Newspaper of Evening Star, October 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 5, 1861 Page 2
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% THE EVE.M'NK STAR. w ASIlhMVroN CITY: * At TODAY OcUkrr 5, l*6l. I Oirm F*iat the various military camps and positions will confer * favor by keeping ua ported to movemenisand affair* In their viclnltle*. Spirit et Ibf Mirslrt Press. Tbe Inlrlhgtnrtr treat* upon the object and aspirations of the "p?*ace p*rty'' of Maryland. The R<puhitrin speculate* on tha "military situation" about Washington. |<jr Last Thursday Wm McKeewla. Benj. F. McCauley, John Wilkin*. Patrick Cronan. James Campbell, Alexander O'Connor, Frederick 8ollenkarap, Patrick Conroy, Samuel Davidson, George Geswell. Philip Cassidy, and George Corner*. Baltimore prisoners conBncd In Fort t'olnnboi, Governor's Island. New York, were released by U. 8. .Marshal Murray, In pursuance of orders recalled from the War Department. IC^Mr. Magraw, of Pennsylvania, who went to Manassas for the body of Col. Cameron, and was taken prisoner, arrived from Fortress Monroe yesterday, having been released. A number of refugee* were brought from Norfolk to Old Point on Thursday In the steamer William Selden, a >me time stnee stolen from the Norftlk line. The refugees were sent back on account of some Informality in their papers. Last Monday, Mr. Elta? Ware, Jr., of Bal tlniore, well known in political circles, and formerly speaker of the Maryland Hcuse of Delegate*, attempted to commit suicide by cutting bis throat with a knife. A young man being present, help Was at once afforded, and the unfortunate man 1 put In a fair way to recover. fp/~ Last Saturday morning, Rev Mother Mary Catharine tVvnne, Superior of the Sisters of Mercy, died at tke Convent of the Immaculate Conception, on Popplrton street, Baltimore. She j was in the forty-Br>t year of her age, and in the fourteenth of her religious profession. j HT Yesterday, Wm. Saalkey, of Frederick | rlty, Md., was fatally injured by being knocked \ from the track by an engine on the Baltimore and j Ohio Railroad, and died yesterday evening at i JElllcott's Mills. i UJ-XDe cbleago Journal says: "We under- J taad, on what we regard an good authority, that the War Department ia about to transfer a number of Eastern regiments now either In New York or >ew England to St. Louis " JET The Secretary of War la becoming impatient with the expense of bands of music for tb? army, as It already amount* to a itim that wilj snake this single Item of expenditure ?!,<**>,uuu , ye*r , ITT Francis M Fisk, of New Or'eans, and i Jchn, an Englishman, have been released from Fort l.afayette on taking the oath of I allegiance. I ' fry TheTowsontown Advocate says that Perry Kennard, confined in the jail at that place under , sentence of death, will be executed on Friday ^icxt. Edwin Coid, a c.t'./'n of Factory District, St Mary's county, Md., has bren arrested l>v the Uovernment, and is a priaouer on board one of the I'o'omac Flotilla. lp*Tb? steamer Ben Deford was put en the 1 marine railway In Baltlrrc-e yeaUrclay, for the * purpose erf cleaning c7 her bottom and making 1 repairs To-morrow the African M. E. Church a> Mount Gtlboa, noar Elllcott's Milla, Md., will toe dedicated with appropriate religious services < I ID^The regiment of ex-Governor Thomas brigade at Cumberland hare received their arma, , uniforms and tenta. j Arraias tji th? Wist.? Fromtbe special tele- ) graphic correspondence of tbe Cincinnati Gazette , ?e extract the following: Gaiao, Oct 8.?It it reported to-day that PI How. with a heavy force, la again moving serosa Mia- ; ourl toward C?t>e Girardeau. A reconnolterlng force bat gone toward Charleston, looking after PIHow's probable movement. IsDiASAroLta, Oct 2?Information from tbe , border Indicates that the rebels will have po?*es- , ion of Henderson. Ky , in less than twtfnty-four hours, unless our troop* prevent It. 1 A special tr^.in will leave here with arms, etc., i to-night Colonel Crufts is now here entrenched at Lock No 1 on Green river, and has several plerea of artillery In position. Colonel XVllilch's German regiment w ill leave LoulsvlUe to morrow for the Interior A large amount of arms and munitions were 1 shipped U> Rockpert, Spencer county, to-day The tn'ifp hnri)#p *! 11 ars^n - ? -? ? 4- J m * -^r III vvinuuou IU ueil'IKl , themselves successfully agalnstanv Invasion Enfield rifles are experts from tbis time forward at the rate of one thousand a week. |JT A case ha* just been decided in the Circuit Court at Syracuse, wbicb It of ?oine importance * to a certain class of property holders A woman j named Blodgett sued the city of 9\raccae for the value cf property destroyed by a mob It appea red tbat tbe plaintiff ktpt a bouae of bad repute Judge MuUIn charg*dttte jury that though the rioters were liable to indictment and punl?hnoent, the plaintiff could net recover for her lea* of pmpe'ty at their b^nds, ifabe kept a house of pruetltntion. and this contrltMited to creatc the riot. The jury f >und for the defendant. ICTTbe brothers Marcy, one residing In Portsmouth, and the other In New Orleans, owned jointly fonr ships The southern brother hoisted i the Heeession fl?g on two, and the old 9tar? and t Stripes floated over two. The fortunes of war have so turned tbat th? secession crafts have been 1 arlted bv th?* United States authorities, while the < the Confederates have captured the two belong- 1 lng to !b? loyal Northerner. liJ"The Texan soldiers on Governor's Island 1 are said to be rather astonished at the strictness of J the discipline which It enforced there They ' have been so long accustomed to the comparative freedom cf frontier soldiering, that military discipline Is irksome to them, and some of them t occasionally find themselves reported aha*nt with. out iMvf. which la only one step from desertion t |]T Tbo bids for Ave revenue cutters, sdverT ' tlsed for by tbe Secretary of the Treasury, were ' received on Monday. Propositions were made by 1 a number cf leading shipbuilders in New York, 1 Boston, Philadelphia. Baltimore and other places Tbe awards will not be determined for several a days. 1 l\ r" A shipment was made from Boston Isst ' week of 6 023 pairs of shoes, for Halifax It Is conjectured that these are Intended to be resbtpped ( for rebel ports, from tbe tact that at Fort Hatteras > prices have lately been taken with abi patents of t hoes from Halifax, whlcb bad tak<-n that roundabout way for tbe South, to avoid seizure. t Cy There are 5,506 boats belonging to tbe Erie a eaoal, of which 1 ,346 are of a greater tonnaiee tban t the vessel la wbleb Columbus discovered Amer- I Sea, aad It rosy be added that tbe aggregate car- ^ goes these boati can float In a season, from tbe I lakes to tbe ocesn, would load the combined fleets t sf the world. [TT Tbe Msyor of Leavenworth. Ksnsas, bss 1 Issued a proclamation ordering all tbe stores In I the city to does, and all business operations to s cease, between tbe hours o( four snd half past six 1 o'clock la tha afternoon of each day, for the pur- li pose of giving all persons time to perfect themselves la tbe use of trsarme. pp ,| , [J~r- Tbe richest beneflce In the Chnrch of Eng. i land U Ooddlngton Rectory, Cambridgeshire o The annual value of thia living Is stated at 936,500. I Tbe present lac am bent has held It since tbe year i 1911; so that tha uzrenla inm ra^oUai ? ? ?? WW* ? (U LB 1MMOO f 1I7A aoldlaf at Paducah, wbo bad bwn paid 1 effand aqoandered hi* money nailed a board to i a free, and cbalked oo It In large letter* "There \ wwatlnc vbra men without brain* died, but t sow tbey go to war." C7" Cynthia, K jr., baa been a peatlferou* aecea- t do* bole To porlfy It, the 35th Oblo regiment i baa pitched lta tent* thrre The reault la, that all < deu Wul m?