Newspaper of Evening Star, September 28, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 28, 1861 Page 4
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? UK K\ KM Mi STAR. bottli5g r?nr A correspondent of Prairie Fanner gives the following directions. Thers is too much sugar ?oue third or one-fourth is enough In u?ing the bands on the hot cement, have a basin of cold water at hand, into which they should be dipped previously, to cool the surface and to prevent sucking: ana if any cement should aocidently adhere, a burn way be Drevented Vv instantly plunging them into the water. This mode, in ita essential particular*. in not Dew, but acme of oar reader* who practice bottling fruit, may derive some useful hints from it We have found Yeoman's bottles the best, which hsve a mouth about two inches in diameter, aud a funnel with a correspondingly wide tuba most be provided: I use half a pound of sugar to pound of fruit* Cnmnt.?One pound of rosin, one large table spoonful of linseed oil, pulverised plaster of Paris enough to make it sufficiently thick to apread on ea^ly with a knife. It oan be mtde smooth when quite hot, with the hands, ss the plss'er of Paris is a non-conductor of hest. Manner of putting ftp tht Fruit.?While your fruit is oooking, heat your bottles by placing them in the oven in a baking pan upon a woolen cloth, (in the pan,) leave the door of jeur oven open, and let the bottles heat gradually, occasionally turning tbem. Have ready eotton e'oths, large enough to tie over the tops ?cover with the cement a space on the clotD, as large as the top of the bottle. Have at hand little pieces of white paper cut round, just Urge enough to cover the topi of your bottles. When TotfT fruit comes to a full boil, pour by funnel into your bottles. Now be spry. Take two of the round bits of paper, (dipped in alcohol just as you are ready.) and place thetn first on the mouth of the bottle. Then your cloths prepared by a bandy assistant as directed; tie tbem on firmly and cut all off close to the string, then oover all with the cement, go as to exclude the air. Now, as hot as y ?u can bear it, press all close and smooth with your a * * ? ? open nngera. aii mis must be done as quickly its possible, as your succe*? depends on keeping everything hot. Keep the cement vessei on the stove when not using. This sign will follow when cold, giving oJtsnruac4 that your work is well done; the mouth of your bottle will b? cencare. If it remained quite i?vel, do the work o/er again, or you will lose your fruit. I have not lest one bottle thus put up and thus preserved. TO SAV? CABBAGES Mrs. E. D. Kendall writes the "Country Gentleman'' as follows : Tie two together by the heels, and hang them o?er a low pole in the cellar, so that the beads Will just clear the ground; tuck loose straw around them, and sprinkle twice durinz the winter with brine. That's the way I keep mine, and always have them as fresh and crisp ia April, when first taken from the ground. OCEAN STEAMERS1 SAILING DA YS Pbom tbi UaiTBB Static. Sttimtft (tart. for. Day*. Kangaroo._ New York...Liverpool.. Sept 2S New York ? ,N?vr York.. Bremen S?pt 28 Furopa.... Boston .Liverpool.. ..Oct 2 Great Eastern New York... Liverpool.. .Oct 5 ??er?ia .New York...Liverpool ...Oct ? N'a?ara.._? Boston. . . l.iv#rpooi....Ooi 16 A?ia .New York _ Liverpool... Bremen .. New York....Bremen.., OotSb From ?propi Per ma. .... ?Liverpool .. .New York ?8*pt 14 Fmtoa ..Koatli'pton New York.. .Ko,t 18 Niagara Liverpool? Boston .Sept 21 A*ia?_ - Liverp<jol....New York ..Kept 23 Bremen. Kouth pton...New York Oot 2 The California mail steamers leave New York An tha lar 1 k . ?A ol-4 ' -? ??? < ? ? ?uu ?iat ui every monin. N officers and soldiers REDING Any kind of Fancy an J Staple DRY Wi?OtPS for the folka a: home are eoiieited to in pee: our vast stock or New Autumn aad Winter mimim. An examination of atook implies no obligation to yinkuf. One pnoe only, marked in plain figures ; thereto.e, bo parehaser is deceived. FERRY * BROTHER. 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Trunka, Vv-*" 1mm, Carpet Baga, Ao., which we are now m'Ung MVOTT l?W ?n0^ALtL .STEPHENS * CO? H )t 'W Penn. avenaa. 1 INIOM PAPE* AND ENVELOPES.?Twen U t* different atj'.ea of Noteacd Letter Paper, wiU Enre.o/ee to mafoh. Views of Washington in the form ol a Roae.n-nrf ?ooa lorta, also, separata . AU Ue IMilr aod Weegij Papers oon?tant)y on kaod. Herald. Timee.and Tribane reoetvad ever; nisktat?o'c.ock. Papera from ail parts of tit a ooantry. b'sjui.fa puns .N jtsis aad Song Books. A freak sappiy of Books for summer reading, A Large aaaortsaact of Jaraailaa-Majne Raid's Boot*. Rol.o Hooka. Abbott's Histories. Ae. Adiaooaotot l> to kjsr eoBC. an all N and noofce ^?ay ea^k tor vary artiale o< |cx>js we surcnaae, va are foroed to reeeee ear kastaaaa to Caen sxoiaaivSr. for the r#ps?~ " ' X s# ??