Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1861 Page 4
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# m - Hfr KVKMNG STAR. THE SWEET LITTLE MAV BKOICATSb TO Til *TAT-*? HOBS *AS??*?. Now while the toldlrri iff fighting oar battle*, Kaoh ?t hit post to do all that h< can, i>9*D among rebel* *nd contraband chattels, w hat are you doing, my iwett little man T AU tbe brave boy* under canvass are sleeping, i All of tbem pressing to marcb with the van, Far from the borne where their ?we*heart* are weeping, What are you waiting for, my sweet tittle man* Yoo with the terrible warlike inorstacbes, Pit for a Colonel or chi?f of a clan, You with ihe wtlat made for aword-belts and aahea. Where are your ahoulder-atrapa, sweet little man ? Bring blot the buttonlaaa garment of woman, Cover hit face, I eat it freckle *nd tan; Jdtieter tbe Apron-String Guards on the common, The*, la the cor pa for tbe aweet llttie mao. ?'. e htm for escort a tile of young misses, Sfcch of them armed with a deadly rattan; Thev shall defend him from laughter and hiaaea, Aimed by low boyi at the aweet llttie man. Ail the fair maiden* about blmahall cluster, Pluck the white feather* from boooet and fan,. IKake him a plume like tutkev-winged duster : That la tfc? crest for a aweet little igaa. t)^but the Apron-String Guard* ara the fellowa ' Drilling each day aluee our troublea be^an ! ^ **Handle your wclklng-ctlcka !" "Shoulder umbrellas :? That la tbe Kyle for the iweet little man' Bave we a nation to mt?! In the flnt place Saving ourselves la the sensible plan Surely ths spot where there's shooting's the worst plar* Where I can atand, says the sweet little man! Catch me confiding my person with strangers ! Think how tbe cowardly Bull Ruuuers ran ' In tbe brigade of tbe !*tay-at-bome Rangers Marches my corps, says tbe sweet little man. Such was the stuff of the Malakeff takers, Such were the soldier* that scaled the R'dan ; Truculent housemaids and bloodthl'sty Quaker*, Brave not tba wrath of tbe sweet inile man. Yield him the sidewalk, ye nursery maidens: Sauae qmi prut' Bridget, and right-about, AnnFierce as a shark in a school of ni-nbnde^s. 9<-e him advancing, the aweet ll'tl* man! ^Vhni the red flails of th* battle field thresher* Beat out the continent's wheat from Its bran, While tbe wind scatters tbe chatt'y soe??*ber<, W bat will become of our sweet little man ' W ben the brown soldiers come back from the borders, HAW utlll V... 1^1. V. *-?- a? * ww ?ui uc iwi wurn bib tesium mey scan: How will he feel when he jyeU marcolnn order#, Signed by his lady-love? Svreet little man ! Fear not for him. though the rebel* expect him? I L!fr la too precious to shorten Its span; Woman her broomstick will ralae ?o protect h;m; Will she not fl^ht for the sweet little imu ? >ow then, three cheers for the Stay-at-home RanBlow the great fi?h-hcrn and beat the big pan ! First In the field that U fartheat from danger Take your white feather plume, sweet little man ' [t'm Commercial. Fiest-Rate Notice" or Russell.?Somebody wriujg in the Green Bay (Wia.) Advocate, has the following very creditable anecdote of Mr. Win. II. Russell: ' In the courso of a horse trade, the other day, I wM led into ejntact with the London Times corre?D?ndent. He na.1 a line hnr?? fr.r ale. which I, as the -horse man' of the staff. *?? deputed to buy. I called at fcii rooms at an early hrur, (for him.) say nine o'clock, and disturbed bim as he was dressing for breakfast lie displayed some petulance at being broken in upon, but instantly, as I explained that I had called in reference to purch:ismg a horse ho bad for sale, be melted, and graciously -asked me to sit in tho parlor until he could p?;i*'ect his toilet. He is a medium-sited, thick-fet man. with Jahn Ball sticking out in overy m- tion and action?but, I Km bound to ?ay, notwithstanding all the hard things be ha* said of us, with all the apparent impress of fairness Cue trivial thing will serve to show. I asked bim tSe price of the horse. lie t 'id he would sell him for what be p?iu?and stopped to think what it was. I had already *#ked the groom about the price, who gave it M #100, and I m- ntioned that to bim. He replied, after s*m?< thought, that the groom mistaken, as be was quite positive he paid bat 9140 for bim. 1 mention this as tome indication of Russell's candor?and I may as well add that the horse was purchased, and his owner, Chaptain Chandler, cur Brigade Adjutant General, worsld not to-day sell him for twioe that sum. He is a splendid sorrel, thorough bred, and was sold tor so trivial a price, because he was too light for Russell's weight, which is in the vicinity of 230. OCEAN STEAMERS SAILING DAY* F*o* T3i Uvrra* Brant. Fttamma. !***?. ?. D**?Saraia .New York...Liverpool?..Oet *9 ia?ara. .Boston. l.iverfool?..Ootl6 AltH, Vnrlr f .i*ar?AA; I OQ Bremen ....__ .'New York " FTml O5* tmoa Kraopm tint ? .Liverpool New York ?Sept 23 rtnm. Soutirpton...New York.._Oct 2 The California mail et*amera leave New York oa tfc# let, 12th, aed 21st of every month. This people's clothing ptore-no. 4?0 f^venth ?t.. oppoeite Poet Office. ool-lm JK PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 4*' 0 tUvei-th at, ia the piaoe to bay roar Cl*?'l?m, Trunk?, Hata and Capa. oo 1 lrn W T NION ENVELOPES U AND PAPER. The most b an Ufa! fenve.opee publiehed in the Unite*! Sta'ea. printed in two. three, toar, an<l one to m?? m; toiort, mav be had of .*>. C. L' PH A M, MIA CMtoat street, Philadelphia, and WI L.LI A W BALLANTYNE, B okee'ler. Wa-<h.n?ton, D. 0. i A 'ample t %< ka?e will be aent to a< y addreaa oa 1 raofpt of .3 oenU. ?e 2) eo?w UEADgi ARTKR8FOK CLOTHING. HATS li an.TC aPS?At SMITHS, No. 460 Bev-nth t/eet. oc 1-1 m COME A SO H^E OUR NEW STOCK OF FALL iNOTHING-NO.460 Seventh at. _e? 11m S NOTICE. TYLl^H Au'.nnir a..t vVmUr Wrappmga for laoiee, ft?n%litiea better than nauVly found in this mar ket, m \V ootasa and Silka Man/ novelties in Bhawla W ;th aL hinds of Dry Gooda for the ceuabu apaoiai aaota of nnuiieeand hoaaekeep ra. Oae art?