Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS.. ID^Tbouf h Th? Sta* U printed on the fastest ram press in dm "oath of Baltimore, iu idltloa la so large m to require It to b? pat to press at as nrly boor: irftiriunawli, therefore, should be eat la befese U o'clock m ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. PaocBiMsea or tsi Citt Cocwcils, Oct. 7 ? Board / Aldermen?Petition of E. A. Thomas and others, preying remission of a fine imposed on Mrs Velgh for selling liquor without a license; and petitioa of Matthew Cunningham and Andrew Boileeu, aeking payment wf their bill for repairing the Are plug at the corner of Twelfth and G streets (ff 15), were referred An act authorising tbe laying of a water main along D and Twelfth streets was passed A concurrent resolution changing tbo hoar of meeting of tbo two boarda to 4 o'clock p. m., lastead of 7 o'clock p. m , as at present, received a vote of ft to 4. Mr Lloyd argued that under the rule the reaolnt?oa required a two-thirds vote to pass it the earns evening It was Introduced The Chair decided that under the rules the resolution did not require a two-thirds vote. Mr. Moore aald that tbe hour of meeting having ties a fixed by an ordinance of tbe Corporation, It wan Id require the passage of an ordinance to repeal K. Tb? Chair aald that tbo charter of the city gi vea - the Boarda tbe authority to fix their hour of meeting, and no ordinance of the Corporation could affect tbe right. Some desultory discussion followed, when some one aald. that the hour of seven p. in. had been Ixed (la 1857) for the accommodatloa of members from the Sixth Ward, aa some of them were employed In the navy yard, and did not want their day's employment broken Into; to which Mr. Bohrer jocosely replied: 44 That might have been one reason, but soother was that they wanted an opportunity for a little apree in the city." He afterwards exonerated his colleague (Mr. Clark) from su-.b an Imputation On motion of Mr. Fisher, the vote was reconaidered, and the resolution wax withdrawn. An act to prohibit tbe uae of open or exposed lights in stables, storehouses, Ac . waa referred. Tbe bill requiring em plovers of the Corporation, contractors. Ac , to take tbe oath of allegiance to the Government came from tbe Board of Common Council with an ^mendm^nt striking out tbe words " shall be required" and Inserting "are b'rtby respectfully icquested," and after a abort dis usaion it was referred to tbe committee on Improvements A resolution from tbe lower board permitting Mr Jas Glnnltv to build a frame stairway against his brick bnlldiag was paseed. Mr Moor# offered a concurrent resolution calling for a joint meeting cf the boards on Thursday next at 4 o'clock p m to discbarge tbe duty required of them by the sixth section of tbe charter of 1846 la cosaequence of the resignation of Mayor Berret Mr. Lloyd said that he had no dealre to take np thts matter until all the members were present. We have bad here an opinion of the Corporation Attorney, the legal advlaer of the Corporation, which waa asked for by the prealdent of this board. We pay that officer ?500 a year for his services, ana he has written a very lengthy opinion which concludes as follows: "On tbe whole on the best reflection that I have been able to give tbe subject, I am satisfied that Mr. Wsllacb'a election extends to the wbole remainder of the term of office left by Mr. Berret, and no further election is iieceseary " ' Mr Lloyd said be was somewhat surprised at the Introduction of this resolution by tbe gentleman "from tbe Fourth Ward, calling upon tbe boards to go Into a new election It mattered not to him If there were half a doxen elections; but he could not consent to any action by which the opinion of the Corporation Attorney ia rendered nugatory. Members of tbe board are not disposed to accept as good law tbe opinion of tbe Attorney In this particular case, but a majority of them, Including tbe chairman of tbe police committee (Mr Bayly), were guided by the opinion of tbe aame officer In regard to tbe appointment of corporation police. He (Mr Lloyd) entertained an opinion adverse to tbe appointment of corporation pollee, but on reading the opinion of the law officer of the Corporet;on be at once yielded That officer was one he (Mr L ) bad confidence In, and the board must have had confidence In him, or they would never have confirmed him That opinion in reference to the police waa an admirable one, in tbe opinion of a majority of thia board How strange that la one abort week (September 1ft) aa opinion asked for by the president of the board should meet with such disfavor' How extraordinary It la! You aay to tbe Corporation Attorney. ' You can give an opinion aa to tbe pollee law, but you are Incapable of giving an opinion oa the question of tbe mayoralty " It waa unneceaaarv, Mr Lloyd aald, to go Into details at thla time; he only wanted to contrast the action of tbe boards on Sept 9 and Sept. 18 Mr. Bohrer aald that he would not be governed by an opinion of the Corporation Attorney, be be who he may. If an opinion was a good one, and tbe reaaona given satisfied him, (Mr B ,) be would vote for It; If the opinion waa bad, and the reaaona not good, be would vote against It. He differed with tbe Corporation Attorney on the police matter, and always abouid so loag as the isw of Conpress suthorlzing the appointment of tbe Metropolitsn Police exists Mr. Moore said that the argument of the gentleman from the Seventh Ward (Mr. Lloyd) seemed to the effect that we cannot reverse the decision of tbe Corporation Attorney In this board, said Mr. Moore, we never recognize tbe binding opinion of that officer. In one caae an opinion of the last Corporation Attorney (Mr. Carlisle) waa reversed We sre not bound to be guided by the opinion of that officer, because we pay him a salary His opinion has weight, but there are times, and he (Mr. M ) thought tfce present one of them, when the Corporation Attorney hss made a mistake He (Mr. Moore) had no prejudice, but tbe Councils were bound to dispose of thts matte*. He argued that tbe city and cltlzena might be subjected to besvy loss if the Councils did not settle this matter and legalize tbe nroceedlngs In thia caae Hs said he bad carefully analyzed the opinion of tbe Corporation Attorney, and he would state the result of his examination, and would like hia friend from the Seventh Ward (Mr. Lloyd) to anawer K If he oaid. Mr. Moore then rend from manuscript ho had prepared, a very lengthy review of the opinion of the Corporation Attorney, requiring over one hour for the rending. The reporter will not do Mr Moore the Injustice of attempting to cor.dense hia argument. He enlarged on tbe point that to fill a vacancy from disability tbe councils could i only elect a Mayor to serve during such disability, ana that It waa usurpation on their part to eject a Mayor, aad sosurd to argue that a Mayor may be ezpelled summarily during his sickness or absence