( have given up their arm a and uken i the oath of allegiance i ItTtiOT Spragae, of Rhode Inland, ta railing threa aytra batterlea la that State, which win t nuke eight la all. ? ???,Tfce wol*M *re making great haeoc In ' ufifngton Co , Maine Lut week tbey killed ' <eve? **4***,. ?w??owa, and about thirtyabeep ' [?T Mortimer Tbompaon (" Dor aticka") to temporarily acting aacbaplaia of the New York < Twenty-alx Taloateera ? ft ClMJlu?H AH Itkorfn Wb? oftr thrtt^Lrr* i" mrr ??pfc?To? *? ?S ?*?? ? * .rt. ,IJ err TLo ?hU>w ci.Tom *?pr.u*. ih? renowart" k buJThm, to bow ?a lammtt of * Loo4oa work- ^ C7* Wttor la being l*trodoco4 by wmi o? ' ? po? loto tbo ?ttt*oa W 1>e Biltlmori >4 Ofals railroad. ( . m ? . i' 4 ' * i , '. i ' ? xi At OI'R niMTIHf IltTD?ET. A MISTAKE. The New Vork rrt&WM.ln lta efforta to palliate FremonTa piirehaae of the Hall'a carbine* aold by the Government long alnce, aa being wortbleaa, at From Si to ?G each?at a coa^ of #'J0 each to the rreasury?saya that the Ordnance department tiere ?old a lot of Enfield rlfl?a at 910. Tbla la not true. The Ordnance Department ixchanged JO.UOO ordinary rlflea of the calibre of H-100, (originally coating SI I each,) at 910a plece^ taking the pay for them In Colt'a piatola at the nanal contract price, with a guarantee that the rifles ahould be reamed up to (be standard calibre ?58-100?fitted with sword bayonets, and be returned aa soon aa possible back Into the aervlce tbua improved. The dc mands upon the Springfield armory are such that it would have coat the Government four times aa much to have undertaken to alter tbeae rlfica there at th1stlme,aa will be the entire coat of the alteration made in the private factory of the party who has undertaken the work. This explanation aeta the Tribunt's story completely at rest THK WAXDIR1X0 BA.L1.09N. The ballcon that sailed over Washington yeaterday afternoon waa doubtleaa the Saratoga, of Mr La Mountain. He made an mcenalon in It last even'ng from near General Kearney's camp (In the vicinity of the Theological Seminary,) while that officer's brigade was receiving a stand of colors, on parade, Prealdent Lincoln. General McClellan and staff, and other notable#, being preaent By some accident the balloon allpped Its moorings, and was wafted over the Potomac, to deacend. we hear, about nix miles northeast of the city. Various absurd rumor* concerning It were afloat?one alleging that the President and Ben McClrllmi were passengers with La M?udlain; another that the balloon had escaped from Beauregaid's army, &c , Ac. THK RAILROAD. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company are now energetically adding Improvement* to their Washington branch road, which, In three weeks or a month, will treble lta transportation capacity Thus they are constructing sldeinga, turnouts, platforms, 4c., equivalent to eight miles of new track, full two miles of which are about the depot !o this city. They have eight hundred burden and stock cars upon the road, and will require no more (with the loading and discharging and passing Improvements being constructed) to enable their road to transport three times as much dally, is ttey are now able to'carry The additional facilities, they bold, will enable them to transport more freight than at any time comes to Washington by rail and river together. THBIR SEW GBXKRAI.. G. w. Smith, of Ky., late street commissioner nf New York city, who Is now in command of the division of the disunion army lately commanded by General Joe Johnson, was not a classmate of Gen McClellan; nor did he graduate at the head of bis class at W est Point, as Is being represented in the press. He was of the class that graduated four years before Gen. McClellan, and came out No *?not No. 1 He was doubtless ?ne of the best c Ulcers in theL'nlted States service throughout the Mexican war. A M ' DEL CAMP. The best k'pt camp we have been able to find in me vicinity or this city Is that of the Ninth I'eiinaylvania reserve, (regiment,) near Tennallytown?a mode! camp In the matter of scrupulous cleanliness and the posstsslon of numerous little comforts for the inen. It will be well for ;ommanders i t other regiments to study its pecularitiet, most of wh.cb can be generally adopted with gieat advantage to the service. saw yard. The only arrival at the yard this morning was brt of the Harriet Lsne, from New York. She ?ears no news of importance. The Seminole has hauled up along side the Arharf, where she will undergo some repairs to ler machinery. The e is now in session at the Marine Barracks 1 general marine court-martial, composed of the fallowing oSfi .ers : Major Wm. B. Slack, 1st Meat James Forney.'2d Lleut^Wm. H. Hale,'2d Lieut John C. Harris, and 'id Lieut. Wm. R Brown, and J J . Coombs, Esq., Judge Advocate. The court la engaged in the trial of Corporal Wm Toombs, of the marine corju. on a charge jf attempting to bribe privates Met J raw and McMullin to aid In the escape of certain prisoners from on board the United States steamer Baltimore, on a recent voyage from Annapolis to Fort Lafayette. A "Li5colsv Prsachrr is North Carolina. Tbe Goldsboro (N C.) Tribune, under the bead of "AH ilrs In Benifort " svs: Rev \Ir. Van Antwerp, Episcopal Minister *t Beaufort, we are reliably informed, treated the fast day, recommends by President Davis, on the l'lth of 1st June, with contempt, by not opening his chnrch on that occasion Alike instilting to the and Confederate authorities and to the Ker^ra! Southern seutiment, was the conduct of this preacher, In reference to Thanksgiving day, on the Sunday after the Manassas battle and victory. He did not sar auvthin* lbout It, or make any allusion to In any part of the services of biscbnrch on that day. We are gratlfi-d In being able to state that nome of bla church member*, good and patriotic citizens, have ceased toatterdbi* preaching. His xtreet talk Indicates that be is a Llncolnlte In heart and r?eiln?