Newspaper of Evening Star, October 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 3, 1861 Page 2
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I THE EVEMMt STAB. WASHINGTON CITY: TH1RSDAY OrUb-f 3, 1961. Or* st tbe virion* military cam pa and portion* will confer a favor by keeping u? poated aa to mnvfinfpti an?t iffnlra in tbelr vicinities. Spirit af the n*rili| Preaa. The InttUtgtncir treata upon tbe halr-aplittlng ?f our would be eonatltutlonal InterDreten Tb* RtpmHt<an undertake* to give an approximate eatlmate of the number of the rebel troopa In Virginia OrR MILITARY BUDGET. MI**OCmi *SD XXHTTCXT. Undlagulaed anxiety contlnuea to b? manlfeated In military circle* here, relatlv* to the state of thine* In Mlaaoerl and Kentucky. The loaa of Lexington, we hear, haa greatly lnereaaed the force of Price and all other dlaonlon commanders In Mlaaoerl; the wavering having accepted It aa an omen of the eventual defeat of the Union cauae there Previoua t<5 It, Fremont waa In greater force throughout the State than the dlannlonlata. Ita effect, however, baa been not only to loae him Jdalllgan'a 4.000 men, but to deter others (of Mia ourl) from joining him, and to Induce quite ten thooaand to join the rebel commander*, who would bave done no such thing had Price been unable to reduce Lexington. Under these circumstances. and the gtneral Impression among military men that Fremont is not adequate to his command, the lmpre?ion Is rife here that the next advices of a battle In that quarter will continue unfavorable to the Union cause. We state these facts In order to prevent the Star't readers from becoming disheartened by any approaching result la that quarter; believing as we do that the triumph of the disunion cause there must necessarily be short-lived. From Kentucky, far better things are hoped. A few regiments of their regular srmy have probably been sent from Virginia to the aid of Buckner and Zolllcoffer's motley*. But Anderson, Sherman and Roiaeau, backed by three-four tha of the arms-bearing population cf the State, are ready for them at any moment they a ay venture to attempt to advance Into the interior of the State from Columbua or Bowling Green, in any direction tii potomac aavieiTtoN acain. Within the laat twenty-four hours some fifteen r twenty vessels have arrived here with coal, wood, and* lumber The schooner Commerce, which arrived at Carter's wharf this morning from Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal, reporta that the river la full of large and small craft and regular traders, and that the Potomac In fact has ever, been so full of veaaela at this tbe year More arrivala Would be reday, but for the calms which prevail, an^We current caused by the rise of water from recent ralus Capt. Myers was unable, with a good glass, to detect the presence of a single enlA$#r afr Ffginw ?-? *? *' .. . i wiu?j '*i aujfwucrc in iI1C neliibborhood of Occoquan Bay. At Potomac Crerk, however, a fleet cf eleven sail of trading vessels were flred at by the rebel battery in that vicinity, four soots were flred, but all fell short. Th* bails jail struck near the buoy, and rlchochetted over the water. The Commerce was boarded by the Government tug James Murray, which relieved her of six tons of coal on Government account. BZTCKNID. Dr Russell, of the London Tune*, who went oat to the west to shoot prairie hens, has returned to Washtngtou as savage ss a meat-sx, In consequence of having been jerked up by some Illinois Po^berry for gunning "on the Sabber-day " It seems th? Doctor ??nt nnt ~ - ? sv? a utu? yrtJi i u? Sunday, in the town of W ilmlngton, Wlli county, Illinois, and was promptly " bagged," himself, by a county Pqalre, and made to fork over S30 for Tlclatiun of the ?anday law. One half the amount of aoeh fine goea to the school fund. So Mr. Rua aell can aolace himself with having contributed that ?it?nt tn th* fre? arhool lyatem of Vtokev <loodledum Another little circumstance happened to the Doctor on hla western trip which perhaps did not tend to Improve bis temper. While in the cars at Racine, Wisconsin, surrounded by all his paraphernalia of sporting traps?guns, equipments, Ac., he was approached by an old man, who said: * Mr. Rnaselt, we are glad to see you out here' we hop* you will enjoy yoar trip; we hope you will And plenty of game; but, Mr. Rus*ell, you mustn't make game of the American eagle! You mustn't make game of the American eagle!" TBS LATBST STAFF FBOMOTIORS . We hear to-day that in addition to thoae previously mentioned in the Star, the following members of General McClellau's staff hnve been promoted Viz: laptam Klngabury,U.8 A., Chief of Ordnance, to be a Colonel. Captain Hudaon, U. 8. A , Aid, to be a Lleu-? tenant Colonel. CapU'.n Switzer, U. 8. A , Aid, to be a Lientenant Colonel. Major Clarke, Chief of Commlaaary'a Department. to be a Colonel. hot a ascsasiosiaT. Sometime atnce we copied from a Baltimore paper a newt item alleging that Mr. George Pattenon, of SykeavlUe, Md., bad donated tl,WO to the Jeff. Da via Government, proclaimed hla purpoee of giving the rebel commander* a grand dinner on the nntlclpnted arrival of their army In Baltimore, Ac. It aeema that there la no truth whatever in the atory, which waa gotten up probably by some malic loo* person in hla vicinity, w? irw, io injure mm. He Is taking metm'fi to ferret oat the author of the ealumy, we learn from a friend. TBI CmitAR9 IS BBBTVCBY. Car lmprta^on la ihat It haa been found neceeaary to make a new military department of Kentucky, and Indiana and Ohio, the Stai a from which the troop# will be drawn neceaaary to rid the former of all danger from the disunion lata The health of General Anderson being sach aa to preclude him from sustaining the phyalcal labor of tlft powttoa, It mo* to be thought that the command of the propoaed new department wll' be dor aired ?a Geo. Sherman, who now haa one of the three separate commands In Kentacky. FIB SO AT. Tuesday morning a train of car* left Alexandria on the Orange road with about -200 aoIdler* for the purpose of obtalalag wood near Edsall's Hill, eight m!lea from the city. While the ears were taking on their load the troops proceeded over the hill held* SdtI no field wh?? m m? ~ "w"*' ** they were tired upon, wounding several, where upon they Immediately returned to the train, which, having been Loaded, brought them to Alexandria nut. The Washington correepondent of the New York world eeeaya to pa hi tab, m? ?zu* j?, whet he ptihnda la Oeaaral McClelland plan of campaign ! Tho bant proof la at hand, ahowlng that he to aim ply humbugging "the Wtrlft" reader* Is: tho fact that hla pretended axpoaltlaa