Newspaper of Evening Star, September 30, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 30, 1861 Page 2
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fcl 1 THE_B_yEWT!fG STAR. CITY^ M91HAV T. .ItflraWr 10, 1M1. <>?i KVr*1* M tin* Txrloaa military eampa ?k1 FmMm Win eoiifer a tow by k(#pti| w ported mm W> MManiia ?n<J affhtri tn fhe!r rtcln!tl?. ftrtt H tk* Mcriiig PfMi. TV erltlrltea ? Fremont a pan Mi m'W wlfb regard to the Iota of Lexington. Tk* eoi*?1d*r? It Impoaalbla for tfc* ritHi >oiJ)w?iaIlyclow th? Potomac, and arguea tfc?t th#tv retreat o? defHM at Minnaaa will and aay feth?T mtotatton along the rlY?r Or* MILITARY BVDOET. i tn iwwii or itmuT. The fact that a few bvloada* of Maior General MeCletlao'* tray advanced his Wart an average ?ftkr?i oillaqpa Saturday laat, created Intense exel>aiw> km, the mornnrat having be?n very graaraily mlaeoaatrued to meant general "for Ward to tlrhmond' one The trnth la, for two daya prevlooa It had been avideat that the considerable force that Beauregard had for weeks kept on h!a extreme front trmm oppoatte the Chain Bridge to Endaall's Hill, below Alexaadrta, bid retired at lerat oat of igbt horn the Union artny'a polnta of observation; lea t1 ag a very meagre bll nd 1 n the wa y of pic keta. It therefore became neceaaary to determine bow for back Beauregard 'a main force had gone, and On m^lellaa arnt out a few brlgadea to that ad. They found no enemy in their worka at Upten's, Munsons. Mason's or Edsall's hills, their straggling pickets tearing there before oar advance. This proved that the previous ehangs of position on the part of the disunion army had be?n s general one, for some purpose which continues W be a matter of surmise on the part of the public. On MoDowell's brigade res'ed on Munsen" BUI on Saturday night, his pickets holding the Intervening territory to the toll-gate within a quarter of mil* ef Falls Church. By daybreak on Sunday morning they entered the village, and there teamed that the troops previously quartered there In aeasiderable foree bad two and a half davs be fcm marched back In the direction of Fairfax Court House Th? village waa Immediately occapled by a strong Union picket force, and la baw held aa a picket atation, from which the Union scoots yesterday ranged the country to within a mile and a half of Fairfax Court Houae, without molestation on the part of the enemy. From points a mil* and a half from the Court Heuso, the enemy's pickets were aeen around the village. Washington la full of theories accounting for Um apparent retrogade moTraifnt of the enemy, im of which atrike ua aa being trontworthy. Om InsUta that the force baa been concentrated In froat of Gen. Banka. Tbla ia untrue Our Information from hla poaltion la to noon yeat?rday, wben there bad been no evidence whatever that Johnaon la stronger now than before Another theory eaya that Beauregard has thrown fcla army Immediately on the banka of the Potomac, In the vicinity of Occoquan. Thla we do Bot believe, though hla division In that vicinity baa certainly been strengthened of late. U* haa b?e? building flats there; we think for a blind. Onr own lmprea?ton la that be haa aimply withdrawn toward* Manaaaaa in the hope of Inducing n attspk nnAn Kim n--" n * ai>U| priuaps 81 DUii IV U H ZI^IIIQ. At s?r rate we feel certain tbatbia movement will not cheat (Jen McClellan Into a forward one on % bis part until be baa everything ao arranged aa he la arranging them at lelaure oeeepa.tio*,of isiiu's bill bt thz fedsbal TBOOM. A foraging expedition started Saturday morntag from 6en. Franklin's division, constating of Infantry, cavalry and artillery in strong fore*. They proceeded to Fdsell's Hill, on the Orange ad Alexandria Railroad, eight mllea from Alexandria. As they advanced beyond our picket lines Ike rebela retired to ;8prinsfleld station, a mile and a half beyond Edaell's Hill. From this kill, which oar forces temporarily occ?pl??d ? hH? 4?i?.kueuia Ocal >u f?ri?U aireetlons lor forage, a fine view of the surrounding country was afforded, but no eartbworka or new conatruc uon <k in? enemy could be seen. The object of the expedition waa successful. and U<fg9 quantities of bay, corn and oata were transported to the camp. Not a gun waa fired on eilker tide during these proceedings. The party did aot return till late in the afternoon A eompany visited the Mount Vernon estate of the Uls Jobs A. Washington, recently killed in Western Virginia, sad brought away about 800 bnsftets of wbear, near 500 bushels of oats, snd 76 barrels of Isb?all of whicb baa been stored In the commissary's depot at Alexandria. A DBPLOBABLB BLCSDS* The advance of Oen.9iultnon Falls Cburrh from the Cbaln Bridge waa accompanied by swh of th* IBMI dralankU ?!>? ? u 1 _ j --.v. Having puMd Vandernerkln'a and Vanderberg'a Loum ob thslr way to the former place, and when about bnlf n mile from It, by some unaccountable b:ander Col Owen'a Irl?h regiment, of Philadelphia, In ths darkneaa of the night, mistaking, for rsbeja. Capt Mod's battery, which was in the ad aaoe, sustsined by Col. Baker'a California regiment* Baxter's Philadelphia Zouaves atd Col. Frs?dma*'s cavalry, tired a fall volley into the toeops last mentioned, killing and wounding a nnanbec. The California regiment, not knowing from whom ths firing came; returned it with marked rff*et. * Oas man was killed and two wounded of Mott's battery ; four of the California Regiment killed and eleven wounded ; one man of Col Owena' Philadelphia Eeglment was killed, and a number of Cot B?xtor's Klre Zouaves were killed. riBMONT'l Kirv. Tit* New York Heraid pabllahaa a llat of tb? Uff ef Gea Fremont, embracing tbe namea of h'.a oaUal director, pnatal director, police director, registrar and expedltor of