Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. E^Tait Stsa publishes the Li?t of Letters Miain'ng In the Washington City Post Office under the prmtdons of the law directing them to be printed in the newspaper having the Largest cJirulaTou within the delivery of the office. Its total dally simulation la more than double that of any other Daily printed In the District of Columbia. T?* Bum Cats axroat ra* Oihari' C*?*T,J?i?t Pvbcsll.?Yesterday, Lieut Bar7 direction of the Court, read hia written objections to the Marshal's account, which had been lied aa auted in the Blmr of Wedi.esdsy A translation of the decree of the French court was brought Into this court, from which If append that the payment of the chargea Incurred In France for the support and education of the (Jfeildren, Jkc., w*a made a condition of their surrender to Deputy Marshal Samuel Phillips, by tbe French court; and thereupon tbe Court overruled tbe exceptions to said account, and It waaallowed. Mr John A. Linton was then sworn for petitioner. and testified that be baa known Mr. Barbey since 1847. When witness first made hia acquaintance be (B ) waa a Pawed Midshipman la tbe navy. Witness did not know him very Intimately then, but knew him up to 1855 aa well as any man In tbe city, and he (Mr. B.) waa a very dissipated man during thst time. When witness lived on B street, sbout two squares from where be (Mr Barney) lived?witness then being a single man snd living with his father?witness was called up about half-past 3 o'clock one morning by a r'ng at the bell of bla father'a bouse. He went to Mr Barney's house, and found bis wife a-. J two children In the lower story of tbe bouse. As witness was entering tbe door of tbe office Mr. Barney * me In by another door, and witness ask< d " What are you doing up all nlgbt with tbe children crying?" Mrs Barney's fact: was bruised black and V nid ber body was black also. Mr r v dge objected to tbe witness stating anvtv'.ng about Mra Barney. Objection sustained. \\ ttneaa resumed ?Tbe children bad also been beaten, and were crying, and abe (Mrs Barney) s^id bad fl?d from tbe fourth story He (Mr. B.) admitted It Tbe mother (Mrs Barney) *aid she bad been kicked and beaten from tbe fourth story Into ibe office (on the first floor), with ber cbildren; and be (Barney) admitted It. Witness tben said to Mrs Barney, In his (B's) presence, that be (witness) would take Mr. Barney to the watch bouse, heave him into tbe street, or take ber and the children to witness's own home He (Mr. B ) waa very drunk, and said to witness, ' Are you here to protect this woman and these children"' Witness answered, MI am." Mr Davldge said this conversation was net at all interesting. [Witness (lotto voet)?There was a doublebarreled gun there, and I recommended him to load H and shoot himself ] Witness ataytd there till about S o'clock; Mr. Barney went to sleep on tbe sofa, and M rs Barney and tbe two children went up stairs, and. witness sspposes. went to bed; witness then went home. Witness ihtnks this was in 1855 or "56, thinks it was In September. Witness has never bad any intercourse with Mr Barney since, but saw him repeatedly drunk before Tbe following morning witness received three notes from his (Mr B.'s) brother-in-law, Mr Harrington, stating that Mrs. Barney proposed to give Mr Barney930a month, she (Mrs B ) to keep tbe children Witness did not ask any questions as to tbe origin of tbe difficulty. Saw one of tbe children was bruised, and Mrs Barney was bruised Cross-examined ?Mr Linton, are your feelings friendly towards Mr. Barney? Witness ?I am speaking Impartially. Mr. Davldge repeated his question. WTncsa said he was not unfriendly towards him but hsd never been on speaking terms with bim since be whipped bis wife and children. Witness bad s personal difficulty with him about three months afterwards He wr>te witness an Insulting note and witness chastised him He wrote witness a note cbsllenglng him, which witness accepted, and he (Mr B ) tben ran away [Mr Davldge objected to witness giving any details of the affray In evidence and the objection was sustained by tbe Court ] Tbe families were on intimate terms previous to that, but witness always rang the bell when he called there Witness made no complaint against Mr Barnev and d.d not associate witb him after, wards, (after that night.) Witness knows the children were struck because he saw bruises on tbelr face, and the mother stated it in tbe presence of tbe children and be (Mr. B ) did not deny it. Wttneas went there at 3 o'clock next day to draw tbe articles of separation and fl-st saw M rs Barney In the parlor Mr Barney came up from the office and tnrew his arms around ber neck and asked her to forgive bim Witness never went there afterwards Presumes she forgave Mr B. as she lived witb him afterwarda Witness never spoke to either of them afterwarda except to Mr. Barney on business matters There wa? no great excitement In the bouse that nlgbt She (Mr*. Barney) was not angry with her husband on that occaaion, but on the contrary manifested affection, and witness believes if hf bad assailed Mr. Barney she would have come to his rescue. When witness threatened to throw Mr. Barney Into the street she threw herself between them. Witness did not see the struggle, and knew nothing of tbe difficulty which culminated in this affair When Mr. Barney went to sleep, Mrs. Barney retired and witness went home Next day she sent for witness by Mr Harrington (Mr B 's brother in law) as she desired witness's professional services to arsw articles of separation giving Mr. Barney fifty dollars a month, she to keep tbe children Those articles were never executed. T&at waa the last witness ever heard of It. Mr Fendall. of counsel for petitioner, asked the Court if the "lewa record" was in evidence Tbe Court said it was Counsel for petitioner tben announced tbelr evidence closed Mr Jamtt yfaifuire. sworn for defense?Witness first met Mr Barney in 1839, snd has known bim since bis marriage. Intimately Witness bad several interviews with htm (Mr B ) st his own bouae, oa K street, and baa seen bim since be returned from Paris to get bis reslorstion to tbe Navy, about four years ago?at tbe latter part of Pierce's or beginning of Buchanan's Administration. Witness don't know that Mr Barney has ever visited Wssbington since his marriage tbat witness bss aot met bim, if witness was himself la town. Witness never saw him ( ?ir B ) intoxicated In bis life, sad Incapable of doing business Witneas bad frequent opportunities In 1855 or '54 of knowing, and on all tbe occasions witness saw bim (Mr B ) he was sober