Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1861 Page 4
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? HB KVKM.Mi STAR. ?????? . or *olt>t l1ri> i "8. H." of 6ent*te county, N Y , write? the " Rural New Yorker" >' follow* : " Beeirg ?n inquiry how to mak* rancid or ftrong lard tweet. I *end tou the following recipe Make a weak ley of wood aahes. settle the ley well, pat it with the lard in a kettle urer the fire, until it boil*: then let it cool take the lard on tbe ley. ana con it over a moderate Are. removing all the scum until no more scum ri-*e?, when it i* done. Any fat. from fried bam ormeat, can be made lit. in the i fame way, to use M a substitute for 1erd " C. Jobnson. of Clirkson, writes:?" Seeing an article on this subject in tho Pnral, I will ?* my experience?it m?y benefit some one eep the leaf lard separate, cook orer a rooierate fire till tb? scran* are quite brown, taking ear* not to aoorch the lard. When strained, and partially oooled, pour into tin cans similar to those used by milkmen. Keep in the coldest Slare I have till summer, then in the cellar, sugh lard is tried in the same way. Put in tin pails or pans for first use. Lard treated in this way is as good when kept a year as when first triad. Whan lard asquires an old or unpleasant taste, heat it hot slice in twoor three good sited potatoes, cook until brown, and skim them oat. The potatoes will absorb all the un * A Mi ? !inhdi navor. nn is oe?t 10 Keep lard in. hat wanted for rammer use should be kept free from air. cook15s *qi ash. cakes. >tc. Mettrt, EJt :?To our Rural readers I p?nd a few recipes whi:h I know to be good. I lore to see the ' Domestic Column" well filled with plain and simple recipes, such as can be had within the bounds of this our Union. How I Cool Squa-ih.?Steam them whole one hcur; then smash and set on the stove until dry. and season well with butter, pepper, salt and sweet cream. If it don't suit, you are no judge. Sweeping Carpets.?To prevent the rising of dust, wet jour broom thoroughly, but do not mvk 11 og Gripping, ana you win oca less aast and easier sweeping. To Sitter Julia, ?I would ?ay wash brown linen in bran-water and hard soap. Cure for Frrer A<nt??Dandelion root tea. Nazarie Cate.?One cup cream; I of sugar; 1 egg: 1 teaspoonful saleratus; nutmeg, flour enough to stiffen; Bake half an hour, and you have a plain tea cake.?Rural New Yorker. U^Mr Ron Wtaana, wi'e and family, and Mr Thomas Winani and fam ly, are making arrangements for ?be purpose of making a visit to Europe, and will leave before the close of the month. Ify The marine loaaea for September are reported at t1?2,00U; the total since 1st January Is I0,1?,S50. Ip* strange to say. Thurlow Weed again lost bis po<-ket-book Sunday evening. It was probably picked from his pocket In the sleeping cars. U7Wm, C. R'vea is a candidate for the rebel Cungraea in the Seveath district of Virginia. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fbom thi Cbitbb Statu. Stmmert Ltam*. For. Davi. great Eastern New )[ork_. Liverpool Oot 5 rvT?i? ,iiew Yori... Liverpool.. .Oct 9 Niagara..??.? ..Boaton. Liverpool....Oot 16 Atta. .New York _ Liverpool... Oct 23 Bremen....?. .New York....Bremen.? Oct 26 From Etrnopa N ia?ara Liverpool.... Boston Sept 21 A*ia .Liverpool New York ..Sept 23 Bremen. South pton...New York.._Oot 2 The California mail ateamer* leave New York oa the 1st, Uth. and Slat of every month. T'HE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STOKE. No. 4*50 Ssvei th at., la the pi&ce to buy your Clothing. Trunk*, liata and Cap-a. ocl lm SW. TUCKER Would Announce to the citi S?na. mhta. j and aojournera ifWwhlH'on tkat he la nuw prosecute r the Tai >f| loringBuainee* in all its branches at No. II 497 ft-.xth at. 31 door north of Pa av. He mW ; i> A- * - iu<r>iri,a ?u rnan?r*/jrure, cut. repair, r' rrod'1.o'eime,and strive t<> r>e generally accommodating. Economists hoaid call and see liun I ottt- Trad*? Facings and other Machine Stitching nelly gjgjjjd. se 17-Siwlm* CL O SING OUT CLOSING OUT! IIatuu copo uded to elc~* out my entire stock of FANCY, GOoD*, i have removed the same to iNo. Per.csyjva.aa avenue, oetween 8th 9tfc 8'r-'f 3, whtm I will oner the entire stock st r-j<sb %s wii) enable air former oustomera, #aa the pat/i c s?nera y. to buv the 6 st o'ass Frenoh F*^?T Goods at ra*u writ". Now is the time to N- B ?All persons navinic claims against rr.e are request to present the same for sottlnntnt; and ail persons Indebted to me are requested to make arrangements to liquidate their claims withow' furta?r notioe. Prompt attention Will greVly oblige. ^ ^Keapeot fully, R. C bTEVENS f^RIB, CRADLE AND BKD BLANKETS V/ and COUNTER PANES, all sues au^ quail tj*s, Bed Comforts,Sheetings, Pillow Linen< and Cotv>es, To wels, Napkins, Table Clo'hs, Tickings, l>oyiie?. ko. Ail at our p-overbiaJ.y low prioes, masked in pfcin figures. New oomers, strangers, sojourners aid citizens will inspect our a ook at pleasure. PERRY k. BRO . m *7-at Penn. avenue and <>th st., NOTICE. sWK JSSSE MR ADAMS' riPRKM KlJMPAJIY." This Company offer* ?n tha pnVj.-." Ln*<inailed Advantage* ' fur the -?af? and Qu ck l>'?patct. of Heavy K< eights Paokagea, Yaluaties, Mou?y, Ao. A o., to all part* of the Liu ted States. Expresses to aod from the North and VVeetde r*n, from and arnv? in Washington twice dally. Ail Expresaea are in oliarge <?f fzreruntfd and rthnbU Me?ngera. All Pacw for The Soldiers carried at "osi half" o?r u?ut. r?tea. All Go? it* fur tne so-oal'ed "Confederate Htate<" rid all Artiolee " ContralanU of War" will be xrrsxD. Oa- E? presses leave New York at 1, and ft P. .?.. arriving in Washington at ft A. M and 5J*i P. M. V tresses le%-e Philadelphia at ?.*> A. At- and M , arriving in Washington at ft9' P. M and ? A. r?. Expresses leave hAltimorrj at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M.