|and this manifest traitor is a preacb^rand i school teacher in Beaufort on the seacoast of North Carolina. 1^7"3lx hundred thousand pairs of sewed shoes ire being made up In Massachusetts, for which L'ncle Sam will pay considerably over a million uf dollars. A low average of the amount paid Tor work, bottoming, fl'tlng, Ac , would be 60 -ents a pair, equal to 8360 000 distributed among the journeyman In the State for maklog the shoes. This Is exclusive of the large amount of both tewed and pegged work for th? State, as well as if cavalry boots, which will not fall short of one balf the above amount, or $180,000. Major Valentine Bansenweln, Ald-de-Camp :o General Garibaldi, arrived at Cincinnati on Pridav list He had been tendered the I.leu tenint Colonelcy of the Thirty-seventh (German) regiment of Ohio Volunteers but it is reported hat he baa refused the oflVr, intending to raise ind take command of a special German regiment, tie having been requested so to do A foreign paper tells of an Ingenious iiriuggling trick practised on the frontier near I.Ill? K/.... ? ?? - ^ uvja >rui U|l a ?!|(I10I1C KUe, BOd 'ollmnd It ?croM the frontier line Into Belgium, fbere a man attached to the tall several bundle* >f elytra and a large one of tobacco The kite ras again rai?*d, arid the bovsquietly returned nto France without paying duty on their booty. ti^Col Plbert haa been appointed to the Tblry-*eventh Ohio regiment Thla gentlman baa ilso aer v?d with honor In Europe Previous to kirn Killing to this country .?50.1)00 was ofl'ered ilni by the rebels to take a command in their aerrice, which offt-r he r? fnsed, on the ground that ie "would not light against constitutional liberr" [T/"The Pike's Peak Gold Coinage has made ts appearance in fio piece*. Slot, and f > l-!ji I'he ragle side is precisely like ours, and can carcely be distinguished trom It. On the reverse i a representation of Pike's Peak. The coinage i excdlent in* Iowa has now in the service nine regiment >f Infaut.y, including three that have left within i few days; and there are nearly ready two regloenta of Infantry and thre^ of cavalry When all itve been put in the Held, Iowa will have furitshed some fifteen thousand m?u (JT'Tbe Empress Eugenie, on the 1st, laid the Irst stone of a hospital, to bear ?be name of ' Asile >alnt Eugenie," Intended for the reception of oldlers snd poor persons to whom the use of the vaieri 01 Mui-HonoH may be prncnbed by belr medical attendants. IfTThe Utlca Herald notice* the fact that since b<-opening of navigation, the quantity of grain tad four passing through that city on the Eire anal has averaged 1000 bushels per hour, day and tight Tbe aggregate, op to tbe 7th Inst., was 13,000,000 bushels. IPr Advice* from Washoe say that emigrants ire pourtag In from tbe plains every day. It Is -?ttmated that tbe number going to California crocs tbe piatns this season will reach 35.000 or W,U00 They come from Indiana, Illinois and awa?the greatest number by tbe central route. IpP'So great Is tbe demand for the descrlpton >f canvas necessary for tbe construction of tents, mm vi IHC WM IO0 pfICC ?4uRCfd 100 p?r cent. tO".Ttf?HW^'rg Tract got Lety publUhad la lib)! nearly wO.UiUmeiaow tbr preceding r**r ?? nrttfv ?emW# *t?rt*aud vu 986,uuu iirYfil^fyQr p ?u *rv?; abWiu?etti, p.y? i b<mo|v4ff fttt WMfb naeaiber ot iiweonpuy '3? ^ A4?Sf SlSSJ' *?*( ^.uia^jvpBBdiBg ta *? JUatacfcy i^uutu** 7-11 9 | fv ^ iJ 1 ^t|r] m i!ti ' hJ^UK w LATEST NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. From lite Richmond pa pert we extract the fol lowing : REBEL ACCOUNT O? TH1 EVACUATION OT MPS ?05'l HILL A correspondent of the Dispatch write* fror Fairfax, Sept CSth, as follows: Lait night the Federals advanced upon o? pickets, who Ml back from the line by Munaon and Mason's hills to Falls Church The etjem ? reused forward and occupied our lines for som '.stance. The 27th Virginia was in advance, b on the approach of the enemy, fell bark, leavln behind them the "Shrlver Grays." a single con pany. who wsre not notified of the remoral t the regiment by the sergeant-major who poste them Through the night they maintained thel position until ordered, at half-put 6 this more lng, to Join their regiment. Their absence cav rl?e to the belief that they had been captured b the Federals, and Major Grlbsey, the officer 1 command of the 97th, Immediately started out 1 pursuit of them As I wrote In a previous lettei the night was dark and stormy, and the poor fe lows hid a dismal time of It; for watching f? Yankeea on a dark night, with everv thread c one's clotbea saturated with water, with a rb'He body, and with small streams trickling dow Into one's boota, Is by no means a cheerful occi patlon. They were found all right, howevei very wet, cold and hungry, but with their usua enthusiasm and vigilance unabated by the stornr On approaching the regiment the "Grays" wei received with great pleasure by their companlom who supposed them lost, and cheer aft-r chet burst forth at their safe return. For once, i least, the "Grays'' have had their metal tested for It Is such trying circumstances as th'se ttu bring out the true qualities of men. About 12 o'clock to-day a large number of th enemy came up to Mason's Hill, and made prep) rations for an easy time They could be see smoking, chatting, playing caras and amusin themselves generally. Just as a portion of tbei s"t down to dinner, Col. Tom Taylor, of the li Kentucky regime nt, came up to the root of tt hill and prepared to drive them from it The regiment was formed in line of battle i the foot of the hill, and two companies, one o either side deployed ?s skirmishers ft was tfc work of a moment, and the column was ordere forward at double quick Up the hill they tun b'ed with tremendous yells, and down the hi went the Yanketa as fa?t as their legs woul carry them Several of the enemy's hor?em?-? a _ t _ _ j i ? ??- - uruu b s<>, ana leaping over lences at a breal neck height, mode hasty trucks for the dlstat fortifications. But few shots were fired on elth< Ide; one company of the Kenturkians discharge their rifle* at long range, and three of the Fedei als were killed After giving them a big Kari and seeing them some distance on their journe home. Col Taylor withdrew from the hill Lat< in the evening a party of ten went back to recov* sonic property, rind accomplished their err&a without belns; molrsted. A bout the late afl'di r at Lewinivtlle I have not hi n further to say. Although the Yankee* ran at tt first intimation of the approach of our troops, thei was such a " bosh" made of the whole affair thi it did not redound much to our credit Theflgl was a flash In the pan?a complete "fltzie," to ui a common but not very elgant expression. as I write, it Is reported that the Federals,4,5( strong, hive taken possession of Falls Churct The fact, or the report, has caus-d quite a stan pede among the ladles who have been board In n*-re. There is also considerable excltemei among the residents, who know well that If th town falls Into Federal bands again that not building will b" left Falls Church is about si mUes fr, ni the court bo-jse. THK DKKEM-K OF IHK COAST O* NORTH CAROf.IKJ TKo l'ka.1. * -. / V. V l\ - " " uc v, uauuiK j.i. v> ) j/euiinrai oi .uonaay lai says: We learn that Gov Clark is now doing all b can to defend the coast, and is sending fo> war companies and regtments ai f.