Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVKNl!N(lSTAR. WASHINGTON CITY: 3Tt 1WI. 4uT i'kk diiA i* nilaW oa the ftuwi u T>r?o In M.utti M Kulimore, Its edltlor * MUrftM U> tfnotff It to bi* put to prM> ?t ji Vtf hoar; Adv?rtiee*en?, tbcreforr, should bt *?t t* hefr>re It oVloch m.; thrrwite tbry may MO* inpMr on til the nrtt day orm Fatms" at the various military camps and podtloM will confer a favor by keeping u? posted as to movements and affhlrs la their vicinities. ICT" The n*w Dollar Weekl? i*tar, fuller than ever of Metropolitan news and gonslp, and ehetee literary reading, la now on oar counter reedy for dell very to the public. Embraced la I ta entertaining contents are the following articles: In Loco Parentis, from Temple Bar, a capital story: Attemw Wsrd sera the Prince Napoleon, a rich tetter; Distinguishing Insignia of Rank In (be U. 8 Arm'j 9onlh?rn Intelligence; The Rebel Army of the Potontac, from the Charleston Mereanr, The Pence Psrty In a Panic; A Brace of Stammerers; Interesting article on Tape Worms and M'ssiy Pork, Important COM la tbe Orphans' Court. HtoniMlliiff allegations' Tbe Government Bakeries; Army Aid Association, Mnrdrr nf a Major by a Private: Latter of the SecrHary of State !n relation to toe allege A treasonable correspondence of Mr. Btzsnll; De*trnetlon of Gnna at Ocracnke Inlet; Attain In Rhode Island; Detailed account of the Blue Mills Battle. The army In Western Virginia; Surrender of Col. Mulligan ; Highly lmp.ort.itit end Interesting Military BudgM. Affairs at Hat term. Old Point, Cairo, and In Virgin!* and Missouri; Movements of the arm* of tbe Potomac and the flotilla Latest telegraphic dispatches; Departmental lnWUgenoe, reiaovjus and appointments; Agricultural, horticultural, *nd gardening mlaoellauy; I'sefhl recipes, Ac., Ac ; with several columns, ?< renersi intelligence, local news, poetry, wit, ??d other interesting matter. This Is Just tbe paper above all others for persons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send ta their friends at a distance Price only throe centa per copy, or 81.00 Der annum: Doatairr _ . ? r - i r ? prepaid by stamp# when to arranged. Spirit el the n*iali| Frm. Tbe Ini4Utgt*< Ty in tb? observance of the National faat day, did not appear this morning. Tba Republican devoU-a it* attention to tbe willtary "situation.'' Who ta to bb Restoimibli roa thi Next Dbvbat m Miaaocai'The New York Jftnld of Wednesday laat, referring to tbe alleged purpoee of the Government here to continue In Gen Fremont's baada the fate of tbe campaign in Mia ?oorl, says: " The laaue [his future condnct of the war In Mi?ouri ? Ed Star] will make or break Fremont; and, considering t ie fact that from his recent mistakes of varloua kinds he ia now under a cloud, let us hope that he will redeem bimaelf in this enterprise, and reestablish himself thoroughly in the conldence of tbe Admlntatratlon aid tbe country.'1 ib um meanwhile, it la by no meant Improbable that " the isaue'' (of continuing him In command t the Weatern Department),." will alto make or break" the country's cause involved in the war Now, the aerlous queation ia : have the Admln1 it ration, after hit to signal and diaaatrout failure there, the moral right longer to jeopardize the fill campaign everywhere, to give Fremont or any other general aoother opportunity to " make or break" himself, personally* Our Impression has certainly been that the Administration were making war to preeerve the Con?tl'utlon and tbe Union?not to make or break any particular pre?l dentlal aspirant or aet of speculators in army contracts, and we believe so atill, notwithstanding its apparent healtation to deal with ?4 the situation" In Miaaoarl aa the public interest so evidently require* Fremont, under a now admitted mistake?tbe Mm that Pillow's and Hardee'* /tint seriously threatened St. Louis?sacrificed Lyon's life and wholly defeated the end of hia movement to Springfield, reaorlng to tbe enemy the control of onthern Mlasourl In so doing. Thus, be damaged the eauae terribly. Subeequently, tbougb - - niTing troops enough at command In St Loul? to tart in person for Lexington at the head of 20,00(J bmb Immediately after the occurrence of our terTlbls dlaaster there, he steadily refused to send even a single regiment to Mulligan's assistance, theagh messenger after messenger wis sent to him by Col. Molllgan for reinforcements, some of whom foand it Impossible to obtain an audi?aes with him; and six different Colonels are said to have petitioned to be allowed tostart with tbeli commands to that end, in ample time to have joined M. before Trice seriousiy etidsngered hit position, la the meanwhile Fremont's career in St. Louis was that simply of an Eastern Prince; while that of his immediate surroundings th< career of speculators in the pecuniary proUts ol the war?each man of them seeking to make the most money out of his oppoitonltlss These are all facts no longer to be blinked; and la view of them, we hare to say in all sincerity aad kindness to the Administration, that a tbiui disaster to the Union cause in Missouri under llie uapicee of Major General Frenoui, will be j iat|y chargeable, not to him?whoae incompetency It new notorious?bat to thoee who are surely reapoMlbto to the country for jeopardizing tbe cause by keeping an Incompetent man with tbe warn logs they have bad. In tbe ao Important comnoaod If we contlnne to be thue ahamefully defeated ! Missouri by bla mismanagement, public cen are will neceeaully be directed against thoac who (hut tbelr eyea to tbe warulnga that have ac exercised tbe heartaof tbe great loyal tn*aa?e whc ?Ola tbe war for tbe supremacy of the Cooatitatlon and tbe reatoration of tbe Union, rathei tfean for tbe benefit of any man or political party Tbe Htrmld concludea lta article as follows : " We conclude that tbe Admtolatratloo will give Fremont this golden opportunity to retrieve Klmaelf, aad that In tbe event of a failure there will be aa end to tbe career of the 'Pathfinder,1 aa a general and a politician " We (Star) conclude "thai la the event of another failure there" (uoder Fremont'a auaplce*! ' there will be an end to the career of tbe" AJtnmtjcratiom, ro for aa tbe public confidence eceaaary to Juatlfy tbe bope that It la competent