Newspaper of Evening Star, 5 Ekim 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 5 Ekim 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAB. BCILOIXUS, <Vmt Ptusflfmiu arMM mmd EUvtntk ft. ?T W. D. WALLACH. Paper* KfTfd la package* by carrier* it 94 I ear, or 37 centa par moatb. To mail aubaeriber* the prloe la S3 50 a year, t? mdvame*; 9-1 for tlx Booth*; tl for three month#; ud for lea than three aontha at the rate of 13 crata a week. Stall la copies, o*i c?5t; la wrappers, two ciHTa. CT AoviaTiaaMBNTa ahoatd be aent to tba See before 13 o'clock m , otberwlae they may aot appear anttl the next day. ?? ANOTHER LETTER FROM MR. RLft. I SfcLL. 1 The London Times of Sept. 10, contains j another Utter from Mr. Russell. We make i the following extracts: TWO PROMUTISTT NTS. The two event* of the week, in a political < point of view, are Mr. Chase's appeal to the people for a national loan, and Qen. Fremont's i proclamation of martial law in Missouri and the liberation of the slaves belonging to the rebel owners. The military event is the success of the expedition to Cape ilatteras, which is also of considerable political significance. While the partridges are having a bad time of it in England, which scarcely permits to be properly thankful for their day of grace yesterday, there is a fufillsde ruing up herefrom the outposts beyond the Potomac, noisy as that uhich comes from turnip field and stubble in the pleasant isles three thousand miles away. But the advance of the enemy is really intended to exercise their men. and to find ground for their fresh troops. On this side nothing will be done for three or four weeks to come. Gen. McClellan is at present incapacitated by a * train received when oot riding, a consequence of the constant personal supervision and inspection by which he stimulated so largely the progress of the army, officers and men, towards efficiency. OUR ri-NK ARMY MATERIALS. Bat the machine is fairly moving and in working order, and by the time the season is favorable and other combinations are ready for execution the army icill justify the expectation* tekieh are entertained of it, and will deserve some of the eulogies parsed on it by anticipation. Never, perhaps, has a finer body of men in all respects of physique been asternblad by any power in the world, and there is no raaaon why their morale should not be improved so as to equal that of the best troop* in Europe. RCESELL'S OPISIOW OF PICKET WARFARE. * * # These scouting parties and ambuscades and sentry-stalking turn the art of war into the art of individual murder. There 1 are some officers who believe that the guerilla work makes the mensktlful in the use of their arms, and accustomed to face the enemy. That is much to be doubted, for it is generally " dodging" work, which, like a long coarse of < trench duty and rifle pit*, does not encourage young soldier to stand before his enemy in < the open field. The sight of the secession flag at Munson's Hill, which is visible from the capital, is rather aggravating, and I observe that the want of animosity towards the south rners. which distinguished the northern troops very remarkably in comparison with their enemies, is no longer to be deplored or commended, u the case may be, and that they are now with difficulty to be restrained from com- < ing to the front and engaging with the Confederate outposts. I m LIT ART TALI'S Of THE H ATT EH AS VICTORT. The news from Cape Hatteras, which was received here yesterday, caused great ezulta- 1 tion. It is described, of eoarse, in the local j paper as a 44 grand victory." It is certainly great success, and it has been achieved so asilv that the original design of the expedi- 1 lion has been abandoned, and, instead of blockading up the entrance and destroying the pasflages, Gen. Butler and Com. Stringham arrived at the mueh mare sound conclusion to Mtftinv f h A worlri fh?V fnnn^ ret/lw built to their hands, which course offers the ! advantages stated in the general despatah, and must prove of the most serious inconvenience to the enemy, and a terror and dismay to North Carolina. I doubt not the influence of this coup will be felt at Richmond and Manassas, and it may probably induce the Confede- j rates to risk an attack on Washington, or a march into Maryland. It must certainly lead to a diffusion of part of their forces to watch the rivers and cities of North Carolina. It ' will We observed that the Confederate aocount of the surrender of the forts ascribes the result to want of ammunition; and, on looking over the inventory of the captured material, it certainly appears as if they had only ten 32pound shell, and no round shot at all. They were hammered at from more than two miles with Dahlgren's 10-inch shell, (15-inch fuses,) and had very little chance, indeed, in an open work without casemates, while their retreat was cut off by the fire of the ships along the pit and by the landing of the troops on the beach. THE REBEL COAST. Catitt Hatteras is relighted?a secure haven for toe Confederate states' privateers destroyed. The bloodless success is not less so because it is bloodless, but then it is not either a " grand battle" nor a " glorious victory." The Navy Department, which originated the expedition, will recover popularity; the Navy itself will be encouraged after its season of comparative inaction and obcurity. Tk? Confederate* will have to loolout now for tk**r seaboard. The towns on Albemarle Bound and such places as Beaufort and Newborn* are of no small importance. A railway from the former city leads direct to Richmond, via Goldsborough, Weldon, ard Petersburg, and is eonnected with the line to Norfolk, to Wilmington and Charleston. There is one thing remarkable about the wounded?their youth. They vary from 17 to 27, with the exception of one men. who is 51 years of age, and will never be more. MR. CIASC'S FISCAL PROPOSITION. With refereuca to Mr. Chase's proposition, iti o s ? ? * waicn win cv over iu r.agiana oy me same mail, probably with some indications of the way in which it hu been