Newspaper of Evening Star, October 5, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 5, 1861 Page 4
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' HF, FVEMMJ STAR. VIVK LI I R iJirE. A fnttment oftrtd at the dinntr 'e H 1 H tkt Prints y ipu.e?n, at t*? Her >re House, S*pt 45 T OllTtl WWKDJLL holms*. -Tbe land of atinahlne and of aong. mm oarr>?> your hurt* divine , To her tbe banquet'* tdwi belong Who** b??rt? have ponrad Its wine; *>ur trnatv friend, our true ally Through varit d change and chance, *o, All Tour flashing goblet* bigb,? I glee yon, Vive la Fbascb ! At>ove our noMa in triple folds The self-same color* spread, Where vaJor't faithful arm uphold* Tbe blue, the white, the r*d; Alike Mch nation's glittering crest Reflect# tbe morning's glance,? Twin eagle's soaring east and west; Once more then, Vive la Fbasck ! later in trial! wbo shall count Tbr generous friendsbio's claim, Whose Mood ran mingled in tbe fount That gave our land Ita name, Till Yorktown saw in blended Una Our conquering arms advance, And victory's donble garlands twin* Oor burners? Vtvi la Fbasch* O land of heroes! In oar nerd Oh gift from Heaven we crave To stanch these wound* that vainly bleod : Tbe wise to lead the brave! Call beck ore captain of tbv paet Pro an glory's marble trance. Whose name aball be a bugle-blast To rouse us! Viv? la Feahc* ' Pluck Conde's baton from tbe trench, Wake up atout Charles Martel. . Or find some woman's hand to clench The sword of la Rucelle! Give us one hour of old Turenne,? One lift of Bayard's lance,? N?v, call Marengo's rhief again To lead us* Viv*la Fbahc*' Ah. hash! our welcome guest shall hear But soends of peace and joy; No aagry echo vex thine ear, Fair Daughter of Savoy! Once more' the land of arms and art*, Of glorr, grace, romance; Her love Ilea warm in all our hearts; God blesa her ! Viva la Fea>c ! _ ID* A singular artillery battalion It organizing at Richmond, Indiana It It t? consist of tlx hundred men, with one hundred gnns?the guns to have the capacity of carrying a two pound ball two and a half mllea. A portion of the gui-s required for tbla battalion will be made in Richmond They will be of steel barrela, ard very superior in workmanship. It?"On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week tt*e muiion cartridges were seut awav ??m the Watervllet Arsenal to Washington, for e use of the general government Four complete stx-p*avder batterle* and a'x thirty-two pounder batterls* were also forwarded from the same place. E7* George Thompson, the "Greenhorn" of yellow covered literature, ended his earthly career on Thor?day night by banging himself 1n his eell at the Boston House of Correction, where he was serving a sentence of six months as a common drunkard. ILr The propriety of serving out tobacco wi'h acldiera' rations is under consideration; Gene al MeCiellan ia said to favor It, as a means of in creasing the comfort and chwrfnllnea of the troops I7T The Cincinnati ho^ trade suffers bv der:h)? In price* One extensive dealer loat 175,W>0 last week U J~ The woollen manufactures of Adam*. Mam., are producing abont 6.500 yard* per day of blue timv cloth for the nrfenders of our Union ir7" The United States Government haa pur chased the steamer Stite r,f Georgia, of Phi >ilelphia 6he is a sfcde-whecl of 1,2U) tons burden. OCEAN S TEA VERS' S AI LING DA YS F?om tbs Umitxs Statu. SlMMtri 1.MW. Fcr. D*'jSRfnn% - .New York.?Liver?ooi? .Oot !?<ara. Boston. i.ivarpool~..Oct 16 ^tia. il!6W York _ Liverpool... (Jet23 Dinner .i>ew York ...-Bremen ?Oct 26 From EtTROPB na?? .Liverpool New York ?Sept 28 Bremen. ? ? 9outh'pton...New York .?Oot 2 The California mail atearcsrn lea?e New York oi *be let. I'.th, ar?i 21at of every month. 3^HIS PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORK. No. , 4A0 S*vei th at., it the plaoe to buy your 1 *thiuf, Trunks, Hate and Cap*. oc 1 lm ?! W. TUCKER Would announce to the eiti IB* sen*, in h:a y and aojourners in Wuh- a? eK'on that be ia n jw proeecutii g tho Tai "*55 rics Fnaicea* in al it? hranone*, at !V>. 4!)7 Sixth ?t., 31 door north of Pa av. Hi ff toteoda to manufacture, out. repair, r-* model, o earae. and atrlve to be generally aoiommodauni. Economist* ahould call and see h m '? oth? Trade?Faoiofa and other Machine Stitoh1114 aaat^y executed. ae l7-3avim* CLOSING OUT CLOSING OUT! Havinc onao'uded to o^ose out my entire atock of FaNC* GOUD3, I have removed the ?aiii" to No. 90 Peinaylrania av?na?, between 8th and 9th atreeta, where I will cffsr the entire atook at auoh pr'ce? aa will enah.e bt former auatomera, and the Mbl:e c?nera iy. t? buv toe fi'?t oaaa French Fjjfccy Gooia at panic pruts. Now la the time to N B ?AH per*oua having olaima acamat me are raqaeatto *rea*n>. the lame for eottK-meut; and all parsons iaiehted to me are requested to make ar faafaoMBta Inutm late their olaima withcmt far fM0t notio*. Proinptattsctioa will ?r?"\tly o-< i?3. KespeotfuiTjr, R C STEVENS. jaT-tf NOTICE. ffBl?mtilMB' m ?? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY '? I hie Cowpany offers to lii* pabiio " Unequalled for the Safe and Quick J<iap*teh of flea*y Feighte Paoka&ea, valuables, Money, Ao. Ao,, to all parts of the L nited States. Represses to and front the North and West depart from ar?<i arrive in Washington twice daily. All Expre*aes are in oharge of ?xptrieiu*d and weliabU N6tMQ|0ri, All Package* for The Soldiers earrieu at "o.ik Half nr urusI rate*. AH Goc-ds f?r the so-called "Confederate State?" rKl all Articles " Contraf-and of War" will be MWtUKD. ur Expresses leave New York at 1.5, rnd R P. M-. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and Ki?r'6?M leave Philadelphia at 8? A. M. and 11 P. Marnnng in Washington at 5 an P. M , ai.d I A. M. ExyrMwi Jeavallaltiroore at 4 9> A. M. and 3 P. |T, wri>k| in wutimthjn at 6 A. M. and 5 3>> Expreee^e for all points North an* West leave Wuiiriton at 7? A. M and 2-? P M. dulr. Special Contract* for large quantities of Freight 2 be made ou application to this '?oa. I ttoods sailed for and delivered Jr>? of k.stra rgee. E. W. PARSONS, Sop't Adams' Express Company. Was lung too. August as. 1861. au a tf R.GODFKKY'H ANTIDOTE need for the laat naif oentary ta the Hoepitaia of London and Parte for the care of Stent SiiwH.maT now be ha1 at L'PHAM'S.iSffyfe No. S10 C.beactit street, sole agent for s the United State* It contains no m<sr ary or other minerals, and vi.l not harm the jpoe* 4*lia*t? constitatioa A iptedv cwr? gaarantaed and no t hange of ci?t required. Pa e 9' ?<tt hy express So d in Watbirgton br 8. CAi,VERT FORD, oorcer Uth street acd Pennaylra n.a a venae. aep 5- eolv | TPHAMV HAIR DYE l-TO COLOR BLACK U QR BROWii!!?Unij 38 osstt & b?x. Three Vaes for oaa Co..a*. ttray, red or flaxen bair can be etiangM ta a few to a j t Meek or Itwovn. by aaing Upham's Liquid Hair Dye, the best 'mm< sfraassst ta tfca vom. produoiug, tne moaent II ui applied. a rich natnrv appearano?. Each Box of rPHAM'S HAIR D* K is w?rTai.ted to contain as msec kMw dy aa others aali for on* dollar'. Sojdby 8 C. UPHaM, 310 ?Theeaat atrset, h laSrfphia. acd 8. CALV?RT FORD, eorner Uth aad Pa. ava. sepi-eoly IVk DUPONTS SUGAR COATED FE U MALE REGULATING PILL8 ITU tha aanr b*?t im mt Thsy oparats *p??di yJWs umI WHtMllf, ud bdu i|ir-cMU' HF / do QioMi ticB th? most da lcMt^ '?' A Uitl of u ea? P.. vU'i prova th?r pspsriorltv ovsr *11 other a. V'noc Oiu Dollar a ^k. So<4 ?sly at IfflAM*#, 310 cHeanut fro*. Scat t>i Mil to *il part* of tit* oounfry in a 8utoiop?, Sold in Washioctoa 'jr 8. CALVERT PMM.D, miw Ulk street snd PL mm, ?? 5 foly /?VtT T"B 0,,K,CK'/?X %_S B'tk / tkt Xtiin* Htel. ? Q Thf-Si iibsrs: sdraooss made ob wold and Wuck?(, Disraon. , Jswa.rr.8?lrar ware.CloihtBC. Pirtota, tad all kiaiia of Msrehaadus. Bui, 351C at-*st, { aa I ha Baiwasa *% and Ks ?U. T?HE PARTNERSHIP Existing betwsea J 1 W. SFAKS * BRO mi e?a??Ted oa the Mi day or May last,and the ?toek, books and dsbta parabasal by W. w. ga*A?, who will hereafter a sad sat Us baaisess. w*shia?ion. Sspt. IT. IMt. ss2|-lw QgggftSgflfflagg SKLW wwva, IR M* MX or M koM, lit M?noite(l to iaapoet oar uto*?ir* (took ; bo obligation ?o M' M0*tk?f?by ittCHrrad ? fit -f?m BiiHtH". A 4NUfi2|HSji& KiSittS sr ~ N9r lw. gN v k rz h r u i *r?*"* i Ml Corner of Pa m *i*1 KI?w?Ui ?. ? u SUMMER RETREATS. UKA BATHING AND ?*APE K KTREAT, o At Poim look-obt, mutuam This ce ebrated Bataing Piace. aitaated at the jiicction of the Potomao River with Mie A . . A Cheeap?<tke Bar- will be opened by theYfMky undersignc-d on the loth of Ja<ie,in theJuuJKX very best aty'.e, for a 1 peraona who rray wish a '*!<< atd euiet retreat, where they o&n nave the benefit of the beat aait water batMnj *nd enjoy the deiieaoiea of the water, auoh as Fiah of all lnnda, Oyatera, Crabe, Jfco Every doaeription of fiabmg tackle will be k pt for the accommodation of gueste. A fine livery staU* kept on the farm. \it >, ten pin&Meys and billiard aaloona; with all other amusement* o anally found at snoh plaoea. The table will be supplied daily with freeh vegetables friiin the rarden on tha imiiiiiM and from th* Baltimoreaua Waauinitoiyjiv nets. T ii? best Liquors and Cigars'?!; always be found atthe Bar. Board, ?2 p?r day; one week, $12; second week, f!n; four weeks for ?33; onildren and oolored servant* half-price. The steamer St. Nicholas leaves Washington Tuesday a: 6 a m.aiii Ha'timore on Friday at 4 p. m The half past i o'ci o* p. m. tram from Washington will oonneot %(italti more with the boats, reaeh're Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-we?kly rtage from Washington, by way of f.eonardtown. Add ses the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington 0 C.^or Alexandria, Va. m 31 liEFLEBOWKR * CO . Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUK. Between Ninth and Tenth Streets an 36-eo2m ? LOO-MIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofth MINERAL PLATK TEBTH, at tends personally it his office n this city Many person* t*n wear these teeth who^* ' " cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons oai ling at my oftce oan be accommodated with any styie and price of Teeth they may desire; Not to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that i t oar. produce, the M1N tSRAL PLATE Will be more folly warranted. Rooms in this oity? No. 339 Pa.avenue, between 9tb and 10th sts. Also. 907 Arch street, Phi ad el lua. ' oo 11 tf GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeoute any orders with rhieh they may be favored in the PLUMDlNtt, 6AS OR STKA* FPVTINV BUSINESS. IZT Store on 9tii street, a few doors north ef Pa. ijtuzo, wii^r? n.a^oo fonnd a complete assortment moii.i ivc.i.iiinn*Da ouer?A9.t)XKAnu4 I WATKK KIXTURK* latT-lT | I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND ?AS FITTER, Km removed to the oorner of Twelfth and r its. He is prepftred to introduoe Water and tias uaon the moit favorable terms, and guaranties entire iatirfvtion. He has on hand a lot of COOK1N9 and other 3TOVE8, which he will sell ess than oost, as hs wishes to get rid of them. no 17 W8A9 FIXTURES. E Hava in atoro, are da;.; receiving, GAB FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in style to a"ything heretofore ol ' *1 in this market. We inviteoitisens general :y tt1 tall and examine our ctook of Gas ana Water Fix ires, reeling confident that we have the basl selfufa stuck in Washington. A. Woik in tiie above line mtrmited to ant oars will be promptly attended to. MYERS & McSHAN. mar t-V 370 D street. Ot iCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF ?AS METERS. WASHme-roK, Je!y It, It to, Norrnr. IS HF.RF.PY GIVEN, That, agree sbly to t'.e prosit'oas of the otdmt'ice of the Corporation sis.ovesi lilay 1J, laco, the undersigned is bt? jregarei, "whenever refVnre.1 in writing, an4 oa irivpiymert or* the fae of fifty aents, to inspect, tx* line, tf?