Newspaper of Evening Star, October 1, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 1, 1861 Page 3
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... ? -V. LOCAL NEWS. ETTboogh T*? ?ta* la printed on th? faatm tram preaa In u?? aouth of Baltimore, lt? edition Is so large a? to require It to be put to preae at an e*rlf boar: AdrmUirmmUi, therefore, ahould be ent In before IS o'clock otherwlae they may may not appear until the next day. Pkocudimss or tubCitt Cochcils?Board *f A drrmtn ? A communication w? received from the Mayor approving certain acta; alio, a communication enclosing one from Z C. Robbing. Eaq , president of the Board of Metropolitan Police, requesting that appropriation* may b? speedily made by the city of Washington of th? following unaa for the objects named:?Rent of stationbonnes. 91,000; improvement of lockup-houses, SI,UIO; furnishing, beating and lighting the same, Sl.UiO. This last was referred. A reaol jtion in relation to the appointment of a ommlttre to aak of the Secretary of the Navy the removal of certain obstructions to navigation In the Eastern Branch was psssed A resolution for the appointment of a committee to wait on the Secretary of the Navy in rela tlon to having a portion of tb? machinery for ioim f the new ateem veaael* for the Navy constructed at thla navy-yard waa pawed. An act for a gravel foot walk on the north side /square 543 wa? passed. The committee on drainage were discharged from further considers tlon of the petition of Thot. Carbery and Wm B Todd, praying relief from veyment of the water rate, by a vote of 11 to 1? Mr Bohrer only voting In the negative An act in relation to the appointment cf eight Corporation constables, Ac. [The Mayer la to appoint them from the liat of connty constables, and they are to attend to the collection of flnea. Ac ; Ixea their compenaation at ?400 per annum, and mm aKall fnllntv ma a>Km A/?^tinaffAn anil J ??V J H?1I tui?u ** IIV Ubl WV,^U^/SklVU . Ull\? rocelv* no fee* or emolumenta other than their Mlariee I ? The bill was advocated at length by Dr. Mig ruder He aaid that experience was ignored by tne Board of Police Commiaaionera in their appolntmenta, and Mid that the Corporation ought to have a fore* under their own control. Mr Lloyd amid ttat be would be governed in tbta aa in otb^r matter* by the opinion of the law oScer of the Corporation Mr. Bobrer read the 5th aeetion of the act ?f Congreaate abow that the Metropolitan force have power to enforce the Corporation lawa. The bill waa paaaed. A communication from the Mayor, enclosing tbe annual report of the Board of School Truateea, waa referred. An act making an appropriation of #3,00(1 for renting atation-houa**, Ac for the Metropolitan Police force, waa advocated at length by Mr. Rrowo, who explained the n^ceaaity for lta UIV^U It wm The committee on police waa discharged from further consideration of the Mayor's meaaage la reference to the purchaae of wood for the poor, and the meaaagt waa referred to the finance commlttee An act to abate a nuisance at H street north, between Hixth and Seventh atreeta, at the entrance of an alley into aquare 443, waa passed Mr Richards, in accordance with hia notice of two weeka ago, moved to reconaider the vote by which the nomination of Jacob Klelber, ai meaaenzer to the Mayor, waa rejected. Pending the consideration of this motion, on motion of Mr Bayly the board adjourned. Common Council ?The following communications ware presented: From the Mayor, approving certain acts; from the District Attorney, in reply to a resolution adopted at the last meeting of the board in relation to the 15th and 19th sections cf the act of Congress creating a metropolitan police force for the District of Columbia; from the Surveyor, in relation to draining the alley In aquare ifcifl, and laying gutter on the north side of square 164; and from the Water Reglatrar In relation to the petition of Peter Mack A report from the waya and means committee npon too existence of certain papers aald to be In the possession of the Common Council, was tabled. The police committee reported adversely upon the petition of M. Ayers, praying the remission of a Ire, and was discharged from further consideration of the matter. The same committee, through Its chairman, (Mr. Orlnder,) reported an amendment to the bill from the upper board requiring all officers and employees of the corporation to take a special oath of allegiance, inserting la the place of the worda "shall take" the words "are hereby respectfally requested to take " Mr Shepherd thought the amendment destroyed tha nf the Kill Rv (ta mAnntlAn 19 aha ASA ??v V ??* U wuv WiU not see fit to take tbe oath, be need not. Mr Malloy desired to correct an error made by a reporter In relation to bla remarks upon tbat bill at a previous meeting. The remark* were reported as follows: "Mr M ulloy should not vote for it, and be was not afraid to say it In tbe fare of the Administration He should take no oatb couched in such language, nor should be bind himself sacredly to one Constitution when It might compromise him with respect to another. He was not agoing to legislate a halter around his neck " Th? first sentence of tbe report be admitted had been said, and he repeated It again. He did not say " be should take no oath couched In such language," but that he should vote for no bill couched in such language, enforcing and competing member* of the Council to lake such en oetb Tbe conclusion of that sentenoe never came from bis tongue Why, it was a wonder tbat he was not in irons What If his fellow-citlxens had believed it?could they not have called him a seceealonlat? He did say that he would subscribe to no oath which did not concur with the boneat sentiment* of bis heart. Tbe legislation of a halter around his neck was applied to tbe laboring cl*s* upon tbe s'reet. He was there to leffialat* for tfcem. too, and be would not impose that oath according to the present reading of the bill. It should not be ' requlrtd-' to be taken, but " requested ?' At this juncture tbe chair stated that as tbe report wsa not the authorized report of the board It perhaps wa? not best to notice ft there. He considered It irrelevsnt, but if tbe board thought it proper he (Mr. Maloy)of course must be allowed to proceed Mr Mulloy, by permission of tbe board, went ob. He woo Id go ss far as any man to protect tbe stars sod stripesupsn tbe Cspftol Hewssbound to support tbe President, though he was not bis choice. Hsd he been out of bis present position sad la tbs (Mates he would have selected soother, but as t member of that board no msn would do more to support him. But, for that bill he could not vote la Its present form- That they, loyal citizens of the United Ststes and members of a board to which