Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (FUNDAT EXCEPTED,) AT TRI STAB. BUILDINGS, <W < mmm mmd KU?ntk H. rr W. D. WALLAOH. Papers served ta packages by carriers it |4 t year, or 37 ceato par month. Ta mail mbecitber* t*e price la S3 JO a year, w? rtiiati; tt for Mz aontba; 91 for three moatha; aad (or leaa tbaa ? h mc re* w u cna i wees, aimgle copies, o5i cist; In wrapper?, two cnrra. (Lr iDT^Tuiaiim ihoald be aent to the oAce be/ve 13 o'clock m.; otherwise ttoey any not ipjmr until the next day. pi??p???? a AR Aa a vAM* A circular baa boos issued by the Sanitary Commission relative to a supply of blankets < for the troops and neoessariea for tha sick. The ciroolar suggests that aociet.iea be at once formed in every neighborhood where they are -1 not already established, and that existing ao- i elatiea of auiUble organisation, aa d ore as societies, sewing eocietiee. reading clubs, and moiablea, devote themselves, for a time, to the acred service of their eountrv; that energetio nd respectable committees be appointed to < call from house to h?une and store to itoro, to obtain contributions in materials suitable to bo made an. or iludht for tha nnmhu* nf n?)i materials; that collection* be made in churches and schools, and factories, acd shops, for the ume purpose; that contribution boxes be placed iu post offices, newspaper effioes. railroad and telegraph offices, public houses, steamboats and Terry boats, and in all other suitable places, libelled " For our sick and wounded;" and that all loyal women meet at such convenient times and pllces as may be agreed upon in each neighborhood or social eircle, to work upon the materials whioh shall be so procured. Every woman in the country can, at the least, knit a pair ?f woollen stockings; or, if Dot, can purchase them In each town let there be ooncert en this subject, taking care that three or four sites are provided Fix upon a plac?for receiving, and a date when a package shall be transmitted, and send it ?oob sj ' possible to the most convenient of the aepote of the commission. De-'eription of Articles Most Needed. Bi<mkeU for single beds. Quilts of cheap material, about seven feet Ion* by fifty inches wide. Knit woolen socks. Woolan or canton flannel bed-gowns, wrap..j.. --J J? O) uu tQi -ouil v?, ?uu UIB won. 8m?U hair and feather pillows, and cushions for woundea limbs Slippers Delicacies for the sick?such as farina, arrow root, corn-starch, ooooa. condensed milk, and aicely dried fruit?can b* advantageously distributed by the ooramisaioa. Jellies should be carefully prepared to aveid fermentation, and' most securely packed. Many article of clothing bar* been icjured, in packages heretofore sent the oommi^ioo, by the breaking of jars and bottles Over every vessel containing j?Uy strew white sugar to the depth of an inch, and paste stout paper (not brandied) over the mo?th. Jellies sent in stone bottles arrive in the best condition, and there id no difficulty in removing the contents for use. Every bottle, Ao., containing jelly, should be labelled. Aromatic spirits and waters; light easy chairs for eonvaleeoents; nioeiy made splints for wounded limbs; chequer and backgammon boards, and like articles for the amusement of wounded men! books, for daenltnrw m/i . - ? ; / " ft* sine*, especially illustrated, will be useful. i All articles should be closely packed in < wooden boxes, or in very strongly wrapped bales, and elearly directed On the top of the oontenia of eaoh box, under the cover, a liat of < what it oontaina ahould be placed; a duplicate of thia list ahould be aent by mail. Arrange- ' meats for free transportation should be made, ' r freight paid in advance. (The express companies will generally eonvey goods for this Purpose at a reduction on the usual rates.) aekagee may be direeted and sent, aa is must *j economical, from any point, to any of the ad- { dresses belw?("For the U. S. Sanitary Commission :") I Office of the Women's Central Relief Assooiation, Ceoper Union, No. 10, Third Avenue, Sew York Care of Hamuel and Wm. Walsh, No. 218 ( South Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia. Care of Dr. 8. ii. Howe, 30 Broomfield street, Boston. Care of Dr. W. H. Mussey, Cinoinnati. Care of Dr. C. 1>. Ortswold. Wheeling. Va. i Care of F L Olmsted, 211 F street, Washington. D. C. Acknowledgements will be made to all those who forward parrels, and a final report to the Secretary of War will be published, recording the names of all contributors, so far as they shall be known to the commission. "THE FLYISO PAHAPKT." George Wilkes, in his last letter from the amps on the Potomac, thus speaksof the arti fice of tien Frice to eat off Col. Mulligan's Meeu to the water at the lata aiege of Lexington : " All Prices efforts, notwithstanding his overwhelming foroe. had failed to ooeupj the open spaoe between the entrenchments and the river; and every tin* he repeated the attempt bis troops were burled back, either by downright bayonet charges, or fierce onslaughts of the Illinois cavalry, of whom there were seven hundred in the fort. It seemed, therefore, almost impossible for the rebel general to earry hia point in this quarter again;- the devoted ^valor of the Federal soldiers In foot, he had half despaired the chance, when suddenly, an Idea came which instantly diasipated ail bis diflealtiee, and delivered the boselged hopelessly into his hands Taking possession of eome balee ef hemp, which. unla?kily for Lexington. lay epon the bank, Priee or iered it to be relied into the river until It was saturated beyond aay ehaaee of ire. Then bringing "t ep ia line, be arranged it diagonally along the ibore, and ordered a portion of his troop* to roll it before them towards the uninvested portion of the werks, while others, in strong foree, bent below the level of the moving parapet and delivered their volleys as they went. Let