Newspaper of Evening Star, October 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 7, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. E7?Tfc?ogh Twa Sraa ! printed on the fastest teain pre* It use south of Baltimore, its edition Is so large u lo require It to be pat to preea at an early hear A-ivtrtuemnti, therefore, should be sent la before 1* o'clock m ; otherwise they may ay not appear uattl the next day. The Liqooe Lfcw.?Important Dttiston.?On Saturday, Mra Honors Ktehler was brought before hit honor Judge Merrick, of the circuit court, on a writ of katems ceepe*, and asked through her eoanael, Edwin C Morgan, Esq , to be discharged. Mra Kiehlcr was arrested. some weeks lace for a violation of the act of Congreas of August 5th, 1881, forbidding tbe sale or sdminiaterlng of Intoxicating liquor* to soldiers, and, tn demit of paying the fine, she was committed to jail, fram which she now atked to be discharged Mr. Morgan contended that the act of Congress gave the Judge of the Criminal Court exclusive Jurisdiction of the trial; that the magistrate^ jurisdiction extended to the right to hold the ac?uaad parties to bail to appear at the Criminal Court, or to commit them to tail to appear before the court. In support of hie position, he contended that the act, la declaring the offense to be a misdemeanor, thereby made it a criminal offeaaa, for whleh the party must be lcdtcted and tried as lo any other criminal caae. The magli? tmtea have no criminal jurisdiction, and the court presided over by Judge Crawford is the only court which In these cases bave jurisdiction. The offense, thus being declared by act of <?ongreaa a crime, moat be tried by jury, according to tbe sixth article of the amendmeota to the Constitution of the United States. He also contended tbat, under this construction of tbe act, all flnea imposed on parties after conviction tn the Criminal Court go Into the Treasury of tbe I'nlfd States. Judge Merrick sustained the position taken by tbe counsel, Mt Morgan, and decided tbat tbe magistrate in tbeae casca bad precisely the same power and no more than ther had in any other Tiastaai charge, to wit: the power to examine InTe the charge and to release the party chirgcd, or In bis discretion to bold the party to ball to appear at the criminal court, or in default of bail to commit the party to jail for trial at the criminal court. The Judge ordered the Marshal to take the petitioner before the magistrate by whom she Was committed, to be then discharged by him, or to give ball for ber appearance at the criminal court, should the magistrate on a further examination think the case required It. The decision, of course, has attracted considerable attention, as most of the magistrates have, In all caaea where the proof was atrong enough to convict the parties, enforced payment of the Ine by tbe usual legal process The money collected In this wsv will, we presume, have to be refunded when the decision Is officially made known to the maglatratea Cistiil Guardhouse Casks?Before Jurtict Walters ?Sunday, Samuel Dorsey and Lucy Doroey. disorderly conduct; fined ?l 94 Henry Wllliama and Wm. Johnson, do ; do. & 91 each. Daniel Donohoo,drunk; dismissed. Jos L^wlj, disorderly; do. James Donnelly, assault with latent to kill: jail for court George Butler, disorderly; fined 95 W. Wm Bowie,do ; dismissed Robert Brock, do : fined St 94 Jaa. O'Doaneil, drunk; dismissed. Ellxabeth Williama, do; wnrkbou?e 30 days. Tim Fltigerald, do ; lined Si 58. Thoe Rock, do ; workhouse 3(1 daya. Alex Taylor, do ; flned SI 91 Abe Smith, do ; dismissed. Henry Davis, do ; do Samuel Montgomery and Joha Terry, drunk; cos's 5S cents each. Joseph Mcesolettt, do ; dismissed. Wm. Bess, do ; do Thoa. Roberts, do ; do Wm Boston, (col ,) out after hours; fined SI 94 Henry Clemenaou, aaaault; dismissed George Garner, disorderly; dismissed Benjamin Williams, out after hoars; fined SI 58 Mondiy, Richard Barlow, drank; fined SI 1)4. J no. Uayt, disorderly; d!aaiis?ed Mary Sullivan, do ; do. Elixa Ellen Hall, disorderly conduct; flned S"2 58. Wm. Moore, drunk; dismissed. J no. M Allagan, do ; do Mary Martin, disorderly; flned tS 94 Virginia Dade, do.; dismissed Kate Waters, do ; flned S5 94 Josephine Cutaon, do; do SIM Ellen Davla, do; do SI 94. Sarah Rod, do ; do SI 91 Prank Riley, do ; turned over to the military. Robert Humbn. do ; fined SI Jno. Boyle, do SI M Jas. Foley, do.; do. SI 94. Unfortunate M. P's ?Why, why, why, oh Commissioners, are our Metropolitan police condemned to wear the John B Floyd regulation army bat;?a tile the moat ungainly ever placed upoa mortal brow;?a stiff, lop-sided, uncouth, clumsy contrivance; hateful to the eye; s standing crucifixion to the wearer, detestable tn brim, snd detectable In crown, odlouatn color and ridiculous In plume; s fat r target for the contemptuous wind, eternally tumbling to tbe earth, groveling In the dust, and seeking atfinltiesof detestablenesa in the gutter; an emanation of iniquity; a direct Instlgatfen of the devil, (through Ms next friend, John B Floyd,) being a promoter of profane language and all evil passions tn the mind of the wesrer; why, oh Commissioners, should the police be condemned to wear the regulation army hat* Bad PRACTiCB ?Quite & number of little boyo have gone into tbe buslnest of holding horses for officers who ride into tbe city upon business. Some of the little fellows are cautious enorgh to hold the rains and stand upon the groOnd, others have grown so bold as to mount the meat fiery animals and ride around, while waiting for tbelr cwners. Yesterday afternoon a little fellow of this venturesome kind was badiy bruised by *>eing thrown from a borse on the avenue near >.xth street. He was picked up and properly eired for by gentlemen who were near. Officers should either refuse to give tbeir horses to such small children, or caution them against mounting them. A Smash.?Yesterday while the employees of railroad company were regulating some f.eight cars at the depot, some were disconnected accidently, and ruuning into others caused quite a smasn up of two or three. One ladeu witn Molames, Sugar, he , was completely demolished; and being near to the vicinity of ." warnpoodle, to a very short time the place was surrounded by wossen and children with pans snd buckets, gathering up the molasses whleh was running In streams from tbe broken barrels It was quite a vwlaer.d for them; but the loss la the Company's. The freight belonged to various parties in the city. r Smithsonian Institution?Professors Henry and Baird.of tha Smithsonian Institution, are expected to return te the ctty tn a few days, sfter an abs'nee or several weeks. Since the middle of July, a large