* only, the aataal ouh atandard vaioi, ma k*f innlaia figurea. Oar Northern aocl Eaatcrn corresponJenU aend aa new aapvliae daily. Carpeta, Curtain*, Oiloloths, Ruga, Ac., upper flrtr.ra ~ As inspection of stock implies no oblication to ?er?ha ST PFRRY A BKO., oo < ? Pa. avenue snd Xmta at. THE GREAT KUPH TO ARMS hM oaus^d *.M 1 I'H *<> ruin North and rtp enish his (took PALL and WINTER CLOTHING, wHioh ? offers at remarkable low prtoes, at No. 4bO tv-v w?ti? ' . nyroa tM Post Ofcoe an 'O tin 8W. TUCKER Wonldlunm to the citi * ? . m.ltiv? and sofoorners in Waih _ a? Uim rh*t he is now prosecutive the Tax tor n* buunNi ui ail its braiohe*, at N<?. SA 4?Y PutinL, 3d door north of pa a*. Hs WW tacetxi* to manufvenire, rut. mtir, r* Kxit-i, 3)sans*,and stnve to be ?euer?>llp aoaom modattne. Kcoq ^ftitsts ?hos!d ail! and ?+ hi71 1 oUi->Trad??Pac c^s and other MaoMne Botching neatlt sxeouted. se n-aawlm* Kip L OB I N G OUT V CLOSING OUT! Ilinu coccodpd to c ore oat my entire stock of aS'7 GOODS, 1 have removed the same to e. SO Pennsylvania avenue, between 8th a .d 9th arrests, where I will offer the entire stock at so oh daps ae will ?um>> u?? former oastoiaers, and the bsbbe jea*?iT- to bev me fc-st ones Prsnoh psicf Govdsat pomic pries*. Now in ths tuns tw N - B ?A:S perAOM ^ann? elaims against me are x*qae4 f ?9n? the same for settlement; and all { rso-.s lunette t to me are reelected to asks mr. wmngwwmmiM to iiruttw th*ir oiamu witfcoat fmr*v? %^a?.",-aovi SKfiar ?i-*i j d wT'iqfcKjmkJM>IKR& INDTHhlR FAM */ illm umjdint bet k.rtdof Fauoy ortttaefe ORV GOODH for ??6 Im> ? or ? aomt, ir( riiiottod to la*p*ot *?r xU'rtr* .took ; bo obligation to pareti?ee tlieret-T iBeerred. I >nc pi t or.lj, maj-*?d ja plain firare* ' 4H for th? rtuamr mo araly and properly ?v iM. lr? * ut ?a*r*?. fERRY* BROTHER, -It O * *T<*''?Torry BuUtj'tgV JJOME-MADE liOOTre AND 8HOK8, Labita', Mjmbs' l*d Cbilbbtif? Wia? ssasAE *an S*]T#r lMATRt vJlfN f? for military Mod* t V^G.ME'l^>ROrn,'8, . r?,rn?r of. p?. %v >?ri Ki?wr?i?ib at. J^PECLAL L 'RS^NS II* muVKWina 6COD!S W?ofT#r *!! Mk' j ,-*:*? of NiroriiTSj Ooodt u car .t c* c.'*r?u;r ' <?duc-?i i:igM ft?r HlgggfiSi: / ???????????? SUMMElt iiETREATS. SfcA BATBJ.NQ AMU SAFK RKTRfcAT, Af Point LOOE-ODT, mahylahd. Thjs oe Bath in* Placc ?ituated at tba ] Janotion of the Potomac kiver wit* tbeB . ? A Cheeapeak'' liar, will be opened by thef'."iWk# I nn<iarai?n<<t on tfao 10th of Jane, in theJrfUfiMA ] very t>ea< s'yle, (or &>1 persona who may wish a , ?af?? and amet retr#>\t? where they oanhave the benefit of tr.e beat salt water bathing ami eujoy the | deiieaeiaa of tfce wster, auah &j Fish of all kinds, Ojatera, Craba, Ac Every description of fishin* tackle will b* kept far tr>* accommodation of gnesta. A fine livery anah e sept on th" farm 4ilA. t/)D Ain &1AVB Aid KllliftrJ BAiOABI With a'l other aniuc-menU usually f.>cndat iuoh p'aoea. The t?oI? wiil be aupphed daily with freah vegetables from the garden on the rf*nuaea and from | the Baltimore ana Waahii;*ton inarketa. The >>eatLi?uora and Cirara will always be fouod i at the Bar. i Board, 99 p?r day; one week, S12; atoond ?rsek, i'n four week a for ft 36; chi dree and colored servant. balf-rrice. The ateamer St. Nicholas leaves Waabirgtoa Tuesday at * a m and Ba'tiaonr^ rtn Friday at if. ru. The half paat 3 o'clock p. m. train from Warn* i to*ton will oonnectat Balunitr^ with tie boats, reaoh na Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri weekly sta?e from Washinfton. by way of l.eonardtown i Add ess the proprietors, at Po.nt Lockout, Waehinfto'n. D O- or Alexandria, Va. m 31 B KFLV, > W E ?t ft CO , Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DB NTZBT, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUH. Between Ninth and Tenth Streets as g-ajgg M . LOOMIB, t*L# inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at _ mt lecca reraooany at ni: umcf .n tn's onr MM# Many persons nan w*ar these teeth who^*-* 11" oannot wt*r others, and no person can wear o there who cannot wear tiiese. 'orsons oaili' c at my ofton oan be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth th*y way desire; bat to those wno are particular and wish the purest, e!eace?t, atroiiK?st, and most perfect dent ore that art can prod nee. the MINERAL PLATE will be ca.ralu.iy warranted. Room* in thia oity -No.33!*'veeB 9th and l^tb sta. Also, HOT Arch street. Phi vie! phia. oc i# if FITTING, Ac, AWM T. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeonte any eriara with which they may be favored iu the PLUMBING, 8AS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. trr Store on ?th street, a few doora north of Pa. fcT-snne, wh*r?i may be foand a ooma'rte auorunent e t GHANDEMriRSand ctfcerSAS- STEAM ana WATER FIXTURES laH W SNYDER, ? ri.VUHER AND HAS FITTER, Baa removed to the ocrner of T*?rf?h and F ata. Hiiia prepared to ?atro<luoe Water and Gaaupm the raoat favorable terma, and guaranties entire nttnMUoa. #[ehaa on hand a lot of COOKIN6 and o?h*r OVES. which ho will aell leu than ooat, aa ha wiah** to get rid of them. no 17 We A S FJXTURK8. E B&t? in y'oro, and aid dai y receiving, 0A8 FIXTURES of ontireiy New Pattema and Deaicna ana Fiiiieh, ear .vior m atrie to anyihi>i< heretofore offoi d in this market. We irviieoitiiona eeseral irtr sail a:. J examine oar etouk of Gas ana Water Fl* irea,f?'inr confident that ws hare the baat ae.eotcd stock in WuluoitciL A'.l Work in th?v>ove Tine intm?ie-i toeur oara will be promptly at?en^*d to. ^VEKS * Mo??HAN. na*r l-tf 3" 3 D utreot. /\l ICE OF INSPfcHWOR AND S JALF* V/ OF 0*3 METERS. W *aHTr??0!?. J?l? II, NOTICE IS HEREBY tHYBN, Ti*i,ecre?ablr to tho provmona of ti;* "rdnanee of etc. Corporation approved May li. iat(U,the unJeraigned la now prepar^-i,"whenever r*fiii'-ad in writing, and on pre-payment of the fe* of eenta, to inapect, examine. teat, prcv?. ai-1 aa?*rt?.in the accuracy of registration ofVuy gi~-> iret^r in uee in this citt." Every aseter, l/fonrd acicrrect.will be condemned aud another. ss>ai?i and *iarfce?i m true, wiu be aft it p.ecr If foTad tu be toc^-aie in ita B"aski?iii?z.i vi tt*. it Will ba ?coo-aing!y, aiH atain tat pcaftion for c? tfflee !*o. t\l) Seveu^s atr?at,(M?r Odd Fal. wa* dan ?.?per ^:cn - a. u. . tot*, m. OH \<tl i:i? V,. CUNNINGHAM, ir It-tf a.-.*1 i?ea:tr of 6*i Mater*. WALL, STEPHENS A CO , 3U2 Pm>-Nsvi.VA!