Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED BVBRF AFT&RNOOrr, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BCILDlJOl, (W tf Pmtuflvnf et??M mU BUv*%tM rt. BT W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* WTrt la packa?? hj carrier* tt t4 a year, or 37 eeate per month. To mall nbaorlfcen tta price Ultlla year, in ad??ti; ? tor Hz moatfca; SI fbr three moat ha; and for lea thaa three aaaatha at the rate of tt caata a week. Sla ?," ?-r"wi ??i c?*ij in wrapper*, two cmti. (LT ADvimruiviXT* ahooM be aent to the wftce befere 19 o'clock >.; otherwise they may ot appear until the next Aay. THE DISASTER TO THE GREAT EASTERN. The following in regard to the diaaater to the steamthip Great Eastern U taken from the Snclifth paper*: The Qrent Eaatern left her moorings in the Ti*?r Mersey at It o'eloek on Tneaday, the 10th Sept., and ail went well with her until 4 <V on Thursday, when a strong breeie prevailing, the aft tackle of one of the Torward boats on tve port side became anhooked, leav' ing It ascended by one taekle. The Captain endeavored to steady the ship whHe this was iMi 1 k_a # ? ?- ? " < ??<?, ioqdq to on surprise that she ~wouH not answer the helm. The fact waa, tb<t*gh it waa not known at the time, the rud 4*r?pin waa broken The fore staysail waa van up, but the wind immediately split it into ?^bbt>ns. The fore trysail waa then run up, but it waa blown away. The paddle engines were now stopped, and the boat lathings ordered to be cut away, when the Great Eastern once more started on her course. The passengers then went down to dinner. *nd from that moment commenced chaos of breakages, which lasted wihout intermission for three days. Everything breakable waa destroyed Furniture, fitting*, servioesof plate, glaaaes, piano-^ll were involved in one common fate. It now became known that the rudder waa unmanageable About 6 o'clock the veaael had to be stopped again owing to two ralla of aheet lead, weighing several hundred weight each, which were in the engine room, rolling about with every oscillation of the vessel with fearful foroe. These hsving beea secured, another start was made, when a tremendous grinding was heard under the paddle boxes. The shaft had beoome twisted, and the floats were grinding againat the side of the ship The paddles were stopped, and thenceforward the ?c An* ia ?X--1 X? a* ? uwvi ivvU M lOCflUl ID IQB extreme. The ship rolled so violently that the boats were washed awaj. The cabin, besides undergoing the d%ng?rs arising from the crash and collisions which were constantly g^ing on, I had ahipned, probably through the port-holes, a great aeal of water, and the stores were floating about in ntter confusion and ruin. Some of the chandeliers fell down with a crash. A large mirror was smashed into a thousand fragments, raila of banniatera, bars, and numerous other fittings, were broken into numberless pieces. Some idea of the rouchnes* of the night's incidents may be gathered from the fact that the chain-cables polished themselves bright with friction on the deck A. spire riding bit g&re way on the cable deck, and knocked a hole through the ship's side. Twj oil tanks, also on the cable deck, were *o much damaged by another concussion that 200 gaiiona of a** oil contained io them ran into the hold, and caused. during the rest of the unhappy voyage. a most intolerable oder. The luggage of the passengers in the lower after cargo space was lying in two feet of water, and before the deliverance of the ship was effected the luggage was literally reduced to rafs and pieces of timber. Twenty-five fractares of limbs occurred from the concussions caused by the tremendous lurching of the vessel. Cuts and bruises were innumerable. One of the oooks was cast violently, by one of the lurches, against the paddle-box, by which he sustained fearful bruises on the arms, putting it out of his P^wer to protect himself. Another lurch drove nim against one of the staunchloos, by whioh concussion one of the poor fellow'* legs was broken in three places The baker received injuries of a very terrible character in vital parts; and one of the most striking incident* of the disaster was this poor, ( brave man. crawling, in his agony, to extinguish some portion "f the baking gear which at that moment bad caught fire. On Thursday night the gaie was from the southwest, but on Friusy xorning it had turned round to the northwest, and the ship was drifting an unmanageable log in the trough of the s^a. She did not ship mo-h water on deck. It wa* soon discovered what was the matter with the rudder. The pin upon which it turned kad broken off three feet above th? nnint * it entered the stern of the ship. It wa* wrought irou, ten inches in diameter?and the iron appeared thoroughly good, breaking at that particular point where it appeared the strongest, which was one of the most cnrious incidents of the disaster. It was now fonnd necessary to rig up some kind of steering gear. A spar was thrown overboard with the anohor flake attached, whieh, dragging in the water behind the ship, might bring her head to the wind; but the swinging of tne rudder made it useless; and a plan was then suggested to the captain by the passengers to which the escape of the vessel is probably attributable. It was to pass two or three turns of ohain cable around the rudder-pin, immediately below the point at which the breakage occurred, and secure it with wedges and small chains. By pulling either end of this chain cabls, a circular motion of the pin was produced, and a connection being effected with the usual chain attached to the rudder, and a temporary wheel rigged up below deck, a shift was made once more to proceed. but the scrrw of the essel, upon which the locomotion now depended?hardly a vestige of the paddles remaining?soon stopped, being fooled by the rudder, by which tne rudder was trom veering more than ?u neeeesary to steer the ship. All of Friday was occupied with these arrangements. The ship had drifted up the west ?oast of Ireland, oat of the ordinary track. On Saturday night the brig Magnet, of lialifax, hove in sight, hauled alengside, and lay to for the purpose of rendering assistance. Sanday, at 2 o'clock, the Great Eastern got and?r way. the