trauaportatlon) Adlft*u, to chief of ataff, 4c., kc. The Htald't l'at muat be Incomplete; Inaoai<Mh aa tt fella to tell oa who la tbe Imjlaiut to tbe Major General commanding; evidently tbe baalwt and moat aecompllahed gentleman upon Ma ataff, judging from the atyla In which be la Aally puffed tn the St. Loula Democrat aod R*t+hUt*a, the style la which hla regality "tlx!na" re 4om up, Including the covering* of hla dlapatchee aaat to Washington through the mail* The eerraapnndence from the foreign ofllce of the prmat Alnarnl*' *' n>?i* wu wiuiticia broad, la not mora replete with huge wax aeala a ad Impenetrable monater diplomatic envelope* Aa , than tbe drepatehea aeni hltherward om fwaait'a haedanart? a mmmmm rate roino?i. At I. M. to-day, a dliulM (mm embracing Iknttt foor reglmeota made lta appearance, re" la the 1 Mediate efelnlty of the Oreat Palla cf the Potomc ; when Gen MeCall? eppeolto lb* bead of whoaa dlrlaloo the Palls are?pat a battery la poettlon oa thla side of the rtew, aid treated thorn to half a doaea rounda of abot and a bell, which aoon caaaed them to ratlre beyoad the fane* of oar gene, aeparetlng bar. rladly ae they did ao Tboa tbey retired both np and 4m the atream. There could be ao dealgn of attavtpOoff ! ereaa the rleer la thla morement of a aaaall portloa of Jobneoa'a fore*; that being u ImpraaibUlty then. It la baltaved to-day by Military aoen aroaad aa, that Beaurrgacd will attack oar treopa now la tbe idna?a. tb? way of proporetJou to tkil particular end la m ffer rlaiMo >ot anticipating a apordy forward wbotfcor B will vcntoro to attack him ta tbo ac aapaaey o tbo bolghta too f Beooregvd) baa ao Mr wll fore to ? I tl. ' j Major OoaMl 8ni|i UMm, km? ft* faithful Comntlaaory UraMl af tko Cotted Sum Army deported thla MCr thla morning, at eight o'clock U a iHlaia oo deaf/ad ly raopoctod.and ao nnlaor- J . rt . **. 1 i hud. ths friend of tbe poor : and hit dntb will b? k*f?W frit by hundred* nf our citiseiia, who on Joyed hla hospitality, his society and hi* confidence COVIT-HABTIAL D1#MI*>ID The court-martial illegally instituted by Col. McCaan, baa been dlrtnlreed by Oen. McClellaa. The oIB era involved were Lieut. Col. Burke, who is now in command of tb* Thirty-seventh New York Regiment, Adjutant Murphy, and Capts Karnaugh, R lor dan, Doras, and McHugb. These gentlemen bars accordingly been restored . to their command* a eiport. It la believed around the War Department that the two Maryland reglmenta In Jobnaon'a and Beamwgard't army, have aereded from 'Seeeah." That la, thrown down tbeir arm* and abaquatnlated; on the ground of diautlafactlon with the failure to Invade Maryland, or aomethlng of the aort We place little fclth In it. arvaiia at mvxson's bill [Special correspondence of The Star.] Musaos'a Hill, Sept. 29, 1861 Editor Star: Your correspondent came up to this famous locality this afternoon, and found things much changed lac* bit last visit, when the plcketa ou either side were Industriously popping rifle-ball courtesies at each other under cover In the corn-fields between this place and Bailey's Cross Roads, three-quarters of a mile distant. Now the road (beesburg turnpike) leading to the hill was lined with visitors In carriages, on horseback, and on foot, pushing boldly along to get a close look at the much talked of eminence. Among the visitors just leaving as I arrived wss Secretary Seward. The New York Thlrty-aeventh regiment was in occupancy of the hill?at least such portion of the regiment as was not straggling around the neighborhood committing depredations The deeds of this regiment (formerly MeCunn's) done on yestrrtinv will rinnhrlsaa -- <--? ?41-- -? ?... *w?i?c an ni*r9ii^atiuu a* the bands of Gen. McClellan. They were certainly of the most disgraceful character. Several dwellings, with harns and outhouses, were set oo fire and wholly conaumed. Amongst these was the bouse and barn of Rev. Mr. Lipacomb Valuable furniture, pianos, large mirrors, feather beds, Ac., were destroyed wantonly, and in ene Instance the officer of a cavalry regiment was ao much incenael by these outrageous acta of vandaliam that he compelled the miscreanta to auspend their villainous work at the point of the pistol. Thla (thirty-seventh) regiment will need some active discipline to make it any credit to the service On yesterday Lieut Col. Uurke found it neceaaary to shoot private William Moran trough the head for insubordination. The men of the regimeut were murmuring their discontent at this prompt pnniahment into the ear of every visitor, and were not at all loth to use such phrases as that " poor Moran waa murdered for doing nothing at all." L^ter in the day 1 saw an officer (a captain) of this regiment endeavor to raise a squad, first by entreaty, next by Imperative orders, to go with uiui w> pm a sxop to tbe depredations of their comrades. Three or four of them tlnally obeyed with a very bad grace, the Inquiry having previously pawed amonst them, ' Shall we go?" The 44 fort" on Munson's Hill I And to be perhaps 300 yards long, In the circuit of Its parapet, tbe whole being nothing more than infantry breastworks, having, however, a rather formidable "Quaker" gun, in the shape of an ash log with a dab of black paint at tbe butt tw represettf the muzzle. Such other and more valuab e guns at they may have bad here, had been carefully removed by the Confeds when they withdrew their pickets previously. At the earthwork to the rear of Munson's Hill, the retreating Confederates had left six sections of stove pipe mounted in the six embrasures; and some rather formidable-looking (at a distance) earthworks upon Mason's Mill (/ vtcu, un tue occupation or ibat point by our troops, to be Juit about of the same bogus nature. Tbe itari and strlf>es, which have