^arruiiig in Washington at 6 A. M and 5 3' Expresses for all points Nor?h and vveat leave Wasnn?toaat7X> aTm and p M. daily. Speei%l Coutraota for ?rge quantities of Freight cati be made o. aopuoaHon to tUi* 'ffioe. Alt Goods tailed for and delivered frtt, of Extra Charges. E. W, PARSONS, Sup't Adame' Expreaa Com pan*. Washington. August 28. tMt. au 23 tf DiK. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the iaat naff oentar? in the Uoapitala of London and f%i<* for UK> cur* of Secret Jh ie?7 now oe had at UPHA.M'B. N<>. 310 Cbeauut atr?et, ao|e a?eot for the United State* tt contains no m*r eary or othar mi d era a, and wi i not bum the moat d*Uo*t* conat.tuuoa A tpttdv ture cn%racteed acd no t hange of net required. Fa ? $1 fc*nt by exjieaa Sodm Washington b* S. CAl.VkRt FOR D, oorner 11th atreetand PennaylvaBia avenue. aep 5- eoly f TPH AM*S HATR DVK '.-TOCOLOR BLACK U OR BKOWi* . Only 3* centa a b"X. Three boxen for one dollar- Gray, red or flaxen nair can oe ouaacM m a few aeoonda to a j t t>.aok or brown, by nair< Uptam'a Liquid Ha:r Dye, the beat and eheapeet in the world, producing the mnn-ent *t i* appned. a rica natural appearand. Each Box of UPHA.M'8 HAIR DVK <a wyraoted to oontain aa a a eh Amtr dye aa otbera aell for tm* dollar'. Sod by 8 C. UPHAM. 3L0 'h?anut atreet, h ladelpbta. and 8. CALVERT FORD, oorner Uth gtreet and fa. are. aep 5-eoly DK DUPONT8 HrOAR-COATED FK MALE REGULATING PILLS ?? til* very but im use They operate apeedi jUgJ u<l MMiotl.r. Lad twine WW f eiM mo naaaaa apon the nmt deioet. ^ r a'oitofc A tntl of U?k Pilla will prove th*ir anteriority orer all oiha^a Prioe On* Dollar a box. Bo'd only at L'PHAM'S, S10 Cheanut UMt. Bent b? maii to * ; aart* of thaooantry i a aeaied eaeetope, Bold la Waahinjton by 9. CALVERT KOKD, oorner 11th atreet and Pa. aep s #oly QAT THE UNPAWN OKK.CK.^ Bitk of tk* national Hot*l. U 0 i?ber?i edvaeoea mada oc bold and ilver WitatM, l)i?moD a, Jew* rr. Silver wera.ClothIX. Piatoia.aod all kioda of Met ohaadue. Buainoaa atnet y ooofi }anti*i. ISAAC HERZBKRO, JJ1C atraot. mia Betwe?o?Hend?hato. rpHE PARTNERSHIP Bxiatiac between J 1 W. HEAR* a HBO *u diaao ved on the 4th day or M?y !eat,and tha atock, booka and dabta fa'onaaa* ^y W, t. ? **?, wdo will hereafter oo^dn.t the baaineca. WMhiayfa, Boyt n. H61. ae^-lar vnu "*?? . .. . .vMitDVkUMB, A^IU TBHJ) FA .M U iltM m-Miiij ur kiixlof Fainoy or B<?p DRY ?oo U?J. tot bm or at booM. ?re ouoiteri to : :i^??t our extenaive stock ; no obligation to por(MN thereby Incurred ?>pe pri * only, marked in plAin SisrM Ail rAireU for the inferior aeooreTy and propeily IWMitweof ehArt e. rKRRY* BROTHER. Pa. atac ae And N i u th ft, ? It ft " Perry BaiUl? " A ?Wrimtraro,g ?*SAss ST fiNsrlSHPDlfeSk^J'- ; e*< C???rof pA at a?ki Kerentii ?t \ WfKCIAL HV* SAINS Y>lA\p?, PI AN Ob. PI A NOS.?New PiAaoe i $ SUMMER RETREATS. WKA BATHINO AND SAFK RtrMEAT, ^ At Point 1<ook-Out, Mahtl*Jiu. This oe eVat?d Bathing Paee. attuated at the ibuotionof th" Pctoroao River wHh th*A . . A Che?a>?ake DM. vill be opeue-l br tLafifBjV undorsuncd oe tho l?th of JU ;?, in th?j4uHLL very best style, for * I perecna who t:Sr wiehs ?afo aid amet retreat, where they oanhave th? Den*hi of the beet sat water haf-ina and eckjr the de.ieioi'ii of the water, aaah aa Fiah of all Find a. Oyaiera, I'raM.Jto. Everj description of fiakinc tackle mil be kept for the ace?mrtK>d*ti-'?ri if guestsA fine livery ?taf> e W?pt on th? farm Also, ten pin alleys and bil'iaid an loon* ; with all other amusements usually found at such p aoes. The table will be sapplied daily wOii Ueati vegetaMea fiv . the garU ^ on the preini?ea and from th?? iJa'tlinore and \V*?? rrton markets. The heit Liquors and Cicara will al way a be found atthe liar. Board, *2 p?r <la?; one w?ek, 512, aeoond week, l'n lour week* for 5iS; children and ooiored nrvant* half-price. The steamer St. Nicholas leave* Washington Tuosday at 6 a m. ar. i itaitiraore on Friday at if, m. The half pa*t 2 o'clock p. m. train from Washington will oouo^ot at Bttltunore with the hoata, reaching Point Lookout daiiy ; a ao, a tri-weekly from Waahicgton. by way of Leonardtown. A<1u esa the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington. f> C., or Aletaadria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWKR A CO. Prop'n. ~ DENTISTRY. Dr. (HARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,* Between Ninth and Tooth Street# ac 3S-eo2m f\l TKETH. i w i / >/ k \jm i u u r v a. i a ? . j i a. io? .n. i/., mo inTenwr ana ptMDivv jf ins MINER \L PLATE TEETH, at tend* personally at hia office .n this oitr&MVMpr Many persons can wear these teeth who^*'irp oanoot wear others, aad no person can wear others who cannot wear these. f'ersons calling at mr office can be aooommoaated tn any sty a and price of Teeth th"j may desire; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest, deanest, strongest, aiid perfect denture that art can prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. S3* Pa.aynue. betweea 9th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi.adel ehia. oo 14 tf GAS FITTING, &c7 Awm j. dove & CO. RE Now prepared to execute any erdsra with which they may be fivoreti in tiie PLt'MBlNS, 8AS OB STEAM FITT1N9 BUSINESS. (IT* Store on 9th street, a fow doors north of Pa. fcyenue, where may be fosnd a comslete assortment of CH ANDEU ERS >nd otiier AS, STEAM ac4 WVfKK FIXTURKS I. ? i 1 SNYDER, PLUMBER AND HAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared tn introduoe Water and Gas npon the most favorable term*, and guaranties entire satisfaction. Ha has on hand a lot of COOKIN? and other STOVES, whioh he will aell iesa than ooet, as he wiehee to gel rid of thoia. no IT W? AS FIXTURES. E Hare in store, an t are dai y receiving, BAB fIXTURES of entirely New Patternaand Deaigna ana Finiali. superior in efyte to anything heretofore fler d in this market. We invite citneaa eeneral ly to tall and examine onr stock of lias and Water Fix ires, feeling confident that we