received and it working here, it it sufficient to tay that the appeal hat not been made without considerable debate and reluctance; at the effect on the banks of aving and deposit all over the States excited considerable apprehension. I am so far frem the actual reels of trade and eommeroe, at well at of money, that it would be useless for me to apeoulate on subject! respecting whioh mora reoent faota mutt be made known in Europe from Boston, but I may ttate that the Government will be very muoh disappointed if the rea^ooae to their appeal is not prompt and libraBiorr's pboclamatios aid the slave QCEMTIO* 15 SE5KRAL The real foroe of the Republican party it bow to be tested, for the proclamation of Gen. Fremont it really bringing the iaaue to that whioh I, for one, believed it moat oome if the war went on?a war of abolition?a fight between the northern abolitionitta and the boo then alaveholdera. Hew many in the North will stand by and aee the fight out? None will do ao in the South, be aasured of that. Hitherto the South baa been olad in impenetrable armor. There bti been a ooat of steel thrown around th? peculiar institution, which it was innAMikU tA MMfla Tkft itUmnii tr\ MXIK the alaree aa * maa* have failed, the wedge inserted by the federalists at Manassas wu bent and broken. But Otn. Prtmont is working at tk? soft placet; he if getting his knife in between tbe chink* of the plate mail, and the very vital* tremble. By waj of comment en thi* aet of the eommander of the federalialt in the Miaaiaaippi Valley, the authoritiea in Wasbingtoa have resolved to seiae and imprison any black er colored pereon whom they find in uniform or wearing *oldier*' clothe*. There re handred* of servanta of the race in attendance on theoamp*,who attire themselrea in caat-off nniforma in their harmlea* vanity, and henceforth they will be arreeted. Qeo Fremont'* bold proclamation ia by no mean* in accordance with Mr. Secretary Cameron'* instruction* to Gea. Butler for hi* guidance in dealing wita rnnaway negroes. or contraband, aa they were called at Pert Monroe A* the Mareaaah Republican at leaat afford* proof that there exist* a desire ia the Sooth among ome people to make alare* of the Federaliat prisoner*, It may be imagined what the nature of the eaaieet will bajf the traculent* on both idee have their way. The paper alluded to lwootamend* the Confederate (loverament to v. i - * x* a.a w? i ? - mr* in* uot?? pnioMri, ana 1 vriur mu* h? kaows * rie? planter wfco wao t< p f ? _ ^ _ ????????? ?___ (Stoma Star. V?*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . SATURDAY. OCTOBER 5. 1861. N?. 2.692. two hundred of them to work on his damn; ha ?i*hea to find oat if the North is right in saying the work ean ke done bj white labor. The answer is ooming from Cairo and St. Loais; for the Mississippi expeditionary foroe will be ready by the end or this month, and mast produce the most important result in tWe oourse of this war, if it be not destroyed. Qen. Pillow on one side, and Gen. Prentiss on the other, hare gone forth into the outer darkness with large armies, and are fighting, perhaps, tremendous battles, but wo know nothing at all of their movements here. JEFPBRSOX DAVIS. Mr. Davis is said to be suffering from fever at Richmond I would like to know any one who is not suffering from fever in Washington' Nature has made tnis a lovely country, but she Das aiso established a floe fever system, and it eannot be enjoyed without quinine. When I last saw Mr. Davis he waa recovering from an attack of tic-doloreuz, to which he is subject, and its agonies have been so great that he has lost tho sight of one eye, I was assured, in cen* sequence. He is a slight, spare man, who did not appear to me capable of resisting violent disease. There are those who think the Southern Confederacy depends on his life alone. They might have been right at one time. I do not think they are so at present ; far, although Mr. Toombs, Mr. Benjamin, or any other civilian might be unable to take bis place, the military leaders would afford ample materials for such a President as the South desires at present. There is a report that Mr. (John) Slidell, of New Orleans, is about going as a commisaiontr to Europe. How he is to get there is not so obvious, for the Government would give a good deal to seize upon such an able and dangerous man. TRAITORS IJI WASHIXGTOW. The system of serveillance is now very nearly as complete as it is in Austria?and so it may well be, when there are so many persons dis a : - *1 SJ-A *> .1 aucwvu iu mv uurtiiiLuemL IU loe mmsi oi me Northern States. I took occasion to observe some time ago that on going into the Post Office I was surprised to find a gentleman whom I had reason to regard as a secessionist, in the inner office, engaged in sorting letters to forward to his southern friends?and that, too, within a few feet of Mr. Blair, (the Posmaster General,) of the sangre azul of abolitionism. The American papers, taking me an ptrd de (? lettre, have proved that Mr. Blair was not nithin a few feet of the gentleman inouestion. What I meant was that within the building presided over by Mr. Blair, in which his office was, and separated from him by only a few feet, was a gentleman of different ways of thinking, engaged in giving comfort t? the enemies of Mr. Blair's government and principles It is only justice to the gentleman in question to add that he had the permission of ihe authorities to pick out those letters for his southern friends, as I am since informed, and that he was not engaged in any clandestine proceeding. Some time after I saw him, however, bis wife was taken into custody for trearonable practices, and still remains a prisoner. Two fires occurred in the neighborhood of the bouse in which she and another lady are in custody, on Sunday night, and it is suggested by some suspicious circumstances that they were the work of incendiaries, who intended to liberate the captives in the confusion, and whose nitn was onlv * ? . ? ?- ?