Newspaper of Evening Star, September 30, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 30, 1861 Page 4
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I I ' " THP FVFMNG STAR *CLirt fD? AM0l?t9q Pint of all, *#ccrtnin fruw which diraotioa tb* Br*Ttilinv iniia Kln> u II to ffive nrO tectioo by planting, for nothing can scarcely eoBMonte for sweeping winds in winter penetrating the house and raking the garden. Sno'uilv, examine the fineat points of distant view, so that these may be preserved by leaving the planting open, and concealing by d?a?e foliage socfa points as are undesirable Where prevailing winds come from the finest points of prospect, a choice of evils mast be tnade, ana most eernmonly a portion of the distant view may bo retained through vistas, and moat of the grvofida bo wail protected by shelter. Thirdly as ico no my Is of vital importance? that is, affecting as mueh as can be done with a given amount of means?grading the ground, tfeo most expensive of all Kinds of improvement, should be nearly avoided and the plan adapted to the ground by arranging the walks to existing levels, and planting trees and ahrnbs to Improve all inequalities of surface, so that what might otherwise seem a defect, M?mj v?guuo s pu?iiiT? oeaaij, ana *ppe?r ti if aeleeted and adopted on purpose. Economy will always be promoted by a large share of gr*M lawn aa compared with flower beds, the fawn quiokly receiving its finishing touch with the scythe, while beds are trimmed with far greater labor ?Country Oentleman. Laat Tuesday Ex-Gov Motehead of Kent <cky, and Messrs. Barr and Duadd, fditors of the i-ouisvtlle Courier, arrived In New York. under a guard of soldiers, and were placed in Port l.sfay tte the next morning. James W. Wall, of Burlington, and George L Bawne, of Cooperstown, N J., with Pierce Bu'ler, of Philadelhpls, w?-re released from Fort Lafayette Tuesday, upon liking an oath of allegiance. 1TTTW Wheeling Intelligencer of Thursday aya: Within the past few day* a large number of jnina and army clothing have' arrived In the city ?->d are stored In the government atore houses. The last arrival la two thousand guns?Whitney (una and Springfield Rifles. ltTAfter (he arrest of Mr. Johnston, of Baltimore on Tueeday, the bank was searched and fifteen letters found addressed to parties in the Sooth. Mr. Johnston has been sent to Fort Lafayette. JET Last Tueeday 1S92 bags of peas and two boxes containing a portable mill and appurtenance* seized In Cincinnati by the U S. Marshal 1b June lMt were confiscated to the Government. IC7~F.*e hundred new grain cars are being W_ At 1111 A? ? "-?? * " n?cu try me uunoii imuu naiiroaa uompanv, to meet the tacreutug activity In the grain trail*. (Z^Fort Delaware oa Delaware bay h*M been e!oaed to vialtora, attempts having been mada#>y eeeeeaton >ympatb!zer? to aptke som? of the large ?UI?. IC7*Tbe publication of tbe Frederick (Md.) Herald haa been auapended. OCEAiVSYEAWERS^SAILWG DA YS ft ok raa Uhitsb Stat aa Liavt. tor. i.'av*. Kufvoo.^ New York?.Ltveipwul_.5'pv tiew V orlc N ? W V?rk u ?-? - _ _ - - . . ,i . - t VIMI ? in"SUOB . fceropa.-^. Hoatoo , Liverpool..?Oct J. Greet Eastern Ne? York_ !.iv?rjoi-l ...Ool .S Per?ia ... .New Yorfe. ? Liverpool.....I >"t ff Niagara- .. .Boston. ___ l.iYerp<v>:...,0?" t* tin .?. .New k'orit ? Liverpool... Oct 28 rcwrr, NtwYoik .. Bremen?Oct * From Europe Saraia. .... Liverr< .>1 New Y?>rk H-ptll nitou. .rtouth'oU?a._New York.?Pe^t IS iafara . L;vorptH>l Boatou .Septal A**% ? .Liverpool New York ~t*ept 28 Jlremer. j*outh ptou,..New York..-Oct 3 The California mail st^amert leave New York on tiia 1st, 12th. and 21?t uf every month. jm\ RESUMED BUSINESS. /<K ^ i The Uni?r?ini:ec would iijform hi* awA 9 tPfrienda and <he public that he :?tf V taken kMMM Niolli it., between I> ai.'S h, wheie he viu Main do ftuaineca a? & licenced l'>WN? BROKER. Fair dt&Iuif in ft . Luis.nets IraaaMtwai. ! ?! 8wi? ENOCH WABI). NOPHUIS AND bOL.bii.Ksn EEDLNti Aaj kiudof Fancy and 3ta.pie DRY uoOliH for the io.ic? at noma a*e solicited t > in t?pe<-' our vastatwck oi >ew Autumn au-1 Winter labriga Aa examination of atook lmpiiea no obligation to purehaae. One priee only, maiksdtn plain figure*; therefore, ao parohaeer la O^eei ved. PERRY A BROTHER. Pa. avenue and Ninth at. _ wyau "harry Buiklim " fV*.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE uee<l for the JLP tact batf oentary in th? Hoapitala of Loni 'U aca l-un f>r the oure ?.f Stent P j*4h* may now be lulu L PH AM'8.t'JryiaLn|<?. 310 Crest ut ??.r et, ec!e a*et? for the United hi*tea. It oofctains 1.0 nuicory or r41?er i. inera.a, acd wi 1 not h~rm the most dehoate c<-u?* tatioa A .?f 'Av e*r? i?%i|iiLe?rt %uil L9 cti&ufe ol < ist required. P<id? 'xpre** ?* id WaebitiCton by 8. CALvkrt ford, coruer 11th street abJ a venue. sep&eolv v tpham'h hair d\e:-to color black OR y 3S cmU&tM, Three boxen lor ous iJoi ar Gray, r*d or flaxen hair can N> cr-auged la a few ?eo<>!ids to a j t biaofc or brown, t-y *ib< l pi am'i Liquid Hair Dye, tne best pi oi?ea,>cat in the world, producing, the moment it is applied, a riot uatura. appcaranod. Each Box of CPHAM'S H At K DYE is w?rrai.ted to contain aa tn^ieb knir rfy ai otheia aeli for ont Jo'larl *o d V>) 3 C. UfUAUi 310-'h*anut street, h ladeiphia. acd S CAI.Vr.KT FORD, oorner Ilia Weet and fa. are. tep j-eoly DR DUPOMT8 WOAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS are A the ttry 4?jf m wjs They operate speedi tW/ an* effectual.y, aad being 'Uiar-ooate V i area e no aanaoa open the moat de.ioau^ r r?;iMh A trial of tteae Ptlia wiii prove their aaponority over all oihera. Price On* Dollar a . box. So a onl* at UHHa m'h ?in itml. Sent by mail to ai! part* of the oouctry in % sealed etve.cpo. Sold In Washington by S. CALVEKT KumD, ooiner 11th street and Pa. H*. sop 8 wIt CMITR^, No. 460 Seventh street, is the beat D piaoe 11 tn%rn U? bay Ci.uTHlN'/. 