Newspaper of Evening Star, October 7, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 7, 1861 Page 2
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_ I _ _ THE E V EN 1INU ST A K. WASHINGTON CITY: M3NDAY OcUbcr T, 1MI. Op* Faniit* at the T*r!mi? military campa and position* will confer a favor by keeping na poated aa to movement* end affalra la their vlclnltlea. npirii m? iur iu?r u( rir?P? The Int*U*c*nc*T treat* opon tbe " misplaced modesty" of tbe London Timet with regard to tbe suppression of treasonable newspapers. Tbe Republic**, In noticing tbe '-military situation," regsrds tbe drill of our volunteers in camp as a "demoralizing and rulnoua process." OUR MILITARY BUDGET. A BBIOADK irCSPKCTIOW BSVItW. Yesterday afternoon (Jen. H joker reviewed bia brigade, npon tbe fine parade ground In front of their encampmenta on tbe banks of tbe Eastern branch, opposite Bladenabnrg. Four rfgimenta were In line; the ltth Massachusetts. 26th Pennsvlvanla, 3d New Hampshire and 1st Michigan. Tbe flflh (a Massachusetts) regiment of the brigade was absent In lower Maryland, on special doty. A throng of some hundreds well-to-do citizens of the vicinity with their wives and chil drea, were present, u highly gratified spectators We wttaeeesd tbelr marching by companies, and never saw regulars step out more like real soldi en. But a ?ingle company of the whole brigade failed to march with tbe order of veterans, and they were evidently a company of recrnita We eaw hot a single dirty soldier in the whole force?but one. Their pat at double quick time was aa regular se clock-work, enabling tiiem to present as square a front as when marching at eonmon time. Severe and unremitted drilling alooe, has evidently brought this remarkably tine brigade so soon up to its present state of efficiency Geo. Hooker, bla itatf and regimental and company officers deserve much pralsv indeed, for their success in turning their volunteers, aa tteogfc by magic, into real soldiers Aim HORSE*. The Pennsylvania papers aver that the Government baa been badly cheated by the age its who are purchasing army horse* Some < f the animals purchased recently at Pittsburg present such a sorry sight, says the Ihtpatek, that the Pennsvlvania R R Co refuses to transport them over their ro<td, fcsrlur that thar miuht A ie nn *Ka urnv I ?J ? M?v Wf? ?uv ??? . ?? *? ?ur. company be made to pay for them An fnstan.-e of tltt rascaltty practiced Is thus related: A horse was purchased at the itarket, on Irvtn street, the other day, for fifteen dollars, and subsequently eld to a Government a^entfor ninety-flvedollars! We also learn that forty-three ho?*es, moat miserable looking najra, will be sold on Saturday to dsfray coat of transportation tnus far, the inspector ha Ting condemned them .?Republican. The above article evinces ao mncb ignorance In the writer in regard to the subject of army beraea, tbe presumption Is that bis whole data la a tissue of fct.'sehoods. Tbe Government baa no '-agent" purchasing horses at Pittsburg or risewbere, aor any "inspector" In that city. Horses for tbe army are purchased by contractors on their own account, who have ttem Inspected at Washington, the oftly place where horses are received and inspected for the Government thia aide of St. Louts. Tbe Inspection here at Washington ia known to be severe and thorough, and that tbe horses I accepted by tbe Government, as a general thing, are of a very superior riasa Great credit Is due to that faithful officer aud superior business man, nartermaster General Meigs, for the vigilance exercised in ferreting out Incompetency and unam * . .. iaiiiuuJM?s, and the promptitude with which every known abase In tbli especial branch of hia department, baa been corrected. THE DirrEBSSCK. We have la'ely taken occasion to visit many reglaeaUl and brigade encampmenta aurroundlng Washington, and hare been peculiarly lrrpreMed with the difference between their police and that of the a my before the battle of Bull Ran?of the discipline maintained In them and the psrsoasl condition of the men. They are drilled now perhaps two hours fo? every one they were drilled previous to the dlaastrous -21?t of Jaly; while not one man Is permitted to leave hia encampment now, where ten bad liberty to go and come into the streets of Washington then Hoidicrijr appearance on the part of a regiment was then the marked exception to the general rule Now every regiment that has been a month )b the Army of the Potomac, moves when on duty like fbe clock-work of the regular service. These changes cannot fall to tell with remark mwwm meet upon xue result or tbe approaching active campaign on Ibe other aide of tbe Potomac, the advent of wblch may now be looked for weekly, not monthly, aa of late. THI GIUT R E VI KW Tbe artJllerr and cavalry review come* off tomorrow at noon, at the parade ground on East Captrol street. There will be gathered there more cavalry and artillery than were ever before reviewed In tbe service of tbe United states, though forming but a comparatively small portion of either arm now in line in Major General McClellan'a army of the Potomac. Gen Stoneman will have but a portion of hla cavalry now on this side of tbe river?perhaps live thouaand men?while Gen. Barry will have there leas than half the artillery he commands on this side of the river also That Is to say twenty-two batteriea, numbering one hundred and twelve gnna. What a grand sight It would be to see all tbe cavalry and artillery of Gen. McClellaa's army assembled for review if that were admltaable, aa It la not with the disunlonlits In position In the army*" front. 8ucb a review would cast far in ue Hide Ibit l? take place to-morrow, t'-ongh the latter will be the moat striking affair in Its way?*er aeen lathis country. THB LlRCOL.t CAVALRY. A body of some fourteen hundred stalwart men and horses pasted dowu Pennsylvania avenue this for? con, en rmti* for the well-known pnrade ground on East Capitol street, where they were to-day reviewed. Physically, they are probably the heaviest cavalry In the country; the men and boraea being geuerally of almost giant proportions As yet, many of them zre remarkably poor riders, and not a few of them know so little of the rule? of military service aa to wtnoke while marching to a r trade That, however, la of course the fault of their officers The material of thl. regiment for aflcUat aarvico la unaurpaawd ; bat itdrpenda wholly upon tbe perseverance and severtty with wbleb they are trained, whether th??v ?r?. obk a valuable acceaaloa to th? Army, or almoat ma f neumbranco to U for want of skill m boraenim and duel pi!n? aa aoldlara. TVS COHMiXD IS IMTC?4t. !