-st as tbev can I equipped He made a request recently of tbe Se< retary c.f War, that a few wll-drulfd regimen' be sent to our coast, promising to send forward I Virginia an equal number of new regiment* ? North Carolina troops But tbe r> quest has n< been comjditd with by tbe Confederate Goveri meat We suppose North Carolina is expe cted t defend her coast herself, and therefore vl?;orou exertions should be made for that purpose witl out delay, wnlch we are assurtd Is being doru and that liberal citizens of tbe east are a'd'ng tL authorities all they can by private funds and forc< A MARYLAND BATTALION The Richmond Examiner says there are froi ?>?>? to 1.000 able-bodied cltlzensof Maryland no^ In Richmond, who have called a meeting to fori a battalion,which Is to lead in an attempt to driv the Federal troops from their native State THE CONTETJKRATK LOAN. Tbe Examiner savs:?It Is thought that r*oi gress will be easily induced to pass a measure < relief for the planters. In the case of prolon^e delay on the part of the government In sellln tbe crops subscribed to the produce loan TL bureau charged with the negotiation of the loai under the t u peri n ten den ce- of J D B Debou Esq , will, we understand, shortly issue anotb< rl r # 111? ? I c.f?e* ~ J ?1 -x ** v.*<v 'w%>v/i ?' ?uc piamcrs, ixu vising* tDfm I the prospects of Congressional relief, as there b) been tome restriction of tbe action of the plan' era. from tbe apprehension that the governmei mav have to resort to forced rales, to their ow prejudice and loss Hub*criptions to tbe loa still continue constant We are informed th] not a day passes without the incident of visit* i applicant!, offering to sell not only produce, bi everv other conceivable article, for Confederal bonds. dKCKMIOH 15 THE rRESBYTKRTA* CtirRCH. Several of the Presbyteries of tlie Old Schoi Pr-shyterian Church in the Confederate StaU have held their regular fall meetings, and witl out exception. have passed ac'? of separation froi the General Assembly of the cburcb, and appoln ed delegates to attend at Augusta, Ga , on the 4t of n?xt December, for the uurpose of forming General Assembly of the Southern Cor.federac portion of the denomination. TH It FLEET OFF THE NORTH CAROI.TNA COAST. The fleet which was otf Fort Macon, says th Wilmington Journal, probably left there iastJ'ur day, and there are indications of its gathering 1 the vicinity of Cape Fear The steamers were o] New Inlet last week. That, it will be remerii bered. Is a new passage to Wilmington, comin into Cape Fear river above For's Johns n an Caswell, and wltbin eight or ten miles of Wi mlngton SENDING AWAY THE SICK It has been reported on tbe streets for seven day* past, that In view of tbe prospective mllltar movements at Msnss? th?t ?>. , .uv ucuriai ouu landing baa determined to send from the hoi pltals at that point all our alck and convalescer soldiers The rumor waa ^ontlrmed yesterday, i far as the arrival of iBO aoldlera could add con tirmution thereto ?Examiner. THB PEVBNBBS OF MOBIL* The Mobile Reglater aaya: This work is goin on rapidly. The people of Mobile have met tt rail of the Mayor tor l,U0i) hand* with character lstlc liberality, and handa and money in commu tation have been so far freely supplied to meet th demands We are indebted to our Mlasiaslpp friends for liberal offers of negro labor. RBLKA8B or Mllim MAG HA W AND HARRIS. The Kxaintner says:?Measrs. Magraw an Harris who improperly came within our line from Washington, d. C., after the battle of Mar assas, on the'.list of July, and who were detalne in custody therefor for two inontha p*st, in tbl city, Lave been relessed by the Secretary of Wai nothing appearing to show that they were eithe alien enemies or inimical to the government c the Confederate States. Their position, as prise nern, heretofore, should not deprive them of the! reputation as high minded and honorable gentlt men In justice to them we will atate a fac communicated from a reliable source, as to thei future destination Mr. Harris will leave in a fe> days to join bis brother Kentuckians, ind Mi Magraw, a native of Maryland, will return to hi own State. THK POST orrici DKFAKTMZ3T. It stem* that tbe admlnlatration of the posta affairs by tbe Postmaster General, Reagan, dot not give satisfaction. Tbe papers are complain lnj( of the Irregularity of tbe malls, and charg the insufficiency of the system to tbe bead of tb department, and demand bis removal. Tbe Fay ettevllle (Tenn.) Observer says: ''Tbe conviction seems to be fixing Itself upoi the minds of the people that Hon John H Reagan Postmaster General of tbe Confederate States, I not Ike man for the station If, is attempting 1 Jill He has been In ottice for months, hot ba "done nothing known to the public, we bear 1 said, to commend him to Its favor." The Charleston Courier remarks: "Will Mr. Postmaster General Reagan bet obliging as to psy some attention to the malls Having very Industriously warned offallexpres managers from doing what they wonld have don to supply the failures of malls, tbe Postmaste General should endeavor to do something?or giv place to one tcko could and would. VIRGINIA IKON FOR CANNON. The small four-pound cannon, made of Vlrglni iron, that have been so long at the State armory are being rsbored and ritltd, after the Parrot plan Some of these guns wer? tested yesterday when all stood the full trial charge; and In exnei lmentini; ut>on one. indiscriminate v i?< M m , J atood a charge of IJf pound? of powder, with abot of 7% pound# without Injury As-1 tire quarters 01 a pound of powder and a 7 % poun ?bot ta the Kervice charge for the fleld, there ca now be no doubt about the strength of the* guns.?Dispatch. VHI IIKOIT This Institution, says the Enquirer, la now 1 full blast In making, repairing, and altering aw keta for the u*e of our arm*. The machinery use In these useful operations la chiefly that which w o providentially recovered at Harper's Ferrj About ?S of the old flint-lock inuaketa are belu dallv altml Iiiia s ? - ? ?- ?'? *r'l^uwiVB vuni. c these work*. About 5,000 of these weapon, r, remain on hand, and ten thousand or more?tx longing to the Commonwealth?are. probabli scattered throughout the State. ' pTOO*?M a call fbom in H'cclloom. \.Th? Memphis Avalanchs of last Monday hi *4* following special dispatch: -**1 ? ?