^ p R O P O 8 A_L 8. Navt Dipvbtmcitt, f Bmrtau if Y*rd* mA Docks, 8apt. 4, IWt.t Pxalid I'loroiAUi lor each o'??a aeparatelr. endorsed "* rr >pi Mm for Olaaa No. (name the claa?)for the Navy Vara at (name the yard. *nH b? reo*ired at th'a offioe until noon cp tLe 2d day of Ootube' next, 'or f arniehinc and delivering at fhe eereral N&"t V?n!i named, the material* and arUol?n embraced in prieted schedule*, which ?ri I b? futn-ahed on apphoation, and aert by mail, if an requested, to p-riona deairio* to offer to oontract for any or all of tha claaiea named thereto, by the Com mamiantaof ihe erai Naty Yarda.for theclaaae* fur the yarda under their command, or by the Nary Agett nearest thereto, or by the Bare*a for any or all the yard*. To mr>al ran futunt and miiioio t* >ialuf tk* offers, no lid will be rtctirtd tekicJk contain* classes for mors thin on* yard i? ont envelope; and each lull viUoal ol a firm m-jat sicn the bid And contract. Biddr are hereby cautioned and part'eniarly notified that their oflera muat be in the form hereinafter preacribed, and be mailed in tme to reach th?ir destination before the time exairee for receiving them; no bid trill be considered which skill be rteeirtd after the period stated and no allowance w,ll be male for failures of the mail. Togutrd agaiLst offers being opened before the tim* appoint*d, bidder* are reeuea'ed to endorae on the envelope, above the addreaa, and draw a line undrr the endorsement, thna: "Proposals for Class No. {name the class) for tht Savy Tirtf at (name the yard f* 'I o the Chief f the tiureaa of Tarda and Dooka, Washington, D. C. Form o? Of??r. I tlere date the offer.) Inhere insert the name or names oomnonnf the ftrm.) of (name the town.) in the Stats of i name the State.) hereby offer ?n furnish under your aJve tuement dated (dateof advertisement )and sulijsot to all the requirements of the same, and of the printed sohedule to vhioh it refers, a 1 the a?tioles embracei in Class No (name the clsss) for the navy yard at (name the yard.) according to said schedule, via . (here pasteonthe printedola-s from tue fohedul->, and opposite eaohartioleset the prioe and oarry cut the amount in the oolum s for dol ars a d oeuts and foot up the aggregate amount of the bid for the olaas.) amounting to (here write the amount in word?.) 1 propose as uiy agent (here nam the agent, if one is required tij t ie schedule) for the supply under the olasses miscellaneous, by a r.oj resident of the place of delivery; &"d should my offer be so cepted, I request the oor.traet may be prepared and sent to the nary *<ont at (name the agency) for flirnflMl'-IXR ?.r(| nnrtif)f>AU < Here the bidder and eaoh member of the firm ? to si. 11 ) Form or Guarintib. The undersigned (name of guarantor) of (name the town) aud State of t name tue State,) and (r.ane of eecund guaantor. Ao ,) hereby undertake that the a)i >vo i.sin-xi ( name the bidder or bidder*) will, it hi* lor rheir] offer as above be ac epted- ent??r into contract with tho United Suite* within fifteen day* alter tue <'at<? of not oe thr-ugh the poat offioe oft he aooep auceot hi* [or their] offsr before men tiot!?d. (Signatureof guarantors.) Witne**: I oertify 11, at the above named (here name the guaran'or*) are known to me to be gooff and re ro^aible gua antore in thi* oa*e. (Signature.) To he aigned by the diatriot ju-lge, rtiatnot attorney . ool eotor, navy agent, or aome person known to the bureau to be reaponeible. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. C!?ii No fi White pine, apruoe, juniper,and ovrr??s; class No.9 Gravel and sand; diss No. II. ron, iron nails, and apikea; olasa No. 12. Fteel; clsaa No. U. Filer; olasa No. IS. Ship chandlery; class No. 17 Hardware; o'aas No. 18. Stationeiy; 0 ass No. 23. Helting, packing, and hoee; class No. X Augers. BOSTON. Class No. 1. Pricks; class No.2. ?t/?ne; olass No. 3 Ye.low pine timber; olass No. 5. Oak and hard wood timlwr and lumber; c'a^s No. 6. White pi'ie, spruce, juniper, and cypress; olaas No 7. l.ime, hair, and planter; c'asa No. 8 Cem?nt; class No 9. Oravrl ai,d sanu; clas? No 11. Iron, iron spikes drirt nails; class No. 12. Meel; cl*?s No. 13 Fig 1 i*>u, c ass No. 15. Faints, oiia, and glass; class No. 17. Hardware. NEW YORK. Class No. 1. lirioks; class No. 3 Yellow pine timber; class No. ? Yellow pine lumber; olsss iMo. 5 Oek ai d hard wood; olass White pine, xpruce. cypress aud jiuuper; o!a?a No. 7 Lime, hair, and piaster; e am No. R. Cement; olasa No. ?. Grav&l ami land- ia h _ _ _ v.w~? ?*vi *v. k IWVU| W 00" l?Wi I 1 I Iron, iron sp'kes.and nails; olass Wo. IS. Pie iron; o'vis No. 15 Faints, oils and glass; olas* No. 16. Ship chand'ert; o mi No. 17. Hardware: olass No. 23. Belting, packing, and hose; class No.25. Iron work, Ao. PHILADELPHIA. Cla?s No. S. Yellow pine timber; class No. 5Oak and hard wood; ola?a No 6. White pine, spruce, jumper, and cypress; ota-<s No. II. lion, iron pikes and nails; olass No 19. Files; olass No. 17 Hardware; class No.S3. Belting, packing, and hose; olass No. 26. Augers. WASHINGTON. Class No 1 Brioks: olass No. 5 Oak and liard wood; o'aaa No 6. Whit* fine, spruoe joniper, and cypress; o:as? No. 11. Iron, iron spikes, and uiila. o aii No. 12. Stael; olaaa No. 14 File*-; o as a No. 15 Fainta, oi'e, and glaaa; class No 16 Shia chtkdlery; o.a.s No. 17. Hardware; oiaaa No 24. Sperm and lubricating oi a; olaaa No 27 Acta aoite coal; olaaa No. 29. Bituminous Cumberland ooal. The sohedule will state the times within whinh artioiea will be re^mred to be delivered: and whera iiir pnnu^i aonoduie is u?t HMd, the periods stated in it lor deliveries must be oopiod in the bids Ail til- article* which mar be oontraoted lor imist be uetivereu at suuu piauAui ^lauo, iuvi.4iu( ai?i ?