Newspaper of Evening Star, 27 Eylül 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 27 Eylül 1861 Page 4
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I THE KVKMWC; STAK THE BRAVE AT HOME. The ma<d who binds her warrior's sash. ' With smile that well her pain dissemble*, Tb* while bnmlb ber dreoping laah One atarry tear drop baogi ana trembles, Tho' heaven alsn? record* the tear, And Fame shall never know ber story, Her heart has shed a drop an dear As ever dewed the field of glory. The wife who girds ber husband's sword, 'Mid little ones who weep or wonder, And bravely speaks the cheering word, Wbat tbo' her heart be rent asunder? Doomed nightly In her dreams to hear The bolts of war around blm rattle, Has sbed as sacred blood as e'er Was poured upon the plain of battle. The mother who conceals her or!ef. While to he/ breast her tea the presses, Then breathes few brave word* and brief, Rtsaing the patriot brow the blesses, W J?b no one but her aecret Ood, To know the pain that weighs upon her, Sheds holy blood aa e'er the sod Recalled on Freedom's field of honor. Horn*, July, 1861. lHDtri!<9K*T Gaols Of ODD FKLLOW9 ?Sta ttsl'Ct of Ik* Grand Lodge / tk* United Slates.? At the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, held in this city during (be pest week, returna were received from the Grand Lodges of tbe following States, Territories, Ac , which evidence an Increasing prosperity to the Order within the States named For the following statistics we ra la deb ted to the kindness of tbe Worthy Grand Messaoger, John E. Chamberlain. Exclusive of tbe Seceded States, there was represented In the Grand Lodge of theUnlted States, at its session this year, State Grand Lodges subordinate to Which were 2.S85 Lodges During tbe fiscal rear wndtng June 3vth, 1S61, there waa 11,784 initiations, ffi9 applicants far membership rejected, 2 5M persons admitted to memtvrshln hv r?rrf 3 &*> withdraw*!* by card, 1.431 prions reln11 427 members su*pend-tl from benefits, 1,7?7 persons expelled, and 1 3i>9 deaths The "rt*l Dumber of members In those Lodges on the lit of July was 149:239 The total number of brothers relieved during the year was ll.8*/7. Totsl number of widowed families relieved >.290. Total amount of moneys expended for relief of brothers, #257.9 4 43; exoetidt-d for relief of Widowed families, S6tf ??15 29, expended for education of orphans $94,797.33 expended for burial of the dead. S56 660.61 Total amount of receipts In the Lodges. S9fj0.9?t 47 ?Rait Amtricm A CojiTaaDTCTios ?The Lancaster (Pa) Express publishes an authoritative contradiction of Bayard Taylors statement in the New York Tribune in relation to ax- President Buchanan sending a portrait of Miss Lane to the Almanacb de Gotha." There are reasons for believing that the publisher of the Almmarh has been hoaxrd by a German artist recently traveling through this MUBtPV There is n* ? ^~ 1 ~- " - . .v mm uv Vtuv I luuuuauuti I'H IU r tery whatever About a week at nee a railroad sleeper was t and lying on the Hudaon River Railroad, at its entrance iBto New York cltv. Sunday night the track for adlstanceofsixteen blocks wasobstructed with huge rooks, which were only dlacovered in time to save the train. Had they not been seen, a terrible low of life would have resulted, aa at this point there Is a very high embankment. IC^The remalna of Mme. Catherine Hayes Buahnell were laid In a vault at Kensal Green Cemetery. Loodoa. Tbe fuaeral eorttge consisted of a hearse drawn by four horaea, four mourning roachea with pairs, and the usual attendant*. The eoffln waa of plain polisbed oak, and bore a massive plate inacribed with the dstea of tbe inger'a birth and death. JJ^The distribution, sale, exchange or giving awav of any copy or copies of the Dubnqnr Hernia, published at Dubuqne, Iowa, ia prohibited in St. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fmom TBB UKITS? STATU. Kutmtrs. Ltavt. For. Davi. SanM.roo._.._..N*w York...Liverpool.. Sapt 28 ew York .Naw Yorit... Hren eo 'pf 23 uroM ?--?? - * - , , .vbk/" ..<uivorp(ivi,. .? 'CI Z Great E&itern New York?.?jiverpool ?.Oot 5 I'iria . . i ?.New York.._ Liverpool....<>ot m Ninxara.. Boston. Liverpool....Uot Ifi Asia. ? .New York _ Liverpool... Oct 23 Bremen. .New York..? Bremen??Oct % Prnon Kcaora Ifereia. _?Liverpool....New Vork . 8 pt 14 PsiIob .. ..8onths?U>n._New York.?Se^t 18 IClMI*'*"-? Liverpool Boston ..^ept*l .Liverpool....New York _Sept 38 Simml. Sotith'pton,..Sew York ,_Oot X The California m-vil steamer leave New York oa the 1st. 12th. and 21st of every mouth. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 392 fMISTLTillU Avium. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND BXTJCNSIVF. DpA^FRS IN GENTLE r i_ kpiishumu ?OOD?, -if (Intel, A Repnb.) N OFFICERS AND SOLUIKK9 KEPI NO Act kind of Fancy and Staple DRV ?*? ?0u6 for the folka at home are aoiioital to in m*oc omr raatatcckoi New Autumn and Winter fr abnoe. An examination of stock implies no obligation to firatuf. one price onJy, mvk^<l in plain figurea; therefor, no parobaaer i? deceived. PERRY A BROTHER. Fa. avenue and Ninth at, a* 3P St if "Perry Building " f\CR.STOCK AND WHOLE TARIFF OF \J MKK- ADAPTED lO THE WANTS op persons in Moderate circumvtances. Dry Good* in all department* of first olaea European and ^nvenoan fabric*. adapted lor tiie current vaataof families and hou?ekeep*ra. On* pnoe only, marked in p am figur<a, oocaetuent y no surchaser la overcharged. Al parcel! fur tno interior properly picked, free of charge. PERRY A ASRo., Peon, av a ad 9 h and C ata , ?p ? 5t:f "Parr? Building." piRKMKN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. 