Newspaper of Evening Star, October 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 2, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR M rUBLKHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCKPTKU.) AT THI STAR BUILDl^fil, Cmw ^ PMSiyltwit immh amd MUvtmtk at. IT W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* aerved la packagea by carrlera at ?4 year, or J7 cents per nmtk. To mall aobecribera the prloe ta S3 JO year, m vtoamtt; 9? for aix ?oatha; K for three moot ha; and for leaa than three noaths at the rata of it cents a week. 81agle eoptee, owe casr; la wrapper*, two cniTa. C7* AaTaaTtaavaifTa ahonVd be aent to the l?a before U o'clock aa.; otherwise they may ?ot appear oatll the next day. Dwtractlta el the Warreatea Wary Yard Btj Deck. The following aeeoant of the destruction of the dry dock at Pensaoola i? given by the N. T. Herald. It will be remembered that the rebela andertook to aink the dry dook in the ?Klnn?l in nWat* , mwm w* vvi vv vvtraiw* unrigBllWU, UUl . being interrupted in this bj Col. Brown at Fort Pickens. they began to make arrangements for pumping it out, and removing it to a position near Fort MoRea. On the night of the 31st of August, Col. Brown got an inkling of the design on foot, from the unusual stir at the Navy Yard, the frequent passage of boats to and from the shore, conveying, what afterwards proved to be fuel for the furnaces, to tb? dock, tc. His plana to defeat the aooomplish^ ment of the purpose which the enemy had in iaw wera quickly farmed. Selecting one of his most trusty officers. Lieut. Shipley, he gave him orders to bold himself in readiness with a - l ? -a * - * cr?w 01 pic tea men u> man a Doai me loliowing night, cautiously to approach the dry dock land npon and a?t fire to it, then retreat as speedily as possible for the fortCol. Brown, in the meantime, made every preparation for a general engagement. He eoald not believe that the enemy would allow handful of men to approach so near his batteries, burn the dock, and find their way unmolested back to the fort, and be had fully determined, if the retreating boat was fired upon at enee to open with all his guns upon the ?Vary Yard and the adjoining batteries, which we all trusted, would lead to a general engagement. * aa it. ~ ?. ? .a a % aii in* nexi aaj (ounaaj) was employed is making preparation*. At the fort bombshells were filled and placed convenient to the mortars, the furnaces were filled with fuel, ready to b? ignited at a moment's warning, for the purpose of heating cannon balls, and the officers and men were all detailed to their respective positions at the guns. A fe* minutes after "tatto" (9 o'oloek)Lieut. 8hipley left the beach in front of the fort in a boat with eleven picked men, rowing noiseUse1? for th* dry dock The boat reached th* dock without being ehall*nged, was made fast, when the men sprang up prepared to encounter and overcome the sentries,-who had often been seen stationed upon it at night; none were found, however, and thej proceeded to accomplish thflir work f!nmKnifikla mitApUl r\f variitna kind* had bee a prepared and brought along, together with three large oolumbiad sheila. These were placed in the boilers. The cornbutibles prsperly arranged, word vu given for the men to go aboard the boat. Lieutenant Shipley remaining to apply the mat?h, which done, he quiokly followed in their wake. Scarcely had a distance of twenty yards from the doomed structure been gained by the gallast little band when the flames burst forth, followed almost immediately by the ezploeion of the shells, which filled the air with fragpeats that fell in a perfect shower around the retreating boat, bat fortunately injuring none of fa erew. As the firet streak of flame mounted upwards the " long roll" sounded at the navy-yard, the soldiers stationed there turned oat in haste, the engineers ran to their guns, and every thing was wild oonfusion; but not a shot was fired, the boat reached the share in safety, the erew disembarked and proceeded to the fort to reoeire the coogratulations of their eomrades. Meanwhile the whole sky was illuminated by the tall spires of flame whloh shot upward from the burning dock. Alt night long the fierce element sped on its wore of destruction, and when morning dawnad a shapeless mass of ruins floating upon the water was all that remained of the dry dock, which oost the (iovernment upwards of a million and a half of dollars, bat which the "mad demon of rebellion" had wrested from its grasp. The enemy made no demonstrations. Everything seemed quiet upon the opposite shore. The colnmbiad planted upon the doek of the aavy-yard frowaed upon the camp, plainly visible, now that the doek yard no longer intercepted the vision. Sharp Practice. The Philadelphia Qasette tells the following; we have heard of a thief robbing an old lady of the spectacles upon her forehead, and mtmm of taking the mace from a newly-appointed policeman, but a piece of aeuteneea was yesterday perpetrated by a sharper that beats all theee. Tne triok was done upon a little steamboat plying down the river to Peniugrove, N J. Among the passengers by the boat was a New Jersey grocer, named John Tiee. Mr. Tiee had purchased lot of groceries, including a very fine Backscoanty aneeee weighing about sixty-five poands. Waiting the departure of the boat, he was watching his goods as they lav on the deck. For want of better accommodations, he took a seat upon the aforesaid cheese. As Mr. Tiee was study lag over toe movements of tne rebels in Missouri. and solacing his nasal organ from a 'jailer" snuff box, two nice young men approached and entered into conversation. " Yob take snuff, sir?" said young man No.l. " Yea. Coaid'nt get along without it. Took K for orer eight years, " You use the Maoeaboy, I perceive." 