Newspaper of Evening Star, October 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 9, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAB. SkUl>( Utrt?ChMt it TreM fr*m the liu. (From the Gorman town Telegraph ] otne yean ago, after trying with little luemm to raise DaatnrtioDB from tbe feed, an old irar.i>nar rwpmmfnilfJ to tin a nnantitv nf thn N?d la a bag, bury them an inch or two under ground. examine them every few days, and plant oat thoee that had sprouted By following this plan I had no farther trouble in raising BM tortious. After some unsucce iful attempts to raise hone chestnut tree* from the nuts, I concluded to try the fame principle. In the fall a bole was dug as big as s quarter of half peek, filled within two or three inches of the top with horse chestnuts. which were covered two or four inches of dirt. In the first spring mouths the cache was examined every few days, and those nuts that had sprou'ed were planted out?no rag or other coveting being used Bj this plan I got more hor?e chestnuts than T wr> Hnn tves ? r? nire - felly planting the not with th? root stickiag out of the ground, the root being the first part to show itself oat of the oat. The other accideat vu considerable rotting of the nuta one year. The cache had been made on the north aide of garden fence where there waa but. little of tan and air. and the ground was too damp. The oache should be made where it is well rucned and aired and drained. The toil of my experiments ii light and well drained?a olayey, wet soil might not suit. Another gardener told me it was desirable or neoessary to plant the horse chestnuts within two weeka of their fall from the tree; if kept too lone out of the ground they become partially driod and their vitalitv imnairaH \fv W ? ? ?r 1 / practice *u to gather and cache them within two ar threa days of their fall. Cboccs. Remarks.?We thank our correspondent for hi* hint*. We hare met with good (access in planting the nats as soon as they fail from the tree, abo at two inches deep, in good garden oil. If the nats be earefully selected, we have seldom failed The present is the season to plant. We shall hare a few nuts to spare, and will gladly distribute them to those who may desire to cultivate the tree?Ed. Salt For Swine. While all other domestic animals are regularly supplied with salt, the hog is generally neglected. He requires, however, to be as constantly supplied as the oz, the hone or the uwp, ?ou oiucrs ? maoairuiii iuj pnvanon hs ith?r of the above mentioned animals do. His food is almoet invariably fed to bim in a fresh and unseasoned state, and to this fart we may doubtless attribute many of the violent and fatal diseases to whioh be is subject, and which stagger all remedies however promptly or skillfully administered. If the food be not regularly seasoned, there should be a trough or box in every sty, in which salt may be deposited regularly for the use of the animals Seasoning the food judiciously, however, would be much the best way. On slaughtering swine in the fall many persons oomplain that they find worms in the kidBeys and some other parts of the animal. Mny this not be occasioned by a want of salt??A. b. Farmer. It rA resent visitor at Fort Lafayette was invited to see the legislature of Maryland at dinner. They were seated In an apartment at a plain ptao table. The food was bread without buster, aad coffee without milk Each man bad a tin tip, but no other table service The lack of these tenancies greatly annoys the gentlemen at the Fort. it r The owner of the ticket which has won the prise of 100 OOOf at the Amies lottery In Frsnre Is a resident at Havre; but, though be took the precaution to write down the number, be baa mUlaid the ticket, without the production of wb'ob be cannot, of course. receive the prize. fl-y African slaver* have discovered a new way f reaching Cuba with tbeir cargoes. A few s?r?k* ainee six hundred negroes were landed on nguila !*land, one of the Bahamas, the slave sh'p bnrned to e?*ape detection, and the cargo forwt d<-d to Cuba, io two trips, by a schooner. |f r The youag girls cf Northampton, Mass . kava orgat ited a Zouave military company, and will plve an exhibition drill at the Agricultural 8*11 oo lbs flrst day of the cattle show in that tows. 1 be government has contracted with an iibllshujent in Trenton, N. J., for themanufac tar* of aeventy tbeuaand musket barrel*. ITT* Tbe New York Commercial *tafea that tbe Income of tbe Sheriff of that city will be 9'j00,000 per year fr>r aon-e time to come. tE7*A rreo otloa baa been paas<*d by the City Ooanr'l of C'nctnnatl, requesting tbeGovernor to 4 eft M 000 men for the protection of the city. rrr !*nt w to the depth of three incbea cover* th-s Iron Mountaiaa, which are la the Interior, ?iek of Marquette, Lake Superior jrr It appear* from tbe return* made by the oflfi^r* appo'nted to take the late cenau*. tbat the population of Pari* atrouuta to 1,7U0 000 aoul* There are thirteen regiment* of Infantry and thr e of cavalry now raiaing iu Kentucky for tbe Uoioa c*u*e \T7~ A mu'ket can,*by taming acrew* and loot.ljg aprlnga, be aeparated into forty-aeven part* irr A man occnple* In tbe ranka a front of 20 lA^bea; a runtlnuoua line of 30,100 men therefore la nearly ?ixteen rollta long. 07" The Texaa Ranker record* s/rmal havoc hw the boll worm oa the cotton orop,la the vicinity of Brrnflan. CT Eighteen cents on a dollar la the rut? of aaaeasinent la thecltyof London for the rent y?r. pTTht grain receipts of Bnffalo, on the 19th alt., equaled l,UlO,OUO bushels OCBAN3TBAMBR&' SAILING DA ?8 f%ou m Uarr*? 