*pro to, ivad aaoertain the aoouraoy of reg iiiation o! any saa li.otti in use in th<s oity.'' I* ? * , if .1 n ! ? ? ' - - ? * ?. >?< 4im>viiw*f ?? u - lc u juucuiur'i an<i another, t-.d rr*r*ed ?? true, will b> pliai'i p!*oe. If proved to tx? woo^e iu i'e meMveinentoftvi, it will besoalea aoco-aintir, 1.10 *tv:n y* (ix. soPition lor bs?. No. ?ii? ScreMu itreet,(near Odd F?itwi ti&i.) Opr c from 8 a. m., to 4p. in. CHARLES W. CUNNINSHAM, jf !S If Ias94*Qtor and Sealer of Om Meter*. a co ? J'J'J PkHNSYLVANIA AVXNUK. MILITARY AND NAVAL mkrchant tailors, AND kkauv madl clothiers, and extknsive dealers in gentlemen's furnishing goods, ?e 6-if (Into! A. Kepub.) BILLIARDS! T*?f*cT The lovera L of the GAME OK BILLIARDS will find in EM RICH'S FINE HALL. Corner o Fenaaj Ivama &ve_ae and 11th ttreet, (south aide,) two of the most admirable TABLES to the United State*, with every oornfortand oouvenieaoa au 3 tf lor the player*. W7ATCH RKPAIRINC tNnan vvd wadv v m.Vnuk ACTORVT " "**" I have one of tite best eiUbliihmenti, and farniched with a complete set of tools for repairinn every description of fine Watone*, and jnil rarticular attention give to tne tame, by a no <urh competent workmanjind a work pjia*an ti?c Alro,sv?ry descrip ion of standard SlLvEl Wi K E, plain a::ti ornamental, mm u factored under my own supervision, *!uoh my customers will find far superior in ?uality and finish to northern ware sold by deaiere iu general anu represented .? tuetr wn wanufacturf. K.O.HOOD, f?l I'i.SWhH THt KUKOPIiAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. 1 EMXICa. at the corner of Penn. A . ? A avenue uid iiievrith street, has heenYT^AY gr- atly iir.*rr,?ed re??*-.t!? and new ofTersl?j3U greater aducement'* ! >r the patronage or citizens anc rtrhzt sre i.ian ant titer publio house in the city, his pr.ces oemr k -> :han thoee of any other | hotel on Pecn. ave . ?.od his acoomnxMiations for pcrmr.n?nt or ti-i;sieiii boarders unexceptionable. ?he b*r and restaurant arrangements of the t.uropcsn Hotel have already becomo very popular, beiig al. tnat can be desired by the most fastidious. The proprietor sledges ui remitted attent'OLM:d continued liberal expenditures to give satisfaction to ali, and thus renews his invitation ? all to five the Dote! a call. de ?-tt U N B O A T 8 r)?n.i???<t? n? * w; ? vivrt*7 ?* C H'a^4t**lo? Oifv. Jwiv 18. 1861. \ flan* and 8pecivication9 for huila of 6nn Itot'g lor the Wej**rn river* are on exhibition at (tin offioe, and at (ffioea of Quartermasters at Pittaburg. Cinoinr.all, t*t. Louis and Alton. Boata to be delivered at Cairo, Bids ahou'd be aeat to Quartermaster lieuera. of the United StatM Army, at Wasuingtor., by 1st August, at noon. M. C. MKIGS, Jy 19 Brig. Gen'l and Uuartermaater (ien'l, UNION PAPER ANI) KNVELOPK8.?Twenty different styles of Note and Letter Paper, with Knve'opes to match. Views of Washington in the form of a Roae,and in Hook lorm; alao, separate All the l?aily ai.d Weekly Papers oonvtantiy on hand. Herald, Times, and Tribune received every ni* nt at-6 o'olock. Papers from all parts of the country. Bevlle's Dime Novels and S<?at Books. a ire in supply 01 Books Tor summer readme, cheap A large assortment of Juwnil??? .Marne Raid's Books, Rollo Hooka, Abbott's Histories. Jto. A discount oi In to so per cent, on all bound books FRENCH h. RICHSTE1N. re * a> Nutinnul Rooks tore. '.JTj* Pa. ?y. 1CASH NOTICE. N Consa*uenoe of onr caving to pay oash for ever; artiole ol goods we purobase. va are foroed to raduoa oar business to Cash exclusively, for the present. Wa have id store a vary large assortment of REABY-MADE CLOTHING for man and boys' v??r, wmafi are se.ung at a much lower rata tkaa usually. WALL. STEPH ENS & CO.. Pa. avenoe, between 9th and l<*h at*. ie^7 (lotal. k Hasuh.t IVI APS OF THE SKAT OF WAR.-A splendid it ft Map of the Seat of War for only i oents. Also, Pooket Maes of all kinds. Soidiera' Camp Dressing Cases from f J SO to Blank Books and Stationery of all kinds. Flag Paper and Envelop**. Flags, Banners and Badges, Views Of Washingtan, American and Foreign Magaaines, Daily and Weakly Papers. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN'S National Bookstors, 1 (Intel, & R-pnb.) 97S Pa. avsnua. WE OFPER TO MILITARY MEN a 1area ... _^rtmento>QREVandB?VE FLANiKC x . ~_.ou.iv *o, *v ni i"JB> flHIKTI, DRAWKKS, GA.^P BLANKETS. HALF-HOSE, ho., wh:on we innte nil cms puroh&eera to exuune before making their eelectio>na. WALL. STEPHENS * SO.. 393 Pa. ar., between 3th and 10th Ma. m a (InteUnenoer and Re?abliaan.) H FRENCH * R1CHBTE1N AVE Jaat received a frf?n auraljr of Note Payer, Colored Border*, ruled and plain, with En?e.ope? to march. Alao, Klu Paper of all kir.di, with and without Mottoea; Envelope* to matob. Puree* and Pocket Book* of every deeonption. Akr Pw.? i ruuo "yflfcioa k kicbstein, ma > ?Ta P?nw anenwe. MKW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The PI A onemiit, or the Hodm of Ciaee; Iroan the ':;2,?xr;r?Wfc. hivaya .or w3eto orderj^tta ahortaet " Tbey ;o rlf lit to 111? Spot." INSTANT KKL1KP STOP tOUR C?U?H PURJPV YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING*? THROAT CONFECTIONS, ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIKS ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. Thej relieve a Congh instantly. They clear the Throat The> give strength And volume to the voioe. They impart a delioious aroma to the breafe. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm auy one. I act vii' every one who has a Cough or a Huaky Voice, or a Bad Hreath.or any difficulty of the Throat, to pot a package of my Threat Confection*. They wili relieve you instantly, and you will agree with ate ihat "they go rtftht to the spot.* You Trill fine them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending public meetings, for stilling your Cough or ailaiine your thirst. If you try one pa?kag? I am rafe in saying that you will ever af terwarrfs consider them indisper.sible. You will find them at tho Druggists and Dealers ia Medicines. PRICK TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of Thirty Cents. Address, HF.XR.Y C. SPALDING, No. 49 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. -as - M9W; /> I C'JRf cure %/> If | - _ S7 I neivousneaaacna Headache. By the ?ee of tl:e*c I'llla the periodic attaoka o y$rt<m; or Sirh Hfd*ck* may be jieyfuted; and i t'-ieu at the oonrnernrtment of an attack immediate relief frum , \ia fntiaiokneas wi.I be obtained. They seldom tall iu r?mo*int the Nnuttm and Hf-dac ii to whioh female* are eo subject Ther aot fo&L j upon the bo vela,?removing CotiMaun. For Litcrmm Mtn, StuHmtt, Delicate Femaiee, aad all ^?r?f>r-i of ivirxisry kmbitt, tiny are ?! able iu( ezaiiri, lafiwil the afiring imi am vttor to the digestive orgies, a&d re wring the natural elasticity aad atrength of the whole The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reeull of lost lavestiiAtion anil oarcfully oocd acted experiment*, Ka?iiJt ix-eu in use many year*, during which time the? have prevected and relieved a vaet anion at of pa.n and oCerinf rom Headache, whether <?nglnatn't in the n<rvo?5 y?tern or from a deranged tat" of the st?tn*ek. Tney are entirely vegetable in their eompoaltion, and may L ? t&l^n at all time* with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, ?mt ikt aeitnrt of any di?anr**aiU tattt rmdtrt U M<t it mdmint.utr tkim to cAiiuttn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! T&e geuniue have lire signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. bold by Druggist* and ail other Dealer* In Medicine*. A Box will be tent by mall prepaid oa receipt* the PRICE, ** CENTS. At! ertere ahonld be add reared to HENRY C. MPALBIN*, 49 Cidar SniiT. N*w Yoke, >r?m Ik* Exawxinm, Nor/elk, Va. Cep_h?he_Pi)i* accomplish the object for vhlah mcj wofsniuD, *i*: uurt oi headaohe in ail its forma. t+tm tk* ?ummin?r, Ft, r**y hr.-e been tested in mere tkan iUitM4 sum, v;Ui ouiiro tuocaac. From tk* Demist*:, St. CI end, Mimm. lf*cn are, or have bnen tryubied w itli th* hMdac: t>, m ud (or a hox,(C4pi> Piile ,) bo th&t to* ux*7 have them in oase? oi azCattack. hm tk* Wi?ir? ?, R. W***tti, CkitMf, III. We beam It endorse Mr. SpaldiDi, and kit Unvalled Cepaaiso I'llle. j-Ym* tkt S<mtk*m Pmtk Orl*mtu, Lm, Try them yon that are afflicted, and've are rare that your testimony oan be added to (no already numercoe litt that haa received benelta that no other medioine can produce. l-rirm. tk* ?* ???. D+*t*p*rt, (dm. Mr. Ppaliin* would not oouneot hla na* Vlth an art.cle he did not kntm to poaaeu real amt. J-Vowi tJU JrfMrffeer. Priidmut, JL I. TheCephalio Fiilear* at id io be a reoiartably elective remedy for the heLdaohe, and one ef the very t,ent for that very frr^ient eemp.'aint which haa ever been dlcoovered. >Vew tkt St. Lntit Dnuerit. The iminKlif dnnrxi) Tnr tka 1? ?v , II ?i* i \jwfWN Pilla) it rapidly lnoraaainc. from Semmmkm YtUUv Star, Kmmmmkm, Tm. W??? aaiathat poraona laffariat with til* haa4 Mb?, who try thain, will atiok to tim. JV?m tlu Admtrtitor, frwdni, X, 1. The testiraorr in their fevor is strong, fraa the moat reapectab'o tuArtera. From tkt D*ili Nowi, ffWywl, it. J. Cephalic Pilla are taking tha plaoa of alt kiada. hrom tk* Commercial BulUtin, Bottom. M?ll Said to be Terr eftcaoiona for tha keadaohe. From tk* Comnureioi, Ci?c%nmmti, Ohio, JJuttermi humanitr can now ba relieved. ILT A single bottle of Hpaiding't Prepared Glue will tare teu timea ita ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUBl SPALDING'S PREPARED GIATRf SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB! ' BAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH [ HXrtA Stitch in Tim*Savm Ni*b."^B Ac accident* will kJi>f?n..?T?n in veil regulatM . famiiiea, it > very deeirable to have soil* ohea> and^oonrenlent VM ft>r repama* Purailar?, Toy* J Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE a?eu all tuck emer?enoie?, and ao household oa afford to be without it. It u always ready, aad to the tucking joint * " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." . N. B.-A Braih aaoom^aniee eaah Bottla Pria I * #*nU' Addr*-B HENRY C. BPALDiNB, 1 Mo. m Cadar rtreet. New Yark l CAVTION. A * - * -* ifHHBfOHRB I " MITdium r?Kri?*o \ najas? / 0 L- _ #Om* Omsk, OU, Nmtiimii, /* M|i Irritation ot Sortmii </ <4? 7V?M, Ul Hntktnt Couth m Co***mrHom, firowtAitii, 4U?i, # Ol(?rr4, n??r ??<i n?l strength to ths roit* o.f PUBLIC 8PEAI E R 8 aii> BINGKRf. F?w nwnreofthe inportanoe of ohMKinc a Coufhor "Common Cold''in Us first state; t "At which in the b*f mine would >i?ld to a imiu rtnedr,If n?flooted. s'onatt.vjks'.he Lanes. "Brown'i Sronekiml Tret in," containing deranlcant Ingredients, allay Palmonarr and Hronnhial immMm. "ThattroobJe in my Throat, (foi BROWN 8 which the "JVoeis*" area poo.fio) _ __ __ harm* made me often a n.are whi?fKOCHES urer." N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S " I raoomraend thair *? to P*