*otr? day* ago we mentioned that tim.Hktr man was about la be ordered to tbe chief com. xaaad la Keatocky. Tbe order haa aufaaeqnently beealaaoed. It la due to that gallant aod d latingulabad o0cer. Gen Robert Anderaon, that It aboald be knows that thta cha&ga baa been made at hla requeat, owing to tbe continued precarlouaaeaaof hla health He proceeded to active duty la Kaatueky agalaat U>? advice of bla medical ad viaers, no great waa hla dralre to be aervlceable to bla co u a try at tfcla arltlcal time. Tbe wbula country will alncerely regret tbat bis phyatclana judgment of bla phyelc^l condition provea correct LAass acaoaa ths sivg*. Yesterday, aome eaterprlafng vender of lager found hie way with a full Blocked wagon to the quarter* of tbe Garibaldi rrglmeat at Bailey'* Croat Koada, and aptedily bad a crowd of cuaiomrra aa thick aa baea atauad bla eatabllahmeut. Not many hour* later tba road bet wren Bailey' LI * ? * * * ot. aiMU uoipciD'/VM not a lew specimen* of afeggartng Gartbaidlaaa, some obaWeperoua, mom atop id, aud tome exc?aalwty go?d-uatur?-d Batter Jodgs V\ alter'sdwialou that ia a bevaraga "ihatchaera but not lnebriatoa," >? abould aay tLey were drunk. TBB MaaaiMAc, < The oat to Which the diaunionlsta propose ?<pat tto hoik cf iha Merrtmnr, wtrtrh rtry birr ahodded and lroo-?a*ed, la to aid In their content plated attack on Newport News *?m oma come, to gat In position to that end, within ffc'r range of the gana of the United *tataa squadron at Old Point Coa Goldaborough wtUdouhUaaagladly lot tar maks the attempt to get into that poatttaa. \ J!?COO. Gen McClelUn occesionally visits the encampments on both sides of the Potomac la citizens dresn, (according to popular rumor.) and thus has opportunlllea of learning a great deal more of the temper and dlapoaitlon of th? men, asd the manner in which they are provided for, than would meet hla official observation To tb?*e rlilta may perhapa be ascribed many reform* In the details of management at several camps which are eauae of congratulation to the soldier*. GRAHAM'S BKiatDK. We wrre yesterday struck with many evidence* of military effic'ency which greet the eye of the visitor of the several encampments of theregU menta composing Brigadier uenerat uranam i brigade. Good order, system and cleanliness are peculiar features of them all. while everything about them wears tbe air of the diclpllne so neceaaary to enabl? troops to win battle*. Tbe man abot by the rebel picket about sunrise oa Monday morning, tbe 30th ultimo, at Big Falls, was Robert Hunter, of Company G, lltb Regiment P. R. C , formerly of Apollo, Armstrong county, Pennsylvania. He was wounded In tbe thigh by a musket ball, and is now in the reglmontal hotpltal at Camp Tennally. ACCIDENTALLY SHOT. on Saturday, '/wtb uit.,wbtle two private* in tbe 11th Reserve Pa Regiment, at Big Fall*,were practising bayonet exercise, one of the musketi accidentally went off, wounding a man named Anderaon, of Company I, tn the right arm, very severely. THK CAPTURED TCO FANNY. It la due to the Navy that we should make II known that there was neither a U. 8 naval officer or teaman on board the transport tug Fanny, recently captured by three disunion steamboats cfl' the coast of North Carolina. If AVY YABD. Tbis morning, the staamer Philadelphia, Capt. Reynolds, arrived from Fortresa Monroe, reporting all quiet at that place and along the river. The flotilla li u ninal pmllnv ar (Ka a*?u ?# !? Ing farther development*, no molestation to gunboats or transports having occurred since thai last mentioned. The transport E. B. Hale went down toil morning. The Baltimore goes to Fortress Monroe to day, with a large quantity of heavy abot and shells. The sloop of war Pawnee came up to the Yard yesterday, from Alexandria, at which place she arrived on Saturday, from Fortress Monroe and Hatteras. She brings no intelligence of Importance, aside from that already given with regard to the loss of tbe Fanny at Chlcawlcomlco The Pawnee will remain at the Yard for a day or two, for some slight repairs to her machinery, whan It is expected she will Join tbe Potomac flotilla as tbe flag ablp. This honor now rests upon the ?teamer Live Yankee, one of the gunboats purchased some time since by the U. 8 Government Coin. Craven will remain, as now, flag cfllcer. I tl* ? 1 *% ? " " * ~ " * ?? c icarn mat uapi. uove, of the Pocahontas, who was a short time aince acquitted of the charges preferred auaiust him while stationed on the Potomac, has been ordered west to take a command there. Capt. VV yman, of the Pocahontas, has also been detached from that vessel. This steamer has again returned to the yard, where she will exchange her present armament for one heavier, previous to resuming her duties Work still progresses upon the Seminole, which will soon be ready again for service. The injury done the Jacob Bell by the Island Belle has been repaired, and she has Joined the flotilla down the river. Saturday thirty seamen were sent to Baltimore from the yard to man the new Government gunboat at that place now about completed. Interesting experiments were also msde Saturday evening bv Lieut. Badger In testing a new shell Intended to burn the cover of sn enemy. These projectiles are Ailed with molten Iron, which fire everv combustible object when the shell explode). THB SKIRMISH AT BIO FALLS. [Special correspondence of tha Star.J Tessallttown, Oct. 6, l*?l.?To the Editor of the Evening Star?Sir - In the papers of the 4th iastant I notice an account of the receut attack by the rebel artillery upon the Union force staIU.~< - II !?_ " ? ... - ..ran ik i> ig ram, in wmcb there are statemenu made which are not correct, and calculated to misrepresent the whole affair. The regiment encamped at Big F ills at the time was the 11th Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve, commanded by Col Gallagher At the time the fire opened there wok not more tkan two hundred and Hfty men aliout the place, and these were standing about in small groups, or at their quarters The picket guard of twenty-four men, who hnd been on duty the day previous, were ?tlll out, and the new guard bad lift the quarters to relieve them, so tbat only a few of each company were in camp at the time. The flritig commeaced about 8 o'clock, or a* soon as the fog raised sufficiently for the rebels to see our position, and continued from twenty minutes to hull an hour. The rebel battery consisted of four pieces of artillery?four and six pounders?Instead of seven, as reported. Of this 1 am positive, for I had plain view of them with a gia?s, and distinctly saw the men at work upon the guns. The Colonel and Adjutant of the 34th New York were not present at the Falls during the tiring; but 1 noticed two officers ride down the tow path, along the canal, about two hours after the firing had ceased They did not stop at the Falls, but returned In a short time no - w the canal. Consequently there waa no shot paaaed between them. One man In Company U had bia muaket destroyed by a cannon ball, while In the act of loading I'; and Company B had a young kitten killed in one of their tenta. Thiaia all (he injury done by the rebels, with the exception of a number of bolas in the frame building about the Falla. At the time the battery opened our cannon were about a mile back from the battery on this side, and by th?