Newspaper of Evening Star, October 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 9, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. fCT Though Til Sta? U printed on tbs fastest mm pre s In an truth of Baltimore, lto edition ie so lu(? ss to require it to be pat to preee at aa early hour: Urtrttttments, therefore, should be eat la before 12 o'clock ; otherwise they may may no' appear until the next day. Yrr Anothbb Dacisios on thb Liquor Law. From the various and nryla| decisions which or maglatratee give, daily, on the liquor law paseed ny the late Congress, we are led to infer either that oar national law makers are extremely careless In their legislation, or that oar Justices? well, that they differ aa widely aa the poles In their understanding of the I?n*uasre of the act. That It may be aeen what a hard nut they have to crack, we quote the law: "B? ti *nacted, f* , That it shall not be lawful for any p?r*on in the District of Columbia to aell, *i?e or admim'stir to any soldier or volunteer in tbe service of the United States, or to any perton wearing the uniform of such so Id If* of volunteer, any spirituous liquor or intoxicating drink ; and every person offending against Ihe provisions of (his act shall be deemed gnllty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, before a magistrate or ccurt having criminal jurisdiction, shall be punished by a fine of twenty-flve dollars or Imprisonment rer thirty days " For fear such plain language might be misunderstood, an explanatory act was passed. The very last decision we have heard of is that of Justice Johnson yesterday. A man waa Been tn one of the public streets giving intoxicating drink to a number of soldiers, and acknowledged that the liquor belonged to him. He was arrested and brought before Justice Johnson, who decided that giving sway liquor In the street is not an offence againat the law If such a decision holda good we may expect to see queer sights on our thoroughfares, such as convivial parttea ranged along the cnrb, passing the bottie, patriotic bummers hobnobbing across the avenue, aoldier guests being Invited by our citlxens to come out on the sidewalk and take a amlle, Ac. Between the decisions of Judzee Merrick, Walter ard Johnson, the area for liquor drinking is widening in a manner that must be exceedingly refreshing to thirsty suckers. Lxvr Cockt.?The Levy Court mat on Monday. The Chair laid b-fore the Court a communicat on from the Treaaurer, stating that alnce the last meeting he had Issued forty six licenses to peddle in the county. A communication was received from the Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, asking that provision be made for station-houses for the police of the county, and the sum of $250 was appropriated for the rent of suitable places, and for fuel and llgbta A form of warrant to be used by magiatrates, was sdopted Licences to keep ordinaries tn the county were then granted tn Mr. Rider and Mr Arth The President was requested to notify Judges of the Circuit Court that the office of county surveyor bad become vacant, and aak that the place be Ailed. Messrs. Crawford and Loughborough were appointed a committee to prepare a bill, to be sunmi tied to Congress, to facilitate the collection of county taxes. It was ordered that a discount of ten per cent, be allowed to all tax-payers who pay the levy of 1S61 in the month of October, eight per cent, in November, and six per cent, in December, after which no abatement will be made. The president was requested to appoint a committee to ask Congress to give this court the power aad authority to tax wholesale and retail dealers in gooda, ware, and merchandize, Including intoxicating liquors, wine*, snd lager beer, ana the weighers of live stock outside the citics of Washington and Georgetown, and to declare all roads In the county public highways; and alao allow the court to apply to the use of the county the proceeds of fines and penalties. Should be Rbvobmsd ?We call the attention of the corporation officers whose duty it is to keep the streets and pavements of the city free from obstructions, to the lumbered up condition of Eighth street, between Pennsylvania avenue and the Post Office, with almost every coneeivsble kind and condition of wheel vehicle. This part of Eighth street Is rendered almost impassible to foot paasengers, and particularly to ladles and chllderen, by ths filthy and neglected condition of thecroaslug or entrance to the stables The standing, watering, currying and cleaning borssa on the pavements, and the washing of borstrs and buggies In such positions as to sprinkle the unsuspecting passer by, is a nuisance which should be abated This necessary work about a stable ought to take place back from the street, where it would neither render the pavement a terror to ladles and children, nor frighten horses aa they are driven along tne street. A visit of the corporation officers to this locality will, we have no doubt, produce a much needed reform Tm PnovosT Gvabd Hitch thsib Horses at Madams Dcpbbzs ?Madame buprn keeps a wall-known fancy bouse in Marble Alley The Provost Guard, (or some of them,} in performing their duties of keeping things straight, have the (doubtless) unpleasant task devolving upan them of spending a considerable portion of their time at this and similar bouses Onerous as the labor Is, the Provost Guardera are noticed not unfrequently to kiss their hands to the fair frail ones on leaving their premises, the gallant fellows doubtless thus taking occasion to snow that they bear no malice. On Monday night, a squad of the Provost Guard stopped at Madame's and grounded arms, and something later Sergeant Allen, of the Metropolitan Police, found the officer commanding the squad la bed within and the men cutting up high for their own amusement either at Madame'* or elsewhere about the neighborhood Officer Alien reported the party to the officer on duty at tbe station. Eiplosto*.?Ab the First Regiment of Pennsylvania Artillery, Col. Campbell, waa returning from the grand review yesterday afternoon, and bad arrived opposite the President's House, tue contents of one of ths ammunition boxes exploded with a loud report. The box was shattered, except ths lid, which waa thrown off, and the men seated on tt thrown abont ten feet into tbe air. Three of tbe men were insensible when taken up. Two of them were taken to tbe Union Hospital, Georgetown, and one was well enough to go on to Camp Those at tbe hospital are B. 8 Cowden. badly burned aboat the face and left hand, and probably Injured Internally; and D W. Taylor, burnt and bruised, but not Injured seriously. One of tbe horses had nls tall shorn of ita fair proport