Newspaper of Evening Star, October 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 7, 1861 Page 1
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i THE EVENING STAR u FUBLMHED BVhKT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXCEPTBO.) AT THI STAR BCIL01MGS, Owmi 0/ Ptnntflvami* ??m mU KUttnik tt. ST W. D. WALLAOH. raprrt wtM In packago by carrier* it|4l ^ear, or 37 eeato per month To mail tubactlfcen Me price n M M year, M? unm</ S3 for tu. montha; SI for three months; ud for leaa than three aaoatha at the rate of IS centa a week. 8lift'* copies, on* out; la wrappers, two csirra. nr ADTiiTismnTs ahoakl be sent to tfce o?ce before IS o'clock no ; otherwise they rosy ot sppssr as til the seat day. 11 INCIDENT OP SPINftET WOOD When I waa fifteen years old, I was employed as as errand boj ia a stationer a shop in a small towa ia the north oountry I waa a youth of genteal appearance and good address, snd was popular with the lady customsrs. Some of these joined a picnic party one September afternoon at a ruined castle about fire miles from our town, and baring forgotten to take thair drawing materials with them, tbey rant back word that I waa to bring tbem all that was necessary. I was proud of the commission, and I therefore started on my errand in a pleasant mood. I bad not grot far from the ditAP whan rnr maa^ar i -?vm mmMJ i?r?v? j iai> i#iavKic?9. vmiOU. "Ui! hi!' exclaimed he, "here, take these bilk to Lady Diabrowe and Mrs. Carter; they live not much out of your road; collect the money aid be sure yon harry back." An excessively ill-looking fellow,who was loitering at the |>ublie-bnuse door over the way, moat certainly beard this charge of my master, for I saw him grin maliciously, though I did not think mnch about it at the moment; and by the time I got to Luton Spinney (a* 'he wood was called there) 1 hsd entirely forgotten the incident. Well, I reached the picnic, did my errand, and then went immediately to Lady Disbrowe'a. taking care to apologise for the lateness of my visit, end to Mrs. Carter's, at each of which places I reoeived the moneys that were owing to my master, and was hospitably regaled by their ;-e?pective house-keepers. Their sociality and pleasantness only made me feel the more lonely when I set out upon the deserted road to return hom*. The moon was rising, but I would jast as soon it had been dark. I had no is^liaation to see robbers, if any were around, and still Imb desire that the robbers should see me. The air nu perfectly still, and 1117 footfeiepe, carefully u X trod, reverberated with a painful distinctness At long as my road la; through the open, I was tolerably tranquil, but liinl came id sight of the Spinney?a heavy ra" :i of oovert, darkening the entire road with its shadow?there was another noise beside thai made by my boots. I could distinotly hear *ha bsating of my own heart. I am not the least ashamed to say that I was in a state of profound terror; on the contrary, I think it did great credit to my forethought. I had made up my mind that there would be robbers in that wood, and there w,re robbers. As I approached a certain spot, I remembered all the circumstances of a murder which had been committed there, as I had read theui in the old loeal newspaper, whioh my master ery religiously preserved. How that the wretches who did the deod had carried the body into the wood, and buried it, pack and all?for the unhappy victim was a peddler?so that it was not found for very many days; and how that some children nutting What made tax oraucn crack on tne left hand of the road yonder 7 There was not enough of wind to stir my whiskers, if I had happened to huve anj, and jet there waa certainly a noise in the Bpinney as of persona?murderers?moving through the underwood. I was a very fleet runner for my years?fully making un in agility for whatever was wanting in courage?and 1 made up my mind on the instant what to do. The movement had taken place at some little diaunee from the roadside, and I knew I could get by before any one entangled in the thicket could make his way down to intercept me. I t herefore started off like an arrow out of a bow, intandinr to do the half-mite of defile at Derby spaed I heard a shout behind mead sped by the suspicious spot, and the jump of a man's feet into the road. With the start I had got of him, I calcnlated he would scarcely overtake ma, and 1 had leas than a mile and a half to ran to reach the turnpike that stood at the entrance of our town. Ah me, was I ever to see, thought I, that safe little town again?which had sometimes teemed dull and stupid?and that beloved master of mine, to whom I had mure than once applied the epithet of Curmudfeon, borrowed from those wieked romances! t seemed indeed that I was never to see them again. A dark figure itretchiog oat both his arms to bar my parage suddenly appeared in the road before me. and oailed out to my pursuer, "I've got him, Dick, safe enough!" Without one second s pause, I made right at this new antagonist, as though to run him down I saw him grin savagely as I came up quite close, and reoogniied the ill-favored man at the ^ublie-bouse who had sneered at me that morning when Mr. Blackleds had called me back about getting the bills paid. Hegrinned this time to think that I should attempt to push him over with my puny body, although I was far from entertaining any such project. At the moment of the expected collision, I swerved to th* Iftft Ar< 1 nauKim rrainin.* m faw faat ? w"w ?v?? ?v?k, while bo recovered himself, and indulge! ia a hideous execration. I had now my enemies behind me, and had I but just started, oould have distanced both of them, but I had been running my hardest, and the aecond robber wm quite fresh and unexhausted. I knew that be was gaining on me. I felt my knees knock together and my young legs trembled as they flew. His foot steps drew so close, that I eould hear his breathing and the angry grinding of feu teeth : i was conscious that his bloodthirsty band was even stretched out to grasp my oollar. Then I dropped down like a plummet before him. jest as I had been accustomed to do at chool. in the way of some opponent at football, too gigantic to be dealt with by other methods, and with the ?