baa not Induced hto wwty srreet and puatabaaeat tor e violation of the aUndlaf ordera agalnat the publlonttee of military lnforaoatioa likely to be of advantage to Jeff. Devla k Co. rtou wiama viaemiA. The communication by telegraph, after Interruption for more then a week, waa reopened thla forenoon, with hoad^eerten la thla city. The information thus obtained tells that nothing of atrlhlng later eat occurred daring the interruption above referred to. There exlsta fto probability that the Union cauae will tell to ho|d lb owe there. sot vonsenur . >? ? imcmou of a freahet la the uppir foloaMC, eiaibio at tlka point to-d?f, we jud e that the rlM of vntrr ha* bm very eoutdrrat m above here Thoee indications art mxidiy wttar, drift, and a atron* current So Beauregard ndt wait a HtU? long*/ before eroaaing, If ao minded. raoMoras M%}or Booker, of the Qnailnialir Qanerafrr ?r*1* "" J"*4*' *,t( *** f j f* ? * m i ,.1 " T* - " ~ " t * * * im it m ai.bxahdbia. Tb? eighth regular meeting of the Unconditional Union men of Alexandria and vicinity took < place laat evening, at Lyceum Hall, 8 Shlnn S (pr?-#ident) In the chair. Eleven member* were admitted, and th# meeting waa eloquently addressed by F. g. Bench. E*q Tbe roll of mem- t berahlp now numbers an even 300. Tbe cauao , continue! onward. 1 * cbiip op division. ] Brig. General Blencker la now doing duty aa a j General of Division, having twelve regiments i under his command. obdbsbd. , We bear that yesterdav Brigadier General i Manafleld wu ordered to duty at Fortrtaa Monroe. ' WAVY YARD Tbia morning the ateamer Jacob Bell, Captain McRea, arrived at tbe yard for repairs, having , been run into laat evening by tbe Ialand Belle, I cutting her badly juat forward her peddle box. ' Had abe not been well protected by her heavy guarda ahe would doubtleaa have been aunk, but aa it la, a few houra will auffloe to repair b*r in- | juriea. 8be reporta all quiet below with the flotilla and rebel batter lea Between White Houae Point and Aquia Creek there are evidencea of an increaaed number of rebel troopa, who, It la believed, have been moved there quite recently. Tbe Puaey, which came up laat night, brought no newa of importance. The tranaport Alger, which arrived here laat Monday, came around to tbe yard from Georgetown, laat night, and waa thia morning dlachirglng a quantity of iron. Tbeaeamen in tbe yard, under tbe inatructlon ? ' J of Lieut. Parker, are acquiring conaiderable proflqfcency in the howitzer drill, and will soon 1 become a moat important auxiliary to the service of the United states. , THJt flKW TORK THIRTY SKVKNTH RKQIXRXT . Editor Star: Permit me through your column,, 1 to aay, that very many of the outrage* committed , in the vicinity of Munson's Hill on Sunday were by members of other regiments than the Thirty seventh who were stationed in that neighborhood , and who, by the similarity of their uniform, might readily pass for members of the Thirtyseventh This regiment has some "black sheep" In Its ranks, and tb? regiment hss suffered many drawbacks In lta history; but there is excellent material in It, and under the present active discipline of Lieat. Col. Burke (a thorough officer) and his fellow-offlcers, It Is rapidly advancing to be one of the beat bodies cf troops In the service Whatever excesses may be proved upon the aforesaid " black sheep" were committed late on Sunday afternoon, when the orinrlnal n?c?r? zwHa had been up all the preceding night) bad retired to get a little rest and aomethlng to eat. But, aa 1 aaid before, It will be found, upon Investigation, that moat of the miadeeda of that day were committed by other reglmenta than the Thirtyaeventh. ? < OZ^Next Tueaday being the day of the Stat* election in Pennaylvanla, tbe polla are to be opened In the respective campa of the regimenta from that Mate, the company offlcera acting aa judges of tbe electiona. Much complaint ia made of tbe great number of politicians in the campa engaged in manipulating the voters. Business ?General business has takeir>? start here within the last three weeks, that astonishes all In triide among us Thus, It is brisker than ever before since Washington bas existed. Tbe favorable change is extending itself rapidly to all4 branches of trade. IEJ" To-day (Thursday) affords the last opportunity of exchanging tbe old postage stamps for the new style*. After to-day old stamps will not be received in payment of postage, and such letters as bear them will not be forwarded In tbe malls. |f/* Salt provisions have risen to a fabulous price In the South, and in some sectious they are not to be had at all, owing to tbe scarcity of salt. Three weeks since, in Winchester, Va , salt sold M Atr -? - ~ ?ui ? per bbck, (iour ousneis,) ana bacon at 30 cents per pound t\_J~ I* ta stated that the bids for the new Mas>a ebuaetta State loan for* one million of dollars ranged from 06 per cent, to 101 per cent. All below par were rejected, amounting to S6A,500. At par the bids co^red *596.000; between par and 100 5 1C0, *577,000; above 100 5 100, 910,000. IC/Turlntf the third quarter ending on the 30th ult , 30.380 lettera were received at the office of the Auditor of the Treasury for the Post Office Department; and during the same period 19,715 letters were prepared and mailed at that office. Frsm Gen. Bank's CelamnDakxkstowx, Sept. 30.?From an e'evation yesterday near the mouth of the Seneca was seen along the line of the Leesburg and Alexandria turnpike continuous cloud* of dmtt, progressing southward, which indicated movements of large bodies of troops or baggage trains, leading to the belief that the rebel array near Leesburg w?s leaving en miisse for the seat of war near Washington, but this morning the encampments near the former place was discovered Intact l?ast Wednesday three men belonging to the Thirty-fourth New York attempted to cross the Potomac In a boat near the White House Locks, near the mouth of muddy run When nearly across a volley of thirty guns *n fired by the rebels. The rowsr wi< shot in the right shoulder blade, tbe ball traversing under the skin and 1/wtcrincv lliAva iKs alk??? sU? -*1 ? * -?? ? ??