*? ?p*. *-A roflmmt of Mlssour i ' |.'V> / J ana, under Col Hooter, baa been defeated by the j. Kanaaa rufBana, under Lane and Montgomery, backed by Federal troop* Lane and Montgomery are marching upon the Arkansas frontier, i- ben MeCullogh haa only about 3 500 men A proclamation from him, dated Headquarter*, n Camp Jackson, Sept i3. aaya: " Kanaaa Lane and Montvonif'? ir 1 MlMonrl regiment, ander Cot. Hunter, and hive ' burnt Osceola I need tbree regiment* of Infhntry V Immediately. I will accept them for three months. ? Let all tboee wbo have arm* bring them, a* the it armi tamed over by tbe State may fall Into the H band* of those nearest to them Let those wbo i- wish to serve their Stale rallr to ber defense at >f once. B** McCcllogh, d "Brigadier General Commanding." xiscbllankous. e The Augusta Chronicle says It 1* understood v that Government has given an order for a small n number of tbe newly-invented breech-loading q Cannon, to be executed atone of tbe extensive Iron r shop* at Atlanta, Ga. [I The forces now in the field under General Lee ir have been reinforced by the addition of a battalloir ,f of the Fourth Regiment of Loulaiana Volunteer*. Tbe shipment of ordnance to New Orleans still n continues A few days ago four cannon and two

pieces, mounted,were shipped for harbor defense. r* It is stated that in some part* of the South, rye, as a substitute for coffee, ii bringing f3 a bushel. , Virginia baa been divided Into sequestration >e districts, for the convenience of receivers under , tbe sequeatration act A requisition has been made by Gen. Masruder lt upon tbecitlzensof the counties of King William, I King and t^ueen, Gloucester and Matthews, for one-third of their efficient male slave population, to work on fortifications e General Wise is at his residence in Richmond, im confined to hi* room by alcknea*. n movkxknts of the abmt os tdk potomac, g The Examiner nvt: The dcodIb of Blrhmnni n w - rp again Intensely agitated yesterday in speeuit latlona on the general subject of affairs on the Pole tomac. Rumors of varioua credtbilttv were circulated. It was said that President Davit, In hit ?t address to the soldiers at the railroad station, bad n t~?ld them u if they handled their muikets will, by nert Saturday night tkty would it in Baitimort '' d Other evidences rqu.lly emphatic of an approach) lng action were told and circulated through the 11 city. The well authenticated facts.In relation to d the movements on the Potomac are very few. n There la no doubt but that on laat week orders t- were Is.tued to the Confederate forces at Fairfax it Court House to hold themselves In readiness, t with three day's rations, to move forward. Tbia d order was a general one to the whole army. The r- occasion <f it Is understood to have been the ad?? v*nce of several thousand of the enemy in the dlT rection of Ltwinnville, from which, however, >r they had at last accounts retired. >r <l ry^COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL 90CI ? LL5 El V ?A statod ineetinc of the Colombia ? Tjeogr?ypiiical Soviety will be haltl THIS (Satarie day) EVENING, at 7>* o'clock, in the Coanoil re Chamber, City Hall. H. 9. BuWEN. <t It* Reo See. J* y-*? FESTIVAL AT ISLAND HALL-Ths ,e I 5 Island baptist Church will hold a Fair at Island Ha!l on MONDAY ETVr..NlN<?, to !>e eonW tinned during the we^k ; av.M * for the benefit < f i. the Chun h Admission fee 10oepta. oc 5 3t* r^g?A SPECIAL MEETING or the ' CorutiR 1 ff tutl' n De.'eose L- a?ue ' vrifl be he d at r'leir it Rnomr, TUESDAY KVENIN? next, iale ?nt MSo'oiocic. A full atte;.daiioe of ra nibers a is nrrerty requested. x oo 5 .f r. MEYF.R GUUCK, 8eo._ fY"*? ROCKVILLE AND WASHIMJTuN l Jsj TcKNPiKi Road CoMPiST, Oct 2,186 ?A dividerd of four per oent.has been deoiared on the <'api al ctuok of this Company, payable to Stockholders, on demand, at the Hack ot Washington. oo 4 Iw s H HnAKMAN. Seo " rrS*"L'>i,T,,D BU'LDING ASSOCIATION JJ? An adjouriied meeting will be held at the '' u*ua! place, "n MONDAY next,the 7th mat. at 7 oV lock. All stockholders and p?rsots interested to are rrq lasted to he preterit, as it ia ezKCtcU tuat >f payment of aufs wilf be resumed. 3t ocsa^ C1IAS. WiLSON, Secretary. ^ (J-~?6ENEKAL ORDER No. 8. i HKArvTARTKR* PbNWSTLVAHIA MlLlTtA.l j. harnatiure, ^ept SO, 1861. \ ?. 1. No S\.rgeoi or Assistant Surg on can receive ie a commission from the Wovern r qf reuusvlvacia, unle a ne has frat paaaed an examination before a Uuard <>f S*ur?t?oris. in accordance with the Act of Assembly arid Ueiie'kl Ort!e> a No. 23 of the War n Department. t, A Medical U<>ard for the examination of a'lSurn <ceo:.s, i-r A-aiatv t S.irg ons now acting as tuck, r. in any re iraent rai?ed in the Slate of Pennsjlvae ma. will bj held at HarriitbuTg, ctober 2d, 1861, at 9 a. m , and at. Washington City, at \V ilia ills' Hotel, on Tuesday, the 8th ol Octob.r, 1861, at 10 , a. m. iiy order of !f A. G. CURTIN, Governor and Commander-io-i iiiof. Ckaio Bid:>l*,A D C. 003-51 ? .Y^-COMPAMV -A," U. S. KNOINKKKS.U,1? Fifty intelligent and aMe bodied ineclianioa > will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max ') im-un fix?a l>y taw?IS? mer ii.quire at No. Ui G street Pay from 9'3 to per month, )f boaidea food and olothing. an 17 tf 1? nrW^W^PARTMKNTOF METROPOLITAN lt IK_9 PO1.ICE?The iioard of Police Comma sioners having tak?n the house 5Iti Eleventh sL. n all bnsinesa conn- cted with tae Police of thoaitv win do iransao'eo at that place. it \ cPtiTi' complaint book will be 1 oit)f ik?ns are requested to oall and enter any o<-Hiit plaints they may have to make ol any matter re >_ la in* to the police or health of the city e/7 W B. W KBB. Superintendent * 10 PER CKNT. TREASURY NOTES M I of the various denominations are k*pt on hand * by the subscribers, with Ue view of aooommodat i- inc their customers. n oc Viw RIGG9 A CO. ITOR SAI.K-A tood (ami y HOK8K and BIG h " GV. Hie liorse is very rentie, (ant a one can drive him.) and will r?e sold v. ry jJ^vl v low T r canli. Also, & sp.ocdid Piano tiie s^rne terms, inquire of MAT I'HEWi1 A CO., 37.5 Seventh st.. bftareon 1 and K. oo t 3t e 1%/lOURNING ANP OTHER BLACK SILKS. 1*1 a fine ssfortment, alt widihi and qualities, at _ our proverinaily low prices. With a fine and amL pie st <ck of thiok and thin fabr.os lor mourning a dresses, shawls, cloaks, Act. PERRY A BRO., H oc 5-5t Penn. avenua and 9th street^ J1 IRISH POPLINS AND NEW REP".-Many l" 1 ktylisli things opened to day. With all kind> of Dry Goods, in stap e and ianoy fabrics, for the current wants of fcmilios. il One prioe oi ly. the aotual cash standM value, v marked in plain figures PERRY A BROTHER, oc 5-5t Pa. avenue and N intta st. I- ? i i .i it TTMKkVI nt'O'Ti.- n s .? ?? - i u I .1? r,n uti'Ul,?TM BtldiTllin'*! 