41 Yes. That suits me beet for s steady snnff." " Let me recommend you to try mine," said the sharper, produoing a silver-plated box, engraved with an American eagle and two hsrpoons ''Imported it from France. It is the identical snuff used by Marsh*1 Pellisier, and the officers of the French army." Mr Tice said " certainly," aad inserted his thumb and finger ia the stranger's box. The moment he placed k to his nose he was seised with violent sneering At every sneese he lifted himself about a foot from the oheeee upon 1 which he was sitting. While he was doing this sharper No. 1 was carrying out his share of the programme. As Mr. Tiee gave the third sneese oe pushed the cheese from under him, and in its stead plaeed a peek measure. As Mr. Tioe was sneesiag for the eighth and last time, the sharpers ana the eheeee had disappeared. Mr. Tiee nibbed his nose for about five minutes, and speat five miavtes more in wondering ss to the stvle at aoee possessed by Marshsl Pellieer ana the efioers of the French army, who #eek miik -~t~ Bj this time the deck hands of the boat oomMeneed to load op Mr Tiee's good*. Mr TIm reee front hi* nu and Mid : " Take this ihMNt too." D??k kand Mid "What ebtM*v> Mr. Tioo looked arouad, and found tkat Instead of a cheese be had been sitting upon a peek measure. Whoa be understood the manner is whieh the exchange kad been effected, he wee about the wont excited man we have mm this aeaaoa. He offered $?4 and ike oboese to anv one ?ko would give htm aa opportunity to flgnt the tblevee wita ene band tied behind biaoMk. la order to kMp good hit word be remained in the oitv daring yesterday to boat 2 tka thieve* When he catches them we ail report pro cress PilKUL K> ?Tbla place OB the Ohio liver, ."ww he?4 by the 0. 8. troops, la about aa In.poruttp?(H Uutm. Inlet, commanding a. It 4m tk? Twnrwi rtrer, a tributary navigable foe kaalrrd mllaa, aa itmn of boandleea awlth, and whnes courae la through a bitterly hoetile oaaatry, wtth Ui. mouth of tba Cembeel??d bat a^?bort dUrtaaee above. and Ute Ohio fat 1 rely Ma war, aatll vary lately, baata ImM with eontrabesd iwii baee ptlad wltheot Interruption up tba Camber land and Twain., carry lag aM ana ceerfoftef-tbe moat acceptable kla4 to tba htngdoai of tba C I. A. Tbla la aa? laap*?lbte. | Tbe a umber of &. t. troope la Pidi sttbifl* aboat ?.00# with three A Coatlaf brt4g? la tbere thrown acraM tba Ohio ftlvar . STiBoaf tba candidate* nand for T|M Pwaldaat of the bogaa confoderaty are Jo ha C Brecklartdrfe. of Kavtackv; Joba Bell, at Tan yMM^UlbqwiaJP. ^JLacka?a, n-Gtrnwr ?f m i m - r,_ * . _ -- . Iiiiwuiiir- - - , ;* 4 .... _v.. < x \ ?,.. '. V'- ' , ... . . j ,* :??, i ? . . . ?miiis Sta. ^ . - . . , V*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 2. 1861. N?. 2.689. WIIhb'i ZtUTti at Stat* Rm. The Santa Roaa Ialaad correspondent of the New York Commercial writea, Sept. 15tb : Whether it be from aooident or design, I knew not. but the preaent situation of Wilaon'a Eouarea, should hostilities commence, ia one of eztrem^peril. I attribute blame to none, but had I any regard for human life, I do not think I would allow fire hundred men to eat, drink and aleep for three long months within a mile or little more of an enemy, who could without a moment's warning utterly destroy us. If it had not been for the care and watchfulness of our Colonel, who has constructed, with the assistance of the engmoering ability of hia own men, without assistance from the fort, a near and safe retreat for us, should a bombardment ensue, the Sixth regiment would cease to exist. We number now, inoluding officers, about three hundred and eighty men. Three of our companies have been sent to Tortugas to assist the garrison there, and a fourth u stationed in a battery contiguous to the fort. For some time there has been a most unfriendly feeling existing between our volunteer troops and the "regulars " They regard us. and ?o they express it, "as interlopers, a rabble, a mob, with as little discipline as a flock of sheep." They aeem to have forgotten that to the gallantry of volunteers must be attributed nearly every victory gained on this soil, either against foreign foes or traitors at home. All the really heavy work here has been placed en our shoulders. Every vessel that ha* visited us with a cargo, composed of the most cumbersome ahd heavv materials. such u shot, shell, eolutobiads. planking and provisions, has been unloaded bj eur men, without the slightest assistance from the regulars. The position of the camp of the Sixth Regiment N. Y. V., is peculiarly exposed to the enemy. It lies on a level plateau, and every tent is in plain sight of the rebel forces across the river. The commander of the cost, Col. Brwwn, ordered us to pitch our tents nere, and has since neither provided us with artillery nor thrown up batteries or intrenchments to cover us. Col. Wilson, therefore, with the civil engineers attached to his regiment, proceeded to construct a system of intrenchments and place* of shelter for his force. The diffi cultics in the way of this undertaking were many, and of the