Newspaper of Evening Star, 28 Eylül 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 28 Eylül 1861 Page 2
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? I I THE EVSTAR. WAHOTMJTON CITY: lATCR'UV Sfptrakfr -if, INI. t'n Fnitni-* at Uif rnHon military r?nip? and poa'.tlofw will ronft-r ? t?rot hy k?*ptng ua p>*W u to movnnenta and affair* In their lclnlUe*. Kptrlt ?r the n?ril>| Press. Tkf In'tUtfnrtr, in s lengthy Ifttelf, defines )ts post ion with regsrd to the war and slavery. The Ktpmbiun* scoots the Idea of any serious etlls resulting from "turning negroes loose." OI R nililTARY BUDGET. * TBS SITUATION IN KSSTUCKT. Ws entertain no spprefcenslons that the disuntonfsts can mUe serious headway In Kentucky, tbsagh they may he sble to bold their own there ft*r a wnk or two So general la tbe determination of tb? Unionists of tbe State to rid It of their armed presence, as that by tbat time they will be able to drive them Into Tennessee; to which end they are rsptdlv arm In if and organizing We do not believe tbat Buckner will dare to attempt to advanc* further Into tbe Interior of tbe State than bia present position?Howling Green. xistorai. Price's army la not surrounded by Selgel's, Lans's and other Union troop* at Lexington, as alleged by the telegraph. On the contrary. tho?e force* are days' msrehea from Lexington ; while Price baa divided bla force, and both divisions are already away from there, carrying off their piaader, including perhaps a million and a half U # -? *- ? ~vii.ii ipccic ivunu ill jtiuiugau I [wvewon and in tbe Lexington banks. OXOS TO WHOM HOTIOft IS PC*. We ae? it stated in a New York paper that not ?lngle one of the wealthier citizena of Waabiogton baa shown a disposition to sustain our Government by contributing to the lean or to the volunteer fund Tbia la not strictly true. We hear that .Mesars J C AHA Wlllird have *ubarrlbed for SIM),!**) of tbe Treaaury loan, (just double the amount taken by W m. B. Astor,) and denbt not that other prominent citizena de?!gn to rome forward in a Mmllar spirit. We cannot say ibat the men of meana here have done much for the Dlatrlct volunteer* Mr. John C. Rive* ia an nonoraoie exception. Laving contributed SHD In gold H> the District Regiment, and expreaaod his readlnew to contribute that amount per month, If neceseart WHAT TH?T WAST IT FOR. It baa been denied that the fron taken from the Baltimore and Ohio Road wr?t of Martinabarg, by tbe Rebela, wai to be used for the extenalou of the Manasaaa Gap Road from Strasburg to Wincheater It Is probable that It is for tbe completion of the Federltkshurg and Uordonsvllle Road, a defunct road, partly graded two or three years agn. but which it now may be considered of aome ImPArbl nr<? U flnith ? it orna?l<t *u' n ,-T ?? ? ?.. ??vuiu cuai/ic IUf V>UXI * federates to receive heavy reinforcement! of troops, If needed, at Aqnla Creek or Fredericksburg, at sh-rt notice, by the connections at Gor. domvltle with the Orange and Alexandria, Central. and Manassa* liap?giving thein all the connections to readily concentrate large bodies of troops. A MISTAKE. The New York Herald, In giving the names of the Rebel armv officer*, pats down Brigadier #*?n. James L Kemper as commanding Kemper's battery The Kemper Battery Is the Alexandria Artillery, commanded bv Captain K Kemper, of Alexandria, son of Colonel Kemper, of the Alexandria Academy Brigadier Oen. Kemper la a cltlsen of Madiaon county, formerly and cow ? Delegate to the General Aa??<nbly from that count? , waa an officer In Mexico; a generou*hearted gentleman. but bitterly oppo?ed to the continuance of the Union with the North. orricia*' ?isv?iti The attention of all concerned la railed to paragraph 783 "Ravlaod Regulation* for the Army," which la aa follow*; Private aerranta not aoldlera will not be allowed to wear the uniform of anv corn* of th* jm), ? imjuimT to carry with him a certificate from thecOlcerwho employ* him, refilled, for regimental offlcera, by tbealgnature of the Colonel; for other officera under the rank of Colonel, by the chief of their corpa or department " We publlah the above at Provoat Marahal Gen. Porter' reqneat. WHO HI la. General Chapman, of the Virginia army, ia Gen A. A Chapman, of Monroe county, one of tbe Delegates to the Ia*l General Awembly, and formerly a member of Congress from the Greenbrier district of Virginia, well known In Waablngton, a thorough dtaunlonlat and great admirer of Heory A. Wtae, who be pressed in tbe Virginia Convention In opposition to R M T. Hunter, for Virginia's choice as the candidate for tbe Presl dency before tbe Charleston Convention. Paymaster Gallagher having given satisfactory security to the government for the settlement of bis accounta, embracing a long cruise In tbe East Indies, services at the Naval Academy rnd at the Washington Navy Yard, has b*en released from arrest. NAVY YABD. Yesterday tbe propeller J Jerome arrived from Philadelphia, with store* and machinery She was not fired into coming up the river, nor was there anv new* of Inter*at from the flotilla The Herbert came up yesterday evening, and reports ail quiet down the river?no vessel having been fired Into alnce Thursday, on which day one ot two achoonera were fired upon, they receiving no damage, however. One achooner, loaded with hay for Alexandria, caught a shot in her cargo on deck, which the crew now hold aa a trephy. Yeaterday morning the bittery at Freestone Point fired aeverai ahota. auppoaed to be aa a teat of range One rifled ahell waa thrown over upon tb? Maryland ahoro, a dlatame of about four mile* Tho Planet, aunk Wednesday night by the Delaware, Ilea In deep water, between Aquia Creek and Cedar Point, with only about three feet of her amokeatzck visible !