displaced the " stars and bars" be e, now float froiu a small pine tree nearly upon tbe apex of the hill There Is a quantity of straw on tbe westerly slope of tbe hill, but nothing to Indicate that the enemy baa erer been here in any force. The bivouto vut t? wtail now ut ?t*ii two or three miles In advance oi this point, towards tbe enemy's lines, and our pickets are nearly up to Fairfax Court House The Garil aldl Regiment is bivouacked at Bailey's Cross Koads, and the New York 9th (German Regiment), by tbe Arlington Mills. The second reglmrnt of Minnesota hag been ordered by Got. Ramsey to proceed to the v* war, ami n 10 oe succeeded In command of th? forts by the local State militia The third and fourth regiments will be ready In two or three weeks. JCT Timothy Eckels and N. F. Morgan, of Haiti more, were arretted Id that city on Saturday, on a charge of treaaon, In having participated la the destruction of the railroad bridge* In April laat. Rbmovkd ?We hear of the removal of Conrad WHgan, assay er of the California Mint, on charge* of official misconduct, A.c. H^There are two Oenerals lu Missouri who answer to the nam* of Price?one iaGen. Thomas I. Price, belonging to the t'nlon army, whoti acMjwiini nre now ID JCffr-non city. and the otber is general SU-rlinj* Price, <>f the Rebel forces, wboat last accounts w?i at Lexington. 1. O. O P.?COLUMBIA LOOGK, No. I.W 10.?'T|??o?oer* au>1 members >>f this Lodge arsfraternally requested to attend a ?peci*l meet iuc TH I8< Mo&day > K VF NING, at "7S " clook, to make arrangements for tt>? funeral ?f our late Brother, (WMI W. Mil>bb. Panerai on Tu<?day afternoon, at 2 o'e'nus. to whioh trie members of ai?ter lodges are fraternal It mnti>l If JOHN A. MOULPKN, Reo Sep 7 W" MASONIC ?A ?t?ted nun ati->M of Lf Federal Lodge, No 1 .will b^held ar Central Masonic Hali. corner of Ninth and I) at., on TUESDAY, the lrt of October, at 7S o'-loss. Honotual attendance ia requested Master Maeons in good standing are fraternally invited to attend. aea> if THQ8. K 1CH. ?eo COLLECTOR'S nppiCK, S?ft 28 1??1. Uf Tnaoeommoate those dnim* to p.* taxes this office will remain open tn-dai and Monday (the ">'thi anti! 6 o'clock p WM. DIXON, ae28 (Intel, ft Kepub ) Col act r. [Vy?MRD!CAL ASSOCIATION -The semi1L ? annual meeting of the Medical Associate n oftie District of Cnlumb'a *ill re held in the Washington Infirmary on TUESDAY, October 1, at 12 o'eiook ni. ee*8-21 J W H I 11VL' inv ? - ^ ? . .. ?? ?-#- * ? MA* if ? ill. Hm CVO? I y^^MKDICAL HOCIETY OF THE DIS?- ' IL5 TRICT OF COLUMBIA -An adjourned meeting of tbia Societ* w.:I be held a? the Wa?hinitoa lnirmsrt nn TliifDAV. i>ci i*t. it uh oImi p.IB. w. MoK. TUCKER, !*!. D.. It Kfc- fe. N O T 1 0 K. Pobt 0?fick, I Waahincton. September <8,186' \ The new ?ty e of tjovernmei t I'oatBf* StMiips i? now read?, Bed for aale at this off ce Exo anx* w 1 b? made of the new ityie for ai fquira'mt rn<>?Bt of the old iMue daring a peri d t l six D4TS on the rate of this n<tioe, af er whioh atawpa ?f m old laaue will not 'e reoeived :a payment of foataae on letura or other bibiI matter nei t from ihiaoftee. To avoid d*lay or ooii'oaton the ex eUn(i will 1 e made lr the Posimmnter's Room. LEWIS CLEl'HANtv. roat>iia<ter. fiiuf Kiarwrio**.?Aa no mail arrive* h'r? afte 7 a. ?.ob mandate. Chia office will not beoeeu lor the delivery of letter* after 10 a m. of that day. ? ?-6t ? DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN I 9 POI-ICjE ?The lioard of Polioe C<> mint eioo?ra hart Of t*k-n the house .116 Klsreoih '?, all husineaa an BBrfflt-l ?r*?W O I? 4L ?* _ ? ??~-w~w- ? wi>u mo r vuuc uj liib OllJ vlll be transacted at ih\t * ace. A genera! oomplaint boot will be opened, au<t oitisene ara retaeet-d to oall anil enter &u; o"io taints they ma; have to make 01 any matter re fa iog to tkt polio* or health of the eity Mff W. B. WKBB. Superintendent rg?TURNPHE E L.KCTION.?Notioe is 18 hereby given to the ^Uxjkbci'ders of the waekuutoa Turnpike Company that an elaation will b? held at the Farmers %cd Mechar.ioe' Bank Georgetown, D C., outheseoood MONDAY (Utk) fa October next, for the election of a President, eight Maaacers and aTreasarer to manage the after* ef sad Company for the year then ensuing, or ntti their stossssnrt are elect*'. ga?lawti ?OB*T READ, Trnam ar. TV COMPANY ' A," U. ?. KNG1NKKKS.IB Ftftr intelligent a?d ael?hodia<l weohanioe inu b* aBiisied to 111 this Coiupany to the max iwan ffrea by law?Me men. Inquire at No. *"- *"*VS'?' a MlffNEKt 84LLE-?Su-rent* stock of A Pwv Bonnau. lihtK-us, L*ce*.l).e<s Trimmings, p lowers, P*atho.r,fca , are u.-w be 6UlOir.JK. *fB nl. - -- A'WHfc I PP'H } H t?r? > .it . f ft < v J Ilbin la Reatacky, The Loulavtlle Journal of Bept Mth, haa the following : We learo from Owenabor? that Col. MeHenry with a force or alx hundred Union men from Devlrea and Ohio ceuntlea, were expected at OWenaboro an Tuaaday morning, and it waa believed that bUoeanaaad. which would be Joined by a force from Reckport, Ind , would take poaataa'oii of the town. A deapatch from Frank Tort say* that a moat deaArable state ef affalra exlsta in the moantaiaaln vicinity of Zolllcoffer s camp. Hie cavalry arc acourtnr the coaiitrv. arreatlng prominent Unionists, destroying tbrir property, and running off their slavea to Tenr.eaaee They hiw taken powwlon of ail the small town*, including tbe extensive salt worka, in Clay county A new ramp will soon be formed In Laurel, to which tbe mountain troona will rally, and form Into regiments, to operate against Zolllcoffcr We have by letter and otherwiae thla morning some Interesting'information from tba headquarter* of Oen Buccaneer, the leader of the rebel forces on the Um of the Lou la* i lie and Nashville railroad On Saturday last this vandal was