Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVBM.NG STAR. WASHINGTON ClTT: FRIDAY Ocubrr 4? 1*61. On* Fbikm* at tbe varleua m'lii&rv camps and positions will confer a flavor by keeping na posted a to movements and affalra in tbelr vicinities. " 1 "* * | C7" Tbe new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than over of Metropolitan newa and gossip, and choice literary reading, la now on oar counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced in Its entertaining contents are tbe following articles : How Jim Blander Halted and Pickled the Quaker Friend, a rich aketnb; A French Estimate of Generala MrClellan and McDowell; Dr. Ruaaell to the London Time*; Southern New*, Abute of tbe Confederate Government; Oar Country; The Bravo at Horn*. Brilliant Naval Expedition at Penaecola, and Detraction of a Rebel Privateer; Funeral of General Gibson. The Police Commlaa'onen; Meeting of Public School Truateea. Import*nt newa from Missouri, Cairo, Kentucky, Weatern Virginia, Banks' column. Fortreaa Monro*. Hatteraa, and Penaacola; Affair* with the flotilla upon tho Potomac and tbe army in Fairfax; Military movement* in and about the city. Departmental Intelligence; Lateat telegraphic dlspatchea from all quarters; Military appointments and promotion*; Changes in the Depart* menta, Ac., kc ; with agricultural, horticultural, and gardening misceilanv. bous-hold recipe*, general news, poetry, local*, and choice aelectlona. Thla la juat the paper above all other* for persona aojournlng in tbe National Metropolis to eend to their friend* at a diatance Price only three centa per copy, or 81.00 per annum; postage prepaid by ataropa when so arranged Spirit of the n*rii*| Press. The Islii/irw ><? ? w. . ,r VHV VifUCWVI UtHVO elements in the government of the Southern Confederacy . Tbe Rtp-ubhtin continues its chronic argumentation to show that the enemy has no troops to speak of tn Virginia OCR MILITARY BUDGET. MAJOR. SHllll FRKMOMT. We have every reason to believe that the rumor alleging that Major General Fremont has been ordered to this city Is untrue, and also believe that It has not been determined to call tbe courtmartial, which the specific and formal charges brought by Col. Blair against him, may rendered necessary according to the rules of the service, to s enable In Missouri \rotn tbe best Informstlon within our reach,we judge that Colonel Blair distinctly charges upon u??gni rremont's mismanagement. the lou of the battle of Springfield, and the more recent fall of Ldogton, with other allegation* of Improper eondact aa a commander, on his part. BRIVIT MAJOR GIMR AL WOOL. Gen. Wool is expected to reach this city to-day. Our impression Is that he baa been ordered here for consultation, and that he will not long hence be ordered to Missouri, either to preside over the court-martial before which the charges against Gen Fremont may be tiled, or to command in that officer's stead During his absence from Fortress Monroe, (from which post we do not believe be has so far been detach* d for any considerihl* 1-nr.tV. < > " ? ? ? m%,. mvu ui uimcj) iue command there will devolve on lien. Mansfield TUB ALL Ro ED ADVAKCB. The heavy Increase of the Union army on the other tide of the river within the last week, has given rlae to newspaper re porta that it la General MoClellan'a purpose to commence bis general advance immediately. We see nothing to justify the Impression. He seems to be bat strengthening his columns for his final move, which may not ?Mcur for weeks to come. When it doit occur, however, the probability is that Beauregard will decline an engagement, as he did when General NcC. got readr to reoccupv the range of hills? Taylor's, Upton's, Munson's, Mason's, and Edanil's?which be is now engaged in fortifying Not one of them is near enough to our original line of fortifications to be assailed from tnem, or to assail them. So, their occupation by the rebels was of no importance in Its probable consequences to General McClellan's command ?so long as he oould easily drive the enemy from them at will. Beauregard knew well Lis power to do so, and therefore evacuated his positions on them on toe ln*tant he satisfied himself that MoClellan designed advancing upon them. So Aon n?w-r- i. ?j.. - ? - mwv- ? iccuy a^aiu W flavPIlCe^ Beauregard will find upon him an Inevitable neeeaelty to decline a battle; or we are greatly mistaken In the signs around ua. FAIRFAX corn HOC* The^e la no truth whatever in the story rife here to day, that last night F?deral troops were advanced to Fairfax Court House and now occupy that poaltlon. Since the day on which Munson's Hill was occupied by a portion of Gen. McDowell's division, no farther advance ha* been made. The farthest point on that line that may be regarded as being in the occvpaHey cf Federal troops la Taylor'a Hill, though our picket lines extend half a mile beyond Falls Church, on the I^eraburg turnpike; while our scouts not unfrequently range the country to points very near Fairfax Court Houae. DISC1PLIKI. wr ~Jk j ? - ?r?vt-iuay we saw a colonel riding on Pennsylvania aveiiue with a private riding abeast of tolio? both smoking. Half an hoar later we saw a Lieut Colonel, a private and a negro riding all abreast. While such things continue the regiments to which those officers belong will purely lack the discipline necessary to make them effective troops tbatb, thk penalty for the violation or pbivatr rlfl i1t9. The following "general orders" of Major General McClellui should be preserved by every man la h'.s army. It tella of his fixed purpose of row filling all fur whose conduct he is Indirectly responsible. to respect private rigbts hereafter: Hkaikjcaitbrs, Army of thk Potomac, ) Washington, October 1, 1801. \ General Ordera No 19 The attention of the General Commanding has recently been directed to depredations of an atrocious character that have been committed upon tits persona and property of citizens la Virginia - o 1 l?y tbe troop* under hta command The property of Inoffensive people baa been lawlmly and violently taken from them; tbelr houaea broken open, and, la aome Instance*, burned to the ground. , Tbe General la perfectly aware of the fact that theae outrages are perpetrated by a few bad men, ud do net receive tbe saactloa of the maaa of tbe army. He feala conldent, therefore, that all officer* aad ?o Idler* who have tbe later eat of tbe sor toe at heart will cordially ualte tbelr efforts with bla la endeavorl ng to auppreaa practice* which disgrace tbe name of a soldier Tbe (ieoeral Commanding dlrecta that, In future, all peraoaa connected with thla army, who ar* detected In depredating upon the property of cttlsoaa, shall be