from the city. In case of disability they < could only elect a Mayor prt tern to serve during suck disability; In case of death or resignation they could elect for tbo remainder of the term After finishing his reading, Mr Moors characterized tbo written opinion of the Corporation Attorney aa tortuous, and incooaiatent witn itself, with the proceedings of the councils, and with the charter. We must have a Mayor, and cases might arise to bring this u.after summarily before the conrt. He (Mr Moore) didn't see why ' Mr. Wallach's friends, or he himself, abouid want to avoid aa election He (Mr M ) suspected that onegentlamau not present would change hia 1 vote, bat whether there were changes or not It was necessary to sleet a Mayor, so that hia right to the sent might be unquestioned, and ths city 1 not be Involved in any expense or damages. I Mr. Lloyd said that he did not inteud now or at any other time to eater into an elaborate discussion aa to whether the opinion of the Corporation A ttoraev is right ee wr?og. The reputation of that gentleman Is well known, and he Is a lawyer of long standing He (Mr. L.) had listened to the lengthy, elaborate and labored pro ductten of the gentleman from the Fourth Ward, and ho wan the Aral gent.eman who had ever charged the Corporation Attorney with dlsiaf eauousnsas. His wholo argument was to show hat the opinion of that offioer was biased, that there was some one behind tbe curtain pushing him to give just sack aa opinion a* be did The gentleman's review wss elaborate, well written, aad calculated to snstala his reputation as a debater, batss ho delivsrod page after page, he (Mr. L ) remembered that treatises, essejs, sermons aa able had been written In favor of polygamy and Infidelity. Mr Lloyd alluded to the works of Tom Paine la tae same connection, and said that be never supposed thst smoug tbe many accomplishments of hia frjgnd from the Fourth Ward (Mr. Moore) the study of law waa one. He knew that be occupied a responsible and lucrative position In Mresra Galea A Sea too 'a office Mr Bradley had been expounding law fur twenty-five years, his honesty snd ability to give legal advice was unSueatiooed until the gentleman accused him of lalagenuonaness, Inability, and lack of candor. Mr Moore denied using aay such words Mr L.leyd ssid tbe gentleman's speech was so lengthy that befo e he got to the end, he (Mr Lloyd* had forgotten the first part. Mr. Lloyd then reviewed the proceedings la the case, snd rostendod that Mr Benrt's resignation did not remove the disability, but Increased it?continued it ia a chronic form Mr Dove regretted that after having called en the Corporation Attorney for his opinion he should differ from him. Mr. Bradley was learaed In the law. snd unless he could couviace klm (Mr Dove) that be was right, ho (Mr D ) would act on his owa responsibility be was here uadsr the solemn! y of aa oatn, and must do his duty to the beat of nls ability, dlaregardle^ of all the corporal. >a attorneys they could bring here. M> tfradley had probably given ? p- yei opinion on icm facta before him, but U.- t?.l m" the oasis to form anoptalon. Mr. Deve sa.d the geatiexaur from the seventh Ward (Mr uotd) wanted to Impress It oa the Board that the Corporation Attorney coald not be wrong In low How many reveres* has be met with in cooxt ? Ne sue will pretend to any that be ha< won all the cases ha has been engaged In. After getting through tfcl# part if the argument, Mr. I to opinion Mr Berret l> u much Mayor a* be evferwae, and will be until the Boards accept hli resignation He did not resign wben bo wrote a resignation and put It In bla breecbea pocket; nor wben I received It. Before 1 received It Jams* 0. Berretwaaln Washington. Will the gentleman have the kindness to tell me who was Mayor while Mr. Berret was la town, and before I got that resignation? If he bad not written It who would have been Mayor? Mr. Lloyd said that on Mr. Berret's arrival tbs disability continued. If be had come to bla ofBce and claimed his seat, Mr. Wallacb would have given way. Mr. Dove.?,;lshe only Mayortn this building? Mr. Berret assumed bis duties aa Mayor tbs moment he put his foot In sight of thla town. He waa tbe only Mayor In fact whllf he was In the city, the realgnatl n not being tendered to authority proper to receive It " Mr. Dovecontlnued at some length, and speaking of Mr. Berret claiming bla aeat said: " They could have arrested b iin (Mr Berret) sgaln, but no power on earth bad a right to dlafrancblse the people of thla city. II be waa pledged to resign, he waa right to do It; but suppose lie bad not resigned, who would have been Mayor? They might have arrested blm again, and thst would have made another diaabillty ' Mr. Dove spoke of the law of Imprisonment for debt, which existed in Delaware after It waa abolished In other Stttes, and aald suppose tbe Mayor bad been confined there, would the authorities have had a right to exact aa a condition of bis release that he should resign his office _ Mr Lloyd?'"Does the gentleman atate positively that such a condition was imposed by the Government on Mr. Berret?" Mr. Dove repeated bla former aasertlons " that no power on earth has a right to disfranchise the people of this city and deprive them ofa Mayor." and then went on at snme length to review tbe opinion of the Corporation Attorney, and show where he waa wrong in his premises and conclusions, and said gentlemen would rue tbe day they put themselvea on the record in opposition to this matter. Mr. Broadbead announced that be differed with tbe Corporation Attorney, waa In favor ofa new election, and would vote for Mr Wallacb. Mr Bavly advocated the reaolutlon, and after considerable discussion by other gentlemen? Mr Lloyd appealed to tbe board to let the matter lay ov^r until there waa a full board here. Mr Bayly aald. If tbe abaent members were here, tbe result would be tbe same, aa Mr. Magruder and Mr Wendell would vote different, Mr. Brown would offaet Mr. Sargent, and Mr. Bohrer Mr. Clark Mr. ^-romes wanted to know bow the gentleman gut his Information as to how gentlemen would vote. Mr. Bayly said he presumed they would vote as Indicated After further discussion, the ayes and noes were called on the resolution, with the following result: Ayta-Messr* Bayly, Brodhead, Flaber. Moore, RWiarda, r'emmes, and President Dove?7. No-Mr Llo><1?1 So tbe resolution was passed. A resohitlon requesting the Mayor to urge upon tbe Commissioner of Public Buildings the propriety of erecting stench traps on the avenue waa passed. Also, a resolution requesting tbe Commtasloner of Public Buildings to finish the erection of tbe Iron railing around Judiciary Square. Also, a reaolutlon directing the committee on health to revise all the health laws and report to the board. Common Council?A communication was received from the Mayor, approving an act In relation to graveling a certain foot-walk. The bill appropriating *9 270 for the contlnuation of%Ue