rudder was found to act. and the vessel proceeded at the rate of nine knot* n hoar with the crew alone. After meeting with one or two other Teasels, the ship reached Cork, from which bhe was to prooeed to Liverpool immediately after the repair to her radder. , Docroa Rcssxll Akbistxs?The Chicago Tribune of Monday aaya: It is said that tbe correspondent of tbe London Timee baa Wen arrested aeer Wilmington In this State, fee a violation of tbe statute which forbids hooting on Sunday. Tbe Doctor waa afier prairie chic bene, wttb a two-barrelled shot gan. BIs caae ia a hard owe After having made game at tbe American Kagle, for many months, shootleg all tbe while with along now, to be new beuled badere a eeaatry J oat ice of tbe Peace for wild beefing at grooae, is too bad But la not tb'a arreat, prompted, aa It no doubt waa, by ptraeeal dislike, rather than a deal re to vtniilrslA I Uesanctlty of Um Lord's Day ,ratber a small bustCT Mil** to getting up regiment of cavalry. Tbe Pint Milne Regiment hove been reorganised as tbo Tenth. Ctpi. Qoorge L. Bool, of Company F, woe elected Colonel; Adjutant James L FUlebrown, LI out Colonel; and Copt. Charles Walker, of Com poor B, Motor. In the Twelfth Regiment. W K Kimball, late U 8 Marshal, IsTpRioted Ll'Ot Colonel, and H. N. Jose, saq.,of rtlaad, Quartermaster Cottob ?It la reported that over ten tbouaand boles of eootrahood cotton are now lying at Apalachlcola, florlda. Apolacblcola can easily be tak*n by a naval force, and so can the ten tbouaand boles of cotton?cosh value, tl.lOU 000 On the Mth Instant there were ten thousand three hundred and thirty boles In New Orleans, which In the North would be worth ?1 300.000 Mabtlabb Tobacco Cmop ? lbs Marlboro' Galeae states that the Lobe -co crop In that cousty was mnalderablv lemeood by the continued prevalence of rain In Aaguot, and ranch of it baa been aerlooal* damaged aince taken to tbo house by aaJhvoraole weather for earl a g Tbo crop will bo hoiow the average la quantity and quality. Tamn Maobbtic Hamhsb?Thla novel and usefsl article for picking up and driving small tacka and nalla.naa beoa Invented The motal portion of tbo hammer la magnetically charged la aoeh manaer as to be mors permanent in Its magnettam than any magnate heretofore made. _ CTJ 8 P otter. agont for fhctorlm at Seneca Kslto. gull ford, and Lacoola, Mam., has rocolved n contract tor a million pairs of woolen ao^a for wmr ? ' if I * k\u\\ g ^ta r. % "N Wfe. XVIII. . WASHINGTON. D. C . FRIDAY. OCTOBER 4. 1861.. N?. 2.691. * J trategie Potata In Kntickr. [From the Louisville Journal ] Louisville, the United States headquarters, ia situated on the northern boundary of the Slate, ia oonnocted bj river and rail with the whole of the Northern Statea, and also by rail with the eountry of aotive operations, aa indicated. The plain on whioh it ia situated extends, with bat few interruptions, and none of a serious oharacter, for 35 miles south of Rolling Fork river, where mil communication with the oountrj beyond haa been interrupted by the destruction of the bridge. Croaaing this stream, which ia about 200 feet in width and thrre feet deep at the bed, near the bridge ).?.!. W -J . J J J- ' vsij UUI U<M, n |uuu roan leius lurougo a level country for two miles to the foot of the series of hills known aa Muldraugh's Hills. Their %scknt is of the most ragged character. The railroad follows a little Stream called Clear Creek, crossing it about half way up the ascent by trestle work, ninety feet high; further on it again crosres a small tributary to Clear Creek; and passing through a similarly ragged country, enters, near its base. Muldraugh's (more properly Tunnel) Hill and merges on a smooth and level plain,whioh extends uninterruptedly for many miles south to Green river, thus forming the tableland of the State. Tunnel Hill is thfc last of a series forming the ascent from the lowland to the table land of Kentucky and its virtue as a stronghold depends upon the direction of an approach. Against an attack from the north it presents many advantages; but these become useless against an advance trom the aouth Tunnel Hill commands those immediately south of it, and they in turn command their northern neighbors. The United States force, to fight to advantage, must fight beyond Muldraugh's Hill, and for this purpose require a strong farce. To Uiih kuu 1VV ?v auTauoo OS IOT ?8 IDC Dili would be to allow them to possess themselves of what would be a stronghold to them, and which possesion would result in the destruction of the tr>st important and costly part of the whole railroad line. Four milea from Tunnel Hill, Elisabethtown, the advance of the U. 8. forces, is reached. This is an old and rather dilapidated town,with about 1,500 inhabitants, and presenting no features of importance. It was theoenter of a strong disunion community composed of a class ootrolled by ex-Uov John L. Helm, who is a resident of that town. The Rebels looked forward to it for winter quartern, should their attempts on Lonisville fail. Nolin Creek is the first stream of any importance south of Elisabethtown on the line of the railroad. It is at all times fordable, the rail and turnpike roads crossing it near its head waters. Thenc*. U> Green river the country is a plain, level *ward?rich, well watered, uu iiivuucih^ picuiy. xoe country immediately on the banks of Green river in rough and poor. The banks of the river at the point crossed by the railroad are very steep. The turnpike road, crossing the river at Munfordsville,winds down a steep declivity, and all vehicles cross the river by boat. The stream here is seldom fordable, is exceedingly swift and dangerous. Beyond Green river and extending to Barren river are the barrels of Kentucky, as beautiful prairie land as it to be seen in the West, but not very extensive. Bowling Green, the present basis of Southern operation* in Kentucky, is a point of great strategic importance. Located at tha junction of the two Kentucky railroads which enter Temessee. it affords transportation to an almost unlimited extent, and an army in force there could draw reinforcements and supplies to the full capacity of the Confederate Sutes to spare them. The approach** to tbj town by railroad can be oommnnded by a small force, as the track crosses a bridge over Barren river. 