Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1861 Page 1
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1 i ?tar. V%. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 27. 1861. N?. 2.685. the evening star M PUBLISHED BVB&r APTBRNOON, (PUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BriLDlNfil, omr ef P*??jjr<e??ia immm and Eleventh it. rt w. d. wallaoh. P^ert swved la packagee by oar ri ere itMl year, or 37 coots per month. To mall subscriber* the price it S3 50 a year, to m4~eut; S3 for aU ootoa; Oirw moot ha; aad for l*m tku thrm month* at the rate of l? <*nta a week 91ag * copie*, omb cant; la wrapper*, two cort*. ABTaaTiaaaiaTa ahooM bo *ent to the ?*r* U o'clock m; otherwise tbey may ot app?r aattl the neat day. DllliniO!!! in the camp of the EJE.nY. A copy of the Riohmond (V?.) Whig of Sept. 21, which haa reached thia city, oon tains the following amongst other crticica of a aimilar teaor. going to ahow the atato of feeling pervodlng the oonncila of the Confedcratcc: We have no dicpoeition to detraot from the merits of the late Secretory of War, Mr. Walker While we believe he wu pot the right man in the right place, for the two sufficient reaeona that he waa not prompt and dee??*o*nough, d#,"JinC from day to day what bould be done at once, and devoting too much of his time to petty matters to the neglect of great onee; we are glad to atato that no taint of susploion rests on his integrity, and that he was filled with a noble teal for the Southern canto. Bat, when his friends claim for him all the honor of organising the armies of the Confederate States, injustice is done not only I to individuals but to our Confederate system. I The Sta .tJ and the Governors and the people I ore they who created our immense armies I upon the instant aad ont of nothing, and to them is due the glory. The Confederate War Department may at times have aided, though we suspect, in very many eases, it acted rather I as a damper on the impetuous patriotism of I the States. Very certain we are, that the I military operations in Virginia were not con- I ducted with more energy and efficiency after I the advent of the Confederacy than they were I before. W e suspect that the same remark ia f equally true of the other Statea. Bet, that which we the more particularly I object to, in the lavishing all the honors upon I o Confederate department to the disparage- I ment of and the ignoring the States, is that it I assimilates us to the old Yankee system. I There, oil honor for everything is hobitually I awarded to the Federal head; the Statea are I nothing and of no consideration. We have I been so long uader the baneful influence of the Yonkee Upoa, that we insensibly repeat the I fellies thot do not pertoin properly to our sys- I torn. It ia time we hod oaapted out language I and our acta to our altered condition. Ours is 1 no longer a consolidated government?ot leoat I we hope so. The Stages ore the true aover- I eigne in our system. We are aware that while aa immense power and patronage is centered I in and wielded by the Confederate authorities, I the tendency is constant and almost irresisti- I ble to make us a second and worse edition of I the old Yonkee Government. To counteract I thot tendency should every true southern pa- I triot labor. There will not be wanting those I who. looking to self, will adulate secretaries, I ond seek by every means to augment the pa- I tronage by which they hope to profit. Already I we have here a goodly number who graduated I ot Washington, and who ore thoroughly qual- I ified1 to put our government, ot the very start, I oa the same corrupt system as prevails in the I Federal metropolis. oca army oa th? potomac. i To the Edito' of the Whxr:?Who controls I our army on the Potomac? Is it Generals I Johnston and Beauregard or is it President! Davis** Will some one who is wise enough to I know be kind enough to enlighten the publio. I Information is in demand on this subject. I Universal dissatisfaction seems to prevail with I the non-aetion of our army on the Potomac and I one party asserts that President Davis controls I the matter ond refuses to ollow our troopi to I advance, because he wishes to be in oommand I himself when we toke Washington, and at this I time bis health will not ollow him to assume I that position. I cannot concur in the probo- I bility of this speculation. Under our Constita- I tion, no candidate is eligible to a second elec- I tion to the Presidency Mr. Davis is the favorite I of every State in the Confederocy for the first I term. He will have no opposition in his can- I didacy. It is not necessary for bim to win a I victory to socure his election. No man can I whip fights enough between this date and eleo- I tion day to defeat bim. Moreover, his presenoe I is not neoessary there. The only influence I that our army will need, when they storm I Arlington, will be one of restraint. Under I ome circumstances, great men wield an im- I mense moral power on the battle-field, but the I Confederate army is composed of men who I trike to sustain Statesovereigbty, self govern- I ment and human feedom, and who feel that I their fireside altars, and the happiness and I destiny of those who worship ot them, and who I to them are dearer than "light and life," are I oil involved in their suocess. Bomb-shells, I cannon-balls and grape-shot are almighty I levellers on the embattled plain Great men I ore never thought of amidst the din and car- I nage of the conflict. The man who compre- I bonds a great principle, and is willing to lay I his life down to establish it, is in the greatness I of hit foul the peer of iqj omd; aod no empty I title eon awe bis proud spirit, or inspire him I with artificial courage. Our soldiers are not! fighting for Jeff Davis. They are