9300,000. Q#m aerarr C tuttt mid Ltmuimmm a*., e+*r B?A 4/ W*skin<um. INBER.H HOUSES A\n fiTHCB pbubbdiw ASAJN8T~L6si ByIfIrET Diebctobs. fi?o. Snoemaker, tjamuei Redfara, fiMiw Cropley, Wi iiam Wllson, Riohsrd Junes, Joan D. Barclay. &?ob Gruleon, Andrew Rothwell, Xi'1* Psrker, Richard Barrj, B. B- French, Dr. U. W. Davis. No oharie lor rolictes. J A VIE8 ADAMS. President Am 8. D*tt. Secretary. bo 9-eo?ni 1?ARGAI*S! BARGAINS !?Great r?a gains in t> a I ktn?Ts of CLOIdlN?T, |RUNK?, VA LUfKS.GARPHt BAGS,SHIRTS TIES, COLLAR J, HAT * and fcMITH'*, No. 4t>0 S*r*ntn st., opposite Poet <><Re. Call and see bis Mv Mock ud wbiok will be so.d at astoaahioc 1 ow rate* an y-lw J|OML>iALfc BOOTS AND SHOKS, La bibs'. Mimk' and Cbilbbbh'r Wbab, At Hzrtsdxntiy Lv>9 Pt-cu. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16Mark?tS?ao?. >S ? Pfc sr.. hot, tth and Sth ?ts. I 'I BOO DAIK tMUHb, VI _No, Jii Pa. a v.. bit. Uth ahdUth ?t?. iSRAJDa.CURL8.WIG8. HALF WI&H. FklZlflTKS, Sc.o. A fall ttoo* llnr< on hand,or mad* to order at the 'horteet Mbee. Hur W art reyairtsl or exchanged. IV. Ladlee* Hur DrM in the noit na?nra, p^p?r. TI* ?-twi Ywood and coal. Or Will earely ret youi uuq?t'i worth by eai'itkf Attn* PIOi\fcc.R MILLS, io?Uwiii cor Mr if Ijmm* ilfMi *nd C?Mi. (GEO. PAGE, gtO The? e?U chopper and five better measure aay outers is the city?out. ??lit, tod deiivii? of oharje. If y</? doc 11 eiwve . i *e laceer Mills a tr.a., aud be ntul?L < Ir.r wi?g TOPHAMV WBM WflB PREMIUM TRUNK Vfi MANUFACTORY, etmiTH Stmit, WnniMtM, D. 0. ?!t*t Medal awarded by Maryland Institute o Baltimore, November 7, U?D. Alee, Medal Mwojo itaa Meo^asioa* Institste, .? f - V?1 iOJ7? of tb? b?tt Button*!, erery dMonption tf ill /.?? Prwi. M?Imn nf 1'niirnin ' will plMM Minur t atuck bofore parth**iBg iMwhsre T-anks tb*t>ro m*4? m oiaer ^MOTior LMlaer acl Urns Trust* nsi4? to Trvaks oovarad %ad rMftiro4 ?t hort noCM, thdoli v?r?d fro* Jroharia totnrfptrt of the jiSnr"'' ? A'j iNl kK B.TOPBAM. urtir bkmt Tmrrrr inn,,-,r X*. GOODS FOR ^ Kk V AN TV WtflT" An unit Ud ej tan live ?took dot ib atwro. Tb* W?o.a of tte abore ttnjr proverb ally low prloM. Ooo pno4 oair, nurk_<i ir, ^mb iguna PER** A BKOTHKR, i, ?a. arenij; acd .Ninth at., ? P?J* *'P?rry ?g<Hi?K> 1 ONIONS?ONlONS-ONlONs. 7* KhKW ? .U . PROPOSALS PUR INDIAN OOOD9. DlPARTMCMT Of TH? INTERIOR, I OJU? Indian A furs, Septtmber 2', 1d6l. t Hialid Proposals. #n<1oraad ** Propoaala for indiauUoode," (t'1m* 1,2. 3 or 4 m the o**e mar be,I to b? delivered >n the city of N?w York, Will be reoelvfd at the L'ffio# of Indian Aff*ir* nr.til If o'olook a. m , on 9*Trmbit> the 12th day of October next, for famishing the following iiameri artiolee: Class No.!. Markintt BlanJuts, Cloths, and Dry Goods. 2 W*rp?trs 3-poiat white Maekinao blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inohas. and weigh 8 ponnde 2.SOO pairs iH-P''ict white Ma-kinas biaakeu. to measure 54 by (6 inoh*s.and weigh 6 pounds l.oxpsin 2-pomt white Mackmao blank eta, to measure 4? by 5* inohes, and weigh 5Jf lbs. ??) pairs iH ?omt white Maokinao blankets, to m?a .ure 35 by so inch**, and weigh iM Ibe. *0 pairs 1-point white Maskinao b ankets, to roc&'ure32 by 46 inches,and weigh 3% lbs 300 pairs 3 point scar In Maokinao blankets, to measure 60 by 72 in:h*s, and weish 8 P' u lis 3P0 pairs 2H point soa'let Mackinao b a"kets, 'o measure 54 by 98 inch?">, and weigh 6 pound* 250 pa'rs 2 point soarlet Maokinao biaoka'f to measure 42 by 56 inohes. and weigh5M Ibe. r5> pairs l po'.nt soarlet Maokirao blark*te, to mature 32 ty *6 inohes, aud weigh 3,'i ibe. 100 pairs SVpofnt green Maokinai blanke's. to mea?ure66 b? 84 inch**, and weigh 10 lbs. 600 pairs 3 point green Maokinao blankets, to measure to by 72 inohes, and weigh * pounds 600 pairs 2)* point green Msckmao biarkets, (o measure 54 by 66 inohes. and weigh 6 pounds 2*> pairs 3^-point indigo blue .Maolinas bltnkets, to measure 66 by 84 inohes, and weigh 10 pounds auo pairs3 point indigo blue Maokinao blankets, to measure 6u by 72 inohes, and weigh ibs. 200 pairs 2K-point indigo blue Maokinao blankets. to measure 54 by 89 insnes,and weigh 6 pounds 200 pairs 3K-point gentinel'a blue Maokinao Blankets, to measure 68 by 84 inohes, and weigh 10 pounds Sio pairs 3 p Jint gentinella b'ue Maokicao b ankets, to measure 60 by 72 inohes. and weigh 8 ?OUC(1 ? 400 pairs 2*% point gentinella bine Mackinao blankets, to measure 54 by 66 inohes, and weit ti 6 pounds 250 pairs 2-p< int gentinel a bias Maokicao blank ts, to measure 41 by 56 inches, and we gh 5>? pounds 200 pairs IX point gen'inefla blue Mackinso U'a* kets, to measure 36 by 5<> inches, and wrigh 4* pounis 150 p?irs 1-j.out gentinella blus Mackinac blankets, to (mature 32 by 46 inches, and weigh S>? pounds. 4,000 yaids fano? list bine cloth SuO do do green oloth WW do grey list bine cloth ?.ox> do saved list blue cloih 1,000 da do scarlet o'"th 1,200 do do green ol"th li?? pounds worsted yarn,tl foid) l.mjos-n cotton fKc i.acdkeroluefs J. r? 4* I'?' UU 11LOT O'ltlOQ 50 cIj black silk 1'ki Co 8 4 oott ?u ahawla 1 <o do 6 4 do 50 do 4 4 do ]'*> do B 4 woolen do pounda lin?n thread. N?, 40 SO aro?? wonted tartering 4<v vjardaoanoo 25 <? do Merrimao oalioo 7.t *i do Turkey r*d cal.oa 2 (*'?? do blu? dril iiig lo.nrt do n*r.abar?? 7 1? do brown dri ling 5t?fl do Uoori it atripca S >*1? d j blue d nima 5 ' <*) do o>tt>nade 12 5*i0 ilo bed ticking 5?*> do Kentucky jeana 1.5 >1 d > aa'inetta IttjMtt do piaid linaeya 2 &*) do h eaooed shirtir.g 15 ooo do domeatio ahirting, unbleaohed loooi do do aheeting, * do 3,000 do bleached do 10,(00 do brown ootton dnok 1 10,0?i do checka, atripea, and ptaida 2,oro do fla neli, aeaorted ljMM pounda oollon thread l,ow? do brown billing twine. No. 31 8**1 do cotton mai're 1.5 ** twilled tf*.r.n?l shirt a 1 joo oaiioo tliirU ??dozen hickor* shits inn to Madras hau kerohi'fs. Ci.*?? No. 2. Renriy mid* Clotkint. ITS frock cos.t?, indigo b!u? broadoloth 17i panta'o ns, do do fin indigo Mat< Macknac blanket eapotss 175 bim satmett c* a 176 do paDtaloons 7b cadet- mixed ?at nett coats 7S Jo do pwraloont 275gra? satmett coats. (> a< k j 275 do pantaloous 375 do vests. Class No. 3. H'xrdvn'., Agricultural lmr'tmmtt, ft. 4,000 poaeds t>ra?? kettles <nn tin k?rt!es. (5 ?:xea) 1 J> oesti Japmned kettles,(8 in a nest) nfl mn v 3?f ? ?