Witness saw bim In tbe preeence of bis children, snd tbey f?died oa each otberss children do wtth^wrents, snd be seemed very aff-ctionate to bis children. There is scarcely a week tbe past year witness has not met Mr Barney several times, and never saw bim latoxlcated? that is to say, drunk Wttneas bas drank witb him, as witb other gentlemen, but discovered nothing of tfe effects or liquor. Cross examined?Witness was in tbe marine corps in 1939; la not certal n of tbe year of Mr. Barney's restoration to tbe Navy. Mr Linton asked bim how Mr Barney lost bis place In the nsvy. Objected to, and objection sustained W lU ss saw Mr. B In the presence of bis own children, In his own bouse. In '48 or '49, several times, and once since Did not visit Mr. B s except on business, at bla bouse on E street, and saw Mir ia the casement generally. Never saw bim ?ufiertng from tbe tffects of liquor. Tbe eMid witness spoke of was small at the time witness saw it with iU father, (1849,) snd was in the nurae'a arms Dr. E Turlctr Blake aworn ?Has known Mr. Barney since 1847, to speak to bim. Wltae?s first saw Mr Barney in Psris, in tbe early pert of June, '5?. and was Intimate with him tbat month; saw him almost every day. Witness saw him in July or September once or twice a week Wit. ness was absent from Paris in August. Witness dined st Mr Barney's, and would there see bis wife aad children. Mr. Barney dined with wit* ness st different restauranta. Witness never saw Mr Barney drunk at dinner. Tbey drank together because It Is customary to have wine st dinner He (Mr B )appeared te be fond of bis cblldvea. Eddy seemed to be more around bim tkan tbe others Witness saw tbe boys with him i frequently; tbe children appeared to be lively and happy, and amused themselves by looking at the sights along tbe streets They dressed well, and looked well fed, like other gentlemen's children. Witness then testified aa to leaving Paris In October, 1859, in company with Mr B and another gentleman; tbelr Intimacy during the trip to Liverpool, aad voyage to Philadelphia, and , Mr. Barney's temperate bablta during that time Croea examined ?Would meet Mr Barney In Parla, on tbe etreeta and In tbe cafes Never j saw him drunk or drinking to excess, but t^e nr?t time witness ssw him at his room he waa drowsy aad aleepy. He waa tben living as s single man, 1 aad hia two little boys were with him tt.tevenlag. Witness knew nothing of his habits before he went to Paris, or of bis troubles Ko-examioed ?A cafe is a place where liquors, Ice croam, coffee, snd slmost anything mav be had?very much such a place as Osutier's. wit- i ness never saw sny one drank at tbe cafes. Has aeen a few drunken people In tbe streets of Paris, but tbey belonged to the lower orders?were working men Young Americans ia Paris ocea* Stoaally make appointments la moot at a cafe. Mr. D Kmmtnf sworn ?Has known Mr Bar* | aey for ten or eleven years, and uaed to go to his boose sbout twice a week before he removed to Parla la 1356 Witness' relations with bim (Mr. B ) were of s social nature. WItaeas dined snd Mppodtbere.(atMr Barney's bouse,)snd alwsys met Mrs B and the children. So fsr as witness saw there were the kindest relations Imaginable j exiattag, and Mr Barney was aa affectionate ft tbe r, too much sq on several occasions witness i thought, aa sometimes la witness' opinion tbe children ought to have been " spanked" aad wars aot Tbe eblldrea were alee looking children, ' nicely dressed Mr Barney's habits were as tboae ot s4? geatlsmsn who weat to his boast; be weaid Sake a glass a# wine sr a glass of whisky, bat did aotdrlakso freuueatly aa tbey Witness ever aaw Mr. Bar aey draak before ha waat to , Pa/is, sad baa mi kin ah eat twtoa waak Maoe ; his last return from Paris. and be (Mr. B ) drlnka leas frequently Id the last eighteen month* than brfore be went to Paris, drinking ale sometimes, and sometimes nothing but water. Witness' former relatlona of intimacy with Mr. Barney have continued alnce Mr B. came to Washington. On one occasion witness met blm (Mr B.) ana walked up th* atreet with him Witnessnoticed a wlldneoa about bim aa If he had been drinking, antl akked him what wa<the matter. Mr. B aald he bad been drinking wbl*ky punch with aome gentlemen That wax the only time witness ever coraldered Mr. Barney not able to do hl? duty. Cross examined Mr. Barney betore he went abroad kept liquor at hla bouse for his frlenda, which la not the caae aince hla return. Never saw blm drunk enough to disqualify him but once Before he (Mr B ) went to Paris wltneaa siw him one evening show be hid been drinking, but be was not drunt; ne walked from Twentyfirst atreet to Seventeenth street with wltneaa. and walked straight Wltneaa can't aay of his own knowledge that Mr Barney drank toexcees, and never ssw blm show the influence of liquor la the pretence of bis children. Court adjourned. To day.?The eourt met, bnt tbe death of Its officer, Edwin N Roach, Esq., Register of Wills and Clerk to the Orphans' Court, was announced; when the court, without proceeding to business, adjourned to Tuesday next at eleven o'clock. A HOTE noM m. da vines. Editor Star ?To ahow I waa ryjbt In stating In mv note of Friday laat that the Court twice rejected in the Barney caae the "vouchers," the contents of which you published, 1 append a certified copy of tha ruling of tha Court, aod request yon to pnbllsb It. Yours, Arc . 3d October, t^t. W. d. Davidoe. At an Orphana' Court held for tbe County of Washington, in the District of Columbia, od the 24th day of September, 18C1, the following proceeding* were bad: Dt Krafft vs. Barney. The Respondent excepts to the introduction of any of the papers referred to by the apeclAcatlona, aid ruled out aa exblbtta. and now offered In evidence on the grounds that the records of tte Court of France ia not authenticated i-rop?