at Bowling Green, at the need of a force thought to he equal to ten tbouaand men, a detachment from hla command having advanced beyond that point. We have the beet authority for atating that It was hla plan to marcb upon I^oulavllle without delay, after breaking up tbe encampment at Camp Boone, and that be waa delayed by the tearing up of a portion of tbe railroad track near Cave City, on Tueadav of last week, bv which th# train I UK a portion of hla train, waa thrown from the track. Gen Buccaneer'a headquarters la at the reaidence of John Sharp, la Bowling Green. Fearing the strength of Gen 9berman'a command, and being conaclous of his own weakneas, It Is not lmpoa*lble that he ha* caused the destruction of the bridge over Green river. We have positive aasurances that Owensboro baa fallen Into the handa of the Unionists; Col John Mclienry having arrived there on Tuesday with a regiment from Ohio coantv, and having been joined by 4(10 troops from Rockport, Ind We are aaaurea, also, that Major Burnam and G. W. Trlplett, whose names have been aaaoctated with secession outrages in Southern Kentucky, have been arrested, and are now on their way to this city. A wtn^AAn ** ** * n |n*u?wa witugc uai urru iurowo acroii IQP river nenr Cairo, and a strong force bu been, or will bn, thrown forward into Kentucky from Cairo and Bird'* Point, which will cut off communication betweeu the commsnds of Gen Polk and Gen Pillow Indee^at the present writing, we are right well pleas?H?rith the general situation In Southern Kentucky, and more especially gratified with reference to the state of affairs in the valley of the Mississippi. The Journal of Friday has the followlne: A drspatch from Frankfort says that Williamsburg, In Wbltley county, on the Tennessee border, Is masLes Apprehensions exist as to the safety of Kichinond and other places netrer the line Camp Robinson Is the only barrier against Zolllcoffer. We have positive Information to the effect that Gen Sherman, in command of the Fedenl troops, ha* established bis headquarters at a point about two miles north of Elisabethtown, and that telegraphic communication between Gen *nH?rmjin and Gen. Sherman wia established yesterday, the line having been erected under the supervision of Mr Harrington, of the Marlon Rifle Zojaies. Gen Sherman is In the possession of leformatton from Gen. Buckner's com...and, and ii confident that the rebel force does not exceed flw thousand men, many of whom are but Indifferently armed I he advance of Gen. Sherman's coistnand Is at a p itBt between Elizabetbtown and Muldraugh's Hill, and the commander la confident in the strength of his position Perfect quiet reigned along the line of Gen. Sherman's forces at a l?.te hour lust evening from the encampment of Louisville Home Guards, at the Bardstown Junction to the advance of the army, which is led by the Forty-nintk Ohio Regiment. 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Bright, Comman ling, (tint 1 have duly constituted and appointed Franoia S Kde m, a Count* Con >tab e my apepiai Uetu^r. toco leotall fine* imposed h? the I egionary Coi't of x- id Regiment, and that <>a and after tho 1st day of Ootober, 1861, you will b? sailed npon by said E 'elin, for amount of a?id fine* r?p ted by *ai4 Court, an-t if not paid on pre flotation he ia fully im,owfred to collect th? aa<ne nocording to law. "See 2nd volume of the law* of th? United State*, chapur '13, amotion 4, ptge 769 and 77', paai-d 'at oi July. 1812." WARD H LAMON. we 28 6t U 8. Mara ha.', D. C. Militia finks! militia fines!! militia finks!!! Thia ia to give notioe to all delinquents attached to the First (regiment of |>istriotof Columbia Mint a. Major W J. McDonald commanding. that I haveduuco etitute' and appointed Henry ? eatman.a County C nstab'e, my special Depaty to ollectatl fines imp aed by the Legionary Court of aaiJ Retinient. and thit on t?l ?l>?r i?? ?r lober eezt, Ml,?ou will be oa lad on by Mid Yeaiin?n for amount of Mid fi' 0* imaoaed by Mid oourt, And i( not paid on presentation n? u fully empow ered to ool eot the Mine aoonrding to law??ee ??cncd volnmAof tl>* Ij?wb of the tJnitsd states, cblpyir lis. *eotion 4, pate* TflB and 770. paaaed 1st of ly. 1812. ward h. lam?',n. ae 27 6t IT. S Marihal D. C. Tto officers. HK CAM FA ION ?A Cainpauni^f Wanon on the Fmaaiau principle, arrayed for aleep- r\ I in* or to act aa an Am' u'anoe in oaae ofjLDJ aiokneator wnjinda. with ample room for ^ atorea and proriaiona; licht, water-proof, and perk-oily new, havi g been ju?t ' nilt to order by one of the ft rat makera in N <w York, ia offered for aale a- coat p'ioe. Alao. a hand?om?, atrong, aouod, dark-brown HORSE, either for aaddle or harneaa. Roih may bj ?een on epp'ication to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine** Stable*, Corcoran'* Lane, behind the Chain Houae, between 1 and B etreeta ae 90 I FRENCH COUPEE FOR SALE-The adrartiaer haa 'or ?a!e a splendid ConpeAlAlMaB ma<le by ?he h**t maker in New Vork.YglgJfift^ I and the beat 6'iiaheu m all reapeota h. w BJ. thu ooon'r*, itavn^a:! the modern improvement*: .. .. untir new, navinK oeeu ui'd ouly about a dozen tm en Ala \ for ?a!e, a FenoU CABRIOLHT. a moat baautiful Oh? Carriage, jnat sew, few t:mea us?kJ, and vnn ?| the aioat elegant articles ever mads. The abov" Carriage* will b? acid v&rj ' eaaonable the owner having no um for them, the family being in Kuioje. Should any parohaaer desire a pair of?t>iiah CARRIAGE HORNfc*. long 'ails, dark brown mottled lfljk kaad* huh, fene aotioe. gentle, acd fast, ttiey oau MMionoodatad . bat the oarrnwea wtU l>? sold firsts or w itH the pair of noraea. Address-O ? oar* Bos 1.?T* Poat OCm, Baltimore. with real name and add e?a M84 4t* PAMP LIFK-MADB A l.UXUJLY.^Th7ireaiV/ eat invention of the age, H ARDI ICS ARM Y V?!2&SSWiP5?12KI.tsLW MOMvto t*?~ and CMur.Vl! to m to lol9*?i$|ui th? c?v*r of th? trunk. iMT^ng ?'?ntr of room (at Bol* Agent Hr WMhtngton. till Tt' f>IANOS, PIANO?, PIANOS.? Nnr PiuM SSaj^iTiS^mitfOTHKg: f.riM?r pfc %?<< g'fry nttl *> ?< / OKADWIUARTER* OF THK U. 8. MARINE rl CORPS, C(riiTMH4im'i Ornc*. { Wajhimoton. September R, Ml.( ?ialii> Proposals, f r . aoh class separate*,will b* reo? red at this o?o* aotil IS oV.oek ? ??f W dnes<1aj , >>th of Nnr?rah?r rw*t, for famishing to the I'm ted Putsa Marine Core*, daring tke jetu 1 "Jf ibe fallowing supplies, to *> dehvared at U? office of the Aa istant Qaaitermaster of the o-rpa,

