Newspaper of Evening Star, October 1, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 1, 1861 Page 4
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tub kvemm; star. ABOI.T TBS rUBUU. Tb? Verbena has long ?tood, by common cmmm *? tka k>m*A of thn li*t of hafidinv nlant* Th*"na f?r this preference of the "Verbena I over aaoj other excellent and desirable plant*, are Tariou In the first place it is very ea*j of propagation, and therefore is sold at a low Tate, ana every one csn afford to hay a few plant* Again, no other plant eouM be better eaited to oar oh mate 'Oar hot, dry simmers nerer seam to affect it unfavorably, bat on the contrary, *?e? thoroughly suited to it* nature; and while many other plant* droop and die under thafarvld heat of our summer sun, oombined with the frequent droughts of July and August, the Verbena is rarely affected, and will grow aed bloom with unfailing certainty There ia great variety also in the colors of the flowers; erery oolor, from the purest white to the darkest maroon, with the exception of jeilow. being found. (By the way, we hare iL: a _ ?? ?_ a tt ? uiu ycar vw 1a oauoa me yeuow v erben%, introduced by one of our moat famous florists, bat concerning which "the least said, the soonesttaended.") Then the flowers are amongst the moat valuable for bouquets; the habit of the plant is good and its cultivation extremeiy easy Every year witnesses the introduction of many new aorta, some excellent, and ethers no improvement over old ones, some with eyes uf a different oolor from the flower and some without, with and without stripes, large trusses and small trusses, Ac. Until within a very few years this plant ha* been remarkably freo from all disenses and fr?m the attacks of insects: but the indications re now that it will in future be more difficult to keep it healthy than it haa formerly been Thia year in particular, in this vicinity the I flanta have drat ceased to bloom, then the eaves carl up and tarn black, and finally the plant* die. On examination of the disease 1 plants the cause la found to be the attacks of myriads of a dark green louse upon the roots. They are foand in such numbers as to cover the roots oompletely. No application yet tried haa aeemed to be effectual in destroying them. It woald be of interest to know whether the lime Aftitt* KM w. i? ? ~ iuq v ?i vvus iu u;ocr localities, and I would be glad to hear from any of your correspondents who have Jbcen troubled in this way.?Q. B. H-, in 'Country Owtfwwi." OOBAlf S TBAMMRS' SAILING DA YS F*o? m Ctrrras Stat??. Dmmi. Lmm. Pvt. Da* t. Bum Ro?toa*...~.,Liverpoc:..~.Oot 2 Great Eastern New York-.Liverpcol. ..Oot 5 f?wta ???New York.-Liverpool.. .Oet !? Niagara. Boston. Liverpool....Oct 16 A?ia ? .New York _ Liverpool... <>et23 Bremen. .New York ... Bremen ?Oot i6 From Eunora Niagara Liverpool....Boston Sept81 A?a . .Liverpool....New York ..Sept 2R Bremen.? Bontlrpton...New York.._Oot 2 The California mail steamers leave New York on the 1st. 12th, and 21st of every month. T NOTICE. HE Copartnership ;.e?etofore oarriM on by the name ofH.V. Loudok & Co. was dissolved on the ?ti ?? vwa uiiiiMUVUi Alt H1UW U?IDR tffloooti to Mid fi-m are requeated to settle the ame without de'>ay, as uie auoo*eaor* are anxioua to o oae tne booka and ?ett e accounts ajainst tho above expired copartnership. GEORfiK W. FARANT. FRANCIS J. HKI VKKGR, JOSHUA H. KINO. E NOTICE ?'The undersigned respectfully i their patrons and the public generally of their having formed a oo partnership to ooctinne the business, in all ita brauobea, aa inoctdora of the !at? firm ofH. F. London A Co. Whilst tendering their thanka for the very liberal patronage f*91 ved, thev pledge themselves to use their utmost aertions to merit their continued favors. F. J. HEIBKKGKR A CO. HnMX*n> ?/ 1* P I ' -? ?- "" " ?v Ml A 1JUHUUU *UU <UO., IHIIIIHTJ and Naval Merohant Tailora. r. J. Hrmw, . H Kiiw. eep 11 3w CLOSING OUT CLOSING OUT! Hanoi oonouded tooiese oat mj entire atook of FaNC*" GOoDi, I have removed th* nme to No. "id Pencil! vaiua avenue, between Rth tad 9th atreeta, where I win offer the entire stock at anch pri<ao* M will enab.e mj former enatomera, and the pnt 'o jeneraly. to bur toe firet o'a*? French Vaocy Gooda at r**u wnc**. Now is the time to bay! N B ?All por*ona hanatt o'aima acainat me are request to ereeent the tame lor aettlrmrat; and all personr indebted to a* are requested to make arracteni?DU to liquidate their olaima without farther notice. Prompt attention will greatly ob'ire. tteapeoifally, R. C. STEVENS. ee 7-tf CKld. CRADLK AND BED BLANKETS and COUNTERPANli3,a!l ?i?ee an<. qua i tt'*. Bed Comforte.Sheettaca. Pillow Linen i and BUmaa. To welt, Napfc ina. Table Clothe, Tiokinica. ylie?, Ao. All at oar proverbial.? low prioea, ma k-e in plain figuree. New comera, atraacers, aojouruers aid oiMxena wili iu?pect oar a ook at pleasure. PERRY A BRO, ae 87-M Penn. avenue and !>th at.. NOTICE. "adams' 7'kn Co^noj offers Au tl<e eab io" toenailed vantages" for the SajV uii Quick l?upttoli of ?e?.y F eight* P?oka?o?, Valuables, Money, 4.0. 0-, ail parts of ibe United St.itA*. UfNiN to ud from the North and WnI deperl from end arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Kx?re?eee are in oharge of t-rrtriemci and twluikU Meeeencere. All Packages for The Soldiera carrieo at "ohi HiLf" onr asaa. rates. A1J 6o< da (or the eo-oalled "Confederate State*" and ail Articles * Coatraband of War" wul be Mlsn Oh Kitreura leare New York at 1.6, and 6 P. P.T.rri*lM tn Washington at 6 A. M and 6.H) I Kxareeees r?a?e Philadelphia at a.*' K. M. and 11 M., arriving in Washington at 5?? P. M, and A. f?. Mvt Ha'tin>?>ra at 4 20 A- M. and 3 P. M j^arrmn* ia W a* km* ton at t A.M. and6 3n Kipreaaaa for all poinu North an** West laave W**Lnftoaat7? A. M aodUDP M. Iv'.r. i*p?se.aT CoaWacta for arxe ?uantiti?* of t rcifttt aa& b? made on app'm&Won to i>ua ftc?. AU Oooda tailed for and oahrarod frt* of fe,xtra ofcartet. E. W. PAKSON8, Sup't Ad&wi fexpreea Company. Waahjpftoe. Am?28. il6>. a?8tf rr\HB PAttTNfcJttfHIP Exiafcn? ba'ween J i W. HnAKS A HKU wu i)ihotM oa tne 4th day of May last, and the took, book? and daf U puohaMd fcr w. b, SiAia, who will hereafter ?0' duet tha bnaineaa. Waahioftoa, t*ept 27?1M1. seZMw WTRAVKLIMe TEL'Mfcg. I Of? lor aai9 the larceat aa?