Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1861 Page 2
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THE EV EM3Q STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY OcUbfr S, 1961. Ovb Fbii??d? at tb e vnriona military earn pa and portion a will confer a favor by keeping na ported aa to moTptnenta and atalra in their vicinities. Spirit ?f the m?ralr| Pre??. Tk. I.ull i .. i .. r?1. ...... II,. it-..- :. I UC JMttftlgl ? W ? U? H UC f/VPAl^J I u regard to slaves '' Tbe Refubhean urges the policy of small engagements and constant fighting, instead of risking snythlng upon a great battle. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. HOW THX UOUtt GOBS. Sometime since Gen. Sickles is said to have succeeded In getting from tbe War Department permission to raise three companies of artillery, to serve as a portion of tbe brigade under his command Subsequently, be contracted with some parties or other for the manufacture of tbe batteries for I hem?steel rifled guns, eighteen In number, with telescopic sights, Ac. The Head of the Ordnance Department and the Chief of Artillery of tbe Army of tbe Potomac, when tbe accounta were presented for these guns?about 39,000?promptly repudiated them, (tbe guns.) as utterly unfit for the service, and the contract as having been made wholly without authority. After three roonth'a perseverance. Gen Sickles Is aid to have obtained an order that the cccount hall be pild. Bo his contractor* make their *' good thing" In this case. Bat when the gun* arrive here, the Chief of Artillery will be forced, of course, to direct them to be stored In the Arsen .1 as condemned pieces, utterly worthless; furnishing the companies with such guna as are used In the service of the United Mtatee In tbelr stead. They require a different ammunition from any in use In service, which does not fit the boxes, and which, if essayed to be used in a general action wherein a large artillery force participates, would Inevitably lead to confusion that would bid fair to engender defeat Hence, If Gen Slcklea's fancy and unautborixed guns muti be paid for by the Government, the payment will necessarily be set down to Uncle Sam's profit and loaa account; es Gen Barry will becompelled to send them on store to the Arsenal. Months ago, we foreshadowed the enormous cost of the Sicklcs Brigade to ike U S T easnry: and this nrnaner.tive lna> nf Ihiftr.nlna Iknn. mild dollar* on an uafi'-gun contract, will only go to swell that expense. God help tbe war-tax payer* TBI SEARCH TOR THZ SUMTRR. The Navy Department have advice* from the United State* steamer Iroquois, at Bridgetown. Bar bad oe*, Sept. 23, when her com madder (Com 'r James S. Palmer) wrote as follows : " J reached the Island of St Thomas after a passage *f six and a ha!f davs from Hampton Boads. Here I found tbe ' Keystone State" coaling; and as this port is the fee us of all West Indian news. I learn?d of the Sumter's whereabouts as late as tbe I'h of September On that day sfce left Surinam, saying that sh* would retnrn to coal In a fortnight Bnt, of course. this wasa ruse Tb? Powhatan bad lrft St Thomas, a* It was said, for Surinam, seven d v* before my arrival She cona?qnently would,be at that port at tbe time of the Sumter's supposed return. "Commander Scott (of the keystone State? Ed Star,) and myself, then decided that he would leave for the coast of Guiana, as he might be able to go up tbe rivers where the Powhatan could not, whilst I took down tbe Carrioean group, looking in at tbe ports of the different islands where coal wns to he had ii.inHnu ti? Pumtcr. driven from tb? miln land by the presence of these two Shi pa, might come over to replenish her coal anions the Kngltah. Thia abe bad done previously at Tiinldad. wbrre not only coal wan furnished her, but everything in tke way of an en'At. even to powder. " Since lf-aring St Thomas I have looked Into Saota Crcx, 8t Kitta, Gu*delnpe, .Martinique, both at tbe ports i t St Pelrre and Port Royal? communicating with ti?econau!a and arrived here this morning To-morrow I sball lesve for Grenada and Trinidad. At tbe latter port 1 expect to meet the Keystone State, by which time she will have to coal, and, I trust, will have some news of the Sumter The consul here Informed me that the Powhatan had been here some ten days since, topping only a fow honra, an<t leaving word that sae would return here to coal In a fortnight." Tbe above extract from Com'r Palmer's dispatch Illustrates tbe difficulties of overhauling a prlva Veer steamer Com'r P adds tbat the privateer McRae, commanded by Lieut. Huzer, late of tbe U 8. Navy, has probably gone to the Mediterranean. a mythical bit. We place no reliance in the current newspaper stories of tbe destb of Ben McCuilonuh ? ly because the fact that an army continues to be commanded by one Ben McCullrugh la accounted for on the hypothesis that th? aaid B. McC la the ?on of The Redoubtable We have known Den, boy and man, alnce the fell of lr3*, and having *<*en h!m every yMr lnce that time, know well that he la a bachelor. No one would be more horrified than he at hearing the aoft Impeachment of being the fhther of a on old enough to command an army, alleged against hla pretensions aa one of the ''young men nroand town," wben In Washington. He 1* of that age, precisely, at which a confirmed bach dor and young lady's man Is most jealous of a general feminine lmpreaalon that be Isold enough to certainly have cut his wisdom teeth. Our word on It, tk$ Ben McCullough who commands division of the oligarchy's army now on the Kansas border, la that same o!d Ben. P. 8 ?If there be any Ben McCullough, jr , in the Confederate army in tbe West, be Is doubtleas a aoa of tbe late Henry McCullough, (brother to Bea,) of Gonzales, Texas, and cannot be more than SO years o d. Vntted States steamer Mystic, of tbe African qnadron, arrived at Philadelphia yesterday, coming vis the Cape de Verde and West India I islands She left St. Paul de Loando on the afternoon of the loth of August laat. She was compelled to go Into Barbadoes for coal, and ao great was her commander's anxiety to have a band in the hoped for capture of tbe Sumter, as that he detained her in th->se waters until be ascertained that the Iroquois, Powhatan and Keystone State were in that Immediate vicinity, snd that her services were not needed Her ofleer* and crew are all as Well as could b- expected, after her late long erulz- upon the coast of Africa TBI SITTATIO* IS WKHTERS VIRGINIA. The War Department's information from the command of (ien Rosecrans justifies the belief that he will be able to sustain himself faliy, It natters not what reinforcements the oligarchy end to Lee and Kloyd. He (Roeecrana) has not been forgotten by tbe authorities here In their arrangements