*ia Avantra, M I L 1 T \ R Y AND NAVAL M FRCHANT T , us > ND NKAt?V-MAfiU CLOTHIKRS, ANU KXTJ N-IVK MKALFR3 i.N frKNTLEMtN'i FURM.SHlN?i 'iOOlJS, aeo-if <late! k Rapub.i faTitflLpfr B i I. L i A K D 8 ! I? | Vi The lover* ' -J *- of the GAME UF B'LLlARim will find in KMRlCH'x fine hall. Corner o feuna/ i ?vemo &cd 11th atreet? 'south mde,) txrool the mist admirable TAB I .Kb in the United SUte?, vrith every oomfort and convenience *ii 3 tf tor iha players. WATCH REPAl.t ING AN DJMLVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of t?<e beet establishments, Ml ft?r- I aiahed with aoom' o-e set of tool* for repair- | mg every desc-ip i?a of fane 'A ate, and MRJ particular attention give to the win*, by MhmE tua ?jheeir.p?ter)tw. rkinau ~nda. worlr "jiaufifl | ?.<rt n -??,-vtj aescnp ion ' . i*and?rd SI i.VFR Wi RE, >ia-r, *!id oruajnenta., -naunfacinred unney m? yjvrn soperv'?iun, whioh in* omtnmers will find lf.r superior in mailt? Vi-! ficria to northern *a oid >1 uea ere in general and repraaeutert ai their ?ve in*niit'actu-e. H. O. HOOD, v ( a -nun ??** >'H T-?he kuropean hotel, kef* by r. EMftlCH. at tbe corner of*. A iferue ami iblaveuth street, ui been\VJ^ftw ;r*aUy in ?-o?c<! recently and no* otfen.UMHL jreater uii^aemenu lor tiie pifvoace oi oitiiens acd Strang?rs ?haa auy otier ?ub..e hou-e in tbe city. Lib jr cos being 1ms than -noes oi auy other hotel on fritm. avenue, and his acoomcaoaatioca lor permanent or transient boardera acexeejfionab!?. Tfhe h*r ,%r.d re*ti>urant arrangement* >f the . Luroptm fa j-t! nare a.?ery f'pa Mar. bein* aU thai oen be .t "1 by the most faaadisiuk The ^roprtew; fieagjs unremitted attention and continue;! Uberu ei^ad.'-irM U. giter-at gfwiionti? all,acd thru renews bis invitation " t^l lnfl?*lhs Kiirnmui a ??ll. ^ U N BOATS Quarl*rnuiiter Utneritrf QAt*. / IV'if kxHttcm CUv. July 18, 1861 ( Plan* Afti> SntcincATiohi for bulla of Sua tfoais for the Western rivera i'? ou exhibition at thia omco, and at offices oi Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cincinnati, St. Lo.u aud Alton. Boats to t>? delivered at Cairo. Bids snou' l be sent to Quartermaster General oftho United States Army, at Was hint ton, by 1st Angust, at noon. M 0. A1 LIliS, If If Brig. Gen'l and (Quartermaster Gea'l. UNION PAPER AND ENVEL,OPE8.-Twen ?t mffemnt ?rtTlea of Note and Letter Paper, with Lave uiHw to uia'aii. View* of Vvaahiiigton in the formoi a Rcne.and in Hook form; aUo, tep&i*.* All the J'Aa't a. u Weotii I'apera con'ta^ on hand. Herald, Timea, and Tribune received e very eight at 8 o'oiook. Papor* from ail parta of the ooontry. Beadie'a Dune .Novel* and ?ong Bocka. A fraah aupfly of Book* for aumuier reading, ikeu A large assortment of Juvenilia? M^yne Reid'a Book*, Kj!!# Book*, Abbott** Hi*toi*<g. 4c. A dieooontoi lo to80 per eert.oc all boond booka FIl NCH A K1CH3TEIN, ruaM N?ftow%> B'?ofr*tor<?. jl + ??a %v. I CAS H NOTICE. N Conae^aenoe ot onr bavins to pay oaah for eery arlioto <>( good* we pvrohaae, we are forced to radnoe our baaicea* to Oaah exclusively, for the b **ent. We h*.^e in atore a vert large aaaortmeat of RKADYMAD* CL.OTH1NG for men and boy*' wear, which are seilinc at a much lower rata than aaaally. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3?3 Pa. avan ae, between 9th and loth at*. " (Intel.* Ranub. 1 MAPS OF ThE SKAT OF WAR<-A apleudid Mm of the Seat of War for oulr A oeuti. \,?o. Pocket Mapa of ail kinds. S)idiere' Camp Dr? iiinc Cum from Mi to to #S. lank Book* anil Stationer r of all Lixda, Fiaj Pa?er and Knveloyea, Fia*a. Banner* ana !>a?1fee, Viewa of Waahington, Amerioan and Foreign Mafaaiuea, Daily and Weekly Pap"ru. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN-S Nation? iiookatars, ml Mntat. A Hrnh.) Pa. avenue WB OFFKR TO MILITARY MEN a larce juaoriuidu;?.f (<kif.Vaud liI.UBFLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITS SHIRTS, DUAU" BRS. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF HOSKTAo.. vhion we invite at! oash pur&iaaera to euniu. before makiac their ejections. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 393 Pa. a*., between 9Ui and loih ma. n?P (lnt"Miyet.oer and B^>!'t>'ioa'i.> fj PRCNCH A R1CHKIEIN AAAVB J art recced a freak avppl? of Nate Pa w.Colortd tturdera, ralid and plain, vjik Enrelopea to match Alao, l lax Paper of al' luuda, trjlji and without M tioeaj Fnjreope* to match. tmiwou *nu room noon or virr dMoription. A Urg* M?ortrn?iit of &**tvoB?ry. n?? York FkHn roooivtd daily; Papers from all parts of tba oc a ntrr. KBENCH & RICD9TKIN. < IITH P.r,n MKW VOLUMfc. BALZAC'8 NOVELL?Th? ?* A ct-jjiinK or tk? Horn* of the Freacb of Ht-uoro d* ttali&o. Froo dj mail. Bl. Maruer. Ut? We*r?r of Raveio*; Of 6eo. fer 0\ ? I't itiiiiM. T*7" atUi?^*hurte?t 4 I J JKAD^UAKTERjJOP THE U.S. MARINB Qi'iiTvi*4JTii'i Orrics. I WiiuieTi/.i. September ?, ltSM 5k A I 'D PinHliLI, f T ?lb 8;M? NMtth y.WLll b? reoetTed at thia olfio until 12 <>'olook >? of W dneeday, ?>th of November n?xt, fir faroithinc In ttie Uni?d Manse Corpa, dannc U>? year IPS. the auspHee, to be delivered at the of the Aa iatant Quai terrrnater of th? oorpa, Dnila-'elphi*, PencMivania, free of upanea to the nit d ffatee. it, auoh quutitieaaa may from time to tima be ordered, vlx : Clam No-1. 14 00" Tarda of Sky Blna Kereey, all wool, free from h\ir. M inehea wide, to weigh S3 oaueae to tte ??rt.(indi?o wool-dyed ) fi ooo yard* Da- k Bu? Keraey. ill woil, free from feair, '? inebea wida, to weifh Soanoee to the yard, iijfino wool dyed.t ... 1,00" tarda Darlr Bloe TwiHed f loth, all wool, for nifn m i\AAti. I inrlirn wooMtm.) M mch*?? wirin. to weigh a ouD(j-e per ?ad. ISO yards of Soar let Cloth, all wool, (coohineal dyed ,> 54 ii.cliM vide, to weigh 16 oatoes per yard. No 9. 8 "09 yards of 6 4 Dare Blue Flannel, for orer Ack v all wool,(Indigo wool dyed,>64 In hea wide, to ?eigh U oanoes p-<r yard. 16 000 yarda of 3 4 Dark Bine Flannel for siiirte, all wool, (tnfligo wool-dyad,) 37 ibohes wide, to weit h oacce p?r yard 15?? ttia* U;anV*ts, all woo' to weigh four pound* each, with lett?r.? ''U 8 W " mb?di four inoh?? long, in the center; to be 7 fen long and 6 feet ide, and fr e from grease. 