= tiuv? vi iuc icn aiui. une 01 the otbera flred seven shots from the atern of the boat, and three of the rebel* were seen to fall. In the affair of laat Tueaday, at the Point of Rocka, Colonel Geary, after shelling the rebela from their poaltlon, croaaed the rived at the head of about twenty-four men He scoured the ahore and aacended the mountain, where he found two fortiftcatlons of timber and earth. These he entirely demolished, and then puraued the enemy four mllra Into the Interior, but without overtaking him. A gentleman haa juat returned from hla home In Virginia, and bringa the following intelligence from the region above Harper's Ferry:, At Leeatown, on the Wlncheater Railroad, three mi lea easr of Charleatown, were located about 300 irregular cavalry, to guard Charleatown against i the threatened-demolition of that place by onr force* at Sandy Hook, if our pickets there were tired on. Four hundred Morgan county cavalry had been 1 Bent to the Potomac, opposite Hancock, to protect I the importation of aalt, leather, and coffee At 1 this place our governni?nt h<.s no protecting force. I and it ia stated that a large quantity of aalr. stored i at the warehouse of Jacob Grove, near Sharps burg, his found its way to the cement mill above I Hancock, and thence into Secesals. At Winchester there are 500 to 800 militia, armed with shot guns, old pistols, etc . and many < of tbem bad not aeen a charge of powder and bail i alnce their lmpresament. It required a consider- < fthU r*onlt? #- ** ' ?? v*. .w p iucui iioui muimying < and returning hunia. J S*ANin ilooa. Sept 30 ? On Thursday laat Mnjor i Gould and Caputn Scriber, of the Thirteenth 1 Massachusetts, under the guidance of Major < Mcbanlels. of the special nervice, went over to Harper'a Ferry, and succeeded In recovering two valuable bells belonging to our Government, one of which weighed 1,700 and the other 900 pounds, together with a tine engine and other articles captured by the rebels On the tune day they arrested a Mr. Magraw. Letters were fouud In hia peasesalon showing (bat he waa in constant communication with the rebel leaders The officers confiscated bis males, wagons, and other article*. Magraw remains a prisoner There are but v#rr few families remaining In Harper's Ferry. Militabi Movsmbmts ?The movements of the military for the last twenty-four hours have been unusually actlva, aad may be expressed as toiiowa : rne outn New Jersey Regiment, Col. , JohDMo, numbering eight hundred men; the | Pint Michigan, eight hundred and sixty-two , men; the Fifteenth Infantry Regiment, of Fenn- < sylvanla, Col. Christie, nine hundred and forty ( men; and the Eighth New Jersey, Col Cook, ] nine hundred Ben; beside* several batteries of ar- , tlllery of various calibres; aggregate, thirty-five hundred, Inclusive of officers The Mlchlgsn Cavalry masters twelve hundred well Instructed . men, but only seven companies came on, the , Colonel ordering three companies to remain In , Detroit for the purpose of attending to the transportation of the horses. Of the entire command there are only fourteen on the sick list, and there . Is not a single serious ease amongst these The following are the name* of some of the officer*: Col T F. Brosdbond. Lieut. Col. J. T. Copeland, Major* Paulding and AI wood, Surgeon J. K Johnson, sad Assistant Surgeon Naah -Ssir ] A wnraa I {CT TW PMMflnaU Central Rail read not! See J 1W w?ttf MDPCCtlou that it dor* n. t desire aay mere weelern freight for New V'ork, Boetoa. or , Baltimore, til further notice The local boatacat of the 11?, with what It gels tnm the Pith?i ' I "1 A"1 J ,? ? > . . ** * ? ? > Lttnt News fria Ike Stalh We make up the following summary of Sooth. J 'm news from tbe Richmond Euqulrer of the !8th ult: PBOBABL1 DUTHOrCDL.I. MOX WAlKXft The Memphia Appeal of the 20th says : Ills with great regret th; t we announce that he family of Colonel J. Knox Walker, in tbia lty, received yesterday telegraphic Intelligence bat he wu dying. He bid been complaining 'or tome days, and his dlsense had assumed the 'orm of congestion of the brain. Mr. Walker ia colonel of the Second Regiment of Tennessee, md was private secretary to President Polk COTTOH IS FROHIDA. Tbe Apalachlcola Times, of last week, In its weekly cotton statement, reports the st^ck on band In that port at ? 848 bales, but adds: "We would re mirk that from prudential motives tbe (tnrk of rntt/in * nnpurl nor In thi> ihnv* alaismint baa been removedlothe^interlor.'' FXDKB AL NAVAL EXFKDITIONS We are awaiting with anxiety (aays the Picayune) to learn where the Lincoln naval expedition la to atrlke. Suppoaltlona vary eonalderably, but they point most generally to Brunawlck, Georgia; Fernandlna, Florida; the Gulf coaat between Mobile and New Orleans, or to the vicinity of Wilmington, N. C. The enemv have it in their power to annoy ua very considerably by these piratical deecenta, bat without doing ua any serious Injury or gaining to themselves any substantial id vantage. NO Moms FTOLOCOHS Among the on dits current In military circles on Friday waa one to the effect that in conaequenc* r>f the general abuae of furloughs, no more would be Issued from the War Department, even to the ilck desiring leave of absence. AFFAIKS ON THI POTOMAC. A few daya ago a correspondent wrote ua that a ronsiderable number of the enemy's vessels were cruising the Potomac, and bad apparentlv taken position somewhere near Cockpit Point, which la i few miles below the mouth of the Oecoquan We preaume it w*s some of the vessels of this fleet that tempted Walker to move hia artillery to the river bank, and tender them hla compltmenta. The cannonade took place on Wednesday last, and resulted In severely crippling one or two of Ihe enemy's steamers, as we are informed Walker'a Battery has been reinforced, it will be remembered. by '-Long Tom," which the enemy 10 obligingly brought to Bull Run, and left there tor our use FOREIGN VESSELS AT HKW ORLEANS The collector of the port of New Orleans announces otficlelly in tbe papers that vessels from foreign countries will be allowed to entsr any harbor oil our coast and discbarge their cargoes, without regard to the same being an established port of entry. COAL AND WOOD. Fears are entertained of a scarcity of coal and wood at Richmond, it is estimated that about one hundred cords of wood are daily purchased by the Confederate government agents for the use of the army, and every source of supply is already being taxed to nearly Its utmost available capacity. The following are the ruling prices of the fuel now in the marketBest lump coal from *25 to 'J8 cents, and imlth's coal from 18# to 15 cents per bushel; first quality oak wood from #5 73 to S<1 per cord; pine from 85 to 95 SO per cord. TKRDEOAR IKON WORKS. These works, at Richmond, have now i onr>m?n employed. At present the utmost activity is being displayed, and from six to eijrbt small and about six large guns are turned out weekly. Quite a nirtnbt-r of percussion shells are ready packed for transhipment to Charleston, and about 200 shells are each day sent to the laboratory to be filled On Wednesday, a monster 10 Inch columbiad, Weighing about 17.000 