to Ite reaponai bill tie*, la concerned; a dia?atrr to tbe Union caaae not to be rlaked to gratify Gen Fremont or all tbe ultra politician* of tbe land. laroBTaMT raoH Ikmaxapolis ?Tbe Clnclnaatt Gazette baa tbe following apecial dlapatcb dared Indlaaapolla, Sept 34tb: Information has been received here from Gen BeyaoUte' command at Cheat mountain, whlcb re porta 6ea. Lee aa baring retired acme mi lea behind hi* original poattion, and remaining quiet, making no hostile demonatrition. Cola, fltilrof and Oumont reached there last Thursday 5Z are new ready for tbe reception of the New regimen ta are to be organized at Anderaon aad Goahea. Dr E. W. H. Ellle will commaad the camp at the latter place. Rev J L Smith 1? raiting a regiment, ten preachers are at work raiting the companies In Tartona parts sf the Slats There ts no truth la the report that the 8ec?s tonijte have takes poaaeaalon of O went bore', Kf. Bsekssr Is euppoeed to be at Bowliag Qrsen. There are aald to be eight hand red Ber Mi leW encamped In Owen county Ky , 35 miles from Madison Large quantities of ahot. (hell, ammunition snd heavy ordnance are paaalng through thia city daily tor the West. A long teals of wmgosa and teams left Tester < 7 CTHw hundred of the 4th Ohio Regiment se pises of artillery, the Ringgold Cavalry; and 400 of the 6th Ohio Regiment, on Monday Ad vasced from New-Crack. Western Virginia, to ward* Romney They foand a rebel rorce, 700 a*rosg at Aleebanlavllle Gep, and they drove them ?'; they then pssaed along and stormed Romney, hwd| imf enemy, nmoermK l<o retreat to the BoviaialM, wi'h theloseof 35 killed and many *Mn4ed Our low iMuled to three killed a?d tee woundrd try The Louisville Jourual ot tbe 24th ?y?: A gentleman who baa just arrived from Tennessee, acd vbs received a peas from Gee. Buckner at Bowling Green on Friday, reports that Buckner had there on that day four thousand men and twenty four pieces of artillery Rover Hansen waa at Munrordsvttle with two thousand men. Oar i nformant assures ua that there are now no I'aioo men in that region of country Sooth of Kllsahethiowa ICT^ThenaUire^of thedsmage aosUtnod h^tht very wee?e;_ "Both aide wheeia gone, all her *< i Vj 1 % .. \ ??<1 I* OCR NIUTART BrDGET. ' 11 ANOTHER R1C0R50UAHCB. I Last Tuesday, 5,000 men from the vicinity of the Chain Bridge, under the command of General 9mlth, proceeded up to Lewlnarllle. where the ? akirmlah took place a week or twoalnee, In order to obtain forage, of which there waa a conalderable amount in poaaraaion of aecenionlata who tnd left tbelr farma and joined the rebel army. The advance corpa consisting of 3,000 men, | with alz piece* of artillery halted at the hoUM of a physician on an eminence, about a mile and a from l.ewinsville, Where two RUM were planted i to the right of the road, and four to the left, Infantry tnpportlng, and skirmishers thrown oat on , cacti flank. < From <j% o'clock a m. UU3o'clok p. m., oar J forcea re*ted, the enemy making no sign, and our men bualiy loading the wagon* with bay and corn belonging to Lewlasvtlle Rebels. Shortly after 3 o'clock, movements were dlt? covered In the woods. About a regiment sp. peared on our flank, and a heavy column in front ?at leaat four regiments of infontry, one of cavalry, and alx piece* of artillery. I Notice waa given to the aupports, and In a few momenta the rebela opened with abot and shell i thf> flrat fiHina akAtt A #la? /?? aWs ? ? - ? p* ?? mm mcv* ?? itww succeed 1 n getting the range, and dropped sbell J just In tbe rear of our line, slightly wounding a private of Col fiaker'a regiment In tbe arm. Tbe batteries of Mott and Gritfin Immediately opened npon tbe Confederate*; tbe flrat abell dropping among tbe busbes where waa planted a rebel battery. Twenty-six abot and abell were thrown by oar artillery, when the rebela retired from the { field, and at 5 o'clock our force* returned to their 1 position* with ninety odd wagon loada of hay, j and one prlaoner?Burke?an Irlahman, of Wincheater, who mlatook our pickets for the'.rs. He 1 represents himself aa an aid to Col. Stewart. The expedition was ostensibly for forage, but really to aee if tbe enemy meant fl^bt, and also to i try our men. I'encrai Mcuielian waa not present during the affair, but waa represented by Colonel Keyea, of hla ?taff 1 The Union troop* engaged In tbe affair were 1 the New York 79th, 3d Vermont, 19tb Indiana, ard a portion of a Wisconsin regiment, with 80 regular cavalry, Griffin's West l'olnt battery, and d section?two guna?of Mott's New York battery Beaidea ninety-two loada of hay and corn, our force brought In twenty abeep and twenty beef cattle?the property of Quartermaster Meana, of < the Confederate nervice. The hay waa the prop- j erty of Dr. Mackall, Jr. I the enemy appeared, dispatches from the balloon notified Gen Smith that he might expect i an attack, aa the rebela had moved from Palla Church la large force. They commenced firing i from a hill four miles distant from the position of 1 our troopa, and their ahell fell ahort three miles i quite. Tbe (hell 1 bat puaed over our troops waa tired from a section of a battery?two gun*?advanced in a different direction within two thou- 1 ' the matter in charge. ILL. We regret to hear that Lieut. John M. Wllfon, U. 8. Artillery, U lying quite ill with a severe 1 attack of fever, at the residence of hit father, Mr. 1 Joe 8. Wilson, on Thirteenth street, In this city. APPOINTED. Mr. M Del any, formerly a clerk in the War Department, has b?en appointed Chief Clerk in the Quartermaster's Department under Oen. Fremont. TUB SITUATION UPON THE POTOMAC. [Special correspondence of the Star.] Alsxakdkia, Sept. 26 ?Editor Star : On Wednesday last, the rebel batteries for the first time t were discovered at Free Stone Point, and must have heavy guns mounted from the distance the bol ana shell new. One or the Government prope Hera of tb? Potomac flotilla waa lightly Injured by a iihot that atrack her, and waa towed out of I reach of the battery by one of the fleet?Penguin. The point of land being very high, it waa difficult , for the gnna of the fleet to be elevated high enough , to do mach good. The veaaela bound op the Po, tomac yeaterday being quite numeroua, aa well aa to-day, bad to bug the Maryland ahore very