*he will doubtleaa be raised, aa bar botW and machinery la quite valuable. The flag ship Yankee, Coin Craven, expected to go down to-day, and join the flotilla. - ---* ? - ' .?iw iw ?u?crjjuiij^ boiup repairs to her hull, having new planking put on, and her nam* caalked. The M*aat Vernon, Capt Mitchell.went down yeatarday, with aeveral oiBcera, on a reconnoU aanre, but made no new diacovertee?the only batter lea are? being thoae already mentioned thb aiRimo or * * itiuii rumt. Froaa an o>cer of the Planet we get the following particular* of tha alnklng of that reaael by tha Dalawara: The ateamer Planet, Capt Henry Wllaon, left Waahlngton on Wedneadav, Sept. -25th, at IS m , aad proceeded down the Potomac river. When oppoaite Occoquan Point ahe waa fired at from a battery erected on aaid point; twelve abot were trad at her, five of which croaaed her deck, two imaedlatelv forward of toe ptlot-hooae and three between the f >rema?t and malnmaat. bom of which took effect. We escaped their shot only d am mu worse ia<e, I Of at p. m , When below Cedar Point, we ww ruu Into by the learner Delaware, Capt. Cannon, and sank in tea mlautea after the collision. The Planet bad a ligbt on ber bow and another at the mast-head, and waa sMttatf the stde-ligbts when the Delaware tame In contact with ua, and cut us nearly ]n twain All hands were knocked down by the blow, and one man. wbo wm on the top of the pi'et-kooee setting the slde-llfbt. was knocked off sad fell a dlstsnce of fifteen feet to the lower deck, eecaplna, however, with only a sprained sxkle The Delaware (her edtoers say) supposed we were lay lag at anchor. aad bo-e away low a r da oa to speak us, snd endeavored to cross our bow, aad at tbe same time the Planet endeavored to keep away from her by putting tbe helm to port and blowing the whlaile to notify the approaching *teamer that we were a der weigb and intended teg* to tbe rlgbt if her, according to law Tbe Delaware struck us when under fall headway, she having barely stopped ber engine wban she struck as Tbe Planet sank In ton an I antes after sbe waa struck, la Iv? fathoms water. We had barely time to escape with oar Uvea, sad saved aethlng. only what we bad on. We regained oa board tbe Delaware all nlgbl, aad srrived st Washington city at IS m on Thursday after being Ired at on oar return by tne rebels at Ooocqoan. Tbey Ired several shots mi the Delaware, some at wjiich crimes art tier deck. * i 1 I !' *? Tm North Carolina Sinators ? Cliugmmm (ion* Uidrr ?The Wilmington (N C ) Journal a ys: The telegraph baa announced that the Legislature of tbia State ba? elerted George Divla, F.?q., of N*w Hanover, and William T. Dortrh, Kaq , of Wayne. Henstora from North Carolina In the Congress of the Confederate State*. Mr. DtvIb la now one of the delegate* at large from this State to the Provisional Coogreaa, having been chosen by the convention Mr. Dortcb la one of the commoner* from the county of Wayne, and la alao aprnker of the present House of Commons of tba State. M<>vimkmts or Gin. L*R?A letter to tba Cincinnati Commercial, dated at Cross Lanes, Sept 19, says: The latest rumor Is that Lee, fatigued with hla efforts against Gen. Reynolds, endeavored to draw him out, but not succeeding In tbla concluded to make a rapid countermarch and unite with the column* of Flovd and Wire, and that having accnmpltahed thfa object he waa inarching upon Roaecrana pmitatk Advice* from S*?ita Ft.?A private letter from Santa Fe. datfd on the Tth Instant, states that Hon John 9 Watts waa elected a dele?:?te to Congresa by a large majority, on the Slat oat The writer adda: "The rebel army has not yet crossed the Jornada, but are preparing to do ao, with a view of taking Santa Fe We expect a prettf big fight. Governor Counelly waa lnau gu rated on the 3d lnat Twklvk Hurdkbd Thousand Dollabs a Dat. The Secretary of the Treasury Informs the Bank Committee of New York that be Is spending 1,800.000 dally, or f8,400,000 a week, and therefore requires money with rapidity. UI^The Wheeling Press notices increasing activity In the wool market, and a sale of IGOOlba, from prime to middling quality at 34 cents, some dealers have already purchased from 45,000 to 50,000 pounds lYlr^COLLECTOR'S OFFICK, 9*PT 28. 1861. Js_2 Toaicoinrao a'.e thoseds-iring to p y taxes this office w 11 remain open to-da? and Monday (the S?th)unti 6 o'clock p. ?i \VM. DIXON. a" 23 (Inte1. ? Kepuh ) Col eot r. rv-y?MKl)ICAI. ASSOCIATION -The semi_L_3 annual meeting of the Medical Associat'on ofthe District of Coluirb i* -*ill be he'd in the Wa*hin*ton Infirn ary on TUESDA Y, October 1, at 12 " clock m. se.8-j^ J. W H. LOVKJOV M.D..frc. VW*ATTKNTION.COMPAN Y"C" OF THE \J?5 V\ . L. 1. B ?Th* memb-rs of Company O are earnestly r>-qur*te I to meet at their Armory on MUM MAY EVENING next, at 7* o'clock. Business of imp Ttano* will te sraaented for th? nn sideration of the O^mpar.y " Br ordsr or the Captain: _lt _ R. O. 8TEVKN9. I fjTp' NOTICE. Post Otfic*. f Washington, September S8,1?6l.S The new style of Government Postage SUmps I m now readr, ?rd for sale at thia office Exc ante wilt be mvifl of th? new style for an equivaltnt mount of tho old issue dunnr a period o| m x dits f ( m the date of this notice, af'er which stamp* of the old issiift will cot oe reoeived in payment of fostase on letters or o'her mail matter sent from iusofiioe. To avoid delay or oon'osion the ex chance will ' e made in the Po*tfrta.itf,r's Room. LEWIS CLKPHANK, r-ostmaiter. Su*dat RmvIitios?.-As no mail arrive* h*re aft# 7 a. m. on *unda?s, this office will not be open j lor the delivery of letters after 10 a m. of that dew. B0 V!8 -et DEI'ARTMKNT OF METROPOLITAN I '* 9 POLlOR-Th? Hoard of Folic Commmsioners having tak n the house !i 1R Eleventh all bnsiness coiin"ct*d wi?h tiie Polioe of the city will be tracsac'ed at that pace. A geuera' complaint book will be opened, and citizens are re?aest>d to call and enter any cmplaints they may have to make ol an? matter re la ing to the polic or health of the eity se 27 W B WEBB. Superintendent COMPANY A." U. S. ENG1NKER 8.? Jl 3 Fifty intelligent and aMe bodied mechanioa will be enlisted to fill this Company to th?? max imum fixen iiy law?19n men. luquire at No. it 4 a 8 street Pay from 8)3 to 334 per month, besides food and olothing. au 17 tf IVIISS BROOKE'S ENGLISH AND FRENCH lwl ROAH DING AND DAY SCHOOL, Sere*t Bmtl'IiHM, y* 13-1 Pa. arwut.?'The duties of this Institution will 0? resumed on Mondar, Sept. 9'tn, 1811. se 28 3t* Tulipan and elegantes BEG A RS. 4!eo, a numt>er of other celebrated brands, whoieesle aud retail. WM 6ROSER, Havan* Segar Store, ee .8 lm cor. Pa a v. and 6th st.. v\ a-hington. Rot i c e LL Persons indebted to the undersigned, for notes lying over or old standing accounts, are requested to oa I and settle the same on or before the loth dar of October next, otherwise they wiil be placed in the iuuida of our a'torn. y for suit eegt-reo MI'RRAl k SEMMF.9. 4 T MOORE'S WEST END DRUG TORE, 21113 1'a av.. can be bad: Osgood's I ml a Choi Moore's Ague Cur? a- ?1 A?'i4ot?; ;*ha lenburger'a 1'ille; and a large supply of the moat popular Medlomoo Also, Toiiet Artio ea, fine Cigars, 4to. ae.8 1* WASHINGTON AN D GEORGETOWN FEMALF. SEMINARY. A Boardiso AND OAT SCHOOL, No. i32 Fft . bttiwn nndltK ?!.?., Washington ; omi n '51 IF?.W rt , Oeometcten. The dntie? of thi < I natitution were resumed in September r.iro .ara may oe obtained at the book atorea, or by addressing the Principal aea eotf M. J. IIARROVER. CLOTHS, CASSIMKRES AND VE9TINGS. New and large lota o( the best things in vogue, for genta, youths and children. One price only, marked in plain figures ; henoe no purcbaaer ia deceived An inspection of stook solicited ; it incura ro obligation to purohase. Oilrlotba, Curtains, Riirs. Carpets &o , Upper Fl ora. PERRY A BRO? Penn. avenue and 9*h street, ?? a 5t "Perry BuiMlnt." AT THE OLD PRICED ?We are aailing a 1 onr vast atock of seieot Fancy and staple 91LK8an<l oth?r fine I)K KSS ??0-.?l)b at the old prioes. SHAWLS. MANTI.K* and ri.OAira novelties in new Aatu>nn Stjles. One pnoe only, m\rke<1 in plain ficures. A I kind* of l>ry Goods for the current wanta of tJARPETS. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, RUGS, Ao , Upper Floors. PKRRV tc. BROTHER, Pa. aver.ue and !X intb it., ?e 28-5t ' Psrry Building " \Aj ASH1MGTON ARSENAL. SlPTBMBIR 77, 1861. Sb?L*d Propo?al?, to he endorsed "Proposals for Coal," wjli be at the > ffiae of th? oomma'idi''n offiner of this Arsenal ontil 10 a. m of the loth of October ne*t for tarnishing 2S" ton* of Cnmb^ilnr.d Coal, beet qua'ity ' Run of the mirse," inttabla for bI?oksnii:hi aid st?am engine use, and e<4ti*l in atialitjr to that previously purchased, Wi loh will he shown on application The w'lole to bed liv?red and stored away in the onal-boose adjacent to the wharf at thia Arsenal, at the expense of the contractor. GEORGE D. RAMSAY, | se 28 Lt. Col. Conamandinf. IVllLITIA FINES! MILITIA FINES!! I 1?I MILITIA FINES!!! This t? to give notice to all delinq uen*e attached o the Third Regiment of District of Co umnia M'litia, Col. Mioha*l F. Bright. Tommandinr. tnat I have duly constituted and appointed Franois ?* Kde in, a Cosnt? Con-tali e my eppoiai Depu'T. to ooilect ail fine* impo-ed b* the i.egionary Con-t of id Keg iment, and that on and after the lat day of Ootoher, 1661, you will U- calied upon hy Mid E 'fl d, for amonnt of id fine* in p sed by said Court, and if rot paid on presentation h? is fully im.-owered to oollsot th < sa<ne *oo<>ding to law. "J^e 2nd* of tin tawaf th? United State*, chapur MS, amotion 4, p?ne7oi and 77 .pass d st of July, lilt" WARO H UMON, se 28 6t U 8. Martha!, D. C. OFFICE of THE BOARD nv HEALTH^ " / VVashtnotoji. September 24, 5881. At a meeting of the B >ard of H> a in, held on this da?, the following were declared to oonstituts nuiunci: Dead animals, dead ftsh.offol of fish,and heaps of oyster rhelli. Offal from botchers' s'.alls, slaughter houses, or tan jards. 8'agnant water in ponda, marahes, sewers. or oellara. Fonl atablea, foul oow-houses or oow-psns, foul privies, aod hog styes Derayin' vegetable* and fruits of every nesoription, whether enti e or those portions thereof not used as *o<><1 whnh mat be thrown out. All ashes, rubbish.shavincs.or refuse inh?t?rn?? fr> m auy trade, ooou-ation, or bnaine<a. etable manure, eoapaoda in pool*, dratnage from dye-houera, a<>ap. at d glue faotoriee. Hor*M going at l?rc* with giandera, faroy, or an t other o< ntagioua diaeaae HouMior buildm'.e n a ?tate of dilapidation or d?oay end": ncertcic the liree or property o( those in th* vioimty. Pnri^e opening nt'> n*fn Coal gee tar or <?ther te/uae matter escaping fiom gae-honeee or ga? reeervoirea*l dead animala or part* thereof that are offeu MT* ? ?- elw W M. fl. FLOOD. S?oretary. TO SUTLERS AND OTHKRfl.-A atroag covered WAtfON, in good o der, and gy pair of itrong. aound HOR'tS. with Hardm*, for aaJe. App y to J PKaRSO.N.'SDX Eighth it., above pa. a*. m77 St* pAVMAhtERft' r CASH BOXES, Katrer'e Patent Camp Cote, Camp Stools from ? e*nU to Bt SO each. Bieak?ta, Ccmforta. Pillowe,Iron Bestead a, &e. For,Me by JAS. C. MoGUIRE * CO , ? ft iw Corner Tenth at and Pa av. Militia fines: militla finks:: Mil it1 a vimviltm TkU ia to giv* boom to all conutunU attaohrd totho Fird ntfiMvt of DtMrlot of Coiumtna Mint a, Major W. /.?o0oa aid commanding, that I I bar* duly ?oi atitutod ana appointed Henry ? ?at4C PJ 'P'oi*' 0?f?*y w? ail Inpoood by tha Laclonarv Court of M Recimont. ana that on and aftar th* 1st of October apxt, Ml, Tfa viii bo oalad on by aald Yaat m>a for amount ol Mid (?mia?ct?d by aald oourt, aad irnot paid on pr?atatiou w rally mtsv?r+d to aol.oot 0?? mom according to law?aaa hooad Miim of HM L?v* of th* 1) oiUd Statoa, ahap?9 ft ft v,B.minh*} p.0. AMUSEMENTS. Unfurl the glorious banner. Let it sway upon the href *9, The e<nh|rni of our country's pride, On land a>.d on the seas! THE MKMHEH8 or tbi METROPOLITAN CLU B, No. 1. take *rea> pleasure in announoinc to their friends end the pohtio in JH s?neral that thej will sire th'ir Ponrth^Sk ?rand CO I ILLON PAKTY at Thos^'sUbA Hall.'this hall has hren repaired in s>ioh a way as t > m*ke it on? of the best danoins saloons la the oitT.) 7th ?t. an MON DAY, October 14. The Committee pledte themselves to spare neither pains torejpenie to make this tkt Party c/ 'he tens en Th" very best ootil'on mosic has hern enraged. Tioketsfincents, admit in* a gentleman ana ladies. R? order It* COMMIT TEE OF ARRANGEM'TS. A RLINGTUN CLU B~ The memb?ri of the A R I.IN8TON CI.TIB beg le%ve to announce to their frien<1> and the % RuMio >n cen# at that the* intend giving ie?rSeventh GRAND COTILLON PAR-ill TV at Fkanilin Hall. D ?l, between ISthuHk and 13th ?U? on WKDNESDAY, Ootobm-9. :*61. Tickets So cent*, admitt eg gentleman and se 28 It* rpHK TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY GERMAN BENEVOLENT SOCIETY Will be oelenrated on the anth September, 1861, at lokfrlim'e Citt Gassi*. fhe pnblio are respectfully invitrd. he different aMooiatio:,* having accepted the invitation will please assemble at their reipeotive qnarters preoisely at 8 o'o'ook a. m.. to form in procession. charles wai.ter; >e?? 8t* Chief Marihal. onn PRi.i.owH* nti.i.i The Only Place of Amusenunt In the r'ity Seventh Wtek ef Original and Onlt CAMtDELL MINSTRMLS! 1* STAR PERFORMERS, In *he Opera of OH. HUSH ! The BLACK STATUE, And DR LINCOLN OUTDONE. Admission Twenty-five Cents. e25 Dr. O. FORD Agent. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. WASHINGTON .Mr WW. K.I,LINGER, h?vi"r en*a<ed the ahovfl named popular hall, respectfully annoanoes that. a? noon &? the minstrels now in oooupanor have comp'efed t^eK series of Concerts, he will open with n. Rare and Delieht'ul MUSICAL. CMMIC AND POPULAR K.N TKRTA1NMENT, In which the Beautiful and Da*bint Artiste, MISS HELEN WESTERN, With a_Hrill_lant CompaoT^wtl! appear. 