Newspaper of Evening Star, October 7, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 7, 1861 Page 4
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_ '?f<K EVENING STAR.! peachesevert tear. i f A few wMki ago we recommended the practice of training peach trees in such a manner J that the branches may be bent down and buried with earth, similar to the well known mod* of protecting tender grapes and raspberries. If ? J?sfn or two trees could be thus secured 1 ^rlth good crops, they would well repay the ! tee or three days of labor, if so much would be *qaired, of covering them properly. A ' successful experiment of this kind is mentioned ;b a late number of the Prairie Farmer, frem \ O. 8. WtUey, with the following remarks:? 1 be better way, and the only way the tender | points can be wintered successfully sad satisfactorily, is by protections with the soil around 1 them, and dry feet. First see that your grounds are well drained, high and airy, where So water will stand upon or very near the eurftcc, even though a hole be dug for its reception; half your protection is now aecomJlished. snd for the other hslf cover with soil, [any think it absurd to cover a psach tree with "dirt," and so they may, so far as profit is concerned, but the "pleasure of seeing them gn>w," with sow and then a fruit, compensates. The modus operandi is simple: take good wild plum stocks, bud the strongest growers and hardiest sorts into them, which will dwarf the peach; train with low heads by annually cutting back. A tree should not obtain but a few feet in height, even when old; and by a judicious us* of the knife, its branches can b? trained in a horiiontal position, which are caaily bent to tbe ground, and covered as above. -But a few iocbea of toil are necessary to protect them from the changes of weather and tierce "wind* Henry Ployd of Winnebago Co., Wis., exhibited six plates of peaches at the last Wisconsin State Ftir, protected in this manner, l>eing the first crop, which were equal to any 3n quality the writer tested from more favored peach localities.?Country Gentleman. llow far TH! Armv wocld Reach.? Knowing pretty nearly how many men there are here, also thb number of batteries and squadrons of oaralry, and the number of wagons needed to transport the camp equipage and vuppliaa, I have calculated the distance which would be occupied by this army on a line of march. I have noticed how much space it taken up by trcops, by wagons, by cavalry, and artillery, that your readers might obtain a comparative estimate. Men marching in files are usually a little more than three feet apart; hcrsej. whether cavalry or artillery, need twelve feet a wagon in a train with four nurses occupies ntty leet. .>ow, it the army ot tha Potomac wad in line, moving on a narrow country road, with cavalry four abreast. and id en in files of four, aocompanied by all the wsj?n? and ambulance, and ammunition train, It would reach froti Boston to Hartford?not far from one hundred and fifty miles ' This is a view of the machine as a whole, or drawn out in a rtn^te lino. But few persons ??n have any adequate conception of what it has oost in thought?nut money?to construct I it, bow much energy and determination, how much prudence and forethought, how muuii anticipation of future wants, necessities and contingencies, or much thought it will require frooi the one single mind that is to guide its movements?when to move7 where7 how? or what shall be done if success attends his plans7 or what shall ho do if the enemy makes an uncertain move7 or how shall he recover from any adverse unforeseen circumstances7- Wash Cor. of Boston Journal OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fsum raa Usitsb Sta?*3 For. Dm. Pmrrin. ?ai?w York.-Liverpool....Oot "? Niagara,? .. .fe<*u>r.. Liverpool ....Oct lo Asia. ...Nfw York _ Liverpool ? . ?)f.'23 Brann^c New York... Bremen . Ot t ?*> Jf* * Kob?T* A*ia ? .Liverpool... ..\-?w York ?9ept X Uroiaes, Suuta'ptob...Ne? York..^Oot 3 The California mail etsaniera leave New York on the tst. 12th, ar>d Jit 01 every mon??i. T^ilS PI'OPLh'8 CVTHIW? STORK., No. 4f>o 54. v-j iih ?u. is (ltd p.aoe to boy roar Clottnng. Trunk*. Hats and Caps. col Inn IT *!'>> ENVELOPES i AND PAPER. I'6^ ithnt b autiful Envelopes pkbiished in tha United Sta es. pnntnl in two, tflie-*, tour, and one in i?rm o?! toim*. inav be had of f. C. UPHAM, .tt? Cuesnnt itiKt, Philadelphia, and WIL.LIAW BALLANTYRE. K'Wikse'ler, \Va?hin*?oa, IX C. A sample rvKw will b> gent to acy address on leoeiptof Jitftnu. s- 31-<*o2^ W W. Tl'CKtK Would annouuce to the citi ?7 s *ua. m !>;a y and sojourners in Wa?h iucu>n tba: he is now proee?attoc the 'l'ai Jufin* Poorness ti. ?r its r>raiiohe<, at >o. Ha 49 7 ?-xth st., Jtt door aorUi of Pa a v. He lW pitends to ma"afv???ir-, ?ut, repair, ri fRod.-l. oe&nse, and stuv? t? be sreaer*!!r aocommuOatin*. Economists should calrartd see him - oth Trade? Ksc.njs and other MaoNne Stitching neat itexecuted. se i7-3awlin* "? L O S I N U O V T / CLOSING OUT ! Hariri* oono'cde-i to c'oto out mj en "ire etock of PAflCf QOi#l>S, I have removed the same to No. SO Peucsy: va^ia avenue, between 8th aud 9th atreeta, where I will off>r ihe entire stoo* e.t suoh prior" as will enable hit former cu stoma-a, unrf the cablto *er.erv.T t> bu? the fi-it o us Pr-mh Fancy Goods at pinit priets. Now is the tune to bay? N B ?All persons having olaims aramsr me are raqoast to present the same lor s?tti< mant; and all persor a Indebted to m* are requested to mate ?rra&ceraerta to q ti v? their claims wifioat far un whw rn mpt attention will g rev It obl??. Keap^oifutly, R. C. STEVENS. ae7-tf NOTICE. SRiHEMVi0* 44 ADAMS' UPRtSS CulUPART " TIiib U??Mnt oJTera to the pub 13 * L'ne<i nailed Advan'age**' for tne S&fe nn ' Quick lupitoh of H?*vy F eights Paokatea, Valuables, Money, Ao. A9., to all parts of 'ha Unimd Htates. Kxpreatea to and froir the No<th and West depart from a?d arrive in W aldington twice dally, Al* Ex?ie<aesare in charge of $xptriene?d and ttltfbU Mess-agera. All Packages for The Soldiers carried at "o!?E HAi.v" cii- u?oal ratee. All Go- da for the a.>-cal!e?1 "Pocfederete flta'o*" an--1 ail Artiolea "* Conti at ana of War" will be Ktriin). Ou Expresses leave New York at 1, ?, and 6 P. M.