Newspaper of Evening Star, October 10, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 10, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ? PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (PUNDAY KXCKPTKDJ AT THE STAA BUILDINGS, W t/ Pvuuilvmi* ??mw and BUvtnik it. 91 W. D. WALLAOH. Papers served In packages by carriers it W i year, sr X7 oents per month. To mall subscribers tbe prloe Is 98 JO a year, m ?4m?cs; S3 fcr sU Booths; SI tor three months; u4 for less than ibree months at the rate of IB ents a week. 81agle copies, o*a c*ht; la wrappers, two cajrrs. 117" Adtsbtiskxxxts should be sent to tbe Ace before IS o'clock no; otherwise they may sot sppesr uaUl the a?xt day. LVTE FROM THE SOUTH. From lste Southern papers we gather the following: tot famous arkansas military board. The New Orleans Delta of the 26th thus stirs ?p tbe military board of tbe " toothpick'' State: Goo. MoCulloch, in his lato proclsmation sailing for 5,000 troops from that Stato, asks for men to be enlisted for three years or for the war; and the board atepa in and aayi the enlistment ahall be bat for one year. The Confederate service baa already Buffered beyond mean re by the imbecility, triokery, or whatever it may be, af Arkanaaa politteiana. tfcCulloeh and Hardee have been compelled to fkll baek from Missouri. The harveat that should have oome of the victory at Oak Hill was not gathered. Everything waa abandoned by us, when the vanquished enemy waa himself abandoning everything. Troops that had fone through that invaluable experience, "the aptism of fire," had to be marched back and mustered out of aervioe; and now that their places are to be filled by untried men, this military board insist* that we shall be crippled in the aame way a year hence ahould the war be protracted. look oct fob brriffwick. Our dispatches this morning concerning the movements of the Linooln fleet will arrest aV tention. We have little doubt of their intention to make a descent upon our coaat at an early day, ifnot within the present week. The account from Richmond ia corroborated by an enigmatical letter received here on Monday from a Southern lady in New York, she having aelected a form of expreaaion to pussle the Linooln officials in case her letter should be intercepted. And now the simple question is, are we prepared to reeeive them? Got. Brown is said to have stated that he bed 10,000 armed men whom he eouUl throw oo the coast in a few hoars' warning. If tbi* be the fact, thej have no business another hoar in the ap-oountry; indeed they should have been here long since, well drilled and prepared for action. If the authorities ever intend to move, thej have no time to spare. We await the result. While the enemy are ab9ut thundering at our gates, we confess we do not like the aspect of affairs at Riohmond-?Savannah Republican. THE C0TT05 HCST. In referense to the aueries of the gunboat commander of Louisville as to how much cotton will be made, and their aim to take all the cotton on the rivers and send it op the Ohio, the Memphis Argus says : The nme design is unquestionably entertained with respect to exposed positions on the Atlantic coast. The campaign will be a regular cotton hunt. Orders should be given for an immediate removal of avirv h*l? af ?n?fnn from every accessible point ia the South, or, if this is impossible, it ought to be burned rather than permit a pound of it to fall into the hands of the enemy. ARKANSAS MAKIfl A SPEC. With complacency the huge robbery ia thus announced : When Arkanaaa weeded from the Union she eame in possession of property to the amount of $35,000,000 Her indebtedness at that time was $3,900,000, leaving a balance of $32,000,000 aoquired by secession, in addition to her other reeouroes. The State has issued war bonds to the extent of $5,000,000, and every dollar of her property is pledged for their redemption. SALTPETER IE ARKANSAS. The Argus publishes the following article from the Nashville Banner : On yesterday we had the pleasure of a conversation with Mr Wm. B. Jones, a oitisen ol Davidson county, from whom we derived some interesting information of the saltpeter minei at the head of W hite river, in Arkansas. Mr. Jones stated that at that point there an two mines, eapable, upon the introduction ol the proper amount of labor, of furnishing 5,00< pounds ef saltpeter per day. At present op erations are oondueied in one of these mines which supplies 1.000 pounds ner day. Th< niter eartn is inexhaustible, ana affords eigh pounds of saltpeter to the bushel. Mr. Jones and Mr. Robert C. fiinkly, o Memphis, who have purchased these eaves, an now engaged in the production of this value