>ruB?Bl o TKAVKlINW to M found thia city, b"?t 8u? Lm' > BSfS Ladica' 1)N? Ud Ptnkim " Booe. Carp?t Bag*, io.,~wluch we are n?w *o Una ai rerr low prioee. WALL. STEPHENS * CO? at It '*J j Penn. tfnoo*. NOrnCKRS ANp SOLDIERS FLDlNO An r k'.nd off aocy an .1 Staple I)R Y ttoOi/S for Uie fx k? at home are ac>lieit*4 to in epect o*r ?Mtitoak 01 New Autumn and Winter frabties. An ?x vuicaijon of ttoek imp Wee no obligation to purckaee. One pnoo only, marked in ?.?.n figure*.; therefo e, mm parebaeeeta deceived. - rBERY * BROTHER. Pa. avenue and Ninth ?t, _m ?_ajf -Perry Building " 1 BBS' HAIR STORE. aiwara en hand, or made to order at the kortaal MUM. Hair Wq/v repaired of Moaanjeu. N. B.?Laauir Hai/ Did in Ue moet na'eraj S^L *"" V WOOBimmif JLOU Walk HNhjUK'Mt BOMT'I worth bj MUim tK? PIOSKKE MIL LA. MHikaMil tar ?-V ("ftEo'pACitj tXlr<^y^ 1 ??.r BOYS' CLOTH1N8/ " K H?t> rwlwJ wfaup ft W ?tey wt?? t*ri? u?>rtaMBi ol UOVs' SPRING CLOTH INQ. ?nl)ffcoia? fcUitrTwof low-?riofld, mediaa, M4 M* wkiok V* IrtNOUIItTM) n ss7fct^7wKJJW2^wS??k. ? MitwItWIirMK |fWM'a>P< I fe /f\AT fHfc OLP PAWft OFPlCE.y^v ) ^*'lJ I'v.r Ml*.18**0 HKMZBU6,MIC^W(, - iiS UMWM* 4* MhI ttk .t*. 1 S?a5tesgl-; * I sVrs/511 n^^Mcrttxr."?- j ''liiSili ^b*.for$?* TTTW ! ? /Urr-MJLurr* ?UM $ ? SUMMER RETREATS. WtA BATHING AND l?AFB KKTRKAT, v AT Poi** L?o*-t>BT, Maryland. Tbia c? ehraiA* iuthint Plao*. ?itniU*l at the Ihootion of t)i<* Pfltoiu/wo Kiver with I he A . A Ch ?? ?*? H*J, will l? opened by tboTCjAw unlnraia fi^l An (La 1M >1 ssf (au? ??* Ik* I n^H I very best *?yle, for a1! ffrmni who rosririsha ?*f? and siMet retreat, where tjiv Mnuve tl>? benefit of tV? Sx-st nit nirr bathing act! enjoy the daiieaoiee of the wntcr. snoh aa Fieri of all kiads, Ofiwri, Crabs, Ao Every description oi fishing tackle wili I* kepi for tne aocommoda'.ion of iiesti. A fine livery stab kept on the farm f ls->, t?*u pinaueys and billiard saiooas : with other * muse menu usaaily found at saoh p:aces. The t\M? will be supplied daily with freah vegetables from tuegarden oa iha premises and from the Baltimore aaa Washington markets. The beat Lie nor* and Ci?ars will always he found at the Bar. Board, f* p*r day; one weak, ?12; second wyk, in; four weeks for #35; children and colored .servant* half price. The stcscner St. Nicholas leaves Washington TafoJay al^t m and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. m The half pat.t2 o'oI'Hjk p. i.l train from With infton wil: eonneotat Baltimore with the boats, reaehing Point Lookout daily ; a eo, a tri-weekly iU(? from Washington, by way of l^oona'ritowa Add 6m the proprietor*, at Point Lookoat, Washington 1> C , or Alexandria, Va. m 31 liEFLKBOWEIl It CO. Prop'ra. DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELEB, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between Ninth and Tenth Street* as 3S-eo2m \1 TEETH. l*I LOOMIS, M. !>.. tae inventor and patentee ofth* MINERAL PLATE TEKTH, at toads persona.iy at his office .n Uns cit> je^aarMany per*on* oan wear t'neee tseth wun^"1-tJJ jar. not wr-.r others. and no person oan wear others who oannot wear those. Perecaa caliini at my offleeoan be aooommoo&ted with any style ami price of Teeth they may desire; but tc those wfto are partion>ar and wish tho purest, ol^ansit, stror.jest, a:.d most perfect denture that art oan prodnso, the MINERAL PLATE will be moreftiliy warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 33S Pa. avenue, between ?th and lirtfi sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phi adel ?hia. oo 14 tf GAS FITTING, &c. AWM 1. l)OVE H CO. RE Now prepared to oieoute any srdsrs wiU &e favored in tie rLiVMBlftt*. SAB UK STEAM FITUN? BUSINESS. trr Store on ?th atreet, a few doora north of Pa, tten'ie, where ei?t ba found a complete aanortment (CHANDELIERS and other CAM, STEAM mi W KTER FIXTURES t? T! W 1 SNYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Hm removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F ata. Beie prepared to introduoe Water and Gasnaon the most favorable terms, and f aarantiea entire satisfaction. Hehas on hand a lot of COUKIN8 and other STUVES, which he will aell ieaa than cost, as ha wishes to get rid of therr. no 11 W6 AS FIXTURES. E Hare in store, and are dai.y receiving, ft AS PIITVRJiS of entirely New 1'atlemaand Designs ana Finish. superior in strie to anytning heretofore olf-i <1 in this market. We invite citizens central It tr tail and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fix ires, feeling oonkdont that we have lite boat elected st?>ck in Washington. All Work in tne ai>ova Tine mtraated to ear oar* will be promptly attended to. MYER3 * McBHAN. mrHf 3TW D street. OHf ICE OF INSPECTOR 4.ND SCALES. OF WAS MKTIJRB, WjsH:r? vi>p. Ja!y 1*> 1#*?. NOTICK IS HRRKJ1Y HI7EN. Tnat, airesably to the proviaioas ol the oidinanoo of the Corporation approve-* May U, 18fin, the under^nued is now prepared."whenever refjirecl in writing, and ou pr?- payment of fte fco of I fty eenU, to inspcct. eiaialne. laei, prora, t=4 a-oert<un tbe acouraoy of reiiatration cfaoy ;h meter iu us? in tin*city. E*Ory m?ter, if found snoorreot, will be condom ad and another, sealed aad marked a* trne, will be set in i>* place. If pro-red to he acca~a>e in its msan.i4^ei!tof(a?>itwi'il ber^lsa acco-amity. and ac*!ii ?at in ?<>*itioti tor ust. Ofioa No. *10 y-erert'.n streot,(near 0?d FelJVl' Hft'l ) ?AB ? 1 - ? - - r-- WW* ? IHM 9 f . Ul> Cli VUbtit W. CUNNINGHAM. Jr 1* tf it-'^iftotar nnd Staler of 8ai Metqpi. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO . 322 Pennsylvania AVKNUK. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND HEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTI-NSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, ??6-if (Intel. A Rwpub) ^SSSkI BILLIARDS! rrrrn The Sorer* L of the GAME OF BILLIARDS vill find in EM RICH'S PINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and lltti street, (south aide,) two of the mist admirable TABLEb in the United States, with every oomfort and oonrpci-Doe m t/ - ? m* u ior me player*. XC?*> TOPflAM'8 fwyvjv QBGQ premium TRUNK QIZL MANUFACTORY. 