^ariiving id Washington at 6 A. M an?l 5JJ0 Exereaaee leave Philadelphia at %jn M. and 11 driving in Washington at 5 30 P. M, atd Ex#rMeea leave Haiti more at 4 ? A. M. and 3 P. M ^arrviig in WasLingU-c at <> A.M. and 6 30 Expreaeea for all points North ajfl West leave WaaSungtoil at 7 JB A. M and 130 P M. daily. Special Contracts for 'arge qnantiti-s of Freight can ba made o ? application to this 'ffioe. Alt Good# sailed im and delivered frte of Extra chafes. E. W, PA K SONS, Pea't Adama' Express CompanyWashington. Ai.i js'23. >8hl. ??? ' 1 \R. GODKKfcY'S ANTIDOTE u*d for ttie LF laat raff oontury in the Hcspitala of London and Pane for th? co^ ?>f J?f?i filMOLMT DOtMbtltirPHAM^.WSk. No. 310 Cheaaot etrcOt, a.>!e Mior.t for the Lnitoa States it oobtaica no mercury or other miremia, and wi 1 not harm the moat delieete oonatiturioa A sptedy cure guaranteed atid no chance ol met required. Pi e 91 $?nt by exareaa eo d in Washington by S. CA INVERT F()hI>, oorner 11 Ui street a&d Pennaylvaaia a en?e aep 5 eol* ITPHAM'S HAIR DVE '.-TO COLOR BLACK U Oil BKOWio On * 3* cent* a tv x. Three boxes for ooe dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair o%n be oitaeged in a ,'?* aeoocda to a it blaok or bitwi, by aiD( Cpnam'a Liquid HairDye, the beat aoa cneapeat in the world, product qc, the rrrna eni >t ia applied. a neh natural apeearauo*. Eacn nox of UPhAMTS HAlK DVE ia ar?rraited to contain ae rauoh kair <fy< aa orh?ra aell for one dollar'. Ko a by 9 C. liPH AM, 310 -'h^annt atreet, h la delfhia. ar<d S. i'ALV kKT FORD, oomer Uth atreecand >*a. are. aep ?-eoly rkR DU POST'S HI? GAR-CO A TED FK 13 MALE REGULATING PILLS are^Ks the aer* teat Ma km They operate apeedi y K/ a*4 eOfotuaily, aad beirg mtar-coete rt i orsa'e no naneea npr n the m^at deioatt~ H e'en aoh A trial of tteee Pi! a will prove iheir uper.onty ovor *L othera. Pnoe On* Hollar a box. Sc'd rr.Ty at LPHA "n'S, 310 Ch-euat etroot Mat by mail r? *l! part* of the ctfantry in a . e%ied acveloae. Sold ia Wa?hiucton by 8. CALVERT FORD, oorcer U:h attest and Pa. RM * '' _? M?y 5 eoly the OKFiCE'/?)L ? ' B*ck of M< A?i?wi O <0 .Vcit idvtuo^ [i.tdg ud (iolJ and -liver WitokM. Dttn.uaJew* r?, Silver war^.Cloth104. PistoU, ?nd all kin of Merobandi*e. ttusi[Mi ftriofr e< _ . ISAAC HKR'ZHKEG, 3*1 C (twC Ml-te H?uwo 4Kand8th ?U #\rFlCbK?i,?Ol.D;KRr*. AND TBK'ft PAMU iliac aeediac aay k)ad uf Katxy or Staple Dk Y 9<H>DS for use tee or at doib?,ui roiioitid to wyntwr e*v-?ivo ?took ; no obligation to pnr?>y imih*4 Oaa prt*? only, marked ic plain Scare* MM trnym* for tfeo interior ?ec arelT and property pasted, fr*e of eh*r<e. PERRY * BROTHER. u Pa. a venae and NmUt ?l, ? -?**rTT Untieing " A Nil % ?t* OF BftA*8AXJ) A w7?O0KX HFKt*. Hr&ja and < ?r"~ , M C?*fl #* ?! P? ?l>4 U!?V*QtJl ?t. ; ' ? ,A ; SUMMER RETREATS. <KA BATHINU AND BAKE BKTRKAT, ^5 At Poimt Looi-OrT, Martuasd. This ce ehraf-d Bathing Place. situated at the lunotion of the Potomac Kiver with the A . . A Chesapeake Bay, will b? opened by the Vcjfcy inderauncd on tho 10th of June, in theAlLflLL rery beet style, for a 1 persona who niar wiah a ?afe and auiet retreat, where the/ c\n nare the benefit of the beat salt water hatting and enjoy the ieiioacies of the water, such as Fish of all kinds. Oysters, Orabs, Ao fcvery description of fishing tackle will be kepi for the aooommodationof guests. A fine lirery stab e kept on the farm Also, ten pnalieya and billiard saloons; with ail other amusements usually found at saoh places. I he table will be supplied daily with freeh vegel?i frnm Ih* (SrdKn nn thA nremisea and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. The heat Liquor*and Cigar* will al way* be found at the Gar. Board, 91 per day; one week, 913; second week, !<*; fonr weeks for $55; ohildren and oolored servant) half-price. The steamer St. Nioholas leaves Washington Tuesday at 6 a m. ar.J Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. m. The half past 2 o'olock p. in. train from Waafiington will connect at Baltimore with the boats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri weekly iU(p from Washington. by way of Leonardtown Add ess the proprietors, a< Point Lookout, Washington. O 0~ or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWEK <t CO . Prop'rs. dentIstry. Dr. CHARLES R. BOTELER, I5EJXTTI8T, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Tenth Streets au a6-eo2m M TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINER AL PLATE TEETH, H _ mi _ tenus personally at his office ,n this eity.Aaflbnf Many persons nau w^Ar these teeth who^*' rn oannot wear others, ana uc person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my oflioeoan be aooommouated with any style and price of Teeth th^y may desire; bit to those who are particular anil wiah the purest. cleanest, stron-eBt, and inert perfect denture that art oac prod j??j, t/>? .VlINbK AL> i'LATE will be morefu'iy warranted. '.L 'oou .d thi? e:tr?No.33* Pa.aTonue, between Ith aud loth eta. Also, 997 Aroh street,*! * oo If tf G AS mrlNG, Ac. Awm t. dovk * co. RK Nov prepared u? execute auy rdtri WlU whiou they iuaj ho favored in tlie FIA'AIBINS, 6AS OR ST^AM FITTIN# BUS'NESS. irr Store on 9th street, a few doers north of Pa, avenue, where rcajbe found a complete asaortmenl f CHANDELIKRS and other ?AS, STEAM and WATKK FIXTl'HKM la>7-It 18N VDER ' . * t^LCffBER AMD OAS FITTER, Haa removed to tr.e oorner of Twelfth and F at*. Qoib prepared to introduoe Water and 6as neon tne moat favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction. He has on band a lot of COOK?N9 %i<d STOVES, which he will sell less tnaa oi*t. h* ha wi?he* to get rid of them. no 17 W ? AS FIXTURES. V. Hav* in jtor", and arc dai.y receiving, &AS FIXTURES of entire* New Patterns and Designs and Kiniahj superior in stjie to anything heretofore vjoi v tu bin a iiiaihcb, w e invite oii'i^rs ??n6r?I It t" tail and examine oar stock of Gae mi Water fix ires, ieelinic coalident that we have the best ?elevted stock iu Wsahinfter.. All Work in sh^ahove Tine intr??ted to *ir Mrt will b? ?roo)?tiT attended to. MYERS Jk Mc?HAN. mr.r f-tf 37ft D street. Ok 4CS OF INSPECTOR AND SEA L EX OF OAS METERS. W tsHlfWToP, J?!y 1<,ItM. KOTICZ IS fit P.. BY GIVEN, That, acre* ab'y tc ths provision* <>'.'