ble mineral. They have a contract with thi Confederate Government for 500,000 pounds o sal peter. Mr. Jones thinks that within thirtv davs h will b? able to run oat from twenty to tweDty five hundred pound* of aalpeter per day, pro ided he can got the necessary number or li borer*, to procure which ia the objeet of hi minion to thi* city. ITT It la etated that Geo-ge Leery, Eaq , o Rtatea lalead, eon of Leery, the New York hatter Is eweer of the extensive tract of land upon wblcl the late battle of Bull Run wae fought, and if th Oovernmoat should fell to avert its power ove Virginia, Mr. Leery would loee an Immeaae ea tate there Aa aooo aa the war te over, eertal parties, with the consent of Mr Learv, Intent building an Immense hotel there to aooosnoaodat the curious who will flock thither to inspect th bettle-Held |JT [<aet Sabbath afternoon, while the Unl vet eallst minister at Readaboro', Vt , was In th midst of hie sermon, the entire audience auddea If rushed Into the street to see some elephant* be longing to a traveling ahow, which waa paa*ln| the church The preacher watted patieotiy be hind hie breastwork for a t me, aad then flntahei hla dlac?rse te a small number of hla partahioo era who bad auflelently composed tnelr feeling to return. 11 r The Third Rhoda Island Baslmont. ata tiorwd at Fort Hamiltoa, were paraded on Satur day for the parpone of having the oath or at leg lane administered to them Several of the men rrfuae to take the oatt 80 far aa we understand, n special reason was assigned for this refusal; bi it la gsaerslly ?o ?po*?Kt that tb? disaffected me bars fteeeane tired of military duties and want I go hOOM JET Although Illinois, Indiana, &c , bare don notMy le forwarding troops te tbe war, they hti not yet furnished their full proportion of the ha mlllWe men authorised. Indiana haa <5,000 me la the letd; her quota U3S,000. Illinois haa 31,(K ia the letd, while her qu<xa ia 44,000 But bot Matea, with othera, are 111 lag up aew regimea rapid*. CT Lieut. Cel. Ames B. Eaton, the Commit aery of Subsistence in New York, has been a| posnud Assistant Commissary General, with ti rank ef Lieut. Colonel Cel. Eaton, after tm uatlng at W eat Pel at, entered tbe service In Jul1 1090, M Brevet Second Lieutenant la tbe 4(b ij faatry, ud *u breveted Major during (be Me: leu war. H7" The nit manufacturer* on the Kanaw . ere aeerlv bankrupt, owlag to the late dleaatroi flood, end tbejr deepalr er belay enabled to r belId aad wwae operatleae. It la oaderetoc that the leet la the destruction of propertr wl not fell abort of S90U,000, and alee that there not 1,000 barrels of ealt to be bed on the Kanawb IET Joha Brown, jr , aoa of the leader at He per'a Perry, ta eocceeefaily caavaeelag the regie of Tltoeville, Pa., for picked rlfleaea. Hetrave la grav ahlrt mad trouaere. with large revolver ac boerle knife protruding from hla pock eta. He a large, powerful man, aad la auppoeed to be ma a of moasle, with deeperate resoltrea, anxloi to avenge the death of hla ihther. ITT A geoeral court-martial Is now alttiag Port Hsealltoa. Three prleoaere were tried < Saturday?one private for deeertloa, another I aleeptug ca hla poet, and aa officer for bHng a a-nt without leave. The aeateoc* paaeed la eat eaae will, of courae, aot he prom alga ted until co firmed by the authorltiea. IET" Gee. Mortea, of ladlaaa, haa ailhorlM rw "?* a -*-*? *-- * *- * w i iii u4 (adiaoapolla Railroad, md 8 M. Ar?r AnlitMl ^uperioteadeat of lb* Indiana Centr Railroad, to raioa a re* 1 moot for the war compooi of railroad employees 57* A Ana la RoyUotoa, Mao , la fnrniabli 30 (MO bavonacka lm la Walorbary baa eoouaet for arar bu'.tooa which wUI take IS u pounds at braaa metal Contracts far epaalett mt? alaa boon jfieeo to thoai tnd other parties I WiUbary, amoontlag U> S1U0,QU0 Q7* Tw? paper* la Lewistoa, Main*, (tho Ai ?nd Republican; hare I a to eat cci % / 0 (Etain$ PE i 9 V?fe. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. OCTOBER 10. 