Newspaper of Evening Star, September 25, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 25, 1861 Page 4
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?w?? mil bm??<??WW?m THE EVEMINCi STAR. OUR V0UNTNT. Ob primil rook* ib? wrote h?r mb?; Her tower* ww reared on holy gnrtii The goldm aeed that bore her came, Swift, winded Willi prayer o'er ocean ware*, The foreet bowed Ma aolemn rrret, * And open flung hla ayhran dooca; M ek rlrer? led the appointed gueat To claap the wide-embracing ahorer; Till, fold by fold, tbe broidered land To swell her virgin vestment grew, While sage*. strong In heart and band. Her virtue's fiery girdle drew. O extl? of tbe wrath of kings' O Pilgrim Ark of Liberty ' Th? refuge of divtaest things, Their record most abide in tbee ! First In the glories of thy frost Let tbs crown-iewel, truth, be found; Thy rtgbt hand fling, with generous wont, Ijovsts happy chain to ftrtnest bound ' Lot justice, with tbe failles* scales, Hold Tun tbe worship of thy sons; Thy commerce spread her shining sails W hare bo daxk tide of rapine runs So link thy ways to those of God, So follow firm tbe heavenly laws, That stars may greet tbee, warrior-browed, And storm sped angel* ball thy causa O land, the measure of our prayers, Hope of the world In grief and wrong, Be tfclaa the tribute of the years. The gift of faith, the crown of song ' [ itiantxr Monthly. ; "* [roc THE STAR. 8*9f TOMATO PICKLES. One peek of green tomatoes, 4 onions, 3 bell peppers, 1 cop of su^ar, 1 spoonful of cinnamon, 1 do. cloves, 1 do. allspice, 1 do. mustWf, vJ^\I.the tomatoes in salt over night; them with vinegar. Boil them till soft,"den take them oat, and add the spices, (done up in a bag.) sugar and peppers. Boil all together, ad poor over tbe tomatoes. PICKLED FISH, OP. MOCK OYSTERS. Pick, in pieces a cupful of salt fish, pour on three cups of hot water; then add two crackers, crumbed, a piece of butter the sixe of a walnut, and a eup of cream Boil all up together, and you will find it a nicer dish than oa ever dreamed of making out of salt fish. In place of cream you can substitute a cup of milk and a larger piece of butter, and perhaps another half cracker. RIMKDT?ORCA*KBR. Sweet cream and water, equal parts warmed together, and made street with loaf sugar Use it for food. Theae recipes are all practical, (or at our hoase we have used them, and know them to b* good. A S. B. Ladd Farm. Mmot, Maine. ^ OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS FBOM tb? Ubitrb Statbs. Slusuri. L?rt. For. Dmy?. Afrit* ...?...New York ....Liverpool.. .Sept 25 Kaaiaroo._. New York~.Liverpool ..Septs# flew York ?? .N?w York,.. Hremen .. Sept 28 Earope Bo?lon .Lavariuinl -Out 9 Great Eastern New York... Liverpool. Oct 6 rereia?? ?? .New York... Liverpool...Oct ? Niacara. Boston. Liverpool....Oct 16 A"a~. ?.New York _ Liverpool .. OetiS Bremen ?_ .N*v Yo'k .. Bremen?.? Ht*S From Ecaora Sreat Eastern ..Liverpool New York, tfeptl" noma. .ftontlrpton New York .Sept 11 P?r*ia. .-^-Liverpool New York .iS pt 14 Paiton Sou?!i'?ton...N#w Yoik...**e,-t 18 ffimn Liverpool n.ietcn *epi i\ An* . Liverpool New York ..Septa Bremer. ?outhpteu...New Vork..?(>o: 2 The California mat! *teamere leave New York oa the let. Utb, aud 21at of ever? month. Autumn shawls AND WRAPPIN68. A few entirely new and stylish tiungs(real uorelties at low prions. Also, new Bilk Maitiee anodern designs.) FKRRV A BROTHER, Pa. aveana and Ninth st. ee 20 5t perry Hml Jinc." WALL. STEPHENS A CO., " 4Ui PucisTLvatn* Avium. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TalLORS. AND BEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS. AND KXTKNSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S rURNI>HIN*i GOODS, Mfr-Lf (Intel. A Rr,ab.) BARGAINS! BARGAINS !?Great bargi^*"^ ail kind* of CLOTMIN'V, TRUNKS, VA LiSES, I'AHPH I BAI^,?H!KT3 TltS.COuLARJ, HAT > and CA.'s, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh si., oepotite Vpit USoe. Cai 1 aad see hi* afw ?too It of booda, whioh wui be ao.d at astonM)*f 1 irw rat? aii>>-lm ||OMK-MAUts. BOOTS AND SHOES, Umu'iMimii' awn Cbiloeim's Win, At Mzcudintiy iMfrKii. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. Itt Market Staot, ma M Pa ??.. !>*?. nth and <nn ?t?. BIBBS' HAIR STORE, VJ No. 42 Pa. it,, bet. 13th and 13th sti. TXRrOMEHY. *r. BRAJDS.CURLS WIGS. HALrWIGS. PRIZETTES, ftc. A full *to?a ivay* on hand, or made to order at the shorteat iutic? Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B.?Ladle*' Hair Dred in the most caniraJ P?<*. maW-fcrn WHITE COTTONS, WOOL FLANNELS, aa Canton Flannel*.?A la') Stosk of ohoioe grade* at the old prices, not withstanding all eh goods are daily advancing in value. PERKY A BRO., Penn. a venae and 9th street, ae 1? ttif "Parry Bmldtng." YWOOD AND COAL fill 1*7.11 ? ? *- -* * _ ,rV *> iu woij yu?r niuijoy i WOru DT ailing at tne PION LLK MILLS, soutku$>t tor mm of S*v?miA strut and (bEO. PA8E. Altai) They Mil oheaper ud five hatter m?uirt Sim any others ic the city?cat, split, and delivered free of charge. If tob doc t I eirave , i re Ik* Pioneer M ills atria. and be satisfied. T-W.r ^UTUMN AND WINTER DRY GOODS. A fall i d compete stock now in store, at prioes te salt the ownors of sma.l parses. One prio* onij, walked la plain fig ares. PERRY A BROTHER, Pa areooeand Ninth sL F- CARPETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, Upeer Fioora. se 17-M.if H FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN AVE Jast receiveO a Ireah supply of Not* Paper, Colored Borders, ruled add plain, with KnVelop?e to n.a*eh Also, tlaf Pa*?r of all kit-ds, with and witnoat Mottoes; Envelopes to matoh. Pin* ard Poeket Books oi every description. A large ?seor\jneat of Stationery. mew York Fftpera received dftiiy; Papers from ??rta oi the ooo ntrj. FRENCH * R1CH8TEIN, t *>T?