?9 r.iinance of fhe Corporation approved M\y l?. - \ the undersigned it now prepared," wker.oTpr ref\nred in writing, and on pra-payrsrat of the f(*? of fifty oentj, to icspeot. exa taet, sr.. re, auu "usoertain the avaraotof rr{isi/?tiun of tny jm ui^'.er in na? m tma oity." Ersry uietei,L"}~ j>i msorrcot, will becnuemntd ac? anathsi, ?f.'* 1 trio i.iarksd u t;ae, w:h be ?stmi?? i>w*i If proT"i lie tcea *Ca iu its mes6?i?.t.:er,t?'fr?-s.:t Wi". l??u..ea ac;o aiajly, arui isa<n <?t in eoaitian for uf.4. Cfioe No. Cl?) y-vrciit'? ?iree?.(near Odd Fal . **' Raij < 'yoi irr$ ' 8 a. m.. tost. m. CHt.llZku V/. CUNNINGHAM. Jy l?-tf Ir-tpfcOtT- ?c>1 Sealer of 8&s Mttcrt. WALL. PT'FPHKNS A CO . *f Jt?.i i*KM\?TLVA1!A. AvSOTB. MILITARY A *' D NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND ><IiAOV-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND KXTiiNtlVK DIALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING bUODS, ee 6-lf (Intel A Kepub.) C1LLIAKD8! ? l! l-l The lovers ' ??--* of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find ia EM RICH'S UNR HALL, Corner o Peansjrlvaiu* ave_ue aud 11th ^treeU (south (tide,) two of the m >st admirable TABLES in the baited States, with every oomfort and con ver.iecoe an 3 tf lor the pla?er?. WATCH REfA I K ING A N D SILVER WARB MANUFACTORY. I bare one of the best e<taL>liehinenU, and furCicbM with a ooaipleie get of tools for repair- Iv ing every d'tctpuon of line Watones, and AM articular attention tive to the aflH txia wcfc competent workman And a. wurkgjiajjin tiee Aixo, every descnp ion of standard SILVER Wi RE. plainaa<i ornaui mtal, manuiaatured under my owe stiperv.siua, which my customers will find far superior in quality aai 6rr sh to northern ware oid by d?a'ers in seneral ar.d represented as t^eir swn manu:'.itore. U. O. HOOD, wi t*?? p%.|wni n??-vh THK EUROPEAN HOTKI-. KKP*? i?v 9. A GMSlOi). it l!i? corasr of roan, ft . ? A. avecne and Wlorenth rtr?et. has been TCCaPtTp greatly improves roo*>it':y ami m>w nffer* frs&ter iniaoe-venta ' n tho patronage. or ci(iaeiia asd >tiU)(orL Ui&n any other public )i<>a*e in tfce city, iii* pi-oca L?.nt lesa uteri thoxe of aay other botfli ol p?u<]. avenue, end accominodat'.oiia lor peric*ii*xi! ortr\ne.'?nt fcoardira utisxotptonaUe. "jfro bar end r-?i.^cr?nt arranreir.enta of the buropean Hotel have already become very jopa lar. being ail that '!aa bo tieaireu hj th* noet fa?tiJiOi's. The aroertotor ple-jgoa unremitted attention atd contianiU eyponui lures to fireaatufaotion to n1\ar,ii tbui ren'tr* hie invitation '? all to tire the fearoaeail llntrt* an?ll. rte?-t1 Q U N IS O A T 8 Quarttrmister GeneraVt OJtea, ( Wa*hinKton City. July 18, i831.\ Plaim a??? Specifications for hulta of Sun Uoa'a tor the Western nvera are on exhibition at thia office, and at oiftoea of (Juartermaatera at i'lttaburg. Cincinnati, r*t. (.ouia and Alton. Beau to be delivered at Cairo. Bide ahou'd be pent to Uuarterir.xater Ueueral of the L'mtod Statea Army, at YVaahington, by lat August, at noon. *T C. MEIGS, jy 19 Uric. Gen'l and Qnartermaater Gen'l. I INION PA PVR obm U IT uifl'erent strlos of Note and i^ettar Paper, with Enve oj>t,a to match. v ie*i of yva&hiagton in tha form of a Rosa, and ic tiook form ; alio, separate All the ltailr and Weekly Papers constantly on band. Herald, Tunes, and Tribuao reooived every night at 6 o'c.ock. Papers frosi a!1 part* of the conatry. Beadle's !?im? Novels aud Song Books. A (resa aapply of books for aumrner readme, ehrap A large assortment of Juvemlee? Mayne Reid'a Books, Roilo Books, Abbott's Histories. ftc. A discount of 1<? to fiu per c<*nt. on all Utvnd books FRENCH ft KlOHSTEIN, roa 2* Nation*' H.w?k? tore. ?7* Pa. * . 1CASU NOTICE. N Confluence of oar Having to pay cash for evury article of goods we purchase. we are foroed to reduce our t.uaireas to Caah cxoiniirely, for the presect. \V e h%v? in store a very iarge assortment of REAUY-MADE CLOTHING for man and boys' wear, whiah are sc.iing at a maoh lower rats than usuk !y. W ALL. STEPHENS ft CO.. 3UH Pa. avenue. between 9tb and 10th st?. )a 1 t Intel, ft Result.) \f APS OF THE SEAT OF WAR.-A splendid 1*1 Map of the beat of War for only 4 oenta. Also, Pocket Maps of all kinds. Soldiers' Camp Creasing Cases from fSflO to !. Biank Books and Stationery of ail kinds. Flag Paper and Envelopes Flags, Bannersan<: Badges, Views of Washing* ton, American and Foreign Magazines, Daily and Weekly Papers. FRENCH ft RICHSTEIN'8 National Bookstore, CT) 1 / I nlal i. O?L t , ihwwi, ?v r?. W E OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larza aaeortmeotof GREYand BLUE FLANNEL OVER-SHIRl'H, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAWER;}. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSE, is., whiob we invite all cash pnroiiaeera to examine before makiag their reieotini.a. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. S99 Pa. av., between 9ib aad lotb ata. wifl (Int^Hiteaoer and R?eeh'ican.) H FRENCH * R1CH31EIN AVE Jaat reoeived a froah aapply of Note Paper, Colored Borden, ru.w! and plain, with Envelope! to mateh Aleo, Mti t-'aper of all kinda, with aad without Mottoee; Enveiopea to match. Puraee and Pocket Booka of every desoiiptton, A larta aeeorUaent of Stationer*. New York Paper* reunited daily; Papere from all parta of the country. FRENCH * RICHRTEIN, im a 97* M?nii Mtnwo. MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVEL8.-The Aloheoiist, or tint House of Claee; from tb? Freaob of Hoaore de Baiiao. Free by mail, #1. S+laa Marker, the Wearer of Raveloe; b? Geo. *Sr * pkwJSH I, J% ??? " HAIR STOilE, t^^'.n a r>><- - p*?*r M'H ?'aw .w , "* ?'i > * **!%<> v* rtfht t? the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF 8TOP \ OUR OOS?H PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICB SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAEERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. % GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LAD1K8 ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRT FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Couch instantly. They olear the Throat They fire strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advis* every one who has a Cough or a Horky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeo tions. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go rirht to the spot.' You wi'.l find thein very useful and plearant while traveling or a'teudirg public n?ee?ings, for stilling your Cough or allam.g your thirst. Ifyoatryoce package I am r&fe in saying that you will everaf terwards oonsider them indispcnsible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers in Medi cioesPRICE TWENTY FIVE CENT8. My signature is on eaoh paokage. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of 'l hirty Cents. Address, IlfcNRY C SPALDING, No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. V7 CURE NervousHeadache CURE , A 'Jl iinas ? Headache. By lhe if* of these Pills the periodio attack* c Ntrmoui or SvA lIuU*tki ma/ be f rf ?e!_Uxl, Red 1 t*ken at the oommenosroeut ol an atUok iinme a late relief from pain and aickneei will be obtained. Tbey seldom foil in removinc the >?wi? am) H**daekt to whioh female* are so rabjrot. Ther aot gently npon the hovels,?reraonaa C? timmtti. For Ltttrmry Mm, Stwimtt, Delicate Feraaiea and ail arsons cf ttdtntcry kabitr, lu9j are valuable u a Laxaitvt, improving the arutin, uving totm aa<l vmot to the digeative organa, and re atortng the natural elaatiaity and atrength of the whole ayatem. The CEPH ALIC PILLS are tfci reenlt of long investigation and carefully conducted nxperiinebta, bavins been in use man? yeara, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vaat amoant of paiu and nufiering rom Headache, whether origi nating in the nervous ayatem or from a deranged a?ate of the ttowuak. They are entirely vegetable in thetT eompoaitioa an<l may be taken at all time# with perfect aafety without making any ohange of diet, and tk* mbitnt* of any diftrnabl* tmitt rtndori tl mi> t* udmxnisttr (Aim to thxldro*. BKWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five aiguatcres of Henry C Spalding on each Box. Sold by Wraggiata tad all other Dealers In Madi ainea. A Boa will be aent by mail prepaid on reeeipt the FR1CE, 9ft CENTS. All erdera ahoild be addreaaed to HENRY C. *PALD1N?, 4S Cabin SraziTi Niw Yoac. From tk* Kzmmtmor, Norfolk, Tm. Cephalio Pill* acoorr.plah the object fcr wfclot they trere made, vis: Car* el hea<:aoi]e In a:I it* forms. From Ui Mm*mimrr, KorfotS, Tm. They have been teetad in mare than a theaaan* mm, with entire raoeeei. From tk* Dtmtttmi, St. Cloud, M*mm. Syoa are, or have been troubled w 1th tke heac e, tend for a box,(Cepha<io Pills ,) ao tkat yo* our nave thero In out of aiCattaolc. J+em tk* Wuum &. JL Omxttu, CUwk, HU We heartily end >ree Mr. Spakiing, and kia ta rivalled Cephalio Pills. From tk* Somtkirm Pmtk Fimdtr, Norn Or 1mmi, 2 a Try thorn ! ion that are afllioted, and ve are avrc Ih&tyonrteatlmonT can be added to Ute aira>d> numerous liat that haa received bene*ta thai c< other medioiae can prodace. From tk* Wmattt*, Dm+omrort, inn, Mr. Bfaldiuc would not oonneot hia cuai viU an article he did not kmovt to porsrta raa merit. F*om tk? Admortitor, rrtmidm**, JL I. _The Cephalio P;ila are auui to be a ram?v**K-. eneotivf remedy for the hbadaohe,and osecflfci very beet for that Tory frequent nemplaim whiel baa ever bee^ diao&TcireU. Frtm tk* St. Javu DmwrM. The immepaedernard far the artlel* (Cepfc*li? Puis) la rapidly inoieaaing. Frtm tk* Kmnmmkm TmUty Bfr, Kmmtmkm, Vm. We are mr? that peraont aafferiai with the head acne, who try them, will atiok to them. Frtmi lit Admtrtittr, Frtwii??i, Jt. 2. The teeturorv ut their ffcvor i? etroni, fre? th? moat reapeotab'e 4 Barters. From tk* Dmilv JYtWf, tfitapert, R. I. Cephalio 1'ille are taking the plaoe of aR kind*. #Vm tk* C*mm*rei*l Bullttin, Fotton, Mm* Said to be very eflloaoieaa lor the headaohe. Prom tk* CommtrtuU, Cincrmnmti, 0\ie. Suffering bamaltr oaa now he relieved. ? 1 ? * J -1 " - , 1 " CE7* A single bottle of gpaldlng'a Prepared Glue Will UT* ten tim?a if" ---?> - ? ww* UHttAlif. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! 8PALDING'S% PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY'. DISPATCH IE^'*A Btitcu in Tmi 8ivu Nm?."_/~T> Aa aooidonU will happan, araa in vail r?<nlateo funiilea, it ia very dsstrable to hare aome chea? anJIoon venient war for repairiag Furniture, Toy* Crockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE 3>ets all auch eirer?.aooie?, and no hooeehold ea ord to be without it. It ia tlwiri ready, and to the at'okiu* point. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUBR." N. B?A Brnah aooompaniea each Bottle Frit ? oente. Address HKNRY c BPALDIN0, No. *8 Cedar a treat, Naw York. CAUTION. jgasattBTiii iw*iit wvsasSrSsr I.'. uT* L"-C1 : A-KVwiRl^n I " i Su ,'>91)1 V / Irritation or Srrr?ui s< li? TVoai, HtiUvt tk* Htuktng Couth m CowrwmpIxon, Ercnckilii, At kmo, t C*r*rik, itomr and n?? ttrtnttk to tkt ?(K? ?/ PUBLIC SPEAKERS awd SINGERS. P?* are ?w?ri of tits importance of ohMKiac s 1 OGgh or "CommoL Cold*' in its first state; that rkioh in tfas begininc would Ti?I<i to arailu rstn*dj, u neglected, soon attacks ths Lunts. %iEro*n't BrmehitU Trotitt," eontain' rig dsmuleentingrsdisnts, ailaj Palmonarr and bionohiai Irritation. "That troable in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S whioh tbe "TVctiss" area specific bavins mads ms often a mere wbis TROCHES porar. N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S M ' reooanaend thair us to Pinii Spistusi TROCHES REV. K. H. CHAPIN. "Great service in sabdaing Hoarii b B 0~% nr as ia ? m ??? rv ? * * aiivnn e M?l." Mi?.i/AniEil< WISH). VROCHeh "Alraoat inataot reteef in the die tmiiDi ;?bor of breathinj peoaliat hiown'v to Asthma." B*uwns REV. A. C. EQ6LESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Qtiem or anTthini injunoni." DR. A. A HA * KS, BROWN'S Cktmiu, Boston. TROCHES K,?61?* BROWN'S "V 4" ' I",EL?Si. TROCHES " 5*f^g?, E, BROWN'S ti?tm *1 have proved them excellent for TROCHES WsooriM Co??h." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bottm. " Benefioial when compelled te TROCHES ay?ak, iinfferinc from Cold!" iEV. 8, J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. Limit, TROCHES . "/Vi1*^111 ?? !? mm and Irritation of A*Throat. ? BROWN'S ?oy^on Wlth and 3,w#. TROCHE'* Pr?*- M. STACY JOHNSON. _ . , I? Crmi, tfa. BROWN'S Teaohw of Mo?io. Southern Ferine Coliete. TROCHES " 6 real benefit when taken before