* time they were ruu up the rebels had retired During the time of the firing no face of the enemy presented itself to sight; yet shortly afWward we saw about two thousand marching across a Held some one and a half or two milea distant. The rrbelp managed their guns admirably, and took good aim. yet very few of tbvlr shells exploded. A numberof shot and shells were picked up by our men and brought to this place. You may rely upon this statement as being true, as It Is m.'.dp hv nn> tirhn ur?. - "" J _ >u ftj 1A n ITRUi. SET The Darneatown, Md., correspondent of the Associated Press, who undertakes in such coarsely ofi nilrc term* to deny an allegation which appear^ in the Bt*r, of inaubordtnatlon in the Forty slith Pennsylvania regiment, U Informed that many thing* transpire In hla vicinity which h? either haa not the Industry or the disposition to give to the ptiblle. Of the particular facts denied we can say nothing mora than that they were obtained from a source heretofore found reliable. Further, we And them narrated In the Rockvllle Senitntl of laat week with additional particulars. W. O. Metzrott, Esq., of thla city, re? turned by the Fulton steamer from a short Contlnal tour Tm* Hkabch roa the P*ivat(?k Scuma.? The Navy Department has received a letter from Commander Scott, of the steamer Keystone State, dated Asplnwall, Sept 25th, tn which he states he bna been enilsluff on the coaat of Vnrstan ?*"? obtained no Information other of the pirate Sumter or her prim He alike unsuccessful in the vicinity of the Iile of Pines and Cienfuejtoa The Samtet, It waa said, endeavored to procure coal at Demarara and Cayenne, aod waa refuaed The merchant* of Pararenal le likewise declined to furolah coal, but It waa dually obtained from a Scotchman. Commander Scott aaya that Captain Semraes la a ware that our vessels are In search of him, and -that therefore he will net again appear In the ?*, I-.4 I ? Tk. # I. * ' - - < ....r. suc w.i u uccriainea IDtl TIM h anter ba taken aeveral prize* under the British g y r, and decoyed otbera under eur own, with the .i{Vl?tt down " This should aerve as a warning to U- * MKkaitmft j Abby Bradford, captured off Puerto Cab^tai lb io'T. u the lMt P*>*? taken by the Banter - lLa i 'fW o/ which n ambers sixty-four aaa In > dl??? condition. Ha??1 of Q|P ?m>3 a-kfc!*. rt1'* ! r U THE FREMONT IMBROGLIO COLS?THl rtltl?tsi!l riplt? r k BM?ST'l t>s?4hd FOE col. blaibrs lrtti1rostMtirtR blair's *siwh-ths lkttek OV COL. blalft about BIJ fremont. We find the subjoined in the Cincinnati Enquirer of Friday: Darin* Ibe past month the country hat been disturbed b? the nnfriendlv relations tb?t kive prang up suddenly between Major Oen i'raBont, commander of U>e western division of tbearmy, and Col Frank P. Blair. Jr., of the 1st Regiment Missouri volunteers (light artillery) The letter of Colonel Klair to judge Blair, his brother, and Postmaster Oeneral, was immediately brought * ? ?* > a. J n.LI * I " oeiore me I'retiarni ana i/?oiuei, ana a vigorous discussion ensued for the removal of General Frei mont, bat resulted in the postponement of inch a decision for the present?the President and a majority of the Cabinet being acqualllledly adverse to the re moral. Mra. Fremont, who was in Washington at the time, received information of Col Klnlr's attack on Gen Fremont, and immediately wrote to the President requesting a copy of Col R '? letter. > The President declined to furnish Col BUlr'a letter, and In the Mine letter disclaimed any hostility to the General, or that any Impression had been made on his mind against tec honor or Integrity of Gen. Fremont Gen. Fremont then I telegraphed the President, requesting a copy of . Col. Blair's letter, and through Judj;e Montgomery Blair the letter of the Colonel was forwarded to Gen. Fremont, aocompanled with a request that the Colonel ahouId be released from arreat i The offer of release was extended to Col. Blair, at the request of the Postmaster General, but the ' Colonel declined the offer, and la now at Jeffer1 eon barracks, awaiting the examination before a i court martial. ' col. blair's letter to postmaster hi.aitt. St. Lorn, Sept 1,1*61. Dtar Judgf : 1 write you quite fuilv about oar affairs here by Judge Gamble, and I am more 1 and more convinced of the view* 1 stated to you In that leftsr Affairs are becoming quite alarming in the northern part of the State as well as in the south Men coming here to give information ' are not allowed to approach Fremont, and go away- in disgust. I have telt it inv duty to tell him what they say, and be throws himaelf behind the reports of his officer*, who are trying to prevaricate and shield themvelve* for neglect of duty, and he still clings to tfcein, and refuses to see for himself. I told him he would not escape responsibility in that way. and he would very soon find an army of rebels 10.INK) strong on his hands in North t Missouri, threatening St l.ouls and diverting his attention and occupying the forces he desired to use against McCuUough and Pillow. He talks of the vigor be la gelng to use, but I can see none of it, and 1 fear it will turn out to be some raah and Inconsiderate move adopted in haste to make bead against a formidable force which could not have accumulated except through g>*r0B aim lUCACUKUIt IIC^U flCO. i Oh' for one bour of our dead Lyon Many have been disposed to blame Fremont for not sendlnt relnfnrcemeuts to Lyon, and thusavertlng the calamities brought on by hla death, and the abandonment of Springfield by hl? command It is i very certain that if he had sent tbe regiments to Lyon that he took to Cairo, when it was supposed that place wan threatened, Lyon would have driven McCuMough from the State. I cannot say whether tbe attack was seriously contemplated on Cairo that time or not. but I am disposed to bei lleve that the movement by McCullough and Pillow were intended to be simultaneous and coopera'e, but Lyon shonId have had some part of the reinforcements at any rate, and if he U*d rc c?lved two regiment* h's victory would have been complete I undertake to say if Fremont acted on them a* be doe* now, (I was away and cannot 8|>t*ak on that bead.) he could not have informed himself very accurately of the necessities of hi* position. The event shows that no attack wa? made on Cairo, and