Newspaper of Evening Star, 9 Ekim 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 9 Ekim 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Octmt tf fiuuflvami* ???*?? mtU Eitrtntk ft. 91 W. t>. WALLAOH. ' P*pen served la package* by oarrlen it K i yenf, or 37 eeata par month. To mall *ab*eilben Mm price 1* s3 SO a yeu, m Mnu; s3 for oil bootts; si for three month*; and for 1m than three month* at the rate of 19 cents a week. Stall* CODtea. on* c*xt: in wratmen. two cist*. 117 ADTBBTisi?t!fTa ahontd be aent to the tf? before 18 o'olock m ; otherwise they may mot >fpe?/ onUl the next day. THE ARUY IN WASHINGTON [Correspondence of the N. Y. Tribune.) Washijtoto*. Oct. 2?Adopting the view aet forth In an article published in yeaterday'a Tribune. I want not in the leaat to oritioiae or diaeooeert military movements, bnt to tall you of a faw thiaga, wnioh, to an anmilitary man, seem atrange. I don't know that I am aorry thay need explanation, bat it would gratify mveurioaity to have them explained. I have my preconceived notiona of what aoldiers, under good dlaeipline and good com LDanaers. are; i nave seen somemtng 01 01diers, as traveler* do in garrison town* and caverns all over Europe, and eren in camp, and on the mnrch in Italy, and though I have no freat confidence in my judgment. I never could elp havior an impression, whenever I aaw a bod7 of soldiers, about their relative quality? an ordinary traveler's snap judgment. Its the same here, only I don't care, and don't, hold the opinion of oar troops, which, as a traveler, I should at onoe form, from seeing the same things with a body of French, or German, or Turkish, or Egyptian soldiers. But I think it strange that my preconceived notions of certain duties of military officer* are ao altogether at fault in an army. There is the largest number of United States regu!s-s, officcred mainly from West Point, in W&ahinston. that have been together, I be lieve, in"many years. The town is practically garrisoned with them I don't know how many there are, and if I did. I wouldn't say ?bat some thousands. I have not seen a single regiment, company, platoon, or sqaad, uniformly and folly dressed. I have seen two or three squadrons of cavalry. Not two men were dressed alike. Some wore overcoats, some did not, some wore flannel jackets, some cloth coats; some hats with feathers, some hats without feathers, some regulation fatigne oaps, and some any sort of civilian's cap, or hat; some had their coats buttoned, some half buttoned, some not at all buttoned; and so throughout. The horses were not well groomed, the saddles and bridles were greasy and dusty, and the bits and plates were tarnished and rusty. And it is rare that you see anything else than this in the streets of Washington of the regular cavalry. There is greater neatness and evidence of care in the infantry when on duty, yet I have net seen so much as a squad of the infantry uniformly and eompletely dressed, except a guard at guardmounting. The nearest approach to a display that I have seen was at the funeral of tho late Commissary-General this moraine It was an occasion, if ever, in which fall drees, and the fullest military deeoram, in all respects, waa to have been observed. I believe that no part of the cortege was in full regulation uniform; in fact, I doubt if there is such a thing in existence as a full regulation uniform. The privates all wore fatigue oapa. On the same gun-carriage, and on the same seat, there were three brown oaps and one blue. In the same platoon of infantry, tomt wore flannel sacks and some regulation coats. There was a guard of honor of sergeants attending the hearse. Even these did not wear the full dress bat. One wore a cap oover, the rest did not; another wore his visor up, the rest did not; another wore a full body uniform, the rest flannel sacks. The only uniform article was white gloves; these, I understand, the men furnish themselves, n?t the Government. The officers were not even uniform in this respect; some wore brown and ome yellow, and some white gloves. A line officer of the infantry wore oavalry gauntlets Beme wore the full-dress hat, some csps, some eap-covers One came on the ground in a brown citisen's overcoat, and took it off and strapped it to hi* saddle without dismounting. The officers' horses were not well groomed nor decently equipped. One rode past with a pareel in a newspaper strapped behind his saddle. Some had English saddles, some the regulation saddles, with all sorts of stirrups and housings. Some wore stocks, some standing and some rolling collars; and one joung fellow, who, I dare say, is gallant and noble, but whose want ef a true sense of militarj propriety?according to my preconceived notions about it?gave him a squirtose look, were a big white shirt collar turned sailor-fashion over kU coat collar. The hearse driver (the horses were not led, but driven four in hand) wore a brown and battered hat, a creasy coat of streaked and faded snuff-color. Yob rarely see a cart driver north of Maryland so shabbily dressed By his side on the hearse was a blaek boy, in plantation apparel. I might point out more of these incongruities with my civilian's notions, but this will show you what Is considered the thing at a military funeral of a general, from the West Point of view: or, if ot, I should like to bar* it explained. It surprised me leu after felting accustomed to this in the regular*, when I bad time to go oat and ?ee what is considered the thing for volunteers. They are, according to my old civilian's notion, moet astonishingly shabby, careleaa, and inexact, in every respect. Yon may call it free, individual, and wiie-awake, if 70a like. It don't look so. Perhaps thej are all the bettor soldiers for it, but it did not ase to be thought so, and it surprises me. Asotbkb Fiz.vdish Attempt to Distsot Lira ?On Thursday night about 8 o'clock, the train of Qars from this city over the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, when near Brady's Mills, aboat seven miles this side of Cumberland, was thrown from the track. Some fiends