BROWN'S tf^?V^fr '-.n,!k^r.Y'o"t: TROCHES l?""'? ?? ? ? Ikv.K.IOW^Y.A^M. VKUWN'S rreaiaeni 01 Aiarna i/ouexe, * eta, TROCHES 4? 1-lT VOT FUR THK SICK AND StrFFK&IK* J isr ALL ft HO ARM AFFLICTED 3 l .Ail! ATT*. J THK KMUMD1 MEJOI9E Uf HEALTH. KFrlMM. 4* yea ii tn( Are yea the tmIIb ef any ftbeae nameroaa ailiretta wkieh arne frem laity ef tbe blood/ Wfcctaro they, do 70m ut t theraak. what are they not.' 'the blood la the aoaree af life acd health, and it la the ftrat element ef oar bein* to rea^ond to any eaaae which affccta the ayatam, aa the palae Infallibly atv^t*. The orer prevaLLct Nuaralfia, the irritatim Eryaipeia, tne aabtle Serofa-a, thearonia'nt JUeamatiam, Nervoaa Debility, Dyapepaia, JLiyer Complaint with ita toraor and deje-nioc, tr.a the aamberleaa ilia that dean ia heir to. de?:ro their hvdeoua oiiiin from the blood. Deal kindly men and rftntly witn the biood. Wee the vitaliaini reaoaroea ?f catare for ita aid. and aafer aa to dommeud to yoar eonftdenoa ace aae that traly valaabie medicament kso wt %* MRS. M. COi'S IltDIAN TIMETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia almost infallible aareiSa poaalar aent'inent haa awoken in decided Wir.a ana the erideneee of thia treat efllc*oy are aaataine". by oonataat avowa.a of euratiTe electa and I the haypieM reaaita fiom ita aae are after ali other ! reined ma ?.r?d the heal medical aMil bare failed. Let aa a*y, in conolaaion, that certificate eaioa are cot eoacut from tie illiterate ac J *u?erfieial, bvt thoy are Tjiastoerrd from the moat reisectahle Boaraei anrl inatifv the hirhrat t~rma in which it la ?oiPib to cotrmead so raluaKe a I tycc .nc to panlio af?Tor*;. W> mxy add aiao triM ' tta cnratiro propertieaofiheir.edioins aro^t^aJ'd only by ita re?tu.-?tiTP effects, the fyatem recovering fromdiaeacr with renew-d constitutional ripr, For aaie by a!) re?>?otab!e D;u;e.*ts in thia eit),aul by the jroynetor, MRS. M. COX, r*one jenuire aniewi her name ta blown on tb? j bott.'e *na uer s"ii cc the cork ry tricc per iwtlie, six bctt'ca (or ft. W\?!:tmh At*ni. K. S. ?. C163LL, Dratftat eo~?etown, D- C? WhoIeaa;c Atect for the IVatriQt, atid will aifyiy tea trad a at cj tnoea. aw l? tr FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY j or . WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. 717.. .8400,000. Ctfie* tomtr C ttrtst mmd Lonuiamm ?., ever B**k a/ Wtsktnttcn. INSURE HOUBE8ANDOTHER PROPERTY i aoainut r.rtRH rv ricu Dtkbctom, 6??. Shoemaker, Samuel Red fern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard, John D. Barclay, i Jacob Gideon, Andrew KotliweTI, Thos. Parker, Kit-haH Barrr. B. B. French, Dr. U. W. Davis. No charge for Polices. ! JAMES ADAMS. President a??t G. Path.Secretary. au 9 eofm Medical drpiktmpnt of georgetown college. Washington City. Comer of Fand Twelfth Struts. Session or I FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBLK YOUNG. M. D.. Professor of Principles and t'ractice of Medioine. JOHNSON EL?OT. M. D., Profeasorof Principles and Pr&otica of Surgery. JAMES* K MORGAN. M. D, Protestor of Materia Me<hoa and Therapeutica. J. M. SNYDER, M. D.. Professor of Obstetrio* and Diseases of Women and Children. THOMAS ANTISELL, M. D, Profe??or of Magical Chemistry, Toxicology, and Puysio'.ogy. J E. W1LLEIT, M D., Demonstrator of Anatomy li/~ The ohair of anatomy to be filled. The ae?sipH will commence on the 22d of Ooto Mr and end in march following. f or further information address JOHNSON ELI?>T, M. D., Dean of the Faculty, 40S F street, between 6th Hid 71I1 ?U. mi 6-lawtNovl* Buoir3 A.Hi) Xliv ES to dWi* V1K TIMES. W e are now manafactnrinc all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, aad eoz.stantiy receiving a sspply of eastern made work of every de-gHlIj oriytioD, made expressly to order, anawil!y ?Ij be sold at a incch lower trice than has b?en* aSfc. heretofore charged in una city for maoh inferior Persona in wit ot Boots and Shoes of eastern or sity made work, win always find a rood assorfrea la store and at tae lowest prioes. Sits u* a call. ?JUFF1N * URO., ? S ? *t< P*nn?t (nil ? I^HE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY invite the attention of the Armr aad Navy to tr.eir full ?uppl? of MILITARY^? ana NAVAL FURNISHING GOODS. S\ such as indigo Bine Cloths and Doeskin*. Wis Caps, Epanlets, Laoes, Shoulder Straps, Beits, 8words, Sword Knots, Caps, llats, and all respective embroider?, th? oeiebr&ted PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders in that line respeotfully solicited. H F. LOUDON *CO., Naval and Military Merchant Tailors, jf U erim 3*?a Pa *.v.. nrder Hrown's Hotel. RMA SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? 4S0oans SAUSAGK MEAT, 340 oans FRESH TOMATOES, 48 > cau? FRESH VEAL. 980 cans BEEF,;a la mad*, 240cans ROAST HEEK, WO cans FRESH MUTTON, 24J cans B KEF and GRAVY, 240oaus ttOUP and BOUILLI, *i cases FHKNCH DKttoOiiATKn VRflR TAB L US. For sale at New Vork Factory price*. KING A BUROHELL, * I Corner ' unil Mfteenth etreeta. . U NEW BOOKS. EAI8TORV of the United Netherlands, by John Lothroa Vrti6T ; 2 vol*.; fres b? mail, 14. The Rise of tbe Dutch Rnynblie, a history, by John bo la r o> Mot.ej; a to . oioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Wearer of Raveiol, by the author of "Adam Bede oloth Tifoents; payer to onto, Life and Career of Major Andre* by Wintroy Sarceant; fl^o. Alter loeberje with a Painter, a Summer Voyaje to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rrr Louis L. Nob e; $1.50. The Manufacture of Photorenio or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thoniae Ant:sell, M. D.; #1.75. Any of the above fre? by mail. FRENCH ft RICHSTFIN, M B ttTB Penna. avenue. | ^jj UN BOATS rom thb WESTERN RIVERS. ' Qt7A*T?*Mi*T?a 6k*ikal's OiriCK, I Watkwtton, Jutu 17,1861.f P>op?>aLi are invited for oonstruoting Gunboat* upon the Weotern rivers r>pooiuo?uoni win m lmnKyuetely prepared and , may be exarr.'