1 HK HIT AT THI Tl*liS. Full of Mu?io, Fun and Frolic, entitled THK THREE FAST MEN. Or, The, Fem 'le Robinson Cru>Of.i, " Will hj produced with other Novelties. Ft particulars B?e future announcements. se2? Iw* (Rrpubioan.) WANTS. ("JIRL WANTED, to do jerera! housework in a private family Apply at 885 E street, between 14th and 18th >ta we grt-st* ANTED?A HOUSE, or a Lot o! Ground 40 f-? t front by loo i ee> deep, in a busine*- loostion suitable for a bakery. Address, at this office, "Brown." _ it* HORSK and WAGON WANTED-Wanted, a Carnal or RocVaway. a set of Harness and a *ood Famil* Hors*. Any ore haviur such r, r? ?i- ?:if ??J - - vff?iMl"III!IOU? KM Will IIUU TPBS & J Ol^ IO "N P.," at this office, stating name adores*, and price. se28-eo2t* WA> TED?A uma'l Furm?hed HOUSE, in a f n tee! and hea 'hy neiehborhond. by a familr of 3 p^rs >n?; house to have b d? and beddinc, C'tnna and glass, aud table linen ; to be rerted hj th? ni ntn. with pri\ il?ge of keeping it for I vear. Ad-tress?naming t-'rina, with ooation of house? t<> C> B. T? Star Office It* WAN TED-A rood HARNKS8 HAND,at No 489 eventh st.. soutn of the oanal Good wage* and stead? employ nent siven. se 2J-3t* WA NTKD?An intelligent YOUTH to learnthe Drug Business. Mutt he well recoRimes led. A pply at the ytar Office se 27-3t WANTED-A good SALESLADY, in a Pry Goods and Fancy Business Kef^renre* required AppW-<*2 Market Hp\o?. a- 27 St* W ANTEl*? A three story HOUSE, or a Houre " with 6 or 8 rooira. with ga? and water, between Pa. avenue and G street north and 5'h and lith reeta w?6t. Apply S'iO Pa av. se27-2t"_ AN OFFICER OF THE ARMY AND HIS wifrwishto rent, for the fa I aud winter, a PARLOR and CHAMBER, (with meals, served in the parlor,) in a respectable private familv. u h?re there are no other boarders. Address ''C. H.." at thia office. seiTSt* AYOIING I.ADY, who can oome satisfactorily recommended, desires a SITUATION in a Milin<>r?, Ladies' Dress Goods. D at, or Wal'p%per Storo. Only a moderate salary required Address. for information, *H. G.", City Post OCioe. se 23 eo3t* A TTENTION, VOLUNTEERS ?I-ifteen able uuui u ,u?ut lusTi in nil up Uiimpliir K. 1st California Regiment, to its maxunnm number Pay and subsmteno* to oommenne as soon as Anrnlliwi R nnrnitin u 41 * " avwwa hiiiu^ VIIIVO| OOV lilU IU| 9 doom above D at. ??'/1 1W JAMES E. WAUGH, Caat. WANTED- TAILORS, TAILORS- 60 Ta lira competent to work on military looda. Arply G Wal', Stwphnnn Oo ra. ae25 WANTED TO RENT,IMMEDIATKLV?Br a pivate family, a FURMSHED HOUSE, o< n'ainin* 8 or in rooma. Th" houan muat be in good order, convenient and not distant from the Treiaurv Buildinga. Address H. E. MORO'N, ? thi* oflioe. se 35 3t* I^UKNlSHED HOUSE WANTED, for aix r months, with the privilece of one year; mast have gas and wa er in it; furniture and houae in coo'l oooditton, acd situated weat of S*vrn:h at. Address Mo? 61 3 Poat Office. ae 25-3t* It/ AMTVn.l UtiV k-.? ? ' ? ' ??< Mtr-A uv i iroiwron fcllO 1RPB OI 17 &QQ ** 20. to act in tie oapacty of port?r None but those who oanoome well recorainord'd need apply. Apply at .No. 4H Market Square, between 7th and 8 Fl it* sett at WANTED?Three TIN AND SHKET IHON WORKERS. H. J. GREGORY, _se 24-if *21 Pa. avenue GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL FOR THE 1NSANE.-IT^JVrEM-TwoiintleMKN a? attendant* upon patients,*n1 two m>ddle aced A merio&n WOMKN, one as housekeeper and the other a* dining-room servant None but those who oan furnish satisfactory evidences of good oha-aoter and diapoiition need apply. se 20 1 w V|7 ANTED?A WOMAN to oo k wssh and iron vv for a small family Also, a GlRt. from 12 to 15 years of age, to tak" oare of a ohiid a d assist at housework. Good recommendations or reference required. Apply at No. 494 L street, between Mh and 6th. se 19 tif CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL,STEPHENS A CO.'S. 322 Pa avenue. se'.8 WANTKD?To have every body to eall at SMITH'S. No 460 Seventh St.. opposite Post Offioe.and i?uro>?a?e their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS. H*TS and CAPS, at the very lowest prices. Give him a oall. au30 1m WANTED. FOR THE CASH-A1I kiuda of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Peraona leaving tfao oity or having a aurplua will do well to oall immediately. R. BUCHl.Y. j( J Seventh, between G and H ata. WANTED?We are now bnyinr SECONDHAND FUR N ITU RE, 8TOV En and BED DING, for whioh we are paying the higheat oaah prioea. Familiea declining housekeeping, or having a *orplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 369 1th at., betw. I ana K eta. TpersonaiT A NOTICE. LL Persona are hereby notified not to credit any person on my account (unleaa with a wntten order) from thia date, aa I will pay no debU other than thoae oontraoted by mya?l?. ae 21-lw* /. N. SINGLETON. boahdinq. rpwo OR THRKK SINOI.K ftViU'n pupu WW A o&n be accommodated with Board in a private family?rooma on aecon'l floor. Terma moderate. Beat city reierencea 8 Ten. dreaa Poat Offioe Box 4*J ?, Waahington. ae 37 St* FOR fSALli. AND KENT. ARGE FURNISHED HOU8E FOR RENT, at theoorner of Twentv firat and H ata., having a ootnmodioua tot attached with bnok a'able in the rear Apply on the premiaee. ?eJM_St_ F~OR ^ENT ?m the Weat End, two HOUSES, one a large three-atory houa* witn lot adjoining. Alao. a furaiahed houa?, litaaied between Slat ana ad atreeta Pnaaeaaion given on the lat da? of October. App y at No. 93 Six Bu lrfinga. Pa eve. _____ ae a 3t* Furnished rooms for rent Apply at No. 439 Twelfth at., between G ana H ata. ae TUBOotl* FOR RENT?With or without Board, in a private family, three unfumiahed front ROOM#, auitab e for married or aingle ge- tlemen. Ap,ly at No. 4?>3. corner Tenth and H ate. ae Tt-lw* I^O EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY, OR FOR SALE?The beautiful COUNT* Y RESIDENCE of rrof Pa??,near theoity. Apply to CH AS. 6. PAGE, Patent Ottoe m g tf I/OR RENT-A"STORE oa Pennaylvaaiaave a one, and Fixture* for aala. Apply at thia ' ffiea. ? K70R RENT?HOUHK 409 Pennnlnait * ., " over the bookat?ra of Fraaos Taylor?* plnoe for^j^ofjMiona^rnaj^^ T'.WSUi^l!,?,!Bi a a m th? boat manoor. o' tha Mat material On bition at No ?TS g?T?<Mtth root VMt, giweiifp ; t _ hOST AND FOtJNft. T'AKKN UP?On the 27th instant, near the R, I R. Depot, a small blaek MA.RE Th*. owner is r< quested to com* forward *rore 5 op^tf p?< charge#. a- d take her OHN BKLL. No. ?80 C street, aorth Cari o! H ill. ? ?-3.* ON THE tSTH OAV OF SEPTEMBER, 1881, before the subscriber, a J usti^s try f r Waahintton ooun'jr. personally earn Sarah A Nally and made oath in due forw^^-V of lav, that, a few days aio, a stray HORSE earns