to strengthen tbe different Union eolomns, tbe public may rely on't. TBI Tin > U ?? A gentleman from Savannah aaaores tbe editor of tbe Now Ysek IVttaM that tho Bermuda, that roeeatly run tho blockade of Savannah, had hot 6 9U) Eafteld rifle* oa board ; sot 40,000, aa alleged by tho preaa.' dcfiat or atiOADi intton, ?rc. Uia^vutui, a sky or tbb Potomac, > Waahiagtoa, Oct. 3, 18C1. ( Ooaeral Ordora, No 20 Tho fallowlag regulation respecting tho datlea of brigade aorgeooa are publlahed for the government at all conoemod : 1 Tho Brigade Surge? na will frequently lnapeet the pallce, cooking, clothing, and cleanliness of the cam pa and men In their respective brigades; the paction and condition of tbe atnka, tho drainage of tbe camp grounds, the ventilation of the tenia, etr ; making written r* porta to the brigade commanders whenever, in their opinion, nay errors in t brae res pec ta require correction, and sending duplicates of these reports to the Mad leal Director of the Army. 4. They wiUscs that the Medladnee. Hospital Stores, lnaUumenta, and Dressings of the aeveral Regimental furgsoaa are kept coaataatly raflcieat !a quaatltv, la good order, aad always ready lot *??ctlve aervlre 3- TWy will collect from ftawM Burg com. and tranaam, every tiatnrdir morning, to ta? Mm! ical Director, a cop* of tbelr morning port mad? to tb* commanding officer of tbeir Regiment, su4 will accompany tbeae with reDaru abowltt^ the character of the principal 4- Tbey'win promptly report to tho Modioli Director all eboagia In ataclon. or locatlM, of tfceaMrhraa. or of any of tk? mtdlcal officera la tbelr Brlgadaa, wltk tkt aomfaef, date, and aa> b rlty </the order *y wkicb aucb changea were I ' 9 4 , 5. Tbev will Insoect careful It all mm receiving cert I firs tes of disability for disrhsrge, and, If they approve, they will countersign such certificate*. ? The hospital attendants, to the number of ten to a Regiment, and the Regimental Band*, will be aas?tnbled under the supervision of the (frigid? burgeons, and will be drilled one hour each day, except Surdav, by the Regimental Medical oBcer*, In setting up and dismiatllng the hand .stretchers, litters, and smbnianees. In handling men carefully placing them upon litters and ambulance beda, putting them Into the ambalancet, taking them out, eic; carrying men upon tbe hand stretchers, (observing that the leading bearer steps off with tbe left foot, snd tbe rear bearer with tbe right;) in short. In everything that can rendsr this service effective snd tbe most comforta ble for the wounded who are to be transporter. Brigade Surgeons will aee that the order* of the Commanding General, In relation to the u*es to which smbulunces are to be applied, *re strictly obeyed, and they will report promptly to the Brigade Commands all infractions of these orders. 7. Whenever a skirmish or aftlr of outposts occur*, in which any portion of thrlr Brigades Is engaged, they will aee that the ambulances and stretchers properly manned with the drilled men ar* In immediate readiness and attendance to bring off the wounded; and that the Regimental Medical Officer* sre at thf ir posts, wltb their Instrument, dressings, and hospital knapsack* In complete order, and ready for immediate use, so that no delay may occnr In rendering the necessary surgical aid to the wounded 8 They will report in writing to the Medical Director, within twenty-four hoursafter any affair with the enemy, the name, rank, and regim?ut of each of the wounded, the nature and situation of the wonnds, and the surgical means adopted in the case. 9 Brigade Surgeons will be held responsible that the hospital service In their Brigades I* kept constantly effective and In readiness for any emergency. No remissness in this respect will be tolerated or overlooked. By command of Major General McClellan : 9 Williams. Aasla't Adjutant Gen 'I. OfficialRich'd B. Ik wis, Aide-decamp. Ifoit?The Medical Director dtalres that exnertlun of the shoulder and elbow joints shall be resorted to in preference to amDntation. in all Cases offering a" reasonable hope of success. and that PirigoiTa operation at the ankle abould be preferred to Cbopart'a or to amputation above the ankle, in cases that might admit of a choice. AFFAIRS IS HHODK ISLAND. [Correspondence of the Star ] Providznck, Oct. 4, 1801?Editor Stnr . ?Business, except such aa pertains to the equipment of military companies, Is rapidly disappearing. Hundreds are out of employment, with no prospact of work during the war. Manufacturing Is the basis of every kind of business In Rhode Island Like the huge wheel which constitutes the motive power of so many of ber cotton factories. It runs tbe machinery of trade, affecting business as does moisture the barometer. Our mills are lying Idle, or running half time, the period of activity of all regulated by the amount or cotton on band, and the lat of January will be the Rnblcon with moat of them. The recent flurry baa reduced f?ur market very much. The blanks for the State bonds have been received, and the bonda will probably be Issued In a few days. The act authorizes the issue of five hundred thousand dollars, redeemable in ten years, bearing Interest at six per cent, per annum, payable semi-annually in this city The bonds are surmounted by a vignette of the Governor, surrounded with the paraphernalia of war. They will be issued in sums of five hundred and one thousand dollars They are signed by the Secretary of State and General Treasurer, and Indorsed on the back by the act of the Assembly. Enlistments are progressing very rapidly. Two companies of cavalry went Into camp to-day, and It is rumored that they will form the nucleus of a regiment. The Rhode Island Fourth Is now full, numbering some nine hundred men, and will leave to-morrow via Ellzabethport for \V ashlngton Yesterday they made a public parade, and the accuracy of their evolutiona in the field elicited the highest praise from the military gentlemen present They have been put under thorough discipline by Col. McCarty,without the aid of a fl?