*e aiul cadaite to the plaoe where us*d within the uavi yatds, respectively, for whion the oilers a>-e macs-*, u iniy be directed by the commanding officer thereof; a^d ail other thinga bem* equal, preference wil. he gi ven to American mauufa ture. Nu artioie will be received afer the expiration of the period apecified in the aoheduiea for the oom pietion of deliveries unleaa epeoiailv authorised by the Liepartruent. In oomputing the olastes, the prioe sta ed in the ooluinn of crises will i>e the a'au4?rd, and the aggregate or the o'ass will be carried out according to the prioea stated 11 la to provided in the contract and to be distinctly understood by ihe bidders, that the amount and number of articles enumerated in olarseB headed' Miscei aceoua" are specihed aa thep'ofcabU quantity which may be required, as woli as to fix data for determining the lowest bid; but the contractor la to furuiah wore or less of the aaid enumerated articles, and tn such quantities, aud at sutk times, as the bureau or commandant may reiMirt ; auch inorea.e, however, not to exoeed oueha f of the quantiti*v<?tated tand requisition* sent through the post office shall be deemed sufficient notioe) during the fiscal ytar ending the 3>th of June, 1C&; and whether the quanti ies required be more or iess than thoae apecided, the prioea shall remain the same At', the artio e? ncder the oontraot moat l>e of the beet quality, delivf red in good o'der. fre^ of all and everj charge or expense to th? Government, aci'l subieot to 'he lnapecion, count, weight, or measurement of the aaid navy yar-1, and on in all r-specta ?atialsotorv to the oommandant thereof. Biddera are referred to the yard tor plana, apeoifi cations. or satnplea. and any further deaonption of the artiolea. when biddera a hall be in doubt a< to tne preoue artiolea named in the aohedule, tney will apply to tne commanding officer of the navy yard arid not re employ ft for description of >he article or ar'i ;ies in doubt, which information the said offi :er will give in writing t on'r actors for Oia-sea headed Miscellaneous," who do not re uGe n?'ar the p ace where the artiolea a e to be delivered will be required to naine in their proposal* an %g<>nt at the oity or prinoipa! place near the yard of delivery, who may be called upon to driver ar tiales ieit\<mt del*y when they ahaii be required. Approved t'iretiea in the full amount of (he contract will be required, and twenty per oentnm as additional security deduoted from each payu ent nti. the oontraot shall have b?en o?mpleted or cancelled, anieaa otherwise authorised by the De sartment. on c asses ol artiolea headed '"Misoellanei na," to be de ivered aa required < uprg the fisoil rear, the twenty per centum retained may, at the discretion of the oommandant, he paid euarterly on the ft ret of January, April, July, ana Ootober. when the deliveries have been satisfactory, anJ the halanoe (eighty per oent. (will be paid by th* respective navr agenda within thirty daya after the presentation of bills,in txiplioate, duly vouohed and approved. No pari of the per oentum reserved is to he pai until all the rejected artiolea offered under the oon traot a hall have been removed from the yard, unless specially anthorixed by th* Department. It will is stipulated in tii? oontraot, that if default shall be made by the parties of the firat part in delivering all or any ol the artiolea mentioned in any c aas bu1 fur, of the quality and at the times Mid p aces above provided, then and in that oaee the said parties will forfeit and pay to the United Hiates a sum of mousy not to exceed twioe the amount of suoh c a?a: whioh ha from time to uata,aooordinf to the sot of Congress in at o?seprovided, approved March 3 IMS. Tbe sureties must njn the contract, and their retpoEsib.iity h> certified to by a ls't agent, oollect-T, dittriot atlorne , or some other person, satnlaotori j known to the bureau. It is to be provided in the oontraot that the bureau shall have th? power of annulling the eontraet, without loss or daius(8 to the Government, in oa*e (on* res* thai: not have made sufficientappropna tiots f >r tha articles named, or for the oompletion of wu' Its ostiii a ted fr, and on whieh this advertisement is has*), and h% I also have the power to increase or diminish the quantities named in the o aases not beaded * Misooilaas^as" in the sohedu e t?fnrj-6ve per centum. Persons whose offers shall be aooeptod will be notified dv letter tarou<h tbe post offloe. whieh uotioe ehall beoonsidered suffioient; and if they do tot en'er into oontraot for the supplies speoifi'd within fiff?en days from the date ot notiee from the bnr*au of the aoo?pi?uoe of their but, a oontraot will Lm* iri&d4 with aom* ath?r Mr&nn ? and the loaranwirs of suoh defaulting bidjera will be held reppo aibie fur ail delinquencies. All offers not invie in strict conformity with thie a? vertisement will, at toe option of the bureau, be rejected. fboeeonly whose offers may bsaoospt^d will be do tided, and oootrao'e will be ready for exeoution aa anon thereafter a* may be praouoable. a?-p 6 4wlaw Q U N BO ATS OaafimuuKr OmnrtWt QJlea, / Wmtkmttom Cuy. July 18,18M. I Plans and SreciviCATians for hulls of Sun Boats for tha Western river* are on exhibition at this office, and at offioea of Qaartermaaters at Pittabari, Cinomoeti, ft. Louie and Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bids should be sent to O uartermaster General of the United States Army, at Waahington, by 1st Ai^u^t,^t^-'n. Jt 1? Bni, Gea'l and Qaartermaater Gen'l. lUArs uf TUG BfiATUr WAR.?A splendid 1*1 Mm of Um of War for only osnts. Also, Pookat Mui or all kinds. Soldiers' Camp Draaaipc Caaas-from #3 W> to t>. Blank Booka And Stationery of all kinds, Flag Paper an-i KuveioMT K.agi. Ban Mrs a*J BWjm. 