moat serious kind. The road to the fort was almost impassahle, as swamps and heavy ohapparel alternated with sand hills, this was remedied first, for oar position is to the fort precisely that of aa outlaying picket, and we know, that in case of the landing of an attacking party all the course left open for us to pursue is to skirmish away to the fort. The road where it crossed swamps was filled iikwith brushwood oovered with sand, the sand hnra were dug through, the intervals were filled in, and whereverj|embankments were tbrewn up they were disguised and masked by the kushea which we had to cut and dig out of our way. We have thus secured a covered way to within twenty rods of the fort, and the innumerable twistings and windings of the road afford secure positions from which our skirmishers can annoy and retard the advance of the enemy in case he attack. Attention was n? T f turned ftA /vf *>1 A# -u ? ?- w B?vw>*u^ Vt VI BUQtVV r for the men in one * bombardment of our camp thou id occur. This work w as done in the night, by the light of the atara alone, ao that the rebels oan have no idea of the location of theae our plaoes of refuge. In building theae, advantage waa taken of the " lay of the land," which ia ribbed and oorrogated with aand bills that sometimes rise abruptly to the height of twenty or thirty feet from (he level. Behind and into these we dug and threw up shelter aufficient to cover a thousand men. The approach to these shelters is protaoted by an embankment seven feet high and four feet wide on the top, while advantage ia taken of every angle or elevated spot to repel a force attempting to march upon us. This id the place for eV.arpshooters to work. A foroo marching down upon us will find that while roads leading nowhere will continually lend them astray, the very sand hills behind whioh they expected to advance in safety, are but the hiding-places from which a murderous fire will deeimnte their ranks. This work has all been done in two weeks, and with the expectation that every minute we would be interrupted, certainly we have given them plenty of ocoasion to open their fire upon ua. AH ENCOCBAGIXS SrdWIMH ?HalUt'fl Rnwt pean Circular of Sept. 17 give* an interesting and encouraging showing a* to the business condition of tne Union States : The first effect of an intestine or olvil war is the destruction of the internal trade of a country, for the reason that production ceases, and merchandise cannot be safely sent over its highways. No rebel soldier has set his foot upon the soil of the free States, and their industries are pursued without any more apprehension of being Interfered with on aocount of the war than those of Birmingham or Manchester. The proof of this is shown by the table of the earnings of all the railroad companies of the northern States that report regularly their earnings,with thoce of the Erie canal, for 1841, compared with corresponding periods for I860. The table shows that the earnings of the great lines of railroads and canals of the oountry in this year of disasters, when, if we are to believe the statements coming to us by every steamer from abroad, our government is destroyed, anarchy triumphant, and our material as well as our political destruction sealed, are greater by nearly 11 per cent, than in I860, remarkably active and prosperous year. We oommend this result, with some comparative statements of the oondition of the internal and foreign commerce of the oountry, te those with whom oar utter ruin is foregone oonolusion. The aetivity of the internal trade of the country is strikingly illustrated by the enormously increased movement at the great centers. The rtAaioli of vrain at in 1MI arm > ! fool' times m great u they wore in 1869, fifty per eent. greater than in I860. Albxiwobr Dumas has tarned pork merchant in Naples. HU shop ia in the moat oonapieuoua and freqaented part of the town; it ia Klded and furniahed with great splendor? ting adorned with pioturea whose themes are taken from the works of the great romanoer. His sign ia " The Three Guardsmen;" and inside beautiful girls sell aauaagea and hams, and tarta in 1* Tour daNeele, the girla were at first dress ad ia fancy eoatumea, ao contrived that they aeareely seemed to he dressed at all. 80 - the young men of Napiee hastened to Dumaa' shep to baj ham and aausages, and were unhappy because the police deemed it unceeeesary for the purposes of the pork trade that ao great an afliuence of obarma ahoald be displayed |fTTt? Mnntrrel papers confirm the report that Colonel Ranklu, of the British army, la 1 tumma?i of one of the mflltla districts In Upper Canada, aad a member at Petilament, baa gone to Detroit to raise a regiment ot one tbowsend six K<?HsmsJ lllpem tA Km Mr n.^1 wllk ?? -wl ? - ?W W? ? MTOU Wl?u MW'V, t?IVIU?( platol, tad a la ace rYeotcen feet long. He baa power from the government at Waahlngfcn to proceed ?? i i ? I?7* Tb? war between the Turka aad Montenegrfaa baa recommenced Upon .the 6 th of 8?*ptomber a boot all tbooeand aoidtera of the latter coiatry aorroanded tue tewa of Vanlna The to?k1a& ga/rlaon refuaed to anrreader, and 1a order not To tall Into the haada of the Montanegrtne, blew op the towa aad patlebed lathe ex. pioalea. ' r? I; By The amount of noooaf' axpendwd toy ? Maaaactua^tta oa account of tbe Ualted Statat, a 1 since the eooMneacmuat of ho*Ulltiea against the ioetfc, ! fractloa avar fl^kX>,8W .dE!??SS??sv:53 ^gfMBla the w bprlmir papata. rSKfcS* SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Publuhsd t? tonformity with th* rtsolution oj tkt Stnntt 9/ July 16, 1891. At Qtnsrul Hospital on K strset, beturim Fourth and Fifth struts, Washington, Sept. 27. lit Excelsior Brigade. 