1 m m m> ? " Lit mb kiss hi* for his mother."?This is the title of a beautiful and pathetic ballad, the words and music composed by Mr. George Kunkel, the popular manager of the Museum. The song in its sentiment was founded up~>n a fa~t which occurred a few years since in New Orlenus, at the time the yellow fever was deVlltntini* (Ka <* *? A ? ' V>u^ %m? Wivj. A JUUUg Uiail, luivrconug in aj-pearance and a stranger in the city, l;>y anon his death-bed at the Charity Hospital, when the nurse of the ward, although a stranger to the dyiDg man, with a mother's tenderness stooped over him in his last moments, exclaiming, " let me kiss him for his mother," pressed ner lips to his oold and clammy brow. We give the above incident in illustration of a ridiculous counterpart which oame under aur observation yesterday afternoon, near this office : A poodle dog oame running up Baltimore street, and when near Calvert was seised with a fit and staggered into a gutter. A large crowd of persons quiekly assembled, and various were the fuggestions advanced for his relief Before any of the remedies oould be mada effective, however, a volunteer, whose faea Am. noted that jolity reigned supreme there, belonging to Duryea'a Zouavee, forced hia way into the crowd, and, bending over the dog, exclaimed in a tonchiog manner, " Let me kiss him for hia mother. The absurdity of the movement caused a roar of laujhter to burst from the bystandera. The Zo Zoo turned the animal over once or twice, and walked away, whistling ' The Girl I Left Behind Me."? Baltimore Clipper. Mcllioa-v's Irish Briqadb.?The account* from Missouri prove that the men composing Mulligan's Irian Brigade justify the reputation whioh their native countrymen have won in every civilised nation for loyalty and higu military courage. We do not flatter them when we say that they deserve to be ranked with the gallant New York 69th?the regiment of Meagher and Corcoran, and whioh, as well aa themselves, evinced what the oountry may expeot when the gallant Shields leads his brigade into the fleld. The naturalised citizens of this oountry have been aa patriotic and aelf-aacrificing in the war as the native born. tv.. ?1 ' 1? iuo; mm v? ||T?B w IU> uaviuu IIUli ULIJ DgUling men bat leaders, in proof of which we n*?d only mention Corooran and Sigel. We bop* that this lesson will never be lost, and that the American heart will treasons it in memory forever.?Chicago Times. Tjy When red hot shot la fired, the ordnance used ts elevated to tbe poeltlon desired before tbe gnn Is shotted. Tbe powder in the gun Is kept from exploeloa by means of tbe wadding. Between tbe exploeWr substance and the heated mass ere generally three layers of wads. That nut to tbe ball Is dry, tbe second Is wet, and upon tbe powder a dry piece rests. The ball Is discharged soon after being placed In the cannon, [J~r*The extreme West suffers considerable In consequence of the war for w*nt of a market for lis sq( erabundant products. A letter from a cor mpguBCBi IU iow? wmjw toil ?|n were Belling ?t one cent a dozen, and corn at f fteen centa a bosbel; applea, with which tb? tren are loaded down, twenty-flve to thirty cents per busheljflour two dollara per hundred pounds, Ac dT' African eolonizatlon flags for the preeent, on account of the diversion In favor or Havti, cauaed by the exertions of Mr. Redpath and other agents, who are actively at work. About 1,000 have been aent to Haytl alnce January, and emigrants are now coming forward In much larger numbers for this destination. Some are going from Canada. ETThe Nashville Union says that a meeting of the Typographical Union of that city, on the night of the 9:h ult , an ordinance dissolving all connection with the National Union was adoptel by a unanimous vote. fCF A squadron of picked men, for the mounted rifle service, to be spfondidly uniformed and equipped, and to be used for reconnolterlng purgeeee and special service, are being raised la KTMmn 0loser A Brothers of Cincinnati, have a contract, amounting to 9940,00U, to tapply the entire uniforms, shirts, drawers, and seeks for seventeen regiments try The Naahvllle (Tana ) papers are beginaiag la talk a boat the defences of that city aa being nttarlT InsuMclent to ofti any ralstaacc should I bey be attacked irrsam C. Raid Is announced aaoaadldata the rebel Congress la N?w Orleans. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Tl*A?C?T DZFAKTMZltT. Sept. 14, 1M1. T?Z Pnoroaiks for aupplyiif the Treaaurt Department with Stationery heretofore effered being un satisfactory, new aealed proposal* lor auoh ?upply.for the omrent fhoa' jear ending June 3). lR6z, will be received UDtii IS o'olook M. on Saturday, the 5th day of Ootober proximo Propoaala, uraooompanied with eatiafaotorr auarauteea for the fu'fl inent of the oontraot, will not be oenaidered. and oontraota wi I be awarded only to ea'abliahed manufacture of or dealera in the aniolee All the artiolee muat be of the very beat qnality, and samples, with tke mnctiet writes aitatktd to eatk tamplt, moat aooornpany eaoh bid. The ramplea of the party to whom the oontraot may be awarded will be paid for by the Department; thoae of the unsuccessful biddera will be returned to them. The jamplea furnished by biddera nndrr termer advertisement wi'i be paid for by the Department at the prioea mentioned in their reepeotive offers. Eaoh propoaal muat be signed by the individual or firm makinc it, and muat speoity a prioe,a*d nm one prioe, ior eaob aud every artiole contained in the schedule. II the artioles furnished trill be required to be lik* the saipples submitted, which will be ret&iaedfor oompai ison; an 1 mu?t be delivered without de lav. when ordered, to the satisfaction of the head of the oftoe for whioh they are required. The Depart m"nt, in thi examination of the proposals tha: may be made for stationery, will not be governed hy the aggregate of the lowest offer in awarding the contract, but will hare regard to the amount of each article used by it for whioh the lowest prioe may be proposed. The Department reserves the right of ordering a greater or less quantity ofeach and evory artiole oontraoted for, as the publio service may require. Supplying an inferior artiole at any time will be deemed sufficient cause forthwith to annul the oontraot Bonds, with approved security, to be given by the persons oontraoting; and ir case of a lailore to supply the articles required, the oentraotor* and sureties shall be liable for tne forfeiture specified In such bond as liquidated damages. Tue suhj <ined list speoifies, as nearly as cane he done, the am>unt, quality, and description of eaoh of the tind ofar'ioles required. ,*? Class No. 1?Paptr. 