-ld officer, and with only half the number of commissioned (ffi:er*. The sixth battery will also leave with the regiment. Although the 41 powers that be'' have declared in the hearing of your correspondent, that there would be no more Infantry raised in Rhode Island at present, you need not be surprised to hear of the departure of a fifth regiment at no distant day. Mmiii. The linTBLLiOESCia upon Historical, Romance.?The lnttlhgtuctr, In an editorial this morning, speaks of an Interesting account of tbe battle of Fuentes de Onore "given by Charles OA1 alley la hta ' Irish Dragoon Doubtless the Jntilligtnctr refers to Lever's novel of ' Charles O'Mallev," a very dashing, amtialng atory, but hardly a work of historical record 1?7" We are requested to aay that tbe notea of tbe Bank of PitUylvanla, Va , are good Thla bank was chartered by the laat General Assembly, and was authorized to commence operatlona, the principal part of the atock being aubacrlbed previous to tbe suspension of specie payments The stockholders are among the best cltlzena of the rich county of Pittaylvanla. fJ^List Saturday the new U 9. Gunboat Pembina made her trial trip at New York. Not *? * - * *? * * witusianaiiiK toe Dewow or her machinery, the made 11 knota per hour, and her engine*, with 35 pound* of steam, achieved 100 revolution* per mlnuto The Pembina U to b? commanded by Lieut Cro?by of the United States Navy, and will proceed to her destination immediately. gT-I.ast Saturday tbe new gunboat Chocura wes launched at Boston Her keel was laid on tbe 9tb of July last, and she was 'o be completed in 90 days Her engines are ready and as the time expires on Wednesday of neit we*k she will be re*dy for service before tbe specified time. |f7* Yesterday, Capt Michael Berry, late commander of tbe steamship Marlon, was arrested In New York and sent to Fort Lafayette, on a charge of being employed in the service of the rebels This is the officer who hoisted tbe Palmetto flag In Charleston, S. C , some time since. JET"Three prize Teasel arrived In Baltimore Sunday, captured In the Pocomoke Sound, two of which were lad'n with sweet potatoes, and the third having just left Virginia waters whither she had taken a cargo of grain. {D*La?t night the Maryland Institute fair opened tn Baltimore, under clrcumstsnces much better than was anticipated. The collection was large and of a superior quality. To-day Ohio votes for a Governor, Lieutenant Governor and State officers Pennsylvania votes also to-day for Judges, members of the Legislature, Sheriff* and local officers. l|~rin Philadelphia 9,000 fsmilles are recelv. ing weekly donations from the fund recentlv an propriated by that city for the relief of tbe fami-1 Ilea of volunteers. IC7" 1,05b bale* of cotton have arrived in New York city, from Providence, R. 1., aince tLc 7th of September, for sbipmeut to Europe. ITT" The Britiah gunboat Steady, Commander brant, arrived in New York yesterday morning, from off Charleston, South Carolina. {[TThe execution of Perry Kennard sentenced to be buog on Friday next haa been postponed by Got. Hicks until the <2(1 of November. U^The steamship Edinburgh which arrived In New York ea Sunday, brought 1,300 bales of cotton and 34 barrels of turpentine. \ETThe total coinage of tbe U. 8. Mint at Philadelphia since tbe 1st of July la *81,430,006. ha* hot lumut ? 8ince tbe publication of a Item In Ssturdart Hmld, to to* effect that Lieut. Patteraoa, of tbe U 8 Steamer Mohican, bad realgaed far reasons, w? bare baen Informed that the Federal oath wu admlolatered on Saturday laat to all oa board aad attached to the Mohican, wiU?at a nmglt txetplitm. Oar correspondent adda: "A mora loyal, high-minded aad honorable man than Llent. T H Patterson never walked tbe deck of a government veaael, aad be neither haa resigned nor has he evar entertained any aoch treaaonable idea."?Boumt P*r*r- _________________ JCT'The King of Portugal has issued a proclamation strlctlv prohibiting privntearing, ar harboring of privateers, la hl? dominion*. K7* Tbe members of the 'Mth (Oswego) regiment have cent bomata their families over 815,UU) since they have bean la the service. inr The little dty of Wlimingtoa, la thaalava, though loyal 8Ute of Dataware, has sabacrtbed tfojju totbenaw 7.90 per c*at. Qavernmaai loan. * Latfit News trim the Sea k. From late Southern paper* we extract the following items of latere*t: I a rniiiL raisonaa shot. ( Wm C. Buck, a prisoner of war. a corporal in Mm tenth company of the Srventv-ninth New ( York regiment, was abot on Saturday by a Cos- , federate sentinel, for turbulence snd disobedience of orders. Th* prisoner wss, contrary to orders, , leaning out of a window, and wben told to with- < draw himself, cursed and abused the sentinel outrageously, and dared him to shoot, which in j obedience to orders he bad received from his superiors, he proceeded to do. Buck was burled , the same day. ARRKST or Ml SBOAR. A Norfolk correspondent of the Richmond Enquirer Mate* that the Hon. Joseph Segar was arrested a few days ago on a charge of disloyalty to the Southern Confederacy, but was subsequently released on bail. HOR f. C. RRRCINRIDOR AT ABINODOK. The Hon J. C. Breckinridge, with other*from Kentucky, was at Ab'nedon, Va , on the 3d inst It is understood that Mr. Breckinridge will resign bis s??at In the Untted States Senate, and is sue an address to the people of Kentucky, and eugage actively In fhe war. It is believed that he will be in Richmond in a few day* WINTER CLOTHING FOR SOLDI IBS. Georgia (?avs tbe Knquirer) fcas set a noble example In providing for the winter clothing and comfort of her soidien, at an exper.s? of about J-.'OO.OOO She has30.000 in thefleld?2ll 000 being in Virginia Pome of tbe Georgia ladles alg?> have most gen?rously propost-d that if the soldiers will send a part, or the whole, of tielr commutation money to ttelr sewing associations, they will purchase cloth and make up the clothes without r n, IT ft Thll PTiu>rli?nt U'i II at loaflt ntmlrl lh? skinning of our soldiers by the tradesmen. a balv of cotton wanted 1 The ladies of Louisa county, Va , e< rnestly ap- i penl to si tne gentleman of the cotton States to a*nt ? them a bale of cotton, to be made Into comfort* i for theuseof the wick and wounded soldiers at the hospitals The destitution of convenience* at , these places in probably w>U known to many t cotton planters, who could readily spare one , bile f"r the above mentioned purpose. One good ( comfort is worth three blankets, and the cost compared with the latter in a mere trifle. MauyfamU , lies are willing to furnish cloth and hive them . mad<*, free of charge, while blankets are very scarce and sc!d at exorbitant prices j tobacco jxsrictiox of *kti;!l?bchg The inspection of tobacco at the different warehouaett In Petersburg, Va , for tfce ye*rending ( October 1, 1881, shows a decrease of 7,312 hhds , compared wttb last year. mi r'. kk and lynch law. A corre*pjnd?nt of the Houston (Texas) Tele- i jraph gives au account of a shocking affair in ' (irim>*s county On Friday morning, 16th ult , a ! little after sunrise, Judjje Anderson was walking J thr>. ugh his Held, and had shot some bogs belonging to a neighbor named Jones, which had been depredating in his field A man named Haygood, | In the employ of Jone*, shot and killed Anderinn Kiiuunnri u??s oA/>.xr?