places b'tweei Kan- <J ras City a> d Fortress Monroe, t?>ey are, throneh n c in te- t in* te<t. but rot expeotod to be present. oj CI7" The Oration will oocupy two weeks on'y in |j delivery. Muse b? the Bind of Brothers ! ft <?en BIMj BOMB HELL, i: Hod. RFFi.F CANNON- k Coi. UI.VKI'M HOW ITZKR, ? ?e24 2t* Patriotic Committer. THE STEWART HOLLAND BOYS IN THE FIELD AGAIN _ The members of the Stewart Hol'and OA tafca Kreat plrasure id announoinc to their frienor (a and the suhlio fererall* that ihty will five In their Fifth Grand COTl1.LON PARTY mM ?1 WEDNESDAY EVENING, Oetnber9, atUBk J Stott's Hall, corner2<nh st. and Pa. av. For par- h tioulars see future advertisements. se 14 St* t< ODD PRLLOWV HAM,. WASHINGTON - ] Mr WM. E!.LINGER, havin* enraged the ? aSove named popular hall, resseolfallj announoos tl that, as soon a* the minstrels now in ooonpancv have completed t'eir series of Concerts, he will I open with a Rare and DHtchtfnl J MUSICAL. C?'MIC AND POPULAR fi entertainment, ; In whioh the Brautifnt and Da?hinr Artiste, I miss helen western, With a Krilliant Compan*. will appear. " Thk Hit at thi Ti**s. a Full of Mu?io. Fun and Frolic, entitled | THKTHREE FAST MEN. ? Or, The Ftmile Knbtmnon Crmncen. a Wi'l bs produced with o?her Novelties. 4 For particulars sec tu'u-e announcements. 41 sc 34 1 w* ( Repnb'ioan.l ? A"NCE MORK, KIND FRIENDS. T The rreuost of their many friends, the MF.RWY SOCIAL CLUB will give their oft ~i FOURTH ANNUAL ASSEMBLE atODD ? / Pillows' Hall, Navy Yard, on W^ D /B f, NE*DaY EVENING. September 26. ISS1 GA ai The Committee hav* made unutual preparationa A to render thin a p ea?ant S'euing to all t at may ' fav<?r them with their pretence Ticket* 5" oenta, admitting a gentleman and lvlie?. " Committee. Joseph H. PpRC, Jamen Mat'hieaon, Sami'el Howell. Samuel Cr?*a, Fra k Thompson, B. McAlwee, i H. L. * tohiaon, + wn< H. Edelin, V Loyd Pi mphrey, M MoNelly, John Lang ley, Jaa. Kenton- aa?-3t* Third annual u EXHIBITION AND CONCERT of the ' Children of St. AUjralaa Sudsy Sthnl * Proe i^i /or tke Viet ?/ the P?r if the 8mme, *' Aaaiated hy Inatrumental Aooompaniment. " Will take pace M WEDNESDAY, Siptsmbu S3, Corner of 1 and North Capitol atreeta. H p**T i. b t. #3 or ilk- from fW? Morti W.ll "3 2 a nf la Whiter (eolo).? Mar* Neff S Hail Smiling Morn .....? Full Chorua _ 4. Solo Vi'?lnno?ilo, Piano Aooom 1 paoiroent, by Prof. Mus*rove 5 Erin umi Home (quartette;... .Mnaea iiadget 6 Where are the frieoda of my youth Wm Handle ? 7. Gambler's Wifs(solo) Mias P. Radolifle p *?*T" ^ m I Crowe in the Cornfield Chorea of Bora u 9 Vto oncello Colo, with Piano. ..Prof. Muacrove ?h 0 1 he Morning Call__ II On to the field ol g orf .Boya in (all soldier dress 13. Come, oome, come! (s?.lo and ehorua)..~. Mary H&uty ?. IS. Fairy Koy ? fcddy Whit# ** FA*T III. J Conolades with Giles Cmgjina, the eohoolmaatar. ^ TiokeUfllcnta; ehildren lOoenta. ^ Doora open at half-past 6 o'olook; oommenGe at a, ial< paatT a* 2n d 'A LKA k PERRIRI' t CILEBBATBD Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by ED EXTRACT ^ CONNOISSEURS Sf of a LetUr from a m to be the H Mtdical ~ ~ at Madraa "ONLY GOOD = SAUCE." War?tar. fl and applioable to ggg^ - Ml ft EVERY . jggg S'tte'SuJSa ' VARIETY 5? pWiiiti Me, aa veil aa a; OP DIBH. mo.t wftrieeome of ^Sauce that la made." at The above f*AUCE m n?i onlv the mr and moat pomlak condimbst known, but the moat Fco*nm- J? iced, U a l*w drope in Soup, Gravy, or with Fuk. w hot and oo'd .Tomtt, B**f Sunk, Onme, tc , impart 1 aexquia te zeat, which unprincipled Paace maaetnrera have in Tain endeavored to imitate (Y

