Newspaper of Evening Star, September 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 28, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. C7*Ts? Stab pibllabea the Llal of Letter* r~?nalntag lu the Washington City Poet Office nnder tbe proTtalona of the law dtreetlng thorn to bo printed la the newspaper having the largest circulation within the delivery of the oflftce. Ilk total dally circulation la more tbaa doable that of any other Dally printed la the District of Columbia. Tm Biiiit Cass bifou tii Oiriii'i Cor at. Jfmi Puic*ll? PrKrmifd Cross-EzoniMftM / iluwUrwi Par/til ?At Ik* open1ns of court yesterday cooniel appeared, bat tbt wHnrta, Alexandrine Parfalt, and the children were Dot prraent Mr. Linton Mid be hoped the children and the wltaaaa would be brought into court, and the Marahal or Deputy Marahal with them, to receive ieetrnrtlone In regard to the child "Eddy," who ia atated to be rooetentlv with hla father, out ef the euatodr of the Marabal. Mr. Dae'dge rone to any that it was Improper to allow thia French woman, who waa wiper led of potaonlag the mlnda of the other children agtinat their father and grandmother, to he with then. The Court eatd it could not act apoa mere ausaVelna I* It ? IK?I Y~ - ? ?? ? ww ??* *?? ? Mt Parfalt vm an Improper peraoo to be with children. iction could then be taken. The md? may be aald of the other parttec, whoa the proof require* the Court to Interfere Mr Davldge Mid be would endeavor to prove that tbla girl did Influence the mlnda of the children. The Deputy Marabal, Mr. Samuel Philip*. (derated be the Court to bring tbe children from France ) appeared In conrt, when tbe queotlon wa* re opened aad argued. Mr Davldge contending tbat the pnn&ple wltnea* agalont Mr. Barney (Alexandrine) baa been proved to be prejudiced agalnat (bat gentleman. Out of the whole army of nuraea Ik ahe only one to have -charge of the children ? Her antecedent* are un"k nnwn ailmiHAil #K?? ak? lev a* ? ? ?? ? ? . - V "? ' ? ?VU ?UUk *UV BIUCU wiui rail, Barnev. and In *Iew of the ritrtice vouth of these children wan it right that they should cone into court to testify fresh from her manipulations? There is under the eye and within the ear-shot of the Court a witness, an ally of Mrs. Barney all through the troubles In Parla. He would prove that the children when they first came here were affectionate to their father and grandmother, now they stood aloof. Mr Fendall said it was a mere ausplcton of the counsel tbattbla nurse exercises undue Influence. Let the gentleman prove It. Mr Davidge was surprised that the gentleman objected to removing toe nurse Mr Fendall said the nurse wca the choice of Mrs Barney for the custody of her children, and l?t the gentleman prove by the children or otherwise that she Is not a proper person. The Court said proof must be addacad, and called the srirl Alexandrine to ?mwer ?? to th? caution Impressed upon her on Wednesday. Witness testified she bad not dlsobeyea the Injunction of tbe Court; uk tbe children themTbe Coart Instructed Mr. Phillips to exercise doe care In tbe custody of tbe children. Mr DaTtdge was proceeding to put thsquestlon at length to witness is to talking with tbe children, when? Mr Linton Interrupted htm, and said be objected to bis(Mr.D-'s; addressing an "argument" to tbe witness Mr. Davldge said that he would not stand tbese Interruptions of the gentleman any longer. He had borne tbese running commentaries or the gentleman day after day here, and now appealed to the Court Tbe Court said as attention bad been called to It by counsel, It would not be allowed again. Mr. Linton ?"Well, I believe 1 have tbe floor now. 1 object " Tbe Court sustained tbe objection, and said Mr DaTldge must confine himself to questions addressed to witness, snd added that hereafter tbe genuatnen nun speaa one at a time Mr Davld?e aaid tbat *u the establishment of a verv valuaole principle tbat two should not peak at oore A principle recognized everywhere?in society aa well aa in court. Mr Davidge now put the qneation In a great many different forma to wltnesa? repeating it? asking her if she dtd not talk to the children about Mr Barney, tell them be(B ) was after their property. Ac Wltneaa persistently answered that she did not; tbat the children told ber what she aaid In eourt was true; tbat ahe told them not to tell ber anything about It, bat to tell what they knew in conti. Mr Davldge ?Do you mean to say you never talk to tbem at all about Mr tiarnev* Witness, Impatiently ?I cannot say anything more Mr. Davldge.?Then yon must ?ay. He repeated the question. Witness not respoodlng, Mr 0 appealed to tb? Court, and the Court tola ber to jnswer. WttcMs said when Cbasey spoke to her she teld him be was big enough to teilwbst was true. Mr Deeld?e repealed the question. W ttness repeated that she told the children she did aot want to hear anything about It. " The children were here." she said, " ask tbem; they were big enough to tell, IX 1 said anything to them " Mr B ?Did not Mrs. Barney come to America In 185T Mr Kendall?I object. The que?tlon has no relevancy to the examination In chief Mr D.?"Let us see If It has not." He said he expected to show that at the time of the alleged Improper conduct with little Hebe she was only three snd a half or four yeara old, and that subsequently Mrs B , In her proceedings before the French court, did not allege auch a charge. This question was to show that Mrs B. left Paris In 1858?left the children in charge of Mr. U , and left this girl In the bouse He would attempt to show she wu not entitled to credit; for, after tbeae attempts on bet virtue. In ber bed room and In toe kitchen, this " Immaculate Diana" stayed there weeka after, and Mra B. left her there aloae with thia ? Tarqula " The Court decided the question waa a proper ne Wltneaa answered, thst Mra. B. did come to Atr frlca 1b 1859; that wltneaa went to the country, w-nt to BloU; and that ber mother stayed with Mi B and the children. Mr Devldge said the answer might have been different If he bad been let alone The Conrt said counsel must think the witness ery shrewd. Mr Davldge aald she was shrewd enough. Cross-examination continued ?Mrs. B left In September; returned tbe next month; witness WMt to Blots In August; came back about a week before Mra. B. [Mr Barney here leaned over to Eddy, smiled, tsi alH Pav itt?ntlAfi "1 Mr. David^e bow put mttnl questions ss to the length of time of witness's return before Mr* B return, to which the aniwen were about follows: Cu't tell for certain if It waa a week; don't kaow If it could be two weeks, It could not be tkree weeka; wltncaa'a mother alepi In tbe bouse wltk ber all tbe time; don't know }f It could have been tbree weeka; think* it waa not; Mr B waa In tke apertmenta, wttnesa's mother bad charge of tbe children, waa living in Hue Chateaubriand at that time. Croas examination continued ?Witness could speak English a little