arretted and brought to trial; ad ha aaaorea all concerned that crime* of each enormity will admit of no remlaalon of the death penalty which the aallltary law attachea to of* m so. a - - incn ?i io? ninirt. When depredations are committed on property In charge of a guard, the commander, aa well n the other member* of the guard, will be held re poo*ibio for the woe, u principals, and punlahed accordingly. By command of Major General McCl?llao: 8 William*, Aae's't Adjutant Gen'l. 0?elai:?Rica'o B. lavis, Aide-de-Camp MAVT TilD. \ Laat evening the Herbert came up from the flotilla, far tome repair* to her engine, reporting all . quiet ? During the fog of Wednesday morning, the Resolute ran quite cloee to the batteries at Aquin Creek, and was flred upon with shell No damage was dene--the shots not striking the propeller at ail. Wednesday night the drum and Ife was Beard continually until morning, upon the Vlr- ' glala abort; bat wbat wm going on among ifes mMi to not known. a 4 The Srnlnole cirne up thli morning, also, for repairs, being acmewhit leaky The Island Belle has been beached Immediate- ' ly opposite the yard, where she la undergoing j repairs tob<r stem, there baing no other means j ?f getrlng at ber b^low tbe water line, u the I ways are occupied bv th? atoreahlp Anaeostia ' It will be remembered the Island Belle ran loto j the Jacob Bell a few days since, Injuring ber < own bows so as to lay ber up for a short time 1 with the latter for repairs Tbla morning tbe gunboat 1'nderwrlter, Lieut. Lowry, went down and joined the flotilla again. AFFAIRS ALONC. THR M*?i. (Special correspondence of theS'ar.] Falls Church, Va., Oct 3, 1W1 ?Edil?r Star:?Visiting this little village to-day for the 1 first time since the retreat of our troopt from Bull Run, I was struck by the great change wrought In the neighborhood. Dwelling-house* , are deserted, with their doors and windows opened wide by the evacuating rebels, gardens and crops trampled and ruined, while a stench pervades the atmosphere In many places perfect, ly intolerable No buildings in the village have been yet destroyed, though there are evidences of attempts to burn one or two Just east of the village is to be seen what was once the fine brick mansion of Dr. Bowen, (a rebel surgeon,) of which nothing now remains save a heap of bricks and rubbish. A short distance above are the ruins of a bouse, the property of Mr. Fletehert and down the railroad track, in the wild, romantic valley, here and there tall tottering chimneys stand sentry over the ashes of rebel and Union property. Tavlor's Hill affords the best view of the country westward from this place, and from this point the rebels are occasionally seen stealing along the heights and watching our movements from Barrett's Hill, though their pickets are much nearer the village. All the timber (which is quite heavy ant) is KlDgclearedliny, In order to perfect the sweep of our batteries now being cons'ructed with j^reat skill upon commanding elevation*, and many of the soldiers are atill busily engaged fitting up In their new quarter* those little conveniences so conducive to the comfort of sol^ltr life. The first signs of the encampments recently occupied bjatbe rebels on the road from the Georgetown Aqueduct are found just this side of Ball's Cross Kosds, consisting of rails set up and covered with straw, and of brush huts sheltered by thick overhanging cedar and pine. A few rods east of Upton's Hill there are quite a number of these rail huts, covered with corn fodder and rye straw, capable of accammodatlng about one regiment. A ridiculous specimen of Confederate earthworks, consisting of a little ridge of dirt, thrown up about two feet high, runs along the side of Upton's 11111?the only signs of rebel fortifications In that vicinity, though it is believed that in the dense pines on Barrett s Hill and beyond the Du laney place tbere are masked batteries of a more formidable character. From Taylor's Hill, thrbugh a gap la the heights, the Blue Ridge it seen, in direct line with which la visible at tiuiea the smoke of a large encampment, apparently no* more than six miles dlstaut. How long our troops will remain here, It Is 1m. possible to learn ; but 1 think we shall stretch on soon, though Low fir or lu what force is known only to the powers that be. Important iv Trcr ?The New York Herald, which is boui.d to have at least one big sensation item per diem, has information " from Norfolk of a most important character,*' to the effect that the rebels are making great preparations to attack Newport News and then Fortress Monroe, to as to effect an opening to the ocean. 1 |0"From the publi?her, Mr Thos H Dodge, who issues them pro bono publico, we have copies of the able speeches of Hon. Jos Holt, recently delivered in Boston and New York. They are printed in handsome style indeed by Mr H. Polkiuhorn. D street. C7~ The steamship Fulton, which arrived in , New York y sterday morning, brought 110 bales of cotton from Havre, and about '2,000 stand of arms for the Government Promoted ?Mr Jobn H. Russell has been promoted to a third-class (?1,600 per annum) Clerkship in the Pension Bureau, vice Mr. Ezra VY i!- , liams, dead I Tbi Slavery (.(oration in thr Washington UUVficnsa ?The following, from the Washing* t?n correspondence cf the New York Timet, it making some talk in town to-day : " The '-lo^ic ot events" has at length forced the Slavery controversy upon the churcheg of Washington, and it la highly probable that we shall have stirring times in several of the principal congregations of the city, before many weeks pass , over our heads. I he Unitarian Society here has , always been more or leas Anti^Siavery, and although it dismissed a brilliant young preach) r, some year* a_n. f ir the exuberance of his 2eal in the cause, rather than for maintaining 1 r, the church hea never, ao f ir as I ran learn, had a set- . tied pastor who wai not avowedly opposed to Slavery. The immediate permanent succensor of the rejected j>astor came here with the reputation , of having preached a Kansas sympathizing sermon | to hia former congregation, In the West; and 1 while there he habitually avowed hla sentiments from the pulpit But the ''overt act" of this 1 society was committed yesterday, in the call of the Rev YVni. H Channing to tLe paatorate, after f he had preached two decided Anti-Slavery ser- I mans He received *29 out of 38 votes, the nine * opposing votes being cast for other clergyniejj of known Antl Slavery vIpws But 1 have not alluded to this church at an illustration of the remark that a great religious controversy is arising f on Slavery The fact i?, the Unitarians only diffVr J as to the