499 Bkvbntu Stusbt, Washin? row, D. C. Silw MM*I awarded-by Maryland IrstiUte o Uaiumore, NoTember 7, IMn A Sao, Medal by Metropolitan Meoh&nioe* Institute, \v aabitis>oD. D. C.. wn. i air nonstaat'y makmc, and always hare ?o hand, of tho b*et material, every description of P ine oole L^olher, Iron Frame, Lauier' Dress, Wood Hoi, and _ Paokuic Tricks, fellis'.er. Carpet,?n4 Canvas Traveiinx Bart, fcehool Satchels, fcn? A* Less Pricet. Mea^eis of Cocsrees an<! tri^elers will please examine on; stock before purchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made id other cities Superior I .either ai d Dress Trunks msds to ontor. . . Trunks eorered ard repaired at short not'oe. Goods deli wed free of obaree to auytpart of the . otty, 6?<>r?etowa. au?l Alexandria. jaO-ljoo J A.MLB 8.TOPHAM WATCH REARING AN DB^VEE WAR. 1 liave one o( the tidet entaMishments, and furnished witii aoomptere set of tools for repairtot evert description of bue ud fln) e.rtic^iiai attention cive to the name, by vflyft o or h competent workman And a work *.i52Fi tie?f Al?o,ev?rj dewonp ion of standard BlLVfcfc Wi RE. plainand ornamental, manulactureannaer my j vu supervision, whiah inj a us turner 4 will fiud far superior in quality and 6ui;b to northers wars sold b* dealers in tsueral and represented as then wn *>nsfaoture. H. O. HOOP, m> S *1IS r/??r ??h TUte EUROPEAN HOTEL,, REP* BY r. 1 EMKIOfl. at iiie center 01 P?n<i.& . . i srouup act Eiereuth street, has boeuWnM? greatly impiowi recently and now ofleis AljU frea*'* ladaeemeots f^r Ike patrorage or oitiseus and straugva Wan an* other public house iu the Oity, Ma price tnwng lees than those of ant other UolM on Paan. &>rin:o ?' "? -- hw BVVuuiulUtitllUUI tor p?ra>ene,U or UeusieU tnjarders uLoXoeptionab!o. ?L6 bar and restauract arrangements of the fc.?ropeau Sctel have already beoome very ?opa tar-feeiafali that can l<e do*'fed by the most (U ti-1: ">ic. TM proprietor fledges unremitted attention ?ad oontinved Ul>erai expenditures to fivesati*fk?tioD toati, and Uu rtnnri hi* invitation '? ?ll to civ? the Knr?a?an Hntnl a o*l|. da 4-11 WCOAL AND WOOD. i? Have on ha'id and o nitautly receiving large *u*n itiee of ail kinds of Coal, whtoh w< are selling at low pnoe* I or o??h. We have now afloat roar oargoes We will a?tl i* at 26 oeuti per ion leas when taken direct from vessel. Also, Oak, Uiokory and Pine Wood, at low prioea. WaRUER 4. 8TEWAKT. ee 11-tf Corner H and Twe ftn ?ta. g' ? N B O A T 8 OwlfrMMKr tfnuMt'i OJU*. I Cut. Jutv u. |Ml < Plane us SraciviCATioaa tor hails of ?un Boats for the Weatern rivers are on exhibition at Uus oXm, and at olfaoea of Starter masters at Pittsburg. Ciaetpnau, ot. Louis wd Alton. ov?w w m a?iiv?iM it Utiro Bide skoald be wot to (Javwrmtttor lieu*r*l of the United Htuti Ariaj, at Washington, by 1st Anjait. at noon. 5r c MKiut*, Jt1? Bnt. O?'1 Md UnnrtrwaHer tten'l. W APS OF Ti.fc SKAT OF WARi-A fiend id I' 1 Ml) of the S*?at of Wax for only cent*. Alio, Pocket of all kiode. Ho!<Uera' Cmb* Dreeein* CuNfrvn #*50 to ?. Bluk Book* aud Stationery of all kiuJa, K %i FMr and K? ve o?k*. KWi, BaonetaMM Badge*, Vieva of WldMH| roreua ftu?aainee, Daily And ' Fa**fV*BNCB A: RICHSTKIN'H I (Itet A B ?!?????.. MKW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVBLBr?Tk* iw^jftV^^-aKSstr ?v*i* WKftreS; 5E?8^!ra?ir. M>| 1 ow rttM. ?* HHm a. * i IM'MIi I ' Wtft *- m^J.r M 1 . -r *** ,p R O P O 8 A_L ?. PUTT D*1??*T*lfT, I fl?T'?m of Yards mwi IHdu, fUp?. 4. 1MU.< 9kal>p 1 surocALi, for ewh *?> separately, -adorsed M rroBoaftta for Cliu No. (name the class) for the rl?Tj Yard at (name the Tardj" wiu. t>e ree- i v*d at this office until dooo oij the 3d day of Ovtobarnext, or flarnlshins *mi il*lirariai at the sevt-raJ Navy yards named. tt?? materials and artioler tmWaefd in printed soH'*lnle?, whioh mi 1 be fu n:?hed on applia%uon, a d ?er t t>y mail if so requested, to p?r?<>ns dnawitic to offer to frontraot for any or all of Iheolae etnamed therein, by tne Coinmediants of'h "eve^a Navy Yards, lor theelasse* f ir the yards onder their <Mnamai>d, or by the Navy A cent nearest thereto, or by the Bureau for any ct all the yards. To prevent confusion and mistakes in sealing the of erf, no kid wil' 6? receiotd which contains classes for mote thm one jtan! tnone ?nntiope; andeaoh 10d vidual of a firm must stfn the bid en J contract. Bidde s ar?> hereby cautioned and particularly nol iticd that their otters mu<t be iu the foiranere inatter presorted. and bs mailed in time to reaoh their destinati%i before the time ezairee for receiving Ibetu; no bid leiU b? considered vehith shall be uce'vd alter the period stated and no allowance will.t>t?na ft for failur's of the mail. To n?rd di.iui.ft offers being upen?>d before the tmi* appoint d, bidders are re*ues ad to endorae on the enrelnae, above the address, and draw a line under the endorsement, (has: "Proposals for Class So.(name the clan) for th$ Navy Yard at (name the yard )" I o the Chief f the Bueau of Yarda and Dooka, \vuiiu(to?, y. c. Fobm or Or run (Here date the offer.) I.(her* insert the name or uamca oompoain* the 6 in ) name 'he town, tin the J*ta?e ri, j aine the &:ate.) heraoy < flef t<< famish under your advertisement dated < late of advertisement landsuhjeot to an the requirements of the same, and of the priotod aoheddl > to which it refer*, a I the artioles embrace' in Cliu >o (name iht? chs*> for the na?yjard at (name the yard,' accord mi to aaid aohoduie. via . t here pasteon tha printed c'a<a from tne schedule, and opposite each ar'tcle aet tin prica snl carry out the amount ?n theoolum- a for do| a s a- d oeuta a .d foot up the aicgrega'e auouut of the bid for tua olas.,)ainouniinx to (here wnte tha amount in wordf.) I projose aa my afent(here nam the arent. if one i? required i>y t ;? schedule)for the supply under ti>e ciisao* misoellaneou*. b? a non resident rf thejplnc* of delivery; and should try offer he ao cepted, i rsqu3tt theaontraot may be prepared and *?-nt to the cary a?cut at mama the agency) for siguaturea ard certificate. (Here the biticer and eaoh member of the firm to aign ) Form or Goakintix. The undersign d (name of guaraffrorlof (name th > town)an<t S'a^e of iname tne Mate,)and(name i acoua gua ant >r. Ao ,) hereby undertake that the ah ve Mintddiame the Udder or bidderr) will, it his [or their] offer &s ab v? be ac opted filter into contract with the United Siatca within fifteen JaT? after the date of notoe thr ?gh the po*t offioe of the ac:ep anceot hit (or their) oti'?r before men tioned. (Signature of f uarautora.) Witneea: I oertifj that the above named (bere name the CUA'an i ra) are known ti me to be gotd and re apo; aible <ua antora in thia cate (Signature.) To be aimed by the die'riot jo Ire, diatriot attorney . ool ector, r.avy a?ent, or aome person known to the bureaa to bo reapouaible. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Cl*a* No 6 Y^iit* pine, apruoe, juniper,and cyrrce?; ci<*aa No. 9 Gravel and aand; oHea No.ll. ron, iron, and apikea; olaaa No 12. Steel; class No. '4 Filer; clasa No. 16. Ship chandlery; clsa..No. 17 Hardware; o'ana No. 18. Statioreiy; c aas No 2) Heititg, packing, and hoae; ciaaa No. 2S Augera, HI/PIUiTI. Clar* No 1. ''ricks; class Mo.2. Stone; olui No. 3 Ye lo# pine timber; class No. 5. '*ak and ha.d wood timber ^nd lumber: o a * No. 6. \V h't" pii'.e, spruoe, iuniprr aid oyprc-s; class No 7. l.un?, l air, and plv.ter: cls.?? No. 8 Cement; o'ass No 9. Giavel a d cand: clas- No 11. Iron, iron spikes ?n<1 nails; class No. 12. bteel; olars No. 13. I'ir iron; o as? No. 16. hni .ta, oils, and glass; class No. 17. iiariware. NEW YORK. Class No 1. Hnokr; class No. S Yellow pine ?iml>er; class No. 4 Y"ilow pine lumber: cUsi No. 5 Oak aid hard wood; class No.6. White pine, spruo*, cypress, and ju irer;o a-s N-?. 7 L ine, bair, anJ piaster; o a?s No. 8. Oment; cla'S No. 9 Gravel und se.ntf; elaes >o. 10. ..-late; c as;. No. li. Iron iron spike?, a?d nails; claw No. 13. Pic iron; o!a? No. 15 l a.nts.ojlg and glass; olass N J. 16. Slrr ci aad er?; c ass No. 17. Har<iwar?i class No. 23. Belting, packing, and hose; oiass No.Iron work, 4.0. PHILADELPHIA. P!?aa V-ll? -i * - ?* v i?an? !? > \j . i oil" w pi no unit)" r; 01^31 l^lOi 5 <>ak and hard wood; class No 8. White una, spruoe. juni?T, and cypress; class No. 11 I-on. iron pikes and nails; class No 19. Fil'c; class N?>. 17 Hardware; olass No. i3. Bellini, packing, and hose; olass No. 26. A .gers. > WASHINGTON. Class No 1 Bricks: olau No.6 Oak anJ hard, wool; c'ass No 6 White fine, sprnoe. jumper, and cypress; olass No. 11. Iron, iron spikes, and naiis: olaai No. 12. Steel; olass No. 14 File*; o ass No. 15 Paints, oils, aid (lass; o.ass No 16 Shis ch?dle.-y: o.a s No. 17. Hardwaie; can No 24. sperm and lubrioitmg oi s;olassNo 27 Ant a aoite ooal; olass No. JS. Bituminous Cuinlurlauu ooal. The sohedole will state the times within which article* will be required to be deliveied^ and whire the printed schedule is not used, the periods stated in it l .r deliveries must he oopied in tne bids Ail the articles which may be oontraoted (or mast be uelivereu at such plaoeor place, including dray age and cartago to the slaoe where us'd within the r.avT yadu, respectively, for whion the oiTers are inau , as nny t-e direoted by the commai ding officer thereof; and all other Mings b?>ing equal, preference will be given to Ainerioan manufa ture. No article will be reoeived afer the expiration of the period speoitied in the sohedulcs for the completion of deliveries ui.iess tpeoially auth rued by the department. In computing the clas es, tne price hta ed in the column of pn.ies ?ill i>ethe s an l?rJ, and the aggregate of the cla?s will be carried out aooording to the prioes stated t is to t>e provided in the ooutraot and to be distinctly understood by the bidders, that the amount anil number of article* enumerated in cia>*es headed ' Miscellaneous" are specified as the probable quantity which m?j be required, aa wollaa to bx (lata for determining the 1-west bid ; but the oont'actor it to fur; lah more or less of the said euvmerat?d article*, anri >? suck quantitiet, a. ii at iurklitnes.a* the bureau or eumma+damt may refwr*. auoh increase, howevrr. not to exceed uueha f of the quant!ti?s atated (and requisition* sent through the post office ahall bo deemed sufficient noti :?J duriLC tlie fiscal year ending t'.e 3>lth of June, UI&; and whether the quanti lea required tie more or U as than those apooided, the pr oea shall remain the name ? Al' ifce artices under the oontraot meat be of the heat qutlity, delivered tn good OMier, fre > of all au?l every charje or expense to th- bovrrnmei.t, and aubi<ot to 'he mapecion, oouat, weight, or measurement of the taid navy yan, and ue in all r epoot* i-atislactorr to the oominandant thereof. Bidders are retried to the yard tor plana, apnoifi cations, or samples. and any further d noription of the artioloe. Vv heu biddera al.a'l be in doubt a* to tu~ preoi.-a articles named in the schedule, t^ey will appl) to tue commanding officer of the navy jard and mat to employe** for description of >he article ?> artfiiea iu doubt, which information the said officer will give in wilting i on'i actors lor ola sea headed 'Miscellaneous," who do not re side car i he piace where l he articles a e to be deli vered. will be required to name iu their proposals an agent at the oity or piineipal piaoe near theyard of de:iverr, wbo may be calied upon to deliver ar tioioe without delay when th?r shall be required. Approved retiMsin the lull amount of u>e oontraot will be required.atd twentv per oentam as additional security lUduoted from oach payment unti. the ooatraot shall have b*?-n completed or can .elled, uuiets otherwi e authoristd hi the Ite pertinent. on clasaea ol articles h^adou ".<n oe lane< us," to be do ivere<1 aa rpquirtnl < nrrg *li0 6 - ?ar, the twenty per o<-iUuiii retained may, at the discretion of the commandant, he paiu auarterly ou the tirat of Janoarv, April, July, and Ootcber, ? h?ri the deliveries have been satisfactory, ani tb* helaiio* (i i*hty per oeot.) will be paid by the respective uav? aceu's within thirty dais after the presentation of triplicate, duly vouohed and approved. No t?*ii nl the per aentum rf erved is to *e pai until all the rejected article* > flVred auuer the o<-n traat shall have been removedrrom theyard, nnleaa special!; aaihorixed by th* Oep?rtmeui. It will r.e stipulated in th* oontrect, that if default shall be nude by ihe (arties of tlie first part in delivering all or any of theartioiea mentioned in any o aaa bid for, of the quality and at the times and p acea aN>ve provided, then and in that oaae the aid paitiea vill forfeit aud jay to the llnHed 8'ates a sum of mouey notip exceed twfoe the amouiit of auoh om: whioh may be recovered, from time to tui.e,aooordinf to the aot of Congress in tfiat oase provided, approved March 3 1*43. The auretiea niuat ?un the col tract, and their responsibility b> ortified to by a ua -* agent, collect r, district atiorne , or acme other person, sausfaotori ? known to the borean it is to be provider lntheooatraotthat the bureau shall have the pow^r of a- nullinc the contract, without toaa or damage to the Government, in oa<.e <'on?rea* shall not have made spffioient appropriate. a for the articles uaraec, <<r for the oompletion nf wnrlra*<l ?