^ ?? - -? - * .. y ^?vt? ww ua auiiVuiimnicu uy a l.'II Ol | Jones The people assembled and hung llaygood j the day Anderson ?M killed, and the next day hung the e'der Jones as an accessory. Affair* la the Writ. From the ap?ciil telegraphic correapondence of the Cirvlnatl Gazette : Fkansfort, Oct. 4?Garrard laa'lll ported at i Crous Roads, near the northern border of Laurel county, lift en miles from London ZolllrofTcr has retired from London, and even beyond Bar- , boarsville, toward Cumberland Gap Gnrrard's | acouta back from Barbouraville, report Zolllcotf<-r i as atill retreating It Is suppo^d here that he in- < tends to fortify at Cumberland Ford?naturally a very strong position?tifleen miles this side of Cumberland Gap. An advance movement from Camp Dick Rob- . inaon is repored here to be now in progress, though the information Is not known to be reliable Gen Thomas, of Mie regular army is in command there, and bis forces are becoming j formidable. i hn'iMPnf is A TV. - ?L-'- m' ' - i? ? uc tewu, xor prinpntial reasons, concluded not to advanceoo Henderson, K v , last night, but retired back to Hopkins 1 He. wbtre they now are. All quiet at Hender- i son,to day. 1 Heavy firing was beard at Lock No. 1 on Green * river, this morning, where Cruft's men are In- . trenched. , The Twenty-ninth regiment, and the Thirtieth are now uniformed and equipped. They will be armed to morrow, and leave for Kentucky tbe day following. The Thirty-sixth regiment, and the Thirty-fourth regiment, will be ordered here next week to receive their arms and equipments Rev. J W S McMulleu and Rev. F. H Hardiug, will commence raising a regiment in tbe Fifth Congressional District as soon as Col Grose Is full it will rendtzvous at Richmond ' The Gazette also give* the following particulars of the late tight near Cheat Mountain, West- I ern Virginia: 1 On Thnrmdav morning, at a very early hour, j General Reynolds s??t ont with a strong force from hi* camp on the summit of Cheat Mountain, to reconnoiter the rebel position on Greenbrier river, . about twelve miles distant, under command of Gen. Anderson and Cols. Tollve, Jackson, and 1 Jokmon Th? ? ' * * " . -~ ?wuy numorrea o umi men. To prevent a flank movement on the part of the rebels. Ford'? regiment was Bent in aavanca Arriving in front of tbe in trench risen ta about 8o'clock,thepicketaweresoondrlven in. Loomis' , battery gatned a good position by the assistance of tbe fourteenth and Seventeenth Indiana regl- | merit*, while tbe Ohio Twenty-fourth did valua- i ble work aa skirmishers The flr?t discharge of the artillery was replied to by tbe enemy In ambush. who were ?oon cleared out, however, by the Indiana Fourteenth. Seven of the rebels were ? killed, and quite a numb-r wounded and captured Howe's battery supported by the Thir- ! teenth Indiana, then came up, taking a position ' till nearer tbe fo". and causing ureat havoc After an hour's hard lighting, the rebel bat'erlea were nearlv all silenced Their guns were, for th* moat part, aimed too high. For three houra ' after an Irregular light was kept up, while our men reconneitered the enemy's wo-ks Just as oar reconnolxance was being completed. every essential fact relative to the position of the rebels being discovered, tliey were largely re- j inforced from their camp near Monterey This swelled their numbers to 15 0<>0 The expedition therefore withdrew with a loss of only ten killed i and eleven wounded The enemy's loss was vey severe, numbering several hundred. Their killed and wounded could be seen scattered all about the camp, and their tents were torn to plecea by tbe balls Tbe number of prisoners I taken was thirteen, and some cattle aud horses were also brought off jJTTwo important acceaaions have been made to the rebel navy at Mobile, In the abape ,?f a couple of row boata They are eacu thirty-aeven fe> t long, nine feet be. m and three and a half feet depth of hold They carry twenty oaremen and four nffl'-eri, and are armea with a howitzer and twenty-four muakeis. rr^NOTICK TO TAX-PAYERS IN THE UJ ' OIINTV OK WArtHI GION-Not.o uherebt given that a deduction of 10 per oant w: 1 b-< male ou all tax bilia tor the jear 1861, i| paid in ti<- iTK'n?h of October and & diaoonnt o| 8 per cent, if paid in the mo?rh of November and 6 per on. if paid in the n onth of Deoeuiber. After that time no riiaoount wil be made The undmirned wi?? beattheoAoe of Nie>>o!aa Ca lan, tta* O erk a:.d Treaauter of tits Court, (No. \>?3 F ?t., V'ween 14th and 2*>tli,) ever? Tu*- 'ay, Thursday and Saturday for the put poae of reoeiv in< ih* Uxii. ALFRED RAY, it- Collect^' fo' the County ryTS?the UNION PRAYKK MEETINO lL5 will b* hoiden EVER Y DAY Uuaweek in the EncliaU Lutheran Churob, oorrer of H and 11th ata? oomiucncinK at half-past 4 o'clock p. m , to be continued <>ae honr only. oc 7 3m vV*? E--8TIVAL AT ISLAND HALL-The 'I C Inland Baptist Churob Will bold a Fair at Iiland Ha l ou MONDAY EVt?NLNii, to be oontiuued duMng the we k ; avM'a for the benefit of tbo Church. Admission fee 10 oenta. oo 5 3t* fT^?ROCKVILLE AND Wahhim?-T.M jsjj tcekpiIi* Road Compaitt, Oct. a, 196' ?A dividscd of four per cent. has been deotared on the C.aM'al btco? of ibis Company. payable to stockholders, on demand, at tha Haulc ot Washington. ,)C_4lw ? B HOARMAN, Sep ? r?j=?GENEKAL ORDER No. 8. Hbaequaxtik* Phimlvahia Militia.! fcariisburg, eept to, i*6i \ 1. No Surgeon or Assistant Surgeon os* receive a commission from the Govemur of Pennsylvania, unie's he bas fi st passed an examination before a 0.>ard of Surgeons, inacoordinoe with the Aot if Assembly anu Gracal Orde s No. 25 of the War Department. A Medical Board for the examination of ail Surgeons, or A?eista"t Surgeons set* acting mj ruek. in any retimeut raisod in the State of P^i^isyivania. will be held at ffarritburg, ? 'otobcr 2d, 1961, at 9 a. m.aod at IVasAmgie* City, at Willarda; Hotel, on Tuesday, the Ithof Octob .r, 1861, at 10 a. m. uj order of ^ ^ Governor and Commander^uiT'hief. Cms Biddh. A Q- u. oavst rfTURNPHK ELECTION.?Notice ia | 1L3 hereby given to the Stookho ders of the Washington Tarnpike Company that an eleotion , will ba held at the Farmers aud Meohtnioa' Bank, i Georgetown, D.C., on the second MONDAY (14th) 1 in Ootobar next, for the election of a President, i eight Mansion and aTreasarer to msnage the af- , fairs of said Company for the y?ar then eoaaing, < or until their suooeaaore are elootad. aa ?-lawtd ROB T READ, Treaaarac. \ H if COMPANY ''A." V- 8. KNOi*rwi/?? li* Fifty intelligent and Ml* bodied mechanio* j will be enlisted to all thi? Company to the nu imam fi**a by law-l#0 "MJ, la*mire at N?. < ^fSaSdS&.iir *" ? "* "UTy-: OCT PmT^^VR8?Z i be opened, and oit- 1 I imi are re?u*et?d to call and autor any sou- i m^-^sSBSs:. I s / THE WAR Iff MltKOCRI. Rkpobtbd Dbatb or B?n McCtLLoroH *r. Lou it. Oct 6 ?The correspondence of the [Vmocrat giret the following rather doubtful itory: Rolla, Mo , Oct. 6.?From Information path red by ccouta, there ere about 11,000 ernted rebels icattered over the southwestere part of tbe State, ncluding 8,000 to 7,000 at Camp Walker, Arkanlae, eight milee below tbe Missouri line, under command of young Ben McCullousb. Mai a. ? -?