Newspaper of Evening Star, September 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 27, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. tm B?i?t cask bsvobb tbi okpbani1 Cocnr. Jtoi Pticul?y*ry Interesting Dtl?ili 1%t fiw* Oitirf'-7V Pnrit Dtp run'torn ? Tkt French Record?Ttrriblt Scents ta Washmgtm?Ditto in Paris?'11 Paris Scandal"?Tkt 1 Oriedo Nnptials?'- What a Commentary'1?Mrs. B. (hwi M Itii Country? Her Anrietf? RtfU denes w lowa?Deatk at the Fifth Ann*e Hotel Pkt/suum't Certificate of tkt Canst?Crort examination of tke Frenck Sunt?Another Scene in ; Court, ft ?That our reader* may have a clear perception of the merits (and demerits) of this Interesting esse, we deem It proper to state that the d?pnsttions taken before the American Consul In Paris, sow on lie In this court, also thst portion ! of the evidence of Alexandrine Parfait, which we slated In oar paper of Wednesday was unit for , publication, were Intended to prove not only Mr. , Barney 's brutality to his w?fe. attempts against the chastity of the nurse, and Indecent conduct generally, but alleged revolting conduct with his , own chftdrerf?boys and girls?which It is contended by the counsel of Mr. De Krafft, render btm unit to be the guardian of said children. , That portion of Mr. Linton's remarks which we omitted was In relation to these particularcharges. Before we procecd with our report of the continusilon of the examination of tbe witness, alexsndrlne Parfait. In court on Wedneedsy lsst, It may bo proper to s clear understanding of tbe r*se to give a brief synopsis of the papers Bled by Mr. John a Linton, attorney for Mr. j. w. De Kraffi, snd to which exceptions were taken by * mr Walter Davldge, attorney for mr samuel Chase Barney, as stated in our paper of Wednesday. i The specific charges why S. C. Barney, Lieutenant in the U 3 Navy, should not be appointed guardian of tbe children?Samuel Chsse, Edward D., Hebe G., snd Clsvomi Wood Barneyare set forth at length In written specifications by J W. DeKrsffV These specifications set forth the various charges made by petitioners against tbe defendant, and then follows what is expected to be proved by Alexandrine Parfait, SS. C. Barney, E D Barney. John A. Linton, and Hebe G. Barney, in relation to matters sireadv alluded to. The 44 specifications" conclude by holding " that a divorce ?* vinculo >i matrimonii absolutely dissolves the marriage and makes it void from he beginning,'" and refers to the divorces In Paris, France, snd in Iowa Voucher No 1 lathe record of tbe district court in Iowa, with the seal of the court attached. The court divorces the parties, gives Mrs. H charge of tt-e children, and 44 finds and adjudges that the acta, conduct and character of the said defendant have been and are such ss to render him entirely unfit snd incompetent to have the charge and custody of tbe minor children" The record Is accompanied by the power of attorney to Mr. De Krafft to sue for a divorce and by the depoMtlons taken before Henry H Spencer, American Consul at Paris. The depositions are those of Alexandrine Parfait, Marie Parfait,(her mother,) Sam'l C Barney, E D Barney, Hebe G Barney and Mrs. Mary E. Barney. This last is In her own handwriting She give* the date of her marriage as June 14, 1847; states at length his subsequent Injuries, threats and violence In this city; their removal to Europe " with the hope that change of scene snd asaocistion might prove of benefit as a last resource;bis Improvement for a few months and subsequent relapse; her voyage to America through sympathy to obtain his reinstatement in the United States Navy, thinking " his disposition bad been rendered unbsppy and disappointed by the losa of his position;" her return from 44 a mission crowned with success;" bis receipt of back pay from the Government snd removal to richly furnished quarters of his own. his intemperance, indecency, vile charges against her, cruelty to b erst If snd tbe shildren. and revolting conduct towards their t.wn and other children, 5c. Vouchers No. 2 embrace the following papers among others: Records of the French court, with s translation setting forth a history of the case (No seal on tbe records, but a United States aeal on the translation ] The provisional decree of the 24th of August, 1859, allows Mrs B to occupy separate apartment*, and In case of Barney's Intrusion to "expel him, even with tbe assistance cf the Commissary of Police and of the armed force, if necessary." Tbe decree on tbe 25th of January, 1-*50, ordains tbat Mrs. Barney be obliged to bring an action of divorce in a delay cf six months, confirms to her tbe keeping of her four children, Ac. Then follows letters of Mrs Barney to J. R. De Krafft. the first, dated Paris, Dec 7, 1?59, detailing ber grievances to Mr De Krafft as her nearest relative, and after detailing these grievance! at some length, goes on to speak In grateful terms of tbe kindness of Judge Mason (U. S Minister) and his family, and then charges her husband with circulating scandal and falsehood sgainst her, but in moments of reason repeatedly avowing his full acknowledgment of her innocence; wants De Krsfft to write ber of such reports if he heara any. His (B ' ) infamous charges against her are tbe result, sbe says, of bis failure of conciliation; and to give her cousin (De Krafft) an idea of these she encloses a copy of a letter from him (B ) to ber, (Mrs B ,) dated Rue d'Angoulein, Paris, Dec 97, 186?, in which be gives an account of a visit of his to the United States Legation to get a book; saw Mr. Calhoun,who said Mr Wilbor(cf the legation) informed him that Mrs B called and got tbe book tbe day before at 10 o'clock; on inquiring found she bad not called at 10 o'clock; charges "thst yonr visit took place out of office hours, tbat you was alone with Mr. Wilbor, thst ronr vlst was ostensibly to obtain a particular book, (which a aervant might have aa readily obtained for you) and perhaps your visit embraced other purposes beat known to yourselves " He alludes to the proceedings in progress, snd says: ' In deference to the righteousness of tbe law I have delayed to consummate projects long since matured; but circumstances daily developing themselves compel me to del*y no longer in having placed in Mr.Wllbor's hands a note of an unmistakable character, an intimation of which he will receive when be peruaes this note, whtcb your Intimacy will no doubt prompt you to submit to blm." On the back of this Is endoraed : "Copy. Paris, Dec 7, lfc59. Mrs Barney: In reference to yonr viait to the Legation, referred to in Mr. B " note, I am not aware of any Impropriety. It visa. 1 think, about 10 o'clock, and with my knowledge, and. as far as I know, in connection with your suit now pending in court Very respectfully, your ob'd servsnt, (Signed) 44 W R Canoes ? The second letter, dated January 29, HMO, statea that since December 23, 1S59, Harney has disappeared from Parts; her counsel can't account for It; be left at midnight; early next morning his furniture was removed; his servants were left unpaid. She incloses tbe decision of tbe French court and a note of ber counsel, snd atates her counsel did not publicly urge the serious charges Implicating her children; her case was strong enough without It The French courtwill accord protection from time to time, if abe commences action for divorce In this country. Wishes to know whether sbe can be divorced by Congress or how? Never before lived so comfortably and economically with ber children, Ac. Filed with this is the answer of mr De Krsfft, written in February, Inclosing tbe following paragraph from tbe "States and Union." of this city, "January 20. ihw:" "The rumor comes from Paria tbat an American gentleman, occupying high offlcisl station, has occasioned sad grief in a aomeatlc circle, by devoting himaeif too particularly to tbe society of a i lsdy of acknowledged refinement and great personal attrsction A duel was expected at last accounts, an injnnd husband being the chal- 1 lenger " In his letter, Mr. Da k Informs Mrs Barney that her husband is In Washington, snd in a ! b asfhere*" n<>t l?