* Ponn >n?nn?. pKMALE HOAROIN^AND^UAY SCHOOL fa. 8. fr.McC''^R M ufi, Pm'iKCTFi.u The thirteenth tuitl muiod of tots Institution will commence on Tneedfty. September 18th, in the keiM rec^Dtlr oooopiod by B/lvestar Soott, Ehm Bo. I HO K!: i.etj^et. The eoim of etidy pvrmed will ooirpnee nil Ike Drt.;:chee reqnieite to ft thorough EnfUah Edu fttioe. ftod ft] *, Fnsnca, Lfttm ftad Drftwini, ii la e^Uitioa to dftf aeboiftra. Mrs. MoCorauok it ?r*?*ie-! to receive ? limited number oi pupils fti toftriere, who. oonsfitatmc ? Pftrt or her own iftmur. will be under her unmeant* oftre ftr.d apervie?on. She will end?ftTor. ftefftr ft* poeeible, to e?rroud Uim with the coirJbrUft&d kindly mflie&oee M?nni.-Rw.J?o. H. Norton, Rn. Dr. Elwa e&msrvn. Rer. 0. FTtoriKs. Wilaaro 11. l>owle, K.,|4|wBiovhi,u?., Edmnnd F. Witmer Bdlior ISTnill (Ukr. fieniejrniB WitM I- ? Kntvlala, Jr.. P??. Coi. Jo?n W. Minor, Loadoao, S-d., . jcici ock A M*rah*ll, Maaara. Oara* friUiri, Ifcwrtf. vitfc Tutiaa n alj'the Enf liah BracoftM, ?? for UoMiimI Morton?ftyabte ami-aoaully, Ua<a?oa at Pmfaaaaia' fnom. Cy Wo wtra chariao. an ?-tf T _ CARRIA9EB. X HE 9?Kaonbor h?rin? aasde additiona to hia Syr LI6ET wTeomi of all kiada eaaaot bo aar f wodb *o4 tram Ma loac axpaneooo ia th? baaiaoaa, it* kuMthi tiv f auora] aatia^aoUua. I k.5.' ? C4rn<(MU<' La?l?t Wftgoaa kajt Wl KrAlljtS toMaU' dona, and all ordara Jksts yam.*' 4 U tf wrmr of Fourto^nth and E ata. A?v.?7l!i,n JMeaaa SAI r*AUK MEAT, T?> nana PRBSH T*)MATOB8, ?>eti*FRL8U VKAL, am oana UEfcP, a la umi, 14 >cam ROAPT BEKkT _ _ L u L'ULI H H ??? ' ? * MA?toa S{(^LWi FKhNCU DfcaalCATKD VE?B For MNn^whFwtory frio^ s kf? )**t o?eq nwiwi-fmiiM ia MvokMHl irtrauftkUiMfrMntMk low rriManM**'' r^avjg^r kr- akcwi "tfy v&mMsgfc I ?s?M?? pR0P09AL8 FOB INDIAN WOODS. Depastmbit or th* Ixmioi, t Ojfitf Indian A fair*. Strtmtor SI, 1861.t **alkd Pioposals. ead<?rao?1 " I*roposals for Indian UchkIs," (Class 1,2, 3 or 4 ? the otM roar be,i to be delivered -n tieut; ci N'vYoik, will i be received it the lilto* of Indian A ffiirs until 10 o'eJock a. m , on Hatckdat, the ltth day or Oo?r be' aext, for Airaisninf the following Limed artioiee: CLASS No. 1. M"rkinic Blankets, Cloth*.and Dm Goods. 5 we pairs 9-point whit* Mackinae blankets, to measure 60 by 78 inebee. and weigh > pounds S.Sao pairs iH-p int white Marinas bteaiteu, to measure M by <6 inch-s.and weigh 6 pounds l.wo pair* S poilt white Atack'nao blankets, to measure 42 by 56 inohes. and weigh 51f Its, 8<m pairs tx mint white Maokinao blankets, to mn ure * by SO inch*** and weish 4A?' lb?. 5 0 pair* l-point white Maokinao b ankets, to mea are 33 by 46 inohes, and wergh 3* Iba 300 pairs) point soar I m Maokinao blankets, to measure 60 by 78 In h?s, and trailh pom ua 3f*> purs 3X point scarlet Maokinao b a"ke<s, <o measure 54 by 68 inches, and weigh 6 pounds 250 pa rs 3 point soar let Maokmao blankee. to mensure 43 t-y 56 inohes, and weigh 5K lbs. .5 pairs 1 point soviet Macki>ao blank-ts. to nrn*ureS3bj 44laehee,atd weigh 33i lbs. 100 pairs 3>*-poini preen Maokinao bl*nfce's, to meaanr? 66 by M ineh?s, and welsh 10 lbs. 600 parrs 3 point green Maukmao blankets, to measore 60 by 73 iaohee, and weigh * pounds 600 pairs 3H point green tfscktnao blankets, to measnre54 by 66 inohes. and weigh 6 pounds 2T) pairs 3%-point indigo blue Maokinaa bUn ksta, to meaaare 6fi by 84 inohea, and weigh 10 ponnda SOO pairs 3-point indigo blue Maokinao Markets, to measure 60 by 73 inakaa, ani wwgh 8 be. 200 pure 2X-point indigo bine Maokinao blankets to rueaaure M by 69 inones, and weigh 6 pounds 2W) pairs 3J{-potnt gentinel'a blue Mackinan Diankeu, to measure 66 by 84 inchea, and we'gh 10 pounds 5"*i piirs 3 point g?ntinella bine Maokinao b;an keta, to measure 60 by 72 inohea. and went 8puurdi on pairs 2*4 point gontinella bine Maokinae blankets, to measure 54 by 06 inohea, and weigh 6 pounds 250 paira i-point geutmel a blae Maokinao blank?ta, t?? measure it by 56 inchea, and we gh 200 patra T^'"point genHnena bint Macunao b!arkets, to measure 36 by 50 inchea, and w< igh 4% poanin 150 pairs 1 -poll t irentinella bine Maokinao blankets, to measure 82 by 46 inchea, and weigh 5.S, pounds. rauli ftnm list hln? ninth 5c0 do do green oloth 2,noo do grey list bine oloth !.o*) do saved litt bine oloth l,??i do do scarlet e'oth 1,200 do do green oloth 10" pounds worsted yarn.iS fold/ li)0 dozen cotton fl*v i.acilker duels IflO do far.oy ootton 50 d> black silk 1?*? do 8 4 cotton shawls l'? do 6 4 do .V? do 4 4 do H<0 do 8 4 woolen do 5i0 pounds linen thread. No. 40 90 gross worttod car ten ng yards oali oo 25 0-0 do Mernmao calioo 7 "ffi do Turkey red calioo *.?0fxt do bine dril ing I'M-Ci Co osr.aharcs 7.5MO do brown drilling 6'K)0 do tieorn* stripes 5 ortt do b'ned*niros 5 000 do oottonade 13 V*> do bed ticking 5 "00 do Kentucky jeans 15ii d ? sa'inett* lo.n? do p aid hnseys 2 5"0 do b eacoed shirting 15 o? do domett c thirling, nobleiohed do do Hn S,mn do bleached do lit,<00 do brown cotton dnok 10,ft?i do phetks, stripes, and plaids 2.?)0 co fla nets, acso'ted l,i 00 pounds ooUod thread co rr 'trn ifllinjt twine. No. 90 sum do ?ott.>c maitre I .5?> tw ilied dir.nel shirts 1,-flft oa io > Bhirte 2 m dozen hickory ehl 1OT ?o Ma lias ban kerchieft. Claps No. '2. Heady mid* Clotkxnt. ITS frock co&'.it, luaijo b'ue broadoloth 175 pa-ita o ns, do do ju indigo hints Mack'nw blanket capotes ITS bio? satineti c a s 175 do panta'oons 75 oadet- mixed satnett ooata 75 do do piirsloons 275 fray aatmett ooafa. (?ack> 275 do pankaloous 275 do veaU. Class No. 3. Httdwart, Agricultural Impltmtnt.i, #e. i,(V*? pounds bras* kettles **? tin kettles, (5 sues) 126 nest^ Japanned kettles, ( in a nest) 275 camp k'ttles, (3 ais*>) l'Sd?s?