- ? "? ? ?j ? apt *? wi itv/uiQ UUftlUI) lUrUIBUCS IUC ollowlng statement: A physician, well knows to tbe Major, wbon wme I am not permitted to uae, arrived from tbe muthweat on Tuesday evening. Tbla physician A-aa formerly a partner of Dr Sncll, Gen. McCuU ough's army surgeon. Tbe former very recently Had an Interview with hla old partner, and waa old by blm that in tbe battle of Springfield VIcCullnugh was shot through the hips, and a glance ball alao struck blm In the forehead Soon tfer making hla report of the battle. McCvlloagh, uvith tbe Texaa forces, waa ordered back to Texas, but after reaching Camp Chesapeake, near Mount Vernon. be died from hia wounda Before he expired be apcke freely of themanner >f hla treatment by the Mlsaourlana and declared ;bat If he bad known the true position of allklra, tie never would have entered the State. Hla body araa placed In a metalic coffin and conveyed to Texaa His death waa concealed even from hla own nen for a time, it being tbe policy of the surrlvlng leader* to operate on'the prestige of his lame Hla ?on, Ben McCullougb, Jr.. waa thereTore placed In nominal command In order to keep jp the deception. Major Wright, who la an old icqualntanre of McCullougb, having, aa late aa he winter before tbe laat ranged wltb blm up tbe Colorado, it convinced that tbe latter la dead l.ettera have been received bv Mra Crawford 'rom her husband, Colonel Crawford, of Price's

irmy, stating that tbe latter waa hemmed In, and Wrnnvfncr rylMr>?1 rwvel #1 J -.?? ? - ? * ? mediate removal of his property to the South. Rolla. Mo , October 4.?Thirty-five of our mounded men arrived here from Springfield yes?rday Three ambulances left this morning, and others will start to morrow, to bring away more jf the wounded, 500 of whom still remain there. Letter* from the southwest, received here, itate that many of the citizens of that region are moving their familiea and effects to the South Capt A G Smith, at the head of some fifteen hundred Union men, la pursuing the aectaalonmta In Barre and Stone counties. Mra John S Phelps, who waa active In ber attrition* to our wounded soldiers after the battle >f Springfield, la very 111 of typhoid fever. DNK VERT NICE SECOND HANI) PIANO for $sn. Alao. a large'tock of K&ven?j^^ llaoon i. Co 'a and Steinway & Son'a haveflMMB u?t t?een received at the Music Store of ffl ?T 1 W. G. METZEROTT. [17" Pianoa for rent. oc 8 pOAL-COAL-COAL DAILY EXPECTED. Cargoes of White Ash E*c. White Asn Furnaoe, tnd Red Aah Stove Coal ; all of which will t>e deivered from the vessel at a redooed price. GEORGE L. SHERIFF, Offioe? Pa. av., between 3d and i)i sts. oo 8 3t Wharf?4X street and canal. Devon c<?ws and heiffers-i will o(T*r for *al?. a'. th? Market YaH, on THURS DAY MoRNING, the tftth instant, a fev pureMo >de<: Devon Cows and Heifers, or oHoios <<airy itook I liavs ats<> a pair of fine Devon Work Oxen or>al? (oc 1 3t*) LEWIS BAILEY. n *troas??a ?*? * ? - Iiv. n r,r,nr w 111 aevote mi time to the cure I/ of dileaxes of a chror.ic chnrao'er, no matter jf how ion* standinr nor how hopeloas ther mar be. R heuinat'sm, Sorofola, every ditease the nuinan o-stenfi is safj?ct to. Twenty four hours will 3 "vinoe you. H-adache. Toothache, Neuralgia cured jsra i* DR. WEFK9, 383 Pa avenue. }?7* N<? charge for consultation. oo 7 3'.* PW. H. HAMILTON A CO., RODUCK A COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 47 9 Ninth S'rttt, brloie K. Dealers n butt r. Kcu, Lard. Hami, Dried Reel. .Mackerel, Codfish. Cranhernes, Ap?le?, Dried appli'n. Onion*, Dried p-aches. c'ackere, md Oa?e.?. Pure Ciaer Vinegar, Ao. Goods deltT?r>?d free of charte. oo 7 1 w* Dancing acadeviks-prof. bak.nks, of New York, will teaoh Fashionable DanoinK at Fia-iklin Hall, ooraer D and 9th JH its, Wednescay and Saturday afmrn((>n? % deveniLrs; at Stott'a Hall. 2ftth and fajjH iv., Kiidaj afternoon ; at Odd Fellowa' Hall, Navy Vard .Monda? ami Thursday ev- mnga. For particular* road the National Repuoiioau and o*li for rrculirs. oo 7 Iw* Navy agent's office. Washisoto*. D, C? Oct. 7,1861. P'oposa'a will bo retoivacl at thia oflioe antil the lota met lor n i.A . il. i ?*.* - ? " < ??mb? insoi uopper, 3 0" " Banca Tin, l (tm " " SlabZ^no, 1<? boxes X X D Tin To bo delivered at ti e Washington Navy Yard, by the 1st of Nov-njber next. 8. B BROWN, o':7- ft ' R?pub.) Navy Agent. SUTLEKS WANTF.D l*RE*T ADVANTAGE* to ba foard by Sut* h, and denier* in Boot* and Shi-e*, at NKWVORK WH I.F.MAI.K HKAMH lg] HOUSE. 348 Penn*yl*aniaavenuo,(?Mer? ml liuie;'i Shu? More.l We ni'nnfacture our own O oil, and sell at New York P'ieei, thereby saving freight. Having constant!* on band a large Stock, we can upply at a moment's rotioe. an* quantit* destrtd. A la ne avortmeut of 3 sole High-out shoes, a: d Long-leg li<<ots. Sutlers l:b-rally dealt with. A cai f oin ali dealers solicited. oo 7 1 w*lp,a s?* WM.B.UNCK LE9. 7 V10 PER CENT. TRKA^UKV NOTES ' of the various deuominations are kept on hand 5y the ?ub*criie,s. with t:ie view of accommodating their oustomnra. ?c.*-iw Rtofi^ k ro. I/OK SALE- A good (ami y bUKtfh and BLU 1 (iY. The horse is vi ry gentle, (an* r\ nno nan <in?a * ? ?* ? ?' * " ?... . .u unfv unit,/ auu win oo inia v ry f low I r cash. Also, & sp.eudid Piano on^5^-* .t o same terms. Inquire or HAT i'llliWr A C'>,, 175 *e\^th st . btweea I and K. oo 6 St fTNIO.NOYSTER l>LPOT.?The undersisnrd U respeotT'lr announce to their^^ Irienda find the pub io that they f^yi ipen th^ir ectabfuhment on Tuesday r.ext?4**0 cfncr Twelfth a.d K iti (lyi'er >huokers wanted. oc5-tin* SWOR1) A CO BLANKET*, OOMF'?RT?*. MARSEILLES Quilts, Ta^ile Clo'li*. Napkins, Towels, Do? lie*. I'lilow Linens. SheetL k <. Ao. A fine stook at moderate prices. One price onl>, mi'lcd in plain Stares ; henoe no purchaser is deceived. PERRY * BROTHER. oc 5 5t fra avnueard Niithst SOLDIERS, ^ SOMETHING FOR YOU' Puck tC irb? .. io cents. 1)3. l,o..k.n; Glasses 15 " Union Envelope*, per hundred..... . .40 " l*Uin do. do. 36 '* Ambrotypea Scot*. MoCl-i!ai>,Ao.,eao;? 