*rnc<l how lonk b 1 The third letter, dsted Paris, Msrch i, iwki, encloses a letter received by her from Barney. ' dated 8t Nicholas Hotel, New Vork, Januaiy i 21, 1800, explaining his -*sudden departure from Paria;" refers to bis debts; aaya a portion of them ] for furniture were fairly hla wife's; refers to a dne bill sbegsvehim for #*000 or 7,000 franca, , but only claim* 5 #00 franca, the balance be gave her for her 'voyage to America and Its successful j result. He refers to a newspaper paragraph < posted at the bead of his letter, and concludes *'i have met many of out matnai old friends who , eetn to know nothing of our variance, for toey all ask so kindly after von?Carter, Reushaw Mrs Volk. Miss Williams, of U. C., that wu ataylag at this house, sits opposite to me at Uble, i with her bnsbsnd; Bartlett snd bis wife, who instated upon taking me to see their daughter, the < bride and groom, Don and Slgnors Estaban , Ovieda. what a commentary on our present i relations Samobl Chase Babrit." ] The newspaper scrap la from the New York . Evening Express of Jan 11. i?fl0 ss follows: 44 Parts Scandal ?We find this bit of gossip , floating about In tbe Journals [Here is Inserted the paragraph already quoted from the states snd . Union ] Penny-a-line, probably " Mrs it characterises many of the assertions in b s letter as utterly fhlse and unfounded; believes i that the newspaper paragraph wss written by snam member of the b family, as the '-Stateo and < Union" had no Paris correspondent; that it was written to prove a scandal which existed ouly < from his ^b 's) exertions to mske it so Sbe goes i on to charge that bar husband's clandestine departure from Paris was preceded by a threat tbat i bis conduct would be msde public, Ac.; states her resolution to commence a suit for divorce; alleges that her sgent (dr w Lindsley) had bren i forbidden by b to furnish her with money; re- i qusett ssslstance of Mr. De Krafft to get a divorce | la the District of Columbis, sends the evidence of her servants and children; says it was s painful i straggle to hsve her children give this evidence. All the letters from b's family come open to her, through tbe legation w bat does it meant Re- < grets not writing sooner snd furnishing a statement which would probably hsve prevented those i "fiends ' at home from blasting her reputation, i 4c. | The fourth letter (Msrch 8, I860) alludes to mat- < ters already noticed. The Ifth, Is dsted June 1st, I860, st Iowa Sbe i writes she is waiting the sriivsl of pspers; expedltloB necessary; thinks of going to Nebrasks, i wbere a shorter residence is required; Is afraid her i ' < 161 will to dlBcevoredjloaks forward with i bopr; hat the eeparatlon from h?r children la terrible, 4c. The alxth, (June 1*2, 1W0.) Trouble and c*re have given ber courage to persist In her purpose. She sees the Impending rate oyer heraelf and children, and her duty to them la too sacred to retreat or falter. Requests remittance* from her agent The seventh, (June, 1M0.) The aeparatlon from her children almost destroys her, yet ahe tries not to be anxious, la nervous and anxious at ber troubles to an extent known only to HeaVen. and prays for their termination, la bewildered in thinking of the future The eighth, June 21, i960.?Is still terribly anxious but hopeful for heraelf and children; tbinka R 'a mother has no Idea of the testimony against him, though no one better than his mother knowa what ahe (the writer) has endured The ninth ? Is anxious regarding ber expenses west states In regard to the note B. holds against ber, ahe ga*e It because he annoyed her to aeetb, tnd brought the form for her to copy and algn Every passing week lncreaaet ber anxiety: ahe Is alternately all courage or despair. After her case Is decided, and once freed from the troublea and care* of the present, ateam ran scarcely carry her back fsst enough to her children Another letter, written July 10th. to Mr. De Krafft, again alludes to the "lnfamoua" chargea of B. against her; expresses anxiety lest the Barneys discover her whereabout*; says B , "although he threatens, evidently vacillates, and fears his own charges, ana I know he fears the testimony of the children," thinks hla "object In going to Parla la to obtain possession of them? more to control their evidence than because be really wants them " She says, "although I have good faith in the controllng power of an all-wise Providence, who directs all aright, I tremble for the safety of my children, who are so distant and so helpless " Again, "altho' my courage does not fall, my anxiety and wearlnera Increases. I do believe many mors months of such excitement would utterly destroy me, for since one year paat, 1 have not passed one moment free from care, altho' I have enjoyed comparative tranquility. Heaven grant a speedy termination of this horrible life, and a restoration to ruy children, who are ao helpless, so distant, ao in reality my constant care " Thla ia the laat of these letters. The tenor may be judged from the brief aynopals we have given. Then cornea the laat acene in this eventful history, the physician's certificate The cause of Mrs. B.'s death is stated aa follows: New York, Sept. 29, 1H50 ?This certifies that Mary K. Barney died on the 28th day of September, l^flu. at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York. Cause of death: di?ect conjestion of the brain; Indirect prolonged mental excitement. Term of residence In this city, four days Married. [Signed] Robt. Stone, physician. Voucher No 3 embraces three letters from Monsieur Bonnel de Longchamp to J. W De Krafft, giving Interesting particulars In relation to the children, their progress at achool, and allegea the refusal of the Barneys to provide for the children. THE PROCEEDINGS WEDXE8BAT. Ths examination continued of Alexandrine Parfalt Mr. Linton wanted the testimony taken on Tuesday to be read to the witness. Mr. Davldge objected to having the mind of the witness refreshed by reading the testimony. Wltneas helng catechised said she was afraid she 'Poke English so imperfectly some mistake would be made. If allowed to speak In French It would be seen she told the truth. The Court decided that the testimony might be read to ber when closed