*ine happy result. My enemy performed a summersault in the air, and fell down motionless in the road, as though he had broken his neck which I most devoutly wished he had VS ben I rose up the man was at least thirty Ttrrlii htfthinri hnt F fmlt T A<in 1/4 rnn ?tn j ?m _ w mmm w w A ?w? A vw V 1 HU UV more 1 dragged myself rather than plunged into the thicket, and making my way bat a rerj little into it, lay down ntterlj exhausted, and panting aa though my heart would break. If I had been pursued, I must have been overtakeu immediately. I was thankful indeed, that it was not so, and as soon as I recovered breath enough, I crept on to a small open space in the wood where there was a tree covered with iry, and up that 1 climbed some five or six feet, mnd hid myself like a second Charles the Second Once there, and in temporary safety, my energies collapsed, and it must be confessed that I broke out into a most profuse perspiration. I should certainly have fallen oat of any tree leas admirably constructed, but the net-w*rk of Ivy beld mecloeely even in my swvon. I think I must have swooned, because I have no reoolleetion of hearing anything previous to a conversation carried on immediately beneath ma, between my late pursuers, and yet jey most hare made some noise in getting to t^e foot of my hiding-place. I'll kill him," cried the evil fnoed man 4 '! kill hi in, though I wait till morning' s lamed my left arm for life." "He'll be starling for Blacklegs' as mo* it'* light." returned the other; -'we may be anre or that; and we ean eat him off at the angle of the Spinney." "I'll not rest till I get the boy," resamed the first speaker, with a terrible oath. "Let us work We Spinney together now, for I'll go bail he'll Bit dare break oover yet awhile. Cane him! we'll pat him ander the tarf in this very place." And interchanging horrible exeerations, thee* awful men went their w ?y. with morder in their hearts, tad me for the destined victim Soarcely had I recovered from the tremor into whieh their dieeonrse had thrown me, when another man pushed aside the branches, and came oat to the foot of mr tree. I knew i; wai not one of the two, by hie slower and heavier atep, bat I trembled to think that ha might be connected with them. No rood character aid by any possibility be lurk m* about Lutun Spinney at eleven at night?and engaged La in loading a gun too. I eoald hear the weapon grounded among the fallen leavea, and the ramrod forcing down the unwilling pallets. Joat aa he had finished, I sniffed ap a bit of towehwood In tha retting trnnk wherein I lay, and U brought on a It of snaesing. X coat d not I top myself, though it had bean aa I real I v .. A 9m <? Mi'Jb *11> . / ) $knm% Slur. ' v?t. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . MONDAY. OCTOBER 7. 1861. N?. 2.693. instantly brought the muule of hit tMp<iD to bear upon me, end bade me come down, or he would fire. I cime down quickly and gladly enough, for I recognized the voice of a mend. Once In my short life I had changed to be of some little service to Will Ritson, the poacher ?I had written a letter for him to his wife isince he was no "soholard") to tell her of hia taring got into trouble with the magistrates of our town with respect to night trespass?and it was Will Ritson who now stood beneath me. At that moment I would rather hare met with disrespectable Will than with the archbishop of Canterbury, unless his grace had happened to have had a revolver about him. ' Thee need'st fear nothing now, lad," said he to me, when made aware of my peculiar ciroumstances. UI have got a barrel apiece for those two scoundrels." And I went oat with him through the Spinney a far bolder lad than I had come into it, and reached the long-wished-for turnpike, and got into my little bed, sale and sound, after all? Both my unpleasant acquaintances were caught within the week?mainly in consequence of one of them having a maimed arm he could not bide?ami were sent beyond the seas; while a subscription was got up for Will (to which the yoang ladies of the picnic contributed largely,) that rendered night-tr ?spas?ing for the future quite unnecessary.?Ch imbtr .1 Edinburgh Journal. H?rM>St*alii| la Algeria. The Arab who ia projecting a masterstroke, and intends selecting the handsomest out of a thousand steeds, usually cornea in the course of the day to inspect the bivouac, although he is obliged to make his preliminary observation from a distance?from a very considerable distance, it may be. The natives, in fact, are allowed to penetrate easily into the middle of an encamnmenr knt tK? ? !?>/< ? ?__ _ _ - I mmm V( ?I V HIUIVCV HI n fl J O people of the neighborhood who form part of the expeditionary columns, such as cameldrivers, herdsmen, and pack-horse dealers, who have been hired for the transport of provisions. In the latter case, the Arab thief will be mistaken for one of the men employed He will take rood oare that no one shall see him enter. Hi* choice made, the rogue disappears till night. In order to return to the middle uf the bivouac, he habitually divests himself of every iiem of clothing, and retains no other arm than a well-fharpened knife, in a leather sheath, slung with a strap across his body. He is also provided with a long rope of camel's hair, which is twisted round his head like a turban. As soon as he has passed the first sentries, the thief is metamorphosed into a ?erpent; he crawls on continually without hurrying, without noise, without any perceptible rustling. With his eyes fixed on tho living objects whom be wishes to ayoid, he stops hurt if he perceives in the sentinels the slightest sign that their attention has been attracted. He will take three hours if need be to clear a distance of 100 yards. At last he gets near the coveted object, the horse intended to be stolen. There his movements are more deliberate than ever, in order not to frighten the animal, who must not be allowed several minutes t? perform any not very natural motions, capable of deceiving the eye of the most vigilantsentinel. At firat he eut* w??K which the horse's fore feet are tied together, he fastens his rope to one of the horse's feet, and retires, crawling all the while, as far u the length of the rope allows him. The distance between himself and the animal then varies from 12 to 15 feet. If during these preparations the horsekeepers appear to have heard any noise, the thief again remains motionless; the horse remaining quiet, and the sentinels resuming their former tranquility, the process of stealing is continued. The Arab slightly pulls the rope; solicited by this mote appeal, the horse'rises and sets a step; but the rnovexr?