KUi!artelfhi\. Pennsylvania, free of expense to the Uait d **a'e?. 1a suoh quantities as mar from tine to time be ordered, via > Class No I. 14 waards of 8ky Hlae Kera?y, all wool, fraa from hair, 54 mobee vide, to vaigh a oaaoes to Um yar<l,(iadUo woof-dyad ) ? nno y?rd? Da'k B lie Kersey, til wo->l. free from hair, '4 inehea vide, to watgb 22 ounoee tothejard, (ibdigovool djred.? IWA *e-^- ni ft. II- -a r- * *i - ? ? # - ?ww T*iua L/DI ft niiv WI ICQ * ioin, til wool. TOT nmfo-m ooata, (indigo wool-dyed,) *4 mchea wide, to waigh 8 oonc -a ror ?ai4. IftO yarda of Scarlet Cloth, all wool, (ooohineal dyad,?54 itohea wide, to weigh 16 oobom par yard. Clam No 9. 8 ooo Tarda of 6 4 D*r? Bin* Planne', for oraraacka, all wool,(indigo wool dyad.'M Inch* wide, to weigh IS oanoea p?r yard. 16 000 yarda of S 4 Dark Bine Flannel for afctrta, all wool, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 mchea wide, to weigh 6)4 ounoaa per yard Ijno Or*- Blanketa, all wool to weigh foar pound* each, with lettera "U B. M " ia b'aek.foar inobea lone, in the center; to be 1 fast long aad 5 fret wide, acd fr e from greaae. 6,ooopairaof Woolen Booka, three aixea. prop errma^eof go >d fleeoe wool, with double aad twicted yarn, to wei h three pouuda par doaan paira, free from greaie. CLAiS No. 3. 6 ono yard* Whit* I men for Pant*. SO inehes vide, to weigh 19 ounoes per yard. 10.000 yard) White i lor Shirts, to InohM vide to weigh 11 ounoea per yard, 16 000 yada canton Flannel for Drawara. 17 isthea wide, to weigh 7 ounoea per yard. Class No. 4. 1 ono Un form Cass, oomplete (except Pompons.) 1 frio Pompons, red worsted, ball-shaped, 4 inches in oireumferenoe. S,ooo ta.igae Cap?,<wi'h covers,) to be ?ade of bin* oleth, i-digo wool-dyed. 2,000 Stocks. Class No. 3. 6w coss Coat Buttons, (Eagle.) 4W gross Jacket Buttons. (Eagle.) 100 gross Vest Brttoas, (Eagie.) 1.500 paira Yel.ow Metal Cresoents and Scale Btrapa. 290 sets Epaulette Bullion for Sergeants and Corpora's _ . I 2 oro teta Epaale'te Bullion for Privates. fo Red Worsted Sai;hea. 2 Stio yards of Yellow Binding. 2,500 yards of Red Cord. loo Swords for Sergeants 50 Swords for Musicians. 50 Dm mi (tanor.Joompiata. SO D< am ?lincs. iOO Batter D um HeMi, 50 Snare Dram Haada. 100 Dram Corda. 100 ?et? of DmmSnarea. 100 Boxwood Fifea. ("lam No 10,000 paira Army Boota. (infantry pattarn ) Ciiia No. 7. 1,300 Cartridge Bozea. 1.200 Hayoaet 8oal>barda. 1.2"o Percu?aton cap Po<iohea l^On Cartndca Box Beita. 1.201 Hayon<"t H<*lta. Want Belta. l,2oo Waiat Platea. 1,200 Hrra?t Platea. 2(50 Sword Froga. ^ CLaas No. 8. l,2oo Knspaacka. 60i Hwertacka. fAA A I. ?A ww * -aniorai, 600 Maaket Slings. Clair No. 9 For making and trimming the following artioles, Til: Watch Coats Serg*ants'.CorporaV Masioiana'. and Privates' L'mfor.u aid Faticue Co?t*; Woollen aud Linen Pants; Flannel and Linen Shirta; U awera; Flannel Backs; and Red and Blue Jaokeia for Bo; a. Tha above mentioaed artic'ea muat oonform ?* all re.-ptett, to the aeaied ataudara patterns in tne office of the Quartermaster Marina t orps Marine Ha*racka. \\ ashmg'.on, D. C.; Arsatant Quarter maatrr, offce Mauce Corps, 1,2*0 *>pruoe atroet, Pniiaaelphia; and at the Marine Stationa, Brooklyn, New York; and Boston,Maaaaohnaetta; where tl.e* oan be examined. And whenever the artiolea named above, or any portion <"f them.ahall be conaidertd aa not fullv . onforming to aamplea, they will be reieoied and the contra tor ?ill be bound to furnish othera of, the r-quired kind at once or the Ouartarrnaater w: 1 supply the defioieney at the expense of the contract r. P?tment will be made upon theaooeated delivery or the whole euar t ty, which may irom time 'o time be ordered, withho.ding ten per oent from the paymett of aooount rendered under firat order, until aeoond order la filled, an 1 ten per cent from aoooubt rendered ui.Uer second order until third order ia fii ed.and so on, until oontiaot ia completed. Kaih propoaal muat be aaoompamed by the folInwin eiiaranfaa iv w >?B V Form af (tuaranttf. Tl.a undersigned, , of ? in the Sta*e ol . and . in the Stat# of??. hrreby KU*r&ctee that in oaa* toe foregoing bid of lor supplies. a? above d*?oribed. !> anoepted. ho or they will, with n t*n dayi after the receiptor the contract at the Post ?fioe nanrd, execute the contract for tne s-nne witn good and auffici *nt asauntiea; and in oace the ?aid hall fail to enter into oontraot % aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the diflVenoe between the offer of the aaid and that whioh may be accepted. A H.Guara tor. C D, ttuarautor. E F, W i tneea. 861. I hereby certify that the above named ? are known to me as men of property, and able to ma?e good their cuara> te-. G. H. To he signed by the Unit'd Ptatea Diatriot Judge, tuned btates District Attorney or Collector, No prnpoaal will be considered unlesa acoompanicu by the above guarantee. r V- *? - - " iiowayrprrs suinurilM to puNmh the above ill Mod the papsr oot taming the first insertion to thia off>oe f>r examination. The bidder's plao ? of bual teat, or msnufactur isg establishment, mast bo specifically siated in t-,? p icotal. The a^ re hat of artioles la believed to be a^nut tlie quantity of each a-tiele that will bs required da ins the yrar; tat the Quartermaster reserves the right of orderina a greater or lea* quantity, should the interests of the aerv<oe require it l'rop salx to be endorsed c n the envelope, "Pro posals for Supplies for Marine ?"orps for IS*'," *nd aidre. r?