to her enolooure, near the Old Brrnt Bridge, or Pa. aT., with the followirr narks, to wit: coiot dark brown, white star in the forehead, short tail, and branded on the left shoulder,"U 9 ." Witness my hand and seal, this 28'h day of September. I ?61 J AS. CULL. J. P. THE^OWNER of,the aboTe-described Horsi m mamru in oiims lorwara, prove property, pay eharrea, and take it away. ?eS8 3t? SARAH A. NALLY. POUND-On Tbursia* morning. in J. B. War " rfer's yard, in the Northern Llhprtiee, a PISTOL, whioh the owner ran obtain bf provlwa property and paying for this advertisement Call at 410 Massachusetts avenue, between 9th aftd 1 (rth ?ts ee 47 St* CAME TO MY PLACE, op the morning of the 25th Sept. a thin red COW, horns^jtjaM turned up. The owner it requested to pa*#" prove property, payrharjrea, aud take herdfipi^M awar. ln?uireof THOMAS SHEA, No S6 A at. south between 1st and 2d ata., Capitol Hill. e 27 St* n?Ta?v_T.w..? ? M a ??eu Uf| UH vnc 16(11 IIlllftI1l,ftlk iron gre? PONKY, wnioh th? owner can jb\ have by proving property and paying 1 .T* ohargea. a7 MTCALDWELL. ae *5 8t* No. 101, corner 23d and I ata. LOST?On Tueaday, a BREASTPIN, eat with grey hair The finder will be rewarded by leaving the same at No. 400 Fourth at, the rraide^ce or Dr. N. C. TO WLE. Being a family reJie. it la p-ned more. ae 25-3t* I< >ST.?Suppoaed to have b?en atolen from the t Railroad l)epot. on Tueaday evening. CV.? the 24th instant, at 7 o'clock, a light '-tT^p HORSE, galled by the oollar aid rubbeda by the gear; and aatraight bodied CARRIAGE. Pecnaylvania atrle, with two arata. $25 reward will he paid if taken in the city, or $50 if taken el?ewh?re. J. M. HALL, at Lynn a Hotel, High at, Georgetown, D. C. ae 25-3t* District of Columbia, couktt or Waphikoton.?On thia 25th day ofjgftaM September. 1E61. before the aubaonber, a of the Peace for the County aforeaaid, pereonally came Sidney Ttioert. and made oath in due form of law, that in April laata*mal dark brown TOW, white apota on her hip and f... L: 1- -- " .n.vs, vaius in ins oumiiarB, one mil? south 01 the Inrane Hospital, in Washington connty. W l'ness, my hand and seal this 25th day ofSeptemhier. IB61. JA8 CULI.) J P. I he owner of the above drsoribed Cow i? requested to cnm? forward, p'ove property, pay oharc** and take her away. se$5 ti? SIPNKV TOLBERT. District of Columbia, coitwtt or Washinston, To wit: I hereby oer r\ tifv that Samael Shreves, of the oity of Washington. brought before me. the ?nb ** * ? sorber. one of the Juetioee of the Peaoe in and for the said county, this 36th day of J*eptemb?r. in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty one, a? a stray .trespassing upon his enclosures, a dark ohesti.ut H'?hSK, about 12 years old, 14 hands r--' ? L - ihuu sw? will vo, hiuuii ganeu Of me collar, hod all round, ?with tail, trots and canters, and has tarn used in (ears. Given under my hand and aeal thia 25th day of September. A I) 1861. J. \V. BARNACLO, J. P. N. R ?The owner of the above d'aorihed horse ia r qneatrd to prove property, pay charges, and take him away. SAM'L SHREEVE*. ae .5 3t* On 7th at., b*tw. L and M. No. illi. REYVARU Will be p*id for theapprehenroii and delivery to me. or securing m in Jail of NEGRO WOMAN LOl'lSE; tg oail* heraelf Louise Hanaon She is a ta'l, JPfo. , like<y negro, quite black, well drraaed, with AV full sui' of hair. She ia no doubt lurking in JQL? I'pper Marlboro* or nei'hborhood She naa a hiiaband in Washington oity.and mar make her way to that plaoe. \VM. WOR I HINGTON. Near Woodvil'e, au 15-Stawtf Prince George'a oonnty, Md. v I A K E W A K D ? Ran away, on the 7th inat.. 'J-i'l two NEGRO BOYS. Lewia aid JhM Henry l.ewia ia of oopper oolor and at out Ot 16 yeara old ; he waa purohaatd about 4 yeara Sa ! ago of George Horseman, residing on the Island, Washington city, and may be lurking ' I in that vicinity. Henry is ahout 14 years old, and j baa lost the firat loint (or nearly to) of his fore finger. riaht r nr.d : n,i nth?r ?ii??-J ? " ( _ y ? , ... v>?vi iiioi ? I UU ?I ICO W?~*J t A Wiil pay 32" apiece, if seoured ?o that I get them. GKORGE HUMKS, te 21 5t* Beltsville. Prince George'sco . Md. LOifi-S-'i Kiwaid.?Lost. lut evening, a Colt's 7-inoh Navjr REVOLVER. ?uver mounted, marked "Mortimer Thomson, 1861." The a^ove reward will be paid to any pers?n who mar return the pistol to MORTlMhR THOMSON, 431 F ?t.. between IStli and 14th ; or to Mr Cha<dwiok. Willards' Hotel. se 11-tf GEORGETOWN ADVEKT MTS (Y"i3^MASONIC ?A me?*'rg of Potomac Royal LkJ? Aroh Chapter No. * Georgetown, 1) C , wTT be held at their Hall on SATI!RD\V, at 6)1 p m. A punotual attendaaoe is earnestly desired. Hy order of the M E. H P * ' n utDTLBtf. a<? Buckskin gloves. GAUNTLETS, to. We call the attention ofSutl?n, K*gnn*ntal Officers, and others wishing to purchase Buckskin Gloves. Gauntlets, Mit'ins. Purses, Toba'joo Pouolies, Portmonnaies, Le^gins, 4o., at wholesa e, to ri'ici?nil OI our own in i n U la 01 a r e? at our store, 103 High atreot, Georgetown Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittens are of the best utiality, of real Huokskin. Miutary Buff and White Gaantlets, BoxingG ovea, Buckaxin Shuti and Drawera, made to order. RA.M*BURG A EBt-RT, 105 High rtreet, Georgetown, D C. N. B ?A large quantity of aorapa of Buckskin and Chamois for polishing guns, aoooutremei.ts, A.O., on han'i. se 2?-lna MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected thia day,ser at earner J. Jerome? 300 barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. 6on hlf.-bbls. do. do, do. Which on arriTal will be for aale Terms *ash on delivery. ARN\ fcSHINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED- . _ 10 hhda. prime Porto Rioo AUSAK8 bbla. Old Rye WHISKY, U0 hbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES. bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGAR8( ?' lag a Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.( low prioid) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. Mil III. I. FRANKLIN, / V % hL J?MbbM SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 444 Penn'ftftr.,! north tide,) bet. 12th and 13th ats. Improved 8PECTACLF.S, with genuine Pebble or Peruoopio Glassea, suited oorrecUy for ever; eye-sight. FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Miorc>aoo???a. Compaaaea, and Mathematical In atruraonts, at the lowest Eastern prioea. a" 27 tr f^HENCH COUPEE FOR SALE ?Th? sdverr tiaer h*a tor sale a aplendid Conpee... made by lie beat maker in New York, And th? t>aat finiihM ?n - u ail I we JTOVJi? 1L ,,r thi? country, hsv n? all the mod fro impr-jvemrnis; it is nearly new, havicg been us< d only al>out a dozen tin en Alt"*, for rale, a F' CABRIOLE I'. a most beautiful Open Carriage, ju?t new, few timee nerd, and ne i the moat e!