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For Littrmry Mtn, Stndmtt. Delicate Female*, and all persons of 'titntmry kmHtt, they are raltable u a Laxativt, improving the filing tons and viaor tn the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elaetioity and strength of tbe whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reealt of long | investigation and oarefuii* eondnotad ?i Lweu &u uno utftuj ? llioi* ym# they hare pre*anted and relieved & TMt amount of yatn and suffering mm Headache, whether originating in thentrrowj system or from a deranged tate of the iionwri. The; are entirely vegetable in their eompoattion, and mar be taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any ohangeof diet, a*d Ih* mbitnei of amy disagruablt last* rtmdttt it ?IV Is tiisiMttlir tk*wi to ckildron. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each fiox. Bold by Draggiste and all other Dealers In Medicine*. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid en reeoipt* PRICE, ? CENTS. All orders shoald be addressed to HENRY C. ?PALD1N?, 48 Cxdax Stbiit* Nxw You. From Iks Ezmmintr, Norfolk, Fa. Cephalio Pills aocomf lish the object for whlafc Jhey were made, vis: Car* of hoaaaoha In all lta iwriua. Frmm Iks Immimt, y*rf*lk, Ft, They hare haen tested In mare than a lkma< mm, with entire anooeaa. From ik* Dtmtrmt, St. Cltud, Mima. If too are, or have been troubled w ith the baad vohe, aead for a box,( Pill a ,) ao that yen mar have them in oaae ol anjattaok. fVem I4i Wuttm JL R. Umnittt, CMw, /U. We heartily endorae Mr. Mpalding, and Ida *Mrivalled Cephalic Pi Mb. Pr?m tk* Scmtktm Pmtk Pimdtr, Htm Orlmmt, Lm. Try them ! too that are afflicted, and'we art air* that your teaumonr can be added to tha already namerona Uat that haa received bee eft ta that no other medioin* oau produce. From tk* Smkii, Dm+tmrtrt, ill* a. Mr. Baaldioc would not connect h.j naaM with an artiala 1I1J ? ? * ?? * w ! ?i*iv u? uiu uui mow W yuivxi reai Mem I FVom 111 JVMUMM, I. /, The Cephalio Pilla are Mid to b?t remarkably effeotire remedy for the headache, and one of the very f>e*t for that very freoent enmplaiut which baa ever been dlaoovered. Am tk* St. Limit The immecH demand for the article (Cephalic Full) u rapidly inoreacinr. frm tk* KamMwkm TtUt* Stmr, Kmmmmkm, Tm. We are an re that peraona aaflsrlnjt with the head aohe, who try them, will atiok to tarn. Prtm tk* Ad**rtu*. X. /. The taetimorr in their ffcvor la strong, trem the moat reepeo table tsarina. >Vmi tk* DMil*. w - > > ?r * Avwwmp W?| A* 4? Oephalio Pills are taking the plaoo of all kinds. Am ?*? Commtrcxmi BulUtm, Boston, Mui Said to bo vary efficacious for the beadaohe. IVom lk< CmiRIKUl, CtMIMMt, OAie. Huffermc honanitT oan now bo relieved. IC7" A tingle boUie of Spalding's Prepared Glue will save ten timee ita ooet annually. SPALDING S PREPARED GLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB! SAVE. THE PIECK8! ECONOMY! DISPATCH irr-A ttTiTC* in TIKI SAVU Nimm."^TT1 As aooidonU will happen, even in wall roc u la tec families, it is very deeirable to bavesojoo oheap aciilcnnTeiuant way for repairing Furniture, Toys Crockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB meets all saeh emergencies, and no household oa afford to bo without it. It is always ready, aad to the sOokioi point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brash aooootpaaios each Bottle. P*e M ooate. Addresa HRNIY n an. . ? v> orAbllinVi No. 49 Codar aUoot, Now York CAUTION. the 111 MUM. pALDlNi'8 PREPARED VLII^li t Cmri Couth. CM, fiominutt, 1m^\Vif7\ M|i Irritation or Sort??j* of U? Tkroax. Ktlnvt tkt MjHmll Hockm? Comtk m CtamirMN?".lilM.lllH iim, Bromekttu, A*hmm, yuJliLjiMj # Cittorrk, Cl*nr mmd girt WnHRnf iirnurii t? ikt voir* if ^bfiTvBEr PUBLIC SPpAKBRS ^43^ AND SINGERS. Few are aware of tl*e imsortanoe of oheokinc a Coach or "Commun CoUF'in it? first stage; thtl which In the t?ejmine would yield to a mud remeI d?, if Qefleoted.eoon attacks the Luots. Bronchi*I Trotits" containhi* demaToentmxredlenU. alia? rilmonary and tfionahial Irritation. 8bown'8 W.OOHB8 ixw** * Tbrwrnar BKOWN'H " I reoommecd their one to PtlLH " Srumi.'' TROCHES _ REV. B. H. CRAP1N. "ttrett aervioein aubdaip? HoiMIBROWN'S

mss," RKV.DA.NIEL WIBE. (snpnca " Almoit inatsct relief in the diatreaiinc !&bor of breathing peoulitr BROWN'S 10 A,RJJ5V. A. C. EG6LE3TON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or njU>in? Injanoua." 1>R. A. A. HAV ES, BROWN'S CSUmfci, *aoCHE8 BROWN'S 8" 4' * BMLSZL. WBOCHB8 " 5TW.TXNK. RROWN'S Btttm mI have prowl them excellent for TROCHRH Wlsorim CnisB." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWNS Bottm%. vrophrh "B?nefioial when eompslled to TROCHES .ufieru i from C0L3^ DintuMtu *"Vi D? J, i ANi/uR30rli BKOWNB Si. Louit, VROCHKR " EvrscT*Aj. in remorinf Uoirtt HUUnbB HH ftnd Irriutjon of the Throat, m BROWN'S common with ?pitmi and SiiisTROCHE'S "VioL M. STACY JOHNSON. n La tfre?*?. Urn, BROWN'S *?Mhwofjg?J|iSoalU. TROCHES "Brest benefit when taken before and after pre&ohlnf. aa the; prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their paetetTeot, I think they will be of permanent ad> TROCHES rastasetome. RKV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens Coiiece, Tenn. W.OCHE8 4* 1.1* JOT FO* THE8JCK AMU SUFFKAIN* LET ALL WHQ ARE AFFLICTSD AirJ. J ^RKStMDY AM JO IBM U1 HSAEtH. Fries*, 4e yo* aefer/ Are yoi the rlatlSB ef aay eftheee nameroaa ai.menta whick arte* tram imparity ef the blood.1 What are titer, do yoa cat / lathtruk.Thatue they not? The blood la the Siroe mt llie and health, and it le the ftret element oar beinx to reejopd to any eaiae whioh affecta e eyatem.aa the pue UualTibLy atteeta The ever prevaiiliic Nearajtia, the imtaflnc Eryeiyelaa, the aabileSorafaia, theaionii}iiK ELeamaAiam, Nerroaa Debility, l>rep?yeia, Liver OomyiaiDt vith ita toreor and dojeotios, ana the nacbe-ieea ill* that Seen le heir to, denro their hidaouaoricin from the blood. Dei, fclndir then and eentir vlui the blood. Vta