3 Stb New Jersey Vol... 1 2d do do.... a 2d Maine Volunteerr. 1 3d do do. 3 3d do do..??*a 1 5th do do.... 1 2d New Hampshire... 9 24 th NY. Volunteers.. 4 1st Michigan Vol 1 25th do do 2 2d do do...... 3 30th do do 1 4th do do 5 31st do do 1 5th do do 1 35th do do...... 2 Hock ton's Independ36th do do 3 eot Michigan Vol... 4 37ib do do 1 2d Wisconsin 3 4?th do do 6 1st California.. 1 60th do do 1 IstN. *. Cavalry 9 79th do do 1 1?t K?ntiK>k* Piwlrit 4 lat Maaa. Volunteer!.. 1 1st ladlaaa Cavalry... 1 9th do do 1 97th do do 1 10th do do I Cameron Dragoons ... S 19tb do do 1 Harland'a Cavalry.... 8 2d Vermont do...(a) 2 2d U. 8 Cavalry 1 4th do do 4 1st Cbasaeurs 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 6 Sturges Rlflns 1 23d do do., 2 Berdan'aSbarpshooters 1 26th do do.. 1 Baxter'a Fire Zouaves 1 27th do do.. 1 i). C. Volunteers 2 3<?th do do.. 4 ? 31st do do.. 2 Total 00 (?) Including an officer. At Simmary Jfitpifl, Giergetown, 8tpI. 97. 1st U. 8. Artillery 1 2d Mloblgaa Vol.. (6) 0 'id do do. ... 1 3d dn do 1 2d do Infantry 1 4th do do. ..(e)29 2d Maine Volunteers . 5 lat Minnesota Vol.... 2 3d do do ] 9th Penn. Volunteers. I 6th do do...... 3 9th do do....* 8 7th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 10th d? do 2 9ih do do 2 12th do do 1 3d N .Y. Volunteers.. 2 8th do do t 14th do do 14 1st do Artillery... 4 94th do do 4 1st do Cavalry 1 29th do do 2 2ft'h do Volunteers . 1 33d do do 7 27th de do 2 35th do do 1 Kentoeky Cnvalry.... 8 l*th do do 1 1st Long Island Vol... 4 21*t do do...(?) C 1st California 1 7?th do do 1 2d Wisconsin 1 Garibaldi Gtiardf 1 19th Indiana i<<)27 Moiart, New York.... 1 Teamsters 2 Tammany, do 8 1st Michigan Vol i Total 1M (?) Two officers (fr) One officer. (?) Four officers (d) l'wo officers. it General Hospital, Union Hotel, comer Bridge and WasMngton ttrttti, Oi?rgitoten, Sept. 27. 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 4 ad Rhode Islaad Vol. 1 12th do do 1 1st Penn. Artillery.... 5 13th do do 5 Ut do Cavalry 1 14th do do 13 3d do Reserve.... 1 17th do do 1 3d do Volunteers . 2 18th do do 1 8th do do....M 1 19th do do 1 Uth do do....A 1 22d do do 4 12th do do..*... V 23d do do...... 6 26th do do...... 1 25th d* do 2 27th do do 3 26th do do 1 .35th do do.....#. 2 33d do do 15 Harlan's Cavalry 1 35th do do...... 4 19th Indiana Vol 1 46th do do 6 21st do do 1 79th do do 6 3d Michigan do 16 Excelsior Brigade.... 2 4th do do 14 Mozart Regiment 3 3d Wisconsin do 5 Tammany Regiment. 15th do do 1 De Kalb Regiment... 1 1st Minnesota do 1 Hock wood's Battery.. 2 1st California do 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 3d do do 1 Lincoln Cavalry 2 4th do do 3 5th U.9 Artillery 1 Oth do do 5 U. 9. Teamster I 4d Vermont do 4 U 8 Ouide 1 3d do do il Officer*' servant* S 8?h Man. do 3 ?? *)th do do I Total 161 At Hospital a: Columbian Collegt, Washington, Stpt 97. *d MalneVolunteera<a) 4 De Kalb N Y.Vol... 1 do do ft Anderaon Zouaves,N Y 1 5th do do 4 2d New Jeraey Vol ... 1 "th Mas*. Volunteers. 2 3d do do.... 1 kith do do 14 lat do Cavalry 1 14th do do...... 3 5th do Vol.... 4 '9th do do 3 Berdan's8harpahooterti 1 *tlih do do 1 lat Penn. Artillery.... 1 *M Vermont Volunteer. 1 13th do Volnnteera.. 1 ?th Connecticut Vol.. 1 28th do do 1 'at Long Island Vol... 1 3l*t d? do...... 3 1st New York Cavalry . 3 46th do do 1 ad N. V Fire Zouave*. 1 2d Michigan Vol 11 n W - * A - ? ? <? ? *a * i. voiuniwrs.. a ~m ao ao (* 8th do do 1 4th do do 2 9th do do...... 1 Oth do do 1 11th do do 1 7th do do 8 14th do do 2 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 8 18th do do 1 'id WlaconalnVol 3 'i2d do do......12 6th do do......12 24th do do 1 0th do do......11 25th do do 3 1st Minnesota do 3 32d do do...... 1 19th Indiana do 10 33d do do 2 27th do do 11 35th do do......11 1st California do S 36th do do 4 2d U 8. Cavalry 1 37th do do 1 4th do do 1 43d do do 2 3d do Infantry 1 3d Sickle* Brier., N Y. 6 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 TammanyN. Y. Vol.. 2 Garibaldi do do .. 2 Total 218 (a) Including an officer At Qmeral Hospital, AUxandria, Sept 20. 16th New York I 4th Maine 14 10th do (?)1B 5th do (014 17th do ..(6)18 1st New Jersey 1 18th do 0 2d Michigan 2 25th do 0 3d do 1 it r aJ tin ?? ? tutu a MX nuaoniin 3 27th do 12 lit Minnesota 4 31st do 10 *2d Vermont 1 32d do 1G lit Artillery, U. 8 A. 1 371h do 1 2d do do.... 5 38th do 8 Id Cavalry, U 8 A... 3 40th do 9 Lincoln Cavalry...... 3 79th do... 1 U. 8 Navy 1 2d Maine 1 3d do 7 Total 170 (a) On* officer. (6) One office* (c) Two officers. Sick in tk* Hospital for Ermptiv Distant, at Kaloratna, Sept. 27. 3tth New York 1 1st Chasseurs, N. Y... I 8th Infantry 1 1st U 8. Chasseurs.... I 3d do 1 3d New York 1 1st Pennsylvania...... 1 8th Maine 33 31st New York 1 U. 8 Chasseurs 1 2d Germsn Rifles .... 1 3d Excelsior 1 8th Pennsylvania 1 Colored man servant.. 1 flH MirViliran . 1 5th Wisconsin I Total 58 19th Indiana 4 * 1 ITT Washington paper* please %opv and send blila to the W ar Department. oct 1?3t NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE!!! M. WILLI AN having taken the store former)* ooo spied by Mr. R. C.Btitihi, 236 Pennsylvania av*t>at, between Mit andilOU sts., will open it oa Mon.iar, 16th Inst., with a new stock of FALL Dress and ?oak TrtFU?wer?