*< ' -? ?- ? ?>v n iVfBf \J ! I?" 7 l"5d">z^n 3 qnar< tin ia l.V)dvz:n3 quart tin pa iB 30 do 8 quart do S7A do tin cupa 1<0 do nquaw a-11 7-) dj fail iiuuiis ? o do fi*h 1 ne< 1M groaa n -ediea, .sanrted 275 cozen ooarae tooth comb# 75 do fine tooth ooaiba SO co aoiaaors 7<0 do ih ura t"i do grabbing hoea JS d<? werdiug h"ee h1*) drawing knives. 10inches 5 h&iHl a&vi luo dozen hud uv hlea, 4>* inohea 5 do abovela 25 do apadea 75?? ahort band e fry pan a 2) dozen baa ing apoona !jko do iron table apoon* 20 d-> az<*a, to weigh ?H to b\i pounda luO do half axea to weigh 3 pounda, (with handles) 100 do sino nnrro'a l'*i do fire aleeia 1<*> pounda itraaa wire loo do beat Chneae vermillion. Good a of Am-jrioan manufacture of th? atyiea and quality will be prele r*d; bat u the um? 9i of biankets and oloth* are foreign fabnoa, it Will !>* necessary, in proposing a dom*atio article of either of tlu> -> kinds tnat a aampie thereo: s.iail accompany the bid. i h*? articles t.? t>? furnished must iu all respeota oonlorm to and be equal ?ith th* Governmetit samples vhiofa ma* be seen a thu oifioeon and after the firat of Ooto->er next. Tiie artioie* will be rigidly inspected acd compared witn tie samples b> an agent or agent* appointed for that pu'pose. Suoh as may be unequal thereto id any particular will be rejected, m vu oh oaae th* contractor will be bound to furnish othera of the required kind or quality within three davs; or, if that be Dot done, they will be purohased at his expense, ray meat wih be made for th* goods received on invcioes thereof, certified ' y the agent or agmta appointed to inspect them It is to be understood that 'he right will be re aerved to requtr? a eroat:r or leaa quar t ty of any of the articled named than that rpecifi d in the i above acuedale; ami al* bidi for famishing said artio a* may be rejected at tho option of the He partinent; ana tfeat i.wue from pjraona who have ail?i to compiy wiih the requirements of a previous contract with toe United 8'ate<. or who are r.ol J? - -L ?? uwiVOO-.O u*? > CI 8 1 U TUB r uired articles, will be oonaiderej ; and the fact that bidder* are snob manufacturers or dealer* must be e*ideno6l by the certificate of the collector ol the port where thi?y reside, or wh<re it l* p opoted to deliver the articlea The proposal* mutt embrace the a'tielra, with theqnan ities thereof a* they are arranged id th* oh^dale. with the prio-s annexed to eaoh, in d'-llar* ami cent*, at which they are t" be furnished; anl th? amounts rnurt be c\rriod out a- d footed up for each o.a?? r-a.d price* ai.d amoun'.a ir.ust be i *o given. without any modification, r propped modification, or variation whatever They should be sutmitted with t!ie following heading: "1 (or we) hereby propoaa to Mirniih for the *ervioe of the Indian I>paitinent, and according t<? the ierin? of if* advertise nent thereof, dated 21 st September, 1M1, the following article*, at the price* thereto fixed, (here insert the li?t according to the ola** or otaaa** proposed for.) deliverable in the oity of N ew York by the fi r*t day of A pr I next, or at anch time or times during the year l?62 a* mar be ordered by the Commiaaioner of Indian Affair*; and, if this proposal bi aocepted, (here insert the words,'in whole o* in part' if more thin one o'.aaa be proposed for,) I (or we) will, within twenty daya thereafter, execute a oontrao accordingly, anu giv? aeourity^satiafaotory to th* Coin ma* uwr yi luuiu ADkirs, lor the latthfui performance of the um?" t-aoh prop"?&! muit be aocon pam*i with & guarantee in th? following form, to be signed by two or ct >rr re pt'on! le persona. whose suAoi-i.or must I mi oc<rtitie<l to by a U aitad States Jauge or distriot at'orney. ' e t'.areby jointly and severally guaranty that the \.?ove bidder, tor bidders.) if a oootraot shall be t?i ded ?o turn, (or thein,) according to his or tne.r bid or proposa1, will execute a oontraot accordingly, aod give the requisite aeoariiy (of the performance thereof, as ara*oriL>ed in thaaiverti.-eme it f? proposals for Indian cools, dated 21.t heateriher, 1M1; and, in the event of hia (or their) fai.ur j en to do, we hereby agree 10 bind oarselve*. oar beira, executors, and assigns to lorfeit and pay the Un:U*J 8ta es, aa damages, a sum not leas than rat" 00nt*00 the amuunt buJ ?r Pr0" *?Bonds will be required in the amount of the bid for th?s faithful performanoe of the oontraet. with two or mora soretiea, wboae sufficiency must be certified by a United States jadgo ordiatriotat torcey. no proposal wi'l be oonaidared that doea not striotly oonlorm. in all partioulara, to the terms and directions o? this advertisement CHARl.ES K MIX. se 23 StawOot It Acting Commissioner. Q U N BO A T 8 Guarttrm&tttr OmuraTt QfUt, I Wmtktmttom CUw. Jul* 18.18fll.{ Plus jtd graciviCATToms for balla of Ban Boats for r e Western rivers are on exhibition at thia oSoe, and at oAoea of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cmoinnati, St. Louis and Alton. . Boats to be delivered at Cairo, ilids shoa'd be ssntto (Jaartermaster General of the United States Army, atWashington, by 1st Ajti Jy 19 Brie. Gen'l and Quartermaster Gen'l. AP? OF ThR (SKATOP WAR.?A splendid Map or tbe Seat of war for only * oscis. Also, Peoket Maes of all kinds. Soldiers'Camp Drees nc Casea from B> M to M. Blank ifooks and Stationer? of all kinda, Flag * T^Mr?rB?Da^riaS7'Bad(M. VUvb of WMhinf / ?.. Hd Pomgn At?uiD<i, Daily ud * e?*ll l>A?w,pttENCH RICH?TEIN'S N*U6fl&: Bookatnre, Itt I i lnt?r A K*?uh.) QTt? Hi tvisut. fivwq il()|li FINE FRhNOH OOTlMtfE teKS?1?3WW j rm* * * Tliey f rlfht to the Spot.*' INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR COU6H PURIFY YOU* BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE 9 ______ SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, UOOV FOR run LIU SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINOERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve % Cough instantly. Thej clear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioions aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are mado of simple herbs and oannot harm any one. I advise every one vho has a Cough or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of Uie Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeotions. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go rirht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and plea*ant while traveling or a'tending pnhlio meetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If you try oce package I am safe in saying that you will ever af terwards consider them indiipensible. Yon will find them at the Druggists and Dealers in Aledi oineaPRICK TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr mtature is on mob paokage. All others are oounterfeit. A Pa^kaice will be Rent by mail, prepaid, on r? oeipt of Thirty Cent*. Addreaa, HENRY C. SPALDINQ, No. 4* CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. j j\ic /> % (CAJR CURE ^<5. NervousHeadacht ?* CURE JP ^ iinas ?V Headache. - 41 By the im of th*M Pills the periodic atteeka o I* or Rich Ht.aAM.rkt ma* h? ?~i 1 taken at the commencement of an atUok imine dlate relief from pain and sickness will he obtained. They seldom fail in removing tbe iYuiM and Htadaek* to which femalee are ao anbjrot. They aot gently upon the bowele,?removing Cot tmaiii. For LUtrmry Mtn, Stndmti, Delicate Famalee. and ail persons of itdntmry Habits, they are val able aa a Laxativt, improving the wrtli, giving ton* and tiior to the dieestive organ*, and re atorlng the natural elasticity and strength of the whole ayetera. The CKFI1ALIC FILLS ars the result of long investigation and carefully conducted ezperiments, having been in use many yeara, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in then?r?0M4 system or from a deranged Ut? or the stomtk. They are entirely vegetable id their eomposltionud may b? taken at all time* with jcrfoot ufetj without making any ohance of diet, mnd ikt mbttnci 4/ My dtt*tr$4abl? fast* rmd*r$ it Miy I# dminittrr ikim to ckildr$n, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine hare five signature* of Henry C Scalding on each Box. Sold by Draggiata and all other l>?aler In Medi ai? A Bo* vill be aent by mall prepaid on receipt* i U? PRICE, a? CENTS. All ertera ahoaid be addreeaed to HENRY C. tfl'ALDINC, i 48 Cbdak Btei it. Niw Yoke. Prt*n tkt Exmminir, Norfolk, Tm. Oyhalio PiLUi aooomaiiah the objeot for w>iteb inej wore made, vis: Care ol headaolie In all it* forma. >Vro* tlu Bmmmimtr, Ntr/tlh, ft, They have been tested in mere than a thenaaa* taaea, with entire aaooeaa. yrtm IAt Dtmotrml, St. Ct?ud, Mm*. If yon are, or have been troubled w ith the head *oha,aendforaboi,( Filla,) ao that yoa may ha?o them m oaae ol au>ttaofc. IVaa tkm vruln H R. Hum, ri. it, We boarMly endoree Mr. ttpalding. and hit ? rtTailed Gephalio Pill*. (Vmi tht Soutktm Pmtk Fi*dm, Htm Orltmtu, La. Try them ! 700 that are afflicted, and ti are nra that your teatlmony can be added to the already anmerona liet that haa received benelU tut no other medioine can produoe. From Iks Saiiiu, Da??*i?eri, /naa. Mr. 8?aldinj w<>uid not connect hit naao vltk an artiole he did not hnom to poueca real molt. From tkt Adiirtistr, PtmUam, i, I. The Cephalio Piila are nald to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headache, and one a! the very beet for that very frequent oamp^aint which haa ever been diaoovertxL Ami (JU St. Limit UtaiMrar, The tmmenae demand for tke Article (CaykaiU Pilie) u rapidly increasing. ?V**t IJU iMMfiUi V*ll*y Star, Kmmmmkm, ft. We in cure ttiit person* nffnrinx with Ik* head aahe, who try taem, will stick to ihm. Fttmi tit Ad+ntistr, Pr?idmut, K. I. The taatimorr in their fevor i? atretic, tr*m Ue moat i aepeotab'a quarter*. ??? t\om ths D+iiv timet, Jhwnrt, A. 1. Ojhalio Pilla are taking the f laoe of all kind*. F+om th$ Commorci*J Built tut, Boston, Mmss Baid to be very efioaoiotu for the haadaaha. Prowi tKt Commercial, Oimcmmati, Ohio. BuSering haicaoitr oan now be relieved. IET A untie bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will hti ten times iu ooet annailly. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE I SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE.' SAVE THK PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH 07?A Btttc* ih Tim* Bath Ni??."_ni A* uoidtnti will happen, ovon in woU re** la tea famiiie*, it ie wj deeirable to have tome eheap andloon renient way for repairing Furniture. Toy? Crookery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB eet? *11 inoh eraortenoiee.and no honeehold o* afford to bowithoatit. ItmdwtjirMdi,and to tto tioklnx point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B?A Breakaooompaaiaaaaoh Bottle. Piio * *eete' HENEY a 8PALDIN0. No. Abetter street. New York. AATTWAII gSpSSgSH? PAL0UIW PKBPAKKD ?Lf ?sassf*^-wa^ i CWi GnA CeU, tfMrtMMit. /< /KWfflk ^wu?.M|i Irritation or Sort Mit ?/ U? TXroat, Hthrrt tkt Httcmnt Coutk m rp?i**^ llrfll'lHiuill iton, Bronekttit, Atkwim, yilJkylitU # Catarrh, Cltao and nri WR9IHP15/ ttrtnttk to tkt rpict PUBLIC 8PKARB* a*? B1N6ER3. Few are aware of the importance of ohaocini Coo(h or "Common Cold ' in ita first taee;tF:i which in the begining woald yield to a mild rem dj, it necleoted,aoonattaok* the l.unta. "Brown Bronchial 7Vee*o," oontainHic >iemuToentinired enu. allay Pulmonary and Uionohial Irritation. I "That trouble in my Throat, (f< BIOWN 81 whlnh tha 'TVyi>i-?" ?r?? _____ tUTiDK made me often iaTerfwhi TROCHES perer * N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S Mi rMommend th?ir ?m to Pv>L