ons by singeing. The cause of tbe accident is not known, but supposed to be from a James' shell, which explode by concussion. Thbatul ?Miss Susan Oenin's admirers Ailed the theater last night to overflowing, and numbera very cheerfully put up with prom-nade seats. She must have netted a snug little sum by ber benefit, a fact not only complimentary to ber, but to the manuer in which she baa been suppoited bv tbe excellent company procured by Mr Bland. Mtas Den In is certainly the heroine of the day in Washington Boquetssre rained upon her, (conductor Jamleson's head Bometimss coming in Mtu:eof ths heavier ones,) susceptible military gentlemen throw their baU to ber on the stage; <tnd when she comes out to deliver her "Union addrces" (hs audience gets nigh sbout crazy with entuusiaam To-ulght sbeappeara in two or three parts, la which she will certainly 41 faxlnate" ber audience as usual Flas Rataine ?Yesterday afternoon, at four o'clock, tbe employees of the Government printing office hoisted over the establishment two fine national flags, ons ten by sixteen feet and tbe other twelve by twenty feet. These flag* had been procured at the expense of the employees, snd at the appointed hear were run up, greeted with the bea;ty cheers of tbe crowd below upon tbe sidewalk. A short snd appropriate speech was then made by Mr G H Randall, an employee of tbe office, aad after a round of' cheers tbe crowd dispersed. Taa Rivaa ?Some ten or twelve coal vessels are now at Carter's, Harvey's, aad Riley's wharves, but they sre smoagst those which arrived last week. Only s few boats, mostly with wood snd oysters, have arrived this week Tbey report all qnist down tbe river. Vessels are not molested, aad sre subjected to no snneyance except the acrutlay exercised by tbe boata of the Potomac flotilla Tbe water of the river la very muddy, showing that the late rain keep up tbe freshet. Bad for Boa a regard R A11A1LB IXSTAXCC Of 44 ABSSTICK OV Mi!<>."?Tbe Rtpubhca* of this morning ssys: 44 On Saturday, private Joba Kendall, of Company E, Nineteenth Indiana Regiment, was shot through the hand by tbe discharge of a comrade's p itol. He was brought to tbe cfiy, and while In the bo?ee of a friend yesterday morning, during a temporary absence or mind, he thrust his head through a window, cnttlng an artery in his neck. He wss placed la the E street hospital yesterdsy afternoon." Tan National Mxdical Collxos ?Tbe faculty of the National Medical College have leased the building oa E street, between Eleventh snd Twelfth streets, known as tbe "Ceastitation Office," aad are now engaged in having tt fitted up I preparatory to tbe cosnmenceanent of tbe lectaree, which will take place oa ths fllst last. A saw piosiammi this evening at Odd Pellews' Hall, crammed with comicalities of the m richest description Ne other troupe of Ethiopian delineators has ever had such a continued ran of Isueceae la Waahiagtoa aa tbs Campbella have exp^rieaced bare th:a season la fact, II taa No. 1 compaay. ElsbwhbEI will be aeen tbe notice of tbe grand colt Ilea party of tbe Ellsworth Club, to come off wit Wrdossds* night, October 16 Lookout for a good time I o a tear, the 3tew*rt Holland Club givs their kti*d Cutiltoa party at dioU a Hail. Arrangements ue perfected for a spiaaAld entertain "The Local Niwt." o? Alexandxia ?We have received the first number of a paper started In Alexandria, Va . bv H. Snowden. Jr , and NVm F. Carne,at>;ed " Tkt L*cal /V<?c?." to b? laaned a* a temporary experimental sheet, and. if snrre*eful. the publishers say, " the enterprise will be continued until the resumption of the reg. ulsr malls, free lnterrommunlratlun among lh* inhabltanta of the surrounding country and of ordinary business. when the felaue of the 4UrUndria Gazette will answer every public need." From this numbef w* clip the followlnc :? Thr Countt Court ?For iew?l naontha past the Alexandrlscount* court bts held ahortmonthly sessions. but transacted at ita terms only a small amount of business We make up the following abstract of the doings of the body at the last four terms: Jun* Term ?In the absence of the Presiding Justice, Justice Jsmes A English was chosen Presiding Justice, and Franklin Brockett appointed Deputy Clerk of the Court No business cf interest appearing, the court adjourned until court t* tomtit July Term ?Justice R G. Vlolett was chosen Presiding Justice pro ttm The subject of the county levy was adjourned over. Munday Robinson and Charles Lucss, charged with larceny wers tried, and the former found guilty, and aentenced to be whipped, and the latter found not guilty, and discharged E. Curran charted with stealing, waseiamlned by the Cou't, sitting aa an Examining Court, and no cause being found to warrant his commitment, he was discharged The Court ihen adjourned until Court in count. August Term.?Justice Wm. Price was chosen Presiding Justice pro lem The Court appointed John West Deputy Clerk, and Mr West apearlng waa duly qualified for aid office. The consideration of tns county levy was further postponed, and the Court adjourned. September Term ?Juatics R. Brockett was chosen Presiding Justice pre tem The last will and testament of the late Geo W. Maxwell was admitted to probate, and the Court adjourned. County Court To day ?The County Court held Its October term this morning Justice N\ under, of Alexandria county, was chosen Presiding Justice pro tem The Court took up the case of Ju'.la Jackson, charged with larceny, and postponed the same until the next court H. F. Lumbrum.and J. Butler, In jiil charged with larceny, were discharged upon their own recognizances in the sum of 9*200 each The resignation of Franklin Brockett, Clerk of the Court pro tem,, was presented and accepted. The Court then, Dy a unanimous vote, appointed John West clerk pro tem , and Mr. West being present was duly qualified. The case of B H. Berry, absent clerk, was continued, and after some civil business of no interest the Court adjourned until ita November term. The Washington and Alexandria Railroad. We learn that arrangements have been made fwr relaying, in a substantial manner, the track of the Washington and Alexandria Railroad, with a view to use It as a military road. cintral Gcaedhocse Cases ?Richard Drlscol, carrying weapon; fined S20 94. Robt. Tate, colored, disorderly; fa 94. Thos Hlgglns, vagrant; workhouse 60days. Thos Gorman, larceny; jail. Elgy Reeder, disorderly conduct; 15 94. The above cases were tried yesterday. In addition to the published list Tnls morning the following were disposed of:?H. Shafer, drunk and disorderly; SI 58 James Kelly, do ; 82 94. Jos Hngerty, do ; workhouse 30 days Wm. Teals, Ell Walker. Henry Davis, colored, disorderly gathering; CI. Jas Fletcher, Wm. Mlddleton, disorderly conduct; ?5 94 Wm. Dean, Josephine Gtlller, David Richardson, do ; workhouse 30 days. Pat McMann, disorderly and profane; 92 94 John Corcoran, disorderly; dis| missed. John Betzold, carrying a concealed weapon; workhouse 90 days John Kirkpatrlck, drunk, turned over to the military, lienrv Hammond, out after hours; SI .91. Fatal Accident.?Tarman Roff, a native of New Jersey, and a member of Company B. 