fighting for I their eountry. Tbey love and respect Jeff | Dovis, but it is not for them to know how loner I they will oontinue to do so. Their eonfiden ce I ia aad devotion to him is built upon his devo- I tfr?n to the true interests of their country I In this ho hos beeu glided by a wisdom thot I kos boon equal to every emergency. Whea- I over he fails to meet a crisis with a capacity I equal to it, he will forfeit the confidence of his I countrymen, ond he will be certain to heor I from them ia plain terms. Than it would be I . seen there is a broad difference between Jeff I Davis cad our ownoountry. Louis XIV. once I exclaimed, "I am the Empire," and >(Riche- I lieu is France," the Cardinal said; but Jeff I Davis can never bo the Confederate 8tstea. I The people of these State* fully appreciate I the contrast which must forever exist between I the insignificance of any one frail, fickle, fal- I lible mortal, and the immeasurable magnitude I of their beloved country. Nobody understands I this better than President Davis, and we scorn I to believe him capable of the slightest com- I plieity with the non-action of our army. It I la not for men who are sleeping every night ia I RUhznoD'i to know what it occurring every I hour on the Potomac. It is not for men who I or* in the fog of ignorance to direct men who I hov* the blase as it were of a noonday sun, I hy which to direct their footsteps. Generals I Johnston ond Beauregord are in po?*e*aion of] ton thousand foot*, no doubt, which no man in I Richmond ought to or doe* know. They may I be foot* entitled to oontrol their oonduet; and I to undertake to condemn them for non-action, I until we know whot tho** fects or*, would b* os ridicaloas ond unjust as it would be to do- I ooaoee a verdict before we hod hoard the evi- I dense upon which the Jury rendered it. Our I people hove one important leseen to leorn I aad thot io, how to uuad their owa business. Another, how to confide in those who have I proven themselves worthy of confidence; and I iMtly, still another, when to complain. Cassil*. JET'A crocodile eaeaprd from a traveling men Kt? at Ladenburgb, la the Grand Duchy of ea, a few day* ago, and be waa afterwards eeen I* the Meeker, la the neighborhood ot Neu-a- I b-lm. In conaeqoence of hi* prr*ence In the river 1 the local authorltiee prohibited the lnbabltaa'al from bathing Two day* bock aome 1* her men I sucoeeded In capturing him by meaaa of very I strong nets Bis ow#?r was sent for, and when I be appeared the crocodile manifested great joy. I bow, la aot stated Per ha pa the bout sted o few crocodile tears . CT'Tbe Nerragaoaett Weekly says: "One of /omea's largest rifled coonon, and the last one I that remained at Watch Hill of tboee uaed la teet. lay thia kiad ef gun last foil, waa draw* peat our I offloe on Tueaday, aa tta way to the railroad deS*. Tea yok?* of exea were required to convey I I* monger eon from Watch Hill to the cor*. We understand Uat it will aoon b* put in o active service at tbe sent of war " U7" Another political priaoaer, Marcua Cicero Wnniey, was r*i**a*d from Port Lafayette on Saturday, nothing being fofaid sgstnet him of * tree a Hiable nature. IE7" Dor tag the past week eld United Btalea **?P*to the amouat *f #1? J87 ? were ilisiul ot toe .New York rity poet o?ee J South*** Accocxt op the Battlk op Carhipex Ferry.?From the editorial correspondence of the Lynchburg (Va.) Republican, of Sept. 11th, we extract toe following atatement with regard to the late engagement at Carolfax Ferry : On Tueaday morning Col. McCaualin'a regiment, which had been down at Sammerrille as our advance, waa driven In, and the enemy encamped 14 miles diatant from ua. We expected him to drive in our pieketa on Taeaday night and attack ua on Wednesday morning, but oontrary to theae expectation he forced hia march and drove in our pieketa at 2 o'cl'k Tueaday. Our line of battle waa at onue formed behind our breastworka, and aearcely had aH our forcea bees placed in position, before the enemy waa aeen awarming in the wooda from one end of our lines to the other. lie approaohed with great deliberation and firmness, and his central column emerged from the woods and above the hilla, 200 yards in front, Juat 10 minutes after 3 o'clock. He approached ua from thia point in double-quick time, evidently intending to foroe our worka at the point of the bayonet. At the first orack of our rifles, the gallant Colonel, who led in front of his men on a splendid black charger, fell dead to the earth, while the head of hia colttmn recoiled in utter confuaion. The Colonel's horse, as if unconsoious of the fall of hia rider, daahed up to our embankments around them into our camp, and, from the inscriptions on the mountings of his piatola, proved to be Col. ffm. H, L> tail's, of Cincinnati. I saw the daring officer fall from his horse, and he was certainly one of the braves: of the brava, for he sought "the bubble reputation" at the very cannon's mouth. The enemy 's columns now opened upon up along the whole of our center and right, ana for an hour the rattle of musketry and the thunder of artillery was incessant and terrible. At first, the range of both their small arms and artillery was very bad. shooting over our heads. The range of the cannon was very bad, for while their balls cut off the tops and split open the giant oak in our encampment, their shells, with few exceptions, burst high in the air, and full fifty yards In our rear. But when they come to the last charge they had gotten the range far better, and their balls began to Elow up our embankments, while their shells roke directly over ua in every direction, and with terrible fury. We did not lose a single man killed, nor more than ten wounded. The battle had raged but twenty minutes when our gallant General was