1RUNK:*, HA1J. CAPS'. VALISE. CARPKT HAGS, aua a.1 kinds of ?KNT6' PURNI9HIN6 0*?0u9, aa he aella all hia good a ai New Vork frilli. aw ?-lm GIB US' HAIR STORE, No. J* J Pa. 4v..b?t. 12th awi> 13th ?ts. fBHfUXEKY. kr. BRAIDS. CURLS WIGS. HALf W1G8. V Rl/.KTTKS, 4o. A fill atooa a.waya ut Laud, or made to order at the -honest nouo*. flair Work repaired or exobaoged. N. B ?Ladlea' Hau D^ai ia lite moat rantral "ia ?? Ma Ywood and coal. OU Will enrol y get your money's worth by oaiuii at toe PIONEER MILLS, cot ntr nf Strtntk strut and Canai, (GEO. PAGE, A??ct) T'.iey soil oheaper and I ' *? batter measure than any others in the city?out, split, and delivered freo of charge. If yon doc 11 aiievs , t ve tbePionaer Mills atria., a ad bo naMahed * l?.r W" BOYS* CLOTHING. E Have ?ec??ived witnia the laat day or two a large aae^rtireut of BOYS' BPRING CLOTHING, embrvrin* *i] atrlee of low-priced, medium, and Bo* su.v.iias, which we are soiling a t very low prions pn cask. WALL, BT&PBKNB * CO.. 3*4 Pa. a*., betTMo '.U? and 10th ?U. wtJ I >B'.aUi<?*no?r and Re?nh|;r4m. > i?^4T TUB OJ.D PAWN OFFICE. A ' B*ck of lis Amt*omai Hotel. U V \ _jft>et Libert advacoae mad* oe itoia aod . ilver Wator.*#. DtanionJaw* rj. Stiver ware. Clothinc. Pietole,and all Einda of Merohandiie. Bu?iMM Btriot r oocb Jettial. ISAAC HBRZBERG, 3*1 C (treat, aa 1-hi Betwaen ?H aci ?th ?ta. VV TRA VfcLINQ TRUNKS. K Offer lor ia,e Lut iargaat aaeortaant o g'VKUNG TRUNKS to la found . Carpet Uao. itc., waich we are now aalliag ^ M ?? W 'F ^ALL* 8TEf<RBil?-4-?2!? r ran, STrDlB. WPHCLAL VAftSAJNtt ? IN MODRNlNe SOODft. We o|?t all UM be* gnuiee M M?uriua? t??o4? 10 ot^ainot ?t greatly r|d^^d^rio?? OURTS AGtfc gURt; AND ANTlbOTK, * ? utft^jbie, mi* **a efjMtMi Ifmaiiwd revenUU. or Acne in lU various Iqiau having mm ?inr trlM?D4 provwi. it *i? aff^rtd-tn the mMw .W U MlX)EK'(* W..t Km Dratyhifilli i > t? wM-tr 1 [NlON PAPfcJl AN i> L .>i V k.L*J P wm ^ BtTlM^TNot* ?nd Letter Paper, WV^wTu?TR!uu4Jm .? Uj? formol 4 Kow,ud h?J>d. Her?id. I iru.-s, eudTribune reoeiv*d?ver? *te'rg?jrs*rrJga*. : .yfiU sappty of Book* for tmnaier reading. \ Sff.'isr.ssfsds^ssrar? A ItMOHBt 0< 10 to ? f 0*Bt. OB?jlbuM4 DOOkl mm m MJitd In ^HKSR k^V.. f., JI" - < 0 pj?l' " VfuTT tilMih'\rT 1?T ^ W?TUK OTT-5 M Jo' MmJ ' ^ '* '' 'fiWi^ii.# , C % StTMMER RETREATS. BATHIN? AND AAPK RETREAT. O At four Looa-Ocr, Maetland. I This cp ebrattU B&thini Plage, situated ittk* jfaootionof the Potomaa River with the A. . A Chesapeake Bay. will be opened by UteVrS^V nndersuned oa tho inth of June, ic theliuKX rery beet style, lor all persona who may wish a afe and egiet retreat, where they oan na*e the brief t o( Ute best salt water bating and enjoy the aeuoaciee of the water, aaoh aa Fish of all Kinds.' OiiMn, Crab*, ?o , Every d?*aription of fiahing taokta will ba k?M ' tor tne aoeommndation of |OMti. A fine livarr atab a k?pt on the farm Aiao, tea pia ailaya and billiard aalooaa; with &.1 other amiuMMDti naaaJlr found at auoh place*, < The table wul be supplied datl? with freah regeUbfei from the garden oa tha premiaea and from the Baltimore and Waahington iparketa. The beat Li?aora and Cigara wili al way a be foand atthoBar. Bo*rd, 82 P*r day; ona weak, fit; aecond week, If. four weeka for f 8S; ohi.dron and oolorad aervant? balF-prioa. The ateamer St. Nicnolaa leavea Washington Tneaday at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. ia The half paatSo'oiook p. m. tra\n from Willi* lugtoa wul aoniK'ot at Baltimore with tha boata, reaohinx Point Lookontdaiiy ; a ao, a tri weekly (tacafroin Waahlngtwx, by way of Laoaardtown Add aaa the proprlefora, at Point Lookout, Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Va. m ?t HBKLEBOVVKR A CO . Prop'ra. DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUK, Between Ninth andTanth Streeta aa a6-oo2m , \f TEETH. in. LUOMIS, M. D., the inventorand patei.te? oi tna MINKKAL FLATK TKETH, at . lends personally at hie oUScc .n this city.mflBBaf Many persons nan wear tneae taeth who^' "" cannot wear others, and no person oan wear otbora who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my office can be accommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to thoae who are parti onlar and wish th e p i***t. cleanest, stroncest, and most perfect denture tnat \ art can produae, the MINERAL PilATK will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city-No. 338 Pa. avenue, between Kh and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroli street, Fhiaael pma. oo ll tf GAS FITTING, &c. AV?M T. DOVE * CO." RE Nov preaared to execute any erltra with Which thar mar be favored in the PLUMfilNd, QAS OR STEAM F1TT1N* BU81NE8B. VZT Store on ?th street, a few doora north of Pa, avenue, wiiere mi; be fonnd a comitate assortment o[ CH <M)K.i,IK)(S aod other CAB, STEAM water fixturkw itr> I SNYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER. Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F at*. Rt.i prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the mod favorable tetras, acd guarantiee entire aati atactica. Hohai on hand a lot of COOKING acd other STOVES, wmoh he will aeil I eta than coat, aa ha wishes to set rid of them. no 17 u/ VAO ( 1AIV KfiBi T* ? Kava m store, or.J ^rs da; y r^cmrint, oiS F/jlTtTRESofontir^ly New Pattorna&nd Deeitrn and Finish, surer..>r in ?y t* to anything hpretofort c-flsi d in toi* irark?t. We in*iU?cii:xens xeneral It to Mvil anu examine our atock of Gas ana W ater Fix irc?, fe?.iL* oonhdont that we have ths i???l eiected block in Waahmxtcu. Ail Work in th? above Tine intr?iit?d to ?nr ?ar? will h? yrc-TTirtlT att*i led to. MYf KB & Mc*HAN. tr;ti ? IX 37ft 1> Ot OF roR AND ?kalei OF <2 AS M STURM. Wauhhioto*. J?Iy It, 'JM. NOTICE IS flKRKEY T6*t.?tree t".j 10 ia? provisions of toe otdmanoo ol ui? Corjoretioc a?rro.fed Mar 12, lCfif. the udaraic&M * uow ?re^*rm,"viec!>t?r recuiiod id writing, *jid oc ?