Newspaper of Evening Star, September 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 30, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. C7-Though T*? hi* k prlatod on tho faatoat imm pre* In in moth of Bolttmoro, Ita edition 1i to largo m to requlro U to bo pat to pmi at u early boor: A4**ri\MmmU?, therefore, should be eat la before 1U o'clock ; otherwise they may Th? Bakhst Cab* limit m Oiphar*' Covet, J toot PvacsLL ? Stunt dm ft Pr?rt4mft ? Smmimiim ?/ Chatty B*nuf ? Mr. Fendall aald he would prefer sot to have the ehlldren examined publicly, and ?uggeated that they he examined privately. under the authority of the Court, aa la cuatomarv In the Court of Chancery. The Court aaaouneed that It would not permit the little girl (Hebe O ) to be rwora, on account of b*r leader yeara. The examination of the other chlldrea must be proceeded with la the aaual form. Mr. Davldge aald It waa rather late la the day trn hla friend* on the other aide to ahun publicity Maltera had already been publlahed to the world which were not evidence ? paper* which the Court had ruled oat twice Aa much publicity haa heeu gtvea to the raae aa could be given to It. If he (Mr D ) conaeoted to a pel Tale examt nation of Um children, it might bead judged u in ad miselon of tb? chimi Th? dtfeow courted invMdntlM, and defied the other aide toauataln the charges Samutl Ckmt* Barmy (oldest eon of Lieutenant Barney) wee aworn by tbe deputy marahal Examination by the Court ?Haa been (worn before; knows tbe nature of a falee oath. Mr. Davldge begged couneel, on account of tbe teader years of tbe wltneee, not to put leading questions Mr. Llatoa wasted a former deposition reed to Wltaess, to refresh bit memory Mr. Davtdge objected. Tbe Court sustained tbe objection Examination coo tinned?Will be thirteen years old tbe 19th of October next; lived fire years in Paris Mr Listen.?"State what occurred during your residence In Paris, In relation to your father'? conduct " Witness said, as bis memory was bad. he ore ferred aot to give a coatlnuoua statement, but to anrwer euch questions aa were put to him. Examination continued ?Hla father's conduct (la Paris) was bad ; struck witness' mother and witness, and got drank; threatened to kill them; threatened to cut all their throata and then cut his owa. Witness was bora la Washington; lived here seven rears before be moved away; moved to Paris with bis mother la 1S56; don't know what tlBM Witness tbea went oa to testify aa to tbe streets they lived la there, after wh?ch be proceeded:? that the general conduct of his father was not verv good while b? lived in Par!?; he treated witne** and the other children bad; whipped wltneaa It be didn't do anything for him: he would come home at 19 o'clock at night and whip witnea* for thai; he waa once drank all the week. In the Hue d'Angouleme; he waa aometlmea drunk for a week, and would then stop; would afterward* tmy about a month without drinking, and would then commence again ; all the time he lived In Parla (about three veara) hla conduct, while under the Influence of liquor, waa very bad; ahowed It bv atriking witneaa' mother In hla (witneaa') preaenee. In the Hue d'Angouieme ana the Rue Cbateubriand; he waa badat ouch time* agalnat witneaa, but not ao agalnat witneaa' brother and aiatera, bat would make them get up at 1 o'clock; aometlmea at 4. HI* (Mr. Barney'*) conduct to the other children wm not very {rood when under the influence of llqnor; showed H by making them get up, and wouldn't let tbem sleeps* night; that was the raae whenever he came home drunk; their father (Mr. B ) did not live with them all the time Mr David^e?44 la that evidence o? misconduct?" Mr Fendall.?" Certainly, to ahow that he left them '' Mr. Davidge aaid that question was before the court yesterday. -There is nothing in the specifications of desertion. Mr Pendall contended It was proper for him to show that as Improper conduct Mr Davidge aatd tbe Question was settled yesterday. He bad looked Into the apectflcationa to And this charge of desertion and abandonment, bnt It waa not there Mr Fendall didn't know and didn't care If It was in tbe petition or not He waa proceeding n tbe general principle to show improper conduct. Mr. Davldge said It so happened that the Court a a car* ll the gentleman did not, and had settled the question yesterday After further argument, the Court sustained Mi Davidge's objection %lr. Fendall (to wltnesa )?"Who bad charge of roar education In Paris"' Mr Davldge objected; and, after argument,the Court sustained the objection Examination continued:?Witness knows Alexandrine Psrfalt; she lived In mother's familv about three years; witness lived In Parla since his mother's death; under Mr Bonnefous at school; sometimes Mr Bonnefous and sometimes Mr De Longcbamp provided clothing; returned to the United states early this month, under charge of Mr. Phillips; was not In the custody of Mr P all the time, until he came to Waahlngton; waa sometimes In the custody of his father; left the veaael In company with his father Mr i>avtdge wanted to know what the gentleman (Mr. F ) was after now Mr. Fendall said It waa to show that Mr Barney bad violated the order of the Court, and took the children away. Mr Ltavldvo nhiM'tMi that IhU <? ^ ?? ?? - ?? ? U?u uwvui 11K iv do with the case before the Court The matter referred to wu between the Court and Mr Barney, and Mr B had already purged hlmaelf of the alleged contempt of Coart. The Court abstained the objection of Mr. Day11(6 Elimination continued:?'Wltneaa don't remember what happened when they lived on E atreet, in Waahington; don't want hia father to be hia guardian Cruaa-exaoiknation: ? W ltneaa' father and mother did not live happily in Paria. Mr. Fendall objected, aa the Court had decided that the affhlra of Mr. and Mra B. had nothing to do with the guardianahlpof the children now. Mr. Davldge argued that he waa entitled to ahow that the nuabaud and wife lired noinnnii* together, ts aome palliation for hla (Mr if 'a) conduct, and to ahow that when not aubjected to aoch lnducementa he lived a aober and temperate life. He contended that the hablta depended an the domestic reiatlona Croaa-eiam ination eon tinned:?W1 tneae 'a father track hla mother In the Roe d'Angouleme; that waa not the night ahe had been to the theater; he rock her for aomethlng about wltneaa; hla father waa druak when he aald he would cut all their throata and hla awn after warda. would aometlmea atrlke wltneaa with hla flat, aometlmea with hla open hand, aaaaatfmea with a rattan; wltneaa aometlmea required correction, but aometlmea his father whipped him without eauar; the night hia father alroek hla mother in the Rue d'Angouleme wltneaa waa not in bed; Alexandrine baa bean llvta* with the children aince they arrived In YV aahl ngton: wltneaa'a father when aober, waa not kind and a Actionals to wltneaa, waa particularly klad to Eddy; not aa kind to Hebe, waa naHirn 1**1 a* ?A ri?a?Aml ?w vmij? mcMuurmc nrvcr talked to tltMM about the case sines Mr* Phillip* spoke to her about It; before that she did; she did not say kla father killed his mother; spoke geoerally agatnat him, ahe did not toll winioa what to testify when he came Into court. VV It mm and the other children were regularly I oauocted In Par la, waa In boarding achool about on* year and three or four months while hla parents were la America; wl neea and his brother went to the same achool before his mother cams to America; Hebe tad Clayoml did not go to school; s lady Instructed witness and his brother nt the house before the? went to school: Hebe also (he thinks); were clothed like other children of their coadltloa; had a good table; lleed as well as other boys aad girls la Pari*; went to the Catholic Choreh sometimes after his mother came to America; their father, when he was there, would ej.ll them together on Busdaya and tench them the Bible; would *ko theoi to the shows In Parts, to the parks oa little exenrstoas; witness knows Both las of kts father's habits for the last ,a i^.ts ? V?- *- ?- - jb wmmmmmmi wnwr to of on guifdiaa becaaae witaeaa think* be tain unfit man, for what he baa doae; hia father and mother quarreled dally In Parle; Mr Beaael de Longruaonp did not tell wlineal what to eav when be went lata coo if; la the family qaarrala Alexandrine took hie niptber'e aide: don't recollect wbat nantaa Alexandrine called bia father, *he did net call hlaa bad namea; wltaaaa'a mother left Pari a In May, 18*); a month afterwarda he aad Eddy went to bearding-aeheol; the little glrla were boarding la Parte, aiao. witae-a la as far advanced In edoeatloa aa other boy* of hia age; Kddy too; Hebe does not know aa much aa ether lltue glrla of her age; wltaern doa't dial Ike hla father, la not It to decide whether be ahall have hia tether for bia guardian till be la 14 yeara eld; h'a father was not eery liberal la giving him pocket money la ParU cam* that Mra fa ill I pa told Alexandria* net to talk to ua about the ease; father got the aehool In Parte mother paid for !t; once or twice fhtber i paid far U; durine tbe inoath before Mr Boane f'M had eh?i(? of wltao? W WM la chars* of Midin Partait, where hi* wither had pat () { vttMM1 father waa alwaya Urlaf at tb?r apart meata Ull the uperwloa about thro* yooro >C*i wlta-*o' father 414 oat after that eta* to rlre thorn Bible l?nct1?a>, bat th?aaart*llaw?4 htaftba father) to aoe the* (the ehtl4roa)froai 19 till tea Tharaday* aad Sunday*, and whoa the* we at te mo him oa Soodar* ho waald laatract then la the Btblr, froa the time their aaetber loft Pari* ta Mar, IBM. they (the ehlldrea) wore aot well taken care of; their fhther 414 aot *oo4 anything U tboos. Witaooa aeaaa by Alexaa4rlae tahlnx ai4*a with bio mother la tae q ear ret* that *he (Alexaadrlac) tried to 4o all ?ae could for witu*m aether R*?aa?tkae4 by Mr Dovldge: ? Wttaaao waa not well ( lotbed and tahaa carc of after hi* aehool, bnt no money wu *ent; did not fare a* other boys at the aame achool; did est at the ?ne table; alept In tbe aame beda, bnt had only one naw ault of clothe* fornlabcd during that time; wltaeaa and Eddy were both little out at tbe elbows; tbelr elotfae* were pretty well worn; tbelr father wrote to them. The examination closed here, and the evidence waa read for correction. In anatrerlng tbe queatloaaa ufno money being paid for hia acbooling after hla mother came to America, wltaeaa added "I beard my mother (ell Mr. Bonn?foua not to take anything from my father " Mr. Davldge contended that thla ahould be pnt 1*. Mr. Fendall objected. The Court aald no addltlona could be mad* to the evidence Adjourned. Tkb St/h hiroktvk in Reply to Ma. Datimi ?In a communication to the Star, dated Friday, Sept 27. Mr. Davldgesaya: ' The publication which appear* la your paper this a/ternoon, and which purports to be a correct report of the proceedings la the Barney rase. Is so well calculated to mislead the public, that I cannot allow it to pan unnoticed." Of course, after auch a commencement, we eipeet him to state %cky the aald publication only "parpo'ta" to be a "correct report," and wAy It la "calculated to mlalead the public " Ha does no dch thing, but undertakes to argue tbe merits of the caaa. He aavs "Mr. Barnt'v Is at common Inw the puardlan of hla ehlldran " Whn duniMl it* That "the controversy la not of bla (Mr. B.'aj seeking " Who aaid It waa? That "He (Mr. R ) la not asking letter* of guardlanablp, but defending bla children agalnat tbe officious Interference of strangers " Did the Star's report contain anything to the contrary * And ao we might go on and anawereach aentence in two long paragraphs, which conatltute the main portion of Mr. D.'s communication. He then aava: " The publication of theae ' vouchers' may admlnlater to a morbid and prnrlent appetite for scandal, but can anawer no good purpose Tbe life, property and reputation of every man depend upon a regard for tbe eatabllabed rulea of evidence. But especially In a case like thla, where tbe chargea brought against the father, even If refuted, mnat darken the llvei of bla Innocent children, It waa to be supposed that you would at leaat confine your report to the evidence In the case, namely: the contentaof the Iowa record and At A At a A* ?* - * iuf u-siimony 01 iae wunni Alexandrine." Why w?? It to be supposed so ? The conductor of a newspaper la generally preaumed to be the aole Judge of what la proper to be published In hta paper These specllcatlona Mr. Davldge admits are filed, and thev are therefore aa much a part of the caae as the Indictment would be In a criminal case. Nobody pretends to say that they prove the charges to be true, any more than an Indictment before a court prove* criminality; but how could a criminal trial be reported without reference to the Indictment? No intelligible report of this caae could be made without referring to the specifications. Mr. Davidge knows, If he haa rem<I them, that they contain worse mattera than any reported in the Sthr, and that thev refer to certain vouchers numbered 1, 9 and 3. How a legal paner can refer to certain other papers, if thoae otter papers have no (legal) existence may be perfectly plain to a legal mind, but Is aot so plain to the limited capacity of a reporter. Suppose, for one moment, Mr. D's suggestion of pub nsning only trie lows decree and tbe evident e of Alexandrine bad been carried out, the Star't reader* would have known about as much of tbe queatlona Involved aa If au many word* taken at random from a dictionary bad been printed. Mr. Davldge proceed*? 