pounds, and having a range of four miles, was being rifled?a process which would occupy about two days Thr^e of these enormous cannon are cast each week, in the average, and six of them were, on Wednesday, undergoing the process of boring, preparat ry to being rifled The establishment Is also largely engaged In the mnnufactu'e of gun carriages for field batteries and for heavy ordnance. Farther News Irom the Pacific. Swkbt Watbr, Oct. 1 ?San Francisco papers of the 21st ult. give the following particulars of the subject in which the Rev. Dr Scott figures so prominently: "Tbe most exciting topic of discussion in San Francisco within the last three days grew out of a discussion which took place at a session of the Presbyterians, on a ^pte touching the duty of the clergy to declare themselves on tbe side of loyalty and against rebellion, and preach loyal doctrines to their congregations Dr. W. A ocott, of tbe Calvary Church, alone voted against tbe resolution, and protested against ita adoption, because h? hp]IfVt'H lh? irtiftn n# p ?1 * m~'_ ?... .ov -VMVU vt tuc io?c uriinai ABBflllOiy on the (tale of tbe country, In adopting the Spring resolution!, exceedingly mlac.hievoua and erroneoux. He agreed In the main with the proteat of Dr Hodge, and tbe further defenae of tbe tame doctrine made In tbe Princeton Review. He did not believe tbe aaaembly bad any right, from tbe Hnlv Scriptures, fi uiii ine a laud aid Jt tbe Cburr.b, to Interfere with civil or political question* rhere were other grave reaaona why be could not approve of tbe action of tbe aaaembly, but be could not conalder It proper to give tbem in an ecclesiaatlcal and aplrltual body. The poaitlon aaaumed by Dr. Scott baa revived the charge! atfilnat him of aympathy with aeceaalon, and raiaed much feeling In tbe commuulty Threat* were made of mobbing bla church tbe next time aervlcea were held, and tbe nolice were detailed to prevent any auch attack Some of the newnpapera have covertly encouraged the mob apirit, but the meat Influential earnestly adviae that Dr Smtt be left In the banda of hia congregation, who arc mostly Union men." Judge John McHeury, formerly of the fifth district court of New Orleana. wna nrreated in San Frar.Htc? yrtterday, on complaint of a aoldiir In the L' S. aervice. He aald the judge had been trying to Induce him to desert and Join a party ?h.? ' 1 ,J "" .un. .c wiirrr uccouia UO Deuer. Wot much i in porta nee it attached to thin affair, but It only shown the general sensitiveness prevailing here on the war question. Advices from Mazatlan, Mexico, state that the city of Alamo bad been captured by a large army from the State of Sonora It waa understood and believed in Mazatlan that Van Dorn waa advancing towards Sonora with a large force i The family of Don Thomas Robinson, one of the wealthiest men In the city of tiuayamaa, has left the State of Sonora on account of tbe troubles In that State, and gone to California. Several ?ecesslonists at Mazatlan were engaged In denouncing tbe U. S government and all connected with it Subsequently they wished Cora. Conner, tbe American conaul, to give them certificates of U. S. citizenship, bat were refused, unlesa they took the oath to support tbe constitution and government of tbe United States That they refused to do, and were disposed to be troublesome, but found no sympathy among the MexIcana or tbe majority of the Americans. Til* Caatest la Mtasaart?The Paslttaa *f Affairs?Probabilities ?f a Battle TBI TORCB AT LKX1KGT02I. Persona who have been released by tbe rebela at Lexington bave made tbelr way to St. Loula, &nd report as follows : ' Price's troops bad not moved In any number from Lexington on Tuesday. The rebels said tbey would stay tbere for a montb to recruit, and talked of calling tbe Legislature together. Thla Is, doubtless, faUe?to deceive our forces Gen. Sturgis Is reported to bave arrived within six miW of Lexington on tbe 19th, on tbe opposite side of the river. Price sent 3;0(K) men over, and Gen Sturgls retreated towards Liberty, leaving behind two or three hundred tents, which fell Into rebel hand* " Price is stld to baveexpected to mike a junction with McCullocb, who was not then tbere, ind with his (McCulloch's) '25.000 men to march ?n Jefferson City. Prices forces are reported at 15 UOU Three ferry boats and steamboat Clara Bell were at Lexington Tuesday. Tne passengers who came to Boonevllle in a skiff report teeing no but'eries or bands of rebels on tneir way down They met tbe War Eagle, with Government troops, last nlicht, Just below Glasoow ? ? - - R * WHIN THI B4TTLB MAT Bt BZPBCTBD. The St Lout* Democrat of Monday tan: The public muat not be Impatient for the clashing of tbe two great armies now approaching each sther in the center of the State. The best Information from Lexington Is to the effect that General Price will make hla stand st that city with the rosin body of his army, and perhaps choose as his vantage ground the very intrenrbments which were so gallantly and successfully defended by Col Mulligan. To reach him, therefore, and give him decisive Oattle, even within ten days' time, will require extraordinary exertion on the part of General Fremont. He has forwarded to Jelfrraon City an immenae quantity of army baggage, Including irtillery and ammunition, the transportation of which will be comparatively eaay and rapid by railroad to Bedalla, but tbe movement of which icroaa the country by wagona will neeeaaartly be 110c ult and slow. If the enemy, therefore, should iot advance and give battle at some point south of Lexington, we must not l<ok for any important 'tsults short of the latter part of next wetk. NO PlOCI.iMiTinw ttnll tub r< "? ? ? ? w?riAin>UK|l* ikal or Cuba?The following extract from a etter dated at Havana, Sept 24, explode* one of ,he Charleston Mercury's stories: " W e noticed from one of the last nevripaper tilna yon tent us thai tbe Charleston Mercury Las jubllshed an act, alleged to come from our Wov>rnmeat, to tbe effect that the Confederate fla? rill be admitted Into oar porta and be duly promoted. This Is false. No such act or decree, or mrthlng like It, baa app??red. Tbe Captata3eneral conld only do It on receiving Instructions o that effect from the home government. Tbe lew vessels sailing under the Confederate flag, tod which arrived here some months ago, had to lolat the Stars and Stripes before entering oar larbor" 5r Thirty-three million bosbeis of grata?lalag floor settnted at fl? boahels to the bar ?s I / I T Affair* la the West. The Cincinnati Gazette bat the following special telegraphic correspondence: FK4HKroBT, Sept. sO ?We have news that Znlllroff?r bu occupied