1. 150 reams white cap paper, machine made, faintlined, and trimmed, of the best qua ity. 2. 2n reams cap paper, hlue-laid.faiat-hned.known a* d?spaioh or oonsular paper, of the very best quality 3. 20 reams white law cap paper, satin finish, maAKif?? ^ ' 9 ?'? ?/ IIKJVUIUO IUOUH jm nt-imeu, ana I trimmed, of the very beat quality. 4. 000 retma quarto post, maohme made, white, piain. faint-lined on three aiJea, ol the beat quality 5. 20 reams quarto poet, white, faint lined four aidea,aad of the very beat quality I 6. V) reama quarto poet, blue, faint lined on three aid-^a, <>f the beat quality 7. SO reama quarto poet, French, faint-lined three aidea, of the very beat quali'y | 8. SO mmi white note paper, highly ^larsd, hard calendered, faint lined on three aidea, of the vt>ry beat quality 9. 25 reams white note paper, plain, of the very beat quality 10. SO ream* heavy whiffc medium paper, for books, of the very beat quality 11. SO rfami heavy white royal paper, for hooka, of the very beat quality 12. 50 reaw>? heavy white auper myal paper, for booka, of tha very beat qnai.ty 13 loo roama copying paper, of the very beat quality, color. and style 14. 50 reams heavy, highly glaa*d,and hard oalen dered envelope paper, royal, yellow.or buff, of the very haat quality 15. 50 reama heavy envelope paper, super-royal, hard calendered, an.1 highly glazed, yellow or buff, of the very beat quality 16. 50 reams la ge brown envelope paper, of the beat quality, strong and wail msdi 17. 30 reams rojal blotting paper, ot the very beat quality, style, and eo.or. Each item of tne above olaaa must he i^nnmu Died with a sample of half & ream. or on* package, when not paoked in ha f teams, and the hid* must state the price per ream delivered at the Department. ? ,wm- Class 2.?Envelopes. 1. 500 M adhesive envelopes, whi e, yellow or buffoolored, heavy srn->o h and thick, with lu I pockets, official sizea, of the three following sizes: 81-2 by 3 3 4. 9 by 4 and 10 by 4 inohes; prioe to be Lamed for ranh size anc oolor, of the best quality that is made 2. 100 M full pocket adhesive envelopes, of the proper iije lor quarto post, white, yt?'low, or buff, heavy, smooth and thick, of the very best uualitv 3. 100 >1 full-pocket adhesive enve'opes, of the proper size for the note paper, white, ye! low, or buff, heavy, smooth and thiok, "f the very beet quality. Each color of each item of the above c'ass must be aooJirpamod by a sample of one package, and the price must be stated for each size and ool t. They must all be made adhesive and gummed a rroper distance eaoh side of the o?nte' lappets, wi ii full pockets, an<i the lower lappel well and securely gammed to the pocket. I,em- Claea 3.?Pens. 1. 10 dozsn gold pens, of the best kind and qual- i Jty 2. 10 dozen gold pens in silver oases. witH everpointed pencils, of the I est kind and quality 3. yn rozen steel pens of the best makers and quality 4 2o M soills of the very best quality. Por all the iterry f class 3, exoept item 3. in the a^ove o as , the bidder Is r.?t restricted to a tartiolar manufacture. but samples of different m*kers, with t' e prioe of each, mar be >abuutted,an the _.n - _i?>- -- ' * 1 "vr i wait wui bo ui wu un ii uccidi me Den, n? price quality, and fitness for the aervioe being all considered. Claaa 4.?Pencils. 1. 8M dozen Faber'a beat black lead penoila, Noa. 1.2,3 and 4 2. 90 dozea red tnd blae lead penoila of the best quality 3 30 dozen ivory jropelling percila, of Meara, or other* oflue quality, with box of lead for each. One dozen of each kind af claaa 4 must be submitted at sampiea. 1Kb. Claaa 5.?InJc, Inkstands, and Wafers. 1. 12 dozen Pry's ih proved pat'at American inkstand 2. 12 dozen oast-Iron mk't&nda 3. 12 dozen red inkat&nda ground glass stoppers 4. 300 quart bottles of the best copying ink, a?raple bottles to be submitted,of the best quality made S 300 quart bottlea of the be<tt black ink 6. 100 bottles oest blue ink. sample to be submitted 7. 300 bottles carmine lak, Frrnoh, rmall size, in glass botflai, with (round glass stoppers a. 1,000 large red wafera, for Department seal 9, loo pounds best extra auperhne aoarlet aealing wax. .For ai I tne artiolea in oiaaa 5 initab.e and ornvenient sample* muat be aubmitted, with prioe attached to ?Aoh. hem. Claaa 6.?Cutlery and Miscellaneous Artrr.lf.Jt I. 3? dozen Rod;era and Son's genuine, or e^aal, erasere, with ivorr hatidiea 9, 30 dosjn Rodgers and Son's genuine, or equaU foor bla-Jed knives, with stag and pearl handles 3. IS dosen ivory handle wafer stamps 4. 6 dosen lar*e offioe shears, of the very beat sua ity 5. 6 aoien offioe soissors, of the very boat alitj 6. 100 apcola ofthe very best quality of red linen t&p6 7.100 oozes of the beet auality of red linen tape ?. to dosen silk tap? of assorted colors, in hanka 9. 6 dos n ivory pounoa boxes 10, 6 dosen lignumvita pounce boxes II. c dozen ooooa or box and aand boxes, of the boat shape and quality 11, < dosen ooooa or box and wafer boxes, of the bait shape and aaality IS. ?lp lands prepared ftidia rubber, of auitabla sises U 30*uarta black aand 13. 5 ouno's pounce 6 300 pounds atronc linen twine 17. 19 dozen round rul?r? assorted 19 13 dosen, fl%t rulers assorted 19. 30 dozen 9 I ooh ivorr loldera 3ii. 0) dozen pen-holders, as-orted 31. W boxea ?malt eyrleta Prenoh 22 i'j boxes large eyelets, Frenoh. For ?U the anio'es in cla's 6 suitable and oonve nient samples must be submitted. with arioe at imiim to mod; and the prioe in *11 osse* muit ? cludt Ikt <UliVTv if tkt rtielet at the Dijf+rtmmt. sep 16 S*wt5oot NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE!!! M. WILLIAN bavins tlk?n the store formerly ocadpied by Mr. E. C. Stivers, 3S6 PenaryItrania avenue, between 9th andilOth sts., will <>ptn it on Mondat, 16th . nst, with a new stoak of FALL GOODS, oomprli.ut? French Bonnet*, Cloaks, Dress ud Cloak Trimssinfs, glowers. Feathers, Ribands. Embroideries, r?u?, naM yrt?w, w rMUil, KmI and Freooh Lmn, eto.. ete. I avail myself to offer to the ladies a litre* ud irell-sefeotod toot?overy artiole being lmporred hr myself?at moderate sricee CT DrMHi. Cloaks (ad Bonnets made to order. M. WILLI AN. Importer, so IM 386 Pennsylvania avenue. WCOAL AND WOOD. ^ H Have on Hand and constantly roooiving lirn *oantiuee of ?1] kinds of Coal, whiok we &ro