15 M Sent by mail to auj ad ress. _ Abr ?. KUBINSUN, oo & 5w* Publisher, Marttord,Conn. OOl) FOR SA LE?10 to 30 000 cnrda of Oak, Hickorr and I'ine W<x>d. xt&ndmg aituatei within >t o mi ea of the Annapo:ia Junction. Appif to A tn>N ALD^ON. H. O.. near Aui.npoh' Junction, Howard oounty, Md. oc 4-^w" Butter, eggs and cheese-no ?so Eighth St., Between Pa av and D *t? ino paokag ? prime Butter jj?t arrived, tumble for retailing. Freah tula opining in rag oar, in targe and ma ! pa?ktg*a A a i. Fresh Eggs and Cheeae, at wholesale, &t the loweat-ratoa oc G m? D K. DUTROW. T carriages. Hfcj gubaoriber haviuft made additiena to hia factory, making it now one ot the largeat^AMbS, in tlia District, where hia faoiUtie?ti*jl^K for manufacturing CARRIAGES ?n<i?sJC LIUH I' WAGONS ol all kinda oauuot be aar pa-fd, and from hia long experience in tha buainess, ho bopea to give general lattefaouon. All kinda of Carriage* and Light Wagona kapt on hand All REPAIRS neatij dona, mad all ordan prompt!j attended to. Second hand Carriagea to ten in axcfc%oge for oewonea. ANDRKWJ. JOYCE. H tf ftnrnAr r?T Knurt^fl. ?-J * . WWI O ?> SEALKD PK OPOSA Ls*, till the Slit ol Goto ber, 1H61, at 13 o'clock m., ar? Invited for aup plying the rm* with Be*f Cattle on the hoof, to ho delivered at Chamher-birrg, Harrtaburg, or York, in the SUte of Pennsylvania, aa the Got eminent mai designate Bidders are reeneated to oomp y in all partioalara with the form of Did pubi .shed herewith. Horornment reeervee to i tee If the niht to pay in Trea-ary notee or other fonda it haa for disburse meat, aoo to rejeot any bid and for any oauee. No bid will be entertained an eaa the bidder ia present to respond to hia bid. The Government will reoei??4,000 head under the o?ot ao% ai d will reeerv* the nght to repairs any addit onal number up to 16.000 he?d. Deliveries t- be iaadj week.y in snoh quantities aa may be required. The tattle mut average 1,900 ponnda gross weuhtj and uo animal wTli be received which wei?ha leea than l,onu pounds gross. No oonditional bid will b* reooi?M. The bid* to be direoted to Capt. a Bbcewith, C. 8 , U. S. A , Washington, D. C., and endorsed " Proposals for Beef Cattle.'* Foil or Bio. I, A B, do herebi propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Ctttlo on the hoof for ? p?r hundred pounds gross w*lght. Tuc Cattle to be delivered ?t clhambersburg, ttarnsburg, or York, fa the tote of Pennsylvania, aa the Government h?t designate, acoordmg to the terms of theeaaloaed ?.i vfrtii-mant. The Cattle tobe weighed on the settles, and the weight ao determined to be trood'and auftui?nt son tract, ana to receive Treaeary or other Government lends in atimeiit lor the Cattle. The Irat de.ivery cf the Cattle will b? repaired to be made about the 10th of Novesabsr, U61. GmADJi?,c3.i?-TK VS5Y.V ffi L'lotkiof wjhehhe wu ui?t re^eirtd and is mIUdk ?tr at uoh remarkable low piio?t. Giv* me ft oaP ?ud -satisfy yourselves of ths fre*t b vcaia* that ir* aow offered every day at bM1TH'6, No. 4M its vsetfc ?t, ' 03 1 1? l^2,!5cS?Sk8:c&8L'*3r,?KS?2 i * I AMUSEMENTS. ^ Mis? ?u5aS5ij^Vi n^aVkr- k> it Oa which ocoanoa a* wi 1 appear ia tba b?w HK\RT3AIK1RL'MPS. THE ROUBH* DIAMOND. . ?he will alao ir?r ? Union Add am, and aing "Whack Row ?ic Dow." It* C*Q5 THE LNIM.N i-ELL WORTH CLUW. r The Fir?t er?nd COTIL.I.ON PARTY JA o' the KPtwortJj Cab will be givM at 91 Stott'b Hallvoot Pa av. aad totb at.uon^^^ iir, 1*. 1 nHB members pl?dge th*m*elres that neither pains nor expenee will be spared to make this tk* Ball of tha aeon. Tickets #1, admitting a g entiemaa and lad in i 'ommittt* of Arra*mmmtt W. L. Philips. \V. fC Dran. B. R. Reed. f Nrlfsssfiri. John Dant. David Bingor. C. 9. Litobfield. oo??.H.13.l4* THE STEWART HOLLAND BOY8 IN THE FIELD AGAIN. Tbe membera of the Stewart Holland Club laka great pleasure in aneenncing to their fnesUs ? end tbe public generall* that'her wiHjgive their Fifth Grand COTILLON PARTY atJM ?tott i Hall, corner Pa a*. acd *?th at., ci|A WKD.NEt*l) A Y EVENING, October #. The Committee pledce themselvee that ao pains nor expense will be spared to make this, in all raspeot", fksparty of the seaeon. TICKETS ONE UOLLaR. Commutu 9/ ifrisiwisH. Wm. 6ro*er, F.Read, T. C. Edwards, H. C. Kspey. C. 8. Daunain, . oeTSt* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Sbv*nth, Above DPt. The Cheeped EDd BMtl'ltMof AmufmnU In the City. Tax Omer.AL CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! STAR PFKFORMERS, IN A A'?* PROGRAMME EVERY NIGHT. Firat Week of the CIRCUS Adreiuion Twentj -fi ve Cent*, oo 4 Dr. 6. FORD, At"nC IARGK WHOLESALE AND RETAIL -a STOCK OF Fall and IT inter Dry Goods, FOR CASH ONLY. HAMILTON EASTER A CO., Nc^l99,yot A *03 Baltimore St., Dalttmoei, Have now in store, and ere oonatantlr addinc tnereto. a targe and varied stock of IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, inclu'inga fplrndia assortmentof Co'ored and Biaok Dim* Silss. Dre?s Goods la every variety. Shawls, Cloaks, and Mant es, Embroideries. Laces, Muslin Trimming*, Handkerchiefs, Skirt*, L. 0. Hdkfs. Hosiery, Linen Goods and Housekeeping Articles 10 every possible variety. Mourning Goods of every desoripuon, a. Quilts, ' Uiksts. Good* for Mrn'i Wear, Also, Uomestio C ttous aud Domestio Goods of every description.lor ousehold purposes. Her rants* wear, anu Farm and Plantation u e. Our S 00k will be foand one of the most exten sive and 0 >mp ete in t'?e United States. The Foreign Goods, m^st r of our ' own importation," carefully selected by one of the firm restdinc in Paiia. who sends us any novelty as soon as it appeals. uur purchases b?ing in Ianr? and ou ike most adrantnreouf ttrmt and our !**Lts Fo* Ca?n nlt . enables us 'o mark our 1 <'od at pricM very advan.ageous to WkoUsal* a*<i K-iml buyers. Au examination of our Stock ?o!ioit- d from p rsons v n;tic* Baltimore to make purchases. oo7 7t* PISTOL*. FIELD AND SPY GLASSES, POCKET COWPASSKS, Ac. Just reoei?ed lame additiors to our stook ol Army Officers' hequisites Also, Colt's Smith A Wesson's, th?_Engiuh nuama . i rimers, ?DH o'fier rocmei, Iteil, MU Holster PisTOLS. Iff. W. GALT A BRO , Jewellers, 354 Pa. avenne, oo 5 3t ( R^P ? [doom west of Brown's Hotel. 1 SILVER WATCHES. N Addition to oo r took of I.vnes' acd Gentlamsi'i Fine Gold Watohes, we hare just reoeived an unnruallr large assort men I in Sil- fJW ver Case*?reliable timekeeper*, and verj^MB cheap. ipr Watohes, Chronomef rs. Jewelry, Ao . Repaired, an 1 Engraving mall its bianobee promptly and cheaply executed M W. GALT A BRO , Jeweilere, 364 Pa. av., 4 doors w. st of oo 6 3t ( R epublioan ) Bro mn't Hotel. MILITARY OFFICERS ANDOTHKRS BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DTE. The Best In the World, TKt Only Reliable and Harmltt* Hair Dy? Kmoten. Sold by ail pi Uf lists; also, at BmarnKTOR'a Patent Medi-sin*Htor?. t p. latent OfE je. our P A 7th, and at Giaas's Hair Store, ~2*'i Penc'a averse, where Ladies can have it spplied, if desired. Faotorr?SI Barclay st. (late >31 Broadway) N. Y. oo S ly S~\ SOMETHING NtW! At 9S1 C utreet, or poult Me Tkta tr OYSTERS M'KAMKD In the Sh-II and Thor-ughly Cooaed (far aaperinr to a in two tntnvt**, tkr f*?itsi timt on rtcvrd. Call and Me. The nnderaigr.ed re. p?c*fu,ly inform* hit friend* in the lii*tr>et and ?inter* t<> the eitj , that he ha* refitted hi* old ar.d will-known ipthlkhvi^t in a mo*t thorough manner. ai d haa n ade oomplete arrangemeute to forniah OYSTER--* io a-;* tj.e and in any quantity 400 to 50) ga lone thuoked per day. <uo to SOto oan* of Sptoed a-d t >e?h put ap "aily?oan* hermetical'y a a!ed. Fnrnuhed in the ah^ll by ".he buahe or bar**L Peranna wiahing to have Ojit*r? furaiehed rejalarly through the winter, at Baltimore anoea, without fear of iai!nre, ?h <n d oall and make arrant -mant* at onse Freight, time, and money a&ved by purohaamg of me. aa I fcrniah an article ! equal to the oelebrated Baltimore eatabliahmecu. I at prioea ju?t aa low. TO SUTLERS. Cacned M<at?, J ubater*. fa-dicea. Clama. Straw !