very painfully wounded in the right arm, the ball ontering near the elbow and passing out near the wrist, without breaking any bone. We retired him a short distance under the hill, and had the wound dressed by Surgeon Gleaves, and in ten minntes he was again moving along our lines, encouraging the men by his presence and his voice At a later stage of the fight a Minie ball tore through the lappel of his coat, and another through the oantle of his saddle. Indeed, it is the wonder of all of us how he escaped death. None but his staff and surgeon knew he waa wounded until the close of the fight. He is now suffering much p?in Gen. Floyd's tent, from which floated our glorious flag, was completely riddled with the balls of the enemy. At the close of the fight, a oouncil of war was held and upon our knowledge of the enemy's strength, together with the information we received frem our prisoners, it was determined to retire all our forces to the south side of Gauley, and not hasard an attaok the next morning. Our force waa only 1,700 men. and while we had atrong reason to believe that we could maintain our position even against such terrible odds, we did not deem it prudent to hazard so much We had dispatched Gen. Wise, in the morning, for reinforcements, and he had deolined to send them for fear of an attack upon him by Gen. Cox. We had also sent couriers for the North Carolina and Georgia regiments to come up, but it was impossible for them to reach us in time to support us. We are now pitching our tent* at this place, on the main Charleston road, about 15 miles from Gauley Bridge, and 55 miles west of Lewisburg. Gen Wise ia encamped at Dogwood Gap, a few milea above us, while a portion of hisiorce holds the Hawk's Neat below us. A New Ki*d op Dbrss Goods ?A pleasant Paris letter in the Courrier des Etata Unis tells this story: " A paper manufacturer has just invented a kind or impermeable paper suitable for dressgoods. Its manner of employment is both simple and ingenious. It consists in replaoing by small frames the hoops upon which are ballooned the pettiooats of our ladies. These newfangled enginea are covered with packing-oanvaa, upon whioh you have only to glue, as on a common screen, the newly-invented paper. " Thanks to this invention, when a lady wants a new dresa. her huaband has no longer to distress himself with the disbursement of five or six hundred francs for twenty yards of velvet or thirty of moire antique; all he will have to do will be to buy five or aix rolls of twelve-sous paper and seed for the glue man. This is as simple as all grand ideas. "The father about to marry his daughter, will not be obligeu a long time beforehand to bother himself about her trosseau; he will limit himself to asking his wife on the day before the wedding:? What paper shall we glue on to our Emily?' Moh Dieu, my love,' the mother will reply, 'do whatever you think proper?it seems to me that some twenty-two cent paper?with a pretty border, you knew' " Then a man will take a wife without dower?and the marriage oontraota will stipulate that the fsther-in-law engages to paper-hang his daughter?faxrt taptster ta jUle?tot the first three yoara." Down 05 Musk ? Godey, the popular publiaher of a book for the ladiea, is constrained to apeak eut boldly in the June number against tLat abominable perfume, musk, which the ladies aometimea allow themaelvea to be infeated bv. He aaya: "We oontend that no woman ahould be allowed to enter a car or ohurch who ia eovered with thia vile perfume. It ia aiokening to many, and to many ladiea itcauaea the headache. In many plaoea, where there ia little ventilation, the smell is very offenaive and heavy. The general supposition is that those who use it have some powerful motive for doing so?something on the oounter irritation prinoiple; the same reason that aocompanies Gut; a person having that does not heed a iser pain." (ETlf we may believe the French papers, a remsrkable Incident lately happened to M Benolt Cbampy, tbe advocate of the MlrSi creditors. While sitting in one of the rooms of the general railroad office at Tarts, the scene of the great awtndter's rxnlolu, be gave way to the American weakness of tipping back his chair. As It struck tbe wall It toncheda private spring, a door flew open, and some very Interesting document* wt>re dlscloaed which throw light on tbe Mlrts affair. lLT There are now Ave churches in process of erection in B?*ton, all of which will be occupied on or before the flrst dsy of January, The most costly of these is that for Dr Gannett's society, on Arlington street, which will be done in November. lETThe gas company of Plymouth, England, baa reduced tbe price of gas to 75 ce nts per 1000 feet, and yet it pays a dividend of 10 per cent, ou one half l?s hsree, and 7* per cent ob tbe other half, tbe highest dividends allowed to the company by law. tC7" A preacher down *outh aatd, "O Lord! we pray thee to curtail tbe devil's power in this place;'' when an old negro, always ready with a response, exclaimed. "Dat right, Lord, eut he tall smack, sraoov*ofT" ETA battery of 10-pounder riled caaaona for tbe defense of Philadelphia, are about being completed at ibe Cold Spring foundry, opposite West Point Anothse battery of tO-pounders lot the city ere to be completed la a few week*. SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Pubhshed t? conformity intk the resoluhon of the Smote of July 16, 1881. At Generml Hospital on B strut, between Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington, Sept. 20. lit Excelsior Brigade. 2 5th New Jersey Vol... 2 Jld do do.... 4 2d Maine Volunteers . 1 ftd do ao.... 3 3d do do 1 12thN.Y.Volunteers.. 1 4th do do...(d) l 24th do do 4 2d New Hampshire... 