.ned at theOu?r-ermMWr1! Office at ! Cmolnnati. Pit sbursh, ana ai this office. Proposals from boat boil ers and enfine-baild I er? alone will be considered. P ana submitted by bidden will be taken into ! oomideration. M- C. MK1GS, le It Onartenwiuitor Winers' IJmtari State W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeivod within the last day or two a larce assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embracing all strlee of low-priced, met! 10m, and fine qualities, which we are selling a t ver y lev priors fer cash. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 399 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th eta. m H (Intelluenoer and Reptih^ean.) IV TRAVELING TRUNK*. ?? t". Offer for wla the !arc??t ufortmaat o TKAVfcUNtt TRUNKS to b- found ivmgmgm ?,ur??i ! icm. Ctrr^i but, A*., vuok v* %n now liai ? wn,. k?Uau> STUrasm ? ?1? *aa Pwn. >wm OljilNWAV A 0UNt?' AND KAVfcN* BAof* reli&bl* laatruMrt at I low mot irJlllfl MtkiMuio Met* ?f hi*. maacvb iKiuyi TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. |JN1T&D STATES MILITARY ROUTS. Ob Md after Mordaj. ^ilnnVr ft. 1**1, Pmm>nx?r Train* Mwmi WASHINGTON l>4 Baltimore win m ? foi.ow?: TRAINS Mowino NORTH Mornirc Expreee l?ave Wukintos 6 a. ? Arrive at Ba'timore 7 45 a. K ; plu ade pniallAO p. m ; N*w York 6 p. M.; Hamburg l is p. u. Morninf Aoeommodation leave Washington 7 JO a.M. Arrive at Baltimore t JO a . Phi.adelpkia Srii NewYork p. m fcvening Kxirm le*ve WaaMngton 19* p. m. Arrive a: Baltimore 4.1a p. x; Philadelphia 130 ? x ; New York 3 a x. fcvening Accommodation Imt? W taking ton 1.45 p.m. Arrive it Baltimore 7 an p.x.; Harriabarg *" *' TRAiyS M0V1NB SOUTH. Leave New York at 7 a. >*.; Phi adelphia 11 a. m., Baltimore 3 46 p. m. at Waatuagtun 5J? p. m. Leave New York at 6 p. x.; Philadelphia to sn p. m.; Baltimore 5 a. x. Arrive at Waetuagton 140 a. x. Traina leav* Baltimore at S 4"t a. m , and 5 p. x , and arrive at Waahington 10 35 a. m ,8 45 p. x. Paaeerger iraina leaviag Wanhinton at 7 sn a x and 13i r x., and Haiti more at a ?o a. * and 3.4* p x . make direct connect on* for Anaftpoiia at the Junction. Trams leave Annapolia for Baltimore and Waik ington at 6A5 a x and 2 p. x Paeaenger Traii.? leaving vVaahingtoti at a. x. and gJi p. x.. and Baltimore at 5 a. x. and 3 4A p. X . W il Mop only at Annarolit Junction and Htlnt Junction W it Paceecgera are request*! to take the At wrn rrt vu ail VH i riTHI OT mO K6{UIAr IODIl&C# Tr&iu, which will ave p*?a?rfrr ear attached. Trains will !e*ve the Washington Depot prompt ly mptm cirrf-timt Ait artiolea ot freifht (cot contraband of war) will be transported over the line Regular Tocnace Trains will leave Baltimore at 4 a u ueave W ??n inctnn at 3 30 p. x. By order of ti S*oret*rT of War: R. F MORf.EV,Genera' Wanacer. THOM AS H. CANFiELD. Axmstant Manajer. SPECIAL NOTICE. SVHD4Y TRAIN. Leave WASHINGTON at 2 30 p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. .From New Vor< and Philadelphia,arriving in Washinttoc M6 10 a. m. R F. M??RLEY. ?e 27 General Ma?ff. r hT* k-* M WEEKLY BETWEEN rttvTk NEW YOMK ANDL1VERPOOI.. l.aadir k and eml<arkinc paaeengera at Uueensfown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Stoammia Company 'nt:nd dupatobinc their fail powered C yd ?-built iron Steamship* aa foilowa: psturcar, August 31. CITY OF BALTIMORE. * " loth. KANGAROO. M " ?h. And every Saturday, U noon, from Pier 44, North river. 1 ATXS or Fir?t Cabin. ? ..#75 Do. t-i London ...... ? * Do. to Pari* >6 Do. to Hamburg M Steerage?.? $* Do. to London 34 Jio. to ^a*? .... 3* Do. to Humbnrg.._..... ... *6 Passengers foraanud to Havre, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp. 4o , ^t reduced throatn (area. 1'erson* wishing to bring out their friends oan buy tickets at low rates ?-or further information apply at the Captains OAae. JOHN 6. I)AL , Agent, Id Broadway. ?. V .. Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baltimore. Jfp? ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE > LINK. P a n ai ? ? ?? ? '? ? ? ? i r. r\ t A i\ U WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT,Capt J H. K rvu "rI01f\EK,"Capt. W. Norman, Will ran their route* a- follow*, leavi g Light atre*t, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Pertnn and Land.nga on Choptank nver, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning aver; lhnr*d%y and Monday. For Annapoliaaod Weat River,every TUK8 DA V and FR1 DA Y and returning aa ? a day a. P ION EF.R?For St. Miohael'a an* Eaaton. via Muu'i River, every WEDNESDAY, aud rettrn the nne day. For Annapolla, We*t RIvor, Cambridge, Otford arri Ea*tou Point, every THURSDAY, returning by dame routs on Friday For Annapo'u. Weat River, St. Michael'* and Ea-um, via Mile'* River F^ry. every SATUR DAY, returning every Monov by same ronte Fare to Cambridge, Denton Oxford %n?l Fuji ton Point . . 6i 50 Fare to rkLobael'a and Vile*' Rivera round in? Fare to Weat River, (round trie, $ 1) 1 *0 Farato Annapoli?(ronnd trip7.*oenta)_^? 75 MEALS EXTRA. ITT"Freirht muat be pree^d. Wharf aui OCoe, Llbh r ST., foot of Caadea. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. I NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S orPICE.f Calvuut Station, Hatimore. May 18,1961. { On and after Sunday. May 19th, 1861, Train* on the NOR i HERN CENTRAL HAIi.WaV ar rive and depart u follow*, until further notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at t is A. M. EXPRESS a" JAP. M. HARRISHIRG ACCOMMODATION at t P. M The 8 15A.M.tram oonneota at R^lav Houae wi?h train* on the Weatern Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junction eitb Hanover and Gettgbu'g {tailroadfj at York with York and Wright*?nle lailroad; at Harr *bnrg wi?h Pencay rania Rai ?oad for ail part* of the We?r, a'ao with Lebannon Valley Kai)n>ad to Pitw Yorkdtrtet; at M<rrthum berland with L and B. Haiiroad for Kinrctonacd aii partaof Wyooimug Valley jand at Dunbar? with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all ptrta Northern Pennsylvania awl New York. The 3.3ft P. M train makea ail the above connections except Hanover Railroad, Wrightanlle Raiiroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. i ne o r. >1 irain m&iM connections with Penn r'vania Railn ad fir a!' part* of the West, and direot oouioots for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Malla?610P M.; Expre?a at 7 <5 A. M.; Harrisbur* Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tiokets and inforn.ation inquire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, ?n?t. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOK NtW YORK. The Camden and Am bo 7 and Philadelphia and Twit Kaiiro&d Companies' Lice Ircra PH1LADE1 Pill A TO NEW YOKK. AND WAV PLACi-*. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leare as foi Iowa: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Aocommodation. > At 6 A. M . via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Aooommodation.) At 8 A. M ., via C'smden and Jersey City,(Moraice Mail.) At 11H A. M , Tla Ketflnfton and Jersey City, (Western Express.) At 12X P. M., via Camden and Amboj,( Accommodation.) At 3 P M., via Camdea and Amtoy, (C. and A. Exorera.) At ifi P M., via Kensington and Jersey City, i m , Tim ikPniintion and jersey Uity, (f^cond Class Ticket.) At6 P. M., \i& Camden and Jersey City,(Keening Mail.) At 11K P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Soother u Mail.) At 6 P. M , via Camdec and Amboy, (Aooomniodetiob, frrifht and passenger, First Class Ticket.) Second Class Ticket. The 6 t*. M. Mail Train tuna daily. The lljf P. M. Mail, Saturaays excepted. For Helvidere, K as ton, Lair bertvi lie, Flenrungton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.;aaaOt p. M? from Kesaington. For Water Gay, ?troudsbors.Bomnton,Wil*eebarre, Montrose, Great Bend, Ac., ail. 10 A. M., I from Keesinfton, na Delaware, i>aoka wanna asd Weitnn' Railroad. For Maooh Chunk, A lien town and Bethlehem .at T.lo A. M. and bii P. M.. from Kensington depot; the7.10 A. M- .i eoonneota with the train leaving as ton at S SO F. M. For Moaat Holly at land* A- M. and J end t* P %1 For Freehold at*A. M. and t P. M. For Bristol, Trentox,ho. at 7.10 A. M..4X and fttt P. M. m>m Kensington, and tK P. Mpoa Walnut street wharf. For Palmyra Kirerton, Delanoo, Beverly. Barliar ton, Florenneoe, Borden town, Ae., at lljtf, I, J, 4H and 5 1* M. Steamer Trenton for Bordentowa, and intermediate plaoca, at M P. M. from Walnut street wharf. fry For New York and Way Llnea. leaving Sensinrton Depot, take the oars on Fifth street, >ove wal lat, half an hoar before depa'tnre The o?i ran 1 ui) mo aepoi, ua on arrival of train rcn from the do >ot. h irty pound? of baggage only allowed to ruk paaaenger Paaeengera are prohibited from taking anything aa baggage bat their wearing apparel. All baggage over fifty pcanda to bo Mud for extra. The company limit their reeponetfciiity fir baccate to one floi ar per poind, and will not be liable T*r any amount beyond one haodrad dollar a, exoept hy epeoiai contract. WM.HGATZMKR.AgWit FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On aad after Mat 16tn, 1K1, ti?e t'aina will ran aa folioira, vi*:?Leave Camden Station. Baltimore.? Mall, >exoept Sunday J at k SB A. M.; ExSreaadaHy at 3.46 P.M. Both Train* to direotiy FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore aad Pi<?*r!?onttake the A. M. Train; between Piedmont aad W heeling take Ae eommodaUon Train. 1 eating Piedmont at 6. dD A. M-i and between Oriflon ud Parkerabarc, take W.P SMITH. L.?.cjar,^7gsgrK&t ir?S "r? ffiwa,c?.n's. T? u. MliMTTWI b?T?ft WnJUlftott. J" ~ BaltM?or?.an4 OldhulJort'rMe^Kfc/. Monro*) to b? rwioMd, om u4 tor > from tkair vbtrfTfoot or Uiuob EMot. it ?> o'etook p. bu. or iBBMdMtaly aft#t tk? irrin theWiihiM loa Trvim, wk?ckT?aTaiWMki??ton at iH, o oiool p. n. ijatf M. N FALU*. Pr?t PBILAnELPHlA, WIL HM WJo'H RifASib W&ZrtZSg; Train* tor Pkiiadr ?k>? will Pr**i<Uirt *trwt l??*ot 4atlfj NM?t 3?d4bt*J a? follow*, rj? KwrfMTniB MIU AJ|.-w ? Mail Trainat us \. MKtomm Mail at 4 46 o'clock. Ob SUNDA YS at 4 45 P. M. obIj. A ?l tra}n? cob Mot vita N?w York train* nsr^t 4 .?6 P. M train on 8at?r X Fraiabt Train with n?p> oar utMk?< Imym at i P. M , atoppint at all Stations mvih Batimora and Hawra d#-4?m??. Paiwritn for Dataware ard tha Eaatara fhoro ot Maryland wilt fend th? moat axpoditioia roata by y?f of wOmtartoa. yy All Colored Pwom m??t fir* bond bofora tLi'ucc theeara. WM CKAWFOBP. GREAT CENTRAL RorTKFrR iJHBBKTHt WKPT.r* ffVDSQff Hf HCSH EH HAlLHOAU mmA XtW TO fit CEy THAI RAJl.kOAPn\wm Tr?i?? I oar, N rw York o^tr dopou of iladaot, Rivor Rauroad daily. tondayamNlN^MfciiMW: From Chambara atreot tnmSlat at atation. At 7 Mam At 7 ? am H ne * 5 00 f m IJ? - Ufa SJr f m !??? Montr*al and Roffalo Train with ilwymi oara.9.'SpRi ? 1 ? f m Connootici at Albany with th? Now York Cor. tra! Railroad for Hchonoetndy. Roohorto^.1'uoa Data via. Roma, ard aratwna on Roma and Wit* town Railra4. Hoffaio. STraoaoa. Niayara Falla, wwr pfun?i y oira^Vf n?wiu? vvnTTft?W MlW(Mk Train* in oonnection leave Buffalo and Paap-T ion via Lake Shore, Buffalo end i ake Huron and Great WMtarn Ralroad. lor Ha"?il'?n.'lor?fiW>, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo, Milwaun*. Fon Da Lac. La <*roaeo, Madie< n. Prairie On Cf.len, fta ma, Denleith. Dabaaue, Peoria. Hoc* UlaiH. MaecaUne,Iowa <?ir?. Bur n ?*?n, (jiixer, Ciriuidd, Alton. Sc. Uoui* Cairo, Terre Haat*. ipnianaeo ?. Louiaville. Ci -e.r na' , I at ton. Colon but, Ol'wland, and al' poiut* W r?t. Northwest and ttouthWC"U NORTHERN ROUTE. Connectinr with Tien a at 1 toy, with Troy k. Bnaton and Rent A Saratoga Poad* for 9arat?t*. Whitehall, Rut sad. Burlington, ft A lba< a. R, * * Point, Pi*tt>brrgh, Otdeutouigh, Montreal, 4a., k c flT Freight Airangeirer.ta by thi? retire at above, wuuoi.t change ot Ca e, trom the t*rpotrin rtianibera and v anal atreeta. are at ail time* at favorable aa roads by ' h'r Kailroad Ccmja' The iaoii'tiee of thia rreat New > urk R<at?,"" the West commend it U> the eoi.fidetie* of Kierohania an ahippera for* and dirpatch Paaaenrer rraina, with f*m?kn.g aad Sleepng Care renin ooanection oa the New York CentraJ Road. For partieslara aa to local treiae aad freight ar racgetner.te, itau^re^at arra*> it. *?. i t i n . r-Bfrrn.irmifTu. U S? OOVKRNMKNT L?NE* ft TO fort mqxkokatip olh FOIXf com Pokt. Lmth the lower *nd <i I'.NHiN DOri.iteifl m?re, weat aide. DAILY, tSuudara lncladed.iat O4o'c'<"?k P M. takina pnaaei.crr* and ffifhtan<1 c '.L-ntine with the Rmlroad Hera to and Tom Waahi>-r*oD, l>. C.. Philadeiph'a. New York, B<-? ton, York, Harri?t>?'f, Pittaburc. P*, and the Weat, immediately afer thmruva of the r iprfu True from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following