had taken np two rails, with the design of destroying the train and everybody on board Fortunately the train was ranning very slowly, as alwajs through that suspicious section of country, and there was nobodv hurt. The engine and tender were badly broken up. bnt the passenger ear iu not damaged. Tbia ooourred but a abort diatance from the place where an attempt waa recently made to atop (be train br placing oroea-tiea upon tbe track. Tbe diabolical act ia auppoaed to bare been done bj men under one McDonald, a Tile seceaeion ooundrel, who ia Captain of a rebel oavalry company atationed at Romney.?Wk*?ling InttiligencAT, bth A WonDKBPrL PoatiriCATioii ?There are ma?y wonderful natural curioeitiea and anti> quailed relioe to be found in Kentucky; and on* of ike moat remarkable of them ia to be found In Allen county, on tbeTenneaaee border, and 17 mile* from Bowling Green, wbere a wall of aoHd timeetone, 200 yarda in length, 40 feet 30 feat at the baaa, and 0 feat wide at the tap, aroaaaa a neck formed by a band in Drake'* creak, and inoloeea a peninaula of 209 acrea, elevated 110 feat above the river. On the top of tbia aatural mound ia an area of 3 area, iacloeed by a wall and a ditch, forming on* of tbe a t rone eat fortreaaea in the world. It ia not improbable that the fortuneaof war may aauaa tbia old fortiUoation?built, it ia auppo?ed. antecedent to a race of men who held tbe eountrr whan diaoorered by Euroneana? to be occupied by a hoatil? force, and made to play a prominent part in this civil contest. Paixa VasaaLS?Thua far, the rebels are a little ahaad in tha seiiure of vessels at sea; but not aa largely aa might be mpposed, when it is remembered that the rebel States have bnt ery little eommerea afloat. The aggregates are a* follows: Valoe letted by rebels tl vessels.... t* 791 400 Msed byU 9 Nary.... W .... 1.917J00 Total.. lift *?Mels....t4.70e 0U0 Ttair dooa aot iaetade tha tmhIi Mixed ia Now York, Be*too, 4?.. by tho offioora of tbooo port*. Tho toIoo of tbooo soisaroa will aggregate at loaot ft Oftft 000 ; naking a groaa u grar^ta of at loaat $4,000 000, afaiart tho I J, 701,400 of tho rabal prlM QT A. Hartford burglar. bow la >11 for aaimroot oiwow, waa ?l?ltrd by bia motktr on tat Aot. wW spao being told that bar aoo would bo kafttfl prlaoa a boot mea jraora, said, "Navar ?iod, Bofoc*, It ala't bolf as bad as If rr had boaa^ptoood ia fo?t Lafryotta for bcrtrayin' jm i (Etamg Star. V#*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 9. 1861. N9. 2.695. Garibaldi's Quack Medicise, " Liqueur Lkrot."?Garibaldi ia reported sick at Caprera, from the effects of an overdose of "Leroy." gome may possibly not know what to make of thia biayllabic, which, more potent than Bomba or Francia II, of Naples, has lain prostrate the hero of South Italy. For their information then "Leroy" is a powerful drastio, fifty years ago very fashionable in France, and long the patented secret of the man whose name it Dears. It consist of a mixture of scammony, colchicum. jalap, Ac., dissolved in alcohol and sweetened with sugar, and its effect upon the human economy can be better underst<H>d than described. However, about forty years ago, when "Leroy" was at the senith of popularity, a Russian Princess, fresh from Paris, found herself suddenly brought to a halt in a mountain paaa in the Abruxai; her carriage, surrounded by brigands, was speedily lightened of its oontents, and amongst other valaablea out tumbled two or three case bottles, jauntily bedtoked with coloured paper and labelled "Liqueur Leroy." One of the brigands could read, and as the day was hot and the hill ride sunny, the bottle was uncorked and handed round. says the first, "Magnijico," the second, and so on until the flask was empty. Brigands do not love heel-taps, so another cork was drawn, and another, until the whole store had disappeared, and the rifling of the Princess's band-boxes was resumed. l'Synto JJtavo/o.'" and an exclamation of horror appended, was suddenly heard from one of the party, as in & painful but significant attidue he scampered off round a comer; 4Madonna wita" shrieked another, as he followed the first, hugging his stomach in agony. A full account of the parting ejaculations of each as he escaped, though carefully registered by the courier, who sat maliciously watehing the fun, would be too long to recount, so I wind up what might be a long story, by saying that the Princess got off scott free, with the # .L ? cxcopnon 01 ine toss 01 ner private pdarmacy, and that the country vas effectually purged from brigands. Garibaldi should send the remainder of his "Leroy" to the Abruzzi, where it seems to be indicated just now?Cialdini's lead treatment is slow of operation.?ta tsian correspondent* in Lanctt. Arrival of the Tenth Maine Regiment. The New York Herald of Monday says: The Tenth Regiment of Maine volunteers arrived here this morning, from Portland. They were expected ia the early part of last week, but an unavoidable delay occurred in mustering the men into the U. 8. service, and paying them from the time of their enlistment. The regiment is composed o? hardy lumbermen, raechanics, farmers, Ac., many of them in comfortable circumstances, from various parts of the State. The Tenth have an efficient artillery company with a complete battery, and a Zouave corps. The U. S. Quartermaster, after ?l - r AV ? TI v?iu| uotmou ui inoir arrival at nuDtor s Point, forwarded them to the oamp of instructioD, Hempstead, L I.,where they will remain till orders are received for their departure for Washington. A band of 24 pieces, enlisted for the war, aocompany the regiment. The following is a list of the field and staff officers : George L. Bell, colonel; James S Fillebrown, lieut colonel; Charles Walker, major; Elijah M. Shaw, adjutant; Wm. S. Dodge, quartermaster; Daniel 0. Perry, surgeon; Josiah F. Day, assistant surgeon; Geo Knox, chaplain; Daniel II. Chandler, Horace N. Johnson, principal musicians; John M. Gould, aerg't major: Chas. F. King, quartermaster sergeant, Chan. Thompson, commissary sergeant; George J. Northrap. hospital