mole of treating the subject. ^ But the controveray to which 1 now wish to { call ettentkn arose on Fast Day, in the F,-*treet | Baptist Church, of which Mr. Samson Is pastor. Some seven or eight years ayo he was reuardsd , as rather "unsound" on the Slavery question, in I ?" .? -? ~ " " me ?outnern sense or the word, and this impression may have been strengthened by the fact lb t Mr Sumner lodged In his house at the time of the assault upon him by Brooks Subsequently, a bowrver, Mr Smtson became President of Co- jj lumhian College, an inKtitution located on the ' outskirts of the city, which is chiefly patronized ^ by the South Since bis accession to thin post, his views appears to have undergone a change, g and in May he went down to Richmond This > was regarded by many at (he time as virtually n going over to the enemy; but be nevertheless re- * turned after remaining some week*, and I have a never heard that he complained of bis treatment wtiile there, or that be was compelled to leave The college under hia control hrti itself been brought into suspicion by b!a connection with it, I and ieal or imaginary rockets have been seen to emanate from that quarter, which were surmised \ to be signals to the enemy. v On fast d.iy the Union prayer meeting was held in L)t. Satuson's church. During these meetings 11 it is the custom for those present to address the ^ audience briefly on religious topics, and on the 0 occasion referred to, Mr Hamlin, of Maine, a near relative ol the Vice-President, spoke upon the utny oi conit-Ming national n wi I ai personal fj sins, la order to secure the forgiveness and bene- ^ diction of the Almighty. After adverting to God's if dealings with the Jews, be proceeded to (ay : *1 " That the ?ln of Slavery la an abomination in b. tbe sight of God cannot be questioned, and tbat ~ this nation, aa sucb, Is guilty of it is eqailly clear. F If, therefore, tbe people of God do not coufrsa ^ atd deplore it moat deeply and sincerely, our be- &| loved country may be visited with judgments as ? s-vtre aa those of tbe Jews, and tbe day of retrlbutton may be near at bana." '* At this point the chairman. Rev Or Simson, P' Interrupted tbe speaker, saying that be had Introduced a topic fo-bidden by tbe rule* of tbe meet- ing and would not be allowed to go on. Slavery _ is recognized by the Constitution, and cannot, ^ therefore, be discussed on this occasion. w Mr Hamlin, u:iwllling to disturb the solemnity a of tbe meeting, briefly rejoined : A " If Sta fry is recognized by tht Constitution, _ it if none tht Utt a us a ad it it none the Itii our i duty to con/tss and forsake it." i ' Rev. Dr Peter Parker, lata a missionary to pi China, but now a wealthy citizen of Washington, r< here lnt rpoaed, and remarked with some feeling, *' " That unleaa theae foreign exciting topics were WaM ?. * "? ^a ?!>< uui ui iuo uieeiuig, no ^ood would be ac- ? complltbed." And thus the gag late applied by I Ur Samson w&a sustained by Or. i'a ker. and ' Slavery waa auatalned as an luatltutlon too oacred | to be questioned. But 1 learn from Mr Hamlin ^ that be wn approached, after the service waa 0 over, by one of the most distinguished and talent. *< ed ministers In the city, who assured htm that he 3 had for some time been debating the propriety N of speaking out on this question?that bli feelings were entirely In coincidence with those of Mr. H , ? and that be with difficulty constrained himself to silence for the present, nattl a favorable occasion H Khali arise for speaking out. Other distinguished 1 clergymen, Presbyterian and Episcopal, are ha wn to be atrongly Anti-Slavery, and occasionally give no uncertain evidences that they are 7 heart and sonl against the Institution." s t< Is understood that the above waa written by on* of the parties aUoded to In the Utter. Q ITT- a f ugl Mve slave from V lrglnla 1? lee taring w at NrrwO*. J-, ? TJ ? 4 - * ' ' Fria Ort Baak'a Celnaaa. Dakns*tow!?, Oct. I ?Theattack upon our eo:ampment at tbe Great Fall* on Monday morning srma by six regiment* of rebel Infantry, a body of avalry, and a battalion of artillery.all in tranntm for the upper Potomac. They Bred about forty round* of shot and ahell, doing conllderable Jaman* to tbe houaea, hurting alightly but one peraoo, exclu*lv?of aaother who waa "hot In tbe boulder by a rebel picket at an earlier hour. Tbe jjuna uaed by tbe rebel* were *?ven In number, aiz and twelve pounders, tbe latter being rifled, and throwing projectile* of tbe Sawyer pattern At the commencement of tbe cannonading, Lieut. Col S*uite> and th? Adjutant of tbe 34th New York, rode to the Falla, ten mile* dlatant. and found the regiment on guard there widelv scattered, tbey having no artillery to respond with while Col Suiter waa con*er?lng tfritn the Adjutant, I six-pound ball from the enemy'* battery pasaed between them Into a sand bank, from whence It waa taken. The ball waa of a fine finish, ahowing that the rebela are not deficient In tbe manufacture of thetr projectile* A Union hattrtv anharmipnttv nrri?<l ? ih< fall#, and threw several shells Into the supposed position of the enemy, but obtained no response. The rebel* exposed seven gun* In their attack About 5 o'clock the came force encamped about two mites from the river, opposite the mouth of Muddy Branch, where a Massac hus-tta regiment Is stationed Here they remained all night, but did not compliment us bv any demonstration. Karly this morning they again moved forward They are probably destined to I?eesburk or the Point of Korks. The river is too high at present toadmit of crossing at any of the fords The New York Thirtyfourth still continue to guard nine miles of the river line, which arduous dnty they have been performing for nearly three months To-day General Banks reviewed and Inspected three brigades of his division near this place. This i? supposed by some to be indicative of the commencement of a fall campaign The troops were found to be well disciplined, well clothed, and well equipped Some of the regiments have not yet b?