la the Hohedn.e : From New York to Fort Monro* ud back. #M From Philadtlph a and r?ok^ .. iiw From Baltimore and back > fiyPROCURE YOUR TICKETS^3 In New the New Jeraay RailroM Offlee foot of Cenrtlard itrwt In Phi adelpiiia, at the Company'a off oe N. W. oorner of Sixth and Cheetnut atreeu, or at the Depot, Broad and Prime atrre_a. In Baltimore. on board t'>e Meamera. foot of Union Dook. HUGH O CONNER, Pt?Mat>r Al'M r^na-NkW VOkK, HAR l/EM AN P kS^SSrk ALBANY RAI1.KOAD. LEAVunG NEW V< HK FOR ALBANY, TROk, NORTH AND WhoT. BUMMER ARhANGKMENT Commencing Mcndaj, May nth, l?6l. For Abany?llrta a. m. faat expreaa train from tfth a tree;. Eor Dover Plaits?p. m ttoppinr at White in* and atatiooa north to Dovar piaine?from Mth atreet ntat:t n (Thia train wil. run to Millertoa every Patarday ninr.) ForCroton Fall*?8:15 a. m. atoppire at aC rtktiona north of FordKam from W'h atreet atatic For White Plaina?4:10 ud ScW p m.r">ppii'l at ai> atatiuna from Wtk aueet station. For White Haina?6: 6 p. m. atop ping Mai! a?atiota from W hite rtreet at*'ion. For Williams Bridge- 7-3Ml:lB a. m. and l:jn p. n. Btopviag at all ttatiovt from TTth atraat station. Returning wil leave? Aibary?9rdn a. m. mat expreaa train. Dover F<atna?6:30 a m. (Thia train leaves Mit i lerion evcr? iuoi.aay morning *1 5 a. m.) CrotonFali*?6 p. in. White Plains?to:I", 7.fW a m. 4:"0 ft 7? p m. William* Bridge? *:??, *?> *. m A 1:W p. it Bandar trains will leave 4th Avenue o?rnor Sl<t street, for Central Part, Yorlmll*, Har'ern acd High Bride* every f> w minute*. from t.-wi a. m t>< m. JOHN l!lWCHILl-AMt Eepl york ani1 ERIK bail mh road PautDter Train* lea re via Pavr> ma Ferry and Locr Lw.tL. from foot of liimn'e'i atr*-t. New York, a* follow*. vis : 7.00 a. m , EXHRfcSJi. for Dunkirk, aod Buffalo, acd D'iuoipai interme ia'* Station*. ?oOa. m , mail, for i'onkir*. and intermediate Bratioce?This tram remains over Eight at Eimca, and *ri'oe?r.8 the next mo'nuf 9> a m. MILK dan , for Oti*Tille, and titermeciate Static as. U ? a. m .ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jervt*, acd p lnoipa Station* 400 p. m , WA>', for Mtddletown, Newbatgh. and intermediate Station*. *.00 ?. nu. night express. dajly. for Dunkirk. befalo, CanacJaicnaAijd prinoipial mattoi Ti e Tra'n of Saturday *top? at all Mail Trail Station*, and rnn* noli to Llmira. C(?'p.D.. accomNTODATlONJor florumlle, and priho.p* ?iaa. u*. ch a S. MI NOT, tn'l SapX NATHANIEL MARSH. Beo-ivr. jp?kFOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND PALL RIVER. By the cplendid and asperior Stearoe s MRTKOh ?lls, EMPIRE STATE. BAY STATE. and STATEOF MAlrsK. of great strength and *?eed, bat parUcn.eit adapted to u# navigation of Lor e >1 and Sound, rvcmi-g ia ?*cectior with the rati River a d 0!4 Colony Railroad, diat&noe of M rrilee only to Boeton Leave Pier No. no'th River near the Batte-r. The Steamer EMPIRE STATE, Capt Bmyt?.. Monday*, \\ edne*?;?y *, and Pndar*. at I o'clock P. M.. at Newport eaoh war. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt Brown, on Tuesdays. Tharsdays and Setsrdat*, at t o'e>euk P. M.. touohing at Newport each way. These Steamer* a<e fitted with commodious state room*, and every er-aagement for the seceri tv and oomfort ot uuniirer* who ?re mJTr,n\~A l-? this .-oste a mchi*' rest on board. er>d oe&rrii*l at FaJi B i?er prooeed per 8te*n.?oet Trata-reaehui| Boston Mrl? the followinr morning: or mf remain on board nntil eurtins of ths Aceommodation at 8 A. M., by whioh they may reach Boston about 8.45 A. M. A baccate master is attache? to saeb steamer, who reoeives and tiekets t^e baccate. and accompanies the same to iu destination. A steamer r*rs in connection with this Liee between Fall River and Providence daily, except Sunday*. Freicht to Boston is forwarded throeck with crest (fiipe toh by an Express TV sin, which leaves Fall River ever? mornue, Mondays excepted, at o'clook for Bcstor and New Bedford, trrnioi at its des mation at aboet 11 A M I For freicht or pa*cag? aspty on board or at the offioe on Pier No. 9 North River ror state tooii.s a&d be ths apply on bocrd. or if dessrM to seesrs them la advance, to WM. BORDEN. Aft 70 and 71 Weel eUeoC ff Y. ^""and PROYlCENCK, FOR BOi TON?Inlaw' Roete?The shortest and mortal reot?Carry the tutm. Mail. The Steamer Hi,\ KylTH ROCK. Cast J. C. Smi, and COMMONWEALTH, Caft J. W. Wil i%oia, in oonneorion vr.h the Btoniintou ifi FroTideneejLbd Bo?'oauu4 Provideooe Kauioatfa, Utvinr N?w York daily, SunteTi ice?vec, fro* P.arW# W North R'ver, at t o'oloek P. M.. *r.J" Or Jen at Ijn o'oloe* f. N,?r oiUt arri*v of be Mil Traiq vfcieb Imw Boctcn at?><P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from Nev YorkMood*J, WtdBMdftf, ud F'liftr. Fraa 6r? ^otVb^Bfrra'jfS%. T??* Ta*?d?v Tr>ar*0ar S*tnrday. Prom Orotoi ?Monday, Wednesday, a-* Fndif. Pasee afore fram broton f oaned wmr railroad ? Pro ride no* and BoUoo, 1a the l.ipr?f? Ya.i Train, rranhiiif e*id piaoe in advanae > ( Umt hr oilier route-, and in ample tin* tor a 1 the eer.y Morning Li?ea oonectinc Norin and tvl I'mieccen that prefer it, raomic on boad ?b? 'earner, enjoy a nifhte'reet ar.dutnrtxw breek fait it deeirad.aad >eare 9rot?n in tfe* 7 U A M. Traui, oorneetinf at Provideaoe w.lL the I ? A M. Train for Bo?ton. Pare froui ? ee to Newport, Fifty o*ru. A Mfiwe matter aotompaciee the M*aa*e and Train eaih wayFor Pa?ea<e, Bertha, Htate Roomi. ?r F euht. ?ety oa board the at?Mier. or at the P'?|M fla.? fiat la \nr<k Dim nr ma ik. II?m J th? C< rr. jaoj',* SoT J16 VVa?t i't ?K,onrD?'at Uarttaod ?trs?t. Nsw \ art. FaO. M. im. IS Ml LIT AB Y HOOK*. r RENCH A RJCHST1KN tertiad rMMv*d| terse and oumfirt* assortment of MiiiUrr Mows* o? ill k.n'U, which thoy offrr iron tea to Mr i*r eanf. beiow Um rag alar retail mow, joIodine: A new edition of Hardee's Infantry an4 til* Tactic*. complete, 91J6 hordes' Volunteers' Maaaa!, 3 role, $1 All?-'* Compear mm of Hardee's I aouos. Ito Gross's Military Surcwi. 7h'. Field Fvrtjlfoa' ion and Oatpoct,enek H 1MWT11I 1. ch?a? edition, tfe The Hoidiar ? GudeTfc maaua! and drill book for the a ee 01 the Voiontocr*d tte B?m Suard Km F??favB?<Jrei and Medals of aoary 4ancnr?<*. Any of to# a-crs seat by majl fre?, PKFVJH i TrrH^TKIN. ... a* ? tf?? Nbm? ?m?*a i*n<a