*e- >?jit30t of the f*-e of fifty wiiti, to luapoot. xs.n:nf. tMt. prove, tad ascertain the aocuraoy of r*s'*tr%Uon ofaay rcstar tn use ia thi* o'.ty." Everr iffoinii moorTfot, will be condemned and anothor. m*;M and marked as inie, wiM be otini?? jl*cc, if proved to be accaa.e in ita meuaiomem of %yjit it wJl be teaiea ACfoui&f ly, a<?e ?c?iL >st in foaftion for ai?. ?>ftwo No, *1?? Senenvli street. (near <Md Feitiaii.J ?,f?<i f'om 8 9. ni., to if. m. CHAftbifiM W. CUNNINwRAM, It ? J-tf Ii.a?eotor aid Sever ol Gi? Meiers. W'ALL.STEI'HENS A CO , t- f SMNMYLVA2I1A AVBWTS. m i L it a k V and naval merchant Tailors. ANT) KEAUV-MAUE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTKNs-lVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, ?? 6-if <Intel. A Repub.t i--billiards: r' tis "Cf Tli? lovers L-=* *- of the GAME UP BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Corn?r o Pennsylvania &v? ,ae and llth street, < south aid?,) two of the most a-lmirable TA B LEb to the Inited Slates, with every comfort and oonveuieooe AuS-tf lor the players. M* TOPHAM'S aiit'wu laSa premium TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 4&9 Sivbsth Stkxkt, Wasuimstok, D. C. Silver Moilii awarded by Maryland Institute o Dal'.imore, November 7, ir#o. A. 30, Mcdai bv Metroftoutau Moo>.?i.ics' li.sLUts, VV attain ton, D. C., lo57, 1 am aonstantly makinx, and aiwaya have on hand, of the Lost materia^, every desoriaboa of F tee aoie Leather, Iron J-'nime. K4 faoklM Tract*. At Low Prtc$3. KmMn of Conjreas and travelers will pieaas tuniiM m? took before purohaslcf elsewLsre Truck* that are made m other Superior Leather aad Dresa Tmnki mad* to order. , ... Trunks eor?frl and repn red nt short ootioe. Goods de'ivere'. free of nharra t.*ny|part of tfca oity, Georgetown, ?nd Al?zauuna. ia23-1 yeo JAMES 8.TOPHAM. WATCH REPAIRING AND8ILVBR WARS MANUFACTORY. I hSTA one of the best establishments, and furnished witiiaonuiplctetetof tool* tor repair- Jfcv ida every description of hue Waio-ies, anU gUl eartioula; attention give to tne same, by ivdHE tl.o. ??ht?ompetentworkm\n.Anda. work himlu tie^ A!*?, ev?ry daworip ion of standard SILVER Wi R h. pl&inar.d ornamental, ma.nufnotu'-edunder my u*r. supervision, which my customers will iind far superior in fnahty asd finish to northern *?'? sold by dealers iu csnerai and represented r.? their ewn *aniii?c:iir?. H. O. HOOD, .. * - r* I!** f '? Ht. EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT IIY f. A. K.'AIifOH. at tii? cornor of Penn.ft. ? A avtrnue tea ?i?w tj ?.-&?t, hat been ffr.abP (r?-fcUj isLfiOveC re^oniiy now ouet'i4<rW j grutor .iiU 3%;?.H9cU for the patiouage of ciLimna ar/J ein.ns.jri. t-'.r.u a -y other public house in the' oitj, .-jic p*;c33 beinf lew lh>?u thoae of ar.y other vu i tin. aveuue, and his aoeommodatior* tor taa^iUiZ l or transient borders cnexceptlonau.e. '31 o b:r >i; l <-ostauract arrangements of the I'aicpoA" rfj'.ti have already become vrry popu ar.bciiK all that can be Paired by the most faaudijue. Tho proprietor pledges anrem'.ttod attentior trd oontiuuM Iibe-ai expeaditarea to giveaatiafaotion to all,and taus reaews his invitation '? tosive the Korotwa Hotel aoall. a*4-ti WCOAb AND WOOD. E Have on hand and eonstantly receiving large ?u&n uies of all kinds of Coal, which we are galling at low priaea for oaah. We have now tiMt Mir cargoes We will aell i? ftt tt mbU p?r IOQ less when taken Jireot from vessel. Also, Oak, Hiofcory and Pine Wood, at low prioes WARDER A 8TEWXRT, s? U-U Corner H and Two fia sts. QUN BOATS QnartermiisteT G*n*raPt OMc*. I Wuikiagton Otty. July IS, 1861. \ Plans sxd BracincATimta for hull* of Sun Boats lor tka Wesiara rivers are on exhibition at ?is office, and at offioae o( C^uartfrmasters at ttaburj. Cincinnati, 4t. Louis and Alton. Boat" to be delivered at Cairo, li as should be sent to Uu%rterra*ster Geuerai of the United 8tatas Army, at \V aauiajton, by l?t An^ut,^at^<>on. JtH Brig. Gen*l ai.d Quartermaster Gen'1. IVfAPa OF TmE 8 A AT OF WAR^A splendid 1*1 Mas of the S?-at of War for only S oenu. B.Tookat Mat* of all kinds. iers' Camp Dressing Cases from $1 80 to ft. k Books and Stationery of ail kind*, Flag Paper and Knr?to??. ?????? ,,| ! k,Th?r |9 rlfht to the Spot." INSTANT RHLIKF STOP lOUR COUGH PUR1PY YOU* BREATH 8TRBNGTH8N YOOR VOICE SPALDING'S ^ MROAT CONFECTIONS, in 900D FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSVMPT1TKS. 4 8ENT1-EMSN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARB DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough inetantly. They ole&r the Throat They fire ttrenc th and volume to th? voloe. They impart a delioioua aroma to the breath. They aredelif htfnl to the taate. They are made or aimple herha and oannot harm any one. I advie* every on* who ha# a Cough or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Wreath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to fet a paokase of ray Tbrat Confeotioci. They will relieve yon instantly, and you will agree with me (hat "thev go rirht to the spot.' You will fiad them very usefui and pleasant while traveling or attending puMio meetings, for (tilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If you try one package 1 am safe in saying that yon will ever af tervanfi ooneider them indixpensiMe. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers in Medicines _ PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. ,nf signarur* ia on eacti paokage. All otberi are ooncterfeit. A Package will be aeut by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of 1 hirty Centa. Address. HENRY C. SPALDINC, No. .4? CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. i NervousHeadachi * ^ CURt A Headache. i Br t/;e??eof thwea-fills the perwxlio ?