Srutni." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "Sreattemoeinsabdiuog Hoards BIOWN'8 HIM." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROOHBR "Almost me tact rektef in the disTKUUHK8 greasing labor of breathing peoaltai hrown'S t? Asthma." BKUWNTJ REV. A. C. E6?LESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anything l||irioia" DR. A. A HA v ES, BROWN'S Ckimitt, Bourn. onnnva uAiim?l?and pleasant oombina TROCHES h*??nr(V.?w. X. ? vaw mv viMuaiuK i wiigw vi wuro ivi im ?ia> and lifer ma to eonunend to yotr confideco* and u? tkil Irmly voluble medicament known m MKS. K. VOX'S INDIA* TK&XTABLB DECOCTION. With .start to thla a!u>oat infallible iimiI* aommiar aeptiment ha? spoken in decided terra* ana tfle endenoea or thia treat rUraoy are sm?tained by constant itov&.i of curative effects and tn? happiest reamlta from ita *?? are after all other remedtea and the best raeaioal akill have failsd. Let aa aar, :n ootx>!ueion, that oertifioaiea amrea are not ao*jht from the illiterate and super- I Irtlll- hat vnlnntMrfwi frrvm tha mnaf ra . apeotable foarooa and jaetify the huhoat terma in which it is aosaible to commend ao valuable a ' aaeciflo to pablio approval. We Hit; add alao that the curative properties of the taelici&e are e< w*'.';ed Ely r. i its reatorative effecta, the a/stem recoveries fromdiaeaae with renewed constitutional Titer. For sale by all resectable Drrjiiats in iaia ttr, and by tee proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Hone *en?:n" ameaa b?r nam* la blown on t*a act tie sea her eeai on the cork K- I'rire 91 per Dottle, aix hot tea for Ai. olitmi* Attnt. R. tv T. C1SSK.L, Dragciat eorcetown. D. C., Wholesale Agent for thel)la- i triot, end will n WT tha trade at mi pnoea. aw ' lr jjflREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital..... .7771.. 1900,000. Q#m aamar C ttraat mnd Loutium* m? nit BmmJk of Washington. INSURE HOUSES AND~OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. dubctob*. Geo. Shoemaker, famtiel Redfern, samuei uropiey, William Wilson, Richard Jonea, John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, Thos. Parker, Rioliard Barry. B. B. French, Dr. J. W. Davis. No charge for Policies. JAMEB ADAMS. President , A??l 6. Davis. Secretary. an 9 eo*m i I\f ED1CAL DKPARTMKNT OF GLORGEi'i TOWN COLLEGE. Washington City. Comer of P and TtDtlftk Strut*. Sksmok of lMI-'68. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. ? , NOBLE YOUNG. M. D.. Professor of Pnnoi?l?s and Praotioe of Medioine. JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D., Professor of Principles and Praotioe of Parser?. JAM ES E MORGAN, M. D., Proieseor of Materi? Medina and Therapeatios. J. M. SNYDER, M. D., Professor of Obetetrio* and Diseases of Women and Children. THOMAS ANT1SELL, M. D , Professor of Medical Chemistry, ToxiooWy, and Physiology. J. E. WILLEIT, M D., Demonstrator of Anatomy E- The ohair of anatomy to be filled. e session wiil oommence on the 22d of Ooto ber and end in March following. For furtber information address JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D, Dean_4<f the Faculty, 408 F street, between oth and 7i li its. aa 6-lawtNovl* BOU4S amu SHufc? mo SW1T VIS times. We arc now manafkotunnc all kinds of BOOTS and shoes, ud oo: itsntlT recemnt sapplj of eastern mad* work of every di IB| sortition, made expressly toorder, and willy ? be aold at ? much lower arioe thanhas been" Mb Ueretofore charged in fhia oitj for maoh inferior ^Pmoti in want of Boota and Shoe* of eastern w ity mftde work, will alwaya And a rood aaaorlmea ta store and at Ike leweet prioea. Give mi a call, GRIFFIN * BRO., , ??- *14 >rannMlikiil| THh SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY 1 write the attention of the Arm* and Nary to their foil *>npplr of MILITAKV^H ana NAVAL FURNISHING GOODS, Wk uoh ae Indigo Blue Cloths and Doeakina, VV gapa, Kpauleta, Laoee, fhoulder Strapa, mm ?Its, Sworda. Sword Knota, Caps, Hftta, and all respective embroidery Ajso, th? oelebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Ordera in that line respectfully solicited. H F. LOUDON *CO.. Naval and Military Merchant Tailors, jy It e?3rn Sfttt Pa st.. nndfr llro?n'i Hotel. Army supplies. just rrckivea 480 o&na SAl)?AttK ML AT, 34i o&na KKESH TOMATOES, 48' o&na FRKSH VKAL, StiOoana llEKF,*a la mcdt, 24i cana ROAST HEKJi, 360 etna FRESH MUTTON, 24u o&na R KEF and GRAVY, 240 cans SOUP and BOUILLl, SO o&sea FRENCH DESslCATED VE8E TABLED For Ml* at .New Vork F&otory pnoea. i KING A BLKCHELL, I a* ? Corner I and Tift?nth itrwti. HI NEW BOOKS. Li STORY of the United Netherlands, by Joha Lothro* Motley ; t Tola.; free b* mail, #4. a? Rite of the Dutch Republic, a niatory, by Lotnrop Motley; 8 to i oioth; free by mail, ' Sllae Marner, the Weaver of Rarelol, by Um author of''Adam Bed* I" ?loth Weenta; paper fO : *?1?* aad Career of Major Andre, by Wiatro? . Sergeant; 91 JO. Arter loeberga with a Painter, a Sammer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lou* L. Nod* ; #1 JO. The Manufacture of Photocenio or Hydro-Carbon oil*, by Thomaa AnUaell, M. D.; #!.*. *" .ICH.TE1N, a* ? 9T8 Penna. aveaae. QUNBOAT8 ?om tan WESTERN RIVERS. QvaTBuuim SiiimL'i Omen, ( Wathmttm, Jtm.t 17,1881. { , Pmopo*AL* are invited for oonatraotiag Guaboate iton the Weetera river* Specification* will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Qua r'ermaater'a Ofltoe at DiaalnMll. Pli lkar>k ?* ?v?? .*. l*ropoe6elrom*bo?rfcnB^?rs &nd enfioo-bmild will b* ukM into >oo*id?raUon M. C. MfclGS, lo II (JnortoriBMtor Q?p?ral United 8Uf W BOYS' CJUOTH1N8. E Hart TOooiTod within the iut day or two Aria ftMortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING. onbraoinf all stylea of low-jriood, modi win, kttd a bo <u&l:tie?, wruob wo are aoUinf a t ?