bit when abe came to tbla country; came a year agu in May Mr. Davldge ?"That la tbe alz month's residence la Iowa " Mr Feadall objected to counsel Interlarding tbe examination with these com men ta. Mr. Daeldge here aobjected tbe witaeas to a searching examination aa to whether abe knew enough English while living with the Barneys to nnderslaad tbe laacBase used bv Mr. Barnev to bis wife ~ Her answer* were to the general effect that at that time the bad a book and waa study* lBC Pnjjltsb; learned some from the children; s lady gsYe her lessons occasionally; she understood more than she could speak, baa been learning nil the time; some oX if r. b 's words ahn snderttood, and some were explained to her by Mrs B and the children; could understand Mr and Mrs B belter than any one else, and that sooftlnM Mr Barney when drunk talked in French and sometimes In English Mr. Dneidfs proceeded to exsmlne the witness nt length as to tn? sge of tittle Hebe at ths time of the alleged Improper conduct tnwarda which it appeared that she wss then between three and four years old. Cr<r?a-?inmlnation continued ?B was not kind, teflw a ad nfciloult to his chUdron when not drank; lo?ed Kddy, bat all the time made a aerYiat of Chaaev; witneaa wu aahamed for him: never u* htm affectionate; don't know whether he wwd them or not, the children went to achooL generally h? (Mr B ) called them in the pvlor to read tba bible to them [t?ddy (lorto ?> ? Every t*uodayJ, aometimea toey went to the Cataallc church, too children aaid their ptavara at Bight?aoaaatimea with Mra H .aometimea for wttoeaa. aometimea the fhther would take the children out walking, aometimea the motner. aometlmaa hath of tbem woo Id ga out with the children, that U the tuatom la France; aometimea l hanay didn 't want to go with hla father, aad hla father woald whip him with a rattan; don't know how often. The crnaa eiamlaattoa closed tore, aad Mr. rtadall Mia M atlirra to UK lHr W!Uifi4 H.nip queelioua, but Mr Davldge objected r h? Ceuit decided that Mr Feudal! eoald uk aar quoatlon to relation to new facta elicited by t be efMMualMtkM Kxamiaatlon eaotlnuod ?W Itaoaa *u aot positive if |t wao tn 'it or '34 the wt*t to live with Mrs B ; while they woro living iport Mn H. n*d the chlldroa Mr. Fred ail ?W bo had the aaro.cootrol, ud custody of the children; who paid for the keeping o/ Thtl*'* Mr Llnvtdffe objected, aad referred to the Fiosch record to ah?w thai the partlea were living pan la caaoan jcnco of docroo of separation at Up* V I 0 _ _ 4., .. . Mr. Feodall nld that record wm not In evidence; tbe gentleman could not refuar to have it a ted here for one purpose, and then uae It for another It had been ruled out at the gentleman's uggealloa; now ha wanta to bring it la. The fentleman had ahown the children ware schooled; e (F ) wanted to show that they were schooled by the mother. Examination continued.?Mr and Mra. Barney wm aeperated one year; aba had the care of the children and of their education, and paid the expenaea; aaw Mr. Barney pay the acbool bill one time. Mr. Davldge would freely admit that Mr B did not aupport the children The wife had a large property. me DUDtoa aaa oniy nia pay u Lieutenant Mr. f-endall here closed hit examination. Mr. Davldga again examined the wltneaa. Mra. Barney got the money from Mr Llndaley; witne*? took the paper to the bonk to get the money and taw Mr. L 'a name on It; Mra B received monev from young Llndaley erer* month. One time Mr. Barney paid the butcher and achool bill, but told Mra B. to give It back to him, brought her a paper to algn for It, and ahe aald he didn't want to, wltneaa didn't aee her algn it: wltneaa kept no accounta between Mr. and Mra. B Mr Davldge aald ha waa now done with the wltneaa The testimony waa than read to the wltneaa to have correction* made. Wltneaa aald It might be October, 1850, that ahe went to live with the Barne^a; waa living In ?v nuc u /vii^uuiriiiv. noi in me ivue qc i un?tolre, when the second proceed 1 ngs for divorce la France took place; wanted It stated that her mother lived with h'r all the time daring Mra. Barney's absence from France In 1858 Other correctlona were made, not material to our report, and the court adjourned till 11 o'clock to-day. Xote ?We find from the record that Mr. 8 C. Harney haa been a full Lieutenant In the navy alnce 1847. The counsel for defenae desires us to state that the vouchers Noa. 1, 2, ard 3, referred to In the apecificatlona filed by counsel for petitioner, of which we gave a aynopala In the Star of yesterday, were twice ruled out by the Court, with the exception of the decree of the Iowa court. Cbhtxal Gcardhovsi Casks ?Yesterday morning the following caaea were docketed: John Amea, (col'd,) selling liquor to aoldlers: aent to Jail. Alfred Lomax, (cnl'd,) drunk ana disorderly; fined S3 M Patrick Coler, do ; turned over to the Provost Marshal. Mary O'Brien, disorderly; dismissed. Thomas Lynch, aaaault and battery, with Intent to kill H Kedpath. his step father; held for farther hearing Chnrlea Riley, drunk and disorderly; coat 75 centa Manuel Parka and Harkneaa Hepburn, (col'd,) dlaorderly; dismissed Thomaa Haitian, drunk; do. Nelson King, do ; do Patrick O'Donnel, drunk and disorderly; lined SI 45 John Crowley, drunk; lined 81 M John White, do; do. Patrick G. Barry and John Bruce, drunk and dlaorderly; do. SI 94 each. To day ?Ann Brown, a nofcvery comely and enticing colored damael, waa cnarged with en tic- | Ing Midler* to her honae near Coitman'a brick yard, to the annoyance of the neighbors 9he was dismissed, the evidence not being sufficient to hold her. Wm.J. Nelaon, drunk and disorderly; dismissed J no Barney, dlaorderly; turned over to the Provoat Guard. George G Hall, colored abusing a bar ke*per for reruaing to aell him liquor; do. A bailor disorderly; do. Jamts Rlgsby, drunk In lumber yard; dismissed. Joe. McCarty lying asleep in the street; do. Five lodgers were accommodated last night. Bblisiocs Rsvival ?For several weeks past a very interesting series of religious meettngs have been progressing at the Ninth street Methodist Protestant Church They are held every night In the week, and attended by many strangers, soldiers and civilians. Great Interest has been added to the meetings by the recent appearance of a number of penitents at the altar asking the advice and prayers of the church On | Thursday night five penitents presented them selves, ar>? a* many tbs night previous. The meetings will be continued; and the assistance of Rev Jcsiah Varden, and Rev. Dr. Sbermer, la expected during tbe progress of the meetings. Polick?Btfor? Justice Stratton, Yesterday.? Felti Dugan, selling Uauor without a license, was lined ?