London, Laurel county, about fifteen miles from the Union forces under Col. Garrard Preparation* are being made to resist his movements, which I cannot mention. Jzrrtaso.n City, Mo , Sept.28 ?Gen Fremoot and Staff arrived here last evening Gen. Hunter and Staff have been her* several days waiting orders Troops are continually arriving from St. Louis and departing for Sedaila A large force is there. Gen. Price waa at Lexington of Thuraday with 20.000 men, and was preparing to march on Sedaila. Several offlcers of Col. Marshall's cavalry, on parole, reached here laat night. They left Lexington on Thursday, where Gen. Price then was. The actual rebel loss in the aeige was ftbout four hundred. Col. Marahall's officers complain bitterly of his conduct and accuse him of InefieU CMCr auu wonc. I Off Will IlCTff ITrVC UDCICT him again Mulligan Is represented as brave and gallant, but unskillful. The steamboats were captured without material resistance Many officers advised Mulligan to cross to the north side of the river before the selge began, at least to send the borses over Seven of Marshall's Csptatns wanted on Wednesday permission to mount the regiment charge through the enemv's lines and retreat to Sedalia, fifty miles, but Marshall refused. Mulligan expected re-enforcements until too late. Marshall was liberated on parole. Mulligan Is still a prisoner.

McCulloch is reported at Osceola, marching north, on Wednesday the iMth. He Is expected to form a junction with Price, near Warrensburg, by to-morrow. Their combined forces will reach forty thousand. It is believed they will offer Fremont battle near Georgetown. Dk?xitio5s riua the R x#l? at Fobt Pick- i K**.?Tbe following extract from a let er dated at Fort Pickets, Sept. 8, will be found interesting: " Last night the enemy's guard-boat. with nine men. armed to the teeth, came over to our side, having deserted from the Secessionists. They are line, large, stout fellows. Also, two men landed In a boat from a place called Milton, about 30 miles up the bay They are mechanics, and belong to Boston and Rhode Inland. They Med because they could not get paid, and were afraid they would be forced to Join thearmy. Hundreds would desert from th? Rebel army and leave the country if thev had a chance. They report, also, that a large quantity of powder and arms were destroyed by their own men a short time since. There is a mutiny among them as i write. They are half starved." The Affair at RoxstY.?The Wheeling (Va.) Press of Tuesday says of the lastsklrmlah at Romney : " We learn by letter last night that from all the Information that could be gathered, some one hundred and fifty of the rebels were killed and wounded In the skirmishes that took place while they were following up the Union force*. Only two of onr men were allied, twn ><?> badly and fourteen slightly wounded. One of the printing office* was destroyed, and the other brought to New Creek. The Colonel gave orders when entering Romney, that if any soldier entered a private dwelling to disturb the inmates, he should be instantly shot. A Foet at the Relay Mouse ?Surveys have been made and ground broken for a fortification of considerable magnitude on the south sldeof the Patapsco river, at the Rel^y House. Washington J unction, qn the eminence just east of the viaduct, which commands the country and railroad tracks of the Washington Branch and Baltimore and Ohio for some distance in either direction It is proposed to name the defense "Fort Dix," in compliment to the commandcr of the military department in which it is located.? Bait. Sun \TT Omega, Nevada county, California, was on Saturday, August '24, burned to the ground. (Y*?UNITED BUILDING ASSOCIATION ;jjl An adjoi)ri,rd meeting wi,l lie held at the u?ua! p'aiss. on MONDAY next, the 7thinst . at 7 o'clock. All ttoolchoiders and persons interested are request to he present, as it is exacted ytMj i?i< uk Vi UUrB will DO rP8UIT16(3? oo 3 St CHAH. WiLSON, Secrrtary. fj-^?8ENEKAL ORDER No. 8. HXATQCARTIR* Px.VXSTLVAlfl A MlLTTIA.t Harrisburc. s?ept. 3^, 1881. s 1. NoSi-rgeonor Assistant Sors?on oaa reoeiva a oommiiMun from the Governor of Pennsylvania, un e>a ha has first passed an examination before a B^ard of burgeons, inaooordauo" with tne Act of As?embly ana Gencal Orders No. 25 of the War OeKtrtni?[.t A Medical Board for the examination of a'l 8urK&oz?, or A??i?l?"t Surg'on* note acting at tuck. in any renment raised in the State of Pen-aylvania. will be held at Harritburg, October 3d. 1861. at 9 a. m, and at Watktngton City, at Willarde' Hotel, on Tneeday, the 8th of Ootobjr, 1861, at 10 a. m. toy order of A. G. CURT1N, Governor and Commander-in-t'taief. Ceaio BmnLa.A D. C. oo 3-5t Jj|=~ NOTICE. POST OFFICB, 1 Washington, Hcpteinber 28, !#'.( The new style of Government Postage Stump* la now ready, and for tale at this offioe Exo ante wii. be ma<le of the new style for an equivalent amount of the old issue durini a period of ; x d*tk f'om (lie cate of thta notice, af'er whioh stamp* of the old issus will not oe received in payment of poataio on letters or other mail mMter ?ei t from thi* office. To avoid delay or con.usion the exchange will i o made in the Poxtmatter's Room. LEVViS CLEPHANK. fritmaitrr. I Pcjidat Rmolatioss.?A? uo mail arrive' here I afte. 7 a. m. on Sundayn. thia office will nnih?n??n i lor tho delivery ol letters alter 10 a m. olTtlTat tfay. M>28-6t YY?T UKNPIKE KLECTlON.-Notiee i? | 5 hereby given to the stockholders of the Wathington Turnpike Company that an election will be held at tbe Farmers 5.1.d Mechanic*' Ba> k. Georgetown, i>. C., on the?eoond MONDAY (Hlh) I in Oot'iber n?*t, for the eltotion of a President, eight Managers and aTraa*urer to manage the afI turn of ratf Company for the year then ensuing, or until their suooessor* are eleoted. au 29-lawtd ROUT READ. Treasurer. -ng?*C<?Ml'ANY -A," U. tt. KNOINKKR8.IL 1 Fifty intelligent and able bodi?d mechanios will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imum_ fixea by Jaw?isn men. Ineuire at N? v?'<f ? suae* Pay from fl3 to $34 per month, besides food and clothing. m 17 tf ,-TB-DEPARTMENTOF METROPOLITAN i " FOi.lCE?The Hoard of Polio? Commiaaionera bavins tak-n the house 516 Eleventh at., all business oonn*ct?d wi?h the Polioe of the oity will be trauaaoted at that ?