sewer on Thirteenth atreet from E atreet to the canal, was laid over and made the special order for the next meeting A bill appropriating $3,000 for repairs and a new roof to the Center Markethouse was passed The Improvements committee, by request, were discharged from further consideration of the bill appropriating Sffl for grading Third atreet eaat, between D and E atreets west. The bill to improve the room now occupied by the Common Council waf passed. TTbia bill provldea for a new floor, celling, and window ahades, for painting the room and wlndowa. gas fixtures and furniture, repairs to the roof, kc ] A bill making an appropriation of S150 for tbe purchase of s bose carriage for the Franklin Fire Company was passed The bill from the upper board authorizing tbe Mayor to appoint city constables at a ealary of #4S0 per annum, waa referred, and the Board adjourned. Thb Maohtbatrs and thb Liquor Law Tbe magistrates not under the reflations of the Metropolitan Policeare undecided as to tbecourse they will pursue in the enforcement of the law prohibiting the sale of liquor to soldiers. These justices of the pesce have generally retained In their own banda the amounts paid them in cases decided to await an order relative to Its disposalIn other, aa to who they shall make a return officially. Tbe recent decision of Judge Merrick will net affect those cases until after It Is confirmed by the circuit court; but some of tbem say they will Issue no more warrants while that decision Is before them. and will leave the remedying ?f tbe evil to the military authorities, who can dispose of the offenders in their peculiar manner If the circuit court decides that the money shall be refunded, as each party recelv-s bla fine, be will be held to ball for the criminal court. This, however, they regard as nonsense, aa in nearly every case the witnesses were soidlers When the court meetalt will be Impossible to find them, and the cases will be dismissed. Solfcas** that may arise, if the prosecution la not based on testimony of resident witnesses. It Is almost certain of failure. Meantime, the liquor dealers are In high glee over the decision of Judge Merrick Dx*obaiizi!?g thk Soldikbs ?The various camps about the city are now infested by a gang of pedlers of obscene books, from Philadelphia and New York, who ply their disreputable trade amongst the soldiers after the same mode they practice In those cities?i ? , carrying tbe fmutty "orksconcealedunderafew newspapers or decent books, and on opportunity offering disclosing the objectionable work on the slv, with the whispered inquiry. "Have something fancy?" Large num bers of such pernicious books have thus been circulated amongst tbe soldiers, and onefellow boasts of having cleared S30 In a day by selling them It Is to the credit of Washington booksellers tbst they have refused t<> supply these pedlers with such books, and the latter are compelled to obtain their supplies through less scrupulous par ies In their home cities Ckhtkal Guakdhocsb CASia ? Cbas. R'.dgeley, colored, drunk and disorderly; ?3 W Catharine Curtain, do ; dlamiaeed. J Falkrln, carry.1 a?,T.e*Pon; flne> 820 94 Thomaa Venable, John Ellis, drunk and disorderly; 82 04 Dennis McCarthy, do; *3 W Daniel Albr.ght, John Fleming, do ; So 04 John Freler, resisting officers; security for court. Louisa Wbltaker. Wm Tyral, fighting; SI M. Frank HIgglns, drunk; dismissed Thos Wlckes, Jimes Date an doturned over to tbe military John Byron, sleep^ ing in the market; dismissed. Thos. Gorman, deranged; do. Thkatxs?Miss Suaan Denln has gained so many hearts alnce nhe came here that It needs no more than the announcement that this is her benefit n'ght to bring all her admirers to tbe theater In a style to test its capacity to the utmost. The bill Is a taking one,(lncludlng the beautiful drama of' Hearts are Trumps," a Union Address" by Misa Denin. and the rich farce of ? The Rough Diamond,") the beneficiary appearing la three characters in tbe course of the evening, and Mr. 11 land, Mr Rogers and otber favorites having also prominent parts Who caa atay away ? Bad won. thb Hobsks?We have often heard of horses eating their heeds off (figuratively), but It seems to be a fact that parties bringing horses to this cltv to aell them to Government occasionally keep them so long In the trains at the depot that the animals, either through want of food, or solicitous for a variety of edibles, absolutely nibble each other's tails off, and finally emerge from their prison cars quite unornamented with that hirsute sppena&ge. Ahothbb Habbas Comrcs ?Michael Hurley, of Georgetown, was brought from jail thla morning before Judge Merrick, on a writ of kabtat corpus. He hidden committed for refusal to pay the fine Imposed upon him by Justice Reaver, for selling liquor to soldiers. The Court having already decided against the right of tbe magistrates to pursue such a course of action, Hurley was sent back to the committing magistrate for proper action on his case. ClBCVtT Coubt ? Thi Con tempt C*?o ?Brig. General Graham appeared before Judge Merries this morning, and asked a postponement of a hearing In his case, to give him time to consult counsel He is charged with contempt of Court, in detaining the minor, Jeremiah Lyons, in tbe camp of the Twenty-third Pennsylvania regiment after the Court ordered his release Tbe case was postponed until to-morrow noon. A Cohplaiut.?Editor Stnr: Would It not be well to call tbe atteatloa of the military authorities to the number of dead horses In tbe Immediate vicinity of the city, "wasting their fragrance," but not "on the desert air." There are wise regulations touching other anavoldable nuisances; then why not see to this.' A Srrrs>BH Bad Bora ?The residents In the neighborhood of Four-and-a-half atreet and tbe avenue are subject to much annoyance from a gang of badlytrained bora, who are stiff, red by their parents to "cat up high" eff evenings and nights If the parents wont see to tbeui, the police should. Don't fait. to enjoy tu?