sneering Europeans no longer dispute our MDlcitV fop war. for h?r? * < ? v jLped in the heal of battle, by a Weatern General, which excela the heat strategy ever developed is Lombard* or the Crimea. It was a itroke of geniua. Oae of those happy adaptation* of ohanee maena whieh prove the talent ef the General, and elevate the art of battle abore the level of mere downright force It soeie, bj far, the fine conception of Jaikaon'a oottoo breaatwork* *t New Orleans, for it enfrafta upon that artifiae a superior idea. It was aa Mdtx rather than a pattvt stratagem, and iaeeired aa inert aad merely reeiating body with a Hving, moving, and assailing function. We have heard of flyiag artillery and aeen ita eaeaatloa; bat, who aver heard before of flylag redoubts, which, while they give shelter to aa advaaeiag liaa, can aaeeeeafully withstand the beaviaet oaaonade? Pear Mallicaa maat hare feted upon thia miracle in the method of approach, with moah the ?am* wonder aa the fieottiah king beheld from hk hattlementa the * n: J -? *--- *- u* NfHwui on mm wmri, lira aii neart man k*T? sank u beajify wi'hin him at the tight Ro nl*r tteld vitkiUiM U?? mu?kio| iii?tion It wa* impregnable to bayonet cb*'^ ad tnacceaaabla to eavalry, and the force bokind it wai auporior lo hi* ova." Klae where in tbo aame lettar tha writar taya: "Thai fat,with auporior means and overwhelming reaonroes in tha waj^f soldiers, oar great rebel* in every battle-field; and we are again driven to tha eeaelaeioa that taoee who manage oar twenty-one million* against tha fix million* of tha foe, are inferior to tha main slayer* on tha other aide Small eonaolation ! la It U rwfer to the dogged oonrage of oar troop*, or to declare with pride that tiny snocnmbed only to a rut superiority of atraugth. AU eoldiora will Ight, but tbe gathering of etrenjth and Ita aaeeeasfnl combination U the very intellectuality of warfare ; and while we honor the meo who braraly withstand oppo iag odd*, what shall be taid of the Major Qeaorali who auffar the maa to ho thai oartW opod a ad onto am bared." U7 Samuei B. a ad W m. D CrtRwy, who wera aiiDia rt.'jr d'imltaM from the UTT a ahort Urn* CT"la Hlfhgatr, Vt , with a popatatloa of net qutr t SOB, tbBW a re 0U0 aeholara aod toachars In, tM Aafcijath MtO|. KT rt? Prlnreof WiIn haa (Otw to Praaala to irltaoM the alUtpry nil?hw the R&lae, j 4* / X I 22fi!5522H!H555555223B25552HfiHHBHH!EHH55553253E5SHHHHSHE5BfiBBMPBH5BHBBpBB^0HMlrtM(MHBBBBJBBBBMBBBBHBHESHBHHBHSfiBSHBH ? ! * (Anting Star. i ' i V?t. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . TUESDAY. OCTOBER 8. 1861. N?. 2.694. Affair* la tkt Tfeat. The Elitabethtown (Ky.) correspondent of the Leuisville Journal writM from Rousseau's Bridge, October 2 : The S ridge ever Rolling Fork has been rebailt, end the cere ran through to Elitabethtown. The lint train since the burning of the bridge passed over the road thia morning. Now that the Rolling Fork bridge is rebuilt, we may expect the others below us to be speedily repaired. Work has already been begun on the Nelln Bridge. It is rumored that the teams of oountrv rebels in that ricnity hire been impressed into the service, and are now doing duty in the way of hauling bridge timbers. Col. Crittenden's regiment, the Sixth Indiana, has been-thrown forward to cover the workmen at the bridge. The enemy's pickets are said to be at Bitcon Creek, twelve miles beyond Col. Crittenden. The latter threw forward a detachment aj far as Upton's Station, yesterday. They met with no resistance The enemy's herse are all through that neighborhood, and it seems inevitable that skirmishing will begin very soon. Aocording to accounts direct from Qreen River Bridge to-day, BuckLer baa only about fifteen hundred men there. All the rest that were brought up to that place hare been sent off down the river to the locks. The Cairo correspondent writes, Oct. 1st:? Norfolk has to-day been abandoned by our troona, by order of Gen. Qrant, and jery wisely too, for it is a point of no imporWnce or benefit; tne occupation of which yielded on!y trouble, vexation, and expense to the division. I learn from a gentleman who returned from Columbus this morning?h iving gone rfa?re at the instanoe of this command?that toe place is strongly fortified at all point*. He states that at a point three miles up the river fr<~m C dumbus there is a masked oattery erected from logs, earth, A?., behind which are at least four 64-pounders, from his observations, which, from fear of being suspected, was necessarily limited. He estimates the number of suns of various dimensions planted on the bank of the river and the outskirts of the town to amount to from twenty-five to thirty pieees, and the force of men in that vicinity to number at least 30,000, all of whom are well armed. He further states that last night, while returning to this point in a mule cart, be jumped out and put bis ear to the ground, tnd imagining be heard the tramp of horses, -? J ? ? ~ ?? ?- 4L 1-! A? -X?s r.wwvv iuv UJ*U IU uuiupau/ WItU UliU 'U UTIV? into the bru?h in order to ?yoid tbem (if cavilry) It bat a short while until a foroe >f at least 300 Confederate cavalry rode by in the direction of Paducah. He also reports having discovered a trail, over which not less than 1,000 hordes?supposed to be rebel cavalry?passed. also in the direction of Paducah. Warlike W It. Why was Moses like a portion of the Amercan army Because he was in the Bull-Rushers. [From Vanltv Fair ] Bull Run, Again?The Tribune, a fewj lays since, had as a caption to au editorial, 'The Bull Run affair abroad." V. F. wishes, in all seriousness, that it had been abroad rather than with us. Quite at Honu.?A. Pike among the Creeks. Rumored Separation of General Fremont from hi* xcife.?It is currently reported and believed that Gen. Fremont intends to give the rebels "Jessie." [This w*s constructed before Mulligan's