*?) and costs By advice of his counsel he appealed to the Circuit Court. Patrick Gormley, s soldier, drunk and disorderly, was arretted by the Metropolitan Police. He gave them considerable trouble, drawing a revolver and resisting them forcibly. He was turned over to tbe Proyost Marshal Aksivid at Carter's wharf, (foot of Thirteenthand-a-half street.) schoonera Champe, Koblnton, Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal for H Rocbat: Rosa Wtnans, Henderson, with a cargo of coal for C. M. Keys; Watcbmin, Eskridge, with a cargo of coal for Geo. F. Kldwell: Robert Frank. 11 n. Glover, with coal for C. M. Keys and George Bogus. Hoses Thixs ?Thomas Holland was arrested on Wednesday by the police force of tbe First Wsrd on the charge of horse stealing, being caught in the act of taking horses from the enclosure on the corner of Twenty second and I streets, where horses are kept awaiting Inspection by the Government officers Fill.?Thursdsy night, at a late hour, five small wooden tenements, on Second street, near B street south, were destroyed by fire, supposed to be anjncendlary act. The property belonged to M r. TtiM Parsons, who, we are informed la partially Insured. To ErirPBBs ? Something Ntvo?Read Harvey's advertisement In another column, and then call around and try bis steamed oy?tera, and make your arrangements for game, abell flsb, Ac., through the season lie can do all be aaya be will. ' The Campbills continue to draw at Odd Fellow'a Hall like a team of elephanta, and with the'r nightly changes of programme always have something temptingly new on band. A superb bill to-nlgbt! ________ Fcoitives in Tows ? It la rumored that several young men wbo went aouth In the migration of the City Hall division of the National Volunteers have returned to tbe city. Pabadb?The Fourth Vermont Regiment appeared on tbe avenue to-day making a line appearance as regards both men and equipments. Ladibs, Attention !?Mrs. R. G. Etcblson has just returned from the North with her usual very large and beautiful aaaortment of Millinery and Lace Gooda. Bonnets, Flowers, Ribbons, Ruches, 911ks, Velvets, Feathers, Laces, Embroideries. kp - *.< - Her Flowera, Feather* and Millinery goods generally, deaeve aperlai attention, and ahe only aaka you to call and look at them, aatlafled that yon will buy. 3t Isdia Rubbkk Blamkbtb rot halt pbicb, belng iligktiy diacolored, but not Injured for eervtce 5 000 larije India Rubber Blanketa, lined with Canton Hauntl, S feet 4 Inchea long and 4 feet 4 lncbea wide, for S3 each, u?ual price *4. For aale at the India Rubber Warebouae, 3U8 1'ennayivanla avenue, between Ninth and Tenth atreeta. ae 23-tf N*w D*t Ojom. Stock just opened at R it Hall'a old atan<l, 575 Seventh atreet. Store crowded with ouatomera Qoo.ta to ?nit ih* tiinea. and at pri^aa to please. ae:i-eo6t Mitthiwi a Co., *7J Seventh at. Ulkl*. On the rub inatant MARTHA R.. oMeat dan* titer of Robert H. end Franoea Draoo "The Lord lave, and th? born hath taken away ; Meaaed be tue name of the Lord " Her fun-ral wili take place to-morrow, at 2 o'olock.from the reeidenoe of ner parent*. No. 319 C at. between Sd and 3d, Ialand Thefrienda of the famiU are lavited to attend. * ft, It - * oi * a o?? n?tn VH HID IIIUIU1I1I VI HJtJ iOlll, LLJI rcnEiIl A, only daughter i f Cr. as W . and Mary Jane Cunningham aged 9 years and 1" months. * Ob ths 36th mat, AMANDA, vifs of V. 0. Austin Her fsasral will taks plaoe to morrow,(SBBd?y,) at I o'slock. at hsr hasUai.d'a reeideaoe, on ths orner of Pa. avenue and 10th at. Navy Yard. * On ths afternoon of ths TTth Sept.. alW a long and peiatal illness, whioh ahe bore with ohnatian resignation, MARY M., wile of Loaia V Irani, ^r0(] 57 f 0&ri. Ths rsiatirss and frienda sf ths family ars reap*} t/ally invited to attend hsr fsasral, from ths rasideaeeof Mr Joseph Redfera.on H atrret, between >lih aud <9ih, on Sunday, ths 29th inat, at 1 o*e)oofc />. SOMETHING NEW! /^\ ?4f^G?BATWTTB ftlCOTMT or ^5^ At 381 C strut, oppo?i<? ? tht Tkta ?r ~ OYSTERS STEAMED la the *h?Il and Thoroughly Cooaed (far easerinr to a roa?t> ib two minutes, tht fastest tims on ft cord. Call and aee. The undersigcsd recp^otfoily informs his friends in ths Itisir.ot. and visitors to ths eity, that hs has refined his i lo and wili-i.iow.i BRTABkiaBMBNT -a a moat ihoiuuah wannrr. and ha? made oomt Me arraagementa to farBiah OYSTERs in any sty sad ib any quantity 400 to <00 ga loaathucked r?r 4ay. Sue to lOOu can* cf bpioed ard K-e?h put a? daily??aaa hsrm*tioal!y a- aled Furaished In the tfc 1 by the haehe or barrel. . *>ehiug to have Oyatera faraiahed rsgalarlr thr%a*h the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without f^r of (ailars,'hoaid oall aad macs arraag*a*eBU at oaee Freight, time, aad moaey saved by tarihaaing of ma. as I faraiah as article equal to the o??braUJ Baltimore ssUblishmeats, at prioea jaat as low. ??.?0 8irrLK*% ? LIWMI, HrtllM, CttU, glrftvhorriM, Inmmam. Pim' P-et, Tn>?, * .. *0.*c. Alio, Puk w, Cfttau|t, kiML Br*nJy UMD?widf,Nk Flik. TIN tt^,THTM*aa. FniUE^tu?, Cod. Hfthbut.**. Is bet. ?v?. y ?kiB| for *u iB the ortk.rt **rkru *J?ay? on h?t J, it rotooa&bi* piloM HoUla aad famlliM opfluj with OraU'a. 49Itr. r ?d wi ly>?t o??r?a to MTMrt of if* Dla triot, i MaiM, i/ tk? moooy la Natvitk th? order. Mr Mt^uh*^UoM?frpm.? ?. m. to IS at nicht. ?v?n My, ?K<Mft Bvadfty.^iiM 1 oIom ftt 1. oW ? T. HHAAYBY LIST or LBTTBRS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, Waibihston oITT, September ?, IM1. (Ordered to be inserted in the Evsrim St as, t bein* the aewspaper having the largest ciroulatioc of any daily paper published in Washington.] il~r All person* applying for letters in ths followng list, will please sar they are aovmtisid. LADIES' LIST. Ash. Mrs Charlotte Howa d, Miss Emma Abe't. Miss 3 f* Humphrey, Mrs M Armfl'H, Mrs Kl'tabetH Harris, Mrs *le*an<*er, Miss 8a'ah-? Isdeli, Miss Mary E Anderson. Mrs Harriet S Jones. Mrs J W Blano^a-d. Mad M A Jones. Miss F*nny L Be l, Mrs Wm Jones. Mrs A i Bear, Mrs L Jar, Sarah Jai^e Mrs it, Mrs 8 A Johnson, Caroline n it m i:- as a - l a ra tr li'aiiimri inai* n jununun, r ? Bark, Mis* Mary Johnson, Miss Mary Banner, Mri M Jordan, Mr* John Bell. Mar ha A Jerdan, Mary Bright. Mim M A Johnson. Mm* Kate Boyd, Mr?MC Klin#, Aiini* Brovn, Mrs Wm S Kooka Isabella Bryan, MIhE Krammer. Ninnie Bruner, MriFC Kadler, Lifie Bristol, Mr* Hannah Kilpatriok. Mr* f.t Col Baldwin, Mi** M A D K*rby. Mi's Isabella Baltimore. Mine C Lee. Miaa Virimia Bonman. Miaa D Lent, Mrs L K Bryant MissE Lynn. Miaa Margaret BrowneU. Mr* P Y Lee, Mr* Br*an. M ** M 9 Lee, Mrs Maria L gianohi, Mr* M Lea, Mra Catharine G ergen. Mi** R J 2 Lee. Catharine K S Biander, Mrs Lambden, Mra A Bronaugh. Mrs J C Lobrel, Belia Bernett, Mias E MoK-e.MraWm Baker, Mra E MaoDacei, Mi** A Cowan, Miss Rosia MoL'oy, Mis* Li bey Cha*e, Mr* Moligue. Miaa M Church. Miss E Moore. Mi** Kl.en Chaae, Mi** Sarah Moore house, Mrs Chaa Cooke, Mrs OA Meade, Mrs i" ? aj a nr.,..!.. Lf.. U n vua, *1 r b a kiin ju-ii| i*11 n u Creed, Mary Mftldox, Mrs Joe H Cammeron, Miaa J-3 Morley. Misa U Coffii.MnS A-J Mill*. Misa Collin*. Mra A R Moy*e, Mra L Cator, Miaa