>aoe. A cenerai onmplamt boolc will he opened, and oitisena are requested to oall and enter any o>raplainta they may have to make ot any matter rala*in* to the police or health of the eity ue 27 W. b. webb. Superintendent TVf RS. 6. MONROE, having obtained a plearant 1TI room at No. 4#8, of Ninth ana E at* , ia prepar- d to raoeiva a few more papila. oo 8?5,7* Butter, eggs and cheese -no no Eighth St.. Between Pa. av and D * i ?100 paokagea prime Butter jaet arrived, aoitabte for retailu.g. Freeh inU oomii.g in regular, in large and tmail paokagea A a j. Fresh Egga and (Jheose, at wholeaale, at the loweat rates oo 3 12t* D E. DUTROW. MA CARD. R. SCHEEL. Teaoner of Moaio. wiahea to ao^naint the public that he will ooctinne to five lttsaona to beginnera or thote farther M-UB& anoed. Y oung ladies having finished t heii^r* education a' school, and wishing to imp oveth?inael*es in their mnaioal studies, would fa?e a lair chance, as nothing but thorough inatr action, on moderate term*, will ha *iv?n. *?i> QO* " ?., between 13th ar.d UthT " ' 01 5 3t*" C<Xl KA'?RutNAKY FASHION MAGAZINE Ei -l,argK?t. late at and tiwt-Mme 1>kMuREST'S Ql'AR TERLV MIRROR OF FASHI 'IsS. Fal. cumber, now ready, ountaina nearly ion Kngravinga. Yearly,4"oenta; ingleoopiea 10 o'nta. Alao, the above with aveiy lane colored uteel Plate or 1-aatuona, large Flat* of Cfoaka, and S ful'-aised patter. a, worth (0 oeuta, oonipriiing New Gori?d Oreaa, Gored Dreaa and Zooave Jaokot. Yearly, Si; ample ooptea 25 cet-ta. Poitage S sent-. rublianed at No. 4T3 Broadway, N. Y .and old every where. oo 3 4t rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS BATCHELOR'S QENVINE HAIR DYE, The Beat io the World, The Only Reliable and Harmless Hmir Dye Kn+um. Sold by all DrnaciaU: alao. at Hih.t,,.1. n??? Medicine store, cp.Vatent Offiae, oor. F Jt Ttk" and at OiBBs'a Hair Store, 'Hi Penn'a avenue. where Lac)if? oan have it applied, if deaired. Factory?81 Barclay at. (late 533 Broadway) N. T. oo ?-ly /^FPICEKS. SERGEANTS, COKPORALS U AND SOLDIERS OF THE ARMV AND MlLlTIA?Tne American lliuatimted Military Kxt Book, br M Lieut. L. D. Willimroe, receatiy ptaln in the Uree montn'a aervioe, la detifnei to txp ea? by Drawinx* the rudiments, manaala. aa'uua, element* of all formation* and move menu, to., eta. It ia inv%>u%he to the inexperierced eoldier, Over JPO ilioatrationa Con piled from Scott, Hardee, and tn? Regulationa. One oopy 76 eenta. In lota for batt >liona, the trade, and auuera, It ...? ? "" -" " ' - ' , 1,. """" " ^, noo? aoiiar, oo3,S7 43S P% avenua, n< ar 4X at [ngot copper. d Navy Dbfaktmsht. i Burt*u of Ctmitruc.t??, *< , Oot 2d, 1S61.{ .PWFMUJ will ba raoaivad at this Bureau until 1*^.^ Ootobor. for U>? deu'er" of ?S?oSo founds of the best ,uahtr now Incot Coaa?r at U* WhIubiIdi Nary Yard, anbaot toU# ^RSTZZLa^SS* oftta prow cl&oeri ?/.** WW- - wiimm to ba iud? at tha rate of 10* ,W? Bonoda IVtrr tin diva tmm f1L. aettfeoatioa of th* aooaataaoa of the proposal, or earUar, at th? oftionoflM eontraafcw. The bid pa at tw*M0afUi<4l9 the acui (itrulN that, if awardadTtha oontraot will ba sxaoated. ooS-ao i| KAUUUARTER8 FOE CLOTHING, BATS 4L?W.A^^ 460 8#rn ?' . AMUSEMENTS. T? fl B A T R I. FRIDAY, Oct.4. Groat Ju w>? of MIS8 H"8AN DKNIN Tl>? BMitifi! and Pr^alar Amenou A'trfM. Who wtii a?p??r ir. the ?n*a?Wof ALL THAT 61 *TTKHtl 18 NOT G JLD. TRUMPETERS UATQHTF*. Ia wh'oh ahe will fin; "WLaek Fov df Row." oo 3-lf n I It MX CD i K n DD17L' Din Mli< #117 Ttl L' r " " 8KASON* *"W "r Will cofne off on MONDAY, Otfb,r 71*, 1M, at Lotrriii'i 6 a* dm, C jrner New York av. and Seoond it. On* Hundred Magnifioent Pnife will be dutnb?t-d. JA Pr??eeri'e Celtb'a'ed Band fau been eaneed for the oooaaion. The trioteat order will be kept by a fiardHA entated for that pur?o?. on 3 it C^OUBTH ANNUAL r EXHIBITION AND CONCERT ChlMrci ?f St. AUytlai 8ai4if lehHl Procfdt for the Vitt of tk* Peer of til S??M, Assisted by InetnitMntai A 000 tnpanijnea t. Will take y aoe THURSDAY, Octobu 3d. Corner ol I and North Capitol streets. past L 1. Cre^o De Monti Choro* t. Angels Whisper (eolo) ?-.Mary Neff 3 Hail *mliing Morn. .Pali Chores 4. Solo Flute ?. rm ii m; nnme^l*n*mu~.. U< 0U(tl 6. W1* ere are the friends? f my youth? Wm. Randa') 7. Gambler's Wile i s?lo).._. .Miss P. Rsnolffe __ past II. 8. Crow* in the Cornfield........Chora* of Boys 9. B. Vengi to her children...~.......Hesitation 10. The Morninr Call. 11. On to the field of glory, Boys in full ro!dier dreas. 12. Come, come, oome! (aolo and ohorua' Mart Hauty 13 Fairy Boy. Ec?y Wcite PART l'l Concludes with Gil?a CroKgina, the schoolmaster. Ticketa 35 oenta, oHi'dren to cents Doors open at half-past 6 o'clock. oommenoeat haf past 7. oo 1 d ODD FELLOWS' HALL! The Only Place of Amusement In the City. Seventh Wck ?f Original and Ont.t CAMPBELL MINSTRbLS! 1* STAR PERFORMERS, In ?he Opera of OH, HUSH! The BLACK STATUE, And DR, LINCOLN OUTDONE. Admiaaion Twenty-five Centa. 0 35 Dr. 0. FORD. Arnt. I<0ST AND FOUND] OTRAYED OR STOLEN?On the Sd matant, from Dor?e?'a Hotrl, on Seventh at, a fv black M \R R. aboat 12 ?eara o'd with very TXB alim 'Ml f5 reward wil> be paid for her ie-"* tu n to the above name 1 hotel. oo 8 ?t* BR'USHT TO THE SUBSCRIBER. Friday September mh, BAY M .\ K ? ', aboat cv fifteen hauria huh, which th? owner ean have by proving pFroBe'I^t'K Ap'' 0 '3 31* 813 H atreit. t/OUND?Sunday,?Hh September, brown colored r HORSE, vhite atreak up hia face; can fry be found, by; property atid pmngTLiJCk churtwa. at Cabin John bridge. oo l-2t IOST?In the omnibna. between Kjan'a at >re, j in, and the Omnibua Stand in Ge 'rjetown, or between tt.e Stand and th? anb "riher'n More in Georietown. * hnokakin KORT. MONNAIE. ood tat nine a S'.O Treasury not* a $5 K<>ld pi?o? and tw<> 92.S0 yiroea. and about #10 in Other raonr<y. A liberal reward will b? paid for it* return to tne subsoriber, oorntr of High acd Gay at'., Georgetown. oc 2 3t Mra. FRANCES DEMAK. LOST.?On Tueaday, Ooiolier let, b*tWMn the Liverr Stable of Mesara. Keileher A P'well, a-d the Washington Mtatur, a MEMORANDUM BOl'K. containing a number of papers. note*. receipts. Ac.. Ac. The finder will reo?ive a liberal reward by leaving them at the Bank of Waahingtin, or at the store ?*f Mr. Batholow, 44S 7th at, near oanal The auMio ia warned not to take any notei or check* drawn or endorsed by ma without & r?t notifying me Payment on tho?? not erdoraM having b?en ?topped. A B. BERRY. oc? 8t" IA DOLLARS REWARD!-"an away, on 1U Mondsy nigVt,9nh Sept., my NKG RO A GIRL, JANE. She ia about 17 year* old, JV medium height, and good looking; has a ?CrR aoar(I I elier?) on the right nde of bar a*ok, abo jt an inoh long; had on a pink dreee and ^ black flaunting hat. The above r?warjl will be paid for her delivery to me, or infor?aation. so that I get her again. C. T GARDNER. oo l tf G at, bftween 13th and Itth. IOPT ?$4 RawAKtv.? Lost, last ereaing. a i A Hnl^a 4 "VJ-. ODUO. ? ? ?? * 1 ? wi?? i-iuuu n&f uijT Cili? IHT9T mounted, marked "Mortimer Thornton, 1861." The at>ove reward will be paid to any perw+a who irar return the piatol to MOKTIMKR TflOMSO!