*tv*ke * j [Hn*??m of Rir.k H??iiitrkt may he ni?d, and I taken at t*e oonunnno^inent ol an attack inme dtaie relief from pain and aiokneea trill beobtained. The? seldom fail in retnotiui the iV<MUt? and H**da<ki to whioh female* are an auhjeot. They act jentJy upon thebowela,--remorun Cot it tor Litmmry M*n. Studmis. Delicate T"?naJe? and ail person* of laUntarg habits, they am valuable m a Lmttm, improving the ?pv?ku, ?mnt ion* and tutor to the dlceetir** ori^na, and re storing the natural e'.aatloity and atrengthof th< whole ayat*m. The CEPHALIC PILLJ3 are the reeoltof lont investigation and oarefally oonduoted experiments, having been in aae many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pata and atffering rom Heariaohe, whether ongtn&tinf in thA ' - 1 ~ ?jakoiu IM uurn m uomiccc state of the itomacJk. They are entirely retetable in their composition Bud m%y b? taken at all times with perfeot saistj without making any change of diet, *nd tkt mlj??ci af ?*? disigtuablt l?il< rmdsrt it M<v is *dv. mi 'l*' iktm to cAildrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS ! ? The genuine hare five signatures of Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Soid by Druggists and all other Dealer* is Medl. ?1BM. A Uox will he sent by mail prepaid on reosipte Us PRICE, 9* CENTS. 1 Ail erders shoxld be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDIN*, 48 Cbsax Stout, Niw Yoxi. Frtm Iki Iimms, Ntr/elk, fa. Ceehaho Pills acoomfltsh the object for whisk they were made, nit Oars of heaaeohs la all its forms. P**m Us Jfer/ett, Fa. Ttey bare been tested in mere tktt a Utuui oun, with sctira suoceaa. Ami tkt HmKfii. St. Cltmd, Mi*m. If yon are, or have been trembled w ith the baadaohe, send for a box, ( Pills ,t so that yoa may tare them in oase o 1 an^attaok. Am Ui IfiiUra R. R. BmnttU, Cliwii, IU. We teartily endorse Mr, Spalding, ant kit aariTaliea CepLalio Pilia. Am tkt 8outktm Path Fitvhr, Pftw Ortaani, La. Try them ! 7 ou mat are afflicted, and we art aara Ib&t your testimony can be abided to the alraady numerous iist that has reoeived bene&te that no other modi 01 ne oan produce. h\om tkt 0cs?K?, Ittsa. Mr, Spalding would not concent his aa? ?'.ts an artioie he did not know to possess real Merit From tin AdirrHttr, Pmidm**, JL i. The Ccpualii. Pills are said to be a renarfcibly effective re nedy for lias hondiobe, and oneoftJi* very best for that very frequent compJaiat wlaeb has ever boen di boo Tared. Fr$m tk* Sr. Ltvit Dtmmmt. I TheirnmacM demand for tfce u'Jiii (CajkaiU fula) ia rapidly iaoreasint. Prtm tk* JTimwU Yt.ll** Btmr. Km*wAc, 7m. We ar>e tare that peraooa ?fr?rt:.; with the Law! Mho, arbo try tbem, will atiok to Jim. >Vmh tk* Admmrti**r, Fmiimtt, M. J. The teatiraorr in their fcror la ev/om.irem tk* 1 Boat reooctab'e auartera. From tk* D*Uy N**t, Numrmt, R. 1. Ce?haiio Pilla are takin* the plaoe of all kiata. Fr&m tk* Ccmm*fcuU Buiitttn, Boston, Nui Said to be rery eAoaoiona for the headaohe. " i From tk* Commtrcial, Ctacwwii, Ohio. BoneriDi humanity can now be relieved. 117 A bottle of SpaldlDf'i Prepared Glue wtlt aave ten timee it? oo?t annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! 1 SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! 1 SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! I ECONOMY! DISPATCH Stitch in Tim Saw Nui*."^D At aooidenta will happen, even ia well regtT.atec IbmiiiM, it ia very desirable to ha- e aorae aheap uj<Coonvenient way for ropauiof Purnitare, Toya J rockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE oueeta atl aaob emerjeeoiea, and a* fconaebold a* tflor* to b? Withoat 1L It ia aJ va.? ?-i to U? lUokmc foi?t "" """ 1 - USEFUL W BYERY HOUSE." I ,.W. g.-A^gniat -comfnu- met Bottl*. Fr?? ? HBNKY C. 8FALDIN?. He. ?BC*U, Mr Mi, Ntv York ^.OAjpiOW. PAli0lN*1> PKKPARKI) SLUKiH ! 1 aaaar4* " -""tvaKS."*' Hi -wrim i?Ai- t Flags, tffaaersairfBadges. Viewe of Wnshiniton, A meriean and Foreign Mm Mites, Daily aud W eek. r fwen. FRENCH 4 RICHSTEINU Nauanai Bookstore, si I (Intel,k. MSP*, tmas vtieft we Invite afl oa?h purchasers to enraire , "*"* *U?mSB? * CO.. { )M Fa. av., between Kn and lota sta. mm <ln?*'msnaer sad Re?nb>ioaa.l MKW VOLUME BALZA0*8 NOVELA?Tbe ? > v Aiehequst, or (its Hoaee of Claea from *>> ' / i i ?Mi?MM #CWr? nU, Hottmtu. InAumsa mmy hruauo* tr Serf Mil o f tk* Tkrmt, AiAmi iU Harking Co*tk M Con rum ftum. B'onckitis, At km?. # dmxmrrk, CUm mmd |t?i ttrmttk la tk* Mkl Few are tirvi of the importance of fceociac ? Cooch or "C0R1910B CoI?r' in ita iret itu?; that which In the bejicmj woold yield to ami.<1 reme d*. if ne(leot*d{eoonattaofcathe Lanfa. "Broton't vwvnia* irocwr oontftlDKlf GOmUiOVDl lQ(rOUleata, allay fatmonary and Bionehial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S whioh tha "jyotkts" areaapeoifie! ????? having made ma often a mere wh1a TROCHES perer." N. P. WILLIS. BROWNE "I recommend their aae to P?blh Snuini." TROCHES *EV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Great earrioeinanbdainf Hp*n?? BROWN'S Dm." REV. DANIEL WISE. roprk-r " Alroont inataot relief in the dta KULHhB treaaim iabor of breathing peoaiiar BROWN'S t0 A,y?v. A. C. EG9LESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opiam or anything injar.oua." DR. A. A HA KS, BROWN'S CMsnil, Botien. VROfRKM . l1***01 "?bina TROCHES uon for CoveBs, Jto.' BROWN'S DR .d.^.BieELOW^ TROCHES * Be^mW&NE. BROWN'S |#fc TROCHE? Wihnn Cowan." ri_?_, REV. H. W. WARREN, BROWN'S Btttm. v r nm pa "B?MtpuLl when eomMllMt to WROCHES .^k ^Wrom Cot^' UDiiti/Mia ttftf i P. Ti AHIUtKSUili BROWN? St. Limit. VKOCHK9 " Er?*T?AL In r?n?OTin? Hoaraon??? acd Irritation ofthe Throat, ? BROWN'? 0?mjnon with 8ra*ina and SinsIRS* TROCHES Prof. M.BTACY JOHNSON, L* tirmnt*. (> . BROWN'S Taaoher of Mni;o, Squthoro PPi^aia Ccilefe. VROCHES Braat 'bebtfit whan takea before ?ra ?ner fraftcuiDt, as taei prevent BROWN'S Ho%r8.inen8. From tteir past e9eot, (tbink they vUl t>? ol yeritiiaent a<ifROCHES nntajce to me. REV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Preeident o{ Athene College, Tfenn. YROCHBS <i My - for FOR THKSJO& AND SBFFEJUN#