R A Martin, Mary Coalman, Mra C Mmod, Mra 0 Cohurn. Mra A Mathews, Miaa E Collins, Mra A Madden, H D Cutler, Catharine Norman, Catharine C rarte<-, Mn M E i O'Breen, Miss Mary Ch?l?I. Mra M A. Oamand.E Cunningham. Misa M J Pr?uss, Mra Chapman, Mra8 A Pain, Ann C->l ina, Mra Mary Preuss, fecetta Colton, Mra Capt Pollard, Mrs Cool lane, Sophy Patterson, Mary A Coliins, Miaa 8 Patterson, Mary E Coil na.Misa M A Piatr.MraBWB Cowiix. v.iss T Patterson, Mrs gammeron, Miaa J Queen, Miss Mary' oyle. Miss A Raff, Mra B Decker, Mra M E Ruff, Mra J A Darby, Miss 8 C Rumpy. MrsJW Duffey, Miss Kate Hour, Mra E W Dobaon, Mra 8u?an Roth, Miss Catharine Davenport, Mra 4 Robay, Mr* Joa Dother. M'a Robinson, Mice J Darn son, Mra B Roger*, Misa Kate Dixon, Mrs J Rowlins, Mra R Dillon. Misa Msrr Ryan. Mra Dusenberij. Mra O Ready, Ms'r Ely, Mra SB Stevenson, Misa M R Miaa NaIIv SnAftH Mra Ann Frenoh. Mr* Josephine Swi'h, Fanny Fry, Mrs Kllen J Smith, MraC II Fau ties, Mrs J E Stwart. Mias Mary E Forster, Mrs E Scoro, E izabeth Fn'ler, Mrs ED Hhunnon, Mrs M C Fowler, Mra C 8 ewart. Sarah Fowler, Mra WD Stoddard. Miss M T Fletcher, Mrs M Satt er, Ha-hara Fletcher, M as Elisa Shelby, Cla-a Fremont. Mrs Jessie B Singer, Mrs C Fenton. Miss L M Simpson. Mrs C F Fletcher, Miss E J Sas er, Mrs H M Graves, Mrs O F Stevens. Miss Kate Gill, Mias B Sooua, Miss E Gill, Miss EC Thorn. Marr J Gr*T, Mrs Thompson, Mary Griffin, Mra or Palmer, T?rret, Mrs C Kl en Thomas, Miss Mollie Gardner, Mrs V Tunion. Mrs '1 Gffc*o-y, Mrs J W tTsh-<r, Hattie Garrison, Miss M A Uppe m*n, Mrs H W riees-m. Miss E W inn, Miss Kate Hill, Mi?s E Welob, Marr Hoo*e, Miss A C Wharton, Martha J Hicks. Jane Fliz* Williams. Marr Hill, M 1*8 Kli?* Waekamouth, H H?y?, Mia* Anna William*. Mi*a M C Hill, Mia* Laura Weibe'., Delia Hall, Mr* DK William*,*a>ah Hamilton. Miaa J H Whitney. Sarah Hildreth, Mi?* Lizaie Whimon.HE Hertiber*, Miaa B Waiksi, Miaa Mi'jr Henry, Miaa C Windaor, Miaa E Healy, Mra Ann 2 OENTLBMEN'8 LIST. Aokerman W Bamber*?" J CoafinJnoT Allen Wm J 8 BrownHR* CanfieldJno Aimer Wm Brown H K Cadey J no Ad?maWm Barker Harvey Crawford J P R Atldiaon W M Becket Henry Cowley J jgiahB Allen Maj Wm Barden H R Carley Ja* Aoker Capt W Benton H W CaMeton Jno L Anderaon Wm Wrown CaptHL Crary J 8 2 Avery Thoa Benaon G Campbo I Jaa J AppUby R BtroeaGe-i Ca-dozo J N Andrew* RF Browning GeoL Carhart I?aao Amea Robt B air Geo CheeneyJ'ioE Andreya Phillip Beall Geo W ConnoU* Jno Ander*CaptMG BrattG?oF2 ColiinaJnoF Ayera Mefvin D Brown Geo W Cohen Jaoob Adam* Mr BlarohardGeo Carter J P Arth A L.ein?-a Boat G*oJ Collin* Jaa All'n Lewi* A Brown Geo T Call Harriaon AWanaercoi l. naiu?iu oov. a o?w i?? h u O Beaae Geo ? utter H T Archer JdoF BeltonColFS Carver Dr H AliS'n Jm Bouse Fred Curr,field H H AppIeOy Ja? Bates F Co'too O A And ews Jm M Billings Fred CowenO H-2 Atwell Jno Raly Fr?d Ch&ie Gej Appleton J no B >nnett Fred F Car?on Geo ArinttonCap JJ Baotie Lt F M 2CormanGeo Applegate H W Bro ke E Jones Campltell G W Aiken l.t G V 8 Beil K CosHentiaver G Ammerman Geo Burdge E B Clark DrE Alvord Fletoher BiddleEJ-3 CotjinghamGeo Anderson E-4 Baoku?LtColE 2Cutuog F B Ar id Fli?ha N Baker Edwardl> Clark? Frank-2 Ashoroft E H BuchanaaEM Collins Jas Anderson K B\k?r Kd Cooper Frank Ath?rt"n D D Buckner E A Cook Edwd B Alkm l>r Biir.bridgeCapt Colling* Edwd Austin Danl E C Carpenter EYV2 Ammen i anl Barolay MaiKH Co Has I'anl 2 Ami Kev Danl Burgee E T Clapp D Wight Ashton Chas Herin E Crnwford D S Avery C A Barbour D M ? rsige Dam Andrea*Cha? BoggsDC C?1 om Orderlr Alden Capt B R Hal D H 2 D li Anderson A L Bnrohe 1 Uanl-2 C ark Cornelias Anderson A Brown David Chaiioey Cha? AudersouAiba's Warret D ? 8 Car?on Chas \V Alexander HA J HaxtsrColDWCC ark Oyrene M ??- ? - * ? uh u AU^riBUil AUU w U< VW u V ? VI"?? u v/ Ancona A C Boyd D Clark B W Arnold Adam Bair David M Campbell C W Hrown Zaoh HniuCS Ch*aeChaaU Bliaa Zaraa \V Bright? LtC H Clark C F Buchanan W P Blunt Cap C E Claflin Fvron Bargerlr W M Brough Chaa Cooper Beoj Baker Win H Brunner Chaa Clark A M BrunerCaptWB Bentriok C Clapp A M 3 Bartlett win O Brumidi C Clrmenta A B Bernie Win Bart Chaa P Clark A C Hrowniiti W 8 BoveeC Can tie man A L Bennett war^n BiilgpaChva L Cark A tt 2 BriggaS?ergtWH Bulling Chaa K Cooniba t*aiul Butta Wm H 2 Baker feritC Clark A B Bacon W K Blodgett C A < aruhera A K BuoeWmH Biaaell C Cheney Arthur BruVn Warham BurgthafcCol C Downing W rt Brown Warren Bradiat *CroaaSDo3ka a er W I Bartlett Col W Bayard Chaa M Diggioa Wealey Bull Wm K Barker B F-2 Drum LtWP Bu'lerWmH Bright A 8 DeCarndryWm Beard Wm Baldwin A 8 Detworth Ttioa B own Frank Butler Col A J-2 Dyer Thoa?2 BakenWm Brown Dr A IIowmt Ttioa Barry Thoa " B, oner Aut Davla Thoa T Boone Thoa D 2 B igca Albert P Dodge Lt J R Bradler Col F aohke A Daviea SI'de 2 Hrown Thoa D Baily A J Dana Saml BigleyTerrence Beall Alfred D*via s?aml Kajtnd T W BurreaAz?( Doughem R Barotitis Th^a Crocker Wm H Dougan R Bergman TM Cuahman W H WDavia Kichd Bneon Th< a-2 Chimbliaa Lt I'evereaux N B Bell Thoa P W P Dick M M Bird Thoa Church W P Dolan Miohael Bruce Capt8D 7 chambsra WW Drurr Mr Benjamin 8 N Cooke W H Davia Levi Burroughs SK Clark W P D*aneLew9llTn2 Brink S S Colvin W A Dvrnell,ewi? Bentey Haml Crib W P De Valle LouiaE Brown Sami CoaleCap W K Deming Levi Baber R P L-2 Chantry wm Dbwr ? Capt J Buroh Rem-guiaCriopen Wm E Day I*aao Board Rufaa Carter Jt Taylor D*no Josiah BigneyRS CormanT DittaJnoS Baoon Reuben Uurran Tim thy Derrenger J no Hry an Richard Coombs Sain! H oelaok J no BatoheldorCapt Chilaon Stephen Doug ? J H R N Cvomba Saml D .lion J no BothweURobtB Conor* 8 Donagher Jno Brown R L Cameron Lt Col Dewery J n > W Bark Pat Ra Dennis J aaH Burley Paris 3 Cbadwiok Robt D?lan Jno BeardCaptUP4 Colbnrn R C Dougherty Joa Blunt O Coa'ea Reynell Du<gin iiaao Burnham O R Cherry Rufua Delaaey Jno R Buxton Otia Colliua Riohd Dayton J a" ea Bal>cook Lt OB '"ooper Cas R P Daulen Jalea Benson Nathan Crawford R Dorringtnn Jqo Bateman N Clunce R S Deian-yJooR BrownColMB 3 Coaa P J Doty Jno H Bishop Martin Cleary Pat Doraey J G Bianchi CorplM Condon Pat Downing Joa P RayinctonLeviaCopeland P H Pevine Lt J D Bibbitt L 8 Cutler NathanP Donnelly CapJC Blending L O Curry Miohl M DilwortWoseph Hail Dr L V CostelloMiohlA Dennis Jas B >wen SO Callahan M Day Maj H Bailor Lewis Carngan Michi Man fort Cil H F Brown Joa E-3 Cleveland M K Dav ea Maj U E Bobbs Dr J 8-2 Cuaaian Kev M DeHart Capt H Bunoe J K Cowperthwaite HilU Harriaon Boyle J T 3 L Durrie Horaoe Brooks Jao H 3 Clark Jno C Donee Henry B'tTJoaia C.ark Jas E l)il inan Henry Brooks Jonas Cole Ja< H Davids 6 B Barms Lt J jo 8 Coombe Maj JA Downing Geo O Beal Ju A Creuh Lt Ju J Duval! Geo Uabh J ao P Child* Ju Durham O B Boll J no ClarkJ*m?a Davis Geo Barn* Jh Cook Col J Davie Geo L Bmi Ju !*f CodliDKtonJ B UrMwrUOW Barnes Dt J K Carlton Joe W Dnd Gilbert Brown Jos K Caay Jno Modes G M Barker JmC Can field Jason DeKiamer Ed Barrett Jaa CowaaJae-J Diefondorf ColF BarretUSVA 3 Carleton Jno L Drew Edward Backinih?mJ H Cnrtia D'Joaiah Dunn David Butter worthJ no Cann^y Jaa M Da j Daniel B B\rr J no 8 Condon J Duobam Col C A BotxlerJno Car nun J ao Da via C W Kont<>rJaaW-2 Crawford Jno T irvnielaCh H-# Becker Jaa F Croeman J H Davu Cap C H Hheo*rioh CasUCoaaine Jas-3 Denniton C E Becion Joe H Carson Lt J M Duvall C tfensley Jno Curnsshey Joe oodieCftruGore Bae 1 Lt Jno L CondoJao _ Dimon Ckaa R Bowie Jno C ChaaM'lainJO Dennis > kaa R Bailintine Jno Crosier Ja? H DeLamarCanos Baokiaada.. JnoCooker ?ea J Dod Caat Albert boutla Jas W Cuddy Jno S Uaaforth A Oo Bao nju iua Clsary Jaa A M barmole Jno riayfg Jai E Drake Adam