On the BreeUefast, Luncheon, Dinner, or Supper Ik Table, a ornet containioc " LEA * PKRKINS' 'o WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" 18 indiapenaa- pr ble. * To appreoiate the excellent qualities of thia deli- ot eious ?reparation it ie only neoeeeary to parehaae ai a am -11 bottle of the genuine, of a reapectable gro oer or Healer, as many Hotel and Kti aurant pro ~ prietora ee'dom plaoe the Pure Sauce oefore th?ir [ eiiAafa hnt Hliarilnta a I* wi<4 LA R wm gvutttuv 0V??ra ??w W iNi fL ft iMrtMJ mixture. ???l. b, 3 A ^8 lock iliwa ?tor?-^J?oord?rB reocived UT^rwfi^OwwSSette m4 7 ?g?? I P|MM a wm fi 8 ^1 ? * '* -kW*- ^ I 1 '?" I t.OST AND FOCND. ' e fci E9TRAY.?Taken ap. oa the 11th instant, aa iron gray PONEY, which the owner mo _ ?.J, ^?Ar;r?lA-v?1r^?a " 5 3t* Na. 101. torpwr Mi acd I ?te. [ OT?On Ta*ad?y, a UKEA&TPiN. eat with Lj tr?r h&ir The finder "j'l ba rewarded b? 1c?trc the ?ui* at Mo. 400 F*>erih it, the reside >* <tltr N C. TOWL.E. B"in* a lamil/ralio, it i? i?ed more. ee 25-8t? 09T?Oa Tueslay afleraoon, either uj kojbc to J or ratarainc from the review oa Ca?it.?l ?>? nlMb KNXKLOfE. oonUiairtf ??um of money n Trea*ury notes and wwtl letter* and pft?er? T no value to any one bat the owner. A liberal ?w?rd will be given for iU return to the oftoe of ;!??'? Hotel. It* 3TRAYRD OR STOLEN.?From the owner on ~ September Slat, a large dark SOW. Any person return'nj her to 17 1 onth B street, hetwft?n 9th and loth onAa^ lie inland, will be liberally rewarded, m the left young calf It* OST,?Supposed to have b?en stolen from the j Railroad l)epot. en Ta?edav aeeaiag.e\ tet4tn instaot. at 7 o'clock, a li?U' tORSE, sailed by the eollar aid rnbhed*A*~ a *the^-eri and a straight bodied CARRIAGE. ot.u.j ety ie, with two i?iU, S35 reward ill be paid if taken in the ?it?. or f so if taken ewhrre. J. M HALL, at Lyaa Hotel, High t, Georgetown, p. C. VBTRICT OP COLUMBIA. Cocntt or ' Washington.?On thia ttth day of^m| eptember. iki.before the intwenber. alUf* us'ioe of the Peace for the Count* aforelid, personally came Sidney Tt>lr>ert. and made kth in due form of law, that m April laatasmal irk brown COW. white spot* on herhipa>d .oe, came to hi* enclosure, one mil* south of the liane Hospital. in Washington ooenty. W ltnees, my hand and seal this tKh dav ofi*eymber. 1861. JA8 OULl, J P The owner of the above d eonbed C.w t? resetted to oome forward, pov# property, pay ^arg and tak* her away. _ ee25 ?f 8IPWBY TOLBERT. "\18TmCT OF COLUMBIA. County or J Washington, To wit : I hereby oer gy f* that i<emael Shrevee, of the oity of*LLA Vaah'agton. brought before me. the ?uh /?*/ ^ ip har on* oT ?* ? -/ ?* - A J / J'county, this 25th day of feptemb; r. in the par of our Lord eighteen hand red aid sixty one, ? a stray .trespassing upon hi* euoloeuree, a dark tieetnut HOhSK. aoout 12 year* old, 14 nande igh, hind feet white, much galled by the collar. lod ell round. 1 with tail, trot* and oantera, aod m been need lc gear*. ., , Given under 1** hand and *eal this Kth day of ept-mber. A. fl. 1831. . _ J w niDKini n 1 o *? ?ni>i*auuv/i rft ft N. R.?'The ovner of the above described horse i r quett'H to prove property, par charr^a, and kke him away. SAM'L SHREEVES, ae ?5 3t* On7th at., h"tw. L ami M. No. SITS. JTRAYK.D AWAY?About the 1st ofSeprem9 ber.asm%l! brown HORSE, about eara old, a little mnk on th* withers, grey J ?."O i the faoe, one or both hind feet white. A***1 beral reward mil be paid, if returned t i J54 N t.. between 18t>i and 18th. ae 24 3t* ??