number of boxes and packages bave been received from Europe, and specimens in natural history from many parts of the world These will be opened and nrraaged under the direction of Prof Bstrd, and will afford a valuable additloa to previous coiiectioas. Disgraceful Conduct ?Saturday afternoon, tbe neighborhood of Sixth aod G atreets waa uiu-h disturbed by the fighting of drunken sol> dlera, regulars ai.d volunteers, and similar disgraceful occurrences are said to be not unfreqient there. All these fi^his grow out of rum .tug shops recently established there The fi^bt Saturday between a number of regulars attracted a very Large crowd, but unfortunately neither the Provoet Guard nor the police were at bund to Interfere. Volcnteer orricxas Diddled ay a Ctpeian. Saturday ntght twa military gentlemen were met In the vincinty of Marble AiTey by the Police, to whom they stated that they were In queat of a woman named Ana Hall who resided there or they supposed she did It appeared that one of tbelr brother officers got lute her company; and after leaving he discovered be was minus a considerable amount of money Up to twelve o'clock Mies Ann had not been found. Alabms?Last night, the sudden appearance of a brilliant light lo the wastern sky, as if cauaed by a large Sre, excited aa alarm. The bellaof the Franklin fire company aad at Central police statloa were ruag ; bat the light disappeared In a short time, and the firemen returned to their engine houses It was probably a Ore made la tbe fie Ida la the west end by boys, or tbe burning of s chimney. About half past ten another alarm was glvaa, for which ne cauee was assigned Livilt ? La* night the pollee had a merry crowd at tbe guardhouse of fascinating damaels from the Eleventh street precinct, nesr the canal An even half doxea wre takeu to tbe station, aad Sve of them fined for disorderly conduct and one I d smissed. The causes of tne muss were various, and bard to be explained; bat It waa whispered that ? a surgeon was mixed up with them," who lost his cap In the melee. Tai Govee.iment Stock Depot ? Hors-s, mules aod wigena are daily arriving at this depot la large aumbers. and It would seem by the Immense quantity of hay and oats which are belug received at the Goverament wharves, that the wjrk has just began. There are now at this depot Wi horses, a,718 males, and 1,1*7 wagons, whleh can be moved at an hoar's notice. At? Wanted?The members of the E street Church (Island) some tim* since purchased a lot apin which to erect a church, for which S3Mi waa paid, and a note given for the balance, which baa fallen due is bank. The society (colored) are exreedlagly anxious to retain their ehureb property, and are soliciting aid from their friends la the city Til Canal ?A few boata with coal arrive In fc-orgatewa daily, and a considerable number with sets, corn, aad ether farm produce A line of six canal bo?ta, fully equipped, has been established by the (Quartermaster's departmeat Isr the trxaspertatloa of troopa aad public property to Gea Banks's division A good Idea. Puauc Scbool fbvstees ?The nominatleaa for members of the Board of Truataea of Public will prebably be aaat to the Beard of Aldermaa by Mayor W allach this eraaVtg. Civil Pbocsss ?? milttabt ArrTBomTTT ? Jfrtmiih Lyeni. * soldier in th# JSd Pennsylvanln raiment, was on Wedneedsy last brought hfim ABitUnl Judge wm. 11. Merrick, of the Circuit Court of this District, on a Writ of kab?ms rorput , and It appearing from the evidence that aaid Jeremiah Lyons Wss a minor, who entered the service without the knowledge and consent of hilt father, COfbeltus Lyon*, of Baltimore, the Court erdeted hla release from all restraint or detention bv reason of bia irregular and void enlistment. After the passage of the above order of the*2d Instant, Jeremiah was again seized and detained by order of Brig. Gen. Graham, commanding the brigade to which aaid 23d regiment la attached. Judge Merrick on Saturday ordered that Brig. Gen Graham ahow cause before him, at the Circuit Court room, in the City Hall, on Tueaday (to-morrow], at 12 o'clock m , why a writ of attachment for contempt of court ahould not laaue agalnat him; and the marshal waa directed to serve the order. Tbla case la an Interesting one, aa going to ahow the boundaries between the civil and military authority. accidbst* ?Mm. Speldtng, (wife of Mr. jw, Spalding,) who was sent to the Insane asylum last year, on account of mental derangement, fell from a second atory window of the building a day or two since, and striking her fhceon the stone steps below, had her |iw cut severely. Bhe is not seriously Injured. On Saturday afternoon, el two members of the fth regiment Excelsior brigade Were eiafcieing with their nmakets, one or them accidentally discharged his piece, the ball paaalng entirely throtlf h the thigh of hla companion, Mr Timothy Oreely, shattering the joint in a dreadful manner. Me waa conveyed to the e street hospital for surgical assistance. On Saturday evening, Mrs. Frederick, of Ohio, was passing np the avenue on horseback, in comeny with her husband, and when opposite venth street bet horse started suddenly, throwing the lady against the wheels of a passing carriage, and duwn upon the pavement. She escaped without serious Injury. a?f odtiasihvi assault ? Mr*. Cameron, who keeps a boarding-house on e s*reet, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, was on Saturday evening fimllVd by one of her boarder* n-imed James Donnell, who struck her over the he id with a chair, inflicting a serious, perhaps fatal injury It seems that Donnell came In drunk, and laid himself on the pirlor floor, and Mrs. c tried to get him to his room, when he assaulted her. lie was not too drunk to attempt to make his escape, but was overhauled and arrested, and has oeen committed to jail until the extent of Mrs. Cameron's Injuries are ascertained. Tbxatxr.?Our theater-goers, who have been So much charmed by the vivacity, beauty, and grace of Miss Susan Denin, will not be sorry to see by the bill of to-night tbat she will give a taste of her quality In s deeper part (that of "Rose ftrdlandin the "Robber's Wife") than she has heretofore appeared in. i In the afterpiece she will, however, give full i vent to her comic powers as " Sally Scroggs," In i the amusing farce of "Sketches in India." mr Bland and all the leading members (In- i eluding Ben Rogers, of course) of bis brilliant i theatrical staff, will appear to-night. violation of ligtroa law ?PatelCk McGnlre i was arrested on Saturday, chaiged with selling i liquor to soldiers. He Was taken before justice i b.irnaclo, and fined j&5, and In default of pay- i naent was committed to jail, but the jailor refu?ed