*-J"L ** Vi nU( * ' , *uu uu wnianiri8iiv6rtine merit ia bM?d, and ha lalso hava the power to inor<-?ee or dioiiniah the quantities named in the o aaaaa not handed * Miso->ll*neous" in tba sohe<lue t?<-ntj-hve pe- centum. Persons whoee offer# aha>l be aooepted will be notified n> latter tnrourh the post office, which nouos shall baoonaidared sufficient; anil 11 the; do not en'er into oontraet lor the auppnee apecifid within fit?f ea days from the dace ot uotioe from the Lar-ftu uf the aoo*pt?boe of their bid, a oom aot vdl be wade with aou.e other peraon or peraona, and the cuarantora o< saoh default ng biddare will t>e held raspo siblefor ail d*liMvenoiaa. All offera not male in uric I amformuy with thia ad vertiaement wilt, at lite option of the bureau, be rejeoted. *

i'tioee only whose oiU-s map beaooaptrd will be noticed, and ooetraota wih be ready for exeoation aa a<?n thereafter m mar be praotioftblo. a?p > twlaar I INION PAPER ANDENYKLoPI wen U ty d.threat styles of Note and Latter Paper, with F.nveloaea to match. Views of Washington in the formol a Roae, and in Monk form; also, separata AU the Daili a> d Ween.y Papers oonatantly on hand. Heralo,Times,andTritmue raoei red every nicM aft o'clock. Papers frum ail aorta of the oouutry. Rejui.a's Dime Novals and 8on* Booka. ^Afreok supply of Hooka for summer reading. A l'rje aeeortinent of Javeailee? Mayne Raid's Books, Rollp Hooks .Abbott's Uistoriaa. Ac. as. oZh*S aiiHK i'iihk * vii a ? i?1 " mt* ftimj. "tC. *3 gS^S'SAT, 1?: VJ' * lf"8g??jy.y Mu *'l tiiid* (tf GKNTS* F DR NI tBi mm ^-l.'A<>>l*? M Mill all hi* |OvdittN?v VoTK ,ric^ M ?-lm i / I , ' i #rtar? Omrl, CM, Hmthmii, In/imu*. n? er 8wtRUI of (4< nirMi, RtHtrt thi Coutk m tiwm, 4iMi>, # Ctumrrk, Clmr and mi Strtnttk It tk* 90% 4 ?/ r UBlli,C8iSI#aiK BB8 AH9 DiribfillS* few ar* ??m? of the import&not of oheecioi a Couch or "Common Cold ' in iu brat ?tac e; tut which in the begining would yield to a u tla reine 4*, if negl voted. eoonattack* tne I, unit. "Brtwn'i Bronchial 7V?cAm." oontaintaf demuToent inirediente, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. I "That tronNe in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S whioh the area jeeifiel | havili nade- bo* often a mere vbia 1 Hrer, " n. p. wilus. | brown'S reoommetd their ue to pfbli* ? SrSAKXSS." TROCHES RKV. K. fi. CHAP1N. "Great eerrice in nix!sinf Ho t*?1 BROWN'S n?c." RKV. DANIKL WISK. vhophkr " Aliuoat instant relief in the die treeon* ;abor brenhJBf peculiar ItRIIWNN to Akthma." imu WIN & ttKV A c KG6Lt8TON. TftOCHKS "Contain no Opium or anything i&jnriogg." DR. A. A HAv?8. BROWN'S Cktmitt, Boston, TROCHE? ^XTESXittZf"' DR. 6. r. BI.ELOW^ RROCBKS. " ??"ftf. ^rX'.'L'kN E, BROWN'S . P"*" TROCHES WWKWKK?" BROWN'S *" 6 W- WAEKrf,7,-. TROCHES ^^KSL,V<S C?""* " BROWN*'" RBV. y, J, P< ANUERBONi TROCHES " fr:"*cr?4i. in removing Hotnenesa and Irrigation of toe Throat, so BROWN'? w,th and 8m?TROCHE Prof M.STACY^JOHNSON, BROWN'S T?h<r of M oaio. Bovther'o toma.e College. TROCHES' "Great benefit whoa taken before ad alter preaohing.aa they prevent 2aOWN'8 Hoarteneia. From their jiaUffeot. 1 think they will be of permanent adfROCHE? ractace to me. ^ REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. DROWN'B Preaident of Athena Colleie, Tenn. "ocH <? l-ly I or FOR IWK blOK AND SUFKEA1V0 J LMT ALL WHO AKf AFTLlCtMJ) AM.r TH$ j&KXSDT B.SJ0I9B fjf HEALTH. Fritid, 4* jot aafarf At* to* the Tietlra ef u> ftheaa nan>ero*? ailmect* vaiok ir>u frem 1mI rarity of tbe blood.' >V hat are U>?y, do yoa ui i Rather what are ijaej aot / The blood ia the oaree or file and hetlu. and it is Ge ftrat element jI oar bains to re?#oaa to any eai*? wuieb afleota the ayatem, m the yelae iaMTibly attMta. Tbe ever jreraiUi-r NcaraJtla, the Irritating Eryiiye.aa, the ?atrt!~ Boro'o'.a. ta-s ajon;i:nj Rheamatliia, Nerroae Dabiiit?, l>?iysjfia, Lit?t Complaint with ita toreor and detection, ana the narabeneee His that dran ia h?ir to, derive thair fc:-.rons origin from the blood. Deal tiud"iy thon and gently with the bloou. Va? the ritaiixtcc resources e* Lttore for It* aid. and safer aa ?o oommer.d to rear oo-.fldenoe and aaa that trail Taiaabte medicament known aa st&s. if. cor8 INDIAN VEGETABLE DEOOOTIOIt. With retard to thia aiiooat infallible aaeeiftt popular aeptiment naa awoken in decided tar ma and the cndecoea of thia treat eftcaoy are auata:n?^ by eonatant arowa.a of okrative efeota and he iiappieat raauits from ita uae are after ail other reiardiea ana th? beat medioal akill have failed. i ?.?et vt sar, in ooiio'.uftion, that oertincatea oarea are tot aoatafcfrom the illiterate and au/erScial, bat they are rolonteered from the moat rejpoctable pourose and justify the higheat terraa in which it ia possible to commend ao valuable a fo.uo to pohlio approval. We may add alao thai J theourativo proportieaofihemediome are equalled only by it* rosloiMive effects, the ay atom recovering from diaeaee with renewed constitutional vigor. For eaie by all respectable Druggist* in thia aity.and by trie proprietor, JuiiS. M. COX, None tena;r9 unieea her name ia bloYn on tea 1 aottie and her ceal ?n the cork Iry* Price ft! far bottle, aix bottle* far 85. Tf keUt*U P.. H. T. C1S8KL, Dragila! eorgetown, D C.. Wholesale Agent for the Dlatriot, and will aapply tUa trade at my pnoee. aa lltr tfKMALK BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL 1 ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mra. 8. J. MoCORMICE, PauicirxL. She thirteenth annoai aeeaion of tola Institution 1 oommeno* on Tuesday, September I8tb, in the honae recently occupied by bylveater SooU, Ea?., No. 100 Ring aired TKa aa n var nf a+uHw an ft n fl/4 will Aitmaaiaa all ?iiv wvuiav wi uu; f u ??*"* w in wuifi vii the oracrl.e* rein'*ile v> a ?norou|h Engliali Kdnatirn, uul Mneiu, French, Lat:u and Urawing, li uasireti. In addition to <lay eoholare. Mrs. MoCormick la prepared toreoeitea limited number of pcpiia aa roar vera, who. oouhtitntint a part of her own family, will 60 nnueT her imincdiate oare and auperviaion. the will endeavor .aa far a* poaai b!e. to earronnd them with the oomfbrta and kindly iniluenoea af Rome. Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Khaa Harnaoa, Key. D. F. Sarin, William II. Fowle, Ka?., Edgar Sr.owden, Em., Eumund F. Wltmer Ea*.? Henry Mai bury, Lm., Lewia MoKenaie i Kb*., Rot>ert II. Hnnton, Ea^., W. D. Wallach ! Editor Evening Star, Benjamin '.Vnterc, Ea<.,Jaa F.ntwiale. Jr., Flee.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Mesara. Blaoklook & Marahaii, Meaara. Cere* BreJiiera. , Tumi. Board, with Tuition in a.l the Engliah Branchee, f 2>*' for the annual aesaiuu?payable eenu-annually, in advance. Knaic and Languagec at Frofeaaora' pncea. 7" No extra charge*. n IM| The subscribers rkspeotfully invite the attention of the Army and ^ Navy to their Toll "opplv of MILlTAKY^tf ana NAVAL. FURNISHING G<?ODS, Wk aaoh aa Indigo Blue Clothe and Doeskin*, ytf Cava, Epauleta, l^acea, Shoulder Htrapa, mm Helta, Sworda. Sword Knote, Caps, Hata, and all reeeective emtyoiderr A ao, th- celebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Ordera in that line respectfully solicited. 1 H F. LOUDON & CO., Naval and Military Merchant Tailora, |y 18 eoam I'a iw.. under Urown'i Hotel. H FRENCH *TR1CHSTE1N AVE Just received ft fresh supply of Note Paper, Colored Borders, ral<Kt and plain, vitii Enveiupei to match Also, Hu Paper of all kinds, with and without Mottoes: Envelopes to match. Purges and Pocket Books of ever; description, A lar*e assortment of Stationer*. Now Vork Papers received daiiy; Papers from alt part* of tbe country. FRENCH ft. RICHSTEIN, ml 6 4JT* P?nr *nnntm A RMY 8UPFLIEB. A JUST RECEIVEI>? 4*1 cans SAUSAUh MEAT, 240cans FRESH TOMATOES, . . 48 oatu FRESH VEAL, 3B0cai.s BKbP.alam^, 24')cans KOA8T BEEK, 360can? *RESH MITTON. ^40 cans Utl.f&i.d UK AW, 2t" etui hOUPsiid 1JOL1L.LI, iit) 0'?sfv FK LNcU DbdSicATbD VGGB TAi?Lh?. For sale at New tfork Factory prives. Kl.Nli A nUKCHKLL, s? 6 Corner ' arid t jftoenth wt reels HNBvV riOtiK*. I9TORY of the Cmted Netherlands, by John Lothrop Motley ; 2 vols.; free b? mail, 8 i. The Rise of the Dutcu Uepubiie, a history, by Joka Lothrop Motley; I ?o s oii th; free bj mail, Silas Mam or, tits W saver of Kaveol, by tbe author of,lAdam Bede , oJoth 7i|oects; paper ID o<mta. Life and Career of Major Andre, by WintrOp Hsrieant; 1IX). , Alter loebe'*s with a Painter.a Summer Voyage to Labrador aad Newfoundland; by Res Louis L. Nobe: flJO The Manunu>tsre of Pholofnnie or Hydro-Car dob mu9. uy i roni&a ahumii, M. U.i S1.1&. An; or the above free br mall FRENCH * RICH8TKIN, a> ? a?w Panne. avenue. QUNBOAT8 roK tub WESTERN RIVERS. Quiirumim ennaL'a Ofticb, I weUMitM, /MM 17,1861. < PaoroaaLf are invited for oonatraotiag 6aaboata neon the Weetern rivere ' ttpeoincationa wal be immediately prepared and may be examined at theQnar*eriaaaUr'a O&oe at Cinolonati. Pit bu'Kh, and at tan ofioe. Propoaale from boat bnil era aad enjine-bnlld ' er? alone will be ooneidfred. P ana anbmitted by biddera trill be taken iato 1 oonaideration M C. ME16S, te U U nartermaeter general United State JJOOT* AMll 5UU1|^ vo 8WIT IU i We are now ncanufactonni all klada of BOOTS aad SHOES. aad oo: ataatlV reeemaa a^^^ napy,? of eastern niaUe wonof every tie BHa ortf tioti, nuuie expreaily to ordor.and be kU at * maca lower arioe than has beea " Nk Uereiofore oharged in uua aitj far nuh infer lot 6rper?oB? la want of Boot* ud 8aoea of eaalera or ity mod* work, vill alvar* tad a jood aaaortnea it ei?i*ac4 at the ioveot prtcM. pivaaaaoaQ. K IF FIN * BRO., i DUPONTT8 SUNFOWDK*, I For eaie at maaaiaottfrera trMot, by JOttN J. UOfiUE, eaoaoBTOWH, D C? Soit Atmey fm tk? DiUritt ?f MmMia. i tnat. Onieraeana ?o belefTat theoikoeof Adaira* Kaaree* P<rm??WT WMV^IWI. Q. hH>W1T | T.ViSi jow^^t^a^JPe' aona ia ^ Man ""SW." ! fc*t "fRHFAIU mmMr done, ud ?il ortUi. proaiptlj attend'sj to. ' J ' ' BMond fcaai OimuM Uk?o in nwtowt Ar i WT 3f?fuFK.E2?J3w? _ TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJN1TED STATES JM1UTABT ROUTE. On ILnH MaiuI?v flftaU>YiKA? M ' s?nger Tr*i"?!? bftTMi WASHINGTON aad BALTIMORE will run aefollowe: TRAINS MOVING NORTH Morning Express leave VS eehirgton a. m- Arrive at Baltimore 7 45 a. w ; Philade p*ial3 ? r. m ; N?w York 6 p. X.; Htrm arc 1.15 r. M. Morning Aooommodation Imt? Wa?htn*tot 'J' a.m. Arrive ?.t Baltimore 9.10 a. X.; Phi.adelphia )r i i New York I p. x Evening Express le%ve Washington *>' r *. Arrive at Usltinore 4.10 p. m; Philadelphia 9 9* p m; New York 3 a x. Evening. Aoounoxxiation leave Washington 5.43 p.*. Arrive at Baltimore 7SO p.x ; Harrisburg ^ *' TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. Leave New York at 7 a Bt.; Philadelphia 11 9> A. m.. Baltimore344 p. x. Arr.veat Washington p _ || ^ Lr'ave New York at 8 p. x.; Philadelphia 10 39 p. x.: Ba.timure 5 a. x. Arrive at Washington ?0 a. X. Aocwnmodat'on Trains leave Da'timor# st!4> a. m , and 5 p. m , and arrive at Washington 10 36 a. M ,6 45 p. X. Passenger I'rains leaving Washington at 7 30 a m and iSn r and Baltunors at 40 a. x and 3^5 r m . make direct oonnrctfans for Annapolis at the Junction. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore aad Waak inzton at 6.56 a., m and s r. k raaeencer Train*- Imtidk Washington at ? a. m. k .4 2.?? r. end Baltimore at 4 a. m. and 3 46 p. M-. w il 'tor oniyal Anmapolit June I torn and titlay Junction W?i Pascengera are requeated to take the.4?ecmmodatum 7V??? or the Rtfilar Tonnage Train, which vi I tare paeeenger ear attached. 'I'raiua will le%ve tne Washington Depot prompt ly upon eird-timt All artiolea 01 freight (not oontraband of war) will be trAn*port<*<J over the line Regular Tonnage Train* wilTteave Baltimore at ?a * LeaveWaahingtnn at 3 90 r. m. By order of tne 9*eretar? of War: R. P MO|i LEV, Genera' Manager. THOMAS H. CAN FIELD, A?tatant Manager. Special notice. SUNDAY TRAIlf. Leave WASHINGTON at**) p. m. for NEW YOKK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor< and Philadelphia, amvinpjn Washington at 10 a m. R. P. M?#RLEY, ?e 37 General Maaager. jr?> ((TEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN kClA NiiW vniitf Aiin? ??jl> ?? * ^ %n n ah 1/ ui * f-il ruu l? Laadir* ud tmbtfluni pm*o|tri at Queenatown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Ste&manip Company intend diapatchioi their rail powered C yd?