Barrender.?Ed. V. F. Pepper and Salt.?Pioket Fighting on Salt River. Sentiment, by a White-feathered Orator.? "Some go in for the Union. One and inseparable; bat all I want is a Piece." A Mere Matter of Form.?Wearing Corsets An Appropriate Position for Floyd.? Cheat Mountain. The Game of the South.?Cribbage. Apropos?In view of General Price's peculiar military movements, and of the very low figure be oats just now, we think he may be styled the Price-carrent of disloyal Missouri. Elijah'x Translation.?Elijah Purdy believes that "The many ougiit always to rule." Of course he means the Tammany. Why are the subjects of Jeff Davis overworked? Because they are J D.'d to ruin! (Jaded.) If a lady sent us this, oar "Fat Con-1 tributor" says, "What a jade A devoted admirer of Honest Old Abe sends us a very severe eonundrum upon Marshal Kan?: "What two characters in Scripture remind ns of a oeruiu President in Washington and a certain Marshal in Baltimore ?" Give it up. reader? Certainly. "Wicked Kane and righteous Abe L. (Abel.)" Artemus Ward says that Extra Billy Smith is a lying extra. This is almost as bad as calling him a newspaper. Why would Beauregard refase Lobster with salad ? Because he prefers Lettuce alone. (Let-as-alone.) Garibaldi and the America* eevtram'Bt. [Correspondence of the London News ] Tcais, Sept. 14 ?The Minister of the UulU-d States of North America has returned from Caprera. He went there offlciallv to offer General Garibaldi the command of a Federal ermv, and also treat for an Italian legion, which would likewise be under his command. The answer, if I OMy believe persons usually well informed, has beea In the negative, but by no means so decided SA to deprive tar American Minister cf all hopes It appears the General wished, first of all, to obtain more exact Information, so s? to understand the political questions fully, and what the military resources cf the States really are. So he asked for time, that he might reflect snd consult?It may be the King, or it may be the chiefs who served under him. This la most probably the reason why some persons are already announcing Garibaldi's rtfusal, and others his probable departure. In the meantime, there is going on about tue General a croaa-fire of opinions and counsels, for one party wish him to stay, so as to be st band for aome bold but nnrea?oaable blow, to be struck eooner or Inter, and another party would fain see him again defending a noble cause la those distant regions that formed the first theatre of his be role exploits?ao berole, Indeed, that since the dart of Columbus no Italian baa ever b<>*n more popular in America than he. But there are othera again who ad viae Garibaldi to remain at Caprera. to tur* a deaf ear to all aeductive offer* a ad calmly wait for the time when toe Kin# may eall the whole of the Italians to arma It la ttaeaa laat who moot aaauredly arc tendering the wlaeet HMMl. t*k qs1itior dscibxd?0a.1ibaxsi not noiiw to 4hi1ica T? tk? Eduor of Uu Lo?itm Morning Port: Sir: At toe risk of giving you a twice-told tale, Crhaps you will allow me to state that I have Is afternoon received a telegraph dispatch from the Central Committee at Genoa, sigurd " F Bcllaxxl." luform log me that Garibaldi, moved by the Neapolitan demonstrations, and sensible of tM Impending demands of Italy, has determined mm to ko to America. This Information la oAclal f as yours, faithfully, J. McCni Moia, Secretary Garibaldi Italian Unity Committee,) London, Sept 18,1801. ( ILT a Chicago paper states that the Adams Eipessg Company's bill analnst the BsiwasinL per faaneral Fremont, for "tranaportatioa ?( kbm, ammunition, toe , alocc the Oeaenl took command at St. Louis, will roach 9304,900. HmujTi Cv&llbx?* ?The London eor-r#poudrnt ot Wllk ?*a Spirit aaaerta In ilalica that the chaJle:i^e of Uoenau will not b?aeoepted No men arc to oe found In England willing to atakn 10,000 against him ifT Prrrf Kcanvi, the ne^ro convicted ot nn outrage on n white female In Baltimore county, to to keaaag at Towaaatowa on Friday nott ITT The fore* now employed In tba Klttery (Me.) Ntrf Yard to 1 7U0 men. and there ar? four war vroaeia In praoeas of construct'on H7 Twaatr-two paawgin of tha Qreat Eastern on her toat disastrous voyage, arrived In ttw Niagara The London shoe-btocka earned toat year rrr MlUerltea ara ?e-?rgual*log preparatory to Um aad ef aii thiafs, on 6*uirdajr, Oct. 1*. ? pROPOSAL8 FOR INDIAN GOODS. diriitxtn or thk litTzatoa. ( 0&*e Indiaa beptrmber 31, 1861. { Pzalid Puofo?al?, endorsed * Proposal* tor Indian Gooda," (Oiaaa 1, 2, 3 or 4 M til* oa?e may be,) to be delivered in the City iff N*w York, will b? reoelved at the Office of Indian Affaire aotil 10 o'eloek a. m . on 9atv*D4Y, ine 12th day of Ootoher next, for tarnishing the following named artlOiO" Class No. 1. Blanktts, Cloth*, and Dry Goods. 2,000 pair* 3 point wlii e Mackinac blanket*, to messnre 80 br 72 inches, and weigh <* pounds 2,500 pni't 2X-p intwhit* Ma kinaj blankets, to measure 64 by 66 inoh*a.and weigh 6 pounds 1,000 pairs 2-point white Mackinac bias nets, to measure42 by 66 inohes,and weigh 5 if lbs, 00 pairs IH roint wluta Maokinao blankeia, to mea ure 33 by 50 inohes. an i weigh 4J* ibs. 5f0 pairs 1-point white Ma^kinao b ankeU. to m?a nre 32 by 46 inohes, and weigh 3M lb? 900 pair*3 point soar] ?t Mackinac Markets, to mea?or< 60 by 72 in h? , and weigh 8 poncds 300 pairs 2X point eca let Maukicao o arke's, ?o measure 54 by 6d inohes, and weich 6 pounds 250 pairs 2 point scarlet Mackinao bianke s. to measure 42 by 56 inohes, and weich ?1< lbs. 25^ pairs 1 point scarlet Maokirao blank la, to miwure 32 by 46 iachee, aad weich SJtf ibs. 100 pairs 3>s-point ereen Maokinao bKnueia, to measure 66 by 84 in?h?a, and weirh 10 lbs. 600 pairs 3 point green .Maokinao blat keta, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh * pounds 000 pairs 2H point c*en Mkek.nac blankets, to measure 54 by 66 inohes. and weich 6 pounds 200 pairs 3K point indigo blue Mackn.aa bNn k 'ts. to meaaure 66 by 84 inobea, and weigh 10 Bounds SnOp&'rsS point indigo blue Maokinao blankets, to me&?ure 60 by 72 inohes, an ! weigh 8 ibs 200 pairs 2X-point indigo bine Maokin&o blanket!. to measures by 69 inobes.and weigh 6 pound* 800 pairs 3>?