(j ow ft o*wa ll, stkphkns ACO-i MS Pa. a*., botwoor. ?tb aM Ittk ra. ?? flatoUttoaooT oad lir Miwmwo SA agraEE ggsa-esu mas* IpsSsajsssSS yyAjtfLifj H***** ** **M>o **q" ?f 'fehUPWir 'KAJUnrv a**tIJf I # I ? v BROWN'S ^ ^ TROCHES " JTWKNE. BROWN'S ?* ??? " 1 have proved them eieellent for TROCHES W*oorm? Cotes." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bot im. __ " Beneieial *h?n compelled l? TROCHES afeak, "afTerinc from Cold/* 4EV. 8. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S Sr. Lntit. vunnnkq " E?vbc??al in removinc HotmTKUOHc.. ne?s and Irritation of the Throat. ? BROWN'S oonimc>n wltn Spbakus and SIN*TROCHES '">?" " CTAOTA?(R55XIC*? BROWN'S TROCHES "Great benefit when taken before and after ther prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their pMteffeot, i think they will be of permanent adTROCHES vantace to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Tenn. noCBBS fTIWmttSEar ?e 1-1 T JOT FOR THE SICK AND 8gFFERl?e LET ALL WHO AKS AFFLICTED READ! i/NT THE EEMMDT EKJOI0M U* HEALTH, JTrtaid,4* joa nftrf Are yoa the Tietln ef >u of thoae naroeroaa ai mcjta whieh ansa frem itbErtty of the blood/ Wkttirt thar, do yo* ukf ither ut what are they n*t.' The blood ia the omroe of life and health, and tt is the tret alemenl of oar bemc to reayond to arr oaaae which affecta thesjstem.aa thepalaainfallibly atteata. Theerer ^rerailint Nearaljia, the lrriUuct Eryaipalaa, the ?abtleSaro'a'a, theatoniami Rheimatiam, Ner*aas Debility. DispeMife lUrer Complaint with ita toraor and dejeotion, ana tto namberleas ilia thai fiesh ia heir to, derive their tad com origin from the K:oo4, Deal kli"Hy then and cently with the blood. UaA 4aa ~ ? ? ? - f /as a M ai J TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJNITKD STATES JUUTAET ROUTS. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. On and after Mordaj, S3. 1MI. Puffnter Train* brtvwn WASHINGTON aa4 BALTIMORE will ran m follows: . .. TRAINS MOriXO NORTH mnroicc c-xpre*? leave Mubr.|top 6 a. v. Arrive at Baltimore 7 45 a m.; Philade'fua 1* 90 p.m i N>w Yor* 6 p. m.; Uarri* u'g m5 p. m. Morning Aooornmutiauon l?trt Wa*hington 7JO a. m. Arrive at Bs.lUriHjre3.lo a. Phi ade ph?a 3pm; New ^ ork 8 p. m. Kvening Fxpreu leave Washington 9.90 p. m. Arrive at Baltimore 4.1* p. m; Philadelphia 9SO ?. m ; New York 3 a m. KveniDK Acoommooation leave Was hi acton M3 p.m. Arrive at Baltimore 7 90 p.m.; Harriabarg *" m* trails Mnrmo south. Leave New York at 7 a. Philadelphia 11 an a. m.; Baltimore 3 45 p. m. Arrive at Washington 5J0 F uc'ave New York at 6 p.m.; Philadelphia lf? so p. m.; Baltimore 6 a. m. Arrive at Washington 40 a. m. Aoooramodation Trains leave Raitiroore at?4"> a. m., and f p. m , and arrive at Washinstos io 95 a* m 6 4ks p yPassenger Trains leaving Washington at 7 9>> a m and Hr p. m.. and Baltimore at 140 a. m and 3.46 p. m , make direct oonntotions for Annapolis at the Junction. Trains leave Amapolia for Baltimore and Wash in* u>n at 6.56 a.m. and Jr. m Passenger Train* leaving Washington at ItM, aid 2.9') r. m.. and Ba timore at f a. m. and 3 45 p. jt-. wni stop only at Annapolis Junction and htlay J t^Hf t ion Wn Pu?wc?ri &' rf^iNtMi to take the Atrommodation Trains or th? Regular Tonnage Train, ahich will tave pasa?cger oar attached. Train* will leave the Waahmgten Depot prompt ly upon enrii-time All artiolea 01 freight (not coctrabacd of war) will t>e transported over the !in? Regular Tonta*e Tram* will leave Baltimore at 4 a x Leave W aahingt<>c at 3 90 p. m. By oraer of U e Secretary of War : R. F M??K LEY, Genera'Manager. THOMAS H. CANFIELD. Am?taat Maaa*er. SPECIAL NOTK'K. SUNDAY TRAIN. I.eave WASHINGTON at J30 p. m. for NEW YOKKand PHILADELPHIA. Frnru New Yor< ai d Philadelphia, arriving la I Washington at 610a. m. R F MoKLGY, ee 27 general Manager. , ffit ME AM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YOKK AND LIVERPOOL, Laadicg and embarking paaeecgera at Queenatown, Ireland The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia < I-.. J * ' k..Vl?IIID III f VIII pi?uj iutriju uiipmonini uiBir IUil 1 powered Cird*-bnilt iron Steam*htpa M follow: GLASGOW f**turua?, Augaet 3d. C1TV OF BALTIMORE. " " 10th. KANGAROO. " " Oth. And everj Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North n*er. BATIS OF PASSAOX. First Cabin 9"^ Do. to Londoa 80 I>o. to fans ?6 Do. to Hamburg . 86 Steerage ..... .. #30 Do. to London - - ? S4 IK). to ?'a-ia_^. ...... 3* Do. to Humburg.. *5 Paaaragera forwarded tn Havre. Breme . Rotterdam. Antwerp, Ao , at raduoed throne* farea. keraun* wishing to bring out lhair friend* can buy ticket* at low rata*. or farther information aptly at theCapta'n* Ofise. JOHN 6. DA L*, Agent, lft Broadway. N. Y , Or to Q. A. HERRINti, Ac:am* Expreaa Ba'timore. ^rr?-.individual enterprise LI Mr:. ft ' EASTERN AND WKSTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt. J H. K rwan " tIONEER, 'C%i>l. W. Norman, Will run their route* aa followa, ieavi< t Light atreei. Ua.tiui"re, foot ol Camden, at 1 o'clock A. M : KENT?For Cambridge, Deoton and Landing* on Choptank rive-, every WEDNESDAY and | u a t? i' r? i k a t? ??-?' - * oai uhi/a(i returning every t aurMir and Monday, For AnDapolia and Weit Hirer, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning aa-?<edaya. PION LER?For St. Michaei'a an-1 Eaaton, via Mile'a River, every WEDNESDAY, aud return the tame day. For Ancapolia, Wf*t River, Cambridge, Oxford tad Eanton Point, every THURSDAY, retaining ? aame route on Friday. For Anua.po!i?. Weit River, St. Miohael'a and Ea?ton, via Mile'a River Ferrv, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by same root*, rare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faatoa Point ? 