10 tJ reapeotf' l? annouros to their f\ frienda and the pul> 10 that thoy willM vV ImA open th*ir eatabfishment on Tneaday ^yi|ar next?4*0 corner Twe:fti? and K ata Oyater fchuckera wanted g ooMIII' ?WORD A CO e DLANKETS, COMFORT"*, MARSEILLES D Qoiltt, Table Clothe. Napkina, Towels, Doj hea. Pillow Linens. Sheetii k<. Ac. u A fine a lock at moderate prioea. ,i One prioe only, marked in plain figures; hanoe no purohaaer is deceived. PERRY * BROTHER. oe 5 5t Ka. avenue and Ninth at (l SOLDIERS. * ^ SOMETHING FOR YOU! i- Pook-tC^mba in cents. (1 Do. l.ookin< Glaaxea..... 15 " is Union Envelopes, pfr hundred 5n " . PNin do. do. 25 " ' Ambrotrpea ul S'oott, MoClJilau,Ao , e%oa 15 " ' Sent by mail to any ad reaa. >f ALFRED ?. ROBINSON, >- oo 5 5w* Publisher, Hartford,Conn. r OISTOLS, FIELD AND SPY GLASSES, ; A POCKET COMPASSES, Ao. 'i Juat received large additiona to our atock of r Arm* Officer^' Kequiaiua n AUo, Co t'a. Smith A Weaa in'*, the English Adame'. Tranter's, and other Pocket, Belt, and . Holater PISTOLS. * M. W. GALT A BRO , Jewellers, 351 Pa- avenue, oo 5 3t (Rep ) 4 doora weat of Brown's Hotel. 1 I SILVER WATCHES. ? ... ,,u . ?w? wi utuiN' ma uenusi men's Fine Gold Watohes, we have just re- Jby e ceived an unusnsHr large assortment id Site ver Cases?relitb.e timekeepers, aud ver> fifeS .. cheap. inr Watches, Chronometers, Jewelry, Ao , Repaired. an i Engraving in all 1U brauohes promptly n aad oheaply executed i, M W. IMLT * BRO, Jewellers, 354 Pa. av., 4 doors wi?t of o oc 8 3t (Repnblioan ) Brown's Hotel. ' iJL OOU FOR 8A LK?' to SO 000 oords of Oak, t ?' Hickory and 'ine Wood, standing situated within H ioiH mi es of the Annapolis Jnnotmn. Apply to A DONAl.DaON, 8. vage f. U.. near n Am spoilt J unction, Howard oonnty. Md. * oo 4-gw* s DLTTKR, EGGS AND CHEESE ? No 420 e D Eighth St.. Betwtt* Pa. av and U ft ?1?> r packages prime Butter jast arrived, suitable* for retailing. Fresh lots ocmiuc ia recniar. ani u.a pv L\,-? A ?... Fre?h K|(i and Oh mm, at wholesale, at the loWMt rates oo ? rn? D E. DUTROW. a PXI RAORDINARY FASHION MAGAZINE '< Ct ? Largest, latest and beat?Mine UhMOlt RESTS QUARTER!.V MIRROR OF FASHr, 1?N8. Fab cumber, now read;, oontaina nearly r. ;00 Engravioga, Y<a<-ly, ?P oenta; aingle oopiea 10 > oenta. Also, the above with a very large oolored ?tMl Plate of r aahiona, large Plate of Ctoaka, an<i 3 ftil.-aimed patterns, worth to uenta, oompnaicg * New Gored Dreaa, Gored DreM and Zoaave Jaok<1 et. Yearly, *1; ain?!e oopiea 25 ceuta. Postage 3 n Mnt-. PiWtjNKM at No. 473 Broadwav. N. v k>J e m>io creri where. oc ? 4t rpo MILITARY OFF1CKE8 AND OTHERS. n BATCHKLOR'B GENUINE HAIR DYE. I- The Boat in the World, d Tk* Only Rtliablt mmi Harmltst Hair Dt* Km?m, e ?? f Sold bf all l)ra<|isu; also, at Biiiktos'i Patent _ Medicine bu>re.i p. Patent Offije.oor. f A 7th, Gnat's Hair Store, ?! * enn'a tmie. where I ft L*<ne? oau have it applied, if detired. * Faetor^?81 BaroiayeH late SSI Broadway > N. Y, " OH2*?5&l % j OFFICIAL. DiPiimixT or 8rin. ) Washisotoji October 4, 1961 > To Hu Exfllaury Jimtl Wmtkbwrn. Mtttu : 0ovi*5oi : Application has been made to tbo President for tbo reless* of Robert Elliot, a political prisoner bald la custody at Fort Lafayette The evidence taken In bla ess* shows tbat Le bad not onlf coocelved the purpose of treasonable co-operation in the State of Maine with tbe lnaur recuonary cimens arrayed In arms, In of her State*, for the overthrow of tbe Government and the Union, but that he had even gone to tbe extreme length of getting up an unlawful armed force to operate In Maine againat the lawful action of tbe State and of tbe Federal Government. His aaaoclatea In that treasonable enterprise, alnce bla arrest. have taken aa oath of allegiance to the United Btatee. Thla proceeding la very proper In Itaelf Out the repreaentatlona they make, that tbey, and he, were loyal to tbe Unioa at the time when tbey were combining In arma against it, cannot be accepted, at leeat In hta behalf. It appeara that be la too Intelligent to misunderstand the legitimate tendency of hla criminal acts. Hfl^annot be released. On tbe contrary, your vigilance In ferreting out tbe conspiracy, and In arresting it, by denouncing it to the Goteminent and the country, Is deemed worthy of especial commendation. If any of the other offenders are still persisting in their treasonable course, you will, I am sure, not fail to give information to this Department I have the honor to be, very reapectfully, your obedient servant, William H Siwiis ~ amusements. H E A T K &. i f) l? J V ^* -4 m. o/lj t rx UA I, It I. 3 Con'mned >ucoe of Ml:*!* S SAN OKNIN, Tie Beautifni acd Popular American Aetreas, Who will appear a* Tilt ROHBtR'8 WIFE, And SALLY SCRAGOS. In which the will ting "What k Row de Dow." oo 6 If odd fellows' HALL! Sstsnth, AMTI D St. The Cheapest acd Beat Plao? of Amusement* In the Citj. Thi Okisinal CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! 1* STAR PERFORMERS, JN A NEW PROGRAMME every n16ht. Firet Week of the CIRCUS. Admission Twenty-five Cents, oo 4 Dr. t>. FORD, Agent. The union must and shall be pre8krvf.d! OLD HICKORY IN THE FIELD AGAIN! The membera of the Hickory Club take greet pleasure in announcing to their many friend* % and tho pub io generally that th?v will give * their Sixth Grand COTILLON PARTV mM the Franklin Hall, comerof?th and UiU .bHI on MONDAY EVENING, October 7, 1861. The members p'edce themselves that pains nor ex pease wiil be spared to irake this, in all resp-ets, . i. . D? f <L. I > ? ! _ - --1* * t^e * uriy vj i/ie rrviperri V/O inori f)&DO li&? been encaged lor the occasion Tickets SO cent*. a<tmit"ing & gentleman and ladies. B* order os4-3t* COM>1 IT 1*KE ??P A W H A NGFM'Tt*. f^IKST GRAND PRIZE PIC NIC OF THE 8KASON Will oo?r>e off on MONDAY, October 7tk, 1*1, at LoirrLKR'e Gabdih, Corner New York av. and geoood st. One Hundred Magnificent Prises wfll be distribute. tk Pr- eDeri's Celeh't-'ed Band has been en- 9H gaged for ihe oooam >n. I The striotest or ier will be kept by a guard WM enraged for that purpote. oo S ?t RAND ADVANCE OF THE ARMY; bnt VI ^MlTH has not advanced the price of hit CI ithing which he has just received and is eeliinc off at Riioh remvkable low pneea. fiive me a eafl 'and satisfy yourselves of'he great bargains f at arenov offered every day at SMITH'S, No. 460 Severt.i st. oc I lm SOMETHING NEW! (g^ ^G?EAT??T PlBCOTlKT OrR^j il 991 C Urtfi, opposite ? ?A? 7 lea fr OYSTKR8 STfcAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked </kr anterior to a roitt* in two minutes, the fastest timi on rteortt. Call and see. The nndersigred rerp-otfuily .nforms nis friends in the District ?n<l visitors totheoitf, that he haa refilled his old and wul-kowx sstaBliihmk t iu a most thoroucti inanuer. and has n.ade compete arrangeme-ta to furnish OYSTER; l" an* stjrie and in any quat tity ?