3 25th do do 2 2d Michigan Vol 3 27th do do...... 1 4th do do..?.. j 28th do do 1 5th de do I 3lat do do...... 1 2d Wisconsin 3 35th do do 1 1st California 1 36>h do do 3 Sturges Rifles 1 37'h do do...... 1 1st N * . Cavalry 3 45^h do do 1 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 60th do do...... 1 Wameron Dragoons ... 2 79th do do...(a) 3 1st Indiana Cavalry... 1 9th Maaa. Volunteers.. 1 Harland's Cavsky.... 3 lotto do do I 2d U. 8. Cavalry l 19th do do 1 1st Chasseurs 1 ' 2d Vermont Vol....(b) 2 Berdan'a^barpshooters 2 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 6 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 23d do do., v D. C. Volunteers 2 26th do do.. 2 ? ?7th do d?(e) 1 Total 85 30th do do.. 1 (a) Including an officer. (6) One officer. (c)One officer, (d) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Sept. 20. 1st Artillery I Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 2d Maine Volunteers.. 3 1st Penn. Cavalry .... 2 3d do do 2 1st do Artillery... 3 6th do de 2 6th do Reeerve..-.. 1 7th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 8th do do 1 9th do do 3 9th do do...... 8 3d N .Y. Volunteers.. 1 lftth do do I 14th de do 2 11th do do 1 24th do do 2 12th do do 1 33d do do 7 1st Minnesota Vol.... 2 35th do do 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 79th do do...... 1 2d do do...(b) 9 Mozart, New York. .. 1 3d do do 2 Tammauy, do 3 4th de do. ..(?)24 I/ong Island Vol 5 19th Indiana (o)23 Total 118 (a) One officer, (b) Two officers, (c) Four officers. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, tomtr Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Sept. 20. 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 5 1st Penn. Artillery.... 5 Pith do do 1 in do Cavalry 1 13th do do 5 3d do Volunteers . 2 14th do do 9 8th do do 2 17th do do 1 Uth do do l 19th do do 1 12th do do 2 22d do do 4 26th do do 1 23d do do 7 27th do do 2 25th do do 2 19th Indiana do l 26th do do 1 21st do do 1 33d do do 14 2d Wisconsin do 5 35th do do...... 4 3d do do...... I 79th do do 6 6th do do 1 Mockhut'a Battery.... i 2d Michigan do 2 SxceUior Brigade.... 1 3d do do 13 De Kalb.............. i 4th do do......l4 Mozart 3 1st Mlnnesota do 1 2d Maine Volunteers . 4 1st California do 1 3d do do 1,Kentucky Cavalry.... 2 4th do do 2 5th U S Artillery 1 6th do do...... 6 Lincoln Cavalry 2 2d Vermont do 4 Teamster, U. 8. A.... 1 3d do do 12 Guide .. 1 9th Mass do 2 * 2d Rhode Island Vol. 1 Total 162 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, Sept. 20. 2dMalneVolunteers(a) 7 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 1 3d do do 5 Garibaldi do do... * 5th do do 3 DeKalb do do .. 1 7th Maes. Volunteers. 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... ? 10th do do 7 3d do do.... 2 14th do do 3 1st Penn. Artillery.... 19th do do 3 26th do Volunteers.. 1 20th do do 1 31st da do 3 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 2d Michigan Vol ..(6)1* 1st Long Island Vol ... 1 3d do do...... 6 1st New York Cavalry. 1 4th do do 2 2d N. Y. FireZouavos. 15th do do 1 Anderson Zouaves,NY 1 7th do do l3 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 3 2d Wisconsin do.*...II 3 8th do do 1 5th do do 14 9th do do 1 6th do do 12 11th do do 1 1st Minnesota do 4 12th do do 1 19th Indiana do......15 14th do do 2 1st California do 4 22d do do 13 Berdan'sSbarpshooters3 24th do do 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 25th do do...... 3 McClellan'sDragoona 1 32d do do 1 2d U S Cavalry 2 3"ld do do...... 3 4th do do 2 35th do do 12 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 36th do do 4 37th do do 1 Total 201 2d Sickles Brig., N Y 7 (a) Including an officer. (b) One officer. At General Hospital, Alexandria, Sept. 13. 15th New York....(a) 2 5th Maine (dm 16th do ...(6)18 tat Maaaacbusetts 1 17th do (e)17 2d Vermont 1 18th do 6 1st New Jersey 1 do 7 2d Michigan 1 *th do 7 3d do 1 27th do............ 11 ,>d Wisconsin 3 3'** do 10 1st Minnesota 4 32d do 17 1st Artillery, U S A . 1 37th do 2 2d do do.... 4 38'** do 9 2d Cavalry, U. 8 A... 1 40th do 9 3d do do.... 1 TOb do 2 Lincoln Cavalry 2 2d Maine 1 3d do..,, 8 Total 175 4th do 12 (?) One officer. (6) One officer, (e) One officer (d) Three officers Sick remaining in the Hospital for Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama, Sept 20. 34th New York 1 3d Michigan 1 31st do... .... 1 Capt. Maud'a Oneida. 9,'Al?.f*ntry 1 New York 1 2d Wisconsin 1 15th N Y. Chasseurs.. 2 3d Infantry 1 3d Excelsiur 2 3d Pennsylvania 2 6th Wlaconain 1 18th do 1 1st Cbnsseurs, N. Y... 1 2d German Rifles .... l sturges Rifles 1 8th Pennsylvania 1 30th do 1 Total 26 19th Indiana 0 . Washington papers please copy and aend bills to the Wmt Department. ae^t 24?3t U8. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Waah ington and Rookviue leaves E$ER V M?O^IN8fl^^ndi?D >U EVERY MOKNING (Sundays *- trJ m cepted) at 7 o'olook and I. 0. Conode a. oor. uun and Beall sUy Georgetown at S o'olook; returning daily. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, tliroach to poolesyille: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to Fredenok; returning next days. ?n a-lm? BKNJ. COPLEY. fifil ^ BILLIARD8I f LI LI The lovers ' M of the GAME OP BILL1ARD8 will find in EMRICIT8 FINE HALL, Coroor o Pennsylvania aveane and 11th street, (sooth side,) two ol the most admirable TAB LEb la the IJaited States, with every oomfort and oonvenienoe ?-tf for the players. Wpu BOYS' CLOTHING. * E Have received within the last day or two a of BOYS' SPRlNtTCLOTHi2Pk!!?br,k0?V ^ ot lo*-?rioed, medium, is! AwR'Jsa *?jo'? moKALLVBTKPB1?S8 * QO-. * op,"ct/?)L Meet itberafadvanoee madf^n ttltd^aad Tilw Watghes, Dianion;.a, Jewery Silver ware,Clothing, Pistols, and all kinds of fllerohandise. Business stnotiy confidential. ISAAC HERZBERG, 381 C street. ?al-*n Between and 6th eta. MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The Aiehenust, or tWjioese o/ Claee; iron the Preoohof rfoni?r? de Balaac. Free by mailYtl. 8MSH8HEV| 51 * HRTLWOTTSMuuoB*^ I SUMMER RETREATS. | UKA BATHING AND SAFE RETREAT, At Point Loox-Out. Mae t land. ^ Thia oe ebrated Bathing P.ace. situated at the junction of the Potomac River with thsft - , A Chesapeake Bay. will be opened by theWT^V underaigned on tho loth of Jnoe, in thelfiJH very beet style, (or ail persons who may wish a ww6 and a met retreat, where they oan have the benefit of the beat aalt water batving and enjoy the j dencvjiea of the water, auoh aa Fiah of all kinds.