they bad been elected only through the conldence of their feUow-cltlseas, that ihey should bind themselves by an lmperstlve " snail be required1' wss more than hs was willing to submit' to. He wanted tn Uke the oath, bat at the nine time he did not d<*cire to be forced Into It. He wanted the honor of taking It flraly and without compulsion He moved The adoption the amendment, upon which the vote waa aa follow*: Yeaa?Meaara. Callan, Edmooeton, Emerson, Glvea, Grinder, Hits, McGrath, Mohun, Mulloy, Turloa, and Wllaoa?11. Nay*?Meaara Bylngton, Lewis, Murtagb, JUub. Shepherd, Stevens, and tha Chair, (fir. Rleharda)?7 Mr . Shepherd moved to lay tbe Mil on the table. Ill aeoaa waa deatroyed, and aa amended how weretbeyte enforce the penalty? It waa an Inanlt to the upper Beard, and he hoped It would not be east up aialra In that form. The motion to lay en tbe table waa loet?yeaa 7, ay* 11. Aa amendment offered to another section of tbe bllJ, striking 001 tbe word "shall," waa loet Mr Shepherd aald It aeemed tbat anme gentlemen had very leader coaacleneeaabout the matter. He wae la favor of making the bill Imperative Tbe Pr evident of the United States bad to take It, bet they of tbe Commoa Council con Id not uae tbe word "sieU," but "rsjp?c<'aiJjr rtfU4tud,n fcc They bad bettor weigh that matter well, leat they place tbemstlvea In a false position Not eely they, but all the employeee of the Corporatio a were to take the oath, and It waa need simply mm Uet Ha 4* SW.? Mr bad the oath fa hU da7 admin l^ii il li naay dllmat forma, and b? did not com pro hood bow any oao could suspect tbc existeace of secessloalsts la that Board from tfcflr refusing to pass bill la sucb isngusge Mr. Bhepc,erd entertained tfb suspicious of tbo lovslty of any member of tbat board. If be did bo woo Id not hold hia seat with hlaa, but would resign Tbey were legislating for otbera, and theee who were to come after them, and ha wasted the takiag of that oath to be imperative. Mr. Malloy did not want the thing forced The laborer is the streets could accept work or refuse It If be cbeor; but they who wvre elected by the people bad ao choice, and It was unjust to ianpoee a necessity upon themselves which did sot bind other*. Besides there were men who did not believe la the existence of the Saviour, yet the oath was to be sdministered to tbem What effect would It bavs with sucb an * The President said be was struck with the lingular a p pes ran ce of the blU Its oMlgstlons were tbo same se If It rsad "shall " or "are hereby respectfully requested," kc. Butalwap whoa a penalty la attached to a law It to aula tape alive la Its Un?uage. The Idas of forcing It, ke, was all noasoase Was tt to soake tbo oath more palatable that the bill was cbaaged * What difference did It snake' Be should vote of il? kill for o* ??k Mr WUa? nU. wltb rr|ir4 to asy compulsion, bo tew oo? 14 bep?me4 to eocaprl uf mrmWtototowkUMit TlMMtfc m UM 4owa la the cktrn ?n Um oaly m? tfc*t mm toooiid to tokt, aad aay tew ttoay night p?m maklag It taeiuahaat to Uto iMtktr, woul4 Wmbi nullity TUey attfht prr*crlo* tt for tto? collnU* aa4 Mrreyor, tout aot for tbcaMelrea Yitkivu wUUaf to veto for Um Mil, u4 atoouitf d? m. Mr. Emeraon believed from the ftrat Introduction of tbe bill that It wm u teles He believed tbat tb* city bad been lifted of all ^tatea rlgbta men who were striving to deatrov the heritage left them by their fathera. Tbe bill had no effect at all. They bad no power to tarn out tboae whom tbe people bad put In. Not tbat be bad any objection to the bill. They might make the oath aa strong aa they pleased and be would It. Mr Given stated that the bill was recommitted to a committee In order to prevent ba?ty or us?leta legislation. He had listened attentively to the debate, and It bad only confirmed blm In hia opinion inai me Dili w?* micigtinfr unnecessary. He could not conceive of tte utility or Its necessity. He bad never wen any dtaloyalty Imputed to any member of the Corporation, and be could not *e?* the necessity of any such law Theamendmentdld not alter tbe effect of the bill, but aim ply m.-tdr It le*s offensive In Its tons. The committee In their report hid only sugar coated It. Mr Shepherd renewed bis motion of postponement. There were members absent, ana be wanted a free expression of sentiment upon tbe matter Mr McOrath thought they had better settle It at once. He would vote for It as amended, but if It was to read "shall take," Ac., he would not vote for It. Tbe motion to postpone was lost. Mr. Bylngton moved to adjourn; lost. Mr Kdmonston called the prevlousquestion. The bill passed as amended, whicn now reads Instesd of "shall take, Vfcc., -are hereby respect fully requested to take." A resolution allowing Jamea Glnnity to erect a frame stairway adjoining bla brick bouse, and a bill prohibiting the use of open or exposed lights In certain building*, were passed Mr. Callan moved tbat a committer be appointed to wait upon the upper board and inform them of their readiness to go into joint aeaalon for the election of a Mayor to fill the vacancy occasioned by the reaignation of Mayor Berret. The Preaident inquired if any Information had been received tbat there waa a vacancy. Mr Callan aald the fact of Mayor Berret's resigning was evidence enough of a vacancy Mr Wilson said they had no legal evidence tbat the place was vscant. Tbey bad not the leaat legal knowledge that the disability of the Mayor had ceased vt . ?- a a * mr. oucpuciu uucrra 11 an amenamfnt 10 me motion of Mr Callan that the opinion of the Corporation Attorney with regard to tne mayoralty be concurred in, and that Mr Wallach be declared duly elected Mayor of the city. Mr. Edmonaton moved to lay on tne table. Mr Wilaon moved to adjourn. Mr. Emeraon aald they bad-either elected no Mayor or had two, and they owed It to the city and their own dignity to meet again In joint aeaalon and elect Mr. Wallach over again, or Ninebody e!ae Tne President said Mr Wallach had been elected during the dtatblllty of Mayor Berret, aid be 1<4 ..V I# b.