>en paid, which ia attributed to the necessary presence of the paymasters In other divisions. Thk Nkw Naval Exfkditiun ? We noted yesterday the charter of the Vanderbllt ,?teamer?, which are to be added to the fl?et of transports already chartered and purchased by the federal government A formidable naval expedition is now fitting out at this port to act In connection with men of-war from Fortress Monroe. Of the transports, the Vanderbllt is provided with berths for two thousand men, the Ocean C|ueen for two thousand three hundred, the Illinois for one thousand five hundred, the Kmplre City for one thousand, the Coatiacoalcos for one thousand five hundr d, the Dar-lel Webster for one thousand, and tL. Baltic, Matanzas and Atlantic are alto coaling tnd preparing for the expedition. Theae vessels will carry at least fifteen thousand men The Gnat Republic, the largest American sailing ship atloat, has just been chartered by the government, and lk fitting up with stalls to transport .horses ?N. Y. Post. i?y~ The Navy Yard, at Portsmouth, N. H., is one of the busiest hives In all New England The muster-roll there Includes about 1,7U) men, and the monthly pay-roll amcunts to about *35 000?the total outlay per month being from $100,000 to 9115,000 There are four new vessels now on the stocks, two third class sloops, the Kearsige and Ossippee. steam propellers, nearly completed; and two s'de^vherl steamers, just commenced, to lie called the Pawtuckaway and tbe Modadnock. I be Kearsage, 1,000 tons, will carry seven heavy guns, and Is in the dry dock, and will probably be ready for sea In November. The 0?slpee, of 1,500 tons, is on tbe stocks wuere the !*antee was built, and is expected to be launched in about twenty days. The s:de-wheel st-amers are 750 tons burthen. Tbey are very tlat-bottpmcd, and will draw only s^x feet of Water Kriiir ntKprt nrw A r"~ 1 ? 1 V?uvivu 1UI irpana, aIIu several of tbe gun-boats now going up in private yards, will lit out at tbe i'ortainoutb Navy Yard. IT7"Tbe C. 8 A appear to be carrying on a brisk trade, with Mexico, In arms, ammuniton, and other warlike stores Large purchases of contraband merchandize, have been made not only at Matamoras, but at Vera Cruz,?and we do not see that any difficulty It experienced In getting It to th? Klo Grande. A country like Mexico, the people of which art eternally lighting, among thems*lves, must of necessity, have an abundance of arms if nothing else.?and we must not be surprised, therefore, u Jeff. Davis, cut off by the blockade, f<om Europe, should seek a market for arms, gunpowder, etc , there, trusting to good luck to get Ahem into the hands of his "confederates" by tbe Overlsnd route That overland route is a bard road to travel, and It !s not Impossible that Uncle Sam may make it still harder, by throwing a few regiments Into Texas to watch the frontier. Cuicijisati Kxtrknchsd.? The Cincinnati liazette of Tuesday says: Tbe work of ttrowlng up intrencbment* on tbe hills surrounding tbe city is progressing as rapidly as possible. About three hundred laborers are now engaged on the proposed fortifications The big guns on the liar racks lot?twelve 32 pounder* and eight 24'*? have not yet been removed, but an order for tbem was yesterday received by Col. Jones, and it Is expeoted tbe work of transferring them to the hills will be commenced this morning. Thev will soon be in position to thuiider forth their welcome to an invading foe. ID" A letter from Munich says: The work on H. * - kur* )frana gateway of the Capitol of Washington la on the point of being terminated in the royal foundry, and in about a fortnight will be publicly exhibited In one of the large looms of the establishment. It Is a work of tbe grandest style, and the bnsso nlievo representing the principal scenes n the War of independence excite great adiniraIon. Y"CF?MASONIC NOTICE ?A sprcia' oommu LJaf in cation of Wa*hin*ton Centsrnial LoJ?e. \iT^ 1 4, will he neld flllw (Friday) EVENING, it 7 o'o;ook. By order of the W. M : _lt* A EPSON. Sec. Vy-ROCKVILLE AND WASHINGTON IJr 'Ju**rix? Road Comfawy, Oct S, 186 ?A nv.dacd of four par oent. has b?en deoia ed on the iMiili: t. of this Company, payable to Stocklolders, on demand, at the Hank ot Washington. oo 4 iw a B BOATMAN. Peo yT^UNITKD BUILDING association jkj? An adjourned meeting will be held at the imal place. ? n MONDAY next, the 7th inst. at 'cVlock. All stockholders and persons interested ire rrquested to be present, as it is expeoted that >ajm-ct of due* will be resumed, oc 3 3t CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. 6ENEKAL ORDER No. 8. Hkai^caktxrr Pennsylvania Militia / Harrisburg, sept 30,1861. > 1. No Surgeon or Assistant 8ur* on can receive , ironi me ?>uvern<'rof Pennsylvania, in>e h ue nag first passed an examination before a J >ard ?f Surgeons, inaooordanoe with the Aet of ts>emhW aod Gene a! Orde.s No. 25 of the War topartmflnt. A Medical Hoa'd for the examination of a!l Sur- . eor.8, or A<*ifcta"? Surg-onn now acting an sirk, i n any remnant raised in the State of Penr.sjlvaia. will beheld at HarrishurK, "ctober 2d, 1861, t 9 a. m , and at Wa**.ni[i?>n City at Willarde' Intel, on Tuesday, th<? 8th ol October, 1861, at 10 m i?y order of A. G. CL'RTIN, . Governor and Cominander-m-t luef. 1 Ceaib Bithlk.a 1) C. oo 3 5t rS=?T U R N~P I K K ELECTION.?Notice is I 7 hereby given to the Stock ho dere of the Va-hington Turnpike Company that an eleotion rili be he'd at the Farmers n- d Mechanics' Rank, ieorgetown, D C., on 'he second MONDAY 04th) n October next, for the election of a President, ight Managers and aTreasurer to miuane the afursof saift Company for the yenr then ensuing, r until their successors are elected. au S lawtd ROB'T RKAD, Treasurer. f??COMPANY " A," U. 8. ENGINKERS.i Fifty intelligent and aMe bodied meohanios < nil be enlisted to fill this Company to the max uum fix*i by law?140 men. Inauire at No. 4*0 street Pay from 019 to $34 per month, ?mcf? food and clothing. an 17 tf DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN if POt.ICE 7-The Hoard of Police Comn?i?- i uiiors naviog ias n tbe house 916 Eleventh St., ' I! '>.isini?ss oonn?ct"d wi?h tne Police of the oity ill > ? iransaced at that eiaoe. A general ooinpiaint book will b? opened, and oit;ens are requested to oall and enter any cm- < laints they may have to make ol any matter re t inc to the polioe or health of the oity ?e 27 W B. WEBB, Superintendent 4 JL/OOD FOR SAl>E?10 to 90 000 oords of Oak, " Hickory an<1 Pine Wood, standing situated ithiuX'oSK mi es of the Annapolis JunotK n. pply to A lA'NALDfON, S?vage f. u.. near marolii JuTCtion, Howard oounty. Md. oc 4-aw HTTKK, EGGS AND CHEESE ?