'id Regiment of Fire Zouaves, was accidentally shot at Camp McClellan,ln Maryland, day before yesterday, and died yesterday morning. He was in his tent, and a comrade in an adjoining tent threw down a musket, which being at full cock was discharged. It was loaded with a ball and three buckshot, and one of the latter entered the right groin of Roff and ruptured the intestines, causing bis death. His body has been embalmed, and will be sent to his home In New Jersey. Thk Liqvor Law Cases Again. ? Justice Reaver, of Georgetown, has paid over to Superintendant Webb the fines he collected from violators of the liquor law. Since the decision of Judge Merrick the parties who were fined have wsrranted Justice Reaver for the amounts in whl?k tuey were mulcted. The cases will be tried before Justice White, of Georgetown, tomorrow. Died is Hospital.?Alden Porter, of company F, Tenth Massachusetts Regiment, and native of Chlcopee, Mass., and another member of the sam< regiment, died in hospital yesterday This regiment has a burial funa, and the boale* have been embalmed, and will be sent to (heir native Stale for burial. Register or Wills?Among the applicants for this position?made vacant by the death of Ed N Roach, the late incumbent?we hear mentioned the names of W . N. Roach (son of dee'd), of Captain James Magutre, R 9. Cox and W. A. Bradley, Esq 's The place pays some S3,500 per year in the way of fees. Broke Down?One of Mlddleton's wagons broke down with a load of Ice tiiis morning, in f ont of the Treasury Department, after doing good service through the bested term; thinking, no doubt (If wagons do think), that it was cool enough this morning without Ice Turned Over ?The Government, which has had the management of the NV aatilngton branch of the Baltimore and Ohio R tllroad for several months pas', returned it to the control of that company to-day. Artillery.?a large number of heavy castings are at the Railroad depot awaiting removal to the Arsenal, to be bored and finished for the service of the Army. Hall's Patent Drinkinq and filterino Tcses for '25 Cents each?Now that the fall rains are riling our rivers and streams, we would advise all our military friend* to procure one of those ingenious and practical little instruments, which no soldier should be without, as it perfectly filters the water from insects, Ac , thereby rendering It healthy. You can also purchase rubber blankets, rubber coats, rubber leggings, ponchos, capes, rubber horse covers, and cap covers, boots, shoes, Ac , Ac , at ma*s/sti?r?r'i prices, at the India Rubber Warehouse. No 308 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sts. oc tt-tf Noticr.? Beware of counterfeits and uuprinoip ?d aoil?rs end >avoring to dispose of heir own and other artio es on the reputation attained by Helmbohl't Extract positive and speoiGo remedy !<>r diseases ot the B &<!der, Kulneys, Gravel, Dopsy. io , Ao., Ao. Ask f??r Helti hold's. Take no other. See advertisement ic another ool nun. " 8" Prnnirs. Persons deemns pennies will always find them for exnhanxe at the Star Office ooiinter. tr MARRIED. On tne 8th instant, by the Kev. Mr. MoGuire. Mr JACOB DODSON. of this city, to Miss CATHARINE WASHINGTON, of Alexandria, On the 3d instant, by the Rev. Father MoGuirg, Mr. r. J. TORNfcY and Miss c. M. TALBERT. both of this oity. ( n the 3d mst. by the Rev. Dr. Samson. Mr. WILLIAM A. TALIAFERRO to Miss FAN NiE L. BOOT HE, both orthisoity. * UlKUi In this city, ob Wednesday morning, Oot. ?th, Mrs fcLE^R^iotof the lata Abra ham Hires, ia the64th year of her ace. For naarly fifty years, an l ti'l tt.e olose of her life, she was a worth? member of the M. E. Churoh. She endured her illness with great pati?noe, and died lafall hoses of a blissful lmmofta'ity. TIM funeral will take place to morrow, (Thursday.) at 1 o'olook p. m , from her late residence. No. 'S3 Tweatiath sL * On the 8th lastaat, MARGARET ANN. wife of Charles 8. Whifey .ag?Kl 44 years. Her fanera will take plaoe at 1 o'olock p. is. on Tbaraday. at the dwelling of bar tujband, No. MS Ninth etreet eaet. between L and M sts. sooth. Ta? friends ?od relativee are respectfully invited to ittsodi In Washington City, D. C.. on the?tli instant, Mrs. MARV A. REe6, reliot of Rev. G A. V. REED, in the5?th Tear of her age. Don'T FAIL TO CALL AT SMITH'S, No. 460 Sevrnth st. aud boy jour C othing, Farniahi-ig Goods. Trnnfcs. Hats and Caps, oo 1-lm Grand advance of the army; hut SMITH has not advanoed the price of tue I lathing wtnoh he has Met received and is selling off at saoh remarkable low prioee Give me a e*ll sod satisfy joarsolves of the isa are now olsred sv?ry day at oMITH'S, No 460 Seveiitli ?t. oc * l"1 I LIST RECEIVED, one of the largest stocks pf J New and Fashionable Clothing ever offered in Waah.nston, whiah mast ba sold withl* the next thirty days t" ouke loyjn for wiatar ?o<*is. Persons waating Clothing, Famishing Goods.Tranks, Ha s and (.Taps, shou.d oali s on, as aow is ths uiefor bargains, at No 460 Seventh st. opposite Koat ?i>o* ' 1 m uli pan and b^an rk*egar8 m In eor. Pa av. and < .t.. vCa'hmrtoa. fg. VPfS. KJ i amusements. H K A T K H. 1 WEDNESDAY Oft. ?* ,. M!sy s' '*A'> fKMM Will appear this ever.inr In tli* new Con o'r of hearts are prumP-*. And the Karro t?r ?r ^ w rtSBTCH?? IN INDIA. Withtfaoaaver-tihngeong of "Wha-k Row de | Dow. ' _ it* ft* TM UNiO.t N-iT DE-TitpVED.L^j ^' jfl itr. HWrtibefe of tn* U N I "VBk^- ' \ /*? QUADRILLE A^SUClAT^NtakcKiU^f | MB * reat pleasure m.-iniouncin* to thnirE=%i I fnend? and the pnb'io xeneraily Uat tbew* I First Grand Sociai WALL wilioomeoffatTHoan's Hall, 7th at, on THCRSDA Y. Oct. io. foliroeI der a oelebrated Band haa bMB engaged for the I occasion I By order of the Committee. oc 9 8t* EU?R THE UNION l?KLL' WOKTH CI UB. r The First Grand COTiLt.ON PARTY M I of the El'sworth nub will be given at M I HiLL.oor Pa av. and Wth at.. oniB WEDNBDaY EVENING, Oot 16. TheGSR I membera pledge themselves that neither pam? nor expenae mill be spared to make thia the Ball of the I season. Tiokets $1, admitting a gentleman an1 ladies L, , t'cmmitte* of Arra^ic.mmt* W.L. Philips. W., B. R. Rsed, I _ , __ ^r? Manattrf< Oo??lU3,M* Biogur. C. 8. Litohfield. T^HE BTEWART HOLLAND BOYS IN THE * . FIELD AGAIN The membera of the Stewart Holland Club take Kreat pleasure in announotnc t?