for correction. f We shall put the testimony In the form of a continuous statement, and quote the exact expressions of tbe witness when necessary J Alera*drint Patfatt ?In the Rue d'Angouleme we lived In apartments furnished by Mr. Barney Mr. B would get drunk, and Mrs B would tell him everyday not to get drunk, but to "keep himself good in a new apartment." Mrs B. had an invitation to go with a married lady and gentleman one night to the theatre She wanted to take Chascyand Eddy. Mr B took the children away and kept them away till 10 o'clock Mrs. ? Hebe to the theater with ber '?after the little boys not come ? She came home about o clock Mr B. stood In tbe froat door waiting ror her Mr. B accused her of " going to s?e her *J,an, ' " You have your beau," he say He not finish the war till 3 o'clock In the morning, b,it come back, go to bed, coqie back, go to bed ail the time. He speak bad word, and say ?? You have neen see your man I marry you for your money and not for I love you >? Mr. Davldge pressed the witness to repeat In French tbe bad word used. Witness said it was 'femiru public Mr. Linton translated it Mr. Davidge was willing to accord the counsel many privileges, but not that of translating their own witness ^orae one suggested "public woman" as the translation. Witness continued that Mr. B. would tell Mrs B. this was his apartment; he bought the furni?j' Would do as be pleased, Ac. Mr Davidge inquired if counsel wanted all thli taken down. Mr. Linton said he bad nothing to say. Witness commenced again; when Mr Davidge remarked, with a sigh, that wlt,r?I?ed to k?ve an incubus on ber heart, from which she was determined to be relieved. Witness continued, giving au account of indecencies on the parr of Mr Barney, hi* coming into her room with his drawers on, and spoke of some act of his committed In ber presence which tosej^'t**^ 10 name ?^e *ait' ,be wa* ashamed Mr Davidge, Mr Linton, and the Court, at tempted by every means of authority and persuasion to Induce her to name the act, but she would not speak or write It either In English or French [lu justice to the witness, as well as to Mr Harney, we state that the witness testified positively .1 neVPr b'en vl?lated by Mr. Barney I She then proceeded to give an account of Mr. * cnU*rinjr room while she wa* tireMlng to go out one Sunday, and she was compelled to run Irl** when he threatened to go see another Mr Davidge wanted to know If all this was to be put down by order of the Court. Mr. Linton alluded to an agreement of counsel yesterday in relation to the testimony. Mr Davidge explained his share In the agreement, and excepted to a portion of the evidence. Mr. Linton ?"Well, you put the witness up." Mr. Davidge, (with an appearance of intense surprise )?"I put the witness up!" Mr Linton said he was now through with the examination in chief, and the witness was open to cross-examination. ^ W1''icss commenced at the point she left off Mr. D stopped her, and said she was only to answer such questions as he asked ber. He had to renew this admonition several times during , * cross-ex minatlon, as witness seemed desirous to give a continuous statement Witness left Mrs B the night she died. Recollected a proceeding In a French court for divorce, about three or three and a half years airo. Mrs. B subsequently withdrew it, at Mr. B.'s solie l tat I on. 'he ^ourt "ked the object of these q uestl ons. Mr D said be bad nu object satisfactory to his own mind. Witness?They were living In the Rue Chateaubriand when these proceedings took place Lived sutwequently in Rue d' A n^ oil I e me, staved there may be three months Lived In Rue Chateaubriand eighteen months. The proceedings * d'*orre werf" dlsmls*ed. Mr. B was drunk all the time. There were two proceedings for a divorne. Lived in Ruede I'Oratolre when the lecond one commenced Lived there till Mrs B came to America. Was living in Champ Elyaee when Mr. B came Into her room and put his hands on her. He did not violate b-r Lived there sfter that three or three and a half months, ?nd Mr. B caine to America. When the family went to Rue Chateaubriand witness went wltb them Was living In Champ F.lysee when Mr. Barney came to witness in the kitchen, with only bis drawers on. * Mr Davidge asked why, after such an attempt, the continued to live there. Witness said that she informed Mrs. B. and tlrs B put a b?d in her (Mrs. B ' ) own room for wltneas, and witness slept there afterwards. Mr Davidge asked If Mr. B could come to ber witness's) room without going through Mrs B.'s W ltness described the position of the room, and aid be could Mr Davidge again asked why she stayed after these attempts of Mr. B Witness stated she did not want to stay; waa not ready to go; Mrs B spoke to witness's mother, and both jfrayed witness to stay; Mrs B said witness should have a bed In her (Mrs. B's) room If wit new was afraid, and promised to giva witleaa more pay Davidge?"Did you know Dr. Blgelow, >f Paris*" ' W ltness knew him very well; be was tbe f imlly physician for a while, but Mrs. B did not want aim, and got a French physician. Mr. Fendall objected to the question, (but the inawer was already out.) Mr. Davidge argued his right to ask the question. The Court s?ld the cross-examination must be conflied to matter* elicited by tbe examination iu chief. Wltneas wsa then crass examined in relation to the alleged acta of Indecency on the part of Mr. B , but reiterated her former statementa Mra. B , when ahe went out, generally took witneaa tnd the children Sometimes she was left with tbe children while Mra. B went out At each Pkee V>ey lived tbe Barney family had a floor. M r Devidjte "Did you come to America with Mrs Barney?" Mr Fendall objected to the question. Tbe Court wanted to know the object of the question Mr Davidge said he wanted to show that she, the wttaeas was tbe confidant of Mrs B , and to ifcow her dislike ot Mr B He wanted io show ilso tbe length of Mrs B 'a residence la the State yf Iowa. Mr. Fendall asld the gentleman most confine lilmaelf to France to ahow the Intimacy. Mr Davidge aald this was cutting a hair between north and northeast He had given counsel in the other aide a e*rt* blmmck*, and thla waa not i em to dr?w yuj *rlotly the Unas of rrldMoe. He wanted to ?bow the growth of the Intimacy and strength of the attachment W Knees voluntarily aald abe did come to America with Mra B Counsel objected. Mr D?"What name did Mra. B. travel under f" Wltneaa didn't know. Counsel objected Mr D ?Are you a friend to Mr. Barney? Wltneaa didn't understand Mr 1) aald: ' Yon certainly know wbat frl?nd la Afe you A friend or enemy to Mr. Barney?" Cbaaey here eiplalned the question In French} when Wltneaa replied promptly: "I am neller friend nor enemy of Mr Barney. I am only hla servant " Mr Davidge ?"What aide did you take V* Witness ?"I take for zechildren." Mr. Davidge?" That will not do. In the differences between Mr and Mrs. Barney, whose aide, whose part did you take?" Witness ?"1 take te side aa la right. 1 take le part all te time of Mra Harney and te children " Mr. Linton (emphatically.)