*, 241 K It, between 13th and 14th ; orto Mr Ch?4wick. Wiilarda' Hotel. ae idf Great rush to smith's, no. ??? s*veuth St.. to aee hi* new stock of Fall Clothing, Tmnk*. Hat* and Cap*- oo l-lm Headquarters for clothing. hats andCAPS-At SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh atrect. oo l-lm JUST RECEIVED, oneof the largest atocka of New and Fashionable Clotninc ever offered in \Va*hiD(tou. whioh muat be aold withia the next thirty days to make ioi?m for winter good*. Peraona wanting Clothing, Furnishing Ucoda, Trunk*. Ha a and Caps, ?hou;d oil auon, aa now lathe time for bargaina, at No. 460 Seventh at, optoaite Post Office. oo I lm G'RaND ADVANCE OF the ARMY; bet I SMITH hu not advanoed the pri.-e of hia CI thing which he ha* jnat received and ia eelling off at *uoh remarkable low priaea Give me a eaTI and satisfy_yourarlve* of t:.e great barraina that aro now offered evjry day at feMlTH'S,' No 460 Seventh ?t. ool lir VVASHINGTON GYMNAflliM, * Nmtk it., Mtar Ctmttr Mmrktt. This eatab iahmer t is bow op-r from a m to p. in. On* of the ofbeera in atter.danoe from 1 to 4 and fro-n 6 to 8 o'olook. Person* leading a aedecta-y life or troubled with dyspepsia wo mid do w?ll to join i in mediately, $\ a montti, $%Jt> 3 months. oo 1-St* DFRKSH EGGS-ROOD EGGS! O Yon want the same.' If so, go to Meura. TAYLOR A CARTER 8 Stand ia ttm Center Market, and you oan he supplied with tho best JERSEY, DELAWARE, and MARY LAND EGGS, all good and examined before offered for sale. Sold who'eaale and retail. irr Remember the nnmbere?Noa 193, 194. 19a aed 196, (back of the Watoh House ) oo 1 8t* _____ ^EALKD PROP08ALS,tUl the Slat ol OotoC? ber, lMt,atl3 o'olnok m.,are invited for sap plyinn tho Army with Beef Cattle oa the hoof, to he delivered at Chambenbnrg, Harris bars, or York, in the ^uto of Pennayivauie, aa the Gov eminent may designate. Bidders are rMneeted to oomp'y in all parti on Lara with the form ofbid publ ahed herewith. Government reserves to itself the nrht to pay in Treasury notes nr other focda it has for disbarse m<*nt, a- d to reieot an* bid for m, pun bid will be entertained unless the bidder is present to respond to his bid. The Government will reoei* 4,000 head under the o"i>t'?ot, aid will r?wrv? the right to require aoy addit onal numhtr up to 16.000 he?d. Deliveries t* be made weekly in sueh quantities as may bs required. The Cattle mast averse 1JOO pounds cross weight; and ?o animal wlli be reomved whioh weighs less than 1,000 pounds gross. No oobditional bid will be reoei>ed. 1 he bids to be directed to Capt. A. Bbckwitb. C. 8 , U. 8. A , Washington. D. C., and endorsed " Proposals for Beef Cattle,' Fotv or Bis. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Cattlo on the hoof for per hundred pounds gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at Chamberiburg, Harnsbarg, or York. in the ftt&U of P?nnt?lvAni? m.rn ?ka L ?> . . ?. ! mm m* V*Uf "I HUIOii V cat deiun&to, fccoordinf to the tome of theeaoloeed aaverUiTTisnt. The Cattle to be velfhad on the aoalee, ud the weirht eo determined to be the purchase weight. 1 hereby ur?? to fire a goodand auffioieatbond for the faTillmeat of the oontraot. end to reowve Treaeury notee or other Government in ear meet for the Cattle. The firet delivery of the Cattle will be req aired to be made a bo at the 10th of Nov?ber, 1MI. aatt td WASHINGTON ARSKNAL, ? Birrmn ti, 1M1. Bbal*e Paoro?*.Le, to b? andoreed "Propoaal* for Coal," wili be reoeived at the <>&ee of the aoamandiDf oAoer of thte Areenai anti) llaatf the loth of October nest for farcuhiag W tone of Cumberland Coal, b^et qna'ity ' Ren of the mice," eaitable for bl%okemilhe and itran engine eee, and equal in quality to that pravioaaly rurnheeil. wi ich willpe anown on application The whole to be d-IiTerod and ?t .red a?a? In the o^a.-hoaaa ' adjaoent to the wharf attlua Araenal, at the axpenee of t&e oontraotor_ UKUKGE D- RAMSAY, ueM Lt Col.Commimdiaf. ? NOTICB. ?TYL18H Autawud Wutw Wi*fpi*x? for l&diM, of bottwr thM ??u%lly found in ?ku Eft 'fflffi .f{'K, teKTSir."- i rtl and ?pooi*l want* of MUliaa ud hoaa?kt?p- j or*. Oh irio* only, tha tetmal oaak alfcadard T*l*a. roa'kadin alaia ifaiya. Our No'Oiarn tad Kuttrn tomoMdnti aand hS^'rU.nt.'bilolotk*, Rag*. Ao, ?f??' BssSSssBassRa \ "J? 4 ? AUCTION 8ALBS. By WILL * BA&MARD. ANtioMin lNO.KkiwMMK.?tM o'oioek.v* will Auoti??c Room#? lO od Brown BabC&tiB*y Hon*,Bvgr?M4 Hat MS, ? Reootd-hs-d BarcO*. 1 Horse tad UirnNs, Terms c??h. ool WALLA B* l*f A in. tMt> By J. C. moglire * CO . AietioMr*. i argb assortment of oilt frank lj mufii. ksb*avii?o?. ArcTio* -On TUESDAY WORNlNtt. nth, at ioo'clo-k.?? Um> Muror fta4 PximPMr MUblubiMDtof Mr. John M?t* aid* of P?nr?yl > *n:a tvosa*. botwaon Ifk ? < ' ?* ate , w? ahfct: ?#ll hit niiri aiook i? * *?. o?*n*a?Qilt Frun? MsnUl. Piar Mid ChMib?r b.auw. o( ?riou? etylaa wd Lot of HMdion* En<r?rinM, la Gilt FrMM. Bronx* Iroa B Mketa. Woo<!'i Patent >?wim MmIim. * .4#?""" ?*41'' j. c. MoSPIHB <t co, a??m c.JSrMiSSilB'fcfcatfWTBm. r lt Dsclikim BOIIIUiriM A* FUUf m, ww eann ?aii im nnutare m4 Kf?et? ef a 6 mi If dreuoiag nc, apprising? th ojuf ?nd Wa??neTr eprisg i?t Mfee. Cookers, and P?.riar Cwin. M?rbla-to? Cmtr and Aafc Tsbloe. wtlrat whatnot and Put? Tabtee. Git-frame Mirror, Enrr??iac?, Cioeka, Can* Seat Chairs, Lotu?, Carpets. Oilcloth, M*ttirf, Brkmi, Wubstaads, Green Fnanellod Co'tage Set. Toilet Seta, Vasea, Ornaments, Ma'trusoi. Bo iters, sod Pillows. Cookir.g, Radiator, and other f to res. Together with a general aisortaaat of RttoJMn Reqauitea oc 2 J. C. MeRUIRK A CO., Asote Br WAI.LA FA R.n A KB, Aaataoacora. Cor, Pa. ar. n?d "th *tr*r. EWARD'J PAWn BROKERS* SALR OP Uiinmixiii Plbimsk* ?r acctioh.?On SaTI'RD \ V MORNING, October S.h, at t o'e'ock, we will ee;l at oar Aoetioa Ro rat. * large w rtmrnt of anrrdeemed p.edges, we uae ta ?-rt? Go'd %nd Pi'rer Hinting and npen Faoe Watehee, Gold Gard. Fob and Vest Chains, R*y>, I .ockett. Gold Peneila.Seta of Jewel ry, *o.t Reyjlvera, Powcer H&eks. K iflea, Sword ?'anee. 'k rimer with a gerersl tv letj of ladies Wearing Apearel. anch as? 9'lk and Finer Dreeeee. Shawls. Ae.. CU>ak*. Scarfs. Drees Patterns. Colla*s. A'ss.alirce aasortment of geatlemeaa Waaitar Apparel, aneh as? Orer Coat*, D ees Coots, Vests and PaaU, Also a good assortment of P.atad Ware. Terms otsh, in par lands. _ _ c. w*kp, I*awrt>r?ker. jOoS WALL A BAfcWAlD. A a eta Bj WALL k. BARNARD. Aaetioncora. Cor. 9*4 ft. timtk fidi Pa mr ANOTHER LOT OK KENTUCKY BRED /a. Hoiiii at Acctioh.?On SATURDAY MORNING 5th iratant. At 1? o'oiock we will *11 la front of theAactr>a Root a. urtkw lot of Kentucky Horse*. oonetaUni of Browea. BtriAM &or.