Bid wall J uo W Conner Jno T DonghertyDrAN B a tier Jno M Co! me Jae DaryeeG^aA StoU gZSWr K^!?1 0 Ely Albert Hameljeremiftti Mortrotn?rj R nu Wm Hopkin J s MeXitbra R P Fmery Wm *? Hoi aaeterJW F MoKeo? Cm R Klines Webster HuUui* Ji" Msthnoa Col R EUon Wm Hawxharat Jno Maihew P Kills Thos A Hinton 'as MeCall Peter Rllioot Thoa Hoyle Ho*hM-2 Mo'Musk*r Fat Fl r>tt Robt Hedges ?*a?tHC .McNalty Pat K<l*?Ricl?rtl Hale#* H t* McKay Pat I s'orth P W Haaki lHeartW M<>taghao P Mi tt Maj He'mbold H !i Maroas P M Katun Mai Ha-dtofHenryAM ?rn 1??K Kaston L Hodge Henry W Mitchell GenOM Kc nor Lewie Hill Horeti" McDanieltl Kdw*r,i, ijt Hea'h H D-2 Maok Ca?t O A Kl'iott Jqo HackmanHiram Morris Most ley Kylea J in Holt Dr Henry MoFure M* Kvans J D Hayn^sGe-> MoGinnta M Prvinc Co' J Hayee Geo H D M irris M ohae' KhleJno HeodGeoE MeechRevMW* Knstwiale Isaao Marbin Geo F Moora Michael VV'tf r n?<> WW # i'l UUtiU'U ?l l K^mondaJW Htil Buil Moore LV-2 ErnatbergerGeo Hall Chaa Mullen Levi H PmmnuO W Hill ChM McLaughlin Lt Kng'ebreoht Dr Hi'l Lt Edward Mi mJuH ^ 8-J HaattngaFC Mitt* Ju Fl'itCF flmntj LtF Mill Ju H fliia Benj r? S Moore ino H ngel Aatolf C HoueeFrederiok Miller Jacob Fianer Wm W Herbert Fredk Mount Jaa Ford WCi Harris E MoKay Jacob Fiih Wm F-S Hedee rdwd 8 Murray Gen J-8 Fergoaon WmA Harvey Eden G McKee J L Forre Wm Hughea Edward Mulloy Jm Fatham Wm P HunteiEdwdM* Menefee Jaa A Fuller R^v W A Houston Dr DH Mo La mar Jaa Foater Wm H Bookie? Davia Mervin J K Ford W H Hetsel David 2 MoD na'd J F Ford Wm Hught Daniel MullerJaa I Fort Thoi 2 Hopewell OH Murray Jno FealeyThoa Hampton D D MoKeanJnnMS Fur ley 8am 1 K Hynea Dr Merrill Lt Jno 8 Faloonner R F I Hartmai D C Ma'oney Jno FarnhamRoaooeHoard Chaa B l MoMahon Jno Frater Phillip Hamilton F H M alone Jaa Krieanon rxioq tiuniiniD tnu mot?i?nnoB J no Fosdiok Mr HamiitonGenCS Mot'ollnuch Jos Farr*ll Mr Heebner Oas Mjen J Fred Fienton Mioh HugKesClem'tL Murtr Jm F Furt nson Capt Henderson Lt C Montgomery J no ai P A Moffiu J Fietohsr Prof M Huntreaa Chas MoLauchlin Jas 12 HadleyClasK Mitchell Jno A Fletcher Col MJ Hollo way HenC Mnrnane Jco Fallen M.chad Hinsd il C B MelhnrnJaoobR Ford Jno H&ake.l A Lr-S MolverJno Fleck Jno Hayee Oapt A Mulford J L FlfonJno Hodrkiii A O Monaghan JaiH Fries Jno F Hard* Atwood MoCarnck Jno Foote Jno Modnaiss Aaron Miner Jaa M Frecse Jno Herriok A M MoDonaUl Jaa FoleJaaC Haskall A P MorroeJno Krostjaoob Hedmuller A Mosbrook Jno FatanJno Hawkins A MoKIv ty Jno Farly Jno JardenWmH Merwin J H Fairbanks J noR Johnston W F MoConn UJnoO Frishse Jno B Johns Thoa Murphy J W 3 Farmer J ** ash Jones 8 W MoKuey Jas Fuller Jas JudsonOA Mul igan Jno Franou* Jno W Jones Newiand Mitchell Jos F parre!l J<? C Juneroan Mr McGinnis Jno Far in J W JamisonAOoLS MoClure Jno KacanJno Jones James Munvon < Farreli Jno Jamison Jno M MoCorreliJno Fnsh H Johnson JosS MinniohJaoob r? WW A. !.*'# n I U -n * r rwy fienry n. < mj .' wy jm Frenoh Geo Z Jordan J E MoGuireJaa Fillmore Geo H Jobaon Jdo W Molntoah Lt Jno Fisher ??eo W Jordan J A McCleary Jno Pollen Geo John?on Lt J B Mo Donald Jsa Fiah Gilmore Johnaon CapJH *<a--eball H I Franer Geo W JennarJaa My call Hubert Foater F G JenkmaJno Miliar Henry Flarjr Franklin Jonoa J ouathaa Miliar Horton FoaaCO Jordan Jno E MabariraffH Po|?om Eph P Jilliff Hiram Merneli Harvejr Fetah D R JoneaGeo Marnard Horaoe FonkeCna? JndkinaMV Miller H Frohwittar ChaaJofinaton Geo MirrickHenrrE Field CaptC W JognettGao nioLtaa G VV 2 Frenoh A R Jon aon Geo E Maaonbustavoa Gilderalen VVm Jacks Geo W Miller Geo 8 GroB8\VmI JoneaGeoG Mowrr Geo Grosamayer W Johnaon E-2 MoCalmont Dr Gage Wm M Jonea Maj U F Geo F Gurle* Wm Johannm D _ Maxwell Sergt Gilbert W I JamiaonGenCD Geo H Greer MaiWinNJogueaC VV Ma?nieDrGCDe Gardner Walter Jowell CapCR 2 McKmly Ma*Gen Groaa W 1 Jonea Ser*t C E Morar Geo W r.mnnnl.i Wm Johnaton H L-3 Vartinfi?o W Godwin Thos H Jonea Cap' A B Voters Geo Galloway 'l'hoa Jote* A fl Morgan GenGW GageSeth Judaon A B 2 .Miller Geo Growman Robt Johnaon And Me*debeaG\V GoodenoughRE Jj*n G C Mi ler Geo t* Gorman Peter Kinney Wm M jttnger L G Gii in Paul E KendnokDrW-hMyer Frrd Griffin Pat KecgauJno Marory Fred A iillraoreCapQ A Ktnnf y Win H Moore I read well Garrary Murtny K?r*an Mitchell Lt F A Gaeta Kdw Kerkley Thoa Morton E fc-2 Griawold M W KetotianTheo MurpnyLtEJ Genea M Knight Lt K L Morah l)r E J Gabon Mathiaa KentCaptR Mason Eben Geyer M A K'tii?RA Miohae'ien E H Go^dell Leon Kearney Gen P 2 Maid not 1> M Griffith Lewia P Kinner L O Molntoan D GibbaJno KaottJH Murray Dan Gilea Jno Kurtz J D Mentan MaJ D C Green Jaa Kane Jno Meta D GeraJoa King Jno Magia Dno C Green Jno KeilLtJro Mu oliay Cor'oa GreggCaotJ KenenJuo MetiCha-Iie Irvin Klllingrr J W MoL'auiey U A GiUmoreCapt Kerlin J H MoOuilough C Q A 2 Kilianjno Miller jrChaa Graham J D Kiiuau J G Millard B F Girena Jsa L-2 Kirk wood Jaa 3 Maxwell C D 2 Garbee Jno W Kaercher Jno Morrow Chaa J Giren A Co Jno Kellum J M Moffittdt Hey men Gregory Or Jaa Kierman Jaa-2 Miner L.t B N Graham J L Keeler J F MoMurray B CI I n K ftarnn I )r I 14 Miokoll A O UIUUBUU rfUUUPi/ m,m ? v mivuoil av Gawrly James Kirkland Cap J MoKee A M QnturluJMM K-?-r ?? ? M-u.Arn Gedney Ja? K Keller Jo* F Miliar A F UillenJno Kimball Jaa Mowijr A9-5 burleyJnoM Kine Henry MoHenry A R Gari?ide Henry Kruaae My M MoKeynoidaCol Ghe%de Gen GeoKmkanon H A A i'-2 Gravenatine<>eo King Maj H L Molfitt Alex G'inoldGeoW-2 Kughler Harvey Morrison Alex Gale Geo K Kensel Cap G A MoBride And w Grey Geo King Frank Mjera Andrew Geifrty El ward Kiminpy ES McGes Andrew Grubb E B Kinney Daol S Merrell A f Gutm\n E KibbefD B McKil vey Alfrrd Grotneir Edwd Kerner D*i j>io< a dell A F Gordon ? G Keuuell* D McGifiVy A A Gardener Edwd KimmeilChaa MctJo>?Gen A Goodwin Edwin Kelley Chaa D Niches W H R KooliAui Nnd Tnoa Gittinta Lt E-8 Lindsay \V J NimmoT ' ?-> ....... VI) 11 V ? ? . Tl.?. uuinory j low"" ** iiusvuk a uu? heorge E C Lee Gen W K N aae Ront Geampaon fl Ltvtun W H 2 Nicholi M V Green Divid L?nowter Wm NonauM Garland I>t4 LenaWmE %ipp:eJ<> Orou U W Lee GeuW mK 2 Noiton J He*ry Grimes D*nl LotmoaaThorn- Noiaeux Job Gardiner CnaaF ton Nichols lauo Gilen Chriato- Lantley MaJ T INui an Jno pho F d Norton K P GeeaonCapt Low Thad Is elaon Frank Gam-on OK 2 uaoey Timotby Neialy c b-2 Graham C Lemon 8 11 Newkirk Chaa Gilraore Caasan-Little Sami Na?h Beni der Lloyd Sergt Noble a F Gibba Dr B F LiutnSiinl O'Nell W A Gra ger Alex 2 Leaias-aml o'Briun Pat Goaae Dr A F Laug'ey * Koea O'rtnon 'eter Grid ey Gen \ Lane Kioha d O'Connor M Grave* Albert Laie Jaa K O'Brion Mait Gragea Auzuat Law Rubt G'Biion Mi h Ganett a V p LaubaoherPe'er ?