steward; Wm. Allen, drum major; Alpheus L. Greene, fife major. Thi Gkkat Easthx.?The N. Y. Times has an Interesting letter from one of the passengers of the Great Eastern from which we gather the following facts: First: the Great Eastern was sent to sea, literally "prepared for nothing " Second: the storm was not a furious one,?and It In on record that the Persia and another ocean steamer which were exposed to It reached thlscountry without darnsge or delay Third: the articles In the vrss?l, from anchors and oil-tanks to tables and footstool, were wholly unfastened Fourth: the Great Eastern rolled fearfully, even In a moderate sea, having no ballast, and only two or three hundred tons of cargo. Fifth: the paddles were so weak thattbev were soon beaten to nieces. **ixth: the buvu>? was "smashed to bits," because It was laid down la oae of tbe compartments, without being secured and stored, and was dashed from side to side, la a foot of water, until It was all ground up Into fragments Seventh: every thing In the saloons and dining-rooms Wat also reduced to a debris of like character Eighth: thesafety of tbe vessel was owing, under God, to Mr. Towle, an American engineer, and one of the passengers,who contrived and fitted up a steering apparatus; but tbe captain and his bead engineer endeavored to deprive Mr Towle of tbe credit of bis skill and readlneM. and tbe English portion of tbe passengers sided with the captain! Lastly: "flhy-two esses of fracture occurred, betide* several broken legs, arms, a collar-bone, wrist &c. r Is scarcely probable, whoever else may venture to sea In that glgsntlc failure, the Great Ea*teru. .natany rational Americau will run the risk To do ?o would look like tempting Providence. Thi Mexican Expidition.?European advices, by tbe Niagara, abow that the long threatened demonstration against Mexico, bv Spain, England and France, respecting which there have been so many mysterious whispering of iate,?is about to be carried Into effect Fourteen Spanish vessels of war, mounting an aggregate of three hundred gans, are now In route for Vera Cruz, via Havana. At the latter port, tbey will receive sucb accessions as will ensure the landing of at least ten tbousind troops there, who, It is expected will Immediately take up the march to the Mexican Capital, for which enterprise tbe expedition will be supplied with males and other facilities of transportation While thlsSpanisb army Is penetrating the Interior, the fleets of England and France will watch and take care of Vera Crux That tbe Spaniards will succeed In their dealt;n IB Uw present dlstrmcU-d condition of the country, there would seem to be no reason to doubt; ana, once In tbe Halls of the Montezuma* there, It nneda no gbost to come and tell ua what must Inevitably follow. Mexico will soon be cut up Into English, French and Spanish colonies. ICT The deserters from the Sumter, at Paramaribo, say chat her pivot gun Jumps bsdly when f red, and that the vessM Is too wesk fer her armament As she lav off Cayenne, a French steamer, with the French flag up, came near the Sumter, which had the French flig up also; but Captain Semmea supposed tbe steamer to be a Yankee playing possum, and as she got broadside open flaw the Sumter's ports, and the rebel flag went up, and all was ready for a broadside when the mistake wss discovered. They then spoke each other, kept company, and sailed Into Paramaribo together. 0^ There are now In course of preparation In New York, gun-carriages, caissons, battery-wagons and forges for more than two hundred teupoander and twenty-pounder Parrot guns (field pieces), which requite about five hundred vehicles In sll to fit ihem for the field. Of these enough for one hundred pieces are manufactured for the government, eighty for tbe State of New York and twenty-eight for the army of the West, under Gen Fremoct Over 3u0 men are constantly employed on tbe work st Stephenson's manufactory, and the required number of vehiclea for thirty pieces are completed each week Tbe Methodist Conference in session at Detroit. Michigan, on Monday voted to lay on tbe table tbe resolution of the Baltimore Conference relating to tbe substitution of tbe new for the old chapter on slavery. I be statistics of the Conference *bow a total of 14,696 member*; 1 910 f'robatlona; 191 local preachera; 1.600 baptlanu; sRcliurcbet. valued at fJ4l,l60, 81 parsonage*, valued at *56 496; 331 Sunday arhoul*, having 3 043 offl-era and teacher*, 13,334 acbolara, and 43,031 volume* in tb? library. rr* The quota of Vermont of the half million aoldter* to be rtltrd bjr I be Oonramol la etgbt fall re?lu?eota Ifea baa already aeat forward foot. Tbo navalry regiment and tbe 6th Infantry now recruiting, will ?dd >.000, aad requlrta two more regiment* to make up tbo number denuded. (jT"Tba State of Mailt baa roootved from tbe United mntan government two hundred thousand dollar* la panuat of tbt expenaw Incarrod In fantiaUaf 00MIKH I proposals for stationery. Hcust of Rimtentativts of tkt United Statu, I Clerk'? Qjfitt, Stptembtr 20,1881. \ I? ruasrakcx of th? seventeenth section of the act of Congren of August S6, 1843. entitled "An act legalising and making appropriations for such necessary objeots as have bean usually included in the general appropriation billa without authority of law, and to fix and provide for oertain incident al expenses of the Depar tmrnta and offioes of the Government, aid for other purpose-," sealed proposals will be reoeived at thia office until Friday the 25th car of October next at twelv* o'clock m , for furnishing the following articlea of Stationery for the u<e of the Houae of Repreaentativea of the United states, vis : > Cliss No. 1. 