>gnnt articles ever made. The abov* Carnages wil be aold very reasonable the owner having do aae for them, the family b>?iDg in Europ*. rthould an* purchaser desire a pair of "tylish CARRIAGE HORbKS, lotiK tail*, dark brown mottled ifiJa hands hitia fine aotion, gentle, and fast, t'?ey oan be accommodated . but the oarriages will be aold separate or * ith tne pair of boraea. Addreaa 'O 8 ," oara Box 1,87* I'oat Office, Baltimore, with real name andaddiaaa sail 4t* BUTTER AND FGG8 ?At No. 4#0 Eighth atreet between Pa ava. and D atreet, reoeir ing duly fresh lota af New York, Pennsylvania and W eatern Batter whioh we are selling for 12K oentsand upwards. Alao, fresh Eggs, by expreaa. ae a lw? ARMV OKFICER8' RFQUI8ITES.?Juat raoetved * large assortment of Field, Spy and Marine Glasses; Pocket Compasses: Drinking Cups; the Pooket Companion; Colt's Pocket, Bel', Army and Navy Pistols Also, tha ''Army Watoh," a oheap and reliable 1 timekeeper, with key arranged imuU the case, whioh prevents tha possibility of its loss. M. W. 6ALT It BRO., Jeweller*, 364 Pa avenue. Four doors wait of Brown's Hotel, se 25 St (Intel, fc Repub.) ^ CAMP LIFE MADE A LUXURY.-The ireatest invention of the age, HARDlfc'8 ARMY' TRUNK,oonnBrisinc Trunk, Bed with Mosquito Ntt attached,Tab e Writing Desk, Loance, Settee, aod Chair, all oonstrmoted so as to fold within the cover of the trunk, leaving s'entr of room fir an c ffioer's wearing apparel On exhibition at the Wsr Department. STEPHEN M.GRISWOI.D, Bole Agent for Washington. re 34 7t* T^m TO OFFICKR&. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon oa the Praaaiau principle, arranged for sleep- fry incortoaot as an Amt'u aaoe in oaee ofjuZEk sioknees or woands. with aaiple room for*"**' "* t?M, r'l * " ,?UTi?uua, ugni, waier-prooi, and perfectly new, having be*n ju?t * uilt to order by one of the fret maker* in N ?w York, ia offered for sale ai coet p ioe Also, a htndtome, stroDg, ?ouad, dark-brown HORSE, either for paddle or hameea. BROWp|i (t Mr. Irvine ' C-oroor^n Lane, bekiad the Chain Bo?ae, between 1 uTB Sr,*U ' '^""^trST^RulV^""' i? I Cnrnir of Pa i?<1 Klmath 1 ? > * AUCTION SALES, v I Br OREBN * WILLIAMS. Aaotioneara DAIL'FP'S BAl.R OF EXCEf.LKNT FURU xiTVii at Piratic Avrnon ?B? nrte# of a warranty of d atraaa, Waaed at the rait of William 1 J Williama, Kaq., acamat tb* tooda ai d ehatta a, lan?l? and bacioanta of 6. W Mai a. to ma direct d, 1 havaMisad and takaa in ?iatraaa %'l Ik* estate, m*i t. titl?, i'tereat property claim, aed demand, at law and in eqaitr. or the aaiH e. W. Maa a. in and to all the Farnitnre oqntaired in , aaid hove. to wtt: Two Ou Fixtu aa._Par<or Carpet, oae Parlor Set, ooa Chair, two Tar>lee, one Whatnot om Rocker Chair, two Chairs, two Ottomans, three Window Cartaina, two Rare, ona AiI P....t *? . n.?... <2?a-- -? r\ ? * v/ii T-v, bWU OVTW, OBf l^Wf lilft CBW t Furniture in Room No. l,ow Fvrsitvr* in Room No S, Oileloth. on* Stand. Faraitare is I'hwnb^r No. 3, Fur I ar# in Chan. 5?r No 4, ' Ward rob# and Curtain*, om Cat kMl Mattraee. ' one Baaket, Oi.oloth. lover pa*a*f?, ona lot ?f tuff in "uthcaae. nn? Tibl*. one 8 are W- Mi, one set China Furniture. Dianar-room Fa-aitare, togeth'r with tur.d-T artielea too nameroaa 'ofVi ieula'ise, in a well finiabed hneee: and 1 hereby fire notice, that. ?>n WRDNK8DAY MORNING. the Sd dar of October, 1MI, at 10 o'eioek I will otfer for sale thp said proper;?, eo aeised aaa taken in di?treaa. by pub'io auotmn, to the h>c k*et bidder, for oath, on the premie*a, on K at., betweaa i 18th and 19th. aouth aide. The flag will de?ignate the paoe. The abore-mentioned Fa*n>tare ia of an excellent auahtr. J OS F KELLY, Bailiff , ee a GREEN k. W'LLlAMfl, Aaota. By WALL* BARNARD. AuoUoneera. G|H OVRRNMENT SALE OF roNDEM^BD Hom*l? ?t arcrioif ? On MONoaYMOK x I \6, Kept. 90th, at in -.'elook, 1 will aoll^ia rear nf nu -1 * > r?j na , PifCC 11 I noriH, OODdtBBN M Ult for pub'.io ?ervioe Tei ma ouh id ' '** u WALLVBAR^ARD.AuouI bt 6rven * williams. auctioneers. Household and kitchen furni iiei at Acctios.?On FRIDAY, the *Ttn i instant. we shall sill at the residence of genCeraan deolining housekeeping. at 10 o'eloo* a at No. <?0 Nineteenth street west, between K and F streets north, known as the Denham Cottage, an excellent a sortment of Furniture, vn? Rmewood and Walnut Far'or Suit, Wainut Marble-top Center and Side Tables, Do Fxtension. Dining and ether Tables, O 1 Paintings. China, Glass, and Crook-ry Ware, Two fine an ted Cottage Chamber Sets. Cottage and other Bedsteads, Iron Hat Raek, and Carpet, Refrigerators, with a good lot of Ritohen Requisites, i Witk many other art oles whioh we dean unnsese sad to enumerate. se21-d green 4 WILLIAMS. Auota. ID" THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, on account of the rata until MONDAY, the 90th instant a?ume hoar, when it will positively take plsc?* without re*?rd to weather. The attention of the public ia respectfully in vi tea to the a%l?, as the Furniture ia of a fine * %]it? And nearly rev. The sale ia worihr attention. ae il 2t [Rep] GREEN A WILLIAMS. AuoU. By THOMAS DOWL'NG. Auctioneer. (tMriMMM. D. C. Furniture and household efrsoTe AT Pcblic Attttioji.?On WEl'NKSD\> M R MOct. J. a?'o o'clock, I will 11, at my Anotion Rooms, No. 174 Br <ice at. a r*o4 assortment of Furniture, Ae., the effects of a f*nl'y loavinr th* city. I nam* in part?ni; Rosewood Piana and Stool, Walnut Spring-seat "olaaud Rocker, Walnut Extension Table, Sid* a d other Tablet, Bureaus. Wa diohes. Wa? stands. Glass**, Hedsteads, Cane and Wood-seat < h?i's Rockers, Feather Bed* Cirpets. Rum ard Oiloloth, Co king, Parlor, and other Stoves, Andiroaa, 6 ass, Crockery and China Ware, Ae. Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites, not enumeia'M. Term - cash in par funds. se 27 4t HrHOMAS DOWLING, Anot. By J. c. MoGUIRE A co.. Auctioneers HANDS<>MK R<?<*Kivnnn plimn postb n horikhold Fnsiira* at Acoiio- ? OnTTJESDAY M? ?H N iN?. October tti* Ist.oommnrctnc at 10 o'clock. we sha'l sell at the r??. der.oe of'I boa. W. Dickins, No. 19 north A. atre?t, opp >Rite Capitol Park, all his household Furniture end Kffeots.oonsistirf o'? Handsome Rosewood Seven Octave Piano Forte, neai It new, W? nut Sofa, Rocker and Parlor Chairs, Walnut Marble top Center Table, Mahogany - tie and Sofa Tables, Do and Walnut Wardrobes, Do ar.d Walnut Bureau* and Waahstands. D > and Walnut French and Jenny L>iM Bedsteads, Hair. Shuck and Husk and Cotton Mat trasses, K eather Beds, Bo'sters and Pillows, Mahogany Marble top Sideboards, Fre> oh Din nc an 1 Case Seat Reoeption Chairs, Parlor and Chamber Curtaius. Brussels. Three-ply and Venttian Stair Carpets, Mirror. Girandoles, Lamps and Mantel Orna meats. China Rlui anrl Pr<v?k?, W??? ftadi%tor and Chamber Stoves, Cooking mots, with ft general assortment of Kitchen Requisite*. Terms ouh. te 25 d J. C. MoQUIRE It CO.. Aaata. EDUCATIONAL. Musical instruction.