*Qt is so perfectly similar to that which the animal is In the habit of making when he wants to reach a wisp of hay or a blade of grass a little way off the stakh to which he is fastened, that by night, nine sentinels oat of ten woald be deceived. The robber repeats the same maneuver as long as possible. As he has carefully studied the ground he will continue it while no alarm is given; but generally voce out of the immediate reach of the men whose duty it is to keep special watch over the stolen horse, he leap.; on the animal's back and sets off at a full gallop, well knowing that gunshots by night are only dangerous for the comrades of those who fire them. Sometimes the thief oovers his entirw person with leaves, but will commit no suoh foolish act in a oountry denuded of shrubs and boahM. On nukiui i/mnnH i? i u a make; in a bushy oountry he transforms himself into a living bush; in abort he assimilates his person to the aspect of the country be U traversing.?All the Year Round. How it HaFPEXED that the secessionists did not Take Louisville.? The fact that Gen. Buckner did not take the city of Louisville instead of stopping at Green Riv**, as we kave before stated, is doe to the loyalty, courage, and tact of one obscure individual The Cincinnati Commercial says the secessionists had laid their plans to appear suddenly in Louisville with a powerful f>rce. They hud provided for transportation four hundred cars and fifteen locomotives, and had eight thousand men, wilu artillery and camp equipage, on beard. They bad secured the services of the telegraph operators, one of whom forwarded to Louisville a dispatch explaining the detention of trains on the road, and were moving forward at a grand rate Everything was going well with them, and Louisville, with perhaps the exception of a few secessionists, whs unsuspecting and unguarded. But at a station beyoud Green River, there was a young man | in the service of the road, who was a warm friend of the Union, and who, oomprehending the meaning of the monster train, when it (tme np, seized a crow-bar asei for taking up rails to make repairs, and while the locomotives were being wooded and watered, ran across a curve, and in a deep, narrow cut, wrenched the spikes from four rails. The train oame along at good speed, the rails spread, the loeomotive plunged into the ground, the ears crashed on top of it, and it was twentylour hours before the train oould go ahead. In the meantime Louisville was saved. The hero of the occasion had not had time to get eut of the eat before the crash came, and was takM; but in the oonfnsion and excitement got away, and is safe. These faots are related y Dr K S. Newton, who was in Nashville when the secession army advanced, was detained there several days subsequently, heard the cirsaoBStanccs narrated there, and was told ef them afterwards by Oeneral Eaokner and other officers of the Confederate army.? Louttvti/e Journal. \ A singular case may com? up for adjudication In some of our courts. At a bend la rbe I Mississippi, a few miles from Commerce, the river is cutting its way across a "ntck" of land, and by the next rise will have formed a new channel, placing some ten tboucand acres In Missouri wHbln the limits of Illinois, the main channel of tne stream being tbe dividing line On this spot of land are two plantations on which a goodly number of negroes are owned, and unless they are moved before the river forms its | channel across the bsad of tbe peninsula, the "< battels" will all be free The question will arise to what State tbe owners can claim allegiance U7* Aa English ju y has lately been terribly troubled infta mind by the qoestlon. "Isa velocipede a pedestrlmV Pedestrians have a right to tk? tri.tfralk- - lol- ?li. J L - ? ? wV.?| >*WT IVUCU rfTB ua Of WO HW fTtt'w^lk In * velocipede; ua extracted citUea pro** c*t*d ben Mt ft)nd-d that tbe Telocl pede wu a pedee'.rlan, the jury atayed oot eight tu>ur*. and came tack with the rtrdict, ''really can't Bay." (i^A Baftl* M?j?r being home on I vialt, wm arouaed from hiaaleep, one night laat week. by a rrmbilng cf a carriage over the pavement. Making a noiae resembling adNtan' <1 ie^barce of cancon, and 'printing furloualy from fala bed, n# ahouied: '^The rtbata art cpmlafj tarn oui,, MntvaW" I pROPOSALS FOR INDIAN 900DS. DXPARTMIHT or THS iRTniOR, ( Qtle< Mian Afairt, heptvmbtr 31, lwl.\ Sealed Proposal!, endorsed " Proposals for Indian Goods," (Olua 1, 2, 3 or 4 as the oa?e mu be,) to be delivered in the city of N?w York, will bo received at the Offioe of Indian Affair* until 10 o'olook ?. hi , on Satvrdit, the 12th day of Oo ober nsxt, for furnishing the (ollowitc named artiolea Class No. 1. Mackinac Blankets, Ciotks.and Dry G?odx. 2,000 pairs 3-point whi.e Mackinac blanket*, to me?snre 60 by 72 iDohes. and weigh S poun<1s 2,500 paira 2X-P int white Ma-kieas bianteta, to measure 64 by 66 inches,and weigh 6 pounds 1,000 paira 2-poirt white Mack<nao blankets, to measure 42 by 56 inches, and weighftlf Its, 800 pairs IK point white Maokinao blaukets, to mea ure 36 by 50 incM?a, and weigh 4X ibs. 5f0 paira l-p<>int white Mackmao b anke's. to meaure32 by ?5 inohea, and weigji Sfc lbs 300 pairbS poi'-t eoftrlet Maokinao blankets, to mnasur(> C.i by 72 in ih?e, and weigh S poucda 300 pairs 2H point sea let Maokinao b ar ke s, ?o measure 54 by 66 icohs*, and weigh 6 pounds 250 pairs 2 point scarlet Mackioeo bUnke s. to mimniirn I" v in/>hA* %n/l waisK *1/ IK 250 patra I point scarlet Mackirae blaniT ta, to mruure 22 by 4n inches, and weigh 3j? !ba. 100 pa r? 3>?