the vitaii?:nr reaoxrcea of natare for lis aid. and af?r is to commend to yoar oonfdenoe and in tkftt trmly reliable medicament known m mrs. m. oors INDIA* VKHETABLE DSOOOTlOIf. With retard to this almost infallible saeoiftt popular ser.tiruent hu ap-'ksn id deoided lerme %nd the evidenees of this r?t "ioHr are s?? tamed by oonatant itoti.i of ourative effeeta and the happieat reaalta from ita uae are after all other remedies and the beat medical akili hare failed. Let ua aar, in oooolcaion, that oertifioatea 9area are cot aoajht from the illiterate and auperloial, bit they are volunteered from the moat respectable poaroes and justify the highest terma In which it is poaaible to eommend so valuable a speflino to piblio approval. We may add also that t the curative properties of the medicine are eq nailed only by lU reetorative effects, the aratem recover- I lot from diaeaee with renewed constitutional vicor. I For aale by all respectable Drutfiata in this ity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Hone genuine umeea her name i? blown on u? fco?,e and her aeal on the cork rrrpnoe fl per bottle, ia t.ottiea for ft. Xrk?l*t*l* Aftnt. R. 8. T. CI88EL, Draftiet eorgetown, 0. C., Wholeaale A cent for the Dis- i triot, and will aappiy the trade at my pnoee. a? l?tr ! ll^BMALB BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL Itre. S. Pk'lmcipal. The thirteenth annual aesaion of tan Institution will commence on Tuesday. September 18th, in the hon?e reoeutly ooonpied by Sflveeter Scott, Es?_ No. 190 Kinc itreet The oonree of study panned will oomprise all the branohee retniaite to a thorough EnaTten hdu | ?ati'in. and Music, Prenoh, Latin and Drawing, M In addition today scholars. Mre. MoOormmk ie i Eared toreoeirea limited number of pupils a* dera, who. oonaututing a part of her own lamrill be under her immediate oare and supervision. She will endeavor. as far a* possible, to ?urrQ'U?^ ^ mw*\ .mmfrrt* and irindlf in!4n?rn?a f Home, Al^irmMi.-ReT. 9eo. H. Norton. Rev. Dr. Khaa Harrison, Rev. D. f. Sprigg, William H. Fowle, Ee?., Edgar Snowden. Em., Edmund F. Witraer Ea^., Henry Marbury, FT'*., Le#ia MoKenaie Lea., Robert II. Hnnton, Esa,. W. D. Wallaoh Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Watera, Ks?.,Ja.s hntwialc. Jr., F.s?.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Ulaoklook h, Mare hall. Met*-a Corae Brethera, , , . _ . TllMa. _ Board, with Tuition in aTl the Bnclieh Branohea. lor the annual eessioL-payable serai annnaily, m advance. Music and Laoiitacea at Professors' price*. ICy No extra charges. an ?-tf THK SUBHCRi BKRS RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of the Army and Navy to their full ?uppl? of MILITARY ana NAVAL, FURNISHING G MiDS. sooh u Indigo Blue Cloths and Doeskin*, WW gape, Epaulets. Ibices, shoulder Straps, elts, fjwords. Sword Knots, Caps, Hate, and ail respective emtkroiderT A so, th- oeiebrated PaTEXTF1LTKR1NO CANTEEN. Orders in that line respectfully solicited. H F. LOIIIMJN k. CO.. Naval and Military Merohant Tailors, Jy 18 e<>3m Pa. av.. under Brown's Hotel. FRENCH tTRICH8TE1N ~ AVE Just received a fresh supply of Note Paper, Colored Uorders, ruled and plain, with Envelopes to watoh Also, hlai I'aper of a!' kinds, with and without Mottoes; Envelopes to match. Purses aud Pocket Books of every description. A lAfti nr Ne^" York Paper* reoeive<F <Jai.y; Paper? from au part* of the oountrr. KttKNCH 4 RICH8TEIN, m* P*r?~ %n?nit* Army bupplikh JUST RECK IV gD480 can* aAW'SAtfK MEAT, 240 cans FR EffH TOMATOES, 48-oan* FRESH VEAL, SfiO oan? BEEF,# la tnodt, 240 can* ROAST ItEEtj aan oan? KRESH MUTTON, 240 oan? B KEF and OKAVY, 240 cans SOUPaod BOUIL.LI, S)ou?i FRENCH DESSlOATRD VKGB . tables; ! For tale at New York Factory nriaee. KINO A BI RCHKLL, * 6 Cornor I and t lfteenth utreeta U NJlrt BOOK*. HISTORY of the United Netherlands, by Joha Lolhrue MoUer ; 2rol?.; free b? mail, Si. The Riae of the Dutoh Repnbiie, a nutcry, by Jona Lothrop Motley; a to b oiota; free by mail, 0$, SUM Marner, the Weaver ?f RaveJol, by the author of ''Adam Bade f* cloth ?itoenU; pa?er to owls. Lire and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Serjeant; #1X). After loel>erj8 with a Painter, a Suirmer Voyace to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev LouiaL. Nob e: Tbe Manu&eture of Photogenic or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Tliomaa Antiaeii, U. 1).; 91.TS. I Any of the above free by nail FRENCH Jt KICHSTE1N, ay B a7* I'anna. avenue. UNBOATS roa thi WESTERN RIVERS. QuamMiiTii fiunu'i Owes, i WcukuiKton, June 17,1861. | PmopoaALf are invited for oonatruotinc 6unboata upon the Weatern river a Sp?oinoationa will be immediately prepared and I may be examined at theQuar?ermaater*a Office at | Cincinnati, ^it'ebargh, and at thia offioe. rroposais iron boat bull era and engine-build er? alone will b? oonaidered. P. an a aubmittcd by biddera will betakaniato eonatderation M. C. M K1S8, ia yg H nartermaater general United State I^UUIB AMU VO ?V1V VMS We are QOW macjitaoturiur all klpds of BOUTS aad SHOES, aad eo itactlr r#?e;*iD| apply of eaatarn made work of every do- HI eontpeo. made expreaaly to order, acd willW ] beeoldatarouoalo^erfrioethanhasbeeav BBk heretofore charted in uua city for maoh inAner ^Parsons in want of Boo la and Shoes of eastern er aity made work, will alvaya find ajood aeaorlmea ia store and at the lowest pnoes. eive as a call. 6R1FF1N * BRO., ? a *it I'MfmiTtnii awse. UPONT'S OUNPOWDBK, ' For sale at manaiactarars pnoes, by johm I unciiv c v " ? ? wwwui **iuwn? ii. v>?j Sob iitiKt fer tit District of Cblvmbi*. 