have the beat selected stock in Waahinston. / AU Work in the above Tine intrusted to #nr oar a Will be promptly attended to. MYERS 4k McOHAN. mar t tf 378 D street. (\t ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER W CV HAS METERS, Wabhtnstow. JW!y II, 1M, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That, agreeably to the provisions of the ordinaire of the Corporation approvsd May 13, l^jp, the andersigned is now preparsi. "whenever rofbired in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of fifty oents, to inspect, axamine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of registration ofi^y gas meter in J to in this city." tvery meter, iffwunu inooriect, wili be condemned ar.d another, sealed and mariad as true, will be eiiair* pi?ce. ii promd to be ?coa?v\9 in ita ie *?ailment cf (U, it will be eeulM ?ruo~aiTigly( *r ui miniit in tout' on for uee. u#os No. *10 Sonrcnts rtreet, (nemr Odd F?l. we' tl?:!.> <>?ei. iror ? rv. m., to i . m. CHARLES V>. OLNMNflHAM. jy It tf Ic?**otor at I 9**>r cf 8it Meters. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3'i'J Pensstlvaxia Avbnui. MILITARY OD NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND H EAUY-M * HE CLOTHIFRS, AND EXTENSIVE DKALKRS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, e A-if (Intel. A Repub.) BILLIARDS! r vj LT The loven >- of the SAME OF BILLIARDS will find in KM RICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (south Rid*,) two of the ni)4t admirable TABLF:?? in the United State*, with every ooirjort and oonvemenoe an S tf for the players. WATCH REPAIR INfc ANUSILVLR WARE MANUFACTORY. 1 have one of the l>est establishments, aiid furnished with aoompiete net of tools for repair- JSk ice every d^scns *on of fine Watonos, and paiticuisr attention give to the same, by i-zHm iha ?gii oompetent work man .and a u"rt EBtiwyi ti?ni Also.ev-iry descnp ion of standard SILVER Wj KE. p'amand oriiameutal, maiiulaotureaunder my uwn supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality riud finish U northern ware sold by dealers in geiwral and represented as their ! ewr. wiauufacture. II. O, HOOD, ??1 UinktwpiM n?*- ?rh ri^HL Kl KCmN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. J. E.MRIOH. at toe corner of t'enn. A . . A avenue and Eleventli etraet, has greatl/ improved recently and now offers.UlMaUL greater hi tueementa for the patronage of cijiiens and stranger-than any other pab'.io honsein the oity, iiis pr res being less than those of any other o"i? on raan. arer>ne, asd mi* aoeomraVdatioKa (or permanent at transient boardera onexoopnonable. fee bar aod restaurant arri/itoinenta of th? hurope*p note! f,a?r a:iea..? beoonie very pope tar. being all tha' cao he desired by the ir.oet faaQ>U?ua. TLe proprietor pledgee unremitted att;ntio; and ooutinuea libera ezpen Mures(.reeatIsftcU a to ail, and tiius reca-ra hu invitation all to ti*e the Kor<ie?nko Hot*i a <ie?-ti rj U N BOATS OuartirmasUr OtntraPf OJht*. t Washington City. July 18,1861. \ Plans and Spbcivicatiows for hulla of Son Boat a lor the Western riven are on exhibition at '.his office, and at offioea of Quarterruastera at Pittsburg. tfinoinnati, HI. Louis and Alton. KiiAta to hA <Uli?av*H a* 1,1 4 ' J * Ul'll liaOUIQ DO ent to Quartermaster General oftho Catted States Arn.y, &t Washington, by lit A>i gust, at noon. M C MEIGS, jy 19 Brig. Gen'l acl Quartermaster Gen'l, I [NION PAPKR AND EN V KLOPES.-Twen U ty different style* of Note and Letter Paper, with Envelopes to inarch. Views of Washington in the form of a Rose,and in Book lorm; also, separate Ail the l'ai'f ai d Weok'y Papers constantly no band. Herald. Times, and Tribune received every night at 6 o'oiock. Papers from all parts of the oountry. beadie's Dune Novels and Son* Book*. Afresh supply of Books for summer readme, cheap A iar<e assortment of Juvenilae?Mayne Reid's Books. Kollo Books. Abbott'* Histories. Ac. A disooubt of I*' to so per o*nt. on a!l bound books FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, ran i* National H'w.k* tnre. *J? ? f'a. av. 1CASH NOTICE. N Consequeaoe of our having to pay o**ti for every artic'e of goods we purohase. we are forced to ie4uce our business to Cash exclusively, for the present. We hive id store a very large assortmeat of READY MADE CLOTHING for men and boys' wear, which are seiltos at a much lower rate than usually. WALL. (STEPHENS A CO.. 34'i Pa. avenue, between 9th and luth *t?. Je y < Istw. it Repijh.i >1 APS OP Ttt V. HiiT/iP t*r a.o ? ?i ? -?* I ? , _ ? vr ?? If 100U1Q IM Map of the Seat of War for only 6 oenU. Also. Pocket Map* of all kinds. Solatia' Camp Dreaaint Case* from $8 60 to Blank Booka and Stationary of all kinda, Flag Paper and Envelopes. } m Banner* an<l Badges, Vieva of Washington, Amer.aan and Foreitn Marasines, l> and Waak.y Paper*. * FRENCH ft RICHSTEIN'S National Bookstnr*, ml (Intsl. ft Repab.) 978 Pa. avenue. WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larta assortment nf UKEY and BLL'E FLANNhTL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE httiR TS, DRAWERS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSE, Ac., wtnon we invite all oash puru/iaaer* to examine before making their selectione. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., 399 Pa. av., batveen 9tti and loth its. w St (Intelligencer and Kopabtican.) H FRENCH ft R1CHS1E1N A VV !--? ? ' " ~ .... iima Buppif 01 aio r?Mr< Colored Bordera, ruled and plain, wRk En eiopee to inaXoh Al?o, Klfcf Paper of all kinds, with ud without Mottoee; Envetopee to matoh. Puree* aud Pooket Book a of every deeoription. 4 larje aseortjnect of Stationary. New Vork Papere reoeived daily; Payer* from all parte of Um oountrj, FRENCH * RICHSTEIN, ma I at* p?bb ai?m?. MKW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The I" Aiokfniat, or tke Hoiae of Ciaee; from the Prench 01 Hooore de Balmao. Free by nail, 91. 