-n 2 suar- tin ia >s 190 dizan S quatt tin paj? 20 do 8 qti\r? do ST5 do tin oupa do Mua* ?<li 7-i dj fi?h hooka j o do &?h Itasa 7S0 groaa n> adiea, aaaortftd 27 j nozeu ooarae tooth oombf 71 do fine tooth comba an i.o aoiaaora 2<o do ah a*a 21 do grabbing ho?a 25 d > warding h<>*a 1.5*? drawing knives, lu inohea 5^h%ni saw* limaosen mdii u? files, 4H Imhea 5 do iboT?li 25 do spades 75) short haode fry pans 2S dozen bu in* spoons 2no do ii on table spoons 20 do *x?s. to weigh 4X to 5H pounds luO do half axes to weigh 3 pounds, (with handles) inn do rino mirro s im do fie bteeis ion pounds trass wire loo do best Ch neae vermillion. Goods of American manufacture of the requi ed styles ar.d quality will be prefe red; bat as the samples of blankets and oloths are f oreign labrios, it will b? neceasary, in proposing a doir??aiic artic e of either of th;>se kinds th%t a sample thereo s'-ali accompany ?ho bid. '1 he artiolea to be furnished must in all respeota 0~>niorm to and be equal with th Governments\mp es which m?f be seen a this office on and after tie first of llalii itr rpL- ? ? * _ _ ? - * uo amoioi Will D? r eidly irnpectv' ft''i oompared wttu the ump'si bj an aftnt or acenta appointed for that pu'poae. Such a* may b* unequal thereto in any particular will he rejected, in ?h oh out the contractor will beltoaa i tofuroiah i/tuersiklthe retu<red kind or qnaiity W'thin thr?e day* ; or, if that be t ?t d ->ne, they will be pnrohaaed at ma expense. Payment win be made for the foods reoetvel on invoioe* thereof, certified ' j the agent or 4c<nt* appointed to inbpeot them It i* to tie understood that' ha right will be re aerved to require a greater or leea m ua't ty of any of the a-tioiea named than that reeoifi d in the above aoutdule; and all bid* for formatting aaid artio ea may be rejected at the option ol to* lie p\maent; and tfc*t uene from peraona who have fkile.1 to comply wi?h the requirement* of a pravioaa contract with the United 8'.ata<. or who are not mtnefaoturera or wholewle dua'er* in the re8 aired article*, will be ooneidereu ; and the fact iat bidder* are anoh man a fan urera or dealera nut be evidenced br the certificate of the ro lector ol thrport where th?y leaide, or where it la p opoted to deliver the article* The propoaala mart embrace the article*, with thequao itiea thereof a* they a-e arranged in the ohodit'e, with the pnoe* annexed to eaoh, in dollar* *nd oenta, at wh<oh they are to b? arniahed; and in- amount* inu*t be oarried out ar d footed np for eaoh cia?? *aid price* ard amount* nr.uat be eo civeL. without any modification, r propoaed modification, or variation whatever They ahosld be P-it milted With tiiefollowm* headin. "1 (or we) hereby propose to fnini?b f >r the wrvioeof the Indian D- payment. and a< cordicg to the erma of i'? advertisement thereof, dated 21?t *?eptem')?-r, 1*1. the following article#, at the prices thereto fixed, (hero insert the list aooordicg t tiie clans or o!%ss*s proposed for.) deliverable in th?*cityof New York by ths first day of Aprl next, O' at buch tine or time* during the year 1863 a> may be ordered by the Commissioner of Intian Atfairs: and, if this proposal b> aooepted, (here in?ert the words, 'in whole o to pari' if more than one e ass be proposed for,) I (or we) will, within twenty days 'hereafter, execate a oontrao' accordingly, aou (ive seoaritv, satisfactory to the Commissoner of Indian Afaira, for the faithful p?rformaoo* of the same " i ach prop >sal mast he aiooir panted with a guar? an tee in the followiBg form, to f>e signed by two or nt?re rerponsit le persons, whose suficuxoy must be eertifced to by a United til*lee Juuge or distnot attorney. - We i.erebv Jointly and severally guaranty that the above bidder, (or bidders,) if a contract shall be a^a'ded *o him, (or them.) according to his ur tneir bu or prnpoea<. will execsle a oontraot accordingly, and give the requisite aecurity for the performance thereof, as prescribed in thehlveriitement fo- propoaaia for Indian goods, dated 21*t September, IMl; and, is the iTMt of hia (or their) faiiare so to do. we hereby agree to bind ouraehres, oue heirs, exeeutora.aad aaaigna to forfeit and pay the United t*ta as. aa damages, a sum not leea than Iftn- Mr n?nt n? " ? -* -* " * * . r ? ? - uiuhu? ui Miu Dia or ?roBond* will be required in the amount of the bid tor the faithful performanoe of the oontraot, with two or more nsreties, whoM auCeienoy nut bo ovrtiied bj a United Biatea judge ordistriotat torr ey. No proposal will bo considered that doea not atriotly oonform, in all particular*, to the terme and direction* ot thi* advertisement. CHARi.KS E MIX, ae C StawOot 12 Acting Commiesloner. Q U.N BOATS 7" QMrMnMiiir Omui-uTt QJUt, I Wukmttom C\ty. Julyu7lB9M Plain arc PraciricATion* for hull* of Sua Boats for the Western river* are on exhibition at lb ii ottos, and at oMoss of Qaar tor mas tor* at Pittsburg. Ciaetnnati. (M. Louis asd Alton. Boats to bo delivered at Cairo. Bid* should bo sat to Uaartar master General of the United states Army, at Wasluagton, by 1st n 19 Brig. Gea'l aad QaartormasUr Gen'l. HI4f? OF TmK giATopwiR -i SCZZi it* NW?r tk*S?t fTWv tor onlj liwh. AliOjTwIlt Mmi of all kinds. s?iotosffifssi?