* i a -* ? -umu im it iuii uixivuiiy uau fTcr ceaaea. ll did not cease after taking the oath of allegiance, nor after he had signed hi* realgnatlon. The disability had not ceased, bat had been Increased by the resignation. He considered it one of the plainest possible cases. The upper board having adjourned, Mr. Callan withdrew his motion, and the board adjourned. The Bak*sy Cask thi Orphan*' Cocet, Jcdoe Pubcell.?Examination of Jot U. Bradley. Jr ?This case came up again yesterday morning Col. M Thompson appeared In court as additional counsel for petitioner Jot H. Bradley, Jr., sworn ?Knows Samuel Cha** Barney, of the United States Nary. [YVitne?s here said that before any questions were put to him he would like to state that he appeared here und^r process of court, and was not at all pleased to find himself here ] Mr. Linton.?"State Mr. Barneys general reputation " Mr. Davidge objected to the question, and the Court sustained the objection. Examination continued.?Have known Mr. Barney, though not personally acquainted with htm, since the time of his marrlaire: llaimst uy that he ever sate any drunkenness or misconduct on his part Some time after bl? (B '?) marriage, and the birth of one or more of the children, wblle he (B ) was residing on K street, (in this city,) witness was sitting up with a sick friend In a house directly ooposlte. It was In the beat of tfummer, and the weather was so warm that tbe windows bad to be kept open. It was necessary for witness, on account of the debility of his tick friend, to be awake fanning him This was In 1854 or 1956. W ltness went to hjs frledd's house about ten o'clock, and Mr. Barney's bouse i was kept open until quite late. There appeared to be some gentlemen there?tbe house was thrown Ope* and tbe windows were up. When the family went to bed tbe lower part of the house was closed Witness' attention was attracted (about half-past one or two o'clock) by voices seeming to proceed from Mr. Barney's bouse, from a room directly over the parlor. There was an altercation (witness recognised tbe voices) 1 between Mr. Barney and bis wife. Mr. Davldge ?"That 1 object to " He said the Court bad already decided that the affairs of Mr Barney and wife had nothing to do with tbe ' case ne oDjecuon was sustained. Examination continued:?While the altercation | was in progress witness he<-rd the voice of a child?which one he does not know. The noise was so loud as to distuib the neighborhood. [Witness explained, subsequently, that the noise alluded to was that of the altercation, of the blows, and of the screams of the child ] VV hlle the altercation wss going on witness heard the voice of a child saying, "Fa, give me a jink, (drink,) give me a Jink " The request was made several times. Wltneas then beard Mr. Barney's voice, In a very rough and (as witness thought) savage tone, say to the child, " Hush up!" and d? d it roundly. He (B ) swore violently at the child; witness can't pretent to give the exact language The child did hush for a while, and then the request was repeated?*' Pa, give me a jink " It repeated the request with a child's Importunity? " l*a, give me a jink," and Mr Barney again swore at It Witness then Leard a noise, ns If some one hid jumped out of bed, and immediately afterward heard violent blows, and the child screamed terribly The sream* were so violent mry in uc wnuw unire ivr until least 10 get inside and atop It It brought the neighbors to the wlDdowa around, and witness could see the nightcapped head* thruat out of the windows up and down the street. Nothing elxe Mr. Fendall asked witness a question aa to ' Mr Barney'a general character for temperance. Mr. Davidge objected, and after argument by counsel on both aidea, the Court aimtalned tbe objection. To this ruling, counsel for petitioner took ex- 1 ceptions. Cross-examination:?Witness did not go over to Mr Barney's bouae in consequence of tbe 1 noise?did not go there at all V\ ltness wished new to state that bis desire to go was becauae from tbe cumber and violence of the blowa, and the screama of the child, he thought it waa belug brutally beaten Wltneas made no complaint against Mr. Barney on account of thlat and never applied to Court to have the children takni frorft Mr. B , bec?u?e their mother was then living, and witness thought a ?ingle whipping wa? not sufficient cause for such action. The blows were very rapidly Inflicted and the child creamed all the time. Witness besid It whimpering and moaning after the whipping was oyer. Mr Davldge ?' You stated that during the al- * trrratlon between Mr and Hn II the child wqi Importunate for a drink Apart from what you have mentioned do yon know of any ground for i the whipping of the child T" i W itness ?"I do not." Mr Davldge ?" Might there not have been tome ground for whipping the child unknown to yoo ? " l Witness ?" 1 think there coald not have been < for this reason : the request was made during the altercation, and that was of such an excited character"?? Mr Davldge objected. I The Court thought the witness had best be allowed to explain himself W tineas, resuming?1' That I waa satisfied that , neither party bad paid attention to what was passing around them " Witness was not present in the room when the altercation occurred, and did | not see anybody whip the child Mr Davldge ?" Do you know of your own kBOWlfdfffl bv whom fth* rWIM ?saKt??-J '? Wtineas ?" Your qoration brings to my mind ' circumstance which occurred Juat aa the whipping erased. I heard Mr Barney1* voice my, ' 'Now, d-D yon, shut up,' or words to that effect Mr Devldge repeated his question. Wltoeas replied that It wan Impossible for him to say that he (Mr. B ) struck the blows, because witaeas did not sea them Tb? ores* examination closed here, and theconrt then adjourned to this morning at 10 o'clock to allow petitioner's counsel time for the appearance of their other witnesses Pabdonbs by tea Pbbsidbrt ?It will be reco!locked that Sergeant John H Murphy and eight privies were tried at the last term of the Criminal Court, for the murder of Cornelius Boyd last April The privates were srqulUed, but Sergeant Murphy waa convicted of taanlaughtor, ana sentenced to eight year* imprisonment la the Penitentiary nTs pardon bar lag been recommended ?the Jury which convicted him, by a majority the boor da of Aider mm and Cwsio? Council, by the City Collector, RagMar, aad a great number of eitlaene, the Praatdeat took the matter Into conelderntloa, and Mm result wae that on PtVtar Im( tfte frtMMr *u folly psrdoasd EuiwiiiivIUWimi mUc? of tkawm4ffM MMtUi of the new traor *11 calculated , to keep til MekiMry.fce , perfectly bright. Por tbe toUtcr it is aonrpMMd, so ss ?cc?t?1 application keeps a go* psrfoctly clou wltftout < scmrlag. Try It. Bx-Mim kuiTOwiNNnrYui-Wi h?r that ? yftw4if MM?yw iwnttoft WuhIsgtM ?m Ntv Yofft, whither ft* ?m pnctdW fty Mi*. B , ta* wkere ft* proposes to take op kis resldsaos dorlag (ha coatla?c? ?f ibe prases t IfpQblOTU ttflMf Central Guardhouse.?Wm. H. Moore, theft; jail for farther hearing Jacques Obeawalt, do ; do. W. Ratcllff, drunk and disorderly; dismissed Jeremiah Smith, do ; do. John Carllng,entering the house of James Flanlgan, and attempting a rape upon Biidfret C>nly; jail for court. The same for carrying concealed weapon*; line and costs. f-25 M Noinon $ Huae, drunk and disorderly: diamtaaed. Win rnm \ ahnni. Ing at boy* in the street; jxl 1 for court,and 830 M line for carrying weapons Jeremiah Bm>wit, (col'd ) vagrant; workhouse 3>) davs