cloae to prevent being injured. The number of veaeela arrived to-day baa been quite numeroua from the river and bay, aa well aa Iwm tea, with coal, hay and aupplie* for the Government?aa , many aa eight veaaela with bay In alght at one > time on the Potomac. To-day eight or ten ahota were flred from Cock Pit Point. It ia oreaumed Intended aaar.omnllm^nt to the fine steamer Delaware.t hat came from I'hllalelphia with a lar^r number of sailors for the new sloop-of war at tbe navy yard She passed up tbia morning and down again tbla afternoon. Tbe following a>e believed to be the batteries on the Potomac: At Timber Branch; north of IJiiantlco; Cock Pit Point; Free 8 tone Point; heavy battery lower aide O<xoquan Creek; Aqnla Creek; Matthtaa Point, (three or four heavy bati terles, waiting opportunity to do damage ) There are twenty Government veaaela of all sixes from Maryland Point to this point, but a good inanv are uf that description that they rani not stand heavy ahot from (bore batteries The truth might aa well be told at once; merchant vessels will not be willing to come Into the Potomac In run tbe risk of being sunk, unless proi tected, and our Government vesaels on tbe Potomac cannot atand being flrt-d into, and again most i of their guns are too short to reach. -V*" DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN I 3 POi-ICE ?The Hoard of Polio* Commia' sinn?ri hftvins .n fKa Imnsa 5tft -? aJt heeinees oonn?ct~<i with to* Polio* of the oity will be traneao"ed at thai piaoe. A genera! oom plaint book will b? OHn?d, and oitiHH ar? re<ueet*l to eall and enter eny o?melesnt* thej inay hare to make ol any matter re la iac to the polio* or health of the oity 1 ?eTT W B. WKBB. Superintendent , if If COMPANY -A." U. B. KNQIN KKRg.r IJ? Pift* mte'li?ent and aMe bodied meohanioe will be en lilted to fill thia Company to the max imam fixeu by law?1A0 men. laeaire at No. S4tf 8 street P*y from fit to $34 per month, bee idea food aad clothing. aa IT if I TO SUVLKAS AND OTHKR8.-A stroac I eovired WAGON, in (&od o der, and erv pair of etroac. eoaod HOR^kfl, With Her- IrTP neee. for sala. A?p y to J. PEaRSON. Bighth ?t.. above Pa. w. ?e>7 ?t* THJ SSSPfflfiF 5SS55 and ynrda of Grillln'a battery. Tbe noteworthy feature* of the affair were the capital manner In which our troopa deployed aa aklrmishera, and the fact that tbe enemy evidently declined the engagement ottered to them. A UMI KXCCftt. On Sunday laat the 8t. Lonla Democrat endeavored to break the force of the Impending public judgment agalnat General Fremont'a competency for hi* command, then likely to grow out of tbe apprehended fall of Lexington, by attributing that probability to tbe order from Washington for " a large portion of the forces which Gen. Fremont had ordered to its relief." Thia la all gammon. The order tranaferrlng certain lllinola regiments from Fremont's commtnH tn ft HI a m IH A OM A IJ ?* l ??? ? ? wu tin y ur^iHurut UlU IIUi I CO?C Washington until afitr F 'a refusal to reinforce Mulligan bad virtually secured bis subsequent defeat. The reinforcement*?which he had at command?to have been of service, abould have left St Louts weeks before the order In question left the War Department. That there la no validity whatever In thia excuse, la proved by the fact that afttr the receipt of the order, General Fremont still had twenty thouaand troops at command, with which to start to shut the stable door, after be bad permitted the ateed to be stolen. I TBS IKOX-CLAD BTBAMIKS The letting of Iron-clsd steamers, as reported la the papers, by the Navy Department, is premature The blda for this work are not yet dls> posed of, the models presented scarcely coming up to the expectations of the commission having < - r n -? DHU *H aiHV TN on (|? 4U1* ^*1 of May last, and ti>s*took, book- and dsbis m oh*?<?i br W, . 0UU, who will harsaitor the business. W> ?hin?ton. Hwst &. 1W1- saH-lW OAYiMASTKRS' 1 CASH BOXES, favor's K\**?t Cam* Cots, Camp Stoo.'s from as mts to ?2 an each, Blaiik?ts. Cf niforto.Pillows.lron B?d?taad?. Ao. Por s*!i bf J AS. C. rfoCJOIRE A orf , siniw Conor Tenth st and Pa a*. OKLc?!fcfWB?AK 5SSfe'MV ' U'HiDS. for koro or ?t homo, ars ?o!ieiUd to inspret oar extansira stock ; ao uhiigatioa to pari chate thsrobj i?oa?T*d. .. . . _ 1?>?*P!i ?oniy, m pitta ivvm i ^A^jcel. ?0^J*i^Unor >b4 properly I . -.? fRIB, CRADLE AND BSD BLANKET *^and COI.'NTKK PANES, aU !*?>? anc. ?nalt lie*. Bed Comforu,Sheetinca. Prlow li .*n an Cotb'na. Towrti. Napkin*, Table C'ohi, Tiokingi All atonr p-orerbial y low prioei ma k *d in plain figurea. New ooiaera, ?trau*?r?. wjou'nert acd citiifn will in?p*jt our s ock at closure PKRRY A BRO, ?e Tl-M Penn. avenue and Oth ?t-. Militia fines: militia pineab MILITIA fines!!! Thisjc to give notioe to a!I te'inanenta Mt*oh^ to the 11f?t NfiimeLt of Patriot of Co umbia Mi lit'*, Major i. w. MoD' nald commanding, tbat Itare duly ooi-stitntel and apsointed Henry ? eat man. a County C n?tab'?. bit ?p oial Deputy t B11 !le<Jt all finna imn ||?I hv the I .Minntn Pnarl r naid Regiment, and th*ton and after the tat of Oo tober next, lflfit, you will be oailed on br Mid Yeat m?n for amount cf said f a* imposed by vid oourt tod if not paid on preeanta'.ion he it fully emp <w sred to oolieot the una aooording to law?tae sec urd volume of the of the United Mates,ohap tar 113, ?eotion 4, pages 7?> and 170, parsed 1st t J air. I8f. WARD H. LaMon. >e 77 tit H. g Marshal D. C. n. 1. raANum, 3CI?NTIPIC AND PRACTICAL OPTIC FAH B44 Penn'aar.,f north aide,) bet. 12th and 13th ati Improved 8PKCTACL.F.J*, with genslne Pabbl Dr Perisoopio Glasses, suited correctly for aver ?ye-sight. FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, MiorCompMt?, and Math?m?tio?l In struments, at the lowest Eaalern prion. ee 27 tf SKALKD PROPOSALS, till the 2Ut of Ooto her, 1?61, at 12 o'oWk m., ar? irvited Tor nap flying th? - rm? with B*?f Cattle "o the h'?of, t< be delivered at Chamher*biirg, Harrlsburg, o Vork, in the St?te of PennsyiTaai-, as the Go* irnment mar designate. Bidders are requested to oomp'y in al partioalar witti th- form of hid publ shed herewith. ?