*Vsathsrs, Ribands, Embroideries, Fan*, Head Dreasea, Wreaths, Seal and Preooh Laosi, ete~. sto. I avail onrself to offer to the ladiss a large and well-seleo ted stook-svery artiols being imported bv myself?at moderatejprieae fT~y* Dresses, Cloaks and Bonnets mads to order. M. WiLLIANTlmporter, sa 1* 336 Pennsylvania aveane. A RMY SUPPLIES. A JUST RSOEUED480 oans SAL SAUK MEAT, 3441 oans FRESH TOMATOES, 4*?oaas FRESH VEAL. MB oans BERF.a to modi, 340 oans ROAST BEEF, SSm Y*. ^^X^ES ?U 1)E8SICATED ^a < Oomw I and FifteeaU streets j UN BOATS worn VMM WESTERN RIVERS. P&orostu an iavtei for ojutniou*? Gua* SSsSffifamw OuMtoMU. Pit *burfk.M<)ataiiacftoa> PrnpoMli from bofct-b?il<*?r? Md m* *one will t? ?Mtd?r?4. ' 'J ' rfcat mmkmirnd by hialrt jUl totehnM

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Flushing of the Body, Drjna*a of the Skin, Emptiona on tLa Faoe, pallid coubtbxisci. Theee vymptrma, if allowed lo go en, whioh this medicine invariably r?m?rM, ?oon foilowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, In m / vokick the Patient may Expire. Who MS ray that they are not fre|uently followed by thoee "biektvl DifBAaia," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are awara of the eases ef thsir eofT?nng, sot sons will coitvraa. THE RECORDS Of THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Deaths by Consumption. seas ample WlTESaa TO tss TAUTH OF tbs AlUlTtON. THE CONSTITUTION ONCF- AFFECTED WITH OROANIC WEAKNESS, Reqairea the aid of medioine to atreogthen and Iovigoiate the Syaten, whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably does. a tiul will ooitviscb tbi most eebttisal. FEMALES- FBMALES- FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUNG, JUNGLE. MARRIKI), OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Afa?y Affectiont Peculiar to FetnaU* the Extract Buohn ia uneeua 1-d by any other remedy, a* in Chloroaia or Retention, lrr?Kuanty, Painfulness, or ^oppression of Cnstom&ry hvaooations. Ulcerated or Sohirroas state of th* Uterus, Lenoor'hea or Whitee, gterility. aid for all complaints incident to the aex, whether arising from Indiacretion. Habits of Dissipation, or ia the DECLIKE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ' <11 SYMPTOMS ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no mar* Balsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Medit*nt for Unpleasant and Dongtrou* Diseases. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU cum SECRET DISEASES In %11 their 8'agea; At little Expenae; Little or no onange in Diet; No inoonvenienoe; And no It oanaee a freqa-nt demre a-d gtve? atrength to Urinate, thereby Removing Obet notion#, Preventing ana Curing Sinoturee of the Urethra, Allaying Cain and Inflammation, ao frequent in the olaaa of diaeatea, ami expelling atl Poisonous. Distated, and worn out Matter. THOUftaKDa UPOH TH0C8ARD* WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who bare paid heavy fees to be cured in a ahort time, hare found ttttj were deceived, and that the poiaoM" has, by the use of "poufir/ul astringents" been dried up in the ayatem, to break out in an ag gravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ue? HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHC for all affections and diaraaf a of the URINARY ORGANS, whether exiating in MALE OR FEYIALK, from whatever oauae originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diaeaaea of theae Oigana require the aid of a Dinnc. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUQIIU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it u certain to have the deairmt *ff?ct in all Diaeasee/er which it it rteommtndsd. BVIDBICB OF THE MOST BBSrOBBIBLB AKD RBLIABLB CHARACTER will aooorapany Uie madioinee. CERTIFICATES OF CURES* From 8 to 20 years' a'anding, with Namea known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB M ABB "NO 8KCRBT" OF "MORBDIBHTS." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUU isoompoeedof Buchu. Cu^?ebaand Jumper Berries, aelected with great oare by a omnipotent draggist. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELHBOLD, Prachoal and Analytfoal Chemist, and Bote Macuiaotttrer of HELMBOLD'B GENUISB PREPARATIONS. AFFIDAVIT Personally appeared o?for? me. an A Ulermaa of the eity or Philadelphia, H. T. Hh.mbot,d. vho being duly sv< d, dotn lay. his preparations oontam ne meronri.or other injurious drags, but are purely vegetable. H. T. BELMBOT.D. Swor^ and ?n been bed Wore me, thi? 23d day of November, MM WM. p. RlHBKKD, Alderman, Ninth St.. above Race, Phi la. F PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 9 P. M. Price 91 per k?ul?, er ill tor |i, | Dell r? red to itj tddrui. aeoarely jaoked ft on e beer ration. Add rest Utteia for information in oonfideooe to H. T. HBLMBOLD, Cktmiu, Depot, 104 Suith Tenth at., below Cheatuet, Pkil*. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who epdearor to diaeoae -of thmr own" ami "other" ?