it was probably averted by the reinforcement* *ent If tbe same or one half of the regiments had been *ent to Lyon, we should hive had equally satisfactory result*. The view* 1 have given of this matter are fact* becoming public opinion here, and [ think tbe government should know It Probsbly you have Information which will satisfy you that Fremont waa to blame If *o, the public here should know It alao, in order that tbe confidence of tbe people, hould not be withheld from the commanding general. I could not think, when I first re'umed 1 here, that any part of the blame could re*t with him, but my observation* *lnce have ahaken my i faith to the very foundation Thcr*ia one point which I did not refer to In my letter, and which 1 Intended to remark on, and that 1* the utter want of diacipllne in the camp* round and about St Loni* It 1* a rehearsal of the state of afiMrs In Washington before the fight at Manama*, and will,I am apprehensive, conduce to similar result* 1 brought these matter* to Fremont'*attention, but be putitaalde by saying It would not do to be too exacting at once. Our enemies at the door, and yet too early to impart discipline to our troop*and keep them out of the whisky shops!!! 1 know that you and 1 are both in some sort responsible for Fremont'* appointment, and for hi* being placed In command of thl* department, and therefore I feel another and an additional motive to apeak out openly about the matter* My decided opinion 1* that be Hhould be relieved of hla command, and a man of ability put in his place. The sooner it 1* done the better. I have given you toy opinion and the ground for it if the Government know* more of hi* plan* than I know?if you are satisfied with them? tl.fTl VOIl run hum tM? n* mwsA * J I Biiu oa y iuai 1 <1111 Tin alarmist; you know, however, that I am not No one haa been more hopeful and confident than I have been up to within a few day* past 1 felt atUfird. on inv return here, that eit'alrs were critical, but that the unices* and elation of th?enemy could be turned to good account. If the proper utepa were promptly taken. TVy have not bten takm, and eitlier the Government haa failed to aupport Fremont as he ahonld have been, or he ha* failed to apply the meana at hia disposal. Affairs are worae than they were two weeks ago, and are getting worae every day. Seceasion increasing, Union men driven out, and the General, I fear, incapable of comprehending his poaltion Hla recent proclamation ia the beat thing of the kind that haa been las.jed, but should have been laa>ied when be 11 "^t came, when he h^d ihe power to enforce It, and the enemy no power to retaliate. Now they are substantially enforcing analnst ua the substance of hie proclamation outside of St Louis and oar garrisons I want you to lay these things to your heart, and get ready to apply the remedy before It Is too late I will write you again very soon. I hope 1 may have b?t*er news to jjlve you. I shall be but too happy If snythlng occurs to restore my confidence In tremont I am well?better than ( have been for eight months. Yours, affectionately, Fsahk P. Blaik. Arums iif thx Wist ?Prom the special telegraphic correspondence of the Cincinnati Gazette, we extract the following items of Interest: pRAMcroai, Oct 3 ?We have late news from Garrard's forces, which represents that Zolllcoffer'S advanced troops have been - onlv few miles ibis side of London They have taken two of Col. Woolford'a cavalry acouta prisoners. near London Tbey are killing all ktnosof stock, and eating ice Unt; (be other la destroyed Sixty wagon loads of saita were taken from its owner iu Clay county, and was pMd for In Jeff Davla acrip, which the merchant refused, but L>e waa forced to taken. It la thought that Zolllcoffer will advance by the Richmond road to Richmond, Madlaou county, aa he haasome frlenda In that county, some of whom are already with him A committee vlalted Lonfavllle to day to aee what the banka would do In the way of loans, and report that plenty of money can be Lad. Caino, Oct 3 ?Col. Logan'a expedition returned to-day with some 10.UU0 bu?belaofcorn, taken from trie farm of a rebel named Thompson, back of Price'a Landing Twelve or fourteen prisoner* were brought In, moat of whom were discharged on examination. iNDtiHAroLia, Oct. 3 ?The rebels were aporoarbilltf Hender?n? If* ?- ? ? n -) ?? ? 111 lOrCf, and roanv foioille* of Union men were flying to Evanavllle for protection. The rebel* succeeded In destroying tbe three upper Lock* on Green River, ana their advance guard of cavalry 1* expected at Henderson to-night. Gov. Morton telegraphed Gen. Grant, at Cairo, for a gunboat, and he Immediately alspatcbed the Conmtoga, which w?? expected at Henderaon In time to receive the rebel* in a btcoming awn> ner. Col. Graft'* command la entrenched at Leek No. l,on Green river, and expecting aa attack from tbe enemy. Arrtiss in KiNtucxT.?From the Loulavllle Journal of Thursday, we take tbe following : Regiment* were despatched from Camp Dick RoMuson last week for the mountain*, under command of Col. Garrard and Col. Woiford, and they are to be reluforced by several other regiment* from that camp, among them Col. Bramlatt'a A company of alxty Home Guard*, from Lagrange, vlatted Bedford. Trimble county. Kv , ye* teniay, aud look poa*e??lon of fortynrvm aland or anna which Dad been In the haidn of numbera of tbe State- Guard there The Seventeenth Ohio Regiment, In command of ColtHial 1. M. Connell, from Camp Dennlaon at Cincinnati, croaoed tbe river on Tu**aday after noti, and left on the Kentucky Central Railroad for Camp Dick Robinson. Tbe HeMte Gllmore, with a field battery of six piece*, and a load of army auppllea, reached Kvanavllie on Monday from LouIbtIU? Itwaa the Intention of the Commander of the expedition, Colonel Jackaou to land hla cannon and auppllea at Owtmbonv', bat the eo -dltlon of thtniia at that a * ? - uviui maaeta Dim lo come farther down. The departure of the gunboats from Owensboro and the absence of Federal troopa haa emboldened the rebels, and they about for Jeff Davie and threaten Evansvllle, with no one lo molest them. 4 mi i .T ?? FROM WESTER* VIRGINIA. ' PCmTHKK P A KTICCLAft* OV TRV BjeAOKMKRT Oil ?HimX!Kl ElrKB The Cincinnati Commercial baa the following apeclal dlapatcb: Ch*at Vfo^tain, Oct 3 ?Th!a morntoe at one o'clock a portion of Brigadier General Reynold*' brigade, rMMiitlnr of thre?? Oblo reglmente?the tttb. 3Stb and 34<1?and pnrtlona of alx Indian* reg1men?a_the 7th,fch, 19 b, 14th, 15th and l?th ? together with detachment* of Bracken'a Indiana, Rcblnaon'a Ohio and Green ? i 1_ ,? * -? un? i cnoiTivBiiii rmrairf, ana ariacDiiiffia 01 Howf'i regular, Loom It' Michigan and Dunm'i Virginia artillery, numbering In all 5 000 men, left Ch?at Mountain