> their friends (? I and the public general!* tiiat the* will give w their Filth Grand COTILLON PARTY at/A I ??T?7.T.? Hall, corner Pa. av. and 2nth ?t., cnujA WEDNESDAY EVENING, October 9. The Committee pledge thems*lvea that no pains I nor expenae will be spared to make this, in all reapect*. ?a?party of the season. TICKET* ONE DOLLaR. Committu of Arranftmtnts. Wm. Grover, F. Read, 7' S' wardi, H. C. Espey. I C. 3. Denham, oo 7 3t* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Skv?nih, Above DSt. The Cheapest ami BestPlaoeof Amusements In the City. The Orisihal CAMPBELL MINSTRKL9! 1* STAR PERFORMERS, IN A NEW PROGRAMME EVERY NlbiHT. First Week of the CIRCUS. Admission Twenty-five Cents. ?o< I>r. G. FORD. Agent. wants. I A LA?y REQUIRES IMMEDIATELY A I faithful and capable NURSE te takeoharga of I !;wCi ohildr*". Inquire at Mrs. BKYANTS, I 3??3 G st, between I3th and 14 h. oc 9 2t* A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, Boy of 5 years, in I /Xfant and nurse require BOARD in a private I family, on moderate terms Two Rooms reeded. J Address 8. A M . Star Olfioe. rp 3 2t* WANTED TO RKNT-A STORF. on or rear E? b twern '*?> and 15th sU ,(one I near WiHards' Hotel preferred,)at a low rent. Inquire of HARVEY ft CO., Ml Ninth at. I oo ?-3t? VVANTED?By a white man, a SITUATION I 1 * ,*? waiter In a boarding house or saloon; thorI oughly understands the business. Bes: of referI foe given a# to his charaoter. honesty and sobriety ???. *adres? "O O.," ?ox 4, jitar Office. I OC 9 2t* A FEW GOOD HANDS FOR DRKSSMAfif l\ ing wanrad at A. HUBNER'S Paris DrensI malrme EstAbli*hme-t,No 606 Eleventh st.. be| tween Pa. avenue and E st N. R.?None need appiy but gool hands. oo 9 3t* flftl FST.. BFTW ?TH AN" 9TH STS ? </? WASHINGTON INTELLIGENCE OF I rICE.? wanted. a first-class im*n) Cook; the I highest wattos given. Also. Female Cooks and I General Servants, Chambermaids. Nurses. 4o. I Al'O, several White and Coloreil Waiters. N- I'?Families and hotels supplied as ususl, | 1 ** C. LEONARD, Proprietor I WANTED,-A LADY having a sewing ma v onine, who with it will go out to sew, can find 1 employment on application at 384 D atre#t, near I Ninth. oc B-3t I WANTED?A COLORED MAN toworkfora I *" sutler One ?bo can do plain oooking pre| ferred. Call at 273 Pa. avenue, from 11 to 12 o elk I "i. oos-3t* WA>XE?~A V'OUNG MAN withaknowl^dge ?? of the drur and prescription trade. A GerI eierreo. Inquire at the IJiuk Store comer I ? and Pa avenue, Washington H'u*e. I Ai?o. a good Colored Boy wanted. oc b 3t* WANTED 1MMEDIATELY-A good COOK. I vv Inquire at the Avenue House. oc7-3t* WANTKD~An ao"*e COLORED BOY, ai I f T assistant waiter Apply at 'JS6 north F st., I between 12th and I3>h sts. rp 7 st* I VVANTED?A GERMAN, to take care of 5 or I vv fi horses. One who can speak good Engiieh is preferred. AppW at the Columbia Market, corI ner 13th st. and Pa av. oc 7- t* WASXSfcA. *ood COOK, WASHER s^d ? ? IRONER for a family of th-ee ; colored and I with good recommendations. Apply No 4 59 loth I ?* between E and F 00 7 2t* WANTED-A gentlnTian desires 1 m.9 Hoard in a French family, where he can have Ian opportunity of p^rfeoUtig himself in that lanI guar??. Audress Box 7 0S, City Post Office. I 00 7-.V* I VV ANTED?15 or 20 CA R T?4 for hauling in n. " . JOHN R. ELVANS, I 00 < 309 Pa avenue. I UOl'SE?Wanted to rent, a Houae of, s*y four I 1A ;rooms, in a pleasant neighborhood, oon?ecient j to the Treasury. Will pay in advance No chilI 'lrf,n- Address Ilex No 54 1. P"?t Office. oc4-lw" gGUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE^ j "PHKNS A CO.'S. 3U'i Pa avenue. so !8 WANTEI>-A WOMAN, to oook, wash and ?" iron. 'J o a satisfactory person toed wazps j wi I be paid. Apply at 420 iNew York av , betv. I ISth and 14th sts. oc 1 W ANTED-TAILOKS, TAILORS-*) Ta l .rs I j\m competent to work on military goods. Apply 1 G Wall. Stephwns i ?'o."s. se25 WA?TKl>? FOR THE CASH?A" kinds of I" SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Person, leavI ing the city or having a surplus will ao well to oall I immediately. R. BUCHI Y, I Je 3 428 Seventh, between 6 and H sU. WANTED~w" are now buying SECONDtT? HAND FURNITUH E, STtlVG^and BEDDING, for wliioh we are paying the highegt I cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or j having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their I advantage to give us a oall. BONTZ A GKIFFITH, jel3-tf No. 369 7th St., betw. I ami K sts. ~ I<OST AND FOUND] I ? OST?A BLACK BELT, with silver buokle, I A su thble reward will be paid, by leaving it at 4 87 E street oC 9 2i*_ ^JTRAYED-On th?7th ins ant.a bay HORSE, I i' marked U. S.. with saddleand ^ridle on. e\ Any information that will lead to the reoov *uTTl e-T or the same willlie thankfully leoeivid^" at 817 Pa av? opposite Wnlards' Hotel oc 8-3t* R EWA R D.?Strayed away, on Thursday, <3>?^Pept 26th, a larte sia^d rrd ard white I COW.theh>r s trowing into the lore I head, tbe end of one horn saved otTio preI vent it enteiing. faoe white. The abov* rswa-d | will be given for her return to No. S99 Fifth stre?t I west,-between F and G sts north oc 8 $: STRAYED FROM MY PREMISES, oorner I r? Eighteen'h st and New York av.. on^Frrii I Fuday, 4th instant, three buffalo COWS, Va^^ I on* spotted and two red, one witb a star on I its faoe. A suitable reward will be (iveu un re I turiiiiic them to me, or giving me information I whe'el oac find them. oc8 3t WILLIAM LOONEY. I ft'-L IK WARD?Lostor stolen, on the 7th inst., I a medium sized dark bay MARE.rv I with one white hind foot, long tail, and two jJ-35* I small scars on the neck; bad on an old<r"^^:*I bnckskin saddle, and light oolored tcured booking I a black ou-b bridle ana a twine curb. Deliver at SHRE VE'S Stable,7th ?t., between H *pd 1. op g a* I | O^T ?On Saturday morning,by the sabaoriber, I Li at his stall un9th street. Cent-r Market, a I heavv GOLD RING, with a large set It is supI posed that it may have been slipped accidentally I in the basket of some oustomer. The find"r wii] be suiUbly rewarded in leaving it at.Narten's EatI ing House, Center Market. 00 7-8t? JOHN SCOTT. I np/fKEN UP.?Found trespassing on my proper,* ty. on the Piney tirancti koad.4 I from Washington, on the Id instant. twoSu^ COWS, one a small red horned cow. thedL I other a red and white spotted buffalo. 1he owner I or owners are requested to oone foiward. prove I property, pay ohai gee, and take them away. 007 ?'* W. BI.aDEN. ]\TOTlCK ?Was stolen from the corner of SeviN euth and K sta., one CARRYALL; right shaft I new, and lett one tipped witn brass: on tbe end of I hind wheel a piece of hoop iron on the felloe; o?n I ter of body, lower in the middle; step o each side. I and two steps on the shalts, I will pay Sin for the I deliver? of it to me. THOS: CONNER,