8tatm. 5 iiMuri. Ltamt. F*r. Aim. Niacartw. Boetoa. ..... Liverpool ('c( 16 Asia .New York _ LiTerpooi-. Oct a BremeB. .New York Bremen .... Oot X Ftoa Bcaop* N" York ..Sept SB Bremen. South'pton.. New York.._Oo: 2 be California mail steamers leave New York oa the let. I Ah. end Slst of every month. nnHB PBOPLRU CLOTHING STORE?No. _A 460 eleventh aU, oppoeit* rost Oflee. oel-lm 3^HE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING bTORh, No. 4?0 Sevecth st, la the piaae to bay vour jthina, Trnnks, Hats and Cape. oo 1 lm Ll HIATIfu ETYL19H Autame and Winter Wrappings for 1M, rf quai:u?e better than usually f >and la ?h;a market,! n Woolens and Milka Many novelt'es 111 I mn* i. With all ktcdi of i>ry Goods for tn- *eneral aad special waau of familiae and houaekeep-t*. erioe only, the aotna' oath standard r&luo, I B?kMio>laiB figures. Onr Northern and Eastern correspondents send e aew aappliea daily. Carpets, Ca/taios, Oilcloths, Rags, Ac., upper flowi A&<n*peet:oc of stook implies bo obligation to parehata PERKY A BKO., oo >-H Pa avenue and Nintn at. CLOB,Na ?%2o?ms opTi Haruy ooaeladed to eloee out bit entire atook of FAN0 V_ GOODS, 1 have removed the aame to Mo. #0 Peaoeylraua avenue, betwaer S'h aud 9th ?im, vhere I wS. off?T the entire atook at anch rr,ee as will eo&&4e ai former oastome.-s, and the frabHe ja^s rally. to bar the ftrst o.aas French Faoey Goods at pmmie prtcu, Nov is the time to H. ?All persons knui elatms against me are miaM to srMeat the same for settlement; and all p^feona indebted to aae are reqaeet^i to make arMCMBlltattnsMts thss* elauaa srithoa t farther oouee. Pr^aipt attenUoa wi^l ?rejflx.2blite. ^ ^ , l #? *- v. DTBTKN9. ammm topham*9 ?^ H t MM MI VM TRUNK SH MANUFACTORY, IN Bnniti Stuit, Wunamn, D, c. *" ???1 u of tht t?6lt Bttt0flAl| "W J fl6WTI|BOn 01 .. . At Ltm ^ M?of CoCKTf Md tr?Teler? will ?!? * uuual mj ?ool Mur* pvr?toMtnf ?M?k?n T^ftseteiJKf&L*, Trmnka mrmM uwl rtMirau it t^ort aoooc, . 3 ood* d*Q T*r?d 5*? or eWt? to aajfjMrt of thr ?IU, StcriMon. tod Ux&nTtrt*. _jK?-lr<eo JAMRM &TOPHAH ' oM roriMMnar?tlioM,tri >olkit?d to laucot oar *jt?->?>T? (took ; ooobligULut to ?*rjfK?35s:ss!ca,_? IT I; W, * *v, ? V i SUMMER RETREATS. wfcA BATHING AND 8AFK KKTRKAT, AT Pout LOOK-OCT. Ma.*TLAjro. Thi? ce ebrat?d Hathmr Piaee. aituated at the junction of the Potomac River with the A . . A Cheeap.*ak* Da*. will be opened by theTrTA V underlined on the loth of Jane, in theJUlflM yy b?at ?tyle. for ail pereona who mar wish a <uue ai d aaiet retreat, whrre they o*aha?e taa boo^fit of tne beet salt water bat 'ing and eqjojr the delioaoi^a of the water, anon aa Fiah of all kinds, Oratera, Crahe, Sto Evorr deacripUon oi fiahing tackle wtli ba kept for t!?e aoc'?mm>dation of f neat*. A fine i! fTf st&h m kent on tk* farm 1 A it'i, ton pin alleys and billiard aaloona ; with ail other vnut-emecU usually fraud at smch plane*. Tr.e table will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables frum the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. Th* best Ln uors and Cigars will ai way a be fonntf at the Bar. Bo-vrd, 93 p*r day; one week, 91*; second week, 1"; four weeks tor 935; ohi.dren ana aolorad servant* ha f-price. The slearner St. Nioholaa loaves Washington Tu???'ay at? a m. and Baltimore on Friday at if. m The half past 2 o'clock p. m. train from Wa?ningtou will conneot at Baltimore with the boats, reacting Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-weekly et??e from Waahington, by way of Leonardtown Add-ess the proprietora, at Point Lookont, Waahington. I> C., or Alexandria, Va. ni 31 HEFLKBO WEE & CO . Prop'ra. ~ DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R. DOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth aad Tenth Streets an 28-eo2m !YI TEETH. ljl? LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofths MINERAL PLATE TEETH, lit 1 tend a personally at hia ofice .c this oity UBbb7 Many persons nan wear these teeth who* 3' oannot wear other*, and no person can wear other* vho cannot woar these. Persons calling at my oftoeoao beaooomitooated with any style and price pf Teeth they may desire; bnt to those who are particular and wish the pafest. cleanest, strongest, and moat perfect den tare that artcan produse, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fnliy warranted. Room* in this city?No. 339 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. Also, 007 Arch street, Phi adel . phia. oc lt-tf ~~ GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM T. DOVE * CO, RE Now prepared to execute any ?r4?rs With which they may be favored in the PLUMBING, GAg OR ^KAM FITTING [IT Store on tth street, a few door north of Pa, ?venae, wnsre mar bo found a eoxnalete avortment of OH A N DEL1F.RS and othor GAS, ST E\M ?n 4 WUKR FIXTURES. UT7 U I SNYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FJTTBR, Has removod to theoorner of Twelfth ana F sts. He is prepared to introduoo Water and Gas upon the most ffcvorablo terms, and guarantiee enure satisfaction Ho hu on hand ft lot of COOKINO and oWier STOVES, whioh he will sell ieca than ooat, ?a ha wiihB? to get rid of them. no 17 We A S FIXTURES. E Have in stoie, ?.aj t.e dv.y receiving, wA8 flX TURSSolentitsir Not Pattern* and D*stf .>a ana Finish, gopiwrgr in atyie to anything heretofore ffei <1 in thin m%rtet, Wp iuTiteciti?*h* gonerftl it to rail and examine our ef?cc of sw and Water Fir tre*. feeling ooniidect t?<it wa liar* the beat eleoted stock in Waahingtoa. All Work in tae asov? u.? intra:***! to tar oar* Will bo promptly attendee to. .VIViiUC * Mo?HAN. a a r?-tf 3TBI) ?treet. '4UE OF l.\8F?KLT>it AND &EAL.EK OF ?AS MET EK.8. WA*ai??Toi*, J?!y II, 1MI, NOTICE IS fiEREBY GIVEN. Tliftt, agretably to tie ^revision* of the ordinance of the corporation ayyroved May IS, 13?f, the undersigned i* now j,-ejared,"who;:eTer refnired in writing,and on pre-parmeatofthefMcf fiRy oenta, to lcspeot. examine, test, ?rcve, ard ascertain the accuracy of registration ofzi.f i*r meter in see in this oity." Every 2neter, i* found incorrect, will be condemned r ? ? - 4 *" * ^ Huv*uvi(Miiuu ouu ut?rieu ?s vrBO, WIU D9 ictmi'^ jiikCJ. if proved to be ?ocwe in ita of ciii it will bese&Iec ?c?o aiaiiy, fcri acain ?c.t is ?osi?:ob for cee. C:?3? r?o. *10 Seventh street,otetr Odd F?l 0??a i'ru-r; ? ?. in . to * ?. ra. CllA8!,ffl W. CUNNINdHAM, ly ll-lf inare^ior acd Sa?ler o! 9*4 Meters. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 328 P**KSTLVA!CTA AVIRIII. MILITARY AND NAVAL merchant Tailors, AND REAOY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTKN^IVR DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, EO0-if (Intel. Sc. itepeb.) ___ St* BILLIARDS! reiM The lovers *?=1 L vf the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'3 FINE HALL, Corner o Poumiy Ivacis tve?ne ud 11th street, (sooth side,) two of the most admirable TABLES in the United States, with every oomfort and convenience au 3 tf lor the players. WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARS MANUFACTORY. I have one of the host establishment*. and furnished with a oompiete sot of tools for repairi. l over? description of fine YVatohes, and ABA sartiouiar attention cive to the same, by aJM n>> tirh oomp?tent workman.and a. work *u*f an t.eJ A eo, evsry deeonp ion of standard Sil. V Eft Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured under my '/tn *upervieion. which m* customers will find far superior in qualify and finish to northern ware old br <i*aiera in genera! and represented as their ewi. manufactory. H. O. HOOD, ?< PK. ftvonnA. D^r^h 1'Hrt k? K ifEAN iiOTEL., IKP1 BY Tt I E.tlitlCE. a*, tho comer of Penn.fc . . A srerud ?a-i Eleventh street, has boenftflfcV crcatly ' >ap-xrcl recently and now offers JUfaflU creator inducement* (or the patronage oloiflsens *nd t: tngrtfa loan a^r otuer puhlio house in tie jity, in* beins lees tLioj those of any other aota on i'aau., and his accommodation* (or per rear.'it ortrM-^ent boarders uuexoef .'ontblo. Tue na>- ar.d reiu^rant arracge.nents of the e-uropwu Uoto. hare already become very a!i tfcat can be desired by the most fas. Oijus. The *ropr,etor slodc* >.r.r. mitten attentn.'i tnd continued liberal e.x?<.~ditireeto gire satufacion to all, and thus reuews Lis invitation " Si I to Cl *e the KunuMn HoUi anil. de ?- it Q U N 11 O A T 8 Quart trimmer GtmtraFt QAc*. 1 WankmftoM City. Juiyh,1861.1 Pla!i? and Specifications for hull* of Sun Koa-s lor the Western rivers are on exhibition at this office, and at offioos ol Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cincinnati, St. Louis and Alton. Boata to be delivered at Cairo, Bids should be sent to Quartermaster Geu?ra! of the United States I Army, at Washington, by 1st August, at noon. Sr C. MEIOH, jr 19 Brig. Gen'l and Quartermaster Gen'l. | [NION PAPER AND EN VEUJPES.-TwanU ty different stylos of Not* and Latter Paper, with Eure opes to match. Views of Washington in the form oi a Rosa,and in Book form; also, separate Ail tne Dailr f-d WMilt Papers oon?tantly on uand. Herald. Timee, and Tribune receivod vary nic ht at 6 o'oiook. Papers from ai! parts of the oonntry. Beadle's Dime Novels and Song Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer reading, eheap A large assortment of Juvenile?? Mayne Reid's Books, Hollo Books, Abbott's Histories, Ac. A disoooiit of 10 to an per of nt. on all bound book* ^FRENCH A RICH8TE1N. un -vwnr*1 Kioti tnrn. iJT* P*. *T. I CASH NOTICE. EN Cor.te^nence ol oar baving to pay Hih for nverj articled goods we purohaee. we are forced to reduee oar bnaiuaaa to Cash exclusively, for the preeeat. We h'we in atore a ver* large aaaortmeat of READY-MADE CLOTHING for men and boya' wear, whioh are aolhnc at a much lower rata than uiua y. WALL. STEPHENS i CO.. 3'J'J Pa avenue, between 9ta and 10th at?. I? 1 (Intnl. A Rapuh.) \1APS OF THE 8BAT OF WAR.-A B^iendW i" 1 Map of the Seat of War for only * oenta. Aiao, Pocket Map* or all kinda. Soldiera* Camp Dreaamg Caaaa from tt AO toft I. Blank Booka and Stationery of ail kinda, Flag Paper and F.nre'op**. Hia??. B&nnera and HVjti. Viewa of Waafeiafton, American and Foreign Ma<aiu<*at Daily and Weekly Papers. FRENCH A RiCHPTEIPTB National H-^okatore, ml (Intel, k. R*put>.; 2TP pa avenua WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a aru assortment of OR K\ ami if I .Li fc F LAN N EL OVfcR-SHlRTS. WHll'K -HJKTM, DRAWERS. CAMP BLANRKTB, HALF HOBb.&e., vhmh w* inirira ?ll 1 ?.-C.u ^miMiMen IO MUQlIlt b?for* n.afcini meir aeleetiona. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., S98 Pa. tf.. between 9th aud 10th eta. mg (InteMigeueer mid Rw?uh'ican.> HF1SNCH ft B1CHB-VE1N AVE Jaat received a freak aapply of Note P?fr. Colored BorUera, r?if tod plaiu, villi Enveiojea to aatob. Also, Klaf hwer of all kir.ds, etth aadwithout Mottoea; Envelopes to m&toh. Paraea and Pooket Hooka of every deacriplion. P.M,. ft?. an parta of the country. FRENCH A RICH3TEIN, mil P?nn %o*nn* | MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS,?The AtohemUt, er the Houae of Ciaea; frow the Freneh of Hoaure de Bal?. Free by mail, fl. Jilaa Mercer, the Weaver of Raveloe; by Geo. sss^^kSK scja- j te ** I / HAIR STORE. ~~ I HALF WIGS. FRIZETTKS, Ac. A fail atoec el way a on haadLer aaaJe to order at the ahorteel anner. MRAl . . Ak'f.AM .C .tn:i-iL. jiu , u t .1.1 ^ 'Thoy go rtfht to the Spot." ? m INSTANT RKLIHP STOP \ OUR COUGH PURIFY TOUR BRKATH TRBNGTHBN TOUR VOICB SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, m aA/in nne r?r n onirifP w w run Li,nnu i iumw, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC 8PEAZER8, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVEM. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRT FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough in?tantly. They olear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the Yoioa. They impart a delioione aroma to tha breath. They are delightful to the taete. They are made of almple herb* and oannot ham any one. I advie* every one who haa a Congh or a Hneky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeotione. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon will acree with me th*t "tha* >n rirkt in ? Yob will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending public ireetinga, for (tilling your Cough or allayinc your thirst. If yon try one package I safe in eaymg that yon will ever af terwards oor.aider them indiapenaible. Ton will ftcd them at the Drnggista and Dealera in Medioinea. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My aigcature iaon eaoh paokage. All oth?ra are counterfeit A Paokage will be aent by mail, prepaid, on re eeipt of Thirty Centa. Add roes, HFNRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadache Headache, By the im of these Pills the periodic attacks o Nvoui wr Su.k Htmdmek* iuj be >ra Tented; ?n<l I taken at the oommenoament ol an atuok immediate relief from rain and sickness will bo obtain*-!. They seldom fail in removing the Nmmitm and H**d*ek? to wlaoh famaies are so nbjeot. They act genLy upon the bowel*,?rtmoTici C?i For Litirmry Mtn, Ftwdmlt, Delicate Females, and all persona of i*ie*tmrv kmbitt, they are valmable as a L<ueativt. improving the *rr*H??, givmr ton4 and vigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the vhole tyiUm. Tbo CEPHALIC PILLS are the reealt of long investigation and oarefuily oondaoted experiments. wTiui uvea in uae m?u? during which time ihey h?ve prevented and relieved a nit amount of tain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in the ay stein or from a deranged tate of the itomtk. They are entirely vegetable in their oompoeition. and may be taken at all timoe with perfect a&fety without making any ohacge of diet, mnd tkt ?bimct of My diimtrybl* tattt rmdtri u tut it nivitatilir t/uwi to c .ildrtn. BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five aigaatarea of Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Soli by Drutgiata and all other Dealers in Medi einee. A Box wiL be eent by mail prepaid en reeeipte *** PRICE, a* CENTS. All erderu ahoaid be addreeaed to HENRY C. HPALDIN*. 48 Cnu Stkikti Nbw Yoex. From tkt Jixsmmir, Nor/elk, Tm. Cephalio Pilla aooomfliah tie object for wklek ihey were made, vis: Cure of headaohe la ail ita forma. Km. tl< J--? "? ? Thay hare been tee ted la mere thaa a iMwm imm, with entire anooeaa. >r?M (i? St. Clomd, Mimm. If joa are, or bare Dees rronbled w ith Ike haadhe. tend for a box, (Oepha io Pilla ,) ao that yea at) have them id uaaa of au^ttacfc. IVm tk* Wtitirn A. R. Suillt, Okitmf,IU, We bearaly endorae Mr. Vyaidlac. aad fcla aanralled CeptJklio Fill*. F'tmi tk* Somiktm Pmtk Find#, JVm Orliaai, Lm. Try them ! yon that are afflicted, and'we are aare ihatyonrtettimonT can be pdded to the already numerous Wat that haa received beneftta that ne other meaiciue oaa troduoe. From tk* (JtLMittt, BatmfH t, Joc*a. Mr. 6?aldinc would not oonnaet hlx nana with an artiole he did uot know to pomma raal iurlt From tk* Admortuor, Fromidmtu, JL I. Jhe Cepiha)ic Pilla are faid to ba a rtaarhbiT bsout? remaa; lor the headaobe, and one of the very boot for that vary fre? lent eemjlaiat which h&a ever been dlecoTered. Am th? St. Limit Jwwrat. he ImatBMdemand for tki artlele (Gafhalia rail) ia rapidly increaein*. Pnm tkt Xmmwk* fail* Star, Fa. We are ?ure that persona nffhitu with the head aohe, who try them, will etiok W> tana. JVeat tht Ad^mrtiatr, fruMwii, M, 1, The teeUmorv to their fever la eironx, from the moat reapeotab'e tuartora From tX* Doily Nnei, Ntmpm t, R, J, Oe>halio l'lllo are taking the yleoe of all kiada. Ft# ? iJU Commm eud BmlUtim, Bottom, Maw Said to be very efioaoioni for the I Pr*n tk* Ctmnurdal, Cimtmmmti, Ohi*. Satfcrinc knmanitr o&n now ba raliavad. 117" A aingla bottla of Spalding's Prepared Glue will Bare ten Umaaita ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE' SAVE THFriECEB! ECONOMY! DISPATCH fETwA Snrc* in Tmi Bitm Nm?."-TT1 _ A* aoeidanta will haaaan. avan i? ? n I ' rALDlN#*? PJLKFAJIBO LVE??H 1 aaaar4,TO,,ww,,to,FaftSf , 0 .. i ?? -nA ^ J r">5. i*- ? 2 t. - t a ilea, it m very to fc^a'aoiM aheap ^ (vonvement way for ropairU( Pnrnitaro, Toja SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE all rook eroerionoiM, and no honeehold oa afford to be witkoatlt. It u a!war* ready, and to the atiaking point - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.eeewpanlee eaak Bottle. Prie own, Addreea HW*Y C. BPALDIN*, Mo. 49 Cedar atroet, Now Yor*. CAUTION. 4a obtain urrineiyiad foraona are attomrtin# ts I f 0 C$mtk, CM, H?rtmuti, InMy Irriimxitm m Sortnut of tk* Tkro+t, Htliret tkt HtuJnnt Com*k m Cmunmrtion. Brcmtlntu, Aikmm, t Cmtmrrk, CUar MM nti strmtlk to tk* twi 4f Ftv tre tvtre of U? importance of oheokini a Oonch or "Connioi Cold'' id it* first itur, tut | whioh in the begming wosJd yield toamila rem* -/in ur|iBo?fa, oonatiacia the I.unta. " Brown'i orc*cki*l Trctk*s,n oontairiKi? demulcent injredi?U, allay I'll/nonary and Bionohial irritation. Dsnmu.a "ThattroaWe 10 ray Throat, (foi BROWN a whioh the "jVecJUi" are* ?per;fie _______ bavins made me often a mere whis VROCHE8 *>rer* S. P. WILLIS*. BROWN d recommend their aee to Pwaua TROCHES RE ? E. H. CHAP1N. "Great eervioe in antxlving HpAtai BROWN'S urn." REV. DANIEL WISE. VROCHKH "Almost instant rekiefinthe die TKU^n*8 tmaint ;45or of breathinf F#CBiJa, BROWN'S '? Asthma." DKUwrt-s REV. A. C. E96LESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Qtism or anything injurious." DR. A. A HA>FS, BROWN'S Cktmat, ftiln. TROCHES ?L\S*!MS? Mf" MmbM BROWN'S *** ^ B18ELs<Sii?. TROCHES ' 5mmTKN E, BROWN'S _ Botttm " 1 have proved then excellent for TROCHE8 WiwHM Qomi," REV/H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Htstm. "0CBB8 ^JttSiS^'SSS C^"*" " BROWNTS **? 8'V P- iNU^Ba., TROCRES ^f^V^D'oVoTOV^.0.*,'^ BROWN'S ?oniJ?oi; w,Ul Sruim and Si5tVKOCEKS "* P L M. BTACY JOHNSON. TRUChKo Wt(m|? fa BROWN'S ?^hFem2i?c2:i^e B TROCHES "6reat benefit wten taken before end aftar preaoninf. ai they prevent BROWN'S Hoaraeneaa. Fropi their paateffeot, 1 think they will oe of permanent aUTROCHES TUttit to me.