to make a reconnolsance in front of the enemy'' position on Greenbrier river, twelve miles distant Col. Ford's 30d Ohio was sent forward to bold an Important road, the occupation of which provented the enemy from flanking our main column. The expedition arrived In front of the enemv's fort! flat Ions. At P o'clock their pickets retreated, after firing nn Ineffectual volley. Kimball's ISth Indiana wsa Immediately sent forward to secure a position for I,oomls's battery. Ammin's 04th Ohio deployed as skirmishers on the south side of the mountain. Loomts's battery getting in position, supported bt the 17th Indiana Regiment, opened the battle. The shot ww Immediately responded to by an ensmy concealed In the bush, but who were soon routed by the 14th Indiana, with a low of seven killed, a large number wounded and taken prisoners. Howe's buttery, supported by the 13th Indiana, then moved forward, taking a position 3U0 yard* nearer the enemy's fortifications, opening a brisk fire. The firing on both sides was almost Incessant for one hour, our artillery doing execution, judging from the shrieks of the wounded. The enemy's battery ?11<1 comparatively little Injury, their gnns being too much elevated. Our guns effectually silenced three of tbeir guns Whtle observations were being made of the enemy's fortifications, occupying three more hours. an Irregular artillery Are was kept up. occupying the ene^v'*attention During this Interval the Twenty-fifth Ohio and Fifteenth Indiana regiment* rendered efficient service tn aconrlng the mountains before the clone of the reconnoisance, which waa moat satisfactory The enemy received heavy reinforcements from their campsnear Monterery, making their strength about 1.5,000. Although this reconnoisance partakes more of the character of a regular engagement than any previous battle In Western Virginia, our Iom Is

Dnt 10 killed and 11 wounded. It Is Impossible to ascertain the loss of the enemy. It will not, however, fall short of 600 killed and wounded, aa our artillery did terrible execution Their camp was situated on the slope of the mountain, supported by a number of guns. We capt?red thirteen prisoners from the enemy, ana aiso a lot of cattle and horses. The reconnolsance proved entirely successful, affording Information relative to the enemy's strength, which could not be ascertained from scouts Gen Anderson and Colonels Johnson, Jack ton, and Oliver commanded the rebels. [The en'rencbments attacked are about twelve mile* from Beverly, on the road to Monterey, being the point to which Gen. Lee has fallen back and concentrated his forces. Gen Reynolds' main entrenchments are at Cheat Mountain, near Hev'-rlv. and are spoken of by the correspondents to the Richmond papers as impregnable, holding complete possession of the Cheat Mountain I'ass ] nrif?THK UNION PRAYKR MEETING IL3 Will lis hoi Jen EVERY DAY this week in tii? Fnrli?!i Luth nn Church, oornerot II and 11th st*., commencing at ha f past 4 o'c'.ook p. m , to be por.tnued one hour only. oc 7 3m F t*TivATTAr ISLAND HALL?TIM ~ Hap'ist Church will hold a Fair at Island Hail on MONDAY EVtSNINU, to bo oon ii!ut<i <iu-tn< the wo'k ; avais for the benefit ?<f tlie Chnn h Admission fee 10 cents. oo 5 3t* (Vy-A SPECIAL MEKTING of the 4 ConUituti n Defense L'*rue ' will be he d at their Rooms, TUESDAY EVENING next, the8.h in-* runt at R o'c'or*. A full attendance of member* is nrrently requested. oc 5 a* C. MRYKR ZULlcr, Sec. rr5=*ROCKVILLE AND WARHINGTON IL.5 TumwriKS Road Com pant, Oct. 2,1861?A divid*rd of four p"r cent, has i?een deolaied on the rapi'al etocs of this Company. payable to Stockholder*. oa demand, at the Hank of Washington. 00 4 Iw H B H??AHMAN. Sop g^=?GENKHAL ORDER No. 8. HlAIQUARTIB? PlRHIUTiNU MlLITIA.f to arris burg, oept. 90,1861. \ 1. No Surgeon or Asaistant Burgeon oaa receive a oommiH?iun from the Kovernor of Pennsylvania, unlt'i he nas u at passed an examination before a H aro <>f Surgeona, in aaoordano* with the Act of A*?embly and (ienea1 Orce.a No. 35 of the War !>e part men t. A Medioal Hoard for the examination of a'l PurIteo.M, or A'aiata^t Hurg'ona now mt'int at .tuck. in any reiim?nt ra>aed in ths State of P*nna;Jvania. will be he'd at HctrriiburK, ctober 2d. 1861, at 9 a. m, and at Wu\-,Ht:on City at Willarda Hotel, on Tuesday, the sth ot Ootob^r, 1861, at 10 a. m. Ry order of A. G. CURTIN, Governor and Commander-ln-thief, Cea'o Biddlx.A D C. 00 S-5t Y5r?OOMPANV "A." II ? i-vnivpL.?? VI l Vliil ""'I'lV Oi"~ J 3 Fifty ;i. e rent an.: a? * l?xlied mechanics will be enliated to fill thi* Company to tfce max imum fix'"! by law?15" men. inquire at No. i 6 etr?i>t Pay from &13 to S34 per month, bo?i<iea food and clothing. an 17 tf y-tr?TTKPARTMKNT OF mktropcTLITAN JL5 I'OtiCK -Tin lloard of Pohoe Coinnr.t aioner* havmt tak-n th^ house 516 Eleventh a!'Icjsinsna oonnoot'd wirh the Police of the oity will bo transacted at ihat p a?e. A iteoera complaint book will he opened, and oitnens are requested t<> call and enter any OJin lainta they may have to make ol any matter re !? in* to the police or h*alUt of the city ?e27 W II. WEBB. Superintendent Devon cows and heiffers-i witi off*r for >.al?, a- ths Market Ya?on TH URS DAY M K 1 \<j. the loth ine**n', a lew purebio ?1?.' Devon Cows and Heifer* of ohmoa dairy tuck I have a!n* a pair of fine Devon Wortc Oxen ?or ?a 1 o (oc 7 3'.*) i.KWb BAH.KY. |}RV WEEKS Will devote L:? tune to toe core m-* 01 uneasoaot a obrooio (IWIMft no matter of now lone st&ndina nor how hopeiraa the? may br. K heumiteiii. borofui?, "very diaeaae the nuroan ajatem iaautj* t to. Tv.-enty fi>ar houra wi:l o nviuoe yon. noadaone. Tooth*" he, Meurairta oure?l gra la J)R. vv KKKf, **?3 Pa avenue. 117- No charge for consultation. oo 7 3t* PW. H. HAMILTON k. C?>., RODUCK *. CO vi MISSION MERCHANTS, 419 Sinlk Strut, i> low P Dealer* iu butt r. Kt^a, Lard, Hama, Dried B*-f. Maokerel, Codfifh. Cian'>ernea, Applea, Uriel Appl a. Oniona, Dried P>aohea. Crarkera, ai d Cakea. Pure Ciaer Vinegar, &o. Go -da deliwered frof of caarge. oo 7 1 w* Dancing ac \dk 111 ks.-prof. barnrs, of New_York. will teacn Faahionahta M vancing at fraiglin Hall, oorner D and 9tn Jfl sis . W edn*sday and Sn'urriaj afirrn- <>n?#?M a d evenings; at Stott's Hsli. iflvh and t*a.uUBt av., Friday afternoon ; at Otd Fellows' Hall, Na-j Yard Moii(Ja< and Thursday t-v-nings. For particular* read the National Repuoioaa and o*l f?r ctrpulars. ; OCT Iw* BILLIARDS! BILLIARDS!! Csur Vkicks. Six bnt ovi KarbU Btd Taues. We with toinf rnoiti oi and strangers that w < still continue at oar reduo^d frio?% which is >ne wiiird ie?? than the usual or? prices, viz: Single gam*.SO c*s ;rix pine*, SI MILLER k SIMEON, Atf.e.iauiu Milliard Saloon. 