to receive him, on account of the decision made i by Judge Merrick. He Was then returned to the i magistrate's office, where he gave security to ap- i pear at court and answtr the charge. isfaovimkifts ?Bv direction of the Commls- i sioner of Public Buildings, Pennsylvania avenue i is being thoroughly repaired by a force of pavers i and laborers uuder the superintendence of Mr. i Chos Stewart, a well-known Corporation contrac- i tor. The stone pavement In front of the City Hall i is being put in good order by Mr. n. Acker, and i the grouuds around the building ate being cleared i up?a moch-needcd improvement. This, the ninth week of the Campbells at Odd i Fellosvs' Hall, sffords a programme unequalled i for inimitable burlesque and side-splitting origin- i alities; one that will stretch the Inner man td the i most respectable aldermsnlc proportions Look- i out to-night for a good seat early, lest no room be i found foe the expansion of the laughing gear. a niw Cavalxt Company ?We understand i that some of the members of the the lite Constl- i tutional Guards, Capt. Degges. who served their i country three months, will hold a meeting to- i night at their former quarters on Ninth street, for i the purpose of organising a cavalry company. diatH or a soldiib ?Private Ell Abernathy, I of the Nineteenth Indiana Regiment, died In i hospital on Saturday afternoon, of a fever His i remains were Interred at the Soldiers' Home, | yesterdsy arrivbd at Carter's wharf, (foot of 13# street,) i chr Home, Ward, Philadelphia, with 202 tons! coal for George Bogus Also, schr. Buena Vista, i Lynch, same port, with 132 tons of Coal for Ueo. i t. Langley. ________ $kk blsbwhebk the notice of the Island Hall i festival to-night, for the benefit of the Island Bap- i tUt Church. Don't fall to be on band. To-*ight, the cotillon party of the Hickory | Club comes off at Franklin Hall. a grand enter- i tainment is anticipated. Ahothrb rbvirw.?To-morrow, Major Gen. i mcf.lellan 1s to have a grand review ol four thou- i sand cavalry and one hundred pieces of artillery. i Hall's Patbst Drimxiso and Filtirino i Tibs* fob 25 Cbxts bach ?Now that the fall i rali.s are riling our rivers and streams, we would i advise all our military friends t? procure one of i those ingenious and practical little Instruments, i which bo soldier should be without, as h perfect- i lv filters the water from insects, Ac , thereby ren- i dertng It healthy. You can also purchase rubber i blankets, rubber coats, rubber leggings, ponchos, i capes, rubber horse covers, snd cap covers, boots, | shoes, Ac , ac , at manufacturer'* prices, at the i India Rubber Warehouse, No 3us Pennsylvania i avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sts. oc 2-tf attbjstiok.soldibbs!?Protect your health. No | sensible man v ill leave the city without a supply i ?'f Hollo way's Pills and Ointment. For Wounds, i Bruises, Sores. Fevers and Dysentery these med- i ioin?? are the wat in the world Every English i bid Frenoh soldier uses them. Only 25 oents per i box or pot. oo 3 lw Noticb.?Beware of oouctor^eits and unprinoi- i p'rd dealers erdjavoring to dispose of <hoirown i ai d other artio'es on the reputation afained by i HtlmboUTt Extract Bmcku, a positive and speoibo i remedy tur dis laaes of the b.addsr. Kidneys, (ira- i vel, d'Opsy to., ac., ac. Ask for Hel hold's. i Take no other. See advertisement tc another eol i umn. se30 plhnibs. Persons desiring penuiea will alwBys find them for exchange at tne Star Oflioe counter. tf rbat>br. nave yon seen Prof Wood's advertise- i irent in our paper. Rear it; it vrtil interest you. i a'i 30-eoly To thb afflictbd!?Be sure to read theartver- i ;scrcer? of mol-ean's Stronrtlieuin* Cordial and i ll'oo.l PimSe'. in another column. tf mkdi At the Soldier's h"ra?, Distriet of Columbia, 1st i Octob-r. '351, wm. k kmpp, formerly of fo."g" i Sd Artillery, a red 65, born in Ph ladelphia. pa, i was 23 years in service, and served in Florida and i Mexican Wars. He was a faithful soldier, re- i sp:cted by his officers and comrades. * (Boston papers oopy.) On the 3d instant. elizabeth rooker. infant child of John w. and Elisabeth r. Nairn. i And on the7ib instant, ei.lzabeth rooker, the beloved wife of John w. Nairn. Her rilativesand Irienls are invited to attend her funeral, to-morrow (Tuesday) afternoon at sh i o'clock, from the residenoe of her husband, k at., i between 11th and 12th On Sunday, the 6<h instant, Mrs. kliza i, vifa of Mr. Joseph Boas ley. ia the i 4th year of h r see. i be of ths family are invited to attend her i fsne ai.from her late residsnee. No 32 Louisiana i bv., to morrow (Sunday) afternoon at * o'olook. * i On the 6th instant. j ames alexander, i on y son of William and Harriet tfrennal, aged 4 i years and 8 days. "The Loid gave, and the Lo-d hath taken away ; i blessea t>e the n?ms of the Lord." * or tbb dbath of mb?. phesb sardbbsoh. i again a matron of the lanu in sadness left her station: Axain one more "i thoee relios grand Of the past has lingenngly left her stand Axd bidden adieu to the nat on. ; Yet, why should we grieve that her voioe should I AndheTs'mile should lose its beauty i She performed the noblest work of peaoe? She fal&iled a mothor's doty. And why rhould the aired one moan and weep, jsml the young onn vent their sorrow / 1 i n tears ? Doth her spirit immortal sleep In a lout, long slmnher of daiknees deep. Or will it awake on t..e morrow ? t?f ugh fcer fonn be still, and ber eye, onoe bright I With iove, im uo longer firing a p easure to a 1 with iu softened light. Her luluence still is living. ave, thit will last while memory lives. To re isve our minus of sadn ss? To point our steps <o the path that leads l'oier and to e ad less gladness.?m. d. * o, a3hington arsenal, fv Birrmn *7, '.ML I SlsLVD pn- POSALS. to be enuorstd "Proposals i for Coal," wtlt be received at the oflbe of th? oom- i maodii g olssr ot this a< msai until is a. m of the i leth of October neat for famishing 23" tons of I CumtKxUnd Coal, beet qua ity Km. of the mu e," I saitabU for blacksmiths Bud st -am engine dee, and i cauii ia quality to that previous y snrehased, i wi teh will be shown oi applioa ion 1 be whol- i u lied livered a ad storedswar la the csl-i.osae i BdiBBOBtto the waarf atthls Arsenal, %t the ex-i peneeof the oobtraotor^^g d. ramsay, | ye* Lt. Col. Commanding. i WANTS, " ANTED IMMEDIATELY-A go>d COOK. Inquire at the Afrenue Home. oc7-3:' WANTKD?An active POLO* P. D BOY, aa assistant ?wt?r Apply at 'JS6 north F st, betw e i Hth and 18?h <U. -c7 3f U/ANTKD 1MMF.DIAIKI.Y-A I?nd wov? MAN. toco housework in general CrH at the Parsonage on Niuth at., between 15 ar.d F ?t?.. No 4.10 u* W ANTKD?Br a resectable ynucg