-pomt gentinel'a b'ue Mackinac blanker, to measure 66 by 64 inches, and weigh 10 pounds 500 pairs 3 p.?int gentinella blue Msokicao blankets, to measure 60 by 72 inohes. and weigh 8 ponidi 400 &ajre 2.S* point sentinel la bine Maokinao blai.seu, to measure 54 by 66 inches, and weigh 6 pounds 290 pairs 2-point gentirel'a bine Maokinao blankets. to measure U by 56 inohes, and weigh 5.V pounds 900 pairs )X p^int gentineila blue Markinso bla* ket?. to measure 36 by 50 inohes, and weigh 4Jfc pounds 150 pairs 1-pou.t gentinella blue Maokinao blankets, to measure 32 by 46 inoiies, and weigh 51* pounds. 4fooo yards faac? list bine oloth 500 do do green oloth 2,000 do grey list blue oloth 2,0-<0 do saved list blue oloth IjMO do do soarl*to>pth 1,200 do do gr?*n oloth lt*t pounds worsted yarn,13 fold) loo dnz?n cotton flag i audkerohie< 100 do fancy c. tton 50 do Liaok silk If > do 8 4 ootton shawli 1? do 6-4 do 60 do 4 4 do loo do 8 4 woolen do Sim you ads linen thread. No. 50 gross wortted gartering 40 000 yards oa'noo 25 (*? do M?rrimac oalioo 7.600 do Turk?y red oalsoo 2 ',0"0 do bine dril mg 10>,00 <to osnab.jrga 7,5"0 do brown dri'ling 5t?0 do Georgia istnpea 5 (HO do b ued nims 5,oofi do ootton&de 12 sm do bed ticking S.iioo do Kentucky jeans 1 5? d ? saMnetts H'.oro do plaid lineeys i-9t) do b eaoi.ed shirting li?"" do domestic shirting, unbleached lOttt' do do sheeting, do S.ooh do bleaohed do I't.uOO do brown ootton duck I0,t?/u do checks, strioea, and plaida 2.0ii" do fla cela. assorted l,?ifl0 pounds ootton thread 1,?*> do brown tilling twine, No. so 8nn do ootton rnaitre 1.5?0twilled flannel shuts lPy*> oalioo si.irta 2i*i dogen hickory ah i1 ts lOu <_o Aladraa hau kerchieft. class No. ' Readi madt Clotkinf, 175 fock coats, ih?ii(o blue br<<adolcth 175 paataioons, do do 5" indigo blue \aukinac blanket oapotes 175 blue satinett o a s 175 do pantaloons 7.1 cadet mixed s;.tinatt coats 75 ho do p*ntaloona 775graT satinettooa's. (rack; Tib do par'Aloous 175 do vests. Class No. 3. Hardware, / frtcultural Impltmtn:j, fe. 4,000 pounds brass settle'# 40" ti; kettlbs, (5 eizea) 125 nest* Japanned kettles, (8 in a nest) 5T5 amp k?ttles,(3 fit > i~o a sen 2 qu*rt tin ; i i ] *'d z 3ii 3 quart tin 3u <1(i 8 quar (lu 375 do tin cup* Mn do aqnaw ft wis T? d j tlh iio<>?s 2>n do fi?h lines 7V ?ro?* npe"les, assorted 275 > nxen ooarse tooth combs 75 do fine tooth oombs 60 ao scissors Son do sh *ts 25 do giubbing hoes 2.5 d j we-diLg hoes 15" drawing knives, 10 inches 5? han l ??*i loo dozen hand saw files, 4h inohea 5 do ehovsls 25 do spndes 750 ihurt hand's fry-pans 25 dozen basting spoons 200 do i> on table spoons 20 do ax*s, to *e?gh4X to SK pouqd? lnO do half axes to weigh 3 pounds, (with handles) loo do zinomt.rors l'O do fi;eatee!s too pounds bras* wire 1<0 do best Ch-nese vermilllon. Goods of American manufacture of the required styles and quality will be preferred; but as the amples of blanket* and oloth* are foreign fabnos, it will b? necessary, in propoaing a donx-stio artio;e of ei'.o? of those kin's that a sample thereof st.all aocon.fany tbe bid. '1 he artioles to be furnished mu?t in all reapeots eonform to and be eqaal with tbe Government samp'ea which ma? be aoeua thin office on and alter the firat of Ootojer next. Tbe article* will be rigidly lnspeot-d a d compared w:tQ the samples uj r.u o-,rm ur anoni' appointed lor that purpose, guoh as may be unequal thereto in any particular will bo reject*d. in wh oh ou? the oontraotor will be boun<l to furnish thersol the required kind or sasuty within thr?*edays; or, if that bs not done, they will be purohase>' at bis expense. Payment will be made tor th? goods reoeived on invoioe* thereof, oertified tj the acentor agents appointed to iaspeot them. It im to be understood that he right will be re served to reqnire a greater or less quant ty of any of the articles named than that ?peoifi*d in the above souedsle; and all bid* for furnishing said articles may be rejected at the option oi the lie aartment; And that none from persons who have foiled to oompiy with the requirements oi a previous contract with the United State?. or who are not manufacturers or wholesale dealers in the required article*, will be considered; and the fact that biduers are vucit mennfao.urors or dealers must be evidenced br tne certificate of the collector oi the port where the* reside, or wh?re it is proposod to deliver theartiolas The proposals mart embrace the articles, with the qna-i lties thereof as they are arranged id the schedate, with the pnoea annexed to eaoh, in dollars and oenU, at w/.ioh they are t--b* fmruixMt-d: ?,nd the amounts must be oarried ont a d footed up or each olas? said prices and emoants mnst be so liven, without any modification, <-r proposed i mod fi ation, or variation whatever. They should be sabmitted with the loilowing headi&x: "I (or we) hereby propose to furni*ii for the sec vioe of the InUiaa Department, and aooordiM to the '.erms cf its advertisement thereof, dat<*j ilst y?ptem' r, 1861, the following articles, at the snoes thereto fixed,(hers insert the list aocording fi? thA rtT r.isseM - ??* 1 ~ ,v w..? v. pi,?vm? iuii/ uoureriwv 111