/ ~J ?v ess of the guard. I am glad to think there ire no captives in my immediate vicinity?for, however gallant a man may be, it is not unreasonable in him to object to be burnt alive in the cause of two ladies whom he never saw rHE CITT AND FOREIGN ELEMENTS INOCR AK JY. * * * It is well for the United States to get rid ?f the rascaldom of its cities; but it does not do to rely on it as a military element; and the poliee, whodelight in the process, are doing no good to the army. There are now men of a different stamp flocking to the field. As the pressure creeps upward the recruits will come from the higher levels. Tens of thousands of respectable Germans and Irish are joining the native-born Americans?formerly the Americans joined them?and exhibit zeal not less than that which their oountrymen in the South show for the Confederate States. The New Orleans Delta states that the vast majority?I think three-fourths or more?of the regiments from that city are Irish. If they and tne New York Hibernians can get a fair "vacancy" at each other, there will be the materials for a new epio at onoe. In the Distriot of Columbia recruiting does not prosper. I fear there is a good deal of "secesh" in the population, and the only considerable number of men enlisted are 01 me two toreign stocks who have done so much of the fighting for the United States. As a reward for his steadiness and acknowledgement of his military merit, the government have made Brigadier Blenker ft MajorGeneral. The Irish are delighted with the appointment of their old favorite General Shields. Sootland, I believe, may claim McClellan and MoDowell as descendants of her children. England can claim many of the best by ft similar process of descent. Dbstkcctiox or thb Lock Hayki ahd Willi am sport Booms.?On Saturday the Susquehanna river began gradually to rise, ana by Sunday morning had risen to twelve feet above low water mark News reached here by telegraph that the booms ftt Lock liaven and Williamsport bad been swept away, and by ten o'clock the surface of the river was covered with floating timber, and until nightfall the rush of saw logs down the swollen torrent continued unabated, and attracted thousands of our citizens to vietr the magnificent sight. The loss to the boom companies must be very great, and no doubt reached one million and a half of dollars. This is the second time within ft short period thftt these companies have A. 1.1 * * - ' * met wun bucq m dmtj loss.?liarrxsburg Pa- I trial arid Union. The rampart* of Fort Hamilton presents *c*nr of warlike activity every day. Toe Third R Uode Island Regiment, now stationed st that fort, Is undergoing s thorough coarse of artillery drill, and the services of all nap-commissioned aflcers of the regnlsr Army located there are called Into requisition for drill purposes. Even the Ordnance Sergeant and Quartermaster Sergeant are not exempt. 1ZT Nathaniel C. McLean, eldest son of the late Judge McLean, of the Supreme Court, is raising a regiment la Ohio for Uen Fremont's army The laid oarers sre among the first citizens of Cincinnati, and It Is to bn a model regiment l?7"Th< armament of the gunboat Curlew has been placed on board It consist of four brosdside guns and a rifled Parrott gun mounted on the spar deck forward The steamer will be sent to sea early this week, as shs la wanted Immediately oa the Potomac. U7*Tha United States Marshal in New York has been purchasing an extensive range for the culinary department at Fort Lafayette, as there Is every probability of a Urge number of boarders occupying that marine residence for the winter. The Governor of Connecticut declines to call for more volunteers. In antiH nation nf ?h. want* of tbe Government?the laat Legislature of that State having limited tbe number he bad a right to call for to ten tbouaand. U7" The Rothachlldi are now chief own?n of th?- London Tlmea Suaplcloua people ae? la this fact an explanation of lla peralatent attacka upon American credit, which they hope will enable them to get tbe loan cheaper. f?7~ Five Sure* will hold their annoal elections on Tuesday, the 8th of October?namely: JVnnaylvanla, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota ? M ? - u_y i w n.uu| (VTcrnw oi iv in ana nan issued ar n-der requiring everjr male In the State, between Id and 45, capable of bearing a/ma, to snrell himself tn some mill tar r company. jfT" Rer Sylvester H Rooecrans, a brother of tbe General. Is psstor of a Catholic Church at Cincinnati, and editor of the Telegraph, theorgan of Archbishop PurceU ETbe Lewlston Journal understands that* flag mas torn down In tbe tower part Durham one day Isst week, sad a secession rag ran up In It* place IET The exports at the port of Philadelphia foe tbe week ending Sept. % we?e ?80S,W6, *nd the Imports for the sams time <77^79. j PROPOSALS FOR INDIAN 600DS. D*pa*t**wt or m lNTni9i> ( Q/Ue Indian Affairs, September 1861.( SfALiD Proposals, endorsed u Proposals for Indian Goods," (Class 1,2, Sor 4 M the esse ms; be,) to be delivered in tie oity df N'w York, will be received at the Ofioe of Indian Affiirs until 10 o'o'iock a. in , 011 Satuxdat, the 13th day of Oofober next, for tarnishing the following named artiolea No. 1. Mae kin At Blankett. Cloths, a^i Dry floods. 2,000 pairs 3-point white Mackinao blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh > pounds 2,500 pairs 2K-pr>int white Ma-kinas blankets, to measure M by 66 inches,and weigh 6 pounds 1,000 pairs 2-point white Maokinao blankets, to measure 42 by S6 inohes. and we tea 5*' lbs. fOO paira IX point white Maokinao blankets, to mea;ure 36 by V) incites. and weigh 4"? ibs. 5^0 pairs 1-point white Mackinac b anke?a, to mea- ure 32 by 46 i nohes, and wei % h 1 ba 300 pairs 3 point noarl.vt Mackinac blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pourda . 