* oddities and comicalllie - of lUe Uaioyboils, ut Oil KeUoisra' Hail, bv a<y u-*>?u?.r 4 meais I'o-nignt an unu?oall, olg thing, terrible aiike to dyspepeia and blue dtrlli. -Oiriini' Cottar.?The court met this morning pursuant to adjournment, but no appolntaieoi of register of wills having yet been made, adjourned to Thuraday moral ng next at 11 o'clock, wbfa the Barney cane will probably be taken op. 11 A TTiSTioR la called to the notice elsewhere of i the grand cotillion party of the Stewart Holland i j Club at Stott'a Hall. A brilliant affair la In antl cl pat Ion. Go to the laland Hall festival to-night for an hoar of genuine enjoyment. Doa't miss It. Hall's Patbkt Datiiitae and Filtmiho Trait rom 25 Cents bach ?Now that the fell ralna are riling our rivers and atreama. we would 1 ad viae all our military friend* to procure one of those Ingenious and practical little lnatniments, which no soldier should be without, as It perfectly filters the water from Insects, Ac , thereby rendering it healthy. You can also purchase rubber blankets, rubber coats, rubber leggings, ponchos, 1 capes, rubber borae covers. and cap covert, boota, ahoes, &c , Ac , at manufattmTeT,? prices, at the India Rubber Warshouae. No 3DR Pennaylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth ats. oc 2-tf MARRIED Onthe6th instant, by the Rev. Mr. EBnger. Mr. JAMK* TITCOMBK of thisoity. Mis* CARO LINE STONE,of Baltimore. (Sun oopy.) * WANTS. %T|/ANTED.?A LADY havirg a tewing ma" ohine, who with it will go out to sew,can find emp'orment on applioation at 364 D street, n?ar Ninth. oo 8-3t WANTED?A COLORED MAN to work for a sutler One who can do plain cooking preferred. Call at 373 Pa. avenne, fro-n 11 to 12 a m. <>c 8-3t* 1J17ANTED?By a reaprctable yonng woman, a " SITUATION as ohamhermaid or *o asaiat in housework Good reference if required. Ad- 1 dreaa Box 3, Star Office. it* A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE Wish a laree ROOM, within six blocks of the Post Offic*. with two m^als served in the room dailr,?pe-manent. Address, with terms, Ac., Box 4S6 Poat Offioe. It* WANTED-A YOUNG VAN with a knowledge ofthedrurand prescription trade. A German p-e/e red. I rq in re at the I) ue Store oorrer | of Third at and Pa avenue, Washington H me. i Also, a go >d Colored Boy wanted. oo 8 3t* WAN : ED-TWO SERVANTS (colored preferred > fully competent to oook. Apply to or address Captain ROBER T JACKS' N. or I.iout. GEORGE H. MOOKE.Co G, 3b'b Re*iment N. Y S. Vol.. Camp Brightwood, on Seventh et. road, near Waahintton. It* AC L ER K WAN *5 D.~A TTENTIOK '- We w>sh to enrage the services of a Touth from 14 to '8 yesra of age. who is willing to devote hia time ' and energies for the fromo'ion of hia employers' interest Place of hu -ines* on Pcnnsy van* av. As the seiior partna- ia a Cat olio, a youth of that faith preferred. Addresa, in own writing, riving referenoea, "R. P. Q. & Co.," City Poat Offise. eo8 It* WANTED IM MEDIATELY?A good COOK" Inquire at the Avenue Houae. oc7WANTED-An active COLORED BOY, as aaaixtant waiter Appiy at 3*6 north K et, hetwren 12th and I3'h ata. "0 7 3t* WANTED-A GERMAN, to take care of5 or 6 horaet. One who oan apeak good English ia preferred. Apply at the Colombia Market, o<>rner 13th at. and Pa av. oo7- t* WANTED?A good COOK. WASHER and 1RONER for a family of three : oolored ard with good reoommeridationa. Apply No. 439 intti et, between E and F. oo 7 2t* , BOARD WANTED?a gentleman deairea Board in a Frenoh family, where he can have an opportunity of perfecting himaelf in that language. Addreaa Box 70S, City Poat Office. oo7 3?* - I WAN TED-GERMAN BOARD-A young ii an 1 atudying German would like to get full or parti*! B' ard, with or without lodtinga, with 8 me eduoated family in whioh th? (3*rman languag* is spoke Wou'd fe*l obliged to any one eurgfst- I ins a familv in which the iToalred accomoda- on* may poaatblr b) had. A good price will be pai4, I and the adve;tie?r will try to make as l:tt!e trouble I aaposaiu'e A note, in Engliah, aJdreaaed to P?.at < Omje box 37S will rro^tve attention. ocSSt* WANTED?15or 20 CART" for hauling iron. JOHN R. ELVANS, ? o* 4 309 Pa avenue. i HOt'SE? Wanted to rent, aHouaeof, aay four I rooma. in a pleaaant neighborhood, convenient . to the Treaanry. Will pay in advance No chil- . dren. Addreaa Box No 541. Poat Office. oo4-lw' ( CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE- ' PHKNS A CO.'S. 3'J'l Pa avenue. ae 18 ' WANTED-A WOMAr*, to oook, waah and 1 iron. To a satisfactory person good wares 1 wiU be paid. Apply at 4*20 New Vork av , betw. < 13th a-uf Mtli ata oc 1 ' WANTED? TATLORS, TAILORS -SO Tailors t o<>mpeteut to work on military goods. Apply . G KOLp. at Wall. Stephona &. Co rs. ae25 WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AU kinda ol j SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLE*. Persona leaving the city or having a aurplua will do weil to oall \ immediately. R. BUCHI.Y. 1 je S 43* Seventh, between G and H ats. J 1V4.NTKD.?We are now bovine SECONDTV HAND FUR N ITU H E, STOVE* and BED \ DING, for which we are paying the highest J cash pricea. Families declining housekeeping, or J having a orplus of fbmiture, will find it to tneir 1 advantage to give oa a *a !. BONTZ A GRIFFITH. 1 Je ls-tf No. 369 fth St., betw. I ana K ats. LOST AND FOUNPT" STRAYED?On the7th instant, a bar HORSE, I with U. 8 marked Any informaMon c\ that wi!! lead to the recover? of the same T t will be thank'blly receiv-d at 317 Pa ave- C nue, opposite Wi'lard*' Hotel. oc 8 3t* ? Q C R EW A R D ?Strayed away, on Thursday, c %7'^Sept 2Eth,a large "ls^d red ard white COW. the h"r rrowtng int" th" fore t head, the e; d of on? horn Hawed off*to prevent it ente inr, face white. The above rewa'd ( will he given lor her return to No. 399 Fifth st'eet t west, t?e'ween F and O ata north It* 6JTRAYEO ? ROM MY "REMISES, corner Eighteen h at and New York av.. nn^M| ' F iday, 4'h inatant. three huffalo COWS, pUp ' on" spotted and two re f, one with a ?tar nn&JLi i ita face. A auitable reward will be give , r n re I turning then* to me, or giving mo information whe e 1 oar. find them. oo 8 .it WILLIAM LOONEY. f? RE WAP D ? Lost or stolon, on the 7th inst, a medium sized dark bay MARE.<rv with one white hiu?i fo- t, long >ail, and two*L?r^ ( small ?? ?'? on the peck: had ou an old bnokakiu saddle, and light oolored t cured booking beneath, wjtii a l>!aok ou b b'iole ana a t w,n ourh. , Deliver at SHREVE'ti Stable, 7th at., between H and I. co 8 st* LOST?On Saturday evening laat. on Pa avenue, between 9'h and 15th ata.. a frown ENVELOPE, c->ntaini"c two discharges and two iettera A liberal reward will be paid to the fin 'er on leavint them at thia office. <>o7 2f I ()"*T ?On Saturday morning,hjr the autiaciiber, I j at hia stall on 9'h street. Cent*r Market, a heavv GOLD RING, with a large set Itiaaup posed that it inay have been >lipped accidentally in th-? basket of aome onatomer. The find ~r wi'l bs suitably rewarded in leaving it at Nartcn's Eat ing Hon*o, Center Market, oo 7 3t* JOHN SCOTT. ? rrAKKM UP.?Found treapassing on my proper- . t t', on the Paney Uranch Koai,4 miiHs^r-rM f'om Wsahirgton, on the ?d inatant, two CO VVS. one a an all red horned cow. thedkMrfW other a red and whit* spotted buffilo, I he owner : or owners are requeated to oome forward, prove properly, pay chargea, and take them away. OO7 3i* W. BLADEN. VoTli'E ?Waa ati-len froni ihe eorner of Seventh and K ats.,one CARRYALL; nghtah>ft new, at a left one Mpp> d with hraaa; on tt^o end of < hind wheel a piece of hoop iron on t'-.e frllo"; o n ter of b?dy, lower in the middle; atep o i each aide, and two steps on the shafts. I will par #10 for the deliver? of it to me. THOS. CONNER, t Q" 7-3t* cor. 7th an ) K sts . Wa-hinaton. 'I'AKEN UP?On Saturday, the 5th inatant, on t Water at . Georgetown, a large s< rrel ' HORSE, and a V. AGON with white o<>ver. The cwner is requested to come^^2-* forward, prove proper'/, pay chargrs, and take them away. JOHN T BROWN, Washington st., 5 doors south of Bridge at.. oc 7 3t* Georgetownr REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on Saturday evening, the 5tn inatant, from the c\ Northern Liberties Market, a large bay * HORSE and a Wagon with a white oovrtr.*-^-*The finder will reoeive the ahove reward on returning the same WILLIAM SIMAKER, corner Twelfth and 1 ata., near the Biadenaburr Tf II- I gate. oo 7 at* j AC KEWAR D.?Was sto en from the residenoe of the subscriber, on the Heights of?^__\ Georgetown, on SuDday, the 22d ol Sep ] tember, a white and liver oolored pointer " j SLc T, about 9 mouth* old, easily distingui bed by i the prominent doable d'W claws on her tuna feet. The above rsward will be paid for her return to Dr.