^r^sp??.to?fif Vl^y of IQfKM: l(li AMMHl (MPtnill MpUM, WIlMi w if pll^^ewcb a jlicmte1n* ml t ilnui.fc riVwo mqhp rinr frbnch cottaok " They ( rlf tat td the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR COUSE PURIFY YOGR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOOR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. ABB tsuuu run itini/iaion, GOOD LECTURERS, - GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAEERS, GOOD J*>K STNOERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTUEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIKS ARK DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They clear the Throat. They gire strength and the voloe. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They aredelightfhl to the taeta. They are made of simple herbs and oaanot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the mi. ? ivi ? luvk.,,. my Tun At Confections. They will relieve you instantlr, aH^yon will agree with me that "they go rirkt Id the'spof.' You will find them very useftai and pleasant while traveling or aitending public meetings, for stilling your Cough or allarmc your thirit. If you try one pvsk&ge I am ?afe in saying that yon will ever af terwarris oousider them indispeisible. You will fiud them at the Druggists and Dealers in Medicises PRICK TWENTY FIVE CENTS. ! M ? iirnftiiira ia n?? ? -? All .w/ .> T.u vwvu ah wuiori are counterfeit. A Package will b? sent by m?:l, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty Cents. Addrees, HKMRV C 8PJLDINO, No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. j ^cvjRe^^ CURE^O. Maviuai r Ua?* #!*? nci vuu-MicaudtUt Headache. By tli* im of theee Pills lh* periodic attaoki o Wirtraj or Sick Hfdmtkt maj be preveoted; and I taken it the oomraeaeemeot ol an attack ire me dlate relief from pain ami elokneea will be obtained. Tk? fell - - ? .../ mnuijl IBU III I OHIVTlUf IUC iTIMM US Huutack* to whioh females ere eo anbjtob They Ml gently spon the bowels,?ranovug Cs For Ltl?r?ry Mm, Studmtt. Dehoate Females, and at! per eons of ttdmtmm k*biti, they are valuable ae a Laxmtiv*, improving the tntHti, giving<mm and vigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natnrai elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC P1LL8 are the reemlt of long investigation and oarefully ooodnoted experiments, faa?in< been in ua uiany years, daring wbioh time they have prevented and relievad a vast amount of' Kin and suffering roro Headaohe, whether onglnating in the ntrrous system or from a deranged fate of the ttomtk. I They are entirely vegetable in their oomposttion, and mar be taken at all time* with perfeot safety without making any ohange of diet, mmd tk* mbimui of any du*tr***bl? mik rmtdmt it mi> It e4mt?t*l?r Urn to ekildrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The centime have live signatures of Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by DruggirU and all other Dealer* in Medi mee. A Bos will be eent by mall prepaid on reooipt e the FR1CE, J* CENTS. All orders ahoald l>e addreesed to flENRY C. *PALD1N?, 48 Csda* Stxbbt. Nbw You. Htm tkt izMiMir, Nor/oik, Tm. Cephallo Pills aoooratlieh the object for whisk ihsy were made, vis: Care of headaolie la all lto forma. Htm tkt Bammimtr, Ntrftlk, Fa. Thay have been tested In mere than a IkwaH eaaea, with entire mooes*. Hem tkt Dtmotrmt. St. Cltmd, Mimm. If yon are, or hare been trgnbled w 1th the haaoaohe. send for a box, (Ophano Pille , t eo that yea may nave thorn in oaae of anUttaek. Htm tkt Wtattm R. R. Smatttt, Ckittut, III. We heart41y endorse Mr. Spalding, aad his aanvailed Cephalio Pilla. *?? H*m tkt Stmtktru Pel* Fimdm, Ntw Orluuu. Lm. Try them ! yon that are afflioted. tndvi arc nrt that your teetlraonr can be added to the already i numeroaa list that haa received beneftta that no othar madieiaa eaa yrodnee. Prom t*? fwiiii, Dmmmptrt, /flM. Mr. Spalding would not oonceot hU tarn* wtlh an artioie ha did not hmow to foaaoaa real nu rlt. fVM tJU Admtrtiitr, PrtmMmti, JL I. Jrhe Cephaho Pilla are said to baa roma-tob!} eotive remedy for the noadaehe, and one oi the vary beat for that very frequent oomyialnt which baa ever baas dlaoovered. ?rtm tkt St. I.nit Be immense demand for the artlale (Cey^aile i) ta raptdly inureaainf. Prim tk* Kmnmwh* Villi Stmr, JteeawAa, fa. w are tare ttifct feraont aflTerinc with Ik* (lead Mb*, who try them, will stick to tkm. Am tkt AJ?riit*, frnUMN, R. I. Tli? tMtimorv m their fkvor u atretic, freat tkt noit leeeeot&b'e quarters. fVm it? Daily JVmi, JViwyift, R. /, Oephalio Pill* are taking the ylaoe of all kinds. Ami Ut Ctmmurtiml Bulhtim, Bostrm, Jlfaj? Baid to bo vary eAoaoioaa for the headache. frtm tkt Commtreiml, Cuutnmati, Okie. Baifering humanity oaa now be relieved, ???????? IT7~ emtio bottle of Spaldligl Prepared Glue will htc terf time* ite eoet annually. SPALDTNd'S PKRJ>AU Ll-n nT wt*?. -? ? ?? xjtlj \j x> .* SPALDING'S PKhPARBD GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE. THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH HTaA Stitcii in TimI8*tu Nim?."-TT1 . At accidents will araa in wall ragalatiia families, it is vary durable to hava soma aheas and'oonvement way for repairing Furniture, Toys Crook cry, k,o. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE moots all such emergencies, and no koaaahold as adorj to b? without it. 11M always ready. and to the sticking point * USEFUL IN BVERY HOUSE." N. B<? Bmk MMfMdw ?wk Bottta. Pm W Miii. itdrw ?? IENKY C. SPALOIN81 N^SC^dMetrwi,New Yorfc