emng at low pnooe for pash. We have bow afloat foar oargoos We wlU aoil i* at M ooata for too Iom when taken diroot from re- ?oi. ?t&-oK ?U-tf Coraer g and Twelfth ete. QmTHSill PORBEV^TH * % HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Poutivt and Specific Rtrruiy For DiMMM of tha BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL,and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS This Medicine inc-eaaae the power of Bicertion, and excit?? the ab?orbbxti into healthy action, by wbioh the watery or c*lc?bov? depositions, and al unnatural ihliiotxlitis are rednotd, at veil a* pain a>d in?la*mation, and ia food ?f MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weaicneatea Ariainc from Exo*paea, Habit* of Dissipation, Early I'dnor^tmm or A*u?e. Attended with t\t f ollowing Symptoms : Indiopostton to Exertion, Lo?? uf Power, '.o8* of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nfrves, Tremb'ing, Horror of Dn^ave, Wakeful ??s, Bi m n??s of Vision. P%m in the Haok, n.v-?rf*' Lassitude of the Mucatar Syitem. Hot Hands, F lashing of the Body, Drynesa of the Sk'n, k up'i im on the Faoe, pa l lid covktbnancb. These symptom*. It a lowed to go on, whioh this medioine invariably removal, soon follows IMPOTENCY, F ATUITY. EPILEP TIC PITS, In one of tekick the Patient may Expire. Who can ray that th?y ar? rot f'eiuently followed by those "dieefcl diseases," ' INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are avare of the oanse of thMr suffering, but roif* will cowrrss. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Mtlantkoly Deaths by Consumption, beae amplb witness to the tectb op the asssbttoif. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Requires the aid of medioine to strengthen and Invigorate the System, whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT HUCUU invariably does, a txul will corvikce thi most skeptical. FEMALES- FEMALES-FEMALES, OLD OR VOUN9, SINGLE. MARR1KD, OK CONTKMPLATINO MARKIAOK. In Many Ajfactions Peculiar to Females the Kxtraat Bnobu it nne?uail d by any oth?r remedy, ai in chlorosis or k^tsntion, Irr-gua'ity, Psinfulness, or Suppression ' Customary tvaoo&tioni. Uloeratea or Sohmoas ??te of the Ut?int, l?*uoorrhea or Whites, Sterility. d for all oornplaicts incident to the sex, whether amine from Indiscretion. Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE' IB SYMPTOMS ABOVK. NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. Take no mort Baham, M?rt*rf, or IMpltarant Mediant for Unpleasant and Dangeron* Diseases. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT EUCHU CUR IS SECRET DISEASES In all their S'aget; At little Expense; Little or oo onange in Dnt; No inoonvemenoe; And no axposwe. ltoauaea a fre^u-nt d?aire a-id givea atrength to Urinate, thereby Rem nag *> luti uotion?. Preventing and Curing Stricture# of the Urethra, Allaying ram aid inflammation, so frequent in the olaaa of diaea ea, au<l expelling ail Pottonous, Distased, and wo-n out Matter. THOUSANDS OPOJI THOUSAND! WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who tav4 paid heavy Jt*> to beoured id a ahort time, have f>un-i tn? y were deoeiv *d, and that the ' p'uaoa" haa, by the oae of "pme.rful astringents" been Uried up in the ay ate in, 10 tican out in an ag gravated foi m, and PERHAPS AFTER MAliRIAUB. Uae HELMBOLD'8 fcXTRAOT BDOHU for all aflTdcttoaa and d.afas** of the URINARY ORGANS, whether exiatmg in MALE OR FEMALE. from whatever oaaae originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Tlii?iu#i nf th*H Hrrfcita r?n litre thA aiH nf ft (), . CRITIC HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it t? certain to h?ve the Paired eff>ot in all Di*eaee*/or which it it ruommtndtd. EVIDENCE Or TBI MOST RESPONSIBLE AMD RELIABLE CHARACTER will aooorap&ny the mxliaioea. CERTIFICATES OF CURES, From 8 to 30 jftra' at aniline, with Name* known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE WE MAKE "NO SECRET ' OP "INGREDIENTS." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT IJUOHU laoompeeed of ttochn.Cu^ebaand Juniper Bernoi, elected with great oara by a oompeteci d:un i*t. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, Practical and Analjtioal Chemist, and Bole Manufacturer of HELMBOLD'8 GENUINE PREPARATIONS. AFFIDAVIT. UAPannall* a Rnaa r *wi ikaf.ira m a Am & Marman a I the oity of Philadelphia, H. T. Hilmbolu, who being duly iwo n, dotu lay. hit prepki&tiuni oontain no n&root o, no mercury, or other injurious drugs, but are purely vegettble. HTT. HEl.MBOI.D. Swor" and subscribed b? fore me. thi? 83d day of November, 1864 WM. P. H1BBKKD, Alderman, Ninth St.. a jore Raoe, Phila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Price 81 per kettle, er six far ?3. * Delivered to uy addreea. eeoureiy paoked from obeervntioa. Address letteie for information in oonfidenoa to H. T. HELM BOLD, Ckt<nttt, Depot. 104 South Tenth tt? below ?hestaut, Phila. UE W ARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALER8 who endeavor ti dispose "of their own" and other" artioles on tns reputation attained by HtlmboUt's Crtnmnt Prtpmrationt, " ? Extract Bvcku, " u * Sarsaparilla, M M Improvtd Rom Wash. Bold by 8. B Waits, Z. D. Gilman, John wll?y. 8. C. POIB. 8- B. khtviitli, B li, Major, Kidwall a Labrmci, a uiutiton and G*ort?town, ' AND ALL DHUOGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S TAO MO OTHXR. Cat oat tfca adr* tiMin*t.t aai Mad tor It. AND AVOID I*POSiriON tarf EXPOSURE. 9 Pterib* Symptoms in ail Communication*. r ???* fiMnaM J Aivlce Or??