\o 430 9 Eighth St., Bftween Pa. at> and D ?t ? W0 iekag-? prime Butter just arrived, suitable for nailing. Piesh lots ooming in regalar, in large a?i ma11 packages A sa. Fre?h Eggs and Cheese, t wholesale, at the lowest rates OC 3 x;t* D E. DUTRO W^_ 7*X I KA'iRUINARY FASHION MAGAZiNK -i ?Largest. lat*st and best? Mme EST'S Ql'AR I ERL.Y MIRROm two * Fill number, now ready, oontaina nearly 4 10 KiigraviDg*. Y?arly,4Poente; aingleoopiea 1? ' ai Alao, the aDove with a very large colored 1 Ml Piate of t-aahiona, large Plate of Cioaka, and ful -aised pal ten a, worth ?0 oeuta, oompruing 1 bw tiorrtl Dreaa, Gored Dreaa and Zouave Jack- . i. Yearly, ftl; ain?le oopieai38 cecta. Po>tage*3 ' intr. Hubnahed at No. 473 Broadway, N. Y and 1 >id everywhere. oo 1 4t po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS 1 BATCHKLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Beet in the World, 1 *? (My Reliable and Harmbss Hair Dyt lam. ar I / I orririAL. OiruTaisT or Stats. ) Wabhisoios, October 3,186! J It having been represented to tbli Department that agenta who afe employed by Individuals to prodire peaaporta its In tbe naolt of electing < fee from thoae for whom the paaaporta are requested, alleging as a reason therefor that a fee is charged by the Department, notice la hereby given that no fee haa ever been charged by this Department for a passport; that auch s charge la expressly prohibited by the act of Congresa of the 18th of Jaly, 1856, in regard to all passports except those issued by the agenta of the United States In a foreign coontry, and In tbe latter case tbe fee is limited to the sum of one dollar. UNION ENVELOPE8 AND PAPER. The most b'sntifsl Envelopea pabliahed ig the United Sta'ss. printed in two, three, fonr, and ops in ifren oil colors, rosy be had of 9. C. I'PR AM, Hie Chesnjt street, Philadelphia, and WILLIAM UALiLAMTVNK, Rookae'ler, Washington, D. C. A sample package will bi aent to any address on receiptor 26 cents. aeaieotw U EADQUARTERS FOR CLOTHING. HATS 11 and CAPS? No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Po?t Office. oo 1 Im UEADQUARTERS FOR CLOTHING. HATS n andCAPS-At SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh i. eeL oo 1-lm JUST RECEIVED, one of the largest stock a of New and FAviiotiat>!e Clothing ever offered in

NVaahinctoa, whioh must lie aoid withia the next thirty daya to make room for winter rood*. Persona w?utin? OlothinK.Furniai.iuc Goods, Trunks. Ua a and Caps, chon d call soon, aa now la the time for bargruna, at No 460 bevecth at, opposite Post tiffioe. oo 1 lm C^R AND ADVANCE OF TU? ARMY i but 1 SMITH hi* not advanced the prire of hia Clothing winch he has just received and is selling off at such reir.VkaMe low prices Give me a cail and satisfy yours-lves of the great bargains t .& are now offered every day at SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh ** oo 1 ln? WiEALKO PhOPOSALS, till the 2!st o? OctoC5 ber, 1861, at 12 o'clock m.. are invited for ana plying the Arm? with B??f Cattle "n the hoof, to be delivered at Chambertburg. Harrisburg, or York, in the State of Fennsylvanis, aa the Gov ernment mar de?ignate Biddera are requested to comp y in all particulars with the form of Did publ shed herewith. (iovernmrnt reserves to itself the rieht to pay in Trea-ury notes or other f?nds it has tor disburse ment. and to reject anv bid ai.d for any canse. No bid will be entertained un eaa the bidoeris present to respond to hia bid. The Goverrment will reoeiie 4,ono head nnder the crnt<aot, a: d will reaerv* 'he riKht to requireat*y ad Jit onal number up to 16.000 he?d. Deliveries to be made weekiy in auoh quntitles aa may be required. The Cattln mn?* 1 mn ???<i- ? ? v.w^v ?n?uv prvvuug p>iun> weight; and uo animal wilt be received which weigh* 1pm than 1,000 ponnda groaa. No oouditional hid will be received. The bid* to be directed to Capt. A- Bbckwtth. C. 8 , U. S. A , Washington, D. C., and ai.doraed " Proposals for Beef Cattle." Foeh or Bid. I, A B, do herebv propoae to deliver to the Government gocd Beef Cattlo on the hoof for p?r hundred pound* groaa weight. The Cattle to be delivered at Chambaraburg, Harriabnrg, or York, in the Ptateof Pennsylvania, aa the Governmeit tr.ay .designate, aroordint to the terma of th?enc'o*ed artvertfaement. TheCa'tl" to be weighed on the acalea, and- the weight *o determined to be tho purchase weight. I hereby agree t? give a good and sufficient bond for the fa>fi!lment of the contract, ana to receive Treasury note* or other Government inndn in payment for the ratt e. The 6r?t de ivery of the Cattle will b? required to he made about the loth of November, 1861. ae 2? td \A/ A7HINGI ON ARSKNAI . * * Octobb* 2d, 1861. Fkai.kd Prop.ibals, to be endo ?ed "P op ta a for Fuel, 'will be received by 1 h*> Acfir g A ssiatantQuar ermaater *t thia Am?n%l untii 10 a. m oi the6.ii ins'an'. for the deli?ery of W cords beet eeaaocel Oak Wood and lin ton* beat White A ah Ant iraoite Coa1 I he atiove artiolea muat be atrictly of the beht quality; the wood to be straight and cut in long faa of four feet. Both the Wood and Coal muat be delivered at the Araerial and tue VN ood to be corded and measured by a aworu city wood measurer, free of expense to the Government Hidlers will atate the price p?r cord or ton. Tnecon'rvst wil be awarded to the lowest responsib.e bidder, who ahall give aatiilaotor? a cunty. Payment to be made in Treasury no tea, if the Goverameut deairea to do ao. FRS. J. SHUNK, oc2 td lat. Lieut. Ordua ce. A. A. Q iVI. VVAt*HlNGTON ARSENAL, ?v ski-tembik 27, :861 Sk*l*d Proposals,to bo endorsed "Proposals for Coal," will he received at the oflna of th? commandirg officer of this Arsenal until 10 ? m of the 10th of October nest for furrishing 250 tone of Cumberland Coal, t>eat qua ity 4 R ui. of the mire," auit&ble for blacksmiths and st*am engine us<\ and equal in quality to thai previously purchased, wt ich will be aliown oi application The whole to be d livrod and stored a?a> in the o<;al-boaae adjacent to the wharf at this Araenal, at the expense of the contractor. GEORGE D RAMSAY, se 28 Lt Col. Commanding. cj notice. STYLISH Autumn and Winter Wrappings for lauies, of qualities better thai nsually found in 'his market, in Wouieas and s'llks .Many novelt es in Shawls. With all kinds <>f Dry Goods for the general and speoial wants of famine* and housekeepers. One prio* only, the aotua' cash standard value, ma-ked in plain figures. Our Nothern and haatern correspondents send us new supplies daily. Carpets, Curtain*, Oilcloths, Rugs, Ao . upper floors *n inspection of st^ck implies no obligation to purcha-e. PERKY A BKO., on 2-V Pa aveuue and .Ninth a*. Treasury notes of all denomina TIONS BOUGHT ANL) SOLD. We will deposit in the United Siatea Treasury here or in New York, withou* clia'ge, an sums not lea* than Fifty Dollars for parties waning to invest in Three-year Treasury Notes, bearing 7 3 10 interest. SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE. FANT A CO.. se ll-1m Bankers. No. 33'i Pa. avenut. AYMASTERS' cash boxes, Favor's Patent Camp Cots, Camp Stools from oents to 92 so each. Blankets, Ccmforts Pillows,Iron Bedsteads, Ao. For sate by JAS. C. McGUIRE * CO , ae 27 2w Corner Tenth at and Pa av. 318 no'^CE. jj18 AK.nv AAU KAYY OFFICERS, CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, PLEASE TAKE NOTICK. I