>u t<> Major \\ M B. HLA? K, Quartermaster M.Cm Washington, D. C. ae 90 law?w Watches, WATCH REPAIRING. Ae. Just received a large invoice of Ladies' and Gentle.' en s Gold a<.<* Sitver Wa ohee, ir.olad ng JJv the "Army Wntoh," the moai desirable arti- fX] ?|n ever iut educed. &jdCk 117 Watches and Chronometers, aa wea as Jewelry, Ac., carefully repair d a. wTgai.t a bro., Jewelera, 334 Pa. avenu*, se2S3t Foar doors west of Brown's Hotel. 500 GROSS of*'e*eftot?ling Corka, Son casks Babbitt's Y? ast Powaera, 5) rozea Babbitt's Eracive Soap and Soap Pow dera. 6n case* freah Marseilles and Bordeaux Salad Oil Ml b >xea first qoaiitv Adamantine Candles, ao barre a Po'omac H?rrinta, Alao, Cream Tart?r. Sal?<atns. Krnnmi Patent Twma, Peanuts, Ao ' * Reo -ivrd and for aaie b* 6' M1DDLETON & BR ALL. THK eAT *U8H TO AEMS ha. otiud 'M If H to ruti North and replenish hit atock ?r FALL and WINTER CL.OTH1NG, which ha offers at remarkable low prioea, at No. 4 60 tUr nth at.. opposite Poatofea an ?> Tin PAYMASTERS' " " F CASH BOXES, l-avor's Patent Camp Cota, Camp Stools from as o?nta to t* SO eaoh. Blanksta. Comfort* Pillow*. Iron B?diteada, Ao. Foi?*Si? by J4?- c- WoGt'IRK A CO . e 27 2w Corner Tenth at and Pa * . " i 318 NOLLCB- 818 ARMY AND NAVY OFFICERS, CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. I would moit reapeetfnliy inform yon that I ha*# now in atora my fall supply of HARDWARE, COOKING and HEATING STOVES, PARLOR BEATERS, that heat above, PARLOR ORATES, tuutmtt KANSKS, for BoaaM ud Camp*, HOT-AIR FUKNACKS, HOURK-FWRNIHHIN0 fiOODB. All fall and oompl*U, tad will Mil thMn my ehatp *ok cash. C. WO??DWAID, m?MI Dilawj in front. pn?i -V ? AMUSEMENTS. rpHE AMERICAN EAGLE STILL FLIES! Th? FOURTH GRAND COTILLON PARTY of ths AM V'KICAN KGLE CL>'B wll t?k?? J* 9l*T>* at Tbom'i Hah., ob TUESDAY. M Oofoker 1st. IKl. jickrta * oaoti, adautt og ftitlMM Md0% T" WA" The mamtitri of tb? ARLINWTON^CLUB Uk* No p?ina nor eip?ne will ba ap*r?l to wakauia. In ?tl roapeota, tkt Pmrit tf tk* kmjm fh* ?#rj bMt ootil'on maaio tea b**n ?Mac?d. ioketa an o?ota, admit tag v?n! koinM and I* diea. B? order ae?3t* COMMITTEE OP AEHANeHMTS. ODD FEI.LOWS* HALL! The Only P.vse of Amaaamaat In the City. Strtath Wtik ?f CAM "ITKLL MfftdTIMkLS! STAR PERFORMERS, In ?he Oaer* of OH, HUSH! BLACK BTATVE. A ad DR- LINCOLN OUTDONH. Admiaaion Twenty-fire Cent*. ee? Dr. 0. FORD- Ar?at. ^DD FKl^LO WS' j^AJt-L. WASHINGTON - W mi nn, nbLl.lkMl, DtTlOf angafM IM bore Dtined popular hall. reaeaotrellr aaaoBDoea that. aa eoon m the mi nitre! t now in oMi|U? htr* oomylf *d Weir nrin of CaaMrti, k? will open with a Rare aad Delightful MUSICAL, C"MIC ANDPOPULAR BNTFRTAlNMKIfT, _ In which the B?antifat and Da<fcioc Artiste, MISS HKLEN WEaTfRN, With a Brilliant Compaov, vilT appear. Thi Hit at thb Tin*. Foil of Manle. Fan aLd Frol?e. entitled THK THRER FAST MbN. Or, Tkt Ptmxlt Robtnton Oiuim. Will be produced, with o'her .NoTalUee. For particulars aee rutare annoaroemeota. aeS? lw* (Repub'iean.) LOST AND FOUND. ? (tolen. on TharaSlVJ*V'the ath ">*tant. from No. *04 Th,rd ?t e%?t, between C awl Pa ftrecaa.fl^^ a 1 ixht brown bnftlo '"<)W, with wkitt^CL apotaun her hind quarter* and hack.and (lit to Uft "l-.Th# ?bov? reward will f paid for her retain to the above-named paoe. ? 80 ?* J. NOLAW fft 10 ilE^Af5 P-?^U?w?d or atolm, oa Tkareday, the 9gth in?Hrt. from the ?omraon. near the H aden.hnr, Toliiate, a Jarje red COW,witv err all crookeij horn. dwill b? paid for her retnrn to BREhi>, corner Maeaaohaee'U ar. ?U" jycuna ?t. Mjvjt* JVIOTICK-ia ft;WAR0.-81 aye* or tolm * ~ from the eommoiii. on I hurray, the^M| ?ih i large epeckled Dnr>a-n COW,Kv* red and whit*, with eho t, wide hnras Any per?oi giviru any information of th* aaid oow will receive the above rowa^d. "ATRICK BROWN, ?e an-St* rear Wendell'e printim offoa. OOf! R EWARi> ?Ran aw?v fr<-m the nha*?iQ ber>ept, Jl mi N'gro Man LLOYP. Hi* is very hlaok, about 4 feet I iaehee hick. Vacant wh n epoken to. very thin ia tie * raoe I wiU c<ve the ah >v? rewa d. no ma'- Jk ter where taker, eo be i? brought home lo n>eJuL* or lodcrd in jail ?o I e*t h rr again W. B W. DUVAI.L Milleravi'le, ee>i 3t' Anne Arwndei poanty, M d. _ TAKKN I'P?On the *7th instant, nea* the R. R. Depot, a email black MAR E. The rv owner i* rr^oeeted to oome forward. ?ro*e jLIZTk ?iop?'ty. pa? oharce* ard take herawiy,^'-3JOHN BELL. No. 480 C itreet, north Capi'ol Hill- ee 8B-St* ON THE ?*TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, 1861, before tbe mbaonber. a J native for Waahintton oonniy. personally oamen^TM Harah A. Nallv ar.d trade oath in dae furni^". U| m W f hl'Olil Ok 1CW uny * B( U| A p.r?? nurnr, W? to her enolornre. near the Old Barnt Bridie, on Pa. a v., with the following rr.arkf, to wit: Color daik brown, whit* star in the forehead abort (Ml. and branded on the loft ehoulder,'*U 8.." Witneea mj hand and ae*J, thia *'h dev of September. >861 J AS. CULL, J. P. THE OWNER of the above.rf??orlbed Horae i? reqneated to ooine forward, prove property, par oh*rr"?. and take it away, ee2B ** SARAH A. NALLY. POUND-t>n Thuraday roorninc. in J. B. War " der'a ?ard, in the Northern l iberties, a PISTOL, whieh the owner eaa obtain by provirjr property and paying for thia advertisement Call at 410 Maaaaohuaetta avenue, between 9th and 10th ate. aeyr at* CAME TO MY PLACE, on the morning of the 3Mh Sept . a thin red COW, borna^rfhy^| tirnnd cp. The owner la reqneated topU/* rove property, pa* "ha'gea. and take her AgaJb away. Imnireof THOMAS SHKA. ^ 56 A at. aoo'h. between lat and 3d a*a , Capitol Rill ae Tl 3t* LO?T -#J Kkwakd.?Loat, laat evening, a Colt'a 7-inoh Navy REVOLVER, ailver inmnted, marked "Mortimer Thomeon, 1M1.