>erriea, Tomatoea, Pig*' F-?t, Tripe, to, Ao.Ao. Also, Pioklea, Catsup, fajoea. Brandy Peaches. Ac Aleo, Game and Treah Fiah. Tur tl:'B. Terrapin*, Freeh L"batera Cod. Halibut, Ac. In fact, eve> y ihing for sale in the Nortk< ra market* alvaya on hai a, at reasonable prieea Hotel* and f.tmiliea aupplied with Orata-a. deliver^ without c:iarge t j any pari of the Diatriot, in *eaaon, il the money ia aent with th? order. My e#ta^) iahment ta open from 5 a m. to 11 at nicht. every oay, exoept Sunday, when 1 oioae at IP o'clock a. in. ae37 T. M. HARVEY. \QTICK?OF_ PITTSBURGH, 1'OAT ' rrAiiVJS ANU t HJi AUO RAILH EAD? i By Tiriue ot * d-oree of iha Oreait Crnrtofthe Uiited State* Tor the northern d.atr rot of Ohio, ia a oauae in "chancer* there n depending, wherein Charles Moian act othera a e complairanta, and the ? ittsburgh. Port Wayne and Cuioago Railroad Company nd othera are defendant*: and par auant to auxiliary decree* of the o rouit oourts of the United Mataa for th* western duUiotol Peanayl> ania, the oiatrict of Indiana, and the northern diatrio? o' Illinois reieecti?ely, in oaaaea deaendin* n ehanoer* in aaid <;onrt? reepeotiva!?,wherein the eame parties are oomplamaota and d - forfaits reepeouvely, a* in aaid eaoaehrat ahonnntioaed, the nbderauned, Joan Keren eon and Thou as E Walker, aa Grantee* in Traat and Trunteea n one of the aeveial Deeda of Trust or Ylorftage upon whirh *aid deor'e* are founded, and aiao aa fcpeoia Mailer Commission* of the aai'i Court? ruaeectively, duly appointed by ?aid Courta reepecti vel? for that ?ur?o?e. will at public auction, to the iugheat bi aer, for cash, but for not We than the turn of VO.OOO, at the United r>tate* Court Houae.m the City orCievaiand, In the State of Ohio, on the ttth day o'Ootober, - D. W, between the hour' oT ten o*ttloek a m. and louro'oiook p. m.. of said day, the following de oribed property, to wit t The ftailroe4 of the Pittsburgh Fort Warn and OS a*wn Bailrn^l ? **- ~ right a} way U'rtbr, the road-beSTtherae?, the p ratruotareof all aoru thereon, lti vatir and otn*r * anon houa?aand ?hope,end the laodaaad fiouoda oonneoted therewith, and all teoU and .mp omenta ueed or provided to be niM therein, and in ooaatrvetiag and repairing ear* and ma.-binary for said road, or the traot aid aaperatraotarea aforeaairi; a l tarn-tablae; alt deyo<a and bailding* and fixtarei and atruotnrea of whatever Dame or oatare, and the and* and ground*oonrected ther With, aaed or eroTidad to be need in operating raid road aud belonging thereto. and wherever situate; and a<l oars, eng.nee and ro.itng iImi balonging to said Co> May: and all b??Fi?? of timber, la inber iroa, fuel, and every other thing pro ided by said C ompaniee, or by the Mrirai or % 1 na Companies which war* o&ueoiiaated into eaid Citteourgh, Port Wayaeaad Chicago Railroad, > be mea in operating eatd reed .wherever site ate by the eame tit e by which Cm earn* are hoktea by aid C ompanv or by aa*d original Compaiuea, everaUT together, with e l eorpoa ire franchteea oi eaid e orapany,Mid of th - eaid origiaal Coeipaniei several y, moiudinf the right aad fra. ehiae of eaid eeyera! to h* aad aot ae a Corporation, to be told a* an entirety ttaii deoreee ernvide that the pa cuaae'.apoE the confirmation or the ?ale aud full o m? lanoe with the ootid tiona ttoreo , ehall he d alt the property, right*. frai;ot:ieae. aad the appurt-nanoe* thereof ao aold, ny the eame title bv whieo they are held by eaid Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne aad Chicago Rail Road Company, and each aad ailTfeeid original *1 ...i 1 -a- ?- - v> uafiiai ihjci i *I MJMti MMrtUnii tO III* iieni, if any M?k wuat, apoa aay mlnUMmotuded in the ^o.for parohatr monoy t???uf a t provioad by mi a?or?? to b? fatd out of the proceed* of the rate, or br fonnf r orcera or iMmi to SttCViru'! rea 1 Mitte of tb? Company at the City < f Pi tastares sSfexsEgute saaaa^^lHaHBEr? our ywybtaijy^ow^yr^Mu WjiMp ? ''TZ*" rSseSSMBtS i auction 8ale0. I By i. c. m*6rirk * co. a ?>*? *?. ii ajigk ^itmknt or gilt f?a?k *?'*&vsws8: ow! p imi?, bacvmc it xr n, jn.ts^ta.7rtu,csarrss?i rmr1o*? mi *r><1 pittpcm, p - 'I---V" yny, m Will rnMM, Brori* Iron B a^kate, Tma oMh"* **v>0* Mm1uoa- * 063 J. C. M06UIKE & CO., 4i9ti. ITT THE ABOVE SALS IS POSTPONED. IB toiinaMot of toe '.it. nntil HIuaT oa bor lllk?nmkMrul #'M'. oti'd J C. MoOtlEE 4 CC. Aaota DAILIFF'8 SALK.-By rtrt??aft vntofta1> trtin. to m? dirocuxl, Mtioat tha rco^i im ch?ttai? oft !? wtt da# MVj King. lv*l aipoaa lorial?,aa FfclOAY.lItt laa *?t. t 1* o'O'oek ?. m. on tk? eoiror ?' l*'h a a4 E at. tha a*id ft o4s and chatta's of 8. 9 Fox tar to wit: M Tola Kiif ith < nintou U* Report*; 4* vtm. Kn:>'k Lava tad K^aitr; Jakro i'i Gratton'aE Ia? Lnkrart; HovH'i Report*. bog iiak Adaimlty Reports. Koat'a Cominen ?n; Joimeca'a CkaoceM Ke? or?a, M. ??*? Report*; Ktit a Reports; Ltki|k Re^crtr; Writing Do k; 1 Tnf> . WM. CAM MACK Bailiff. 001 ? J. C MoBUIRE 4 CO.. Aaata _ ?Li: 9-_Mefi(JIRE A CO.. AiUlianii. PMWM c iRD W?LmRPT FtJRJf' ?i icii avd Hoc**holb * r**ct? AT PrtLIC auction ?On THcR&DAV MOil.NING. October 14th. at 1? o'clock, at the residence or J. R. Smith. h*q , oorcer of Twe!ftb aad 6 *U**t?, we hall sell all hi* Famitsre aad BfeaU? Snite of Ro ewocd Parlor Faraitara, f nt?had la ilk dimuk. and v nsisttng of two Sofas, two a i m. and six Side C h*irs, Rouwood Cnter i abe,with Matbi*-top. Piano F< rta and CoTer, Rosewood Wl.ataM, Kinaek and Laoe Curtain* Coraioe. esseis, Three ply, a^d Venetian Carpets, Oilcloth. Matting and Rate. Marblf-top Sofa aad Pier Table*. ReoepUoo Chair*. W meow thadae, Otto raaa*, Hands m* Vaiea, Firolron*, Watuut Kxt-ns on Table, -ideboard, Cane s<atCha*ra, Lounge,Mirrors, China.G1as? and Orockorr Ware, Pil?er-p iited Castor, Table Cfctiery, Handsome Ma lueti* Cotiace Sou. aoet ?'