441 might well complain of tbe general tone of Tour report of tbla trial and the spirit of prejudice which pervade* It, aa well as the blunder* Into which your reporter baa fallen " The Reporter has learned enough law from Mr. Divldge during the progress of the case to be aware that It la not proper to arraign any one oil general sweeping charge* Why does Mr. D. not abow the prejudice and point out tbe blunder*. Instead of arguing those features of the ca*e which have certainly not been ventilated in Court since the reporter haa been there. Lieut Barney sent tbe reporter a scrap of paper, on which was written (referring to Tuesday's proceedings,) 44 Your report was correct with one exception. I am full Lieut since 1857. See Atty Genls report " Unpr-judlced persons present. lu Court, have spoken of tbe general correctness of tbe report of the next day's proceedings. It was not perfect, no human production Is. and th#? r#?nnrt^r la ? errors, inch as printing " 10 o'clock" fur o'clock," "served" for "sewed," Ac., which would not have occurred If he had seen the "proof." The Reporter can certainly plead not guilty on the charge of prejudice, aa until laat iaat week he knew nothing of the caae, and waa personally acquainted with none of the partiea concerned, neither Lieut Barney nor Mr De Krafft, nor the coanael on either aide. With due deference to Mr Davldge, la It preaumptton in the Reporter to suggest that be (Mr. D.) may be juat enough prejudiced aa Mr. Barney's counsel to think of a atrictly Impartial report thai It leans a little too much to t'other aide. Mr Davidge conclude* : " But I forbear to aay more than that the alleged auppreaalon of obacenity baa given color to a charge of which I have yet to aee anv jot or title of proof " Why ahonld he speak of "the alleged auppreaalon of obarenity" when he knows that that portion of the evidence which waa omitted waa not of a character fit for publication; and If the auppreaalon "baa given color to a charge of which I f Mr. D ) have yet to aee any jot or tittle of proof," no one regreta it more than the SMr'j reporter. lie (the reporter) ear neatly hopes for the sake of Lieut. Barney, for the *ake of bis "Innocent (Interesting and Intelligent little) children." and for the credit of human nature, that the "charge" alluded to will not be auatalned. Nots ?Since the above was penned the writer has oeen assured by Judge Purcell that the papera above alluded to are before the court. Am Unm tsr??tf ??? I ?..?-? ? - 1 .... mm tarn ? 1 UU IBUU annual exhibition and concert of the children of St Aloysius Sunday School, given In the cap?clooa basement of that beautiful church, on Weitneaday evening last, for the benefit of the poor of the pariah, wa? a decided aucceaa In every respect, affording delight to lta patrona, and giving proon'aeofa pecuniary return worthy of lta charitable purpose The programme waa well selected, and under the direction of Mr Oeo French, who presided at the piano, the ptecea were admirably executed Little Mary Neff whlapered the "Angel's Whisper" like a little angel; little Willie Randall made the tear-drop glisten In manysneye by his touch'ng rendering of the charming song, "Where are the frlenda of my youth " The " Gambler's Wife," by Mlsa Kadcllffe, was really an eiquisitely beautiful performance, exhibiting great vocal ax well aa tragic talent. The sweet singing of "Erin Is my home," by the Mltses Baduet, awoke many slumbering reminlscencss, and made many a heart aijrh In the remembrance of brighter and happier aaya; and tbe soJo and chorus " Come ! 'come ! come!" by little Mary Hanty, and tbe " Ksiry Bay," by Kddy White, were charmingly Rung. Tbe programme ?ru err agreeably varied by the violincello solos of Prof Musgrove, with piano accompaniment, of which tbe audience manifested a high appreciation by long-continued applauae. The concluding featurea of tbe exhibition excited unbounded merriment and applauae. Gilea Crogglns. tbe school msster, waa Juat aa much like old Giles blmaelf ?s it waa possible for fancy, with tbe aid of wig and specs, to make htm. ana tbe luekleaa urchins, over whom tbe rod waa held t? ttrrorem, were aa much like old Giles' boya aa peas in the same pod. Tbe"Waahtng Day" waa pictured to perfection, and was hailed with great applauae. Tbe young ladies, suddenly transformed into washers and Wooers, old and young, bad a fine opportunity (which ?ome of them seemed to Improve) of bowing to the audience what Una housewives, with a little more experience, they might become. At the close of um( exrrclass. Father Wlget thanked the assemblage for the generous encouragement which they had given to the cause of the poor. We have heard tbe expression of a very general desire that the concert should be repeated, for the same commendable purpose Earrriva Comtasiocs Disbasbs ? We call tbe anenuon 01 me cny autnoriilea to toe net that we have not Id this city a vaccine phyatcian. whow duties would rrqulra him to see that families have been properly vaccinated. Many persona, either from neelect, prejudice or poverty, do not avail themselves of the protection from small pox which proper vaccination affords. It Is to prtvetit the outbreak and apread of this lothsome disease that we urge the necessity of a genersl and thorough survey for and of the vaccine mark upon alt our cltliens; where no mark can be discovered. to vaccinate, and where Imperfect marks art found, to revacclnale,without a fee being charged Where there are large bodies of men closely cougregated. eruptive contagious diseases are sure tA nrc?a11 iirImm (Ko ??oanr?r>i ntinn K? ?*? j'i v *?i | mmi ? w?m?ivh w u?\. v? to prevent them; and the danger of tb? origin and spread is even greater in cold than In waam weather Tbitt ?Three Uaited States sailors, named Ge??rgc Skering, A Conroy and J C Martin, entered s tavern at the corner ef Third street and Peeeeylvaala avenue on Saturday night and invited a man named James Corcoran to drink with the* Martin laid his pocket book on the counter, and when he picked It ap It had been relieved ef Its contents. Cerooran waa a nested by oicer Gaddla, and after examination before Justice Them peon was committed to jail to answer the charge Were the crlmlaal court Csables Vuuui.-The report that Charles Shermaa, late of this city, (who left Waahiogto* as a member of the disunion company ef CapUla ?Dr ?waa killed in the tattle or Hun Roa, la Iiimud tfcrovgk a letter from Ckarlea My era a aergeaat of rue pane company, alao late a waahtagtoialaa Daath or a Soldibb.?Mr. Jaaiea fl McClurg, of conyuy B, lat Paaaaylvanla regiment, died yeatarday amrsoos lltltB ftreet boapltai "A Wuimroi Dksvt&rtb ?Mlaa Jossphlas Chestney, a young lady, tbo daog iter of a clergyman at preeent holding offlre at Washington, having formed the determination to quit private aoclety for the siege, came aome time at nee to thla city aad placed beraelf under the tuition of Mra Maeder; and now intend* In make her before the public, beginning at the Capital, with probably the President, Cabinet, and the staff among her auditors. Mlaa Chestney has had the advantage of good education and polite aaaoclatton; added to thla, she baa yoolh, good iooka, and a training is reading and datamation Her ambition la not polaonoua and dagger-brandiabIng, but la baaed on viaions of comedy In drawing room acenea, where love la combined with rank n<i fsaKinn an^ A* 1 ? - ?? ? *?? awwavrHf ?