I oc 7-3t* oor. 7th and K sts.. W a* hington. I 'I'AKKN UP?Ob Saturday, the 5th instant, on I Water st .Georgetown.a large errrsl ev HOUSE, and a WAGON with whtUTjTn I ouver. The owner is requested to I forward, prove proper r, ear ehargte. and Uke them away. JOHN T. BROWN, W ashington St., 5 door* south of Uridte st. I ??7 3t* Georgetown. i (ft ~ RE WARD.?Strayed er stolen, on Saturday I evening, the 5t? instant, ftva th-gy Northern Liberties Market a large bayT3R HORSE and a Wagon with a whitecovei.^-C2jL. The fader will receive the above reward on returning the same WILLIAM SIMAKER, oorner 'I I weiltaaad 1 eta., near the Bladensburr Tdltata. oc 7 >t* #C REWARD.?Was sto en from th< re?idt?ue I 01 the eubeortber, oa Ue Heights of?v___^> Oeorceto wo. wa Sunday, Ue ad ol Sep ,T^rf I I terub -y, a white an! liver oolored pomtei 1 |>. f xtx ui 9 inj th old as'ly ?|ia;inrai aei bv I tl.e f..iiiun?ut duub e > w 1 ia?rs h '1 1 n>' f ?f I 1 noalK.vrt reward wt I t>e pa <i ioi h?i isisis to Dr. II John tiiegqon's Livery Stable, oa D street, near 1114U>, or at ay reeidenoe, near Georgetown, on the 1 KoofcTiil* road, (o# > 0, QA^hN, FOR SALE AN P RENT. I TO LET?Two pleasant ROOM?*, furnnhed, with board, suitable for Chamber# or Pylor ? 'd Chamber?; toated In a deslr\ble 1-caMy, I Mftbe avennr;in a priva'.e familjr who e there | a r b? r>*ti-r boarders. Km'W sufp i?d with water I ideas Good rtfereueeB n V'r*a? iEq^i-" at t el Star Offic*. QC 8-31* FTHNISHEP HOUSE TO RK' T-Tho residence No. 360 Ma*sachu*ett? a*., between 11th and lith sts .containing H rooiu. larca and small, with niwMIMw lti? o'-mfortabW and 6ttit?? ??9!y furnished and wili be let to a re p>n- I ?:ble t-nar.t, but not for boarding bouse purposes. I Apply ?n th* pirmisM. . oat g I L'OH RENT?HOUSE 408 Pennsylvania I r over the bookstore of Franok Taylor?a place I for a professional man. ? I UANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.11 Four handsomely Fnm;shed K :r.?. suppjed I with ran and wafer, and convenient to the PiWnt 1 and Post Office Departments. for rent. Apply at I 490* Massachusetts avenne, north aide, Ixxween I ?th and 5th sts. m?a BOARDING. BOARD-Familtes and ptafto gentlemen oan I obtain rery pleasant FttTBieheu Room?, ^lth I Board, On recxWat? terms, at 391 and 393 C# I between 3d and 44 ?tre*t?. Transient and Table Boarders accommodated. oo 9 2w* GEORGETOWN ADVERTAITS (Yl^MASONIC.-A special meeting of Potomao UJ5 Royal Arch Chapter. No. S,J5?*>rgetown. I D.Will he held at their Hail, on THURSDAY I I EVENING, Oct. inth at 6H o'clock. By order o? the M. E. H. P. I oo 'J-2t F. t) HARTLEY. Seo. I GEORGETOWN.?The PIC NIC, for the bene- I i* fit of TRINITY SCHOOL, whloh tai g% I postponed on account of tre weather, will JH fake p.aoe on TO-MORROW, (THUKS i? | DAY,) October lotb, at Gnxxn Srxixo Pi-Wl I Vinoit. ? I rrf^NOTlCE LICENSFS.?All persons whose I \j-_y lioenses from the Corporation of George- I I town expire on the 3"th in*t., are hereby notified I I promptly to renew the same, otherwise taey sub- I I jeci themse ves to a fine,and the iaw is oovpu'aory I I on th* proper offioers to enforce aaid fine against I I al' delinquents. WM. 1.AIRD, Clerk I September 21.1*61. se 33 3tawt"Ct 1" I -Y-g="NOTICE-ljOGLICENSES.-Th8ownera I of dogs in Georgetown are ha eby notified I I that all dog lioenses expire on the 30th icsl., if pay- I I ment is de aved beyono the 10;h of Oct -ber next, I I the lioense by iaw ia made 36 cents higher, and if I I not then paicf, when demanded by the proper offioer, I I >he owner ia aubject to a fine, and the ffficsr ia di- I I rioted to kill the dog. WM.LAIRD, Clerk. September 21,1861. aa 23 Stawtoot 10 I ytCKSK.N to We call the attention ofSutlers, R?gimenta! Of- I I ficers.and othera wishing to purchase Buckakin I I Gloves. Gauntleta, Mittina, Purses, Tol>aooo Pou- I I obes, Portmonnaiee, Legging, to., at wholesa e, to I I our extensive utook?all of our own mauutaoture? I I at our store, 105 High street, Georgetown. I Our Glovea Gauntleta aud Mittens are of the I I best quality, of real Buckskin. I I Military Buff and White Gauntlets, Boxing- I I G ovea, Buckakin Shirts and Drawers, made to I I order. KAMSBURG A EBKRT. I 105 High street, Geoigetown, D. L. N. B.?A large quantity of sorapa of Buokskin I I and Chamois for polishing guna, aoooutremei.u, I I Ao., on hand. ae 2*-lm I MASSEY. W.N^ca;? ^Hr Expeoted this day, per steamer J. Jerome? 5oo barrel! XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XX XX do. do. too hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale. Terms rash I I on delivery. ARNY it 8H1NN, m 7 . Union Depot. Georgetown. I RUST RECEIVED? I J 10 hhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS ltn bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, M0 bbla. HERRING and ALEWIVF8, in bbla. Crushed and Refined SUGARS* 0 bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.(low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOBUE. eeM rpO MILITARY OBFICERS AND OTHERS. I I BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Beat in the World, I The Only Reliable and Harmless Hair Dye Known, i I Sold by all DruggiaU; also, at Bbiketon's Patent I I Medioine Store, tr. Patent Office, cor. F A 7th, j and at I Gibus's Kair Store, 24a Penn'a avenue, where I Ladiea can have it applied, if deaired. I Faotory?SI Barclay at. date 2SJ Broadway) N. Y. I j oo 3-iy I I WATCH REPAIRING, I W ENGRAVING.4f?Watches, Chronometers, Jewelry, Ac., carcfully I I repaired. ! Also, Engraving in all its branches promptly ex- I I ecutcd. M. W.GAI.T A bRo., Jewelers, 3<S4 Pa. avenue, I i Four doors wort of Brown's Hotel. ! oc 2 6t (Republican ) I I QUO JOHNSON A NAGLE, OuQ I No Pbknstlvania avbntjb, AiO*7 | Betwocn Ninth and Tenth sta.. south aida, 1 I IMPORTERS OF IYlNES, i 1VUORS, SE- I I OAKS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, S' RDINES, FINK GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' ST'iR E? IN O ENERAL. 'Just arrived the following branda <-f CHAMPAGNIS: G H. Mumm, Piper Heidsick. I Moet A Chandon, Cartier ft Co , Barat A Fagot, I 'I'ourette. Koja! Grape. I Whioh we offer at New Vork Prices-freight I added. JOHN.