75 reams white cap paper, extra superfine, feint lined 10 reams blue oas paper, *xtra superfine, feint 'ined 50 reams white rap paper, extra superfine, plain 25 reams white flat cap, extra superfine 150 reams white quarto post, extra superfine, feint 1 lined, gilt 1 25 reams blue quarto post, extra superfine, leint lined, gilt 50 ream* white quarto post, extra auperfine, plain, 10 ream* bine quarto poat, extra auperfine, plain, 'gilt 25 revms white quarto post, large sixe, extra thin, feint lined 10 reams white quarto post, large size, extra thin, plain 60 reams white laid Bath poat. extra superfine,feint lined, cut 10 reams white laid Bath poat. extra superfine, plain, cilt ISO reams white note, extra auperfine, large aize, feint tiued, si t 60reams buff note,extra aaperfine, large size, feint lined, tilt 25 reams damask note, extra superfine, large aize, feint lined, gilt 25 reams white note, extra anper&ne, large size, p ain, gut 7t reams white note. extra superfine, small aize, feint uned git 25 reams white rote, extra superfine, small aize, plain, gilt 25 reams while note, extra thin, No. 6, feint lined. Kilt 10 reams white note, extra thin. No. 6, plain, gilt 6 reairs white note, extra thin, No. 8, plain, gut 10 reams white note extra thin, No. 8, leint lined, gilt 50 reams Jesup fc Bros, extra superfine, white wore post, feint lin?d, (wide ruled ) Class No 2 ? Envelopit. 50,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes,by 3K lnohes I 50 roo white thick adhesive envelopes, bTi by s'i inches 40,000 buff thick adhesive envelopes, by inches 40,000 wh:te thioa adhesive envelopes, by 8)4 inches 10,000 white thick adhesive envelopes, 5A( by indies 9; fWMl ?r hita m. ?? 1 l_ w ? - fw tuiua ouuoji v c dUTOivpOD) u?~> UJ O'i iU oh?* 1.000 ooo buff thick envelopes, i\ by 3% inohes 100,000 l uff thiok Adhesive envelopes,by 5\ inches. Class No. 3 3oo gross best metallic pens, in boxes 25 gross Ferry s double patent large blue barrel pons. fi^e points, in dozen boxes 25 dozen blaok swan quill p?ns 15 gross penholders, assorted styles 3 gross out and pressed glass inkstands, assorted i sues and styles. Class No i.?Mitetllaneou*. 6 dozen pearl handle pooket knives, four blades i 6 dozen chal 1 handle pooket knives, lour blades 10 dozen pearl and shell handle pooket knives, 6 blades . 1 dosen office shears, 11 inches 1 dosen office shears,9 inohes . 4 d< zee offion shears, ? inches 4 dozen scissors, 4 inches lOdoz^n oolor panoils, iarge and small ?o pouifis sealiog was, best quality WO spools red tape i 6 dozen letter clips, gilt and bronze 2 "oxen letter fi es 15 pounds Indian robber, medium sized pieces ? nuien aon eu p 'unoe 6dozen abort rubber peaoils 4 dozes portfolio*, different style*. Class No. S. 180 tesmi brown Manil a enveloping paper, very tough, with snooth surfaoe, S7 by 37 mohes, to weigh not less than 42 pounds per ream 600 reams frown Manilla envelopiijr paper, very tough, with smooth su'face. 20 By ia incnes, to weigh not ;ess tnan 26 pounds per ream 800 reams same as above, 19 by W4 inohes, to weigh ] not less than 22 pounds per ream. Proposals for the above must state the price per ream for paper, ar.d prioe per thousand for envel- 1 opes, and be accompanied by the names of the I sureties intended to be ottered. 1 Ky tne aot a^p oved June 17,1844, the Clerk of th* House of Representatives is "directed to con- t fine his purchasfs exclusive y to articles of the j growth and manufacture of the United States, pro v:ded the same 'an be procured ofsuoh growth and manufactu'e, of suitable qoality.and at reason able prices, upon af good terms, as to quality and prioe, as can be obt&ined o{ foreign crowth and t manufacture." A preference will therefore be i given to the productions of American industry; and all persons making proposals to supply any *r- | tiole wil'st&te whether the same is the growth and t manufacture of the United States. The artiOies are to be delivered, free of any charge for carriage, at the offioe of the Clerk ol the House cf Rep-esent&tives. on or before ike twen tietn day of November next. Kach bidder, though he may desire to propose for the whole of the articles above enumerated, ? ,11 1 ? ? ' - * win us fcquirnu t<> muse a k par a it ana aisitnci proposal for eark elan; and no proposal or paper embaoing nio e than a single class will beoon- < sidered. Each proposal to be endorsed."Proposals for Class fro ?, of Stationery for the House of Kepretentatives of the United States," and ad- 1 dressed to the undersigned. They will be free of postage. Sumoten? specimens of each olass must aooom < pan; i he proposals marked with the name of the bidder and the number of the olass according to , the above advertisement. The person ofi>nn? to furnish an; description of 1 articles at the lowest pnoe, quality oonsidered, shall reo- ive a oor,tract tor th* ?ame on eXronting a bond with'wo or more sureties, satisfactory to the lerk of the House >.f Representatives, for the ( p-rfornianoe of the same, under a forfeiture of twice the oontract prioe in the case of failure; which bond must be fi ed in the otfioe of the said 1 citric within ten days alter the proposals have been opeued ai.d the result deolared EMERSON ETHERIDGK. selg w4w Clerk H. R. n. 8 METALLIC oil, 101 Cleaning. Pellshing, and Preventing Rnst. Tnis is superior to all other oils in the world for the above purposes, as well as for machinery and lubricating uses. It is equally applicable to gunlooks and sewing maohiues. It is in hich favor at the Government Navy Yards fer ordnance and machinery. Principal Depot and General Atency, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, near Eleventh st. II t~ A genu wanted with tMmi, to supply encampments. se U 8m LADIES' REAL PARIS KID GLOVES, all size* and dors, verv beat quality. Ladies' Under v^sta, lung and short aleevea. Mourning Shawla.long and square. Fine and medium White Flannels. We are daily addinc many noveltiea in first-class Dry Good* to our stock. One prioe only, the totoal oaah atandard value, marked in plain figures. Ad examination of atook moura no obliciuon to purchase. PERRY ft UKO., oo 3-6t Pa. avenue ana Ninth at. inRIB, CR 4DI>E AND BHD BLANKETS v> and COUNTERPAN Ei, all sixes ant quail ties, Bed Comforts, Sheetings. Pillow Linen i and Cottona. Towela. Napkins, Table Cloths, Tiokinga, Uoylies, fto. All at our proverbially low prioea, marked in plain figures. New-comers, atrangera, aojournera acd oitiiena wili lnspeot onr a.ock at pleasure. PERRY ft BRO-, ae 87-it Penn. avenue and ?th st.. SW. TUCKER Would annoinoe to the oiti zena. military and aojournera in Washington that be la now proaeonUng the 'i'ai loring Business in all its branches, at wo. 197 Sixth at., 3d door north of Pa av. He If intends to manufacture, out, repair, : model, oieause.aud stnve to be generally aooom! modatinr. Enon<>rniats should call and see him i oth- Trade?Facings and other Machine Sotohing neatlr executed. se l7-3awlm* VWOOD AND COAL. fill Will ..Ml. ? >- ?? ? w w T* Ki BUIVIj LVb JVUI IUUUOJ wurm UJ Jillinr at the PIONEEE MILLS, sewt/ktaMi car *?r S*o**tk strut and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Af?nt.) They ae!