>A REWARD?STOLEN.aGREY MARE. p?t\J yeaterda? between twelve and one^v olock. by an .fficer of the army. The lareialS* hand* high.aeven yeara old,^-". laok mane and tail and has a small brown spot on be left aide in front, ahe had a bl ue blanket under n army regulation aaddle, a double bridle and raatied.witk a new halter (blsok leather), to a out in front of 330 Pennsylvania avenue. The caoriptfon of th* officer ta Known to p?rtiea who ritnaaaed thfeth ft. and will be pnblished if the lare ta not returned to 320 Pennsylvania avenae, efore W edueeday. ae 85-3t* MA RE WAID ? Ran away, on the 7th inst., !>*" two NF6RO BOYS. Levis aid JhS lenry l.ewia n of oopper oolor and a? out O t yeara old; he waa purchased about 4 yeara C<> of tfeorae Horseman. r??idln? on ?!.? iland, Washington city. and may be larking ^ i that vicinity. Henry is at>out U years old, and as lost the first lOint (or nearly ro) of his for* fin- I er, right l and ; ?ooth>r mark* recollected. 1 will ay S3* apiece, if secured so that I set thom. * GhUHUrl HUMES, se 21-5t* Bolteville, Prince George's ro . Md. OST ? 9* Riward.?Lost, last evening. a -J C"lt.'s 7 inch Navy REVOLVKK. silver tuunUd, marked " Mortimer Thomson, 1861." The bove reward will bo paid to any person who may ?tnrn the pistol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 41 F it., between 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Chvl'tck. Wi lards Hotel- se 11 tf^ REWARD Will he paid for theapprehenp?J\J s'on and delivery to me, or securing l jail of NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; /g al|? herself l,oni>e Hanson She is a tall, Vely negro, quite black, well dressed, with ill suit of hair. She is no donbt lurking rr _ pper Marlboro' or neighborhood. She has a hnsand in Washington city, and may make her way ) that plaoo. WM. WORTHINGTON, Near Woodnl'e, ao 15-3tawtf Prince George's ooanty, Md. flo r\*ph anqp pnd pitv l)?ndd??rv I OR FOR SALE-The beautiful UOUNTK iE'MDKNCE of Prof Page, near the oity. Apsly i CHAS. G. PAG K, Patent OBoe sett tf J>OR RKNT.?The three-story Brown front i BRICK HOUSE, No. 97 Penns ivamaave., eat of the circle, ooctain* ssvrn room a. *a? iroBgho-at Furniture for ?I* or rent. ?? 24 af ^OR RENT?A STORE on Pennsylvania ave. nne, and Fixtures for sate. Apply at this < tee. . rell-2w* 70R RENT-HOUSE 402 Pennsflvania av., over the bookstore of Franck Taj lor?a place >r a professional tn?s se *-tf JANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS.[J. Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied run gas and water, and convenient to the Patent nd Post Offioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 90H Massachusetts avenue, north side, between PERSONAL. L NOTICE. \LL Perrons are hereby notified *ot to credit n? pernon on my account (unleaa wit" a wiitten rdf r) from thia date as 1 will pay no debt*, other an thoae contracted by inyaelf. se 2l-lw* r/. N. SINGLETON. EDUCATIONAL. EORGETOWN FKMALR SEMINARY, J (Miaa H absovbk's ) No. 151 Wut St., between C mgrus and High *1*. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on le first M nday in September next The aft- ntion of parents and gnardiana is partioarly oa. ed to the Class in C alisthenies, whieh ill be formed o Monday, the 9th inat. by a gradate of the Lewis Normal Inatitnte of Physical docation." The iormer pnpila are earnestly sosited to attend the Clasa. iBSTBCCTOmS. lisa E. W. Wrigit, Mrs Cecilia Yonng. ' M. E J. Kaufman, Mr W o Bergman, " M. V. Harrover. A Z%uon?. i? - I'll* M. Gardette, Charlie de FrondraL Oiromtre mar be obtained at the Booka tores, or r addreaaiag the Prinoipal. Tl. J. HARROVKR. WASHINGTON FEMAi-E SEMINARY, ^ . No 434 F Strut, B*iwten Sixth and &*tenik sit. MISS HARKOVKR. ia oomplianoe with the lahea of frienda who deaire to p tronisa but alike at preeent to aend their daugbtera to eoraetown in the omnibaa, ha* made arran^enu to ettabliah a department of her School in raahington. and rtapeotfally requeata a ahareof ?ublio patronage e Krat eeaaiun will oomnenoe on Monday. Sepmber&d. Cirouiara may be obtained at the Seminary and the prinoipal Bookatorta. ae 18-tf M. J. HARROVER, Principal. T. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL, ) FVR SMALL BOYS. The SiaWa of the Hoi* Croaa h*v? nun*<i a. tliool for !*maJi BoiaatSt Joseph'*Male"Orpii*n Ism. oorner of v and Tenth ata. ae 1> tx 6t j'AIR HILL BOAFDINfi SCHOOL* 1 FOR GIRLS. At Sahdt Srauta, Md. Thie Institution, wr ioh tuu beec in anooeeefal ration for the put t?n reara. will oommenoe ita tag renu'ar term on the lat of the 10 mo (Ocv ber) next. For cirevtara. containing farther infor?tion in retard to the aohool, apply to &M. H'AAKQUBAR. h Sl-eolm* Olnej P. O. GEORGETOWN ADVEttT'MTS ^MAYOR'S OFFICE, *f Oioioitows, D C.,September V. 1MI. ,y. the Kth inat, aa a day of acting humiliation 4 prayer, I reapeotfuliv auf gnat to the eitixena this Towu. that it wil] be proper for them to abkHi on that day, from all eeonlar oojnpationa id triTial aiuu ementa and to join in saoh relit i ia exeroiaea aa may be cbnda tad by the Mima ra of the ohnrohea of the Town iea? 21 HENRY ADDISON, Ma?or. rNOTICE L1CEN3K8.-AI1 persona vh'x* icec? '? from the Corporation nf G'org wn expire on the SHU met., are hereby aotihed omitlj to renew same, otherwiee they aobi?t themae Tea to a fine,and the lav ia co? pu aory i the proper oftoera to enloroe a*id (In* againit I delinqnenta. \VM. L>AIRD. Cle-k Eaaten.ber 2i. HW1. >e?-?awtnet to T^N??TICK-llOG LICENSE*4.? I h*ownera _5 . ?f dure ia Georgetown are be eby notified *1 all dog lioenaea expire on the 30th mat., if per* eat ia de'ayed beyoau the 10 k oi Oct brr next, e iicpna* br law ia ma)e 25 cento higher, end if H then paid, when de i anded by the proper oBoar, owner ia rahjaat to a 6ne. and tha ft?<r is dl oted t<> hill the dog. WM. LAIRD. Clerk. September 21, l?61. ae ?8 ?a*toat 10 JUCKSK.N OLOVE^ ?? We oall the attention ufSatierg, K-gmienta' Of; o ve .* aa u'n tla to. M*al^a.^yae>^l>?V n*Po? n??, roraaoMMMB, L^Kina, ?o , m wnoiea* , to r utmrt iMk-HUN Mr ova maau tact art? tour atora, 105 Hifk itrrir,Otorfttovt Our Uiovea Om at lata an<l Mitteua ? a ? f the TELEGRAPHIC NEWS THE WAR III MIMOCRI. Aksital or Cot oskl M rllieai'e Bolbibm at qri*ct. Illinois Qimrr, 111.. 13 ?A taut of Col. MalH**8*1 coamikd arrived here this evening The balance, amounting to BMrlf *,000, are expected to-morrow. Tbnae who have arrived tar that the force at Lexlngtoa U only about % 500 laeiodlag several companies of Home G usrds, who are accused of having shewn cowardice. The surrender of Lexiiftoa wee made at S n ioc r od frU 17 (flrraoea. Tb? flat; *u biaM down by the Home Guards. Colonel Mulligan 1* spoken of In tbe highest terms. He displayed great bravery daring the actios. St Lons. Sept 83 ? All tbe oflirsere of General Fremont's staff have been ordered to-day to report themselves st headquarters forthwith Clalb. Jackson Is at Lexington with the rebel forces. Gen. Price and his army will move down tbe river, and unless checked or defeated, attack Boonvllle, nnd then Jefferson City. AtlliT or A ST. Lotus 1DITOS St. Lone. Sept vj?Charles G Ramsay, tbe proprietor of the Kventng News, was arrested this afternoon, by order of the provost marshsl, and taken to headquarter for examination. His offence was publishing an article to-day entitled ; "Falltff Lexington," reflecting In bitter terms