ft BV. E ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena Collece, Tenn. TR00HB8 do 1-It iot vm vdrfiini i\n in> 4 - UFAClWHO ArI AFTL1CTMI) KEAD! AT TiT THE RMMLXD1 M.MJ0I9M Ut HMA1TH. Frie?d,4 roe safari1 Are jom ik? viatla* ef uj /those nameroaa aiimanta wkiak ar>eo tram im?arity of the blood? What are tier, do to* a*fct Rather wt what an tier net! The blood ia Um Sarae ef iiie and hea th, and it ia the ftrst element ocr beinf to respond to an* eaaae wh'oh ajecia e system, aa the f alee Infallibly attests. The erer pre Tailing Nearalfia, Ue irn taring Erysipelas, the rafc*.le Serofsla,theaconixinc Eheamatism. Nerroaa Det-.iitf, Dripepa.a, Li tot Complaint with ita torpor and u.ojeotion, and the mmteriess ilia that flesh ia hair to, derive their hklooaa oncin from the bloed. Deal kicchy then and fer.tiy with the hiood. Osetnayitaiiainp raeoaroea of natare for ita aid. and safer aa to ->0Tiraend to year eonfidenoeana mae that traly ralaablo mediaainent known aa mrs. jr. eors INDIAN YMGSTABLK DBCOVTIOIT. With retard to thia almoat infallible gpeaifta popalar ssntnnent haa spoken in decided terms and the erideneei of thia treat eflcaoy are ssstain<vi by oonstsntavowa s of ohrative effoota and the happiest reaalts from ita aee are after a!! other I remedioa and the boat medioal aim have fii:eJ. Let aa ear, ia eotolssion, that oertlfioatoe sarea are not ecnght from t?e ll'iierate and superteial, bat they are Toianle^rftj from thein->streIBAptih;? artiir(M>a tr^ inw+ifwth* kivKaat *. >rv?tcavix- ^vmtvvw *uu j -?>l m<7 m1v uiiuwill iwi uia 1u i which it u poflfMo to eoirmend ao valu&bie a 1 voilo to pobiio aajroral. \V> mar add also that the coratiTS properbeaof the medicine are equalled onlr by ita restorative ejects, the ayatem recovering from diamae with renewed ooLsUtutioiial vicor, For aale b? all reapeotable Dm ft lata in thia eitr, and by the proprietor, MRS, M. COX, None fenaine anieca her came 1m blown on Lka kottie and her asai on the oork IlT* Prioe ? \ per r-otile, six bottlea for ftt. WMtfU Xtmi. R. S. T. CIBSEL, Draciiat eortetovn, U C., Wholeeaie Agent for the Dlatrict^and win aaypiy the trade at my pnoe*. piREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777. ..?800,000. Q#m tomtr C strut amd LoutHamm a*., o?*- Bank 0f WmtktmtKm. INSURE HOUSES AND*OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIKK. DiaaoToaa. Geo. Phoeiaalcer, Hamael Red fern, Samuel Croplcy, William Wiuon, Richard Jonea, John D. Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rotuwefl, Thoa. Parker. RiaUard Barry. B. B. French, Dr. G. W. Davie. No oharge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President Aw. 6. DavTa.SeoretarT. an 9-eo?w) Medical dkputmknt of georgetown college. WitKinftan City. Corner of F and Tycelftk Slruti. 8uih? or lS61-'6tt. FACULTY OF MRDICINB. noblf young.. m d., Professor of Prinois!?s and Praetioe of Medlolne. JoHNSON ELIOT, M. D., Professor of Principle* arul Practise < f Surgery. jamet* e morgan. m. d, Professor of Materia Medina and Therapeatioa. j. m. snyder, m. d.. Profeasor of Obstetric and Diseases of Women and Children. THOMAS ANTISELL. M. D. Profetaor of Mewieal Chomiatr j, Toxioology, aod Physiology J E. wlLLKrr, M D., Demonstrator of Anatomy pT The obair of anatomy to be filled. The sessioa will oonnnenoe on the Sri of Ooto ^r and end in Marcb following. For further initiation addreaa JOHNSON ELIoT, M. D., D au of the Paoulty, 408 F street. between Ah and Tin aU. au 6-lawtNovl* B*juS a AMD Scot,.* ru S?iV f AC TIMES. Weare now manafaotsiing all klndsof BOOTS and SH^KS^ andoorstantij reoeiring a ?rr ' "* oviiv;u in*a? wan 07 every re Mjli sorption, made expressly to order .and willw H] be Bold at a much lower prioethan has beoaT Mfc heretofore oharjed in Qua eitj for maoh infer ter article*. Persons in vans of Boota and Shoes of eastern er eitr made work, will a.waye ftnii a jood assorurei la atoreand ai u?e fewest pncee. Aire ? a eall. BIFFIN * BRO., I * ' < ''#nri?l r??M? lrni',11 1'Hfc. SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY invite tb* attention of the Army and ^ Navy to their fall ?uppl? of MIL1TARV^|B ana NAVAL FURNISHING GOODS, W\ surh ae Indigo Blue Clothe and Dooskins, WY Cape, Epaulets. Laoee, Shoulder 54trap*, Belts, Swords-Sword Knots, Caps, li&ta, and all reseeotive embroidery Alto, the celebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Order* in that line respeotfully solicited. h fTlOUDON Jt CO.. Naval and Military Merchant Tailore, jy 1> eo3m 3K8 Pa. av.. nnder Brown's Hotel. Army supplies. JUST RECEIVED 480 oani SAUSAGK MEAT, 340oane FRESH TOMATOES, 481 cans FRESH VEAL, StjOoane BEEF.a la 240 cane HO AST BEEK, 360 can# FR F.SH M UTTON, 1 340 oane BEEF and GRAVY, 340 cane SOUP and BOU1LLI, 30 oases french dessicated VEGE TABLES. For tale at New York Faotory prices. KING k, BI RCH ELL, ee I Corner I and Htteenth streets. U NEW BOOKS. History of the united k. i?k. ^okn Lothroy Motley; 1 toj oioth; free by mail, Silae ftlarner, the Wmw of Ravelol, by th? author of^AaainBede , oloth 7i*oenta ; payer ID j MnU. Lire and Gtritr of Major Andre, by Win troy Barieant; ftiJO. Artor loebergi with a Painter.a Sammer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lou it L. Tne Manufacture of Photoreoio or Hydro-Carbon Gila. by Thomaa Antoaell, M. D.; $1.75. Any or the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICH8TEIN, ay 96 8T? Penna. avenue. QUNBOAT8 von TBI WESTERN RIVERft. QuAJiTUKA>T>m finmi'a Omci, ( Washington, Junt 17,1861. { PaoroRALa are invited tor oonatraottnc wunbn&ta upon the WmImb ri??r? Specification* will be immediately prepared and may be examined at theQu*r*ermaatar,a Ofioe at Cinolnnati, Pitaburgh, eud at tlua offioe. Propoaala from boat-bull-era and engine-build er? alone will be considered. Piana submitted by bidders will be taken into oonaideration. M C. MK1GS, le i? Quartermaater Q?n?ral United State W BOYS' CLOTHING. B Have reoeired within the last day or two a large assortment of BOYS' 8FR1N9CLOTHIN6, embracing all etylea of low-pnoed, medium, and fine qualities, which we are aell ing at very 10. ?!?. to, gTEpHliNg 399 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th ata. mil (lntellia?ne#r and Rtubliaaa.i U7 TH AVBIIMO -ro.ito.