(tiolee oe the reputation attained by HtlmboUTt Gtnvim* Pripmratttu, M ? Extract Buckat, " u " SoriayartUa, M M InpTTHd A Ma Watk Bold by II. B Wait*. Z. D. 6ILKA*, Jo** WlL?t. S. C. Fo*P H B. iHTWI?TL*, B. ?i. Muta, Kibwill h Unwci, *MhUKton MM 6?oiittu*a, AWD ALL DRUQQIBT8 ETKKYWHKRK. /. ASK FOR fiSLMBQLD'8. TAKE HO OTHER. HT X, ' U.L J Cat ovt tfct *dT?rtism?tt aatf wad to it. AND AVOID Impost now tad EXPOHUBS. J)*icrib4 Sfmftomt in at I Commmuicmtini. ijfV* V?rwmfA! i4>kf ?r?tto! jWi-Inf .!? u j?. ..J I BDR JOHNSTON, iiTinoii LUCK HOSPITAL, Hw duc?trtd tk* most Ctrtmin. Sfttdf mmd mJ| I/NtMi Rtmidy in tk* W*li, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRAyTED. OR NO CHAR&E, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Waaknaaaaf iiaBatk, trteiaraa, Afactiona af tha Rid?nd L'ladda; Ducttrfw, Inipotaocv, Uaa r?l Dabiltty, Nir.'owin, D'tftpti, Lunor, Cw.fMiw of Ideas, Low 5pr.:i. ??' of tk* Hur;, Tiaitdu*, Trarebtinf*, Dimimi o* ftig-ni or Oiddiraaa, l)iuu< af tha ad, Throat, No** of Skin, AI action* of tha kaua, Mtoaaae* or Buwala?ibaaa Tarnbla Lhaordara a<taiaf Iron Solitary Habits af Yoetk?thaaa Draadfal and Daairactoa Practteaa vhieh raodar Ma max**, and daatray batk Bod? ud Mmd. YOUNG MEN K*p?cially ?ka have bacoma tha nctina at Solitary Tie*, that draadfal and daatracti*a habit vbwk uaaallj a?a*pa la an aauisal; gra?a U.caaacda of Yaarf Man af tha aacat ataltad talant* aad briliiaat iaullact, who might atharviaa ba?? antrancad baiamnf Banataa with tha thaadara af al? oaaaea or wakad la aciucf Ika btiaf Mil with rail cacidanca. MARRIAGE. MiUHD Fmoii|,i? To?( Mm coaismplauaf Hunui, btiug inn of physical wsaktaaa, arfanit dsbiUiy, dsforraitiss. Ac., spssdilr earsd Hs who r ?c?? hitnwlr audtr lbs wn of Dr. J. at j rshftoaal t cnofidt ib bis honor aa a ftnUsmau ul MnMbaily rsly open bis (kill u a physician. OFFICE N? 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Isft band aids jfoin( from Baltimore ausst, * f? w *aor\ from lb* eormr Fail i.ol to oboarrs dub* aod aukn. Lotion lit bo paid ud cotttuc a stamp. DR JOHNSTON, Msmbsr of ths Royal Collars of 8urr sons, Loadsn, fr*daats from ons of lbs rout sminsot Coll?j*? ia tbo Doiisd latss, sod tba fisoisr part of ?hoss lifo has boon opoat ia lbs hospitals of London. Puis, Philadelphia and aisswbsrs, bat sflacisd urns of lbs moot astoniohiaf wis thai wars STsr korwn; many irooblsd with nafinrto tbs bsad sad aara whan aslssp; rriii nsrroasnsas, boiaf alarmsd at saddsii sonods. baahftalnsss with frsqatnt btwhiaf, attaadsd sorettirets vttb dsranfsmsot of mind, vsrs carsd tmmsfialslf. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yaaag Mr* and otbara who ha?a mjarad ikimultu by a aaruia practica indulfad id vbaa alooa?a babu fraqaanUy Utrtti from ??il coiupanioaa, or at achooi, tha asrcu af vhica ara nlgfeily fait arae whan aalaap, ao< if aotcnrtd. randara mirnogi impoaaibla, aad daauvya balk auod ud bod?, aboold apply najnadiatalr. Thtaa ara anoa of tha aad aad malaochoiy affacta prcdacad by aarty hahita of rontb. m: Waakaaaa of tba Back aad Liintia, Pain* in tha Haad, Dtmaaaa of SiftM, Loaa of Maara>ar Poarar, Palpitation of ma Haan. Dupipij, Nervoaa imtabtlny, Dartuifaaaaoi of tba Dif*au*a Faacuaoa, Gaaarai Datulrty, Symptoms of ConaamBtioo, Ac. MIKTALLT.?Tha faartaj alicu oa tba miad ara mach ta ba draadad?Loaa of Memory, Coofaaiou of Miu, Daprraaiaa af Spinu, X*il Porabodtar*. Artraion of Sociaty. 8alf-Dtatreat. Lot* of gntuada, Timidity, ale , ara aoma of tba aviia prodacad. Nntul'i PBBILITT.?Thoaaanda ean oow (adf a what la tba caaaa af tkair dacliamf baalib, loaiaf ifcair rifar, baeomtaf vttk, pala, oarroaa and atnacialal, bartaf a aiBfalar apf atruea aboat tha ayaa, coafh or ayatptoaaa af tatiaaiapDJSEASES OF IMPR VDENCE. Wban tha miaf aidtd aad impradani votary of piaaa??a Soda ba h*a imbibad In a aaada of thia pamfal diiaua, it too aftaa happana that aaill-uraad aauaa of ahatna or draad of diacoaary daiara him from applying to thoaa who, from adacauoa aad ^cwi?viuij, g?o nona oiintoa Dim. nt TtilS IQIO IBC band* of Ignorant u< dui(niii( prattndara, who, iacaptbla af caring, tlcb hi* p*cai>i*ry *at>at*nca, h*ap bia tnliag month utir month, or at lung aa lb* amailaa; faa caa ba obtain* J, and 10 daapair l?a?* oim with raioad haalth to aifh a?*r bia gulling diaappomtmaot; or by tba a*a of that daadlp poiiufi? Si?rear7?haaian tba couautauaoai aynptoa* af ihia tarribl* diaaaaa, inch a* Afftctior,* of tba H t*n., "Hiroal, H**d, Akin, Ac., prograaamg with frigbtfal rapidity, till daatb f at* a Sariod to bia nraadfai aafariuga by landing hiat*ib?tM>*&*rarid eatotry (rare who** Wan i aa traralar r*iaru? DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By tblt piu and important rtmady waakoaaa af tba actaaa ara tpttdlly e*rad and fall ?igar raatarad. Tbaaaand* af tba aaal ntr*?i and dabilitattd, wha had laat all bap*, A*?a b**n immadiaialy raliaaad. All impadlmaou t* Marrlaga, Pfcyilaal a* Maoul DiaqaalIlea liana, Lmi af Pracraatiaa Pawar Mar*awa Irritability. TrambUrc aad Waakaaa* at Ksftaaauan a( Ua aaaat iaarfki klbU apaaatly carad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. 