upon the campaign of the military authorities in tbe Department of tbe West. His paper was anppressed, snd sll tbe naaaoaeripta found in his oflce seized, and tbe bnildlng Is now possession of ths Provost Guard Tbe name of tbe author of article was divulged, snd it la thought that tbs publication of tbe psper will be allowed to continue. DETAILS or TOK sraUIMDKU OV COL. MVLLIGAK. U t- ? hi' A ? ? * m?, Dew. ??Henry K red burn, a oldler of Col Mulligan's command, who left Islington on Saturday. give* an account of tbe light and aurrender Tbe-fort waa aurrendered ?Sc.f off by the rebels after a atvere fight on Wednesday. Th<* ramp ground contained no sprlnga or wells, and embraced ten acres, with breastworks around It, except the river front. Tbe rebel* procured bales of hemp and rolled them In advance, and under their cover succeeded | in securing a position in tbe tear. They made but few assaults, their object being to surround the fort and cut off auppllea of water, aad, this accomplished, waited till necessity compelled uiuiti^au hi yiriQ. j Previous to the surrender, Col. Mulligan offered to take a petition on a level spot of ground and give Gen. Price the odds of four to one in a fair open fight, but they declined. After the surrender, the rebels mounted the breastworks mad with joy. and trailed the national flag in the dust A large amount of gold, supposed to be a quarter of a million, fell Into the possession of the rebels. It had previously been buried by Colonel M , but was unearthed Vf the enemy The brave Colonel wept like a child when he found himself compelled tosurrender The owning after the surrender h\? men were all released on their parole, and ferried acro? the river. The loss of tbe rebels is not known, but la supposed to be not less that 1.Out) killed and wounded, rtelr first att ck was more disastrous than the siege. AFFKKHKNSIONS AS TO TBI SAFETY OF OIimAL riNTISS' COMMAND. Pmrtan ftont Oi A a? - W..WOTWWy w|/? mrm a vpcviu uil^wkh hp un Tribune, dated l^uincy. *2 30 p. m .says that Gen. Prentiss stirted west yesterday, and he is now west of Krookfield, and bla communication cat off by tiie rebels. supposed to be a part of Gen. Price's forres Gnat fr-ara are entertained tint be will be captured Reporta are rife that a body of three or four thousand rebels are marching on St Josephs, aud an attack is expected there to-morrow. Additional Foreign News. St. Johs's Sept 24 ?The Persia left Liverpool on the 15th, and brings ?11,000 In specie The London Tin es editorially ridicules the pa?sport system of the 1'iilted States, and siys that 11 ui ill tt<.l >/> u ?? 1 'i 1 - j j- ?? ** - * i. n.ii vi^uic ?uc ucancu CHUTi I * 8UUS ' ' (Oil tbe only complaint tbat England has to make la the matter is in regaid to the discourtesy towards Lord Lyons, in 4eav1ng bim to learn of tbe new arrangements from the newspapers." The Persia reports bavins passed tbe Great Eastern on the ItKb, putting Back to Liverpool In a damaged state. The ship Mary Cron,from Cbarleaton, arrived at Liverpool on tbe 8th inst. Tbe Prince of Wales bas gone to Prussia to witness the military movements on the Rblae. It was understood tbat Earl Clarendon would represent Great Britain at tbe coronation *f tbe King of Prussia It was again reported tbat the visit of tbe King of Prusflia to the Emperor Napoleon waa likely to be postponed. Tbe monthly returns of tbe Bank of France show an increase of nine millions of franca Tbe Moniteur denies the rumor of tbe extraordinary naval arrangements by France. It was said that tbe Hfingarlan Diet would be convened on December 1st. NaminitilBi in l.inrniaf *? Lakciitii, Sept 23.?An iinmenw mm meeting of citizen* waa held tbia afternoon, to nominate a (Jnion city ticket, without distinction of party. It wax one of tbe largest and moot harmonious political demonstrations ever held in Lancaster county. The present judges (Hon. Henry G. Long, president. and Terre Brtnton. associate,) were renominated?tbe meeting determining that, in the selection of the judiciary, partlzan politics nod the doctrine of rotation in office should be deprecated Tbe Assembly ticket nominated Is composed of Jas. Myers, Nathan VV or ley, 8am'1 A. Worth* and Abraham Peter*?being two republicans ana two democrats This Is admitted to be tbe best Ass?uibty ticket ever nominated in this county _ I ? At ? ? ' * ? 1 . mm* rmoiuuum were aaopiea in rapport or the administration and the prosecution of toe war for the Union All interests were harmonized, and tbe Immense meeting adjourned with tbe beat feelings, and confident of tbe aucceaaof the Union ticket. From Fortress Monroe. Foitrkss Mohboi, Sept 23 ?Row W leans, K-q., one of the Baltimore member* of the Legit- I lature, having taken the oath of allegiance, was thia morning released, and will to-n Ight accompany his son to Baltimore. Tbe other prisoners are still In cloaeconfinement. Com Stringham was to-day relieved br Cap*. Goldsborough, and will proceed to-nlghtto Washington Col DeRussy leaves Old Point to-day to aarame forthwith command of the engineer department ! California. Ho haa Iam Cm la ?>??? that department at Old Point, and the removal of no officer ainee the beginning of tb? rebellion baa cauaed so general a feeling of regret. Helaaocceeded by Capt Steuart, a moat efficient officer. For three daya in aucceaaioa a flag of trace has gone to Norfolk for the accommodation of a few ladles, meanwhile two have arrived bore from Norfolk on a similar errand. The feeling here la entirely against these frequent communications. Skirmishing 1b Kentucky. Caiao, Sept 43 ?The pickets of the lowa Seventh, at Elliott's Mills, Ky.,eight miles above Columbus, wrre approached on Sunday evening by? body of rebvl infantry, numbering fifty or sixty. The lowa boys flred upon them, ortn?lnir down three or four. ~ They returned the lire with" out doing any damage. Another akirmtah wtth the rebel* took placo near Hunter. Mo , four mtlea below Norfolk, laat evening Three of oar men and koraea are miaaing. Tbe rebel lo?a la not aacertalned. Report! from below aay that the re be la at Colu tub ua are croaalng to Belmoat; alao, that they are In pocoeaalon of Bladeaarllle, Ky., eighteen mites suutheaat of thla place. Geo. Buckner la atated to have taken poaaeaaioa of OwenaborouKh, Ky , on the Ohio river, aeveaty ml lea above Paducata. The Meagher Doaaoaatrattoa la Baa to a Boston, Sept. 23 ?The Meagher delaonalration tA.nlirkl aflaaa faadl aa lawwaanao hM naU Hall wu filled to Its utmost capacity, and an ore than 9.0U0 wore turned a war unable to vail admittance Tbo audience, cloaely parked aunabered not lea than 4,0W About f l^5W were realized. Gov. Andrew presided, and Mr. Maagbc* made a auong iddreaa. calling apoa Irlabmea to eallat for tbo Ualon. After tbo mooting Mr M was conducted to the Parker Houae, to partake at a banquet tbai bad boon spread la bis honor. Mareaaeata of Prtac* ftapaleaa. BoaToa, Sept. 23 ?Prince Napoleoa and ealto visited the State Houae tbls forenoon, where he was welcomed by Gov. Andrew. Ha will eaaaata here only two or tbrae days. CLOSING O DT! CLOSING OUT! Having oono'.aded to e'o?e oat say aahra atoek ef FANCV GOODS, I have removed the earn# to No. 99 Peoaaylvania (reaaa, us^aaea Mh aud IU I'.rMU, wn?re i win oaor um Nflr* NMt *1 oooh price* M will OMbJe bit forroor sutoiMri, KM tao put>uo f?Mr?ly to Tmt tt? am KrflBQh Puot Good* aft pmm* rntw. Now m Um um to boyT N B ?All ywiiM hftvlac *r*iut mo art rNMit to fres?at the mm* for Mttlemnu; aa4 all p#r?oc lao?oted to m? aro n^inm wmMwr?D|?mMU to liqurt&lo tt??tr oi?ins witfcoat farwL rjsisfz&iFjftta ?, t?fowjirSk^t t** | om ffua o^yfou!f^y'i> ptou Iivm s i*aaa - - r >. SECOND EDITION^ m?? ircuKi r * OUR MI LIT ART BUDGET. ILtTABT Apronrmsan MADS TO ?