3tiae Maruer, the Weaver of Rareioe; by Geo. Ks&r ^rt"^astjcffflg!ruVSPfeggrd ? . " They fo right to the Apot _ * INSTANT RRL1KF STOP *OUR COUGH PURIFY VOL'* BR RATH STRENGTHEN YOPR VOIOE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, k*u GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, OOOD FOR LECTURERS, OOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, OOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. \ ?ENTI.EMEN CARRV SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTION8. LADiKS ARE DELifiHTBD WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRT FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Counh instantly. They elear the Throat They give strength and Tolame to the voio?. They impart a delioioaa aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herb* and oannot ham any one. I adviae every one who h&a a Cough or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breach, or any diffioalty of the Throat, to get & p&okage of my Threat Confections. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go risht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending puhlio rreetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirat. If you try one p&okagr I am ?afe in aaying that you will ever af terwarda onnsider them indispensible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealera ia Medicines. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My aignature ia on eaoh paokage. All othera are oounterfeit. A Package will be aent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of Thirty Cents. Addreas, HENRY C. SPALDINO, No.49 OEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. ^aVic/> ^-CURE'>> CURE NervousHeadacht Headache. Br the in of lh?M Pills the jeriodio Mtuki o i ,V?r?c*j or Sick Ht+d*tk* may b* rrevrntsdi and I 1 ulen at the commocsomeut ot an attack imiu? I dtate relief from painardaiokxeu vi'l beobtainnrt. I They ldom fail in r?motin? is? ?r>^ I Hfdatka to which females are to nbjtot They Mt gently upon the bowels,?msovug C*? litmiii. For Litirery Mm, Stmdr*tt, Delicate Females, and ail peraona of jarisMtary K*Mu, they are vai able as a Laxaiivt, improving the ayptriK, giving mm and ?Mor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natnral elasticity and strength of tbe whole syatam. The CEPHALIC PILL8 are the recall of long inveatigation and oarafaUy oonduoted experiments, laving been in nae many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved % rut amnunt of pain and Buffering rora Headache, whether ongVnaticg in th?( mrveus ay item or from a deranged tat* of the * tornado They are entirely vegetable in their oompoaltion, and may be taken at all times with perfect aafety without making any change of diet, mnd tkt mbttntt at m* dxsatr?abl* taut$ ii ?Jt la (dMiaiilir I4?n to cuildrtn. BKWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C Spalding on each Bni. Sold by Draggiata ard all other Dealer* la Medi tinea. A Uox will be sent by mail prepaid on reeaiMe ?& PRICE, 3* CENTS. A Li erdara ahoald be addressed to I1KNRY C. JfPALDlNR. 40 Ciosa Btkibt, N?w Yoik. from tk* Rxmmukm, Norfolk, Tm. Cephalio Pilla aooomfliah the object for whioh trny were made, via: Car* of hea<lache in all lta forma. Am tk* Xmmmimor, Norfolk, fa. They have been teated in mora than a Unau< saaea, villi entire ancoeaa. from tk* fliiaiirM, St. Cltmd, tftaa. if yon are, or have been troubled w itb tie headache, send for a box, < O? Pilla ,; ao that yoa may have them Id oa*? of an^ttaofc. Prom tk* IfMUm A. ft. OmmttU, Pkiomt*, III, We bmrnly endorse Mr. tfpaldlnc. aa4 kit *?rivalled Cephalio Pilla. fVw tk* Somtktm Pmtk Ftndor, JVw Or 11 mm t, Lm. Try them ! yon that are afflicted, and we arc a*re that yomr testimony can be added to the a>lrea4y numeroua list that lias reoeived bene!ta that no other medioine can produce. #Vns tk* Osmim, Janawrt, ietva. Mr. 8?aldio( would not conneot Ms aane with an article he did not know to poaaosa reau merit. 'From tk* Ad+Ttiur, Prooidomto, JU I. The Cephalio Pilla art? aaid to be a rflaarkably effective remedy lor the neaiUelie, and or.aefths very best for that very frequent eem plaint which haa ever been diaoovered. trom tk* St. Ltmit Dtmatrmt. The iromesae deraacd for the artlele (OothaJte Puis) iajr*?i<lly tncreaamg. Prom tk4 I?mw<U VtUUf Sim, ? mm mm km. Fa. WeiM aura that peraona aaJTerlag with the head aehe, who try them, will atiefc to then. From tk* jUmtHiit, Ft?id*nee, Jt. 2. The tsrtunorr id their fkror ib etrong, frea tha eioet iee*eotab!e ? carter*. From tha Dmilt Unit, Afiwyn, R. J, Cephalio Pilla are taking the flaoe of all kiata. Prom tk* Cmaurnai BulUti?, XmIm, Mail Said to be very eftoaoiooa for the headaohe. Prom tk* Commercial, OUmsfttt, Ok to, Buffering hunanitT oan now be relieved. IET A ingle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will save ten time# ite ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH IET""A Stitch IH TIMSAVM Nm?."-fT? _ As aooidenU will happen, eren in vol) regalatea familiee. it u very durable to hare eome oheap an t^oonvenient way for repairing Ku rmtnre, Toy* Crockery, to. I SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meeu ui nok omorgonoioo, fend no hoooohold o* uford to bo withoutIt It ta al v??o roady. ud to Uio ottoking joint. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.-A Bruok Hommum ?ok Boitim. Pn? li mdU. AUdroo* HENRY Q. 8PALD1NH. No. 48 Codar stroot, Nov Yort. U* 1 PAU>IN#1 PREPARED HLHBX8 S2?tsp*"?m"'"-woes? , % / ?C%r? Couth, OId, Homttmut, lmtattf* ar Sifiv imi of t*? Tkrooi, Riltm Ho'fcm* Couth m foiww^ tun, BrtmthitU, A*hmu, t Catarrh, CUmr mmd girt itrtnrth U tht rote* *f PUBLIC 8PEAEBRB an? PINSERft. Vvw are mrt of the importance of eheoking a Ooath or "Common C<<ld in tu firat itatc; teal ?ioh in too bejiainj wucld yield to araila reme<b, if nrriected, soon attack* the Lunte. Hr&HHtal TtocA**." oontamwic dMBiToentuuredi ou, allay fa moLary aod biocobiai Irritation. f That trouble in my Throat, tfw BROWN 8 whiah the "Trock?sn area eyeciio) havinc made me often a mere whia TROCHE8 yererr* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S ^ ^ recommend their aae to Pf blio TROCHES * ' REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "ttreet aerricein aabdaint Hoakii BROWN'S itaaa." REV. DANIEL WISE. VROCHKM " Almoat inatant relief In the dtaIRUUBM treaain* labor of breathing yeoniiar HROWN'R to iiriMi.'' anuw n B H K V. A. C. E66LE8TON. TROCHES " Contain no Ovinia or anything _ lajarioua." DR. A. A HA v fig, JROWN'8 Cktmist, Jfoittm,