300 pairs 2h point scarlet Mackinao b ankeia, <o measure 54 by 66 inch"*, and weigh 6 pounds 25" pairs 2 point scarlet Mackinao blanks s. to measure 42 by 56 mchea, and weigh 5M Iba. 250 paira 1 point soarlet Macktrao biark-ts, to measure 32 by 49 inches, and weirh3Jtf lbs. 100 pairs 3,A*-point green Maokinao bisnse's, to meaoura 66 b? 84 inahes, and weigh in ibs. 600 pairs 3 point green Maokinao blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh a pounds 600 pairs 2>* point green Msokinac blankets, to measure 54 by 66 inohes. and weich 6 pounds 200 pairs 3^-point indigo blue Mackinao bl?nk?ts, tu measure 66 by 84 inoaes, and weigh 10 pounds 200 pairs3 point indigo blue Maokinao blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 ibs. 200 pairs 2X-point indigo bine Mackinao blanketa. to measure 54 by 68 inohes, and weigh 6 pound* 2C0 pairs 3>?-point gentinelia blue Mackinao Dlanketa, to measure 66 by 84 inches, and wieigh 10 pounds 900 paira 3-point gentinelia blue Maokinao blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inohea. and weigh 8 pounds 400 paira 2# point gentinelia blue Mackinao Dianketa, to meaaure 54 by 66 inohea, and weigh 6 pounda 250 paira 2-point gentinel'a blue Maokinao blanks ts, to measui-e 42 by 56 inohea, and weigh 53n' pounds 200 pairs IX point gentinelia blue Mackinao blankets, to measure 36 by 50 inohea, and wugh 4* |Jfcunds 150 pair* 1-point gentinella blue Mackinao blankets, to measure 32 by 46 inches, ami weigh Sl4 pounds. 4,ooo yards iano* list blue oloth NO do do green oioth 2,000 do grey list blue oloth 2,o ? do saved list blue oloth 1,000 do do scarlet oloth 1,200 do do gre^n oloth loti pound* worsted yarn,13 fold) loo dozen cotton fl*r uamikerch'e* 100 do fanoy cotton 50 do black silk loo do 8 4 ootton shawls inn do 6-4 do SO do 4-4 do loo do 8 4 woolen do 50*i pounds linen thread. No, 50 cross worsted gartering 40.000 yards calioo 25 i**' do Merrimao calico 7,0*0 do Turkey red oahoo o do blue drilling 10.000 do osnabures 7.5*to do brown drilling 5 ioo do Georrta stripes 5t*0 do b!ae denims 5 ?*) do eottonade 12 500 do bed ticking 5.000 do Kentucky jeans 1.510 d ? satinetts lo,ioo do plaid linseys 2,5*0 do b eaoned shirting do domestio shirting, unbleached 10 oof) do do sheeting, do 9,ooo do bleached do Ib.uoo do brown ootton duck lan.^. ' ? 1 ? - J ? iv,'--" uu uuovib, n:ipc>, tuu pitkiui 2,000 do fla nels, assorted 1 ,'<oo pounds ootton thread do brown killing twin*, No. 30 800 do ootUin maitre 1.500 twilled fl%nnel shirts 1,500 oalioo shirts 210 dozen hickory shirts 100 go Madras handkerchiefs. Class No. 2. Ready made ('lothin*, 175 frock coats, indigo blue broadcloth < 175 pantaloons, do do 50 indigo blue Maokinao blanket capotes 175 blue satinett oca s 175 do pantaloons 75 cad.'t- mixed satinett coata 75 do do pantaloons 275 gray satinett ooats, Uack) 275 do pantaloons ?75 do vests. Class No. 3. Hardware, /trteuicural Implements, it, 4,ooo pounds brass kettlea *'*> tie kettles, (5 sizes) 145 nest* Japanned kettles, (8 in a nest) 275 c&inp kettlea, (3 sizes) P5 dozen 2 quart tin pans 150 d z)n 3 quart tin paua 20 do 8 quart do 375 do tiu cups lno do Muaw&wla 7<i do fish hooka a>A do fi?h lines 750 gross needle*, assorted 775 dozen coarse tooth oomba 75 do fine tooth oomba 50 do aoiaaora 2?o do ahears 25 do grubbing hoes 25 do we*dibg hoes 150 drawing knives, 10 inohea 5'1 hand saw* lOOdozan hand saw files, 4X inohea 5 do ibovela 25 do spades 750 shorAnnde fry-pans 25 dozen baating apoona 200 do iron table apoona 20 do axes, to weigh *X to 5H pounds 100 do half-axe* to weigh 3 pounda. (with hand lea) 100 do zino nurrora l'W do fire steel* 100 pound* brae* wire 100 do beat Chinese vermillion. Good* of American manufacture of the required styles and quality will be preferred; but aa the I sample* of blanket* and oloth* are foreign fabrto*, it will b? necessary, in proposing a domeatio article of either of thoae kinds that a aample thereof shall aoooincany the bid. '1 he artioles to be fnruiahed moat in all respeota oonform to and be equal with the Government eampiee which mar be seen a thi? office on and after the first of Ootouer next. The a-tiole? will be r.gidly inspected ard compared with the samples b> an agent or agent* appointed for that purpose. Suoh a* may t>e unequal thereto in any particular will be rejected, in which cm* the oontraotor will be bound to furnish others ol the required kind or qjiAiity within three days; or, if that be not done. tney will oe purcnasmi at his expense. Payment will be made (or the goods received on invoioes thereof, certified ? j the agent or agtnts appointed to inspect them. It is to be understood that the right will be re served to repairs a greater or less quait ty of any of the artioles named than th%c upecified in tne above souedula; and all bids for furnishing said artio'es may be rejected at the option ol the Department ; ana that none from persons who have foiled U> comply with the requirements ol a previous contract with the United States, or who are not msnufaoturers or wholesale dun, ers in the required articles, will be considered; and the fact that bidders are snoh manufacturers or dealers mast be evidenced by the certificate of the collector ol the port where thev reside, or wh4k it is proposed to deliver the artioles. * ^ The proposals mast embrace the artioles( with the quantities thereof as they are arranged in the schedule, with the pnoes annexed to eaon, in dollars and oents, at wnioh they are tr> be famished; and the amounts mast be carried out atd footed up for eaoh class Paid prioes and amounts must be so giveu, without any modification, <>r proposed modification, or variation whatever. They should be submitted with the following beading: "1 (or we) hereby propose to ftiraibh for the eer vioe of the Indian Department, and aooord;ng to the terms of its advertisement thereof, dated 21st September, 1861, the following articles, at the pnoes thereto fixed, (here insert the list aoeording to the ciass or olass?s proposed for.) deliverable in the oity of New York by the first day of April next. or ii a lima or uidm during the year 1863 m m%r b? ordered bjr the Commiuioner of Indian Ada'.rs; and, if this proposal ba aeoepted, (hare mert the words, 'in whole or in part' if more than one olass be proposed for.) I (or we) will, within