* . Lint C > ! J. CtMi, ?f Topographical K? elMera. aid I* Ocn WmI, with tto naktf UlOB?l James M Wrlfbt, 1MI0 6n BwU, with to* rank of Capiat a CIvtieiH.Dnr.tM to 9?a. MuiltM, vlik atne raak Isaac Mow. al4 to Qm BilattkMa, V)U ttM nw rank HI* Alffcwn VSTSirKD. Yesterday the Pr?Mnt U Wlm4 to kin rreelTed a cobbdiimUn fraai Major O?iral Fremont, replying to eertala ?Urged wcmHom afalMt bl* aaaaaf?aat of Um military aCklr* of tbe western depart^tat Among to* boat af MvipapwM to tola dtr, it la caaldeatty said, that u?a. T >e a?pla?T bare aot piuni?^^ ?t?^*"11 ' riMU ? ? MNAlMNU**. W?m raqaartr* to auw fbat, In irfumi u tbc difippcUM by *ba Pretldeat Jet a Nattomi Foil, there will be ne pmmm iwuii to-aaemw. " to cm the PatMDK by tol4*a ? ?mft la cam of abeolate ?>w?l>f tf ?tnn aa* aoldiet*. rtinea ?alm uui. Prince ?al? Bala, of rivala, baa certalal? been cosdImIsmI aa tbeolaaal af tbc regime*t of eolaatecr cavalry batrtafata knew a aa Yawf'a Kentucky Cinlry. A NOT RIB KBTISW A?^w^M?"srraw^Vra.'kii. a* RNMN. Po?t Orrics Dbpabtmbiit, I September t3, 1?1 J Tbe Post ouster Gnml, drtlton that Tknitday, tbe Mih lnataat, announced by prnrlama tlon of tbe P real drat, la accordance with maolutlona of Ceagreaa, aa a day of hating, humiliation, and prayer, ahonld ba faithfully aad a ncarely obaerved by all peraooa connected with thla Department, trdtrt tbat ail tto oAcea ba claaad en that day, tbe watchman alaaa remaining on doty. _ M Bun LATB LOCAL NEWS. PiaiorsLT Ihjcbsd ? Yeaterda? nfUmoon, Samuel Forbea, a little boy, aon ?f a lady realdUv on New York avenue between Fourth aad Plrlo atreeta, when on hla way to carry arma work, wblch bla mother had tatabad, to a atore to toe Second Ward, was knocked down by a harm driven by a cartmaa named Thoaaaa Smlthaon, at tbe TOrner of l<onl?l?na avenue and Seventh at Tbe borne trod opon bla lee. enttlne n horrid gaah, below the knee. He was plcted op bf i gentleman and carried late Walla's drag after*, where be waa kindly a Weeded te by tbe clerks. Dr Toner waa aent for,who promptly dressed Ike wound; a|?r which be was removed te hie k*e? in care of one of tbe Metropolitan Pollee OAoer Alien paraoed aad arrested ftnltbeoa, and taek him before Justice Dona, who held him le hell far a further hearing Blockatira thi 8miwiui.-Tbt dangerous practice of peraena delivering wood, coal, and other m err hi dumping (tea tbe sidewalk, has bees resumed by careless persons within s few week* Sometimes tbe pavements are blockaded by horse* standing upon them, and wagonsleeded with provisions draw up te tbe store doors, block adlng tbe entire pavement, causing pedestrians of all ages and sexes to take to tbe gutters eed carriage-way to gr* by On Monday a lady over 19 years of age stumbled over a beap of c *rd weed on D street, between Thirteenth snd Thirteen, and-a-half streets, where tbe wood bad been soattered upon tbe pavement. Tbe lady waa vary seriously injured aad is now neeaeed te her bed In conaequeace. Siiiocr Accidijit ?Yeeterdar afternoon, Jul prevloua to the cloer of the review of tbe cavalry and artillery by MaJ General McClollan, aa