TBOCHKfl BROWNU S" 4" " B18EL?5i. TROCHE? " ?S'rJTtXNE. BROWN'B ?*"!* M 1 have yroyed them exeellent for TROCHES W..or:glCo;..r ? BROWN'S Besttm. ______ " Beneficial whan oom yelled to TROCHES ?^A?ik*rUif from Co'gT BROWN'S MKWm " P# A?,D]V&U troches ?wu m i i^MVU taw A MI vnii W BROWN'S 00,1^n,on Wltil and SmaTROCHES Prof. M. STACY^OJINSON^ BROWN'S *Mcfc?r o^f MD?iOi^nth?rn TROCHES "Great beneut when taken before and after preaohinc, as they prevent BROWN'S Hearaenese. Frcm their pajt effect, I think they will be of permanent adTROCHES vantaie to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena Collofe, Tena. MOCES jFT?!^fi5n'5?xTSN4a 1-ly JOT FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING Let all wj^ars AmfSrMD ilNT ths'AmmsdT mmjoiwb iJV, rrl?l4,4a yea aafarf Are ran the Tiatla af any I theM ntmeroas ailmenta which arise from imparity of Ihe blood? What are thfy, dc yoa aak i Rather aak. what are taay not.' The blood la the <j rwm wi iijv kLQ omu. ug n ia ui am niniroi of o*r beini to respond to any oaaae which affecta the eyatem.aa the m>m InAifiMy attpets. Tbe ?t? pre??ilici Nsaralria, the irritating Eryaipe.aa, the aabtlo SorofaLa. tLe agonizing Rheunatum, Nervoma Debility. Drapertla, Liver Complaint with iU torpor and dejeotion, ibi the Dtmberlm till that Se?a ia hair to. derive thair h Vienna origin from the blood, Dei kindly then ana gently with the biooc. Via the vitalising reeoaroea of attire for ita aid, ana aafer ma to comme w U roar ootidaroe ana in that truly vaiaabie medicament known aa MRS. M curs INDIAN TIG STABLE DECOCTIOX. With retard to thla almoat infallible seqeile KfBla; aentiment haa awoken In decided terma ana the evidences of thia great eftoacy are aaatained by oonstantavowa.a of curative effeota and the happieat r?ealta from ita aee are after all other remediea and the beat medical aktli hav? failed. Let aa eonolaaion. that oeitJioatea tree are net eoaght from the illiterate and eueerSoial, bat they are voluttcveid from the moat reipeotable poarooe and jaatify the highest terms in whioh it is possitie to oom>nend ao valuable a to ? l'.ric approval. We may add alao that Ue oarahtp aroperiies oflhe medicine ar- ?? uaiied only by ita rearorative ?HRi. the system recovering from disease with renewal constitutional vigor. For aale hi all respectable Diuggista in thia sity, and by tne propnotor, MRS. M. COX, ??one genuin" ar:e?a her name la blown en the Mttle and her eea: on the oork ITTpr-. f. %mT Dott;#, ail bottles for ft. Wnvl mii jui't. R. a. T. CISSEL, Draiciat <5eo c?'0?n, I1 Wholesale Agent for the I)ia*nct, and will ?r?*p.y the trade at ~iy pneee. aa !? ?' piKEMKN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. .!?* 1 AltAA AA* V?|flt?l. . VVVUfVUV. C#?$ i?nwt C itrwl ?U Louitian* ?*., ?nt fani IVaskmtto*. INSURE HOUSES AMTOTHER PROPERTY GAINST Lt,.^ BY FIRE. DtBBcrou. Geo Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, ' Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Bare %j. J*c<>b Gideon, A cdrew Rothwefl, Thos. Parker, Kioiiard Barry. B. B. French, Dr. C. W. Davis. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President Assl G. Davis. Secretary. an 9 eogm Medical department of GeorgeTOWN COLLEGE. WaiKmtton City, i'orner nf F and Tvetlflk Slrtttt. SKBSION OF 1S81-'6S. FACULTY OF MEDICIHB. NOBl> YOUNG. M D.. Professor of Prinoi?l?s and Practice of Mediotne. J ' iH iSSON ELIOT. M. l?.. Profeaaor uf Principle* find Pr&otioe of Surgery. J A.VI KM E MORGAN, M. D , Proleasor of Materia Medina and Therapeutioa. J. M. SNYDKR, M. D.. Profeaaor of Obatetrio* and Diae&aea of \V\>m?u and Children. THOMAS ANTISELL. M. I), Profeaaor of Medical Cheimntry, Toxio?i?*jy, and Phyaiology. J E. W1LLK1T, M D . Demonstrator of Auato-riy IT^ The ohair of anatomy to b* filled. The aeroios will omnmenoe on the <Bd of Ooto l>er and end in March following. For further information addreaa JOHNfHN ELIOT, M. U, Dfao-jof the Faculty, 408 F atrert. between 6m and 7Mi ata au 6-lawtNovl* Buu<s iNu BiiULt lu SV1V fMK TIMES. W e are now maoafaoturinj all kind* of BOOTS and SHOES, and oe: atarUy receiving ?>ply of eaatern made work of ever* de- HI ecrtytion, ir.ade expreaaly to order, aud willf ! be eo'.d at a much lo^er price baa been* Mfc heretofore charged id una oily tot mi oh inferior artioiM. Pererina in waut ol Uoota aud Shoe# of ecatern er a-ir made work, will alwayafinda good aaaortmea in a lore and at th* loweat prioea (J it? ?a a call, RIFF1N k URO., * til * rams THb BUBSCR1BKRS RESPECTFULLY I invitA f K. atlA.tinn k?" A ? >U t wv ?..u W?VQU?M'U VI mo AIIUT BUU Navy t? their full! uppl? of MlLiTAKY^flft anu NAVAL FURNISHING 6<H)DS. *3 ooh aa Indigo Bin? Cloth* and Doeaktn?, WW Cava, Kpauleta, Lacea, Shoulder Strnpa,"??" Bella, Swords. Sword Knots, Caps. Hata, and all respective embroidery Aiao. tn? oelebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEBN. Ordera in that line respectfully aolioited. H P. LOUDON & CO., Naval and Military Merohant Tailora, jy 18 enSui Pa av., nr.der Krovn'a Hotel. KMY SUPPLIES. JUST KECEIVED? 480oana SAI'SAGk MEAT, V4? oana FKKSH TOMATOES, 48joana FRESH VEAL, oana BEEF,? la mod*. 240 fUm KIUHT kn. k' *ucaa? KRKSH MUft'ON, i4<> cans BEEKand UKAVY, 240 can* so I'I'and BOUILLI, Woun FRENCH DEStuCATEl) VEGK TABLES. For aale at New York Factory prices. KINO fc BURCHELL, ?