>o*ornmeni reserves to itself the right to s* jr n Trea ury notes or other funds it t as for disburse m-nt a d t?rejeot ant bid a d fjr anr cause, (V bid will bo entertained an ess the bidder is prosed to "spond to his bid The Goverrent will receive 4,OW head nnder th D"ntiaot. a'd will reserv- the right to require H>: add it onal number up to 16.0OO he'd. l)?l>r?ri?<3 tv be mada weekly in such quantum M !? ? reuuirfil. The Tattle mu?t average l.ano found* groai weight; and .o animal will lie leoeived whicl weighs leu than 1 %00f? pounds gross. No oonditional Md will he received. '1 tie bid* to be directed to Capt. A. Bkckwith C. 8 , U. 5. A . Wa??ington, D. C., and ecdorsei ' Proposals lor Beef Cattle " Fobm or Bid I. A B, do herebr propojo ta deliver to the Gov ?rnme't good Beef CMtlo on the hoof for p hundred pounds cross weight The Cattle to l? delivered at rhambersburg, Harnsburg, or York in the Htateof Pennsylvania, as tho GovrnmMi ir.av designate, according to the terms of th^tn mooed ?'ivertis?meut. The Cattle to bew?ighe< on the scales, and the weight to determ ned to b the puroha?e weight 1 hereby agree t > give i good an1 sufficient bond for the fulfillment of th oontraot. and to receive Treasury notes or othe Government innds in pa*inert for the <~att>e. The firsi de ivery of the Cattle will b require to be made about the loth of November, IBM. a? 27 td f-\ SOMETHING NEW! W.\V IaJSkiiTUT Diacovuuv nr.O i?. ?UifcfiT rHB Aaa At 291 C itrtft, opposite the Th?a it OYf*TKKS 8TKAMKD la the Shell au<1 Thoroughly Cooked (for auserm to a roa*t) in two mimuies, the fattest time on rtcord. Call and aee. The undersigned re>p?otfjlly mforma hia friend in the Uiatrict. and vtaitora t t the oity, that he ha refitted hia old and wbll-kxow* ? atahi.ibhmb % in a moat thfitouck) manner, and ha- n ad? corr piete arrangement* to furniah OVSTF.R* in an aiyleand in a-:y quantity tootofWra lonaahaoke per day. 3U(> to 3 0?i can* <-f Cpiced a d I- -en put up daily?oana herm^tioal'y a- aled Furnish? in the ah?lfby the kuahe or barrel. Persona wiahiug to have Oyatera furniahed regu lerly throuth the winter, at Baltimore pnc?i without fear of failure, > Ir uld call and make ai ran*-menu at onoe. Freignt. time, and uiol? savea r>r pnrohasme or me. as 1 forum!) iu art.-I Nttl to the oelebrated Baltimore establishment at price* juat as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned MraU, Lobsters, Sa-dinet, Clami Strawberries,'i'oinatoes, Pi?s' F-et, Tripe. Ac Ac.fto. Also, Pick lee. Catsup, Sajoeg, Brand Peaohes, Ao Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Tui tl?s, Terrapins, Freeh L"bsters. Cod. Halibut, A< In faot, eveiy thine for sale in the North' rn mat ketsal?a>son hard, at reasonable pnoes Hotels sn<l families supplied with Oyste s. de lir?r-*l wi houtonar<et?any par of the Distriol in season, if the money is seut with the order. My establishment is open from 5 a m. to 11 I nlrht. every uay, ezoept Sunday, when 1 close i lo o'clock a. m. so iff T. M. HARVEY. PROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1863. Owsrlir matter's, OJU$ U. 8 Marine Corn,I Watkiniton, September 25, 1H61. \ Sbalsd Proposal* wi'l be reoeived at thisoffio ntil the 3^1 h cay of October next at 12 o' {or furnishing rations to the II. 8. Marines,at tl allovinr tt*?inr ? ? ? J WW lUfi ?ll? 7 WI IPO*, VIB Portsmouth, N?w Hampshire; Charlestown, Maasaohusetts; Krooklyn. l>ong island. New ifork; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, District of Columb-a Kaoh ration to consist of ihree-aarters of a pour of mess pork,or bacon; or one and-a fourth poun< of fresh orsalibe?f; tsen'y two ounces ofbrea made of extra superfine flour, or is lieu there* twenty two ounces of eura superbn? floar: or 01 pound ofh'rd bread, a* the option of theGovert inent; and at the rate of eight quarts of best whu Ixan*. or in liru thereof ten pourds of rioe; K pounds of good c ffee ?r in lieu thereof one-and half pounds of tea; fifte?n pound* of good Ne Orleans ?uca-; four q arts of vinegar; oni p >ur of sperm oand'es. or ouc-%nd a fourth pounds i adamantine cand'evor one-anO-^-half sounds i good hard-dipat d tallow candlr: four pounds gooi hard, brown soap; two a uarts of salt; aud one hui dred and fifty-six pounds of potatoes, to each hui Art A tali/?r. U I % U I ( - I"?i The increased allow&noa of tonr ounces of flot or bread, and tt>e aliowanoe of potaioei, a? abot provided, wi l cease, at the term nation of tl present insurrection, and She ration be a? providt by law and regulation*, on the 1st ->f J ulr, 1*61. Toe berf t.ha.1 bn delivered on the order of t1 coin<n?n'<inK ' rtioer of etch stat on, eitlier in bu, or by the single <ation; acd shall ooniist o' u be?t and most choice pieces of the carcass; the poi t?> be No 1 prime me?k-poik, a> d the gtooenes be of the best tnality of kinds named. All sublet to inspection. All bids must be aooompamed by the follovii guarantee: Form of Guarantt*. The undersigned, ,of , in the 8ta1 of . and . of . in the ptate < , hereby guaranty that in oase the foregon bid of for rations, as a"?o?e desorib* be aooepted, h? or thty will, within ten day* afti the reoeiptof the oontract at the Poet OfRnn n*m? ex'onte the oontrao* for the ?im?, with food *r suffiotenLauretiea.and in caw aaul aha fail to enter into oonr*ot aa aforeaaid. we cuaranl to make good the difference between the offer of (h aaid and that wbioh mar b? aoo-pt?d. A. B , Guarantor. Witness: 0 D., Guarantor. K F. IMS I hereby crtify that the a^ove named are known to me aa men of property and able 1 make good their guarantee 6 H (To be si**td by Ike Untied Stale* District Judn United Stale* Dittrxct Attorney, or Collector.) No proposal will be oonaidered unleaa teenn panitd by the above guarantee. (New?pa9*ra an'horized to publiah t'e aboi will aend tht paper containing the firat inaertiou I this oitioe for examination ) Prop '*ala to be eadora'd *Propoaala for Rat lot for 1H2," and addreaaed to the undera gned W. U. BLACK, ae 27 lawlw Major and Qaaitermaatrr. a T NlTF.Il HTATV.B 1111 IT??? ? 8MHm SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. On and after Monday, September 23. l?6t,Pai senger Train* b*twe?n W?s*HINUTON ai BALTIMORE will rnn as follow*: TRAINS MOVING NORTH Moraine Express Iht* Washington 6 a- x. A rive at Baltimore 7 45 a. x.; P hi lad#'phi* 12 g) p. w N?w York 6 p. m.; Harna urg 1 15 p. x. Morning Aoooinmodation I?av? nVa-hington 7! a m. Arrive at Baltimore *.10 a. st.; Phi adelph. 