-el .Work. Riding pod Haraoee Ho'm Ttteee Horaee hare arrived, and are of the heat e'oek. and aa tin a *ale i* wit boat reeor?e, It will off? acoiber rAr op porta nit y to eeeara a i ood H->'ae. Terma ouh. 002 WALL h BARNARD. Aaeta. Bt GR*EN * WILLIAMS. Aaotioaoora, _ SALE OF NEAHLTTNEW HolsEHolD A*d Kitchzn FrtniTVBi at Acctioa ?Da FR1DW, t * 4tA day of nototoer next. At 1* o'olock A m.. we snail Mil At tbo ra ldeooe of A arm eraan ceclininr boaaekeepni. or Eifhtk at , between M And N street aorth. No. *67, An exoellenta?eor'mrnt of Faraitare. ?itRoeewood -ofae, Cl Ai'B And Tablee, Do Marbl*-top Center Table. Marble-top Dreeamg *nd other Bu-eaos. Cottage. Jenny Lind Bedstea^a. Warnrob-a, Waahetanda and Tow*l Racka, Hat Kaota, Cane Seat and other Ckaua. Feather Beda. Pi low* and Bo latere. Comfort*. Rlanketa, 8b*eta and Caaea, Brca'ola. lng>ain and otbor Car pet a. One Exoelient Cook and other stjvee, China. Klaa* and Crockery Ware, A large lot of Kitcren Reqnieitoe, And many otber artiotea too cntr eroaa to ea a Borate. Tin Hoaae la for rent. In of Mary C. Haialip, on 9tb atroet. between 1 at. and N?? \ ork *m Termaoaah. 80 d GREEN k. WILLI AMB. A note. JXlOTlCK-SiL/f OF PITTSBURGH. *OM.T WAT SB AND CHICAGO KAILROADBy virtue ot a d*oree of the Ciroait Court of th? United btatee for the northern <1 * of Ohio. is oaaae in ^chancery therein deper-dii*. vImmi I'kiritiMo.u and other* are eoaalaioanta. and the fittabsrih, Fort Warn* *&<? Ciuaaco Railroad Com^ant end other* are defendant*. aMiirauant to aaxuiary deoree* of the or emit eocrt* of the United btate* for the vmUtd dut'iot of if ltama, the dUtriet of Indiana, and the aorthera diatnot o' 111. o.i re?peoti?e!y, ia oaaae* depending m ohanoerr in Mid Uoart* reeyeetivoir,therein the aaine parties are ocnp A.DUti and d'fendanU reepectj ve j, aa ia aai d oaaae 6r?t above aa*rtinned, the rde'v.frec John Fere aeon and Thoiraa E- Walker, aa Sranteee ia Trail and Traatee* ;a one of the eererai Deed* oi Truet or ortcac* a?on which eaid decree* are foended, and aleo aa special Master Co?iniii:oHn of the aa;d Coart? reapeatirely, daly a?poir.teii t>T #*.j Coarta reeeeetivel? for that ioriM*. will mm1: ? aublio HC&nn, to tho higbee* b( dor, tor 'Wk? but for cot l?ea than the sum of 9Sr*?N>. at the Vott*d rttUi Coart House, id tha City of Giovoiaaa. In the &tate of Ohio, on the 34th day o' October, A- D. i?6', botweec tha hour? of tan o'oloofc a m aod loir o'olnok 9. m.. of Mid dar, the following daaonbed wit: Tha kailrMa of tae Pittabargh. Fort Warn* and Cb oaco Railroad <"ompany, ino ad in* tha right of way th*refor, tha road-bod tharoof, the map ratrncture of all tort* 1 hereon, ita *aMr ar.d otnrra ation hena-a atid ahoaa, and tha .aada a. d groucd* connected therewith, and all tool* and imp omenta naed or pro*id?d to be utod theraic, and in oon?truat:nc and repairing Mra aad machinery for aaici road, or tha ract and auporatrnotar -a aforetiMf*; & 1 turn-tabe*; al ilepou and bailing* and fixture* aad atrcotarea of whatever canie or natare, and the and* at d ground*oonnaotad ther with, aaod r fond-4 to ba aaad in operating (aid road and belonging ih?rot<>. aad wMraeer eituate; and all oara, eng on and ro Imp atooc belonging to aaid Co aai>y;ard all aatpli^ of tirob-r. limber, iron, fa*l,and every other thing fro idad by aaid OmHom.orby th*aevera Companie? *hlca were oonaoiiaated into aaid 1'ittatwrgh, f?rt Way lb and Cb ctj* Rfti rotd, to be aaad in operating MiU road.wharavar iitMU, by the Mme tit a by which tha t?m? am hold* by Mid or b* no original CoayuiM, iewr?!'j together, Witt a 1 oorpo tun f uohim of aaid Coniuy, and of the Mid original Coa^tni*a Mvarftlly. icc tha right and frai.ehi*a of Mid aavarai to ha ud not aa * Corporation, to ha aold aa aa antiraty. Hal l tlweoa aroYide that tha pa thMr, upoe tha confirmation or thaaala arc; toll cu:um with tbe oond'tiona tbarao-. a Mil bold all tha pronarty. righta.fraDctn*aa. and tha appart*naaoaa thereof ao aoid. ?>y tha aama titla br whiah thaw arc bald by Mid Httabnrgh, lortWayna aad Chi aa?o Kail Road Company, ate r&chaod all of aaid original Companita, free fmm tha 11 an of al aaid mortgagaa. and traa from all liability tar aay dabta againataaid original or er i eo.idatad ComptaiM. or aither of them. and from ail o.ansa oa aaaoaat Sf capital (took ; ktu tvi/tet, ntwrtkilut, to tha ana. if any auob axiat, apon any rrai aetata lnolaced in thaaala, for pnrohaea atoaay thereof not provioad by Mid dacraaa to ba pud out of tha prooaf d* o! the rale. or by former O'dar* or deoraM to ba pud otbarwiea The right of way, depot (roue* ana lotarand land* in tha t ity aai Tiaiajty of Chio%go, parohatrd by Mid Company tinoa tha paadanoy of aaid an it#, aad tha bridge pro part? and onreal aarata of tha Company at tha City ff ihrubi.rgh, are aublret to mortgage liaaa. Tha aaue wiliba moluded in tha aal? nut antyMt to aad mo?mb>aoo a, no aroTiaion bav:ni b*an n ade fof tna n&tmanttKapai.r 11 i KJ V th r?j .mmmmm- ?*lirVM # >/14 , * F ?ll WOVI* ? THOMAS E WALKER. Treat***, ftart Muter ComauMioM?,MMortw4. oc 3 td S~\ SOMETHING NEW ! /^\ ^Wr,UiTBTTn^T Pf\UW At 981 C iithi, iffoiiu f A# Tirft'lf. OYSTERS STEAMED In th? Sh?l) and Trior .ujhiy Cootod (far ratonor to a roa*l> in i??mmmiim, i4? ftust it mi m rttmd. Call im m*. Tk? urdt ri 11 r?d r??p-crfu !t :cform? fi* Mesa* in tb? Uiiu-xt. and viuiora to th? ?ity, tfcM k? bta . r*?tted kia old ud will-uovi MT&BLiaunrv in ? moat thoronth lunstr. u4 M< Mdi ooaf l?M mt?d(?id*dU to funura OySTEK.8 is ui aCylatad is My *?*ntity ??l?l?faloM ?hockw2 ft day. 1IM to IMv oui ?f 8m?M aod Kr?ak raayfegy ^*a lartv throne* tha viatic, fi 'MtSmmtm inut. without faar of frkna, thou Id oal! and wki atru('BNti kt'oBM Prvtgkt. tma, tad mm UTM by aarohaaini of ma. M I firmk m artielo M?al to im Mlttirftud Wt?on MtektiakaMU. TO SUTLJtftA, Cmm< Mutt, Lajbstor^ fWrAtim. Clftaw. Strftvfearrtoa, T>?tin?, Pi? ? P?K, Trt>?, 4e , ^laot Ptah mm, Cfttoaa. 8>j?g. iW Paftcbea, *?. Al?o,e?a?i?d Fiiik Urar*4 witboat on*rj? w My HT'*f ti* DlalnM, in iimh, if U?a moo?T u Mot with U? orior. My aCftt> >?*<a?Bt ta o*? from ? ft. m. to It at ai*ht, every ofty, exoapt tandfty, vhaa 1 aloaa at I* o'ajoo* ft. to. _ M aa 17 T. M. lilflT. DON'T FAIL TO CALL AT 4*0 fci*vrnth at . t.ay yotr t othict. FVntaJL t ga*at*iUi'otll uti Mltlt Lh? s&om o* or bdbre (* rota dir of Oetob?r o?zt; otfeanria* tk*i will b? ts-fcr ^ * K?K?v,&gai?. A T MOOtrs W ES r KKP 0C.UG ^TOIE. AIM ft *r. ?Ta**r*4! ?K*?tlL" -*<^~ 9^Wi JW I^Omt-ilADK MOOJ^ ANl> MiOKft. ^

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