*? ?* VtUVI a?*(?V?IUWi WHW14J irreeistible ?? N. Y Tribmm*, Sept. 90. Tbe aabject of the above extract from tbe Tribtm* la well known In the most refined society of th? Federal Metro poll*, aa one of Ita moat Intelligent, beautiful and popular member*;?a young lady poaaeaalng tbe flrat order of talenta, Including remarkable qulckneaa of apprebenaloo, tbat will prove of great aaalatance to ber In tbe profeaalonal path abe haa ehoaen for beraelf. Tbrae knowing ner well are aatlafled tbat eminent aucceaa fa destined to crown ber career aa an actreaa, or there la no groundwork of tbe comedienne In tbe endowment! of wit, vivacity, arcbneaa, and pathoa. We understand that It la Mlaa Cheatney's intention to make her flrat appearance upon the stage in Washington. In no city will she be more warmly welcomed than here, where tbe greater part of her childhood waa paaaed, where she la ao well-known and la much admired. We hope Manager Bland will soon be able to announce a night when the many friends of this beautiful and gifted lady may bare the opportunity of witnessing her brilliant debut. Polici Commissions** ?At a meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners, on Friday laat, Dorsey Barron, of the First Ward, was appointed on the police In the fourth precinct (First Wsrd) In place of Charles Boaman, declined, and Frederick Williams in the seventh precinct (Fourth Wafd) in place of F Depro. Authority was granted to the President of the Board to make a requisition on the Secretary of War, through the Interior Department, for revolvers with which to arm the police. On motion of Mr Brown, it was ordered that thf superintendent call on the magistrates having money in hands collected from lines for selling 1 4 n - ?? ? > ?* I>(UVI HI IVIUICI1, SIIU IUI initial T1UWIIVUI VI law. for the nine, and that hereafter all such flora shall be paid to a police oficer, who aball deposit It with the treaaurer for the uae of the United States. The President waa directed to call on the Mayor of Washington for a sufficient appropriation to erect atation houaes In the several wards, and to repair the two lock-up houaes now used In the First and Slith Warda, and for warming and lighting the same. It la thonght that ?3,000 will be aufflclent for thla purpose, which, under the law, the city haa to provide for. On motion of Mr Gideon, the Preaident waa directed to apply to the A ttomey General for commissions ss magistrates of the county of Washington for the commiaaloners and superintendent The Board then adjeurned to meet on Tharadav next at one o'clock. The regular meetings of the Board will take place hereafter every Thursday afternoon at one o'clock. Bfb*id to Pkath?Yesterday afternoon Coroner Woodward summoned a jury of Inquest at the residence of Joseph Hill on M street north, between Fourth and Fifth, to Inquire Into the death of Avis Hill, the wife of Jou-nh Hill The body wan found lyltig upon the floor and literally borned to a crisp, and preaented a moat horrible apectacle. The testimony elicited the fact that on Saturday night the deceased, who waa about twenty-eight year* of age, went to a dance or party with her frtendi and returned about 3 o'clock Sunday rooming. She waa left alone and went up ataira to her room. Soon after the next neighbor heard a faint acrearo, and some one run down theatalra. No attention waa paid to the matter. In the morning her husband, who la employed *? a watchman at the Government depot, old "Aaaembly Rooms," went home and found the door locked, and auppoaed hi* wife had gone to church, and aa waa utual, bad left the key with a neighbor He went for the kev and waa told ahe had not been there. He returned and got a little boy to go In through the window, aud thua made the alacovery of her death. A candle nearly burnt out waa atandlnr nnon the floor In her bed room, and it wm supposed that when the was about to undrssa ber aklrtatook fire from tbe candle, and being of thin material they were conaumed ?o rapidly that she wa* enveloped In flames almost immediately. Tbe Jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Cintbax Guardhouse Casks?Befort Jutiiet Thompson ?Sunday?John Zimmerman, drunk; fine and costs, S2 94 James A. Tooker, disorderly; dismissed. Amanda Hopkins, disorderly and prtflTane; fined 91 94 Sally Tolls, do.; do. *1 91 Pedro Machlnl, drink and disorderly; dismissed Z. R. Offntt and S. Taylor, charge of larceny of a revolver from an officer at Odd Tellows' Hall; for further hearing. John Daly, drunk; dismissed John B.Chrlstlether, sleeping In the market; dismissed J R. Cuthbart, disorderly; fined ?1 58 Wm. Morgan, arrested upon uapicioua circumstances; dismissed. Ksther Mlddieton, disorderly; do. James Corcoran, picking a gentleman's pocket,- jail for court. Joseph Hill, held to await the verdict of the inquest into the cause of his wife death; dismissed. Monday?James Hopkins, (col'd,) d'sorderly; fined SI 58 T. K WaWler, do ; Ined 81 M T. R. Hopkins, do.; do. 8194 James Acton, do; do. 82 94 George Humphreys, (col d.) out after hours; lined 8 94 Ann Brown, (col'd,) drunk and disorderly; workhouse 80 days Sarah Hakeman, (cold,) do ; do 60 days. Mathew Riley, do.; fined 81 94 Henry Harmsn, do ; do. 81 M. J . M Collins, do ; do. 81 94. Tamp Th n if a ft 1ft th* r?mn Arrnnl#^ Kw , F!rat District Regiment, Col Tail, eo named In honor of the U S. Adjutant General, and located on Meridian Hill. The view from this elevation la unsurpassed, taking In at a glance the whole city, with Alexandria, and the thousands of tents over the Potomac The encampment la arranged In admirable order, ani everything wears mi atr of exceeding neatness and comfort. The grounds are swept as clean as a gravel walk, and the deportment of the men reflects high credit upon their officers. Discipline Is rigidly enforced, and those who, hitherto unaccustomed to restraint, were wild and recklesa, are rapidly becoming steady and obedient, under the firm banda of their superiors The regiment la rapidly filling up, and will soon rival *nv r??r1m?nr ?