John Gregson's Livery Stable, on D street, near 14th. or af my residence, near Georgetown, on the Kookville road. (oo7-3t*) O GREEN. < TAKEN UP ASTRAY-Oq Thoraday, the 31 instant and at % bled in Pope's Livery,* *taHe. near the Navy ^ ard. a ba?f^^_, MULE, with four biaox legs, and hued^BM^ in the right hind leg, with an old blind bridle on. The owner is requested to * I rzt si-""'""tis^R'gviyRiN. 109T?On the 4th mat, a POCKET BOOK, j oontainmc some reeeipta and a note lor #5" drawn by John Watersaed endorsed by K. H. King and J. 1. Stevens The finder will be liberally rewarded on loaving the same at K. H. KING'S. No 316 E at, between 13th and uth ats. The note is of bo value to any one but the owner, as payment has been stopped oe 5 3t* District op colum.ia. Cocm or WasHiveToa, To wit: 1 hereby eer-^jtali tif; that jonn W. Lac ham or said ooun Sir ty, brought before me. as an estray, passing <>n h s snelosnre, a red dry Ct?W, white taoe. right horo half off, about 8 years old Oi**e under my baud and seal thistt > day ofCe Uiber. 1HI I HOMiS C D"NN, J P. The owi er of the above described t'ow willoo.r.e forward, prove property. pay charges, am; t\ke ner away. JvtlN W. LANHAM, ' eo t St* Washirgton oo- near insane aayUm. LOST?96 Kiwasd.-Lost, laat evening, a I Cult's 7 Inch Navy Mte.VOL.VEK, suvor I inuuut'd, marked "Mortimer t'homson, 1861." I he I above reeard will be paid to any person who may I return the piatol to MORTIMER THOMSON, I i til Fst- bitwsen 13thaadMth ; ortoMr Chad- I WM?, wHlards' Hotel. ' se ll-tf 1 FOR SALE AND RENT. T^MiFLrJWO farnnhed, JLl {oT Chambers or Parlcr a^gChamben; t*ated in a desirable -looality, near the avenue; in a private family *b*'? there ^nootfc.r boaHer*. Rooms sapalied with water ???/* Good nfmMM retired. inquire at t-e a?r uae% oo 8-3.* tfWRNISHKD HOUSE TO RB T-The reaiiitfci!5?T??k; 360 wVAelj^ett* av, between jTO^d lith sts , containing I' roo-ns. farce and n^.lrTJl. r'** Iti* comfortably and comp<??taly furnished and will be let to a re?aons'ble tenant, but not for boarding houu pnrtont, Apply on th? premses. bo 7 3t? F<?? ?(?inj,~th# thr*# ,u,r* brick house No. 480 N street north, near Fourteenth ?treet west. obtaining '0 rooms and a large dry oe lar. lnq u re on the premises. oo 6 *" FOR RENT-A DWELLING ROUSE four tones hign. No. 4>J* Fifth st, between E and f ?s., most eligibly situat d. containing |i rooms. Icq aire next door, or ot DUVALL A BRO.. Pa. aveaBQ. oo & 3teo* l^<ov?Rrt?Ni3!~wHOUf,,r o09 Pennsylvania av., t over the bookstore of Franok Taylor?a place for a professional man se 4-tf fJANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS ith ?ma!y Rooms, ?pelied TnS oeTaUV> ani convenient to the Pftbnt D???rtmenU, for rent. Apply at iiff^ch?rsett? avenue, north side, between Itft and tth su. ma 33 EDUCATIONAL. PLPA.,NJ;1.KLD ACADEMY, NEA* Carwuli, aK,eMIOH. (an oommecoes Novemoer 4. 1horough instruction and the comforts lr?u'R'" at f't?r Offoe Will be at Martin Hotel October 17th ; or addres* sey>-eolm Plainfield, Cumberlan^pc^ p'a. WAS>15TAWilffiIOWN rE V- aoo fA. ?oa*D'"? Day School, " ibttureen fi'A and 7Ik sts., Waskington : Tll. j ?W Ao. 151 WtU *t , Gtorutcv*. ' The duties of this Institution were resumed in September ?,irquiars may t>e obtained at the book ?tores, or by addressing the Princ'ral. 8<>:a M. J. HARROVER. UEOKUETOYVJN ADVEKT'AITS [yy* mayor'S office, Lk5 eioRoiTown, D. C.. Sept. ynh.1861. Th.\8"!nt'on *if },he citii^ns of this town is Incited to the two following sections of a late aot of CoLgresi, entitled "An act to create a Metropolian Police Dis-riotof the Districtof Columbia!and to establish a Police therefor." \And be it further enatted, That the Beard of rnlice ir.aj divide the said district into precincts, rot exceed: .ig ten. and may assign one sergeant or police to* of *a d preoincts. The board mar from time to time, establish a station or sub station in each precinct for 'he accommodation of the police f.iroeon duty therein. It may. from time to time, detail and otiange, without regard to or limitation of residence, the sergeants or patrolmen to such parts of the district, or to snoh of the police or criminal courts, and to the publio offices of the government of the United States, or of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, as it may deem advisable. It shall promulgate all reguJa'ions and orders through the ?uperintendent of polio*, who 15?" lhe p,aoe of t,H' mayor of the city of Washington or Georgetown, as bf ing the head of the police departments or force in the said oities but always nil ject to the orders and regulation, of the beard of ponoe ; and it shall be the duty of the polio* force to respect and ob*? the *aid super mtei,dent of police, as the head and ohief of the same, sut>j?ot to the rules a-d regulatioas and genera' ord?r* of the board rf police. And he u furtyr matted, I hat it shall be the out* of the board of polioe hereby constituted, at all tunas of the day and night, wituin the Itouuda i ie? ol the ?ai<1 police di?trict, to preserve the public poaoe; to prevent orime. and arrest offenders: to protret th^righfs ol p rtous and of property; io ?uard <he public health; to preserve order ai every pub io eleotioi.; to remove nuisances exutiog in the streets, roads alleys, highwajs, arid other placet; to provide a proper polioe force at svery fire, in order th*t thereby the firemen and property may bo proteoted; tu p/oteot stra gers and trave lers at steamboat and ship landing* and rail- I sray stations, to see that all laws relating to the observance of :?unday,and regarding pawnbrokers. I nock auctions, e ectiocs, gam -ling, i .temperance! I ottery dealers, vagrants, disorderly peri .ns, ani I .he publio hea th, are promptly en'orceJ. and to I Jnforoe and obey all laws and o dinano-s of the sity councils of ths o ties of Wa<-hington and I r*Kl5?.?wn Th,?h jrpperly applicable to po'ice >f M?s t^ D? ,coon,1,t?nl Wlth (he provisions I It will be ssen that I have do fu'th?r control over I ;he polios Torce and have no power or right to en- I orce'he ordinances of the town in regard to dis- I )rdor? or nuift&aoes. In &jj euoh oases oompl&int I ( at be