-a tetohw o Mono, weii qualified in hit profession, wishes ; t/i obain a c'ass of fusils ip a i>'ljr-i n?f??ienoe o*n ne given if required. Terms mad* known on application. Address "Masio Teacher, at the Star office, statins name and res dsnoa. se ii 7t? __________ \f VOCAL INSTITUTE. iMlS. CECILIA VOUN6 Will resaroe liar C4??s?s in Vocal .Music on Monday next. September 9th at her resideuc*, Ma. 426 tilaventh street, between H and 1 sts. Teyns mada known on application. se 3-lroeo WASHINGTON FEMALE SEMINARY. No 4 3tl p Stkxkt, Bitwen Sink ?md brventk sit. miss harttovt-r. is oomplianoe with tba wishes of friends who dasira to p tronixe h*r bat dislike at preeent to sand their daughters to Georgetown in the omnibus, ha* made arrangements to establish a department of her School iu Washington, and rtspectfilly requests a share of the public patronage The first session will oommenoa on Monday. September 23d. Circulars may be obtained at tha Seminary and at the prinoipai Bookstores. sa 18 tf M. J. HARROVER. Principal pROPOrtALS FOR REVENUE VESSELS. Tmirit ? Washing Ion. September 3 IK1 I The Department will reoeive proposals, aoootn panied by model*, plan*, and speoiioaticns. onrl 12 o'clook Monday, 3f'th September, lMi.forthe oomple'e construction and eqsiptent cf T?o Steam Screw Revenue Vessels of 760 ton* each, and of Tfcree Steam Sorew Revenue Vessels of ?O0 ton* each United States measurement. Proposal* will only be oonsidered from wuuw*nil stenn<hip bui der* actu\Hy engaged ib that ba*ine*s, anu the name of the marine steam engine establishment at which the maohine'y is to bs nada mu t be stated and will have doe weight The load draft ol water of the vessels of 7S? tons must not exoeed ten (10 feet, and t^ey will be arn*4 with one rifled pirot can of ?,W0 lb*, weight, two 32 poander guns ol 42 cwt., and one heavj navy M pounder howitzer on ?be top ?ll*nt loraoastie. rh* complement for each vessel to be lift persons, 1 RUninf Broviiinn* fftf ?" B r *v. u?i , ?uu S.PW (ftilODI of w&'.e in tanks; o be furnished with a ooodMuer for distilling potable water. The ves?el* to i e ohoon*' rigged, w th flying gafT topsails. >quare sai , and yard to at fl?ing. The load draft of water of the vassels of flOu ton* moot not ?-xoced 8!* feat, and they will be armed, each, with oae <ifled pivot ran of &,'00 lb*, weight, two S3-pounder* ot 43 owL, and one light navy M pounder howitzer on the top ga'lant foreetitle. The complement lor each ve*?el will be 9? p*r?on?, rarrymg provision* f .r sixty day*, and sr.ono gallocs water in iank*,anJ 10 be rurcieh'd with a oon<*ena< r for dietuling p tab e waUr. The te**?la to be a?houn?r rieg d, with flying gaff topsails, square sai , and yard to set flying The proposals -mat be for the hall, epara, rigsint. sails and oativaa wnrk ? -? ?W UIU|B, Famm&oka and baf?, boata, anehora and oahl?a. tanka, ouki, biuuaoif* bella, jurmtnre lor oabina cod meaa room a, oo"king apparatna and *?aila o^inpiote, atMm u aonioery, apare vorkvooai baake a filled wteh Buok Mountain ooai, with all tk? equipment* and ouiflu of everj kind. and ia all reapeota ready o reoeive her oftoera m?n, prona o a, and a- mtraent, and at onoe prooa?d to Ma The armamwnt.proviaHMia, Dantiea) mtraneata, and oharta only wil be provided by tke Govarament. Itj ia deeirable to bar* the biaheet attainable peed, whioh inn at be atated ia tie offer, together with the length of time it eaa be aMiataiaed ana the qaantity of ooal that oan be oarried la the bankera for that apeed,wk>cn aboald not be leea than ten dare of twenty foar boar* eaoh The apeoifioationa moat deaoribe fally the Material to be aaed; the manner and aiie nflbrt?it U? uio Biav nnian, ?M wmiMDHt of the machinery, and ef the v&noua equipment a aid outfits molnded in thepropoaa*. The plara mitt be work tag drawing! from which 9| e Tea dud machinery Ma be bni.t, ahowia? the otment of apaoe for aooommodatioaa, ateaia room magixinet, ahell rooma diapoaition of ooai. and oonrcnient a to vac mo?t be provided. It la to be ?nderai<>o(! that in the contract a guarantee will be maertod of the folfilmt-at of tke oondition of draft of water, aperd. fuei, a?t.?factory working of the machioeci, and other poiate reunited. with a forfeiture in oaee of failara. The bidden inuat atate the leaet tiae from the signing the oontraot or aeoeptaaoe ot On aropoe*.! within which they will agree to oomplete The veeaela ready for aea and deliver than at any porta they may name. Th? total amoant for wkiah they win engage to do all that it repaired in *ke foragoiDf a<t ran ieement. aod to be ia>i?ii< ia their raeoihoatioaa and plana, mnat be atated, and tka bida moat be aooomaanied by the guarantee repaired by lav that, ir awarded, they will axeoate the oontraot. . , , _ Pay menu will be made at fear different ta'arvala ae tne work progreeaee, rataiatagoje-fitth .1 5) of tka whole amoant for ainaty (W) day a after the delivery ol the veeeel, to repair aay uefeaia that may be dieoovared within that time on trial at aea. The Department reeerre* the right to aoaept the proposal* made in oonforauty with the oondjtiona presort bad wkiah it may ooaatder moet U tka latareati of the Governaaat aad to combiae the gimtaat number el advaatafaa, aad to rajeet any or all of them at its option A competent pereon will ba appointed by tke fttM-* ? ? .armm WV fVTIBWlKI IS# OMtrvotioa ud I Muipm?nt of <*ah of tfe* vwwle. Th?*pwi&c?uou(>lftBs, ?b4 mod*U ofptrtiM ?ol obtaining oatneta ""alT. c'susk!" ** ????* 8?rtarr of ttoTw&wy. 500,000 UUmAMtf? AM telegraphic news THE WAR IN XMSOrtl sroiT?? iimi or x.?xmer * coithuiictu St Lorn, Sept tS ?Tha report from Qnlacr to the Chteege Trlbane. that General SUri had attacked Price et Lexington, la ntterly Ihfie. ?e? Slg'l had ktn there mml weeks, ead Ow Hunter reached Jefereoa city to day fro? Reila. t Joaxra. Mo . Sept 85 ?Gea Preattaa at deed here ea Meaiar rmiw ?<> ? - oaand yoaterdar. ~ ??