H. J Childa, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. John Bnrry, do ; fined 81 W. Mat hew Morris, do ; do. 81 54 Jobn William*, do; dismissed L R Denham, do ; workhouse V day*. M Mathews, do.; do.60 days Susan King, out after hours; do. 30 day*. John Mitchell, (col'd,) do ; fined 81 OS. Th? attrition of our citizens la called to the lift of nntsancee published in another column by the Board of Health of thia city. Citizens and others, by properly regarding the municipal laws upon this subject, will add much to the health and salubrity of the city, and avert the unpleasant consequences of inattention to this important matter; ss the law In such caaeo is to be rigidly etaforced. For choice dilicaciks and tempting viands no place surpasses the saloon of Mrs Kennedy, corner of Fifteenth and F streets, opposite the Treasury. Epicures ahould not f?ll to call on ran. Kennedy If anything unusually appetizing Is deal red. A Horsb Bali ? At the aale of condemned Government boraea veaterday, by Meaara. Wall A Barnard, on the City Hall lot, eleven were aold, at prlcea ranging from *4 to *58 each. The aggregate of the aale waa 9318?an average of more than #31. Don't mlaa the original and Inimitable entertainment* of the Campbella, at Odd Fellows' Hall. This, the seventh week the Minstrels here, se? m? tUe richest of all, and should be enjoyed by every lover of genuine fun. Thb Firm Concbkt and Exhibition of the St Aloyslus Sunday Sotoool is V> be repeated, It will be seen by the advertisement elsewhere, a very general request to that end having been warmly urged. Washington Gymnasium?See advertlaement, elsewhere, ot thia admirably-conducted Institution. Persona of sedentary occupations should become members, without fall. Don't miss a puff from one of the fine cigars of Grosse, corner ef Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street For a good article call at the Havana cigar store by all means. Ski elsewhere the notice of the cotillon party of the Arlington Club at Franklin Hall, to-morrow night. A grand entertainment is anticipated India Rvbbbb Blankbts fob half pbicb, being tltfktiy discolored, but not Injured for service. 5,000 large India Rubber Blankets, lined with Canton flannel, 6 feet 4 inches long and 4 feet 4 Inches wide, for 8*2 each, usual price #4 For sale at the India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets. se 23-tf Notic*.?Beware of counterfeits and unprinoiped dealera endsavorirg to dispose of heir own and other artio'es on the reputation attained by H'lmbold'* Extract ButKu, a positive and speoifio rein-dy fur dissasea of the t> atfder, Kidneys, K>avei. D'opsy. Ao , &o? Ao. Ask for Heln hold's. Take no other. See advertisement ic another o?>l uinn. eeSO M kasle* are prostrating the volunteers by bundr ds ; the hospitals are crowded with them. Soldiers, bo warned in time Holloway'x Pill* are positively inV. lble in the turn of this diaeaxe; oooasional doses of them will preserve the health even ncder the greatest exposures. Only Scents per box. se2i-lw Riadi*, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Rear it; it will interest you. an tO-eoly Paint i itf Persona desiring pennies will always find them for exohange at the Star Office counter. tf To THl irTLICTlD!-ll? anreto tmuI th? isflisest of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Hlood Purifier, in another column. tf DIED, On Monday, the Sf>tb Sept., WILLIE, rouugest on of Kanny E and Robert L. Karris, U. 8. N., aged 11 mouths a d 18 daya The funeral will take plaoe on to-morrow morn-a in?. Oot 2, at 10 o cloak, from the residenoe ol nu parent*, No 647 Maryland av. * On Monday.30thult ,Mr?. RACHELCLARKE. relict of the la'e Walter Clarke, in the 76th year ol her age. Her funeral will tak" p'aoe on to morrow (Wednesday) morninc. at 10o clock, from St Mat<h*w's Church, where the relatives and friends areicvited lo attend, without farther aotioe. In Washington city at 10 o'olock a m , Fept 3fi. IR31,after an il'nessof 12days, wnioli sh - b_>r? with Dhrutian fortitude and 'engiaiio i, Airs. MARGARET ANN POWEL. Uflovrd wife of Grafton P"w?l, in the 52d year of her ace. She has bit a large family aid many friends to mourn her irreparable loss. "She is not dead, but slespeth." Ulett a<-e the dead who die in the Lord. * (Balto. Sun and Frederick pap m oopy ) WAxNTs! WANTFD-A BOY, at W. D. WYVILL'S, 4.53 Pa ay , between 31 and 4)6 tts. ocl-2'* W ANTED?A. grown GIRL to do general hu?e ? work Apply at 5H4 H ?t? 3 doors east of5th ?t., beforo 8am acd alter 4 p. m It* LA BORERS.?Wanted, 4 good l aborers. The hi?h-s: prioe paid Apply at J D. HAMMACK'S Restaurant. 203 Pa. avenue, oo ) 3t* WANTED?A WOMAiv, to oook. waeh and iron. 'I o a satisfactory* perron good wages wi'l be paid. Apply at 420 New York av , betw. ISth anrl 14th sta oo 1 WANTED?A middle-aged woman, who can oome well recommended, 'tesires a SITUATION as nurse for a child. Addie?s Box No 3, Star Office. It* WANTED?A CELLAR or First Floor, for storage purposes for li*ht goods, near Adams Express Office Address or apply to W. A. W ERN LE, at Jobcsoa k. Nagle^s, 2S9 Pa avenues n* WANTED?By a respectable yonng woman, who has th best of recommendations, a SITUATION ft* nurse or housemaid and seamstress. Is willing to make herself generally useful Address J K , at this office. ocT2t* WANTED TO H1HE-A MAN and HORSK, for half a day Paily. to carry packages for the sdre-tiser. A steadr person owning a horse will find thi* a rood opportunity. Apply at Bos 13, Star O(Bee, ftr further information. oo 1 3t WANTRn-A first-olass FURNISHED m)USE, complete in all iu details, by an xperienoed housekeeper. Looality he.ween 7 h ana isth sts and Va. avenue and I st Address To?t Office Box 320, stating locality, terms, a d nil partioola-s. it* WANTED?A small Furniahed HOUSE, in a rerteel an;! hea thy neighborhood. br a familrnf sp'; houtetohave b-da and beddint, Ofcina and glaaa, and table linen ; to be rented by fh? tiK-ntn. with privilege of keeping it f.>r I ?ear. A<Hreaf?naming t?rnia, with ooation of hon?*? to O. B. T.. ?tar Office. It" OTICF. TO SUTI.ERS ?For ta'e, aaooondhand light covered vVAOON. Apply to C. B. CHUHCH, Kleventh at., between Maryland av. and Cat.,laland. ae 30 3t* WANTED TO RENT-Ry a ama'l family, a FURNISHED HOUSE, %i h about o in romi The hoaae matt be in good ord>-r ai.d hare gaa and water in it. Looaton between 7'h and iMh ?ta and Pa arenne and li at. Addreea "O C. " at thia office. ae ?> St' / MRL WANTED, to do geceral hmaework m vJ a private family Apply at 'J85 E atr??t, between 14th and 151 h ate a? afl-at* HOR8K AND WAGON WANTED ?Wanted, a Carrja 1 or Rookavay, a ael of Harneai, and ft good Family florae. Anr one having a j^-h an eatahliahment for aale will addreaa a role to "N P.," at tlna oflioe, atating name adlreaa. and pnoe ae38-eo2t* A TTRNTION, VOl.UNTKERS ?Hfteenable A. hodl dyonnr mea wanted to fill up Company K. lat California Regiment, to ita maximum number Pay and aubaiateno* to oommenoe aa aoon aa snrol ed Recruiting Offioe, 520 Sev nth at, 9 door a above 1> at. aeS7 1w* JAME8E. WA16H, Oat WANTED? TAILORS, TAILORS ?SO Ta lora competent to work on military gooda. A pbly 0. Wall. Stephana A Co V ae* \JU ANTKD?Three TIN AND 8HKET IRON V* WORKERS. H. J. URKSOKY, ae 84-tf ^91 Pa. avenue _ P?UTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, BTEV/ PHEN8 A CO.'S. 38* Pa avenue. ae l? WANTED?To hava every body to eall at SMITH'S, No 460 Setenthat. oa? >altn Poat umM,*ixi earehaee their FALL and WINTER