Oral era, Crabs, Ac Every description of fishing tackle will be kept for the aoeommodation of gneets. A fine livery stabie kept on the farm Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons ; with . all other amusements usually found at such places, * The table will be snpplied daily with fresh vege- ? tables from the garden on tne premises and from * the Baltimore and Washington markets. u The beatLifnors and Cigars will always be fonnd u at the Bar. G B?yd, $2 p?r day; one week, $12; second week, l"; ronr weeks for $35; ohidren and oolored aer- t v>ot? half-price. ti The steamer St. Nioholaa leaves Washington v Tuesday at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. fr. ^lie half past 3 o'olock p. in. train from Wash- h lugton " ?TTT oonneot at Baltimore with the boats, q reaohing Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri weekly ' rtagefrom Washington, by way of Leonardtown Add esa the proprietora, at Point Lookout, Washington.!) C., or Alexandria, Va. ? m 31 HEFLE BOWER A CO . Prop'rs. * DENTISTRY. ; Dr. CHARLES R. BUTELER, DEPfTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. t Between Ninth and Tenth Streets aa ?-eo2m J M TEETH. * LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor ard patentee efthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at->*=* .* tends personally at his oftce ,n this oity.flaJES Many persons oan wear these teeth who*" 'd oannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons oaliing at my oAoeoan be accommodated . with any style and pnoe of Teeth they may desire; ? bat to those wno are particular and wish the pufeat, < oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that r art oan sroduse, the MINERAL PLATE will be i more fully warranted. Rooms in thiscitv-No. 339Pa. avenue, between b th and 10th sts. Also, 90T Arch street, Phi.adel l phia. oo l*-?f l ^s^^^? ~ GAS FIT TING," &c. [ wm t. dove J RE Now presaged to exeoute any ard?ra with p Which thev may be favored tn the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING li BUSINESS. ?' ILT Store on tth street, a few doors north of Pa * ivenue, where may be found a oomaiete assortment 1 otb" cA 8T^r* I SNYDER. k a PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, i Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. r He is prepared to introduoe Water and 6as upon h the most favorable terms, and guaranties enure satisfaction. n on hand a lot of COOKING and other \ STO V ES, whioh he will sell lese than oost, as he wiahea to get rid of them. no 1? J W 8A8 FIXTURES. \ t;.?.!1!* 1m store, and are dai y receiving, 9 AS \ XT ORES of entirely New Patternaand Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore i otiej d in this market. We invite citizens general ly tc sail and examite our stock of 6as and Water Fix ires, feeling oontident that we have the bast eieoted stock in Washington. a All Work in the above line intrusted lo air ear* * Will be promptly attended to. MYEB8 * J Of ,CE ?WiSAp8tSK6,S.ND JfOTWB ? ' ably to the provisions of the ordinance of the Cor- ' poratioa aaproved May l?, lMfi, the undersigned is * now prepared, "whenever retired is writing, and * on pro-payment of tho fee of fifty oents, to inspeot, k examine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of " registration ofnny gas meter in nee in this city." Every meter, if round inoorreot. will be condemned and another, sealed and marked as true, will be set mi'* place. If proved to be aocB~at9 in its will be sealed acooningiy. I and again put m position for use. ,V? ^ Ten.t0 street,(near Odd Fsl . ws' Ht.IL) Open from 8 a. m., to is. m. ..CHARL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM. )y I? tf Inspector and 8eaier of Sts Metera. AT THE OLD RATE^.-Black SILKS, extra glossy and fine, all ?idths. Plain and Fanov SILKS in choice stvles. With all kinds of DRY OOitDS adapted for the I general and/peoial wants of families. 1 ONE PnlcE ONLY, markiil iu plain figures; henoe no purchaser is deceived. \ .CARPETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, Ac. Upper Floors. , ? PERRYft BRO.. .... Penn. avenue and 9t'i street, * 18 fttif "Perry Building." Wu ? COAL AND WOOD. * *v k Have on hand aud o nstantly receiving 4 large quantities of ail kinda of Coal, which ware 3 aeiung at low pricea for ca?h We have now afloat I four cargoea We will anil it a-25 oents per ton 1 less when taken direst from vessel. i Also, Oak, Hickory and Pine Wo"d, at low pnoea. WARDER A STEWART, a _s? ll^f Corner H and Twe.ftti ats. k WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a iargp , a?sortmentof UREY and BLUE FLANNEL i OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRA\C- ? BRS. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF-HOSE, Ao., . WBioti we invite all cash purohasers to examine u before making their seleotiona. , WALL. STEPHENS A CO., -? ,.32'i Pa a v., between 3th and 10th sis. s ma (Intelligencer anil Kepuhlioan.) a SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, is the l^st plaoe is town to buy CL??THlN(*. TRUNKS, l HATS. CAPS VALISES, CARPKT | ?nd all' kinds of bfeNTS' FURNISHING | OOODS, as he sells all his goods at New Yoxk >noea. an ?