*>? MOTKMBHT* OV *111. . CVLUNB MOT ma OR Pn*T arOTT Lutwwpjti, Sept ? -On Luti ooa du4 aur prised a nprli- fores of re be to at PapenarlUe, Mlaeourt, on the Slat. and after a severe engagement routed them, foalcg wmlwa killed and a lam lumber wounded The reWU leat 40 killed and 100 prisoners. and all their Hate, ^GenLane la reported la be naorl ag oa Osceola The gaagof rebela who recent! v sacked tbe town of Humboldt, Kanaaa, baa been defeated by a force freaa Fort Scott, aad their leader Msthiaa, killed. Ob kta peraon waa found aa order froai Boa. MeCuIlougn for the enrollment of the <4uapaw Indiana Sccutaat Fort Scott report that Ben MeColiough waa Within thirty alia of Fact Soott aa tba sight of tbe Slat last. Tbe steamer Majora tbla mora lag took la Kaa aa? City six compaalaa of Kaaaaa mlllUa aad Ive companlea of Jennlaoa'a Regiment Coloael Cook*a command of regulara from Utah paaaed Fort Kearney on tbe Mb last. oTiaiRTi or tin nici J if? El boh Citt. ftept *8 ?Csp< Taggarl, <4 tbe Twenty Iflb I 111 noli Regiment, bit arrived here from OttervlUe, where be heard ye*treday tbat CUlb Jack?on waa advancing en Beoaevlila, with some 10,UK) mn, and Price waa mere bias toward* Georgetown wtib about 90,000, tbe *my at Lexington baring bet d Tided for tbat purpose at Georgetown, at which point I large number of troopa can be concentrated in a abort time General Mnrgla. with eleven bundred me*, reached a point on tbe aortb aid* of tbe river, six milea from Lexington, on tbe 19lh. but learning tbat Mar five thousand of Price* rebels were stationed in the woods, skirting tbe river, wetting bit approach, be marched to Lib rtjr sad tbence to Kan*a? city, where be now la Reports, wMcb are regarded sa reliable, have been received here tbat Col Montgomery, of Gea Lane'i command, attacked Oeceola, la 9t. flair county, on Friday last, burned the town by aheUlag It, and repulsed s large force ef rebela. tbi latest St Locis.Sept *7.?Gen Fremont hi* reUwoed Col. BUtr from arreat and be retumn tie command A flag of truce front Lexington baa j>ropoaed an exchange of Colonel Marshall for Mr Hudglna, a member of tbe State convention, confined at the St Louie Arsenal. and the proposal baa ben accepted Gen. Fremont'* oflclal dispatch announcing the surrender of Lexington atatea that the reinforcements under General* Sturgla, Lane and Davis were enable to re*?b Lexington la tHoe. Healao aays that In tahlng the field himself he bopea to be able to dwtrov tbe enemy before or after a junction with McCullongh Proa CallUrna by P#?r Expresa. San Fxarciico, Sept ?The sloop-of-trar Wyoming and revenue cotter Joe Line bare been aent from this port la pursuit of tbe ahlp Aahland. which la probably loading with guano at Goorge* Island she belong* In New Orleans, and Ifoep tnred win be conflacated. Tbe aeeond asate and flee m?n deserted from her on Kllda laland off tbe coaat of Lower Callforala, and they aaaert that tbe capiatn Is a secessionist coon after tbe arrival of the clipper Sea Serpent the revenue sfllcer aeUedSII.OUU worth of tohalcee, consigned to Greene, Heaih ft. Ollla, on Information that tbe property belonged to Southern owners On Saturday a large lot of tobacco that eante on the ship Sword Fisn, belonging to the same ? ? ?-- ? - Mm. The reports from tbe Interior a bow that the rereotappeal! to the military aplnt of the people have not been la rain. At the rate the companies are offered tbe reglmente will aoon be filled up Six com pan lea of infantry that have been ?aeamped near San Franc lace, being part of the 1 900 men called for aervlce oa tba overland mall rocte have been aent to Loa Angeloa Thla unexpected movement coupled with the reoeat lif?raaH? of tha audden departure of troopa already la the aouth, for Ban Bernardlna. would Indicate that General Sumner baa Intelligence of recent d?aunlomam among tha Southern ayaapathItrra la thai part of the State, wnlch la hidden from the publte at large. Major General W H alloc k, of thla city, h%a recelvtd hla appointment a* major general of the regular army of the United (Mates, and baa taken the oath of oSce. He will go aaat by theeteamer of October iat. tejola Cm MeCWUa>i army The new Directory of San Kranclaco, piibl:ate<1 under the aupervlaloa of partiea regarded aa undoubted authority In local atatlatlca. glvea the baa I a for estimating the present population of tba ~..T ? m. rompnn or 40,on) whit* malm 37,IWO white females, 3 00W Chinese, aid ? 000 ?oloed Tbf Trfki Journal itatn th?t the storv of ? recent muncre of a party of emigrant! at Goeee Lake wu a hearties* hoax, for the purpoee of harrowing theaoul of a resident of that place, who had relatlvea on hoard the tratn Frum Fortress Vsarte. Foitims Mokboi. Sept ? ?The steamer 9 R Speuldlng leaves here to night for Hatteraa Inlet, with the Twentieth Indiana Regiment, and a large shipment ef military and naval stores Another regiment reached Old Paint this morula* from Baltimore A tag of truce came down from Norfolk with twenty-flee lad Irs to-day, but It was stopped near Bewail* Paint, and the peseengers brought off In one of our Teasels, as Commodore Gold?boro<u u will not permit taga of truce to com* near the fleet A Confederate schooner from Richmond managed to slip through the blockade of the Jerne? River, and reached Norfolk this morning. Keatacky Legislature r iiRiroiT, ?epi n -It tke Uoom, Mr (' lerwood reported an imtodfd bill from the eon mtttee on military iftln, calling out 4o,?00 vol onteer* froai oh to tbraa >aar* The Beaa** ooacurred la tbo bill by SI to 5 The fteaate alao ptwd, bv M to It, a bUl pro Idlog that Rentocklaaa who have eiaatarllr joined tbo aatl force landtag tbe Stale, ahaU bo lacapablo of taklag aav esUU la Kaatocky ay dertae, bequest, or dUtrlbuMoe, unleea they itturn to their allegiance wttbla OV day*, or eocape from tbe lander* aa eoon aa puaalble laptare of Jaaaea B. Clay?fcacape of Mr. Breckiartdge CneiHRiTl, Bept M ?Yeaterda* aftorn?o i Lieut. Col botcher, of Kentucky,.with a detactsnent of Col Woodwards regiment. captured Jaaaea B. Clay, with alxtoea of blaaaoa, wbll* tbey were en ttelr way to jola ZolllcoflOr They were takea to Camp Dick Robioeoa. John C. orrcainnage wu vimiM party, but cmgr4 to mtkt bit escape. Cktif 4 by Pirate. Niv Toak, Sept t7. 17 ?The schooner Artbell*, from Aaplowali, reports that on tbo *Kb Inst , ?b? was cbasrd ?by schooner carrying on EagMafa tag, namdetea. atblch being outsailed hoisted the Confederate flag Next day aaw tte same acbooaer cbaoeabrlg, but with the saoae MM. Departure of the Prlan Boiton. Sept *J6 ?Prince Napoleoa sailed th a mornlag for St John, N B. T NoncK, 1 HE Copartoerttus etetofore oil by the ?o of H. rT^LorrKiw A Co. vu dtoootvd oa the 1st instaat by its owa lirtitaooa. All thoao o*iac aaoanta to said t m are raqaawted to mwi the same witacnt delay, as tbo aaaassaori are aum?? to O'OOO US bo- kf and settle asaoaata agaiast the ioemUy. TTT NOTICE?Tn? ibd ni|M< iwpiitfil1? IriM OMr jllroii and tb? pib 10 iMMlIt of th?r kavini fCrrowd % <x>p*rtn?r*Jup t? ?n?Uii* t*? bvaifMt, ib ?h ita Krar.oi t*.m >Mo?won?ftt? t?U 't? iM lor Vb*^* iwuomto Uoi^Acnbniad %vora _F. JTheibekgnil * oo. -?'JflaSEisss* wm. _ aon johnbon * naole, atjn ?0*7 No %99 athrIi ?o?.* J"' "w??sa r* * n *? * " MoM h Ckft "blnu'jt rtfoi. sitf s'jsSar ?A$>'fc^V^CCVi ttl blmS yAP^L^c ? ? ? ^w,o?s.rc#' 4P

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