twenty dare thereafter, execute a oontraot accordingly, anu give security, satisfactory to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the faitnful performance of the same" t aoh proposal must be aoooropa&ied with a guarantee in the full owing form, to be aigned by two or more reaponaitle persons, whose sufficiency mnat be oertifted to by a United tttatos judge or diatnot, attorney. ? " We hereby jointly and severally guaranty that the above bidder, (or bidders,) if a oontraot shall beawaided to him, (or them,) aooording to his or their bid or proposal, will ezeoat* a oontraot accordingly, and give'.e requisite seourity for the u.rfnr.".n.. -- -- rr..??wv k???viiuwu iu vat taver- i tinement for propo?tls for Indian goods, dated 21?t ^epteatMr, 1161; aiid, in the event of ma (or their) failure ao to do, we hereby agree to bind onraelvea, oar hetre, rxeuutora, e id aeaigaa to forfeit and m; the United Sta'ee. aa damagea, a mm not leea than fift-en per oent. on the aaoant of aaid bid or pro^*BonJ? will be required in the amoant of the bid far the fluthfai performance of the ooatraot, with two or mora aaretiea, whoer aaffio>?noy mnatbt oertified by a United Staua Judge ordiatriotat will be oonaiderad that doe# not atrietly eoalorm, In aU partiemlara, to the terms -1 >"? ?? ?tiserrav MIX. aa ? stawOot 11 Aoteng Comaaiaaioaar. 1 HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. M HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buchn, A P on tin and Spetific Remedy For Diaeaaei of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medicine (noreaaet the yoirer of Digeation, iid exoit'a the absobbehts into r.ealthy action, by which the wtriiT ok c*lc*eocs deposition*, aad &| unneutral ksl?rokm i?its are r^dntxd, ?! 1 ?tt? i vn IMVlk m w a Ttnw anH ia mr\r%A Y ww" ^ " ? - ?vv>* ?f MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. JtELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakneeies Arising from Kxo-sm, Habit* of Diaaipation, Early I? diaor'tioa or AKuie, Attended with the Following Symptoms: Indisposition to Exertion, Lom of Power, t .?ae of Memoir, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nervoa, TrembHng, Horror of Di**a*e, Wakefulnem, Dimneea of Viaion, Pain in the Haok, Univertal Laa*ituds of the Muaoul&r St*tern. riot tiauus, Munning 01 tne Mcay, Dryness of the Sk?n, Eruptions on the Faoe, px1 lid coustbnaiick. These symptr m?. II a 'owed to go on, which this medicine invariably removes, toon follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT8, In one of which the Patient mny Expire. Who oan *ay that thfy are not frequently followed by those "dixipcl diskasks," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of tbe oanse of their ruffjring, bct nous will c0npfk8. THE RECORDS o? THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Mflanchely Death* by Consumption, bkar a m tlx withxjs to tbi TtrTH of th* tfMBIIM. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Requires the aid of medioine to strengthen and Invigorate the Sy?tfm, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT Bl'CHU invariably dots. a THAI. WILL COJJVIXC1 THI MOST JXirTlCAX, FEMA LES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Affections Peculiar to Females the Extract Buchu is anequa'hd by any other remedy, ai in Chlorosis or Retention, Irr-guanty, Painfulness, or Sappressioa of Customary Evacuations. Ulcerateu or Schirrons state of the Uterus, Leuoorph-?a or Whites, Sterility, ard for all oomplaiots incident to the sex, whether arising from Indiscretion. Habits of Dissipation, or in tbe DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE Ill KY?PT(IM? AKnVK. NO FAMILY SHOULD BIS WITHOUT IT. Take no more Balsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangerous Diseases. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU cum SECRET DISEASES In all their Stages; At little Expanse; Litrle or no change in Diet; No lnoonvenienoe; And no izposv-t. It causes a frequ'nt desire and gives strength to Urinate, thereby Removing obstructor Preventing and Curing Stnetares of the Urethra, Allaying fain and Inflammation, so frequent in the ol&ss of diseases. au<l expelling ail Pouonous, Diseased, and worn out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOCS*>I>* WHO HAVE BEE A THE VICTIMS OF V (JACKS, and who have paid Ktavy fees to be cured in a abort tuna, hava f jund ttwy were d^oeivad, and that the poMoji" has, by the uuof' pran/Hl aitrinKtnt*" been dri*d up in the system, to brtax out ia an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAOB. l>? HELM BOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU for ail affections and diseases of the URINARY ORGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FEUALK, from whatever oaaie originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Dmeanes of these Organs require the aid of a Di URETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it is oertain to have the desired effact in all Diseases for wHich it is recommended. EVIDENCE or THE MOST RESPONSIBLE AHD RELIABLE CHARACTER will aooompany the msdioinee. CERTIFICATES OP CURES. From 8 to 30 years' standing, with Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." VI MAKE "HO 8ECRET" OF "INGREDIENTS." HKLMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU laoomposed of Buohn.Cu'wba and Juniper Barries, elected with great care bj a oompeteat <1, urgist. PREPARED J>N VACUO, BY U. T. HELM BOLD, Pr?oMoal and Analytical Chemist, and Sole Manuiacturer of HELM BOLD'8 GENUINE PREPARATIONS. Peraonally appeared nefore raj. an Alderman of the city of Philadelphia, H. T. Hslmbold. who bei"g duly ?wrvn, doit preparation contain no merourr.or other mjuriou* druga, but are purely vegeUble. H. T. HELM BOLD. Bwor" and anbeonbed before me. thi? 23d day of November, 1854 WM. P. HIBBEKD. Alderman. Ninth at., a jove Raoe, Phila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO H P. M. Price Si per kettle, er alx fer S3. Delivered to any addreea. aecurely packed from o beet vatim. Addreee letter a for information in oonfidenoe to H. T. UKLMBUL1), Chemist, Depot. 