|f I j % a? Bdr. johhiton. ALT1MORI LOCK HOSPITAL, H*t dittvtrtd tkt ???t (Vim, SmWii m4 ?Uy K??M4y t? (4? IrerM, FOR ALL P13KABK9 OF IMPRUDENCE. LRT ATO FALSE DELICACY PRETEST. APPLY 1MMKD1ATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Watknaaao/ *J:aBs:t. Btnctmraa, tficuwi of tha K>dii;> tad Bladder ^tniun i/iKMrfti, iirpotancT, (in ral liability, NiLTpointu, ?*acapa*, Laura*", Confaatoa ( ldoaa, Low Spr.-j, of tha ff??rt. Turn lity, Tranblinfa, Dunnaaa o' 8if 01 or Giddiuaaa. Diaaaaa of tl>0 aad, Throat, Noaa or Ski&. Aftctioot of ihi Lun, ach or Bnwali?thaaa TtrriMa Diaurdara ariainffrna Sohurj Htbiuof Youth?ihtaa Draad'ni and Daatrwctiva Fraeucaa which raodar Marriafa impuaaibla, and daatroy hoik Bod; and Miud. YOUNO MEN fcapaclally who ha?a baeoma lha vicuna of Solitary Tlca, that draadfhl and daatr*cu*a hutwt which annually awaapa to an witimclj fraaa thoaaaoda of Yoaif Mao of tha ?oat ataltad talauta and brilliant Intallact, wtio inigti otbarwia* IM'I iDirwtfo Hiuniif Btuilti Willi tt.? U>Bnd?r? ol *lo> ob*dc* or wik*d to *c*i*cy tia li?mf lyra, may Mil with rail conldaoc*. MARK HO E MillllD PlllO!ll,w Yoinf Mn ConUmplaUaf Marria*a, bamf tvin of phyaical waaknaai, *rjariie dablltty, dtformitt**, Ac., pi d? cnrtd H* who plic** him??!f ud<r tb* ear* sf Dr. J. may ralirt ly conn it in fan honor a* a g *ntl*iaan and tocldtauy f*ly apon bta skill aa a pl.ynciin. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I*ft hind rd* roinf from Bihimor* *u**t, a f*w d**n from Ilia coratr. Fail not to ebi*r?* Dan* and iiilttt. L*u*r* maat b* paid and conlaiu a atamp. DR JOHNSTON, # Mtmbar of th* Royal Colli f of 8Qrftooa, London, rrada at* from on* of tb* moat *aun?>it Colltf** to th* Lnit*d una, and th* (i*. t*r part of what* lift Ok* b**n *p*>.t is lh* boapital* of London, Piria, Philadelphia and *l**wb*r(, hi* l*ct*d aom* of th* r-in?t a*ioni*hm|r esrt* that w*r* ***r known; many troabUd with nn|rtog la th* htad lad an whan aal**p; rraat n*r?oo*n?aa, oaiaf alarmed at aaddao *oandt, b?*hfuln*n with fr*qa*nt blaahinf, attaadad aomaum** with dtrau jamini of miad, war* car*4 mumItaUl;. / TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE T*anf M*n ana otnara who ha a* m)ar*d ih?ra**l**? by a ?*ruin pracuc* indulged iu wbta aloti*?a habit fr*<jP*aUy Uarnad from * ! companion*. or at icbool, th* clcct* *f wbica art nijrblly fait *?*n whin aal**p, *nd if BM eared, r*nd*r* marriage impoaaibl*, and daatroya both Bind and bod*, ahoold apply inunodiatalr. Tb*i* ar* torn* of th* tad and mtlaneboiy *f*et* prcdsctd by **rly hrbit* of yootli. ait*. Wdknc** of th* B ck and Limb*, Pama in th* Heid, Oimncaa of 8if ht, Loaa of Ma* Pow*r, Palpitation of tn* Raajt, Dy*p*j>*y, N?r?oo? irrita om;y, uerangcment of the Uigesuva t'uocuooa, Uiairil D Jity, Symptoms of ConeBmptinu, Ac. MlTiLLT.?l>it fMrlol ilicu on tha mind era ntch u ba^dreaded?Lou of Memory, Confuaio,, of Idiu, Depreeaion f 8pirua, Evil Forebodings, Avereion of Society, Salf-Dietrust, Love of Solitude, Timidity, ate., ara torn* of tha avila produced. NKKTOC* DlhlLITT.?Thoaeande CM now )adge whet n th? ciui of their declining health, looing t-heir "for, baeomlug ??>k, p*la, nervous and emaciated, having a eingular appearance "boat the ayee, cough or eymptoena of cooaampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan tha mug aided and imprudent votary of pleeeara Ho da ha hae imbibed liia eeede of thia painful disease. it in* often happene that an ill-umcd aenee of ebaine or draad of diecovery daiera hur from apply ii.g to thoaa who, from education Mid respectability, can a'lona befriend him. Ha falla ml* tha baiida of ignorant anf* designing pretendere, who, incapable aI caring, filch hie pacmuary eubatance, keep him triting month arer month, or aa long aa tha amallaa'. fee can ba obtained, and in despair leave him with rained healik to aigh aver hie rilling dieappomtmanl; or by tha aea of that deafly poison?Mercury?haatan tha conetituuoeal eymjKoene of thia teri ble dieeaea, each aa Afectiooeof the Heart,Throat, Head, kin, Ac. progressing with frightful rapidity,ulldeath patea period to h.a dreadfai Buffering* by aanding hint >Im| audtecavered caan'.r? troia whaaa awari e aa traveler reiarua DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY POP ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY y this gvact and important remedy waakr.eeeaf tha orgeat are epeedlly Cmed and fall vigor restored. Tboaaaade or the aaaat norvwaa and debilitated, wha had iaat all hope, aave been immediately rallevad. All impedimante ta Marriage, Pbyaiaal aa Mautrl Dtaoaalllcauaoe, Loae of I'rocraative rower. Nerveas lrritabilitr. Trembling and Weakceaa or Ciuaaauor, of tha aaat faarfal kind speedily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TBI Mart TmocsaRD* carad at thia Inatitatiaei wilhla the laat eeventeen vs e, and the rameraaa important Sargiaal operations performed by Dr. Jof.i.sioa, wm tased y the reporters of the papers and many other persona, no; :ee of wfich have appeare 1 again and again before tha pabhc, bee dee hie eiaiiduir aa a cantlamaa of character and Villi;, it a nleitat IIIIUUI t* lh? llictld rant 1 i-1 ? DR J H. MoLKAN 8 STRENGTHEH IHG CORDIAL ASD BLOOD PURIFIKK THE GREATEST REMEDY ?? tki WOULD, kcu the moat WHu Duiciom a ifv pi Tap DELIGHTFUL Jt EtfL jfe\ j cordial E fiifc. AT* * TAEEN^B K#fl la tiritilT t Ml> ^L\ \f uiili ud T?|#USfcJTV kU ' tapiud, ???HlAJ ky ik* duifiuJTf ( wtrk*, v3 & ( ? knh Yillrw R 1 VMI, |M Khi, v%> J . I.??k Ml Bui, aad' iaadYiiaa WR * IwB w 5jMf *? ?!? 1 More mi?*'^tT Miflj. dlaillltaf. aradaaiaf a dalla'aaa, aiaiUiallac ?