CLOTHING, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, at the very lowest yrioee. Give him a oail. au ?lni W? NTBD TO BORROW-Prom f?00 "to tOO, for one year, for which ub?r*T internet Clll bectveB, with aaule eeoarity. Addr*ee "A. Q., Waehin?ton Cflty. ?e )?-?aw?w wm A?w>ifiiTkVnml m neniMo B>?a Jlwd KFmT8MIT H'S/No? 6) uozM tfebbitTa BrMiv* ?o*f Md 8o*? Po* BordcMZ Mad Oil I Mi j^xM fir*M??lit?^i)*!naa:ine CMdiM, Alao, Cr??? Tart?r, dal*'at?i. Urooma, Wnok'ta, * MULL. - ?)i -i ' ?V 1 -%0~* > * ' 4 FOR SALE AND RENT. P>R RF,NT?The fine Cottac# Frame HOUSE ( kcowii u French Kt?bj' boife) aitaated on the nortn aide of M at north, between ?th antl ?otJi ?t? fes*; haa l?,no# feet of crcuvd a'taohed. with In" f r? t of eTery rteec-iptma For ("ui" a?pl? to J COOK, oorcer 7th anu B a?a., la'and. ool-3t? I AROK FURNISHED H'?USF FOR RKNT, 1 i at theoorner of Twent* firat and H ?ta., ha?iiK a oommodioaR lot attaehed w U brick arable in the r?ar. Apply on the premiaea a*a St L,n?K RKNT ?In the WeatKnd.two HOU9F.9, I OKA a large three-rtory hou?? with lot aatoining. Aleo. a famished ho???. utaated between let and 23d utreeta Po??e?sion iiwn oa <h? let <U? of October. App.y at No. 99 Six Bu'ldinct. Pa wye. _ ee ? ?? PURNISHKD ROOMS FOR RKNT. Ap*ly r at No. 439 Twelfth (t., between G and H ?t?. ee 27.3BOcti* FOR REN r?With or without Hoard, in a j?rivate family, three unfarni'hed front ROOM?, miitub e for married or tingle ce> tldben. A pyly at No. 4??3, corner Tenth and H ?U. ?e 27-1 w* TO EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY, OR FOR SALE?The beaatiful COUNTK Y RESIDENCE of Prof Page, near theoity. Apply to CHAS. G. PAG K, Patent Offioe ee? tf FOR RENT-HOUSE 40? Pennaylvania ? ., over the bookstore of Franck Taylor?a place for a profwMiomH man. ee 4-tf Handsomely furniswo rooms.Pour naiidsomely Furniahed Roorna. supplied with hi and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Office Department*, for rent. Appiy at 490X MaasAchireetta avenue, north tide, between ?th and tth ?U. mftg EDUCATIONAL. |\1ISS BROOKE'S ENGLISH AND FRENCH LTl BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. Stv*? Buildings, No 131 Pa. avmut.?The dnt<ea of thia Institution will be reaumed on Monday, Sept. antb, 1831 i.a 3t* WASHINGTON.ANJDGEORGETOWN FE ' ' niAun scininAK). A Boardikg and Dat School, No. 432 Fst , between 6'k and 7tk sts., Waj^iiiirf cm ; ?nd 1*0 <51 rt , Georfetoten. The duties of this Institution were resumed ia September. Cirooiars m*j i>* obtained at the book tores, or by addressing the Principal. tea eotf M. J. HARROVER. !\1 USICAL INSTK UCTION.?A Teacher o l"I Music, well qua'ified in his profession, wishes to obtain a asH of pupils in a private school. Reference can be given ll required. Terms made known on application. Address Musio Teacher," at the Star Office, stating name and res denoe. so 2V7t? WASHINGTON FEMAt.K SEMINARY, " No 48* F Stkkit. D.#....- C.'.iL 1 a- . 1 -A jjc.? itcru u?ht iii( MISS HARHOVKR. ii compliance with the wishes of frienda who desire to patronize her but dislike at present to send their daughters to Georgetown in the omnibus, ha* made arrangements to e*t&b'iah & department of ber School in Washington, and respectfully requests a share of th* publio patronage. The first session will oommenoeon Monday, September M. Circular! may be obtained at the Seminary and at the prinoipal Bookstores. se 18-tf M. J HARROVER. PrinCT_p?l. Lp AIR HILL BOARDINB SCHOOL, T FOR GIRLS, At Sahdt Srairto, Md. This Institution, wr.ioh haa been in aaooeeeful operation for the past ten ream, will commence 1U eusuieg regular term on the lit of the ID mo fOetob?r)next. For oiroulara. containing ftrrther information in regard to the school, apply to WM, H.FARQUHAR. an 31-eolm* OlneyKO. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS rr5?MAYOR'S OFFICE, LkJ Gkohoetow.i. O. C., Sept. #ith, 1P61. Th* attention of the oitut'na of thia town la invited to the two following aectiona of a late aot of Congreas, entitled "An act to ceate a Metropolitan Polios Dia'riotof the D strict of Columbia, and to establish a Police therefor." "And be it further enacted. That the Board of Police roar divide the raid district into precinots. not exceeding ten, and may assign one sergeant of police to e*oh of sa!d precincta. The board may, from time to time, establish a atation or aub station m each precinct for the accommodation of the police foroe ou duty therein. It may. from time to time, detail an'! change, without regard to or limitation of residence, the aergeanta or patrolmen to auch pa-ta of the district, or to auoh of the poiioe or orimina! courts and to the public offices of the government of the United States, or of the citiea of washingtonMd Georgetown, aa it may deem advisable. It shall promulgate all regula'iona and ordera through the uperintendent of polio \ who shall take the p aoe of the mayor 01 the oity of Waahincton or Georgetown, as being the bead of the police departmen*a or force i a the said oitiea, but alwaya abject to the ordera and regulations of the board of poiioe ; and it ahall be the duty of the polio * force to reepect and obe* the said asber lutendent of poiioe as the head and ohief or the aame, sutjsct to the rules a~d regulations atd genera' ora-*r' or tn?? board or ponoo. Ami b* if further tnocttd, That it shall bathe duty of the board of police herebr constituted, at all timea of the daT and n>ght, within the houi da ries of the said police di?triot, to preserve the publio peac<?; to pr-vent crime, and arrest offenders; to protcot tho rights of p rsoos and of property; to guard the publio health; to preserve order at every pub io elfctior; to remove nnisanoes existing in the atreeta, roads, a!leys, highways, and other places; to pro?fele a proper polios force at every fire, in order th?t thereby the firemen and property may be protected; to protect slra gers and travellers at steamboat and tbip landings and railway stations; to see tha. all laws ielating to the observance of Sunday,and regarding pawnbrokers, m >ck