would most rerpectful'y mfoim you that I have now in store my full supply of hardware, COOKING and HEATING 8TOVE8, PARLOR HEATERS, that heat above, PARLOR GRATES. COOKING RANGES, for Honaee and Campa, HOT-AIR FURNACES. HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. All fall and oompleu, and will tall them rtrj sheap roa cash. _ C. WOODWARD, No. *19 Pa. av., bat. 10th and 11th at*., e *-eo6t Baioony in front something NEW! ^jg??ati.t^)iacotebt of^*(*1 891 C street, omriti ? the Tkta er ~ OYSTKRS STEAMED in the Shell aad Thor"*|tbly Cooked (far raaarior to a roatt) in uto m tnutts, tke fasten timt om rieoed. Call and aee. The anderaicoed re. pwtfaily informa hia friends n the lhatriot. and * laitora to the oity, that he has efitted hia old and will-ihowx bstabluhmbnt n a moat thorough manner, aud has made oom> ete arrangernenta to furniah OVSTERs in any ity e and in any quantity 400 to SO) fa lona ahookea day. 2 0(0 to 3 00* oana ? f bpiced a<d t-reah >ut up daily?oana hermetically a aled. Furniahed u the ah^li by ?he kaahe or barrel. Peiaona wiahing to have Oyaters furniahed regnarly through the winter. at mhout fear of tailors,?h<mld oa.ll and mat* ar- I au<m?ata at ouo? Frught. rime, and money itveJ by purchasing of m?. as 1 farnuh an aitiole 3ua! to the oelebrate,i Baltimore establishments, prioes jaataa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Mrata, Lobatera, Sa'dinea. Ciama. Uraw^eriiea, i'omatoea, Pisa* F-rt, Tripe, Ao, ko..4o. Also, Piokiea, Catsup, Sajo*s. Brandy 'eaohea, Ao Also, Game and Pesh Fish. TerIre, Terrapins, Fresh L haters. Cod. Halibut, k o. la faot. eveiy ihioc for sals in ths North' in nartet* always on hard, at reasons bis prices Hotels and families supplied with Urate s. dsirer*d wilhoat snare* te aay par- of tfc* Distnet, n season. U the monsy is sent with the order. ?r estab lshment is osen from 5 a. . to IS at t. every aay, except Banday, when I elose at o'clock a. a. _ s>? T. M. HARVEY UUNB-ft&ADB MOOTS AND MOBS, Lamm' w?'?, # AMU8EMKNT8. Tfl I A T ID. FRIDAY, Oft.4. Gr??t 8urce*? < ( MISS S"SAN DKNIN. Tb? Rwfetifal ard Popc!*r Arreri??n Aftfeaa, ' i \V ho *lli Apps?r In the Coat*** of I ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT ?OLD, And the _ I TRUMPETER'S DAUGHTER, _ , In vbiob ahe will am* "Wh?ok Row <3* Dow. ' j oo 4 It* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! J AiotiDPT. ' The Ch'?pe*t and Beat Plaoe of Amaarmenta In the City. TH? OB101KAL < CAMPBELL M+rtSTRELS! 1* , STAR PKRFORMERS, ] IV A yEW PRCKiRAMMK VVr V Mi ll 1 ?-? ? asm* a l^avu ft Pirtt Wrtk of the CIRCt'S , Adrnuaion Twectj-Sre Cent*, oc 4 Dr. 6. FORD. A|*rt THE UNION MI'S?T AND SHALL BE PRE- ( I 9RRVRD! I OLD H1CK0HY IiV THE FIELD AGAIN! i The m?mb?ri of the Hickory Clah take *r?at II ?iaure in annonncinc to their many friends JA > and the pab'io *-nera!l? that tn?j will cive ttieir i*ixth Grand COTILLON PARTY at/MA the Franklin Hill, corner of 9tk and Diu.lflM on-MONDAY EVENING, October 7, IKl. Tk* member* pledte themaelTA* that no paina uor ex penee will h? erased to tr-ake thi*. jr all reep-cU, i*? ratty of tk' Proaperi'* Co*il?on Rand ' ha? be-'\ enraged for the occam n Ticket* So J cent*, admit ing a eer.'kmao and ladiea. B* order ' o^?.3t* COMMITTEE nF A R K A NOFM'Tg. pIRST GRAND PRIZE TIC .MIw Or JHK ] r SEASON Will eon?? off on MONDAY, Ottobt 7tk. l>g, at LoitrvLzit'? Gardvn, Corner New York av. and Heennd ?t- < I One Hundred Macnifioeot Pnsea will be diatrih- i ut >d. tA | Prri-*eri'?i 01?b*a'ed Band h\? been en- I K&cd for the <>ooMion I The strident order will be kept by a juard?#% enlaced for that purpose. oaS4t 1 WAMT8. | IT|7 ANTED?15or JO CART* for haalinf iron. JOHN R. KI.VaNS. , of 4 309 Pa ?r<me. WANTED?Six BOYR, from 11 to 15 yeara of *te. at T. M. HARVEY'S Ojater Depot, No 9*1 C *t. between 10th and 11th- oq 4 V HOUSE?Wanted to rent a Honae of, aay f?ur room*. in a p!?*aant neif hborh"od,oonr#rl?nt o the Treaanry. Will in a?l?a-ee No children. Addreea Box No <41. Po?t Oltof 004-IW j nr A WTvn i- * ' - ? i.??.p?'?n .icir-iii. ito nnfor- a nish'd ROOMS*, with permanent R(>ARD I for ?me ortwo irn?n peraona. A not* a^drassed to S D. N. n. EMERSON. Smrr Acent'a Office. stating tfrmi and describing the situation, to., wi I t receive immediate att?ntjon It* 1 WANTKD-A JOURNEYMAN CONFEC- 1 TIONF.R and F.s KER.o?e who understands making oa-d? auJ baking o*ke?. To oae who aaiU, a steady jot) and co?d w?im. ROYAL E. MILLER. i 11*. 3^0 Seventh at | BAKKR WANTED?A n"ooml t and on bread. I Apply at the corner of E eventh and K ata. ?M5 S St* j al'ARTF.R MASTERS-Wanted, a Quaker- * master's Clerk or I' J* Quartermaster's Ser- C fa t to write up a set of "eoounts in handiomi et*le Address J F. RKllJGET, 395 Pa. avenne, { between 4X and 6th ft*. oo S 8t* \L7 ANTEl)- A stout BOY. to learn the blaok smithing bnainesa ; one that has been at the business one vsar preferred. A !s'>. a Journeyman, that nnderstards horse ikneui ani Ap- I p y at the corner of 4S and M ata , Island. ' oc3-3t* J WANTED?A moderate-aned FURBISHED i HOUSE. Addre=a'P. H.."Star Uffiae. ?- ? ting terrra, Ao. oo 8-8t* t WAn i M'-A hrai d*d<1 HHK.AI) and CAKE . BAKKR. at No. 533 Eleventh at., (Navy Va-d.) between M and N. oo2 Si* J CARPENTERS.?Wantad. 3 or 4 good Car pen- * te'f. at once. Apply to BALDWIN ft HRO 1 thkrs ocs ? WANTED TO RENT?A H<?fSK anit%ble for t cake bakery. Apply J. AIGLER, below Ftar ' Office. ooa-s?? ' Wanted?dr e^tfm MCER8 and a MA- i CHINE OPERATOR. ot2 *t M. WllLIAN. 3*6 Pa av. WANTED?A GIRL, to oook and do general . hnaaework in a araal! family. Inaura at No.t 573 Maiy and av., between 9th and iota ata. White preferred. OC 2-St* . WANTED?A Toang WOMAN, to aaaiat ia " cooking and general h^naework l?o?1 referer.o** repaired. App y at 447 1 welfth at., t*tw?n < O and H ate. oo > 3.* j WANTKD?A middir-at *d WoM\N to oook. waah and iron. To one well recommended rood wagea wil! be paid. InanireatNo 331 N?w York av , between ISth and 13'h au oo 2 SI* WANTED?An antire LAI) or young man, to att'nl in an office None ceed app y bu: t ,o?e writing a fair ha d,i and aide to op in the office by 6K o'clock, having had ?h"ir break fast ) Neither ne. d a?p1 icAt'ona oonne from tho e a raid ti cl<*a i an office or do anr thir g general y required. Addr aa. in own h?nd wr tint. giving name acd raf r?.U ? O ? * " ?* .uw, iu in. bm ii>, g'?r <ine<. nci 3' (MJTTEK WANTED. Cull at WALL., t*TEy PHKN8 A OO.'S. 3g< Pa avenue. ae 18 WANTED-A WOMAN, to cook, ?ub and iron. '1 o a satiafartory per?on good wagea wi'l be paid. Apply at 420 New Vork a*, l?etw. 13th and 14th ata - uc 1 WANTED- TAILORS, TAILORS -50 Ta lure oompeteut to work on military cooda. A tply G Wall.Swph?i)?ti'nr?. ae36 LOST AND FOUND. $TL REWA RD.