6,0^0 pairs of Woolen Books, treeaises. prop erf? ma-ie of go d fleeoe wool, with double and twisted yarn, to wei h three pounds per dozen paira, free from greaae. Class No. S. 6 ono yarda Wi tt I inen for Pants, 80 inches a ide, to weigh 15 ounces per yard. 10.00 yards White lor Shirts, 80 lnohes wide to we-gh 11 ouaoes per yard, 16 too ya da i anton Flaone! for Drawers, J7 is^bea wide, to weigh 7 ounces par yard. Class No. 4. 1 ono Fn form Cara, complete (except Pompons.) 1.5*i Pompons, red worsted, b&ll-shaped, 4 inohes in otrrumfereno*. Voo i-aMgue Cap?,(wi*h oorera,)to be made of blu* cloth, l* digo wooi-dyed. 8,000 Stocks. Pr.t an No. .1. 6no g'oaa Coat Buttons, ( Fade.) 40" groan Jaoke' Button- (Eagle.) loo fcr<>BK Vts Brttosa. I Knie) 1. On pairs Vol ow Metal Creaoenta ard So ale Straps 2S0 >e'n Epaulette Bullion for ??rgea t? and Corpora'* 2 ?0 e!-> Epau'e'te Bui ion for Private*. (OR u VVoreted Pauhea 2 *?> rarda of 'i ?l'ow Binding. s,yto fire*a of Kfd Cord. li*t Swords for Sergeanta 50 !*wo'da for Mu*:ciarn. W Druina (t nor,)oomplete. 51 P uin Sliaza :01 Batter D um Hear*. 6" ?nare Dru i Heads. 100 Drum Ci rda. 100 tet^of D-':m Snarfla, 100 Boxvocd B" Fifea. Clam No paira Army Boota.'infantry pattern.) VL1I8 .>0. T. 1,2 Cartridge B.>xea 1,200 Mayouei Soabbarda. Percu sion Cap Ponchea 1,30" Cartridce Box Beita. 1 SO1 '--ayonet Bella. Waist Helta. 1.2Wi Waist Platea. 1.34) t'rra t Pi&tea. 2.W Sword Ficgi. Clam NO. *. 1,2(0 Knapsacka. 6f*' H weoack*. 600 canteens. 600 Musket Slinga. Class No. 9. For making and trimming the following article*, viz: Watch Coats Herg'ants'.Corpora'^ Muaioiana', and Privatea' Uniform *'d F?tien'?T?i<at?; N* oolHn an>1 Linen Panta; Flannel and Linen * hirta; D a^ers; Flacnei tackand Krd and Bias Jacketa for Boys. Tbe above mentioned artic'es rr oat o?nform i? all re ptet.?,tn the sealed itada-u pattern* in the offi-? ?>f the Ciuartermactor Marin- < orp* Marine fa1 racks. W a?hmg on, D. C ; Am ctant Quartrr master, offoe Marine Corps, 1,220 r?prnc? street, Philadelphia; and at the Vann-i Stations, Brooklyn. New York:ai;J fliuton_M?.ti?<ihin?n? t~; e? eau be examined And wherever the articles named above, or a?y portion ? f them, shall be cor.s;d<'r<d ssnotfu'iy < ntifo'TTitiK to latTipIra, they will be rejected and the centra tor ?ili be bound to furnish Others <-f the r> q jired kind at once or the 'Ju*rt<>rma?ter Twi'l supply the defijiji oy at the expesse of the oontract i. Pa'nent wi'I bemaaeupon the aocentod delivery o the wiiole ?uai, wtiioh may from time o time te ordered wtttri" ding t?-n per oer.': from the r*jnier.t of account rent'errd aider first ord?>r, until second order is fil<?d. an I ten per cent fiom account r- u 'ered under second oraer until third oraer is filed, and bo oc.ui.til contraot is oonip'. t?d. Fa b proposal must be asoompanied by the following guaranr- e: I 'orm af (}urra*tet. The undersigned, ,of , in the Pta'.e ol . and , in 'he State of . hereby guarantee th?.t in case tue forsgi>in? b;d of lor supplies, as above d"*orib?d, t>? sooTted. he or they will, with n ten days after tn? i6jeip? or the witract at the P?st t >(Ti^e nam>-d, ?x*cut; the coi.t a< ( lor me witi go*.?d ant suffioi Pt Moun'ies;and in oase the raid hall fail to enter into ountraot ku aforesaid, we guarantee to make g?>od the diffe e .00 between th-? oflVr ol the said ana that wbioh may be accepted. A K, Gna a tor. C O, buaraiitor. E F, Witness. . 881 I hereby oertify that the above named are known to me * m?n ?.f ^ -ki- - ' - ? ? vi ftvf wt ?j | uuu r?w i o HJ mate t;ood th-?ir guarai tea. O. H. in lie signed by the United States Diatriot J ud?e, Uuiied Distriot Attorney or Colleolor. No proposal will l?e considered itiless aeoompanicu t>? the above guarantee. Newsp*p-rs authorised to publish the above will -eail tii4 pap*r oo- tuuiaf the first insertion to this i*c? f r r-iMi in'.tion. The b dd^r's p;ao? of bushess, or m'nuf-vctnr ii'K retat>li*h(i*nt, must be spooifioally stated in the pr"LOk&l. The aV< ve list of articles is belisved to be about tHe quantity of earh a tioiethat will be required (iu ios the year: t>ui the Quartermaster reserves tne ri*ht of orderiiit a greater or lest quantity, noma the interests of th? serv.ce require- it I'mpi'sal* to he endorsed ( n the velope, "Pro pi bi'b for Supplies for Marine <'orp? for 18*?," and aiari" *ert t'> Major WM k. >LA< K, Qu?r'?rina.tsr M.C., wasrun^ton, D. C. seao iaw4w NOTICE. "ADAMS' KirRC&S CuMPAPlY'? Th-s Companr offers to the puVic" L'naqualled Advantage*" for the Safe ano (.'urok f'ispatflh of H?"a?? Plights Pankagea, Va'tabius, Money, to Ao-, to all parts of ihe United -iate*. Expresses to and from the No'tb and West defrom and arrive in Washington twioedaiiv. I A'l hxpre<-ae? are in oharjce of txptmnctd anA Tthabl* Mesn 'iijsrs. All Paokage* f*?r The ttoitliera oarnea at "onb alp" our u*u%l rates. Ail Go<-da for the ?o-oalled "ConWe Me 8tate?" and all Articles ** Contraband of War" will be RgrCBBD. On Kxpreasea leave New York at 1.5, and 6 P. VI.. arrmog in Wa?liiBgton at 6 A. M and &30 P M Kx?reuea lea?e Philadelphia at R.? A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at 6SO P. M.acd 6 A. M. Expresses !mv( Baltimore at 4 2f? A. M. and 3 P. M..arriving in Waatingtcn at 6 A. M. and 6 3D P M. Lxjreauei fo'all pointa Nor*h an^ Wert leave Washington at 7 A) A. M and J JO P M.dsitr. Special Contraota for a*re quantiti-a of Freight oau be made ou aaajiuauoii to this Al. Goods ealleo for and delivered /?-e of Kitra otargoa. E. W. PARsONS, Snp't Adams' Express Company. Waahington. Auguat a. 1861. an 8 u DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the last haif century in the Hospitals of London an<t * aria for th? eor< of Stent Dit'tiits. may now be bad at UPHAM S.omL. No. 310 Chesnut str<et, sole ftitect for %3s*r^ the United Slates It oobtains no raerourj or oth^r minerals, and wi.l not htrm the most d*lio>te oonatituuoa A >Tf'dy cure us*rai.teed aiid no .hang* of met repaired. Pire SI Smt by express So d in Washu.-tton bt 8. CALVERT FORD, corner 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue set 5- eoly_ |TPHAM*W HAIR DYE '.? TO COLOR BLACK U OH BROWj* Oniy 38 ceuta a b-x. Thr^ boxes for one dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair can be caanged in a few aeoonda to a j t Naofc or brown, by nsing L'ptam'a Liquid Hair Dy, the heat and oapest in the world, producing, the mon eni it i> applied. a rich natural appearance. Each Box of UPH aM'8 HAiK DYE ia w?rranted to o >nttin aa n>uoh katr dyt as others sell for <m* dollar \ Ho* by 8 C. UPHAM. llOOManut atreet, h la deiphia. and 8. OALVaKTPUltD, oorner 11th street and Pa. ays. itpHolf |\R DUPONT8 HUOAR-COATED FE U MALE REGULATING PILLS ars^fo the very best ut m They operat* tpeedi tnti Uf.<owa!ly, and beinr u<.&r-o?*t? t creae no nansm upon the most de ioatt^ ? s'o ach A tntl of ttese Pills will trove their superiority over all others. Price On* Dollar a box. So'd aaiy at UPHAM'S, 310 Ch*snnt Him. iwdi oj mau m> ? i part* or th? onautry in a ??*Jn} aavetope. Bold iti Washington br 3. CALiVKHT FokD, oorner 11 tu street und Pa. a*? ?9 6 eoly /^Tk AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /0\ |Ti Buk of HottL Mt? liberal hdv&noM mad j on bold and ilv? r WntoU**. Diamon a, Jawe rj. Silver ware.Cloihim, Pi?tol?, and ail Linda of Me.ohaadi.a. liatinaaa