81 i-0 Fare to St Miohael'a and Miles' Rivera round triaig 1,) * ? i ? . . i?. l oo fare to Weat River, (round trie. tl> IN are to Annapo.i* (round trie 75 centa). ,., 74 MEALS EXTRA. 117" Freight muat be prepaiU. wharf and Oftoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camdea. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT^ OFFICE,I CiLviBT Station, Batimore. May U, U61. < On and after Sunday- May 19th, 1861, Traiua on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIlWaV ar rive and depart aa follows, until further notooa. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 MA. M. EXPR ESS atsjn P. M. II A D DlQDlTDn * - - ? ..???ioounu A^u.inuvAnu^i ?t > r. M The S.16 A. M. train oonneeta at Relay Hone with trains on the Western Maryland Rai.mad. at Hap.orrr Junction with Hanover acd Gettebn'g Rat!ro&df>; at York with York and Wnghtaviila Railroad; at Harr nburgwith Penncj vauia Railroad for al) parte of the West. aleo with Lebannon Val'ey Kail road to Now York dtrtti; at Northum berland with L and B. ? ailroad for Kingaten and ali part* of Wyoomin* Valley .and at *anbary with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 90 P. M train make* ail Uie above connections exoept Hanover Railroad, Writ htavi lie Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. Ti.e 8 P.M. train maker oor n?o'.ion? with Pennav'vani* Railroad for ali parte of theWe?t,and direct oonneota for New York. TRAINS ARRIYX. Mail at 6 10 P M.; Express at 7 46 A. M.; Harmbore Acoommodation at 2^43 P. M. For Tickets and information in^aira at tfc* Tioket Office, Calvert StaUon, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK.Bapt. ?aw? LK?o? jmne * The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia aad c8w,toiis?f ,r^nk\ PLACKS, fro* WALNUT STREET WHARP AND KEN81N6T0N DEPOT, will leave aa fol Iowa: At 6 A. M , via Camdaa and Am boy. <C. and A. Acoommodation.) At 6 A. M , vif Camden and Jeraey City, (N.J. Aoo-.mmodaiion.) _ At? A^>J., via Camden aad Jersey Ctty,<MornAtlU A. M .vla KeLalngton aad Jeraey City, (Western Expreaa. > At 12X P. M., via Camden aad Amboy,( Aooommodatipn.) At 8 P M.,via Camden aad Am boy, fC- aad A. Ex are* a.) At 4* P M., via Kenainrton aad JaraayCity, (Evening Exareea.) At 4* P. M , via Kensington aad Jeraay City, (Beoond Class Ticket.) Ale r. ftl., via Camden and Jersey City, (Ere run* Mail.) At 11M P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Booth era Mail.) At6 P. M . via Camdec and Amtviy,( Aeoommodation, freight and passenger, Piret Class TiokeO Second Class Ticket. The P. M Mail Train runs daily. The IE* P. M. Mail, Saturdays excepted For Beividere, Easton, LambertriDa, Flemington, Ac., at 7.10 A.M.; and 4* P. M., from Ken Water Gap, ?troedsberr,8oranton,WUkeebarre, Montrose, Great Bend, Ao~ at 7.10 A. Mfrom Keasington, ria Delaware, LAoka wanna and Western Railroad. For Maaoh Chunk, Allentown and BetAlaheo^at 7.10 A. M. and b% P. MVfrom Kensington depot; the 7J0 A. M. tt*a aaaaaata with tAe train Teaming A as ton at AW P. MT For Monnt Hclly at and I A- M. and I aad?* For Freehold at* A. M. aadSP. M. For Palmyra Riveirton, Deianea, Barerty. Berlins ton. Florae nee o. Borden town, ??., at UK, 1, |Mrai una tha dapot, u4 oa vtitm of tnua rma Kifty poaada of btfiM* ??'t tlloml to?afc fUMMtr Puaonrorsara prohibited frooi tafcinc mythin* a* b?im* bat uwr vhibi a?Mr*T. All b|ui|i ovar flfty pounds to bo. paid for extra- Tito oomtu; luut thoir raapoDaifcility far bariiia to ona ?ot *r por pound, *nc will not bo MHIbr?nj ajnoant b#yon4onoftaodrod dollars, oxoapt ky apoci*. oontraot. WM.H.iATZmn.AlWt S3HB aitf?&K$Vn? railroad. Ob aad aftor Mm MU, ml, 2m trains trill rim a follows, n*;? Laor? Camden ^Utioa. fcaTti^^kbhU^M. * * FOE WAT PA?9KNOid?? J I ONIONS?ONION*?ONIONbT"" UBT RMrtv?4 on coaMCbaaat IJTO t?MuM T, ^ muaea^ liLwfer, U* Bay Li?? <rf?t*4.n.--? I will 1wt?Baltimore E vKRV l?AY ( xc+pt 9r *dM>fro? u?tr dhn I> "C?. ?i ?*. U? w Mhiactoa M 9 mm M. N FALIJU Pft da YSS"4 JTVT. AttSeMrewetit'01 NrvYark tmu ejo?Tt4.48 P. MTtmia odunr. ML A FreicM Train vttk >iwipr oar attaetad ImtniiS P. M . ctoppiac at all IMom Mmi Ha-U hi ore and Harra df-6r*o?. nwo|?i ?m IW'avtn aN tk? Kwtwi ?f May and will ftHi tte Boat axpadltioaa roata ty WM caiwroaj), Af<' daily.Sand a* ?so#ptod. > toliowFrom Chan ^- traat Kroan Slrt at. a tattoo. At 7 oca m At 7 SB a )ieoM IN f m 1J6 BJ? p ai 3Jo f m _ IMfa M octrriJ and Buffalo Tram with aiaajia* oan.l.'ti m 1 it f m I'moec: :.f at Albaay with thaNaw York Cm tral Railroad for tohanaotadrTB' ct ?wt?r. I'Uoa Bataria. Roma, and tatioa* R . ?a a&u ?*!? town Fmlni*'. Haffaio. Srraoaaa. N iacara FaMa? 4naA*nai<-fi Rri<1?* iaKara ? *r?mm m* ' >w*fpw? * M ' <? WWITT-TW, f. Trains ! oonnaotjoa iMrt ? t Salo an? Sarpsn ion via Lake Shore, Baffaio ant I sk* H urOL and Great We*tori. Railroad. for ffairilton. Torr ?t?, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo. Milwaakie. Fob I)o !<ae. La Crone, Ma<1is?n. Frame I>n CMeti. G? ena, Dnnleith. Dahnave, Penrta. R<t? Island. Muwtine, Iowa Citv. Barttngtnn. Qatrev, Spnr*fc?