J lir ALL WHO AH Ii AFFLICT MO REA9! *t?4.T THK KJSMMDY US JO 10 M /5? HEALTH. Fries*. < to* ?*f ?r/ Are rev the Tietln ef U) eftkeee &?merou mi met U wkie* erne frcm imparity of the bloo<L' W k?t are utej, do job uk / Ikthur ur. vhit are the-/ net/ Ths hljod >a i-?,e aoaroa ; life and health, are! it la the fret clement of oar belni to reaycnd to ?ny oaaae which atfecta '.h* (ratsn, M the n.u infallibly ati*?ta The ovrr ^rtrraiiinx Nearajcia, tho lrnUtinc Kryaipelaa, the aabtle Sorcfula. tbeacoaiaitf fthramatitm, Asrroxa Debility, OyapeyaUp Litar Comyiaint with ita tornor an.i dejeolion, an?f tie Atml/eriea* lllathat floae ia heir to, derive their hidsoua oriels frcm the blood. Peal kinr? then and ?*Etl j with the l:ooo. V?a the Tit*li?;u? rMoaroes o; native for it* kid, iu<J aaffer at to touiwtiiC :o rotr co^fiijeuoe ?c? aaa Uat tri.j rais*fcle medio*r.iout known ta M.1S, M. COX'E INDIA* rgVSTMBLE DBC09T10H. With retard to una aiuioat luialiible (?eeiS? a<>*nil; a-itirr-ect hi* a*okeii in decided terma iM the evidence* of tbia ?reat ^fuwt am matamed by oonvte.nt avowa.a of ouratire eflfcuta and the haayieat to^niU from ita aae are after a.i other rcmedio* aaU tae best modical eiri.i bare failed. L.ft .? .-?*?, in cwo'aaion. tn%t eertlfioatea saree are nat aoajnt Trou; the illiterate and eaaerboial, bat they are volunteered from the ir.oat rea^eotat'e aoarcr* a?d jnatify the bith^et t^rrua >n iiinK ?# in aoi? K!a (a Ai^trifnAn^ an valnat. a i?ii f?c to pablio a?/ro*ai. VVe may add a>o that th9 curative properties of tr.s medicine are emailed oaly by its rectrrative effeote. the ayatem recovering from diaeajte with renewed constitutional vi jor. For ita'e r>r ail reepeotabie Dni(ciata in thia city, asd by tne proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None rename isim? her ume ia blown os the bottle and her seal on the oork ITT" Price tf 1 per bottle, *il bottles for ft WhrUfii Aim'. K. K. 1, Clc?SKL, Drcgciat Reoreeiown. 0 C? Wholesale Agent for tne DlaIriot, and will aapply the trade at my prioee. am It tr Female boarding and day school ALSXAJSltHIA, fA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICR. PRlXCirAX. The thirteenth annual ssbbjod of tola Inntitntico w..i commence on Tuesday, ^eptemner 18th, i; the bou??e rw-.jii* oco..piad by byiveeter ftccit, fU. ISO Kins street. The conrsa of stndy panned will oomprlae all the branches requisite K> a t.iorouib English Edasatlon.aud Muuo, Freaoh, Litis and Drawing, it Retired. f-i addition to day scholar*. Mra. MnCorinick ia prepared to receive a lircited nun i<r of pcpils u ^ukiri. ?na.wi(iuimin( a pwn 01 ner own lami!y, will be oncer h?r Immediate care aiid aupemsion. She will endeavor, aa tar aa poaeibla. to ?arrour.1 Ultra witu tae oomicrU and kindly ioduencaa ?t Horn*. Hiftrmut.?Re*. Geo. h. Norton, R*?. Dr, Kliat H?rriaen, Rev. 1). P.Strict, William H. Fotrle, F.ff*.<ahdgar SDOwdfcti, Kb?., Kd round F. Witmer Km.. Henry Ai?/bury, Lm-< Lcwia MoKenxie Kb?., Robert H. Hunton, Kb?., W. D. Waiiach Editor Ever-ine Star, Benjamin Watere, Kntwisle, Jr., E*<.,Coi.John W.ftLinor, Loudoun, ' J->?cra. U aoXioas ?t Marsitall. Meaara. (Jorae BtMnn. Tun. Beard, with Tuition >u a.l the En? Uah Branottea, g?'jio r the annual aoaaion?payable aena-anauauy, ia vl vanop. Mnaio and 1.animates at i*rcfe??ors' prices. |C7" No extra charges. aw THL BUBSCRiHKRS RKSPKOTFULLY 1 invite the attention of tne Army aud ?Navy to their fail ?uppl* of MIL1TAK V^pj knu NAVAi. FURNfr?HlN? li'.oD*. \K Baoh as indigo Blue Clotha and Doeskin*, %W Caps, Kpauleta, Laces, Shoulder Jtraps,^*^ Bella, Swortia. Sword Knots, < ftps, Hat*, and a'l lAlDAfltivd BniilTOhiArv A.jui th.. P A T_ KtfT piLTERING CANTFBN. 7 Order* in that line respectfully solicited. H F. LOL'UON A CO., Naval and Military Merohant Tailor*, Jt II Mm SHU P*. *v.. under Hrown'n Hotel. H FRENCH A R1CH81K1N AVE Just received a fresn supply of Note Paper, Colored Borders, ruled and plain, with Envelope* to matoh Also, ) lac Paper of ail kinds, with aiid without Mottoes; Envelopes to match. Parses and P octet Books of every description. A largo assortment of Stationery. New York Paper* received duly; Papers from kl! parts of the country. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, (Mil tTS P?rr *?? ' > Army supplies. JUST RECEIVED? 4fln<>ans SAl'SAG MEAT, 8*) oaus FRESH TOMATOES, 4# > cans FKESH VRAL, 3b0 can* BEEF, a la mo.U, V4'?can* KOAST BEEf, 3r?>can* h RESK MUTTON, 24iican8 BKEKand GRAVY, 240 . an* (I'P and BOL'iLLI, an c 4*es FKENcH DE83lv,ATED VE6E TABLES.' For sale at New York Factory prices. KING A BL'KCHELL, *e 6 Corm-r i and t-i:teenth street* Hmsw book.*. 'STORY of tbo United Netherlands, by John Loluro* Motley; 3 vol*.; free b? mail, $4. Th* Rim) of the putoh Republic, a nistory, by John Loihrop Motley; ?vo.s o.oth; fr?c by mail, e > Silas Marner. the Weavsr at Raveiol. h? th? author of "Adam Beds cloth "Heante ; paper 60 srats. Life and Ctwr of Major Andra, by Wmtrop Barieant; tl>0. Alter Icehargs with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; bj Rev LouiaL. Nob e ; 91 50 The Manuxactore of Photoeenio or Hydro-Carbon Otla. by Thomia Actiaeli, M. D.; #1.75. Any ol the above free by mail FRENCH k RICHSTF.IN, ap 25 ' aT* Penna. avenue. UNBOATS roa the WESTERN RIVERS. QcABTiixiim fimmt'i Orricx, ( Washington. J urn 17,1861. { Proposals are invited lor oonatraotiRt Gunboat* upon the Wee torn river* bpAoihcations wiil be immouintely prepared and may be examined attheQu&rtermaater'a Ofioa at Cuiolnnati, Pit ?bnrgh. and at thia oAoe. Propoaala from boat Luil era aad enfine-bnlld er? alone will be oonaidered. Pan* submitted by bidden will be taken into sonaideration M C. MEI6S, ie ia Quarterinaaw general United State j^oora amd **<0^ *? 