* 6 Corner ' and Hfteenth ?treeto. H.1BTORY of t^Uw^NetherlaiAe. by Joha Loth r op MoUey ; Sjrola.; free b? mail, $L The Rieeof the Dutch Repubue, a hiitory, by John Lothrop Motley; S to oioth; free by mail, Marner, the Wearer of Rareiol, by the author of 'Adam Bede cloth 7i|o6ata; paper CD oaoti. Lira and Career of Maior Andre, by Wintrop Barceaat; ?1J0. After loeberca with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador aad Newfoundland ; by Rev Loan L. The Manu&otare of Photocenio or Hydro-Carbon Oila. by Thomae Antieel", M. D.; 91.76. An* of the above free b? " FRENCH & R1CHSTE1N. M M Penna. IWW ^U>UUAT8 FOE TH1 WK8TEKN RIVERS. Qvittniiiim BmniL'i Ornci. ( m ITaitmiilM, Ju*t 17, tail. \ PvoroaiLe are Invited for oonairaoting Gunboat* ufon the Weetern rlvera Speoifieatrona will be immediately prepared and may be examine at the Quarterinaatrr'a Uflo* at Cinetcnati. Pit abtirgh, and at thia offioe. Pu.poaala from boat-bail era and engine-balld er? alone will be considered. P ana aubip'itau by bidden will be taken into eonaidetation M C. MEIGS, ie la Quartonwaeter general Uaitori State W BOYS' CLOTHING. K Have reoeived within the laat day or two a large aaeortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embracing all atyleeof low-prioed, medium, and ftpe analitiaa, wfuoh we are aelluc at vary low pnoee for oaatu Wil.i. ?TRPnuNR? rn 9U9 Pik~aY.,*b*YvMB StlTaod'loth'ela. P I lotHli??nT and <t*fnhli<mn.> VV? . TRAVEUN? TIUNK8. m\at 'IWN? fflgftOTSSi Hoy. Car?at Baca. *?.. which we are sow aolliac at rary low pnoaa, ?? ^au- " raraASk. rt&vJffKMK** *A*0OT RK*jjf TRAVELLERS' DIBECTOBY. ' IJNITEl) STATES JKILITAET BOOTS. AHMPi SPECIAL NOTICE TO TEAVELKES. On ?r<1 ?f*?T Morday, P?UraS*r S3. V?l, PM I ?fB(?r Tr?u<? krt'iwi WASHINGTON ud BALTIMORE will ran m follow* : THAINS NQTlTHi NORTH. Morninc Kii;m< Ii?t? WMhinrton a. m. Ar rive at Baltimore 7 45 a., m ; Pbiladeipai* IS ?> p. { New VcrK 6 p. darria /B'c I 15 P. m. Mornicc Acoomraodatlon Imti Washington 7 JO . a.m. Arrive at Baltimore MO a. X.; Phi adeijhia S p x ; New York 8 p. x ' livening Exproea letve Waabin*?<- 5JO p. M. . at BiJtinioie ? I p. a; Philadelphia ? 3" 1 ? m ; New York 3 a x J\--ening Aooommo^ation leave Washington Ml ' p.m. Arrive at Baltimore 7 SO p. m ; HarrUbarg *" * TRAINS Mnrjyo SOUTH. Leave New > ork at 7 a. Pfeiagiuphia 119*1. J x., Baltimore S 45 p. x. Arnvaat Washington 5J3 . f* x* leave New York at! p. x^ Philadelphia l?? p. 1 x.; Baltimore 5 a. m. Arrive at Waahnigtoa ?0 AM, Aooonm<viatioo Traina leave Baltimore at 8 ?> . a. m , and 5 p. m , and arrive at Washington 1* 35 a.m.6 45 p.m. i Passenger j'rains leaving Waahiaftoo at 7 P) a ' m and t9 p. m.. and Baltimore atl f a. m and v4i ( p x . make diraot oonneetioa* for Aaaa*olis at the j juuct'on, j Traina leave Annapolis for Baltimore aad Waah i In*ton at 6.55 a. x. and 3 p. m Passenger Train* leaving vVaahlnjton at 6 % m. ano 2Jn r. x.. and Ba'timore at I a. m. and *45 p. m. w 11 xtvp on If at Ann*pplu Junction mmd HtUn Junction W ar I'Ulfnitr* tr* r?onn?t?H ?/> i?k? k* ' trmmodauon tfilinj or the Regalar ?onna*s Train, which wi 11 are passenger oar attached. < Train* will le*ve the Washington Depot prompt ly upon cird-tim* \ AU article* 01 freight (sot oontraband of war) ] will be transported over the Una R eg alar Tontage Train* will leave Baltimore at 4a x lmtiWuIi- , ingt?n at s an p. v. , By order of u<a BwrtOnof War: R. F MOKLEV,?eoer?'Haoac?r. THOMAS H. CANFIELD, Aeaistant Maaager. SPECIAL NOTlrE. SUNDAY TRAIN. Leare WASHINGTON at SSO p. m. for NEW 1 YOKE and PHILADELPHIA. i From New Yor< and Philadelphia, arriving la Washington at 6 10 a. m. R F. M'iKLEr, se 27 Senerai Manager. j y+SO* bTEAM WEEKLY K'TWEEN i NEW YOKK AND LIVERPOOL. and embarking passengers at Qoeenatown, Ireland . The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia , SteaniKhie Company ntend diapatehioc their fall j powered C!yd*-6ailt iron Steamthips aa follows : * GLASGOW Sato rear, Angust tt. \ CITY OF HAl.TIMOk R ? ** kangaroo. ' m 1 And every Saturday, it noon, from Pier ?4, North i nver. j una of rtniti. First Cabin #15 , l>o. to London Do. to F?rii M Do. to Hamburg M 8teer*??.._. $? Do. to Londun. ?.. S4 * Ho. to 'ru & ] Do. to Humbarg 96 i PuwLceri forwarded to Ha?re. Bremen. Rot- 4 terdam, Antwerp, to , at redaoed ttiroacn lares. ? feraon* wishing to bring oat their friend* oan \ boy ticket* at low ratee- t ..r further information apply at the Captains 1 Oftoe. JOHN 0. DA L ' , A cent, 1 IS Broad way, N. Y . Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adam* Express Bait)- 1 more. I ^fT?^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE 1 e^>^w > LINE. ? EASTERN AXD WKSTKRff SHORE STEAMSJR. t "KENT." Capt. J H. Kinran 'TIONEER,'' Capt. W. Norman, o Will ran their routes at follows, leavi' c Licht I ! atreet, lia.tiir.ore, foot ol Camden at 7 o'clock A. . M : I KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* ' on CboDtank riror. *f*n wcnNiainiv SATIKDaY, re.urning every Thoreday ud | Voaiiay. I For Annaeolia and Weat River,every TUK8- . i l)A\ and FklDAY ?nd returning aa redaye. 1 PIONEElfeFor St. M.chaoi'a an<l Kaaton, via Mile'i HiTM.irerj WEDNESDAY, ar.d rKiri the em.'S day. For Ansapolia, W?t Hirer, Cambridge, Oxford * and Em ton Point, every TBURtiDAY, retarninf . by aame route on Friday For AnnapoUa. Weat River, 8t. Miehael'a a?d 1 Ea ton, ria Mile'a River Ferry, every 8ATCRDAY, returning every Monday by aame route * : Fare to Camoridge, Denton, Oxford and Fattoo Point fl a> 1 ; Fare to 8L Michael'aand Mllee* River/round tn?,(|l,) , ..... l? I Fa-e to Weat River, (rourd trie, #1*. 1 ?0 Fare to Annapoii* (ronnd tri?75oenta)__ T? 1 ( __ . maajls EXTRA. fr?" Freight muat be ereaaid. * Wharf and OSoe, LI6 HT ST., foot of Camden. : Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. _ NORTHERN I ; CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,* CiLvnT Ptatioh. Batimore. May M, IM1. ( . On and aftm Sunday. May lath, lid. Traine on t the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIlWaV ar I rive aad depart aa folio va, until ftrtLer no Doe. 7 TRAINS NORTH. " MAIL at 8 1.5 A. M. S I EXP HESS at U P. M S HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at I P. . m a The 1.