^JCAUTION. ? Mm m t WASHINGTON uJCK HOSPITAL. |U. SHU MAN has, Utor u UHnwN oil* " years, established t? above refoge ?<>? qtacker?, aHf-labeled IolFan or German doctor*, and pretenders of wttoberaft aad impoetora in t?Thia i? the only jlaee where a rare and speedy re oaa be obtained in the world for all improper and evil habits, gonnrrhta, gleet, eemiual weakness, ayphillia, primary secondary. and tertiary, orcaaie weakness. paioa m the lotaa, atrietarea, generaldebility, prostration, nerronsneaa, reetieea nights. palpitation of the heart, riming in the ears, loss of memory, oonfauon, mesne bocr, affections of the head, throat, nose, and akin, aod alt tnoae peculiar dlaordera arising from 4ha indiscretion of VOltk. mnllAritir thmmm Mntft K? atudy. aooietj. or muriate. Dr. ?. hu the [rattMt raved lea in the known world for diuuet of the blood. goBorrhaa, gleet, triotaree, ayphilfia, eaminal weakneee, eelf abeee, jt?. There ia bo ?n ia which they fail to oare ib from to day* Viotimi oftheee horrible eomylaiats, who woald wiah to be valuable uen and ornamenta to eociety, ahouid embrace the ear'.ieet OMortauity for relief. Dr. Shaman haa made the moet oomp: ete arrantementa for the ooauort of hia patieaU who come from a diatanoe. They will be fnrniahed with the moat pleaa&nt and agreeable quarter*, neceaaary diet, and made as comfortable aa they woald be at a Brat cla?a hotel at leee than half the ooet. Do not forget the name and naniber. Dr. 8hnman'a offioe ia oa the ooraer of Sixth etreet and fir- ?""'u Pereona at a diatanoe ahoald enaloae a tarn* for retain postage. Office honra. 9 A. M. to to P.M. various parties have been er.tie*d from my in titation by oertain ewindlere on back streets m tkn eity, who will rae it till the day of their deatb* A word to the wise is sufficient. sp * 1* #Ourt Comrk, Cold, Haarrtntst, InAntnxa, mi Irritation er SortMit of tht Throat, tUHov* tko Hadnnt Couth *n Contumrtum, Eronckttit, Afkma, t Catarrh, Cltaw ami (in ttrtngth to tht voict of PUBLIC SPEAKER! AND SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of cheokint ft Coath or "Common Cold1' in iU first state; that which in the beginint would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, eoon attacks the Lents. " Broion't Bronchial 7>ochir." oont*mMif rtemoleentiniredi?Uar Ualmnnanr anH Krnnohmi IrritRtiMf), "That troatxle in my Throat, (for BROWN'S vhtoh the "JYocAj.i" are a specific) .nnnnn? harint made m* often a m?re whisVROCHE9 perer." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 reoommend their ase to Pvslis SrzAums." TROCHES *EV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great service in subdiunj Uoaksb BROWN'S hiss." REV. DANIEL WISE. wnnrHro "Almost instant relief in the dis iRUtMEB tressint labor of braathin* ??>li>r DROWNS to Asthma." unuwns REV. A. C. E88LESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anjthini inJariom." DR. A. A HA v KS. BROWN'S amiii, /fo.'ion, YROCH K8 BROWN'S BR- 4' F' vinpii pa " Beneficial in Bronchitis." DR. J. F. W. LANE, BROWN'S -1W , ? *?'" -1 ha*? proved them excellent for TROCHES WaooriM CowaH." REV. H. W. WARREN. CROWN'S Bettm. _ " Benefioial *h?a ootnpeliA U TROCHES speak. eiiderini from Cold." RBV. BTY P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. Ltmit. ,,(,ra?K " trriCTBAL in removinf Hoaraeikuobbs neaaand Irritation of the Throat, ae BROWN'S oornmoa with Sfi&kui and HineaanpnB>M "'prof M.STACY JOHNSON. TROCHES Latframs. tfa, MiKkwiM'M Taaoher of Muaie, Southern UROWPIS Pema o Co'iej*. aiQfinRim ?L - 4- ^ ?? 1 "* " M nu'^nr.r ra? ocurn WIIVU uncro end after frracvtg. *.*, the? prevent , BROWN'P Hoar?en?ss. From their mi ut. I tinsk they will be of permanent a>lTROCHEf* raaikie to ai?. ftfcV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S FrMxleut u/ Athens Collet*, Toon. * ROCHES* irr Sold bj all Drat list* at T\V ENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^JI O 1-ly JOT FOE THE tMCK AND 88FFERI.M* LET ALL Wf^AMM AFTHCTMU AFTLY TtiK JLMMMJDT MM JO let /" HMAUTH. FrlcH, 4e rei aaf?r i Are t"? the vie tin ef lit eftiioe* nameroma a,!ra*nta whioh arise from im aritj of the blood.' What are tier, do ;oa aekf Rather aak. wliat are ihey not.' The blood ta tie aoaree ( lite acd health, and il u the tret element ef oar beinx to respond to airy eaase which affects thejutenuaa the pales lnfainbij at*ecta The ever NU?10 WIVtMIM U1V ?|VU?iUf VbllvaWMMBIU) 11VI* to*? Debility, ilyapepiia, Liver Ccmpla.nt w:th lU toraor asd dejection, and the narnberteja ilia thai fisan la heir to, derive their h. Jeoaa origin from the blood, Deal k'n:Sy th^r. and gently with the bleed. Vac the vitaliaiug resource* of nature for ita aid, and suffer ta to osmtmend to roar eonidenoa aid aae Lkat trmlr valaable medicament known aa MAS. M. OOl'S INDIAIt YXGETABL1S DKOOiTrJOir. With retard to this a'moat infallible speoila popular aentiment baa spoken in deoided iern:s and the evidences of thia great e>o*oy are aoa tamed by oonaUrt avcwa.a of a t< rati re effeota and the happieat reanlta from ita aae are after all other romediea and the beet medical akili hare failed. Let aa aar, in eoocluaion, that certiicMea eurea are not sought from the illiterate and super- I Icial, but they are volunteered from the moat raapectabie poaroea and jurtify the highest terma in which it la poasibie to oonunend ao valuable a apeciBo to public approral. We may add alto that Ine eurakive properties of the medioine are equalled only by na restorative electa, the ayatem recorermi fromdiaeaae with renewed oonat-.tutionai vigor. For aale br all respectable Druggista in this aity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Hons genuine unless her name is blowa an the fcottle and her seal on the cork CT-Price >1 per bottle, ax bottles for |i WWiiaJi iiiai. R. B. T. CISSKL, Draggiat eorgetown, D C., Wholesale Agent for the District, and will supply the trade at my prteea. 