?" Sensible Woman!" Witness continued?Came to America with Mrs. B. about a vear and a half ago, In May. Left Paris, May 7th, with Mrs. Barney. Witness baa been waiting alnce Mrs. Barney's death in this country for her money to go back. Lived part of the time with Mra. De Km fit, had her clothing there all the time; Mrs. De Krafit brought wltneaa from New York and paid her expenaes. She sometimes served and sometimes had nothing to do. Mr. Linton objected, that this had nothing to do with the caae. Mr Davidge aald it was to ahow bias His opinion of the caae waa that It waa nothing but a conapiracy. Witness (continuing) said she does nothing for Mr. De Kraffc. Mrs. PeK pays witness for the work wltneaa does for her. witness la not living there as a servant at regular wages She does any s?wlng or other work when required, and is paid for It Mr Davidge wanted to know whether when Mr B. atruck Mra B. in the face it was with the list Was the hand opened or clenched. It waa sometime, apparently, before wltneas seemed to underatand the question, but after a word or two from Chaaey, in French, abe said she did not know If the hand was open or closed. Mr Davidge asked if she had told Mrs. OldHeld that Mr. B only slapped Mrs. B Witness said she never told Mra. Oldfleld anything; had talked to Mrs B. (the mother) and told her the truth. Witness did not know the difference la English betweeu slapped and whipped. Mr. Davidge asked what they were quarreling about when Mrs. B waa atruck. Witnesa did not seem to comprehend, and Chasey translated as before. Wltneas was proceeding to detail that Mr. B. was drunk, and the scene about Mrs. B wanting B. to go to bed, and bla refusal, 4o Mr Davidge interrupted and repeated the question, when witness repeated the same story. Mr D Interrupted again and asked, "Was any gentleman's name mentioned?" ! Mr. Linton objected. Mr Davidge repeated his question. Witnesa?"No. sir. He was so drunk wltneas did not understand what be aald He wanted Chaaey to get up, and Mrs. B. wanted him to re main in bed and sleep." Mr. D ?"Did you hear the name of Mr. Wllbor mentioned " Mr Kendall objected The Cour/ sustilned the objection. Witness continued :?Before the came to Washington aaw Mr. B in New York. He came to *ee ber after Mra. Barney died; It might be in November. Mr D ?" Does he get drunk this last year ?" Witness ?" I hear everything bad about him. I don't care what he does'ze last year." Mr D Have you seen htm at all the last year ?" Witness ?" Only one time I see him In court here." Witness didn't know hishabits for the last year. Mr. D?"Didn't you think Mr.B. was keeping your money from you ?" Witnesa ?" No, sir He want me to go to France, and If he could he give it to me." Witness said he wanted her to go two months ago; wrote her a letter saying If she would come to his house he would make arrangements for her to go back to France. Witness has the letter now That was about two months ago; after Mr. Phillips went for the children. Mr Davidge. " How old are you?" Witness said she didn't know Her mother knew her age; her mother told her she was twenty-two before she came to this country, and she had stated yesterday (Tuesday) she waa twenty, three. The witness having sustained the searching cross examination of Mr Davidge for about two hours with extraordinary self-possession, Mr. Linton suggested that as It was now three o'clock, , further examination be postponed to another day, which was agreed to Mr Linton applied for a special order to have the children kept In the custody of the Marshai; (Eddy being most of the time with his father.) Mr Davidge wanted the same thing He did not want this witness, Alexandre Parfalt, to have access to the children before they wereexamlned. He believes there Is a conspiracy, and the witness Isa party to It, and Mrs. Barney (their grandmother) thinks she will poison the miuds of the children against their father. The Court said such applications must be addressed to the Marshal. Mr. Davidge said he bad already applied to the Marshal. The Marshal was the creature of the Court, and ought to be Instructed by the Court. Mr. Fendall objected to Mr. Davldge's remarks about a conspiracy. Mr Davidge claimed, at least, that the Court should instruct Alexandrine, and tell her she would be punished if she dlxobeyed the order The Court cautioned Alexandrine Parfalt not to use any undue influences with the children. Mrs Barney, the grandmother of the children, came forward and said she hoped that girl was not going to be allowed to take tbechildren away again. She said they resisted all her attempts to be friendly, and would not speak to her or their father. Mr. Barney, who seemed to be laboring under excitement, reproached the nurse, and giving Chasey an angry look, continued: "And that bov there, with his Impertinence to his father " The scene was becoming an exciting one. The Judge said he could not tol> ra'e these scenes; and the Court was then adjourned to Friday morning at 10 o'clock?the parlies slowly and reluctantly separating for the day. Note ?Mr J. ?V. De Kraflt, the petitioner In this case, desires us to utate that he has not applied for the guardianship of the children of Lieut 8. Chase Barney, and does not wish it; but is deeply Interested In tbe welfare of tue children, and Is therefore desirous for tbe Court to sppolnt some proper person as guardian. Firk.?About half past eleven o'clock Wednesday night, the stable and carriage house attached to the property formerly owned by the late Gen Van Ness, but now owned by Mr. T. Green. on Sixteenth street, near the Chesapeake and Ohio canal, was destroyed by Are. The Franklin end Union lire companies were promptly on the ground, and rendered good service In preventing the spreading of the flames to other property. Tbe contents of the building were removed safely. Loss small Charges or Labceny?Yesterday, Thomas Metiulnn, of the Second Rhode Island Regiment, and Charles L. Clark, were arrested by patrolman Kelly, for tbe larceny of certain clothing They were taken before Justice Donn and sent to jail for a further hearing. Henry Norrls, (col.,) charged with stealing a ten dollar note from a colored associate, at the railroad depot, was arraaUd by patrolihtfA Sa?* He was dlamiuwi tor want of evidence, by Justice Donn. Th* National Fast, yesterday, was observed In this city with much solemnity, and business bouses were very generally closed, the exceptions being generally those where the proprietors seemed to think that military necessities required them them to keep open. Cambbll's Minstrels?Odd Frllows' Hall. Rich performances, a new programme, and everything In apple pie order. Go and see them. Ladiks, Attrntion!?Mrs. R. G. Etcblson has just returned from tbe North with her usual very large and beautiful assortment of Millinery snd Lace Goods. Bonnets, Flowers, Ribbons Ruches, Silks, Velvets, Feathers, Laces, Embroideries, Ac., Ac. Her Flowers, Feathers and Millinery goods generally, deserve special atteatlon, and abe only asks you to call and look at them, satisfied that yon will buy. 3t India Rubber Blankets eob half prici, being tltgktly discolored, but not injured for service. 5,000 large India Rubber Blanketa, lined with Canton Hanntl, 0 feet 4 Inches long and 4 feet 4 Inches wide, for SU each, u*ual price *4 For sale at the India Rubber Warebouae, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth te 23-tf MA1LR1 KB On the 1st instant, by the Rev Mr. Donn, Mr. L B 8 MALL WOOD to Miss MARY BAR rLETT. all of this oity.