< oheaper and kits better mwiirl than any other* in the oity?out, lit, and delivered free of charge. If roe doc 11 eiieTe . i re t the Pioneer Milie atria., and be eafcefted I 1Uv /CK AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /Ov 4 | Sec* of t*a*Aa*te?aJ Uottl. nut liberal advaaoea made on ?old a>id ilver VVato&e*. Dianion .a, Jewe.rj. Silver warr.ClothI ing, Piatola, and all kinda of Merohandiae, Buai' "iSiri'BBi.ZBF.RS. ... C

an Mm Between ?H and <th ate. oraia;1"^"42 ? 1-lM U*nttUtf222?ttBk " . ?3Wj8. towwOwMw7Wiilwilit7|>.q. to iliWi 'i HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED? Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Potit*** and Sptcijle Rttrudy For DiieuM of the , < BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, tod DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This M?dioin? lnoreM?s the f ower of Dic??tion, Ir.d iTmt*a th? ivanmvilTi mtn hM.1th? k^tinn by which the watht o* calchous depoanionr, klld k l CKHATCRAL 1NL tSSIM ?MT * are reducfd, ^well u pain jLt?v inflammation, and la gcca MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For WrakDMui Arising from Fxo?aaea, H&biU of Diaaipation, Early It diaor^tioa or A^nae, Attended v>itk the Following Symptoms : I n<1 in position to Exertion, Com of Power, I.oee of Memory, Difficulty cf Rreathms, Weak Nrrvea, Trembling, Horror of Diaea**. WakefulnesF, Dimaeaa of Vision. Pain in the Bask, Univria' Lassitude of the Macoalar pystMn. Hot Uauda, Flashing or the flody, Dryneta of the Skfn, Eruptions on the Faoe, PALLID COITNTkNANCK. Theae rympt< ms. 11 a :owed U> *o rc. which this mediome invariably removea, soon fo lows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT8, In one of tckick t%e Pmtent may Expire. Who oan ?ay that they are not fre?uently fol IOWOQ Dy IOOM DIE1ITL ruiiiis*' "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are ??&' of the nanseo'' their aii daring, BCT RONE WILL COD71??. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tk? Meimnekolv DeatHs by Consumption, BEAR AMTLI WITHFSS TO TBI TiUTH OF THE AiinnoR. THE CQNSTlTITliON ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNE8S, Require* the aid of metfioine to strengthen and Itngorate the System, wh;oh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHL invariably doe*. A. TEIAL WILL COWVIWCE THE MOST SKBFTICAL. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNH, SINGLE, MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Affections Peculiar to Ft malts the Extract Buonu ta olm uail d by any other remedy, as to chlorosis or Retention, lrr<guamy, Painfulne**, or Suppression of Customary Evacuations. Uioerated or Sohirrona state of the Uterus, Leuaor'hea or Whites, Sterility, ar.d for ail somplaiata incident to the sex, whether arising from Indiscretion, Habits or Dissipation, or in the DECLIKE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ! *11 SYMPTOMS A BOYS. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Tak' no mare Balsam, Mercury, or Unpltasasit Mtdtein* for Unpleasant and Dangerous Distant. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV CV1M SECRET DISEASES [a all their Sta*e?; At little Expense; Little or no change la Diet; No inoonvenienoe; ft And no ozposwt it causes a fre^u-nt desire aid fives strength to Urinate, thereby Removing ?>bst. uotions, [ revetting and Curing Striotnres of the Urethra, Allaying fain and I nflaminition, so request in the olass of disea<es, au<i expelling atl Poisonous, Diseased, and worn out Matter. thousands cpon thousands WHO HAVE BE EX THE VICTIMS OF (J (JACKS, ind who tave paid heavy fees to be cured in a short ime,.have found thf y were deoeived, and that tha poison" has, by the use of powirful astringents" >een dried up in the system, 10 breaa oil in an ag~ iravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU for ill affectiona and diseases of the URINARY ORGANS, whether existing in MALE OR FEUALK, from whatever oause originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Diseaaea of theaa Organ* require the aid of a DiIUTIC HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHO 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, aod it la oertain to h*ve the desired effaot in all Diseases /or to A it* il is ruommended. V1DKNCB or THB MOST RR8PON8IRLB AMD RELIABLE CHARACTER will aooompany Uie modioines. CERTIFICATES OP CURES, From 8 to 20 years' standing, with Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB MAKl "HO 8BCRBT ' OF "IWOBBDIBKTS." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU it composed ol Bnoho, Cn^eba and Juniper Berries, selected with great oare bj a oompetent d.uf gist. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELM BOLD, Praotioal and Analytical Chemist, and Sole Manufacturer of HELlCBOLD'8 GENUINE PREPARATIONS. AFPITiAVTT. Personally appearea oeiore nn. an Alderman of the oity ?fl Philadelphia, H. T. Hblmbold, who being duly swotn, dotb lay. his prej aratious oon tain no mercury,or other injurious drag*, bat are purely vecet-.ble. H. T. HELMBOLD. Sworr and subscribed before me, thi? 23d day of November, 1864. WM. 4*. HIBBtKl). Alderman, Ninth St.. aove Kao?, Pnila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM B A. M. TO 8 P. M. Price tl pec bettlr, er tlx fer %o. Drhvered to at.y address, seoure y paoke<i from o bee. vat i on. Addreu letter* for information in oonfidenoe to H. T. HtLMBOLl), Cktmitt. Depot, 104 South Tenth it, below Chestnut, Phila. KEWARB OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor to dispose "of th*ir own" and "oUier" atlioles ou the reputation attatu-:d By HtlmboWs Gtnnint Pr$paraitom, " " Extract Buck*, " ' " Smrtapmrxlia, 44 " Improved Host Wash. a%u k. u n v n a.. _ _ _ O ?iU UJ J. JL> VTAilB* Ml */. Wll*AW t WlLBT, 8. C. PoRDi ? B. tKTWimi, R. O. Major, Kidw*ll **i?c?, ?