<if> t j W> sa Ions shucked per day. 2 t?? to 3 oo>? oana of Spiced a d h >eah put cp daily?cans hermetically s<aled Furnished ic the sh"4! by 'he fcusbe or barrel. Prisons wishing to have Oysters furnished rngaiarly through the wiuter, at tiatimorn pnoos, without ft ar of failure, >hr>n d call and make artang n?nt* at onoe Freigat. rime, and money saved hy purchasing of me. as I furnish an artele eeuai to the oelebrated Baltimore establishmeuU, at prices jnst as low. TO SUTLEBS. Canned Meats, l.obaterc, Sa'dinea. Clams Strawberries, I run*toes, Pigs' F?et, Tripe. to, *o.,Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, 8ajoes. Hrandy Peaches, Ao Also, (Jaine ai.u F.esn Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh L"tot?rs. Cod, Halibut. Ao. In fact. eve. y ihiDg for sale in the North' rn marken always on hand, at reasonable pnoes Hotels and families supplied with <*y*t?-s. delivered without onargn t? any par of the District, in season, if the money is sent with th- order. My ettab ishroeut is open from 6am to IS at night, every day, except Snnday, when 1 oioee at lu o'clook a. m. se27 T. M. HARVEY. SEALKD PHOPOSALS, till the Slst of Ooto her. 1*1, at 12 o'clock m., are invitod for lying th? ?rm? with Beef cattle on the hoof, to be delivered at Chambenbnrg. Harrisbarg, or York, in t ie Stite of PennsyWani-, as the Gov ernment may designate. Bidden ATA manMtikH tn Anm?' 1? !! u ? with ih? form oA>id pub: *hed Herewith. tiov eminent reter ves to itself the ri/ht to My ia Tren ury notes or other fi>t,de it ha* for disburse mnnt and to reject ar.v bid a<~d for anr cause. No bid will he entertained nn mi the bidder is preeent to respond to hit bid. The Goverr ment will reoeive 4,000 head onder the cctract, a> d will re?erv? 'he TigLt to require any add it onal number up to 16.000 he-d. Deliveries t? he made weekly in suoh quantities as may bs required. The cattle mint average 1,300 pour.ds gross weight; and o animal will be reoeived whioh weigh* leaa than ljooo pound* gross. No conditional l id will b* reoeived. 1 he bid- to be directed lo Cap t. A. Bars with, C. 8 , II. 5. A , Washington. D. C., and eLdoraed " Proposals lor Beef Cattle." Form or Bid. I, A B. do hereby propose to deliver to the Goveminent good Beef Cattio on the hoof for ft hu wired pound* grot* wight The Cattle to be delivered at chainbersburg, Harrisburg, or York, in the State of Pennsylvania,*as tin Gov^mme: t :rav designate, according to ?he term* of ih*rnoloetd advertisement. The Cattle to bewighed on the scales, and the weight ?o determined to be the puroha** weight. I hereby agree t> give a good and sufficient bond for the fulfillment of tlte contract, and to receive Treasury notes or other Government tnn^s inpayment for the Cattia. The 6r*td*ivery of the Cattle will be required to he made about the 10th of November, 1861. se 27 td JU9T KKCKIVKl), one of the largest stocks of New and Fashionable Clothing ever offered is \\ aahinc ton. wnieh must be sold within the next thirty days to make room for winter goods. Person* wanting ClotMngj Furnishing Goods, Trunks. ??v?m u?4i WVUf M UUW IS U10 time for bargains, at No. 460 Seventh *t, opposite Post Uloe. oo 1 lm WASHINGTON ARSENAL, slptkmbix 17, last. Sxalxd PMNMU, to be endorsed "Proposaii for Coal," will be reoeivM at the ufioe of the oomtsaading offioer ol this Areennl until 10 a. no of the lOtb of Oetober next for farbishicg 36" tons <>( Cumberland 0*1, beet qua'ity ' Ran of theniLe," suitable for blftoksiniths and itfan engine aee, and equal in enality to that previously purchased, wrioh will be shown os appl<oauon The whnl* to bed-livered anJ stored away in the enal-hoase adjaoent to the wharf at thia Arsenal, at the expanse of the oontreotor. GEORGE D RAMSAY. _ae>B Lt Col. Cowmac 'im Headquarters for clothing, hats andCAPS-At SMITH'?, No. 4*0 Bevnth street. oc 1-1 A T MOORE'S WEST END DRUG -TORE, A 111 Pa av.. oan be bad: Osgood's India Cholniogae ; Ayer'a Ague Care; Heaver's Posders; Moore's A*ue Car* and An?idoi?; Sba lenburger'a PiUa; and a large supply of the most pop alar Medtoine* Also, Toilet Artioea, fine Cigara, Jto. sea ?w 289 N?. ?BU!289 st&dHpX'F 'oi%r.vs5?r ... <^?Uh#e?t r.,? "0>*' " S?Si. "S^u-tllMSSL y.T&S , ii n , *v Ywj^rgyto?i?N^6<LK'?, .$&?$*? ViJfX. WSjS 11 11 g-s AUCTION SALES. Br J. C. MoGUIKE IC>, Ait<ioM?r*. BUTTF.R, Bt TTFR. Bl'TThR b?. Camca noil Bvitbb at atct;?* ?? TUESDAY MOHMNr,.0?U>l*r?.at o\ <~k. in front of th* Aa?tm?i Ronpn.wa caall ?*U wilkI cat r?ao?v? 'oar UivtiMd In hirxi-rtl Miitft of boio* Roll B attar. rut ap in trtina, jaat roootr*d by fro* Ohio. 1>'tn? mh. o?i J C. MrGUIRK k. CO. k9+*. B| CR* EN ft WILLIAM*. AbcUomcm TO THE INTEREST OF F* RMERA.? Mali w Aaaic?LTra*x ixn.a minn. macbiubbt. havm. firtiliztba a- , at atctioji ?ob ihlrf'dan, ink. Ml. W?" Bkftil roll It !* A * I \v?? of Jtr Edward F Himpeoa. No. *1* Inwtk sWtet north of Fauna? I rani* areaae, uidommi > | at 1* o'e'cos a m.and continue from iav to dar antilail a< lapooed of, his enure stoek. ooaatstug in part of? Reaping and Mowing Maohinee. Grain Dri la, Hor?a lovar a?d Tbreakiat M ?otuaa<. Grata Crad>a, Sarins Tooth Worse Rakaa. Plow*. Harrow*. Calt T'torr, Churns, \Y he*) Harrow*. Cora Shelter*. May, f*?r?w and Htalk Cat ers. Ox Vokoa, fiowa. 4a., Swti gla frtee, mora Tmeka. _ Vegetable CntWa, Sacar Milla, Meat Cattera^fcc., ( area Yngirae, Chain Pump* a <3 Par.d Ki 'wiiiiWr*!. Laddaraai d Tra loan*. Oar a P antera, 8^-<5 Drilla, Appl Parara, o?t l'u!lr?r?. Ha? at d otnc Keive*, Traoe. I of, Halter, Cow and or* er Cbainr.^h'-rola t padea, Fork* Hoe*, Rakea, P>ck*, !-cythe ard Fnathea, Hollow Ware ant Kette*. Horse ttooops. Prnmrg Knives, V?n?i Grain fca aa. Flow H?ama and Handiaa, Tshing. Ti la. Hame*. Well Carta, plow Castings, Boiu Aa, a Iarga variety. Field. Garden, and Flower Seeda, Wool ac?l B1 od Ma ore,and other articles to* nsmerous to n?*rtion, Pkteut Fira Pro >f S fe, witk ooanticg roow faaitu a. Tba attention of Farmorr.fja'doners sad Hoiaske-prrs i* pa t cu ar y nv.ied to the st> >?e ?a e aa affording aa opportunity l?n: a* don net witk for obtaining such gno s a? (r;o?a to rai; th* t:ai s. Pa'a reaorva, aid for oask only ta specie oc S-eoAds ORF.F.N * WILLIAMS. AseU. 1 \f ARSHAL'9 SALK.?la nrtae of a writ of I"I Jen f\cia? ia?u?d from the Clwk'a oai??? ine Circuit C urt of tha Diatrict of Colaant la, and to ma di acta*. I will expoae to a?<?, ca TUK-DaY, the 15th of (!o:ob?r, commacci'X ft1 m o'oloek a. m , lor o-ah at Che ?t? re room of Cha-!ea W-trm? . ntuated < n ?t i a'r * ? No ?**?, to the city of Waabinftoii, kt r>i.o*u.< ioodia"d cbat e;?, to wit: A lot f ad "a. ia ? lad olil 'r?ii? * hr r? l.ot of Diawa, lot Gl*?a Cm**, aod lot of Stnw V attint, ?