oiici*. On the 26th instant, JOHN JAM E*. infant son of John James and Anna T. Calvert ? SaiLMtjh, ISbi, IDA SOPHRONIA, ouly <Wht?i of T. Durb>n and Marr Ellen Hodgkin, aaed 1 y ear ? ana' hs and 36 days. " rhe Lord and ihe Lord hath taken away ; blessed be the name of the Lord." Tub funeral will tak* place at th* residence of her parents. No. K St.. between 4ih a?.j &th at 2 o's ook p m . on Saturday, Sept. 38 ' On th* morniuK ol the ?7ih Sept., at 7 o'clock. ALFRED HEIT.M(JLLLK, a lesideut of this cit f r the list* tea s. His r?;&tives a Jfr ejdsare '??pe tful y invited to aumrt his from his resident, on ih? "U*? aftera<*>a i I.Q8T AND TOOWP. I *] I OST?On the afternoon or evening of the 28th ~ I t instant- a pair of BOLO SPECTAOLES. in a oa?? marked "H O Hin?1*Co" If left at ti>i > offn.;, ti e finder wi 1 b? libera ly rewarded. lt? li t^OU ND?On Thursdav morning, m J. B. War ' < er'a ?ard, in the Northern- ibertiea, a PIS- " T^l., whioh the owner ran rbam by proving Bl p-operty and paying for tbia advertisement Call >f at 410 Maaaaohusetta avenue, between 9"h en i 10th at* aw 17 St* a C'AMK TO MY PLACE, on the morning of the 41 / *vh fept. a thin red COW. 1 jji *' turn -J i p. The owner is requested to aur ol prnv properly, par rharges. a>-<4 take herJKai^to aw?T. Inquireoi THOMAS S>HKA, No 56 A at. n oath between lat acd 2d ata , Capitol Hill. , . u ?L3i! jjj Tj^STR A Y.?Taken up, on the l*th instant,an iron g mu grev PONEY, which the owner can <cv hare by proving property and paying H -?f* oharges. A. M CALOWKLl,, ? se -5 3t* No. 101. corner 23d and I ata. f OST?On Tueadav, a BREASTPIN, ?et with ?l Lj grey hair The finder will be rewarded by leaving the same at No. 4no Fourth st, the residence of Dr. N. C. T(JTW LE. Being a family relio, it la prized more. ae 25-31* l> 1 OST.?Suppoaed to have b?en atolen from the fj Kailroad Depot, on Tueaday eveninc. c\ r' the ?4th mutant. at 7 o'olock, a light t>ay m HORSE, galled by the collar and rnbberl^C2A. to by the gear; and a straight bodied CARRIAGE, th Pennsylvania style, with two srats. .*25 reward r will be paid if taken in the oity.or$5nif taken ? elsewhere. J. M. HALL, at Lynn a Hotel, High . at, Georgetown, D. C. we 2V3t* District of Columbia, cochtt or c washington.?On thia 25th day of^f??^? T September, 1861. before the aubaoriber. a VMr a Juauoe of the Peace for the Count? afore-'I said, personally came Sidney T< Inert, and made oath in due form of law, that in April lastasmal au dark brown COW, white spot* on her hip and face, oame to hia enclosure, one mile south of the _ Inrane Horpital. in Washington oonnty. LP W ttnera, my hand and aeal t.hia 25th day ofSep tember. 1861. JAS CULL, J P. re The owner of the above deaoribed C^w l* re- n< quested to erne forward, prove property, pay ar oharg?s. and take her away. m ?e 25 2t* SIDNEY TOLBERT. District of Columbia, court* or Washington, Tottit: I hereby oer <rv tu tify that Samuel Shreves, of the city of ~L?T?\ Washington, brought before me, the sub sorber. one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the said county, this 25th day of September, lu the 8e year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty one, ti as a stray .trespassing upon hia enclosures, a dark ohestnut HORSE, a'xiut 12 years old. 14 harida high, hind feet white, much gained by the oollar, T shod all round, awith tail, trota and car.tera, and has been useJ in gears. ai 6iven under my hand an4 aeal thia 25th day of A Sept'mbor. A. D. 1RS1. v? ?? , J. W. BARNACLO. J. P. b. N. o.?The owner of th? above descril>ed horse is requested to prove property, par charges, and take him away. SAM'L SHREEVES. ? se gfl 3t* On 7th st., betw. L and M. No. 'Jlfi. JWTRAYEI) AWAY?Abont the 1st of Septem- tt ber, a small brown HORSE, about 12 <cv years old, a little ?nnk on th? withers, grey H-Tp in the face,one or both hind feet white. A liberal reward will be paid, if returned t?? 254 N c< st.. between 12th and 1.1th so 94 3t* tt 4 J(j REWARD-Ran away,on the 7th inat., i two NEGRO BOYS. Lewis and ^ ! Henry Lewis is of copper oolor and abont OF 16 years old ; he was purohaaed about 4 years d ago of George Horseman, residing on the Vl tl Island, Washington city, and may be lurking in that vioinity. Henry is about 14 years old, and haa loat the first lomt (or nearly so) of hia fore fin?ef. fight hand ; no other marks recollectfd. 1 will pay apiece, if aeoured so that I get them. X ^ ... ?KOROE HUMES, u ?e215t* Beltsville, Prince George'sco , Md. a, I 0#T.?53 Rkward,?Lost, last evening, a * Li Cult'a 7-inoh Navy revolver. aTver 01 mounted, marked ? Mortimer Thomson, 186t." The w al?ove reward will be paid to any per8?n who may 11 return the pistol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 241 F at., between 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Chadwick. Willards'Hotel. se 11 tf r( QKURQKTUWN \DVERT'MT^ ? rr*-"MASONIC.?A mee^ng of Potomac Royal n I_k3 Arch Chapter. No. 8 Georsetown, D. C . . wil t?e heid at th?ir Hall on SATI'RDAY, at 6)i *' p m. A punctual attendance is earnestly desired. '1 order of the M. E. H P. ii , a?27 2t E. D HARTLEV, S?o. |. ffTp-NOTICE LICENSKS.-AI1 peraons whose * LkS licenat-a from the Corp<iration of George- tl tovn expire on the 3>th inst., are hereby notihed promptly to renew the same, otherwise they sub- ii jeot themselves to a fine,and the law is coirpulaory on tke proper oflioera to enforoe said fine against -t ali dahnquenta. WM. LAIRD. Clerk September 21.1BS1. se 23-3tawtoct 1? ^ fr5ff?NOTICR-DOG LICENSES.?! hsowners 1? IL* of do;a in Georgetown are he eby notified b that all dog lioensea expire on the Sfith inst., if pay te ment is de ayed beyono the Huh or (lot .ber next. the .icense b* law is ma<1e 25 cents higher, and if V not then paid, when demanded by the proper officer, a ?he owner is subject to a fine, and the offie^r ia directed to kill the d? g. WM. LAI RD, Clerk. ui September 21,1861. se 23 Stawtoct 10 BUCRSKIN GLOVES. ^ GAUNTLETS. Ac. We call the attention ofSutlera, R?gimenta! Officera, and others wishing to purchase Huckskin S' Giove?. Gauntlets, Mittina. Purses, Tot^eco Pou- In ones, Portmounaies, L?ggins, Ao., at wholesa e, to ar our extensive >tock?all of our own manulacture? tv at our stor?, 105 High street, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittena are of the bear quality, of real Buckskin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, Boning- r G oves, Buckskin Shirts and Drawers, made to order. RAMSHURG A EBbRT, 105 High "trept, George'own, D C. v' N. B.?A large quantity of ajraps of Buckskin al and Chamois lor polishiug guns, accoutrementi, Ac., on hand. se 2* 1 in jp !\1 ASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S t'l PHILADELPHIA DRAUUHT. tc Expeoted thia day. per ateainer J. Jerome? 2"<i barrels XX DKAl bHi' ALE, lr 40 do. XXXX do. do. ei 5"i hif.