'JiHK ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEHEMAR, 1,1 and ?? Protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and aecured by la# Seala of the Eco.e de Pharmaoio da Par;*, and la* Imperial Collet e of Modimne. Vienna. No, 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natairhM, and all ahyaioal aiaabilitioa. No. 2 completely eradioatea all trace* of thoao HiMiM tn&t have been hitherto treated by U* naaaeoua and pernicious use of ooaaiva and oabeba. No. s haa entirely supplanted the injurious ae* of ' mercury, thoreby insurin* to the sufferer speedy relief, dispersing all imrurittea, and rooting oa the venom of disease. 'f RIESE.M A.R, Noa. 1,1 and S, are propared la the form of a loaenge, devoid of taste awl arcelT. and oan bo carried in the waistooat pookei. frold in tin oaoAB, and divided into separate doses, as ad minietered bv Velpeau, Lallemand, Roux, Rioord to. Prio* #3 each, or four oaaeo for #9, whiok aarea A3: and in $tl oases, whereby there la a savin* of to. To bohad, wholesale and retail,of Pr BARROW, of 194 Dleeofcer street. N?w Vork. Iiumediat?;? on reoeivmf a remittanoe, Dr. Barrow will lorw?.r<3 the Trieeferoar to any part of the wor!d, eecurely packed, and addreaaau aaoordmg to the inatruotior.a of the writor. The Book, of all others, that ihoaid be read by men with daunted and broken down oocatitntiona ii "Human Frailty, or Phraiologioal Reeearahea." It ia beautifully illustrated, and treata minutely of all tue aytn?;o;?a that invariably derate tbemaelvfla, aoonsr or later, reuniting from the frailuea and vioatint habita of earli routh, inoa?aoitatini the victim trona aoannc the fruition of tue ir.atri monial atate, and. if not chooked in time, dejrneratin< all the funotiacft of manhood, and bringmt bim. atea by at fa, to a 'i?erii:t and untimely death. , Sola bj I)r. HARROWVi94 Bleecker street, four I doora below M&odoaea', New York. Prioe S of. ta. Sent free erery where. bolt) a!?o >>r S. O. Foia, Jr., Drat^ftore, Waahlafton, D. C. de St->m Hnisw books. ISTORY of the United Notherlanda, by Jobs Lothrop Motley; 2 vole-; free b? mail, 14. The Riae of (he Dntoh Rep untie, a history, by John Lothrop Motley; t to a oioth; free by mail, Silaa Marner, the Wearer of Ravelol, by tba author of "Adam Bade , oioth ?i|oanta; paper W oocU. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Sargeant; #1?. After loeberf with a Paicter, a Sumner Voyace to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rer LomaL. NoVe; fl-fiO _ The Manufaotare of Pbotocenio or Hydro-Car-' bon Otli. by Thomaa Antiaell, M. D.; I1.1S. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RfCHBTEIN, MM ttT* Penna. avenue. QUNBOATS roa THi WESTERN RIVERS, Q?i>miuiTia Smiixl'i Omci, I W**kington, Junt 17,1861.\ PaoronAL* are invited for oonatrnoUnc tianboau ufon the Weetern river* Speoifioationa will be immediately prepared and may be examined at theQnirtermaater's Oftoe at Cinoinnati. Hit ebargh. and at thia ofloe. Propoaala from boat buil era and engine-balld err alone will be considered. P.aoa au bun tied by bidden will be taken into oonaidaration M C. MEl<8S, ie 1* Uoartermaater Genera! United State JJOOTB AND g|OM TO BUT THE We are aew mansfaotunui all klnde ef BOOT! . mx/iPH ? ?* a - ~ ^ WW DHUDDi aua ?V1*UU1UT retMTUf hmIt of saatoru mad* work of iTtnd^auj aoriyaon. iced# urNilf to order, aad wilwWJ baaoidatamaeh lower anosthaa haa boon* Hk heretofore oharied In Uue oty for biu uuener ^Pertona is vut of Boats aad Shoes of saatera er eity MOe work, will alwaysftnd ajood aseertnea rn?I??p(? |**||? fMK>D A RTICLBW.?M<>ORE*8 INBKCT and ? VERMIN DESTROYER will fid M of freLt^w^tkoKt*11!wbrio', elisor w<x>Tee, wltk(itiaiun to eolflr or oth?rwi?? i will ? y TRAVELLERS' DIRECTOR! {JN1TED W1TM MIL1TAKT KOVTI. CHlIfOM~OP UOtMS. On and after Monday, August 19tA. 1M1 PA?<>]*?KK TKAim WILL IDI At MLUWII LKAVB WASHINGTON Ml ill and ttfpm., arnvmc at Baltiwn at T.4S M .to a. w.aau Uttaad LHAVK BALTIMORE; at <JDao4?40 a. m.aii S.?5 aarf 6 9 a . arn?ut* at Waakiaitoa att*a loJB a. m. and at I r> and6 4S a. m. ^ Ua i _i A< _ . - - ? i wouici i mm i?Tinj wuniiflOlMTJI I m. ami ?91 f. m.Aad BtlUnort ud Ia 5. m , Mki duaet eonaaaioaa tor AmyolM tt U cot.oa. Trains leave Aaaapolis far Baltimore aod WmI ? 9ft a. m and 2 90 g. at. nki diraet ooaaextoaa I Baltimore for Philadelphia and New York. All artielea of freight < aot oontrabaai of war will bo transported oror tba 11a*. Toaamte Tr*ia will leave Btitimoroat?SBS. *. Lmvo Waafeiag W? S'1?a " '"'ftglfeygWoTT. THOMAS H. CANFIRLD, * ? Ainataat Mum or. aa tMf SPECIAL. NOTI'E. ^ SUXDAY TtUJIf. On and after SUN UAY. >??h Jalr, Ui?r* will b bat one bandur daily trainLeave WASniNbTuN at l*> p. m. far NKV YORK nod PHILADELPHIA, From New Yor* and Philadelphia, arriving 1 Washington at 610 a. ra. J A.SCOTT, jy XT 6eneraJ Mana?ar. ?fJMH STEAM WEEKLY ?*TWERI OajPR Nil W YOKE AND LIVERPOOL, Laadinc and embarking paaaongera i Quetna'owD, Ireiand. The Liverpool. New York aad Pki!ad*l?bi fttMunsnie Company intend diepatohlne their fa w*?rM i;jd* b?ilt iron xtMimthif* aa follow*: 6LA90OW Satur ar, Ai(uM 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, " IK*. KANtiAROO. " " nth. Autf every Satarday, at tfbon, from Pier44, Nort river. urn or ruiisL Firit Cabin -R75 Do. to London 90 B. to >6 to Hamburg .. K f?teer>?e fan Do. to i^ondon ? .. M K. to > rii ..... s< to Hambarc, S6 PMtracers forwarded ?o Ha*re. Hitman. Wot teniam, Antwerp, A? , at reduced throorh Iwh. Pem<>n? wiahinx to bring oat ?hair friaada oa buj ticket! at low ratea. Kor further mformaHon apply at the Captain Offioe. JOBN ?. DAL .Aiwt, IS b roadway. S. Y.. Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adama Kxpree. fialti mora. JT" ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE ?todfi? EASTER V AND W98TERff BNOKE STEAMERS. "EENTCapt. J H. K rwa? ? _ " PIONEER/' Capt. W. Norman. iir.n * *- - * tt11i tuDineir r >utm a* loilowe, Inn g Lick tre?t, ttaitimore, foot of Camden. *17 o'clock A KENT?For Cambridge, Denton ami Land in* on c Lop tank riw. every WEDNESDAY ati< f*ATl KDAY. returning every Tkaredty an< Monday. . _ For Annaaolitand Weet River,every TUE8 DAY and FRI HAY and returning u < e days. PIONEER?For 8t Michael'tan' Hi'*r, every WEDNESDAY, a^d retnri the tame U&y. For Annapolis, Weet R iver, Cambridge, Ozfori ai.d Fasten Point, every THURSDAY, reternmi by ^i!w route <>n Friday For Annapo'm.W ?i River, St. Miohael'a ao< E% ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATl'R DA V, returning every Monday oy same route F?re to Taml'iidce, Denton, Oxford and Vaatoi Point <1 9* Faretj -~t Michael's and Miiea' Rivera round trip ft 1 ; ) a . !..* .... 1 Ok Fare to West River,(round trie, ft IX. 1 tt Fare to Annapoli* (ronnd tri?T5 oenta)___ 7S MEALS EITKA. Kasa'onawewsx.? Baltimore. C? ItTCANNUN. ?-_ NORTHERN JilMWBi CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE,! Cutut Station, Batimora. Mat U, Ml. ( rive and depart aa follow*, until farther no tie*. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M. HARRIE88BUR0',APCC0MM0DAT10N at I P M The a 19 A.M. train eonneota at Relax Hoaa with trams on tbe Western Maryland Railroad at Hanover Junotion with Hanover and (Tettaberj Rail road a; at York with Y?*rk and Railroad; at Harr share with Pen nay'vania Rail road for ail parte of the West, aleo with Lebannoi Valley Railroad to Ai w Yori dtraet; at North am borland with L and B. "an road for Kingston an< all Darts of W imimim V?1 i * ><< ?? u--t- *' . ? ? r? - ??? wnujimi I WIM tfte Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part Northern Peiinay I vania ar<J New York. l i:o 3 ? P. M train makes a'l the above oodbm tiona except Hanover Railroad, Wri?htaTill< Railroad and the Lebannon Val,-y Raalruad Ti e 8 P. M train make* oonneotion* with Penn fvin^ Kail road for all part* of Um W(rt,ui direct oonnecU for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 6 10P *1Expre-a at l 46 . M.; fiarrie boric Accommodation at 3.49 P. M. For Ticket* and inform aUon in^aira at tlM Tioket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Bapt. LKAVK PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORK. The Camden and Ambov and Philadelphia am Tren'oa Railroad CompajMej* Line lmrr PHI LA liK' PHIA TO NKW VO?i AND. WA) PLA^ S. from WALNUT STREET WBARl AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave aa lot Iowa: At 6 A M , via Camden and Aaboy, (C. and A Aooomrnod&tioB.) . . . At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jeraay City, (N.J Aooomnio-'ation) . At I A. M., via Camden and Jereey City. (Mora ii 9 1 * At liK A. M , via KeLtinrtOD ud J racy Citj ( Wat tern Expreas.) At UH P. M., via Camden and Am boy, (Aoooimdo datum.) At 2 P M., na Camden aad Am boy. (C- lal A M , via Kenainctoa aad Jersey City A^Jg p11 MX,*^*i?Minitoa and Jereey City (Second Claaa TiokeC) _ At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jereey Clty,(Eveaiaj Mail.) At Ilk P. M., na Camden and Jeraey City,(Bontk At 5 P. M ,'via Camden and Aaboy,(Aooon?oda tion, freight and paaaenger, Flret Claaa Tieket Bacond Claaa Ticket. The6 f M Mail Train rnna daily. Tbelilf f M. Mail, Saturday a excepted Por Belvidere, Eaaton, I.ambertvUle, Fie mine ton, Ao, at 7.10 A. M.; and 4>* P. M? from Ken ainc ton. Ft.r Water Oar, ^trondabirc,8oranton,Wllftea barre, Montroae, Gre*t Bend, Ao.. at 7.10 A. M from Keaainaton, via l>elaware, Laokawanna an West rn It ail road. For Maueh Chunk, Alientovn and Bethlehem,* 7.10 A. M. and B'.i P. M. from Eeneincton depot iLo 7.10 A. M. li e coraeeta eltk the train leavin, t ARton at 3 35 P. H. F?>r Mount Holly at and A- M. and S aad 4) p m For Freehold at a A M ? m Jr. Mfta walnat ?treet wliarf. . _ For Palmyra Riverton, Dalaaoo, Bavarly. Bar llniton^Fioretnaoo, Bordentowu, 4to., ?t lMt, I ^bteamer ?ranton for Bordentova. ud iatorau diate flu**, kt M P. IL trxtm Wtint straa For New York and Wm Uaaa. leavta Kenaincton Depot, take the oara on Fifth ettjf above Walnut, half an hour before deaa'tare Th oare ran into the depot, and oa arrival of train rai from tne depot. .... iiiiwif'^nnn??? '"kibludTrom^tokin ^lb?f^abovar *i|(5t jwU? to be SKfTp rxtra. The oonpany Unut their reeponatwlfty f< bagiaca to one Hot ar per poaod.and will aotb liable Tor any aaiottot bey oad oae hundred dollar I " ??8T&.6ATZMKIT. *..t HH Ob and frfUr Mtv 16 ta, UW, th? t'tiii will rai M follow*, vic-L?in Cumn 8t*uon, B*m nure.-Muli?exoept t>un4?y.> MiMA. M.i Kl preu d*My *t 3. 46 P. M. b"Ui Tnun * to 4ir*?U thronch KoR ALL PARTS C^THE WK8T SOUTBWKST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAT PAS8EN6KRS. B*tvm Htinmor* aau rt?d?oBt t?k* tk? A. M TrMo; bKWMi Piadaont and W b?*lln( t&k* Afl comnuxltuon Traia, Imhii Piedmont tt A ?0 A M.; Mid bMwMp ?r?A<i? ud Pnrkortban, Ufc ? n-*rMgS3Lj ' L# If. COi~B, C?oTTyknt 4 R?1 Bl'DBoN tlVKI ' T? lllljltp TliTtLttl * 1 M PMtMita Iwtir toTu* mtmni m ~ MlWHIW totiw WMUMUl, Bfcwrw.Sbc OUMal Macro*)to Wnautd, on l?4W, ttetMl iMtast Ik* Pu L?*ef etosners yi.l Imn Btttiann KVUYjM> hi d??) from tkMr wh^rf. foot of r t-or. DnI, tt ?k o'c ock p. m.. or iaiMOMVf Mr % rn**. of Ui WukiidM Tnii, vkiillwii w wknitot ^ SV^f'*0 9,m" M. W P|LI<?. mgm sat TIMOftB RAIlVAD ? 8PRINU AND SVMMkH A *AA KV KM M > 7 ? OATPM 446 p. All trjiM wntu with * fl?r York bun ezorft? U P. CtrM NMta> ' 2&3ttV2JS?AaaS2 * t* Iwfcri ?T'th# Kwtiri rhor# nt H*>n\?pd win ? <! th# wwt xp#<Jiccn ro?u bf *|{r AnCoi'?rwfV*i ?? MM* fl*? k??4 b?for? MMnm IM MM. ^lr^^^Vea256^'ek>lwwwi I R?