\ taiiingUm tod 0*org?toVBi <4LL DHUQGISTS MYEKYWHBKE. i AJBK FOR HBLMBOLD'B. TAJLB NO OTHER. Cat omt Uw ?if?j linatt.t u<t md tor it. 4NI> AVOID 1MFOB. HON ud EX^OMJRB. B?eriU Symptom* 4m mil Commmmiemtiont. Cm* nmimmti 11} M?i? : Bur Johnston, alt1 more lock hospital, H*t diicovtrtrl tk* most CpIim, Spt*df mmd ?Uf f/MlMi R*w%?df ta tkt WtU, FOR ALL DI9KA8K8 OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRAyTED. OR SO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WukniM of J# Bit*, hrtcum, ifMUNi ( U* Kit and Bl*dd?: " Wiiq OueMifW, Impouooy, (j*o *rml Dtbiliiy. N*r.?on*n***, DyiHpii, Lunot, Otifitiw r Id***, U* Spin:*, of U* Tmidny, TrtmbliDf*, Dimo*** ? Sif ai or Oiddinau, IVto**** *f tk* H**d, ThrMt, No** or Skin, ificuooi of th* Lours, toa*cB or Bow*lo?th*o* Tornblo Diaordtr* * from Sollury H*bit* of Toatb?th*** Drwd/i) *nd Oonrocu** Pr*eoc?* which rtndtr BUrritf unpoo*ibi?^ ^ 4ir.r*T boU Bodj uid Micd. YOUNO UE/f nntuu; ?hio?i d*co?i* i?? ?(eum of Mlur; Tlea, I tbal draadfal ?iid d**tracti** b.eit whK.ti liy ??"P I (a u ntimil; (r>'< thontan Jt Yourf M*u at (bl ??l I ataltad Ulania and brilliant '.nullacu who might oUnr?n< I ha** antranead Uatanof 8 wnti rfca thwodar* <* * on*dc* or wakad la *c*f4cy ihi livmg Irn.wm* f.?i. I fall cooldaaca. AARRIAQE. MaBKlBD PBtl'jni, *r Yoang M*a eOTrtV^platiaf Marn?l?, bainf aw.ra aI **ikuinlVfu,ii d*buity, d*formiu**, *e.., *p?rdilT cor*d. H* who pi* hinuilf aadrr (ha f*V? af Dr. J. maj raliriaaaly cool ,* in bi* baoor a* * (*&i',iiud and coctdanilj i*ly apon ?U (kill aa a phyaictwi, OFFICE N*. 7 SOUTfr FREDERICK ST. lafl *j*tid aida jwanf fron Wnmor* *tra?U a f*w daar* froa tb? corn*r. Patl notto ofcaarT* naaa aod nambar. Louara >?a*t ba paid cad contavc a atarap. DK JOHNSTON, Member af the Royal College of Sarpeooe, London, fradaua from ooa of th* nioat aannent CaiUga* in lb* United Stat**, aad tha giaaiar part of wboaa lifo baa b**n avaat in tut noaptuit London, Pan*, Philadelphia aad elee'whtre, baa elected eome of thi t iromih ot ear** that were T?r known; many troubled with rraginr tn th? h??d end art When eeleep; great nervooeneaa, beiaf alarmed at aaddc'.i eowid*, baahfulne** Wllh freqotot blaa.uif, ati*ad*4 oar.Hn** with dvti.|*aui of mind were eared wnmedMtely. take particular noticb Yownj M*n im oUiin *bo hit* injured thcmeeleee by I rum practice Mdwiged in when aloue?* habit fregeeaUy learned from e?il ec:np?ni3na, or at echocl, the effect* of trhieo art nightly felt eren whfo aaleep, and if not cared, rendert marriaf* impoeeibl*, and d**troy*. both mind and body, ahould apply immediately. The** ar* aome of th* *ad and melancholy efeet* prodacad by eerly habit* of youth. Tit: Wcakoe** of th* Back and Ijunbe, Paine in the Head, Dunne** of 8if bt, Lou of Maatater Fewer, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyepepey, Ntrtoee irritability, derangement of the Digaetie* Pmctioat, ti*n*ral Debinty, 8ymptome of Cooeomp'tou, *c. Mn T a i.LT.?The feertul effect* nr. the mind are much te a* dreaded?[?** of Memory, Coofuaion of Idea*, D*pr*a*ioo ?f Spirit*, E*il Foreboding*, Aearaion of SoCKty, Self-Dietract. Lo*? of Solitade, Timidity, etc , are eoma of th* e?i.e yratectd. Kmitoui Dmilitt.-Thaaeande can now)sdge arhet i* th* cam* of their declining h*alih, ineinr their ?ig or. becom?' ? weak, pale, tiCr*ooa aud roaciatca, hiru.f a ainjralav I a.f*p?aranc? a^ou: tht ?y*?, cooyh or ajmptocna of con tumpdiseases of imprudence. Wb*n th* mmyeiried and imprad*nt ?ot ry of pl***ar* lod* be has imbibed rie eeede of thi* patnfal dieeaee, it loo often happen* tint ma ill-timed *er,** of ehatre or dread >f dieceeary 4*t*r* bin* flpjin applying to those who, from education and ceepectabikty, can alone befriend him. He falle into the fcsnde of ignorant an? deaigcmg pretender*, who, incapable ?f cavuic, 6'ch hie pecuniary eabetanc*, keep him month after month,or a* lone aa tli* *m*ll**t ft* can t* obtained^ and in deapair Itaea Dim with rained health ts eirh ?var hi* galling di*appointra*nl; or by ih* on of that d*adiy powei ? Mercury?haeten the coii*luutional eymKuii of thie .amble dieeaae, inch a* Affeetiooe of the Heart, Tbroat, Head, WkMi, Ac., proffreeaiuc with frtrblfal ranidit*. till, - aariMl to Uia (fraadfaT auf annga by aa'nding hin; all motoUMtid c-oantrr ff*n *hm basrr ao traveler ratan.a OR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS ANDIMPOTBNCY tj ihii riu, and important remady waakr.aa* of '.fee Mfim (ti epeedlly cbred idc fall Tiger reetorad rimidi of the u: r,*rrmt uttf Cebthlatad, win had MX tii hope, ot*e been imm*dia.t?ly raliaead. All impediment* M Marriage, Phjtt**-, or Mental Dteqaa!lluMni. Lm< of Proeraat;** Pavat. Nerroa* Irritability. Trembling and WkIuhi or bUtniN of ibe moat fear fa I kind epetaily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE PRESS. T?? Mut THor?/.5DI car*d at thia luatitatiac within U* la*t H'lotni aod tha rarc*r?ae important argi?al *per*uoeie parrjrnied by Dr. Jobnataa, wuaoe**d by ID* nan of th\ paptra and iulj other unem, umicii of vetch na?? *f Paired again and again bofor* tha cabliet b??-.d?i hia **ai. .'ting aa a g*nil*noan of character ana r*erou*tMlity, ta a ?a<ci*pi gaarant** ta tha aMictad. roar li-l a UK j. 11 MCL.KAIN 'S 8TREJTGTHENIHG CORDIAL AND BLOOD PL'RIFIKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY %? U? WORLD, and the most Dxliciovs ANB /Jeter taken ffijL it u luttU; t **i- Wm J.<2fak| ^ Mll*? Ul TlfWfe/fl k!a '.'?fnil, ??? W jpE^T g-JS?.3 aarad by U* diulllauh if^wi|i,^.irh, jg " Bark, u4 BaadeLlaa iBIv nun lata In Ma- Kl *1 ! _ ''tTiV'taiirt uuii -a"?- H a iir-f. Jt ?a??iitJ pr?tipu rfaaak lafradlaa Before ?