*??N A NAGLE, I 3*59 Peuna avenne. I Abm. M. Bintnger A Co.'s (19 ^ro^d street. New I I YorkJ^orld renowned BOTTLED WINES and I I LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinai, and Family ute, I I constantly on hand a<id sold at Now V'ork Prices I I by the Case. At JOHNSiiN A NAGLE'S, a?9 Penna. avenue. PICKLES, Pepper and other SAUCES. TO- I I MATO CATSUP, by the barrel, gallon, or dozen, I I from the ce rbrated manufactory of l-ohmbarh A | I Co , New York, at aatoniihinely low pricea. I At JOHNSON A NAliLE'S, Sole Acenta. Also, PICKLEDTPIG FEET, LAMB AN f> | BEEF TONGUES, TRIPE, eto., by the barrel | j or fialf-t>arrel. se IQ I M. 1. FRANKLIN, B0IKNTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, I 444 Penn'a av.t ( Bide,) bet. 12th and 13th Bta. I Improved SPECTACLES, with genuine Pebble I I or Perisoopio Glasses, suited oorracUy for every I | eye-?ght. I FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES. I Mior scopes, Coinpasada, and Mathemat<cal In- I struinents, at the lowest Eastern prioes. ae 27 tr I S~\ SOMETHING NEW! /^N f^SaXATBST PlSCOVBRT f#J At 981 C street, opposite the Theater. OYSTERS STEAMED 1 In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior I to a roa*t) in treo minutes, the fastest time on neord. (Tall and see. I The undersigned reip.-otfuily informs his friends I I in the i/isirict, and visitors to the city, that he ha* I I refitted his old and will inowx I I in a most thorough manner, and ha* mad* com- I I plete arrangen>euts to furnish OYSTER^ in at.y I I sty'e and in any quantity 400 to SO' ta Ions shucked I I per day. 2 dto to 3 00ii cans of Spiced and I >ei,h I I put up daily?cans herm*tio*l y a< aled. Furnished I I in the shalfby the kushe or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regn- I I larly through the winter, at Baltimore prices, I I wii fiout fear of failure, rhoald o&ll and make ar- I I rang?ments at onse Freight, time, and money 1 I saved by purohasing of me, as I furnish an article I equal to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, I at prioes just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canntd Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clams. I Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F??t, Tripe, Ac , J Ac., Ao. Also, Piokles, Catsup, Sajoes. Brandy] Peaches, Ao. Also, Gameand Fresh Fish. Tur-I tlrs. Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod. Halibut. Ao. I In fact, every thing for sale in the Noith* rn mar- I kets always on hai.d, at reasonable prioes Hotels and families supplied with Oyste-s, de- I livered without onarge Be any pari of the Distriot, I in season, if the money is sent with the ordsr. My establishment is open from 5 a m. to 13 at j nisht. every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 oiose at I "oy .. T. M. HAHYKV. ffy TO OFFICERS. 1 HE CAMPAIGN -A Campaigning Wagon on the Prussian principle, arranged for sleep- UV..? ingortoaot as an Am*>u ance in oase orTU^w sickness or wounds, with ample room for*^^ ? stores aud provisions; light, water-proof, and p?rfeotly new, having been juft ' uilt to order by one of the first makers in New York, is offered for sale a^ cost price. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for raddle or harness. Both may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's *table?, Coreoran'a Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H atreets. s?20 SEALED PROPOSALS, will be reeeived until the 10th ins*ant, fat the immediate delivery, at thie offioe, of twelve thousand pounds of Red Ash Coal.and one oordof ak Wood. Proaosals ahon'd headdress d to the subscriber and radoraed " ?PiraiWl?LKS. IT1I P ,t o,ub? ?, ?i. oo 1 ?t 1) A V MASTERS' 1 GASH BOXES, l-avor's Patent Camp Cots. Camp Stools from 3ft cnts to >2 fio each, ?e27 2w Tu>rmar linth st and Pa av. AT MOORE'S WEST END DRUG ?TORE, 111 Pa av. oan be nr.d; Osgood's India Caol,...g r ; Ayey s Afue Cure; Reaver's Paedeia: M A?s*t;sisa?l Anndou.; sha lenburger b 1 puts; aad a I4rce supply of the most popular Mod, ioiues Also, Toutt Artic.os, Im Cifirs, 4e, hH I* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS| THE WAR IJI MISSOURI Jefferson Cm, Oct 6 ?It rem* to be tbf belief Id mlllUrv circle* here, that Gen Price will svoid ? battle with Fremont if possible; but others entertain the opinion that be Intends asurKlse upon some point the lea?t protected, and at we shall hare a l?aht In 3 few days Gen Fremont inter ds to follow the rebel army Into Arkansas, and f irce them to fight wherever he can encounter them The paymasters, who brought 91.*0,000 lo pay cIT the troops to the 31st of Aucust, have discharged their duty, and returned to St. Louis Clslb Jackson Is reported to be on the way to Teias. The farmer* of Pettli county recently offered to furnish Gen. Fremont, gratis, with 9250 000 worth of grain fos hi" army. Capt Champion, the rebel who was here last werk. has been arrested as a spy at Georgetown, and is now a prisoner. St Lovii, Oct 7?Gen. Hsrney and two or three distinguished military officers left this evening. at 7 o'clock, on a special train on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. Their destination Is unknown. Jtrrsasos CiTy, Oct 8 ?Gen. Fremont and Gen McKlnstry left for the Went yesterday Gen Fremont lntenda to follow Gsn. Price by rapid marching After leaving Sedalla, If neceraary, be will enter Arkansaa It la reported that McCullough a forces are on the south bank of the Osage, designing to cat off the communication of Gen Fremont with St Louis, then marching against that city. Scouting parties are oot to prevent the movement It la also reported that Mlskle Johnston, with 1 two thousand rebels, Is marching towards Gasconade river, Intending to burn the bridge. Southern News via Leuievllle Louisville, Oct. 7 ?A Are took place nt Memphis, Tenn , on the 29th ult , destroying 930.000 worth of property situated at the corner of Washington street and Centre alley. The fire extended to the front row of buildings The Memphis Avalanche has absorbed the Bulletin (newspaper) of that city. A Memphla paper of the 30th say* Thirty cases of Enfield muskets, being a part of the thirty thousand which came Into a Southern port some time since, have arrived at Memphis, and are on their way to Columbua, Ky. The city of Memphis was literally alive with soldiers on the 49th ult. The Southern Commercial Convention will assemble at Macon, G? , on the 14th of October. The University of Mississippi Is about to be clos-d for want of patronage Jacob Thompson bas been nominated for Governor of Mississippi The Pocahontas (Ark ) Advertiser says : P C Hlndman (formerly a member of the Federal Congress) has obtained 3,000 more men from the State of Arkansas for Gen. Hardee's command. It is estimated that the "Yankee property" In the State of Virginia, which has been placed under the ban of the sequestration act, amounts to 130,000,000 The Mobile papers say the defenses south of that city are vigorously going on The municipal authorities of Mobile are Issuing shlnplasters In small amounts A veasel with a cargo of 1 