made to and redress obtained from the | L nited States oolioe. whose sorgeant will be lound I it the guard house near the canal bridge, High I lir??t. It may be proper to state that this new polioe sysem piomises to be the best one, in all respects f >r I he preservation of oider and the protection of per- I m n? and pr party, tuat has ever existed in the I [Jistrict of Co.umlna. It rives Georgatown a force I >t seve!,t en polio-men, free ol expens in lieu of I i very feeble cne which has been a heavy oharee I ipon our Treasury. I Although I have no immediate oontro! of this I olio?, jet, oeing a member of its t>oarrt, I will I Uwa*s he ready to hear the complaints of any of I >ur citiiSDS in regard to nuisances ar.d disorders I owh'ohthe police may fail or refuse to give p oper I Ltte-tion, and will endeavor to have such remiss I less oorreoted. It will be expected of a 1 good citnens that they I rill oountenancse an.I sustain this new system to I he extent of their ability. oo l-2aw3w HENRY ADDISON, M'yor. Buckskin gloves, ^ GAUNTLETS. Ao. W e call the attention of Sutlers, K-gimenta1 Of- I icers, and oti.ers wishing to purchase Huckakin I Jloves. Gauntlets. .Mittins. Purses, Tol>aooo Pou- I ihes. Portinonnaies, Leggins, Ao , at wholesa e, to I >ur extensive stcuk?all oi our own manufacture I a our store, 105 High street, Georgetown. I Our Gioves Gauntlets and Mittens a-e of the I >est auality, of real Buckskin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, Boxmg5 oves, Buckskin shirts and Drawers, made to I >rder ? kamsburg a ebkrt, 105 High Ktreet, Georgarown, D. C. N' B.-A large quantity of scraps of buckskin I ind Chamots for polisning guns, aoooutromeuta. I to., on hand. se8? lm VI absey, COLLINS A OO.'S V,^ . PHILADELPHIA DRACDHT. thls SaJ*X"r ?fr*''i?r J. Jerome? I 8"0barre:a XX DRAUGHT ALE, do. do. fioo hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for sale Terms *ash I mdehvery. AKNY A SHI.NN, m " Union Depot, Georgetown. JU8T RECEIVED? Io lihds. prime Porto Rico SUGARS M bbla. Oid Rye WHISKY, *?i m1, UhRuAiN"d ALE WIv E8. bbls. Crushed ad R^&ncd SL'CAKS, 0 bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.dow prioed) MOLASSES. tor sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. se 14 1*1. I. FRANKLIN, icikntific and practical optrciah, 144 Penn'aav., no. th side,) bet. lith and 13th sts. I Improved SPECTACLES, with genuine Pabble ?r I erisoopio Glasses, suited oorreotly for every ijfeHUgnts I FIRST M l liMM Q CLASS MILITARY h'lELlt-QLASSES, klioroscopes. Compasses, and Mathematical In- I etruinents, at the lowest Eastern priccs, *7 tr 289 N ^^SON * NA81.K, OuQ u . /lK,,I'JiX,LVA1,,A AVXNDl. ?Td\J I Between Ninth and Tenth sts . south side IMPORTERS OF W^YiS, .IQVOKS.SE I OAHS PWKLES. PRESERVES, ,tj A R- I dines, fine groceries and SUTLERS' STORE6 IN GENERAL. '"'hamVagnI'S, ' * mm . - r,? Mumm, Piper Heidsiok. Moet A Lhandon, Cartiar A Co , Barat A Far ot ! W# off#r al ^e,r Vork Prices-freight Kldcd* JOHNSON A NAGLE, .. j89 Penna avenue. Abm. M. Bin-nger A Co.'s(19 Wroad street, Nsw I I imV?)RK Tl^ED w?N ES and b.?bkntiJ Al v.Camp,Medieina ,aad Family u.e, I ?n hand acd aoid at New York Prices ay the Caaa. At JOHN80N A NaGLE*S, I dipv, Ea .. , aS9 Penna. avenue I S . r.?V> P.per ?Hier 8AUCKS. TO I [ATO CAWUK by the barrel, gallon, or dosen, I om the oe ebratad manufactory of i-ohrcnbarli A I uo , New V ork, at astonishingly low prices. I At JOHNSON A NAGLE'S, BKKh' /oSr'l^ V2.IJ"' ?AMArf?AND ?thtlf-b^.GlJKt*' by I [NOOT COPPER. ? NAVT DmPAETMX!?T, ( Bureau of Construction, ft, Oct. 2d, 1861. { Pao/^'aLs wil be received at this Bureau nntil I the Urh of Ootobar tor the delivery of 4?iii,000 I ponnds of 1tha b.?s' quality American Intoi Coppar, I st the W aahiugtou Navjr Yard, sub.eot to the I neoaasary last and in?p >otion of tae prop r offioer* I M tl^yara. tialivarias to be made at thaiaiaof I 100M9 poinds every ian dayslrom the daiaot tha I Botihoatioa of the aoceptanoe ofthe proposal, or | ** ?>tlon of t*e oontraotor. The t id I estsEr- "* oe S-eo ATCH REPAIRING, -? i,m m ENGRAVING, A?. repaired c^*?ossatars. Jewelry, Ao., oar io ly I ^i'5' ^ntrar'nf la all Its branehaa promptly ex- ! eut?4. M. W.GAI T A BRO., _ Jewelers, 194 Pa. avenea, ... Four doors west of Brown's HotoL oe?-6t > PAYMASTERS' avor'afuentcamfcrt? BOXES' BhSista, cci? u^.PUlowa^Iro? B^s'ta^ls. to. For sale by J AS. C. MoG LIRE A C d , mTI rw Comer Tenth st. and Pa av. wew, oe Mm TELEGRAPHIC NEWS LATER PROM FORTRESS MONROE. Baltimore, Oct. 8 ?The Old Point boat srrived bfre (bit morning, and bring* tbe follow, tag intelligence: Foaraxss Mcsrob, Got 7 ?Tbc steamer Ei? press waa met Ibis morning by agreement with tbe rebel ateamer Northumberland with a tag of trace, twelve mllea above Newport Newa, and brought down fifty-seven wounded prisoner*, who were released yesterday at Richmond, and who were taken at Bull Run. They report that there are abont flee thousand troopa la Richmond, tad that tbe rebel army on the Potomac la supposed to number over a hundred and fifty thousand men ; and that apprehenslons of attackaon tbe seaboard cause the greatest anxiety. Powerful batteries have been erected along James river, In anticipation of an advanoe of the Federal army In that direction. The armament has been removed from the steamsr Jamestown. The prisoners did not see the steamer Yorktown, having probably passed her during the night The troops at Richmond were composed of North Carolinians and Georgians. Gov. Hrown, of Ga . has recalled five of his regiments to defend the Slate. The rebel troops were suffering greatly from the want of medicines, clothing, and certain klnda of food. Articles cat off by tbe blockade were bringing fabulous prices. The wounded prisoners were released for reason that their wants could not be supplied. They have been obliged to sleep on the floor during their imprisonment. Gen. Beauregard wan at Manassas Junctior, and Jeff Davla bad returned to Richmond on Saturday last, la feeble health. Speculation was rife as to his successor. Seventeen of the released prisoners, who ?re unable to go home, have been sent to the Old Point Hospital, and others go North to-night. Mr Ely has been declsred a prisoner of war by the Confederate Congress, and is still confined in Richmond. Col. De Vlller's of the 7th Ohio regiment escaped by stratagems from Richmond and was nearly six weeks in making bis way to Norfolk. Commodore Goldsborough went to Washington yesterday in the steamer Philadelphia, and is expected at Old Point to-morrow. Brigadier-General Williams arrived at Old Point this morning, and will proceed to Hatteras Inlet by the first boat, to assume command there Late' frsm Europe St Johxa, Oct 7 ?The steamer Bavaria, from Liverpool on the?5th inst , for New York, passed Cape Race on Saturday night. The London Times' cltv article of the 25th says that great excitement prevails in the foreign stock market consequent upon the distinct repetition of