the oit? of N*w York by tb> first day of April next, or at auoh ticue or times during the year lw as mar be ordnrnd by the ComiaieeioDer of taaiar AU'rt; ani, if thi? proposal b> accepted, (her* insert the words, 'in whole or iq pan* if ipore than one olass be proposed lot,) 1 (or we) will, within twenty days 'hereafter, execute a oont'ar aooordiaaiy.ana giv-. seountr, satisfactory to the ComHes'Oft?r of ladian Atfa rs, for the faithful perf rn v oe of the same." t-aoti prop <eal must be aooom Danled with a guar antee la the following form, to be signed by two or more responsible persons, whose saAolecoy must be certified to by a United Dtatee Jauge or district "^^V^eVerebr jointly and severally guaranty that theabove bidder,(or bidder#,)it a eontr*ot ehu.. be awa ded *o him,(or them,) aaoordiag to his or their bid or proporal. >?'W! exeoute a oontraot ao oordmgly, and give', .e requisite security for the BwPsrsnaeee thereof, as |-ee?rit>eu in the aivsr i ir-rrT* ?r?r ?rn?nwh.i> fn? M * *e?tember, ifel; and, in the event of his (or thairj fulur* lolrilft.vt hereby acree to bind oarselyee, <?r beira, rxe utore.and uiim to forfei; aod m the Uoited RUtkU damage*, a iib not lew than ?T oent. oa the anoaat of uUd lid or fro ^B6od? will bo respired la the araonnt of U?*t bW ft. rh-iaithf*l porforiwuwe of the oontraot, with two r .ore reU- e. whoeo ?afioienoT nut t.t. ovrtflel by * UaiMd State* juu?* or distrlotat ^Ro* jrm?o*al will * oooeldered that 4cm aot itnow/ renWiia,^a^g^e^lari^o the toraa m n SUwOot It Aatini Coaoueeiaaer. GfiMPoqi HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. - HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buohn, A Posittv* and Sptcific Rtmedy For Diataaoe of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL,and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thie McdietM Increase* the power of Digestion, a: d flicit?? the abiobbkxti into (.eaithj aotion, by whioh the watht ok cilcuvcs depoei ion*, and a.j urn*&tckal iNuuiXiNii are reduo#d, a* vail u palm amd I iff Lam mat 1051 ao?l ia good for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weaknee?ee Amine Irom Kxe'aaee, Habita of Diaair&Uoa, L'arlw 1 r /)ia/%r?l#i/\* r. * A v *1 a "i"l I J ' ? '"VI ?"" * ? 1 n U ro, Attended with the Following Symptoms: Indisposition to Exertion, L?o*a of Power, I -oss of Mpmorr, Difficulty of Breathing, Wank N?rv*e, Trembling, Horror of Di?f?so, Wakefuln*?a, Dimneaa ol Vmion. Fun in the Baok, Univsrm! Lassitude of the Muscular system, Hot Qanda, Flushing of tha Body, Dry nets of the Sk'n, Eruptions on the Faoe, PALLID COtTSTtHAJtCK. Theae sympU m*. II a owed to go rn, whioh thia medicine invariably remoroa, aoon fo Iowa IMPOTKNCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT8, In one of which the Patient may Expire. Who can say that th*y *re cot frequently folia wed by thoae "DiEwrL Disxusa," * INSANITY AND CONSUM PTION." Many are \m% ? of the "ansa of th?ir suffering, B<7T somi WILL corneasTHE RECORD*op THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Deaths by Consumption, BEAE AMPL? WITRK69 T'> TBS TACTH OP THI ASSKXTtON. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE EFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the aid of medioine to strengthen an<J Invigorate tha System, whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably dots, A Til A L WILL CONVINC* THE MOST SKKrTlCAL. FEMALES- FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARK IKD, OR CON TKM PLATING MARRIAOK. In Many Affections Peculiar to F-males the fcxtraot Liucnu is unwua 1 d by any other rsmndj, a* in Chlorosis or Retention, Irr *u an y, Paiofulnes*. or 8nppre?? on o' Customary bvuo at iocs Uiocratoo or Sohirrons state of the Uterut, Leaoor-hea or Whites. Sterility, aid for a!l ooinpiai U moideut to the sex, whether arising from loataoretioa, Habits of DiseiraMoo- or in t&e DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! ftKK ftVMPT'iMS ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no more Balsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Medicine for Unpleasant and Dangerous Disease*. HELMBOLD8 EXTRACT BUCHU CORES SECRET DISEASES In all their Stage*; At little Expenae; Lit:le oi no onacKe in Dnt; No inoouvemenoe; And no bxposwt ltoausea a frequ nt desire &?d riv?s strength to Urinate, thereby Rem ving ?-bat, Preventing aad Cuuuj Siriotarr* oi tbe Urethra, Allaying rain a J mil unmumi. bo fr*>^u ut in the dua of dilates, ami ?.x?e.Ung a,I Poiiunous, Instated, and worn out Matter. TH0CS4NDS cros THOCSIM)* WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF V HACKS, and who I av? paid heavy fees to be oared in a abort tima, nave f mm ta?y vera d ;oeivt<i, auo that the ' poiaos" baa, by the us* of- puvb?t/hI aitrinnenit" be< n Urind ap id liie ajttem, 10 break oat in an ag gravattd iorm, and PERHAPS AFTER MAIi&IAUB. V?? HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU for all ftir?i.tioua and ds?as.a of the URINARY ORGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FEVlALEt from whatever oauae "ruinating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diseases of theae Organs require the aid of a Diranu. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCI1V IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, an<4 il ia aarfain . i ha ira Ihn /Iasi *- if aa! in sll UU Ik k UV Mill tU U-VTV IU? >" ?! v~v* V U UV U VII UiMaaes/er toAic* tl it retommendtd. VIDENCB or TBK MOST HI8POH8IBLK AKD^IBLIABLK CBABACTBB will aooorapany me ra<xlioiae?. CERTIFICATES OF CURE8. From 8 to 20 ytaiV mndlag, with N?m*i know* to SCIENCE AND FAME. PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB BAJCB "HO IBCBBT" OF "IHOBBDIBNTS." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ) oompoeed of ttaoha, Cn*>ebaand Juniper Berneg, looted with great oare by a competent d urgist. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, Praotioal and Analytioal Chemist, and Sole Mtaufacturer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. AFPIDAVIT. Personally appeared oefore ma. an Alderman ot the oity of Philadelphia, H. T. H?i mboll, who being duly iwon, doth iay. hit preparaiiuus oontam no nareot merourr, or other injurious drug*, but are purely vegetable. H. T. BELMBOLD. Sworn and anbtoribed b?lore me. thi- S3d daj of November, 1864. WM. P. H1BBEKD. Alderman, Ninth St.. a'.ore Kvoe, Phi la. % PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM ii A. M. TO b P. M. Price 91 per bettlr, er ill ler 95. Delivered to aay addrees. eeoureiy ja?