SrsAzns." TROCHES *EV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great eerTioe in tubdolnj Hoak?1 BROWN'S N***." REV. DANIEL WISE. VBftmva " Almost instant relief in the di HUtHbs treeain* labor of breathini pecilii BROWN'S l? A,^!KV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anrUni injanoua." DR. A. A H A > ES. BROWN'S Cktmitt, P.oHo "A ample and pleasant oonibiu TROCHES boa for CoX1"a V'biqELOW BROWN'S D d" Bitti TROCHES * BentHo^in E> brown's boilc " 1 have proved them axoellent fi TROCHES Wmoopije CoweH," REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S B?*t? Hnnafinia.1 *h? ? ll~l < * ROCHES f^rn CoLD." D D ATO Mia RlJiV, Oi #? Ii All iiEiKSUNf BROWN'S Si. lew TROCHES " K"Pct?ai in reiaovinz Hotrn neai and Irritation of the Throat, i BROWN'S oorn^oc Wllb SriAXiKs and Sim TROCHES nipT8t M. BTACY^FOHNSONj BROWN'4 TMoher of Miaio, Sonthei u " Female Colin*. TROCHES "Great benefit when taken befoi and after preaohinf.aa they ?revei BROWN'S Hoaraeaeaa. from their >a*t effcc i think they will be of permanent a< TROCHES ran tare to me. REV^E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Preaident of Athene Collece, Ten **OC?E8 ff^Vtm?i,t6?aS5P 1.1 w M m.j JOT f?f fflPIM HKSSHBT AffJLT THB^KXSLBDI AM JO IPS *IX HEALTH. Ftlast, 4* 70* cmffer? Are yor. tbe victim ef u af thoae nameroaa ailmenta whioh anae ircm in parity of the blood.' Whit are ther, do yoi ui Rather aak. what are they not.' Tbe blood la tt aocraa of life ud health, and il is the irat elemei of oar being to recpond to ur aaue which iflec the ayatem. m the palee Infallibly atteata. The er< prevailing Nearalgla, the Irritating Erjaip?.aa, tr aabtle Scrofula, theagooiaiug r^enmauam, Ne voaa Debility, Druyepaia, LIvct Complaint with i (oraor and dejection, ana the Mmbetieaa tila tin flaan ia hair to, derive their hideoaa origin from tl blood. Dea. kindly than and gently with the bloo aa the vitaiiaing reeoaroea of natare furitaan and aafer aa to command to yoar confidenoe ai aaa that triiy vaiaabia madioament known aa MRS. M. ours INDIAN TMO STABLE DWOOOTION. With retard to thia almoat infallible aaeail poaaJar aeptiment Laa apoken In deoidedte'rm and the end en tea of th:a treat eAracr are aai tamed by oonatant itotli ofouratiye electa ar the happieat reanlta from iu aae are alter all othi remerfiea and the beat medioal akill hare failed. Let ma ear, in onetneion, that cert Seatea aarea are not aonght from the illiterate and suae Soial, but they are volunteered fr ni the moat n apectable aoiroea and jnatify the his heat torma i which it la poaaible to notnmend ao valuable poc.ricto pablio approval. We mar add alao thi tbe curative properties of thetnedioice aree^uallc only by ita reatorative eacota. the ayiOem reooTei inc fromdiaeaae with renewed eoraiitutir.nal rico For aaie by all reap^tatle Druetiata in thi ity.and by tne proprietor, MR8. M. COX, Mone reDnine on ess her name la Mown on U bottle and her ?ea! on the oork R"Price fl per bottle, eiz bottlee for li, oUtmlt Attnt. R. H. T. CJ88EL, lirif fis VeoreetoTD. ?>. C., Wholesale Ajent for the Dli triot, and win pyly the tia4e at mj pnoe*. aill-tr THE BPBSCRIBF.RS RF.9PECTFULL invite the attention of the A'tny and t. Navy to their full ?uppl? of MILITAR\ ana NAVAL, FURNfcHlNli ?i'H?DS, Wh aoh as Indigo Bine Clothe and Doeskini, WW < ipi, Epaulets, Laoes, Miculder Straps, Belts, Swords, sword Knot*, Cape, Hats, ai.d ? respective embroidery A so, th* oelebrated PA'I ENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Order* in that line re*peotfnll; solicited. H F. LOUDON * CO., Naval and Military Merohant Tailors, Jt lleoSm 3f>2 Pa. av.. under Mrown's Hotel. H FRENCH A R1CH9IEIN AVE Just reoeived a fresh supply of Note Pi per. Colored Borders, ruled and plain, with Ei velope* to inatoh Also, l- lac i*aper of all kindi Willi inn vitlinnt Mnltnaa* k r * > I noa t n trt etok ^ w.-<< ? O ?" IIIIIVUOPurses and Pocket Book* ui e*ory descriptioi A large assortment ofStationery. New York Papers received daily; Papers froi all parts of the country. FRENCH A RICH8TEIN, mat <7* Pwiri mmnn*. RMY SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVE D? 430 cans SAUSAUK MEAT, 240 cans FRESH TOMATOES, 48<oaiik FRESH VEAL, 3S0 cans BEEF, a la mode, 24<)cans ROAST BEt>, 990 cans FRESH MUTTON, 240 cans BEEF and liKAVY, 240 < ans SOUP and BOUILLI. Ubonses FRENCH DESSICATED VEGI TABLES. For sale at New York Factory prices. KING ft BUKCHELL. se 6 Corner I and E Uteenth streets Hnkw hook*. I8T0RY of the United Netherlands, by Joli Lothrop Motley ; 2 vola.; free b? mail. 14. The Riae of the Dutch Repuuue. a hie tor?. t John Lothrop Motley; S to a cioth; freo by mat SilM Marner, the Wearer < f Rareiol, by tt author of "Adain Bedeoloth Tifoenta; paper I oeota. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrc Sarreant; ?1>0. After loeberga with a Painter.a Summer Vojai to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rer Lonia 1 Nob e; ?1.50. The Manufacture of Photorenio or Hydro-Ca bon Oils. by Tnomaa AntiaeU, M. P.; ?1.75. Any of the above free by mail FKKNCH A R(CH8TKIN, ap2.*> Peiina. avor.ue. QUNBOATS ?oa th* WE8TKRN R1VKRI QnikinMAim ^xnkeal'b Orvirs. I Waikxmtton. Junt 17.1361.1 l"*oro?ALs are invite*! for oonstruotiac Qui boats upon the Western rivers Specifications vill be iimmediately prepared at may be examined at the Quartermaster's Office i Cincinnati. Pit sbu'uh. and at this otfioe. Proposals from boat bull' era and ei;jine-bui!< er? alone will be considered. Plans submitted by bidders will be taken inf consideration M C. MEIGS, ie 18 Quartormaster General United State Boots amu auuba wo stiw t* TiMBft. We are now mannfactannr all kinds of BOQ1 and SHOES, and co: staatly reaeivinr agiih si?p.T ol eastern work of '-very de BS&i enptoon, made expressly to order, and willFlaJ be sold at a mnoli lower sriootfian has been* Wf heretofore charged in (his oity for msoh uueru artiolee. Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern < city made work, will always ftnd a rood assortmei in store and at the owes! prices. Give as a oall. &1FF1N * UM.O., it ' VIS f?nnstlvaD>e evens*. /'OOD ARTICLHfc-MojiREf INBISOTfti VKRM1N IlKHTBflVKS will 32 ... Roaohes, Bed Burt. Acta, Moore'a Rat ai Moaae Exterminator never fails. Moore's Benin will remove paint, varn ?h or grease of any kin from the most delioate fabric, siik or woolen, witl ont injury to oolor or otherwias ; will clean K Glovee heaotifaliy, with little labor. For aale i MOORU*S Oreat Medimne 1>??oC 111 Pa. ai W oat KnH a?f-tr STKINWAY * SONS' AND RAVKN> ?J COPTS PIANpS.?A large-assortmenW^M Q&s juat :>een reoeived.? Pe'aons in searohlHBI of a reliable instrument at a low pnoe are* V *' invited to call anil eiarmne at the Masio 8tor% W,6. METZEROTT. Orders reoeived lor Mr. MARCU8 REBIN1 Pfame PoH? 'i urw as 11 l\UPONT'8 GUNPOWDER, Vw For aaia at mauuiaotnrera priaee, by JOIM! I ll'icllt- e. v" vwa*?? ? WWUf 'J ?V? Etf BTUWWl II. Ul| Soli Af**c* for tJU Dittritt of Coiwmin*. ?AhlaVMi,TJ3,l??,?rS'^SW."lR Iriot Orders can aiao be left at theoAoe of Adara RxirMfOmMur WuhwftAii. ?. i 'RKAT BaKGAINS IN PIANOS.-One vei "I moa Hall & Bona' tMk?for SUO; on^^| tt7 Moe Kusevcxxi Chiokerima' mtkcflMH for ?100; one Rosewood N< wnian A Bro.'sMf 11 make for #7S, at the Mnrio Store 01W. 6. MET! KROTT. eoie a?eut of Stein var * t*oai' at Rt**n RiMfi y n? 11 Au PULL ASSORTMENT OP BRAS8 AN WOODEN DRUMS, Dram Heads. Urn Moka and B?m?, Braas and Oop?er Uarlea, Pile Flatee. B&cjos, Smtars.and Vioilns.atTow price ieat arrived at the Musio Store of W. G. _ME1 ZER( ?TT, oorner of Eleventh street and Penni avenea. m 17 AUTUMN SHAWLS Al?o, new 8uk Mantlet i modern <Uauoa.) ^ '*?4gjfeL jsyjy?fa<?k~~ OAT,*,,rHstvuKWn ' ** Voriwtnr ?V N? gon M f- TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. LMdinc tod tnbvking ptMMtiri at Uueenstown. IraltM. S Til* Liverpool. Nev York aad Pki)od?ipkia Sto?m?ni? Com^ur mteud di?p*tohmc th?ir rati . povered CJii"-bailt iron M fo.lows : GLASGOW t*?tBrcftT, Aogtit M. il city of Baltimore, loth. ?: KANGAROO. M " Wh. / And ?r?r j SaUrdar, at boob, front Piar 44, North nrtr. katki or ri*u?i. " Firat Cabin... f? 0> Do. t? I.nm1n? H ?- Do. to Pfcria aS Do. to H?r*~? "*. .l Do. to ?'a'ia SM Do. to Hamburg. ? 1 PuHMtn forward ed to Ha?re. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ae , at reduoed throngfc (area, i- Hereon* wiahiag to bring out their friende ean n bay ticket* at low ratoa. Kor further information apaly at the Captaina Oftca. JOHN G. DaLv . Agent, " Or to Q. A. HERRING, Acaj&a^xareea Bal toil, EELS: J*?^i*Tl? EASTERN AND WRa^ER!* " SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt J H, K nran ' tlONEEK,"Capt. W.Norman. * Will run their routea aa followa, leavi g Light >i atreet, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 1 o'olook A. KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Laadinga n. on Cboptank river, every WEDNESDAY and M SATURDAY. returning every Thuradty and Monday. For Annapolia and Weat River, every TL'KS DAY and FRIDAY and returning aatedaya. w ?PION EER?For Srjfl'ohael'e an* Eaaton. via .nine's Kiver, every WKDIMhSDAT. and return " the fame d&r. *' For Annapolis, Weet River, Cambridge, Oxford and Em ton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday . ? * For Annapolie. Weet River, 8t. Mioi^ePyand Ka ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returmug eve^y Monday by name route r* Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and taaton nt n-:-. "" | C UIML * . ? ? . m m m . * ? 1 I * 9 1 W }> Fare to MioUae.'*and Milea' Rivera round trip. # 1 -) 100 Eare to West Rir*r, (roand tTie, 81). 1 ? tra t< Annapoli*( wand trip73oen*a)__ 76 n. MEALS EXTRA. i- raatoVi'. arasfit, Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. ~ _ NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE,I CiLniT Statior, Batimora. May U. 1*1. ( On and after Sunday, 19th, lad. Train* on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIlWa V ar" rive and depart aa folio w*. nntil farther notioa. ?"f TRAINS NORTH. . MAIL at 8 15 A. M. ? u H ARrIsBURG*ACCOMMODATION at F. BT M \? The S.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relay II??*e r- with train* on the Weetern Maryland Rail road, U at Hanover J u notion with Hanoverand Getuhtfg it Railroad*; at York with York and Wnihteri.le ) Railroad; at Harnahnrc with Pennsylvania Raild. road for all part* of the w eat also with Lebannon i, Valley Railroad to Nm Yorkdtrtet, at Northnm id berland with L and B. "auroad for Kincaton aad I all parr* of Wyoomiox Valley And at?anbory with I the Phi.adelphia and Erie fculroad for all parta I D>' 1 ? -i. V VUW| U I oiiitB/lTSUianiCl I OTI. . The 330 P. M train bu^j* tlw ab^e ' tion* exoept Hanover IUUrr?d, Wl-ighjmllt 1 Railroad and tbe Lebannon Vail#; Railroad. . Tne 8 P. M train make* oonneetiona with PennsT'.Tania Bailrrad for all parte of the Weet, and ,r direct oonneota for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. . Mall at 6 lft P MKxpr* a at 7 4* A. M.; Harne1 burg Aooommodatiou m 2.43 P. M. ? For Ticket* and information lnqaire at the 2 Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. Jm C. CLARK, Sap t. d LE&? neW8?1(.ph1a The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and " i teafA11 PLACKH, from WALNUT BtREET WHAB F t ! |IND KENSINGTON DEPOT,will leave as foi *" i At 6 AM , via Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. AocoirmodaUon.) , , _ . _ I At6A. M , via Oamden and Jersey City,(N.J. v I Aooommodation. I * At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City.