-built iron Steamship* aa follows: (jLASuOW future a* , Aogutt 3d. CITY OK BALTIMORE, M - l?tt. KANGAROO. * M BUL Aud every Saturday, at aooi, from Pier44, North n?er una of riiuH. Pirat Cabin #75 Do. t<> London .... ?o Do. to P*ria 86 Do. to HanaPrc-*?? ? tfteerare. . . i. t* Do. to London ? 34 i:o. to > a ia . y* f)rt t n u nmk?r? a* ? ? * ? k> <x> Puwmifin for%ariitd to Havre. Bremen. Botterdam, Antwerp, 4.0 , at reduoed through (ares. ? ers?ns wishms to bring out their friends can buy ticket* at low rates. or further information aptly at the Captains O&oe. JOBN 6. DAL- . Aier.t, IS Broadway. pf. Y-. OrtoQ. A. HERRING, A ama Express Baltimore. jr?windividual enterprise LINK. r<rr EASTER* AND WRSTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt J H. K rwan "flONBEK,-' Capt W. Norman. Will run their rentes as follows, leavi c Light street, Baltimore, fi>ot ol Camden atTo'olockA. M: KENT?ForCambrtdite, Denton and Landings on Choptank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday, For Annapolis and West River, every TUE8DA Y and FR1 DA Y and returning sa re days. PIONEER?For St. M'ohaei's an-< Eaaton, via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY.and return the e&meday. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, isford and Ear ton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route oa Friday For Annapolis, Weal River, St. Michael's and C..t/>a ?... D P ??<mi v iw tunv mvri rorri| ?TPry OA 1 L K' DAY,retwrninp every Monday by ume route rare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaston Point . A1 SO Fare to St. Miobaei's and Milea* Rivera round Lr>p ) 1|) i ? * , i * ) oo Fare to West River, (reond trie, flK. 1*0 Fare to Annapoi* (round trio IS cents76 MBALS EXTRA. irr Freight must be ?r*?\id. Wharf and Ofioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltirrore. C. K. CANM'N. northern central railway. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Caxthkt Statioh, Batimore. May it, 1861. < On aud after Sunday, May 19th, Hbl, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIi.WaY arrive and depart as foilowa, until farther sotioa. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL*" M A. M, EXPRESS M. HARR1SDUR9 ACCOMMODATION at S P. M The &.15 A. M. train connects at Relay Hoise with trains on the Western Maryiabd Railroad; at Hanover Juration with Hanover and Gettsba'g Bailroads; at York with York and Wrightsvlile ailroad; at Harr sbarg with Penney vacia Railroad for ail parts of the West, a'so with Lebaanon Valley Kailroad to JViw York dirtct: at Northom oenana witn L. and B. waiiroad for Kincaton and all parts of YYyooraiu Valley .and attfunburr with ?e Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* ortbern Peunaylvama *ul Mew York. The 3 90 P. M train make* all the above connections except Hanover R&ilrrad, Wrifhterille Railroad ami the Lebaruon ValW Railroad. Ti.o t P. M train maxee connections with Pennsy.vama Railroad for all parte of the Weat,and direst oonneeta for New York. TRAINS ARHIYM. Mail at 610 P fit.; Expr* e at 7 46 A* fit.; Harriabnri Accommodation at ! 4J P. M. For Tioket* and information mtoire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK. Rapt. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA 69?B?56 PUR NEW YORK. The Camden and Amboy ami Philadelphia and Tren'on Railroad Comwuues' Line Irom JPHILAi'K' PHI A TO NEW YQHK AND WAY PLAC* H, from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSilnOTON DEPOT, will leave ae loi love: Ate A M . via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) , . . . At6 A, M , via Camden and JarMy City, (N.J. Camdei aad Jereey City.iMorn?Wil . ' ? ??? ~ jttn/B A. in . kMD|Wn IH Jereey City, < W eetern Expreee.) . At 1SX P. M , Tia Camden and Amboy,( Aoeommodat'oc.) At S P M.via Camden and Am hoy, (C. and A. Kxhm) At W P M , r?a Keuaincton and Jeraef City, fivsrJ?~J cm, (tooond Claae Tioket.) Aj^6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening At RJf P. M., viaCaindeoand Jersey Ctty,(Soath err.Mail.) At6 P/a1 , vta Can.'te\ and Amboj,( Atwoma)odation, fieuht and paaeeater, Firm Claae Tioket.) Seocnd 0?a?e Tioket. . , The 6 P. M Mail Train rone daily. The ILK P. M. Mail, Seturdaya exrepted For Belvidere, Eaxton, Lambertrtlie. Fie miniton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.;and 4* p. MVfrom lea11 Water &ay, Stroodibnrt, Bcranton.Wilkeebarre. Montroae, Great Bend, Ao? atlJOA. Mfrotn Keaaintton, via. Delaware, Lackawanna aae For Maeeh Cki?ifc. All?nwi. i--? - T.10 A. M. and SX P." B,^rom"fwwtoTdeee5 the 7.10 A. M- li e ooDneata vltt tho kraut Mavta? ^FofMo^nt^Holfyat ludl A. M. u4 S and 4* P'Jor Freehold at A. M- and S P. M. . U^ton^Floryoo, Bordentowa, Ao., at HK, I* **Bte?aer Trenton for Borden tow* .and iatarmediate piaoee, at M 1*. M. from Walnat street *! * For New York and War U?ee. leavin* above ' tnre The I oars run int j the depot, aad oa arrival of trail rma from the de >ot. * run P"*"0? OI MflH* OBlT *9+ Hiwtgw PtuH(M trt prohibited from taking anything w baggage ? * Qmr wearing Alt bau*f? over fifty roudi to M MM 'or Bxtra The oomanny limit their r*ifoaa?iilily f.r hu|ui to one ?ot ar per pound. and will not bo uaMe fur any amount b*yoM one laodrod do>tar4, axoept hy apeoia: oontraet. WIH. H.CAT7MKI, Ageol. Bm On ud after Mar lfttn, 1*1, the t'vti *?li nui foliova, via;?Lea** Camden 8tatioa. Baltimore,?Mail,, exo*i>i Sunday,; at ft 3D A. ilTlU^ iTf & w ^T^aNO ^ m * 3S5if?^w^? >flM Uu?h, For s&te tow. vfT?J*W5?. u?^ , L. ^?afflmur,| | 4*1) bum Umj vbarf, foot of Caioa >*>*. at ?* o'c.ork FauorlweedtMlj altar Up arrtvai ? Um WukiMtM Tmii, wk\oh ><?* WaoA lac v> a U 2H c'olook p. u. w?y-tf m. N FALIA. Pwt p5!L*ELKL.PH'A. wil MINGTOX ANb BAL WBH* TtMORK RAU.K'-AD. SPRINO 4*FsUMMkh AkAA>UJSMMHT. $mUMT*3S< Mft A. M.; kroniDj Mail at? *b o'aioek. Oa fUNI > A ye at ? ?5 PVjbI oalT. A U train# ?o?a??jriu N?w York train* exotpl 45 P. Mtraifi oc Bator /*"Fr?i?l?i Trata witt panyuw oar attaskad Invm at I P. M. ?to*ruuatalifttUou Mvwo n/ Hjttp 4?