-.'y, and does not purport to be an exemplification; and a* to tbe other papers, they are declarations not made in the presence of Respondent, some not nnder oath, and ail Inadmissible according to tbe rules of tbe common law. w. d. Davidge, for Respondent. [Endorsed] I Exceptions to speclficatlooa and evidence. Fil-d Sept 24, Ml. Sustained Vy t be Court, and appeal prayed by I De Krallt's counsel, and granted by tbe Court Test:?Ed. N. Roach, Reg'r wills. by tk? Reporter ?The only comment Decenary to be Bade on the above ruling ia that It I will be seen by reference to the report of proceed- I ings in this case yesterday, that the Court made tha official announcement tbat a portion of said ' vouchers " namely the "Iowa decree," i$ before I the court In evidence. The other papers, Judge Pnrcell Informs the reporter, 4iare before the I court" in tbla sense, namely: they are In the bands of the clerk of the court, and will go before the Circuit Court aa a part of tbe record, If appeal ia taken. Central Gpaedhokse Cases? Before Justict Thompson ?Mary Catharine Cook, aged 13 years, and Margaret McGuire, aged 12 years. were brought in for disorderly conduct, but the docket I does not state the details. They are set down for I 30 days each at the workhouse Margaret McNeil, I dru ikand disorderly; fineand costs, #1 94 Cbas. Br ice, disorderly conduct; do SI 58 Cornelius | Newman, do ; do. SI 91 John Brown, do ; do. j SI 94 Tbos Dolan, sleeping in ibe market; dis- I roisstd Ann Mas?ey, disorderly conduc'; SI 94. I Eliza Lewis, do ; do. SI 91. Catharine Marbury, do ; do. SI 94. Jos Hut's, do ; do. SI 94 Pat'k I Lynch, profanity; fined SI 94. John Ford, do.; I do SI 94 Ell Lake, malicious mischief; secu- I rity for court. Caled Hawkins, out after hours; I fined St 94. Bad Behavior.?Last night a permit was given a number of colored lndivldual^by Superlntendent Webb, of the Metropolitan Police, to I have a ball, soiree, or cotillon party In the saloon I over Mr. Williams's stable, on Eighth street, on I condition that they shonld behave properly, and I not disturb tbe peace By some mischance dls- I orderly persons aid get among them, and violated I the agreement. The patrolmen Interfered, and | removed a portion to tbe guardhouse, where they I were stowed awav uatll tbls morning, when they I paid tbe usual fees in such cases, and were re- I leased from cuttody. ^ Theatee ?Miss Susan Denln, beautiful in face, 1 superb in figure, melodious In voice, arcb, viva- I clous, piquant, winning, In action ha* set our I theater goers up to a pretty high pitch of enthusl- I asm. To-night she appears In two favorite char- I acter* Ben Rogers also present* his comic face I in both pieces, and all tbe other favorites of the I company figure In the bill. New scenery by I Lamb moreover, and other first class attractions. Police in the Second Wait) ?A man named I Beauhske wa* arrested yesterday for selling liquor I to soldiers. He was lined S25 by Justice Callan. I Ja* Garvey, a waiter at the Wlllard's Hotel,! wa* arretted by patrolman Kneass for the larceny I of S180 from a boarder In the bouse. He was taken I before Justice Clark, who committed him to jail I in default cf 8500 ball for court. Arrived at Carter's wharf, (foot of I3)< street,) I schooners Commerce, Myers. Philadelphia, with I a cargo of coal for Messrs Moran St Hilton; Phebe 1 Nelson, Cann, same port, with a cargo of roal for I Mr. James Fraser; T. C. Worrell, Hubbard, with I a cargo of coal for Mr R w. Burr; Henry M. I Smith, Jones, with a cargo of coal for Mr. Geo. I Bogus atd Mr. C. M. Keys. Dead.?Edwin N. Roach, esq , Register of 1 w ills for the County of W aabington for a number I of years past, and an old and esteemed citizen, I died at his residence In tbls city last uigbt, after I Illness of several weeks. Policr Commissioners ?The Board met yes- I terday, bnt no definite action was taken on any I business pending before them Two of the mem- I bers, Messrs. Gideon and Brown, are absent from tbe city. 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His trie ds and thosa of his family are respeotrniijr reanasted to attead his funeral, from his late raaidenoe No. 340 New York avenna, near Tenth st, at 11 o'clock to morrow (Saturda?) morning. On Thursday, 3d instant, after a short but pain fql*, whioh ha bora with christian re*i*na | tioo, ANDREAS MOOLKN BROoK, a native of Amsterdam, Holland, but for the last 14 yrarn a resident of this city, ia t ja 68th year of his a?e May he reat in peaca. I His friends and thosa of the family ara reepeot fnliy requested to attend ins laaeral. on Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, fro"? the residenoe or P. I Tbyson, 39 ? seventh St.. without further notice. In this oity, at midswht on the 3d instant, after a painful illness, Mr. jaMEs eNUTT. in the61st year of his Age, a native of Maryland, but lor many years a tasident <>f Washington. , ? ft. Patrick's Tempaiance Society and St. Vin oent de Paul Society will attend hi* luncrai. from his late residence, oorner Pa. avenue and Eifhth s*., at ln'o ook a m. on Saturday, ?he 5tn inst Tha friend* of thefami y are invited to attend, at *t. Patr ck's Church, a. th* same hoar. 0 the 31 instait. Mrs PHKBK SANDERSON, wile of I h? ma* Sanderson San., aaad 78 yea a. The friends and atquain acoae of the farai y are reae? tfa ly invited to attend har faaeial, from ear husband s residence, oorner of Teuth st. east and N st. south. Na?y Ya d. on to-morrow evening, I Catordar.) 5 h instant, at 3 o'elock. * w arr?a. Med U years a ad ft months. 1 ha funeral will take elaoa to morrow, ftth inst, I E 4 o'clock, from har lata residence, oorner o? Fif I tMnth and k sta. The friends of the fbmily ara |0 a Oa th* 3d in??ant. at IS o'clock p ... Ju4,s ezra williams,?c?<1t1 ?oara i U4T OF LETTER* REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, WASHINGTON CITY, October 4, 1561 (Ordered to be inserted in the Kvnnw Btu. t being the newspaper having the largest oirenlatior. of any daily paper published in Washington.] HjTAll persons applying for letter* in the follow* ng list, will please say they are advutuid. LADIES' LIST. Atherly, Mrs M S Lucft*.Mi*s A'drrch. Miss M K l.orl g. Mis* Ada Arand. M%<iame LancsirotJi, M a* M Adam*, M's Joanna, Mat hew*, Eliza Barney, Mr* Mary Mosirger Mm K Brown, Mr* David Murphy, Mu* M Blair, Mi** Kate Moreher, Mi** E Hrown, Mrs Ellen J Miller, Louisa Burke, Mr* Elisabeth Murphy, Mary Baldwin, MissMollie Morton, Miu Parker, Miss Lizzie Mill'r, Miss H Bailey, Mi** Annie Minor, Misa Mary Berry, Miss Mary Ann Murphy, Miss C Burnham, Miss L T Mason, Mts E E Bianohi, Mrs M-2 Malxarra, Mrs Busnell, Mrs M Morehead, Mrs A H Brower, Miss Mary A Morris. Mis* Maria Calvin, Miss Amelia Myrtle. Maude Car',inc. Mrs Mary L Murray. Mrs Ellen Carter, Mary MoVey, Mrs Crabbs, Miss Emma MeOonald, Mist A Chase, Miss Anne E MeLane, MrsGW Cox, M<** MoKeen, Miss E Camiord. J E " Nour*e, Miss Emma Carnes. Miss Km ma J Nou'se, MiaeCharlottee C?a*. Mrs Margaret Norris. Uhebert Clinton, Mis* Ellen Otem, Mr* Wm Cary, Mia* Julia Phaox. Mi** M A Cato-, Mi** Jane E Power*, Annie E Crocker, Mi** E H Polton. Mrs Elixa Court ey. Miss Jenny Parker. Mr? 8?