wom'D. a SITUATION *? nh\mb-rir.aid or t? do the homework form small t-mily. Apply a'- No. ?33 22d ?t, betwaec G and H. H WANTED-A GBR MAN, to lake car* of 5.or 6 horses. One who can speak iwxl Lnr uh ii preferred. Apply at the Colombia Market, oy ner 13th ?t. and Pa av. oc7- * ?r ANTKD.?A vounc MAN. 17 or ? years of yy ace, to aot a* aaleman in a retail etore. A-*dreaa "A. B." box # Star Office,! with refe enoea.) W A| RON Er\o? aftmi 1? ?F ih' ee f c"^1 and with good reopmmendatlone. Apply No 459 10th at, between E ind F. oo7 3t* BOARD WANTED-A gentleman desires Board in a French family, where he can have an opportunity of perfecting hijrtaeir in that language. Address Box 708, City Poet Office. ooTS" _ _ WAN TED-GERMAN BOARD?A yoang r? an a:udying German wosld like to g?t foil or parti*! B ard, with or without lodging*, with a me educated family in which th? G*rman language la aeokei Woo'd feel obliged to an? one f uggeeting afamily in which the dealred aooomoda'-ona may possibly bJ had. A good prfoe will be P*'f, and tn> adve. tiaar wil' tiy to makeaa l:ttJa t-oqbl? aa DOB?io:e A note, in English. addressed to Po?t Offise bos 37? will rto?ive attention. oo 5 3t* W ANTED?15 ?, ? CABTJfjfMy. Iron. 0n 4 309 Pa avenue. VI/ANTKD?Six HoVs.from i? to 15 year* of W MKS. at T. M. HARVEY'S Oy.ter Depot, No 291 0 at. but ween 10th and llth. on 4 3* OPSE ? Wanted to rent a House of, aay four rooms, in a pleaaantneighborhood,oon?onient o the Treaanry Will pay in, advance No children. Addreaa Box No 541. Post Offioe oc4-lw* C^AR PENTERS.?Wanted. 3 or 4 good Oarpen</ tera.atonce. Apply to BALD WIN * BRO THKRS. oc 2 /GUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEV' PHKNS A CO.'S. aaa Pa avenue. ae 18 WANTED?A WOMAN, to 000k, waah and iron. '10 a satisfactory perron good wages I wi'l be paid. Apply atVJo NeW York av , betw. 13th and 14th sta. <>c 1 W ANTED? TAILORS, TAILORS-50Ta lora vv competent to work on military goods. Apply G Wal'.Stephena A Qo'a. ae25 WANTED. FOR THE CASH-All kinda of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Peraona leaving the c|tj or having a turpina willjdo wgll to call "jeS ' 'T 49S (Seventh, between G and H s'ta. WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FUR NITUR E, STOVE?* acd BED DING, for which we are paying the higheat cash pricea. Families declining housekeeping, or | having a ?nrplua of furniture, will find it to their advanlage to give na a nail. . JiONTB A GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf No. 369 ith at., net*-. I kna K eta. LOST AND FOUND. f OST?Or Satnrdav evening last, on Pa avenue, Lj between 9th ard 15th ats . a brown PNVELOJ'E. containing two discharges and two lettera. A I'beral rew*ru will be paid to the finder on leaving them at this office. rc 7 St* COn REWARD Will be paid by for inf.-rmati n lea mg to the detection of the thief ?ruii atole a bundle, containing 380 copies of ti e Baltimore Srn, from the K&iho&d Depot, on the morning of October 5th W. P. WITHEROW, Agent. It First Wa d. LOST ? OnSaturdAy morning,by the subscriber, 1 at hie stall on 9th street. Cent-r Market, a heavy GOLD RING, with a large set It is supposed that it may have been ?ltpped accidentally in the basket of some customer. The finder will be suitably rewarded in leaving it at.Narten's Eat'nooHr 3t'e'Cen M>rket- JOHN SCOTT. TAKEN UP.?Fonnd trespassing on my property, on the Pmey Branch Roa-1.4 mile?^f?J| from Washington, on the 3d inatant, two CO Ws. one a small red horned now. theAaJa* other a red and white spotted buffilo. 'I'he owner or ownera are requested to o<'ine forward, prove "g.N'i'--"" 0h""'' "" "w! B**ADK.N. NilTICE ?Was stolen froni ?he oorner of Seventh and K sts.,one CARRYALL; rightsh*ft new, and left one tipped witU brass; on the end of hind wheel a piece of hoop iron on the felloe; o-n ter of btuy, lower in the middle; step o .each aide, aid two steps on the ahafia. I will pay #10 for the delivery of it to me. THOS. CONNER, or7-31* cor. 7thanJ K sta . Wa?hintton. T^AKEN UP?On Saturday, the 5th instant, on Water at . Georgetown, a large arrrel iry HORfE. and a WAGON with whiteTJ^^ cover. The owner ia requested to enme*^^-3 forward, prove proper'v, eav ohargra. and take them away. JOHN T. BKOWN, Washington at., 5 doora south of Bridge st.. oc 7 3t* Georgetown. C RF.WARIV?Strayed or stolen, on Saturday O*' evening, the S i instant, from tii>- fx Northern f.ib'rtle* Market, a 'arge bay HttRSf-: an-i a Wagon with a white oovur.^"The finder wili receive the above reward on returning the same WILLIAM SIMAKBR, comer 'I wellth and 1 stu., mar the D.adensbu r* T< ugate. oc 7 3t* ?C REWARD.?Was sto en from the residence I of the subscriber, on the Ileighta of<?^^? Georgetown. <>n Sunday, the 22d of teiiiber, a white and liver colored pointer * ?LCT.about 9 month" old.rasily distinguished by the prominent doub'e d w oUwb on h^r nind The a!x?ve rex^rd wi'l he paid for her return to Dr. John tiregson's Livery Stable, on D street, near 14'.h, o' et my reaidenoe. near Georgetown, on the Kookvilie road. foo7-St*) O GREEN. C'CKEWAR D?Loat or mislaid ?A small Roll 'Jit ?f PAPER-4 addressed to John A. Grime?, having been l"st or mis aid, the above reward wi'l be given on their being retu ned to hiaoffioe. Th?-y are useless to any one elae. oc 5 2t AKEN UP ASTKAY-On Thursday, the 31 inatant and stsbied in Pope'a Livery^ KtaKle. near the Navy \ard. a MULE, with four blaok legs, and hi-ed in the right hmd leg, with an old blind JW bridle on. The owner fa requ^st'd 10^^^^^ prove property, pay charges, and take it away. 00 5 3t* EDWARD GATTONa OST?On the 4th mst, a POCKET BOf)K, 1 i containing ?ome receipts and a note for $5-1 drawn by John Waters and endoraed by E. H King and J. T. Stevens Tho finder will be liberady re?ar<ieJ on leaving the same at E. H. KING'S. N>. 316 E st, betweon 13th and 14th sta. The note ia of no value to any one but the owner, as payment haa been stopped oc 5 3t% DISTRI' T OF COLUMBIA. Cocsty OF WiksnisiiTO?i. T'Wt: 1 hereby tify that iohu VN . Laubain. of said 001111 uf* ty, brought before me. as an estray, tree- AbIm rassii r on h s enclosure, a red dry COW, white fmi. right horn half ofl". about 8 yea's o'd. (iive under ui} and seal this 5t > day of October. 1841. THOMAS C. D"NN, J. P. The owcer of the a^ove described Cow will come forward, prove property, pav ohargee. and take her awn>. JOHN Ws LAriHAiVii oc 5 3t* WaBhicgtonoo.,cear Insane Aaylom, TRAY ED? ?'n the 3d uisUnt, a large blaok HORSE; full 1 ait ; white spot in ?he . forehead; inai ked "U. S " 011 the Mud qnar- 'L-TW ter aid ' C." on the lore quarter, righl^-"side. The finder will be suitably rewarded by returning him to P. J. NEWMAN, 361 Pa. avenue, south aide, near Twelfth st. oc 4 3t* LO#T.?35 Riwaid.?Lost, last evening, a Colt's 7-inoh Navjr KEVOL.VER. auver mounted, marked "Mortimer Thomson, 1861." The above reward will be paid to any person who may return the pistol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 451 F at., between 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Chadwiok, Willarfla' Hotel. ae 11-tf SEALED PROPOSALS, till the Slat of Ootober, 1861, at 1J o'olook m., are invited for ?up lying tho Army with Beef Cattle on the hoof, to be delivered at Chambersburg, Harrlsburg, or York, in the State of Pennaylvanio, aa the Gov ernment may designate _ , Bidders are requested to comp y in all partioulara with the form ofoid pubt shed herewith. Government reserves to itself the right to pay in Treatary notes or other funds it haa for disburse ment, and to rejeotany bid and foranr cauae. No bid will be entertained un eaa the bidder ia preaeot to reaaond to his bid.