8fcii* tu We are sow r-anafaatui Lg ail klode of BOOTS and 8HOK5, auu ocs'-anUi receiving a^te applf ?ee*err. made work of every do- DH| icr?ftion, made expreealy to o;aer, and will vHJ D<? *c'.4 at a maol*. lower priee than Uaa been* bftrAkoforfl Ahlrrifl in lhia ?it? f?* mmmK ^ ap ? ?? ?r?V ?? M1KUH IlUOtlVI trtooiea. Persona in vul of Boou ?cC Shoe* of aaatern ar iitr made work, will aiwa^a ia?! ajood aaaortroaa s itcre and at Ui iwweat pricea. 0 it* a calL, EIFF1N * BHO., *M 1 ?rntilT?ri,?' tt*n?A fkUPONT'S 6UNPOWDKR, U For aale at manufacturers fKMt, by JOttN J. BOSUK, Swuitowm.D. CM Salt Atmry for tkt District 4f Wwlw. A. large snpp.y, enirraoinc every nrutr, aiways n l and, ?ad delivered free to aii aarta of Ik* Dtsnot. Grrdara oaa aiao be!eft at thanBeeof A dame* ti>rw? Oown?M WMhinVm. 0. n. fct-jawl? ^TEINWAY A. SONS' AND RAVEN,* ?A9 CON'SFIANOB.?A large aaaortment^^^ ia? juat >een received.?Pereona in sa?reh|||H| >f a reliable instrument at a low anoe srJU ' OrtUr. reoeivat tor Mr. MARCUS REBINB >lir^ Forte T?n?? W 11 ECA1JUA8E8. a B a?b??dbf uaving laida ddltieaste bia tory, reikis it now om<^ tfe? a tb? Dialriot, wh?r? ).:? fioiutiikM*** S*^ 'ZhrjttHZf ?Mad, and Iromhii loaf uhiimm im U? but*A aft E PAIRS aaattj ioaa, and all orun iruraptfT auaqJw) to. I TRAVELLERS' DIBECTORY. JJNITKD STATES jnUTAKT ROUT*. On andafter MorwJaj, Pepteoibar 33, Jr?l. Pm fngtrTraina between WASHINGTON and Baltimore win ma m foiiow?: TRAINS MOVING NORTH Mornie* Expra* )?a*? Waakirgton I t n Arrir* at Baltimore741 a. Kbtiade'prua UMr.n; New York 6 p. m.; Harris u-j 1.15 p. m. Morning AooommrKiauoB leave Washington 7 JO A M. Arrive m? Rnlti mnpa Q lfi . w OWi - J-l-W ? 3 p m ; New \ ork I p. n Kvecint Ejtereee iwrt WaaMnfton *30 p tt. Arnre at B*lum?'e 410 p. m; Philadelphia I SO r M ; New York 3 am. Evening Aeo>mmo<'MioD leave Washington 5.45 P.M. Arrive at Ba.untore 7 ?> f. Harri?bur| A' * TRAINS MOVIVQ SOUTH. Lmv< New York at 7 a b?.; PhTadeipUia 11 9> a. m Baltimore 3 <5 t. m. Arrive at Waehlattoo&Ji r'Leave Naw Vork at P. v.; Philadelphia ! M p. M.; Baltimore 5 a. M. Arrive at Waehiaf ton a. m, AooommoJet'on Train* leave Baltimore at * 4? a. m , and 5 p. m , and arrive at Waahmtton It 35 a. M.,6 45 p. M. Paaeenser J'raina leaving Waehinjrton at 7 a x. aad z?< p and Baltimore atfl ?u a. v and 3.45 p m , make direct oonaeatio&a for AnaapoJia at the ionction. Train* leave Annapolia for Baltimore and W'ath Inrton at 6.56 a. m and 8 p. m Paeeenger Train* l^avidt >Va?h!nfton at 6a,m. aud 2.?? p. m.. and Baltimore at I a. m and 3 45 p. M .will stop only at Awnwtu ma June turn Way PaaaeDgera are requested to take their crmmodation Trtins or ilia Regular Toe nags Train, whioh vi 1 hare p?as?nger oar attacked. rains trill lewetns Washington Depot prompt lu upon ecrd-timt All artioies 01 freight (not oor.trahaad of war) will l>e transported ovrr the line Regular T?ncare Trains will leave Baltimore at 4 a m i^eare W uh ingtnn at 3 3D p. x. By order u e SMretarv of War : R. F MORLK V, Genera' Manager. THOMAS H. CAN FIELD. *seutant Manager. SPECIAL NOTH K. SUNDAY TRAIN. Leave WASHINGTON a?J.*t p. m. for NEW YOKK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yori and Phiiadelphia,airiTiBg In Wa?l ington at610a. m. R P. M"RLEY, ae if7 general Manager. f-r^fl STEAM WEEKLY Bt-TWFLN NfcW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, Landing and embarking paaaengera at IJoeens'own, Ireland The Liverpool. New > ork an<f Philadelphia Steamshie Company latfnd dispatohinc their fall powered Clyd^-bailt iron Steamship* as followa: GLASGOW SatarUa*, A aga?t 3d CITY OF BALTIMORE. " KANGAROO. " " 13th. aim every saturday > at noon, from Pier44, North nrer. 1ATII Or fiUill. Pint (Tftbio. *?.? Do. to London- W Do. to Paria _ 84 Do. to Hamburg M Steerage _ ?sn Do. to iyondon ? .. 34 llo. to W Do. to Hambarg?.. *6 Paaaengere forv ardcd to Ha*re. Mreman. Rot terd&m, Antwerp, A<s. at reduced through !arra. Hereon* wuhin* to bring out their meads can bu? ticket* at low ratee. or further informant apply at the Captaina Office. JOHN A. DAL , Agent, 15 Broadway. N. V , Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adama Expreaa Baltimore. ^individual enterprise LINE. i EASTER V AXfr WESTE RN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt. J II. K rvu> "tTON&ER," Capt W.Norman, Will run their rru?ca v follows, leavi i Light street, Haitimore, loot ol Camlen at 1 o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings on CLoptank rive . ererj WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West River,every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning aa relays. PIONEER?Fo' t*t. M'ohael's an* Kaston, via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY,a_U return the same day. , For Annapolis, West Piver, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point. eve?y THURSDAY, returning dt same route on Friday For Anmpoiis. West River, St. Miohael's and Ea ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by same routeFare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Km ton Point . .SI SO Fare to St Michael's and M ilea' Ri ver^round trip. 51 ) 1 w Pare to Weal River, (rnend trie, ?1). 1?? are to Acnapoli* (rouud trip75o?nta).