1 A large t embracing every variety, iinji a hand, and delivered free to all parts of the District. Orderaoana so beieflattheoffioeof Adana* K?n?? <vhiwm WMWrtoB. P. r.. OTK1NWAV A SONS' AND EAVBIt> BA? COfTO PIAN()t?.-A l&rjeaeiorimer.l^?^ ? Juft h?M received.?Per?on* in mucHM reliable instrument at a low prioe arrows'1 ijrrljed^t^ ey and examine at the Masic 8tof? of , Orders reo^Wed fir' 'Mr. MARCUS RKtilNB fUwp Fftftw Tin+r %911 1 m niieuaB* 1 HKBabMiib?r^Ti<M**in2e'additiMM to his ! fretory, lilt il now one ot the I LIGHT WAOOSP of all kind* w^cot t>? nt ( fmmti, and from hi* Ions mmtImm in the fculMM, M hofM to flYO Ai. kinds ol OwrikfM fend Lis hi Wacom toft ?AnfLKPAlR8 Mtttr doM, ud all ordm 1 TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. yrirr&D btatbb military eouth. On and sfk?r Monday, H<>ptemS?r ?. irsi.pMcancer Tr?m? httvmn wapHINATON ?mt Baltimore wiii ran uroiiov^ TRAINS MOT I NO NORTH. Morninc Expr?M WMhirfton H i. Arrive it b& timore 7 46 a. m ; pbilftd*'pma H It r. ; N?v Yorl 1?. m.: Hirrn .nrt 1 Lf ? m Morning Aooommodation leave Washington 7JO A.x. Arrive at Baltimore t.10 a. m.; rki adelphia I r u i New York Ir v Kvemng Exprees le?ve Washington tJO p M. Arrive at Baltimore 4 ii> r. ; Phuadelpaia 190 p x ; New York 3 a x. Evening Aooommooatioa Inti Washington S.48 P.M. Arrive at Baltimore 7 90 r. x.; Hatrisburg *" * TRAINS MOYIftB SOUTH. Leave New York at 7 a. M.; Philadelphia 11 > a. M.i Baltimore 3 4ft P. x. Arrive at Washington l? P Leave New York at I p. m.; Philadelphia WW r. x.; Baltimore t a. x. Arrive at Washington 4* A. X. Aooommodat*on Trains leave Baltimore at I 1* a. x., and 6 p. x , and arrive at Waahiagten W * a. m ,0 4$ p. m. Passenger t rains leaving Washington at 7 Si a m And 2.3T p x., and Baltimore at 40 a. x ax J XM p m i make direot connection for Aaaapolis at the Junotion. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore aad Wath In*ton at (JJ a x. and 3 p. Paasencer Train* leaving Washington at a. x. and 2 90 p _ anH riaiiifnam * * - ? - ?* ** - . ?> w m. m wiu #wr. m . will stop onit At Annapolis Junction nmd JUIat Junction \N ai Paaaengere are requeatod to take the A* tornmoda:ion Tratnt or the Regular Tonnage Tram, which wi 1 have pueeoger oar attached. I ruin* will leivethe \v ashing ten Depot prompt In upon crd titnt Ail articiea oi freight (not oontrab*D<i of war) will be transported over the line Regular Tonnage Traina will leave Baltimore at <a m LMTiWau ingtnn at 3 30 p. m. Br oroer t>f it e Beoretary of War i R. F MOKLEr,0ener?' Manager. THOMAS H. CANF1KLD. Aeaiatant Manager. SPECIAL NOTD E. SUNDAY TRAIN. Leave WASHINGTON at23np. m. lor NKW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. ?Frojn_ New Yor< and Philadelphia,arriving in TMiiiaitun K. F. M''KLEY, *71 8Mitral Mmiw. f -Mfc|i MKAM WKKKI.Y BETWEEN NbW YOHK ANDL1VKRPOO!.. Laidicg ?nd embarking paseengere at UneeuBtnwn. Ireland The Liverpool. New York Md Philadelphia Steamehip Compact intend dupatehiot their fail powered Clyd^-built irou Steamship* m follow*: GLASGOW ......t*atur.?T, Acguit 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, ** " f*h. KANGAROO. M M ML And every Saturday, at noon, from Pi?r44, North river. batx* ov num. First Cabin. .......|V Do. to. I .nndon W Do. Vrtrii ... Hi Do. to Hamburg . .. .. 16 Btwrue f ? Do. to Louden- ? .. 94 JJo. lo I'a'u 9* iso. vo rmrnonri.. SS Passengers forwarded to H?>ri. KrriMn. R*ttordam, Antwerp, 4.5 , at reduoed throuch lares. Persons wishfni to bring not their friends tu bay tioket* at low rats*. bor further information apply at the Captains Office. JOHNS. DAL , A/tent, 1* Broadway, ff. V , Or to Q. A. HERRING, Auains Express Baltimore. ^ -It*?frlNDlVlDUA^^TERPRlgE trn'm ta \m easters and western shore steamers. "kent,"' CapL J H. Rrwau Pioneer, c?pt. \v. Norma?, Will run their routes a? follows, leavi g Light street, Ua timore, foot o( Camden. atT o'clock A. M : KENT?For Cambridge, D*cton and Land.ocs on Chostank river, every WEDNESDAY ami SATURDAY, returning every Thursday aad Monday. For Annapolis and West River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning sa re days. , PIONEER?For 8t. Miohael's an<l Easton, via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY, aad return Am. For Annapulta, Weit River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, aver? THURSDAY, retimiui by a?me rout? on Friday For Annapolia. Weet River, St. M <chae. aid F.a ton, via Miie'a River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday Dy aame route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faatoo Point..-.. ?? <1 W Fare to St Miotiael'a and Miles' River,!ronad trip, 0li) .... i i.... ?.. 1W fare to Weat River,(round tna, 1 ? are to Annapoii* (round trie 75 oeata)? tS MSALS KXTRA. IT^Freifht muat be prepaid. Wharf and Ofioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. OKNTIAL^ULWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! Ootrnt ^t*Tie?i OaAinvv*. Mftrlt, UC1. % On tr.dtfter Har:day. May 19th. 1 -<61, Traiaa on the NORTH ken CENTRAL HATi.WaV ar rive and depart u follows, antii farther notioa. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at8 15 A M. KXPRK88 at 3 3) P. M HARRISBURtt ACCOMMODATION at S P. M The B.15 A. M. train oonuaota at Relay Hoaae with trains on the Western Maryland Kai.road. at Hanover J a*.otion with Hanover and Gettabu'g Satlroadt; at York with York and Vvnchtaville ailroad;at Harrtshnr* with Pennaytraiiia Railroad for ail pari* of the West. also with Lebannon Valley Kailroad <o Ana Y?rk 4*r*et; at N<>rthum Der.