The Government will reoei*e4,ono head under the e<>nt aot, atd will reserve 'he right to require any addifona! number up to 16 000 he?d. Deliveries t<* be male weekly in auch quantitiea as may bJ required. The cattle must average 1,300 pounds groaa weight; and uo animal wili be raoeived which weighs less than 1,000 pounds groaa. No conditional bid will be reooi>ed. The btd\ to be direoted to Capt. A. Bxcxwith, C. S . U. S. A , Washington, D. C., and ei.doraed " 1'ropoaala for Beef Cattle.'' FotM of Bio. I, A B, do herebr propose to deliver to the Government go'id Beef Cattlo ou the hoof for p r hu'idrtni pounds gross weight. The Cattle to be doliver'Ml at hamberaburg, Uarrisburg, or ^ urk. in the Htateof Pennsylvania, aa the Gov>rnmar.t may designate, acooraing to the terms of thn enclosed a*'VrrUa-m*nt. rhe Cattle to be wighed on tbe acalea, and tho weight so dsternvned to b* the purchase weight. 1 hereby agree t, give a good aud sufficient t>ond for the fulfillment of the contract, ana to revive Treaaary notes or other Government mnds ia payment for the Cattle. The first de ivery of the Cattle will b? required to be made about the loth of November, 1841. aeZT td 1R*ND ADVANCE OF TUB ARMY: but I SMITH haa not advaaoed the price of hia Clothing which he haa lust reoeivod and ta aelling off at auoh remarkable low prioea Give me a oafl and satisfy yourselves of the great bargaine that are now offered evory day at sMlTH A, No. 4S? Beveeta et. ' Im JUST RECEIVED, one of the largest atotikaof New aad taahionauie Clothing ever offeted in Washing too. whiah cut beaeid witkia the next thirty dajra to make rooia f->r wi?Ug KQods. Peraona wauuag Clothing, FarniaUif Gooda,Trmnae, FOR SALE AND RENT. I t'RNISHED HOUSE TO RF,vT?The residence No. 380 Massachusetts av.. betwwn 11th and nth sts ,MttUBlH 1< roomt. larce and . v th |u tlirosghnst lti? oomfortab ? and c ;>mp'?tely furnished. and wifl he let to a responsible t-nant, but not for boarding house purposes. Mil op th? prem'scs. oo 7 St* I FO* RF,NT-The three *tr?rv MR ICR BOONS No. 480 N ttreet north, near Fourteenth street west. eon'sining 'rooms and a large dry oe lar. I Inyi re on the premise*. oo 5 3t* ITOR RENT?HOl'SE 40tt Pennsvlvama av., 1 over the bookstore of Franrk Taj lor?a piaee I fur a professional man- se 4-tf HOUSES FOR RENT?No. 8# and No. 9T.on the south side of Indiana avenue, both of them I very large and oonventect houses, with good sta- I blips and oarriare-houses. Also, the commodious and large House, No 399, I on ihe north aide <-f C street Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 8eventh street. jy 17 2awtf I HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8.IT Four handsomely Famished Rooms, Mfshed with rii and water, and convenient to the PcMr.t I and Post Off.oe Departments, lor reat Apply at I 4SO>4 Massachusetts avenue, north side, between ?th and Mh sts. I KDCCATlONAIi. MRS. G.MONROE having obtained a pleasant room at No. 4 5S, corner of Niuth and E sts., I is prepar- d to receive a fjw more pupils. 00 8,5,7' I PLAINFIKLD AOADKMY, NEAE Carlisle, Pa.?31st session (2<> weeks) oommenoes No- I vember 4. Thorough mst'uotion and the romforts I of bome. Circu ars at Star Offloe Will te at I Martin's Hotel October 17tto ; or addres* R. K. BURNS, se30eolm Plainfield, Cumberland oo , Fa. ASHIN6TON AND GEORGETOWN FEMALF. SEMINARV. ,,A BoARDI5<3 ahd D*Y fCHOOL, No. 422 h st , bcttbeen R'A and 7tk ?r*., Wojfcmgte* ; I and Ao. 131 West ?t , UeotettoiPn. The duties of this InstituUon were resnmed in I September Circulars may oe obtained at the book I stores, ?r by addressing the Prtnoipal. sea M. J. IIARROVER. GfiOKGUTOWN AJJVEET'MTS lY^B^NOTlCE L1CENSKS.?All persons whore LL3 lioenses from the Corporation of George- I town expire on the 9?th in?t., are hereby notified I promptly to renew the same, otherwise they sub- I ect tfiemse ves to a fine,and the law is oorpulsory | on the proper officers Jo enforce said fine against I alt delinquents. WM. LAlRD. Clerk September 2l, . te a Stawtoct 1" J r?^S=?NOTICt-DOG LICENSES.?'I hiowners L3 of dog s la Georgetown are he eby notified I that all dot licenses expire on the 30th inst., if pay- | ment is delayed beyona the 10th of October next. I the lioense by law is made 25 cents higher, nnd if I not then paid, when demanded by the proper officer, I he owner is subieot to a fine, and the r ffioer is di- I r<*cted to kill the dog. WM. LAI RD, Clerk. September 21. 1961. se 23 Stawtoot 10 (GEORGETOWN?A PIC NIC, for the benefit I I of TRINITY' SCHOOL, will be held at M Grkkn Spe^o Pavilion, on TO-MOR- JH R? "W, October 8tti Shou'd the weather be unfavorable to-mor-UMB I r iw.the PioNic wi.l bs postponed till next Tnurr- I d%y, October l"th. It* J BUCK8KIN GLOVK^AuNTLBTg ^ We call the attention of Sutlers, Regimental Of- I fiorrs, and others wishing to purchase Huokskin I Gioves. Gauntlets, Mittins, Purses. Tobacco Pou- I ches, Portmonnaies, Leggins, to , at wholesa e, to | our extensile i>t"ck?all of our own manufacture? I at our store, 10ft Higu street, Georgetown Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittens ate of the best quality, of real Buckskin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, Boxing- I G nves, Buckskin Shirt* and Drawers, made to I order. RaMSBURG A EBfeRT, 105 High fctreet. Georgetown, D. C. N.B.?A large quantity of scraps of Buckskin and Chamois for polishing guns, accoutrements, I Ao., on hand. se 24-im JlUST" RECEIVED? I 10 lihds. prime Porto R ico SUGARS 1*? bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, W bbls. HERRING and ALEWIVES. *) bbls. Crushed and Refi?e4 SUGARS. to bags Rio and Java COF FE E, 10 hhds.flow priced) MOLASSES. For saiahy JOHN J. BOGUE. se 1* OFFICERS. SERGEANTS, CORPORALS AND SOLDIERS OF THE