-_ 79 v MEALS hlTKA. lr7*Freigbt must be preoaid. Winrf and Offioe, LIGHT ST., foot ol Camden. Baltmore. C. K. CANM'N. ! I - M NORTHERN CENTRAL Railway. SUPERINTENDENT^ OFFICE,* CtLviET Static*, Batimore. Mar it, 188^. | On aiKl alter Sunday. May 19th, 1861, Trams on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAI>.W*V ?r rive anU depart aa f<-il<>ws, until further noLo*. TRAINS NORTH. MA II. at 115 A. M. EXPRESS at 3 P. M HARRISBL'RO ACCOMMODATlBNsiir M. The 8 15 A. M. train o>ni,ects at Relay Bobi* with tra-b* or. the We-tern Maryland Rai road; at Hanover Jn- otiou with Hanover and (^etubur* Railroads; at York with Y?rk and Wrifhtsriile Railroad; at Harr ebur# ?ub Peuusy vatia Rai road for a.l parts of the West. also with Lebatnon Va'>y Railroad to Fin Yo*k dtrtct, at jVrtbum be-land with L and 0. "auroad lor Kingstonand a:' parts of Wyoomin* Valley.and at Sunbury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania sod New York. 1 he 3 30 P. M tram makes a<i the above oonneotione exnept Hanover K?nr^atl, Wrichtanlla Railroad and the Lebannon Val>y Rai.road. The 8 P. M train makes ooan??tioiia with Penn syivania H abroad for all parts of the Wast, and direct oonaeeta for New York. trains arrttm. MailateiOP M,; Express at7 46 A* M.; Harriaburi Aooomrii xiation at 2 a P. M. For TlokeU and iaforn.ation :c?aira at tha Tioket Offioe. Culvert Station. o?iii*./i.? | ' J.'fcrCLARi'. Baft. aa^si LE*of jawMf"4 The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia ard Trentos Railroad Companies' Lug from Pill LADEl.PHl A TO NEW YO* t AND WAY PLACh 8.from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT,will Tear? aa fol Iowa: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation, t At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. AooomiR'-cat.on.) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey Ctty.iMornii t Mail.) At UK A. M , Tia Kensington and Jersey City, (Western Express.) At 12X P. M., Camden and Amboy,( Aooomnod at ion.) At 2J* M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Exprers ) At 4H P M , ria Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) At 1* M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Socond Class Ticket.) At 6 P. M? via Camden and Jersey City,(KTening Mail.) At ilk P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Booth em Mail.) At 5 P. M , via Camden and Amboy, (Aooomiqodation, freignt and presenter, First Class Ticket.) 1 Beocntl TiuVaL The 6 P. M Mail Train rnn? daily. The 11* P. ! M. Mail, Saturdays excepted I For Belvidere, Kaatoc, I -ambertvilla, Fie rung ton. Ac.. at7.10 a. M.;andi* P. M., from KmI diftoa For Water Oar. Stroadsbar*. Serantoa, Wilkeai barre. Mootroae, Groat Bend, Ac? at 7 JO A. M.r i from Kensington, via Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Kallrond. For Mauoh Chunk, Allantown and Bethlehem jat 7.10 A. M. and P. M? from Eensincton depot; the7.10 A. M. li ooaaeota with the tram iaavnat taiton at IS P. M. For Monnt Holly at aad A. M. aadt aad?X p M Por Freehold at A. M. and > P. M. For Bristol, Trwntos, Ae?. at 7.10 A. M..M u>d 5H P. M from Kensington, and niP. N from Walnut street wharf. For Pa:myra Ktverton, Deianoo, Beverly. Barlint ton, Fiorenneoo, Bordentown, Ao . at LUtf, I, X *H and 5 1* M. Bteamer Trenton for Borden town, and intermediate piaocs, at M P. M. from Wn'mat street wharf. ITT For New York and Way Liaea. leaving K ob sum too Depot, take the oars oo Fifth street, I above Wal int, half an hoar before dea*rtur? tu I ova run itu me depot, and on amval oftma rcn from thede >ot. Hfty ponnda of bagrage only allowed toraeh Hiewiw Paaaengera are prohibited from taking anything aa bag gage but tbeir wearing apmrwT Alt baggage over fifty pcnnda to be eaid 'or extra. rheoou'.pany liaut their reeponaMility f->r baggage to one do! ar per poend.and will not be liable rur any amoant beyond one hundred do lata, except by epee a. oontraot. WM.H6AT7MKt.Anpt jbmhh R ML ROAD. On and after May Mtn, 1*61. the fame will rats M follow*, n*? Leare Carocot BMn. Hammore.? Mail,.exoept Sunday.) at i 3? A. M.;txpreea da?r at S. 46 P. M. BoU Train* go directly FOR WAY PAMKNSRRB. Between Baltimore ana P turnout take Lke A. M Tram; between Piedmont aau WheeHag take AaEgsSsSsaa^** ?tV? Frier! 4ft tinor* it ISun^inn^i'iVtal "d 7^T'M ^7 <6 i d Ar.ftauTa. - l. m. cJ^iwx&rtz*. J?, n. ONION??ONION*?ONIOWf*. Isf lHw*^ on crnu( l>? >at:?*M t~ ~ ""^spjusssa^ I n I T NOTICK TO TJUAVflJUS 1 l< PoMMitPf fiUMl WU| erderei tt? ^toii>or>*Hw< OU Mon-r* , to bo raacaMd*<tu| Kusd?|,MM tMMM tb? Btr UMlfit^Mri w ., ,? ?? Ba K V KK \ lUY MMlk (Wt > from tbwr wWiTfoot of C??<* !>< ??, It ?S 'lllll p. m- T tgnilhgiilj MHr Ifa Hl'?l ! UM WMUHVM Tmim. tMNKMWHMaitiL *' *" M. ft TALI*. P?|]b^^4r ^r WliSG ?UN A> DBA UTIILOjtg RAtLf "XV SFR1S9 AND SUUMth AHMA/^MMMHT. On ud iJ'fx 1TJ KJ^Da V Maf Mtt, Pm?imi Tmni lor rkiteM'MM will luTtfrMMtatrtrnt Tnu With hwmii ?W Iwtm ats P. ft, ttoffitu. at alfltaboM balvaaa Ba ttmoraani! TUrro <J-Gr*a-. ramium for p* mr? ?mj U>? Ea?%?r* Char* Vf. Mk'T.and wiU 1*1 U* momi ?x*a4iUu?( ml* b* W\tr AnS?;1.?rVa,lPf r?oa. Mat (tn boa4 M?r? W1 Cliwron.,.., SmhEU daity.ftaatfay* ?*wf*d, M a??: From i:Lan.bor? itraat I Frtjr Slat aC atatioa. AtTNaa lAttS?a? nw" ??9 m I'A **? |)i i b J 3 46 t Mjmtf'J ap4 ^?W?I a imiu ?iu mirrf 'igi nri.i'li in I ? Ittj* CoKt.noOr.cM A bMT wttb tfcoNow > or* Coo tral Railroad for Hcuoaootadp. R. ohosko?,ytioa Baiavia. H i-mf, ar.d tutioii oa Rom and tovc RMJ I'.Nift u ^Traoase. Ntacar? W ?. Bridco. Albirii. Uod'n.Cu ?c4u( t? Trains in oonneotioc mv? ion vim Lake Shore, ItufiittM! ake Hi'oi and UrMt Ww'tro R?l!m?4. for Hamll'OB 1 orrolo, Detroit. Chioafo. Toledo. Milwaukie. Fob Do La*. La Cro'oe, Madison- Prairie Do Crloo, 6? m. bocloitii, Dabnqu*. Peoria, Root islaed. Moses tine, | i*a i'ut. BarMDrtuti, Qotocy. t*pnacio?d. Alton. *t Loais.Cairo,Torre tiiat* Bp?f aoasoia, l.onnville. Cicoinnati. 1 a*tuii. Colon boa, Ot've land, aad a]', ponti West, North weet and ftoaUl WmL NORTHERN ROUTE. CqnaocttBc with T:aue at "1 ro?, with Troy c Boston and Reno. k Surrtora Roads fi?r Saratoga. Wh:W>haJl. Rot.aod, Hurinj ton,!-t. Alhaee, los<* Point, Piatt bflrgh. Ogdeasba.fh, Montreal. Ac , ?o D* Freight Arra&caaierits by ffcit r?oto as above, without change of Cars, lioai uo itepota in ?'ban. here and < sua! streets. are at all tiaiee as favoraM* as n'*d?? t.y oth-r Rai road Compar???. Tbe iacil ti^s of tms treat \ev York R>?it*,?othe West oixnmond it to tbo oonideno* of ir.o. ohao'a an sh ppers lor oromptreos arx; d ?