-a-d and levied upoa ?a the rood* and ahattaia cf Ch?r|a< Wi*rir.aa at.J wiii aold t<> atiafy 'adioiaU No 4, to Ooto^ert rm MK1 If farcroi janN Ki rdan.aiao rent due Z. C nobbina W*Hn H I.AMOM. M P. 8. Marabal. D_C_ Br wai l* BARNARD Aaotioaaara O, 9th Hrnt tuui to*Ik mit Pa tr. Excellent furm'Turb and h'-th* mold Krr?cr? ar Arcrioit ?Oe TUESDAY MOK>l>G,? h inatut, at la o'cloek. we will aell at the Auot oo K<xisa an aianrimeat of e*salient Karnit< re and H< aaeko d Gooda, comartainc? Wa'rat and Nlah >cary f >faa. Mohican* ari Walnut Ka yaad fWklnc Chair*. Koaewood and Maho4ac7 and Walaat M&rb.e U-p TaWaa. M?ho|?n?'ard Oak S,<je Boarda. and Ft**era, Oak aid Walnut Fxtnai'-n D ning Tah m, ork Cana BjMt I) ni g Chaira, Care and Wo kJ Ckaira and Rrek?'?. UHic da. i ar'.au r.air, .uioc rnd ?hnck Md Cotton M?t;?na ~r Bureaoa,Comm dM.?ud U t Hack. Gilt aid Ma ocanv *11 rr o? -, Bed f Hnwa a* d B" ate'a, Mah?tan? and Wa nnt Marble top and o'her Waabstand?, 8tov<>a and ir.any other Bona furmahing Gooda. Terma cash. _ oo 4 WALL A BARNARD. A a Ota. Bv J. C. MoGtfHlE A C0 . A##tiow*r?. LHARGK ?SfK>HTMF.NT OF GILT FRAMF Mt*nt???. K5craviigui Biacxkts, *r? at Auction?On TLE9UAV MOKMiSO, O libir 8th, at lu o'clock. a* the Mnror atd Picture Frtm eatabliahment of Mr. J?hn vn agn*r, acuth aids i f Pen-ayhaoia arena*, between irk and Str ata , we ahaT aeil hie entire a'ock in trade, oomprtsmc? Oilt Frame Mantel. Pier and Chamber, of various styles and patterns, Lot of Handsome Engravings, in Gilt Frame*. B >ose Iron B aakets, vS ood's Patent saving Machine, k o . Ae Terms oai h. oc 3 J. C. McGUIKE t CO., A acta By THOS. DOWLINS. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S HALE-Br nr'ie of a deed "I trust dated April 4,1M6, and recorded in I .iter J. A. No. 1M lu ios *n, i vi I offrr for iva, at publice asction. on W I- UN VJ'UA Y, the 16th day ol October next, at 4 r^kk P m .on tl? pren.u ea. all those pieoea of frot-Mi in beorgetown, described as follows, v x: 1. All that part of lot ?e?enteen (17.1 in o'd Georcet^vx. b"*i"t>irg- for its b" n>-d?, M the ead of the third line of said lot on Falls rt?eet, and rnnniuc thence, by and with Falla ?u-jet. eaat tk'r'y-three feet, thence northerly, to a bounded stone. No. 2, fce n* n i.ety fire feet from Falls street tketoe westerly to a boon^ed ston* No 3, forty-live feet, to m'ersee. Aid third line of lot aevenieen, being ninety fire feet from Falls street, and fence southerly, with said third line to U?e beginning, w th the imp oremerta. i. AM.that inoietr nTlot eighteen of old George town, be. ioni?g. tor ta !wa da, st the sontbweM co'ner of iot sev nteen. t?eing weater'y. ft'm qo ?? ' -? " * - ?u ?.J *1 im. MU IB ID* IIMOf P~ai S street, and ranmnc *uh ot seventeen, north tn Prospeet street, thence with the line o! Prorpac' I'rwt twUrlj thirty three f?et, tneora with a Line drawn sou'herlr para'lei with the firat line to Cai;? ?tre-t ?r>d ihenoe with said street Mat. t j the M[tnnio( with improvements Terms of aa e: Due third of the purchase money to be paid in oa h. ard tie residue in two stalmenU, at six and twelve months, with interest, to he scoured by d ed of t u?t. Tenni of sale to b* complied with withia one week sfW the *?ale, or the property may be reso J at the n?k ar.d oost of the pa.chaser, after one weeks' no'ioe. EDW. CAM MACK Trustee. se 86 2awftds THO". DOWLl.M, A sot. By THOMAS DOW LING. Auctioneer. PHA.NCKH V BALE-By vutae of a decree of v the Circuit Coart of toe Dtsrriot cfCclumb.a for tne county of Washington, sitting in Cbacr?ry. and pa*sed in a as use wherein Hw Walker at a), a e somp ainan's. and ElisaSeth Walker et al are d*renda ts. 1 shall pr >oeed to sell, oa the rreTisss. on Ta scay. the I'th day t.f October, at S o Jock, part of Lot na in ered iwenty-twoja,) ta I bo ma* *tra I's of Georte's. Addition to Gaorretown.lyn ? 1j ih* oo n-y of Was the rintnet Co.a-n' i ,whicn isde<orib?d and bout ded as f 1 owr,to wit: 1 ks most sootberiy e fhUec feet front of sr id lot, extending back thirty feet; then no th. parallel with Wssbinst n street, two feet; then west, parallel with Bridge street, thirty feet asore: then so jth twe ty feat, octi' it intersects the south line of sa'd lot numbered twenty two, to (ether with the improvem'nts thereon. Terms of sale, as prssorit ed by decree s Oae "hird of the purohase money to > e paid in cash, ard residue in two e* al instalaasat*. at six aud twelve months, *?aring interest irom the day of sale.aad ? arsd by the notes or i>onds of the parnhaser. with rood and sufficient personal aeoanty.tobe approved by the Traetea ED WD 8WANN. Tmstae. ?e 14 Stawftds 1HOS. DOW LI NO. Aact. By BARNARD ft BUCK BY, Aaotioceers. T'RUBTEE'S BALE.?By Tirtae of a deed of 1. trust fr m John W. So:horoa. dated the 17th June, mas, made to shears the debt i hereon roan i<MJi n i r? ? ?* ' iiuuk, w ornj. r. inn r>y Uie dl-eotion of mid M xley, 1 will sell at public auction ob the ltth day of Ootnber next, at 4 o'clock ia the *fter noon, in front ol (ha p ernirea, to the luikMt bidder, the following oeacr.bed pre mi ana, to wit Thou- parts of lota number IT and II in old G?org? town, b g nni"* at the end of:tfee< maeaured ant on the ef fa la at>eot from the dividing line between Iota 17 aad )>. and runmnc th?nte m eai4 line eaat 45 fe*t, thence northerly to a bounded a one >o. J, being 96 feat from Falle a treat, thenne westerly to atone No. S, 46 feet, tnenoe aoathar j 95 feet to the beginning, being the iiv.ror p renueee whioh Georg- M. Hotboaon and others oonveyad to Mid John W. Hothoron b? d ? d ot the SBth December. IIS, with the baildiaga thereon. Terms: One thiru of tue purchaae money eaafc. and the residue at aix and twelve rrontas. for whioh the parchaaers notes bearing mt-reat from the day of aaie, will be takes, aaeared on the P'emiaea. Deeds at the parehaeet's eit-saa li the terms are not c-mplied wi'h within three d?>? frbin th? day of aale. the pr'miaee will be rwaold after a weeks' poblio notice, at the rt?k tad ooat of the deiatritt' g p?rcheeer. R. K. CRAWFORD. T*mataa.e ee Kvaawlm* MARNAKDt BUCtKY.AaoU. M. I. VftiRUM, 80IBNTITIC ANB PRACTICAL OPriCUT, 944 Pmi'i av.,< north aula,) bat. 12th tad UU ata. ( prorad 9PECTACI.I-.9, vitfc inoll? Pabbia or Panaoopio GIumi, ktuiad eorrtotv for ovary ye-eghL first CLA* MILITARY FIKLD-9LASMMS, Mioro*eo?M. Congo??, tad MoUoa ?< ! laatr omenta, at ut lovaat KtaUri ?ric a. ao?7 tr TTO OFFICfcl.8. BE CAMPAIGN -A Camaucairg Wifoa OB thoPraaaiaa priaaipl* . *"ar *?<J for alaao- CN. inc or to Mt aa an Am'a anoa ia aaaa ?1T2(k iieKcaci or woanda. with uuplt rooa etor?? and proviaiona; liiht, vat*r-pro<T. and pmfeoily ?ow. havi c b**n j??t Hi-lt t? nrtm b? oaa of the irat oukkari ia N *w Yotk, ia offarot far ula atcoatp-iao. Ht's>? ssir^Jun-asL SKWVCVUPHS L*ne, behind til* Chun tod d Liakim Go?g?. Trm?k?. ??U Mii Cy. oc 1-lw 500.000 T AM u? kuW i'in wulh* r*'* > _ -

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