- point ? f?n Mackinac blankets, to measure 66 bv 84 inah*a, and weigh to lbs. 600 pairs 3 point green Maokm&o blankets, to measure 60 bv 72 inohes, and weigh P pounds 600 pairs 2M point green Mackinac blankets, to measure 54 by ?inohes, and weigh 6 pounds 200 pairs 336-point lodiio nine Maekn as l>Un! Ms, to measure 66 by 84 inenes, and weigh 10 pounds 200 pairs 3-point indigo blue Mackinac blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 lbs. 20n pairs 2^-point indieo bine Mackinac blankets. to measure 54 by 69 indues, and weigh 6 pounds 300 pairs Stf-pomt gentinella bine Mackinae niautets, to measure 86 by 84 inches, and weigh 10 pounds 500 pairs 3-p unt gentinella bine Maokisao blankets. to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds 400 pairs x.<*-point gentinella bine Mackinac blankets, to measure 54 by 66 inohes, and weigh 6 pounds 250 pairs 2-point gentinella blue Mackinac blankets, to measure 42 by 56 inehea, and 5?< pounds 200 pairs IH point gentinella bine Mackinac blankets, to measure 36 by 50 inohes, and weigh 4j* pounds 150 pairs 1-foibt gentinella Wue Mackinac blankets, to m*asure 32 by 46 iboIim, and weigh r.V*' pounds. 4,<**> yards fane* list bine oloth St<0 do do green oloth 2,0(10 do grey list blue oloth 2,ffJ0 do saved Hat blue oloth 1,000 do do soar let oloth ? AAA J- J- ! ?.? uu QO prcn oiotn jon pounds worsted yarn, (3 fold} 100 dozen ootton fi\r nardkerohiei loo do fauoy oottcn 50 do Mack silk loo do 3 4 ootton ?hawl? loo do 6-4 do 58 do 4-4 do 1<0 do 8 4 woolen do ?>o poinds linen thread. No. 50 grout worsted tartering 40.000 yards calico 21.0U) do Merrimao oalioo 7,000 do Turkey red oalico 2 < 000 do bine drilling )0,i00 do nsnaburgs 7.S*) do brown drilling 5.1*# do Geor?i% stripes 5 ooo do b'ue d mms 5,ooo do oottonade 12 500 do bed ttoking 5.000 do Kentucky jeans 1.5*10 d? sa'inetts I' do plaid linseys 2 SuQ do b eacoed shirting 15,non do domestic shirting. nnbietehad in oo? do do sheeting, do 3,000 do bleached do lo,coo do brown ootton dnok |o,(??i do checks, stripes, and plaids 2,oon oo Ua nets, assorted l,t#o pounds ootton thread 1,000 do brown killing twine, No. 99 ano do ootton inaitre twilled flannel ehirts 1,500 calico shirt* 2<o dozen hickory shirts 100 uo Madras han"'kerchieft. Class No. Read j mide f lot hint. ITS frook coats, indigo blue broadolotb 179 pantaloons, do do so indigo blue Mackinac blanket oapoUa 175 blue satiuett o a s 175 do pantaloons 75 cadet- mixed sat> i.-itt coats 75 Wo do pan'aioons 275 gray catinstt costs, (?aok) 275 do pantaloons 275 do vests. Clas* No. 3. Htrdtearc, Agricultural Implements, tc. 4,0"0 pounds brass kettles 400 tiB kettles, (5 sizes) 125 nest; Japanned kettles, (8 in ft nest) 276 oamp k'ttles,(S sizes) l?6doz*n 2 quart tin pa-s 150 dozsn S quart tin pans 20 do 8 quart do 375 do tin cups loo do squaw awls 7" d t fishhooks Suo do fi?h lines 750 gross needles, assorted 275 cozen ooarse tooth oombs 75 do fine tooth oombs 00 uo scissora 2io do shears 25 do giubbtrg hoes 25 do welding h<?e? 150 drawing knives, 10 inohoa Si hand saws loo dozen hand saw files, mohec * UU HVTVII 25 do 750 short hand s fry pans 25 dozen basting spoons auo do ii on table spoons an do ax*s, to weigh ?K to 5X pound* loo do half axes to weigh 9 rounds, (with handles) 1W do slno mirrors 1?0 do fire etee's 100 pounds brass wire loo do b?st Chinese vermillion. Goods of Araerioan manufacture of the repaired styles and quality will be preferred; but as the samples of blankets and oloths are foreign fabrics, it will b? necessary, in proposing a domestio artice of eitner of th<ne kinds that a sample thereot st.all aoooinpauy the bid. '1 he attiole* to i>o furnished most in all respeots onform to and be equal with th? Government sam&les whioh may be seen a this olfioeon and alter le first of October next. The artiolc* will be rigidly inspected ai d oompared with the samples by an agent or agents appointed for that purpose. Suoh as may he unequal thereto in an* *rtinni*r will tie rejected, in which 0**0 the contractor will behonud tofarniih others olthe required kind or quality wtbin ttir?edays; or, if that be not done, they will l?e purchased at Ms expense. Payment wil! be made (or the goods received on invoioee thereof, oertified > j the agent or agenta appointed to inspect them. It u to be understood that 'he right will be re erved to require a greater or lees quant ty of any of the articles named than th\t apeoifi*d in tiie above eoi.edule; and all bidj for furnishing said article* may be rejeoted at the option of the department ; and that none from persons who have felled to oomply with the requirements of a provies contract with the United States, or who are not manufacturers or wholesale dealers in the required articles, will be oonsiderea ; and the fact that bidders are suoh manufao urers or dealers must be e*idenoed by the certificate of the collector of the port where thev reside, or where it is p-opoaed to deliver the artlolee. The propoeale mu>t embrace the a-tioles, with tlis* an^n> itiM tW-nf - ?? " -- *"* I viidj mi v iiiuini m inn eohedale, with tha prioes annexed to eaoh, in dollars and cent?, at whioh they are to be furnished; End the amoanta must be oarried out ard footed up for eaoh class J*aid prioee and amounts must be eo civet, without any modification, <>r proposed modification, or variation whatever. They should be Bttbnutted with the following heading: "I (or we) hereby propose to ftirnish for the eer Tieeof the India* Department, and according to the ierme of ita advertisement thereof, dated 21st