-lm k MOORE'S AGUE CUR E AND ANTIDOTE, * an la.allible, tafa and effeotual remedy ana reveatative of Aftie to ita various forms, having been ml 1? tried anil proven, is now offered to the subliQ Pnoe $1.V. SoUi only at MOORt^S West r End Drug store, 113 Pa av au 36-tr . /t\ RESUMED BUSINESS. A The Ln.iersigned would inform hislwl 6 V tllfriruds atd the publio that lie hasB taken house on Ninth st? betwoen D and E, where he wiil acain do business as a licensed PAWN- * Fair dealing in all business trans- * actions. [i ie 21 3m* ENOCH WARD. 1 THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P, 1 EMRIOH. at the oorner of Penn. A ^ . avenue and Eleveuth street, has IjaeuvPAf a greatly improved reoentlr and now offeraliuSl ? greater inducements for the patronage of citizens and srunr. than anr othsr pablio house in the eitt, hia prices being leec than fhoae of any other . hotel on Panii. avenue, and hia aooommodationa : 'or permanent or transient boarders anoxoeptionab.e. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the I European Hotel have already become very popu lar. being all that oan be deair<vl by the most fas Udioas. The proprietor pledges unremitted attenHon and continued liberal expenditures to rive eat- l isfaotion to all, and thus renews his inviution * J a . to give the FnroeAan Hotel a eall. d?g-tt * \\. ... TRAVKLIN6 TRUNKS^ tka^R'n^Vr^I frer'toSffSSiU Itoes, Carpet Ba?sy 4to?v which we are now sellinc at very low pnoee. a-,. WALL, STEPHENS A COM ? 11 Penn. avenge. I~1 CASH NOTICE. ~ " N Conse^uenoe of our having to pay oash for even artiole of goods we purohase. we are Toroed toreaaoe oar business to Cash exolueively. for the We h\ve ib store a very ' ".rge assortment of READY-MADE CLOTHING lor men and boys wear, whioh are selling at a much lower rate than usually. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO.. s 398 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th st?. a 1? 1 f Intel, ft Repnh.i I Watchrk&aa,#inoaWs.j.verwa? ; 1. fiave one of the beet establishment^, and f mr- E aished with a complete set of tools for repair- . tag every description of fine Watches, and partioular attention give to the same, by s Uioi Mch oompetent workmanjtnd a work sumji uw t' very doeerip ion of standard sfLVER , Wi aE.piainandornamental,manufacturedun3er , my ?wn supervision, which my customers will find fSHr'?? 10 foaiityaod finish to nortn^ro ware eeld by dealers m general and represented as their wu manufacture. li. o. HOOD, \ ? ? P*.awBMS, I UNION PAPER AN1) tNVELOPEn -I wsn tv different styles of Note and Letter Paper. * with Envelopes to match. V tews or Washington in tha form of a Rose, and E a Book form; also, separate Ail the Daili ai d Weea y Papers oon?tantly on "k." Ti""*, aad rribune received every s eight at? o'olock. 1 Papers from all parts of the oountry. feeartle's Dime Ncveis aud Song Books. efceap ?? Hooks for somn>er reading. k si4^T^\'te?.i?ri'V-'' ' i National Bookstore. 87b Pa. av. ] a Boh. johpiston, ALTIMORK LOCK HOSPITAL, duto**r?d ta* ?M<t Corfu*, Sptod* mU ?if Efftetual Rtwttdf M lit World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPbY IMMEDIATELY. I CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakne**af -J:* Bask. Stricter**, Afscuoos af the Bid*y* sod Bladder i-nnsan Diecaargee, impotence, G*n ul Debility, Nkxxuim, ^yupepev, L*iiguoc, Coofuioa f Idsss, Low Sf.r.-j, ?-;pi'.iao?i of the Hurt, Timidity, 'remblinge,* of Signt or Otddia***, Dioei* of th* l*ad, Throat, Nuee or Skin, Affections of tbt Langs, Stoenca or Bowsls?theee Terrible Disorders imuf from Boliirr Hat in of Youth?theee Driadfui and Deetructive Prathc?? which render Marriage impoeeitle, and deeiroj both tody and Mind. YOUNG MEN I Specially who have becon-v tbt vicume of Soliiiry Tic*, < Hat dreadful and destructive habit which aunaally eweep* > ? untimely grave thonaau la of Yoarg Me? of the Boat la lied ia,tote and brilliant intellect, who inight oiherwiee e?e entranced leeteiang Benatee with (he thunder* of e leuence or wak*d to ecetacy tbt living lyre, nay Mil with ail caofdanca. MARRIAGE. HillllD PlKtoiet, or Yoang Mao cetiun plating Mariana, being a ware of phyaical w*aki aas, organ.a debility, eformiuee, Ac., speedily cared. Ha who pUcee himself aader the ear* *f Dr. J. May religv ely cant J* in hi* honor a* a gentleman and caafdeatly *ly apon hi* akil! a* a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. ifl baud aid* going from Balrimor* etreet, a few door* fron h* corner. Fail cot to obeette nam* and aamber. Lauar* out b* paid and contain a stamp. DR JOHNSTON, ilsmbsr af th* Royal College of Sargeone, London, grada t* from on* of th* most eaiinent Colleges in th* United Itates, end the risater part ef whoa* lif* bat ton spent is he noepitale of London, Paria, Philadelphia aad alowher*, iaa effected nil* of th* piott aetoniehiug bar** that w*r? vsr known; many troubled with ringing in th* heed and ara whan asleep; great nervousness, be nig alarm** at udden sour ds, baahfalneee with frequent blaening, att*nd*d ometimo with derangement of mind, war* carad item allattly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Y*ung M*n *ao othm who ha?i injured tfceiaeelvo by a ertain practice ludulged in whrn alon*?* habit frequently arnad from oil companions, or at aehocl, th* tffect* *f rhica ara nigfctly f*K *een when aalop, and if aot car*d, *nd*r* marriage impoaaibl*, and d**troy* both mind and odr. ehou.d apply iromediateiT. Theee ara aoma of th* **d aad melancholy ef act*produced y early habita of youth, vu: Weakneee of tli* Back and .imhe, Pair.