3 p x ; New York 8 p. x Evening Express Washington *JO p j Arrive at Baltimore 4 la p. m; Philadelphia 9! p x ; New York 3 a x.. Evening Aoojmmodation leave Washington}.' p. x. Arrive at Baltimore 730 p.x.;Harriabai 1sqv& .. - . v. - ?? i * ?M > iniwieipnift 11 y m ?t Baltimore 3 i5 p. x. Arrive at Washington 5J F? M Leave New York at6 p. m.; Philadelphia 10 50 i m.; Baltimore ft a. *. Arrive at Washington 6 < A* X Accommodation Trains leav? Baltimore at I ' a. m., and 5 p. * , and arrive at Waahington 10: A* M. 6 45 P? Mi VuMBie'r i rainj leaving Washington at 1, m and 2.3ft p M.. and Baltimore ate 40 A. m and 3^ r. m , make direct donaeotions for Annapolis at n Junction. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wast ington at 6.56 a. m. and t p m Paaaepger Trains leaving Washington at ? a. j and J Jo p. m, and Baltimore atS a. m. and 3 44 m . will Anna^clxt Junction and htlt Junction VV A.V PsssewAmm arA vm nAa#*J * - M WW !*-? 'I?rav?iu KI U1KR I n C9 A i tcmmedatfn Trttim* or the Rscalar Tonua* Train, which wt l LavepiMenxtr oar attaehod. rrame will leavetiis Washington Depot promr It upm cird-timt Ail artioiee ol freight (not contraband of wa transport**! over tho line Regular Tnnnai ^JT?1J.**T#Baltlll,or*,U4A * t?a at S SB r, m. By oroor or i?? f*?e rotary of War: THOMAS H.*'AFNFIE GPBC1AL NOTICE. ^ea^ WA^eVoV"^ f, ^pHK TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY *' GERMAN BHNKYOLFST SOCIETY ? Will be oelenrated on the 9Hb >?>ptpint>?r, 1MI, at Loittlii'h Citt 6udi<i. Th? public are re?p?ctfully in vital. The different aaaooiatiotiabtvinf acoepled the in vitat'on will pleaee *<*enit>ie at their re pective qBarter* precisely at ' I'ock a. m.. to t' rai in pro. oeeei^n. CHARLES WaLTEIJ. d | ee ?t* Chief Marshal. I ODD fEI.LOWS' HALL? ; n? ? - * uo xstuj rinw oi AmiB?mcni

o InthaTity if Strtntk Week of i- orioinal AND ONLY CAMr BKLL MINSTRfcLS '' STAR PERFORMERS, In *he Oinri of OH, HUSH! if The BLACK STATUE, And DR. LINCOLN OUTDONE. Admission Twenty-five Cents. sett Dr. 6. FORD. Agent. THIS STEWART HOLLAND BOYS IN THE I FIELD AGAIN , ? w The members of ibe Stewart Holland Club take great pi- ature in annonnoinc to their friends M and the pahlio general'* that they Will five r their Fifth Grand COT!' LON P%RTY . n/^B '? WEDNESDAY EVENING, Ootnber 9, atUHfc '* '* corner 2*b it. a-<i Pa. av. For ear unmars see luture advrtuem-nt*. m y 0Df> FK.MOW9' RAI L. WASHINGTON\J Mr WM. KLLIN6ER, having engaged the at'ove named popular hall. respeotfollv announoes that, as soon an the minstrels now in oocupano* have comptered t^eir aeri?a of Conoerta, he vill open with % Rare a ad Delightful Ml 8ICAL.CMIC AND POPULAR KNTKRTA1NMENT, la which the R'aatifil and Da?hio? Artist*, MISS HKLEN WESTERN, With a Briliiant Company. vill appear. Thk Hit at thk Timrs. Fall nf Mu?ic, Fun and Frol'fl, entitled i? THE THKEK FAST MKN, r Or, The Femile Robin*on Crusoe*. , Will b? produoed. with o?her Novelties. particulars see future announcements. *eJ? Iw* (Repnb'ioan.) ? T*T A krma , n AH i o. ' WANTEO-A go-d HARNESS HAND,at No. ? vv flS9 eventh it , aonth of the oaral Good 1 ?"** ?t***y employ nent given. *e 2' 3t* WANTED?An intelligent YOUTH to learathe Drug tiusineai. MuU be well reoomroea led. Apply at the Star Office *? 2?-3t a VVA,STKI>-^ SALESLADY, in a Dry " Good* ami Fancy Runirees Reference* ieqqired A??l? *2 M %rfc*t ??pvie. ?? 27 St* i \\J ANTED-Br a re*pentahle young woman, a ? SITUATION eook w*?her ?id irorer for a ?m*ll family, Apply at No 10)1 231 *t . between una ml. It* ' r tl'ANTEU?A thrM itorT HOUSE. ora Hon^e b " with 6 or 8 rooirn. with gas Mid w*te?-. bn , iwMn P* ivenue and G ?tr?ft north and 5rh and t 14th s'reet? w-st. Apply 3$0_Pa av. \ AN OFFICER OF THE ARMY AND HIS . 'V wif? wish to rent, for the fail and winter, a i PAR LOR and CHAM BER. (with meals, nerved e in the pa-lor,) in a respootable private famil*. r whore there are no other boarders. Addre*? "C. H-." at this otfine se '-7 2t* d ATTKNTION, VOLUNTEERS? t-ifteenabta /l bodt-d youn? m?n wanted to fill up Company _ K. 1st California Rncimeut, to its maximum number Pay and uli*t?tenn? to onmmenoe as soon aa \ enrol'ed Reoriutinn Offico, 3^0 Sevnth St., S I doors above U st. ? 87 lw* JAMES E. WAUGH, Ca?t. W ANTED-T^/LORS. TAILORS ?50 Talora o<-mpeteiit t<? work on military foods. Apply t O WalL Stephens A '*? se85_ WAN FED TO KENT, IMMF.DI ATELY-By a P'lvate family.a FTRMSHED HOUSE. c ntamir je 8 or 10 rooms. Th' house must be in ' ret d order, convenient and not distant from the ,T Treisur* Huildiims. Adaress H. K. MOR(i*N, at thi? _ re 25 3t* *1 BURNISHED HOUSE WANTED, for six n 1 month*. with the privilege of one year ; mu?t <1 have gM Riid wa er in it; furniture and house in gool condition, Mid siiunted weit of S'ven'h ?t I- Aridr??? iloi CI 3 l*o?t Office. ee ib 3t* VY ANTED-A IIOY between the agea of 17 and y ** 20. to aot in tne oat&c ty of porter. None hut s thoae who canoom" wf II recommended ne?*l apply, i. App'jr at No. 4*4 Market Square, between 7th and 8 h !? KttS WANTKD?Thra* TIN AND 8H*ET IRON WOKKERd. II. J. GREGORY. . ?e 24-tf Pa. avenue ' WANTED-A SALESMAN in a Dry Gooda 3. ff Store, none need aoolv ezceat thoM wlm r?.n produce good reference* and are a~quaited win the oil# trade. App'y at 48 Market Spa ie, h?twaen 7th and 8th ?U. >e 4 St ' tl/ANTKD TO RKNT-A HOUSE, already , " furniehed, looated in Tioiniti ofWiUarda' .. Hot?l, by a gMiilemaii wita amall family. Amp[e security and refierrnces iiven A^dreaa, immediately.''Ron'or "throngh Poatf'ffioe. a?24 3t* " /lOVEKNMKNT HOSPITAL FOR THE INU 8ANK.-^mZ>-Two imilK MEN Mat tend?nt?npoa patient*, an-11 wo m Hdie a?e<l American WOMEN, oneaa houa*ke?per and the other a> dining-room aervaut None but thoae who oan a, furniah aatiafactorr erideooea of good chaacter i., and <?i?poMtio" need apply. ae 20 lw ' WANTED-A WOMAN to oo k w??h and iron for a *mali family Alao, a GiRi. from 12 to 15 year* of age, to tak* care of a ohild a> d aaatat at houaework. Good recommendations or reference required. Apply at No. 494 E street, between Mh and 6th. ae 19 tf ? /GUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, PTErl ^ I'HENS A CO.'W. 3'3'i Pa avenue. ae ?8 of Wio??KP T? BORROW?From f'JOO to ~ - aiivw, iur un? jbu, ior vnion Jinerai UHMM i- will b? *i?en, with amp e aecurity. Adirrii "A. ? L. G.," Wsihirnton (T'ty. w 18 2aw7w V|7 ANTB1>?Jo have *very body to oall at w SMITH'S, No 460 S?