/m?i tage at the teat of war. It Is now attached to Gen Stockton's brigade, and baa been expecting marching orders for several days, the brigade having moved off, leaving one other regiment temporarily under the command of Col. Tait. Poar Mobtim?The body of Mr. Alexander Bcott, (formerly clerk In the Third Audltor'a office. whoae death at the houae of Laura Smith, on Kleventh atreet, nnd the subsequent Inquest, were noticed In the Star,) wan taken to hla Lome In Newark, N J , and subjected to a f>oit mort?m examination previoua to Interment. No traces of hla having taken laudanum or chloroform were discovered. Dut hia atomach was found much Inflamed. and hla liver In bad condition. Fiax?Saturday night, about 12 o'clock, a frame atable on A atreet aouth, between First and Second, waa burned to the ground The building waa doubtleaa flred by an Incendiary, and a person la auapected as the guilty party. The stable contained a horse and barnt-aa, which were rescued, the horse slightly scorched. The atable belonged to Mrs Homana. Pistol Stolkw.?Lieut. James V. Dunlop, of company P, 38th New York regiment, bad h'a pistol tacen from hia belt at the exhibition in Odd Fellows' Hall on Saturday night. Several arrests were made, bat the pistol was not found. India rnmi Ri.initT> >m ?!? v*? Ing thgktlf discolored, but not Injured for service. 5,000 large India Rubber Blaoketa, lined with Canton tlanml, 8 feet 4 inches long and 4 feat 4 inches wide, for S3 each, usual pace S4. For sale at the India Robber Warehouse, 308 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets sett-tf Notici.?Beware of ooanteraits and nnfrioaipled dealers ecdeavoring to dispose of heir own ard other artioles on the reputation attained by Htlmbol<Tt Extract Buck*, a positive and tpeoilio

remedy lor diseases of the b adder, K'dneys, ??ravel, D*opsy, Ao., Ao., 4.0. Ask for Heli hold's. Take no other, see advertisement ic another o?l nam. se 30 Niw Dbt Goods. atn<k immt nun^l .t U L> U.lll. -U ?. wjrv.iw* ? ??. A#. KI?II U1U IMII1U, 9tO Paventh atreet. Store orowded with ouatomera Goods to ?nit the time*, and at prioea to plea?e. ae21-eu6t MtTTHiwi * Co., 91b Seventh at. Muilii are proatrating the vomnteera by hnndr Jt; toe hoapit&la are orowdad with them. Soldier*, he wa-ne?i id time Hilltwmv'* Ptlh are poaitiveljr in'al'ible id th* oar* of thi* diaeaae; , oooaaioaal doaea of them will prMerv* the health even andar taagreataet expoaarea. Only 85 oenta per box. *e 21 Iw Kuan, har* jam mm Prof. Wood'* advertl*^ >*ut in oar papor. Kmt it; U will iaUraat yoa. a* *v*ol? PimDM. lBd V To tn AarurraD!--Bo inn to rwd the idroriffnyFnffe II c^**n'^ptreag thwm Cordial apd H?i mmi and the frl?n4? of tho tail; are ?*it?t to >Wwi UtfciMl, from <h? iindtRN of Wa L. Joo?a, Mar tke ooraor of .3th iL and Pa. avn ata o*oioM to morrow (Taooday.) Oa thamorn'nx of Sept anth. Eo*. THOMAS MAfON.afOdTl jraar-* ? Hit funeral Vili move from feia lata raaidenee. en U et., hotvmu 23o and 23d ?ta., ou V* eduosdny 9 / - u,- t,.. ^ J -<-FOB HAT.W AND BENT. f ARGE FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT, .Li it thtMraar of Twenty first mkI H ?U , h*?i(l( A OOmfltfviinM* Ia? ?t#w k?*k -? u'tfct rearT Apply'on"*he preaaiBea*** " '"? aiV' |r? 'K RENT ?In the Weat End, two HOUSES, " '"ne a large thre*-?to?r hon?? with lot adjoining. Alio, a farniahad hou??. i Heated bet we* a ilat and Sd itreeta Potmiioi airen on the l?f rUr of October. An J at No. 93 Si* Ba iriinxa. r? ?T?. Mar FOR REN r?With or withoat Board, in a ?ri ate family, three nnfumithad front ROOM.<, am tab e for married or tingle cattlemen. Apply at No. 4??3. corner Tenth and H ate. ae ?T-fw* ^VO EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY. I OR FOR BALE?The haaatiftl COUNTK Y RESIDENCE of Prof. Page, near the city. Apply to CHAl. 6. PAG B, Patent Q?ce ?e? tf P)1 RENT?HOUSE 409 Pennavlvania a*., over the book?tore of Franok Taj lor?a place for a profeaaional man. ae4-tf TO DENTISTS.?I* or rant, the Rooms oocn pied by 1)r CockeriUe, No. 946 Pa. are , between 12th and lsth ita. Apply to ROBERT WRIGHT. ae U 3teo HOUSES FOR RENT-No. 94 and No. 97, on the aouthnde of Indiana avenaet both of then i?i?uo ooDTiiiau nogM, witn good ataMing and oarriage-houaea. AJao, the comraodioua and large Honaa, No. 388, on the north aide or C atre?t. Apply to THOMAS BLAUDEN, No 499 8etr nth a treat. Jy 17 Sawtf FOR RENT-The north HOUBB of the row of new four-atory houaee on Fonrth at, between D and E ate., No. 388, fronting the City Hall WKiAPM^?aUiirp|,5StSS?la-A.V%2 40 Louiaiana avenue. aa 11-eotf FOR RENT? aubatantial three atory BRICK HOUSE, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third atreet raat. two doora from C atreet north, on Caaitol Hill?a very healthy location, and prioe of rent to auit the preaent ti mea. Poaaaaaion given immediately. Inquire of Mr. R4CON, next door; or of Miaa M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ata. au 15 6wao* HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8.11 Four handaomely Furniaiiod Rooma,eupplied with caa and water, and oonvenient to the Patent and Peat Offloe Department*, for rent. Apply at 4 9 OH Maaaaohuaetta avenue, north aide, between 4th and Mh ata. ma S3 GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS nn^NOTlCE LICENSES.?All person* whose Lks iioenses from tho Corporation of Georgetown expire oiPthe 30th mst., are hereby notihed promptly to renew the ume, otherwise they subject themselves to a fine,and the lav is oosr pulsory on the proper offioers to enforoe aaid ftne against all delinquents. WM, LAIRD. Clerk Septemher 21, 1W61. ?e 23-Stawtoot 10 rrf^NOTICIi-DOG LICENSE*.?The owners l_L_3 of dogs ia Georgetown are he'eby notified that all doc lioenaea expire on the 90th mat., if payment ia delayed beyona the 10th of OoUber next, the lioenae br law ia made 36 oenta higher, and if not then paxii when demanded by the proper olfioer, the owner ia snbjeot to a fine, and the nffiosr ia direoted to kill the dog. WM. LAIRD. Clerk. September gl. 1861. ?e a atawtoot 10 Buckskin gloves, GAUNTLETS. &o. We call the attention ofSutlera, Regimental Officera, and others wiaKing to purchase Buckskin Gloves, Gauntlets. Mittins. Poraes, 1'ohaoco Poaohea, Portnoonaies, Leggins, <kc , at wholesale, to our extensive atock?all of our own manufacture? at our store, 10A High street, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittens are cf the best quality, of real Bnckskin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, BoxingG oves, Buckskin Shirta and Drawers, inade to order. RAM^BURS A EBfcKT, < AC n._IL a r* w? iwj niRn ueorgecn wn, u. *J. N.B ? A large quantity of no rap* of Buckskin and Chamois /or polishing nuns, accoutrements, Ac., on hand. se i?-lm MAbSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this day,per steamer J. Jeromes'** barrels XX OK AUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. 