>aier Lukena Greer Andrew J Pat O'Brian Juo Gregg Alex Lawrenoe War-Oaborne JnoD Go'wati *lex ren H Unburn Jaa G S \ndwon Lnoaa Oapt M C O'K-e.e Col F B Gray A L Leaae L W OakeaCoipF Hatlowell W P Luohe Jno L Uwen Capt t G Hull VVeaiey LaibjrJaoob Uaborn L? I) H^ndricka W H Lfeoa J no L-2 O'Bryne C H 2 Loyd J no Oor Adama Hickoox W C Lane J Henry Owen A M Harrorer W 1 L*froiiboiae <>ecerahauaen A Hancock Cast Jean B Uuinn Dr J P W 8-2 Loveless Jno (juinnJoo Hurnoom Wra CLoder Joi hower * A Hogarth Wm LobbJasW Parks Wiu Hamilton Win L'wi? Lt J W Perry Wm Higciut Wm Lorita Herj reach Dr W 8 Henderson Wm Lais^r H M Peace W H Howard W ^-3 LuwUw W-J Parker Col WR Holbro k Wm Unman Lt 0 H Phile Wm M Hawks Walter Lawman Geo M P*?son W K Howell Wm Le* li< mand Ph'lip W I Hawlej Wait N learned is C Pnnoo W D H utohins WaldoLamed Edward Pollock W K 2 HatohinsWC La.nrd a K ratten Mai W Howland WarenLathroo Rev Dr Plowman Wm Hutchinson WCLoveridco olin- Power Col Tlios Humphrey W K ton Piper Thos Holenback W FLounaberrv C H Parish Sol R Hurley W aranoy Chas Pomro. Msj 8 Harto W C ChM-S Powell 8 W 2 Hoskins W 8 Leibermaa C D rurdy 8am Hopkins prSam'LaTa'ette Com Pu-morReadinr Hin on Thos HCLuoe B K Patten Kobt G Halffjurney ThoLuoe A G Paresh R A Harper F l-uoyAntnony Phi ps Oliver Htbbard T LarceCapt? n'w Pinuer M Haliett Theo Luchner A C P.o>urLB HoldenDrBH Lyon A MeD Peet Louia L 2 Hauard Capt 8 Li*htenbergAu|Peale Jim T P Lawrence A H P tue J A 3 Hiven 8 R LufkinAl Plats Ju Hifioens Saml UDdoa A J Pir.kham Jo?W Harimn~ol<>manLawaon All"t Palmer LI J L Hare Riohard T Morae L V Proa too Frank UineKH Mullen Tbos 2 ParkerRevJLS HullRobtN Marten Thee Pehil Jaoob Hardoc Robt MoFadden Thoa Per'y J >a 8 Hill Petes MoKiroy Thoa Parker Jeaae R H?t* P k MoCamantl'hoJ Perry Col J H 3 H.'ruinca P F MoCounellCapFPieroe Jae Halan Pat K Murphy Thoe Poler J 9 HarwoodNelsonMaxweil Thoa PettiaJno R Hall Lt Norman juorrii Sami Piper Col Jno H*11J Mo Cariy s A Purvianoe J V Hall Lt J N Myonberg Lt Pouiroy OapJM HallC\atJno w 4 Painter J ? HajneaMark H Meridith Col8ol2Putnam Lt H 8 Heliema Milton MoKelvey Sami P-ntin H C H Jlmvn M B McMaaier Z J 2 Patten H Hawka Marke MoUuvd Wm Palmer Henry 3 Hawk Marshall Ma lery Wm H Pontin Harrr Huhn Miohael Merrifie d m Penhollon Hy Mulligan Mich Moor W B8 PendergraatG J Hra'on Levi H MoNrir Wm Parker Geo Hiiohonok LB J Mohr Wm Patten Lt Col G Harris GecLavi Mougom-ry W VPtles G o Hams L E Maynaid Mr Pet-ia Geo W HnweaJnoA *.n\Vm Ka.h?t Geo F H ook C Apt J B*e M oor VV m*H P hel pa 6 eo~ g Hv.nei Kiri M^Leod Wm Patten Maj G W Hunter Jno F .Mixon Wm rMton Frank Howella J C Miller Wrn Prieater Emil Herline J"o M Marahall Wm Wrry t'apt KdC Hartwan Jno M?il?a Wm* Piatt Lt Ed * Hrail Col Jiia* moUfloou> o Wmfirdr E 8 Heading Joe Morpby Wm Powell if 1> Hitnan Joe Morgan Win E Putnam l.t D HoekinaJao Meeaa W H Palmer Dr Hcgan Jn > MaloneWm P*ik*r Dand H Harrington J no MoKenny Walt'rPetarmaa l-as Huntington Jao MoNamar jaa P?tier son Capt M , MoMation WI OP Haeetis Jao MoWrahaa W Potter Cbae C Hooker Geo Joe Manin W H Petty Cues U Howard J F Mayer Wm Preutioe has Hoffman J B Mom W B P arker C as P HliJebrand Josh Mar h Wash Pnelpe Chas a Herrold* erJ us Morion Wit ?on ny B P gSSCTa |?<M Jbo Mi Icrfti fh?3 Porter A O ?c?Sn*, * M'Elwe.l -a?nl Pitraon A ' M <Ciiioi|h 8 Pwrj C?pt A J ES-EHr SSsV i RimWHM Snyder Jacob L Votfct Mora?t Ktcooi Wtn B Sweeney Jau Vail Horaoa Kudtr W J Baitt?n J Y Vacnat * HyA Kothatein Wat ftbaatar J Vaar*n?la*r H Ro?erai,tW Shealr Jaa VarreaJaa RobertaWm 8 8tor<ktoL Jbo P Vandowikar J Rioh*rd#onGrr, Suffer 11 Van Dor er IT W A-2 Saenoar Henry Vandereljoe Jno RiohardaenWH Sand an H F-4 Vetter Martin Raen Ven?) Smyth H V \N ad "Worth Gen Rochester T H barman H L Wm Roaaell 8 R gaa Capt M Woroaa??r W 8 Koack Saliora 8wift F Waraa W u Reynold Siloo 8aely Fmrk W Wk*l*? Wa Ro?o?a SolonianSohlicker F Wood M*j W H * lohmond 8 S Smith LtFrauk SWloabmbar T T Rr'aod 3t Hio St other F M Whita Th ? H R '% s'aml J Stayen? Ed S Wilhnru Thua KuhlJtKnif 8alh? M Writs Tboa R inker Reuoen Shaiar Kdw Widdaoombe T Ruaadl Robt 8cnaar Ed t* * Rurna! Rev L8 Sp*:?bnrf Car EWbkU Tho? Rosa Col R Smith E Wllao" T MiK Dnna. D? W. P-? * ' "*--J * ?%/ i .-(rniiu -1 (j? a c mi i nu iuw 6??w Parry-1 S&okatt U II WiikinruuSJ lttar ^atfiar. Shtop Dand William* Cap* J Rohbma Nathl Strorae L> WarmarS Riohardton A 8nmnM A C ark Wab*tar 9 Sangadorf SautallaCapC ti WkiU???T Robt Raa?y L L S'hanekCoartny Walla R H Road J do B PtonaLtCH "irnnej R H Rauoh J no H Stavart 0 B Wilton Robt RioaJaa Saa'on Lt <"! N Wolfa Patar Rauoh DrJno H Sohmidt O D Woo. hAaaJB Rw?1 J a* Spenoer Oka* War ran Porter RobbjrJaa Stuart Cnaa D Woodbarr O A Rog?ra Jno C Pott Cha* Whiting OKI RicdiokJaaM Smith Cha* J Wimi N K Ran nay Jno Stewart ( ha* A W'ampla M Riohatain laa H Smith Chriat Wat*rhou*? M B Robinaon J R Sonol Coo par Waigal A Mw Riohanlaon GanSedgavick Cha* tarna J B Wmfii"ii C O Walkar Sargt L Riohardaon A Straiten H?ron Wm? J a* Co H Saraga Bu'ltr Ward Jaa RisaJnoT Mocuiu Gaa H Walla JaaB RafrJno W-8 Wright J?a A Raffsrty LUnoHSmith Capt H C Wright Ja? O Ruga H L Simon* Harry Whita W JH Ranih H S? by H D Whita J W Rioha'd*on Gao Starr Hanry Wood Iaaac Ruddali G*o H W-.taJnoC Rohinaon Jno R San iartHoraoaJ Wri<ht Jaa M Robinaon T J PchniderGen WilaonJnn Robinaon FM Smith Goo E Wynkoop M*j Ridinra G-? B Saaper Gao JE Huff Frank ShowG-oA Wa kina Iraao Roads Frankl n Saaar Gao I Wiioomb i A Ro'geraKaiin Shea'ar Gao WaldonJ Rtdnar Edward Smiih G ?' Walaworth.Mal R'Kioa E H Stivaaon Gao Jaa Shannon W A Stair* Km J-3 Wmtal* J Smith Wm F 2 Straus* Geo Wilson J?a Smith Wa'ton Sraoot G?o W WoodVGeoW Sherman Capt Strong Henry Washington Lr WCH Ste Vinson 6eo GW Stewart \V D Sturtavan' * ' D WhitiogGeo B-2 Schoer W B Stoce F>a~ klin Woods Dr G W Sw&nn W H Mmmons Jas ? Way Mai G B SylvisWH SulivanJno Wills Geo Sewa d W E Stevenson Jas Wilson Geo F Strebler Wm Shoo d make r Lt Wads worth Gen Simmers Win 2 J B 2 Wa sh Frank S Sharsn Wm Smith Ca*t B F W inter F B Stoker W H Smith lA B F Watson Frank Shaler Wm Smith Augustus Wieklan K 8 Shtrer Wm Slow Col A Washburn E B Stuber Wm Storm Alonio Ward Lt E A t Shackelford Jas Sma ISergt a R W&keltnc E Stookt^n T BW Snyder A U Worden E A Sim Surgeon Stamburg A J W res fold t Ed-J AWAVMAM T ur O ? l n nr.. L r? V ouci mau t * wcibuu Auiri iv r* y Sherman 8 N Stoll Andrew Wilson EC Sands Thad B Sohoffer A Wheeler David SpeakmanThosSStokes Alfred Wormer Danl 8?ldon Thos Si'ver Aug nit WaterstonDA Sim Dr Thos Stevens Cut A Wilso^DC Stewart