1M gouth Tenth at., below Cheatnut, Phila. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor t? diapoae "of their own" and '-otner" artislea on tne reputation attained by ir-? r* ?? nttmooias urnuint rr*paraiions, " " Extract Butku, 41 ** M Sarsapartlla, M M Improved Ron Wa*k. Bold by 8. B Wait*, Z. D. G ilk an, Johh WlLBT. a. C. Po?D. O B. hlftwiitli, B. O, Major, Kidwall fc LaPSINCi, *raifuDgton and flMridm, AND ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMBOLD'8. TASK NO OTHER. Cat oat ttM advarttanirat and Mad lor it. AND AVOID IMPOSITION aad KXPOSVKB. Bucrib* Symptom* r* mil Communication*. Cares OwMMMj I AMm 0r?ttol Bi>H JOHMtTON, iLTlHORK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hw tfiKMirii tk* ?mI CitMm, 8ft tdy tmd tmtf EjJuin+l R*witdf m tk? Wtld, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET JfO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPL.\ IMMEDIATELY. A CVRK WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wukrim a/ *J>? E::l, Stnc:iraa, Afactiona of th* *'4and Bladder Jsmmmtf ?"?acnarfaa, Impouec*, Gen rml Dabiiitv, Nei.*"oanaaa, D*apapat, Lanraor, CWaa.oe f Utu, Liv 2-t. j "iipttauo* of th? H??n. Timidity, Tranblinfa, Dimoiu of Stfat or Gtddmaaa, I)ihih of tha *ad, Throat, Noaa or 8kin, Afiactiona of tbt Lnnrf, itixnacb or Bowala?tbaaa Ttmbla Diaordara annn|lrMi Solitary Ha Liu of Voaib?thaaa Draadfai and Daatractiva Pr*cttcaa which raodar Mirnaaa unnnaaibla, and daatray hoik Bod* and Mind. YOUSG MEN klapacitliy who ha?a btcoma tht atctima ?f Solitary Tita, that draadftal and dattrvcti** habit which annaaU; awaapa to an Bntimaly (rata tboaaanda of Your ( Man of tha moat atalttd talaota ?od briUi*ai utalaet. who mirht otfar* ta ht *? *ritr-nctd Utttimnf 8tntu* with th* thSnltra of t.oostac* or wakad t? aeatacy th* li*mg lyra, n?*y Mil r?:i conSdanc*. MARRIAGE. MiMtlO Puiom.or Ycnng M*o cmttnpUUuf Marn*f?, btuifr awar* of phyaical iiimiH, ?(ui| dabiliiy, iltformuitt, *c., *p?tdi!? cnrad. Hi who pl*M* him** If ocdtr th* ear* of Or. J. may raliri a*ly cooflda in bia honor aa a and caoldaatly r*iy apon bia skill a* a physician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft hand ud* going froan Mmm*tr**t, a f*w door* frcn lha eorntr. i ail not to cbatrva nam* and oamtar. L*u*ra man ba paid and contain a tump. DR JOHNSTON, M*Dib*r *f tfc* Royal Collar* of 8arr*on*, London, gradsata from or* of lb* moat t mm tut Colltftt in lh* United tatca, and th* gt*at*r part of who** lif* ha* bt*n *ptut la th* Bo*p::il? of London, Pan*, Philadelphia and *l*?wb*r*. ha* f*ct*d *oin* of lb* moat a*u>ni*hing asrtt that war* a?*r known; many uoabltd with ringing la tha htad and ara whan a*l**p; frtat nirtcntitu, b*tag atanaad at *add*n tocnat, baahfnln*** with frcqacnt bl?*hing, Mwrftl *om*um*? with dtrangtmtnl of mind, wtr* cor*d Mtat* diattly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young M*n and otiicra who har* ininrtd U*n.*?>?* by a ( ruin practice indulged in *h? ?* habit frequently learned from evil ccmpamooe, or at actkool, tk? (facta of which art mgttiy felt even when etleep, and if no? cured, rtnden marriage impoeeible, and deetroye both mind and body, (hoold apply immediately. Tbeee are (oin( of the tad and melancholy effect! produced by (arly habita of youth, ?u : Weaknett of the B^ck and Lunba, Paine in the Heed, Dnuneee of Sight, Loee of Power, Palpitation of uie Heart, Oytpepey, Ntrvout irritability, Derangement of the Digett.'e Fiucuou, General Debility. Symptom of Consumption, *C. MlKTiLLl.?The fearful eneeie on the mind are niich te be dreaded?l.oet of Memory, Cocfmioa of Ideae, Oeprenioo f Spirite, Evil Porebodirige, Aversion of Society, 8elf-Dietruet. Love of Solitude, Timidity, ete., are eome of the evile produced. N*rtoit? Dibilitt ?Thoueande can now Judge whit ie the casee of their declining health, loemg t-heir vigor, becoming weak, pale, nervous and emaciated, having a etngular appearance about the eyee, cough or eymptome of coitempUM. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the mitgaided Mid imprudent votiry of pleasure tnde he hue imbibed the seeds of this painful disease, it to? often happens that an ill-ti-ned of ehaine or dread of discovery detere him from applying to ihoee who, from education and respectability, cm sione befriend huo. He falle into the of ignorant anr1 designing pretender*, who, ineip-ble f curinr, filch hu pecuniary sutietance, keep mm triting month after month, or *e lot - ae the emallec. fee can be obtained, and id deepair leave hin. with rained health to eirh ??r bia f illing dlaappointnaril; or by iba uaa of lii?t <!#?-' y ponoi. ? Marcorj?h?atan tha CMia'imtional aynjMoma of rkn tarriMa diaaaat.aaeh < Affactiona of t> a H?art,"T>r'?*-. Htid, aim. Ac.. (.rogr?ning with frijhifol rapidity, till daa;>> ps-a a pariod to hn draidfnl aefftrinfa by aar.diuf himt o J.?t aadiaeavarad coantry fro(p *hM> haarna aa traaalar rata ma DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MP0TENCY By ihn nui and .nptrjiB! ranady vaaknaaaaf tfca arcana ara tft luy etrad ar a fall rigtr raa:arad Tbaaatnda a7 lha ai Dafwia anti dabilitattd, vba had laal all bapa.aara baao immadiitaly ralia?ad. All itnpadimanta ia Mfirriaja.Pfcyaieal ? Mantal DiaqaalUkatiana, Leai af Pr?craati?a Pevar. Nar*?ia Irritability, Tramblinf and Waafcnaaa ? luauuari iba itaai faarfal kind apaadily carad. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. Til Mini TmoI'Iaiidi carad at th.a inititauan tilkia ila laal aa?antaau yaara, and lha naniraw irrpanan Bar# iaal aparauat.a parformad by DrJobt.atan, vi'jitaaad ty tna KMrttra af lha papara ana m?tij othar raraona, noticaa af VBich ha?a appaarad ajn-n and afam ba/ara tha i atiie, k aa'.daa hia aianding aa a (aeilarnan of eharaetar ana raaranai* blluy, ia a aaltum faarantaa ta tba aflietad. mar 1S l * D*. J. H. McLEA^ 3 BTREJTOTHEJIHG CORDIAL AMD BLOOD Ci HI) 11CH THE GREATEST REMEDY % tk* WORLD, And the moat tlirii TAxsy.^mrS^ i? i* ?ir!?i.T * mi -. It ul Tiftu- .' i?Jr ? ( CMfMll, pr?