*ecth at., ope ait" Post i,l Office.and ptircfca/e their FAI.L and WINTER of CLOTHING, TRUNKS. H?Tr* and CAP", at [>f the very lowoat prtoea. Qivehimao^il au 3" Im d- II/ANTKD. FOR THK CASH-A1I kinda ol W SECOND-HAND FFRN1TURE AND n" HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Peraona leavinc the oity or haviug a furplu* will do well to call immediately. R. HU'THLY. J? _je 8 49^ feventh. between G and II ata. kI W4NTED.?We are now buyinc SECOND f? HAND FUKNITUKE, STOVE*ard BKD DING, for whioh we are pajinr the highest Ik oaah prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or i* having a urp'ui of furniture, will find it to their rk advantage to give ua a "all. to BONTZ tc GRIFFITH, J?13-tf No. 369 ?th at., betw.l ana K sta. PERSONAL. ri A NOTICE. I( xVLI. Persons are hereby notified not to credit rf anv perion ou my aooount (unl"?? with a wittten ir order) from this date, aa 1 will paj no debt*, other d than ?hoae oontraoted by m/a^If. _ Id nii-IW- J. W. SINGLETON. II S BOARDING. TWO OR THREE SINGLE GENTLEMEN oan be aoouminodated with Board in a rr<nt? family?rouma on eecon"4 floor. Terms moderate. Beatnity refere?oea A'dreaa Poat Office ~ Box 4'J t, Wnahington. ae 27 St* FOB 8AL.JTAN1> KKNT. '* I7>URN?t*HKD ROOMSFOKRK.NT Apply r? I at No. 459 Twelfth at., between G and H ata ;o ae 27.281)01.1* I70R REN T?With or without Board. Lb a pri' r vate family, three unfu'niahed front ROOMS*, auitab e for married or aingle ce< tl?mrn Apwly at No- 4"3, corner Tenth and Hata. an 27-[w* - A SMALL FAMILY DEHIR F.8 ro RENT A A FURNIHHKD HOUKK for a ft ax or two. Ttie fur> itare would ! ? taken care of and the rent pail promptly. Pariiea having auch will plwaae artdre?a 1 nnr diatply "Alpna ' Box ?05 Poat Office, Waahl 'e O l It* I'O EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPKRTV. I OR FOR SALE-The beautiful COUNTRY REMDhNCE of Trof Page, near the oity. Apply M to CHA8 G. PAG K. Patent Offioe i****t' FOR RKNT.?Th? three atory Brown front BRICK HOUSE, No. 9T Pennsylvaniaave., i; wmi of the oirole, oortaini m?m room*, can thronghojt Furniture for tale or rent. ee 24 31* jl T*0 DENTISTS ?t-or rent, the Ronmsoooapied 1 by Dr Cooketille. No. ?46 Pa ave , between (. 12th and 13ih ?U. Appiy to ROBERT WRIGHT. JO ee >4 Steo ? I70K RENT-The north HOUSE of the row of r new lour atory houaea on Fourth at., between * D and E eU., No. 386, frontioc the City Hall aeuare. Possession given imnWiatoiy. Apply to . WILLIAM H. PHILLIP. Attorney at-Law/No. 4" Louuiana avenue. ina il eotj Li"*OR RENT?A STORE on Pennsylvania araf r nae, and Fixtures for aale. Apply at this of. ? fioe. ae ll-?w* P L'OR RENT?HOUSE/dOil Peeneylvania a*., 15 over the bookstore of Franek Taj lor?a plaoo for a professional man . * 4-tf \s HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS..e lA Four handsomely Famished Rooms, supplied with ras and watar, and oonvenient to the patent , and Post Oflioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 4V0K Massachusetts avenue, north side, between i 4th and sta ma a ? rj^KNT, TENT FOR BALK?It la 16 feet Iom, J. 10 feet high, 10 feet wide, with wall* 3 f?et filch; " made in the beat manner, o'the beet material. On [ exhlUitioo at No 4TS reven'eeuth a reet veat. t aei? ?? THHF. GREAT RUSH TO ARMS haa oanaed SMI FH to read North and reeieniah hia atook re or PALL ao4 WINTER CLOTHING, which he i- offers at remarkable low r^oee, at No. 460 8erer-th ? , Poet OffSct# An an lm ' SrKCUl- BA*?WtlOU?N!P(? OODB. We offer all the beat trades at Moaraiag Good* ??r ateok at rreatlj r^deoed prices JW oaalu 318 ?o?icb. sj8 ARMY AND NAVY OFFICERS, CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. I voaid moat roepootfBlly inform yoa that I lun bow is atoro my fall aapply of H \R DWARE, COOKING Bad HEATING STOVES, PARLOR HEATERS, that heat above, PARLOR GRATES, COOKING RANGES, for Hoaaaa bb4 Campa, HOT-AIR FURNACES. HOUSE-FURNISHING OOOM. All fall and oomplete, and vill Mil then rtrj oheap roe ca?h. C. WOODWARD. No. SIS Pa. av? b?C loth and llth sU., ?V-eo6t Baloony in front. GAIT'S FURNACE. LATROBK, RANGE, A RADIATOR COOK I NO Well Screened be fort delivery. \U~2.34f> ponnri* to th* top.-m HICKORY. OAK. PINE Prepared or delivered Cord length. VV harf and Mill?Foot of 17th street, below War Department. Office?2*2 Pennsylvania avense, between 11th and 12th afreets se2* <U TERMS CA9H. METALLIC v o a ll??is|. PelUhlag, >?4 Prereitlsi Rati. Tni* is snpeiior to all other oils in the world for th? abovf purposes. a* wall * for machinery and inbrinMing axe* It is equally applloab e to csn1'ck? and mvidc maohines. It is in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordnanee and maobinery. Principal Depot and Otnrrnl Attncf, PHII.HAH M ON If! Hill. Penna. areone, Eleventh at. \TT Agenta wanted with tttmi, to aapaly eaoatnsment ? M INDIA RUBBER GOODS -All kind* of Inlia Rotiber Goods oonauntty on hand. wholesale ?Qd reta'l. WALL, STEPHENS ? CO.. 25-ct 3aa Fa. itmh. WATCHES, WATCH REPAIRING. Ao. Just reeei*ed a large in?oice of Ladies' and 6?nt'en en'a GoM arc1 Silver Wa chea, inolad ng Iv the "Army Watch," ttao m?at desirable arti- fW cle nvt' int-oduoed. tafia fr7- Wa'ohes and Chronometers, aa veil as Jewelry, Ac.,carefal y r-pair^d M, W.GAI Tt RRO., Jewelera, 334 Pa. arena*. aeii St Four doora wwt of Brown'a Hotel. rnn SUNDKIES. DUU GBOf*8 of Velvet Bottllnj Corka, 2"0 casks Babhitt's Y?aat Powdere, frj boxes Babbitt'a Eraaive Soap and Soap Pow era, |5n out' freak Marseille# and Bordeaux Sa ad Oil {<<> h im firat quant* Adamantine Candlea, 60 harre'a Po'omao H*rr?n*a, Alao, rrr*m Tartar. Salerataa, Broom*, Buoketa, Patent Twine, Peanota. Ao Received and for a&!e by ae55 6t MIPPt.ETON k, BBALL. WASHINGTON ARSENAL, v* SsrTKMBBK *1, 1S61. Hbalbd be ei-doreed 'Propoaala for Fuel," ?ill be received by the Acting Aaant ant Qaartermaater at thia Araena' an til 10 a. m. of the28th inatant. for the delivery of 4^ oorda beat aea'om*d oak Wood and ISO too a beat Wkite Aak Aatiuacite Coal The above artiolea most be atriotly of the beat anfclitv ! thu vruvl to Ka ?tr?i?ki * %A *m? u uf four feet Both the Wood and foal nut be daiivsrsd at the Arsenal, and the Wood to be corded and noMBrtd by * sworn ntj wood me*?r*r, free of expense to ihe Government. Bidder* will state the prioe per oord or ton The oontraet will he swarded to the lcweat ressonaibie bidder, who ahall fire sail*factor. seounty. Payment to be mad* in Treasnry notes, if the Qovei nment decree to do so FR9 J. 8HUNK. se W 3t 1st Lient. Ordnance. A. A. Q. M. ir?RKNCH COUPEE FOR SALE-The adverr tiaer has .'or sale a splendid CoupM,.