-bbla. do. do. do. D( Which on arrival will be for eale. Terms eaah on delivery. A It NY A SH1NN, "c m7 Union Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVEl>- ~ 10 lihds. prima Porto Rico SUGARS llObbls. Old Rye WHISKY, ce tto bbla. HERRING and ALEWIVF.B, m bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS. w 0 bags Rio and Java COFFEE. tb 10 hhds.(low-priced) MOLASSES. at For aaie by JOHN J. B06UE. ae It 0f proposals for revenue vessels. b _ Tkbasuet Department. ( u Washington, September S, 1861. { . The Department will receive proposaia, aceom panied by models, plans, and specificationa. until , 12 o'clock Monday, S tn September, lbtil. for the bl complete construction and equipment of Two O' Steam Screw Revenue Vessels of 750 tons eaoh, and of Three Steam Screw Revenue Veaaeia of bOO nc tona eaoh United Statea measurement. Proposals will only be considered fiom successful Bteaiiwhip bui dera actually engaged in that business, and the name of the marine steam engine es 111 tai'lishinent at which the maohine-y ia to be made Hi rau't be stated and will havo due weight pr The load draft of water of the vessela of 750 tona an muat not exceed ten (10. feet, acd they will bearined hs with one nfled pivot gun of 8,ono lb?. weight, two i 32 pounder guna ol 42 cwt., and one Iieav? navy 24 c pounder howitzer on 'he top ga l?nt forecastle, f h? oomflement fir each vessel to be 12n peraona, co carrying proviaiona for aixty days, and 2,8(HjKallona an of waie; in tanka: ;o be furnished with aooudemer Co for distilling potable water. The vessels to le schooner rigged, w th flying gaff topsails, square sai .and yard to etflytnc. The load draft of water of the vesaHa of 60" tona < must not exceed 8). f>>et, and they will be armod. each, with one'lfled pivot gun of 6,'(M lbs. weight, J" two 32-pounders of 42 owt? and one light navy 24 10 pounder howitzer on the top gallant foreovstie. it The complement lor each vessel wid be 95 p'r- cr sons, carrying proviaiona for aixty daya. and 2.?00 tb gallo.ia water in tanks, aud to be furnished with a n condens r for distilling p table water. , The sessvls to be schooner rigged, with flying , topaatl*. sauare sai ,and yard to set flying. The proposals -rust he f .rfhe hull, spire, rig- cr giug, saiis and oauvaa work, ma?t coata, awniut?. Tl naminacka ?rd l?ag?, boats, anchors and cabl?e, Tl tanka, caska, btnBaol*a bella, mrniture for oabina ?u and meas rooms, co"k:ng apparatus and utensils * c m/lete, steam .^aohme.y, spare work, coal bunk-' e's filled wuh Buck Mountain ooal, with all the equipments and uuiflts of every kind. and . in all respects ready <o receive her officers. m?n, provi hi o s, and a moment, and at once prooeed to sea nr rhe armament,pro visions, nautical matrumenU, and charuonly wtl. be provided by the GovernID0Dt. Ift w desirable to have the bighest attainable 1 oh T" ba "toted in the offer, together with the length of time it can l>e maintained ana ^ the Quantity ol ooai that can be oarried in the br hankers for that speed, whioh should not be leaa da ^ enty ^our hour? each an J he specifications must deaoribe fully the ma- ?h ' t',e m*un#r and aise of fastening: ,.n the detail of the aisep finish, and ar angemeut of the machinery, and of tna various equipments and Y outfits inoluded in the proposa*. de The plars must be woiking drawings from which tb the vea'el and machinery otn be built, showing the al otment of spaoe for aoeommodationa, aieam room magAiiues, shell r(H>ma disposition of ooal, atd convenient stowage must be provided. It ia to be underatood that in the contract a ?>i guarantee will ba inserted of the fulfilm nt of the ? condition of draft of wat?r, apeed, fuel, aatafactory ,,, worfriug of the maobinery, aud other pointa re- K Qflir.'-d, with a forfeiture in case of failure. de The biddera must state the least tune from the th< tne oontraet or acceptance ol the proposal ni< within vhtoh they will agree to complete the vee- wi aela ready for aea and deliver them at any poru they may namo. Th? total amount for which they will engage U) do all that ia required in ?he fore going advertisement, and to be embiaoNi in their i specifications and piana, muat be atated, and the __ bids must be aeoompauied by tho guarantee ra ? quired by law that, ii awarded, they will execute R' the contract. re! Payments will he mud? at four different in errals tb< aa tne work progresses, retaining oue .1 5) of re| the whola amount for ninety (w) days after the t-i delivery of tne vessel, to r?pai<- am defeota that may be dtaaovned within that une on trtal at aea. The Department reserves the i lght to aoo-pt. he Wl proposals a.ade iu coofo^nity with the oonditions raeonbed whieh it may eonsider m ?st to the fnieresta of tne Government and lo oomt.ine th? greatest number of advantage*, and to reject ant or all of tbena at ite option. dr A competent person will b? appointed by the CI Department to superintend the ouostru'tioa and equipment of eaoh of the veeseia. rue ?p<*cificauoaal plana, and mud*la of ?arties not obtaining euaWaata asay ue withdrawn by rELEGRAPHIC NEWS FROM MISSOURI. JarVBRsen. Mo , Sept. 25 ? New* from Lei igton rrporta Col G rover, of tbe Home Gunrda. nd Lieut. Col White, of St Louie. killed. A inn named Kldrldge, from Lexington, U under rrest bue as a spy. The papers found on htm ate thai our force at St Louis was only 4.000 Hen MrCul'-Miwh ia inarching rapidly to form junction with Price, with a good supply of arllery He Is now very near Lexington. Mulll?n's total lorn was not over 154) killed, Ud that ' the rebels not more than 300. CJcinct, Ul . Sept. 24 ?The list of the Federals lied at l*exington. as far as aacertalned. ts aa folws Ftr?t Illinois Cavalry. privates Chaa. W. 'bite, ftam'l G Hannal. H. Nettle, J R Palmer, W. Davis, Wm H McDonel, Cvros K. Trego, Sehronable, John Hurly, Dan'l Sbeely. The horses and all tbe arms w?re retained by en. Price. Communication with Gen. Prentiss la still cut r, nothing having been heard from him since yearday. Roll a, Sept. 23.?[Correspondence of tbe S?. ?uis Democrat.J? Loaf night Mr. Holland, of >ringfield, arrived here, having left there on rlday last He is tbe man who took Gen Freont's modi float'.on of bis proclamation through Col. Taylor, of the rebel forces. He reports at Lieut. Williams, of the Thirteenth Illinois egiment, is on his way here wlih seven loaded agons and about fifty wounded men, under large of Dr Davis, they having been allowed to live by Col Taylor. They will probably arrive to-morrow night, his leaves about 1;*) of our wounded left In minefield, of which number 100 would have en able to coma to Rolla if there only bad been fficient transportation. St Loci*. Sept. 24 ?The Injunction suppress g the Evening News has been removed, and ainsey, the proprietor, and Grlscom, tbe editor, leased?they giving the assurance that they will >t print any military movements hereafter, or ivtbing injurious to the interest of the Governent. The News haa always been a strong Union Kr. illtary men here do not regard the slmplt capire of Lexington as Injurious St Louts, Sept 25 ?Gen Curtts has assumed immand, in the absence of Gen. Fremont at tLe at of war. lis rebels AT LRXI2IGTON SCrPO?RD TO BK SURROUNDED BY THR UHION