~?raa?. PaaMficars for fialavaraaad Ut Rattwi rbara of Ma^la^d viU bod U? BMat *x#?iiUo*a rcvut* TfcrAUoSloryperto* malt ?tra bead be for* ecterii * Uitoart. r_ .. __ umwrmy,aaaat. r^^^GittAT CKNTRAL JROrTK FOR KthE WEST. *m HCDSOM *lf HAIL KOA.U mmd SEW YORK fMHTKAL HAIl.KOAp. lin?u fr?l?? l??v? N'w Ynrk o ty demote of Radeon Rivar Railioad faily. nmri ex oafted, ? a ioltowa i Prom C baia bora at raet FrcaaSlat at. itatin*. At 7 ooa At 71ft a a li oo S00?m 1 .? ISfR Montr 'al and Befffclo ' " Train with alanine oari.i'li n CoBTi^ot l i at Albany with the Naw York On trai Railroad fx Befcaneotariy. RcafcektatAuaa Batavia. Rome, ard etatioaa on Ron* and WaUrtown Rvira1. Mi.tfuJo. }*?raoaee. Niagara ral:a, Sc?r-e eira Bridge, Aabvrn. Goneva.Cai a?da<tae Traina id ooiiDeotu r. leave Buffalo and Baapen adoL via Lake Snore, Buffalo and ake H u roo a ad Great Weatarn Railroad, for Hamilton. Torre ft. Detroit, Chicago. Toledo. Hilwaokie. Foa Da Lae. La Cro?ae. Mnn.i. Prairie Da Calea, Oa ena. Nnfrij*._Dnbu??e_. J^eoria. Root Uland. Meeoa wuc, IUWB VyllJ, Dlljl u|jtrin, v|uire?. f?rin?J?M, Alton, St. (<o?ia,Cairo,T*rr? VMiaaaaolia, Lo*i?Tille, Cidoi' n*t'. t a'ton, Colon, baa, CJ^r*. Mod, and m! point* \N aat. North*rat and ftovUNORTHERN ROUTS. Connectinx with Trau.a at 1 rot, with Troy k, Bo* ton &nd Reua A f*ar?to<ra Road* for Saratot a. Whitehall. Rutland. Hurlinctoa,M. Albara.Room Point, Piatt-burjh, 0(dec*hai(b, Montreal. 4o., mm (T7* Freight a frail* Mr. e 1.1* by thi* roato aa above, wiUicA t chant* of Cora, from Lb* IX^oli ta Ihambera and Canal atreeta. are at all tinea aa CvoraMf aa I t oth'r Railroad Cca?fa?i?a. ha tacil'tiea of thi* groat Naw York R<wta,*o tha I faat cfxn re ^ n d it to tha eorfdenoe of n.erohuu an ahppera for p^oirptneea aad di*patoh Paaser.ger train*. with Pmokmx a??i Riaoyi >* Car* ran in ooaoocUoa on tha Nov York Cenual Road. For partienlara aa to looaJ trMn* aad freight ar ranfementa, injure at th? a*?ot. 69 Warrw at. A. P. g*?TH.???orti?4?adoot. U 3 eoVKRNMKNT LINK FORT MONROE AHD OLh P01 ST COM FORT. L?tw the lowwr end ?.f UNION DOOK.Bati mnr*, weat aide, OAILY, (SnndaTa inolaoed.iat o'olcek f M tafrmc paaeencera and fright. and oonnrotinr with tbe Railroad line*, to and f om Wa?hir*'on, I). C., Phi adeiehia.New York, Boa ton, York, Harria>iiT|t, Pihsbarc, Pa, and tha Wait, immediatrW af^er tb* arnraJ of tha Expree* Trait from New York and Philadelphia. Tha following la tha Scbadn.e: From New York to Port Monroe and back.. *U Pram Phitadelph a and hack- ...... %1? From Baltimore and back ? ? fry PROCURE YOU* TIC*ETt?^31 In Nov York, at the New Jeceey Railroad Oftoe foot of Coartlacd etreet. In Phi aoflphia, at tha Corrpany'a ?Am.N. W, oorn?r of Sixth and Cheatiiut etreeta.or at the Depot, Broad and Prime etrreta. in Baltimore, on bo?r4 the Bteamara, foot of Union Dock. HUGH O'CONNER, Paaeonter A en* (^^.nkw yokk. harlem and HI albanV railroad. s3* leaving new york for albany, trov, north and Wkby. SUMMER ARRAN6KMK-ST Commencing Monday, Mir 27tk, 1*1. For Albany?ll** ft. a. rut expreaa train from ^For^tover Plair.a??? p. m atoppmg ftt WhPe Plaina and atatioca north to Dorar jlame?from ?tb atreet station (Tfcia train will run to Millerton every Patu^-ay HWtM,) PorCroton Fftlla?M?a. m. atoapiria at '! iUtiona nor lb of Porrik&oi from J6h atre?4 a tailor. For WrL;te Flftin?-?', lit anl fc?" p. at. atojaing ftt ftll atatiooa fioiaJtta alreet a tali on. For White Plaina?6:'5 a. aa. atoning at?'! ataQota from White ?tre?H atation. For Wil iama ll::5 ft. m. andM?p. m. atop Ping ftt all atatiora from *7th atreet atauot. Returning wil' )<? ? Aibftty?MO a. m. tftet axpreea train. Do*ar Piftina-fc30 a ?. <Tki? traia learae Mil lerton ever} Monday morning ftt 6 ft. m.) Orotoa Kali a?6 f. u>. White Ptaina?Al?\ 7^0 a m. 4:* r** a m. Wi iiftna Bridge? Mfti, 9,-flOa. m.ft ii? p. m. Smda? traiua will leave ?th A venae earner Bd atreet. for Central Para, Yorknle, Harlem aa<i High Bridge eve'j V w mii utM, from ?* a. m. to 7:00 > re. JOHN BURCH1LL. A eat bap't. r^^^NEW YORK AN l> ERIK RAILII ROAD Pftaaenaer Traiua leare Tift Pavonit Pftrrv RnH Ijinr llo?lk wnm Crwrv# <'kaa?i-a? tr?. t. New York, m fol?ow?, tit: 1M ft. in , KXf R for DuLkirk, aorf Bufftlo. acd ?i inc:pal lDt*rm?ia? Station*. iVt. m , M AIL, for Oar .fciri ftnd iBl?r*eii?te Blatiou?Thia Train remains avai aif btat Eiaura, ud arooMds tb? o?xt morn 111* AjOo ft a.. MILK dai. , for Ouanlle, ud inter ACCOMMODATION. daily. tor r?rt J*mt, fto<l j.tnoipai Stations 4M b. m . WAvi for Midd etown, Navbargh. ^rr^etraiW.}.S. fc, Dankirk, feuffftio, f ftnft(jdfti(UftAi>d principal Station* fb? Train of Batnrday *V>f ftt ftil MailTrftin Stations, and miu onto to K nur*. 6oo p.m., ACCOMMODATION .tor Hor?M^ll*. and >n?oipv ?u?om CHAP. Ml NOT, e?n Bar't. NATHANIEL MAKBH. Mtwm. B^TON VI^jyyiVPOET gteuwri MKTk'?)RE^ATt', j Bay STATE. Md STATE or MAINE, oTjraai ctree?t*and??e*d,t;i;t r?rticui*j :y adapted W> tfc? 1 roid, ditULoe of ? mil* only to Bo#ton RAtt?' ^TV.r^BS! Sk o. Ttrp?a%y?. TunrKiayi and SatiircinB, Wteciook P.M.. to??toiin at Nvwwt eaoh way. Ttreae Steamer* k ? fitted with ooModiwi state room*, and ec? ar-anfement for the j**-*'1 tr ud toafort of pMmi*n who m? ifortro ( ? tiu roite a uckta* r**t on hoard, and oa Mrull^^ at ran m?ar proceod ffr Steamboat Trtu.iwnh lag Boaton early tip following nomine: or m?r remain on board nnti! atartinf of tka Aeoomnoc* tiun at I A. M.. by which they nay reach Boston about 8.? A.M. A httme martor it attached to euk itWMr, who iwhtw and Uck*U tip hacrac?: and wowpaaiaa the *am? to iu deatinatioa. A atoaiuar iwea ta connection with thia Liaa bo twaen Fall Elver aitd Prowideaoe daily, exo?rt Bvadaya. Freight to Doator la forwaaded tfcroach with treat aiapatch by an Kzprea* "Praia, which iaa?e? Pali Mirer over, Kt.nirc, Ptfadaya ejoeptad, m 7K o'oiuok for Boetoa and New Bedford, arrtnee at tta doei initios at aboal 11 A M wis an and bO"th? aa^ y oa 1'ntrd.or if dartre* to eeea re thoan in advisee, to Wm BORDKN, Aft IQaadTl W ?< street. N V. fnrrilifMrMriP utf Proyidooo?iKilrSJSf?l [eo?ui* NowYorfc a%uy, S?n?l?T? XMftsd. fior No 11 North Ri??fc ?t 6 o'clock p. M.. M<i Brotoo uix o'oTom t. m., or on thoomr*i of Kwaski iwr jswti". Mouom.JFiitoj. Kro* firofto ?QsTWlffi JWEyW JuthiHin fr? Qwtw m?.?d wr iHlwJ to j^rori4en?e^fcD4 Uo*tyt. IB (to* ?tit or rotu*,w4 i? uwi* u?o lor ft-l ttoo oorly North aw^JjU*t^ I m ^ Tft?r ?t?t* fto(M,tr r*rtrfct. MtfTMt Km Mm atMUM?r. or at tk* frnjui Oioi, Cmt U Nortfc Kim, or w Ui OflhM M atf^g" 'c"> *-A,va.y:,?5r' S?^^2>7Z>a'lLrTi*rt4l t*M mjl.iL fk >* - - ? ?

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