430 Pa. av. oo 7 eo6t* wtavy agent's office. m Washington. D. Ch Oot. 7,1MI. ? oposa^s will be received at this offioe nntil the 15th mat. for 00j lbs hsat Ingot Copper, 3 0? " Banoa Tin, VP " 44 Slab Zino, in boras XX 1) Tin. To he delivered at the Washington Navy Yard, by the 1st of Nov rab#r next S.B BROWN, oo 7-i Ot (Repnb.) Navy Agent gfo_ _ putlejis_wanted. ? o.e,n i jiuvANiAliKS to be fonOd by 8ut! In i. and dealer* in Boot* and 8hoe?,at | NEW YORK WH 1 LESALE BK ANCHSHI i HOUSE, 348 PenneyWamaaTenue,(oierr ] Janr.ej'a Shoe *tore.) * Mb We m*nnfaotare oar ova G oda, ud aatl at N*%t York P'ices, thereby aavioe freight. Having constantly on band a large 8U>ek, we oaa apply at a moment a notice, ai>T quanta* de*ir"t. A ia'ge ai.ortinent of 3 aole High-out ahoea, and l>)ni-4eg UooU. Sutler* liberally dealt with. A oal< Font all deaiera aolioit?d. oo7 lwSdp.a3w* WM. B.uncklb8. Large wholesale and retail STOCK OF Fall and 1* Inter Dry Goods, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON EA8TER * CO., Nue. 190, 201 it v03 biltiaoiiSt., baltlmou, Have now in ator*, aLd are oonatantly adding thereto, a large and <dried (took of I 11 Dl iD T t'*v ? iui<'Ai r.i/ aii/ uuntsi"IC IlEY GOODS* inciu ini a afleciiu aisortmentof Co orert and Black Dieaa Si In. Dr? Good* id every variety, Siiawla, Cloaks, ?li1 Mant'ea, hmoroideriea, Lanes, Muahn Trimuaoca HandkerelueGs, Skirt*, L. U. Hdkfs. Hoaiary, Linen Goods antf Hoaaekeep in? Arliaiea la vary ao??ibl<* variety. Mourning Good* of ovary deaoripuon. Flame* Uailta, Itr.kett. Good- for trten's Wear, ? Also, voraeauo C < tuyu aod Doraeatie Good a of av?ry de?criptiou, lor > onaahold parpoiaa. s>' wear, ana Farmao4 Plantation a. Oar 8 eek will b?found ona of the stoat exlauaiva and a<Mf ete in t .a Caitod Statea. The Foreign God a. mnatry of oar * own imfortauoa." carefully aeleo-ad by oaa of the firm reaidinc in Paria. wko aoada ma may novelty aa boob aa it appear*. oar purohaaaa b?iag 4m Imfit qumntitiu and oa tk* men sriMaUfMu ttrmt. and oar t*iLk* Fob Cabb bit. aoablaa Bito mark oar aooda at prioaaurn*** > SS. r?ng?ni pAiricn ais or the Cirmi or tiiStui- J Ik Panht bt thi CoiriMitTBi -The follow- I !ng statement of the master of the trwr transport | Fenny glm the psrtleulara of brr capture by the rebel!. t?be wm dtspatehM by Colonel Hawktaa With eloihlnff. aisn.inltion. proTlilnnn. kc . to ' Chiekamatomic for tbetapfirof the t oo pa reeently atatloaad there AHef tb# n?w* of the capture of the Faanf w>? received at Hafteraa. Col. li'wktna called upon the commanding naval ?ffl'*ef thoae watrra for a force to go to the relief of the troepa An armed expedition waa Immediately fitted oat, whlcfc tailed on Ibe morning of the 3d intt . but nothing had Wren heard from It at 5 o'clock that evening, when Information waa laat received from Hatteraa Inlet The at&tement of the matter of the Fanny It at fjllowa: IUttib** Iklit, Ut?I left la the ateamef Fanny, at 0 a m , for Chlckamacomlc or Loggerhead Inlet, arriving there at 1 o'clock p m H e anchored in about eight fret water, and waited there for two hourt and a half before we got communication fK>m the ibore. They then IVVbed n it-boat off and loaded hef with ?n aaaorted cargo of atovea, Unt*. Ac. When the bdrtt had! thoTrd > A# ..d ' - tLl.d. 4i._ -- ^ I UH, auu yci iwui iWVMlinil *'1 Wiy OKI PDOTVf we saw atrnmboat to westward, about 4 p ta, which proved to be one of the ? nemy. ft be wm standing to cut oB our retreat, ar d ta a ahoct time two more appeared ateerlng directly for oa Tbo first one then atood and commenced firing upon ua, and aa aoon aa the other two came up, they did the aame. We returned their Are with nine ehota, striking one of the boati in the bow Then Capt. Hart, of the twentieth Indiana regiment, uggesud to ua to surrender. spying that It wma no uae fighting agalnat aocb odd*, and req'tested ua to hoist the wblte ti g The mate of tbe boat and a few soldiers tured to and threw overboard some thirty cases of ammunition. and Capt Hart forbid them throwing any more overboard. VVe likewise requeated the sergeant major to throw tbe r.annon overboard, which he refuard to do, aaylng it would be worse for them If thev were tai>-n prisoner! Capt. Hart then r# quested the chain to beellpped and tbe boat run aabore. The wblte flag wan then hoisted and the crew of tbe boat left in their boata. He endeavored to get bo its to carry tbe aoldlers off the Fanny, but ronld not do a>. To the beat of my opinion ibey had plenty of time from our arrival to tbat of the enemy's boata to ban est everything on ahore from tbe Fanny, if auflSelent boats had been employed In tbe transportation of tbe atores so that we could have deatroyed tbe Fanny before she should have fallen Into tbe bands of the rebels We left there about 8 o'clock p.m ,1n a canoe, and arrived here about 7 o'clock a. m , on the 2d inaant. (Signed,) J. H Mobii?or, Master of Steamer Fanny. AMUSEMENTS. T> H E A T E B. MONDAY. Oft.7 Continued kikooss of MI3S> 8U8AN DENIN. Tl* Beau Ufa! and Popalar Ameriou Actress, W ho will appear aa T fl W. ROMRhP'S UilEE ? > ? w ?? ir Ana SALLY SCR AGG9, In which she will sine "Whack Row 4* DOw." oo 7 lt? THE STEW A RT HOLLANO BOYS IN the FIELD AGAIN The members of the Stewart Hullard Club take great pleasure in announcing their frier.da g% n nd t> e pnt'iic ?enerall? that the* will five JH their Fifth Grand COTfl LON P * RTY at/A htoit s hall, corner Fa *v. and 2"th ciua' WKUNBM^AY EVENING, October ?. Th? C< mmitt<?e pledse themsHves that no pains nor exp*n*e will lie spared to make this. in ?l. reef ec'.-, t>i< party ?>f the season. TICKET"* ONE IHILLaE. Cvmm'ttn q/ Arrumtune?l.?. Wm.Grover, F. KeaJ. T. C. Edwards, H. C. Esaey. C. 9 Per bam, oe 7 3t* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! SivtsiH, Above DSt. The Cheapest and Best Plaoe of AmaaeaneBta In the City. Tbb Obisihal CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! 1* sTar performers, IN A NSW PROGRAMME EVERY NIGHT. First Wftk of the circus. Admission TwantrHiva Cents. 00 4 Dr. O. FORD, A|?t. 1'HE I'NION MUST AVDSBALL BE PRE1 APD ut rv i OLD H1CK0KrTFnil FIELD AGAINt \ The m?nh?ii of the Hickory Club Uki great . pleasure in aunoonoing to their man? friend* a% I and the publio g?nera' y that th?y vill five their Sixth Grand COTILLON PART? ?' A the Kkaml* Hall, comer of 9th and DtU..HBB on MONDAY EVEN IN 6, Ootober 7, :i6lTTT?a mem here pledcs themaelvea that no paint nor ex pen*e wi'l l?e spared to iraka this. in all respeet*. ??? Party af tkt Hat en Proapari> Cotillon Bait ha? been enraged for the oooaaion Ticket* M cent', a<1mit- in* a gentleman and ladies. B* order oc4-3t* CO MM IT TEE i)F ARRA NOEMT9. fjMRST GRAND PRIZE PIC NIC OF THE SKASON Will ooire off on MONDA Y, Ottabtr Itk, 1M, at Loittlir'j Gabdin, Corner New York av. and Second at. One Hundred Magniboent Prises will ba distributed. g\ Prrspen's Celebrated Bani haa been an- JS gaged for the occasion. The strictest order will be kept by a gnardMA encased for that purpose. oo S-4t 7 *10 PER CENT. TREASURY NOTES * of the various denomination* are kept oa hand by the subscriber*, with tne view of aooommodatI in< their customers. oo.