September, 1961, the following artioiee. at the trioea thereto axed,(hare insert the list aooordmg I j the olaes or olaasee proposed for.) deiiveraMe in the oity of New York by the first day of April next, oratsaoh tine or times during the year 1882 as may be ordered bj the Commissioner of Indian Affairs; and, if this proposal bs accepted, (here nsert the words, 'in whole or in part* u more than one olass be proposed for,) 1 (or we) will. Within twenty days thereafter. execute a contra-)' accordingly. ana give security, satisfactory to the Commissioner of Indian Affaire, for the faithful perfo.-manoe of the mom." Each proposal mast be aooorooanied with a guarantee iu the following form, to be signed by two or WUI> I^p'oaiuis pvrwmi, VAOM 0J&01*D0T BUlt be certified to by a United State* Judge or aistnot attorney. '* We hereby jointly and are rally guaranty that the above bidder, (or bidder*,) if a oontraot shall beawa.ded to htm,(or them,) aooonling to hi* or their bid or proposal. >rill exeoute a oontraot accordingly, and give V.e repaint* seonrity lor the performance thereof, a* D'esoribad in the advertisement for propo*al* for Indian io^Js. dated ai?t September, 1861; and, in the event o( hi* (or their) failure *o to do, we hereby agree to bind ouraeiva*, our heir*, executor*, and a**icn* to forfeit and aay the United Sta es. a* damage*, a sum not leas than fifteen per cent, on the amount of said bid or proposal." Bonda will be required la the amount of the bid far the faithfal performance of the oontraot, with two or mora suratie*, whoae saSoteoay aiatb* oertified by a United State* Judge or district at 14* proposal be oonaiderad that do?a not itnotiy oonform, in all partioulars, to the tarns ttd da.ot.on. ol thi. ^erU.W ] ^ ? a-aUwOct n Aoiuig Commi??io'0<lr. FANWv PIANOS. PUN08.-N-W P^ot rM?i?ed inn woolL CoiMml low it tk? -MrtmontUW.e.MmEKOmKUto DomL ? nm>?.?T a?d K otos tk at. *T T HBLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ' HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Potittr* and Sftcific Rttixedf For DiMUM of tlia BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL,and DROPSJCAL BWECUN68 Thi? Medioine inoreaa?* the power of Digestion, aid exoito* the ABeoKBiXT* fito healthy notion, by which the watery or c>lcuoc? depoai ions, and a i cnif aickal xnl*roxm?ni* are mdnoed, a* well m pain aku ij<> lammation, and la *?oa for MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weaknes?es Arising from Kxo?ssrs, Habits of Dissifation, Karly l'disor?tioa or A^iise. Attendtd *eitk the Following Symptoms: Indisposition to Kxarfcon, boss of Power, l .oss of Mrmorr. Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Di^aw, Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision. Fain in the Hack, Umv?r?ai Lassitude of the .Mnsonlxr !*y?tem. Hot Hands, Hashing of the Body, Dryness of the ?k!n, E< options on the Faoe, PALLID COrKTBKAMCK. These symptoms, 11 a owed to go rn, whioh this mediome invariably remov;s, eoun follows IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of tekick the Patient may Expire. Who can say that they are not fretnently followed by those "Dimn DuKAssa." INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the oaoae of th'ir anffannc, ?CT !?0!?* WILL CONYESB. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And ike Melancholy I) talks by Consumption, BIAR AMPLI WITNESS TO TRI TRUTH OF TH* ASSERTION. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Re^nirea the aid of medioin* to atrrDgtheu and Invigorate the System, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably does, k TIIAL WILL COHVINC* TUB MOST SKEPTICAL. FEMA LE8- FEMA L ES? FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED, OR CONTtMPLAflNG MARRIAGE. r_ nr.... J 41.**. im munj j. n?nu( iv rem,ukj the Fxtraat Buonu n unesuail d by any other remedy, ?? id Chlorosis or Ketsction, Irr- gn'anty, Painfalness. or ttnppresson o* Customary bvMnatioiis. Uio*rateu or Bolwrroas state of the Uterus. Leuoor'hea or Whites, Sterility. and for ail em plaints iaoidsot to the sex, whether arising from Indiscretion, Habits of DissipaMon, or m the DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LIFE! 8BS SYMPTOMS ABOVX. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no more Balsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangerous Diseases. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUC11V CCRM8 SECRET DISEASES In all their 8)aces; At tittle Expense; Little or no ohn.r>K? in Diet: No liioonvemenoe; And no axposu-t It causes % f.equ'ni desire aad gives strength to Urinate, the'aby Rem >ving obstiuotions, Preventing and Curing Strictures of the Urethra, Allaying rain and Inflammation, so frequent in the elate of dishes, and < xpelliag ail Poisonous. Diseased. and trptt out Matter. THOUSANDS UPON THOCSA.3DS WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who lav* paid keatyjees to be cured in a short time, havo f >and t(i?y were d*ceiv?d, and thai the 'poison" has, by the ussoP'jKW.r/id a stringent i" tx^n Uriod op in the ajetern, to break oat in an at gravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. lis* HELMBOLD'9 EXTR ACT BUCHU for all affactions and d:s*as*a uf the UKIMARY OKGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FEtlALE, from whatever cause originating and no matter of HOW LOSG STANUING. Diseases of theae Organs reqaira the aid of a ?hDRSTIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it la octAm to have the oeBircd ?ff.ot in all Diseaaea/or tehic* il it recommended. EVIDENCE or THE HOST RESPONSIBLE AMD HELIABLE CHARACTER ill aooompany the uwdioiaea. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From 8 to 20 years' atanding, with NamM known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WE MAJKE "HO lECRET" OP "IHORBDIBHTI." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT HUCHU ia nompeeed of Buchu, Cn^eba au<1 J uniper Berries, eeleoted with great oare by a oompetent d anut. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, Practical and Analytioal Chemist, and Sole Mannfaotu rer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. AFFIDAVIT. PereonallT appeared oelure me. an Alderman of the city of Philadelphia, II. 'A'. Hilmbolu, who b?ins duly awoin, dotn lay. hia preparation oontatn no naroot:e, no meroury, or other lojarioua druga, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HELMBOLD. Sworn and aubaoribcd b?tore me, thi> iJd day of November, 1864. WM. P. H1BBEKD, Alderman, Ninth at.. aiove Race, Phil*. : Jr - ? PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM b A. Af. TO 8 P. Af. Price 91 per battle, ?r atx far |2, Delivered to My addreaa. curtly packed from obaaivaUoa. Add res* lettaia for information in oonfidenoe to H. T. HELMBOtiD, Chemist, ( Depot, 104 Sou Ji Tenth at., below Cheainut, Phil*.. ItEWARK OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor to diapoae "of their own" and otner" ar'iolea on tna reputation attained by Helmbold't Genuine Preparations, " " Extract Buck*, " ? " SarsapariUa, ? <? Unnro*-,A flaw BT. ,i 3Sold by a. B Wait*, Z. D. Sauii, John IL?T. S. C. Fotc. .1 B. t If twiitlk, 0. O. ajor, kidwjill <fc laduwcs, w miuhctom ud Georgetown, AND AH DR UOOISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOE HSLLMBOLD'S. TAKE NO OTHER. Clt oat tlu ?dv*iUt?m?ut twi Bend for it. ATuiui^rusiriun txrotwiiE. D-cribt Symptoms rn all Cowuut Mxcatiom. j Wmm ??^a Bi>K JtlllBIITO.1, ALTinURK LOCK HOSPITAL) Wm &te?9tr*d tkt mfitt Ctrtai*. Sfttdf mmd Ml) Ef*ctm+i Kt-n*4f w i4? IrnW, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMl'K t'DKNCE. L*r *0 FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WaakBaaaof ? E-:k< Smcoraa, Afaeuoea of tba Rd oya and Bladdar JBMHtlf* Oiocnarfoa, Impom Uoaarat Liability, Nai?o?ao*aa, piy, Lanrtor, Gon'aatoo f Idaaa, Low Spr.-J, F-Jttiuo* of til* Haart, Timidity, Tr*mMior?, Drnmaaa o? Sifai or Giddinax, Dtataaa of ih# Maad, Throat, No** or Skui, Afacuooa of tha Lcafa, ?i?b en or Bowala??.haaa Terrible Diaordtra uniinf frnia Solitary Hahiia of Youth?ihaao Drmdfal aid Deal roc i?? Praf ucaa which randtr Mirnui imroaaitla, and dtitn; botfc Body and Mind. YOVNV MEN Kapoclally who ha?a bac.<tn* the vicum* of Solitary Tie*, that 4raadfal and daairtcuft habit which amaall* awaara to u nuMl; fritt lboau4ie( Toa-( ttMof'lhi bhi Ultid talent* aad brilliant intellect, who uufht otharwi** h*?* inirtnctd lamnnf Stmtti with th* thandar* of t'oaatne* or w*kad 10 *c*tacy th* Imaf lyr*. may Mil wilk rail conldonc*. MARK IAtiE. MiRKIBD PlEtOCI,?r Tulii| Mid ateutjtplatlaI Mar* na#*, boinp awtr* of phyaical w*akn***, erfaoi* debility, daformiue*, Ac., *p**diiv enrtd H* wboplac** bim**K sudor th* ctr* of Dr. 1. may ralifie j*ly eontda in hto honor > a f*otlom*o and cot>l<1*utly rolj apon hu akili at a physician. OFFICE N?. 7 SOOTH FREDERICK ST. I*ft baud *id*jroing from Biltimor* rtr**t, a f?w door* from the coraer. rati not to obearva >ini and narab*r Letter* nut bo (iid and contain a etarap. DR. JOHNSTON, Mtmbaraf th* Royal College of Uargton*, London, (radial* from or* of if' moot eminent Colltp* in lb* United lain, and Ult gioatar port of wtma* Ufo baa b**n opooi in th* hoopiul* of Loadoti, Pari*, Philadelphia and tiuthir*, ha* tlectad km* of th* moot a*to.n*bmjr car** that w?r* *?*r knowa; many troabled with nnfiuf la tbo boad aad ar* Whoa aeleep; rTlat ntrvooaccM, bein* alirnid at addon ooaada, baahta!ti*a* with freqaeai blaahiuj, attar ded aornetiiri* wub dtrauftmeut of mind, w*r* enrtd mmmtdi*t*ly. TAME PARTICULAR NOTICE Toauf M?n and oUitr* wbo bar* tnjared tbem**l?a* by a ( nam practico indulged i. whon alou*?a babit freqaeally loarnod from e?il companion*, or at ochooi, tM tlitu af wtaico ar* mainly felt e?en wboa a*l**p, and if otcarad. render* n,arri*f? impoaeibl*, and d??trcy? both miud and bod ?, thoaM apply immediately. Then an iomi of th* aad and ailucbu; *f *cujpreJac*d by early habit* of youth. *i?: We*hue?* of th* B?c* and Limbo, Pain* in th* H*ad, Dmoeea of Sifht, Loaa of Ma*ra,*r Powor. Palpitauoo of tn* Haart, Dy*pcp*y, Ntx??e? irritability, Derangement if the Di)retu?* Par.cuoo*, 0?u*ral Utility, Symptom* of Coot amotion, Ac. Ml*TiLLT.-Th* fearful effect on lb* mind ira mach to b* draadad?Loaa of Memory, Coofaaioa of Idea*, Depreu.on of Spirit*, Evil Foreboding'*, A**r*ioo of Society, Belf-Diatrnat, Lore of Solitad*, Timidity, etc., ar* iou* of th* teila pndaMd. NlRTOUS DMiLITT.?'Thonaand* can oow ) ?? what ia th* eaiu* of thtir declining health, loainf their ?if or, b*com U<f vii^piK.nit'oH ana emaciataa. Having emgaiar appearance about uie eyee, ccufh or eyniptome of coueauipDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wban lha mugaidt d aud iu.pradeot ?ot-r?of pjeaeare Bade b? hue imbibed the etede of thie painfai dieeaee, it too ofteu beppane dial an ill-ttiued eeuar of aburnt or draad of diecorery detire him from apply mg to tboaa who, from edaeatioo and raepcctahility, Cin alone befriend biro Ha falla into t> e bauda of ignorant ?n<? dtiifinuf pretendera, who, incapable af coruir, filch hie pecuniary aabatauce, keep Dim triAn.f naomh after month, or ae long the emallett fee can be < b- I tamed, and id deapair leaee hi?n with rained healtk to eigt: aver f te railing diaappoiutment: or uj the tue of that daadly I Ciieor,?Mercary?haaten the conautaui/ra. a? luptome of tbie rrible dnea?e,eacb*e Affeetiocieof the Heart,Throat, Head, lib, Ac., prorreeainf with frif htfal rapidity, till death p ?l? a i nod to hie dreadfc! esSerir.jt by eendir.g bln:t a J.?t anliicoTere 1 coBu'.rr from vliati boarue aa traveler ratarae. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thie great and iinpcrUnt remedy weakoeee af the argute , iri trudilr clr?4 urnd fall ttnr r?at*rad Yh??am4i aJ tha Ml narroat and dtbilittltd, wta htd laal til baft, Mt| katn irotaadiaialy ralirrad. 