*mo, made by he best maker in New York ai d the best fiuishea in all respecta nw W this ooun'ry, havni all the modern improvements; it ia nearly new, having been uard only aboat a dozen tin es Ala>, fo<- eale, s French CABRIOLE I'. s most beaotifnl Open Carnage, jast new, few times nsed.and one ?l the moat elegant articles ever made. The ahov* Carriages will be eold v-rr rca?onable the owner having no sae for them, the fam'ip h*ing in Europe. Should any psrehaaer desire a pair of stylish CARRIAGE HORHK8, Ion* tails, dark brown mottled 18K hands hub, fine action, gentle, and fast, they can be aerommo?ls?a^ K..MV. .Iiouwiiatn will !) BU1Q HftttU Or % lth the pair of horses. Address *'0 8 ," care Box 1.9T* Port Oftoe, Baltimore, with real name and addreas ae24 4t*_ Butter and kgob-ai no. 4?o Eighth street between Pa *ve. and D street, reoei w ing dsil y freab lota ef Now York, P?nna? Ivania and w eptern Batter which we are selling fur 12H oenta and newarda. A<en, freah expreea. ae a iW kjKALKD PROPOSALS are invited for PLOUft O till the 30i h September. 1861 at 12 o'olook m. About a,?w> ba'reis witl be repaired, m separate lots of about l .fmo barrels eaoh. The Floer t? he made of new wheat, and the delivers of the whole lot to be made by the 8th Ootnber.,1861. i ne riour ramrod to be of th? follow; n* brand*, and to put the mapection of a Board of Arm* Of oere. or euoh o*her mepeotion ae the Babeuteao* Department may direct. Arlington Extra, Concreu do. g. J*'? do. Fairnew do. Cedar Vale do. Glenwood do. Eagle Mille do. Chm do. J Aewoome do. M. Smith do. koxbvry * do. JoeCharlee do. J. Davidson A Co. do. Fowadry (|0, Heck *o. J a Gloria do. Patuxent do. V^le7? 4? ?vuimai o GO. owler A Zetcler do. Chesapeake Mills do. {>. L Morrison & Co. do. .tod's Union Flour. Hi* Sprin* Joe Ckft'lN, Ede'i Extra Baker's. A few barrels of the s*me trade ?f Southern Floor will be taken, provided that it proves in ?r?4e lo ifae t>r*.u<]a sbove-nemed Th? UdJ?rs to state the brand and the number of barrets of eaoh kind they proposefto fnrnish. The barrels containing the Flour to ba strong, well-hooped and he?d- lined. The proposals to be addressed to CapC A BECK WITH, C8-, 0. 8. A,. Washington, 0. C , and endorsed, "Proposals for Flour." se H_ A DIIV .rt??ss?. - "? ? An.u i urr Xi r?W U larrfcS.?Just received ? large "Mortmeat of Pield, Sh and Marine (jlaseee; Pocket Compasses: Drinking Copt; tke Pocket Companion; Colt's 1'ooket, Belt, Army and N?ti Pistols. Also, the"Ariny Watoh." a oheap and reliable timr keeper, with key arranted isnii tke ease, whioh prevents the possibility of iu lose. M. W. OA UT * BRO., Jewellera, 344 Pa even as. Foar door a west of Brown's Hotel. se? St (Intel.k. Repubj c*AMP LIFK MADE A LUXVRY.-Tbetreatv> est inrention of the a|e, bAIDlK*f ARM Y TRUNK,oompu.ieg Trunk, Bed with M?hjm Net attached,Tab e writing l>eek, Lonnce, Settee, and Chair, all oenetraoted eo as to fold vitkin theoorer of the truck, tearing jplentr of room fnr Sole Agent lor Washington. *e?t 7t* ITNION knvwi noire U AND PAPERThe moit tvaotifu! hnrrtoK* pubhabai la the UiittOte M, printed la two. thraa, four , an| *m in i?v*n lit colors, ur .ba tod ofT. C. UFflAM, *! Cheenut etraaL, Philadelphia, and WILLIAM BALLANTYNK. Bookae'lar. Wa?hin*toa, D. C. A ample package will b? east to aay aMmi oa raoeipt of 8ft oaoU. aag-aotw , TTO OFFICERS. BE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wago* on tha PruMtan principle. an an gad for alaap- Pv lnc or to act aa an Amt-a anoe in oaee ofT-,p aiokneaa or wonnda. with aaipla room for ^ ^ ' tor?? and; iijht, water-proof, aad perkily new, havi >( baan jaet ?ailt to nrtfarby oaa of the ftrat Sahara in New York, in offered for aala a, coat p'tM, afe'MWBwars-i!at4,rtb"" Both roar be imd on >uiU??* ?- """" BtrMU. M fll ?nrmWS?K PssrJTvf&izn&m.*. * or ?m1i, frt tb? N ittiOM MM ' AUCTION SALES. By WALL * BARNARD. Mstiw**,, f^OVRRN.MKNT 5ALF Of ^OkM^U v? ? T ArrTio*-Om MON \ hoR\ I NO, *? (. SKh. at 1> -''clock, i will ?! .IT r*?r < f City Ht ,*I?mc n ;HorH? ?oMl* M a?tt fo? mbiio MTtlM. Te ins cuk u ?moi?. f~J DAN *. rut*>i A. Q M. _j*t? U WALL* BARNARD.Attta. BtGR^kn 4 W1LLI4M9. Aationiwr*. HOltKBOLD AND KITCHKN PVRNI. ttn AT Arcrioii.?Oa FUTuaY. tk? ITU irttMt. w? ikt i ; at 'ho r?*i4e?i * of t?at'? I iiV ^ml- ftm '-- ' ? - n mm Iiruui IdOHl M exe*l)a?i a aortmeat of Faraitara. via? Ro*?voo<) and Walrat Kftr or 9?iL Walnat Harbte-toj Ontar aad ?id? Table*. Da Extaaaioa. DiniBc. aad cUar T^kt. o 1 Paindafa Ch.ra. Olaai. and Crock-r* War*, Two 6ua ' air tad Cottaca Phamtef Heu. Oof a? aad othar Badttaada. iroa Hat Baafc.oad food let of Kitafcaa Ba*aiWith a*iy othar artioiaa vhioh wadaaai aaciaMN>i" "'oKtU * W|LUAM?. A MM. . ?K;s,vr j'ojxra ?& laataat at aarea hoar, vhio it wtli poattirafy taia ?i*o? witboat r*f\rd to vaathar. The attention of tk? aah <a 1a waaatftUt ie itod ? the a\le, aa tha Fa attar# ta of* ??a ?aa~ it u4 a ariy ??r. The aaie ia worth a'trniioa i-rtt iKap] ORtsKN A WIlMaMW. Aaota. By WALL * BARNARD. AuoUoaeara. I'kvdfbk'b sals of piano an ii kx cillut hoi-?hold ftmirrii. 4e -1?? tuesday mormnw 1st ootoke-. at 1c ?'" ok, by tnta#i fa ae*d of irsst, dsly roocrdsd imu til? load rro<>rd( . f 11|? cl?? mid *? ?> ? <*> wuiiminn, d. c .1 will m l at th? ra?id?aee n<a. 391 sad 393 south side f C, * twe< n 3d m<4 4* tw>u, th? ? n h ?id kurnitur?. c<>in>> istns to* pnrn tar?of ?boot twmt) 'rovbi. ud wj'tlai of? Pisbo an-1 8 tool and 8fand, eoitaa d parlor ks*n;tar?. compn* nt two tftfa tetas. two mi; aad hi m* chairs, two mahogany sofss two fu?y fosr rooopuon. and other mah< fny cha r*. b'ooatsl curtain:., mirrors, murine top t>- ??r an'i ether tables chandeliers, girai. doles, aad gas b>aok ta, aad bar?is, velre. and brasso;s ca fhi and rur?, hall oilolvth. stay carrots and hat r ar k, extension dining table, kucsre aad s*id?tawas. n w . ? ? * *"* "* vum.awtH" vrMieri War*, Excellent Cur ?l Hair ?do fhack Matt'*****. I)o Feather B("*?. Bolatara and Pi^owa, Ma b.a top Bar'aaa. Wa*rnUn4i, and Tabiea, Man->*any French and other Bedataada, Do and other Ward roSea, Toilet Pet*. Chvtra. 