**4* lrom obMi vation. Addreei letteia for tnforraatioi in oon&denoe to H. T. HKLMBOUD, Ckemitt, Depot, 104 Sooth Tenth at., below Chestnut, Phila. ii.'? c VKWARK OK COUNTERFEITS AND ONFRJNCIPLMD DEALERS who endeavor to diepoee "of th?ir own" and 4*otner ' a. liolee ou tas reputation attained by Hilmboldt (riMiM PrtparmtiMu, ? Extract Bmcku, " * 44 Sartaparilia, 44 44 Jmprovtd Rett Watk. BoM by 8. B Wait*. 5E. D. Oilman, Job* I, WllkT. 8. C. Ko?n, 0 B. fe KTWIITLIi B , Major, Kidwiu * Lauikmcb. *>a*mn|ton and AND ALL DM UO OI8TS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOE HKLMBOLD'B. TAKX NO OTHER. Cat oit U? MrAtiNBWt ?mI wad for it. AND AVOID IVUHJSdlDN aad EX.P08PE*. Bftrib* Symptom to mil Communiemtiomt. ?! ?*.?.f Boh Johnston, ALTinORE lock hospital, Hmt tkt mm Ctrtmim, Sjtttdf mmd Mlf Bffutuai Rtmtdf in tk$ Wwld, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. ! APPLY IMMEDIATELY. i A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, I IN *ROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Witkoiu *1 :?? Back, Siriciaraa, Af aetisoa at tba R"daaya aad Bladder SiKMt|M, lapoiwcf, 6m nl Dtbillif, Nntminiw, L>?ac.?p??, Uanw, totfMiN I mt Idaaa, Lav Sfir j " or tba Haart, Timidity, ( TramMmpa, Dtmoaaa ?' Oi|-ni or uiddioati, Piaaaaa of iba aad, Throat, Noaa or 0kia, Afacuoaia o( Ik* Laui, 8io? ] ua or Bowala?tfcaaa TarribJa D wr^ara ariainf from Soil UTT Hat ita of Tooth?thaaa Draadfol and Daatnctiaa Prae- J tKaa which raodar ftfamaf a lmpoaaiMa, and daaira* both M;udNul i YOUNG MFN ImnMI; wba ki*t baaoma tba mtiaa af h.iur; tlta, ibat dreadfal aad daatracti*a habti cbltk tuaitll; awaafa U u aaiiaal; (t?a ihraaaoda at YoarfMaaof <hi Boat aialtad ulaiia >nd bnlliut mullact. *ho mirM stHarviaa ba?a aat-ancad Uatauaug Scnataa with iba ibundara af alo- ' ?aaaca or wakad la acatacj lb a Imaf lyra, may call viib U caoldaoca. MARRIAGE. ? Milllir PltlOKI, or Tennf M*o cactetrplatiof War- ' ruri, being a vara of physical vukout, arfaai* debility, r defarminee, 4 c., apaedile cored. , Ha vhocitcn him*en andar tlx ear* *f Dr. J. may reliri aaly conRJe in hia honor aa a fenllenau and canldtaUy E r*ly apon hia akili aa a physician. V OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. j left hand aid* rmnf froat Baltimore etr**t, a f*v doore frna _ tha corner, rail not to ohaaraa nam* aod nan bar. La tiara 8 aat ba paid ud con lam a aura p. a DR JOHNSTON, t Member af tha Royal College of 8tr(m .1. London, ffradaata from una of tha moat aannent Collegee ta tha unind J tatee, and th* rieater part of whoa* lifa bai baao apaut > a tha aoapttalaof London, Paria, Philadelphia aod e'eevher*, baa afac'.ra aoraa of ik* moat aetoniehug carat that vara ^ aaar koofeu; many troabled vitk ni(iu(n tka baad aod tara v!i*o asleep; craat naraocao***, rain# aUrmed at i| sadden aoenda. baahfalneee with Iraqaent blas'inr. attended oniuoia witk daranfamaat of mind, vara caiad maa- % dial* l j. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. 0 Yoanf Man ma other* vbo bar* mjorad tkaiaaalaaa by a a certain praeuca ludiilfed 10 vban alone?a kabit freuaeoily learned from aril companions, or at echocl, tha elects ?f ' vhicii ara uigfctly felt *?en vheu aaieep, arc! if not cured, f randara marriage irapoeaitle, and destroys bock Bind ana bodt, ehoold apply i mmediatalv. Tneae ara aoma of tha aad and melancholy afecta rr-Jacea by early habita of voatb, *11: Waakntaa of tha B?ck aod Limba, Paina in uha Head, Dimness of Sifkt, Loae of >!le(iiir Povsr. Palpitation of tna Heart, Oyapapay, Kcreosa trritakiUiy, Derangement of tka Digestias Paocuons, Gaasral Oati'ity, ByropuMua of Conacc^tHN . 4c MIlT iLLT -T^ia 'e-utul tffrcu on tba mind ara m?ch ta ka draadad?Loaa cf Vl-uior?. C^nfoaion of Idaaa, Dtpraat'oo af Spin;*, E?il Kort jodiao. Arircm of Society, self-Diatraat, Lo?a of SMitada, Timidity, ate., ara aoraa of tha aaiia pradacad. NfBTol'l DBIiLITT.?Thonaand* eaa now JaJga vkat la tha caaae of tbair decl.nmg health, loeir.e tfiair ?igor, becoming vaat, pale, oaraooa and amaciataa, having a icyc'aT appearance aboot the ayae, couch or aymptoma of Caoah.n|'Ma. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the miegsided and imprn<1eoi?ou?ry of pleaaare Inde ha h?a imbihtd tha aeeda of tbta pjiufal ditaaaa, it too aft an kappena that an ill-tirnad aanaa of akama or dread of diacoaery dater* him from apply uig to thoae vbo, from adorattoo and raepectability, cm alone befriend him. Ha fall* >nto the katida of ignorant ant? designing pretender*, arho, locapible af connr, tilck hie pacoiai-.ry eur ewie*, k**p him triling ' month after month, or aa lone aa tha (malleat fee can be ob tainad, and in despair letrt ntu vij> rained health to eifk > ??r hit ralliof diaappoiii'r-.ieut, or by lb* of that drufiy & poiaon ?mercary?huun the eotieuto'ioaal oymptome of rh'e terrible dieeaee, inch ? AI ?cuoli of tlx Heart. Throat. Head, A km, 4c., prorTtMinf vrJi frif hifai rapidity, till deem pate & Sinod to hie dreadfaf eeffennfi b? eeudu.f hint tft?; as- b leco'ered ceuutrr from wboao kosrne bo traveler -ajrui DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOii O HQ AN IC S WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENVY ? By tfala etui ?nd import mi: remedy weakneee of the erfare , in epeedjly cored ai.d fall rigor reetored. Tboaeende of tha ' oat nerroaa and debilitated, wl.a bad loot all hope, tare '** keen immediately relieved. All Impedimenta to Marriafe, Pbyaical or Mental DieqaalUc&uooa, Loee of Procroatire rover, Hir'sae Irritability. , Treobknf and Weaknoee or Kznaaatioc of tie moot fearfa! I kind epeeaiiy oared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. d T?I MiliT TNOCliKOa eared at tfcie ir,e-itatioo within _ tie iut eeronteen reare. and tho nenereee important Barriaal o( arauona performed by Dr. Johaetoc, wiuieeeed by the rapc'tere t/ ibe pap era a- a many other pa re one, noticee of which haia appeared i|t: . >pl> kauri tha rthlu, ha. a'dee hie etuding ae a gentleman of character end ieepc^ei- u b'llty, ta a eaflcient furuitee to the aflicted. air lf-l? pROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR ? Quarter mister's, f jlce U. S Marine CmrptA ' Waikiniton, ^epten.her 25,1861. { t Hli! in PVliPntiT * i I r a* tk.w a. ? ?