striot'y confidential, IrfAAC HKRZBRRG, S?1 C atrMt, m I-iia Botwa*n aad <th ata. VJPONT'8 eUNPOWDKK, ~ S*U Atmey far tk* Distriet if CM??Ma. A larre mum.t, embramu? erory vanetT, ajwaja d hand, ?2M d.4irorod nree to all fart* of the u?rtriot, Oruor? janaiao Deleft a? thee ftoe of Adawtf Kiiwm p r? O N?\?g5ft?i?? P A NO, worth #3*1, for #*?. WVlV inquire as If ? I f A tfSpBIL th*??ai0| w sa-sasi <4 >?? ^ JHWI 9 $ I f } ?CW? Cmtrk, Cold, Hmkhmii, I? *1 Amtnui mmy Irriutium m Sat*KM. ^r?u(tiu; 4>4m, I # Catarrh, Cltar and girt strmrtk It tb* Mitt ?/ F?? ax* mr? of tt>? importaaM of ebeokioc "oosb or "ComoaoB Cold ' in its int itM?; that . *OM>h la the becmiat voild yield to ? mild rrme % ir^lf nocleeud. oonatUok?uj?Lnaik. "prtttm'i D Bw*cki*l iyW-JUJ." aonUinui# allay Palmori'T and Si~*noETUTrrluiti* n. mowbd > TKouHBs?m"" - ?ervr?T?ijS?L* ,* BROWN'S reoommend tMr aee to Ptblu TROCHES *KT. B. E. CHAPIN. ? "6re?t MrriMin cabdalBK IIoak* i BROWN S ?m." REV. DANIEL WlSfc.. f ?Rorni-'w " Aimoet isttaat relief in the ai? treeaing labor oTbreathing peoaluu HKOWN'H to Asthma." n HKUW.-XB REV. A. C. EG0LRSTON. , TROCHES " Coataip no Opium or anrthim lajarioaZ" DR. A. A HA > ES, " BROWN'S Cktmut, Cost on, * TROCHES BROWN'S <"" 4' ^ ?',Ua .ROCHKS B?""^jl?n"C?,T!!XNK, I BROWN'S ? ,,J, , " I ha*e proved them exoallant for u TROCHES WBeonjw Cof#H." REV, H. W. WARREN. a BROWN'S B?ttm. M ? ' Beneficial when eomeelled U J VROCHES apeak, s^JTonni from Cold!" &EV. 8. J. P. ANDERSON. *' BROWN'S St. Lo*u 1 VRnrnG-H " Efractwai In remoTinj Hoarse , . KUl/nKS n??? and Irritation of th? Throat- u ' BROWN'S eonawon Vith Sruiui and'siiie" m WEOCHE8 ttWM.WAOY^OHKJON/a J BROWN'S 1NMifcM:S2!&VLerB , TROCHES " Sieet beneft when talren before ad After freaoliint, u they prrvent c CROWN'S H^artoneee. From their ?a?iefl>et, JJ I tl.iclr th?y will bo of permanent adTROCHES ventage to me. v riKV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. * BROWN'S Froai^wit of Athene College, Ten*. ^ oc.ES *0 1-lT ? jor2irf i^yst ms sms/m ' READ! k ATT4.Y TUX RMMMDJ p A M JO let /N HKAIT&4 Fr'.tld, ?c yet ?<f?rf Art r?? the tmUb of Hj I t^ea* r*mero*? anntnte whirk eriee frem unKit/of tie blood? What are tfcev, do yo? ut t r] ther a*k. what are they net? The blood le the oiree rf iile and health, and it la the ftrnt rienv-M of onr ',einx to reepoud to ant eaeae wtueh a.fle.*.:e the n-iem.H 4he palee infallibly atUMte Tho e?et prerailinc Nearalcia, U< IrriraCre r-'yeipe m, the nbt'o Sarofnla. theaKonixlnc RhenniaUeni, Ner<-ona rebiiitjr. ttyapepiia, Liver Complaint with it* torvor and <i?jeofcon, arc the mxnber.eee ills that f.eeb la heir to, derive their nMeoae orijrin from the blood. Dft*J til Mil y then tad gently with the b:ood. Vae the vitalizing .?eoiro?e of natare foritaaid. ?< ?nd infer va to jonmend to t?t oonidecee and tkat traiT vaiaable medi:ament known as i. m us. m. cor a .'ffDIAN YXtiETABLM DBCOITIOlf. CJ With re<ar? to this aimoat infallible aa^aila poaaiar sentiment bM apoken la decided terms ana .lie erider.Ma of this jrett eftcaoy are ; 5 tamed by oocaUqt a?rowa.a of ovratiTe rt *cta and tb? naa>:??t reamta froi.i <.U a a# are alter all other remedua ar.d ths fcMt medical skill have failed. J Let us ear, ia oonolnnion. that certificates area are not sought frr m tbe illiterate and raperloal, but they are roiantoered from ths moat raapeotable pnuroea and justify Uie hubest ternra m r, h.oh it is otaib.9 to ootc^Lend ao valuable a aaociEc t>/bdIIo aaproral. We may add alao that t tnecc:*ti'?efrofeft;Moftheir''<lic:nf>aree%v|al " oclyuyita *?ioratire e3er**, the reoc.rerir.k fromui?ca-c w.tii rei.ct'j 30; -titutionai visor. H For aa> by all reaptc-abie U-.rrst* 111 thia aitj, and by tne proprietor, MRS. : ! .TOI, * fcnne rernice amesa her name ia bit*u on U? i uott e and her sea on the oork , K- Pr'oe : aer i*>ttie, ai* bottiea for & I. * 9l***'.i liini. K. 8. T. OiSSlSL. Dr*((ist f eorc? town. 0 C? Who'-aal" A ten for Ua Liatriot, and will as;;;; tha tra4? at my prieea. ? *?" " b FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY . OT f WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. f Capita] 9300,000. t QHu aanwr O ttrtu and Ltwtriaam ??., ??r B*mk f of r INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY ' AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. t Dtucto?i. 6eo. Shoemaker, Hatnnel Redferri, I Samuel Crop'.ey, William Wiieou, 3 Rlihkrd Jones, John D. Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Awlrew Rothvell, Thou. Parker, Richard Barr?, B. B. Frenoh, Dr. u. W. Davis. . No euarje for Policies. r JAME8 ADAMS, President Afti G. Datti. S^oretary. an 9e<*.ro Medical dkp\ri mknt of Georgetown COLLEGE. Watkington City. Corner of F and Twtljik Strutu A SKssioa OF 1S61-69 FACULTY OF MRDICINX. I NOBI.F YOUNG.. M D.. t Professor of Principle* and Praotioe of Medicine, f J-HN^ON ELIOT, M r Professor of PriL iple* arrl Praotioe of Sorcery. \ JAM K> E MORGAN. M. D, 1, Professor of MMioa and Therapeutics. a J. M. SNYDER, M. D.. v Profo??or of Obet'ttricp ?nd Dieeaeee of Women p an J Ciultlren. THOMASANTbELL, M. D, t Professor of Me. ical Chemistry, Toxiool"gy, and W ptijliolon J K. WILLKIT.M D., D'inonHrator of Arato.ny d |T^ The ohair of anatomy to b-j filled. Th? se?*fo? will oommenoe ou the 23d of Ooto ber and er.d in Mar h f<ill"winc For further in- 0 forman-r address JOHNSON ELI"T, M. D , _ I)^an,i>( the Faculty, 400 F street between cth ' mw*A T. ? 