* in the Hod, Dimneea of Bight, Loaa of 'ower, Palpitation of la a Heart. Dye pep*y, N?r?oa* irri'.a>iluy, Oeranf*ment of th* Dif*eu>* Cancuooe, G*o*ral )*hilitr, Symptom* of Conaamption, *c. M iNTiLLr.?The ftarfal ef*cu on th* ramd are inach t* i* dreaded?Lo** of Memory, Coofoeion of Idea*, Deprotioe f Spirit*, Ceil Porebodinr*, Ae*r*ion of Socicty, P?lf-Di?rn*t. Lot* of Solitude, Timidity, *te., are *om* of th* **il* iroduc*d. Knrori Obbilitt.?Thoa**nd* can now fadf* what i* b* cauaa of tliair declining health, loaing tl>*ir vigor, baconig weak, pale, nereoua and emaciated, haeiug a tingalat ppaaranca about th* *yo, coagh or *yrapton* of coAtkmpiao. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin th* miafaided and impradent votary of plea*ar* Brde ha* imhibtd tn* *eede of thi* pair.fal dieeaae, it to* oft*o appane that an ill-timed eerie of aham* or dread of diacoeary *t*r* him from applying to tho*a who, from tdocatioo and aapectability, can alone btfrMnd him. H* fall* into th* and* of ignorant an<" doigning pr*t*nd*ra, who, iaeapabl* f caring, Alch bi* p*caniary aubatanca, keep bin triting Bouih after month,or ae long a* the smallest ree can t* ob- , lined, aad in deep?ir l*ar* him with rained health to eirh **r hu railing disappointment] or by th* aae of that daadly oison?Mercury?hasten th* comtitauonal iymnomi of thi* rnble dioaa*, each as A faction* of th* Heart. Throat, Head, Ikin, Ac., progressing with frightfal rapidity, till death pat* a isriod to hi* dMadfal sufferings by sending himt a .bat aalucae*r*d caentrv from w:.os* boarn* a* tra**l*r r*tan.s OR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thi* gr*at and important r*in*dy w*ako**e *f th* argane re speedily cared and fall eigor restorsd Tb*aaande *7 the I oet nirrou* aad d*bilit*t*d, wb* had lo*t all hap*, aae* een immediately r*li***d. All imp?dim*at* to Marriag*. Pbyaical *r Mental UiaqaalIcatiana, Lose af Procraati** Power, Mtreaa* Irritability, 'rambling and W*akti**a *r Exbaasuoo af ih* ma*t fearfal lod apssdily carid. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Thi MaKT THOUiaVOt cared at thi* inautatiac withia I* last eeeeiitOQ rears, and th* mnireii iicpartant Surrial operauaoa performed by Dr. Johnaton, witnessed by die portare of th* pa fere and many ether peraona, notice* af rnleh ha** appeared again and again before the pabiie, be:dee hie etaudiog aa a gactiaman of character and reepeoeitllty, ie * eaBcteat gaarantee te th* a?ict*d. mar 15-ly D*. J. U. McLEAN B 8TREMGTHE5INQ CORDIAL AND BLOOD FLRIF1ER. THE GRBATEST REMEDY tn Ut WORLD AETMK TAKEN ? Jy Bark, ead Baadellea /, flff eaure law lu ten- MT, SJSJg The eaUre ' efaaeh lagredieu lefbrf liter takinr *"""v *n> ky aey a* w n*thaa *i 114" latllllag, aredael<g a dellale**, *lailarAUag spirit, aad lb* leet iafaillble renedyfai itaaTaUng the dtteaatd lysua, ad reiwrtag th* lac, stffsnag, aad AaklUiaud tavalU I* eallh aad tutagth. M*LEAITS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL fill affeat*ally *<re ki**f Canplalat, Dy*p*p*ia, iata 1**, (JhreaJ* at Herreae Debility, Die***** af tae ftjda*yi, ad all dlieaio arUiag fraaa a dt*ard*i*d bier at Blenath, ly*p*p*ia, eartbera, la ward Pilee, Aeidtt* a* Siakaa** af ? ?t*na*h, rallaee* ?f ?laad to ie Bod, Da.l Paia at wlnntag la the lead, PalpUauaa af the Veen, Pallaaae r Weight la Ike Mtamaeh, Saw raeuuone, at afaaaOag Peeliag when laytag dawa.Dryaee* ai TelTeWes* af th* Bkla aad Byee, Ilflit Bweata, law*rd faren, ^ ta the Snail af us Ba?k, Uhset, er Bide, Baddea 'lashe* *r leal, Beprtaalea rf Splriu, Prighift' Driane | aagneef, Deepeadeaay ar hay nirtiei dloaa*, Bates ei Lletahee aa the Bkla, aad Parar aad Agae (a* Uhlwe aad MlJ 9YMA A MILLION BOTTLES a'* baea eeld daring th, laet etx nee tha, aad la aa lataaae bee It fall*d ia giving entire eauifaaUea. Wbe, tfcaa, rlll titer fren Wiiiam *t DtbUlty wkaa McLBAB't ABNBTB ? : !? CORDIAL wUI eare yea 1 a eagaag* lu Man; aa aa*^aat* Idea ef t?. lahidlt* aad alne*t a> rtealeat ekaug* predaaed by uktag Uia lardlal la th* di**aea?, dtbllluted, aad ahau*r*d aarveai ysten, whether srekea dewa ky aieeee, weak by attat*. i Inpairad by alakaeea, th* relas*d aad a>*tr?ag etgaal aUea la reatered ta Ite erltt'aa health aad viget MARRIED PERSONS, t *tkSf?, eeaielea* ef laahllltv fren whatever aaaa*. vtll ad MakBAM'S BTRBBBTBBBIBB COBBlAh a the sigh regeaerateref th* ayaun: aad all wha nay hare la ired tkenstlv** by Inareeer ladalaeaeaa ?1U Bad la thi* . ratal a aertala aad epeed/Tane^y. TO THE LADIES. MakQABI BTRBBBVBBB1BB OORDlAk U a ewverJfa aad apa? dy aire far laalplent CeuaanptiM, Whttee, Itiuiitil er CtBtait MeaiuaatiaaJ aeeatlaaaaa af like r lavelaatarr Bieeaarg* thereaf, Palllag af the Teah, ilddlaeae, Palavlag, aad all dlte.tea laaldaat ia Panalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT < Mil u teegei. Tat* li aeaerdtag ta dlriatlaaa. It will \ Uwi^j*. *tr*agth*a, and larlgwfata yei aad aaaee the lean af iaaita ta nam at yei* aheek kgafa. Svery aatu* I* rarraated ta give *att*fa*iiaa. FOR CHILDREN, ,0R1)1AL will nake than k?*lthy, fat, aad rebaet. Delay w * ?*"eat; ir? It, aad yea wili be eeavtaod. It te de leea tetakt. A WTION, Beware af dragglata et dealer* who nay try ta pain aaaa ? * bitter a* *ar*apanlla traah, whiah they aaa bay beep, by saying It laJaat aa geed. A>*id *ach nea. Aak lar MckBAB'B BTREBBTIKMIHS CORDUkTand uka ieUla| alaa. It te the aaly remedy that will parlfy th* Head taeraaght* aad at the eane tine etreagtbea th* ivatan . Ua* t aae pawn nil take a every narau.g faeting te a certeia ?evaative fer Ohelera, Chille aad Pever, TellSw Paver, ae y 1Um" ? la large battles. Pries i aiy IpobatUe.a* I baulte far #1 J McLRAM, lele preprtetea ef thle Cardial; alaa, Mckeaa1* Taieaalt 01 ' Pnaelpal Otpat aa th* aaeao af Third had I Piae *tr**w, Bt. kaat*, Me. KoLean's Volcanio Oil Liniaeatt (TBB BBBT kiHlMKMT IB TBB WURkO.) *"'7 "* far (Jaaeere, Pllea, Ta. aan, Swelling* aad Brenchii* er Caitre, Paralyata, Baa- 1 algia, Weaknaee af th* Maaclae, Chraal* ar laJajaaatery I Lhaanattaea, Buffaeee af the Jeu,ia, Caetrected Maeelee ei .Iganenu, lUraahe er Teetheehe, Brauee,, Prtah ,ata. Weaada, Biters, fivi. Bwraa, Caked Braasi. Bare haples, Buna, Baal da, Baea Threat, at aay -e.