&ita wiid l. and b. Hailroad for Kiccaton ud all parts of Wyooming ValleyAnd attfuniury with the Philadelphia and Erie R^lroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and Sew \ork. TheSJtP. M train makea all the abova oooneotione exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrtfhtavilla Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad P. M train makes oonn-cuum with Penn aylvama Rail read for all parts of Um W est, and direot oonnecta for New York. TR A INS AH RITE. Mail at 610 P Mr, Expn< a at 7 46 A. M.; Harriabnre Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tickets and uuorr ation inquire at the Tioket Office, Crnvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CHRE.Sap't. Nm8Sk.paiA The Camden and Agaboy and Philadelphia and PLACh|*.from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will feavc aa Uh Iowa i Ate A M , via Camden and Am boy. (C. and A. Af6/?.Dlff<r1^S0^n^?o *"<1 J*ra*T City, (N.J. Acooramodatiqn.) _ A | 8 via Camden and Jersey City, t MoraAt^Ji A.'^vit Kaualncton and Jersey City, At ISmTiTIl, vfa C?amden and Amboy,( Aooommo At 2 P M., via Camden ud Amboy, (O. and A. Enrwi.) At 4H P M , via Kenaington and Jeraey City, ( F, vening Kxpraaa.) _ At iX P, M , m Kenaington and Jeraoy City, (t*?ooi,d Claaa Ticket) At6 p. M., via Camden and Jeraey City, < livening nail.) lk P. M., via Camden and Jeraey OityJBontham Mail.) AtS P.M., via Camden and Amboy,( AeooounNation, freight and paaaenger, Firat Claaa Tiokel) Beoond Claaa Tioket. The6 f. M Mai; Train rnna daily. The lUf P. M. Mail, Batnxdaya excepted For Belvidere, Kaaton, Lambert villa, Flemington, 4o., at 7.10 A. M-; and 4k P. M-, from Kaadiitoa. For Water Gar, Stroudabarc.Boranton.WtlkMbarre, Montroae, Great Bend, Ac.. at7J0A. M., from Keaaiogton, via Dalatrara, Laokavanna and Weat-rn Railroad. For Manoh Cbnnk, Allentovn and BaUlahaaa,at 7.10 A. M. and STr. M. from ienaington depot; the7.10 A. M- li-eoonneota with the tram .aavttg tsaiton at S 96 P. *7 For Monnt Holly at and A. M. aad S and 4M Pp*r Freehold at A. M. and > P m for Bristol, Trentoa, ho., at rilTL ?..W iad MP- M from Keosinftoa, u4 *K P. M from Walnut street wharf. For Palmyra Rivertgi, Deianoo, Beverly. BarMngtoB^PIorarne00, Bordsntown, fee., at It*. I, ^bteamer Vrenton for BortMtowo.aad iafwi diate piao?s, at M P.M. fiwa Walnat <m> For New York and Way Ugs*. learia* K^Mf^a'r S&r.0^^1*?. oars ran iat j the depot, and oa arrival of train nil from the deyot. ..... . Fifty pounds of baggage otuy*o isntk passenger. Pwsaiwi are prohibited from taking anything aa baggage but their wearing apear?l. All bagcage over flfty pounds to be MkM for extra. The oompany limit their reepoasiatlity f r butu* in Ann Hni ** J ? xoept by >pooi&. oootrMt. ?'*r"? WOft. H. BATZMKK. AmbI. ?9M BA^?U0Ife5I,0 rsS'5Srivi"'P &??$& ?iS j^^tJ^fSSSSSb^. - i ' in; wwno riMmoat ud Wlitrtixtek**T ^nMmodatiou Train, leaving Piedsront at f. # A Stff T^AirTrtu ^?nnKnd S?PMD?n(^OcVffl5^ B^t,??r* JTkLl?Wt*8 mIIls I K VIN l?*re fu?ES & Ffi" & JUST iQ|l<^ML6?* . prime Oniun*. Por e%le low? * ? - ^ ' ^fefiass-^ I ' Tu & ?~ Moc r<?#) to bo rmmtd, 09 *&d Muocm, t??ar>if ,t.?,Mt, tk? P?T Lit* of jriU Wfi Ha. 'iriKir* JiVEKY PAYtiiOM' ? ? MC)mini tW vUj 1. foot of t iw* Euoft, it ?\ b. hu. wieeiedlstoly afim U*arrt*?J c* UM WIUllftN fltll. VkU MMlW uk jkHH M sh o'aioafc p. n. in fr-tf M. N FAM*- pg?h ? mm? aPHittO AND SrttMkh AhUAfOBM?l*T Oc and ?Jt?r TVt.^DAS Mw !4th, Trtin lor PhiiM? ?tik* vl.. wrt PracxUct itwt DA YS ?t 4 45 P. IT. "ulf. All trait* (htmM witk Ntw York tmi* OMfl ?48 P. H7imi on 8uir. TV** ht Train with >?ihww ear MmM leave* ?fs P. . ato^fini at all BlaUoa* Mvm tfe.timor?Mil Havre d*-4?n?e?. PuMMtrifor Delaware ard tho Ka?tera rhor* of Manrjiad will ft ad UiMduHitiou mto L* w?? ofwnmiBjtoHj, All Colored P?TMM M |l va Woai before W"rt,,U""' CRA^FOPP.Awt. no f a"? />L'kiTO * ( MB * ? &f r yf 0>uly. K) rutwyi llM^d, |?(J?V* Prom Ckanbtn strast p row 31 u iL station. ItlMin AtfSiia IIOpM AOOfm 1 * - ?23 s in tJT f m 9 96 a a.1 and Bn/fkl. Train with h& oars. 9.'4 ?m KtM Coonscunt at Albany wiU UaNsw Tor# O*. tra.. Rai,r<>ad lav Sr.'.rri?ctAd?. fc< <u,s?u'. I'iim Baiaria.. Rome. and atatioua on Rom# and Wil*i tows R*.!r a'1. Huffv.o. !?yiM3u?e, NFai t, Saaparav n D.kdr* AaI.or^Gao< n.Cn at.?la Tra'na in ooonectioc leave B?ft'o ud Pnr?ton vi* Lake Shore. Hutfolo ?>u? t iki Ucot and reat Wm'ms Railroad, for Ra<n1i'ya. Toronto, etruit, Chieaco. Toledo. Mi.aaaki*. Fon La Lao. La Croaae, Madiax Prairie On Ci.ien, 6a rba. Daoleith, DabB^ae. Peoria, F<cfc l?lacd. MimiOce, Iowa Cm. BarWcrton. Quibcv. Sarin* field, titon. 9t. Louia. Cairo. Te re naite. rr if-ar>ap? ?a. n aville, Cincinnati. l-a?toa, Colrn l>aa, 0V?ra land, and ftl' poiiita >N aat. Kortiiweat aad #ouU WmL NORTHERN ROCTE. * Connectin* with TiaUia at 'irot, with Troy * Boatoo ao<3 Rao* k S&r*t<>?% Roada for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rut and, BoHir.<ten, e-t. Albar.a. Ro??f Point, Pittsburgh, Ogden?baigh, Montreal, Ao, Jta liy Freight Arrantementa l#y thi? roat* aa above, without ehame of Car a, from the Or pota in t harobera and etreeta. an at all tim*a aa faroraMe as r"?d<? by o?h r Railroad i'oirpari*?. The (aotlUiea or thia t reat New Vork R1 ??*, '? tke W eat xxnmMKl it to the eor.tdeaoe of n.a ohao-ta an ah p?