6ft) hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for tale Terms fash on delivery. ARNY * SHINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS HObbls. Old Rye WHISKY, MO bbls. HKRRIN6 and ALEWIVE8* 10 bbla. Crushed and Refined SUGAR?, 10 bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhdMlow-prioed) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J.BOG U E. Ml* SEALED PROPOSALS, till the 2ist of October, 1WS1, at 12 o'clock m., are invited for ?up plyinjihe Armr with Beef Oattle ?n the hoof, to be delKered at Chamberibarg, Harrishnrg. or York, in the State of Pennaylvanis, as the Government mar designate. ouum arc requeaiou to romp j in ar parucu:ar? with the form of bid pub! ahed herewith. Government reserve* to itaelf the right to pay in Treatnry not?? or other fund* it haa for diaburae ment. and to reject any bid ard for anr cauae. >o bid will be entertained un en the bidder ia preaest to respond to hia bid. The Government will reoai*e4/W0 head under the oontract. acd will re*erv? 'he right to require any addit on&I number up to 16TW0 he*d. . Deliveriee te be made weekly in auon qnantitiea aa may bJ required. The Cattle mutt average 1,300 pounda groaa Wright; and . o animal will be received which weigh* leas than l,0?st pounda grog*. No conditional hid will be received. The bida to be directed to Capt. A Bsckwith, C. S, U. 5. A .Washington, D. C., and>aed " Proposals for Beef Cattle." Form or Bid. 1, A B, do herebr propose U? deliver to the Government good Beer Cattlo on the hoof for p*r hundred pounda groaa weight. The Cattle to be delivered at Chamberaburg, Harnsburr. or York. in the State of Pennsylvania, as the Government ma* designate, according to the term* of th? enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on the aoalea, and the weir ht ?o determ n*d to be the purehas* weight. 1 hereby agree to give a good and auffioient bond for the fulfillment of the contract, and to receive Treasury notes or other Government lunda in payment for the rattle. The first de iverv of the Cattle will b? required to b? made about the 10th of November, 1861. ae 27 td UNION ENVELOPES AND PAPER. The moat tvaotiful Envelop** published in the United, printed in two, three, four, and ?.ne in *? <* oil colors, may be had of 5. C. UPflAM, HI# Otiesnut street, Philadelphia, and WILLIAH BALLANTYNK, Bookae'ler, Washington, D. C. A sample package will b? sent to any addresa on reoeipt of U6 oente. ?e 31-eo2w SEALED PROPOSALS are invited for FLOUR till the anth September. 1861 at 12 o'cl?ok m. About 6,noo harrela will be required, ui eeparate lota of about l ?oo barrel* each. The Flour to he made of new wheat, and the delivory of the whele lot to be made by the 8th October 1861. rue riour required to be or the tallowing branda, and to pan the inapection of a Board of Arm* Offioera, or such other inspection u the Sabsisteuoe Department ma; direct. Arlington Extra, Concress do. Pry do. Fiinnnr do. Cedar Vale do. Glenwood do. EauleMiila do. C agett do. J. fsewcome do. ?l. Smith do. .oxbury do. oe Charles do. J. Davidson & Co. do. Foundry do. Hook do. La Gloria do. PatUMt do. Oakley do. Avondaie do. Power A Zeigler do. Chesapeake Milla do. e. L. Morrison & Co. do. jron's Union Flour. Big Spring Joe Chanee, Ede'a Extra Baker's. A few barrels of the same trade of Southern Conr will be taken, provided that it proves equnl grade to ibs brands above-named. The bidders to state the brand and the number of barrels of eaoh kind they proposelto furnish. The barrel* containing the Flour to be strong, well-hooped and he&d-lined. _ ? The proposals to beaddreased to Capt. A. BECK WITH, C ? , U.S. A,. Washington, D. C-, and endorsed, "Proposals for Flomr." sea TV NOTICE. ^ ^ HE Copartnership neietofore earned on by the nam* of H. F. Loudo* 4. Co. was dissolved on the 1st instant by its own limitation. All tboee owing amounti to aaid firm are requested to settle the same without delay, as the snooeesors ars anxious to c om taffbojks and settle aooounts against the above expired oopartnersbia. GEOR<?E W. FARANT. FKANCiS* J. HKI .ERGR, JOSHUA H. K1NQ. irr NOTICE ?The m.1ersigned respectfully inform their patrons and t->e publio generally of their having frmeda ssssrisanfaa to auntieu* tt buaiMMS, tn ah it* hrauoliee, aa ?uoo*??or? of the lata firm of M. F. Loudoa & Co. Whilattenaeno* their thauka lor the very liberal patronage received, they pledge them*elvea to uae their utinoat exertion* to merit their oontinaed favors. F. J. HE1BKKGKR * CO. Bvoaaaor to H. F. Loudon and Co., Military I and Naval Merchant Tailor*. . H Kma. sep 11 Sv QQQ JOHNSON * NAGLB, OiiQ ^mmbtlvajha ATurvs. 4UTS J .?*cd Tenth ate . eoutb aid*, Hfrhb Air/mi*i?D Juat arrived the following brand* of HM. * b?r?; rwM. Co , N*w Vork^M MtoBiahiD^lr low 0giiw?a&t^f * S 0 telegraphhTnews THE WAR II NIIMCRI. am xmeia at kaiuas city?tii iiiiu MARCH!*6 on ST. Kxhmi City, 9?pl fl?Morfli, with partt of the twenty MTetth aai thirty alath roglmenta, arrived hare last algbt, oa tba ateamer Major, from Liberty. I.itmwoui. Sept. 21 ?Cleveland, the lead a* of a band of Jay Hawker*, baa been arreat^d by a military poaae, and held to ball tor examination Scouts Ihta rooming report a atrong column of re be la on the march northward from Lexington; tbeIr anDDoard destination la ftt Jn?n)> The organized companies of the Ku? militia re ordered to rendezvoue In this city Immediately MOVBXXltTS of 81* rilMOKT St. Louia, Sept 27 ?Gen Fremont and part of kli staff left bore for Jefltrsoa tbla afternoon. Reports received here to night state that Geo Price haa dismounted all ble horsemen. except fear regiments, and la organizing bta artuy for a determined stand against General Fremoat thk bklxasx Of COL. SLAIB. St. Lovis, Sept 89 ?The following la a portion of a note directed to Col. Blair by tbe Adjutant General, Capt. Cbauacoy McKeevsr, here, by order of Gea. Fremont: " la consequence of a telegraph from roar brother, Poabnaater General Blair.'followed fey letter asking your release for pa bite reasons, you sre hereby released from arrest and directed to ra> sume your sword and Join yonr regiment for duty." movbmbnts or oknbral lawb?caftvbb Of a bbbbl sppplt train, with 9100,000 im ookd. Lbavknwobth, Sept 28 ? We have Intelligence from reliable source as to tbe movements of Gen Lane, to tbe effect tbat after successful eagagement with ibe rebels at Poplnville, be made a forced march on Osceola, and succeeded la surprising and capturing a large supply train left by Rains snd Price, together with S100.U00 la gold. General Lane Is now supposed to be oa tbe march to lola General Stargls, at Kansas city. Reports of Ben McCullough being In tbe vicinity of Fort Scott, wltb a large force, areatlll adhered to. Nothing definite Is known In regard to bis future movements AFFAIBS AT JtrrBBSOM CI>Y?ABBIVAL or THB OFFICERS CAPTCEED AT LBXIROTON. Jeffeeso* Citt Sept 2^ ?Passengers report everything quiet st