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relit Hoih with train* on the Weatern Maryland Railroad; i at Hanovor Junction with Hanover and Getubarg Ratiroad?; at York with York and Wrif htertiie S Railroad; at liarr'abur* with Pennayivama Rail- a roa^i for ail part' of the Weat.alao with Lebarnon ' Mle; Miiroail '? York dir$rt; at Mnrthnm n be'land with L and U. tailroad for Kiocatonard all parta of Wjoommc Vallej^nd at *onburj with J tb* Phi'^delphia and Krie Railroad lor all parta Northern Pennay)r^r<ia and New York. a The J 30 P. M train inakea a<l the aboTf oonnaetiona except Uanortr Rai road, Wri|kUTtll? k Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroiad. , Tne a P. M train make. ?M>nnr otiooa with Penn t ft!vani\ Rann ail for all parta of tfca Weat,and direct oo&Deota for N*~ York. a TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 6 10 P !?!.; Kxpteta at 7 tf A. M.; Harriabort Acccninioda' :-->n at M3 P. M. " F-ir Tioketa and information imwire at tha Tioket OAoa, Calvert Station, BaltXniu. e. j J. t. CLARK.Bup L ,1 IBIIM LE^VK ^PH^^EtPHlA 1 The Camden and Ambor ud Philadelphia and J Trin'on Railroad Corneame^'Line from JP HI LA- t DEi.pHIA TO NE>V YQ?I[ AND WAY PLAl> 8. from WALNUT HTREET WHARF ^NO KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave M to! j At6 A M , via Camden and Ambor. (C. and A. Accommodation.) . 1 At 8 A. MTri? Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. 1 Accommodation.) _ _ At t A^M, via Camden aa4 Jereey City,(Mora At'ita A. M , Tla Keualagton and J ereey City, t (Weatern Exareea.) I At 12H P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aooommo- t dat on.) r At S P M., na Camdea and Amboy, (C. and A. t Ex?re?a.) _ I At ?h P M , Tie Keaamfton and J ereey City, At^4HD,p K M*,'5ia*ieaainiton and Jereey City, j (8-cord Claaa Ticket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Jereey City, (Keening t Mail.) ( At 11 if P. M., via Camden and Jeraey City,(Soattern Mall.) , At 5 P.M., via Camden and Amboy, (Aoeommoda- I tion. freight and paaeencei, Fimt Claaa Ticket) 7 &ec<nd Claaa Ticket. a The 6 r M Mail Train runa daily. The 11* P. M, Mail, Satgraaya excepted o | For Belvidere, Eaaton, Larobertrtlle. Fleming- a ton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.; ai,Ji>4 p. M?W Kei- t ainrton. For Water Gap, Strondabor*, Reran ton, Wllkee- . bar re,Moutroae, Great Bend, Ac., at 7.1 # A. M1 from Reaaincton, via Delaware, Laokawanna aad i . WeaWn Railroad. For Maooh Chunk, Allentown and Bethlehem,at ?, 7.10 A. M.and MP. M.. from Keeelngton deeot; i A. M. 11-eoonaeeta witA tie train earing liUlAK ?n ? o u For MoantTHolIT ** * and > A. M. ud t u4 M \ ?or ^fa ??! Trento a ^^lC^L N^tt u4 ( W P. M from Keqainfton, nod IK P. M from j Wnlnat etreet vL&ri. For Palmyra Rlverton.Deianeo, Beverly. Burlington, Fiorenneoo, Boraeatown, Ao.(ntllK,l, i a,?kandaP. M, t Steamer Trenton for Bordoatova.and Intermediate fifcot*, it tK r. M. from Wainnt street <] For New York and Way Linen. learlng I " Kenaiuton Depot, take the otn on Fifth atreet, above Wal.iat, half an hoar before deen-tare Tbe ' oara ran int> the depot, and on tmnl of train m c from the de^ot. j Fifty poaoda of bactac* only ail owed toeaoh . aaaeenger. Paaaengera are prohibited from taking . anything aa btimi bat their vearmc 1 | All baccac* orer tfty poanda to be jiiA for ^ i extra. The oompany limit their reaponetiility f.>r i I bUIIII Ia aba a/*1 a? - _J "* naTilelor aaVMtraaTbejoafone*h and red doUars. exoept fey spec.a. oontraot. < WM. H.6ATZMKK, At?U ^ Smm ba^I&'js.O | On and after May 16tu, IMl, the ttaine Will nn I M follow*, vib:?Leave Cutdtn Station. Ba'ti , more.?Mail, ,exoept Sunday.) at L MA. m.; KiB&vlo??*? \ PUR WAY PAB8KN6EK& ? Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. If. Train; betweeaPiedmoat aad Wheeling take Aa- 1 eommodation Train, leaving Piedmont at AO A. glfeaaagM^; uM.coTimfiggiat Ju8T ?aaftf!iSBs2???k i- ; J NOTICk TU TRAVKLKR^ ^ ?-q 1. N PALI*. wy PltU.Al?KI.PHiA. WIL m?3 KJ.NOTON AND HAL ? THOIK EAILH'*AD. a? rrm?e? lotTbiiJ. P-^5iiTiV.,. D*fot (UMIIJ wowpt 9?iid?p)M/ollova,TiB KiyrMiTrtiB M 4 IS A. If Wm Mm' Tr*ir iU8 A. Mm Ewnini Mftil M 4 ?6 n'oiook. O* * N l?AY???t 4 45 P. M-omir. AII Will MNHt w.. N?w York Utiu ua*y(4.44 P. M. (rui m l? ^A^Frei^ht Tmi with H?wntw eta alt* . (4vm MB P. M , atoppinc M *11 st&Uooa batw.Ba tlmor?a?4 H*n? 4*-6r*??. Pi?Mri? for jVr tvtrt ?N th? Ktittn M>. rfMftirland -nil &adU*OM<t?XH<lit.ou nil* fc. 'tfrAii BAm Matftvvboatf Mr WM CIUWFOIP.AP., ^^^_GRtAT CENTRAL ROl'TKti K Safer 1*1 If. *o^d. u Mmvi' Prom Ckintwrt atrMt Kri>? Stat at. itatiaa. LIT Nta |At7??? >i no btDpm I M" i??n IT r m 1 <6 ? Mo atrial m4 BaffcJo Tram with ?l I?ii, k.*f? ? i ? p C<>DD?etir.( at Alkur wit* tha Nav York C*e N lulrnu lot 9*k?ii?eti4r,)|ooiMUr I'lm Batavia. Run*, atxl at*u<>&a oa Rom* Wju M>vn Railr a<. Haffalo. Srraottaa. Niagara FV taaporat n Bride*. Aabarr <? ?' %. Ca andfcire* Traina is ooaaoetioc laova Buffi ouc lion rifc Lake Sbor?, Boffslo aw! iaktBa'oai? Braat Wn'?ti Rajltiod. far Hairlltoa. Torc?i? Detroit, Cb.cato. Tolado.Mliwaukie. Foa Da La La Croaae. Madtaon. Frame l>a CMaa, 6a ?na. ?anl*ith. Daba^aa, Paorla, R<ok Ulacd. Maaaajca.lowa Cm, Bar'tnctoa, Uaincr. ^ariacftwO, Utor, St. (joaia. Cwro.Ta-ra naatp Ir4 aoarv ii, Lvanviile.CiroiBDa] , I a?t<>n. Colen bat, Cl>va and, aod ail pomta \N aat. Northv?at and fcoath NORTHIkRN RCM/TE CoDnootiQf with Trail* at 1 ro*. vith Troy h B >?toB aad Rena. 4 Saratoga Foada for Aaratoca. whitehaII. Rat and. Barlinctoa.?L Alhoi.a ln>u fout, Pitti b?r|k, 0|dei.ihii|h, Montreal Ac . U rrr Freight Arrangement* by thla