-^nr,, ale, aa diffeMate haw severt at leag the dieeaae net ave a listed, MtkRAICa CRkKBRA^BD klBlMRBT te aertala raned*. rk~u41 f Wna? btlage kav* heea aav*d a llf af dl* ] repttade aad nlatry by the * * af thk lavalaahle raned*. ' .>HttnEAirlS JOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT BUI reliev* pain aliaatt inatantaaaaaalt, aad it will alaaa. arlfy aad heal the fealeet eatee ia a. liredile len uS FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. aa*kRAB>BCJCkRBRATBD klBlMRBT taibeiiw iale ad tallabie rtnedy fer tha aire af Bpaeta. RtaAaaa vjag TBSC &.I ggg. A"1' " " aad a eare le tseula la evaey wSBTfhSS'rji , J JL BchCAl, Bait Praptieiat, a v^r.*r Third aad PWe **e^ Bt^ Ma, Ma. FtMM faith fa! THE WEEKLY STAR. Thla excellent Fhaally u? Newc Jearwal ?aetnam* a (renter nrMr eg IK thaa c*a be found la aay other?ta r-ttlihi'* * Friday moraine Taaite?Oa#4, mmmnmHp, .a Wmm*. Sta*le ropy, per M Fie* ccpln ....... 4 7? T? COP??e I 09 Tw^tty-|f( Cip|?,###iftMii#.#ii.|| ftp It la variably eontalaa the "WakliftM Nawe' that has made 7\i DmUf M?ming Btm olreatoae a generally u?rooKbcoi the con a try ropiee (la wrappers) oaa be m*. cared at tbc counter. Immediately aftev tto Mono of the paper Paioe?THREE CENTS AWFUL SACRIFICES! DI8EASB' Mill' AWFUL SACRIFICB8' DISBASB' DEATH? AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH? AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH? AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISBASB! DBATH1 AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISBASB! DBATH' Awful Saerifteee! hinn Death ! Aarfnl Saenfi-ea ! Pimm! Dealh! Awful Saortlaee ! ihimi! De'th! Awful Saandoee ! Diteaee ! D?U Awful Saor.heee! Pi? Death? STEIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE ! *TEIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE fcOOT OF THE DISEASE ? STRIKE AT THE RO^T OF THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE SOOT OF TBS DISBASS! ttrtte at the Root of the Dteeaaa! Strike at the Root of the Dteeaaa! Strike at the Root of the Disease! Strike at the Root of the " r~T' Strike at tie Root of lae Dieeaea' CONSUMPTION. INSANITY. EPILEPTIC FUS, G?AVEL, DROPSY. LAN6OUR. NERVOUSNESS, CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL. INSANITY. DROPSY. EPILEPTIC FITS. LANGOUR, NERVOUSNESS. Consumption, Insanity, F.pxlep'ie Fttw, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Gravel, Dropsy, Langou', Nervousneoa, Gravel, Drop*?, Lacgour. Nervousneee, Giarel, Drcpav, Lungonr, Nerroueeeae, G-avel. Dropsy, Langosr, Nervoesaees, Grave!, Dropry, Laagour. Nerroaaaaae, rmverae! Laseitads of the Maaealar fry stem. Universal Laasituds of the M secular Srstetr. Universal Laeeitede of ike Msecular System. Umvercal Lassitude of the Muscular System. Unt re-sal Lassitude of the Mueoalar Sretem, Dim net? of Viaion, Impoteney and Iaaaaitv, Dimness of Vision, Irn potency aad Inaanitr, Dimoesa ol Vision, Impoteney and Insanity, Ifcir.neaa of Vision, T-upoteaoy aal, Dimneaa of Vision, Im potency and Iaaaaity, THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO OI both aeiea die annually of the above Dtaeaaee, oanted by abaee of the GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, and from diseases anting from '* Habits et Dissipation." Diaeaeea of tbeee organs require the aid of a Diuretic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GEEAT DIUEET1C IS THE GEEAT D1UEET1C IS THE GEEAT DIUEET1C IS THE GEEAT DIUEETIC ind a positive acd specific remedy tor dieaaeae BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, DROPSY. ORGANIC WEAKNESS, ABUSE. e ar.d Venereal Dtaeesee. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, ind all Diseases of the Generative Or (ana. whether eiiatin* in YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, Prom whatever oauee ongmating, at d aa matter of HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUC*U HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHW la pleaaaat ia ita tacte aad odor, immrtiats la tta action, free from all "lajarioas properties." aad ia taken without "biadmaee" from "bamaeoa." Litila or No Chance la Diet. Little or No Change la Diet. Little or No Change ia Diet. Little or No Change la Diel Little or Ne Change ia Diet. Curee at "Little Expense" aad "No Kgyaaaa" Caree at "Little Ex peace" aad "No KxpoouraCarea at "Little Bxpenee" aad "No tupiearo " Curee at "Little Expeaae" aad "No Expoeara." Caree at "Little Expenee" aad "No Happenia " If pea are euffertag eead.or tail far the reaaedy at once. Explicit dtreetiuaa aeeompaay. PrVee t per bott e, or ax for ft, delivered Iomt adtraaa. MPHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB Mill "MO glCBBT" or "llgUMBm " HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBIJ m oom pored of Baeha, Ca*ebe aad Jaaipar Bcrrtoa, elected with great oara by a compete at drargtat. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, Prao'ieal aad Anal* t ea. Chamiet. aad Sola Maauiaotarer of * SEDMBOLD'SGENUINE PREPARATIONS. EXTRACT BUCHU, EXTRACT SAR8APARILLA, IMPROVED WASH OF ROSB8. Sold m Waahiagtoa by S. B. Wait a.*. D. Girua, Joan Wait.8. C. Feu, S B. tmrnni Kiswblx * Lauuci, w aS^tN aad Goone ?wn,aadall DraggiaU every where. BBLMBOLD*S MEDICAL DEPOT. Sentk TaaiA Street, Mew Chestnut _ PazLABtLraia. Pbyaioiaa la atteaaaaoe from a. m. ha p m m^TTJT^Ln!LttBQLir8 ***K?L DSPOF, lSd South Teath atr ?*, i. 1 Deeoribe eympaoia* ia al tnnii I ?t<?ee CT-Adviaagr^Ma fTTCarta <*aaraata(v Op >ly ? . * 6

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