Georgetown. Gens. Slgel and Davis are there directing operations. All the Federal officers captured at Lexlnrton have been released upon tbefr parole of bonor not to take up arma unleM exchanged Some of tbe officer* have arrived bere, and all have left Lexington except Col M ulllgan, wbo remain* to aettie up aomebualnesa. He la not wounded, as reported Among tbe olficera wbo bare arrived are tbe following of Col. Marshall's Cavalry regiment from Lexington: Major Jenkins, Captalna Foster, | Watera, Burnou, Lieuta. Proctor, Yoet, Knight and Blair. Tbey left Lexington on tbe morning of Thursday, and to their knowledge up to tbat time Gen. Price bad not started aav portion of hla force in tbla direction, though It could have been done. Captain Foater thinks tbat tbe rebel force baa been Increased by accessions from the country to at leaat forty-two thousand He repreeenta that men were flocking In from all qu&rtera. We have beard nothing detlntte In regard to Ben. McCullougb'a whereabouts Tbe rebels told Captain Foster that his force was ten to fifteen thousand. Tbe otBcera think tbat McCullough la moving towards JeS'erson city. A V. ? /"> * ? - - * * /? ?c?? mcuiucrs uj wuuTernor jnciK>n'i oia Legislature had assembled at Lexington and passed an ordinance of secession. Tbey were discussing an act for the confiscation of the property of all citizens op p posed to the Southern Confederacy Other acts of a very severe character were also uuder consideration. General Fremont is at Jefl'erson city, and Gen. Hunter and his staff called on him to-day to pay their respects General T L Price bad been ordered to take the field, but his brigade not being In readlneaa, be will probably remain in command here Col. White, supposed to be mortally wounded at Lexington, is recovering. LATER FROM MISSorBI. jBrrxRaoN Mo , S*pt 29?General Pope and b a?tafl are here, and Col. Mulligan and bia ataff officer*, It la rumored. will arrive to-morrow. All Intelligence la kept very close- since tbe arrival of Gen. Fremont, who gora 10 camp tomorrow. He will leave probably, on Tueaday or Wednesday neit Tbe opinion ae*m? to be Kilning ground tbat tbe rebela intend to remain at Lexingon to prepare for a general engagement. Many peraona *ay thatlfGan F remont la energetic and rapid in bia movementa that he can cat off Gen Prlce'e chancoa of eacape and obtain a brilliant victory. War Mavemeata laKeatacky. LorisviLLi, Sept. *29 ?Five hundred troops from Terra Haute, Indiana, have gone up Green river, Kentucky, and taken poaaeaalon of Locka Noa. I and 3 on tbe Canal A regiment?f cavalry from Ohio have gone into camp near Covington, and Cyntbia, Ky., la occupied by Federal troopa. National finer* diinlavMl at (^niawlll* Hotel and at tbe Gait House Seven aeceaalonists, among tbem Jam?s B City and Col H. C Harris, of Madison, Ky., were brought here to-d*y under arrest as State prisonera. A writ of habeas corpus issued in Clay's case Is made returnable before Judge Catron on Monday. It la reported that some of Buckner'a men at. tarked tb? Union camp on Mud river, fo ty miles from Bowling Green, under Col Hawkins The rebels were badly whipped and the Union men were coming to Col. Hawkina' aid from all dlrectlons. A Discharged Fart Lafayette Frlsaaer at Heme BraiiSGTON, N J., Sept 28 ?Col James W. Wall, wbn bad been committed to Fort Lafayette, and wbn waa released a few daya alnce, returned to thia city, his home, laat evening A large gathering welcomed him with cheers as he augniea rroi&U)e car* He waa nrterwarda provided with 1 carriage and a torchlight prixesalon, headed by a band of music, waa formed to escort him to hla realdeace. Upon hia arrival there he made an addreaa In response to the de. inonatratleua of welcome with which he waa free ted, announcing hla purpose to find out the ndividuals who were the cauae of hia arreat, and bring them to apeedy juatice Keaticky Legislature. Fkankfokt, Sept 38 ?In the House yesterday, Mr Andrewa, from the judiciary committee, reported, among other tbinga, that the committee do not believe that Congress bu traoacended any of lta powers In the Imposition of the tax to protect the Union. The committee were diacharged from further conaider&tion of the subject?67 againatI3. In the (senate, the vote was unanimous other Prize Veaael. Phi wdilf hi a., Sept. ite ?The United States learner Brooklyn, from the mouth of the Mississippi, has arrived here for repairs. Bhe reports the capture of the barque Mmco, from Rio de Janeiro, with coffee for New Orleant. A prlxe crew was put on board and the prize ordered to this city. Break la the tteaaeasee Canal Rochxstkb, Sept 28?A disastrous break occurred In the towpath of the Genneasee Valley Canal this morning, between Blpperdlnla and Doly's Creek, which will require three or four days to repair. Fr?a Kansas. Wyandottk, Kanaas, Sept. 89.?Acting Governor Root baa Issued orders that every man In the State between eighteen and forty five years, shall enroll himself in the militia, and that each company be ready for Immediate marching orders. Pteaataattea fer the State Seaate. Pbidmick, Md , Sept 26 ?TheUnion convention of Frederick county met here this morning The meeting is very large Grayaoo Llchelberger has been nominated for State Senator. Mr E. la at preaent Secretary of State under Gov. Htcks. The Sterns at Maack Chaak, Pa. Mavoh CacRK, Sept 28 ?The gale oMaat night waa lerrmc in mil neigbbornood. The treaue work on the top of Mount Plagah, supporting tbe gravity railroad, was blows entirely away. I Av /" \ SOMETHING NEW! vt ?V I |JGRMTI?T Dikcovkkt At S81 C Strut,'-orrosiU^BU tkr. Tijfl ? OYBTfciRS ? I'hAMKD In the ?hell and Thoroughly Cooked (far iiHrior to a roa?t) la hm mimih, tk* /mttut iiffli mi Tttord. Oail and m?. The undersigned respecifaily n.form* hit fnenda in the Uutric t and visitors to the eity. that he ha* refilled hie old aud will-how.i utiiliumi -t m a moat tlu'rounU manner, and fca? n.aae mnbalate arrangements to furniah OVSTERs im ht style and la aey ?eaefaty *M to *> ga lonsshaofced rerday. Iwttoioa ouu of e>io?d and K'?a #nt?? daily?oaii? tierriK-tioA. ? a-a.ed Furaished w iW. ln? wiibOfti imi oi MMiara^fkoaM Mil aai Mb *rjP^P?!l ||pl|^ SECOND EDITION^ THREE O'CLOCE P ? OUR MILITARY BUDOBT *&rr til* Lm( Blgbt. tke Relionoe cant ap wltb two of the New York Slxtf-ilath ragimai wh? M? coped from tMi Rlckawd prtooa krootac* loua wnynt M4menii< > i?ck?f ??r by tbe Paaey ftatardar n*nlaf. Owtflkw D ? ?