ARMV AND MILITIA ?The American Illustrated Military I Text Book, by 2d Lieut. L. D. Williams, recently I Captain in the three month's service, is deugnei I to express by Drawinrs the rndiments, manuals. I sa ut^s, elements of all forma'ions and movements, I etc.. etc. It is invaluab e to the mexperienoed I soldier. Over 2(0 il ustrations. Compiled from I Sodtt, Hardee, and t e Regulations. One oopy 75 1 rents. In lots for batt'lions, the tr&de( anl ?utiers, I a'reduced price. J.C. MOHAN, Bookseller, oo 3,5.7* 43S Pa avenue, n?ar jjj st ATCH REPAIRING, ENGRAVING. Ao. I Watches, Chronometers, Jewelry, Ao.,oarrfully I repaired. ... Also, Engraving in all Its branches promptly ex- I ecu ted. M. W.GALT A BRO., Jewelers, 354 Pa. avenue. Four doors west ol Brown's Hotel, oe 2 fit (Republican) I Dr. m. koch, CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And froin 503 BroadWAy, New York. Branch oJice?24? Pennsylvania ivenfe, between I 12th and 13th sts., Waehtcgton, 1). O. Corns, Bunions, S-^ft Corn<. Callositirs. Club J Naj's. and Nails penctratine the flesh, Ao ,cured J without causing pain or inconvemeioe to the | pa'ient ? I The Boot or Shoe can be worn nnmeiiately alter | the operation. His trratm -nt is founded oa the I stnctlV rule of science, suoh as all Surgeons will I app ove. Hi* charges are suite moderate, trifling inde d. compare- with the relief and satis.action he affords I the sufferer Refers to the Physioians and Surgeons of this I 01|^er8ons attended at th?ir rooms or residences I without extra charge, by leaving orders at 24 6 I Pa. ave . bet 12th and 13th sts. oi 11m* 318 ""i"' 318 ARMY AND NATY OFFICERS, j CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. 1 would most respectfully inform yon that I have I now in store my full supply of hardware, COOKING and HEATING STOVES, PARLOR HEATERS, that heat above, PARLOR GRATES, COOKING RANGES, for Houses and Camps, I HOT-AIR FURNACES, HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. All fnll and oomplete, and will sell them very I cheap for cash. C. WOODWARD, No. 319 Pa av., bet. 10th and 11th sts., se a*-eo6t Baloony in front. PAYMASTERS' CASH BOXES, Favor's Patent Camp Cots. Camp Stools from 30 o*nts to ?2 50 each, Blangets. Comlorts, Pillows, Iron Bedsteads. Ao. I For sale by JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO , I se 27 2w Coraer Tenth et and Pa av. LEA A PERRINI* ' CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounoed by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS if of a letter from a I U> be the ft J Mtdieal UtniUman ? Aa at Madras - ONLY GOOD SAUCE," atworoester. and applicable to - fell L,V# *&.,VI,BV ritft that their Saves I EVKR\ is highly esteemed | in India, and is, in I VARIETY my opinion, the most I pa'atib'e. as wall as I DP niSH HLjIttie most wttoleiomo | or matt. iqkxgjsavet that is made." The above 9AUCF is n<?( only the bsst and most I Fopolae comoimkpt known, but the moet bton?n- I teal, as a lew arora >n Soup. Gravy, or with fn*. I hot and co d Joints, B"f Sunk. inspart ! an exquisite asst. which unprinnfird S>a?ce man I ufaoturert MM <n v&in eiuioavoreci t? imitate On the Breakfast, Lumtuon. Dinner, or I Tablt, a oruet containing " LEA A PKKRi.NS I WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispenaa- I To appreciate the sxesiZsat **?' ??** of this deli- I eious preparation it is only neoissary to puroi^-o I a sm 11 bott e of the genuine, of a respeotattlw ?ro oer or deale;, as many Hottl a -id Rtt aur<tnt ?r? I pristors seidom place the iNrrs fcauce oe>ore their | guests, but aebsvitutea genuine bottle filled with I a *r%riout mixture. For sale by tirooera and Fruiterers everywhere. I JOHN DUNCAN A SO '8, I A Stock always ia store?Aisoordera receive.1 I lor dirfot shipments frosn En?la/l. . . I ICT B'trirt nf Counterftitt ani Jmuattomj jTJi I ep ?-lywM 1 ?|N1|| 00 ? M I TELEGRAPHIC NEW8I THE WAR IN MIStOtRI of!*. STVBSiS ROT AT LlXINeTON ? MVLLIOAN I TAX RN with rsics Jr rrs*?oji Cift, Oct. 4 ?A special dispatch to I tbe W Loot* Demor rat aay? i Em I lie arrived this evening with I tbewounded from Lexington About one boa- I dred rebels remained In Lexington Tinaday mom- I Ing Mr rreaootl, a citizen of Lexington, who wa? in Col Mulligan's fortifications durlag theslege, I coo trad let* tbe report that Gen Sturgia bad ar- I rived there Mr Preecott says that he beard Gea I Price tell Rains and Persona that now waa tbe I time to fight If they ever Intended to, and heard I them dlacuaalng the propriety of falling bock to I fortify Koaa Hill, in Johnson county, 15 mllea I weat of Warrensburg. Rethinks, however, that I their real intention la retreat to the southwest, or I to Arkansas. Since the surrender they bad caat two cannon I at tbe foundery in Lexington, which increased! tbe field pieces to 14 They also had two mortara. Colonel Mulligan waa taken aoutb with Price. I Most of oar army have gone forward, are really I well appointed, and likely to do Splendid fighting. I Gen. McKlnstry's division, under Lleot. Col. I Totten, would move west to-day and encamp to- I night eighteen mllea out Capts Abel and Henry J Starr, who were captured a short time since while I carrying despatches from Gen Fremont to Gen. I Lane, and were confined fifty hours in a dungeon I at West port, came down on the Emlllo, having | escaped from Lexington Capt D. D Stanley, of tbe regular cavalry, who I distinguished himself at Dug Spring, baa been I appointed a brigadier general, and will ass::me I the command of the cavalry brigade of Gen. Fre- I mont'a command. Gen. McKlnstry is not to be transferred to Ken- I tneky He will have command of tbe fifth dl- I vision of the army of tbe weat. and will start weat I to-morrow It is thought that Gen Fremont will I r.Lso leave to-morrow He and hia army are en- I thualaatlc and confident, and are burning to meet | the enemy. Tbe following it a special dispatch to tbe St. I Louis Republican: Colonels Grover and White wefe left at I^exing- I ton?tbe former In a critical condition, and the I latter likely to recover. I Tbe report of a large amount of loaded ehell I having been dug up ln?ide Col. Mulligan'a en- I trenebmenta after tbe aurrender, la untrue. STILL LATKB TBOM MISSOURI St. Locia, Oct fl?Letters from Leavenworth I of the-id inat aay that the Home Guards have a I full batter}', caat at Leavenworth, presented to I them. After the fall of Lexington, Gen. Sturgls called I on the Kansas militia, which call was wsrmly re- I sponded to, and volunteers were mustered into I service. Major Prince, commanding Fort Leavenworth, I Is erecting sdditional fortifications, and all aides I are now protected, so ?hat the capture of the Fort I by a surprise la