***, ?' ??t lafalllkla ( 47 ! ? raaavattaf Ua <Uiiii< iftlim, ul laaiartaj Ua aafartaj u4 dakllluiad UraUd M kaalak u4 autiftfM*LBAWS STRENGTHENING 90RD1AE WUl afaataally ? fclui Caaplalat, DfiiiftU, Jt? 1'n. ft? i ii f i m DakUlty, Dlaataaa af ua Eidaaja, ui all (Mtuia trlalaf fraaa a diaardarad b'ai at uaaafc. Bfaaapaia, lunkin, La vard PUaa. ialtlir > litlkMi at 111 liaaaaak, FalUaaa af Blaad ta Ul Haad, Dmit Pua M vlaaalaf UUalaad, PtlpiuUaa af Ua litn, Fallaaaa ?? Walfkt la Ua ftiaaaaah, Baa- Iihiumi, Ckakiaf at aVaaauaf Paaltaf vkaa tartar Java, Dr*aaaa a? TallaW. aaaa af Ua Bkla aad Bjaa, Mlfki Bvaau, La ward Far an, Pala la Ua Baall a( Ua Baak, Ckaai, a* Btda. Baddaa Flaakaa af laat, Bapraaalaa af ?pinu, Fft(fci/al Draaaa, kaaraat, DtiNaiiai; ai u; ttnaai duaua, lain ? Uatikia aa ua Bkla. aad Pa?at aad ipa (a> GMMk aad ****** 9WEM A MIEE10N BOTTLBM kar a kaaa aald darlaf ua laal ait aacUa, aad ta aa U uaaa kaa tl filled U (irlaf aatira aauafaaiiaa. Wka, Uaa, 1 will amfai fr*m Waal aaaa at DaktUty vkaa McbBABW mumuill COUlAk will aaja Taa 1 a laafvaf a Ita a?a?aj aa aaa^aata ldaa af Ua laaadlata aad alaaat lraaalaaa akaaf a pradaaad ky taklaf Uli Cardial ta Ua dlaaaaad, dakllluiad, aad akauarad aarraaa ayaiaa, vkaUat k/akaa dava ky alaaaa, vaak ky Mtlia, M lafaliad >t atakaaaa, Ua talatad aad autm( aafaai pun u mwia aa iu ?niuii aaaita aad ngm MARRIED fERSONi^ at Mtin, uaitiraa at IuUIIit fraaa vktutii mim, vUi ut Hfuui miHTiiiim couui a twnifk rafaaaraiat tf ika ifttaa; u< til arka bit kin la Imttd UMMlVM ky lafnill Udllt?MH will til la tkla Cardial a mla ill ifuij naill' TO THE LADIES. HiUAI'l mmnuuitoouuku artaratfa aad apavdr atra fat laalftaat CaaiwpUaa, WAttaa, WtnuU a> [ all MiaiuuiMJatHUioia at Srtak ar laralaatarr K>Uii|( tkaraaf, ralllaf af tka Waak, Iddlakka, ralatlag, a a/ all dltaaaaa Ualdaal ta ftailii. THMMM IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Mat aa taafaa. Till It HWfiUf ta dlraauaaa. Il vtll allailait. auaafikaa, aa* larlfarata rat u( aakaa tka klaaa at kaaita la maul fait tkaak ifiia. Mrtrj k at ilk la Timwl ta fit a aaOafatuaa. FOR CHILDREN, llrai aklldraa uaalakijr. nai at aBlttad, MeWBAR* COKlIAk will aaka ikta latliay, fat, tad raktau UaUy a at a aaaaatf uy H, aad yaa-wlll aa aaariaaad. It la da tama tauka. SAWTION. a vara af drajglaia at daalata wfca aa; 1*7 ta palaa taaa yam aaaa kluat aa auaannlli trakk, wklak tkay iu ka* akaaa, k? aayUf II laJaat aafaac Atatd aatk Ban. A at (at MckZAMI mnmboM COEDlAk, aud tall aatkicf aiaa. It ia tka aalj raroadj tkat will parity tka Blaad uaraagkl* aad tl tka aaaa Unaatratftkaa da ajaiaaa. Oaa taupaaahl takaa ifary Daxilnf ftauu ia a cartala praraatlta fat Ckalara., Ckllla aad Favat, 1 allaw Fatat, at 3r Btaralantdlaaaaa. Ilia inai la larra kattlaa. Pritt j %1 par katila, at Ikatuaa far #1 J. McLEA*. an araarittat af tkla Cardial; alaa, Makata'a Ta.aun 01 lidaaal. M.tia.i Dim < >k. Plat lUHO, > fc'wl?, M?T MoLtan'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TBB BUT kOHMKHT 01 TBI WOBkO.) Tfea nlj Ufa u< ruin cui bf CuMn, Pllai, Tv an, valUafa u4 Br*ochlla at Catira, Para.1 ran, lai talrla, Wllkataa a( Ua Mmaclaa, Ckrwuc at Ititamnawy Uiiuuib, ItifiNa af Ua Jatau, Caniractatf MucIm m UK, Xtni^a M Taadwiti, Inlaai, Itniw, Traak I Uau. Waanda, Bltara, fmi Ima, C&fcad Iraui, Ian Silaa, Ban*, lulli, Ian Tkraat, at ui; t?la?aaaii? M , dlfaraoaa kn aarara ar laar tha diaaaaa ui a Hat ad, McbftAMI ClfclWiTtU UKBIIT U aaiuli iwidt. nanuii at u?u kaiaf a kava kaaa mt4 a Ufa af to lia^iitl u4 BUirr ky ika aa ( tkta karalaaikla raai4;. MtLKAITS VOLCANIC Ort. Liwrniv* WIU ? !..? pi1' ilMM Uily, uVh VTu fmwitj ui hat) Ua fMlMt HTM la u laarafcfcla akat um FOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtkBiNI CKfcfclRATKD LIMLMEWT UUtMlfMll ul nlkMi N?iiy far UM ??r? rf IptTii, l-rtw?, WlaAfftlla, l?U>U,lu4Unl I Mil. Mm atl?NlUi It iitii hilil ta Mr* sic * *, Su?*u, nm*. on I EaaaJnff Saraa, m Ivmit, 0 iiutt tppH?<. Tm Ifttwi IlMM, llNitlM, CrMktd luU, dhafa*. a* iJaliaf ??1K Oee, earea, e?Wee?i*, htaaa taMUM* ? *> A#?ij*M41?a**a<a??a wwtaaamia tarraaj Tkaa Mta m tafu *tt Ik* au; wnklaaa MpmIi sttvsnSS.? ^ vr^r* t1?"1*Tftffl THE WEEKLY STAR. TH? oeeUaat F**H? u4 Nrn Jtwatie?alililag greater rartoty of U??ra?.?f nm*i?f tbaa ru be fou?4 la aay <*b?r?U pafcllrfcr* M Frl4?f morning Tuvi-Oiii, wurwHy, ?? Unw. 8ln*l* copy, per .91 ? Fire codim * * r * ? Tea copies 9 *0 Twmty-lw *0 It lararlablyoeatalaa the' Wa^lagiea Nub' that haa mm4e Tkt Dmti? Mvmiag 5Mr elrcaMM m generally tferoagheot tke eoaatry. C7*Micl? eoptea (1b wrappers) oaa to procured at the counter. Immediately after tke IBM ftte paper. Price?THREE CENTS. ? PROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1S?S. QmmrttrmMtr't, Q|k? V. 6 Mmrtmi Owr*A Waikinifm, September tt. iHi. I Sbaled PaoroaAta will be resented at Uua ?A*e, ntll the 9Hh day of Ootober next at it o'ole?k.a^ for farr.ifh;ti( rauens to the L.R.Mariaae.altae fallowing atatioca. de'ing the rear UK, ria Portaix nth. N"w Rair^eblrec . Charle** >wn, MaMactiueetta, Brooklyn. Lout It and, Niw York; Phi'ada ahia. Penneylrania; Wnahirfu t, 1) ?t iot of Colawbia. Each ration to constat of ihree-aartera of a p"ewo of meaa po'k.or been or one and-a for rth roue, da of freab or ael??-ecf; t?en'y two oaaeea of braa'l. ..wwvi nir? aupsrnn* n*>nr. or la Itkaraof twenty t*o oor'M of ax?ra iiHrtD'Sjiritron* pound of hard bread, at the option of *na 0o?r?m"nt; and at the rata of euht <uarta of baat Wkra txariF. or 10 len theroof tra poind* of no*; tan j>ocnd? of good a< (Tee or in Iin thereof nt? aod a n*lf pounoi of tea; fifteen pound* of good New Or, ear. rams foar q art* of rpoikr, oa* P"aad of ipcrir casd M or ona-aad a foartk pound* of adamantine cand'aa. or one-an <5-%-Waif aound? of f>od hard-dipped tallow oaadl*; foar poand* good, *ard, brown ?oap; tw ? a uarta mi aait, and on* ban d>-ad and fitjaix poand* of potato?*, to aaok taadred rationa. Th moreaaad allowanoa of toar oanaa* of laar or bread. and th* aliowano* of potato**, aa abova provided, wi'l ceaae, at th# termination ol the rea>*nt inaurreotion, and tb? raMon ba aa pronJ?d by law and regulation*, on the lat of J air, 1*61 Toe boef ?ha i be d?Uvered on tha rder of t*>? oornnwi .iqi ffioar of aaok atat on, titar la balk or by tha angle atior; at,d ahali con?iat o< the be?t and moat cboioa piaoaa of tue ca'oaea; tha a?rfc t>> be No 1 prime ma?*-n >rk, at d tue grooarika to ba of tha baat quality of kioda oamad. A!! mbi'Ot to inapaetion A I bida moat ba aooompaai*4 by tha foUowutg gu&rantaa s Form af Gwaraai**. Tha n"deratgn?'d,? ? ,of ??. in tha 01 . tod . of , IB the Mttr of . hereby guaranty tnat in oa?? l he forego Bf bid of for rotiona. aa above deearihea. ha aooept-d, h? or th'y will, witkia tea dor* after be receiptor tba o<>r.tract at the Pool O?o? nomad, ex'eute the oo a tract for tba mim, with good and *?; Potent *ur?li?kAnd IB ca*a aoid ? ?? aha.! Call to ente^ into oon root aa aforesaid. w? caoroctr to inaka good the di tf braace l>atweon th* offer >< tba uul and that which mar be Me pted. A. B. faaaatK WitncEi: 0 D., OWHlti E F. 1862 I hereby oertifr that tbe a bora named ? are known ton.