Thos G Soott Alex Wella & Cochrel Shrek Saml Tompkins n D-2Weigaod Jno C Swatland Seth Ta lor D A Wiswall J C Smith Thos 2 T o-l)M WhitakerCptJB Smith Thos t, Thompson C P Williams J C Smith Then B Trowbr dee C F Winebrewor J A Smith Maj 8 Thomaa C ha* K Weetnrn Joe Sealdin* See'y Tompkins CW WarinjJi oF Striok'and Gen Taher B Wil int Tmtib Soott Lt R W ThomsonCaptB Watkms J O Soott Robt R ThompsonCptA Watmougle J H tohel Riobard Thompson Wm Williams JC Sharp Robt Tudce Wm Walker Jno Sinclair R P Thar? Wm WheatU J M Stanton Col P-2 Tay.or Walter Wood W ? Spsncer Orviile Tipton Wm W orth Lt W8J r-2 'I ho ma* Wm N Wurp'ej Wm Stevens Lt P TownThoi H Warther W R Stevens Win O Tubbs 8 H 2 Wafferdale W tv?hoh?irt J K Tnwit?end Sam! Woodail W A ShunkJa*F Trudeau ?t*r WiUob Wm A ft^el J NV Touleon Perry Willson W W might Jno Tissott P Welch Wm StMiljrJnoW Taber Noel W Wine a to Wm Sayle* Prof Ira Tappiogton CaptWiil W'm ?t >w?rt Col Jot N J Wheeler Wm Smith J G Tri.tN P Watla-e W H Smith J Byoe Tuomeon M Wright W H f-mith Lt J 8 Tratter M L Wtlfiam*on J H Smith J%? H Trimble L & White Hagh Smith Jno H '1'ajlor Capt LP Weld Henry Smith ?. Son J Tulle I. K Walbridge H-3 Smith Jno TowleJ W Wni ?m<H femith JCondit-6 Trwere Col Ju Winn Henry Speed J F ThomM Jno Wa<cot H N Sweet Lt J J Thorn Jod?on HWirth Henr* Stone J M T?tten Jnaa'han Wiley Jno H Bohe*kyChri?tteTh<>mai Joel B Wi son H H Sh\w Uewii Tighter J t? H vv hitneyMnjHC Haur Lewis Toarey luto Will Gen Geo SpehtMr TinneyJnoD Wooden C K Surdan Morgan Thompson Jaa Wright CD Snaiila Mirk ? I> ?' ?? -?? Saudier ?'apt M Tatham H U Wright Ca vin D Scott N W Til!wt H?nry H West P C P J StephensCapNI tailor Henry Whitnev C W2 Sweetssr Capt TwitohellGeoW Weitsef C?inr?d N IS Tompkins G WawoM B W Sole* N N Turner Geo Webb Capt A 8 Swayne Col NH Thomas Geo H Wm ACS OuiiuMlwiiJutft I vuurv ?J?U Vy n inifux A r SatterleeJno Turner F Wilkinson C ap A Sherman Lt J P Thater E'l 2 W?-loh A Sowersb.rryJnoThomas E Wilkinson AlPd Sower;* Jno H Tumner Lt E V Whipple A Sickle Isaac 3 Likes WB YouugJno7 Swegler J S Unuerwood Jno Yants Jno c4wag?ton Jno F Usher Jno Young Lt G W St>nart Jno Ullmann Danl Young F. R Spencer Jno H I'nderwood C J Yeaton D 8 S:m'*nson ColJS Van Cleif Danl YoderDK MtfrsLLANEOi-s.?Hair Dresser; Washin'oc Union; Ed. P oiubitionist; Ed. Wash. Time.; W. H 4.; Co'. 7th Regiment of K'gulars; Rroru tine Officer U.S. Nan; President of the Evangelioal Aluanse; G. H ; Harnden's Express; States. A iRt of drop nofs will be found on the bulletin board at the Post Office. ICTLBTTMS MUST IN ALL CASES BB PBBPAID. Drop Letters, in all oases, inu't be pre paid. Sep 28 LEWIS CLEPHANE. P. M. C<KALFD PROPOSALS,till the 2'st of Oo?o her. 1861, at 12 o'clock m.,are invited for top lying th^ rm? with Beaf ? attle "n theh >of, to be delivered at Chamber?burg. Harrls'jurg, or York, in the St*te of Pennayivani , as the Gov eminent ma- dt?ignate Bidders are requested to oomp y in al particulars with th>- form of bid pub: shed herewith. linvernmnnt reaei vAS tn itielf the rirht tn >> in Trea ury notea or other funds it hufordu fiurae m nt and t > reject an? bid a d f c an? oaaae. No bii will be entertained nn est the bidder it pretest to rrspncd to hia bid. The Government will reoei*e4,ono head under the o?nt act, a d will r*?erv^ ihe right to require any addit onal number tip to 16.000 he?d. Deliveries t? be mad^ week.y in auch quantities as may be required. The Cattle mu?t average 1.500 pounds groea wright; and . 0 animal witi be received wnioh weighs lea* than 1,000 pounda gross. No conditional bid will b* received. The bid* to be direoted 10 Capt. A Biciwith. C. 8 , U. S. A , Washington, D. C , and endorsed " Proposals for Beef Cattle." Form or Bid. I, A B, do herebf propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Cattlo on the hoof for p*r hundred poanda grosa weight. The Cattle to be delivered at Chainbersburg, Harrubarg. or York, in the State of Pennsylvania* the Gov-rnm^rt reav designate, according to the terma of ih* enclosed acvertia*m?ut. The Cattle to bewighed on the scales,and the weight ?o determined to b* the purchase weight. 1 hereby agree t j give a good and sufficient bond for the fdlfiilment of the contract, ana to receive Treasury notes or other Government lunds in payment for the ^attie. The 6r?t de lverv or the Cattle will b? required to be made about the 10th of November, 1861. se 27 td SEALED PROPOSALS are invited for FLOUR ^ Ull the ?'h September. 12 o'clock m. aouui oarren wiu oe required, to separate lota of about 1,000 h&rrels eaoh. The Floor to b? made of new wheat, and the delivery of the whole lot to be made by the 8th Uotober, 1861. The Flour required to be of the following brands, and to pass the iuapeotioa of a Board of Arm" Offioers. or scoh other inapoction aa the Subsistenoe Department may direot. Arlington Extra, Congress do. 8 Prv do. Fairview do. Cedar Vale do. Glen wood do. Eagle Mills do. Ciagett do. J. >ewoome do. M. Smith do. Koiborr do. Joe Charles do. J. Davidson A Co. do. Foundry do. tleok , do. La Gloria do. Bar E A?ondale do. Fowler A Zeigler do. Chesapeake Mills do. fcL Morrison A Co. do ron's Union Flour. Bi< Spring Joe Chs'ies. LVIa's wtrA Uskrsra A few (>arrels of the nine grade of Hoathern Floor will be taten, srovided that it provee een>l in grade to the brand* above-nMned The bidd*r? to state the brand and the number of barrel a of eaoh kind they prop<>??#to furmah. The barrels ooniainmg the Ploar to be atrong, we!i-hooped and headlined. The eroeoaala to be addressed to Caft. A BP.CK WITH.C H.U.8. A. Washington, D. C , and endorsed, "Proposals for Hoar." ee 33 G ALT'S FURNACE, LATRORR, RANGE. * RADIATOR COORING Wtil Sertensd be /era dilivety. K71*" pounds to Um toa?HI HICKORY, OAI. _ PINE O O 3D Prtpartd or dolivrtd Cord Imgtk. XV kvfud Mill?Foot of 17th street, b?iow W?r Olo?-a8i PtBMilvuti ima*, udiltkitmu. WSMI T?*MBVA9?. SECOND EDITION. THREE V'CUKK P. M OUR MILITARY BUDOBTT TLITART APPOINTMENT* NIDI TO Ml. Edwin D Morris. iliormraor of N?? Va?k i to be a Major General of ?olMl?rt TV fticri'i tf Col Hirrn n'r1(bt, 5th irltllm, 0 * A Col. Geo. Wright, of 9th Infantry, V. 8. A Col R B Marcy. loapector General TV8 A Major Seth Willlama. Aaalatanl Adjutant 0?. eral V. ?. A. Willie? K. Strong of N. Y Col laaar K Stevrne, of fbe Now York 7M. Tbotnaa Willlama, 5th artillery U.S. A. Major Innla S Palmar. 