000 bushels salt from Laguayra, had its cargo taken from the Braios river to Richmond A prize schooner was captured near Galveston, Texas, recently, with two hundred sacks of coffee and one hundred and fifty thousand cigars The Nashville papers of the 'Jd instant, say the heavy rains have carried away the bridges on the East Tennessee Railroad, anddelayed trains from Richmond for three day* Isaac Davenport, of Richmond, and a member of the firm of I 4 G B. Davenport, gave a check for 910,000, being the amount due their Northern creditor*, to the commissioner for the reception of such sources of revenue The Northern Bank of Alabama has suspended specie payment at the Instance of Gov. Moore The merchants of Nashville have agreed to receive Confederate Treasury notes at par for debts and goods. Gen Hardee's command has fallen back to Pitman's Ferry, on the Arkansas line. j |l B Jones, formerly editor of a Philadelphia paper, Is secretary in the War Department at Richmond Governor Moore has ordered tie State authorities to secure all the pork now In the hands of the New Oleans speculators, who had advanced the price to fifty dollars per barrel. The Confed* rite government has authorized Gen. V\ inder to arrest all Yankees who may venture there in concern for their former rights of property In the South. The Bowling Green (Ky ) correspondent of the Nashville Union and American says: "General Buckner Is advancing towards the Ohio river, driving the Home Guards before him " M i Wick*, chairman of the military committee of Memphis, says It is desirable that no more cotton or tobacco be shipped there until further orders, and if planters don't stopshipptng the military authorities will send the c otton back into the country at the owners' expense. The Fort Smith (Ark ) Herald s.iys the Cherokee Indians will furnish three regiments, the Creeks two regiments, and the Seinlnoles a battalion The PtuniylvastsMate Election Philadelphia., Oct. 8 ?The State election today has been quietly conducted, only personsl influences attaching any Interest. All the candidates were Union men. and in many districts but one ticket was nominated In this city mo?t of all the old judges are probably re-elected The principal contest it for sheriff, which may possibly rest for a decision on the votes of the Stste tro >ps. Yobk, Pa . Oct. 6 ?The straight d-mocratic ticket Kalns largely in every district. The majority In the county is at least 1 6 <0 Fisher is elected Judge in York and Adams counties by a large majority. York borough is democratic by from fifty to one hundred and forty CsncMt'Stin ?f Rebel Trceps in Kentucky Cairo, Oct 8 ?A deserter from Gcu Pillow's rebel anny has arrived here aud reports ibat tien A. S. Johuson Is in command at Columbus. Ky ., expectlug an attack from the Federals. Geus Cbeataln, Pillow, Polk and Johnson are all at Columbus, and the rebel army at that point Is well armed snd equipped. They have lsr^e bodies of cavalry. On the 29*h ult Jeff Thompson had 4 000 men ne?r Bellmont, but his army was being fast decimated by deaertlons The gunboat New Era has arrived from St Louis. Another Ganboat Engagement on the M.ssissippi. Cai&o, Oct. 7 ?The guiiboata Tyler and Lexington proceeded down the river to-day. and fell in with the rebel boat Jeff Davis. They chased her to within two miles of Columbus, when the batteriea on the Kentucky shore opened on them The rebels bad some twenty guns, including severat rifled cannon The engagement lasted an hour. No damage was doue to our boats. The loas sustained by the rebels has not been ascertained. Tha Frigate Wabash. Niw Yobk, Oct 8 ?The United States frigate Wnbaib had arrived from Charleston bar on the evening of the 3d She received several shots below the water line duriug the action at Hatteras Inlet, and comes for repairs to her hull and machinery She sails again in ten dsya The Roanoke, Vandalia aud Flag are off Charleston. Gen. Ande sen Superceded by Gen Sherman Loos VILLI, Oct 7.?The Journal of to-morrow will announce that Gen W F. Sherman has superseded Gen Anderson ss the head of the department of Cumberland, the hero of Sumter retiring on account of 111 health, which render* him unable to attend to the laborious duties. Yialntisn af Neutrality. Detroit, Oct. 7 ?A dispatch from Toronto, Canada, says that Rankin, member of the Provincial Psrliament, lately authorised to raise a regiment of lancers for the United States army, was arrested yeaterdsy for violation of the neutrality law. Railroad Accident. Ciwcihhati, Oct 7 ?An engine and three cars of a freight train on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, broke through a trestle-work near Ooclran Station, on Sunday morning. The engineer and firemen were killed. firs nt Cincinnati Cimciehati, Oct. 7 ?The white lead fretory of Harrison, Hall k. Co , was entirely destroyed by fire on Saturdsy nii?bt. The Ions amauntedto 925,000, on which there is an Insurance of 920,000. DH "c&ROPOnisT FKOM PARIS. And lrom 409 Broadway, New York. Branch ofice?U4b Pennsylvania avenae.between 12th and ISth sta., W ashicfton, V, C. Corns. Bunions, S-ft Corns, Calioaitiss, Clnb Nails, and Nails pcuetry in* Ae ;o*rsd without oaasiog pain er meonvemenoe to toe '*r'he Boot or Shoo oan be worn tamed lately after the op?mnon. His treatment is fouadsd oa the strtolly rale of soienoe, ssoh aa all Barf eons will **fiuTjharces are euite moderate, tnfiiy *nd*fd. oom pared with the relief and satisfaction be affords t^Reft?s*to the Physicians and Surgeons of tkia C1 pei sous attended at their rooms or rssidsnnss w.'hoat extra aharia. j>y leaving orders at 94# l-a. ave,. h?t Itth andItth sta. o* 11^ yy ASM1N6T0N AR9KHAU ^ rbalrb PacmaALs, to be aaaorsed "ProfoaaU -r.' rjjE loth >4 October forTSnushiag tons o Cu?i?filaaJ Coal.-kestona-itir Ksa oftbesuae, Mitaui. tor M.ossiaithi ana SfelSSSS BI'S !^'?W?SSS53: % SECOND EDITION. THRKK f * a Slew of TBI ti?as.?Tbe re-eleeU* of Gov. Brown. of Georgia, Is Blga'A'*"' ^ fact that tbe majority of i be p**f>* ot ** * ** ** continue Is opposition le tbr Jeff Devts "* ptrthy now rallit| tbe South with deepotic way Brown l* lb* i?owfd ?*wi fo? of tb? centralized oligarchy?Ita bitterest eataay, 'fc1" drdly, imoig all existing public ?re*v. South He waa rrpadlatrd by !? who nominated another In Ma h(u- ft* be la triumphantly re-elected a food eoand dfabblrg near Savannah or Angnata would nothing of the oligarchy's power la Oiajh A New Inntaa Rbsbbvatiob ?The Presldeet, by hla order, dated Oct 3, 18*1, heving dlieuasd an Indian Reservatloe to be medeta U*h Valley, Instructions Lave been this da? Iseoed by tbe Commissioner of the Genr-al Lead OMeetetba Surveyor General of Utah Territory, to lav upon the map of Utah the aald rettmBea, and to reapect the landa la hla future aurve>s The Mletab Rleer Valley la eltaated about slBty ml lea due aouth of Fort Bridget The river a one of the tributary atreama emptylag l*1* rleer or Colorado rleer, and la aald to be the neat fertile valley in Utah Territory. ArroinTBD.?The Prealdeet baa appointed Job* de la Montsgnle, of New Vork, U. ?. Ceoaol at .Nan tee, in Fnnce. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. AM lMMITiST ACBBVBMB5T The telegram from New Orlesuiaof tbe 4th Inet , (to tbe Richmond to be found eleewbere In to-day'a S<?r, tella of one of tbe mo* Important ncblevements of tbe war, ao far. Ttaue It embraces information tbattLaJ LT S blockading squadron have dug a passage through tbe mud off one of the flee moutha of tbe Mfeaiaalppl to the Sand Spit, which commanda tbe whole flee ef them, and now have the Vlncennea, W ater Itch, and two other vessels of the squsdron to protect tbe prompt erection of works, which In lees then a week will command all flee of the mouths, [in?re or entrances to and from the Mississippi river. . Once properly built, this work nloae wlU sbeolutely control the communication of New <>r lease with the s?-s, aa completely aa a blockading rq.iadron of twenty ahlpa of war oonld acceaBpllah that object. i??? ? LATE LOCAL NEWS. Impobtaht Dbcisioh ?Judge Merrick hevlng ruled that Brig. Gen Graham ahoald appear before him to show canse why attachment for cob tempt of court ahould not Issue, aald contempt constating of his detaining aa a member of tbe 231 Pennsylvania regiment Jeremiah lroa^ a a minor, whoee discharge waa ordered oy tae Court after a bearing on a writ of ha baa a oorpua; Gen Graham appeared In court *hls inoenlng. He waa defended by District Attorney Cairlagtoe and Lieut Col. Cross, of the First (Lang Island) Regiment The declalon of tbe Conrt was, that unless Jeremlah Lyon waa produced In Court to-morrow, at noon, attachment for contempt of court should be issued sgslnst Gen. Graham. Tvi Monit Paid ?To-day awne of oer magistrates who were ao unfortunate as to flne parties for selling liquor to soldiers have been besieged bv sppllcants for tbe money psld In floss Some of them baae their demand upon tbe late deelale* uf Judge Merrick la the habeas corpus case, that the magistrate has no right to flne tbe parties ut other* upon the declalon of Justice Walter that later beer does not Intoxicate, and aa they sold that liquor, the flne was llleasl. I a every Instance they were given to understand that the money will not be refunded till It Is so ordered by the f lrenlt court The difficulty Is to mske the appllcanta understand that Judge Merrlck'i dacliloo le net the order of the conrt. Pabadbs ? Tbe flat Pennsylvania regime*! (infantry) this morning marched down tbe ava| nue without srms Their neet dark blue nnlforms, and the stalwart proportions of tbe wear era, attracted attention Tbe First Michigan Cavalry also marched down the avenue, and conalderlng that pedeetrian 1am la not In tbelr line of bualneaa, did the marching extremely well. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. lat1r from fortr1lm monroeBaltimobb, Oct 9 ?Tte Old Point Boat arrived here this morning, bringing tbe following very interesting news: Fort area Mohbob, Oct. 8.?The fUgn'e saaquebmnah has arrived from Hattems Inlet and brings the most Interesting Intelligence. The day after the capture of tbe Fanny, the Ceres and Putnam having one of tbe launches of the So a. qnefcannah In tow went up to Cblcomacemlco and landed seven daya provlaiona and returning the lame evening without having seen anything of the Confederates. _ On Friday, however, word reached Hattaras Inlet by tbe S'nra and Stripes thst *.5u? Confederates, consisting of a Georgia, South Carolina, and a VI:ginln regiment, had creaaei over fron *he main land In six small ateamera and a schooaer and with flat boata, and attacked the Indlaaa regiment, who were obliged to retreat. Tbe Suaquehnnua and Mootlcello a teamed sp outalde, while Col. Hawklna marched up with alx companies and reached H-ii-eras Light by nightfall, a distance of 13 miles During tbe night Col Hswblns was joined by tbe Twentieth Indiana Regiment, who hsd passed In the darkut ss a large body of the Confederates who had lan- td for tbe purpoee of cotttae tteai off Col Brow u reported n loea of flfty men si prisoners, comprising bis sick, mounded, a..d twenty plckeu, who could not be called la. Be succeeded In saving bis teats, provlaiona, ate On Saturday morning tbe Montlce:lo steamed sround tbe cape, and a few ml lea up the eoast met tbe Confederates marching down the narrow neck of land to attack our troops. The rebel rtaamers were alao landing snea to co-operate with tbem. Tbey were in easy range, and tbe Monti cello opened upon them with abe'.ls of flve seconds fears, 2lf of which were flred from three guas la three hours snd thirty minutes, doing great execution. The Confederates tried at first to shelter tbem selves behind s ssnd hill, and then In s narrow copse, but soon broke la every directum, and m .t*.?? through tbe wheel-bouse of tbe Fanny, which was already employed age i st on. lt*ls supposed that tbelr loaa must have reached between 400 and 300 killed and w?mA*. During the eaga^emeat a member of the ladlsna regiment, who bad been taken aged to break the rope with which be weetied and escaped He took to thesorf aod was picked up by s boat from the Moeticelle. ht raperta that the ftrit shell fro? ber killed Cfl. the Georgia reglmeat, and that the haves frightful. He also reports that whs* he mcapca he k lied a Coe federate Captela with hla sevelver. Upon tbe withdrawal ef tbe CeeWsratea, the Monti cello, Suaquehanaa, aad lead fata* ?eturned to Mattoras Inlet- - Lleot. Burkbead, of the ?usquebsnna, fteas whom 1 have obtalaed theafc^aoeo^lhlehB out the support ef a fleet ef Ught-draught wit t aad that our foroe at the lalst should be speaauy The s. r Speuldlng had arrived ea tbe 7th, with General Maaefleld, aad leaded her mm stores . t^?t Too much prelse caaaot be accerase m uj" Bralne, of tbe MeatloeUe. fs? thU very ******* a< hleveaaeat, which has caee^ great exultattaa at Old Pelat. cri Browa aarfaarly secapsdarlth tt<* Indiana regiment Me was shelled u'amau leaa" tbs* partlcalaia s* his masierty movement have net yet arrived tbi pensbtlvan1a blktiofl. pbiumln' a, Oet -The res.,alt of tbe rett ag In tbe Peansylvaala camps la Maaaly aaraltsd here by pelltlcleaa. The Democratic oandl^^ j?r CltyTW*^1 Coarunimieoer, aad ^,-trtrt of ; majo uy of votes b?? the tbe luumm ' yusrrr may averse ?ae ?e*i^ 'I *\^>s L nlo. re*>diaei?- * a M*-' I ^ o

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