_ _ wcra?*?c? w * a i/w vw*-l ?*7>l M fcM I >U4Cr, U m til iti 3)th day H October next at 12 o'olooK.m., for furnishing rauona to the U. S*. Mi;no?, at the f following static ,a, i'u >n? the year 1?62, vn : Pnrtim uth, N?w H_uip?hi{t; fl Charlentin n, Mateachuaetra; I'rook j n Look lasnd, New Vork; a P. 1 a<le phia, Hennaylvaoia: Wiahirgtou, Diatnat of Columbia d F&ei: r?Monto consist of hre??eartersof a prnnd tJ of mess pork.or bao..n.or one and-a fourth rounds cffr*?sn or aal betf; t?enty two cudcm ol bread, made of extra auprfine fl >iir, or lieu thereof fi twenty two ounce* of ex!ra euperfin-flju pound of hard bread, at the option of the tic ere mcnt; and at the rate of ei<ht quarts of beat vhi't bcaas, or in lien thereof ten pourds of rice; ten " p uuda of food o< ffee or in lieu rber< qf one-and a hnlf pounds of tea; fifteen pounds of rood New Orleans aura*; four q arts of vineaar; one p >und of sperm oatdies. or one-and a fourth pounds of I darnaatine cand m. or one-anJ-*-haif round# of I g>>od hard dip^id tailoweanJU; four pounds good, I jar J, brown ?oap; two a uarts of salt; and ofie hnn- < dred in t fifty-six pound-. of potatoes, to each bun- I dnd rations. 1 h? increased allowance of tour ounces of flour j or b ead, and the ai>owanoe of potatoes, as above * pr< vioed, will oeese, at the ttrm uation of th? present insurrection, and the ration be as provided by law and regulations, on the lat of July, 1*61. Toe beef shall be delivered on the order of t ?e I oomtnau .?a* <<ffioer of etoh station, either la^nlk I by the single ati.?n; and shall oontiat Me I best and moat ohoioe pie jea of the caroaaa; the pork to be No. 1 prime nets-pork, and the grooeriee to | be of the best quality of kinds named. f All snbieot to inspection. All bida must be aooompanied bp the following ' marantee: * Form of (rvarantee. ' The underanned,? ,ot , in the Hut* of ??, Mid , of . in i he M&te of , hereby guaranty that in caae the foregotna . bid of for rationa. aa above deacrtbed, 1 be aooapted, h" or they will, within ton days after the reoeiDtof the oontraot at the Poet Office named. . exeente the oontraot for the ?am?, with good and a ufioient auretiea.aod in oaee said eh ail I fail to enter into oontraot aaaforeaaid, wejaaranty 11 to make good the difTareuoe between ta- offer of the aid and that which mar be aco pted. A. B., Guarantor. Witnaaa: C D., Guarantor. , K. F. ' Ifctf J I hereby oertifr that tte above named ? are known to me aa men of property and able to make good their Guarantee 6 H J Ta be signed by tke Unxted States District Judge, United State* Dtstritt Attorney, or Collector.) No proposal wili be considered unloaa aooom panted by the above guarantee. <New?pa*era authorised to pnbliah t' e above w:ll aenrt the paper oontaining the ftiat tna^rt-ou to this oihoe for exa r.ination ) Prop iaalato be eodora-4"Proporaia for Rationa for U<?," and addre.aed to tiis und-re rnrd W B. BLACK. ae 27 law4w Major and Qnartermaatf r. METALLIC J f ei * ? (.leantnr. Paltahln*. and Preve>atla? Ra?t Ttna ia aupvior to all other oils in tha world for th? above parpoaca, m well aa for raaobiuary and lubricating uaaa. It ia e*n*Ur apalioan a to ten- I looks and Mwini maohiuM. It ia in high favor it I the Government Navy Yards for ordoaaoa ami takiBtrrPruui?*l Dtp?t tmd Omerml iinup, ( PHILHARMONIC HALL, I Penna. avenue, uear Eleventh at JET" Ageuta wanted with team a, to supply e?v- \*. a* ?? 8w j LADIES' REAL PARIS KID 8LOVES, all 3 >iaa?aid oulors, ver* beat quality, i^adiea' JLiudnr V'ata, lose and ahnrt aleavea. MotirriDe ' Shawla. loug aud square. Pina and saadiujn Wkit* F.annela. Wa are duly adding many novoitiaa m irat-oiaas J Dry Good* to our atock. j Ona pnoa on t, the aotaal oaafc ataadaid valaa. iwiavu i" Ad examination of stock inonrs no obligation to rarohM*. PERKY A bKu., oo 8-61 Pa. scenes aixi Ninth ?l 500.000 the hicb?*t ?r?#e trill *? p%<<1 in iftii Also. Iff MB ibs.of ?OAP Md CANDLB8 for . We win depoeiti* the United 8i*tee Treastrr I tt?^4^faj?sRS^atagiSl i in Three-re?r TreMnry Notes, bewiEg 7 9 IS inter S ?"?wBENY, RITTRNHOUBE. PANT A OOn S911 1 iw 0Attk0fs? N^i 969 ?a> awiuii* ^ i Aret's A|M Cmn i Kea?*ra Poedors; -22*11 J f NtJU Kt Bili .K b'?>Dt-All kinds o<MJ* I . THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkli rootUaat frmUf t*4 Neve Jikm.eeaWalnf gtimtu rwletf of lateeeet eg m4 tag than cu be *u?4 ta uf H>w N piMkH m Friday Mala|. Turn?Oui, mvmrtmklf, tm +4mmu Single copy, per aaa * Five copies 4 1 Tea coplee t ? Tweaty-lve coptee ?0 ?> It la*artablyeoauiDethe "Weafelaftoe Neva' Mat ha made JV Miy timing Smr elaeaMa federally throng host the coon try C7?81nnle coptee (ta wrappers) eea fee procured at tbe counter, Immediately after tfee taaae or ut paper. Pr'.oa?THREE CENTS. pENSION OFFICE, Jrn? 6TV. 1MI. TO ALL WHOM IT MAT COHCKMH. AmIImI oi bN> !<! ItiN lee aet ( Dd Jaue. IMn, for the rt.NH of the Lani Warrauta desen l.ed herein, which are a ie?e-1 to hare hean lost er deetrove<l. aotiee i* hereby nimjiM kt the dtu folio viae the deeoriptioa oj eaoh War rant, a new Certifioale, of like tenor. wOl be taiaed, if no va id objection shall thea appear No 71 .OB. for lsnaoree, leaned ender the aot af March, 1??, is tba nana of Awn Arthar. aad jra- tad oa lie mh day of A?