tbe artillery were rapidly daablng acroaa tbe plain, tbe coupling of on of tbe calaoooa broke, to rowing a portion of tbe cat won over upon two oeahera of tbe com pony, Injuring botn quite bodl?. Tbe men Glllan and Cbadleld, privates of company K, fourth artillery, were at onoe removed to tbe C atreet boapttal, wbere tbolr wounds wore dreaaed Glllan bad a deep gaab cot la tbe rlfbt leg, and waa lnjuredbboot the breaat Cbadfteld Detained a aertoua Injury to bla bock, but bepoa are entertaloed of bla recovery. Polics ?Brfir* Jrnstiti BarwstU. ? Tbe following cooca were docketed yesterday at tbe Central Station: Alexander Dog an, larceny; Jail for <>A,<rl ttuunu V a k --J a i 1 ? i ? turnsd over to tbe military VVA Quigley, tag liquor to soldier*; flned MS Eifott Juitict Don*, ftttrrdaf ?Job* Spalding, arretted by the Provost Guard for aelllag liquor to Midler*; flood S35. Mary Hollo ran, do.; fJ5. JamM Pftregger, do; la Thomas R. Stewart, wbo was captured on tbe river and held by tbe Prise Commissioners. was veeterdsy released upon bis oath of allegiance Gee Maseey, cold, was arras ted by tbe Metropolltaa Police for exchanging bis clotbee with a acidler, seat to Jail Fins?This moral as. between one aed two o'cloch, the bakehouse belonging to Mr Smith, s baker on Sixth, between F and O streets, took Are from tbe oven snd was burnt. The Are waa discovered and tbe alarm given by tbe Metropolitan Police patrolmen, and they, with two er three neighbors, beside* the workman, s?vrd tbe front bonding from eertons Injury The Provost Gq^rd n*Aleele<t Iko ? ? mm ? W1^ a* ? - ? K1 ??? ?vv?**sw piv^ij mm ? w mm piacru under their care In the street. FrmiAL.-Thi? morning. the body of private Magruder, of Company B. 14th regiment New York State militia, pawed down the imar, m an ambulance, escorted by a tie of rompany B, on the way to the depot te 1m >Mt to New York for Interment. He was a victim of typhoid fever. The 14th has been fortanate ta escaping the diseases so prevalent la all camps, only three of the members of this re*lasent having died from disease. . Lao UacKER ? Private Bryan, (of thta city,) belonging to Capt. Geary's company of cavalry, had hi* leg broken at the aafcle i sab i day thrang fa his ho ss falltsg upon him white oa drill at Arlington. , _____ A NciSiici Btopfbb ?Guards wara stationed along the svaaao res tarda y by the Provaat Marshal, for tbe purpaaa of pattiag a slop to racfclaas riding or drlviag, sod every oaa ffotag a* a gait raster mu i trot wu grrraiBM. ALL THK BK8T GRADV8 OF KAVY GOODS FOR ttKMV ANTS' WEAJT An iM;t and ex tenure rtook now IB stors. Tk? vhols or the shore u onr pr?v*rh>*;ir low yrtsss. ? n atjf **""?-Pon?r Handist!** SW. TUCKER WmMuboibm to the eiU i?b? m lit* j tad aojosrnrra ib Wdk- a? i?K on tkmX he is sow pww?>w? the Tti loring BnsineM laall ita brsoobo*. *t No. K& <17 n>U sL II 4aor nortk of Pi ?r. He Tf intend* to muufu'lt*. sat, repair, r% mod'-l. s OftBBe. tod strire to bo rsoeraliy MBOtnmodatiu. KconomisU aboaid omi see bin oth-Tr*4o?Pftc.nrs?M*thsr MschinoBt ien in* nsMlr exeooted. se n-fctrla' n?w ?? A new tnppl? or LtdiM Hoofi. 1,0 m piK Ki hiodsom* AtLwi Prt>te,?t ISM ou. yfcfd iw i ton New MoutoiiaM. anr atyto, fttSate. kirif of Dry Ondi for tto f?l u4 Jfcpr&tarws^iuflr* NOTICE. m DAMS' CXrREH C?MP4NT M .T*:!C?!W> <** ite ? *? - ABTimm ?WT HW OW? MR W?IV1 | ! - I ?? Lrfku "VlT O^ZfiXS-?!> < "OoaMrtH ku?>" jad ?J1 ArueiM "OnHM ? Wm" iruf to EScr *st5s.Ts".5. v a 'w-sjsn/iiMaefcjyfflA t n I r. " 1 " ]?HtfnnaBruvi: a. a'.?; SmS MB P^* "*r* SSi^fc 4i*?rpp^v? Mt?o *1 _ * %

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