(Mornire Mail.) At 11K A. M . via Kensington and Jersey City, I (Western Expresa) At 12fc P. M., via Camden and Amboy,( Aooommod&tion.) . At t P M., via Camdea and Amboy,(C. and A. Expresa) At ?h T M., via Kensinfton and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) At P. M , via Kensinfton and Jersey City, (Beoond Class Ticket.) At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Kveaiac Mail.) At ILK P. M., vi Camden and Jersey City,(8ontkk" ern Mail.) >- At6 P. M.t via Camden and Amboy, (Aooemipodation. freight and passenger, Pi ret Class Tioket.) Second Class Ticket. ? The 6 f. M Mail Train rans daily. The 11* P. M. Mail, Saturdays exceoted m For Belndere, Kaatonl i^nbertnlle, Flemin?tor.. to., at 7.10 A. M.; and 4X F. M., from Ee*^F^nM^'ater Gap, StrondtM^i.Scranton.WUkaa? barre, Moutrnae, Great Bend, Ae.. at7.10A.M~ iroiu Ke??infton, via Delaware, Laokawanna and WABtTD n Ml road. For Mauuh Chunk, AUentowa and BM? en?m,al 7.10 A. M. and 5P. M.. from ?anain*Uji) depot, the 7.10 A. M. li e oonneoU with the train learlnf fcMtoo at 3 35 P. M. . For Mount Holly at and 8 A. M. and t and 4* P ^1 For Freehold at A. M. and S P. M. For Hrutoi, Trentoi, Ac. at 7.10 A. M., IX and r' F. M from Kensmcton, awl MP. M from Wamut *tr?et wharf. Kor Palmyra Hi vertoa, Delanoo, H?rerly. Bcrlinrton, Fijrecoooo, Bordentown, Ac., at ttlf, I. _ ?. 4* ami 6 J' M. Steaintr j'renton for Bordentowa.aad lnterme_ d.&te plaoce, at 2X P. M. Iroai Walnut street n wharf. _ 1T7" For New York and Way Linaa. leaving [7 K.v, . ...I. !?--- ?-k? " ? ??' . * ? ..?.????vu vim vci r mni on r 1111! ItTMtf ' above Wai iut, calf an hoar before denature The oars run int> the depat, and on arrival of train run S from the de >ot. r ifty poood? of bacrace only allowed torach paaariifer- Passengers are prohibited from taking * anything an baggage bat their wearing *?par?l. Ail baggage over fifty pounds to be paid for r <*xtra. The company limit their rerpons winy (yr u" bittace to one nol ar per pound, and will not be uaoloTor an; amoutit beyond one hundred do. tar a, exoepl by spec.a. oootraot. WM . H 6AT7.MKR. Agent. - I^?99HE WE ST1 A XD fo UT H BlfSHH BALTlMORF. AND OHIO 9* I KMLKUAD. 1 a - ** yja sou aiutr mm, laei, the tramp will rjan a? follows, vie?Leave Camden Station, Ha.ti, more.?Mail, .exoept Sunday,; at 6. 90 A. M?*1 pre*a darty at 3. 45 p. M. JBoth Trii?# |0 <JlreoUy ? through ? ' OR all parts ok the WEST, l| DOUiHWEaT and northwest. kor way PA8SKN6KRB. 1 Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M. Train; between PiedmoLtand Wheeling take Ac to oommodation Train, leatiug Piedmont at 6. 40 A. M ; and between tirafton and Parkarsbarg, take the 5 s> a M Train from Baltimore. - Tne FRKDKKIOK TRAIN :?aves Baltimore S at 4 30 P. M. aod Frederick ate30 A. M. Th* KLLICOTT'S Ml LLS I K A IN leave Bal'S liuore at 6 2t> and 9.15 A.M. ai>d 1 46 and S.40 P. M., and K'.lioott's Milia at 7.40 aud lliV> A. M .and 3.4ft and 7.<? P. M. I Kor farther informat'on, Tickets of every kind, ? Ac., apply to J. T. ENGLAND Agent, at Camden M i bUbon, or at the Ticket offioe. \MT D Oa*f*?t* t? r? oral ifli M Mutir of Traaa portion. ? L. M. COLE. G?n'l Tiokt H?t HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD ^ And WEBl", Traina l?a*?: ?J From Chamber* at. N.Y. From IXJi atraet ?? EzpreM. 7 and 11 a. m., ?,?, 11J6 a. m., and XM l bjip.m. ? Troy and Albany (with 10,41 p.m., rgaadaya la^ aleepioc oar) 10,15 p. m oluaaidV) Fou(bk*epai? train 6, a 6,36 a. m.,aad 1,48 p. m , m , 1.16 p. re ** Paakakill train, 4^n p m. *JS p. m. _ ping Sicj traic^ooam., M* a. mM and 4<66 aad i and 4 30 and IJt p. m. $M p. m. n tf FEMALE BOWMMVAY SCMOOL b _ Mra. b. jTMoCORMICI. auouai. _ I vHe Uurtaanth Man*! MWOfi of Uu InatitaUaa will oomioenoe on Tuaaday,Se^Umbw LMk, is tfca hoaaa reoect.y oocur.od by BylTaatar Buatt, Bat., No. 160 Kmc tfoSt _ . Tb? count of atady parvaod will oamprtaaaLI ra the omnohaa ra* waita to a thorough Eagliah Kda?. attion. au klaaio, Fraoon, Latin and Drawlag( f Is addition to day aobolfra. *rt. MaCorniak ia ? praparod to raoaiva a limited nam bar of paaila aa ry warder*, who. oonantnting a part of bar own m^ UyTwill be andar her immediate oar* and aapertii tAS^SS^SstahSS& 5- af Borne. id ttifmrnu**.?Rar.jBao. H. N Ortoa, Ear. Dr. Kliaa Harriaon, Rar. D. F. Spngg, wllliaaJlujfawla, i ifcreElSff BnthmT Wwm m? ~ Bo?r4,wttt Tuttoni?STu? Kn?Uftk BrtMkM, ism for Uw luul hwIib i ?! It, " Fn*~" ,naVd 1 HK SahMrtbM firtag iMd*' sMIUsm to Ui BfM, . t??l L> 0*AURKPAIE8 UMttr 4mm, Mi ftU ?rtots . d llT ownw offoiuto?th M|ik MlfraatKir wharf, foot of Uaioa W, ?l t>> o'oiooi p. i*? or in??liauL? ^ftor t\? arrWa. m U* WaafciD* toe Train. wklohTasvwW aUiifWi at*H_o'?io3 p.m. ml^tS M. N FALI*. ^r?t SS?!?s pm*V a* 5 AlamMklk rrr. *SJS.*KJlijs&a in wicrae Depot daily 9anda*a>M loUove, >* ?K3^B3SW3KE?M! uaiowtwr. a.imiT. All liiaee eeeeeel Wlu I hit York tnim timft ? ?6 p. ft. tnu m bmv. i tar a. l A Fr?i*tt Trw viU hhimw mr MmM imtm hi p. ft, atoppmt t allftuum m*mi Bkviimoreand H?tt* dr-Gr?o*. PMMiiff 11 for !*.?w?r* ird tfca fiMton r tkor* of M*r?fcnd will find tha moat exr*dttioaa ruata bf wwjof wilwurtoe. itT" All Colored PmoM koai b*for* utriiv tM okn. WM CEAWFOHfrAt?t. rnasmmiw. CBVTHAL bAJLMUAp. Iui*M Tr?t?* ?* New YoHt o V vf H ad*on Ri*ar Kaa.road d&ilr. 9an<l*ya uccptM, toii?w?: From Ck*ab?ri at raat I Kr cm SI at ?t atAtioc. At 7 Man) 1IW" $00 pm 1J6 - 5m t m I ? jn p m 3 36 r m MonW?a. and Buffalo j Trim with i t I ?ar?, 9.'4? it 1 45 f m I C our ?ctin? at Albany wiU tbt Ntv f?rkCw tra, Rn;rc*<i for Scterxyud f. l^otirti'J'aci fiwtvn, Roar, mrxJ atabona on Raw* and W*l?r town H?ia.o. i*tticuM. Niaca<a Fal i, NNMn*! Bride*. A aba rc. Ger.'ra.Cai auda I ut Train* in oonnaotion leave tfufai? aa4 tu^-i uon via I jUe Pbort, Buff*.o ?n<! i ake Dycn a?0 Great W satan Railroad, for Hamiltoa, Tor? ?u>. Detroit, Chicaco. Toledo, tyijaaukie. Poo Dn Lac. La Crow. MaCi?' r, prairie 1>? Ciiton, Du nielli. I'kt ?. Rr>?| Uiaed. Mum Qoe, Iowa C117. BarMB^ton, <Juir>?fthpruif nivua, fv win. I? r? OlIIM. JTr. l(, Loui?*ille, CmciT t*t?, lavtoa. Co nn tm, ft-tf land, and a*: polt.ta W Mt, Northwoat and Soau NORTHERN ROl'TK. ConsMtiax villi T>*u>? at j rot, with Td.i k Boatoo and r?nt.4 saratoga Rom* for fcarat.'H. Wkitahal. Rut.and, BurLJr.ju i. -t. A.:*i.a. K. .? Punt, PlatUturjh, Ofdaoabaifk, Moofraal, &o., jto ITT Freight Arrangemorta by tKif real# aa al>OT?, wittiuvt okanja of Cara, trow ik* l^poti ia ?tiamt*r? and Canal rtrwl*. a*p at al. Iibim aa .voraMe aa mad a by oU? r Railroad t'aniH^i'a1 La faoil'Liaa of Una groat New York Kc?U. ' tha W?M oMinewi it to tha coukdenea of a.?