*an B Conway, Miss Sarah P Pine, Mr* Mary Cameron, Mrs R A Reed, Mary Douce, Mr* Susan Rogers, Mrs Mary Digs*, Silvee Roger*, Kate Delaney, M'* Reunington, Mrs C L Dorreli, Mr* Julia A Reynolds, Mrs Elixa Doming. Mrs L J Stone.Mrs Sarah liough rty, Visa Mary Snn h, Mary E F.llis. Mrs CF Sthal, Miss Mary E Eddy. Mrs Smyth, Miss M A Kors'l.h, Mr* Mary S,nirh, Mr* M R Fe&aatle, Sfrs Shaw, Mr* Emily P Graces. Mis- R strath, Mr* EN Grant, Mm Mary J Salm, A?r?M Godoard, .lis* Sarah fc uiih, Mrs E N?3 Grubb, Miss L Simm*, Mrs E M Granger, Mr. M E Simms. Mrs O 8 Gink. Mi s Mary Sheening. Mary J Gsusnron. Miss A Simpson, Miss Cornelia Gillett, Mrs Louisa 8> muaker, Miss B Harte, Mrs Rosa M Savage, Mrs Bali, Mrs Sarah Taylor, Mies Mary Ball, Miss M J Taylor, Eton J Herr. Miss M K Taylor, Mrs L Bowlett, H B Tatman,'AIns C A Hancock, Mrs A Taylor, Mrs M A Hoffman. Mrs Tobin, Mary Haestock. Amelia Taylor, Mia* Ellen Hill* ary, Mies 8 A Tuoker, Mrs B F?2 Hamersley. Mrs Lonisa Williams, Misa T Henshaw. Miss Harriet Wright, Mrs L Jenefer, Miss Alia Weldon, Miss Kate Jacobs, Mrs Charlotte Will ami, Miss A King, Mrs Josias Wheeler, Mr* Theo King. Mrs DrH W oodworth. Mrs Wm Keliey, Miss M J Woodworth, Mrs 8 G?2 Lane, Miss Ann Warner, Mrs J Love. Mrs C Washington, Mra H, Mra Wm Willume. Miss A .?oyd<s Miss Emma Wilson, Miss F jaw. Miss H Williams, Miss N J.,) man, Mrs Julia Warrer, Mrs C Misckllakxous.-Misb Mary R. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. AppletonS2 CartrichtC Harris 8 L Almy 9 Campbell C J 2 Hene*on 8 W Andrew* J F-2 Craig C A Hollabird 8 B Alien W J 8 Co'klm A C Hillis R Adam* Cap WF Col ord B F Harpers R Ames R CrxmsBF Hargous P I Allan R-2 4'ro*lin A Hunter P M AyerO Colburn A V Hirsh P D Alien K P Denison C W HoaglaadPG AlcottJ Denger S H-lateadOS Auman H Dwight Rev Hale O A Ar*?ossee F Diohe' C F Hays Maj Anderson E Dunn W M H^zalton Maj 2 Ame? E-2 Davis M Hazelton fc L Adams D llott Wm HndeyM M Andrew* C DavisWm Holman M B-2 e It C DegenWm Horan M Abbott C G Dunba^W H il l (ton R Anderson A Duva nVmT H^wett J L BeaoheW Da-rah W R Ho?tJW Buckley J R Doraev W H Hill J H 2 Brown W 8 Daniel* W H Ho. k J Brady P F Dixon W D Hailaian J O BeltznoverC Dyer Wm Howaid J C Beck J B Downs W F Hanlm J 8 Barnes J O Davison 8 P Han - a J J ,'.oyd J "* Deeth LG HannaJ B Brown D P Dexter 8 8 Harper J H Backus E Dicker Sergt Hoi derson J H Barker A K Dodson 8 Poddy J Bridgman F Horse* 8 HodsonJH Browne!l W J Dement R C Hariiton J Billing* Wm Davis R F Henry J Boynton W F Depoli S A Harrington J Brady W H Dean R HiileryJ Baggs W F Deenng N C Hewett J L BurlincameWL Davis IX H Hyson J Brook* W B Doyle M Halter J C Baker W M Drawyer L C Hacker J G Brant W Dickey J C Harrison J Bande-iusted V DeCourcy J F HowenstineJH Barhalem V Dutton J B 2 Humphrey J Burch V M DougladeJ B HumphreyIsaao BeneraftT Dunaten 1 Howard J Beail R J Dunham J T Hoddy J 2 Baily S Detterlice J Ho: an J Batche!der R N Debile J G Hearid J A Boyle P Davi* J P Hagan J Benson N Doveiin J E Henry J B Bai es M DeUov J J Haton H Brady M Dorman J B Harrington H Bunar J M L Donovan J Hi>;on H F Haird M DutfrJK HuasG Ball L C Dickey J Htghes G G Bo z L JCC HougitouFM Baik r I. C 2 Douglas* J Hamilton F H-2 Barrett A Lam- Dmg'er J Hsmmuth F A phear Duimain H It H?ya F Boyle J T-3 l)avie? H E Hudson KNK Ban J J Davis H Hir. man E Bull J Draher G M House E H Hrown J L D' dga ! Hsz'eton K L B*a h J W D.ayton D Holmes E P Boyd J 'I' Deibold t' Humphroy D Bennett J Osve lo C T Humphrey l)E 2 Burkinc'-am J Deil?*l O Hollowell DS Bra 'ley J H Davis B C Hoover D Bensley J Denean P Hitchens C Barton > Drake E A Herinstro C Bunnell J Devine A HaeorthCapt B%!dwin J Emit J Hwlin C Brubaker J K wa ds W Hughes CL Beaty J Eels S Hartford A ?eaver* J Ei*ertPJ Ha l A H Bargsiresser J E'i?weli L Hamilton A Brennor J F Eagle* J H Harmon A J liayley J EgelstonJ H atiinA D BenLe t H 8 Ed wards H L HulbertAF Ha ley H tits G C 3 H ele J W Blakeslee H E Edgar F Holbrook A Bennett H Ellis F M Hutchison A B Bartle G H Kgg eston E J Holt>rook A J Baker G D Emer> EH Jordon F Brannix W H Elliott 8 JewettER Beatty G Elliott E B" James C T Hailey G D Elliott A U in*ram J Butler J Erlandson E A Jacobs T Brookbank J B Fa nswo'th J F Jepprus R L BrumaginJS Fowler W a JamsOS Burns F P Flight W *> Jun-man Mr Burr F Freeman W W JsiktnsJF Benson F Kinagain Wm-2 Johnson J R Bender E FillehouseT Judah H M Buih E T Fobs S Johnson HA. BointonEC-3 FossE O Jo-es George* ButterlieldSei.5 Feston 8 Jfnkin>F Bu keti D H FrndeanS Johnson E Harbour MM Fold L Johnson CapE 2 Betni'H Ford J H J'ffarson B Boyle C Dr Frost J Knason A M Brown C 8 Flood J " Keyes H Braoe C H-2 Fredenoks J P Krouse W C BunnanCL Fredericks Capt Karns V 1* bean C H Frinker J King A Co, Bishop B Fairmau J-2 MessrsTruman Boyd A Forbu*h J K-2 Ki'.ohen Theo Bluet A P Franklin J H Kennedy M Cole Wm 2 Farme- J W K^ily M Ca:kK Forrest J M Kaufman L K Claik J Forte*3ue J L Kiine J 2 Ccg -hall H R F'anders G E Kerr J W Child* H X F irheld E F Karr J Corney J Fu lor C E 6 Kint J F Corbet W W FuwA Keck J J Oiu e W Ferguson A Kline J Coigan J M Foster A Kerper J Cutler W B Fnuke Henry Kershaw J Crcsev W Gibe ?" T H Kierman J Clark J St P Ga'onerMsj Kasaboom J Coyle Tftn H Grove T G Kenned r J J L-2 Griscorn J H Kris'oploel J Chilton 8 2 Gregg J Kerr H M Carter 8 M Graham W M 3 Kib? y Craighead S Gibhaodt W Kirk G E Curtis S9 GnerLtN Kirk L Cosslrr ^ Garratt W KineyTW CunninghlmR Gorman W A Kilm 'reF Corney K Goodwin W Kelao K 8 CummmgsRS Gile W 8 Korn C A Clark RT Graff W 8 K rby E Caskey R Greaves Thoa Ktgore D Carter RHC Greenly ST Klinoh D 2 Conley Q J Gault ? B Keys DAS Casey P-a GeorgeS E Koester 0 W Conway P Gibson P Kline A Camp O C GouLdMA Karnns W V CatrO GreenJC-2 Lathrop 8 K Carrott O GiebJ Lavo A Cooper Cates N M Garen J I. La'<1en At D Cassiday M Gaston J M Leva!! F D Coil Mr G'aham J H Luoe H C Cooklan M Gallagher J C Little S Col in* M Gatan J Lyon J P Clark M Gi U:!enJ4 Lamborn C B Crane J M Grievee J Lucy A Coon J Gregory J Lee W R ? rns J Gibson J LukrnbeekWS2 Cob J H Gilbert HP Lee W IL Cobb J U Green HT Lewis WrE Coon J Grafton H J Littlefield Wm Corns J Goldcohmidt H Latohford W Clark J 8 Gnrnaey H W Larnard W L Clement J T Gordon F * Lewis W H Corley J as Giavea G Lat a T Clinoy J G.bbaGO Lee T J Crogjion T Gleson G Lu*ean R ' urtiss J t<oodwin F Liddle R Condo J Goodwin E R-2 Lilly P Conner J W Gil more D Lewis T CruickshankJ V\ Goddard O C Lem nuH Soohrane J Hreea B Loeke J E ooney J Goal A C Lake J M Crary J ? Gibbs E A Liehle J 8 Chappie J HugheaPS Loranger J Canneld J Hagndon F ' 2 Leveri^h J B Campbell J HeudereonW A Little J B