|a#t, MR.?Oetobar t 1861* No. ? JB?\ for Iff) aores, aadar aot of IMI, aad ?ani i date May Mh. two. la fhvor of Muhasl A< m Ihther of 8a?eel Kom, daonaeed. Third laUana Vo uateer*. Mecioan vVar.?Ogtohsr 1A. UN No.MM for IT aeree. leaned ardor the aot of March, 1WS, la ti.e nam* of Jamee Iwac, sad iraciaa uu the 31st day of Mar ah, Uoi-Ocwbw 1,1X1 _ No X4 631. for 140 aores, lesaed aader the aot c4 ilar^h. ISM, in tlia uame of 1 homas '1, a?d ranted on the 3d day of May, 1BS6 ?Oa'obor It. Ml. No <* 100, for iao acre*, isaaed aadar the aet ?t 11 arch lfc X, in the name of Po ly, widow ot Dand tradt/ury, aud (ranted on the mh oay o! fejtetn >er, :8f0 ?November 16, 1861. No. 47-MS for ?naor.? sea'd aader the aat of >1aroh. WS6 in therameof Chiistoeher Doucb-rty, .tJ era ted CD lie ?7th day of September, IMt ilovember 16 1MAI. No 99 8?4 for 16" aorea, iseued under the aat of itarrh. 1M6 lu the name of tfuy 8. Alexander, wilor uh Id of John C Alexander, deo*aae4, aad .-anted JaW 8. 1*6".?Ncreiaber ? . 1W No. 11M, for Iff* acrea, leaned aadar the aet of A arch 1855 in the name <> B' junta Rally.aad ranted ontheSrthday of Jaae.lMI ? No 6.2 for SO acres, leased aad*r the aet of larch IKSfi in tS? cm ?f b..i? ""J? ~ ? ractH on the 9:h day of Mat . 1856. No 958. lor 1?0 acres, lesiiou nu'er ttje ut of lareh.lKM, id the name of ttaaiuel H WiUrkeiM, Ad granted on theSJ day ot May. IK66 No. 2,683 tor M aoree, ianed anoer the aet ?f lareh. ir?. in the name of &h?!lt Dowse, and a-'ed on the 2d day oi Aniart, Hft-NniwitiM s, 1 w . No 41 99). lor lO aoree leaned uador the aet of larch, IMS in the name of Jamee Pray, aul cranted n the 21et city of Maroh. 1W ?November b, lffi. No S5 9?u. fur 1W acre . ieaa?xl under the aet of lareh 1955. lathe name of vvii'iMi M . JeUetC. i?an<i John D. f*., minor ohraren of Irvia Ha<et, deceased. ad jr - rted on the Mth day of May, 856 ? November iS, Ml. No *4 a *, for aoree, leeeea under the aot 'f rla oh, 1856 in th* ns ?? of Getty. widow of Thom? E'wAod,n~d ra t?d the 19th day of January. #57.?November ?, 19*1. N< f-u lw) acre*, i fined nnder th' act of larch 1Rj6. in t' e name of Alexander Me u >ufh. d (canted on the 0th day of January, ember n 1H5I. N<>. 8,06e, for acres, leaned under the aet of larob, l?66. in the i *me rf Mexa.der MHjtili. no (ranted >?a the 12th day of Outebor, 16*.?Noeir:' er 3> I8?il No. S,wt { r 12" aoiea. teeued under the aet of larch, 1155, in the r.wne of Danie1 Weet. nd raitoc on the 14th day of Jaiy, l8'"6.?Deoeaibor 7, Ml. No.R^o for 190 aoree, ie-ued under the act -f taroh,_'9"3, in the name of Hannah widow or &me? vv i i? n. asd t?<1 or. the *-U? day of Pabu-.-r. 1W* -p?c?ra5er so, iasi No 64,3V*. fjr U) acre', i?n?d isdtr the act of laroh 18M. intr?e name of Ma-t?>a. widow of Aac? M- ?*:.?rd gr%' tod on the 13th day of /prll, ?S?H*-?mbor2 .1861 Mo. 3-JW for i*1 aorr?, teased under 'ha aot of larch. iM6. nam of temii R Jaclcaa* n 11 &a' <ioat >elv.d'.; o A gut. IS4S No 3 14, 'o. ]fir> arret, Uanei und? t e aet of. I'rfl", 1U64. in the nam* cf William H Tarra. ee, nd *rante<i on tne ist.i day of Ja y, 14S6 i>ec ir er 21, lertl. No. 14MA, for 8n a?ree, ieeued andar the Mt of eptrmber 8i0 in the ram* of umr\ Tread well, nd ft anted B p ?mbe i9U?, 1WI. No Slfnst, o 4" aarra. la-ue-i under the a*rot act. i t> name of A *> ! Plait*, and (ranted Novoabor JU?. l?sl.?Deoember S* lr4>i JOofcPn H, BARRETT. ll-ltw Commieaioaor. SFFICK OF THK BOARD HEALTH J WasH'SOTO*. S*?temb*r 94. .M. At a meeting o' the B ard <>f H a .a. heM on thia ar, tiie f i owing were de?lared to eonatitate t'laanc a: De d annuals, dead fiah,offal of fisfc.aMl heaps of y?te' iMii. Offal from batchers' (a a, slauthter boatee, or an > arda. !* am-nt wate in pond*, marahea, wtwt w ellara. F?>o! trbles, fool e w-housoa or oow-pena,foal aul hoc rtyea Docav.a- vegetable and frnita of every oeaonp ion. whether enti'e or'hiae portions thereof not aed aa 'ood wht *h ma br thrown OIL A II aahea, rubbish tS.avings^r refuse snbetaaoos r m auy rade.oocu at ion. or busineu. Fi tb, atable manure, toapsudc in poo a, drenage rom <lye iiona'e, aoap. a a glee faetories. Hur?M going at }*rge with g arde.s, tarey.or .r.r other contagious diaeaae KouMt or buildiats n a at ate of dilapidation or ?c'y endangering the uvea or property ot Uoae in tie vicinity. Pri vice opening it to sewer* ConI gaa tar or other refnae matter aaaapiB* r/itn rB.4.h(iuaaa a* aaa rA?<x?ama.. ?? vw w. r * Ma ? Vil A i dead aiumnla or thereof that are oftenive ?e?--wlw WM. G. FLOOD. Bcatery. ^ SSLT^w IMMtM M 9*M, RCHW KRIN'S f ILLS ere aar? daatt to Rata .nd MiO?. M. Ser.werin La* received o?"tiioei*a rotij the P real dent of Simrd Cwlleja, Director* of (oaae of Retace, Pecqaylva v.a Hoap.ia.. end U,?r Pro? . aec: InatitutioM of FtuiadeiMMi U. L^Jei^WyjaiBKj L. D C? a*u Cbaj.ty Beepttfe. TJ.' &JtS treet, Phua2??ipnie. md ff>r aeie in tai? city hf p. J. CLARK, oorner Pa. eresoe end ?* elk. aad by "pr.\Vi'RK^SlMi'pi K ioug IMITATIONS. fL" E "member to Mk for Bokverln'a Annihl mi Powder. If * None f?L uid? anleeeaicaedM.BewmjL malMmto TOPHAM*8 UMSM PREMIUM TMVJTK WO MAflltACTOHY, 499 SXTKRTK SHUT, WuBlMTM, D. O. *iSaCTR'to." MB oonatantly r*skin#. snd MrByihsve oa tea*. of tha beat inBtonal, enrt daoorfrftaB ?T rise Sola Leather, Irot Fr?raa. f a^cutK TraaBa. Ntatr.OimMal ^M*8?4w2sBle$ lia*? At L?w PritM. Mmtwf of Coarraoa taf travalora wiJ! riwf nawine nij atcck, before pur^haciBg waovhare frnnk? that are made in other Paporior Leather u< l>roaa 1 ruu Bade to la: -.ra ftgaa&aagra ~ "Stary"-"" gsatefifflBK Alitor Kv*niut *t*r. B?iu?n 'l W?t?r?. t H. Ju ^tgaafi^S^BrjaiSaait *H^V^-fa?ggi.'''' WLj| n?'?.-5*iE!??-4(<e?V> ?ULNt?tt O |M tuuni ??r*^ H.WI tuI . \AtMSaiSs^iuiSSSi6^ SaftuSusr r?rtS5T.^aaf N?w~t*>in??r?. atr?i,r?>ra, aojoinMn ?M| mM rifa imfK ot a.ook H ???*? P?r ?? ?

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