*-lw RIOQS A CO. L'OR BALE-A good family HORSE and BUG GY. The horse is very gentle, (any c\ one can drive him.) and will be sold very low f'>r cash. Also, a ssiendid Piano ou^-SZX tho same terms. Inquire or MATTHEWS A CO., 37 5 Seventh ?t. b-tween 1 and K. oo & St I\f OCKNIN6 AND OTHER BLACK SILKS a fine assortment, all width* Md_a,.aliti?a. at UUI |?IW?OfUI?!IJ IIIW prioea. *> uti 4 Bae and am-I pie atock of thick and thin fabrtoa for moaraiBf drtiiM, ah<vwia, oloaka, 4fcc. PERRY Jt BRO., oo 6-5t Penn. avenneand 9th atroet. IRISH POPLINS AND NKW REP*.-Many rtj.iah thince opened to day. With all kind* of Dry Gooda, in atap'e and fane* fhbrioa, for the ourrent waota of fomiliea One pnoe oi ly, the aotaal caah atandard value, marked in piain hi urea PERRY A BROTHER. oc 5-5t Pa. a?enue and Ninth at. UNION OYSTER DEPOT.?The nnderaicn-d reapeotfi'ly anccunc to thetr^^. /'""N frienda and the pub to that th?y wiI1mo? I mjt open their establishment on Tuesday ?fxt-4S0. orzer Twnfth led K ota. Oy*'er shockers wanted oo5-1in* "WORD ft CO Blankets, comfort*, Marseilles Oailta, Table Clothe. Napkina, Towefa, Poy | lie*, riilaw Linena. Sheeti. *i. Ao. A fine stock at moderate prioea. One prioe only, marked in plain figures ; htnoe no purobaaer ia deceived. PERRY A BROTHER, 006 St >^a avnuea:id Nir.that SOLDIERS. ^ SOMETHING FOR YOU! Pook't Comba ocnta. Do. Lookinc ttlaaaes?? 15 " l nion Envelopes, per hand red ? SO " fUin do. do._ ? " jLiuDrviypos 01 roon, MoCl'llaii ,Ao., eui 15 " Sent by mail to any ad re??. ALFRED S. ROBINSON. 00 5 5w* fnbliahor, Hartford.Coca. T>ISTOLS, FIELD AND SPY GLASSES, r POCKET COMPASSES, *e. J a at reoei?ed large addition* to oar stock of Array Officer#' Requisite* | Aieo, Coit's. Sasith A Weaeoa'a, the English Adaina', Tranter's, and other Pooket, Bolt, and Ho liter PISTOLS. _ M. W.6 ALTA BRO, Jewellers, 354 Pa a*enne, oc 5 >t Rey ) 4 doora w?t of Browa?e Ho<<L IB SILVER WATCHES. N Addition to oar atook of Lunes'aad Gentle: men's Pine Gold Watohea, *? hare jast re- -Rv oeived an unasaally large aseortmfDt n 8:1- #31} yer Caeee?reliable timekeepers, and Terj^lC *1^* Watobes, Chronometers, J we try, Ae , Repaired. ana Engraving ia all ita branohee pro ay 11 y and cheaply executed. , M W. GALT A BRO., Jewellert, 364 Pa. av.,4 doora weet of 00 > 8t (Republican.) Brown'a Hotel. IA/OOD FOR SALE?10 to to 000 oorda of Oak. " Hickory and fine Wood, standing auaatod Within Hro2H inrea of the Annapolia JanotioB. Apply to A. l)ONAi<P?ONi Sera** F. U? near Annapolia Junotion, Howard oouaty. Md. QO 4-2w* DUTTKR. KB(i? ?wn " ? w M > V VI1CIOOC< "*^0 l?0 KJ Eighth St., Betw*** Pa. ?r and D *l ?100 packages prime Batter jaat ar.-ivea, evitebie for retailing. F;eah loU ooouog is ragalar, in targe and iin? I packagra A aj. Fraal. K((i ud CkMt, at whoiaeala, at tba low eat rata* oc 5 !?' 3 E. DUTEOW. EXTRAORDINARY FASHION MAtiAZ.MS Hi ?Largeat. late I and b**t ? Mint DhMtrRUST'tf QUARTERLV MlRROK OF FASHIONS. Fall uainbar. now ready, ooataiaa near.y l*n Hugravioga. YtaOy, 40 ornta ; oopiea id cents Aleo. the above with a vary large ooiorrd at eel Plata of t-aakioaa, large Plata of Cloaka, and 3 ful -aitad patter, a, worth W cante. oomfriamg New Gortd Draaa, Gored Draaa and Zouave Jacket. Yearly, ?1; ainale oopiaa <8 oanta. Pe-tage S oaati. Pab irted at No. 47 3 Broadway, N. Y . and ao u wanwkara. oc3 4t rro Mll.lTiUV nornno? ^ , i ?? -? ? urril/MS ANUUTHtK& BATCH9LOR'S GENUINE HATM DYE. TIm BMt in th? World. ITU Omlg RelxsbU and HarmUt* Htm Dv Xmm. Bold by DtiiiiKi; tlao, at Rmkkioii's PiUmi MM*i?iM?or*,(p. PMwtOti)?,wr F 4Ttk, *-ias Sttij?2savaa. T F?etor^-SX B*r$Uy ?t fl*S at Broid*?T>fl. T. | > AUUT10H HALJS8. " BtJ C, Mo0dXE A CO* A?Hibiiu. fXCKLLKN r AND WELL-WPT FCIIY'. srtnKSi: ft hall Mil ajl t.i? Firniiar* ?iwi Efwto* ?? ?* *? ? <* Psrlor Firiitir*. ia Ilk <U(DMk.Mdonn?istin( of fro ."ofea, Mro A m ?r>d tix 9id* Cti-tr., mmm aifes^rasLT1?-SttMr.-JaviM A.v.r? M?rWf*to>? SoliM'i P.#r TkblM. K??rtiori (jMura. Wnw*(kMM,OU?MM. H?nda fB" Vwi, Fir* lron?, Wilnl Kit" ten T?bia. * idrbotr^, CM* LMHtJUmn, t Inb*.8iM-aod ?*reckarr Wbtt, filw-f At*f CfHnr, TbM* Catiary, Hudtomr Mn Wa t >a C.oUA*a Ma, ooat |tf|, Brtt.aadt, Uurtftu, WuktliUa, fiHnor Cu-i?d H?.:r MAttraaaaa, Fratkar fMi. Bolatara and ^ Hiak Mkttrrawt, Bltakflf, Cowforta. rjUBli. ColMWpMW, I#o kiB( QlUM,Toi:*tHi, Wctfi a d ? o\l r'bBwh*' fHoraa. To(?tk?r wit* many ctb?r Hoawkffy'M *Xi net mtmmmtj to mibmu. T?'in? Mill f ! Tfca Hoaaa la for rnt. luiineftkt Amttoaotn, ?7d_ J C, MoOUIRF.4 OO.Awfc. By J. C. MoGUlVE * C<i., A?a<lnaa?ra. DVTTRR, BITTER, BUTTER !-4.0?? I >. a* CllOICB HOIL fi ITT KB AT ATCTIOB?On l I'F.cDaV MOKNINli.Uetobara.ii ! o'cJoa*. is fiont or tb? Au<^t<oo llooma. v? ahali aal! wiUi oat rawrr* fnr tt<nuiKl fir* kiH'M) pnirta of obotae Roll Battar, put ap ib fcrtiua, jaat niBirt by expraaa from Ohio. . Taenia OAih. oo5 I. C. McGUIRE ft CO . AboU. WILL EE ADDED. 10 desan b< ttlsa COON AC BRANDY. Sod lo B iafr an titounoa. ooT-lt J C. MoGOJ.RE ft CO~ A acta Br J. C. MottUIRE * CO. AmMiomot*. IARGK ASSORTMENT OF OILT FRANK J h BliCIITI, 4c, iT Arcno* ?On TttrtDAV MOftN IN8, Q_?*b?r sir>. at lu o'oio k. a' iA# Mirror and I ? ?? Trmmm e?tai>liahmeDt of Mr. John VS M?'r, t ontk aid* ?>f PobmjIiWH aTeru*. b*tvwr 12 h A *> 1S* lU , we ahal' Ml! hia enure (took in trarta. ooa. ruin*? UlU FfMn< MuH. Pur r?rioB? air lea and pAUrraa, Lot of Handaom? Erg tarin**, in Gilt Friaiir Bronte Iron B Aok't*. Wood'* Patent ?awicf Mashine, Ao .Ac. oei""** J C. W?6U1?E * CO, A?cU __ Br WAIL A BARNARD AnottoB**rt Or. kt firm mi4 tmuk ttd* Pm mm. 17 XCELLEN r FlRNiTURK AMI HODW?i hold Krr'cti at ?ccu<?R?On T HI R<*DA V MORNING, lot* nitut, at 10 o'clock, w? wUl ell At ? A net on Kooiaa. aa aaaurimeui of UN ) ? Knrait?>re and H1 oMhp.d Gooda.coBprtainf ? W?l?i and Mah itanj 5"Iaa, Metao;?nj an 1 Wa nnt E?>rrd Rrrkitr <"Wa ri. Roaovood aad Maftoiacr And Wmit Mar Ma-top f^ln N?ko|tn<Vd Oik Wdt Botrdi. kid Rlwtrii I k*V m . M tL . I * L' T\ -i ?i.w vma* r.*? n?ivn ?/tuui| a ?v ?*k Cm* Beat Dial. g CkMrt. Can# ud Wood Heat Chair a ud Rraker*. Beda e'di. Carled Hur, thaok tad Bhaek ud Cotton Matuaaiee, Rnreau?, Coram M. ?ttd Hit llaok. Gilt a d Ml own Mirto'?, Bed PHowaard R?'*t*?e, MihoianT and W*.nnt Marble top led otkOf WaahaAard*. Stove* and ir.any other Hon fbrauking &oed?r Terna oaah. oc4 WALL k BARNABD. A?o?a \I ARBIi AL'S HALK.