Conner J 8 Hau-ington ti Lundy J Coop?r H C Hi#y e w U Little J M 2 Clark H F How land J Lai: man G 8 3 Conrad J 8 Ha kins S M Loans-* G H Colion J C 2 Hood 6 H I Lo?r?k*l? F Carter J W Hoeber E W ? Laval etteE A Clam H Hanoo-k W 8 4 ISld E Cunt n H Ha.nWB Locke Eri Castie G F Hughe* W A Loveta-jd A M "aas.drO Hock W C Lush A B Clintock F-t Hobbs Wm Lingo A 82^... e &UY" |ais.W |BK Caatle It Beard W toaroy 0 A Clsrk D C , Heatu 8 Msr ok T? Campbell Col Howard 8T5 Mae hail A CitUr C C Honor 8 M ooney W Clalaod C Hopkins 8 H Nartoik 9 ' Borjaaow Ruey 8 ' Ca?tN *"1?, ? . He?? T M 8ebaring Nathan J!"*"1 ,? * K'-d P ?"?) Dr N K_ SlrBi i^n . R*naP HweetMartirr^B ?? y.S*J KowaP Speaoer Maurice ?5 RchardaO Suvder L C % ?r'2-V^? R>?cc 1? MA gallon Leonard *!?. ?? W ? Rana?B -I Sat-da f oois 5J?,?? ^ o Roberts M P Hiewvt Dr J\s M ?'^,e 1 W R ... Roved* J W t<t??ne J o G .Montgomery W Read J S 2 Say lea prof i*a ..I,,. _ Rotnpl' J now Hr J W uitliS R'? J.H Stearns Juo N Mo ei*na T E R-M JM StOrie Jwrom ?R2 Slin^S ~ R'ldJK Ppatiid.n* Jno', McCa>>eT RilyNJ SVwartlsaai 8?Lr,uonXJ Robineon J R 2 Saiffia Irving I. MoRlroy T-2 Robbms J 8 Sowrab- Jno H ?fC!j*e a Randolph G W S!orkey ino L S ? Rowlans G C Shen-man Jnnea McKlubenRP Rhine G Starkwethe-J>el Morgan R Reynold* Gen Shacke f >rd H A X V6 Jin B RiodeeFH Sh-ed Henry Marah P J RoMnaon F Sinner H McDonald P Riohard F L SpangterHeury B Morri.on P Revell F faundersHorio* Raymond E A S<e! wagen Capt ManarN C Ri-ley K Henry 5!arphLN P Rosencractl EDSmith 0 D Maniy Mr Rod-Tick K A SohwartnianGA Wo Dona d M Rogers K-3 Shearer Ge -J McDonough Ringgold D 3 Hturievant 6 W M?H^*ira Ro?-? Dw Thompeon Riod m u Rhode* D P Thompson Jae Mark* MoF RuaseliC TatnamWmP aJ?Lr#.J A . C M fraoey Fred Rambour C Towmend F MoGrath J Roberts C W Townaend Saml MaJoney J B Robineon C Tyler H Marten J Revere Col Tanner Wm -My?," J 2 Rand C F Tooker W m MoCookJ Roe CD Taylor Win Mulford J T Richardson C H Tidball Dr D Menold J M Randall A W 3 Toyer Soioman M>fr"J Roads A Tysofe Nat E 5r."'^ RainaeyAC Tilghman N-2 Molnttre J B Ramiall A lei Thompson Mr 5lu.rV*y,J, Roaini AHHSF Thompson M Miteheil J Raymond W Towna Mr M", 9? J . Robiaon J R Tar lor Levi S Mulligan J Robinaor J C '? nritei J B Murphy J Roberta J B Taylor jaa E M<tc?-eg.)r J R Reran J II Toppina Job McKma.e; J Reinch'erJ TydiegsJnoT MoKeverJG Rib.yJ TagrettJnoW Morrison J Ramel J Taylor J B Muwd.y J C Ret an J Tru.tian Geo Alayct J Rocinxon J R Taylor Geo Ml ler J Reyn 1<1? J F Tow no L.t F Minwaden J Robinson H C Tuft* Frank McKeaJW Ku<ge b TnplettFFC Morrow ? ?; ShielGeoK2 Tl.oaip.ou Dan Mdine F M .. t*pies Geo W Thome C N Murdona*: F L Sca"im"W G W TowleChar'1-2 Motorma F Stebbh Geo Th> utton Col C MoGaughey i" Simna G G C M i MurtineauED ^'oleGco Tookman Caa'r E 9oov.ll Fred H Tabor B;nj MinikenE M Smith 'laylorBen Mcqaeen D ?Wift Frank Thomaa Lt B M Morria Doctor-2 Soheerer Edw 2 Tolwand And'w Malner U Spencer E 1 emprat A V MathewD 8 Schall Ed Jo? Thrpi.a aky A Saokett KdaonP i"naa Miliar David Ptow K V V ncent Maj S Mnrray Capt SimpaonUavidL Vredenburg W MyeraCC Smith David Weloh i?am'l Murph* Capt Shoop Daniel Wilaon 9aori-2 Mead J 6 Smith D Gaaton Wi|giuaG W 2 McMillan C SmtihDE Wnelan jr E 8 Moody O H Sa kett Gen DB Wilaon Capt J Marvin CO Sediewiok W D Warthman A MU.F?" \,R, Shujera David Walton l?aao MoClelian C H stswart Cha* J Wo d C P Morae B H-2 gtewa t Chaa Wilaon Wm W MoDonell A Stewart Cap Ch Wa ker W B MoGUl A Smith CAuguate Wa ker W M McCoy A Saaeon Chaa A White W H Mann A B Stevena B 1 Walker Wm Montgomery A Stewart A J Wigga W H McCaffarty A Soira Abraham Ward Wm Molt W E fcchimme hnerg Wintera W W North W F a Wal x*n W H Northrip I J Smit,? Andrew Weull Wm Nioholaon L H jjohiffler A G Wood M?j W H North J ^mitii anaon E A\'li 11^ Warren Norton J R Spau dingA fied Weatb'coa VV S Niiiirt J H Sheeder Al>e?ua We| a W X Norve 1 J M Soarville A D Wallace W H Niohola J M Snmner A 2 Wooda Thoa P Noma J W Sturmle a Adam Wiiltama Cap^J Newell J J Sarf.on Jno B Wiiworth J?ain'l Niaby J R Smith C??IGVVP Work Sam'l C NioholM>n H D Stanley M C Wmalow R C NieloE L Seward LtCol Webater Rev R Norton C B CA Warohain R A N'orria C K Stevunaon Maj \Va?nerP Norti C?Pt OS WakerOM Oakford J S-2 Sn ith Gideon A \N nlar.t O K Oatrorne J D Menunt Chaa B Wood N N \v n Salion?tell W C Whitmore N A Ottel,daffer O Sprneglea H H Wt.elan M 0 Brines J Sweeney Thoa Wo f Mr Overman J S Sweeney Jno Wright M*j Ocho 11 Smith JaaKufua Warfitld L. A Orme u W. Schumberg Mai Wiiltama T B Oliver F JW W intlowRC [Jw,.n ^ ? Smith L F Wood rap[ J-2 Oakley E t Mepp Dr GeoW Ward J N Ookeit A Smith Gil*ad A Wa ah Jan IJerry,N StuberWm Wright J M Page W Seat, n W L Wal.aoe J M Preacott ES SomeraW D Wal ace J T Phillipa W P fm.thaon mA Weipkopf J Potwin G B Stuber Wm Wilaon J Putnam A A Saitonatali W G Wai?er J W Phillipa H J S:ewart Wm M Wietbecker J Powell W Seaton Wm L Wiatar J J 1 atten W-3 Storm Wm B Waalungton J T Porter W D StevenaWmC Waia in J Paraona W t, Stewart Wm Wheeler J P Potter S 1,-8 Slocu-n Willard Wyck C H Van !,Vtcrf,!LF Sherman Gen F Whetaell J W Powell Mr W-j W hittington J Purchall S Saaika Maj Thoa W oolUaoroft J P Piroe s Plater Thoa Williama J D Powell Surgeon Smith Capt T F Wallace J M ? Smyth ThoeG Whipple J Piper A Shiffljr Sparks Mai Tho Wilaon Tho Pfennigbaulen Snerman Tho M Wilaon C E D*v . ? Shey Timothy Wilaon J ? PtiffardP Spear Samuel P Wright J PiiitlarP Smith Samuel Wohleben H Philhpa P-4 Sti'pl-r Saml H WeeterveltHC PeekCW So >tt Saml J Walker H Patriok M R Seibe-t S Hniar 5 W?anir,gton FoPrioe L. Soott Kishard lay P arfie d L A Siodda-d Kob F Welton G 2 1'atta J Smith fliillip 2 Wil lama Geo Price J F r piae Peter WillaGA t ie ce J R t-churk Pe'er Wrl?h G E Parka G Stewart o S Warner F W Parker J E Schwartz laaai Walker G PamphiHion J T^tewart J?a B WriirhtG W Peters J W Hlade J?? L Weich E Presc-Jit J M-2 Small Jno A Wynea E Phillip a J M Smith Joa A WinWelman^ Putnam J A Smith II G vveliman D W P.ant H ShaddenJno Withera.l D Palmer II Sherman Joe WeiaaC larger H Shrewbri'ge WheitCC Patten G W ^pa-.iaey J?a R WagnerC Palmer G W Stearna Jno \ Wicht C Pease I W SMiuth M M Watte O K'Mi Smith M K Wasf.rdBH PurdyK S-2 Strong M H Whitney P D 1 erkinj E B .Scuts Mr Wilaon k. AchaP:par Dr Saunders Jaa C aon Pa.mer D Sedgwick Grn J Wilker W A PowerrC Stockda'n Joa Wentworth A A Parker G I StearnaJuoN WiliyoumaA Quinn E StaMer J. Ward A A E?berta C Smit en J Y Work* A Kandati A W SulnvanJnoM Wh.tooinb A 8-2 R'berta R B-2 Spiff>rd J H Younglove C Rust W E Sheroondy J W Young J Reeve s* SherburnJnoP Youug G W Kiohard* H 8 St Clear Jos W Young Edw Randall a J Saunders H T Young BF RamadaH F S ephena Henry Yantiah J Ranoh J H Geo W Yewell J E ?27, u Zeltmaoher A 5*^ M 8 '/e *r< J Robinsi Win SillJao _ Ziohman U Rolan W R Shetm\n Henry Zaleley J F Rowe W N A liat of drop notea will be foand on the balletin board at the Poat Oflioe. lCTL*TT*aa hcbt tw aLL caais be Prkpaid. Drop Lettera, in all caaea, mu?t be pre-paid. Oct4 LEWIS CLEPHANE. P. M. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS nrg-NOTlCE LICENSKS.-Allporaonfwhoae Lk3 Uporaea from the Corporation of Georgetown empire on the 3?th inst., are hereby notib'-d promptly to renew the same, otherwise they subject them?M ves to a hne.and the law is cowpulaory ou the proper offiotra to enloroe said fineagainat al dehtquenta. WM. LAIRD, Clerk SeptemIter 21,1861. te 23 Stawtoct in (Y"g=?N01MCE-DOGLICENSES.-The owners U-3 ofdofa in Georgetown are he el./ notified that all dog Uoenaes expire on the30th mat., if payment la dcra?ed beyona the 10th of Oct ber next, the lioenae bv law la made 25 centa higher, and if not then paid, when demanded by the proper officer. he owner ia subject to a fine, and the offiosr la directed to kill the dog. WM. LAIRD. Clerk. September 21,1061. ae 23 Stawtoot 10 Buckskin gloves, .. ~ , GAUNTLETS, *o. ?Va oall the attention ofSutlera, R'gunental Offioera, and othera wishing to purchase Bnckskin Glovea, Ganntleu, Mittina, Puraea, Tobacco Ponohea, Portmonnaiea, Leggina, Ao., at wholema, to onr extenai ve a took?ail of onr own manutaoture? at our store, 105 High atreet, Georgetown. Onr G ovea Gauntleu and Mittens are of the r#al Buokakin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, BoxingG <?vea, Buokakin Shirta and Drawera, made to ord#r- ? RAM?BURG A EBKR r, 105 High street, Georgetown, D. C. N. Bj-A large quantity of soraps of Bnckakin and Chamois for polishing guns, aoooutremeLts, Sc. e., on hand. ae 2*-lm |V1 AbSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S 1rniLAUBLPHIA DRAUGHT. Ezpeoted this day, per ateamer J. Jerome? 8^0 barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, d0- do... .hlt-bbls. do. do, do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale. Terms cash on delivery. ARNY A 8HINN, 111 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JU8T RECEIVED* ,iS Porto Bieo SUGARS }? ^ a. Oid Rye WHISKY, bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES. pi?, - H METALLIC WOK Cleaslsf. Pellsblag, mad Preveatiag Raat. This Ia superior to all other eils ia the world for , f * Mrpoaea, as well as for machinery and ubrioatug usee It is equally applicat. e to ganloeks and eewing >naonines. Ills in high favor at aohinery"111 en' Yards for ordnance and frimttpai Dtp* mmd Oawrai AfMcp, PHILHARMONIC HALL, __ ' P*?aa. avenue, a ear Eleventh at JLg^Ajaata wanted with team, to a {telegraphic news Tfce Latrit freaa (ilr?. Caibo, 111., Oct 2.-Tbe pun boat Cones tog* went down the river last night vrltbln three mile# of Columbus. She chased the rebel gun-boet Jeff Dsvii under cover of the rebel betteriea on hore It waa ascertained that the Davis bat an armament of four six-pounders. The Conesioga found rebel s'gnal flres burning for several miles this side of Columbua The woods back of Brd's Point are said to be alive with rebels, tud continual skirmishing la reported The laat rrporta from the South say that a large portion of General Pillow's army havoarroaaed the river at Belmont, en route for Cape Girardeau Col Logan, with a body of four hundred and fifty men, went down the Mississippi on Monday, with a view to capture a company of rebeia eocamoed near Charleston, Mo Another partr left Bird's Point for the aamepurpoee. The expedition haa not yet retrrned. Colonel Logan waa reported to be at Charleston last night, where he had felted a large quantity of corn belonging to tha rebeia. * ' The Lateat frena Mleaearl Quiscy, 111., Oct 2 -Messrs Flagg and Lat klna, of the quartermaster's department, have just arrived from the West They report that the commanding officer at Montlcello, Mo , bad placed all the county officers under arrest, and will aend them to St Louiafor trial. letters from aome of Green's men, taken from a re>>?4 arrested at that place, state that the rebels at Lexington are badly frightened at the movements of Fremont, and would probably scatter into amall bodiea before hlaforces could be sufficiently concentrated to attack them. St. Lena. Oct 2 ?in cmeeqnenceof theseces slon of the Cherokee Nation,and itsalllance with tbe rebels, Col McNeill, assistant provost marshal, has issued a proclamation notifying the St. Louis Building and Savings' Association that tbe sum of 133,000, being part of an annuity paid the Cheroktes by tbe government of the United States, now on deposit in that Institution, la, under the act of Congress, forfeited to the United States. and confiac ted to their use and benefit. A Confederate Camp la \Ve?tera Yirgiaa Brskea l> and Kented?A Buttle in Pragre*a between Oea tax and Fleyd and Wiae? The Latter Ketreatlag. Cihcinjiati, Oct 3 ?A body of Federal troops, under Lieut. Col. Engart, attacked a camp of rebels at Chapmansville, In Logan county, Va., near the Kentucky line, routing them, killing sixty and taking seventy prisoners. The same body of rebels were afterward intercepted In their retreat by Col Hyatt, who killed forty and made a large number prisoners Reperts from Charleston, Kanawha county, Va , say that a battle was going on between Gen Cox and the foroes under Gens. Wise and Flovd, at Sewell's Mountain and thattbeiatter were retreating to their Lewisburg entrenchments. News fism Kentucky. Fbaxkfobt, Oct 2.?The Senate resolution offered by Mr. Whitaker yesterday, requesting Gov. Magoffin to resign, was referred to tee committee on federal relations. The House adopted resolutions Instructing Messrs Breckinridge and Powell to resign by a vote of 55 to 31. Natban Gaitber, Jr., has been confirmed as Secretary of State, vice Mr. Monroe, who has gone South. Both Houses pawed the two millions loan bill. Louisvillb, Oct 2 ?The city Is quiet, but conflicting rumors prevail regarding the intended military movements in Kentucky, but nothing sufficiently definite or autheutlc to communicate. Later News train (aiiUrmu ?Excitement Against Rev Dr. Scett. Octfr Station, Pacific Telegraph, Oct. 2 ? San Francisco dates to tbe 25th ult , have been received here. The position of aff-tlra between tbe Rev. Dr Scott and tbe congregation of Calvary Preabyterlan Church had reached a climax. An effigy of tbe reverend gentleman waa auapended near his church before daylight on Sunday morning, labelled "Scott, tbe Traitor." He however, preached a aermon, but waa biased on leaving the church. The police were present snd interfered to prevent violence. The next day he resigned bis pastorship and was about leaving for Europe via Cape Horn. Wlsceasia Demscratlc State Ceaveatlea Milwavkbk. Wis, Oct 2?Tbe Democratic State Convention met at Madison to-day, and nominated B. Ferguson for Governor; H. M. Billings for Lieutenant Governor; Charles Benton for Secretary of State: H. L. Donaman for Treasurer; PS Ortonfor Attorney General, and James Vollman for Bank Comptrolfer Resolutions were adopted sustaining the President in his active prosecution of tbe war. departed Expedltien against Flew Orleats. St Locia, Oct 3?The St Louis Republican aays that a letter from New Orleans(nodategi ven) atatea that fleet of seventy vessels waa coming up the Bailee to attack tbe city. McCalleugh Calling far Mare Treeps Louisville, Oct. 3 ?A gentleman from Richmond reports that McCullough haa called for fifteen additional regiments for service In Misaouri. FLOUR, FLOUR !?75 bhls. Flour for sa'e cheap by J. P. BARTHOLOW. 