0UU it nvo. au *#- I O If U* I __ >nu BUULf *V? !3?iV It! 'f imks. i W ire uow mannfaottirii.r ail kinds of BOO?S 1 an & -.HOLS, and cot ftactir r?c:>iTint tf^.,11 ?ff7 ol??ft?rc mv> work of rvery de kyAfi *1 rvtMUon. mad-? express j to order, and w.'.v yB { be s^ld at a maoli lower has beeuT %*R- } heretofore chargel in this city for -n*oh inferior SVrw. i.s id wan: ol Boots mud Hkooa of eastern ?r tit: maus vork, will always ura a zoc1 assoriujea tz. store tod a: the oweet rnoe?. tx've se a on':, riff1n * usu., *? * *?? erorwe. hb BCUSCKIBKRH E kb fectfu lly invite the atteuLon of the Arm? a ad ?? Navy to their lull ^oppl* of MILITARY^?! ana NAVAL FURNISHING GOODS, fflk aoh as Indigo Blue Cloth* and Doe*kin*, 1# Caps, Kpaniet*. Laoes, Shoulder 8traps,^" * Melts, Swords, sword Knots, Caps, Hats, and all i eseeotive embroidery A s", th? celebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders ia that iuie reebedtfuUr solicited. H. iVLOUDONiCO.. Naval and Military Meiohant Tailors, Jy H eo3in 3??a Pa. av.. or,tier Hrotm't Hotel. Army supplies. JUST RKCEUKD4A0 cans SAL SAUK MEAT, 24" cans FK r'skl TOMATOES. 48 oaiis fresh VEAL. 9b0 oaus BELF. a la mod*. i4.i cans ROAST BEEK, J ^ 360 ouu t RE3U MUTTON, 'f t 2*) oana BI'.EK and OR A.V Y, i40oao? aOUPaod BOriLLL 90 o&aea FK ENCH DEH&1CATED VB6B t TABLES. f For aalo at New York Factory price*. < KING A BIHOHELL, w < Corner t ai.d Hi teeatft tlraeim. j H.TSTORY of the'Uiuted Ve&erlande. by John 1 Lof'.roj Motler; troll.; free b? mail, fi. 1 TM Rim of the Dutch Repnblie. a history, by John Lothrop Motley; S voa o?oth; tm by mail, ' &U. Marner, the Wearer of Rarelol, by the \ author of "Adam Bede cloth Titoe&u ; paper <0 , sent* * li Life aad Career of Major Andre, by Wiatrop a Barcoant: 01J4, After loeberga with a Painter, a Summer Voyaia <J to Labrado' and Newfoundland; by Ear Lous L. i Nobe; #1.? The Jftanufvrtare of Photopenic or Hydro-Cat- ! ] bon Oila. by Thomaa Aatisell, W. O.; #1.1*. a Aay of the above free by mail a FRENCH A R1CHSTE1N, f ap ? 07 * Panna. a venae. {^UNBUATS fOft THjrWi^Xfc.ilN RiVKRS. J QviimiuTU Gimui'i OFTIC*, ( { Watkinfton, Jrm* IT, ltfa.( ? Proposals are invited tor oonatruotinc Gna- \ boat* neon the Western rirere ' Spooi&oations will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the ctuartermastor'a O Am at Cinotcrifcti, Pit'ebnrgh. and at thisoftce. , Proposals from boat boil era and engine-build J era alone will be oonsidered. I P ane submitted by bidders will be taken into consideration. M C. "lKlttfl. ielt Quartermaster General United State a W BOYS' CLOTHING. " K Have reoeived wiUuu the last day or two a f larse assortment of BO\ a* SPRING CLOTH- I 1NG, embracing ail suies of low-prieed modiua, E and fine ^naliUoe, whiob wo are selling at Tory low prior* for cash. _ WALL, STEPHENS * CO.. 1 899 Pa. avM between 9th and toth an. * mP Hntcllit?no"r awl Ropehlioan.t ' VV. . TRAVELING TRUNKS. A^gfi^x&VKl l^VSfRSSii ' tnis oitr. otmerisini best Sole IjmtUHBB Ladies' 13rets and Packing Trua*s, Uaaa, Carp-t Bac s, \o., whieh v* are now M'liag a at Tary o* ?"*^ALL> **TEPBEN8 * 00? J M u Penn. avensa. fc ^^Baas^&rt^wCstlWi - rRAVELLEBS' DIRECTORY. JNITKO 8TATE8 MilJTAKY EOUTJL vgmm SPECIAL NOTICE TO TAAVKLEX* Ob anil tJtur Motday, feetomh* *5. V?l. Pwr?fer Tr*ic? bttvm Wa!>HI NGTO N Mi IALTIMoRG will ru m foLovat , TRAILS MOJIJtO NORTH. Marmot Fxpreaa !?* Wuhi |toi 6 a. m. Ar ? at Baiuiitorc 7 tf a. m ; fhiladp>*ia*? r.u ; law Yor* 6 r. u.; Harris ur? 1 15 r- * Morning Aooommo<t%tioa leav* Wa<h*n(t*B 7JO M. Arrive at Baltimore M* a. m.( PkTia4?l?ki* p x ; n?? York Ir v Kxrreee it ve WuMpftno UB p. M. ,rnr# a- H%!Uhure 4 1' p. m; *30 x ; New York 3 4 x Evening Aoeoromocation le%ve Waahington 5-45 Arrive 41 Bft'amon 7SB p.x ; Harriaburg * TRAINS Mor/ve SQVTH. Leave Net V ork at 7 4 M-; Poi adeiphia 11 JB 4. Paltiniore 3 45 p. x. Arrive at Waafcingtoo 5J? Leave New York at ( p. x.; Philadelphia 10 SO p. Bi timor# 6 4. x. Arrive at WukiBftoiltl . Aeo? Runo<:att?n Train* leave Baltimore at I O . x , *>d 5 p. x , aad arrive at Waahiagtoa l? 36 X 6 45 p, Paeaenger r-ama leaving Waahinxton at 7 SB 4 aad 2.3n p x.. and Baltimore at MO 4. x aad S.?i x . make direct oouneetiona lor Annapolis at the UHOtOD. Traine leave Anaafolia for Baltimore aad Waah is toe at 15i 4. x. acd S p x raeeMger I .me* leaving >v aahiogton at ( 4. x. 10 8 sn p. M. pnd Ba timore at 6 4. x and3 4Sp. ! . T i 'tor only at Annopoiu Jwtuttam amd Ktlf nnetinn W %1 PasMBcer* are r*?aeeteri to take the Acitnmouatum Tratas or the Regular Tonnage 'rain, wl ion wi 11 ave psaeeager oar attached. I'raina will le^vethe waahingteu Depot prompt I upo* etrd-time Aft articea 01 freight (not ooi?tr*hand of war] 'il. he tranaporteri over tke line R egular Tonnage sjua win mw ownmoreU4i x MtiWuIil|tr>Q at 3 90 r. M. By ora?r o< u.e Seerotarr of War: R. P MORLEY. Genera' Manager. HOMAW H. UANF1ELD. A?wtant Maaagw. SPECIAL NOTICE. J SUNDAY TRAIN. Lea?e WASHINGTON ats? >. m. for NEW OKK and PHILADELPHIA. From Nrv \ or* and PhiladelrMa, arriving la Vaahington at 610 a. m. R F M<>RLEY. e Tt General Maaagar. KfEAM WEFkLY B-TWEKN gLR? NEW YORK AN D LIVERPOOL, Landing and emL>arkir>{ paaMbgers at tueenetown, Ireland Th* Liverpool, New \ ork aad Philadelphia teamahit Company int?nd ditpatohmc tbeir rail. owered Cijrd?-Duilt iron ?team?hipa a* follo<ri j I GLASGOW ..... gatnrcar, Aagnit ad. CITY OF BALTIMORE, " - ??th. KANGAROO. " " nth. And *T*r< ? n/ww ?.^u v ? ? . -v. / -w/ f w? HWU? UVH1 A *WI ** I ilWIW iver. It A TI8 OT PAIPAOl. First Cabin ?... ........... .#75 Dvt. t<? London ** Do. to m Do. to Hamburg .... as Stew&se ?30 Do. to L.undi>a .. 34 Do. to 'i ll S* Do. to Hamburg.?36 PM?enpe'? foraardtd to Hun. Bremen. Rot?rd%m, Attwarp, Ao , at ratlcoed throat h ty?a Hereon* wirtiiag to bring out 'i i' nieod* ad uy ticket* at low rates K>r farther informaion apply at tae Captaina iftoe. JOHN fi. DA L , Agent, 13 Broadway. N. V . Or tuQ. A. HERRING, Aiiama Ex?r*ea BalUipre. ^AEZ^V^diVIDUAI. _ty>iTF.RyieK SEWfc EASTERN A\\D WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "liSiVr," Capt J H. K rvaii ' MOXEEH,-' Oapt W. Norman. i Will run their route* a* fo iMra, lean t Light treet, Ua.timora, foot oi Cai.iden at? o'elook A. KENT?For Cambridge, D- nton and Lan4inga l Chootauk river, every V EDNESDAl and ATLKDAY, returning evary Tharaday and looday. F??r Ao'iapolia and Weat Rirer, arary TUK8 | A \ anil FUII1A V anH ? ? PIONEIuR?For*8t. MiVhaei"' aa4 Kutog, via I ne'e Hiw, every WRDNEADAF.kMt return ! ? use Jay , _ For annapolis, VN m! Itivcr, Cambridge, Oxford o* Kutoo Point. every THURSDAY. returning y Bftwe route ?b Friday For Aur.?po!i?.