1 Til Mart Thodikdi carad at Ibia IwnMiai wit bio tba iaat aarantaan Vaara, aad tba namaraaa lapartaat Aargiaal aparauaoa parfcraad by Or. John*tan, wiuxwad by u.a rapartar* af tba papar* aad aaay atbar Paran a, naticaa af wblth hart appaarad again aad again ba/ora tba psblie, baa:dtt bu ataadmg aa a gacllaaaa af cbandar aad raapa ia>btltty. It a talaianl gftaraniaa to tba aflictad. aar 13-ly pKOPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR IS62. Quarter mastrr's, OJU* U. S Marin* Corp?.l Washington, September 25, 186i. \ Ssalkd Proposals will be received at th.eofioe, until the 30tta day ol October next At 12 o'elook.m., for farniching ration* to the L. 8. Marine*. At the following stAtioLB. duung the year l<6i, via: Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Charlestown. M(ls?a.ehnaetta: Brooklyn, bout Island, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, Diatrict of Columbia. Each ration to consi at of three-earter* of a pound of meet pork,or bee >n; or one and-a fourtheounda of freab or ca!tbe?f; twenty two vuuom or bread, made of extra aup-rfinc flour, or n lieu tnereof twenty two ounee* of extra auperfine floon or utie pound of hard bread, at the option of the Government; and at the rata of eight quarts of heat wUi'o beana, or in lieu thereof ten poui.ds of rioe; ion pounda of *ood coffee, or in lieu thereof one-and a half pounaa of tea; &fle*u pounds of good New Orleans cucar; four 4 arts of vinegar; one p ?un?J of sperm nendlee. or one-and a fourth pounds of adamantiue oand.'ea. or one-aod-a-tiai! pound* of food hard-dip?* d tallowcandla: four pounds good, hard, brown soap; two a carta of salt; and one hundred end fifty-aix pounaa of potatoes, to each hundred lauuLa. Th'< increased ailowanoe of tour ouacea of floor or bread, and the ailowanoe of potatoes, aa above provided, will eoaao, at the termination of the preaent inaurreotion, and the ration be aa provided by law and regulations, on the lat of July, 1*61. The beef shell be delivered on toe order of the oommandin^ offioer of eaoft atat'en, either in bulk or by the aingle <atien; *nd ahali ooaam ot tno be?t and most onoice pieoea oftne carcasr; the pork to be No. 1 prime meee-pork; and tue groeerieeto be of the best quality of kinde named. All aubieot to inepeotion. All bida must be aocmpanied by the following guarantee: rvrm g/ marawei. The uoderaigned, ,of , in the State of , and . of , in the State o( ??.hereby guaranty that in oaae the foregoing bid of ? for rations, aa above described, be aooepted, h? or they will, within ton days after the receipt of the ooutract at the Post OAoe named, execute the contract for the tame, with food and nfioie"taureuea.and in oaae said siiail (ail to enter intooon'raetaaaforevaid. we guaranty to make good the di ffereaoe botwedb th? offer of th? said and that whioh may he aooepted. A. fc Guarantor. WiCneea: 0 D , Guarantor. E. F. < 1863 1 hereby oertify that the above named ?? are known to me aa men of property and abla to make food their guarantee. 6. H. ( To be tinned 6* tk* United States District Judtt, UmitA Stall* Ihttrttt Atterney. or C*lUctor,) No propotal will be oonaidered anleaa accompanied by the above guarantee. (New?pa?ers authorised to publiah t*e above Will aend the paper containing the fir at inaartioa to thia omce for exa mnatioa ) Proposal* to be endors-d'* Proposals for Ratioaa for INS," and addreeaed to the nndera cned. W. B. BLACK. ae TJ law4w Major and Qna^termaaw. SW, TUCKER Would annoanoe to the eiti M : HTrm,--*. rv^ - mrnum% MII1IM J ?UU ?UJUOI urr? in n Mil- 4a i$**on that he is now proseoutn g the Tai lonni iiuunrii in all ita bracohe*, at No. |l% 49T Sixth at., SI door north of Pa av. H? WW intend* to manufaotare, out, repair, r*' mod?i, e'eanae,and atiive to be laneraUy aooeamodatinx. Eaoa<>miata ahoald oall and ae* him i oth-Trade?Faoin?a and other Machine 8: tchmc peat It eteoateo. ? 17-aawln* (\R. GODPKEVB ANTIDOTE ufd for the aJ laat Half oaaUrt in the Hoepitala of London and t ans for the ear* vf S*crtt n?v ba hart at UPH AM'fl.flSE*, No. 310 Cbaanat atrtat, aole agent for IjC/ t?e I'aitad Statoe ii oo^talna so aier- eury or other *tln#ra ?, and wi.l not ham tb* moat 4elioato eonatiUilioi A tpudf rare iaarantcad and no ehanta of diet required Pnea $? Cent bj ex?rej? f*o'd in Wa?hinatoa hi &. CAlrVERT FORD, oorner 11th a treat acd Pemn?yTvania avenue. JpMwty ITWS^SA1*. ?yVrJOCOlQM #44ci i w vu jbiwj ww ii : .*?UUiJ JO OMU 4 D* X. T|f^ ' boxM for uo? dollar G rmj, r?4 or Iajim tetr ?u browmb?"eingUaftwi'TpaJa Ha.r Dr*^5?\^?t ud obMMtt in the world, productut, Mi* no&tai it i? a*pli?l. a noh natural *m?ra"??- Keck Boa of UPhaM'8 haik DVB >? v<mi.ndtooo^tii dMjhia, and 8. CALVMIt FOlD. aoraar llth treat and Pa. an. MtMol; tba tary&uiaa km They operttc ap*ad> acv cffaotually, aad baiM 'agar wan v / sa^r rear ~ ??w??w!a. 515 .srssr&A T f "P1" r^, THE WEEKLY STAR. Vfcto oeilM PlaQf a4 Km iwnul aatolata* irreatrt vwlctj # latotatoi?? r?M lag <h*> ** f^und la may altar?to ptM*?4 a Friday awnlag. Htagle copy, par aaaaau .tl coplca . ??? * ? 4 TJ Titapta a? Taarty-lti orpla* ????? ? to? (kit ka made 1U M% I?w<f tar elwatoto a firiUy thraaffbo* Ita oeaatry CT'Staglo coptM (la wii|iyw) oaa be peonrai at tht ownttr, linlUWf #* r tkc to i* of the paper. Piico?THREE CENT* pROPOSALS FOR INDIAN ROODS. DiruTKmor m Umioi. ( j&iRamaitttrt - ars? JS be.) to bo delirorod ib Ue oily oi New yoik, wi'I bo fOOOtrad at tko Oftoe of ladiM Affairs btljl? ..-pi,<?ck a- m . on Satvidit, tfr" itn. <U* of oo lobe- nozt, for furtnhiii? tao followiac naewl att i c Clam No. I. _ _ . Mtkin*e Blmtimt. C.otkt. mmd Dry B?4$. *.*? poiri 3pomt whiio Maokiaao blMkolo. to mtwirf SO by 7* ircln*. aod waijh poonda S.40M pairs S*-p mi whita Ma-kinao klooii Ma, to mfMurt M by M ineh*a.oo4 woiih < poaada I.Mpiiri 2 white Mack aoc blaatafe, in moaanra ? ia%*,M^?urik It*. MOpoiralX potot whita Mmhom l>! aakata, to Mturo 3B by M taeko*. Mk i iim i( IM. pair* 1-point win to laaukiaae t> aakou. to root are ? by 4$ flaw, akilwat fcf I bo aoo pairs I p?>t:,t eoo-l *t Mackiaao FTaokoto, to IDMinrf 0" br n (n-?h?<?. and wotch k mnu*. WO pmn runt acarlat Mackinac 1> wki i, ?o MWN 54 t'T & lDohaa, and w?!