now impoaslble. JOHN toss ON TBI S1DB Of TBI UNION. St. Lodis, Oct 6 ?Almost two weeks since, | John Ross, Chief of the Cherokee nation, called I b.OOO Cherokee* around him, and declared for the I Union Reed, a half-breed, and tbe leadef of tbe aecee- I aion party, beaded tbe revolt and bad a skirmish I near Talequal with Rosa's body guard, in which I the latter was victorious THE CHARGES A6ATBST COL. BLAl* St Lotus, Oct 6 ?A dispatch from Gen. Fre- I mont states that tbe ( barges and specifications I against Col. Blair receivtd publicity without bla J knowledge or sanction, and that the act meets | with his unqualified disapprobation. Frsm Banks' Celnmn Darnestown, Oct 4.?A gentleman who came I from near Poolesville last evening, statea that he I beard firing at noon in the direction of Edwards' I Ferry. He saw a great smoke arising from the I same point, and thinks It was caused bv the I burning of a warehouse on this side of tbe river. Private W. L. Myers, of tbe New York Nine- I teentb, was recently tried and sentenced to be shot I for desertion by the general court-martial, but I from tbe evidence It appears that be waa returning I to bis regiment tvben arrested, and that be was I overtaken by liquor, causing him to be absent I longer than his permit allowed. Tbe members of I the court, therefore, unanimously recommended I him to mercy. Upon his solemn promise nevef I to drinkany Intoxicating liquor, Gen Bank* com- I mated bis sentence Into a forfeiture of S5 per I month of his pay for one year, and he was yeater- I day returned to his regiment. The Potomac la now passable at several of tbe I fords between the Great Falls and the Point of 1 Rocka. The enemy ia known to have a largely I augmented force in the vicinity of Leeaburg. out I military authorities are of tbe opinion that It 1a I only a feint, and that on the first demonatratlon I by our forcea they will fall back upon tbe Manas- I sai Gap railroad, and thence down to tbe Janctlon. I No apprehension Is felt of any attempt on their I part to croaa the river, or make any aerloua attack I upon ua at long range over tbe Potomac. Frem New Orleans. Louisvillk. Oct 6 ?Information from New | Orleans says that the Federalist* occupy Ship ] Island and Cbandeleur Island Our informant I thinks tbe announcement of the capture of New j Orleans is premature, but says tbe U S. forcea I can take New Orleans in the rear, and silence the I batteries The Governor of Louisiana had ordered all the j stores In New Orleans to be closed daring the j afternoon for the purpose of drilling, danger of J an attack upon tbe city betng imminent. The Confederates have planted colurnbiads at I Carrolton, nine mile* above New Orleans, and at I English Town, below the city. Important frsm tbe Indian Country. Desvkr Citt, Oct 3 ?It is currently reported I here that a large regiment or brigade of Chervkee j Indians are about to attack the city, under tbe I rebels flag Extensive preparations sre being I made on tbe part of tbe citizens to receive tbem la I their own way A regiment com (vised of the I Cbeyennes, Arrapahoes, and the wild Sioux In- | dians has been organized, and also a regiment of I cavxlry. A big fight Is anticipated?Indians j agalnat Indians Geeda far the South Boston, Oct. 5 ?The schr Argyle, owned by I B Weir, a member of the Governor General's I Council of New Brunswick, cleared from Halifax I on the 24th ult., for Key Wert, with * cargo of I copper, tin, shoes, gunny cloths, ftc. Confederate Movements in Kentucky. LouisviLLB, Oct. 6?It la conjectured that I Buckner, with a force of 5,000 Confederates, Intends joining General Polk, to make an attack on I Faduc&h. Steamer Niagara Aabore. Boston, Oct. 6 ?The suamahlp Niagara went I ashore at one o'clock thla morning, but mbee* J quently got off without damage. Arrival of a Prize at Beaton. Bo*ton, Oct. 4 ?The prlxe acbooner Julia, of j St. John, from Hatteraa, arrived here thla morn- I ing, in charge of Prize Master Odlorne. I M. I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAH, I 844 Penn'aav., no:th aide,) bet. 13th and 13th ate. j Improved SPECTACLES, with genuine Pebble I or Peneoopio Glaasea, suited oorrecuy for every | eye-sig ht. FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Miorosoopee, Compasses, and Mathematical In- I strumenU, at the lowest Eastern pric a. asgT tr I QQQ JOHNSON A NAGLE, QUO No- 8B? Pennsylvania AVBNVB. Between Ninth and Tenth ata . aontti aide, IMPORTERS OF WlNES, i.lQUOHS, SBOAKS, PICKLES, PRESERVES, SARDINES. Fi N E GROCERIES. AND SUTLERS' STORES IN GENERAL. Jnat arrived the following brands of CHAMPAGNES: G H Mumm, Piper Heidsiek. Moet A Chandon, Caruer A Co , Barat A Fagot, I Tourette, RojalGrape. Whioh we offer at New Vork I'neee? freight I added. JOHNSON A NAGLE, Abm. M. Bininger A Co.'s (19 Wrosd street. New I York J World renowned BOTTLED WINES and LIQUORS, for Camp, Medic.na1, and Family asa, I oonatantly on nand aod sola at New York Pnoee I by the Caae. At JOHNSON A NAGLE'S. 8S9 Penna. a venae. PICKLES, Pepper and other 0AUCKS. TO- | MATO GaTSUP. by the barrel, talloa, or doxen, I from the ee<brat?d maenftotor? of f-ohrtabara A I Co , New York, at artoni<hin*fy low prieee. At JOHNSON A NAGLE'S, I Sole A tents. Also, PICKLED. PIG FBET, LAM H AND BEEF TONGUES, TRIPE,eto., by tae barrel or half-barrel. ee IB I Ti TO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN?A Cain paining Wagon on I tha Prussian principle. ar-acced for sleep- rv ia< or to aot as an Am> u anoe ia eaee ol Biokneasor woends. with an: pie room for stores aud provisions; light, water-proof, and per- I fect.y new, havi ig been jart uilt to order by one of tbe first makers ia New York, ia offered for MS ] fltt coif priM. Aleo, a fi?t,,i-oiue, etr it>g, sound, dark-brown I HORSE, either far saddle or harneea. I" Hoik may be seen oa appiieat.oti to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irviee^s Cerooran's J Laos, behind the Chain Hoaee, between I and H I streets. ? > I i BLOCKS. CLOCKS, BLOCKS.?A great wi I C ,o a 'JSaS&ii * cat, I i# ?-?t* 34V Pa. av , oppe. Brown's Hotel. V ?j???n?? SECOND EDITION. . 