auctions, e ections, gain 'ling, i>'lempe<anoe. lottery dealers, vagrants, disorderly persons, &n<i the public health, are promptly enforoed. and to enforce and obey all laws and odlnaro-s of the ait* councils of the o ties of \V ?, hi n? tnn >r.H Georgetown winch are prop??ly applicable to polioe or health, and not inconsistent with the provision* 0/this not" It will be seen that I hare no farther control over the polioe foroe and have no power or right to enforce ?hs ordinances of th? town in regard to disorders or nuisanoea. In all suoh oases complaint must he made to and redie*s obtained from the United States police, whose sergeant will he found at the juard-nouse near the caual bridge, High street It ira? be prop?r to state that this new po'ioe system promises to be the b'st one, in all respeots. f->r the preservation of O'der arid the protection oi persona and pr< pert*, tuat hat ever existed in the District ofCo.umbia. It rives Georgetown a force of sevent en poiioemen, free oi expense, in lien of a very feeble which has been a heavy charge upon our Treasury. Although 1 have no immediate oontrol of this pol'ce, yet, being a tn*mt-er of its I oard, i will always he ready to hear the complaints of any of our aitnenn in regard to nuisances ard disorders to whioh the police m%<r fall or rMusetogive p oper attention, ana will endeavor to have such reinias ness corrected. It will be expeo'ed of a'l good oitixena that they will countenance and sustain this new system to the extent of their ability. oc l-2aw3w henk y ADD18QN, M?yor. Buckskin gloves, gauntlets. Ac. We oall the attention or Sutlers, Regimental OffiAare AnW viakinsr t/\ mirstkaaA nwwi who voivi - " ?? "**? n ww |ri*ivhlmv MJiiu l?klU Gloves. Gauntlets. Mittins. Purses, Tohaoco Pouones, Portmoanaies. Let* ins, Ao , at wholes* e, to onr extensive stook?all of our own manufacture? at our store, 103 High strcer, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittens ate ml the best quality, of real Buokskin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, BoxingG oves, Buckskin Shirt* and Drawers, made to order. KaM*BURG A KBKR1', 103 Hixli street, George own, D 0. N.B ? A large quantify of scraps of Buckskin aud Chamois for polishing guns, accoutrements, to., on hand. se g?-lm Massey, collins a co.'s ^PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected tRta d&>, per itd&mflr J. Jerome? ^>00 barrels XX OR AUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. ?no hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale. Term* eash on delivery. ARNY A SHINN, m 7 Union Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECElftED10 hhda. pnmdTorto Rioo SUGARS UO bblc. Old Rye WHISKY, MO bbla. H KR RING and ALE WIVES, 10 bbla. Crashed and Refined SUGARS. ao bag. Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhda.(low-prieed) B40LASSK8. For aaleby JOHN J. BOGUE. eel* THE PEOPI.E'8 CLOTHING STORE-No. 460 Seventh at. oppotite Poat Office, ocl-im THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORK, No. A 4fiO Seventh at . ia the place to bay voar CI ??hing, Trnnk>, Hata and Cap^ oc 1 lw Great rush for seventh strekt, to get aome of the creat >>argans offered t>* SMITH, in Furniahing Goods, Tranka. HaU ana Cepa. No. 460 Seventh at, opponte Pott OfSoe. oe !-! SEALFD PK*>poSAL8, till the Stat ol Ooto ber, 1861, at IS o'ol>ok in., are invited for ?ap plying th? rm> with Heef tatUenn the h .of, to be delivered at Chamber>borg, Harriaborg, or York, in th? State of Penney ivaui', aa the Got eminent ma; designate Bidders are res nested to oomp j in all partieilars with the form of Did pnbl shed herewith. tiovernment receives to itself the richt to pay in Treanry notee or other fende it ka* for disburse mtmt. and to reject an* bid a-d for any oauee P?n bid will be entertained an eas the bidder is preeent to respond to his bid. The Government will raeeive4,000 head ander the Annt'SJIf m.i A will Muarve tkA nA* /? ?a? ->* W--?- WW* W? w w 111 Iimvi ? ?v i vv mil W ?; addit onal numwr up to 16.000 he*d. D? ivfrict t? be insJe week.? in snob quantities wrnnj be repaired. The Cattle mart iwut 1.3W poactda gross wetiat; Hid .o animal trili be rteaivtd wkioh j;gh? lew than ljOOO ?outid? grow. No oppditional lad will b* roomed. I'be bid# to b? diroofd *o Ca?t. A Bkititi, C.C, U.S. A . Wa?hinrton. D. C . and et,do>aed " rropoaaJa for B?i CUtl?.*' Foui 01 Bis. I, A 8, do horebr fropoM In deli tot to tko Goternmoot good Bm[ CWttJo on tba hoof for ?*r haodrad poauda nan wigkt The Ctttio to to M tho ?|i?,MMl Uia VMkt n> dotaraiaad to kt mwtuvt. ami to raeotvo TrMatry aotoa or otkar Go vernmwjt Ianda in MT?*etfor the fey-t T,frimtrr''ni,'M | TELEGRAPHIC NEWS THK WU IN MIMOPRI lath accovhts rmoit lkxingto* City. S#pt SI-TbrnliMnlltblt new* of Inter** from BAcaertU*. G??rwt?wa, OlMfOV. Bolls or otK?r nmrnlsnl Cap*. Walter, ofCol Marshall 's regiment, who ?M at Lnli^loB, irrlmt thla nwnlig. He left there on Thursday at noon He aaw rebel troopa between Lexlagtoa and Sedalla, and ssvs that tbe main body of Uen Price's forces were there wbea be departed, and be believes tbat th#y Intend to make a stand and meet oar troops there, as the vicinity is well calculated, from its streams and deep miry banks, without bridges, to trouble an advancing army. All the Federal forces have been released on parole, except Col. Mulligan, who refused to give his for private reasons. Price has probably thiry-flve thousand men. and tbe rebels on Thursday confidently expected tbat Hardee, with eight thousand or nine thousand, and McCullough with ten thousand mere, were within two or three days' march on Lexington. They have no faith in McCullough aa a Cpral, but think be is very effective with a small V of men A body of 10.0U0 rebels was sent across tbe Missouri from Leilugton on Thursday, wltb tbe avowed Intention of attacking Lane, who is reported on this side of tbe river. Our troops bad no cartridges nor grape or other shot left at tbe time of the aurrender, but lost from 900 to 300 kegs of powder. The rebels sre casting all kinds of balls at tbe Lexington foundery, whichIsst work day snd night. The rebels are greatly encouraged and declare that St Loulaahall oan i?# in tbelr possession. THX BATTLX OF LXXIXGTOIf??