00 2-1 w 35* Sevent h at., pear Canal. WATCH REPAIRING, ENGRAVING, Ac. Watches, Chronometers, Jewelry, Ac., carefully repaired. Al?o, Engraving in all its hranohes promptly exeoutcd. M. W.GAl.T A BKo., Jewelers, 334 Pa. avenue. Four doors west of Brown's Hotel, oc 2 6t (Repablioau) SEALED PROPOSALS, will be received until the )0th ins'ant. for the immediate delivery, at thia ofiioe, of twelve tiiouaand p< unda i f Red Aab Coal,and one oord of ak v\o<d. Proposals ahould beaddreaa d to the subscriber and endorsed on the envelope, "Proposals for ? ueK" MORKI* tt. MILLER, Major Quartermaster, ITS F st between 18th and 19 h. Qt7ABTBBMAST*BS' OBVICB. Washington city, D. C., Ootober 1st, 1M1, oc 1 8t Dr. m. koch, CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And from 302 Broadway, New York. Bianch ottoe?246 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and lath sts., Washington, I). (J. Corns, Bunions, Soft Corns. Callosities, Club Nails, and Nails penetratina the flesh, Ao.cund without causing pain or inoonvenienoe to the parent The Boot or Sboe can be worn imrrtodlately after the operation- His treatment is founded on the strictly rale of soienoe, such as all Surgeons will app ove. His charges are quite moderat". trifling indeed, compared with tbe relief and aatislaction he affords the sufferer. Refers to the Physicians and Surgeons of this en v. Persons attended at their rooms or residences without extra charge, by leaving orders at 846 Pa. ave , bet 12th and 13th sts. 03 1 im* THE GREAT RUSH TO ARMS has caused SMITH to rush North and replenish his stock of FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, whioh *e oilers at remarkable low prices, at No. 460 Sev enth at . opposite Post Office au an 1m pLOCKS CLOCKS, CLOCKS.-A great van cty of Clocka just received at J. A J. T. ROBINSON A CO.*?, ae 80 6t* 349 Pa av.. oppo. Brown'a Hotel. 1'ULIPAN AND ELEGANTES 1 SEGARS. Also, a number of other oelebrat*d brands, wholesale and retail. WM. GROSSE, Havana Segar Store. se 28 lm oor. Pa av. and 6th st. Washington. (YflLlTlA FINES ! MILITIA FINES!! lTl MILITIA FINKS!!! This ia to give notiee to all delinquents attached to the Third Regiment of District of Co umbta Militia, Col. Michael K Bright, Commanding, that I have duly constituted ana appoint* d Francis N Ede in, a Count* Constable my special Deeuty, to oollectail fines imposed by the Legionary coa't of s?id Regiment, and that on and after the 1st day of Ootober, 1161, you will he oalled upon by said Edelin, for amount of ssid fines imposed by said Court, ana if not paid on presentation he is folly impowered to oollect the same according to law. "See 2nd volume of the laws of the Unitaid States, chapter ! 13, seotion 4, p?gs 799 and 77', pes 1 d 1st of J sly, IB 12." WARD H LAMON. so 28 6t a U 8. Marshal. D. a QQQ JOHNSON A NAGLE, QuQ ioy No. #( ? Hidhstlvaiiia Avbkcb. Between Ninth and Tenth sts.. south side, IMPORTERS OF WlNES, tlQVOKS, St&ARS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, &ARDINES. FINE GROCERIES. AND SUTLERS' ST')RES IN GENERAL. Just arrived the following brands of CHAMPAGNES: 6 H Murnm, Piper Heidstek. Moet A Chandon, Cartier A Co , Harat A Fagot, _ Touretta, Royal Grape. Which we offer at New York Pnoes?freight added. JOHNSON A NAGLE, 3S9 Penna avenue. Abm M. Bininger A Co.'sjlS Uroid street, New York J World-renowned BOTTLED WINES aad LIQUORS, for Camp,MediciLa and Kami lyase, oonstar.tiy on hand aod acid at New York Phom by the Caee. At JOHNSON A NaGLE'S. PICKLES, Peeper and other* SAL^RA^'VoMATO CaTSU P, by the barrel, gallon, or dosaa, from the oe ebratso mansftotory of i-ohrenbarh A Co , New Y ork, at eatonithiaxfy low prieea. At Johnson a nagle's, APIES' REAL PARIS KID OLOVKS. all aiaeeaod colors, vary bent quality. tease' Under vats, long aad short sleeves. JCoaraiM Shawls, long aad eqnare. Fiae aad ew4i?a White We are daily adding many aovalttee la firat-elass Dry Goods to oar stoek. . , una price ocjT. the aetnal oaak faderd valae. SECOND EDITION. THREE 0*CL0CK F. M Not So ?The H'roldt money wtlrlt of v?efrdsv does gross iBjnstire to tb? bsnklng k?u? of Rlggs k Co., la this city, upon the strength of "s ramor" aiding that the? t-sve bwi brrlng up Treasury Bote* at a discount and drawing tb? specie for tbrai from the Treasury. " * Co., oa the contrary, are tha aaljr bank era here who recslve Treasury netes ob de rosltees tpttit. They ban itrar tikea or Wa|ht one at leaa (ban the value la gold, of its fhee. They have been advancing to araay contractor., aad bow harp at least a half million of dollars of 'heir means so employed la aiding the OomaMfa military operatlona. for tt does amouat la latf important aid. They now bevs en band perbnps a larger amoaat of Treaaury aalri, eeary one received at par, tbaa aay other banking houaa la the country. Will the ffrraid luki tbs correc tionT OUR MI LIT A RY B UDOBT. TH* AFFAIB AT CHAfMA ITS TILLS. VA The War Departmeat laat aigfat received a dlar?tch contrming Gen Reynold * victory la Western Virginia, that wu achieved vsterdsr Hf wu reconaoiterlng with two of bia Mg nma, when he can * upon a considerable rebel force, which be utterly routed with coneiderable loaa oa (heir part Pee our telegraphic column for the Associated PreM account of It. A QCAITIlBAaTIK TOB Til WSST . Major Gen Fremont haelng requm Ssd tbe appointment of Quartermaster for the Departmeat of the West. in tbe place of Brigadier General McKlnatrv. who hea Ukaa the field la Missouri, Major Robert Allen has been appelated to that portion Hia cm'nent qualifications for that Uaportant post are well known MILITABT ArrntjriMBHTa MADE TO-DAT Edward R Pennington, of N. J., (Governor P a son.) to be a Captain 1b the leth Infantry, (J. 8. A. Dr J. H GroTf, of Pa , aad Dr. W. M Chambers, of 111, to be Brigade