-Ib virtue of a writ of l"l fieri faeiaa i*?u*d from the Clerv'a Office of the Cironit Court of the Diatriot of Colaart it, lad to me ditoctet. i wiii expoo* to p*M?e eaio, ea TUK- DAY, the ISih of Oototoer, ooinmencirr a 1o o'clock a. m , lor c*ah. at the atore room of Cha'lea Wririwk'% utaated ? n TO? a*re? t No 4?*, in the ?itv of Washington, the lulioviif loodeand chattel*, to wit: a lot of ied e?. n>ia*o* and ci< lid rent fhota i.ot of Diava, iot Gi*a? Ca*e?, and lot of Straw Matbac, I'd and levied upon aa the gonda aad chattel a cf Charles Wi*rman. and will ho sold to tab; fy judioiai* No. 4, to October t"ra 1861. in favor of jatnoa Kioraan. aleo rent due Z. C. Robbina ward h i amom. o"! S-d U. R. Marahal, D C. r^uTiVK-SALK OF PITTSBURGH. >OaT l> WAYNM AND I HICAQO KAlLRuApRy virleeolBd-eree of the OirNit Oeartoftfc# Uiited State* for the northern d atrwt of Ohio, to ? eauae in ^ehanoerv there n depor.dtvf, Wherein than** Moian aro othera a<e complainant*. and the ? ituburgh, Fort Wayn* an* Chicago Railpad Unifln; anc othera are defend*!.ta: and car j*nt to auxiliary decree* or the credit corrt? of tli* United rtaioa for the western eietriot ol P?r\i?avUaoia, 'h* aietnot of Indiana, and the aortaer* district o Illinois reapeetively, in oaaaea deeendIng n chaneerr in aaid Joarta respective ,wherein the i ante partie* are oeaalaiaant* and d-fentanta raapcoti veiy, a* la aaid oaaae hret aOora ??*tioseri, the noderaignrd, Joka Fargueon aad Thoira* E- Walker, a* Grantee* m Trust and Truateea >n on* of the eovoral Deedt of Tr> at or Mortgage apon whiek a*id decree* are Sc ended, *r.<J alao aa bpecia Master Coaimiaau L*ri of iba aaid Court* respectively, du'y aapointed by raid coarta reap?ctrveiv lor that pnrp ?ae. will >*11 at enblto the higkeet bi cer, for <-aati, bat for cot iHa the aum of #5"O,M0. at the I aited Ptate* Cosrt House,in the City orC eveiantf. In tha State of Ohio. on the kith day >' October. A D. IN , between the hoar* of tea o'c'oet a m and 1 toaro'oiook p. m.. of a&\d cat. tha following da aonbed property,to wit: Tha hatfroaS of the Pittabergk Fort Wayne and Ck oaco Rai.road t'oatpany, mo adio? Ua right of way ta-rafor, the road-bad thereof, th' up ratruotnre <f all ?orta thereon, ita water and othfr a'atioa hoaa*e and ahoea, and the lacda a 4 groundi connroted therewith. and ail tool* and lmp einenta aaed or provided to ba utaa therein, and m oon?treetni and repairing ear* and n.aihinery f n raid road, or the traot and aeperttrnotnree aforeeatd; ail tarn-tablet; al. depots and bulkier* aid txtureaand atruotnrea of whatever iaa? ar nature. and the.anda atd ground*eonneoted ther With, nted ?r provid'd to tw> mfd in operating aid road a- d belonging thereto. and wherever aitnate; aod all oar a, engnea and roiling etoet belonging to aaid Co mpany, and all au?pii>e otlimb?r. lumber, iron, fuel, and every other thing provided by aaid Coapaana, or by th? aev#ra orgr el Comaanie* whiak were ooaeoiieated into laid Pittabargh, Fort Wayaeand Ch.oago Jtailroad, i> b used in operating aaiu road,wherever aitaata, by the aama tit e by whuh the earn* are ho Idea by aaid < oaipaa*. or by aa d original Cowipaniea, aevera'li together, with a I aorao a ive f ijimih ot ta.d Company, ar. i of th- aaid original CompaI toi^K evaraliy, meiading the right and fra ehiae of aaid aeveral Uaapaatea to aad aat aa a Carporation, to bo void aa an ea' irety &el i decreet pruvid* that the pi chaee-, opot tUa oaftrmation or th? aaie era fall e mpliaaee with the oond tiooa therea . aaall ho 4 all the proeertv. righta.fraaehiaea, aad the aeeert*aaaeea thermal o toia. f>y the uoe title by wfiieh they are held by Aid f ittsburgh, Fort Wayne ard Chioaro Hail R.?ed Company, and each ud ail ?-f Mid or 1* leal Cobhdi'i. free from the lien ol all ?*?d mortgagee. and tree from al> liability lor a?y dfbta against raid ongiaal or eonsolidated Companies, or either of them. aad Irom all o>aiiM oa timiil of oapital stock ; fc?i twbjttt, mwuUUii, la Ik* liens, if any aach exist, upon an? ria. eatate ta Inded id the tale, lor purehaae money thereof a t pronged by aaid de. rera to be paid oat of the proceeds of the tale, or by formrr o dersor d' ore*s to be paid otter vise 1 he right of waj, depot grounds and lots, and lands la the < ity and vicinity of Chioago, purchased by said Company ?inee the peadaaey of said salts, aad the brides property and other real estate of the Company at the City ?f Pi tsbi rgh, are snbjeot to mortgage liens The same will be laoluded in the rale bat as ieet to eatd incumb ancs, no proTisiot. hav.nt b?en ? ade for the paymenttnereof. JuliN FfcRGlSON. THOMAS E. WALKER. Trustees, an*4 Master Cejuntsijcners. asalor. aaid. oe J aot SEALED PROPOS* Ui. will be reoeived antil CT the loth ina'ant, for the immediate delivery, at this nftioe, of twelve thousacd pounds r.f Red Ash Coal.and one cord of ? ak Wood. Proposals should be add teas d to the aabsoriber and aodorsM on the envelope, "Prupoaa.* for Fuel.' MORKI5 b. MILLER, _ a - Major ynrwrMMw. 173 P at bctWMi UUud ?L QriiTUMiiTui' Ornca. Washington city, 0. C., October lit, 1ML oa I tt SOMETHING NEW ! /^\ ^yemimPuromT At Ml C ItTMl, W*M' O Y 3T K Ri"8TEjLM K 0 la the Sb?ll ana Thoro?(h)? CooiM (fcr nunu to l roMtl ta tw mm mitt, tk? /UKil hmm Mi rtMri, Call mm Ma. The aadertiftac re*p?e<faiiy inform luafrieade IB tb? District Md in tk? ik.i t> v.. refitted kit old aad will-irowk unilnibi^f IB a BOM ikoroti* iinnr. kM Mil mom Mahmihmi to fu nitk OYBTKls ia a?y style aad ib Mr quantity toe U> SBc (a loaaehaekad Kr day. ? ?U) to *.?? otM of P*??ed ard ?! pat u daily?oaoa bor??>tiaal y b a Fanu*h<i lb the shell by ihe baehe or b&''al. Person* wiahiaf to h?va Oyster* farm*h?d rejelarlj tb rough the viator, at Haiti mora inm. vunoet fear of is'iare.?hon d oall aad make arraac'BMBU at ?om Fm?tt. uae, aad wopey eared try anrohaaiaf of ma, as I foraish aa ait.' la 2uaJ to ti>a celebrated Baltimore eetebhehsBentB. prioee jnst aa low. TO SUTLKIS. Car.ned MraU. Lobsters, Sa-dinee, Clams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pije' F-et, Tripe. Aa, Ac Ac. Alao, Pieklee, Catsup. tfejoea. l-raady Peaches, Ac Also. Gam-and *Vreeh Fish. Tar tlea. Terrapin*. Kr??h L->bstera. C?d, Balibnt. A a. Ia fact, eve-y ihioc for sale in the Noith'ja ?arketa sJ way a on haul, at raaaoaaWa r ?oea Mo tela Iiu Umiiiee aapflwi with ?Jy*?a a. < liver Ml wnliout onar*? u any aar ofihe yuUiat. IB season. if the money Is sa?t wtfh the order My aetao.iabnMat te oaen from la w to H at night. erery day, axoept Sacday. tmi I aioae at lao'o ooka. m. aar T. M. HARVEYU rkON'T FAIL TO CALL AT miTH*. * U ? ? Serf nth at, ted bar Jonr C F*rU*;c; gooQ?. Tr?nk?. H?U aadCtfi. o?Mm T - CAKSIA9K8. 1 IK SabMTtbar h*nm icvo# ?44tb?uto ki? J^jSsKf. b^S2WS,Sk*?&a / >

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