*K. PXICX'S OFFICIAL expoxt. Jkkfxxson Citt, Sept 28 ?Gen Price's official report, giving a somewhat detailed account of the battle of Islington, has been received The following are the closing paragraph*: "Our entire lota In this series of engagements amounts to 26 killed and 72 wounded The enemy's loss was much greater The visible fralts of this almost bloodless victory are great About 3.500 prisoners, among whom art Colonels Mulilgan, Marshall, Peabody, Whitegrover, Major Van Horn and one hundred and eighteen other commissioned officers, five pieces of artillery and two mortars over 3 000 stand of arms,a largnraount of sabres, about 750 horses, many sets of cavalrv equipments, wagons, teams, ammunition, more than 8100,000 worth of commissary stores, snd a large amount of other property. In addition to all this, I obtained the restoration of the great seal of the State and the public records, whleh bad been stolen from their proper custodian, and about *900,000 In money, of which I have caused to be returned to it n PARTIAL DXSTRCCTIOH OF OSCIOLA XT LANS Jxffxxson Citt, Sept 28 ?A gentleman who arrived here thia morning from tbe Weat atates that be saw a gentleman who passed through Osceola on Wednesday, who uyi tbat the central portion of tbat town bad been burnt by General Lane. It is stated tbat the reason* for burning It were, tbat the rebels bad flred on the troops from the windows of the bouses. No Federal troops were there when be left. COL MULLIGAN'S KKOIMBRT AT ST. LOVIS. 8t. Louis, t<ept 29 ?Col. Mulligan's regiment arrived here yesterday from Lexington, and marched to Benton Barracks where they will be paid off. Jackson Qulgg, who, it Is believed, fougbt under the rebel Gen Price at Lexington, was arfmIh) v?t*rH>v >i ? ?n? ? J ? J rj LATEST FROM LFI1 US TO"l-STRENGTH OF THE CONFKDSRATK A RMT JxrrxRsns Citr.Sept 30 ? Some of the officers of Col Mulligan's command, who have arrived here from Lexington, report that largeamounta of ammunition have been found burled In the vicinity of I<exlngton Including three thousand rounds of loaded shell within Col. Mulligan's entrenchments, which had been deposited three months previous?sent by Gov. Jackson, from Jefferson City The rebel force at Lexington is represented to be from forty to fifty thousand snd they claim that It will be augmented to seventy thousand within three weeks. A boat has been sent to Lexington to remove our wounded, Gen Price baviag given * permit for that purpose The foundery at Lexington is turning out three twelve-pounders per week, and a large amount of shot and shell of every description. Fr?m Ctliftriii by Ptiy Eifrrn. Pas Fbakcisco, Sept 14 ?The enlistment of troops for the Ave regiments last called for goes on moderately well. The pay of the soldiers being so much oelow California wag* iseems to discourage volunteering at th1a time, v/ben the State Is prospering and the people well euployed Still the number of volunteers now call *d for will be obtained. The State election returns are ner.rly complete, wltL the following results: Stanford, the republican candidate for Governor, 54,027 vot*-ai Conneaa, Union democrat. 28,963; McConnell, Breckinridge democrat, 31.210. Among tbe six southern connties of tbe State, which are regared as largely sympathizing with secession. Los Angelos and Tulare are tbe only counties which gave the Breckinridge candidate a majority. The pony express news, giving an account of the burning of the bridges on the Hannibal and St. Joseph railroad, with the consequent interruption of telegraph, mall and pony expreaa communication with the East, reached San Francisco to-day This stoppage of tbe malls and pony cip:es? makes our California newspapers very dry reading latterly. Tbe last pony express bronght through no letters on acccunt of the blundering of Eastern postmasters Eastern correspondents need to exercise much judgment in choosing means of getting their dispatches through during these troublous tlmm Frsm Ftrtrrai Msarse. Fobtrksi Moxioi, Sept. 29 ?Two member* of the Naval Brigade were killed last night, on* by drowning and the ether by falling frmu a tree while on plrketduty. The rebels la?t oVht fired oo one of our picket guard at Hamptorbridge and severely wounded one man. Gen Wool and staff have spent the day at New* port News. The Young America has brought two prizes from Arcomac county. A fleet of thirteen schooner* sailed to-day for Hatteras Inlet The steamer S R. Bpauldlng is expected from the Inlet to-night, and will forthwith return with the balance of the 20th Indiana regiment. Farther frsm the Gall Sqaadrsa Bokton, Sept 30.?The flag ship Constellation arrived at Portsmouth, N H , on Saturday. Letter! by her report the United States war vessels Preble, Msrinn and ateamer Massachusetts st Chandeleure Island and the mouth of the Mississippi river Sept. 16tb. The crews bad landed on the lilftnd and thrnurn un hatlcrlo sail u. lighted the light-house* there. Commander Ball, of the sloop-of-war Marlon died suddenly, end Lieut. Bryant had been detached from the Richmond to succeed htm. Accldeat ea the New Verk and Erie RAIL read Scio, Sept 29 ?The night ezpreaa east from Dunkirk ran into a culvert on Friday night at Scio, killing the engineer Harvey Miller, fireman Veasev, and ex-engineer Weaver. Jehn Camp bell, orakeman, had one leg broken and acalp cut off Serreant Cornell, of the Twenty-aeventh New York Regiment, was slightly Injured. H. A. Walton, or Columbua, Pa., had one leg broken. There Is a terrible freshet, with bridges down. Keatacky Legislatare Fkankfobt, Sep 28 ?Tt* Senate committee reported that tbe arret! of Ewlng, Bllvertooth ana irvsn, members of tne Legislature, was niegal and unauthorized, and that they procure their release The thanks of the Legislature was voted to Ohio Indiana and Illinois, for aid In arresting the Invasion of Kentucky. Siburlpttsaa to the NatlsMl Lsaa Boston, Sep. SO ?The bank president* to-day . voted unanimously to take ten millions of the second ffty millions of the Rational low. Over l,200,Gii0 waa hid to-day at and above par for the new Massachusetts per cent loan of one Billion. The Supposed Privateer. Niw Yobs, Sep 30.?Two brig* arrived her* last week reported being chased by a pirate schooner, which turns out to have been the British schooner Swan, who endeavored to hall then to obtain medicines for Captain Sheilaut, who afterward* died of yellow fever. Frsa Kestaclf. Loci* villi, Sep 30 ?The Journal ha* reliable evidence that den. Zoltooflsr, with flaw* ti rebel troop*, ha* takes Maacheater, Clay eoanty, with great destruction to tb* property of (Jatoatow ro?t(>*o?. ?Tti ? Mm MIT&LLIC ?o* C!"jftjlBf* Ptli!liiB|? ift4 Pf#vflUB| Rtiti ^Mm^SMONloMALLr^' I tSjgT?sri5r*~. 01 C ?1 ,96?e~i Vo . I Jt ;? SECOND EDITION. Tm Piriiop Bctin -Tkf eamDta mt tmt military iK aarrlea of tbc Umtt ha?a alrradf Mi* a cooalderablr licrnw ef tW clerical tare* W the Paartoa Birwi aeceaaarr. The followlag praaaotioM. lni*n, 1*4 appointmenu li that bureu war* ?-** jwtoiiar : Affmt.d-W R Walker,*f R.I ,3d claaa, ll,W; Jm M D Franar, DC, IMelMn, Sl.SM; Geo B WblUag. D C., IX elaa*. l.tDO Tmtftrrtd fr?m tin Ctmnu Bane* ? Alto*, of Ind ,; Darlo* Portwa. Maine, to a 4th claaa, fl.WQ. Cllatmi Jack?, low*, to a 3d claaa, !,?); Richard M Ball, lud , to a 3d claaa. 