the announcement that France and Spain will forthwith intervene in tbe affairs of Mexico Mexican stocks had advanced more than 2 per cent The Kings of Denmark and Holland will visit Napoleon at Compelgne, October 6th, at the same tlm* with the Ktng of Prussia. The French minister at Berne had banded another note to tbe Federal Council referring to the Vllle De Grand affair, wherein France adhered to the statement contained in the prevlou? note, the accuracy of which was con ested by tbe Federal Council. Tbe vanguard of tbe Turkish army bad fallen back upon Trelizne and Klopuck This was caused by the bold movement of the inaurgents. Omar Pasba is concentrating bis forces at Treberque. Tbe Valdlka of Montenegro has railed out all his contingents, and awaits the Turkish army in Montenegrin territory. Accounts from Italy say it Is rumored that Gen. Fanti succeeds Gen. Claldini at Naples Tbe recall of tbe Italian Minister to Spain la probable, in consequence of the repeated refusal of Spain to deliver up the archives of the Neipolltan consulate Tbe miscreant who attempted to assassinate tbe Queen of Greece waa a young atudent named Davions. The weapon was a revolver He had no accomplices. There are rumors of an Austrian ministerial crista, and the resignation of theChancellor. Advices from Japan speak of an attempt by assassins to murder tbe inmates of tbe British Legation at Kanagawa on the 5th of fuly Two ol the inmatea were wounded, but the rest escaped All was quiet on tbe 21st commercial. Liverpool, Sept 25 ?Cotton sales for two days past 55,000 bales. The market has been excited, with an advance of i^a^d, and closed with a further advancing tendency. Bresdstuffs are declining, and all d?scrlptlons are lower Flour is dull at a decline of 6d. Wheat closed fist at a decline of 2a3d. Corn is easier. Provisions closed dull. Consols 90ifa90,y Only a Week frsm California. Pac ific Springs, 260 miles East of Salt Lake, Oct. 5?The pony express passed here at ten o'clock this morning, with following advices : Sam Francisco, !*ept. 28.?Arrived on the 26th, steamer Uncle Sam from Panama. The San Francisco markets are dull. Five hundred boxes of Grant's candles were sold at 2(j? . In other articles there has been no change Tbe rains of the winter appear to be at hand in tbe southern counties There has been three days hsavy rain up to the night of the 24th, extending from the mountains to the sea. Rev. W. Scott, (whose Southern proclivities have 1 tely opened bim to the ceusure of the community.) with bis family, has taken passage on the ship Franklin Haven for Liverpool. The Forrest Theatre, of Sacramento, was destroyed by fire on the 26th The building cost about SlUO 000, on which there waa no Insurance The cavalry regiments called for from this State are now full and overflowing, and yesterday one or two companies were refused There is still room in tbe infantry regiments, although they ar? fast tilling up. . * Tbe 26th of September was observed as a fast day in San Francisco, in accordance with the recommendation of the President Services were held during the day In all the churches, and several prayer meetings In the evening at tbe largest and moat central Business was generally suspended. The Mexican residents of San Francisco are today celebrating the anniversary of their national independence?somstning after tbe fkshlon of the 4th of July. A telegraphic dispatch from Portland, Oregon, dated September 6th, states that the (J S steamshl p M assachusetts h~d arrived at Fort Vancouver. She is to load with military stores and proceed to San Francisco. Frsaa Fortress Msaree. Fortress Moxaox, Oct. 6.?Commissary John Clark, late editor of the Boston Courier, was on board tbe propeller Fanny, but left with th? first boat load of stores, and thus escaped being mada prisoner. The captain of tbe Faany Is severely censured, as it appears that the Confederate steamers were not seen until they were within lour miles of the propeller. On Thursdsv morning two tug-boats, hsving tbe Susquebsnna's launches U tow, ladened with tbe remaining stores of the 20th Indiana Regiment, left Hatteras Inlet for the encampment of the regiment, but is was rumored before ^esslling of the Paving that they bad abandoned their position, sad were on the way back to Hatteras Inlet. Affairs ta Keatacky. Locisvillx, Oct. 7.?The 9ity Conncil of Louisville hss passed a resolution instructing tbe Mayor to bring before them all tbe city c Ulcers suspected of disloyalty for exsminstion. James Guthrie, H. D. Newermb, Thos. Qulgley, T. B. Wieder, Dr. N. B. Ewlng and James Speed hsve been elected d'rectors of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. Hon. James F. Buckner, a leading man of Christian county, while endeavoring with twenty others to escape, was taken by the Kentucky rebels snd carried into Tennessee. The remslnlag twenty escapcd. The Niagara Ashsre?Her Etcape. Boston, Oct 7 ?Tbe steamship Niagara went shore at one o'clock yesterdsy mormng, two miles sooth of tbe Highland Light, during a dense fog. Her malls and paasengerscame upon a tug boat She got off about II o'clock without assistance or damage. Blew Ysrk Raak Staiemeat. N?w York, Oct 7 ?Tbe weekly state meet of tbe city banks shows an lncrsaae ta loans of 22 417,000, an Incresse of SLWO,!** la specie, 245.000 la circulation, and 24,1*5,000 la de posits. DR. M. KOCH, CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And from 402 Broadway, NewYorfc. Branch oftic-??46 Pennsylvania avenae, betweea 13th and 13th sts., Washing ton, V. C. Coras, fleniooa, tijft Coras. Cauositiea, Clab Nails, and Nails penetrating ths Cash, As , oar?-d without saaunc pain or laooaveaieoee to the aagsat The Boot or Bbos ean be worn immediately after tts operation His trsatiasat isjua?d?d oaths etrte ly role of soieBoe, seekas all Sargseas will ^IfiiTcharfSs are fait* moderate, tnfiiag c-'infare. with the relief and ssttstaetlna Kk tfswi tb* utfere.- . _ Refers to Uis Physiciaas and 8argas?a of thta oily Pmsobs attended at their ray or rasMsassj without extra charge, by iaavtag orders at 846 Pa. a**., bet lfth and iath fts. 09 l-lm* ' second edition: thkbc"lock r. n An I'lRictMiiT lull Oat ?Bo maay Governneat ofltoial*?civil m well as military. la tow aa well m high positions?were staeert from thair posts during the greater part of tba bastBfes boar* af tc-day, gaping over the rsree show of the artillery and cavalry parade, that we may foirly write down thia -tb of Octeher, A D Ml, a d??