~o TrAelIN? TRUNKS to be found " MMJ Ula oitT. omriatni best 80 s L?*ih?rMfv3 ,L*4i??' Draw ?nd Packioc Trwttt, Uo?a. Carpet Bags, 4o.i Tuok va are sow aelUag 9WALMggJg' ,MV" has jmet heee reeeivwL?Pereoee ? MreMn itivJs'tir ^ aUftCVV Mnf # TRAVELLERS* DIRECTORY. JJNITRD TATKS MILITARY ROUTE. smmmmmwmm SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERSOb and aftar Monday, S. 1*1. P?a *a?er Trwn Mtm WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will ran m follows: TRAINS MOVING NORTH I Mornint Rxpr?M l?av? Washirgtoa ? a * A' n M uiunor* Ttti. m.; ftimc^mtuar. m ; New York C p. m.; Harrisourg l.U p. m. Morning Aco?mni;xlation leave Wn?hiDitoc 7J0 a. m. Arrive at Baltimore9JO a. m.; Phi adelphia 3 p ; New York i p. m ( nine Express le-ive Washington >JP p u. Arrive at Baluni'ite 4 10 p. m ; Philadelphia JO ? m ; New York s a m. Evening, Aooommooatioa lewre Washington MS p.m. Arrive at Baltimore 7 30 p. m.; Harm bar j *' TRAINS MOVING SQUTH. Leave New York at 7 a Philadelphia 11 3f* a. m., Baltimore 3 45 p. M. Arrive at Waatiiagton S JO p. a. Leave New York at 6 p. m* Philadelphia '.0 ? p. *.; Baltimore 6 a. M. Arrive at Wutin<i*c ee a. M. Aoocmmodat<on Trains leave Baltimore at 4> a. m, and 5 p. m , and arrive at Waahington W 36 JLi M 6 Pi Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7 V a m. aad 2J3U p. m., and Baltimore at 4# a- m acd 3.4* p. m , make direct oonnec lions (or Annapolis at the Juuotion. i Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore aad Wash tni'on at tJi a. m. and s p. m Paeeenger Trai leaving vVaahlngtne at 6 a.m. aid UQ p. m.. aad Ba unore at i a. m. and 144 r ..v II nop on In at Annapoit* J*met*** ?md A?iay Junction W'aj PuMinn are reaneeted to ta*e the Attommodation Traimt or the Ret alar TontM* I Train, which will tavepiaaeofer oar attaobed. I'rMDi wilt le%ve the WMbmiUD Depot prompt ly upon tmrd-tirru An aruoiee ol freight (not oontrabMd of war) Will be traniportod over the lice Regular Tonnage ?raina will >eave Baltimore at 4 a m LMTtWau(t^n at 3 ? p. x. By oraer of tue SAoretar* of War: ft. F MOKI.KIT,G*nera Manager THOMAS H. CANFlELD. Aeeutant Manager. SPECIAL NOTICE. ? SUNDAY TRAIN. \ Leave WASHINGTON at S 30 p. m. for NHW | YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yorg acd Philadelphia,Irnnnj In Washington at CIO a. m. R. F MORLEY, ee n General Manager. rrgi ME AM WEKKf.Y BETWEEN I NEW VOKK AND LI VERPOOL, Laading and embarking paasMgera at 1 Queenitown, Ireland l_The Liverpool. New Vo'k and Phil?del?hi?. Steamship Company intend diapatohinc their fail powered C>d*-bailt iron Steamahips m follow*: | GLASGOW t^toroar, August 3d. citv of Baltimore, - iou. KANGAROO. ? " tSth. V Aud every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North nm. First Cabin ............#75 Do. to London 80 Do. to Pana kS Do. to Hamburg M Steerage __ ?So Do. to London 34 i ik). iD^t'ia^........... S* Do. to Hun:: c i 38 | Passengers forwarded to Havre, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ao , at reduoed throoih (area. Persons wishing to brine oct 'heir friends oan bny tickets at low rates. Kor further information apply at the Captains Ofioe. JOHN 6. DaL' , Allot, 18 Broadway. N. Y.. Or to Q. A. HERRING, Auams Express Baltimore. ^ JP^^IN DIVIDUAL^ ENTERPRISE EASTER* AXD WESTERS SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt. J H. K rwan "PIOSEER,'' Capt. W. Norman, Will rnn their rentes as follows, leavi'c Light street, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M : KENT?For Cambridge, Dec ton and Lata.era on Chopt&nk river, every WEDNESDAY and SATIRDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and Wast River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and retarning sa re days. PIONEER?For St. Miohaei's an4 Easton,via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY, and return the same day. For Anii&polis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Eastoc Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapois. Wrest River, St. Michael's aud Ea ton, viaMUe's River Ferry, every SATURl DAY, returning every Monday oy same route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fa*ton Point ... 81 so I Fare to St. Miohaal'sand Miles' River/rouna *1 % I IVt 1|7 ? ? ? m ? 1 Fare to Woit River, (rooi.d trie, 91) 1 ao Fare to Anu&poil*(round trip75oenti) If , MEALS EXTRA. HTPniiht most be prepaid. Wharf and Offioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. E. CANNOfl. CKN^AITRA/LWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICB.I ! CuruT 9tation, Bat i more. May 18, 1*1. { 1 On and after Sunday, May ifitb, lto. Train* on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY arrive and depart as foilowa, until farther aotioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 14 A.M. EXPRESS atJJoP.M. HARR1SBURG ACCOMMODATION at I P. M. . The 8 16 A. M. train oonneoU at Relay Hoaee with trains on the Weatern Maryland Railroad; ?t Hanover Junotion with Hanover and Gettabnrg Lailroada; at York with York and Wrifhtaviile Railroad; at Harriabarc with Penoaylvania Railroad for ail parta of the weat. alao with Lebannon Valley Railroad to New York dtrott; at Northam berland with L and B. Kail road for Kincatonand all parte of Wyoominc Valley .and at tianbury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern Pennsylvania *wl New York. The 3.30 P. M train raakeeell tae above oonaeotiona exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrifhtaviile Railroad and the Lebannon VaJiey Ra.i.roec The 8 P. M train raaaea oocnrcfcons with Penn BT.vauia Kailrcad for all parU of the Waal, and direot oonnaota for New York. TRAINS AR&ITM. Mail at 10 P M,;fixprateat7?iA.M.;H*meburc Accommodation at S.4S P, M. Fur Tioketa and information inaalre at the Ticket Offioe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. fc. CLARK, Sop^t. TU. n. -A > *?