-I.oat a TWENTY DOLI.AR J GliP PIECE, ? n ru?B'1ay wrmi or W?dneaday. The fi der w II reoeive tba above reward by l avinc it at thia njea It* ? C R EWARD.??tray?d away from A. O. CONN KR, on Seoond at between F and U ?ta., on the morning of th? ath of Pee- mtr* c tember.a h?avy dark colored COW, wiu^h^Ma o a white apot on her forehead, with oooked horna, 1 ? ? - - - .im wiihb on tne ena 01 tm tail. oo 4 W o C5TRAYKD?<?n the 3d instant, a large b ack J H ?HSK; full 'ail ; white ?pot in the fry b f>rehead; ma'ked "U. 9 "on ihe Mnd *uarter a?d ' C." on the fore <iuarter, right^5^2-*- 0 aide The finder will be aunal)!* rewarded by re- e taming him to P J. NEWMAN. 361 Pa avenue( r eouth aide, near Twelfth at. oc 4 31* ti STRAYED OR 8TOLEN-On the ?d matant, ' from Dor-er'a Hot'l, on Seventh at, a J\ t) acK M \K E. al?0"t 12 tear a old with very f alim 'ail 95 reward wil: be paid for ber re- * r ~ tu n t<> the abo\ e named hotel. ooS 3t^_ ' |>R I'SMT TO THE 81'BS<:R IBKR.~Friday 0 Soptember r?th. BAY MARh, atwutfiv fil'.een handa high, whioti th* owner Lavo bj proving pr i?3r'?, paying char*-? ROBERT EAR I A HON, z _oc S St* '212 H atreet [ | Ir?I- 0* ouauibua. hetw?en ^gao'a at re, ? 1 j tu Wna' ingtiin, and the Omni ut Stand in C Georgetown, or between ti e Stan 1 am the ant- v ann er'a *rore in Ge<v?*town, ? buoksitia ' O^T- e< MONNAIK. containmt a ?.0 Tiea^ury not a (6 a< gold piece and two 92.50 pifcea, and at>out 410 in c other money. A liberal reward will be paid for ita return to tne aubaenber, corner of High aad Gay t?., Georgetown. . oo2 3t .Mra. FRANCES DEMAR. } f O8T.?On Tueadav, October tat. 0 li i.iver? Stableof Meaara. Keileher A P?well, " a. d the Washington Statue, 4 MEMORANDUM !! BO >K.containing a Damper of pap;r*. not**, r<? . oeipts. Ao.. Ao. The finder will rec'ive a libe?al 1 reward by 1 aving them at the Bank of Washing t ?n, or ?t the elore "f Mr. Batholow, ??8 7th at, ? ! near canal The ?uMio is w*rnad not to tate an7 n notes or oheckp"ttrawn or endoread by ma without first not fying ree Payment on those not e? dorsed a havinf been stopped. A B. BERRY. 008 ? " lf| DOLLARS REWARD!-?an away, oa i 1U Monday night, *>th Sept., my NKGRO M 1 GIRL, JANE. She is about 17 years old, T medium height, and food looking; has a ? soar (I baliere) on the tight side of haraaok. N abont an laoh long; had on a pink drees and a w ^ Mack flanriting hat. The above rew&rji will be paid for her deliver to ma, or informatioa, so that I get her again. C. T GARDNER, ? 00 1 tf G at, between ISth and 14th. c | OST? fft Riwtii.-Lost, last araaiag. a R Li Colt'a 7-inoh Navy REVOLVER. aiTvar A mounted, marked "MorUwei Thomeon, 1881." The above reward will be paid to any person who may 11 retarn tha pistol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 1 9#I F st., between ISth and Uth ; or to Mr Chs?rt- C wiok. Willards'Hotel. ee 11 tf b< a????asa?ss??? m FOR 8ALE AND BENT f fBURNISHED HOUSE TO REN T?The raai- 1 deooe No. 3*0 mumoki>?ii ?t., Iimvmi ti Jlth and lJth at* , oootainini It roona, large and ti small, with cat throughout. Tha koaee ia win- ai lortably and oompi*taly funiahed. and will ba let at to a reeponaibla tenant. Apply on th* pr*m?ea. U oo4-lf ol t^URNISHED HOUSE FO* RENT, on Cari- * r toi Hill, oontainmg parlor, dining room, three n chamfer# Mid kitCien. with a t the UDle and kitchen Kequi?itea. To a reaponaible (enact tha rant r will be #26 H' ipoath Nona other aeel app'y. Tha kat eaui be had at J04 Delaware a*., n?"th of al the Capitol. oot-K* ' ?Ex%NeBFfeph^'"'u( r)R RENT?HOUSE 4*? PennetlTania av? over the bonkatore of Fraarc Taylor?a plaoe ~ for a profeeeioaal aaa. -4rtT $ UANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS- U U. roar hasdaoiceiT K nrmahed Rooma, aappUed _ ? AUCTION SALES. grkks t WILLIAM*. Ai-?iw*?r, |.|OUSkHOLD A*t> RITCHKM H IMTI HE n 4t Auction ?Ob SATURDAY. U" i- ?t.. ve ahaU eel , m fr?nt of oar etor*, No. 5*i? tm eatk at at J o'e oek a n ,a.trt*t^ ? ?r? ? aorUrmt of New and **eoond haod Fore; tare, Tii Mn-eaue, K?d?te*d?.Tab *?, Chaira, Carpel*. I^osrtee, Bed. MtUreee ard Flankota, with a large 1 >tof and other artieiea. n gkekm k WILLIAM?*. Aaeta Br Wai la BAKNard AbcU Mara. C-?f. 9tk strut e?if t0mth $id? Pm m*. Exckllent fi unitlrb an? unror ^ hold Krrirta at AvrtMR.-OtTl'IMAV *' * maiant. at l? o'clock w will tall at tha Aaetio* Ro<>m# as ataoruaent of ?x?? Karmit re aad d Gooda,eeaa?riaiaf? Wa' ud Mill fU) s fM. Mahoian? an<l Walnat B y?H Bocktpc Choir*. R.o?*vorvj Mid Mako4aay ud Waiaat NkiMt-Uii Table*. HtbotanfVd Oak *.d? Boardi and Fttiwt, l>ek Md W f in ' I- it*nnon Dialog Tab m. Itai Can? 9eat Dim t Chain Daaaaod VN ood >?at l>aira and dv Carled Hair, ^aek aad Bkaok aa Cotton MattraaiM, _ Biroaii, Coainudaa- *nd Hit Ratk, Silt ar<1 Ma' oiw? Mirier, Bad Pillova a'd Bi at?ra, MaiK-ganv and Wa i>t Marble top aad otkor Waihitatd?. Store# aad namy other Hoaa furaiakmc Good a. Teruu olfth oo4 WALL 4 fl'ABNARD. Aaota. By WALL* BAKNARll. AsoUoawra. UOI8K, BUGS'F.8,CARYAJ^L AND BAR n Mm at acctios ?ObbATI KDA\ MORNIN8, ath inatart, at la o*e! will a*:! at the (taction Roomi- i l> od Brown Bobtail Bar Hon*, Bimaad Harneaa. I Seoon?l-har.d Rat* ? , I Caryall, Bora* at.d Haraaaa, Term# oaa'u. <>c 3 \V A LL AB*BN*Rn. AwPta. By WALL* BARNASP, Aaolrmora Cor, Pa. ?r. ??4 ^'k EWARD'." I'AW: HROKH?'f*LE OF tJsKiP?**ki' P'ti-r? ?t ? cctio*.-?'in HAT I KDO MWKM.W. Octo'^r ?-b. 9 > cock, we will ae'I at our A notion Ro ma, a larf wi"rtm?t of uar dee.nci! p edgee. vi uMn* ib rrt? Sold and Silver Harting and ' p?n Faoe Witetw. Bt?!d G*rd. Fob an i V?rt Chains. K'|'< lockets. Gold Penc a,Seta of J-welry, Ae , Rev >lver?. Pow.:er t aikt, H i:w, ^rd < an*?. A< jituer with ft gaparal vft i*ty of iadiea "Wear .or Aprftrrl. ?urh n?'lk and Fane? l>reaa??e,^aw!e. Ac. Cloak*. * oarfa. Drea* Pattern*. C? la a. Ikias,ft *r*e ft?io tra?at of geutlemena Wearing Apa&rol, rueh a*? )ver CoftU, D mi Coata. Yeata ftftd Facta, Mao a good aaaortn.rnt of P a'an Wftre Tarma oaah, in par (no'la. E. WARD, P?Vibr?ktr _?oS WALLA MAk.NARl). Aioti By WALLA BARNARD. Aaotioacara. Cer.9tk ?t. *o*tk ndt P* mr ANOTHER LOT or RKMTU< KY RUED rX Hoiaaa at Arrnon.?On SATI'RDftY MORNING 5 n u.atant. ?( N o'olock we vi all in front of the a acMin Roora. another lot of (entnokv HoriM.con' it rj of Brown Baya.aad for el .Work. R ding and Harnaaa Horsaa. 