|>ate?i Paoseug^r trains, with Pomfciog and Rioopiri Cars ron inooaBOcbou oa the Now York CoairaJ Rood. rin pwugnri M 10 lOMI lr*IM aad fralfht ar rannemei-ta, ltoaire at th<? depot, f?8 w arrwi at. A. f. SMITH, gayffirteodeit jp*. U t* OdVKRNMKNT LINE TiTTW^^ FORT MONROE AHD OLb FOIST COMtOflT. the low*' fnrt 'f l,M<>N DOClf. Balti in >re, we>.t aide. "AILV, (Pandata molded,) 4H o'ol' ck P. M. Ukina paaieut'ra ?n<i fnahl anH oonn?otinc with the Baiiroad liaeato ar<i f*mn Wftfiiirit'on. D. C_ Phiia<1e.pkia. Naw Ym, B*?e toe, York, H&rrial>urg, Fittabarf. Pa, ard the Wnt, ifnmediateli af?*r lb* arrival of the Exproaa Train from New Yo k and Philadelphia. TLe following ia the Hcborfa e : From New York to Fort Monroe and back. #u Prom Pht'ade'ph a ard '*ck ..... ? ..... From Ba'timoreacd hack f*. fETPROOrRK VOI R TICKET* .O In N*w York, at tba New J era*? Railroad Oftoe foot < f Conrtiard atreet. Id Pki aieakia at tbe Company'a ? So*. N. W a.-.u - ? A ** ? ? * - WI1J-I rjU.n H" v^yxiwiii nrrtu.or U M? Proa/i and Prim* strreu. lb Beltimore, on board the Cte*??n foot of Union Dook. HUGH CVCONNEft, t'as??n?sr Arf - :\hW VOk K, HAKLtM AND HBRBk AJ.BANY HAII-RUAO. leavu?? york for i ALBAN.vij^v zstistMxp*Comanecoinc Monrfaj, Ma? mh, IMt. For Abany?114a a a. last < xpreea traia from 36th itrMt. For Dover Pl?tri-i? p. m rtojpiag tt Whit* Pl%tn? anfl itatntis north in Dover p nine?ftr>n Kth street station. (This traan wil. ma 10 Millertoa ever? Fatar^ar I erownr,> ForUroton Fal'a?illi. an. stoppinc at ail sta tiona aerth"f Ford ham from arh street station. For V\ hJt? Plains?2*. 4:10 ar d W a. m. ttcpi pic* at a'i rtataoD* from 2Hn street station. For W bite Plaits??:'Ba. m (toppinc at a'l ata tious from White station For W Wilsons Ur.^ce-l^ , 11:15 a n. nod W p m. sw.puirg at ail sia'socs from f7th stieet sinbor. Return. n? vtll l?ave? Aiba-y?*HW a to. :ast express tram. Dover p a,ns-frf? a n <Thi? train leaves Mil lerton even Monday Koml&{ at S a m.) i'rotoi. Kfc.t-6 p. . ti?L ri?_ _ - - ? ? - ? - -* i n iuw rinaf-wf i 7? a a. 4:'? ft f. < \Vi7l am* B. wlge?*i? , *# t. m. A 1*? f. m. i Si;:.d%r trair.e wii! leave 4th A v*>b?e aoraer SS 1 tre^t.for Central Park, York villa, Harle* aa?l H>ih Bridge a\ei j i w rait ate*, fiotr a. w\. to 7:Wi p re. JOHN RUKlHll.I.. A?>t fey t. Mgw YORK AN n KKiK C All, ROAD =*?3BK Paaeangar Trans ]??ve via PavoEia Ferry and l<ong from fool i/Cham***)* treft, New York.** follow#, yi? : too a.ra . KXi'KK^for Dunkirk,and BuffVtn, and p'lLoiyai interm* ? ? Mat.out no a. m, MAIL, for Po-.kirk. and intermediate 8'atioce?This Train r-ma ins ova. Bight at ra. and erooaada the nert morning #.wa ib &?ILK iail,? for Otiaville, and later mediate Station*. 11 i?a. tr. . AOCOMMdnATinN a*ii.. *?. Jervia, uc p laoipfe Btatiooa 4? p. n . WAV . for MiddJetowt, Nrwbarjh, nd inte^mediat* Station*. Olo . m- M8HT iiXPW EBB. daly, for D?r>kirk, Buffalo. Cti.^diitntacd principal f*tat<?v The Train of ttamrday atopi at aii MailTraln Btatioac. and miia o?il* to K tnirn 6W p.m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor U-raeeTille, and priac pa Station* CH * 9. Ml NOT. Sm'I 8?p't. NATHANIFL MAHSH. RM^itv. * jr*?FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND PALL RIVER. ? By apiendid ao4 aapanor treoith and aiaad, but particularly adapted to tbe navigation of Lock la and Boano. rurniLC la a?>nDcotfoo with the Fall River a-d Old Colony Kai road, di'tanoe of St mii?a only to B"?tno Leave Pier No. I No-ti Hirer near U<r Battery , The Steamer EMPIRE STATE. Capt Hraytn-. Mondays, Wedneea&ya, and Fritaya, at t o'oioek P. M., t'>ustiint at "Vfe-port cach *a?. The Stealer METROPOi-i.-, Capt. Bro^n, nc Taradaya, Tnnrh.i*ya and Batc?dai>, at I 'oiocit P. M., oBotiiot at Navport eaoh way. Theee tttaamera a>e fttted vith eenaaodioua aiaie rooma, acG "Tory ar'aatentect for Uturmi ty and oomfort o: hmkiii ?Im tieuoro?<l ttua rotste a nighta' rMt on board ar.d on amvai at Fall River proceed per t*t earn boat Train ieaoh inc Boaton early the following vmraing i or mar remain 01 board antil atartme of the AeeomaMMia Don at A. M., by wlitofe they tuay r?aob B?>e<ori aboBt IU45 A. M. A baccate maeter ia attached to eaoh etaamar, ho receivet and tickrta t^e batface, and a<iooin ponioe the tame to iu deatination. A atearner ru~a inoonneetion with thia Line be tween Fall Rlvtr and Pro*i4aao? dally, exoapt ftendaya. Freicht to Boaton la forwaatfed throath with craat aiepatch bj an tlxpreec Train, whieh .eavea Fall Hirer evert ir-oiai-i, ^nxtaya 1% o'clock for Boston a:.a N?w Bediord, arnnui at itf*eeunaU<-a at aboat 11 A M For freuhtoLpa*M4?, air y oa board, or at the offioe on Pier No. S North Rirer Kor atate room* and be-tha atp y on Woard, or if dealr? to aeears them is ad viure, to \\M BORDKN.Ait y ar.?i 11 VN e?t atroet. N V. _ THK ?fc?ULAR MAIL LINK liKOTl.N, 8TOMN8TON PRoVlDhNCK, Pt?K BOH TON?Inland Ri?ul??Ttie tKorUtt and most ch ract?Carry the LaaWrn Mad. The ct?iuntr PL VS<iH B ROCK, Cart. J. C. 6wt a^COMMONWLALTH, CawTl W in conceotioc wit* tb? menu,rt"E ijicI (^atonal ?JD o\octt. M-.or ??tk. am T' n> Mail Trfjn whiet. mtm Boa to*, ?vkjj& Vvrk? F*Mrngera fW>? Grotot ?icqf*Z Mr rftilagaftp frovidMM ftnd HoHna, ft fh* Kipf? Sib)' Tr?4D. rr*ofeiaf Mid ta Un?M bt oUar roat*?, ftnd ia un?t?bu lor a I tb? mit Morajrj LiaN <v..n?otint Norti ud Kait t u i*B|*ri that p,?ht it, nan oa Ikw4 U( ; finer, enjoj ft Ui?tU' real c9d I'.trM fcreai fft?t i/da? rad.ftnd loftv* Grot"* m UrTlii. M. TrnjuftOfft^etiar ftf Province wttti ifca 1 r A M-Xr?io for ffoatoa | F'ntro^ frov^t o* ta Newport, Piftr *?? A hftcgaxa mutti aooj^?aa*aa U? <>Mwr and Traui aftak * ay For PaaaM*, Berth*. Btftta ftooma. or F'Mtfct ffiy op bnft d tka t?ftin*r, or ml Uft F'tttb* CHRoo, Pw W North II.wr, or ft: tfe* OflUa ?l lb* 0< m?id) , No. lit f( nrt hmttrmft. Naw Y?rft. Fmb M, m>. K ftaSJtf v " * * * m 2u!i J^ir pcr^aut. tiotow tso r?tar u>Uj prif.-ia ^ass A If o'r UM M?Tt mi ?? MU fc*- ' T?> N^\v|, H-l 'V ? W ?l*i? <i?M ?* I ^ * |k I ^ I

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