\V>?i Hirer, St. Michael's tad ton, na Mi.e*? River Ferrv. every 6ATCR?AY, returning e?e. y Monday by same rout# ' re to C&mbndfe. Denton, Oxford and Faaton Poict ?? ?~ fl 90 'are to St Michael** and Mile*' River,! routa tD F ' C 1 |) ? ? | i | i | ? ? *? . ?? 1bb rare to \\ -? River, (rourd trie, |li 11*? 'are to Anna?oli?(ror.n1 tri?75oe?iUJ?. 7S MEALS EX^'HA. ir^F.eifht mnet be tre&aid Wtiarf aud OAoe, Ll&UT ST.. foot of Oanvdea. *fUtimore. C. K. CANM'N. __ .NORlflERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICB.f Cuvut wtat>on, Ban more. M%y tb, ifcl. ( On and after Sanaa*. May 19tb. 1 *3. Traine on he NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIlWaY ar ive and depart ac followi. -aUl further'notice, TD j ratu ??/ * ? i AAiiliJ it l/A A ?1 MAIL At8 16 A M. EXF'H FSfc* at S3* P. M. HARRIBB'JRG ACCOMMODATION at P. 1. The 8 v, A Vl.tniD ooaneot* at R?l?? Hou* ntti ti \ii - oa the Western ...srpiend Ra; r >ad; t Hat > ?r J amotion with Hacovferend tieiUtu'g lailrovl*; at Yirkwi'h Y?k ar.d Wrightamle tai!roed; at llarr ?'.ur? witt P-uney vacia Rat ovi for ail part* of the Weat. * ?o with Lebacaon r alley Kailroad to M*w Y?r* at Nnrtbum *riand with L and H. Hauroac for KtniatnnaBd Ji parte of Wyoonunc ValleyAuu at*anburr with be Philadelphia aao Erie Railroad lor all parti iorthern Pennsylvania and \*n- York. The3-^P.M train makesa.. uteaboreoocneoions except Han?' er Raiircad, WriihtaviUe Lailrofi and the l^e'" nnon VatW Railroad. Ti.e 8 P. M train ni**ea oonnrotioaa with Pennv.rania Raur< ad for an parte of the Weet, aad ireot oonnaou for New York. . TRAINS AH KITE. Mail at 6 10 P M.; F.xprea at7 46 A. M.; Harne>orc Aocoii modation at MS P. M. For T Aket? and Inform atiou inquire at the rioket O&oe, Calvert 8tation, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Bnpt. Tii* aimlkA* ?'' 1 rrVnTo-Ti-rroS'Somm FUiLA- I JKi.PHl A TO NEW YOB# 'LAC*1 8, lion WALNUT BTBEBT WHARP LNO KENSINGTON DEPOT,walllavrem fol jwm: it 6 A M , vit G?o4m and Amboy, (C. and A. Aooomaudaiion.) it 6 A M , vi Camden and Jtrwj City, (N.J. Aocorornodatioe.) it 8 Mj., vi* Camden ud Jersey City, iMornit A. M . *la KflLBiarton ud Jersey City, I (WMtern Express.) It 12* P. M.,tu Camden and Amboy,(iooouodatjjn.) it 3 P M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. it iZi P M., no Kensington and Jersey City, l?CT? M.,*rfa*Kecstatton and Jersey City, (Second Close Ticket. > It 6 P. II., via Camden oad Jersey City,(Evening Lt llWr. M., no Camden aad Jereoy City, (BoothUfi P. aTVvia Camden ond Ainboy,(Aooommodatlon, irouht %nd passenger,First does Ticket.) kaooita viae* Twtet. Tiio P. K. Mail Trun raaa daily. Th* ILK PVMat!. Sate?day? axce^ud or Bahrtdere,Eaatoa. LambertTiUe, Flemingoo. *o., at 7.10 A7M4*ad*X P. M^from Km1P?nr>^atar Gap, Strondsburi,8oi?Btoa,WllltM- I rre, fclontroee, Great Bend, Ao.. atYJOA. MroiL Keaainiton, via Delaware, Laokavaaaa lad Ve?t?ra Railroad. Foe Maaoh Chuan, AllenUnra aad B?Ulataem,at .li) A.M. and 5)4 P. Ml/from Reaasnrtoij a-jot; he 713 A. M. ii e> oonneota with ttatraia leaviac mion at 5 36 P. M. (For Moist Holly at aad A- M. aad t aad tt CWMt Preehoid aM A. M aad 8 P. M. ? r Brie to M Treetoi, Ac., at 7.10 A.M.fK Mi >k P. M. from Keqamxtoa, aad IK P. If from Tvainat atreet vharrT For Palmyra Riverton, Del&coo, Beverly. Barlax ton, Floreueoo, Bordentova, Ao., at UK, I, , ?K and 6 I* MSteamer Trenton for Borden town, and IntenneUate plaota, at SK P. M. (on Walaat atreet C7' For Nov York and War Llnee, leaving an ran intj the depot, aad oa arrival of train raa TOM tLe d?;K>(. *lhy podad* of bat rate only allowed to each aeaeager- Paaaeocera are prohibited from tatm* oiythine aa baccate bat taoir weartnj eepar?T. lb baajaie over fifty poanda to be *or xtra. Tne compaay liaait their re?poa*?*iUiy for ?^a^e to one f?olar per poand. aad *UM he ?oig ior any unoont t>?,on<J ou fcuniirftJ do.lift, xtfi kj afMiai oontrMC * WM. H. 8AT7MOT,Atwi Smm ,a7f?^%7g10 ksjiue HBRfflUIIIlK FOR WAY PAKHEVnBBa n?tvren BnJtim." ^uZmouTtak* Lb? A. M. l'rain; between pjrdniont ard WKt?Qi|tak?ABoraiMauop Triut, ?a?in? {'iMiBo&t us.tfl (;aid between Grafton an-1 Parkertb&ri, ua? be 5 ? A M Train from B? ?tmore. Tm FRbDfcHIOK TWAIN Uavaa BaKi?or# >14 aw P. M. wxlJFroJenck at 6 JO A. M ,T _ Th* fcLUCOTY'S MILLS I RAIN Bal1 Bio re fccd 9.15 A. M. awl1 45 art M? P. it. Ad (tihcotf* Mill at T.?and UJO 4. M ,awll> >cd 7M P. M. For ftirtn-r tajhroation, TiokeU of ot?*t top<J, 1 ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. rFr'T Received on ooaaicnmeat l.wo can hat "~ ""HuSWa. < I Bt.ta.or?,ud niFfilBl T?l^f"|iTt I I * wi . IU.fljut>rt? t V hjl V |5a^ k?*?rrt !*ciy:ro?lLeu WhxsiCnio?!t><*k, et o'c.tuk f. m., or < ?<,..?>?Ty Mtor thg m-thm ?( ike WiakiritM Tnii, vuMrnvw " ifca^tni U SH o'e.oci f. m. *ytf ?. v wkUM. ?wt rpI^T^fcrJ^%|U,L TmUa tor Phil?de ?bi* 111 ie??? Pr??i<irrt Da^dailyfaxoevt 0?ndara>M folWtZrVr' j. vroSSss X ,Jw&jwr 1?A Y? at 4 a PTm. ??lf. AL tr*la? aoiMt> WiO N?w York traiaa OHpt r. M. tnu ? b*4d ibt Tram with M*?M" oar art%e?i*. Intm at a P M, atopptnc at all Btatio? Mvm Ba'timor*a&<l B*rr* a*-br*v. Pa*WD(*ri for f*iawara ard U>* liHn SInw? 9f Maryland wiUiBdUanMatacpaditioaa roaU ?y '"'*" WH CtlWFOIip.A^.. r*vr*4L BAJLKOAp JltoatfttiH* b*n. Vv Y rk o ty drao* of Ha4aoa Rlw ftailraaa dAily.fenr. <rr? axo*ptad, ?a loll?W?: FromCliaibbtrf itrwt Ifron ??t it atattoa. At T Man At 1?aa U00" ??? 1 ? * l?M Sjn p _ l??a> al ar.d Buffalo Train with i1mi h| ?art, 9.'5 ? v 14ft p ? Conr ^otiuc ?t Albany with tha New York Ca tral Railroad for fiafcaa'-uady. K or wU- JCfcoa Bkuvit. Ronr, ard ataXi<*aoa Romcaat Vuwe R\ Ir a-4. H|^U dvraoaaa. Nia?a*a Fa' a, Baaperaira Bridga. A aibarL. Genera, (a aalvmaTrtiu in oocn*ction !