9tnvaa, Kir* Iroaa. Anl a aupenor aaaortmant of Kitabaa Faraitare, to. Te m? oaik. R. W. BARNARD Traatee. a->i.7 ?'ALL A BAKNARD.Jka?ta_ Br THOMAS DOWL'NO. A actio now. (rtrr?w?a. D C. |?t'RMT( IK AND UOUbEROLD RF r raoTa at Pi blic avttiok.?Ob Wt"NK<D*> M RNIN(i.O??.2 at t?o'r!o?k, I viiImI . at my Aaotiua Room*, No. 17 4 t*r?ue at. a c'?od ateortmei t of Fnmitara. A p.. tfca affee'a of a m 1 r laavini ik* city. I naa^ in part?na Rnatvod Piano and ftnoi, Waleat Sannc-aaat 'o'aaud Rook?r Walnut t it* aton Tat. e, 9 d* a d otkn Titta Bur Mia. Wad olx*. XX ??-et?rd?. Giseeee, Moditctdi, and Wood-eeat ? h*i-? R<>okera, FMtlwr B*d> Cu>?i. fevii?idOil?lotk, Co king, Parlor, and ?*kaf Store*. itdiroM, 6 ms, Crocker* aad CbiM Ware. *c. 'I -.fthfr with a ?en?rai aaaortnent of Kitetei ??t Nim?-a'?i. Tenia oa?b in par fat da M 27 ?t TIIOxAH DOW L1NG, A lot. By J. C. MoOUIRK ft CO.. ?nUoMMi Handsome rosewood piano forts tin HocaxaoLi) Fr*mi?am at ? OnTl"K;*DA V MoRN N*. Odobr tie mrroiDt at 10 o'elook. ?a aba mm attheieei denee ofT boa. W. Diekina. No. ia nortk A atrM\ opposite Capitol Park, all hia hoaarkoid Kami tare and Kffe?U, oooaiaUna o ? ? handsome Roaewood Seven Oetave Piano Porta, bmiIt new. Want Sofa, Rook or and Parlor Ckaira. vumi ma'tde toe Center Tabie, Mahogany Mde and Sofa TaMe?. I)o anl Walnut Wardrobe*. 1X< and Walnut Bu'wm and Waehrtandf, Do and Waleat Fr*aok and Jmut umd Fair. Shook ard Hast and Cottnn Matttaww. F eath*r Bed*. Bo etere aed Pihowe, Mabocanr Marble toy Sideb^arde, Freroh I>m n? and Cane 5**t R*o**tion Ckair?, Parlor and Chamber Cordite. aruMli. Thrae-ey and VemUar. Stair OarpeU, irror. Girandolee, Lmm aad Mantel Graft China Glass ?"<i Crf?*kery War*, Had *.tor and Chamber fttov**. Cooking Now. with a genera, a?orti?t of Kitchen Requisites. Te'ina ossh. ee? d J. C MeGlHRE k CO. Aof. By GREEN * WILLIAMS. A*cUoa**r*. No 999 Itk st. censor D ISAA^ HER/BERG'S EXTE.N?I VB PAWN aaoaimi ' alb op Ubsiuii Plimu at Arcrion -On TUKi?DAYend * KDNtSDAY, Oo'ofeer let and 2d next at 10 o'e oek a m., we hell eell at onr A notion Rooms. a r*ry ?a? *o ivciion o. inrMMmfO p Mjn ernnprieiiig la part? txtra fine Gold aid >: T?r Hittiif Cm Lim and other V\ ?:nn Of Id Neck and Fob ? hmna.end Breaat Plna, La4i?? a?perior Gold Pin? and Ltrruis. Single er IB P-U Plain andFa-?y Finger Ring*, Together with an externve ranety of Ladlee ** eering Apv&rel inch uBlack and Fancy Silka, Moaedelainea,aad other of Dkmu. Wh te Crape, Long and Senate f*'.awl?. Oioth Velvet and otfie ctyi^a of (. "ak?. Gentlemen* Wearin* Appare in great variety. Also a large aa?ortment of Revoivera, Gnaa and Pi tol >, Pworda and fraehee. And maay other Artiolea too nutnerona to mehtion. The attention ol the pnblio ie reep^i fully invito to the aale. aa it ta ne of the largeet that kaa trU tak<upaoein Wa hington i K? ?? - ?.1 ? " . - ? - ?11 ovunuxiin viva IUO nr twnn. Termi ou*, m sp-eie ISAAC HE ZB* RO Paw^roker. a34 and 6RKt.N A \\ iLLlAMg. A?oU. By BARNARD A BUCK K Y, Aactioceara. 1>BUSTKE*8 "ALB.?By \t *ao of a dart of 1 trust fr>m John W. So boron. dated the 17th June, 1&56, made to i???r? thedtbt ihereon noeationad, to Banj. P. M?xlay.and by the direction of said 1 will sail at puMic auction an tjbe 12th day of October next, at 4 o'0.00k 10 tha a/la/ boob, ib frost oi tha p ?auM, to tha highest Udder. t hs following daaoribod premises, to wit>Those parts of lots asmber 17 and la ib old G*orgetown, b?f mnifg at tha and of: J fee< msasarsd vnt ob tha i<aa of re U atraat from the dividing liaa Bwean lota 17 and IP. and rur.sine thane# *b said ? east 45 feet, thence northerly to a boaaded s'obs >o. t, betBg M fast froai Falls atraat. tbeac* waatarly to atona No. >, a feet, tnsoos aoatberl* 9ft feet to taa bMinniBi, beiac the seme r rami toe whieh George M. Hothoron and others conveyed to aid John W. Botboroa b? d*d of tbejtth Da camber. 18 ?, with the baiidiBgs thereon Term*: Una thiro ofebe purchase money raah, and tba residue at aix and twelve ?onta*. for which the purchasers notes beariat int-rest from tba day of sale, will be taken, aecBred on the p emiaea Deeds at the parchaaei'n exp?r.*e. ft the terms are rot c mplied with within three days from th? da* o? sale, the premises will he resold after a weeks' public notice,at the nek aed 00?t of ths deiaolii g purchaser ^ R .K ClAWrOEXL.Trastea. iTWWiii PAHnARUI DUtALI.AIOU. EDUCATIONAL. GKORGKTOWN KKMALR SEMINARY, (Mim Hniorn'i.) if*. Ui w**t St., town* Cmgrt** mmd Huk id. The dnhea of this Iratitct-on will be rwmmad on the firat M-rd*y is Hep tern bet next TUeatU ntion of parent* and guard itaa la Mrtie iarlt called to the Cla?a in C? iiU?iim, which will be formed o Mood**, the 9th mat. by a trad ate of the Lewi* Normal Tnatitate of Phraioal Haoattioe." The former papila art earDOetiy eoited to attend the Claaa. iMTkMMU. Miaa E W. Wri?bt. M r? ?>c: ia Younc. HlranlEri bav Ha aWiaaH ?We d? -? by addreaaiag the Priaoipai.^* M. J. HAREOVEE. W ASH IN6TON^FKlj^K ?1CM 1N AET. Sink mmd birmih tit. MISS HARKOVKk. ib wiaplmw wiU tke viabee of friends who deaira U> p iroiiM k?r bat dislike at prevent to a end (Mr dssflrtsn (0 Gsoristsai ia the oaaiNu, has made arraa?eweuta to aatateiak a depart meat of kst MmoT ia Washington, and rtspeetfally requaets a a ha re of . the aablie patrouaca Umber'tll Maa4v> V1" - ?* Moaday. SapCiroalara nay be obtained at Ue Seminary aad at tin principal Book eto ran. neU-tf gVj Hslf OVER, TnneipalCT, JOSEPH'S SCHOOL, W FbR SMALL BOYS. I The Sistora of the Holy Croan l?'e op*n?J SSti?^?U'FU3 fuRc* "ivSr' aw y a vsaaf ^^^^a ae^a wa a as w^Ba ww F"R H,LL ?84WJMS.?cbool> tw. . r.. operation for the poet Un rMrt. will ?>? lU mwii regular Urn oa tM lat w Mm tt M. (OftoMr) next For utmIwi. oontaiaUc farther ini*mstioa IB to th* eofeool, m!? to WMll' FA1QI HA*. w M-mIm* Ol MjP. o. N" "" NOT.nBM! "?T,C?! IHS55 A * c** B tp-.; B 'M

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