1 All tmpadtKtnla M>mt(a,PhyaicaJ a* M total D'tqaalMcatiant, Lata tf FrtcruUM Powtr, Ntrvaat Irniatili a, Trtrnkhnr tad Watkntaa tr Eictaauao af tbt n?t fatrfa! kind aptaJUy cartd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. < TBI MART TROCsaKDI carad at lb it iaatita'.i'wi wilhlo ifet Ittt ttrar.ttan vttra, and lb* nam tract imparls: Sarri- < tl apartunia ptrforrctd It Or. Job: ttoo, witaaatau by tht aaparara of iha ptptrt tad uin; oUiit j trtont, noucta ( I whiih bt*a appatrtd ifuu tod t|iu bafora tfea patlic, baaid at hit titnamf at t ftntlt-ntn ?f ch* rtcttr to? rtaranaltUila, it t aalciant faaraiittt ta tfca ilittad. nar 15-1* Dk. J. H. MoLKAS 0 BTBEVQTHEirnrG CORDIAL A^y 11LOUD PL&IF1KH THE GREATEST REMEDY m tk? WORLD, tMYMR TAKEN.%kM' jj&X , tta Ma- H afaaak _ ?r takl?5* alai ?i?lati f a dalltlamt, aiailtiuimf aptvH, aa . u til laltl.U:* ie?tdy far itatTttlaf tkt a.toaaas tyaiaat, tad tatlaiiaf tht ?: ?, icfcriaf, tad dtkll.itttd la.i.-a kttiat aai t'i,a*V". KtL?A V'S STREN'-THE Pllfli CORDIAL Vtll tftttat'.ly on kiwi Ctnpltlat, DyaatptU, ii at ?r Marrtat DtMhty, p h'in tfm f'.dat*t u4 til I'CMMt arlataf '*> * ditardtrad fa tar ?i Iwntil I ytptptlt, tnkars, lr.-ra-.-4 F:'tt, AtiuUj * lukun Ut (mmU, flllaiH ?t Slaw. i* Ik* Bttd, Dail Fti* wtaa'af a tit Matd, raipheMM mt u. ffatii. Pc'li.aai at Waifkt la tk? Itwiiki *?d lm-.--.i-ti, Ct?i ?r nVaatUaf Fttltaf wkaa lay!rg rt??a, t,;tm h Ti! #* im ?( lat Mkla tad #yta, Hljf. k ??tu, Utui Fa?ar? Pala to tk* Sat'l af -St latk, Ckttl, > ilia. f-ldaa FIvkta af it, P?pr???U? af ift/iu, I . jktfal Dfataa ku(Mi, Bi>?n4iil7 tr to; Limw Itrii * lliinn aa ut Ikli, ?.ad * ? tmd Aja? <ti ?jkt.;t ta? Wrr**4 9TM* A MSIMOB BOTTLMM ktri km aa<d dtrtafla-. It-, til jacniha, it a la a* la Maaaa tu ItlaUtd ia rT'tf antra aarufat iltt.. Wka, tkts will aaftr fraa T;i<u?m tr Dtkllur tlu niDMMIUI!r? GOlDUi will tan yttl a lt? j?Af ? eta aa aufuu Mit af ikt laai': att tad alaaat altuutu tktcfi prr.tttd ky tkli Cardial to Lkt dUcrttd, dttJlt-itd, ui tkaiiand nrvn ijiua, wktlktr kraktw dawa ky txttat. vMk ky atmi at laptlrtl ky lii^tci, tkt raltxac aad luuiif arfaal alto* U tat tar ad to tu yrtatto* ktaltk tad Tlja* ULULM.1MD TMRSONSi at Mktrt, tntiiiu af laakliity fraa wkai??.? aaasa, wUj tad mkiii a rrm??ril?i>? couut a u* r< a#k NfHait tar af Ut tytttai aad all wka my ktrt U farad tkaautlttt ky lapraaar ladai?aaaaa will tad to Iklr Cardial ? ttrttlt aad ijMly reatdy. TO THE LADIM8. HakXA.E S rraiK?niKJIl]l?OOU)UbU a tavir tlr* tad tiai d* aart far lattaleai CaoaaaaUaa, Wkltaa kitratttd aa VLBtall HtartmunJ - ttallaiiA af Vrtot m laialautiy E <uup ikaraaf, rtiltof af Ut Waak, tddlaaaa, r?l?U?f. ud all iliiuii ualdiai la fiBilH. THBMX IS TfO MISTAK.2S ABOUT IT Mil U INfU. tUl It tUMillf II <ill||iWL It wl! tllBilui, Ult K' linti r?l u4 HIM U( kiaaa af laaiia atiu ym akaak afaJa. Baary Mill U firniltt ta girt aal! jfaat!aa. FOR CHILDREN, Itjtxi nklldna ?n ilikir. Mt; at Ultul, Hcklilf COUUl will atki tktai ktallfcr, fat. aa)1. rakaai Dalay at a aa?jaaal| to U, u4 yM-vul ? a?avtaaad. h la daUniuuki, MAWT10N. Bavara af Mf(Ma m 4atitn vka Bay try ta ptta mm 1 aa Ma a kl;ia> at aaraapanlia tfaak, vhit* ikay aaa ka? akaap, ky aarlnf M ta Jm?t aim*. a raid aack laaa. a at ia> k>ull? ifiunnnM cobdiau, u< u?* aiklaf alt*. It ia ui anly i*bi4; Uat will f?nfy Ut Blaad iaaiaagklr i?4 at tfct una Kbi itraoftkan Ika ay .la a (lua lajupaaofwl ukaa ?'arj aaarr ing laauc f ta a cituk ff?*fQUTI l?I UNIirt, VyBUil 1DQ FITir, T ili# w FlV|f| M IT ttiftlM dliMM. bhtittt la Itrn ktf.iti Pt?at may 91 p?? katUa, aa I katut? for 91. J. MiLEAM. ala fiiprtiiM af 1thla Cardial; alaa. Mabaaa'a Taltani* 01 Uaiaaat. MMlftl Daaa* ? tka aaratr af Tktrt ui riaa I'ltaU, #C Wil<,Ma. oLean'i Volcanio Oil Liniment, (TBI BUT kWlMEMT IB TIE VOEbD.) Tki aalt la/a aad at ruin tart fat Caaaara, Fllaa, TV an, waUlaffaan* rtothila at Oaitra, Faraltala, Btaralfla, Waaknata af tkt Maaelaa Ckraala at li.ii ami; llaaaiuin, lulnaii a( tha Jaiuu, Caetraetad Maaelaa at ktftaaaia, Kanaka a> Taatfcaeka, Iraiaai, araiaa, Praak Ciu, Waandi, Blcara, Tatar Baraa, Ctkad Irwat, Kara taplaa, larr.i, Saaldi, Kara Turaat, at amj ialfatiaa at aia, aa dtffaranaa ka<v aaaara at lar? taa diaaaat mi [art aatata*. MckKA.H1 <* > W ATKD mOMKMT fa a laiwatiBiil. naaauiaaf kaiaa k?la|i aatt kaaa aa*a4a Ufaaf Ma arapHada and aaiatrj ky tkt aa? af tfcfa la?alaakla naai;. McLSAlTS VOLCANIC OIL UNIX*XT Will railtta pais almaat lort>nt?maaaiy, aad It vUl alaaa, tarlft aad kaal tha faalatt aaraa la aa iMtaMli akaat baa. FOR HOMES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MakJC A Ml CKLLbRATk-D UtmiBCVT ta tka aal; ath m" iimui nsiif t*r ui tir? ar (fifti, IllHll W>B?cftUa, lrUiU,WtunikMfi, MMMHI Un. It Mm fautd U mi Bi( liU, P*1!?t11, Vim**, 0M .. (Mlu fella, Cu, ?r Vmii, litaia tefciitfcU Nw4f. tf^Uutnwii *m4 > ww H nwhliiwiy &&&*&&*** rii.1 - J. K. McHti.hli PupillHj. GmuTkMud HM ?, Ik ba*, ? M? MOT.**orr? MUM THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkte aotltaat Famliy u4 N?v? Jibmlottataiainf gi?m with 1 Litn?i| tm4lac ?b*n cu be In?4 la aay ma to y?>lrtil o Frl4ty ?orila| Taaxa?Oaa&, wnrMlf, tm itmmmr* HiI* copr, per ana am 31 "" PlTC COplM 4 T? Tea eoptea t # Twaaty-a^a r^pkaa.? ? ? It la variably e?tat aa the " Waabtaft? New' Uat bM made 7V? IMOf 8Mr cJpeufc* ao generally throughout the coaatry irrsiBiii* - ? - ?r? i?- -rmppttij eaa M procured at tbe counter, Immediately after tk* tan* jf the paprr Price?THREK KNTS pENSlON QFFlcr, jvxm ?rm, imi. TO ALL WHOM If MAY CO y CM KM. _M Applleat ?n havin? been wade iMWMHl of S3d J Hue !??!, for U? rout* of U* tAal '* raaU deaonbed herein, which are alleged to fct'O boon lost ?r destroyed. notioe ia he ?o* 11 r?ct tMt at the date lollowin* the description ofeooh War rant, a new Certihoate, of lit# tenor, will IM micil. if no va ?d objection shall then appear No 71 ?96, for i?> acre*. iaea*<l nader the act of Mar oh, IS&k in the bum of Am* Arthar. aad tra-tet' jn the lTth day of Aufuet, MSJ-?Ootohor !, INI. _ No. *- 5*1,for m aorea. aador act of *p. aad Ivan.