TBOOTS. Chicago. Sept. 25 ?A special dispatch to the rlbune from (Julncy, reports that Gens. Sigel id Lane had attacked Gen. Price at Lexington, n otflcer of the government beard heavy tiring hilst passing Hamilton yesterday. He says be elieves that Price is now hemmed In as Col. [ulltgan was Some of Col Mulligan's men have arrived at blcago His whole command except the severe' wounded and the officers were ferried across le river on Saturday afternoon. Lt. Hollinburg the only officer who escaped. The Cjulncy Whig says that a rebel surgeon jnceded their loss to be eleven hundred and ilrty-four. Four hundred horses belonging to Col. Mariall?s regiment were killed by tbe rebel cannon, id some of the Federal soldiers after tbe surrener killed their horses to prevent tnem serving te rebels. Fram Kentucky. I.octsviLLR^Sept 24 ?It Is rumored that tbe ashville and Louisville railroad at Nolln, fifty>ur miles south of here, has been burnt There re no rebels north of that place Our plckeU are dd to be ten miles south of Elizibetbtown Two filers and five privates of Huckner's command 'ere arrested at Fllzdbetbtown and brought here, t is supposed they are spies. General Anderson lias issued a proclamation tying that no Kentucklan will be arrested who mains at home attending to his business, or who oes not take part by acting as a spy against the eneral or State Government, or does not hold nrrespondence with or give aid to our enemies l'be Democrat publishes a letter from General uckner to Hon. James Guthrie, proposing to the itter to continue tbe management of portions of ie Louisville and Nashville railroad under the ifluenceof the forces of Gen Huckner If this i declined, then he will transfer the rolling stock ? such agents as may be appointed by the counes through which the roid passes. The report that lock No 1 has been destroyed i untrue, and lt is doubtful whether No 3 has fen injured. Buckner's advance came too late, be undestroyed locks are now guarded by nionlsis. Many Union men of this city are much disturbed st the rebels, having nearly consumed the eatales In Virginia, will take advantage of the unlnrrupted communication from Richmond to Non, and come and devour the eatables of Kentucky uring the autumn. The proceedings of the Legislature to-day were nimportant. Franxfort, Sept 23 ?The House bill pasted, y a vote of sixty-two to fifteen, authorizing the illitary board to borrow one million dollars. In ldition to a million authorized May 24, on the tate bonds, payable In ten years, and eatablishig a tax of five per cent on S100 to pay the bonds id interest?the said sum to be appropriated to ie defense of the State. Important fram FmakUrt. Special Dispatches to the Cincinnati Gazette ] Franifort, Ky , Sept. 23 ?We have later adices from Barbourville, which represent that [>out thirty of Zollicoffer's cavalry were killed r some of the guards firing from a Held of standig corn The troops from Camp Robinson will soon go the relief of Knox county. A bill passed both Houses to-day, reconstructig tbe Military Hoard, by striking out the Govnor and another Secession member. Itiscom'Sed of live Union men, a majority of whom can :t The bill authorizes them to borrow one milon dollars, in addition to the million already ithorlzed, from the banking institutions and ivate individuals, and Increases taxation five nts on tbe hundred dollars. We have advices that Humphrey Marshall, ith one thousand men, Is preparing a raid against Is place. Troops will, perhaps be sent immedi>*lv from Lexington. There is no confirmation the capture of Morgan and bis guns. Frankfort, Sept 24 ?Four hundred of Col. romlett's Regiment arrived here last at one clock, wi'h a detachment of the Lexington oine Guards. This battalion will probably rern to Lexington In a few days. Humphrey Marshall has not been beard from, it it is certain that he has a force collected In wren county. The new military bill was up to-day. It pro>aes to call out 40,000 troops for not leas than one irmore than three years. A mobt deplorable state of affairs exists in tbe ountains in the vicinity of Zolllcoffer's camp, is cavalry are scouring the country, arresting ominent Unionists, destroying their property, d running off their slaves to Tennesaee. They ive taken possession of all the small towns, lnuding the saltworks, in Clay county. A new camp will soon be formed in Lanrel unty, to which the mountain troops will rally d form into regiments, to operate against Zolllffer. Arrests ia New Jersey. Trenton. Sept. 24 ?Dre. Kreamersnd Knightgale, of Hunterdon, were arrested and brought this city, c harged with a treasonable conspi racy. is alleged that they have been engaged In reuiting men for a treasonable organisation, called e Sons of liberty, with the motto of " Jefferson before Abe Lincoln" Subsequently the rk was changed, and recently, it isslle^ed, they ive been enlisting men for the Union, but seetly with the intention of serving Jeff Davis, bey were Imprisoned in the Mercer county jail, he grand jury are examining the evidence ;alnst them, aud will report during the present eek. The friends of Col. Jas. W. Wall were greatly joiced to day upon receiving a dispatch from in, stating that he bad been released from lmisonment at Fort Lafayette. The Ohio Rallrssd Bridge Disaster. Cincinnati, Sept 25 ?The committee appoint1 to examine Into the cause of the falling of the ldgeon tbeObioand Mississippi railroad a few ys since, by which so many soldiers were killed d wounded, report that the breaking of a rail rew the latter portion of the train from tbe track entering tbe bridge, aud coming In contact Itb the truss broke down tbe bridge. The aeeint was therefore not caused by the weakness of e bridge Vialeyal P? pars Presented Trknton, Sept. 25.?The grand jury have prei?ted the Newark Journal, Warren Journal, interdoQ Democrat. New Brunswick Times, alnfield Gazette and Hackettatown Gazette, aa nounclng and libelling tbe government, leaving em to tue action of public opinion, and recomVhb ?id pnblie and private patronage be From Western Virginia. Srafton, Sept. 25.?A body of Federal troops, mposed of M0 men of the 4th and 8th Ohio 'g imenu and the Ringgold Cavalry, drove TOO ?ela from Medhantcavllle Gap. on Tuesday, and pn advanced on Romney.and drove fhenee 1,400 t?ela, compelling them to retreat Into the mouains, with a losa of 35 killed and a number ounded. Our losa was only three killed aad 10 Dunded G?? Bntler at Pertlaad, Me. Portland, Mr , Sent. 21?General Batter adessed tbe largest audience ever packed Into our ty Hall, this evening. Seizure ef a Ba>h at Beetea. Boston, Sept. 24 The bark Florence, from SECOND EDITION. THREE tf'CUNl P. M OUR MILTTARY BUDGET** M1L1TABY ifMIKTlim" The following Army sppolntm^nts were mad* to-day In the regular service : Wm.C Own to be Second Lleutensat. Aral Infantry Frank J*andi French lo oe Second Lieutenant of flrat artillery. John A. Green, of Maryland, to be a Military Storekeeper Francis O Da vies to be Caplala of the all teen th infantry. Chas F Van Dnxer to be Second Lieutenant of fourteenth infantry. tbi rates* paid. It la said that the chief of the ordnance burmu declines to pay Freinoat's