*k ? po*n<la 2*P* ri 8 point aoariat MwkiiM hKokaa. to m?aanre 42 by 56 inohaa, and weia h. ?M >M ?1Ki'? I-point aoarlat Mackbrac Kliiik-ta. to m-?aure 32 tn 46 inokaa, atd vwck 3j* ika. l?? pair* SH-poldt irwg Mackia?a Mwiuu. to mtaonrt-? b? M inah?e, and wwiak lo lba, ?o pair* s point graaa Mackinac blaokau, to iMMnrat* by 7S laahM, and mib p. nr,c? WO pair* 2H point craae Bank imp to maaaura 54 by CI inokaa. aaiValgk ? ponnc* WO 3)*-point iiid^o Mmcium 10 potidi WO pairak point indigo btaa Mackinac blankau. to m"a*ara W by T? lnabea. and WlgSTiba. 200 pair? ix point Inc.*.. bTaa MaokiDai bianketa t?> inaaaarc 64 by 68 inoaaa. and vaigk C P'iond? sa? p?!tVp?2?f?attaalla Mm Maaklaaa kmkata, to maaaara ? by If mokaa. aad waigk POBDd* 606 paira IV point gaotiaalla Mm Mackinac blanket*, to maaaara 54 by M lookaa, and weigk ? pcnoda ? ^ _ <90 paira t-pcint gentinal'a Mm MnIiiM Wan k?ta, to maaaara 41 by iaakaa. and vaagk i\ pounda . Wo pair* 1* point ganiinaHa Mat. Mackinae blar kau, to maaaara a| by M inokaa. and wugh 4M poinda 13P paira 1 pou t *?ntin*Ila Mae MaokiaA Mf k*ta, to maaaara tt by ? inokaa, aad vatgk 3J* poanda. I fW) viLrili finn * Hat Mn? rtlntK ?? do do trMa o oth 2.0U0 do itrey Mat a 0U1 do ?r?clll?t bl? OlftU l,on? do do Mftrlot oloti 1,300 do do (T?*a cloth ion pound* w?r?t?d jftnuiS fold) inn dr?en corton flftc h&adkwohirf '5 Js ssssr* 1<? do 4 oottoL th*wl? 1<? do 6-4 do 00 do 4-4 do . loo do 8 4 wool on do 0m pounds linen Uf?d No. 0 imM wnr-tad i&rUrini 4o.ono yards oahoo 25,000 do Morrimaooalioo t tmn <4A T??lr.- wm^i aliM 2" ooo do bias dril.iaf l?,om do osoaburgs ijt* do brovadiHiag do Gaoma strips* 5 oni do blaa (Hum 5.000 do oottonade 12 500 do brdtickicf do Ksntaek? Jsaas 1.5U0 d > satinetts 10,?TO do Siaid hnMfV t.S>? do h aaor>?d ?..irtii* 15.000 Jo domsstio sr 't c*, u&t 10 000 do do abe?i n*. do S.eoo d^ t> earh?d do 1U.UN do tiruwn ootton daak lo,om do chacks, stripes, an<: piaids a .ooo ?o flaravis, Mcortad 1 , ?o poands ooUon tt l/no do brown tUliac tvina, N?. 9$ 00 d" oottnn aaiN ljoo twilled flannel shirts 1,500 oalioo starts 2?i doien hiokory shits 100 oo Madras tew kerokiefe. Class No u Yr> frock coats, ind^goislne !ros*foloU> so mdifo bias Maoktnaa blanket aapotas ITS blR* satinett eoa's 175 do pantaloons 75 oadet- nixed sst'nTtt coat* 75 do do Mateloou 875 gr?? aatinett ootts, (?Mk) 215 do (*i.t*ii'Ou? 275 do TMU. Cut* No. I. Hardirare, Amruiiurmi JmpltmmUi, y?? AJML MouLda bntaa kettit* Mlllfj lllllll I I llll I I rwnfltfli J&p&nn?fc4ottlM,(*ia* Mat) P5 d >ien 3 quart tin Mas IS" dciM3 quart tin > do <urt do 975 do tin eapa MO do Httfivli IB do fi*D hooka 90 do IshliMa 79* groaa aredlaa, Moortod 713 oomd oooraa Uk>U> oomba 75 do fin* tooth oomba an do aotasora ?? do ahaf 25 do grubbing booa 25 do woediLf tioaa 15? draw it * knivea, 10 i&ohoa 'V4rTK;.r 35 d? apadaa 760 abort band)* fry pana 25 dosaa bMUni apoona *? do iron tab ? ipoau ? itn b. ?jv ?- ay - ion do to"w3ah 7%oanda? (with 100 do lino nurrort ino do tre?w-o.? lOftpounf.Bbraaa wire 100 do beat Chin? vermillion. Good* of Aaaerioan maimfecttre of tho i???lred atjlee acd quality will be prelotredjbnt m the fMMlM of binnketa and eloth* are f>return Utim, it will b* innuri, m nronoeuts a Oobwiic articie of either oftMM kiuda tint asample there ofehali Moonno; the hia '1 he utiolee to be farniahed meet ia all reaper re oonforn to and be e?aal with the GowLnjeoteawp'ee whiofi may be eeea ft' tfcU ofto* ai and afte? the fcret of (>closer next. The krfaslet will be rifidly inspected ar-d oom pa-w: ?ritk UeMallei b) an k?oi or UMb nepointad tor that farpoee Such m may be a neq a*'thereto ia any paruoalw will be w)wbd, in wfcieb eaae the contractor wl!' be bovnd tofnraiah othera of the re*a red kin* or enality within thr?e daya ; cr, if thai be not dune, they will be yarohneed at lua ?xpeaee PayuiM t thereof, oertihed the ( at or acuta appoint to inapect them. It la to be aideratood that 'he right will be re aerved to re*airea creator or leaa ?oa> t tj of ur of the aruolei WW tatc that *eeeit*d la tie above eo?edmle; aad ail btda for faruuhiac aai d ai tio e? map be re}eeted at the opUoa of the fte pa' i meat; aad that noae from eareoaa ? bo have nil?< to comply mrk tbo repair ??ta oi a pr? tioob contract with the Uaited Btatoa. or whe are not mwiufacrorera or who eaale daa era la the repaired artielee, will be oor.aiderM; and the tac4 that biddera are aaoh WlklHW or ImJw maat be e'ldeneoo br the eertofcnate of the eoTlee| tor ol the poi t where .rwiii. er where it u p ojpoaod to dehvef tfce artfolee lite propoea.1* moat embrace the article*, with the 4 uatviuee thereof ae thop are arranged la the ached ale, with the pnoea jaaaxed to eaeh,ipL??l tar* and oeala, at v hmfc are he befannabec and th* amoaate aaat im earned oet aid fnehed ap for eac! c %?? ha?d p-.coa and aaaoaata n.aet be the ofita idT*rtia?tn?nt tt^raof. d?:*i V.?t fnliaiii, U8, U* M9V111 ai.iUa. * u?? noe* th??U> tifc. Ltrt loMritkt hat MMfAiM t u>? oImb ofapm penaowd for.)ifutwmia *?uti<d timwYmktr LtjkrmiimJ ApnTWl. orafmcL tia? or lbn fl aripc lha imt MM m mt b? orcer?j by tfca CpmJwlwwr M tif?? Affkarm, ud, 1/ Uua pwpnaal >? MMltM, (fear* (urnaaM ar tha him * ? jsfexrs tsrr^5hjcrK^asrffraca ss gSrya Z^rjasSf? astttessss bmM ?o few, (or UaaaJ aaaor4ia< to kia or tfcwr tea or prn^aal. ?iM iimu a MUnttH >*?unm aMriu tor n? SSF.?5?jy3^S& ??&

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