- * pr *it*d ky ik* dlaulU- Ra "?* Hi ca if > .?. .Mil yTV J| IpMk, Bltiad Raat, J^ {jf li nk hmpi % limn law It* Ma- H I Tat ttdn iiiiti _y I 4 natdiii rntif uk,?SdtotlUla*, ar*da*l<f a a*llal**?, aiailaitilaf (firk u< Ik* a?*l tafalllkl* t*a*dt fat rtarrauag ika >7*1*8, aad t**t*rtaf ik* *lu, aaf ariag, aad d*UUltUd lntlM H Malik aad au*a*U. MtLBAITS STRING TUB MI If B CORDS** WUl *f**iaailr aata ki'tt Caayltlat, Dya?*p*la, iandlti,Okinitnl*t)*ii DtkUily,Dt**a*** aria* Iida*y*, tad all UtiiiM utalaf fraa a dta*rd*r*d Urn *t Iubi*!. Pfiaafsla, arikata, lavard Pilaa, Aaldltt Sitka*** af lk? Vwaaak, Fall**** af Blaad la U* 3, bail Paia at viaaikf la tk* Baad, FalpUatiaa af tk* Stan, Fallaaaa at W*l(ft ta tka Itaaatk, laai Brwuuna, Ckaklaf at *f*?atlaf Fttliaf Tkla lartag d?va,Dryaata at TallaV. a af Ik* Ikia aad By*!, WifVi Ivaau, la ward Fa?ara, Fata la Ik* Baall *f tk* Biak, Ckaai, ar lid*, Badda* Fla*k*a af **!, Iifraailai *f Bptilu, Frigkvfal Ditia*. kaanar, lutaaduiy at aay mrraaa diaaaaa. In** at EitakM aa tk* ikia, aad Fatal aad A.fa* (** CkJU* aad mtMk A Million BOTTLES kar* k**a aald datiaf tka laat ait a?Ua, aad la aa taauat* kaa II fallid la fltlng aatit* *ail?fa*Uaa. Wka, ikaa, will ilftl f?a Vutuia at OtklUty vk*a Mcklill T* ?rITIUUI UJU1U will lira jwm % a laafmag* aaa ***? j aa ia*{aau Ida* af tk* lw*(dial* aad alaaat aaltaaalaa* akaag* ptadaaad k; taklag ikU Cardial la Uk* dlaaaaad, daktlilaUd, aad (katt*t*d **t?*a* yitaa, vktlkn krtku diw? kj hum, waak by uiuii M laftlirt by ilikiiu, U? nliiid tad num( ii|ul iUm u iw'.tnd la lta ?tlttlaa ba*:*b ud ipi MA&&IBD TBRBON&i > Mfctn, Mii'tni af Uablllty fran vkmtai UIM, will ad KakliR'i COUUk a Ik*niik rtftatratar af tkl u4 all vaa mi bata la |uad tkiwtifit by layraaat udilpatn will tad ta Ulk Ctriltl a atrtaia aad ayaady raaadj. TO THE LADIES. HillAI'l rrRIB?riK?IJia OOMUk U a aataratra aad lyatuy aart fat laalylanl CaMaayOaa, Wbuaa, Mniu4 at maiill KtiitmUM,! niMtluaii a( Iriu at ta**Ja?tary ? ??'( tbaraaf, rtiltaf af iba Vmb, Mdtaaaa, IPalattaf, tad all diaauai laalatat ta Faaaiaa. THERE 18 NO MiSTAKB ABOUT IT fai aa iaaf*i Vaka ti aaaardiaf la dltaauaaa. ll will tiaalata, nitapku, aad tarlyaiau Ttm aad aan* tb? btaaa a? aaaiia ta ?? ! ynt tk??k ifiit. Bvary baUlt la famiud tb ft?b aatlahaUa*. TOR CHILDREN, If Taw ablldrta ara aUkly, y?at at afllawd, McUiltl COUlik will aaka tbaai ktUtby, fat, aad rabail. Daiay aat a at) try It, aad yaa-wlll b? aaaTlaati. It U ??Balaaa tataka. ?A WTION. wax af drmfftoM at daalan wba Bay try ta yalai aaaa yaa tan* bltut at aataapanlla ttaab, wbiab tbay au bay *b?aa. by saying It la laat u yaad. A raid taab aaa. Atk lai MckEANI mXH?T*KNTI(? CO&OUL, aad taka aatblac all*. It ia tbl an It ranau* tfeat will aarif* tba IM tSnnifkl? ?nd at l?a wa< tint itn>|tku di Ob* iiu^Knl lakao mi; ?niiin faaunf U a caruta p*?TtBttT? far GM!nt, Chllla ao4 fim, TtlUw r??ir, at a; mtalaal tlnui. ll it M' a? la larg a ka-.tlaa. Prtaa aaty fl par W-mU*. ar I katUaa far $1 J. MckEAl, alt irtimiw af Uu Cardial; alaa, Mafaaaa'a Taltutt 01 kulaiaau Pitakljal Dapat aa tka aaraat af Turd u< PU* lUMti, ?. Uaala, Ma KoLetn's Volcanic Oil Linimtnt, (tii im bunMorr m nx wount Tki a?Iy aafa ul aaruia aara fat Canaan, FUaa, Tv aaata, valllafi aad Braocklla at Catira, Fwalrni, Maaralfla, W aakoaaa af U< Maaclaa, Ckratiie at Utaaaaaiar? Kkaaaauaia, Bufaaaa af tka JauU,C?liMW4 Maaclaa at bifanaiita, Earaaka ai Taa-.kacha, Eraiaaa, Ipraiat, Praak Can, Waacda, Clean, ratai taraa, Caked Braaat, bti taplea, tint, Saaidi, fan Tkraal, at aa? lnlammauac at Mil, aa difaraaca kav aavara at taaf tka diaaaat laat Lara atlatad. McUill CAKMUTKO UWMUT U ta ??!? " TkMuiOi ( Wu baiaft lift kill mw4 a lift af *it HtfttUi u4 alun ky th? att af Utt unlut i naiif. MtLKAirS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WlU Mil*** fata tlmaai laiflllimily. aa4 tl vtll tltta, parlfy u< ktaJ Ut faaiaat mtm la a* loartdtfclt than uai. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtUU.N1 CKUEULATKD 1.1M 1MCJIT it tht talt mf u4 rtlltklt nnUj far tkt tart ?( Iptrlt, UiMtt, Wiadftlla, ptlau, Varnataral kntpa, Madat at vtUiaca. U aa7a? tailad va tva ||| la^; P?i)trU, ritiala, OTd ??? ? W MMrii ufM. Wm ~ZT^&lg?agiL. 1 m\ * JUTLXAOTTB Mute Morv # \ ==ggagB THE WEEKLY STAR. email?I Pkalljr u4 N?v? leemO? conttfalac a freeter variety ot lattvaaU*c racing \.Lxn caa be found la aajr oU?e??la y?MUac4 on Friday aorulng. lBBM(?C*rk, MMTMNf, Hi <*ni K!o?le oopr, per naaaai . ! ? Tea coplw m Twctty-lff M M ii ib variably aoatalaa the" Waahlaftaa Uit taa made Tb Dm*lf Imiaf S*m etndMl eo generally throughout the liw>f IZTflngle copies (In wrap pen) tu he pta> cored at the counter, Immediately after the taM ofthepeper. Price?THRKK CENTS pENSION OFFICE, inn hra. 1N1. TO ALL WHOM If MAY COIfCKMN. Application bavins beea made ender ue aet of SSd June. lMn, for the reieene of the Labi Warrant* deec.-iboa herein, which are alleged to have been !oet or deetroreri, notiee ie heiebr aleaa.thai at the date following the de?oriptioa of aaoh war rant, a new Certificate, of Ufce toaor, vill ha la ced, if no valid objection eball thee appear No 71 .AX, for Iflnaoree. leaned enter tie hat of March, 1?5A, in the name of Amoe Arthar. IM *ra- ted on the 17th da; of Auc uet, 1MJ ?Ooiober U.1MI. So. ?4?. for m aoraa. aadar hat of 1MT, had bearirc oate May 6tn. iuo, in favor ofMiahhai K pp lather of 9amue! Ropp, deceaeed, TTjlrd fa uiaus > o uomir'.llNlWIl <? tr.-UMOMr II. No. 64 536 for 1** lerN, iMn?d iDMr the Mi of March. 1*56, ib th? nam# of Jmm Lom, ud granted on til* Slit day of Marob, W. Oitobtr 19, 1M No 24 637, for MO MW, ifllMt IIKlrt UM Ml ef March. 1896, lit the nam* of TkoMi Tmmt, ?m crested on th? 94 dav of May, 1DK-U?i?b?r 19. IM1. No W too, for l?n aerM, lacoed seder the aet of Maroh 18S6. in the name of Po ly. widow of Bind Bradbury, and granted on the 19th nay of t?yt?ni* tier, I860 ? Nuvem'?r 16.1861 No. 43.342 for fln aorea. i??ued undwr the Mt of Maroh W5a, in tbenameof Chnatopbor I>ough??ity, and era t*d on the ?ih day of September, 1MB. November 16 1861. N?? 98.814, for 16" acres, mau*d under the aot of March. 