contracts for arma He has made a requisition for VSKt.OUU to cover those contracts, sending on a schedule of the prices agre?d on. which General Ripley, we bear, pronounces far greater than tbe as me arms cost here, and which he refuses to pay. KBlOtJS COMPLAIKTS. We hr-ar complaints of Infamous conduct on the part of some of the men of Ueoeral Hooker'a brigade (said to be of tbe Massachusetts 12th). Ths allegations arc rowdyism, plundering, wan ton mischief to property, Ac., In tbe vicinity of the position where they are stationed. KECOVEBIH6. The two men hurt In tbe course of tbe artillery and cavalry review, a few daya since, prove to have been but slightly Injured. HAVY VtID Important Hirtr JVflfl?1 Dttmtimg LustisssJ. Yesterdsy morning, tbe Reliance came ap to tbe Navy-Yard, bringing particulars of tbe discovery of the enemy's battery at Freestone Point, about twenty-live miles below Washington. Thin battery at Freestone Point Is a new one, bavlsg just been completed, and the brush which concealed it cleared away. It is believed to mount seven guns, two of which are rifled Tbe Reliance brought up a lieuteuant of the rebel army, who escaped a few days slace, and upon a raft succeeded In reaching a schooner near Kvansport. He reports that there were ether heavy batteries concealed by tbe brash, along tbe river, one of which Is at Coek~ pit Point. From ten to fifteen thousand troop* are stationed along the Potomac, among whoa there Is great dissatisfaction?many would desert if they could do so successfully. Several contrabands picked up this week, and also brought up by the Reliance, make slmllsr statements, and say that the rebels were busy alt dsy Sunday hauling cannon to Freestone Point. Tbe Reliance needs conalderable repairs to her boiler and machinery ; after which she will again join tbe flotilla Tbe transport Delaware arrived yesterday, with seamen from the northern recruiting stations. She was al?o 11 red into hy the rebels Wednesday night tbe Delaware run into tbe transport Planet, just below Matthias Point, sinking her immediately. No lives were lost La*t Tuesday tbe Ialand Belle was fired into from tbe Aquia Creek batteries, but without receiving any damage. A few shots were returned by tbe gunboat. Tbe lU^ ship Ysnkee, Com. Glllia, came up to the yard this morning In order to communicate with tbe Department concerning the rebel batteries Some merchant vessels report being fired upon coming up, but" nobody hurt." Tbe Mt. Vernon went down this morning, taking with her tbe Ueutensnt deserted from Dixie, doubtless to point out the whereabouts of rebel batteries. Last Monday tbe gunboat Mount Vernon went up tbe Rappahannock river forty milea, discovering nothing but about 500 rebels ata little place called Liberty. She was not at all molested on ber trip. All Is reported quiet on the river this morning by the Yankee Yesteiday morning the steamer Baltimore arrived from New York, whither she had takea several political prisoners from Annapolis for Fort Lafayette. s?w rebel batteeibs on tub potomac, arc. The following report will prove of intereat: U S. Steamer j. Bill. Indian Heed, Potomac River, Sept 23. 1061 ?Sit: I have the honor to submit tbe following report: This morning, about sunrise. I discovered men at work digging, Ac., at Freestone Point. I got under weigh at 9:30 a. m., (having satisfied myself that they were making batteries,) In company with the Seminole, Lieut. Norton in charge. I ordered her to follow my motions. We proceeded to Freestone Point, and I went close In and fired alx shell, dispersing tbe workmen and receiving no return of fire. I stood out. At that nwment the Seminole opened fire with her battery, which was Immediately answered from tbe said poiat with rifled shot, disclosing the existence at a battery there. The Seminole continued her Ire for some time, contlnuslly answered by tbe battery on shore. After she fired suiflclently long, In my opinion, I ordered her to cease firing and return to her anchorage. After taking a curve by tbe nature of the channel, anon standing up the river, sbe was fired upon by tbe battery on shore, which sbe returned; and while passing the Valley City, ahe was Informed that a shot from shore had pasard through tbe bows of tbe said vessel; and not having sufficient steam to make any progress to get out of the reach of tbe enemy's battery, reques ed Lieut Norton to tow him towarda Indian Head; which was done Tbe enemy's battery continued their fire upon all veneris and steamers passing up and down, until three p. m. To the be*t of my judgment there are four guns at aaid batWy; one rifled gun, extreme range, as many of their shots, during tbelr firing, almost touched the Marylaud shore No oae was lajured during the action. The olficers^and men fired deliberately and coolly. I have tbe honor to be, yonr obedient servant, E P. McCbba, Commanding To Commander j no P Gillis, Commnadlng Division of Potomac Flotilla. LATB LOCAL NEWS. Central Gfabdbovse Cases?Yesterday the cakes tri?d at tbe central guardhouse w>*re John Lane. Frank Johnson. James Hlckey, August Wessler, drunk; dismissed Alexander Tayior. drunk and disorderly; *4 69 J no Moore, drunk; SI 94 Emmctt Welkes, disorderly; tarried over to tbe military Daniel McCarty, profanity; dismissed Charlotte Gusier, out after hours; workhouse 60 days Peter Fitzgerald, druak sad disorderly (third time In 4P boars); 99 25 Nicholas Hays, do ; VI 94 Wm Sbaw, out after hoars, workhouse 60 dsys. John Gavin, a boy twelve years old, desd drunk. A younger boy who sras with him told bow Johnny get the money, aad where be got tbe liquor Johaay was given up to bis mother, and tbe polioe made ap their minds to psy attention to the shop whsrs the liquor was purchased. Sblliho Liqvob toSoldiebs ?YesterdayMrs. Philip Hogan was arrested by patrolman Bell for violating the U. S. laws to prevent tbe sale of liquor to soldiers. Justice Doaa fined bar Rtt G. M. Herrell was arreated by a file of men. by order of Lt. Col. Alexander of tbe 1st New Jersey Cavalry, for a like offense, and was fined SSS by Justice Dona. James Kennedy wns arrested by order ef Lt. Col. Alexander of the 1st New Jersey Cavalry, this moralng, for aelllng liquor to seldiera, and fined 825, by Justice Doaa. Louisville Jo penal ?This sterling aad loyal newspsper, running o'er with tbe trenchant wit and sarcaam of Prentice, can now he bad at Chandler's Cigar aad Periodical stead, la the National Hotel Chandler has always on hand, aad at tbe earliest moment, all the Baltimore and N. York journals, tbe Illustrated papers, aad tbe8tmr; without which last, of course, it weald be tmpoertbie to get aloag. A Good Sbloctios ?The Lleot Colonelcy of tbe Second Regiment or the MiUUaef tbe District of Columbia, made vacant by the removal from tbe city of G A. Schwarxama, has beaa oonferred open James EngHsh, Esq , foreman of th* Govera meat printing oftce LATEST NEWS BY TBLhGRAPH The Obeervaaee of Yest*rday la Baltimore. Baltimobx, Sept ?7 ?These wm nearly a trtel auirtnsion of all buelatss yse'erdoy. Tbe ctetrcfees of all denomlnntiens ware opnn. sad gsnassby wall Mi*. ' tjp* _ t

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