^"er takms. dlaullla *, irt4*tii[ a daliaiaaa. iuiuiuitf (pirn, at U? Ml t( falliMs tistdT f?l faaaraliaf Ul dlaaaaad apUB, ud > miilM tka ilM, ?ItrU|, ut dtklUuud larvlid M fcaai? 4 u4 lUiiftk. J*aLMA*T8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL w ill ?lHtull; tin ki?t* Caaplalal, Djiii^tli, li? *' M,Cbn)l w M>n??i Daklllty, PIiwim miaa Kite (ft, ' j*i til (Uiauii irlitaf fna a timtiwd Um at luattl. nitiilt, Itirtkui, Uwi PUw. Aaid.iy ? litkaaat al tkt IvMattk, Fvllaaaa af Blaad la Ua laid. Da 11 Paia ? Ivutalif la tka Ittd, Ptlpiiauaa af tka Inn. Piltaaaa ar Walfki la tka luaiik, * ? IntuUMi. Caaktar > Itfmuii PatUaf vkaa tartar im.DrriiN at TalUWaaaa af tka IkjB ted Byaa, W'.Jkt flvaau. lawatd fmn, Pala U tka *5*1 af Ua luV Ckaat, m llda, Saddaa Plaakaa af Baal, Bapraaaiaa af Cptfiu. Prtfklfal triiu, kurrn. BiiMdaat; a* any a arras* dlaaaaa, Iwai ? Elattkia aa Ul Skia, aad Fun aad Afia (a> CklUa aad r*T"0 9TME A HIEklON BOTVLMM kara kaaa aald dailaf tka lax an aaa&iaa, aad la aa laauaaa kat It fa'.ladta ^Trlnf anUra aaUafaatiaa. _Wkaftkaa, w? mm vnuilT Vila MCklAII imfiiriUlM COUtlik will ?m yn 1 Uijltfl Ma ui'17 u 14m af tbk luitllU ud ilatit Blmtlm ikufi pr?d*M< ky iati( tkk Cardial Va the dltutii, dakUiuiad, cad akiuaiad itirau fiUBi ftutw krakaa ky aiaaaa, Till ky itiua, a> lapalted ky (Ukaaaa, Ua ralaiad aad uitnaj arful atlaa U raatarad la Ua yrlattaa kaaiU aad rlgm MAEXIED FEKSONS% at MkMk, (MHlm af laakllll? frano vkaiarar taaak, Will ta? MikdiKi mmnniii couu.ii * uaraafh ?kfaaamai af Ika ayaiam; and all ?ka mt kara la (wad limiilfti ky lafrttti iadalfaaaaa trill Aid la UU Cardial a aartaia tad i^idj TO THE LADIES, MakBAH'B (TUMIUIM OOUUlb Ik a ?tit Iff* ui! rpa*d? IUI far laalytaai Caoaaaptiaa, Wknra, kauaaiad aa VIBaalt MaatumauaaJ caaavlaaaaa af Irtak ar liraon Jar) kiitun ikaraaf, Fviliag af Ua Vaaak, iddlaaaa* VataUaf, aa J all dUaaaaa laaidaat ta Ftaiiaa. THKM.X IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Mai at laafai Talk It aaaaidUf w dirtatiaaa. It wtU ktlMlV k, kuaaftkaa, aad lavlfarau /aa aad aaaak tk? Uaam at Lean* ta aikat ya?i akalk afala. l?ifj kaulk to ifinsttad ta fl?k kaUifakUaa. TOE CHILDREN, If year aUMraa ark kiakly, p?ay a* aSiatad. Htklin COUlik vlll aiki Uia kitllkTi he u< akan Dalai aat a aaaaalt UJ U, tad ya? wtfi k* aaartatad. It 1* daiAWTIOK, linn af tfraffUu ? Iwliri ?u? >; ii) w pla im f?i ml ktttar m aanapanlla traah, vkitk tkay ua bit Ikul, ky mill It U )IM1 aa ??d. At?i4 aach aaa. A Ik tar ffcLkxi* rrn.t?erw\n;i?? coBDiAk, u< *k? aatktnf alaa. It li lit aaly ramady that will panfy tk* Biaad tMn>(k,T b< ?il tka iiir ? tin* atrabgtkan tka ayalan Ua* tuifNonl takaa i?aij naming faatipf ia a aarttia praaiatlaa fat Cbalara, Ckllla and Pa?a?, Tail** ai aa> araraltnt dlaaaaa. It la pat a* la larra fcattlaa. fr u aaly #1 y?r haul a, ai ( kattlaa far ft. 17B.Mri.KAII, Sal* paaanatar af tkla Cardial; alia, Mtkaan'a Ta'taa;t Ol W:a!aauu Prtaalpal Da?at aa tka aaraar af Tkird aad Plat ilMitl, k. kaaia, Ma. XoLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TIB BBST klBIMBBT HI TIB WOBkO.) Tka aal; iaia aaa aattain aara far Canaan, Ptlaa, Tmaara, gwaluafaaad Braockila at Caitra, Paralvau, Haaralfla, Waa.kna?aaf lha Maaclaa, Cfcraaic ar iDlaaaaMrj Bkaaaatux, af tka Jatnu, Cactractad Raadia ai ktfaaanta, Baraika avTaathaaka, Braiaaa. prima, Traak Cat*, waanda, Heart, Fa?a? Baaaa, Cakad Braaat, Sara 5p)aa, Bam*, Stalda, taaa Taratt, ar aa; iaf annauaa aa i, aa difarant* ki? larara ar laa* tka diaaaaa aai a aztatad, MckBABB CBUCBBATKO klBlMBBT ,a a aartala lamady. I Tkaaaaadi al aa ai 1 aatafa aa*a taaa aaaad a Itla af dia arapuada ind aiiaiy ky tka aaa aftk* taaaiaakla raaady. MiLEAtTS VULLAMC OIL LIU I MM NT Will raltara pais aliaat miuamiiail;, aad It will ciaaa, fUrity aad haal tka (aalait aara* la aa laaradikia afcart uaa. FOR HORSES AXJ> OTHER A#IMAMS MakXANB CBLESRATSO klNlMBBT la lha aal* aafa ! tad MluMi NitUf tar tk? tin af litAtu, W *il?, ?pnou, ?iui*t?r*l kuft, IMm m tvtlttan. "iT-'-'i iraa,'* T "j-' t Mo?iuW<<&jr J If K C y ^ p^V.oV^Sp^tolii ' nm-im 'll 41 THE WEEKLY STAR. Tti? oeflkai Family u4 Newa JmiuIoMtalning greater variety at IHnHif r?4tBC thaa caa be fcmad la ujf a?9 *a paMlafced on Friday aofilog Tnai-OMt, mtmHmilp, im edeaw??. t*ln?> copr, p?r una .....ti w Five copies 4 7> Tm ooplea ? t ? Twenty-Ire no plea M 90 It Invariably oontal oa the " W aaklaftoa Neai' that has made 1\* Dmilf Mtmimg Star dacalata ao generally tb.robout the oo?try C7" Single ropiea (la wrapper a) mi M pr?cored at tbe counter, -immediately altar (to Iwm Af tkta MM* n-l^ T D D C? t' Of ar ?v . Mivc?inRAk VklllB. PROPOSALS FOR INDIAN ?OWDS. DbI"4ETMBWT Of in IffTZBIOK. I QfU* Indian jL/miri, Srrlrmbm f}, M.( Ssalid P?oro?4L?. dor?d * Propose tor Indian Woods," (OiMsl.S. Sor 4 M tb* ooee Ml be,) to be deliTeredin the oity dt 5Uw York, wiH be reootred at the Oflioe of India* Affbira Battl ! o'clock ?. m . on Satckd*t, (he lith mt of Or ober MXt, tor fnri.iih:ng im fuuoviBi tM*dIftioiec Cuia No. 1. Mmdmmmt Blmmkttt. C.otki.mU Drw (Mi. 2 ?<) pair* 3 point white Nmium biaakeu. to meoeere by It irch?? aixi wen h I po?*c? 2,300 pair* 2*-pint white Ma~kin?o t-ae?e*e, to m nature 64 by M inc*i??. ar,C weit: I poimt* 1,000 pure J-point white MaHriaac Fa?*ett, to measure 43 by ? tnohes, and W*4|h?k tM, 000 pair* IH joint white Mvt dm hl?tilr. vo mr?i?r? 96 by ao mctM*. and Wei*V ^ ~TL yo pair* l-p<>int white MacEi'?-_ k an?*** to meagre mbw* yweb*- w 3TO pair# 3 ooint eCB''* - . in nMiiwe diuhu, to **- amtra54 by 6G lr.ohe#. ?.nd weicji 6 poanris *Z*> p? ri 2 point ?o*rlct Mackic*c bMrki'i. to nmiun 42 by 96 inohM, ?Dd weigh SM lbs. ISO pairs 1 point aoarlet Mackinac biark-ta. to in iwur? s by 45 mcbM, and ve<ch 3\ be. 100 pair* SVpoint rreen Mackinao bUnse'a. to tnesksurr 66 br 84 inehne. ud veiah 10 I be. 600 pair* 3 point green Mackinae blankets. to maawure Mi by 73 inobes, and ?"|h posed* 600 pairs 2X point itrccn Macfcnac biark?ta, to measure 54 by 86 icohes. and weish 6 pouaci | 300pairs 3H point indigo bin* blsn kets, to meaaare 66 by M iaokM, and weigh loponnda 3W pairs* point indigo bine Mackinac blanket*, to m*?