** The al>ove reward will h? 4 "? -- - ??? ?? return the pietol to SiORTlSffTk THOMSON7, iSl F at.. between mh and 14th ; orte Mr Chartwick, V' ; larda' Hotel ae 11 tf WANTS WANTED?At the Railroad Depot, a ateedy, sett MAN, *a dining-room aer?ant Inquire at Rrfreahment Hoom. It* U7ANTKD-By a reipeotab'e yoonr a * ? SITUATION m cook id a private family. Beat of referenoea gives. Apply at No. 30, corner 13H and C ata. It* WANTED?A g od German Girl aa oook ia a reatanraat; alao, a German Girl for houaework. App y at No. 328 Pa. av., om Wall, fctophena & C?. j It* _ NOTICE TO 8UTI.ER8 ?For aala, a eeooBdhar.d light covered WAGON. Atply to C. B. CHUKOH. Heventh at., between Maryland ar, and Cat., Wland. ae^sn X* 117ANTK.n TO BRM-r?o- '? - ?? ?? PW1 IMWIJi k I FUFNISH>.n HOnA8 o 10 I r orn? 'i ho ho??e matt be is cod ord*r ?? d k&n I *a? and watfl m it. Location b?tT?M Tth and iMh *t* an4 Pa. avenue and H at. Add res* "G C. " at thi? offjre a* f St* HOUSE WANTED.c>ntainincaho?t5 roo**, in good or<er, o<>mbin?d with all de*irabl* convenience*. Looation orth o 1 Pa av-nne.ln m Capitol Hill to tth *t. *d?<r"** "J. W 466 Pa. ave;me Referenoe* given if reqaired It* WANTEI)-R<*AR D iaa?-iva<e family, by a iieotleman, wife aid oh Id, where there are bo other boarder*. Terma moderate. Addreea ' P StarjDfltoe. . It* \JkTANTED?A good COOK. WASHER, and " I RON EH ; food recommendation* require*; colored ; none othera reed apply. No. SUA H *tnorth, between 8tn and Tth. It* AN ACTIVE, RESPECTABLE FI.DERI.V ladr. with aatiaftotory reoomm?ndatior? and willint to make herae f uaefu! in ike man?f-meat of a home, ran hear of a good home by injuring. f'>rafew dare, at No 37 Lou'aiana aw., between the hoera of 7 and 9X o'clock a', m. It* \\l ANTED?A BOY to attend to horaeaad car" riage. To let, bj the day or week, excellent Stab'ing, from 1 to 4 a table*. For aa'e. a lot o' reey Pigeo a. ran taila Ac Ir^nir* or R04 NTUAL, No. 16 Market Spaoe. between ?th an. 9th *ta. aeao-lt% /MRL WANTED, to do gereral hoiaework ? "I a private family Apply at9SA E atreet, between 14th and l*th at*. ae IMP WANTED?A good HARNESS HAND,at No. SS9 4#veoih at., *nath of the canal. Good wagae and ateady employment given. ee I!-*' ! /a NTirn 4 - ** ?* ^ - * uu iH<?m|*ui x uw i n id iWBIM '? Drag Business. Must be well reoomsteaded. Apply at the Star OMoe. aatK* U/ANTKD-A good SALESLADY. n t Dry " GoodltodFftMT BlltMM Referssoss r*. ?uired Applr sa M%rfc?n?MQ^ > ??' A TTENTION, VOLUNTEERS-Ki/tsessWe X\ bodi-d yoanr men wsnted to ill up Co nap*or K. 1st California Regiment, to its suibii n?mbsr Pay sod subsisteno* to soimssss ss boos ss enrolled Recruiting Oftee, *90 fter*nth at., t doors abor* D st. ae 27 tw? JAMES E, WAUtH, Cs?t WANTED- TAILORS, TAILORS -80 Triors oompetent U> work os military yo'ds Aesty G. Wall. Stephens * OsY eeV T,N Ffgmw. se as-if *91 Pa. areaas CUTTER WANTED. Csll st WALL, BTEIB PHENB 4 CO. 8. 38tt Ps aysns. sett WANTED?To bare mn Mr *? <*4. * SMITH'S, No 4*0 Seventh st.. OPP^HLT** Offioe.snd purchase their FALL idTwlCTKI CLOtBINO, TRUNKS, HATS sod CAPS, st the very lowest prio**. Give him a osil. sa Si las pOUSKJtfJKPING ARTICLES. Pmoii \m*rsSf^ar " " *t*~ fis sfbr" ) 1 4fdwwtt,>tWiw9 uidH ?U fc*v'i n|" & ?urpiui of furn.tBi e, wi.t&nd it tlo tL*ir dVMttC* tO KIT* U ajMUL .. BOAEPIKQ. |^cnrrK* AND reoe-M no. *?? El'kt'h ai?^, fr*Jt E?*?, by ozprvM. ???iUM . IIJU I AUCTION &ALK& 1 By OR EEN A WILLLAME. AMImm UOVfKHOLD AND EfTCBril rUEHl n nu at Itcmfc-Oiliv^DAV. ik* ad 4a? of Oat?b*r. w ?hiot Mttat ?k* wUmim ( . mm4 NU atr??ta. at In o'clock a, M. ? (oorf aaanrt mMtofrirutar*. niMftkocMy, Drawing M4 o'fc-r Bartaaa, _ *? T?>4c*. 8S*?KJHlow#. ? 7 hot viraiu. iH rWliMk . Om Hilt frUM Mirror, l"? *t itai, . CkalaUv M,m4 Co*>c* Bod F?rlcw*<Jk*?b*r tod Stair CvHta, Oi'*kotk u4 OfML F*AtkorB?da ao* Bair MllkMk MM Waahatanlja. fll?r and kory Wirt, Cookina aad WBwer Stow*. OiU a food Ut of Kikohaa Re*Biaitaa Tkm eUL i? >??; *? ? ( ??) 6RKKW A WILLIAMBJIaafc Br WALL * BABNABD. Aaotioooora. l^XCKLLENT FUBNITI BE AND BOIBKFj ioi.v Krrarr* at Atmos.-Oi TBI'BP D * Y MOBNiNw, Oo?ot>or M. at NaVaak.ta will Mil at ik* Aoeuoa Koai.TiUoat rwrv*. to flea* OOD?Ult"??Bt?. u of CXMllOOt F* Bitara a?i Hota k^fl Good* om ri*ta?if Hnsl siSs5w?S5fasas? TiKIM, __ _ _ srfsrvWfilSEstfiiS fitc.* Ook C?i?* t D'B'Br Ckoira. Can* and Wood **at Ckair* t?d?aafcw?. B-o.uad? Shuck MM oMhw Mattn**e*. BarBoas, CoMBodo*.ud HatBaaka. 6i tto4 Mtfeocaa* Mir or*. MiNhj ul Wrnt Marb'a top aad otber h?tarid J. And many other Hons* ftrrUbiaf Gocds. Trrns oMk. i? W?LT, 4 rAR>A?D A?? Bt e*BEN A WILUAMO, Aaoto?a?ro. S*LKOP NEARLY NEW HOUSEHOLD Am> Kiicbm PrmaiTVKS at Awiim-Oi FRil)\t, t 4th far of <<?u?oar aaxt at loVoek a m wt shall so'' at tbe ia-iJ?as of a giatleaaa deolimnr boaasfceorfr. o* Eifkn it, kiTMB M asd N stroet north No M7, aa axaaiKBtasaoruntnt of FaraiUra. niot?wood "ofss. CLai s and Tat> ?a, Do MtrMe-top Cantor Table. Marble-top Drrtsiai and otbor Baroaas, Cottac*. Jonnr La ad Bedsteads. Wardrobes, Wash stands and Tov?l Raoks, Hat Raots, Can* Seat and other Chairs, Festhsr B*d?. Pi lows aad Bolsters, r>?~r ? . n ' j " BroM'U, lacftin and other CtrMti. Oae Bzo^llcat Cook aad otb*r Mjtn, Chios. 