* on In Washington It waa hat a few daya slacn there waa. In effect, another aurh genoral oeesstlon of bnelaeea. on account of the proclamstfoo for a general fset day Such occasions are multiplying rapidly of late, to the aerlona detriment of the pahllc Interact Involved in the bu*laeoa-llke tranaartloa of tha public buaineaa Theae atrtke ua aa betag no holiday time*, la view of tbe condition of the coantrv, which require* to mend It aa It ahould be mended, unceasing hard work on the part of tha people'a employees; not tbe multiplication of practical general holiday* However mceaaary such review* aa that that took place to-day may be for tbe Improvement of tha arm)-?and they certainly are tbua neceeaary?their occurem e forma aa good reasons why nearly all other Government anployeaa ahould leave tbeir poata to be prraant a* tie ahow. Mb. Doli, the Commlaaloaerof Indian Afhirs, ha* returned from hla viatt to tbe State of Kanaaa and Territory of Nebraaka He repreeeati tba Indiana there aa being loyal to tbe fatted State*, and that they would, If deal red. take part la behalf of the Unlon From careful Inquiry, be does not believe the disaffection In the country of tba Cberokeea. Choctaw*, He , to l>e widespread, and that thoee who have taken part with tbe re be La (principally half-breeda) have done ao under ooercioa. OUR MILITARY BXJDOBT. tbi bbvikw to d1t. From ten o'clock until noon to-day there waa n constant stream of people, civilian* and military folk, moving toward* the aceae of the grand artillery and cavalry review, eaat of the Capitol. Owing to tbe heavy rain of last night much of tbe ground occupied heretofore for paradea and review*, waa aubrnerged. rendering It impossible for the troop* to maneuver successfully, and greatly dlacommodlag the civlllana, of whom there were many tbouaanda crowded upon carriage*. omnlbuaes, army wagona, and every little hillock upon the broad common*. The cavalry were drawn ap la line facing tba Capitol, with the left wing reetlng upon the cemetery near tbe Washington Aaylum, and the right wing extending far acrcea the plain, nearly np to the wood*. The artillery waa arranged next to the cavalry, and extended at right aaglea toward the city?forming with tbe cavalry, two elde* of a triangle. MaJ Gen McClellan appeared ahortly after If m , accompanied by hi* ataff, and waa welcomed with tbe cuatomary aalute from the artillery; after which, he proceeded rapidly along tbe line*, reviewing the bodiea of cavalry and artillery a* be pa**ed. When our reporter left tbe field tbe review waa atlll In progreaa. though the troop* had not yet began tbelr evolution* Notwithstanding the disagreeable condition of tbe ground, tbere waa a very full representation of tbe elit* of Washington, and distinguished foreign personage* The srtlllery waa In splendid condition, and attracted all eyca The cavalry (volunteer) looked well la tbe main, but some unpleasant Incongruities of costume, such aa caps snd regulation hats, gray pants and blue pants side by side, were noticeable The men, too, show the need of sn efficient riding master, who ahall teach them to ride with their knees In, and to divide their weight s little between tbe knee snd tbe stirrup. As It is, they rise snd fall in the ssddle in a heavy inelastic style, terribly killing to their enlmala. Cavalry certainly cannot be Improvised, aad It Is Imperatively necessary that the utmost Attention ahould be given to thia portion of onr force, lest they create more confusion In our own ranks la the field than they do in the ranks of the enemy. The regular cavalry present afforded a good idea of what this arm of the service will be wbea car large cavalry force tball all be brought up to the Army standard. att yaks The only arrivals from below this morning were tbe flag-ship Yaakee, Com. Craven, aad the * tea in -r Hetxel, Lieut Fraaklia. from Baltimore All i* reported qniet upon the Potomac. Tbe Pawnee wa* thia moralng making srraagnm-nt* to take on board a heavier armament, consisting of 0 inch rifled cannon Yeaterday a few shots were made with her guns st the target In the channel. I'he Anacostia Is still on the ways, sad tba Island Belle lie* over on the beach, still undergoing repairs to her stern. The Philadelphia, Powh?t*n. and Monnt Vernon, have hauled np near tbe Anacostia bridge, in order to sfford mora room for the other steamers now crowding tha wharves and obstructing the channel. a hkavt nam. Laat night and thl* morning ther; fell a heavy fl Kid of rain on tbe upper Potomac, previously swollen as it was by tbe usual equinoxlal rains. Tbe quantity of water foiling, as explained above, will Insure that there can be ao military crossing of the river ab >ve ttis side of Harper's Terry for at leait a fortnight to come. all q01bt. We have Information from all tbe Union campo on the other side of tbe river, per te'egrnph, up to 1 p. m to-day, when all was quiet la them. th* SCCniTABV of wab. Secretary Cameron left Washington this fore noon, t-T hi* home in Pennsylvania, to be abeent from his post for three or foar days. LATE LOCAL NEWS. iHTxnxsTtno Scans ?i^aea night tbe oSeers of the metropolitan pelt re. In tbe discharge of tbatr duty, stopped at the old' Unloa Building'' to saa test all waa quiet at s daace got up by tb* colored folks To tbe surprise of the gnard, however, there was s very large ri pr?sntstioa af 'white folk" in tbe sbspe of volunteer sfilcers, and what was yet more noticeable, they were lavtahlng their attentions oa the ebony-ti*ed tomale* in s manner not at all agreeable to tbe colored beaux, who a* paying for tbe fiddler, could not be ei pee ted to leiliiqulsh tbe oavaltorshlp of tbelr Dulciaens with philosophy even It the interlopers were 4'milllagtary men " It Is a great pity some of the Provnat Guard could not neve been present to snake tbeee military visitors off to the guardhouse. The Pic Ntc at tb* Citt Gabssbs ?The attendance at tbe City Gardoae at tbe prlne pie nto yesterday waa quite nnmorooe, aad at twUfctjp pea ranee was fovorable for s very fine affair. But appearances are often very deceptive, as the pea prletor of the garden aooa aacartaloed. The gey and scenes of s disgrscrfel character i ism si Inevitable Of course with Jeetras Walter** decision la view thl* undue exhilaration of tba crowd could do', have come from tbe lager that "cheers but Inebriates not " Tha Metropolitan Police caused a suspension of tbe affair, no doubt to the satisfaction of tbe proprietor, who bad no taste for such proceed lag* aa tbe pest of visiter* to his usually quiet place of report. Dxath jlt th* Hosfital.?Corporal J?fcn Taylor, of CoaoDaay D, Caaaerea Diagoana, eC Philadelphia, died y*atord*7 afternoon In the E street hospital, after aa 111?* a# eorae weeks Flao Ba sis*?A fiag, purcbeaed by the eraCoyeee of the Government Printing 0*oe, will i raised at foar o'clock this afternoon 43EALKD PEOPOBaLB. Ulbemwved wttl ? the rath instant, for tha inunediutedol l oary. at this ofifco*. of twelve thoasand Fquajs ? *? A ah to*] apd oae polder ? ah *ood. Projnaalj boa Id bo agrees* to the rahraribsr end endorsed on the envelope, ^frupot*.* io: I- n*L on ins *nTwor*>, p Mll<Litlt IT9 F.|?SS^SriwhnndSib. y c V as *'n?" n?ir. D G-? Ootober let, MB. _yy A?H,auui> K s r77^ ? ^ sriling officer of ttais-Ar my aatrl 10 a. a. of the iota oTCKt^beraext for .nrr.ianiaa J*' to us of sous. wJtak Trt.fS Ssyn 1 i ' - *

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