* Kelly it4 tbe atbar la wtoly Mput Daaobaa, of w?pwy K Kelly waa aUgbtly wonadad la tbe tblgh at Ball In.MkM rac?wt4 Their etatemeata are alartlar la aabataaca with Iboac at ethara pravtaaaly n ipil The rellaaea wpartid aa arwa mt lataraaL. Mara Tba Pocabaataa awl da a a tble ewntfag Tba Underwriter la abaat caiplalad, aad artll )a*a tbe tot 11 la aooa She la aaa aaa af Ma ftaaal guoboata afloat, beiag ahnoat aatlrely arw tba etniea 12 aad 80-pannder gaaa forward, aad a 13-pooad bowl tier aad 8-lach Colaablad all Board Lug aattlag baa baaa pat ap, bar pilatbouae sheathed with lraa, aad bar battar aaaaard la Iron aad aaad ta pritaat It Na lajary. Tbe For baa waa ta day rata* HT tba araya. aad will MOB to completed A. BlOB COMTLIMHIT. Hbabqvabtbbs, Abut or r?a P?t?bic, > Wasblairtoa, September ?7, 1M1 \ General Order* Ne 17. The Major General Cmnaaandlng takes pUaeare 1b expreaatng to Ikt troops ml lrl|Mt? OmibI McDowell's dtvieioa. Us (satlAeetlea at tM( ppeoranoe oa Um oeaariaa of the rerWw Bad inspection, on the 83d laataat The soldier tike carriage of the troopa, the eridence tbejr afforded of iBstroetloa Bad dleeipllao, a id the clean ltaeea and good order at tbelr cam pa, wee blgbly creditable to the officer* aad men, and arc exam plea worthy at Imitation tirongbout tbe Army. By command of Major General McCleilaa: 8 Williams, Aaals't Adjutaat Gob'1. Official:?Rich's B. Ibvib, Aide do Camp. ids vhi?wii0h i'? tbi rilTATBI 11 LifT MTU." Among tbe dispatches received at the Nary Department to-day, it oaa from Caa. McKaaa, la command of tbe leet at PeiMcola, la which be Incidentally alludes to tba actlaa af tba 14th fVsUnt, u baring taken place at Peaaacola Nary Yard, In which tbe Unionists attacked Ike yard and killed thirty diauaioa marine* ud<W late Adjutsnt Tyler, of tba V 8. Marine Car pa Thla Information doubtless has reference to tba affair of the Lady Darts prlrateer, of which the reader will find an account bv telegraph elsewhere In to-day's Star. Up to 1 p m. to-day the Narv Department bad no other infnmiiim m tbe subject than tbe bare Incidental alluelon? leaving it all la tbe dark?referred to above. thb roars. Tbe force with which tbe enemy essayed a reconnolMance a boat tbe Great Falls tbla foreseen was eight reglmeuts, not four aa originally stated. 80 Gen McCall telegraphs Tbe? stood bat balf a dcz*-a sbots ere retiring beyond tbe range of Geo. McC ' artillery Tbe river la to day fell five feet above fording mark everywhere above tbe Little Falls. ox th i BIOS. General McClellan remained on tbla aide oI Use river thia forenoon?wbicb means, we take It, tbat be, at least, dees not believe It to be tbe enemy's purpose speedily to attack bla advanced posltlooa. 1 a tk if in a r tv k* ire A M V/ ?? W A * M r? V AnsimuiT -The German Benevolent Society celebrated tbelr twenty Iftb anniversary today. in an appropriate manner It la an excellent Ins'itutlon. designed for the purpose of siding tboae in diatreaa who cone within tbe requirement* of tbe rnlea of tbe society, and baa always been highly e? teemed by our German residents. Tbe society, with tbe Oriental Lodge I O O F., and Winnebago Lodge of Red Men, met at tbelr bail in Eleventh near F street, and formed In procession und? C 8 Walter, Esq , chief marshal, and marched through tbe principal streets and avenues In toe following order: FuU band anddrum corps; School of tbe Society; tbe children, male and female handsomely attired, as if for a May festival; tbe German Benevolent Society, preceded by a splendid allk banner, inacrlbed with tbe name and mottoes of tbe society, and upon tbe reverse the date of lta institution; Tbe Oriental Lodge, I. O.O F , with tbe bannt-r of the order, and Winnebago Lodge of I O R. M , with a hnodaome and appropriate banner, ornamented with tbe Insignia of tbe order After passing through several of tbe principal streets, the procession moved to Loefler's gardens, where a costly entertainment bad been provided their fhmlllea and friend* by the member* of the Society. I.NTKBfSEIKO WITH THE PoLJCB -To-day, aft davita are being made by varloua individuals relative to aa act of the military ea laat Saturday, which deaervea Inveetlgatioa It appeared that a policeman had arreateda dlaorderly maa and w?a conveying him to the guardhouse, when two regular soldiers interfered and tried to take him from them A row ensued, and one of the policemen was knocked down The policemen rallied, aad chaaed the aoldlers Into their quartera oa Mamchuaelta avenue, between Slxta aad Seventh ata Mr John Cbauncey. a citizen, who took atdee with the police,was taken into the quarters, lochM up and beaten Such are the ata.emeata of wttnesa^s; and their al&davita are made with a view to report Lieut. Worth to the Department, It belag aliened that be took part la the dlAcuity. OaaTaiFKBoca ?Yeeterday, roundsman Crenin, in search of evidence concerning the borate* of Mrs Homan aatable the nigh' before, weal to the bouae of a colored man named Parker George, and propounded aoise questions to him He refuaed to tnswer, cursed the officer, and Cnally struck him a severe blow. Croaia at once aeized him, and with the aid of a gentlemsa who waa "lniC ? ' ? nmf mwk Dim oeiorc justice McKeuna, who sent him to jail for court. Committed roa Miun ?'Yesterday, private Samuel Baker, of the Ninth Pennaylvania regiment, (reserve,) ??? brought to thia ctty and dell vered up to J ustice Donn, for shooting and killing pr; vale WHH Coyne, of company C. same regiment, near Tennallytown The rue w?a partly beard by court martial, but was detlvarod up to the clTtl authorities, and J ustlce Doaa committed him to Jail for trial at court on the charge of murder. Fvllt Acquitted ?Tbla morning, the yauag men 2. R Uffutt and 8 Taylor, who were charged with the larceny of a revolver from an ofllcer at Odd Fellewa' Hall Saturday Bight, appeared before Justice Thompson, aad waited for U. V..? V. _ JU .^a - _ iuc m cuarr, uui ur uiu not iuu mry dismissed No one believes tlisen gnllty. And the accuser ought to be punished fee Ma ealy acted upon a vague suspicion Sbsiour Cbaksb ?Mr Moore wm arreated this morning by patrolmss Pbeid, upon a chargs of aaaaultlug and beating Jno R Prttehard iaat Saturday night, and aua with robbing Ilia of ?17 75 in gold and sliver, and s pair ef silver pactacies He denies every parties of IM charge, and staiida committed for wtMr hcering by J nstics Thompson. Hoses 8t?alim ? YseSerdsy. pstrolmnn Peswick nrested a man named Chas Willi imi, fee steal! ug a Government hems from the New Jersey cavalry. He wm captared with ths harm In Us possession, and said he only borrowed it lor a (Ml. He wm committed to jail tsr s fsrtfasr Mnrlng. LA TEST NBWSBT TBLHQRA ?H. THE PIRATE * I ADY SAW" PIITftOTBv?API KING A 6C? AT Til PE**AOOLA nATT TAR*, ETC. ?.p? ?-A MR frMivrtlprft fcwd the frigate CoUr*4o, off Port Ptekaaa, UIm that aa expedition mm the IM MnfW ta ptrrte UUjr Devta, la P?HMk htrkar Bba wee Um of ml boafa ww laaiad at Ua mmrj y%r+ ^?.7\^wSeE5S^5 ir/t^.r'sa ?srSfL'SE?x;a jk^f^ r ? ^ A & PHI i HAlUftfUT lAU^* "* Tnr^Agwit' ??iiM ^ u in?, m mi^MI4 * ? - **

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