<obeoia an' ah ppera tor prooiatoeaa and c.?pateh PaaaacRer trama. with taokinc and tUaafirc Oari ran in ooanectioa oa ike New York cmn. Road. For Hrtiiilar* aa to In?I tnin r?.. ? rangeroenu. inqaire ?t the aifoi ? w'Jiw tZ. At r. SMITH. | fotjt ol o Utn the loww a*^i wML Be-M Biote. VMt ?lde. OAILY, ^BCdaTI'lt Oio'ckek P. M. takini paeaeoceTi ao<! reifht. and ooaa^otlBt with the Railroad fin*# to *rd font WMhirr'or 0. C.. Philadelphia.Sew York, Roe ton, York, H?rr?bBr(, hiWwrt, Pa, u4 U? Weet, iba mediately ef er th? arrival of the Kl^rtM Train frcns New Yo.kand Philadelphia. The foilowia* la the beheda.e: From New York to Fort Monroe and buL f U Prom Fhf.adeljS'aapd naek- 4l? From Baltimore and mm 9f irrPROCCKE YOUR TIC*FT?t?0 Id New the New Jereey Railroad Olioe fo-'t of Courtlard ttr?H. In Phi the Cowpaor'e oAm. N. w. oorner of Sixth and Cheetavt etreele. or at tka !> pot, Broad and Pr?i?? etrreu. io HUUtnor*. on board ths Bteaiaors. foot o( Union Dook. Bl'GH O CONNW. Passewrer At>tf VOM. UAK1.KM AND hhbbfl albanV railroad. LEAVING SEW york FOR ALBANY, TROY. NORTH A^ID WKST SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commenoini Monday, Ma? *7th. 1*61. Por Akn-iifl) k. m. [ut ciprest train from SBtk street. For Doror Plain?? ? p. m stopping at W kits Plain* and station* nortk to Dovar plains? from Mth street station. (This train will ran to Millerton erar* fatirda? |j?om5 r oton, FsJIs?stoppi nf at all sta uuua uvim m rwra? A:l IU 99% W|W*1. For V% hit# Plair.*-*:30, 4:10 ui ?. m. atopatki at all stationa from 3Btb atreat aeauo*. For white Plaiaa?6: 5 ?. m. atoppiag at a'l eta bona from W hito vtraet at?tio*. For Williama Bri<Ua-?.?>, lt:ift a. m. aad :*>?. m. au pur* at all atabona from S7th atrMt atnu<>ii. Retarmac will leave? Aihar.y?MO a. aa. laat ex pre** train. Dover P ama-MO a m (Tkia traia laavea M? lerton every Monday morning at a. n.) Croton Fall a?5 a. m. Whft* Plaina?* ie, 7jmo a m. ?ti? * 7* f m. William* Bridga?Ae?>, 9*?a. in. A 1.-0T f. m. Bandar iraiaa will laava 4th A venae a?wwar SM aue?*t, tor CenWal Park, York villa. Harlaaa and Hich Bridge every f w micutea. frow ?a? a. at. te iMp m. JOHN BL'RCHiLl. Aa>1 Baft. YORK^AN ^ KKIfc. RAIL. Paaaenjter Trtine laava via Pavoaia Ferry aad Let* Uock, from foot of Chamber a iu_ vr?w * Mvuh, iicw I ?n?tM I' . UWB, T1S : 7.00 ft. ro . EXPRESS*for Dunkirk, and Bafilo. and pnno.aaJ interna ?' Statioaa. 100a 111 .MAIL,lor Uaokirc. Mid ittorwditu Biatloca?T t.a Train r*-na<na or?r bight at JCimi ra, ^^l^jwxr'fiswtu., ?ui to U UAL . ACCOMMODATION.telly.for Port J?rvi?, and p> lnolpal Hta'iona 4? ?. m , WAv, fcr Middiotova, Nawhargh, EM. 4a !y. for Ihinkirk, Biifaio, Cauaudanaagaod pnootpal btatioi^ T>a Train of Ba'arday atop* at ail Mai! Tra.a frtat w-na, and rana oalj to h n 6 00 >, m.. ACCOMMODATION,for HorLMrll.a, aad Stafcoaa. CH ' 8. Ml NOT. 6an'. Sap'L NATHANIEL MAK8B, *ao?irar. fiifTT"' i^vr^i,rv?"",T By tte ??l?tcid ud eapanor Ere^srcwtii &fS s JW.T5 i tr ?'H lit and IM?4, bat partieaiarly a*ia|>t*4 to the navigation of Lock la aid tv>aa?. ranting is o<.nDeotioa viUi the Fru Ri?er a-d OK Colon; Rai road, diatarc of oidt to Boetoa. L?n Pier No. l^o'tli jliw naar ta? jUu?'j The Btwowr EMPIRK friTB. Uapt B raytoo. Monday*. Wadneeday . and Fnaaye, at ft aiNatook ^trfcr^VaaCSjSi Brvw>. Ta?fdaya. Tharadaya aad Bat*'data, MI o*otoek P.M..Vouotlng at Newportaaor. way. Theee t*tean?er? a<e tiled with oontmodtr u? state rooms, and ovary viainitBt terutmapty ud oomfort ol paaaengara who are afl<ra?>d br til# rout* a nights' real on board, tad oaannal at PaJU Bivar proooed mt StMr >*t Trata.raaahlBf Boaton early the foilowia* noraiag ?* My remain on board antii ataitiac oT na A oooreiaaatioa at I A. Mby wk?h they nay rcaoh Boaton A baggage master la aMaokod to eaah eteamer, who reoeivae acd tickets tae bacgat e. aaa aoooni aamee the came 10 it* deati nation. A ataamor rava la onMetioo with thia Lim b? tTMD Fall Rlvar and Piovidanoa duly, exaapt Sunday*. Fr?ij ht to Boatoa la forwarded throafh with iraat u ?p.M-cn by m ^kni aic. which i?a?N Fall River *v#r? vomiifi ^ndtfa at Wf o'oJook for Boktoc aid Naw Betifo,c. arriving afita deaiination at about II A M For frwcht or pa>aa?*. aj?f y cl board, or at thr off.o-? on Fiar No.S North River for ata'a roomi and fear thfc aap.y oa board, or if 4f?trM to aaeart them ie adwBoe, to Wm BOKOK.N.if't W and 71 W *?t (Iro^l.TT y mm TON?Inland Route?'I L<- c.oriaat aad Boatffl racfc?Carry tta batters Mail. I r?u u nwu T Hh tli4 Gr?u>a at UD o'e.oc* P. M_ or oa tbo irriva. of *#lT" ft MwJM, and Friday Pro* &n>3?t ik&fifasxr&'i i (Wcitraftron firotoc. proofed war nulrond ?? Proriaaooo nod Boalon. is Chf> Kim j3t. Traia. retaking u>c r-*^# In Mvaaat ef tL^an ky oaior rontoa, nod tn naala tima tor nil tfaa aar.y Morning Unaa ooaootiag North nad Knag. P?? wngin tint pMflar it. raanin on toaard t*o aaarr, aajoy n DigbU'raai anc.aiarbod aronkfeat \idaot7ad,ud koava ?rou>t? in tne7 liJ A. *. nfrTTOni'sus^-?* ?* Paro irota ? rov.dor.oo to Newport, Fifty oar 14. A bag gaga aanator aoaoanpaniaa th? Htwar aafl Tmnaaak way Por "*"* Rortha. HtaU Ihm a* f-^.tl. ?#iyon fcoird th* VtHm?r, or" at tba "Fraufci oIIm, Kiar U North Bitot, or ti to* ?l jwojg.,. if..... y^ya-^aya:' FrKNCM * R1 cVst]K N* hav?*j It r?BMV?d ft oTadtac s *"*"> ' Anew adlbos of Hir^M'a l||iitnii< !? Taot.ot. oouUto, flii Fwr^' VoIaSwra' NmuI.ItcIi, f* All* 'a ConMiMiiuiB ofHir<W? Tmu*. ?* f^liSpSss"? Tka r'o.Cier'a 6?i4e, a (xn?l*te dmu? ?a?l drfl: tx>'>k fmr the (MM UtVXaU*r SiilttiftM the Hon?6avd Ik . Thy l??f8nn?r Dm 0.?. 8*Mt?r.k*Mi Sn^bo^kefleetnwuoele UeU.MuMzt mcc??fl?,S52 " ? "i * " J "" M y %V ** WSSSt *4 "*

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