* * ? " * * * tuo vbuuoo ami Amooy &QQ rOUMMffJA ild Tren'os Rs,.rosd Corasnuet' Line frun: PHILAPELPHlA TO NtT*jK iND~WAY AND l^K^BINGTON ,vJlleaveuL lows: t? A M . Tit CtmdtB ud Amboy, (0. Ud A. Af8?T.mMCamdso and Jersey City,(N.J. Atl^uT'VtV^M Ud J?? on,.,mmivt Mai..) AtuX A. M. vis Kscslnxtoo and Jersey City, (Wostsm Express.) At 13H P. M., Tit Camden and Amboy,( Aooommodatipn.) At 2 P M.. via Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. express.) At ?* P M-, via Keasinfton and Jersey City, (Evenmj Express.) At 4H P. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Seoord Class Ticket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Jsrsey City. (Kvenin* AUU^P. M., TiaCamden and Jersey City,(8oathAt 6 P. M .'na Ctunden and Amboy,(Aooommodation, froight ?ud ptMtnier, Firet Claaa Ticket.) 1 Second Claee TiokaL _ i The 6 P. M Mail Train rue daily. Ike ILK P? M. Mail, Saturdays excepted. i For Belvidere, Eaaion, LambertrUle, Fleming- i ton. Ao., at 7.10 A. M., and i>4 P- M., from Em, Strondabarc. Scranton, W Likee- I < barre, Mootroae, Great Bead, Ac., at7J?ATM., (rom Keaiington, via Delaware, Laokavanna and rf r>?l-ru HUirOM. . _ I For Mauch Chunk, Allentown and Bethiehe? 7.10 Am.and 5HF. M. from Benalngtot depot; the 7.10 A. M. lr e oonnecta with the train learlng A. M. Ud I and 4* *11?vEr'SSSSft For Palmyra Riveirton, Delanoo, Beverly. B?rlington, Florenneoo, Borden town, A?., at UK, I, Steamer Trenton for Bordeatowa,aad tnlei diate plaota, at W P. M. from Walnnt street W[C7~ For New York and Way Lioea. leaving Benaingtor i>epot, taka tba Mrt on Fifth atreeC above, na.f an hoar before aeaa- ture Tba oar a ran intJ the depot, aad on arrival of train ran from thedaiK>t. Fifty poind of baggage only all owed to Mtk paaaenger. Pfcaeriigere are prohibited from taking anything aa bag cage bat their wearing apparel. All Daggaga over fifty poanda to be ?atd for extra. The company limit their reapon a ability for baggage to one nol &r per poond.acd will not be liable Tor any amoant beyond one hand red dollars, exoept by a pec: a: oontraot. WM.H. GATZMKE. Ageat iSKSHHE wKST?AND S)ITB U BALTIMORE AND OHIO RMLROAD. On and after Mat lStn, U61, the trains will ni aa followe, vin.?Leave Camorc station. Ba.timore,?Mail, i ex oe?t Bumiay.) at t. MA. M.; J?x FOR WAY PASSENGERS. ? I BKvmd Baltiinor* and Piftdmout take tk? A. M. Train; b?tweftn Piwimont andWhMUii tak? Aftooirini.Hlation Train, laatiac Piedmont aift.? A. J*.; and b?twe*n Grafton and Parkarabarg, taM %? KLLi^/^?MU.&VVVlS'i?a?a Balttiaora at t & and SJft A. M. aad 14ft aaJ Mi P. < and Klliftott'a Mills at IM aad u? A. MTaii MS l SKfflSS^jt 34 1 I. U. QoJi Tull ?rnl. ^-SSwKffi. i T? JjOT^CK TO TEA T nmollc M rinwd, ? nj mmi^M^? Imoixtf, th0tHk MMnklkf Bm LlMOTitoMMirt wLl .pwSWu mor* FY KK f BXfjttS ?.?" d%T) from U?r wWr. foot or Cuioa Don, m u oVcy* p. f i?ra?din?lj dtar ttMtmvti W? th# WMhiWtoB TnUi, vktek MfMWuiUMtoi fc-tf M. W PALlJK. rr?t PBVV AHL't mwa,A JIIIORK RAJ LB ?AD 6FR1NO AND SVM^KH Ai>?JfmMJTT. TrtiM for Pb ^?.i2e will leave nAlCtfilbii iWot anl?i??n? N?l?n?? fn.iowa. n*; KiyrtMTnii itlii A.M. W?r Ma*i Tiiiiat MA A . M~ Kniiu Ail at 4 a o'tM. oa flfjT DAYPet 4 4i p. M. or.!?. All Wlni w?hM vfth New York traiaa axoept 448 P. MTtraui on flat*. Tm,. Witt m?|?i ?*r ***aefced leerea at 5 P. M , at ppinc at all Mabooa MfMi B* timerp ard H*TTP d*~fcr?0?. PiMUtri for Dataware ard U? Kut?ri f fcdre it Maryland will lad the moat axpadiUoai roc la by way of WMminfton. lETAII Colored Pereona Mat jira bond bafora e i,Tonn c theeare. WM CRAWFOip, A feet. mammmiwrn CMNTKAL hAJLKOAD r xpraaa Trau>? |??n New Yorito'ty ea^ota of Baaeor, Hirer Railroad daily. Bind ay exoefiiB, ae ioliowa: From Chamber* atreet iFrrai tut at atatioa. "u '? " ~l ?r "i'JS *" ft Jft p m utf _ Sift p*] wd Buffalo Trim with aiotp:a? oar?, l.'| | 1 *4 p m ConcMbukt Albany with tha Now York Coo tral Railroad lor f^cbMMUdT.Koebooto-.ruo* Rome, a ad iMiodi on lowi and wM*r town flailr"M. Hoffalo Prraoaao, Fa! a, paap*nai< a Bridge. Ankara. Goner*.Car tad* era. Train* in ooaneotioa leave H?i?*!o and bjgu via Lake Shore, Buffalo ap<i ! ako Hivi ?lj Oreat Woetorn Railroad, for Hamilton. Tor ou?. Detroit. Ch.caco. Toledo. Milwaukie. Fon i;a La Ooeee, MnJiwa. Prairi* i>m Cr.irij, fa ma. Dan??ith. Lmba^oo, Poorla, R<ok l*land. Maacatine, lowa City. Bcrlaarton. . Sprint &? ?, Alton, 5j*. lx>ui*. Cairo,Toto Haate, Irdiasaao ia, Loauville, Cmoinnati, Da?ton, Colambaa, Cl*v* land, and al' point* W eat, Northwoat and &oaU W9*U NORTHERN ROUTE Connootinc Traire at Trov, with Troy A Boetonacd Rena.A Saratoga Foada for ga %t? a. VN tilshall.Rnt.ALC. Barlington.^L Alhaaa, R< Foia;, PiatUbnrgk, Ogdeii?t>argh, Montreal, Ao , Ao flT" Fraight Arrangetnert* by thi* roato aa above. without obaiue of Cat a, troan the f*pot? ta Chamber* and l anal atreota. aro at all timoa aa ?rorahie m made by o*h> r Railroad Con,pani?a. The (aoil'tiea of Una groat New York K'mte, ?o the Weat co<i>mend it to the 001 bdecoe of n e-chaoia an1 ahppera ior promatneaa mm! d> patea PMMSi'r Irtioa. with Pmoking aC Sleeping Car a ron la connection on tbe New York Cmnu Road. For parboalara aa to looal tr?iaa aad freight ar rangementa, icqaire at tb*depot. 