Surgeon*. AUITU. Brevet Major General Wool ro?cba1 Wash lagton at noon to-day, and immediately repaired t? Headquarters He U accompanied by two members of hla staff. raoic BAieaa' colcmn. f Special Correapoadenoe of The Star t Anotktr Cast of Iwnbordinatim in tk? Fortytxxtk P??a>y/re?s? r(risusi- M Kmipt Shot by a Prxratr?Morrmtnts of Troop t D?bnb?town, Oct. 4 ? About alt o'clock Mat evening, just after parade, prirate Sam'I D. Martin, of the Forty-alxth Pennsylvania Reglmsat, shot Col Sam'l D. Kaipe and hla bob, Chaa D. D. Knlpe, with a revolver. Col Knlpe was shot * badly through tbe shoulder and right am, and his son through the right hand Martin atepped out of the ranks after parade and. aaylng to Col. K. " Vou are aG?d d ? naon of abltrh anvhow," deliberately fired three or four ahoto. Martin la half-brother to Lanaban. tbe murderer of Major Lewla. of tbe same regiment, and be haaexhlblted bad blood to Col. K for an me time. Martin waa immediately placed under arrest l.anahan, who made an unaucceaaful attempt to commit auiclde some da vast nee, while under sentence of death, will be bung this morning, It la expected. Several regiments of General Banks' division moved up to Pooisvllle yesterday. gu*ti*o r* f*E??oca roars officially kamio. HSADQrABTBBS. A BUT OF TBS POTOMAC, > Waahlnrton, September 30, IW1. ( General Order* No 18. 1 The attention of Dlrlalon and Brigade Commander) is called to the requirement of General Ordera, Xo a, from the Headquarter of the Division of tbe Potomac, of July 3u, lrti, which have of late been, to a certain extent, disregarded No officer or aoldler can absent blmaelf from bis camp and vlitt Waihln^toi except for tbe performance of some public duty, or for tbe tranaaetloB of Important private boalneaa. for which purpoaea written permits will be given by Brigade Commanders The permit will state the ob^et of the visit. Tbe number of paaaes granted st present l? far too great Brigade Commanders will hereafter limit tbelr approvala to tboee permits which are clearly within the restrictions of tbe oeder Brigade Commanders will observe tbst they csn only give passe* to the troops, or to other persons connected with the Army. Tbey sre prohibited glvln? passes to citizens having no connection with tbe troops S. Tbe publication of ordera Is neglected in certain portions of this Atmr. It Is directed that henceforth every General Order be read at tbe bead of each regiment Division and Brigade Commanders will see that the printed orders sent to them sre distributed without delsy. Csre will be also taken at Dlvlalon and Brigade Headquarters to furnish coplra of Special Orders, received from these or other superior Headquarters, to the Individuals concerned, through their Immediate commanders, as soon as practicable Ordera for any body of troopa will be addreaaed to the commander. and will be opened and executed by tbe commander present, and published or distributed by bun when necessary. 3. Dlvlalon and Brigade Commanders will report weekly tbrongh tbe chief Ordnance officer at theee Headquarters, the amount of ammunition on hand In tbelr commands, and tbe amount in tbe cartridge boxes of tbe troops 4 TbeJLigt: Batteries aasl^ned to each Dlvt ion of tbta Armv will be commanded by the senior Battery officer present with them, who will report directly to tbe Dlvlalon Commander The Divisional Batterlea will not be nmlgned to Brigades except for temporary aervlce 5 The armament of the Field having been fixed by the Chief of Artillery, will bo? be altered, even in the allghteat respect, exoept by his permission and order. 6 The Commander of every Field Battery will send to tbe office of the Chief of Artillery, oa the 1st and I5tb of each month, a Return of his Battery, of tbe same form as the usual 7. Whenever a Field Battery la engaged with the enemy, a full report of the as me In writing will be made, with as little delay as poaalble, by the Battery Commander to the Chief of Artillery. stating in deU'.l, besides the ordinary matters of such reports, tbe loss or damage of material, as well a* personnel. 8 All requisitions for ordnanoe, and ordnance stores for Field Batteriea, will be made direct to the Chief of Artillery Hereafter, all subsistence stores condemned by s Board of Survey, or by other competent authority within this command, will be turned Into the principal depot of auppllea nearest tbs point of such condemned stores?to be disposed of by tbe Depot Commlsssry according to Army Regulations and ordera on tbe subject A copy of the proceeding* of tbe Board of Purvey, or Inspection Report, will be furnished tbe Commissary receiving the condemned stores 111 Payment for the rations saved by compaales, as directed in General Orders No. na, of Septen. ber 23, 1861, from tbe War Department, will be made only by the officers or sgents In charge of the principal subsistence depots within this command 11. Tbs works In the vicinity of W sshlngton are named as follows: The work south of Huntlag Creek, Fort Lyon. That ob Shooter's Hill, Fort Elk worth That to the left of tbe Semlaary, Fort Worth That la front of Blenker'a bngadf, Fort Bleaker. That In front of Lee's house, Fort Ward. That near tbe mouth of Four-mile Creek, Fart Scott. That on Rlcbardaon'a Hill, Fort Rlchnrdsna. That now known as Fort A. bony, Fort Albaay. That near tbe end of Long bridge. Fort Runs. Tbe work next on the right of Fort Albaay. Fort Craig. The next oa the right of Fort Craig, Fort Tilling haat ^The next on tbe right of Fort TllUaghant, Fort ? The work next on the right of Fort Ramsay. Fort Woodbury. That next on the right of Fort Woodbwry, Fort DeKalb. Tbe work la rear of Fort Corcoran aad near canal, Fort Baggerty. That now known as Fort Coecoraa, Fort Corcoran That to the north of Fort Corcoran, Fart BenBett That south of Chala bridge, oa half ht, Fort Ethan Alien. That near the Chain bridge, oa Leoabarg road, Fort Mercy. Thai oa the cliff north af Chain bridge, Batter r Martin Scott That oa height Bear resarvotr, Battery Vermont , That near Georgetown. Battery Cameron. That on the left of Teenallytowa, Fort Gaines. That at Tenaallytowa, Fort Penneylvante That at Emery's Chapel. Fort MsaaachoaeUa That near camp of 9d Rhode Island regiment. Fort Slocum That on Proapect Hill, near Bla iiaHiarg, Fort Llnooln. Thai next oa tbe left of Fort Llnooln, Pert Bark/Kj ??rt ?a the left ef Fort Saratoga, Pert Banker Hill. F Jbatantte right s^l moral Sic kiss's oamp, That aa tbe right sf Part Stanton, port Carrol That oa tbs lsft, towsrds Bted saksi/, Part Oreble By e mmand f Major General Mad aa - * -

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