5th artillery, U 8. A Major George Pykea, 3d leftatrv, U. 8. A. Wm T. H Brook, do. Wm W . Buraa, Com. of Sob , U. 8 A. Capt J. P. Hatch, of U. 8 Cavalry Capt D. 8. Stanly, do. Capt. John M Hranaaa. tat ArUllory Brvvrt Major W H Preach, do. The following gentlemen were also appelated today: Capt J M Potter, to be aa Aaditiat Oaart< rmaater. Ir 8 A Cspt Georg* D Wlw,l?tii Aatflnl Qoutfi master of volunteer* Col. Gustavus Koerner to be Ald-de-C?ap t* Geo. Fremont. LATE LOCAL XEWS. Tat BtiMii Cut ?K<i>tor Star: The pakll. cation which sppears In vour paper tbla afternoon, and wblch purports to be a correct report of Ik* proceeding In the Barney caae, to m> well oalcnlatrd to mlalnd tbc public, thai I cannot allow It to peaa unnoticed. Mr Barney la at common Imte the guardian of b1a children The controverav to not of hto aeekIng He la not asking letter* of guardlanablp, but defending bla children against the ottclous Interference of strangers. The common law right of every parent to the care and custody of hto offspring to aasotled. first, en the ground of an Iowa decree of divorce against Mr Barney, rendered In default of bla appearance to the salt, and secondly, on the gronnd of alleged misconduct la the management of the children In tbe lewa suit, Mr Barney was never served with process, nor hsd he any opportunity of defending himself, or even any knowledge of Its existence; nor ta It shewn that any evidence whatever wntlM Moreover, Mra Barney bad not resided In lows a sufficient length of time ts entitle bar to toe for s divorce under the lawa of that State Tbey require a pre v loot residence of nil moetbe Mra Barnev left Paris, In France, on tbe Ttb day ef May, 1M0; ber petition waa sworn toon tbefTtb day of July, 1M0; and tbe decree ts dated tbe 17lb day of September, I960. As to tbealk?r>d mlscondnct of Mr. Barney, tbe only evidence Is tbe testimony ?f tbe French girl Alexandrine. Tbe petitioner. Mr. J. W. De Krafft. was required to specify wberatn. It eon ainted Specifications were accordingly lied, and with them, aa 'exhibits," waa offered a bundle of papers, consisting of letters written by Mrs. Barney, tx parte depositions token la the a bee nee of Mr. Barney, Ac , Ac , Ac. Tbla bundle th? Court refuaed to receive as part of the specifications It wn then offered aa evidence In support of the specifications; but, with tbe single exception of tbe Iowa record of tbe divorce salt, (objections to that being waived,) It was rnled nut aa inadmissible. These ruling* of tbe Court, I believe, your reporter baa not published, but the publte are regaled this afternoon with tbe contenta of the bundle styled "vouchers,"' Nos 1. 2 and 3 ?a heterogeneous masi, tbe rejection or which by the Court no lawyer will hesitate to approve. Tbe publication of these " vouchers" may administer ton morbid and prurient appetite for scandal, but can answer no good purpose Tb* life, property and reputation of every man depend upon a regard for tbe established rules of evidence But especially in case like this, where tbe charges brought against tbe father, even If refuted , must darken tbe lives of bis Innocent children, It waa to be aupposed that yon would st least confine vour report to tbe evidence la tbe case, namely: tbe contents of tbe lows record and tbe testimony of tbe witness Alexandrine 1 might well complain of the general tone of Sour report of tbla trial acd the apirlt of prejulce which pervsdes It, aa well aa the blondera lata which your reporter baa fallen. Bat I forbear to aay more than that the alleged avpprsaaloa of obacenlty baa given color to a charge of which I hare yet to aee any jot or tittle of proof. Youra truly, W D Da visa i. Friday, Sept 27. il?( ?TUc 0m'l Ltull irpvltw Msg about from the office In the diecbarge of kta dattoa, has no opportunity to reply to-day to the portion of the above note referring to him; which wa take It for granted he will take occasion to A* la the next laaue of the Star. ortka.6k8 in Makbls ai lit ?We hear dally bitter complaints from respectable cltisena residing on Miaaourl avenue and In the vicinity of Marble Aller, of the proceedlnga carried oa la that delectable neighborhood. Not a alght paaaaa without a succession of drunken b raw la, aad pistol shots have ceased to excite aurprlae 1a that portion of the city. Laat night three aoldiera, of whom one was a corporal, scaled the wall of a gentleman residing on Mi?aourl avenue, aad breaking Into a back building, committed rape upon two colored women, uaing tbelr pistols aad kntvM In irrnmnllihlnff th?lr #n<ti It la to h* hoped tbst our new police or Provost Guard will make thorough work with the dent la that region. Bcbiid Treascbes ?Lieut. Charles Kin*,eon snd Ald-de-Csmp of Gen King, aaw three irishmen drunk and fighting at a shanty nesr the dietrlbutlng reservoir of the Washington Aqueduct, f above the chain bridge.) one day this week, aad had to Interfere to preeerve order. Suspecting that " Ospt Whisky" was In the vicinity?the soldiers of his father's command occasionally getting bricks in their bat from some mvsterlous csusf?the Lieutensnt took a squad from the 16th Wisconsin Regiment, and made a descent on tbe hanty The expedition was successful, a barrel, keg, and five j igs, ell well stocked with "mountain dew" or some other flerv liquid, being burled under the floor In true "ould country" style A notice of the interesting exhibition aad concert of the children of At Aloyslai Sunday Behoel Is unavoidably deferred until Monday. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. IMPORTANT (Rrptrirt) MOVIUMTI OP THfc SOtTUERK BLOCKADING FLEET CmriRRATi. Sept '28 ?A physician or tbisclty, who baa juat returned from tbe South, says the blockading squadron baa takfn Mlaalaalppl City, (the capital of Harrison county, M laa , on tb? Gulf of Mexico, about TO miles W. by 8 from Mobile,) thus cutting off communication between New Orleans and Mobile. Tbe squadron has a so takea all Important points on the Texas coast. DEP RTt'RE UP GEN PR EMUNT?THX REBEL FORCES AT LEX NO ION. Pt. Loc.s, Pept 2fc ?Gen Fremont and part of his staff left for Jefferson City yesterday afternooa. D ran- al wV arr laal ntsKI (Kal fi men nvpmia ? cii M** UI^H? V?H. Price (of the rebel army) baa dtamounted all kia boraemen, excepting four regiments, and 1* organ txtng bla army for a determined ataad against Gen Fremont CYNTHIA (IT.) TAKEN POUIUION Or BY FIDUAL TROOP* Cikcihnati. Sept 2s ? Bkelbart's Fifth ohl* Regiment took powaalon of Cynthia, Kentucky, on Tburaday night The Fourteenth Obi* Regiment crossed the rleer reaterdiT morning, and embarked on the Kentucky Central Railroad, fot the Interior of tbe State METALLIC: Vol (Inalif. P(IIiUb|, and Prtrtatlai Km*. Tfcia ia nperior t?ail other oila ia the world for the above pnrpoeea aa well as for machinery and Jubrioatinc bbm It ia equally a/a icab e to m1 ?cks aad mvioi inwr,.net. It is in k'f b favor at Urn Government Nary \ arda for oriflcaaee aad frianaai Dtpot mmd OawrsJ Again, PR IL. HARMONIC HALL, ?r^ tiasta Mslsd with Uaai. to isssIt sb. *i> Closing out CLO?IN6 OPT! Htnii tou idid to eat my nnr? dMt of FANCY GO? k?M rwnnl Ik* mm to N#. ?>>iMir.lwfi |W?H, M?m Mk a i rim. ?bwi I vui otfor tfca octtr* itMt at ??uk f MuMTtllHitU au far?i futOMO.K, mmd u>? iiol o jewrwly to bti tM ( li t mm Pwk Fmbt Good, at prnrnit prim* Novla A^nalw n B ? Ail MMif feanat >?iu acatMi a* ara roa aaot f; %a4 * I .

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