8 1m? and Crockery Ware, A larf* lot of Kiterea Raaaieitaa, Aim many other artiotei too aaiaorone to eaaatartU. Th? Hoaae ia for rnt. Ia of Mvr *\ Haialip, o? >th alroat. batvaaa i at. aod New York ova. aaVd CMh*OREEN * WILLI AMB. A a eta. . Br J. C. M06UIRB A CO.. Aaotioaaara HANDSOME ROSEWOOD PIANO PORTE n *sp HoaaraoLP frimmi at Acotto* ? ObTCESDAY MORNING, (>oiob?r the lat,oo? mnroiar at 10 o'clock. *a akott aoll ottheraeidanoe of T hot. W. Dick ma. No. 19 aortk A atraot, oppoeita Capitol Park, all kta hoaaahoM rarnitara and Fff?ata,aooatatinc 0*? bandeoma RooawoodBora a Oatava Pom tfmmtm nea>It new. Wa'aat Sofa, Hooker aod Parlor Chaira, Walnut Mar hie to* Center Tabio. Do and Wa'nnt Bar*an? ao<1 WaahstMda. Do and Walnnt Freooh and Jenny Limd Be^ateado, Hair. Snook and Haak aod Cotton Mattrasaaa, Feathar Boda, Bo'atera aod Pillows, Mahofsny Marble to* Pideb- arda, Freroh Dinmc and Can* So at Raoaptioa Chairs, Parlor and Chamber Car'aica. Brns'els, Threo-a j and Teaiban Stair Carpets. Mirror . Girandoles, Lara pa u4 Mantel Una China. Glass a-d Cr?okory Wars, Radiator and Chan bar Ptovoa. Cook in* btoT*. with a general aaaortmeat of ^Kitohea Requisites. ' >V?"d J. C McGUIRE A CO . AaoU. By THOMAS DOWMNG. AmUodmt. (rNrNIW*. D. C. FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFriori at PrmLic Acttioh.-Oe WRnNM D\> M' RNI' Mo'eW, I viBMll. at ray Auction Rooms, No. 1T4 br dee it . ft rood Uaaortmoct of Furnittro, Ac., tha tfieli of ft fom i y leaner tk* city. i hum ic part?Tift: Rosewood Piano and Stool. AVftlent Sfrmg-aoat ^offtftud Rotkr, Wft'r.ut kxtoraion Tai'.e, 8id? k d otkr TtbiM, Burraua. Wadob**. WMMtudi, Glaaaaa, C?rf ?nil Wocd-??H ' liM-i Roekora, Foftther Bed* Cara?is. Run and Oilalott, Co kin*. Parlor. and o'hft' 8roT*?, A QdiroM, i G aaa, Crooktrr and Ckiu Wara, Ac. Toc<-ther with ft inwftl amortmont of KltehM RftftftifttUa. not nftnMTft'.M. Term* oub in w far da. _ jf 71 At T-HOwig DOW1.IWO, A not. By GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aftotionaara |^AIL^FF,S SALE 0/_ EXCELLENT HR . ? ..! v*B ma i V 01,1V AIITIU^.? Hf TlTlBt OI A |warr*ntr of d St'ess, i??ur-l UtlMN't of William J W.IIMOII, Ci? ,IftittiUMc<>o?<aMl elMttfii, 'and* and i n?ni'H? of 6. W Mm>?, U> ml direct d, 1 ha?e i?i?4 and t?kei ia "lstrees % 1 th? nuu, rig? t. title. interest property, dun, ud demacd, at law and ia eqaity. of tlM eaid 9. W. Maain and to all th? Farnitvre ouatainod ia Mid boas e. to wit: Tvo 6m Plxta ae. Par or Carpet. one Parlor Set. oae Chair, two Tanlee, one whatnot one Rooker Cbair, tvo CHira, two Ottomans, three VV'Bdow Curtain*, two Race, one Oil Careet, two Pautti So!ae. oae Door Ragt' n? et Farvitare ia Room No. 1, one net Farnitare tn Room No. t, Oilelotb. oae Utar.d, Form tare ia Chamber No. S, Fiml.are ia Chamber No 4, Ward>-ob? tad Curtains, one Cot aad Mattroaa. one Basket. Oiioloth. lower paaaafe, one lot cf ataff ia onthoaee. oae Table, oae 0 are W?nu, one e?t China Farnitare. Dinner room Pa-aitare, together with eandT artiaiee too aameroaa 'o pvuoala-iae, m a well imahed h??ee :iand I hereby fire notice, that, oa WEDNESDAY MORNING. the 3d dai of Ootobnr, 1K1, at la ' took. I will offer for ad* the aaid property, ao se i?c and taken ia distroea. by nabtia aaotion. tn the hith?et h odor, for eaah.on the prenuasa.on K at., between Hth and 19th. sooth aide. The flac will deuraate the plaoa. The abovo-Meatioaod Fam<tare ia of as exoolZZZ-M ? vnnon ? By GREEN A W1LLIAMB. iiMtiNn. AT# 096 714 it. rtrmtr D TBAAC HEEZBEEG'ft EXTENW VMAWMl^^^&fravkflsaskv. Qoiomc Multd Mlt,U It o'aloah a. m., w hall Mil at omr Aoetioa Koova.a *an larga ao IftctiAn of unrtdMmwl * ?i|M oomprieiag la HrtEzA Im God and Sihrar BufaifCi* Lorar Grl^Naak Vnd^Foh"UiM.MM BrMM Pis*, LAd i ? aapari or Gold Phi iMbmi(i, Piagla or IE !* ? ud Fa"?y Piagar Etnga, Torethar with aa mwaw wMj of Lain * eartag A pparai aao h aa? Black and Kacy Btlka, Moaadataiaaa, aad otfcar at?l*a of Droaaaa. Wktta Crapa, Loag and Saara Bhawle. Ctoth Valvat and Ptnf ?tvn of UloUi, G?nUaatoa* Waariac Appar*' >a graat rariaty, Aleo. a larga aatortani ?/ Borolrora, Gana aad Pi-toBvorda and fcaahae. Ard m%ny othar Artic'.aa tro aalaaroaa to MBtaoa. The attention of tha pablio ta i aa pat (ally liiriW to taa aata, aa it ia ae of tha largaat that fcaa taken paoai* Wa?k.n*u>n f he aa a will oomnUiioe with tha Watahaa. Tenaaa&at.ia ap-ca ISAAC ilE?ZRi EG Pavahrokm. aa %i ood GEEfc-N A WiLUAMB. Aata. Br THOB. DOWi.ll*. Aaotooaaar. TEH9TKK** KAIK-By nrtae of a da* -f traat da tad Aani 4, It*, aad raeowW ia Libor J. A. **., No. 114 to 10a *n. i wi I o Jar for aaTa, at paMioa aaetioa. oa W b DNKBOAT, tha Ittfc day of Oatuoar next, at 4 o,cl.?ck p. ? v>a the a> waim, all thoaa piaoae of groand ta Gaorgatova, Aaaenbad aa foUova. I. Aii that part ft Ifl (17.) ib *14 Qaorcatowa. t>< ginaing. for lU b' ard?, ?IUm wd of u< third line aI said lot.?a Fa'U ?tr*at,aaa r?ni.iBi tlMtN, by arc! with FbIIb atraat. aaat ihiny-thrM Ml tkwot Do^in?rlr, to a Mi4?d too*. No. t, boiac Biooty i*a not from Fall* Btraat. tke~o? wa?t?rly to a boaadad iiobiNo L fortr-lvi (Ht. to iB'sraaai Mid third liaa at lot MT'BtMD. I*1B( BlBBtT H* Ml from Falls BtTMt. Bad ti<*aaa aoathorlr. with said third liaa to tha ' V AUofihL^oiotjT?lot tuhuiia of old 6aorcat?va,bwlni<|.fof Hi boat da, at tha aoathva?t wa?f of lot Biviataaa. bat a* vaatarly. froai bot ndarT No SI. w faot. aad ib tha Itaa af Pal't tr w>t, aad raaatac vita ?t sava?taaa. aorth Id Pr ?**at Btraat, ihaaoa with tha lia? of Pmipact rrUrsi'.kSfffvssa 5& wevsii ba 1* aiag*irP Wl<a lj ** staJmtnU, ?t >u aaZTvalva a?oeU.?. anth talniBt, to b* aaearai by dtad of ui?t T^aj of sala to ba ooMffcad with vHUi aaa vaak aftar tha ibIb, or tha prapartr $mn ha mai at tha nth aad tort of lha parahaaar, aftar oaa waaks' aortaa. -- ?nvi% WWLIWW, AX. BDUCATIOKAU BwMiwi, S? 191 ft. ? Uti laitatatioa will to riwaw Moadaj,mat DU, M if*|f fef j. aJbBAVH 0

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