1 ? gr THREE OTLOfK F Or* MI LIT ART BUDGET Tit rtiaoxT imiimuo \ The Fremont Imbroglio Is tor no ami jrt* aett'cd. we tad Brevet Major Geaeral Weal, a* Intimated In Satarday'a Star, ha* rrtaraW * Fortreaa Monroe He was offered the ccwut of the department of Missouri, we feai perfectly aure; but he made ao many conditions toklawreptanre of it. aa to Indooa the coat loeiea that be waa not the right man for the place H?aa. II to evld-nt. the Idea of seeding htm there haa beea abandoned Nevertheless, ao rapldlr arc the algae of da agar In leaving Goo. Fremont la the chief oommaad there multiplying, aa that tone one will WTeeea be placed over him. Instead of profiting by the leaaooa of bla late blunder*, ho ta tot multiplying them; a* In the caae of permitting the tme of the telegraph there, which be ceatrols with despotic will, to threaten the Governmeat to the ad < f preventing It* free actios for the public rteeast la hia case. tit canaea or permits d la pate bee to come httherwafd ore* the wires, givtag Kcssita of indigaatlon meeting* and maallistotiimaa?g his troop* over the Idea of hie possible eg pasted aw. Now these meetings and manitostotHes are wj known to be the work of Oca Fremont ' camarlDa of speculator* on the Ti taeury aad political partitans That he perm It* their occurrence la his army, proves his utter unfitneae lor military oommaad Subordination la the basis of aay suoceee whatever, while the attitude of aone portioae of hto army, thus evldeatlv encouraged by hlmealf. threatens little short of oppoalttoa oa bla aad their part to the orders af the Presides! la hie case, whatever they may bo. He la not mora quick thus to t/kremtem the Government wltb hie fancied pereonal power, than be waa to etretch hia despotic authority to pualah Col. Blair /or doing hia duty aa the repreeentatl ve of the people, in warning the Government here that be aad tbev bad made a mistake in appelating him (0aaeral Fremont) to an Important comaeaad, for which ha la not competent Under all the circumetancee of the eaee, wa expect toon to learn that either General Banka or General Meigs haa been ordered to Mlaeoarl la Fremont* atoad. th? seehcda The en dit here concerning this veaael that recentlv ran the blockade of Savannah, la that ebe had a cargo of 40,000 etand of arma, 70 tune of goa powder, and the balance of army blanketa. This can hardly be true; aa her site la bat 990 tons As she waa heavily armed aad equipped for a cruiae at eee against our commerce aha could not have carried eo large an additional cargo. She It a war steamer of the aiae aad clam of oor gunboat Iroqaole She was sold la England to Jeff Davla 4 Co , payable on ber delivery la the port of Savannah. She managed to run the blockade Immediately after a storm that for the time being forced tba blockading aquadron to make an offing at eea ex-rtov*bjioe jami* dca5i dott. Tbis distinguished and energetic gentlemaa has been commissioned aa Superintendent of Indian Aft lira for Utah Territory, and propoaee aoon to depart for the scene of hia future dutlee. Wou'd It not be well for the Government to authorize him forthwith to ralee two regiment* of mounted frontiersmen In that Territory for aervice wherever they may be required? DisTitietnsHSD viaiToaa. Yesterday, the President, accompanied by Major Gen. McClellan, Secretary Seward, Aaatetaat Secretary Seward, and Assistant Secretary Scott, and other oEcisls, paid a visit to Gen Baaks' headquarters on the upper Potomac, aaaivea. Commodore Goldaborongh reached Waehlagton this morning, from Fortrees Monroe He to now in consultation with Secretory vV'ellaa, aad will probably return on Wedneeday moralag next, to hia command. feom old foiht. [Special correspondence of The Star J Old CoiiroEr, Oct. 8, 1801 ?Edited Star : -Gen. Mansfield left here at o'clock tbla (Sunday) afternoon, In the eteimer 8. R. SpauldIng, for Hatteraa inlet, with two companies of Hawkins' Regiment and three companiea of aa Indiana Regiment. It la rumored here that Geo. Mansfield Is to take charge of the operations la the vicinity of Hatteraa Inlet, and that Gen Weal witl rt main at thlapoet. Assistant Secretary of the Navy Fox came bera in the ateamer Philadelphia thla morning, aad left this afternoon at o'clock, for Waahlngtoo, on the same ateamtr, accompanied by Commodore Goidsborough. There have been dally flaga of truce for eight or ten daya paat aent down to Craaey island Thar are mostly for the accommodation of persona wishing to paat the linea into or out of Dixie. LA TE LOCAL NE WB. Ravtaw.?The cavalry and artillery were tbla m< rnlnkj making arrangements for the graad review to come off to-morrow, and quite a number of people were attracted to the plain east of the city by the movements of cavalry through the streets The movement* of tbta morning were intended aa a little practice, to acqualat the volunteer* with their dutlee upon aucb occaaioa*, and to give them eoioe idea of their lntoaded positions for to morrow. Of those present we noticed the Indiana Cavalrv, the Flrat New Jersey and Lincoln Cavalry, who, after a few evolutions like the others, returned ta their encampments It waa expected that the cavalry and arlllery would meet thla evsning at 4 o'clock for the aame purpoee LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. REPORTED DEATH OF BEN. WeCl'LLOCH. St. lx>tns. Oct. 7.?The Rolls correspondence haa a story of the death of Ben McColloch from wounds received at Springfield, aad that bis death it kept secret, while s division of the army ie commanded by hia eon, of the aame name. [It will be remembered that, immediately after the battle of Springfield, It waa reported that McCalloch was killed, but that nothing aubeeqoeaUy occurred to confirm the truth of the report. The above item la given aa It waa received, merely aa a rumor, while the Reoorter at Washlagtoa discredits l ta correctness ] Boah! He haa no eoa.? Ed Star GENERAL PltlCE GONE SOUTH. Jxrrxaao* Citt, Oct. 7.?Aocouats agree tttt Gen Price haa gone South with the mala rebel army. When last beard from be was at Cliatoa, Henry couaty, Mo , auppceed to be paahlag tor the Arkansas border. From Gea. Baak'a Celaaa* f Mall correapondence of the Associated Pram ] Dianas town, Oct. 4,1601 ?This morn lag sad duriag the middle hours of tba day, gaas ware repeatedly heard la the dlrectiea at Cssa>sd*s Ferry. At three o'clock this afteraeoa. 0aaeral Banka rode thither, aad has aot yet rataraad. It la aurmiaed that the firing was from ear gaas to protect the pre para tioea aald to be pi agrees lag there for croaaing the river. The 1st brigade, commanded by Gen A barer ombie, la now resting near Daweonvtlle. Many of the Union farmers complain of the tyranny and lmpoeltioos af persona eoaasotad with the regimental supply trains, who, they etato, take everything from I bam In the ahape at fodder, grain, etc., leaving aone tor their ewa alock duriag the approaching winter, aad If expoetalated with receive tor aaewer, "then aatl your stock to the Government " The health of thla dlvlaloa ooatiaues good. pigUS. FLOV)? I'J.r , j CLirtn and Ei^o&N rua JSGAsrizj? eeto-lm oor Pa a^.niSVa^t. V?*?>na?toa. fJRSaT RUSH FOR SfcVKNTu ftfklUlt U to set aoaae of the great a ofbrod if ** ? i ? ^" "* * ,

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