1 hc?e Harsea ha*- jaat amva?.and are of the >??t a'oak. and aa thia aa'e u withoat riaar-a. rill effor another ra-a opportunity to aeoara a good i-wae. Terma oaah. oo 2 WALI. A BARNARD, Apeta. By J. C. MeGUIRE A CO. Aaotioaawa. r ARGE ASSORTMENT OP GILT FRAME Li Miaa^a*. k;ici*ri!ig?. Bitrim, ftu it Miction ?On Tl_ t*l)AV MORNIMi, 0 <ob?r th, at 10 o'clo k. a? tb? Mirror ar-d Piotare Frame ?tat>li?limert of Mr J >hn V\ ftrc?r, aou'h aide of Vn-tyhftnia avei.u*. betwee. U;h and 3t" eta , r* aha, awl hi?ei;'iro ? <ksk in trvi?. c<>nipr;amg* It Frame Mantel. ?'ier and Chamber G aaaaa.ot TO' >VUC If-B IkllU t of Handaow* hi>g<atinga, in Gilt France. Iron? Iron H i'k'U, .Vood'a Paient - awing Machine, k a ,ko. Trtmi cm h. oc 3 J_C. MoGUIRE ft COM Aiati^ NOTIok-SALE OF PITTSBOhUH. tour WAYVE AMD IHICAGO HAlLRi/AD ? Jy Virtue ot a ?i?-oree of the Circuit Court ol the Ji iN Statee for the northern d atr ot of Ohio, in i eanae intoh&ncery there n depending, wherein her lea Mo>en and other* a-e eomeia uanta. and he ltuborjh. Fort Wayne an<< C?i?ko Kauri ad Com rant andotheri are defendanta; ana p itrinant to aox liary decree* of the c roeit eovrta of .he United "tatee for th? weatern distriet ol Ft?i?l aaia. hp ciatrict of Indiana. and U?e northern liatnot o* llliaoia rei?*cti?ely, in otuai deeeedng a ohanoerv in aaid Coarta reepeeuve r,wh#r?n the aame parties are oomplainaata aai dfeadinta reepeotiveiy, aa in naidnaaee 6rat abort iaai toned, the nnderauned, John Fergoeon and Fhorraa E Walker, aa Granteaa in Trait and rnateea n one of the tararal DraOa of Treat or Mortgage upon which aaid decr-ee are foanded, ind a~eo aa specia Matter Comniaaioawa of the aid Coart? raeaeetively, dn y aepomted by aaid ^oarta reepectfvelT for that parauca. will sail at labile auction, to the htgbea' bi der, for 'aeh, tint or not l??a than the auan of 95?.M0. at tha t cited 'tates Coart Honte, in the City of C!e*eian?. in he t^tate of Ohio, on the Mih day e'Ootobar, A D. 86 , between the hoar- of ten o'o'ook a m- and oar o'clock p. m. of aa.d da*, the fell owing de tori bed property, to wit i The katlroad of the Pittabargh Fort Wme tod Oh oaco Kan road Company, ino ndint the ight of way th-rafor, the road-had thereof, tfa? inp ratrcoture f all ?oru thereon, ita water and >tu re at mic houaa and ?hoea, and the ta^da and poandt oonntcted therewith, a:.J a i tools and rnp entente uaed or provided U> be need therein, mc in con?traot n< and repairing cara and n a hi tery for taid roed, or the traot and aaperatraotar*e kforsxiaid; a>l turn-tab e?; a. tlepote and bei inga knd fiztnrea and atruota^a >>f s nauver rente or iiture, and th* andaa:.d grouLdtoonneeted ther nth, used r provid d to be need in operating aid road and belonging th-ret-i. and wnererer ntuate; and aU oart, oi g nea and ro ling etBo< beongtrg to eaid Co pary; ard all au' p'i?*e of tim> r u r tier iron, fa?l. and every other thing provided by end C<>mcani*?,or by th*aev -re1 or gina! ?on>p?me? wbioii wer? ooneoiiaated into aaid Pittaburgh, F? rt Wtint and Ch cag-? Kai'rvad, -* Km naaH ir - * " > - w ib "rw auiift i >i 'i mw,w nrrpvf r pi iwiv, >y the skin < tit 0 t>y win ji the mm* arc bclden by taid t oir>p?n?. or ly sad origiral Corripanie*. iev<*ra y together, with a 1 oorpo a ire f aochiaea >i aaid Compaq?, an t of th-Mid original Compa lie* aeveral y, i needing tue rignt and ft a ohiae ifaaid aeveral tuopu.ri to f>? and aot aa aCvroration, to be 'old aa an entirety t-al i decreet an.rid" ttiat th? pa chaew', npoc the onhrmation of the tale arid 'all e n.p lauoe witii he ?ond tioua t'^ereo . a-.all bo d ail the proaertf. i*hta (rai.eii! en. a-id the appart iaiom thereof o aold t y the aame t tie b? wiiio.i tQej are bald by aid ? itUUargh, Fort \Nayie and Cbioaao Kai. load C mpany, and each aod a I of aaid TtfiBai ^ompaniea, free fn m the ten ol all wid in,>rt a*ea. and tree from al liability for any debu kgamet aatd original or oi.aoluJatad CiiapiMf*. r either of th?m. and Irom ail c aiiaa on a?aoa> f oapital atock ; but tmb/tet. n?*rrtk*l*t$, to tl lent, if any auoh exiai, upon an? r?a eatate ir laded to the aa^e.for purohaao money thereof a- ? rovirad by paid de> re*? to be paid out of tk? pre arda of the tale, or by form?r o den or drorat a t< > pvid of er? ae The right of way, depot gro*ol> aa lota, and laid a in the ? ity aod Tiomity of Chiago, purohaatdby aaid Company tinoai^a peadan y of said aaiU.aad the bridge properu aad othr eal estate of the Company at the City 'f Pi It argh, are aubieot to mortgage lien* The earn* rillbe laoli ded la the *a<e tut *u jeot to aad in imb ano' a, no proviaioii tiav,c? b-en ads lor U ay pieat thereof. JiH.N KkRGUM)?. TI OMA8E VV AUKKR. rruateen, aoa Mailer Coiumiaaiooers aa aiur a* id. *et Id EDUCATIONAL. II A CAKD. *IR. SCHEEL, 'i?v er of Mimic. Wiahaa to oeaaint the nnrilio that ha wi i iwrtuni ?? ? ? - ive lestona to L-.;I i er. .r tbo.e biiiar ad-AflE a Oed. * ?>tU? I'wi.e. havin* fcni?iicd their 7S* nuoat'.on a' KMOl.Ud w uhltic t?> irr r -c reth'in ? v?? in their ti u?ici!, woo d ha.e a fair banoe. as nothing bat thorough inatrveti -a, on K<da<ei? term*, will t* givan. Apply at 90S G ' t batween lSthaod 14lb. oel^f JU MRS*. UtRR ?" ILL Re?umahfr rre ch Leaaona, it ctaaaaa r private *,o i Monder, Ootober 7. Apply at her Midacqp, Nev \ ork avenue, betwean lata and 14t: La. ta t JLm JkT ABHI.N6TON' AND GEORGETOWN Fk W MALE SEMINARY. A BoaiDiNe aw> Day ?chool. Fa. <33 Fit , btferm 6tA mmd 7i* Ml., Wajktaglaa , *u An. 151 Iful si., gtridwa Tha dutiaa of tlua Institution vara r> < ia aptember Oire* ara may ?e ohtaioad at tAa book torae, or by addreaawg tha Princpa. h? eotf M. J. HARROTER. >LA1NP1KLD ACADEMY. Nba* C*auaL?. I Pa.?#lat aaaaioa <?? weeka) oomtaaaai Noanbar A Thorough laat-noUou aad U? aoaforta f bona Ciran ara at Ptar ufloe Will la at larua'a Hotel October ITU ; or addrea? ? n aola ??n.?v JT. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL, * ' ? FOR SMALL B0T8. Tk? 8.atari of tha Holr Crow h??a tpwid a shool for WmIi Bora at St J oaeah'a Mala Orphan *Tl?a, ooraor of F aad Taatb w*. ? M tM Lf~ VOCAL lVi?TITlTK. 'IRS. CECILIA VOIN8 WiU nnm km iawi in VoeaJ Mutio on Voadar atit. v?taa?r Mb tt bar reatuauo*, No. 4X6 ElarorU ?tra*t. ttwoen H tad I au. T-rma made know a m a*loatioo. Mt-lBMO rTO OFFICERS. BE CAMPAIGN ?A Ctaifauairi Wa?oa on ta Prcaaian principle. arranged for aiaep- C\?_ it or to act aa an Aaiba aaoe is oat of^P okaoaaor voua^a. vitfc aapif rooa. for rua v omaad pronaiona; liiht, vator-pmu.aad partly new. haviaf baao jn?t *nilt tn or4m b? oa? F the nr?t maker* la New York, la offered tor aaia coat p'loa. Alao, a hand?ome, ftroiig, aouod, au-k-browa OR^E, wlbar for ead<l!e < > karnm Both w M aaaa ? m toatioa to JAJIBP ROWNT ataxia*. Caramu'i HW, UCUH UN tMin HOW, MtVtM I M? H r?to.' _ "fcON'T FAIL TO CALL ATRHimjlf. i?hia< Good*,Tr??k?.lUUmJCm*- ?!-"? ^%L.x?S^5R,n5..,a.V?iof 00,000 tlLli1 W&ftigVv&k jtsrs &tb^3g,g!'argVDt^? M

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