91,400 Primmfd ?E.S Dana and J E Fofboah, fraai Sd to 3d claaa; Robart Wilaaa aad J oka N Soaft, from let to 3d claaa; H. D Baaito, Chartea M. Tbompklna, P. A. OWaooch. data Q Tkoau* on, Jamea Abrwu, Franklin Fries, Albert J. Brooks, Cta Shaw, and Cyroa BirfQ, tram 1st to id clan Rctvbhkd ?5orretary Cbaaalutuinadto WaafcIngton thla morning; having aneeetM In ?btalnlng from the northern onpttallaU tha sacoad fifty million. In gold for 7 3-10 Treasury notes at pw OUR MILITARY BUDOBT. NIW MILITARY APPOIMMBHT* To-day the following appolnAeats for the untrer aervloe wrre made Vis: T? In Brifditr (i t ??roij ? Melancthon 8. Wnda, of Ohio; Love 11 H Roaaean, of Ky.; and Alrln Scboepf, of the D C., late an examiner In the Patent Office. An iutilMi Adjmtmmt Gaurm.1 ?George C. Strong, to be Aaalstant Adjutant Geoeral to Gea Butler, with tbe rank of Majof. Bngadt Smrgemj ?Dra Geo 8. Kemble, W. G. Lowman, D W Hand, and Rnfua R. Brown, to be Brigade Surgeon* tn rrnmi. The funeral of tbe late breret Major Geaeral Gibson, U. 8. takes place to-morrow forenoon at 10 o'clock. Brigadier General 8eth William* baa been charged with making all the arrangement* for It. Tbe military escort?a regiment of iafhatry, squadron of cavalry, and a battery of artillery? will be commanded by brigadier General Andrew Porter. A FALSI iriOl This forenoon the city hss been fall of a maner saying that Gen Banks thia morning creaaed tbe Potomac at tbe bead of ten thousand men of hie armjr. There la no truth la It. Tbe river la flee ieet aooTe ice loraing peiat everywhere, rrom Harper'* Ferry to the Chain Bridge COMMISSIONED OS TIB rOPB'a IICOKMENDATIOB Capt. Copplnger, an Eogliah officer, late la the Papal military aerrloe, baa been c?mml??loned a captain In oar volunteer aerrlce,on Uls Hollneea. the Pope'a recommendation. Tbl* makea the fifth European crowned head who baa recommended officer* for aerrlce here. a COM MA * DEB or AET1LLEBT B E*KE TEt. Major H.J. Hunt, of U. 8. Artillery, baa been appointed an aid to Gen. McClellan, with tbo rank of Colonel It la understood that he la to command the artillery reaervea of the army of the Potomac * TBI D1*FATCBB(. The Navr Department have official dlapatebes announcing the affair of the Mth at Penaacola Their content* being anticipated la our publications from other aourcea to-day, concerning it, we omit apreadlng them before the 5t?r'* reader* nacTD. Brigadier General (of volunteers) 1. B 8. Todd wu. on tb? 16tb, fleeted delegate to Congress from Dacotah Territory, betting two competttera ?Metiri Bell and Booge. LATB LOCAL NEWS. Attempt at Raps?Last night John Carl lag was arrested by Patrolman W. 8. Kneaaa with a warrant charging Carllng with entering tbe houae of James Flantgan, on P, near Fifteenth street, on tbe night of September 10th, and attempting * to commit a rape upog Bridget Coaly Prom tbe testimony of the young woman, who IssfBtcted, being subject to fits or spssmodlc attacks of some nature, It appears that upon the night charged she had been sfck, and was U bed In her room About 11 o'clock tbe prisoner entered her room, and got Into tbe bed with her, aad attempted to violate her person He did not aaoeoed. for her screaaas attracted Mrs Flanlgaa, who ran to her assistance and palled him out of the bed and out of the room Mrx- Flnmgan testified to the fact of tbe tick dob oi me young woman; or ber bearing her cream, and running immediately Into the room caught Carl in sf with ber, end aelxed him end pulled him oat of the room, whea ber huabead and a boarder pat him out of tha hoaae Jamtt Fiamigan, the proprietor, (eat lied to beer log the disturbance, and going to aw wbat it meant aaw hit wife pulling the accused oat of the room The accueed threeteoed to ahoot any one who would put a hand on him, and pat hta hand behind him aa If to draw a platoi He got looae from them and escaped. Tbla witness get the warrant laaoed for bla arreat. The priaoner had been a boarder In the hoaae, bat wm not at the time. f Lummjr testified that upon the sight referred to be came In about 10 o'clock, and aoon went te his room, belnc a boarder there Heard Ik* man* woman cream, bat paid no attention at lm. Heard her scram again, and went to the room, and saw Mrs Flanlgan have the maa palling him out of the bed room The prlaoner had aa a Panama hat aad a light coat, lie threatened to hoot any one who would put a head on him. Witries* took hold of him aad put him oat of the houae Tne prlaoner aaya be la a married man, hla wife la in the city; is an auctioneer by pro feaalon, and has been In Washington off and en lace March laat. He bad been employed la the Treasury, in what capacity beritd not aay. He haa letter* of introduction to high functionaries, from very influential gentlemen He U very intelligent,ap-aha rup d' y, and queetioned the wltoaaaea ao ?harpiy that Justice Thompson remarked that "Not many Philadelphia lawyer* coo Id do better la the caae " The result wu that Justice Thompson committed him to Jail la doftutt of SSUO ball for court, and the payment of 3tS fine and costs for carrying a concealed weapon. Police Cases?Btfort Juttie Doa* ?Got)elb Her)m>rt vii trrmM In lfce utiintv bv tkc M*lMi roll tan Folic* for wiling liquor to the Second New Jersey Regimrot. fined S2S George Surlngmaa, selling liquor to aoldlara; fined fll Geo Gordon, a teamster, charged with stealing a pistol from the Cameron Dragoons, and also shawl from a woman accompanying the regiment, both which were found la his possesion, waa seat to jail for court. Joaas 6lick, for exetfkaglag second had clothes with soldi era for their uuonm,gavssacartty for court David tfcanloa, larceny of carry ceafcs, Ac., dismissed Witk soidls?" secerny"tsr mwT . r*a voviT.-^nNn mmrmmmm, wmmmmmm Huiu arretted Jaa Lea, a eotdler tfteM Rhode Mud reflmcat, tmr OmMt atabci. Ob hU wit lo i magistrate, two reenter ? mew attempt* d lo raeeoe htm from the oMam, aad Laa reeleted, meklag ?a ? ? a?4 tethry a* the oftccr. Bo wee secured ho we vet. bf the oftcer. and tehee before Jaatioe Deaa, WWaeat him to jaii for coert oa the eraalt aad batlefT chaiye The attempted raaeaa will bo IMP' gated by the military aathorfee LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. AfTHM m HITEl. aarret atrlet ilteaee ragardlaf htepteaa, bet ha la actively te parpartag tor a Kt?bW,m4 result, wfclok will prober tee 14* ta Mi ? Miwoart Pl? Mow will to ttrwek uttl H on to BM4 ffflKttfl. eon Prtoen ptetoM iHni to wtttto ?|t( 11a of G?o>g?*owm, fc?plug Mm mB pMi ?ag, to tto itoiiiirMtot^ Lf?i to ptmwmnA at tola AqputoMBt, wklek wJl stow to -* m - - - tk. ^ - i nil llii. aU ftatwmAmIhfWm F Ulwi>u U* m WUmk Ctwfc A1IITU or rax |MV?UI Farm Foibt, Oct \ t*V ffiSfciST*- * ~4 *ru,w"% vMfl in?Mm JUI-Vti* r% 4

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