* Oate May 6tn, 1850. m favor of Mioh?I R<>aa fhther of Samuel Ropa, deoecaed. Third fadtana Vo uateer*. Meciaan war ?I??towr II,! !_ Mo. 64 !U6 for 1? aorea, iaau?xi abdar the aoi of March, 1856, m the name or Jamea Lou. and ranted oa the Slat day of Marat, 1816.?October 19. 1^61 So J4.6ST, for ?60 acres, leased nnder the act of March. IMA, ia the name of Thomas TaaMT. and iranted on the 3d day of May, 1*56?Oe?oOer 16. 1361. No M l?a. for l?a aorea, taeoed andor ?ae pet of M?:oh 1846. in the name ol I'o ly. widow at Oarti Bradbury, and (ranted on the l#tn cay ot beptembei, 1?0? November 16, IMI. No. 43. 43 for 100 acrea. iaaa*d an4ar the tot of March. 1456. is the umeof ChuatopUer Duaxhertj, and ?r?- ted on be 2Tth day of WftMbar, 1MB. November 16 18(1. No 99 >14. for 100 acrea, leaned under tha Ml of March. 1856, i? the name of tiny 8. Alanodar,Minor oh kt of John C Alaiaaitar, 4a?aaad, and %ranted Jnly 2, 18fri.?November ?. 1881 No.S 1?S. for 190 acrea, lamed onder the aet of March, 1856 in tha name o? Benjamin Rei y. an4 C ranted on the 27th day of J one. 1*56 No 6j2 for 80 acrea. ia*o??2 noder tha act o' March 1S.S5 in the name of Raabaa Woodrvff, and (rat.ted on the ?:h day of May. l?t. No. 85a. lor 160 acrea, aaaed on-'er tha act of Maroh, 1856, in the name of tiemaelfl Water ha ana, and r ranted on tha Sid day oi Mar. 1856 No. 2,538. lor 80 acrea. laaned ntcer tha act r>( March 1856. in the name of Bhell* Donna, an<? canted on tha 3d day of Aasaat, 1896.?No i a?lii H.1ML _ ? So 41.99*, lor 180 aaraa. leaned inter tha Ml af March, 1856. in tha name of Jamea Pray, aad (ranted on the 21at day of Maroh, 1881 ?November & 1881. No. 25 980. for ISO aoraa, leaned andm the aet of Maroh 1856, in the name or * ll tarn IV , Jallne C. A.,aud John D. S., minor ehlldren of lrwie Bm gat,decea?nd, aad granted on theMth oay of May. 1856 ? No ram be r 32,881. No 44,8tsrzor SO aoraa, ia>ae? aader the aet *( Mansh, 1855 in the name of Getty, vtdov of Thoaa aa El wood, and * ranted tha 19th day of Junry. 1857.?November 38,1861. No. 75 SO, for 1M acrea. l aaii ad andar the act of March. 1865,intHe name of Alexander Mai aV.onfh. awl rrantad on tha 8th day of Janaary, )M.-|?avemSerR 1861. .?v. or-vo, ?*-?? w oi, i Mimi Huun uw act wi March, lo55, in the r ame cf Alexauaer M^uii and grant-d on the Ulii day of October, 1156.?November an 1861 No. 9,?tw, iot 120 Mien, llined under the act of March. 1856. in the name or. Darnel Weet, aa4 granted on the 14tli day of inly, 1856.?Deooabor 7. l?l. No. for 160 acree. ie*ufd utflf the aet of March, '855, in the name of Hacnab widoir of James Wuson, an<1 granted og the 9?th day of Fob ruary. IK7 ? Be??her 30, 1861 No. 64 a?>, f.?r Ian acre*. iui?l nnder the act of March. 1855. intiio name of Ma-tha. widow of Aid ew Me iot. (md ?r%"tea oa the l&ih day of Apnl, 1856 ? December 2', 1861. kNo. S SW.for >6n um. iaraod seder the mot of March, 1856. in the came of Samsel K J aek way an i grant'd on the Ui diy o' A ?nit. 1856 No. 3 l'"4, tor 180 acree, loened nn?1e' act of. Maroh, 1856, in the name of Willia* R Tarraoco, aad tf.i L?a on Ua IStn day of Jaiy, I<u6 ? Deecm ber Si, 1461. JOSEPH H. BARRETT, It-law Com hum to nor. OFFICE OF THR BOARD OF ITKALTB I " VV^eH1 soros, Scptrmbtr M, iltU. At a meeting o? the B ?ard ?f H -a iA, held on fht? iftv_ thft fni nvinr m?r* ^aaatmI tn nuisances: Dead animals, dead fish,?ffal of hsh.aod hMH of oy*ter ?hells. Offal from butchera' stalls, slaaihter hoas?, or tan varda. Stagnant water id ponda, marshes, eewers or Be!i*ra. Pool ataMei. fool oow-houao* or oow-pona.foal privies, aiil hog?tye? Dtcayiiu Tfjet>ble* and frnita of avarr aeaenp tion, whether euti-e or th<?ee portions thereof not used aa od which wav be throwa ??t. AU ashes, mbbiah,abavinf ?,or refuse eabetaaoae frm any trade, ooeir a? ion . or bosiDe?a. Fnth, stable man are, soapevdsln pro s, drainage from djo-boi|sea, soap, a .a glue faoto'iea. Hones coirs at Iarc? with g.aidors, laroy.or an* other orategiocs disease. Houses or bandints n a state of dilapidation or d?c*v endangering the lives or property of those la tiie vicinity. 1'ri vice opening lato sewera. Coal gas tar or other refnae mattm eeoapibg from rae-booses or gas reeervoira. ii dead animals or parts thereof that are offtos live ?6S8-*e1w W.M. G. FLOOD. 8*or??ary. SlHWEKIN't Is ths^B^jiLC w^aa4 " ta t an: i aate ^ h oac:.e?. Uro Bnxs. MM (AIM M fMNK. BCbWtKlN's (*I^L8 axe tore death to lata and Mica. >1 .N>h*fi[ iiu received oertifioatea rum Uio Preeident of 6irard Coi *?, D.reetora mf House of Reijca, Pe^i<?y.Ya~,?% Hoapital, and other Prominent Iratitvtiona or Philadelphia: D. S. Jail, W&3iiuiet>.b, D. C.; aad Caarity Bwyuu, New lirlotna, i^a Tos oriKitMl certiCoatea eta be mm at the Wbo esaieand Krtai! De?<>t lS? North Beoot*1 atr "?et, Philadelnhi*., anj tor aa. ii> vH.a city Hy f>. B. CLARK, corner Pa. aveuoa aaii 1H *ta., aad by IMITATIONS. e, .cmuer to aak for 8chvarls'a Awuci?n* pfooe gsaaiae aaleee aicned M. ftcmwaai*. ma It-flmwo Biurn mi PREMIUM T R V It K WC MAS V FACTORY, 499 Brvr*TM Smir, Atmneroii, D. C. SUvar Medal awarded by M&ry'aadlMtitiu Baltimore, November 7, MP*. 1 am wmIuUt ntkUf.tBd alwaya haaa m tea?. of ma beat material, every deeonptooa af rise Sole Leather, ""JSSW Wood Box, and Paotiac Truta, jejll*er,0eraeMe4 *CT&choo. At Lew Prut. Member* of Conrr*** and traveler* vtfl pieaee examine my atock before yuroba*i?u w?wlien Trunk* that at* nude ? o.ue?. Superior Leather and Dreea Trank* made to order. ? , , . , Trunk* oovared and reaaired at ekort aettee. good* delivered Ua? ofcutrii u> anrtpart of fee eitv. eeoraatova.and A riKr.c a. i>?-lTt>o J \MK.a g-TnyHAM * g|p%i2?sd?aMS5? < rtsaajs.yffnfor ''lUrtr2W-*?*-??*- Nort??. W*i. Dr. Eim r~fc?' ""sv. ' ctif-cS8ftfei^t.fy^feiggPi OottoM* ^wSie^'aFki^vft^cKi^'l^itulM. .K.T)!#*,km. All Hum* f I>whMltr ? prSS. ft k"d in >liiBjg?iii^ ' vfu^BtyMtoKr 00/3%kMM-"* *** -U,m W?ni iw.sfJS?jaf&)^; f^tr? Of corn Ifwta I llllMU . I m i t*?P ?+T limntrt., i^Nnklltt >|t: -?t TNWl tfJftC I .

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