#, , Bedstead*. Bureau*, \\ Mheland*. Superior Cu'leri Hair Mattresses, Feather Bods, Bolsters and Piil^wa. Huak Mattr. ? ??., B anket*, Comforts, fp reads, CoBLterpanea, Lo kin< G aa* -e. Toilet Wool a'd < oal Ohamlc Stores, Together with many other Honaekrepiac effects not neoessary to enumerate. . T?rni? ea*t. P. S. The Hoaae is for rant. Inquire of the Auctioneers. tc7 d J C McGLTIRE k CO . Ac eta. By WAI I, t BARNARD Auctioneers CVr. Pi A ftrft mmd t?sti itdt Pm or. E| XCKLI-EMT FURNITL'RK ANI> mold ! rr>cTU at ? vcitoa ?Ob THl RSDAY unlvivr. 10k x -? ' ,L a V aw ? - * > ? IVMI lil'HUil) At IV O CiOCKf Wf WHl #11 at tie Anct.on Ko<>n.? ao Ass.>rtaiei<t of exael l?n( l-arniti re and B< aaeho'd Woods,eoapriaing? Wa'iii; And Mah<ganr 5<>faa. Mikoitnj ui Wilmt Ea j?"<! Rocking Chair*. Ho?wood aad Mahoiary aad Walest Marble top TtUti, M%hoff*nT at d Oak Aide Boarda. and Kt*?era, Oak at.d \s slnn' Kxt-csi'Ti Doing Tat as, <??k One Heat Dim g Ohaira. Cane and Wood Peat Ct.aire and R<ek??. Beoa a dv Carlad Hair, Mikoi aad Fhaek aad Cotton Mattraaaee, Bureaus. Comn dea. and H:t Ratk, ' Gilt and Ma o*ar* Mirrcs, Bed Pillows a- d Bo atara, Mahogany and Wa net Marble top aad o?h? Waehe'a?d?. Btnveaand many other Bona formatting Oaoda. Terms oaah. _ . oo ? WALL A. BARNARD. A?Ifc Ml ARSBAL'B BALE.-Ib firtaa of i yrt of fieri facias leaned from the Clark a Oftoe of the Cirouit Court of the District of Oolaralia, aad tn me diiaoted. t will exp?ee to pahl;e TUK"DAY,the 15th of Ootober, commencing a* in o'clock a m., lor oieh at the atora ro< n of Cha'lea Weirma , ?ituated on7th efrett No 461*, in the oitr o( Washington, ike fotiowng too la and ohattele, to wit: A lot rf ad ea. laxea and children* shoes Lot of Drtva, lot Gl*aa Cases, and lot of Straw Matbac, a*<a*d aad levied apon aa the goods and chattels ?f Charles Wisrmaa-and will he eoid to satisfy indicia, j No 4, to Ootohar t rna 1881 In fcror of James Riurdar.aleo rantdae Z. C. Kubbina WARD B. LAMOM. oc 5-d U. B. Marshal, D C. Br BARNARD A BUCKKY.Aaetioi.aara. Tm RUSTEE'B J*ALE.-By Ti-ta* of a deed of truatfrm John W. go noroa. dated the ma June, 1856, made to a?cur? the d< bt ihertot mentioned, to Baai. P. M 'Xlay.aad br the direction of a aid Moxley, 1 will eall at public aactioa oa the 13th day of October next, at 4 o'cock in tLe afternoon. ia f'oat oi the p-eiaisea. to the highest bidder. the following deeenbed promisee, to wit Thosi parte of lota auiaber 17 and ! la old G^orf etown, b ginnirg at the end of:>fee' aiaaeerad wret un mr . ne 01 re IS ItrM Iron the diFltfltg 1 ne b*tvMn lot* IT and 18. ud running theme on Mid line cut 45 feet, thenoe northerly to a u BiiO?d one \o. 2, being 95 f*et from Fall* street, thenne westerly to atone No. S. 46 loot, taenoe southery 96 feet to the b?(inniag, being the tame promisee which George M. ^othoron and others oonreyed to aid John W. Sothoron b? d d ol the SU Deoemb*r. 1158. with the baildings thereon. Terms: Oae thirl of tae purchase boom euk, and the residue at six ana twelve ircntae, for which the purchaeers notes bearing int*rest lr?m the day of aale, will be taken, sacaied on the p-emisee. Deeds at the puronaaer's exp ?nea. II tli<- tftrms are i ot ompi.ed with withia three daraff m tli*darolaale,um pr?mi?ee will betaa?ld after a weeks' public notice, at the nskaad ooat of the defaolti g purchaser R. K. CRAWFORD, Trastee. ae 10-aawlm* BARNAKD* BL'CKEY.Aaota. Br THOMAS DOW LINO, Aactioneer, CHANCERY SALE-By *utae of a decree of the Circuit Coart of tre District cfOiaafca for tae oounty of Washing toa, siiticg in Chancers, and pa>aed ia a oaaae wKerem Ren<-? Walker at at# a e eomp ainaa's, and Knaabeth Waiter et al are defeada ta, I aha 1 pr>oeed to call, oa Ike sre-Ms^e. oa Ta-ecay, the 1Kb dap of October, at 3 o'Jork, pert of Lot neut ered tweety twoiSt,) ia Thomas Hea I's of George's. A< c it ion to Oaurceiown, yn g in theaoea'T cf waa unrton jn the lietnot Co.a.n' i?,which is(*e?cribed and boarded aafol wit: 1 he swat aoethery a gbtrea foot front of arid lot, extendtag hack tair'y feet; tkea so th. parallel with Waahin?t< n street. two foot; tkea weet. parallel with fridge street, thirty feet wore; then sou tn two- ty feet, anbl it iatereeets tKe sovth I tae o' aaid lot numbered tweaty two, tag ether with tae improrem?nta thereon Terns of sale, aa present ed bt decree i Oaa third oi ? yaroku* wooey to ^o patf ia rntidue i> t*o ? >al iMUlmMta. at 111 aad trtlw aoatlu, hearing interact from the dey mi sai*. aad coind br U? aotw or boa4a of tb? pychasor. with food and iiloiwt personal ooonnty.tobe approved by the Trn***. By TH08. iWWUNS. Aactioaesr. nnilt'BTEE'B SALE ?By nrtae oftdoadof 1 trust dated Afni i, MM, aad reooraod ia Labor J. A. **., No. 114* 3B7, 1 wt-l oCer for sa<a, at psblioo aeoUon. on WKDNK80AY. th? UU day of Octobar next. at4 r,oWk p .aatbeproMisaa. all tbOM pieoea or cromnd ia Georgetovn. described a* follow?, t??: *1. All taat part of lot reTentoen.(ir> ia oM Oooreetova. brfinairf. lor its b-utdi, at tbe aad o( me third line of iot.oa Fails atreet,aad rucDint there*-. by and with nlli street, sast ihirty-thrao (bat. theaoe no-thorN, to a founded tone, Mo J, baicc auoty ftva fset bom Fall* fort?-ire bit. to latereee* aaid third tin* ta MTMtm. beinc niaoty fir* fMt from FaJla atraot. and U fMi eoatherly, with w< third Una to the beginning. w Lh the im? ov?mf U. t A1m>. th*' moitty <Tlot i tghteee of old Georre Itwc, betmaikf, for ita bo*< the eoatbweat co'ner of lot wmtm. hue water*?, from bouad?'T No SB. US foot. u>d ia the liae of Pal to treet. mm running witk tot aereBteen. north to Proepeot etreet, theore with the Mae of Prot r>eot atreat weeter't i hirty thrao f*ot, theace artia a lina drawn aoa'hail. partial vita the ftret Mao to Fall a street and ihenoe with aaid atraot aaat U the b^rinciLg. with iinfrov?m?cla. Tt-mi of aaie: Uaa third of the parahaaa mowj to ba aoo uradbf4iMofl> a at Taimi of aale to ba oowplied with within ewe week artor tha ?ala, or tha property aaay bo raao d at tha riak and ouat of tha Mraaaeor, after oaa aa 18 tew Ad. LI \G?*A^ot. By 6R* EN * WILLIAM*1. Aaetiooeers TIHO TBK INTEREST OP FARMERS I Kitunivi 8ali i v AaaimrcaiL tan.*jp&sffifixJ&tri,7isg atraot aarlfc or Paaaavtraaia awa?t,niMW? ? at 10 o'oloofe a a .iai aaauaaa frpm car today an til ail ^a c wpmmol, hia aaura atoak. ooarirtii t Reaping aad Mowing Maateaaa. Graia M ia, Hor?e Kowar aad Threehinc Mtauaa>, ?rata fcpr r.* Tooth Hor* Ra-kea, Ptowa, Herrcw?,Calt v?tora, Charna, V\ he*. Mar'owa. Corn Sbel er?, Hay, fMraw aad Ptaik Cat era. Oa Tom, tfovi, k.%., Gwt g\? T??. Vac?fea*Vc?tl?ra, fcacar Mtfia, MattOaMaia.fe . *??rd?nkSJii ?, C&B Paan Bud ?c < ?? , ?*ir?*, LMkivra aid Tr? Taaaa, Corn P*t?ri.S'f(! Dr.tlerAtrl^rWWU^ Vowt fu:lw?, Ba< ? t l*KyiTi.^i l*l? Hilar, C09 a?<l oft m Vhni'.*'l?vtW?*ee? p"'fe,U'^fJs.Si.vr' " tttSSjajncsSftk. r.JSVKWSK'Wto ? i<?io'-'uninf w coo a ai m?M to Nil Mm '.a-, ftala powittTa. M mvm, u4 tor tuk oair ? 'WW ORBBN *WlLLUMB.Aaata. ?- - 1 mm if tlw,

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