^ttrfcfrl,u^ iwiR* mUo*: ?? ? ? ? ?.?- ?? *'?n?[i%1w?U &?: ? !?? ' *| A'bfcn? With Mm Nmt Yo*? C.vt. _ trai Railroad T*m get-eneatadf. UrMmtr. Ww Ba-avia. Rome, and nationa om Rom* tai Watff town Railr a?. ftaCaia. Sthmm, N?**?-? Fal a, _ . Seeywei. Btidge, AeUrm.tiw?^V**?wee? u Tmu w mnMtioi !?* Siftivid8it> ? * aiou via l^?o Sburr, UuO Inaj: iktli'M and 6reat Wee tern Railroad. fof Ha?.,!'c?. Tor. eto. Lt Detroit, Chtoaco. Toledo. Vilvukl*. Fob l i Lar. U CroKW. Madje?n. prairie L>? Ci trn, t>a ?i a. * DuMtt. Dahi^a*. horta, Utaifd. Meaoe tii#,|n?a Oitf, Mraiftof, QiiMtiCirlNiaM, Allen, St L>o?ia.Caina,T*rV*MMt*. lr<1.anae?. u. LoaiavUie, CiMicMti, Uftoa, Cain baa Q> W faod, aadall fMLto \N eel. Northwret aMlealii *> **" NORTHERN ROUTE. CooneoUac *itk TraiM at 1 rot, witfc Troy 4 Boa ton and Reua. 4 Saratoga Rom* Saralm* Whitrha... R . ' Aua. Harheitoa. +t. Alhaea.Koa-a Point, PiatWarik, Ocdaaabaifk, MoatrealT A a , HT" Freifkt A r rang enter ta *r tbi? roate u abore. withort ehan?# nf ?. ?k? ('bambera aod * anal akra^ta.'are at all tt?S?e a? favorable u ma<1 e It ? ?h r R?> tn?l C?Mn"i. Tbe (aothtiM of ttaa ir?l Now ) ork Ue WntcMiM(< it to tM afcanu an ah pp*ra for froafttMi ud diafatafc B PUMnirr traita, witk PmokiBf u< Cara r?n> in aonnoetiOB o? tfce Now York Cearra. Road. For partaealar* m ta looal traiM fraigM ar to rt)$?v i Lmtw um low** ood 'f LNlofl I>oc1l ?a.ti I ?nrt, v*m iida, I'AILV, iftundara i?al?i?d.) at So-okoE rM. taktnc M~r.i?raaa21??M a.H oonn^otinc with tfca Railroad Jt?ea to ara fom t Wuhiri'oa. 0. CTPhi ao? phia. New York, Baa . IobTY oi\. HftrriaNrg,jMtelmra. P?. aad tk* WHUiUMdittfl; al^ar lk?amtai?r ika Straa? . Train from New Yu<k Bud PnilaUclakia. TM (OIIOVIBC u tiia haiiada.*: 4 Frost New York to Fort Mosrooaal bMfc. fU . From ^hiiaddjli a aad hack. . lie Prom Baltimore and back ft , CyPROCUEK VOUR TICRET*.XD t Id New York at the Nev Jeraej Rauroac ('Are I n a. ? - / ? - -__ iuuivi i/omi a>a mrfl In Phi adelphia, at the Cotapany'a rlM N. W . > oornar of tkxUi and Cbwaiaut iliwto.a* at lit* 1 I Dr^ot, Broad and Pna* Mrrta. In Bsltimora, oa tv?ard ti? 9taam?ra foot of I Union Dock. HUGH O CONNER, Pwnaiar A fa* i ml n; \ohk. haklkm and kHH| ALBANY rall,fc?'ao. LEAVu^G NEW YofjTrOft Commnooinf Mnrdaj. May fTth. MSI. For Abanj?tlw a. m. fact axpreaa tmi from SRk atreeu u For Dover Plainp. ? at Win* Ptaiaa aad atationa aorth to Dot?( plataa? from Xtb atreet atatioa. (Thia train will ran to Millertoa averr Petarea? vec.ri.) For Cro?on Fal'a?t lfia. at. atoppinc at a'l au dona north of Fordhaat fraaa a b atraat atauon For * hlte Flaina I?,1W at d 9~<* p m. atop , pine H all atatloaa from 9U atraat atatioa. - - For_WbiU.Plaia??* ** ia. atoppiac atall a?a bom iron warn ?irw* ?t*Woa. For WllliUM Bndio-7*. 11:15 ?. m. m4 *W p. . atopnnic at all nation* fVom mil atrool aftatioit. Rotanuag will koevo.. fc^'FSS-E.r^'SB.'Sa larton orar? Monday noroiac at I ft. a.) " White a at. 4:'# * 7*0 p. m. I Wi )<an? Brtd?*?>*a p. 8uuu?? trai : vi laar* ?tk Ansa* ooraorSM ' tr^ufnr Coatral Karfc, Yorknl.*, Harlaa a*". I High Bridga *v?>rj |-w ibiduU'*. frotp a. ai. o irfp m. JOHN BURCHlLUAnt go?'?. I YOftK ANI) EUH all. , road PUMIN Train* iwn Tit Ptvo nit P*rry ud Lo?? IHx k, frost fool of Chtm'e* ftre-t. New Y?rk,M fr>liowt,?i? : a m . KX KREJ*tjkfor Dufck.rk, aod Buffalo, and ?rineital letermr la# Station*. ] Hi. na , M All.. for l>?nkirK. mm hUiwidutt fetation*?Tkit Train r*main* otk u|mm ktmiia. and aroooada the next more B( d^u^teu'(UlJ * 'ator . "ll on a. an IODATION. daily, lor Port jTS-.^ .*? ? rarA.^. *ii. *> > ^ kirk, Buffalo, Canatdai*ua.aiid jnacija. Mation* Tk? Train of Saturday ?u>p? at all MirTraiu Stations, and rant oah to fe-lnira. I <*?p.m.. AC^OMMODATlONtfor HonMtvil ; aad rrinoifai 8Ukot? \ I CH'8. MINOT.Cta'l ? ?-(. NATBANIFL MA ItgH. |w?IW. _ . - -x? ~fo? wzf^.vl ilvs po?t / By tS? iiMgitr ftift Mwspt strength ud mm4, bat jirtioui*rTy idtfM to H e Mng&uoa of Lonj UlM><' boaM, racnisf in o n Motion with til* rWl ptT*?r Mt Old Colony Mjuiro?C. duurN cf ? ?jii!m owy to BofUti : ?s-2SiSfe I ??T. ,. Tb?M tHmawi * ftttad wit* weewdione I MM* room*, ud mrj *r-for ?M MrirvtrtalMiirartntywMim who trt^rM by - tag Drnton Ml-ly th? foilowin* morning : or My ' rmk'D on BDtll starting of th# AoroniMtk tio* at a A. M , by vhxk tMy mm* raMk Imn ' MOTt I.U A. M. ti b*ui|? is to aaak utmmw. > IWWTM MK) tiok-t* t)(? bogftfa. lailMMi |M)M tk? (kme 1>HU OMtlMUM. A itMiovr ru't in c^o?l)?i with Una Lina b# |r>ci Fall River and Providaaoa dally,amaept Freight to Boitpi ta foi wn<i< tkroarh with . ir?t diipatoh by A fcxaraa* T??m, whiol iHth * WlRiwrmc iDoiaix. hW?M -? o'clock for Uo*U>n w.d N?? BaoJocd, trnnei K at its daainaUoa at ?:*atll A M For frwckt or pa> aag*. m y ui kw4 or at t*a i oAoooo Pi? Nol North R tot For atata raaaia and bartlu aap 7 oa hoard, or if daatraa toaaaara Uain m advmaoa, to M BoftDKN, Ag't ^*a<i 71 w?' ?tr?t. N V 4 i' HV'ivonvoi run BW TON?IblMd fto?tfr?Tto ifirtm iai mo* i\ *- Tg&smmma*! wc; EW il'lf. U OOMOOUoD with tlM btOBIBf tM ?? ProridepoCaftMl Bo? MUd rr*VM?M? R*Uru*? r Mrki NevYork tally, t??a4sT? k P1? No is Nortfc Tmr, aUo'tloM P. K4w4 B aid*k?? I " Tr*iu^?oc?roUM U Pwtidww vitt UN I# [ rfisS ^IZZ^'S&SIZIZ TmtiiKk ?iy. x For Piimi, BvrUa, SU.A Enow, ft MstUkl, ;g?p$?l5%ggfe F.kncb : - i?rc??i?d comp el - *#?ort?**t ?f Mfolkry Boot > i t^Lsrtu^tL'sufjasLZ# . , 'YijJw* *iiUom of UariM'a lafcstry Mi W* TaotiM, eonii?U, 91J6 m j ^ - g?wrt ? mm ft * > mfNaiMMIMw*

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