roata ? kbove. withoet chance of Cata, t;om lh+ liepota phambera and 1 anal iUmU. w? at til tiaiaa tr avorable aa mad* I j o*h r Rai'road Compeei' rha tacilitiaa of thie great New \ ork Ki?t?,?o t fVeet commend it to tba oo> fcdenee of n erohl" A' ah ppcra tor proaiptoeea and di'pa'eh Paaeenger tm?i, with Hmokiag a ad B|jm ' jjara^ran m oonnection on the New York tw -a For pcrtie^nri a* to loan] traina and freight *' angementa, ma a ire at the depot. P*" w arror at A. F. 8.HITH. faperintendeat. y ? COVKINMRNT UNB FORT MOyROE AKB OLF FOIST COMPORT. j*area tba lover end of UNION DOTK.Bn i??re, waat aida, DAILY, (Pondage moiled,>a M o'oi^ok P.M. tak inr paaeengere and (eight. ar<" mnneoting with tba Ra mm l?b to ajid fx >Veahirg?on,D. C..Phl!ade)ahie. Now York, Bo> on, York, Herriebirg, Pilteburg. Pa . %?i tu* A eat, immediate It aPer the am va" of tka Eipr a.. Train from New Yoik ar,d Philadelphia. Tha following ta tba ?c*?da.a: *roai New York to Fort Monroe and baok. (14 'rom Phlleaelpha and naeV lie >om Baitimore and baok ?. CrPEOCUJlE YOLK TICIETS.O la Naw the New Jeraey Railroad Oi?? 6ot of Coartlard atreet. In Phi.ade'phia, at tha Compaaj'a oAoe. N. ^ . ornar of Sixih au<< Cheatnut atraota, or at i* >epot. Broad and Prim* atreeta. lb Baltimore, oa b ?rd tha SWtmii. fcot J won Dock. HU6H CVCO.NNER. PM??t?r AmtVOKK. BAKJ.KV AN1? A1 V RAII.R'1!O. LEAV 9 NKW YORK FOR ILBANV.TROV, VKTH AND WKi>T. ?0MMF.B akkasskmb^T Con.c.? r.cini Mbjutr, Mar ?Tth, Ml. Por Abur-a. m. fast express trata Iron Sth atreat. Por Dorer Plalca?<.-on p. go stopptar at Whit.* ?l*tna and atationa north to Dotot piatna? fror th street atation. (This train will ran to Millecton rrarr SatarCr For^Srofi Falla?m. stoppiny at a'l at* ions north of Fordhaa from M<h atraet atauon. For Whit* Plaina?fc?, 4:10 ai d fc<? p m. atof 4m at a atations from SBta stra?* atation. For Whit* Plain*?t:f?. m. atopptnc at alt ata io na from W hit* ?treot station. For Williama BrMlt*?7JP, lt;t? a. m. and Mi p. a. stopping at all station* from STtk atraat station. Rets--L.of will l*a?a? A bany * we a. m. last aiprasa tram. TL.?a? t ? M ? .no ft m MI L.K dail., for iKirriiU, ft&d ist*r |Mlit# StStiOttS. II w a. a . ACCOMMODATION. daily. for f??r? ma, and f.UiCipft. tttft'iona 4 ? ft. m . WA?, for M i Jd.etowc, Nrwbargh. Ad inUrmftdiftt* Station* MO ?. m.. * '6RTliXPBEB?. daty. for D?a;irk, Baffftio, Cfti-ftodftnua^cd ynnoiM. frtationa Pfift Tr?m of Hatirdft; ?to?< ftt ftll Mail Tr*^Itfttioaa. ftod -una och to fcjatra 6 00 ft.n.. ACCOMMt'DATiONJor HorMtrii i, ad ftriftoiftal Ptfttto&a CBA8.MINOT.6?T ? ?' NATHANIFL MARBU, Ittofim. ^Capoe WT^WiSr"" By th? aftlftMM ud a??? ttowtxi MBTfcOIMiLlS. E*P|FE ST A i )AV STATK.aai STATE OF MA 1 > fc. of? txeof tk and a*M4, bat parti??larTi adapud t tangaUoft of Log* U.ftrd Soipd, roBBic* iaj Motion viIk tbe Fall Ri*ftr ft-xl 014 Coloay fta. oad, diatanoe of mjpllfta oaiy to _ Jk?fT' w ? VI a >?pmum?(MH> Hi. I A SU? Wftlll IWTM It I? trine ar*ry Monday ntorninf ?tik. a.) Proton Falla?*?. m. V. nfl? Plain a-d=l?>, T* a m ?d* * T.? P m. Wi litin? Bru1|| >:?, S?> ?. n.A liW p. u Bonda* trail.a will iaavp ?th A vena* ooraar SSM troeufor Central Park, YorkviPa. Harlem atd lieh Brldga at art f-w mirytoi,Jro? rr T ? w. JOHN Hl'RCHlLl.. Aa.l gap't. YORK^ANO ERIE RAIL Puanftr InuBi^trertt Pa to na Parry acd Long Dock, fmm foot of Chalazia tra*t. Now York.aa followa. tis : too a. m , EXfREPtyfor Dm kirk, aad Buffa.o. kod ariuoipai lnterme ?a Katioaa. oo a. m .MAIL, for Onnkira. aad iBtermedia* I'atiora?Thia Train ranaiaa ?>rai nifht at Limira, ad prooeada the next morn nt Icg3%yI7w*dn??kjr?. ud r?Efc?f?lS^Brown, rneedftys. Thursdays tad Sstnrdss, fttto'olo ". M., tonchinf at New^rt each way. The* t*te*n.-M a>e fcttodwith ecwwdlo* 7 aDd ooaiTort ni ^MM|*ri who we aSsrtSj* lr on roste ft nights' rest ot board. aod >t Fall Eieor froooed por Sioftnboat Train.rnnc^ B( Boston early tb* loliowia* morning: or mf Mnftin on tx-ftrd sntli starting of Um Amomwx o. ion Ml A. M.. by which tftey may raaoh Boet' MUIA.M. A t?im? matter is attached to eaah stssn>. rb<> receives and tickets the bacgag*. and aoomn ItniM the 0AOM U> its dMUDiLoA. A steamer njr? in oonn??tion with this Line be ween Pall lllver ftnd Prondeaoe daily, eioei Freight to Bottom forwarded throach wit' rent dispatch by an &x?rees Train, whiok ieav?. 'all River e*er? ?o. an?, Bandays si opted. ? U o'clock for Boston and New Beo ore, arnru.. A its destination at abost HAM Por (reuht or pa*aair. aj>p y on board, or at the Eo? on Pier No. S North Etvar For state rooms ad berths asp.y on board, or if desires to seeare hem madvtnoe, to WN BORDKN.Aft 70 ftnd 71 West street. N V. EKGULAB MAIL LINE rON-lilud Root?-Tb? aborteat ud awatdi sgnS^inro* *'"11?. Id HUMbn vm Um HtMlute u 'rondnM^nd Boa1 oa aad ProrMattoa Railroaia, ntiu Nrw York daily, Saaoara cxorHM. frat. har No II North KiTar, at 6 o'etoak P. M., aa rr*t$a at UB o'oloaa Y. M_ or ob taa arrival < Honda* ? Wadaaadar, aad Friday. Praai ?ro ^K?atii^igy.?wyw ut Pajaiatif frai^Orotoa pi tjjii gar railroad Ip Praia. rtaakiac *>i ?1aM in i2tu?? of Umm t* roata*. aad ib tlBM tor a, u? mrly toraing Lium oonaotiniWorth tad LmL Pit wwr, acjoy a aighta' r**t aatfiatarfcai bmt eil dN;rM, %.oa aava firotoa is tta 1 u ATS . jhjofBMby at PraTidMM vitt ih? 14' IjTTnu forlfbatoa. Far* froa rrvTiM M to N??fpn, rittr a?at?. r^rar^r1" fikoa, hw U North mlitm, or at taa UIm w h? jTV m*anj, No. II* w??t ?t;*>at,oor?ar rTTorl * ,| t - ? %'*? # mmaae?^sie <* > J8 Jfet S # MW BIT*"*, now tort. rt>.?,IW1. KRENCH k RfcVtfTl K^?kaTr)Mt r?M?wd a trg* aad oonp.ot- at*ortawit of Vu: tar? Bo*ka >' all kiad*. whiui. tMy oft Iron. Ua Ut kfli m oaat. balov U? racilar r?Uii ^naas,?is itedtag: a** ?<ltwt of Har Iihatu ami Rift* raetioa, oowittr, #1.26 for"**1 V?Taaw*ra' Maaaal. S voif, |l iiiM'l Cjawii.' jam of Taouo*. re ar *-*" TK' ?>!?bmmI awl

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