*ra lor proaptneaa and di.?atoh ruituffr irhM. frith ( okut Mii Oara ran m oonneotion oc the New Yeck Cemrel *?or partieoltr? to looel tr?ine and freitht er lUEcemesta, ttqe?re at th? depot, ft* Werre* rt. A. F. 8MITIl7l*pp?r f t. p?i?t. poiyr cqm port. Leevee the lower *n<1 of IN ION DOCK.'BelU lore, weet aide. DAILY, iffumJare imIi at tMo'elrek P. H tekinc peeeecgera end fetfht. end e<mo^otim with the Rai -oa<i tinea, to iMfiPai Weahin?U>n,D. C., Philedelehie. New Yot*. Boa ton, York, Herrifha'-f, Pittatmrc. f*a , end the Weet, inmedietel? arer th^emve of the Kxpreea Treinfroaa New Yoik end Philedclphie. The followin* la the inched a.e : Prom New York to Port Monroe end beek. 81? From Philedelph a end neck.. lie Prom Baltimore end back ? 96. CyPROCTEP. YOUR TfCEETH^U In New York-at the New Jereey Reilroed OAoe fbotvf Ccurtierd afreet. In Phi edeiphie, et the Cotnpenj'e cBoe. N. W. corner of Bixth end Cheatnut etreeta.or et the Depot, Broad end Pr'rn* etreete. In Baltimore, on boerd the Hteemere. foot ot Union Dook. HI GH QCONNI K. Pfteeeea aw A ewi VOk K, H AF l.EM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAVING NfcW YQKK FOR ALBANY. TROV, NORTH AND Wfc.eT. SliMMkR ARRANGEMENT Coromenoinc Mood**, Ma; TTth. 1M01. For Abany?11^? a. m. fact expreae train from *ih atreet. For Dover Plalra??. <?> p. n> atoppin* at Whits Plaint and atationa north to Dever p.air.t ? from acta atrMt atauor. < Thia train will rnc to Millartoa avait falartiay For 6roton FaJla??.-15 a n. eto?in? at a'l ate bona north ofKordnam from X b afreet atation. For A hlte Plaina?W", 4:10 atd Mi> *. m. atop pin* at all atationa froiOBth afreec atatioa For Whit* Plama?8:5 p. aa. eu>ppin< at all atationa from W hite treat awn 10c For \Yil iama Bridie??jn, 1UI* a. m. aad MB p. m. atuppiDf at all atatiora from nth atoeat elation Returunc will leave? Atba- y?9-00 a. hi taat expreea train. Dover P>aine-fc30 a m. (Thia train leavaa Mm iarUin ever* Monday morntnf at i a an.) Crotoc JFalie?6 p. a.. White Piauie?ftcie, 7*? a m. 4<ut 4 7?0 p. m. Wi Mama Bridge?F:Sn, 9*? a. bi.A H? a. m flftndftv truna will W?^ a*W t J ?tr**t, for Central Park, VorkrilT*, HarTra at 1 High Bndg* *v*rj J-W initiate*. frowi *? a. M. < ? m. JOHN BUBCHILL. A*U YORK^Ng ERIK RAIL PuMD(?r TrtiM iaava m r*w ilk Ferry and Long inxk. from foot of Cton^o t:*'t. N?w York, a* foltow?, tib : 7 DO a. m . EX K>>V lor Duck irk, and Buffi?o . axd t scipai iBterine W'? buttons. I ana. m .MAIL, for l>ur.ku?. and itatmed .at* Station*?Tbi*Train remain* or?r &ict at tlmir*. and *rooeeu* the next morntag. .no a m MILK dail.,, for Otttrili*. aad uitar gpftdiRU 6istions. ll(?a.n, ACCOMMODATION.daily, for Port i'W sr'aa Mw>. 'lioViTWe?TUfc&? BSD. <Ulr. (I- Dm kirk.pufalo,>daira*Ai?d pr nel **1 rtaLo?? T.'i? Train of Samrday ?tc?? at all Mail Trait BtaUcn*, and run* oaii to K h . ra. tOOLBL ACCOMMODATlON.for HorsMrU e, aad Station* (iltfLMivnT fi.ii*..* NATHAMFl " BOSTON V,^,f^,^POKT Br t&a *i nd iDHncr b"W& | ?tr?af Ui and e?**4f put particniany ada?.trd to the navigation of Lolc ?oud<1. rearing ia aoaaeotion vr.m toe Fail Rivar a?d OH Colony Ru road, dietanoe of nilnonT to Boet-.a ^re Pier No. ( fojtk River sear the Battery. B laager EMPIRt $YaI E.cayfBraito^ MondayTTwadnMday , and PHdaeA at o'oiuok rAfeMSWf&r# sci. ? ?, .n TneeUaye. Tbnreaaye and Batardax, at I o'eiock P.jlMtoofti.:c* at Newport each way. TbeM Hmiiw a<e fitted viU Maaeiiem tate roc.mi, and every arrangement for toe aeeaci tr and ootn'ort ot paseecger* who are aobrd^ by thij rowtea night? raet op board, aaj on arm a at Fa River jroo?*?d ht SieambnaiTraln.reaofc ing Boston early the foiLowiag moral ?g t or may reman on board ontti etarbag of toe AoemnaoOA boa at 8 A. M., by vhioh toey nay reaek Boeu l abont?4A A. M. A matter la attached to eaeb etoamer, who reoeivee and ticket* the baggage. and aoootneaniee the fame to iu d?et. nation A iMnitr rj'? ia oot>n??tioa with tfaia Lir.e ba(vmb Fall RItw aoa Prondeaee dally, axoapt Bncdaya. Pmikt to Boatoa ia forvaadad throach with treat (Tj a pa tah by ac hlxaraaa Tiain. which laavae Pall River evert momuf, fonlaya escepted, at o'olook for Boatoa ar.d N*v Bedford, arriving at Ua deaiinntion at about 11 A M Por freight or pa*aa?a. aap y oa board, ar at the uftae on Pier No. S North River For etate rooaaa and be'tha apply oa huara.or if deetred lae*eare tham in ad v*lo?. to HORDfcN.Aj't Wend 71 W ?at atreet. N V. TON?laiaad Ro?ta~The ahorteet aac Boat di il iama, Is eonneetion with th* ("cr.nioi at<l ProTidanoeAt... Itaa^naad PrortdeaieeBAtlroade, Sfoton at ?JU o'tlou P. M., or ob um arrival of ? Ma;. Train which laavaa Boatoa ?t5?|Tw. TWlt j.H,; raawneara^roSi^^rotoe proi^al ger railroad to ^th*r roa Ln" imI ^ n udkIi tiAi tar i i iMilr;v angara that >r(f?r It, ttMil o* bocd tba rwmv, aqjqy a Bifhto' r*?t andiatarfcad kreeefjjMt if aaaifad, ao4 kaaraG roton la UxlUi, M. Tr*U, tofMtbu u PraniaoM vilk im I *' A M. Tnia for ffvatoa. Fw? ma > ror 4*' ot to Fifty ???H. bwiut auUr moubhum Ua Btaaiuar tM Train a*ch way For Pwm?, Berth*. 9tata lN?,?r Fraicfct. jf*r ob board tba at?am?r, or at Ui Frat|i>t 0?oa, F?r U North Kim, or ?( tka UAm ?'f UtOnrati, No. 1U V* f?t ?J <*t.o?Ti?ar > ( Cort land atraal Naw Yort, Fab.?. HT.. IS Mil 1TAR Y HOOKft. I T KBNCM4 R1CH8T1KN l?n)Hlr(MT^i laria ?nc oompiat" Maortn#?t or Mi itary H >v*a 0< all kiads, vlktob tbay ofar iron tan to tf * *?r oaoL balow tba rofilar raUu (nix.-n crdinf: A naw aditio* of Hardaa'a < nfeatr? ml lifa Tact .ca, 91M h or wa' Voiimtaora MMaaai, t rola. |t Ua .'a CoaH??iKuim ut Harrfaa'a T&cuoa, *oa Grqpa'a Muluxy Harcrri. We JtfcM'a Fiald Forti?o*noB ud at, nek it trdM1! Taotiet, ^hetp editio*. Ha h* PoldMr'a <* * , * xwptf Mtapal ?od book forth* km o< tM V?luU*r MmWt n 4 ScinsXif hakklxz* js&tteier-*" J2 Vl*Cl, Md,M ?ai M Mia of ???o iwnti'int As? ortlia ?mt? Mot l*f Mil ft?i FIKNCB 4. mCB?Tfc.?.V mV ? ??,?,? r?,m- I.k.a !3?S-?

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