*n'? 6o by 73 lnobaa, and we'gh iba. 200 pairs 2K-potnt mdiso bin* Maokina* felaaketa to measure 54 by 68 insLee.and weigk 6 pounds 200 pairs SH-point genticelia bin* Mackinac niauke's. to meacure K by 14 inches, and w?fh Id poncda Mo pairs 3 p int g^ntinalia b'ae Mackixvao Kmketa. to measure 6" by 73 inobM. and wank 8 pou- d * 400 paira 2)t point gaatiaaUa bin* Mackinac biankrts, to measure 54 Dy 66 inchea, and veigh 6 p< and* 230 p*.ira 2 p< in: (entmel'a bins Mackinac btan k*ts, to nn?ire 42 by 96 inokM, 4nd wag h 5Jtf pou >ds ? 200 p%ira IK point fcntineila Mackin?o bA'ke'f. to measara 96 by 90 inobM. a&d Wt lgh 4% p >'jn:4a .. . ISn pairs 1-toii.t gmtinella bine Mackinau biaaketa, to i?u*iure 32 by 46 inohM, a?d weig * 3M poucda. 4.W yards fane* list blue cloth ?? do do creen cloth 2,0no do crey li*t bin* cloth 2,0V) do saved liet b!ae oluth 1,000 do do ?oar t oloth 1J0O do do grern oloth ino ->(ind? wonted yarn.iS fo a loo d< sen oottou flat naadkeroiua/ 100 do fancy cotton 60 do black silk loo do * 4 cotton t ha via loo do 6-4 do 60 do 4-4 do 100 do h 4 vrooien do 90<i pounds linen thread. No. so gross wor/ted gartering 40.000 yards calico 25 i?<i do Merrtmac caiioo 7.000 do Turkey red oni.eo 2'OKO do blaedriling 10.f?l co omaVurcs 7,5"0 do brown dri ling > ?*? do Georrii stripes % ftV) rtrt K!?n . ? v ,? ciai? vuiuia 5(00 do oott >na*',e 12 5M do bed tioking SAW do Kentucky jenna d? aaun?tta lo,uio do piaid linear* a SuO do b eaor ed sEirti^g 16,00" do donraat-c ihirtioKi anbleackoo l() Oft) do do ahe^Unjr, do S,OT0 do bleached do l(V.?0 do brown ootton dock I0,im< do ohocka, atripca, a&d plaid a 2,000 ao fi?nela. wo'tMl 1,'tiO pound* ootton tbr???d l,?v> do brown filling twtaa. No. gno do ootton maitra ljno twilled flinnel anirta 1,500 oalioo at.irta 2 ?i doaen hickory ahlrta 100 CO Madraa haa^kerohieOk Cliu No. L Rtady m*d* Cloth***. 175 frock ooata, ibdigo bin? b-oadclotk 175 eantaloona, do do 50 inriiio bin* Maokinao blanket oapetea 175 blue eatiuett oca'a 175 d6 pantaloon* 75 oadet mixed aatinett ooata 75 do do pan'a.ooci 275 gray eatroett ooata. <?ack t tn do pantaloona 275 do reata. CLAaa No. S. Hardwart. A tricmltwrml *? 4/HO pound* braes kettlee 400 tie kettlee, (6 uim ) 126 nests Japanned kettles, (I la A OmU 275 camp k'ttlee, (S eizee> F>5 dozen 3 *aart bn ran* L50 dozen 3-qua.rt tin pan* 20 do S quart do 975 do tin onp* loo do Mnavawli 70 do fish book* 2uo do n?h line* 750 gross needle*, assorted 275 dozen ooaree tooth TS do fine toott oombe to do scissors 900 do t&sara 25 do grabbing bow1 25 do wesdiag hoee 150 drawing km res, 10 lnehe* fin hand saws loo dozen hand saw fi ee, i% nahm 6 do sbove i 790 short band s fry-pans 25 doaen basting spoon* 200 do iron table spoon* 2D do axes, to weight* to CM poands 100 do half net to weigh 9 poaala. (wvU amaaimf 100 do Sloe mirror* 100 do t r nee t 100 ponnda braaa wire 100 do beet Chinese TMmii'ioa. Goods of AiMnou mannfbotare of the repaired ksd anahtr will be preferred; bat aa the pamplee of blank eta aad olotba are foral ft (wmM, it will be neoeeaary, ia aropoeinc a 4ome?u? *i tioic oieitnerofthoeekioda that a aam#la thereof ahall accompany the bid. '1 heartioleeto befurniBberf maet la all reepee'a aonforra to and be e^aai with th* Government au>p ee which ma? be aeen a' thia ofioe on aad after the fc rat of OotoDer next. The artiolea will be r.gidi j lnapooted aed oompared vita tbe aamplee bj an aient or agenta appointed for that parplbee. 8uoh aa may be aneqaal thereto ia any parboular vill be re>eet*d, in wh eh oaee the oontraetnr will be bonnd to farniah i there ot the re* qi rec tod ?r aa&lity within thme daya ; or, if that be sot done, they will be purehaeeo at hia expeaae. P?)u,v! will be made lor the cooda reeei ved on iavoioee thereof, oertiaed *>y the agent or a<enta appointed to inapeot them. It ia to be understood that' he right will be re eerveri to require a greater or leea ana^t tr of aa? of the aruoiwa named than tha i epc. |*d la tae above eouedule; aoc ail hi da tor reraiahiM aatd artieSea may be rejected at the opLoa of the Department ; and that none from eereone who hare failed to oomply with the re*aire*>enu of a prenoea ooutraot with the United State*. or who are not roanvfae'nrera or ^ho eeaJe dea era ia Uta required aiticlee, will be ooneiderwi; aad the bat that biddera are aaoh manofae mora or deal ere mnat be evidenced b* the oertift->ate of tbe eolleetor ol tbe port where they reside. or where it ia propoaei-! to deliver the aruolea The propoeaia mart embrace the a-ticiea, v.ih the qaaa.iuea thereof aa tbey are arranged la tap HhiJa * with lh? -1 Lara and orcU. at which t$ey art to b*7uAQ| an-i the awoaBti matt be earned oat tM rootad ? for tuh o.mi md pr.oee aod uwuti bhi be mo give*. wiUioit u; nodifteat><>a, or fWimii roodiioatoo, or vwuuoo whatever. Thoy lUu be etbnutted with the fo.inwini toeewLM: M1 (or we) bwi>? propoee tr fernnfc for Um Mr v * 06 of tho^ Septeiarir, IW. tte k> owJuf^arUefee* M & fnoea thereto il?*.(>W I ?Ht*e > ? tftSj to the c.aee or oiaee*e propoeed fur.)4fUTer*t?* r the city ?rfNew ^ ork by th?t?i cay ofApr.j saxu or at aucb U?e or time dirmtlimrueu war bo ordered by the Cowmirmr of iafliaa and, if thta proeoea! b? aa>ea>?*. laero intact Ute word*. *? whole or la part' a mor* tmm one olaee be propaeec for.) I (or we) will, wiuua twenty daye thereafter, axeeets a ooatraei aeeoNtalus: c&ftr"forma! ce of tbe iani ' . . . t icc prop' Uk. mmmt m Mtaanawl wjtt pii an toe la tba foliowinj form, to bo uqm by tw or or* r*>tuBM bio pcrnit, vkoM MUwtUT nut to bj ft I .. J tod tt?m |M|I or Mlllll ^Eraags,' awwaswai beftvmded 'o him (or UomJ oocfrtunf fc> Mb or uwr bM or propoaol ' 'ill nmu\ eoilnoltooordiucly, o?d give' .o rMunU soecrity for tbo orfbrnBtioo tkeroot, m poooribod ix tboMTor utMMut for imp<>t4ii (orltdua coo4a, dotod IM toptombor, Ifc^itad.Ui U?o voot of kia < or tkmu I tuiaro mo to do, w hereby urM to UojoarMme. C>y_>w? irai ai iu wJV- h?Rnndi will ka ? i i1 i* ifc a a# ii i ua

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