1856, i? the nam* of t?uy S. Alejar-t!*, Minor child of John C. Alexander, aad granted July X. 186".?November ?6. 18?" No. 3,163, for 16? acrea, im?d indw the Mt of March. 1855 in the name o< Benjamin Roily, aad granted on the 27th da* ?f June, 1856 No fe2. for 80 acre*, leeued under Ut act of Maroh. 1855 in the name o' Reu^u Woodruf, and granted on the 9.h day of Mty, 1856. . No. Uri- tor 16" acres, ?uoj un^er ti e Mt of Maroh, 1855. in the name of ftarnuej H Water boaee. and granted on tbe 23t day ot May. 1866 No. 2^3S for BP acre*, imuw) uxder the Mt of Mai oh. 1856, in the name ot BhaU* I)o?m. ac<j r-?r'?d on tlie 2d day of Augaat, 1855.?November 16,1861. No 41 934, for 169 acre*, tuned under the Mt of MirrK. UU i r the. name r%f Ta ...m Dra. ' A ^ 00 the 2iBt day o* March, 1WI ? >o\fmbr &. 1M1. No. 25 f*?i. f ?r 160 acre*. leaned under th* Mt of March 1856. id the nam' of Wil lam M . JaliotC. A.,and John D. 8., miner ohi'dren of lrwin Bvc fi, deeeae^d, ax.d rr?:.t?d on the Xth day of Mar, 1856?November 23, Ml. No 44.818. for *n aorea, i???ei aoder the aot rf Ma-ch, 1&16 io the name of fretty, widow of Tho?a* F.iw<?od,*nd erart?d the 19th day of iuuity, 1857.?November 2V 18*1. ;>o.7S S.O, for lb > acre*. iaeu?d under the aot of Marob.l?.S6 in tHe name of Alexander Me< nl loach, ar.d cra>.teil on the 8th day of January, !?#.? !fove<rT?er ?J. 1881. No. 8,?*>8, lor l<n aoree, leaned aoder the aot of March. 185-6, in 'he came of Alexaoder Mr^uain. and rr&nt. d ?n the 12th day of Oatobor, 1881? Nove.n '-er J". 1H61 No. 9t"fi9. f -r 12" ao-M, laaoed under the aot of March, 1K55. iu the name of Daniel Weet. and 1 ranted ou the 14th day of July. 1855.? r T. 1861. No.f7J>?.for 160 aoree, ie*ued under the aot cf Maroh, 855. in the name of Hannah widow of Jamea Wi.bod, ami granted on the2><th day of Fab ruaxy. 18S7 ? December *1. i<*61 No.64.d5i, fir Uu acres. i?au*d under tha aot of Maroh 1855. in the name of Martha, widow of Aad ew M' nn.. and granted on tha l&th day of April, 185* ? December 2 ,1861. |bNo. a.jr^.for ib i aorca. laajed under tha act of "arch. 855 in ?ue name of Samuel ft J aok ear an i granted on tie l<tdt* o Au*u ?t. IMS No. a 1 4, i<>r-l6 i aoree, inaued und?- ?' e aot of. Maroh, 1855. in the name of William H Tarraixe, and craxted ou tue ISth day of J uIt, 1856 - Deoem ber 21,1*51. JOSEPH H. BAKRETT, e 18-law Oommiaeionor. OFFICE OF THE BOARD OP HEALTH Wars'XOto*. September 24, ;Nl. At a meeting of the B a.-d of Hoa th. held on thia d&v. th? f.,1 (iVir.r VArM HaaIrmiH In nuisances: Dead arimala, dead fiah.cffal of tih.ud bewpa ?f oyater ?hells. Offal from butchera' alalia, a>as|ht*r boatN, or tan yard a. P'axnant water in ponda, inarahea, aewers, or oellara. Foal stables. foul oow-house? or oow-pena. fool, and bog at yea Detail n? vegetables and fraiU of w?ii ceaonp ticn, whether entire or th'?oa pmtions thereof dm used aa ood which icai b? throws oat. All aahea, rubbiah,ahav tgm.or refuae aabatannea fri m ftuy trade,ooouration, or basineta. Fi'th, stable manure, soapsuds in poo a, dra.nage from dje-houa^a. s'?ap. arc glae factone*. Horrea going at tare* with glanders. (arcy.or anr other oonugious disease Houses or buildings n a atate of dilapilatioo or d?osv en^* ngeriug the Uvea or property of thoae in the vicinity. Privies opening into aewera. Coal gaa tar or other refuse matter egpaping from caa-liouaea or gaa reservoirs. All dead animals or parts thereof that are offoaaive ?e?-??lw WM. O. FLOOD. Beorolary. # , ffc Al'HWE&IN'l ' ^nnihlla'JBf Powder jl cmtmimi # p#4#M? SCHWER1N*S PILLS ar? suredeaU. to Rats and Mice. M. Scnwerin hu reoeived oertiftoates from the President or Girard Collage. Director* of House of RetBco, Peinsy'Ttaa Hoepita.. anj other Prominent Institntioas ol Ph. &1e,?hia; U. 8. Jail, WaehicKtoa, 1). C., and Charity Hoeptla. New Orleans, Lis The origin*! oertitoites oss be seen st the Wholesale and Ret*:! I>epnt 134 North 8?eon<! street, Philadelphia, sac for sale in tbis oity by p. II. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and 4H st*.. and be al. Drccgiru aa<i Grocer*. lir.WARK OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. IT * Remember to ask for Sehworia's Annihilatu iPowaar. IC None granine or. es* s:gnad m. Schwui*. m* Sjg?s nm TOP HANTS IK Hfi PREMIUM TM V It t VIS MANUFACTORY, 499 Bitbkth BTMit, VV *<-tuner*a, D. O. SUtot M?d? awarded t?y Maryland laetitBle Batimore, November T.lIflB. I am ooaetactiy makin*. wd utin have m hast, of taebeet material, every da*c pt-o* ml rta* Sole Leather, Wih>i ?ox, end Packer Trnnk*. Palliaer, Carpet. Barf "c'K,,<asaJ5ifc. At Lom Prw. Meabera of Con/reea and frareiwa will ytom examine my etock before pur avunj eieevbere Trunks thai are made lb oittea. Superior Leather Bad Dreee Trunk* made to order. Trunka Borered Bnd rea*; r?d at abort nodea ?oede delivered free of o^arae toacHart of tba eity.6eorietown.Biid Alexandria. JAMr?rw.roPBaM. ^wswiEKlSr*. The ui.rteesui aopeai eeeya of taia laaMalMB Will o?it.mono? uc a c^aiy, wfwwwt i#ic. ?l in# horn** r^owitiy oocuj.fd try cyivtoter 800U, |i|n SpsiSiSBfflfflK ; la audition to day aebotara. Mr*. MoCormiok la ?r?HrM to roooivo a l.iuitM narobor of r*?ilf M boardori, who, ootialltouac t part of bar on ullf,trill bo liLdw ue- .u.iu?ltaM aaro aod nyomaiotL 8h* will MdaOTOT. m far m aoaaibla. to aw- r routd tbem vttk tteooomwrta awf kutdlt inlaaonao f Hon, a. _ Eit.,Fi(v Srowdec. Say.. Edmaai r.Wnw P.: Va^r hit.. Koo^rt kft. H nnlot, BMt| w? v? 27 , fcditor Kvenin* Star, B'tja^i t Wator*. M Jm kMl CUl'NTGHrANKj.tll I1IMUL *a?i1 tiM. Bed Cwilbm, miHimi, Pi'low lim* Oottow, Ti wets. Napkina, Table Clotte, Ifekiaf a. tKiT!iM,Jtc. Ail Moar f-ovrrt y low primm. ukMiu^luiliirM. ^ Nn MMri.iUMttra.nioinM ud eitlatM * Will i hi peet o?r atookftt pla*e*r# V" WOOD AND OOAL. , _ u* Piobmt Mil la a Uta., M bt MfcU ' ^^aSSSjS^' "Mu^S'd LutMfM 1 Pr*t?Tf KM). Cr No >xtrm charg?. ? ?-W i^KlB, CliDLK AND BED BLANKETS

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