> d, Ait?n, St. Loais. Cm ro,Terrs ha?U, lr<fiai.aiu> is. Louisville,Cii>oiLaat<. Lavton, Co.'unlss, Cleveland, and ai'. poitta West, Nortkweat mm! ttontiiW<"L NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Trams at Troy, with Tro* A Boston and Ker.s. * Sarstoga Road* (or Saratoga, White Kali, Rutland, Burlington, ft. Albans, Rous* Point, Piatt iLurgh. Ogdensbiuth, Montreal, 4a., *o ICr Freight Arrangements by this ronte as at>ovet without enanse of Cars, ho* the t?epot* in Chambers and ( tuiai streets. are at all tames as favorable as a?ade by otb'r Railroad Comy*"i-?. The tacil'tiea of this i reat Naw \ ork '<> taa W est oosanand it to the ooctdenoe of merchants an 1 shippers lor proBsptf aw and dispatoh Passenger trains, wTth Smokir* and Sleep-rt Oars ran in oonnaction oa the New York Cen'. -al load. For partaov'ars as to looal trains and freight ar rantemente, imii rr at th- Sefot, 66 Warroij st. A F. SMITH. Sup-nnUaJent. U S OOVKRNMKNT LINK FORT MOXROE 4?D OLD poi> T rOHPcJj Leave* the lower and ?T UNION DOCK. Ba Umnre, west aide. DAILY, (Sundava ino'uoed.' at SHo'olrok P M. taking passengers and feght. and oonaeotina with the Railroad lines, to and t-omt WMhirrfrtn H P. ?k?a >?? V*a?-V Um ton, York, b?m?h(r|, Pifttbiiri. P?, iixl tb? Weat. imn,ediat y af?er th? arrive- ot the Eipiw* Trait from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following u the NjheCu.e : From New York to Fort Monroe back. fU From Philadelph a and ><ack.. lift From Baltimore and baak .. $a. fT7*PROCURE YOU* TICRET*^31 In New the New Jereer Rauroad Oftee i foot of Court.and crreet. In Fhi.adetphia. at the Compaoy'a oftee. N. W. corner of Six'h and Cheatnut street*, or *t the D*?ot, Broa.1 and Prim* *?r?et*. lu Baltimore, on board trie Steamer*, foot of Union Dock. HUGH Q'CONNFR, Paee?nger At*a? \ OK K. UARi.LM AND ALBANY RAlLJoAJ). LEAVING NEW YoR?t_Ft>R ALBANY, TROY, N"RTH AND WKbT. SUMMER ARFA.\6KME>T Cc rameneinn Monday, May 2Tth, For Abony?11:00 a. m. fast fxpreee ti tin - Mth atreet. For Doror Plaint?*^ p. m atoppiog at V f j Plain* and stationa north to DoTar . i.i Mth atreet atation. (Thii train will ran to Milierton otott Fpt < **? "pe^Sroaoa 1 alia?fctfta. m. atoning at ft km tion* north of Fordham from M?k atreet \*m? For White Plaina?tao, CHI ai d fc?> p ping a* V station* from 9th *treet *tatf i. For \N bite plain*?6: 5 p. m. atop tint &' aona from White *treet atation. For William* Bridge?7jn, Drift a. m. an<t ?>. m * topping at a: > abo?i from 87th atr> Retarmn? will learo? Aibai.y??-<*) a. m. lac', expree* train. Dover Piatna-fiOP a m. <Thi? train l?a lerton every Mocdaj morning at 5 a. m.) Cretan Falla?6 ?. n.. W htte Piaiaajrfcie, 7-*r a m. ?:' A 7*? IIMIIS Dritff-9TW I. Il.ft IIW , Sunday traiua will leava 4th Amw 0">ri **1 trMtTfo- Centra. Park, Yorkvil a. Hariaia &b(* High Bridge a\ fj f-w n.iLutec. from a to 7*6p nr.. JOHN BCBCHiLL. Aeat b>p f. NEW YORK AMI ERIE RAIL ? 1 ROAD Paaaangar Traiua )?t? ?w P*\oma Ferry and Long i>ook, from fool of Cbtui era aire-' New Y?rk,M follows, vis : 7.00 am , EX?*K KS^for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and pnrcipai later me ia-e MM. Bona, m , MAIL,for Dirktra. ana intermediate Statioca?Thia Train r*maioa urar night at t.inna, and aroo^eda the next morning 9.00 a m MILK daiij, for ObBTilie, and int^rmediate Stations. > U 00a m . ACCOMMODATION,daily, for Port Jervia, and a incipai Station* 4na a. ra . WAV, ft?r Middietown. Nawbnrih. and intermediate Statlona. SM a. m.. NIGHT EXPRESS, daily, for Dunkirk. BufTaio. ?'-uia;,-ia.tua*iid priLcipal Stationa Tha Tram of Saturday ?t?pa at all Mail Train Stations, and nine only to Elmira. 6 on p.m.. ACCOMMODATION,for Hoinearilia, and pnacipa. Station a ru a a ? ?? *?? ? vunoi MlilV 1? von I ruri. NATHANIEL MARBH, twwm. ^CfcF0* 5Wg$VM5~" Bteameri M KT RO^LjfJ1,* KW PIKE HTatT. BaV STATE.and^TATCOP MAINE, offreal tree(Lb and iM*d, but particular! r adapted to tra navigation of Ixinx lalaad Boaad, rat maf ia <vtnaetioc with tbs rail H i?sr a?d OK Colony Ban road, dictauoa of M niiaa oaiy to Boatoa P. M., touohin* at NawVrt aacfa m. Tk? Swirror, Cift. Brows, oa Tne?d(VT? T?nr?<iaye and 8atw4>?, at * o'clock r.Jt., touoblng at Newport aaeb way. Tbsss c^taaraeaa a* a ittad wita oeirmodioaa atats roona. and every arraacsvaat tor the aocaritj and ooatfort ot paasonrsrs. who ara afforded by thia roata a nighu' raat on board, and oa arrival at rail Bitot prooseo aor Btaacuboat Tralr reach ut< Boston sarly tbs #o;)owin? n>> rainf : or may isiaaia oa board aatil atartiag of tba A soon woSa Jo ?ton I a Dtimt DMUr 11 attached to eaah steamer, h<> reoeivee u<j tickets tin hacrM*- ud aooom ponies the iimt to lu destination. A steamer in eonDootion with this Line be ttMD Fail Klvor and Providenos daily, exoept to Boston in forwaaded throat h with peat d:? paioU by ao Ei?ren Trim, wbtoli eaves Fall River ever? noiuni, fur,days excepted, m 7Jf o'oiook for Boston acd New Bedford, arnvitg at ita dentit&uon at about 11 M Forfroicbtor pa*saf, asp y on board-or at the office on Pier No. 3 North Riw. For atate rooms and be-tlia apply on koard. or if dastro* to sees re them taadvaooe, to WM VOIOKN.Aft It aad T1 W est street. h.Y. TON?Inland Ron to?The anoXsat aad moatdi root?Carry the Hasten Mail. Jxbe steamer PL\ Mi?JJTH (OOL Ca?t. J. C. Chfer, and COMMONWKa I.'i H, CsJit J. W. W 1. iaai, In aonneciioc ?;u the S*tonir.?u i k ' provxienoe.aca boston ana Provioei.c* R*. rood*, mm ~ ? ?? MW J" 1 WMI VVJ ^ VW O fVW t -Afondftf, Wo<ii?t>?C*r, ftft* Fr*Mf. rUMlirt hoa OrMoa room Mr r?i!roti to PrwiSeew t*4 Bo ton, m lb* bpn Mm! 5iswaSh? KB.1#jrraSrss Mwm| Lim eweetin* Nortb *lc KmL f?? mini thftt ynfir rTkmii ? buft-d ifco mm|pr,?ruot ft mfkta' r*?t dtotorba*. WmbMUdM.rad.ftiKl nvt Grotoa la tttlJIA. M. Tr?U. ?omib)i ti Prori4?aM vitt UM l? Ajt\mr for Barton. M P*r?nwit Pronfeeo* to Novpcri, FUtj o?u. T-imSf ">>*'r HNIIUMI U* BtwBiW and For m, aaiytii?, or frmfht. ?m j on boftrd tho it ft iff, or ftt too Fr*?*fct Offio*, Piar U North H *m, or ftt tM OAoo ol SSar-~ " ^ wwxie'.sr F? KNCH k taawMngfu^. p?r oftnt. bolov too rftgvlftr ratoti frxme*.- ~u otudir-i i A mm ftditMB of fcrtw'i afcauy "ftf ? to '^SpMBEiS! Cfcju Gi.i?Z A*** ?U# of I* fc*' #fcr

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