69 Warm at. A. F. 8MtTH. Paporiatradaat. U P GOVERNMENT LINK fo*f MOJVROI AHO OLD F01NT COMFORT. Loavee tie lower end of LVNIoN DOCK.Ba.ti B>?re, weat aide, DAILY, (Sundare iX o'elook p. M. takinc paetetgera aod feight, and oonnecting witb the Railroad ..r'a. to and f on Waahing'oc. D. C., Philadelphia. New York, RoeIon, York, Harrieborf, Pittabarc. Pa , and the Weat, n, iaadiatel* af?er the arrival of tbe Exproae Trait from New Yoik aad Philadelphia. The following ia the Sfcheda.e : From New York to Fort Monroe aad back. R14 Prom Phtladeipha arid oack. il* From Baltimore aad baok *PROCURE YOUR TICKETP^D la New the Now Jeraey Railroad Oftoe foot of Coartlar d atreei. In Phi.adelpbia,at tbe Compaay'e rftoo. N. W. earner of Sixth and Cbeatnut atroota. or at tbe Depot, Broart and Prime atreou. In Baltimore, on board the fnat ?r Union Dock. " BUGH O CONNKR, FMKIltW A?'|t YOK K. BARLEM AND ?R&fiK ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAVING NEW YORK FOR ALBANY, TROY, NORTB AND WKbT. 8CMMF.K arrangement C< ir.menoini Moi,c?t, Mar 27th, latl. Por Abany?11:00 a. m. nut express train from Sfth street. Cor Dover Plalrs?i.-W p. m stopping at White ins and stations north to Dovar p uu-frosi ttth street station. (This train will ran to Millartoa orarr Patarcay "T?or^roton Falls?l:Ua. m. stopping at a'! stations north of Fo-dham from ?>h street station. For V* hits PlaiDi-t4i, lit atd Mi a m. stopping at a stations from 36th street station. For Whits rln. n??6: 5 p. m. stopping at ail stations from W hits ?treet statioc For Williams Bridge-7Jn, 11:15 a. m. and p. b. stopping at all watiors from nu street station. Returning will leave? Albany?<H<o a. >. last express train. Dover Plains-fc30 a m. <Thi? train leaves Mu lsrton every Mod day moraine at i a. m.) Crotor. Fails?*?. m. White Plains??:ie, 7.0c a m. 4:1* t too *. . Wi.llama Bridge?fdo, W? . m.A 1.-0C p. m Sundar trains will leave 4th Avenae oiM-ner SM street, for Central Park, Yorknlle. HarTem aad High Bridge ever> f?w minatea. frow 9*? anto 7*Gp m. JOHN RUBCHILL. Aa?t bap't. YORK ANH ERIE RAIL ROAD S3KZZSBK PaiMMM Trajna mtii via P??? ma Ferry ud Lone ixtck, from foot of Chan ? New folio we, vis : 7.00 aim . EXPRE&i^for Dock irk, and Buffa.o, and principal murine ml* Muiodi. 8 op a in . M AIL, for Dunkira. and intermediate Btatioee?Thia Twc r?ir.aina ot?i nif bt at Kimira, and prooeeda the next morning MB a m . MILK dail;, for OUeviUe, and inter mediate StatioDa. 11 no a. m , ACCOMMODATION.daily, for Port Jama, and pilnoipal 4 00 p. m .. WAY, for Mi^d-etowc, Newbargh. nd Inter mediate Stationa. JK ?. a.. NIG BT EX PR EBB. da y. for Daekirk.Bccajo, CanaLda.?,C pnneipa! Btationa The Tram of Ham day 'top* at all Mat! Trail stations, and rana ocj to fclmiraCOOp. m.. ArOOO Id MOD ATI ON,for BoroeeriU, and priaeipaj Stall or e CH ? 8. MINOT, Gan'l Bap't. NATBANIKL MARBH. Reoeirar. FOR BOSTON VIA NRWPORT 4-nd pall river. Br the aeieodid and nnnor <??? ???? atreacth aod aaaed. but particoiai-lr adapted ^^^vy.rWdirsni'iKr road. d:rtac.oe of ailee oniy to Boetoa. KREpftS Mqndaya, W eorredayt, and Pndaya, at iVeJooi W?S?^>4VTV3F%C?! SJi. B~~. .. Tveadaji. TLuredaya. and "c cava, at i o'eiock P.M., U>oc: iLt at Newport each way. Tneae Btearofae aa fitted with ?ommodioua state rooma, and ererr arrangement for Uja aornritj and oom'ort oj ^aurniara who are afforded by U a roote a mihta' raat on board, aod onarri?a< at Pall River praoeed mt Steamboat Traia.ieaoh ing Boatoc early the touow . r.? morning: ot may raaa a on boar J en til of tae Aeoomti.K-s tfAB ft A - M Kv vSi/\k e? ' ~m abontM6Ajfc. ?i mtiUr is attaokad to ctek itwnir, < r?c*!ivM and ticket* tfee baccate, ud aroonitau-<? the (km* to lu deea?tioa. A iteamer rnr? La ooMtotioi vitk Una Lin* batTMD Pall Rlr*r Ud PrOTMtMM daily, ex?f pi Pmiht to Boston u forvaaded tkronch vitk treat djapateh by as K*?raa* Tram, wfcioh ,(*?n Pall Hirer erer* morniac, Mndaya xoeptatl, in 1M o'clock for lioeton aM N#w Bedfoid, arn> n aijte decimation at aboat 11 A M Por freiint or pataac*, a?M ua board, or at the ottoe on Pier No. t Norta Biver For atate room* and bertha aap y on board, or if dourM to a?ctrt them m e<MLnoe, to WJM BOBDEN.A#*t Wand 71 WNtitrMLK V. -JT? _ THE BEG I'LAB MAIL LINK ?C3^^?VIA GBOTON. BTONlNGTON ii^^"aad PROVIDENCE, PUB BOH TON?Inland Rmt?-The atiorteet and noil di reot?Carry u? Eastern Mail. _ eSr? I^comVO^W RALVH?^2"^ "W! i. lama.ln oonnoctioe th? piol,tutor ??ProTjdent>?,ead Boa*on and ProTldeoee Bailroad?, leannx Ne* York -*uj, Pt ten. uciiud, fro? P tar No U North Bitot, at o'eloSTTM., anJ Groum at IJD o'c.occ P. M.. or oa taa arrival ?i ti* Mail Train wkiot leaves Boston *t? * P M. The PLYMOUTH BOCK fro* Nm Vm?Mocdar, w*ctrUM, and Prtdar. Prow Gre"KJSatffis' ? i??.ysjL t? ira^E&^cjeri from Groton roo*^ Mr ralirnad ? ProTldenoa and Boatoc. m Cka Kxpmaa Ma* Train, rraob.r.f taid ptoaa la advaaoe if taaae m othar roata*. and in Mala time lor a>l the early Moralng ooMetlac North aad fcaau t" aenfera that pnfti it, repair; on boc d ' enter, enjoy a nif bta' rtd indiiUrWd braak> mat If daaired, and Inn GroUm m u?1ltl ? Tr*iii, c"ir.pc: r at Providence With ih? l A M. Trgit for tfoatcn. Far* rroai 'rornla-.oe to Newport, Fifty cnu bacrut ntatti Moomp&fiiaa Ue 8teaaa- aad T-ameaek way. For Paaaafe, Bertha, State Room, or Feifk*. Mljom board the altnor, or at the Frea?J CJttoe, Pier U North jtivar, or at the 0i?* * the Ompaay, No. Ill weft at-*et, corner?fT'ortand atraac New York. Fat*.?, WW. FRENCH ^lltt^TTlChnSrMaet raM4TW? large and oeafkt* awono'it of Military Boat* o' all kiadi. whiok thay offer Iro* tea U Mr per oent. below Ua racalar retail r s i ad l ag : IMaamuSt^ y??'a lafaatry ib4 tlta l-or ">aa,0V^i*ieaX'"Sanaal, t to*a, |1 ? r&j&5?s$ ,T""*'". wga.'gife a ^^ sivvstisz A?TMUjt?7 ?T ti* 9ml* "?SSfe

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