*< ? BiftloMd9i i? ? Ion vi? Lake M?or*, Bv0i . an* i ah* Hi'wt - ?i 6r??t WMMl lUllroM l??f Hamilton. 1 o.? I>tn. Detapit, Chicago. Toledo.Mi vaakie. Pon i i I v La roeae Madia 'B. Prairie On Cftieri, Ga -i?a. Danleith. I>ut>oaue, P^m?, Rook Mu?oaUne, leva ''ity, Bnrtmcton, Uuiccv. Har.i.t fie.rt, Alton, St. Lo?.*. Cairo,Tare riant*. Indiaoan'Ii, I. ?*iliet Cincinnati. 1 aiVoo. Polar ha*. C!-*e land, and all poLLto \N eat. Northweet a ad 9ont? NORTHERN ROUTE Cenaeetint with T rati a at Troi, with Troy A Rnatoquiil Rene. A Saratoga Voada fi>-Saratifa. Whitehall, kut.and, nnrtington. -t. Albana. Kt<B*e Point, PJattjbnrih, Otuentl>a!gh, Montreal, Ao., Ae {17 Pretght Arranteeoenti by thif rrate f above. vithut t shaiue of Cera, iron U?e Ufpoti r? Puambtr* and Canal atraeta. are at ail tiiaee aa ferorable aa Trade ty nth r Railroad C< inaa' ?. Me facil'tiea of Uua treat New York Rwite.'c the vveatcomafrid it to the eoi-!daa<*of werehabta an ah ppera tor proaptnaas and dl?p*tc>i Paaacnger rrair a. with PinokiBg aao SI" > Car* ran ib ooaoecuoa on the New York Road. Por particnlara aa to looal traina and freig... -.r r&ngemez.ta, inquire at the depot. ft# W inet. at. A. P. SMITH. Biywittwilm. V j? GOVKRNMPNT LI*?P. r, W r FORT MOytiOK Ayv ULL> FOiyr COMFVKT. Leavea the lower rd { I M??N OOCK.Ra ii tore, weet aide. DAILY. (6unda*a mal > tied, at Oto'ol<ok P. M. takinr paetencera aod feirhl. and ooaaeotlnc with the RailruM lioea to ard Uom Waih.r f 'ol. L). C.. Phi.ade.phia. New Yoi?, ? a ton, York, Hamaburg, Pitta barf. Pa. ar.d j# WKt, inuBMiatr 'j af*er tb* arrival of (he Lz;-a^a Traic trrva New Y o k aod Philadelphia. The following ia the ?cLedn.e: Proa New York to Fort Monroe and but.. >#W Kr ir Pm aietph aasd naok- #W? Frora Baltimore and baek-. ?< C7 PROCURE YOUR TlCEKTtf.0 * . In New the New Jeraey Ratiroa* Viioe foot of Conrtiard atreet. ^ In Phi ade phia, at the Coirpany a offoe N W. rwvnat of HiYtk Rnd HIiMLiiiit atrMti. or At I)* pot. Broadand Prim- etrteta. lo Bvtimor*. on board the !H#>enic-e. foot of Union Dook. HL'tvH O'CONNER. PaeeenfM Ag?rl * YORK. HARLEM AND MBIHB ALBAN'' HAMjliAIV C* LEAViaB Nfiw TO*K POP iL0A:,&SKV r ComiDMKSiDi Morxia', Ma; 77th. l-*1. For Abanr?ll".* a. a. fast expreaa train fron 96th street. dFor IX)tot Plali ?4--*w p. in atopptng at W hit* ?Ui act) a tatioat north to Dor* piama?froia th itrM iMti. (Thia train will ran to Miliertoa ever* ratarday mwmtwM,) For Croton Faile?8.16 a. m. etoppiec at a*, tia tiers north of Fordham from 96*b etreet tHaxiot. For \*hite PlaiTia-fcsn, 4:l? aid fcfln p m.erop pine at at! atataona from 28th atrcat atabou For White Plaina?fc'B p. m. vtoppiLi at ai a'a bona from H bit* rtreet al*' ioc For William# 11:t* a m nati -p. m atopping at all e?atio?a from S7th aUMl a'au^n. Rots mice will leave? Aibar j-?a. m. taat tiprna train. Doaer P.aina-ftSj a m (Thia tram )?Avee Mu lartoo ??n Moiida; moraine at ft a m.) C'roto- J a ?ft a. m. Wlitb Plama??*? a m. a*-# A ??> p. m. Wllliama Bridge?9*t> t. m. A 1*0 p. m Suoda* trait,a will leave 4th Av^cue eorc?=r?S(l trwkfor C^rtr^J Park. Yorknl e. Hartem an* Hjjth Bridge eve'jf-w miuatee. from ?*?* a .. t'* Tmd p m. JOHN BURCHIM,. A eat fcupX YORKrANO FR>h RAIL Paaaenger Traiae leara via Pav??nia Ferry and Long iKvfc. from foot of Cham era etreet. New York, a* foil ova, tii : 7 00 a. m . EX f k (or Dunkirk, aad Puffaio. and priiiC'pa! ii>Um?c ta*e Station*. iwa m , MAlLvfor Itnckirs. and intern*^ ate B'afcoce?Thie Train r*maina ore: night, AJld irAMAdR tkm n?vt morm nr ro6 a njT MTLK daii , for"THi?Tilie, and irf*r nwduUt^ttboni. 11 00 a in , AC' OMMOOATION. daily. fori <rt J?mi,ud p.moipai St** oo? 4? p. m . WA - . for Mlddlotown, Nen'iii^k. ami intermediate Station*. LOO m. m.. N16HT KXPRKSS. dally. f.>' Drkirk, BnfKlo. C?Mkr.dn.i(pnocipa Si*' , r* fM Train of Saturday stop* at all Mai! Tru* Station*, aad ran* oob to Kunira. 100 p.m.. ACCOM MODATiON .for Hvr??*ri. ?. aad prlfccip*. i<ta*iona. ch a 8. HI NOT, 6en'! pt?y l NATHANIPL MARPH. Reonrf. BOTTOM VIA NEWPORT AND FALL. RIVER By >oa afieixnd and trongU and n*i, bmt particularly ?dapl< <3 to a? UTifWon ot L^cr 1? ard Sonnd, mrnin* ii v*: neotton 'wiUi the Fail R i v*>r a-4 Old Colony Rfti^ road. uiIum of m i"i? oan to l?*tM Moijdiy*V^iXT% f?' N? '^ ^ (iiwSlKT^OP^Llfc.SJft. Bro^n on Tue*<]&y?, Thar?d?y? ft?4 Bftt*rQi?a, ftt 8 o'e <*?k P.M., touot .a* it Newport oftofc w%$. Thaae tttaftnoca as* it tad with oomitKfuom tau n?om?. urimr*ry vrufiMtlwUo run tj ud oomfort ol pti iimn wfcc va ftfuritvi b/ tin root# ? aifhu' r?i oa board, ftcd oB%ir.?ft.' ftt F|J1 *iror mmm/i for 8t??nboftt Tr?a r?oh in| Boaton afti-ly tho follovwc morula# : or ni*r ramm on boftrd an til at*rt;ac of tk? ioooi^ft Don ftt I A. M., by whiofa tMf uj roftek S >: *?n ftlout MA A. M. A l??t|t; BtiUr is ftttfcobod to wok atofttcar, WQ. raMiTW ftod tiokata the btime. nwi ftccum?ftniea tho mm to iu daaLcfttioa. A atooroer ran? in ooaaaotio* with thta Lisa M nrrra fall ItTar ftft* Pi i ~li?ft|. fa.H ^Vmstt to Boston } forwafdod tkrrvck witfc treat <f;?m.teb t>j na Kxpreea ?r?in, vk.oe <h?m at It* dN lutiu-a M nbont II A ft For fratihl or pn*a*c*. im j on board, or at tM Im 01 Piw No. I NortkTim For state tot: a 70 lad T1 WHt (UMt, N Y itfHIip TON?Iniaod Roata-T?*e thorUct aad ?io?tai i<ro- , fi2SSS3rja. u'.Jirr roilH,ui It aw?i* Um? tor & I lb* e-.rtT Mori.?( Libm oriMouti North Ami Kui rtiNmn Utt jraior it, r*uic hoa-d I WMr,?^0; a Bifbto'rMt iDdivtarhw l-ttajjngiiiaitnitMrjferuiin. i?5?iuia ?. True. o<>r.B?otinc At Frwidtoci WitVka 140 A SI. Train for button. Fw* froui ' twiit' Oi to Mnfort. FiK? ? nt?. A bt||H* MiUr LOO. n. pt QIM tt? ft ?I* ."or"! *??<e'Berlli^StoU &oo?a.t F ?>?' *?p T on boarU the it?*c?r,or at tfc-. F M ", OfBoa, l*iar U North Hirer, or at U> L t.t "I w 0' rapanj, No. 113 w a-t t'ftrt.eoraar of ; nrtlaad >tr?t. Nrw Vort, lafc.g "* Funo. mm.'&ssi-* I ttritMd oMMtet-* of Mi'itar? P'. ? all OBJ vhioh tfcor oBn iroai He to *Hv r*r oMt. bo.ow tM rot alar rate*! fRcw -n* )?cu>g: k fr **' oiMt"Or?' W anw&'.AVO'c, ft fliiSi'*" ^ Hvr***-, TtoW 9* gahM'^eld/vn.Vca .onsjidUet# HmkU Tbj wad-Book f??r tha SaMiar *-!?>< *r?l ?f iimtraatio* to tfca M.felanui'" | llaji, Km gf tbo ?*' ?' KX|mi|?( Mid Madtla rtf Ojory 4?*ri??-: * I ay * I

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