-a* man of property and able bo make good their guarantee 0 B ( To be signed by ike Untied Sim'ot District Judge, United State* THttriri Attorns*, t CtUirtir.bA No B'opo?a will be eonaidered* aeorim panted by the above guarantee. (Nev'ii??fri an'hjrised to pab'iah Pe at?ove will *ena th* paper obtaining the i at ioaert:oa to thie omce for axaTuaat'oB ) Prop to bee'd ra?d**Pri>poaole for Rations for 1SSS," and addre*aed to tb* ?n l?n cn*d \*. H. SLACR. a 27 law4w Major and Qna-ta ma?t>r pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY Heme of B?pre**ntmtir*t of tke United Stntos t Ctuk't Qfxe, Sortembe* SO, Ml. < In ?>ca?r asce of tbe ravantaanth aaotioB of tbe aot of Conic a*a of Auguvt ir?, IMS. en it ed "An act legalising and m\king appropriation* for eaoh neoaaaary obieot* a* have baen u?n*.ll* iMinilai '? the icenerei appropriation bi Is without antaont? f iaw, an3 to fit and provide far eortaio inetd'ht of ha Departments atd offioee of the Gov. n.m?st, a d for oth*r purpoee /'sealed pro posa ? will be reoeivnl at thia oftee intil Kridap, ttir i$th < a? o October Lext at t ?elr ?'e*oek n . for furnishing the following articles of Qtatioaory for the use ol the Houae o( Representatives of Um United Mates, vix : CLiae No. V 75 reams white oap paper, extra aaperloe, faltt lined 10 reams bine cas paper,'xtra superfine. feint laed So reams white nap paper, extra saperftne, piaia tS reams white flat eap, estra superfine 160 reams white qaarto post, extra snperfine, feint lined, ailt 25 reams b ae quarto poet, extra saperfiae, Mat lined, tilt 50 ream* white <narte pott, extra superfine, plain, 10 ream* bine qoarto post, ext a aaperftne, plain. in ?* 25 reiir?? whit# qa&rto jo*, l&rg sis?, extra tfcia, f6ict lined 10 reama white quarto poet, large alu, ax Ira thin. plain 90 reams white laid Bath poat, extra superfine, feict ill-mi. Kilt 19 reams white laid Bath poat, extra euperfice, plain, ailt ? IS*1 rea^" white not?. extra superfine, large aiae. feint lined, *1 t SO reama buff" note, extra eaperfine, laige aiaa, feist lined, giit 25 ream- <Kiutik note, extra superfine, arge aite, feint lioed, gilt 25 reama white note, extra, le se sine, i> ain. sut 7t rean a white note, extra superfine, email eiee. feint lined git 25 ream* whi'e note, extra eaierfine, small eire, plain, (til IB reama wi.i,e uote. extra tLin, N. ?, feiat Uaed. gilt 10 rean. whtts net*. extra thin. No. 6, plate, gift ? rean a write note, extra thin, N?. , slain, gut 10 reams white note extathm, No. t, feint lined, ( It breams Jesnp k Broe. extra an per fine, white wore post, fe n* lined, iwide raied ) t Liia No 2? Emtio?,t. rj\ uM *k ?e<k. .s .. ?. -?^ * ? ^',wwv wu w mi w ?UH^ct w Vk VQtVfV?| 91 uy VI UehM SO (on whne thiok ad b Ml re enrtiopM, U|brlH>aiMp H,ooo bi ff thick adhean a at velopea. f Jf b? Wt loohM to,00u *11 te thiok adhtaire eLvelopea, uy s* ibehea 10,000 whit* thiok adheaire enrelopM. M| by 1?oh?f 25,000 wh ?e thick adheairemivalopM.Mk by a* la ohee 1 000 000 buff thick envelopea,?\ by SH loohM 100,000 h?ff thick adfceeive tBveTopM.7H by tBohee. Clam No.t 300 (roc* beat met* iu y-na. in boxra ft |r?M ferry a double patei.t .arge biM barrel pens, fiue potcta, ;n uosen boxM 25 dozen l.'aok awai qu> I r na L5 groaa pen hinders, aa?o-Wd aiy lea 2kiosb<< and p'?? ?d | Ua lbketande, aeeoytod aisee ud aty 1m. cLaaa c*m 4.?M**ceU**.<r*a. gfloiec p?-?ri ban-lie pooket kiavM, fonr biadee Idoten alieil handle p >oaet knivM, fonr biadM 10 do?e?< r?*n and ?he.l handle pooaat knivM, bladM I tloioi- ui. oe shears, 11 inohee 1 closet utfcoe ihttri. 9 ineries 4 <i ?er. ofho? ahenra * mchta 4 duaen ac aaora, ? inohea tMr>s?n coio' p<?nol?.. art a and s-nall i p>n?'4? *?* '-a vai, beat quality gu? a pools red tape 5 uoi-ii i" ier cups, C'lt and bronze t <Hi?en l*?tt-r fi ea 15 pounds tod an rubber, medium used pieces 4 dosen bott'ea piUBO? 6 dozen short rubber pencils 4 dozen portfolios, different etylee. Class No. ft. 150 reams brown Nam. a enrelopinc P*P?r, rmrr tough, with smooth aurinoe, *7 bj 37 i noli as, to weigh i ot leas than 48 ?< uod? p- r ream 800 reams rown Mani.ia enveloping paaer, very touch, with aniuoth s? (aee ? by U men**, to weigh not less tn*r X pounls per ream 00 reams same as ibsvs. llbta m?h?? tn wrmirk not leu than S pound* ft nm. P< op for the ihon inatate the prioe per reem for papnr, end prie* per tboaeend for opea end be eooon pncied by tne ?aim of the - u cuea intended to he offe-eo. By tne net tip ortd Jane IV. 1M4, the Clerk ef the Hoeee of RepreceutenvM ie "dirMled to tot fine hie pureh%a*e exo^ueive y to of the <rowU a.ud niu> feotare of tee United MM pro Tided the a*me w. be ?r?eii?d ofeieh trevtkeed mac.uf&ctu'e, of aniteole teelity.eed It naaat at> * prieee. apon e? g nod terma. ea to a anlity end oen be uDu^loc o: foreign arewtk end maculactur*." A preference wul therefore be iron to the prodeetiona of Aibm.ou iai?*ri ad ell eeraona making pr<>poae a to aepply My erbole will ateU whether the iane U Ue growth tad menuinctare of the I d tec Stetee. The ue 10 be d^irered, free ef eey Qherge for aerriece, at the oftoe of the Clerk ei the Hoeae of K ^ r?enu.u?ee, oe or before the twee tieth day of Noreir.t^r next. IlAAK ?Wa-.W ? ? * - -1?- *? for Um whole of tb? aruola* above weewsee*. will ba raoired U? make a mmd 4%tSmm prtptfi jm eack ckii; aad mm pMfmml ac >?i?r atAcini bo Uu a unfit oiaM wlL baaoa rad. Kack proposalto be nlnwl "Propoaale for Claea No ?, of Smmmti for tba >? ( of Rep*?ectaUTa? jJjY'rflrwih kab??of fotlMa >uttc.ont ipxIaiM of aaek alaaa awt aaaaa pant ika propoeale markadwttk tbe imi of til Mdcr a ad the cnmbor of tk? oian aeoordiac V> the ahore ad T?rtliI?t. The parson oftaac to rimih ant deaer.pLot of artiolM at tka loweot priaa, taalitr aoaeMor?4, kail raoeira a oot.bact toi tk? >? ? oa el oaUcg a bo ad wnk two or mort nntiti, MtaiMtoryto tka; lark of the Hoa?# of R?qt??ta;jra^. lor tkj fSjrxrjB/i&sh jffigjy'''' ?* W^&sfBt ?. .. ., ' . ?<

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