1861. . N?. 2.696. AFFAIRS Iff KENTUCKY. From the Louisville Journal we take the following: Bcrkstillb, Oct. 1.?About a week since a oompany of cavalry came front Tennessee to Albany, and took some 33 muskets and goods. Lut Saturday some cavalry and infantry reaehed Albany from Camp Dick Robineon; nd Sunday 57 of the former went out to Travlsville, 12 miles from Albany and surprised : some Tenneaseeans, among whom were 27 men i from Montieello and Wayne county. Seven were killed?Hon. John S. Chisman, Jas. Sanflys, (nephew of Cbisman,) Shelby Coffee, Coleman Coffea, and three others. The attacking party lost Done. A correspondent writes from Woodsonville, Oct. 1st: This is at present the headquarters of the advanoe of Buckner's army; they onlj stop here temperarily, and, as soon as that little band of Datch and abolitionists at Muldraugh's Hill can be decoyed down here and wiped out, they will "on to Louisville." The army here is composed of some 2,000 soldiers from Camp Boone and Burnett, and Burnett, and about 1,000 men from various parts of Kentucky, who have joined the army since its arrival hete. They are armed with all manner of weapons?rifles, shot guns, flintlook and percussion muskets, pistol, knives, outlasses. and a few Minie muskets. They are clad variously, some have good clothes, some bad?all have only the clothing furnished by themselves. But for the belts and other trappings a large proportion of them oould not be reoognized as ether than citizens who had been engaged in some dirty work in a country where soap and water are unkown. They have a few cannon (6 to 8) here, smoothbored brass field pieoes?o and 12-poundors? and are planting them so as to oommand the various positions across the river; and, with a strong force, their position here would be a good one. The camp is behind the railroad, which at this point is a deep cut to the river, that passes them between high bluffs with no available crossing accessible below. The fords are not gaod above, and the bridges have all been destroyed; so that an attacking force will have to cover their crossing with artillery, or cross abeve with considerable inconvenience, the country being mountainous and the roads bad- Unless largely reinforced, however, they will not, cannot make a stand here, but will blow up the railroad bridge (its piers are already charged with powder), which cost the company about $230,000, and retire on the advance of the Federal forces. [Special dispatch to the Louisville Journal.] Camp mrlnrai'gh, Oct. 3.?This morning the regulars and the Louisville Legion were under marching orders. Tents were struck, baggage packed, and many of the boys were fully ready and eager for an advance, when news oaine from headquarters that the order was countermanded. Col. Crittenden's regiment, 6th Indiana, now several miles below us on the railroad, also had orders to march, which were in like manner countermanded. Meaitwhile, the enemy have certainly given up all idea of an offensive movomentin this direction, I anil Kara tnvniwl nttantinn avnliiiivals 11\ nuu W<?T v VUI UVU kyvii nvwuvtvu VAVylUJtT UIJ w Uie country between Bowling Green and the i Ohio river The object is plainly to overrun all Southern Kentucky, reduce or coeroe the people into becoming partner* of their treason, and in effect convert that whole section of the State into rebel territory. Shameful and disgraceful as the faot is, it is useless to deny that hundreds, who have hitherto called themselves Union i men and voted the Union tioket, are flocking to the rebel standard with stolen arms in their hands. At present it appears not impossible F that Buckner will succeed in his design of i erecting the country south af Green river into i a stronghold of rebellion, whence he can deal destruction to the loyal portions of the State ; At all events, he can well afford a ' masterly r inaotivity," for every day'? delay spreads the ) virus of treason more and more through the counties exposed to him, and strengthens his , position. He has left but a email force at Green5 river bridge, and these, it is snid, are busily ? I _ a f_ j s At i i J .L i engaged in deepening me couuuei iiua oostructing the fords, so m to prevent the pasf sage of oar troops. They have also drawn a s number of bolts and screws from tho bridge, - weakening, though not destroying it. Bucki ner in person, at the head of bis best troops, f is soouring the country, occupying the most important places, reduoing the principal towns e to rebel sway, and preparing the way for the formal annexation of Southern Kentucky to the Confederate States. Either a bogus revo lotion will be gotten up and a division of the a State attempted, or else Gov Magoffin and the seoeuion members of the Legislature will go down there and eall themselves the Governf ment. The latter plan will be adopted if, , through apostaey or cowardice, a majority of 3 the Legislature should sneak away from Frank8 fort. r >- UL^ The great overland expedition which Q started for gbanghae last February, for India, via 1 China and Thibet, returned to the place of depare ture on the 9th of July, unsucceeful In accome pushing Its object, In consequence of the hostility of the native*. r- |T3" The armament of the twenty-three gune boats building by private contract Is to consist of i- one 10-1 neb pivot gun amldshlp*, one 20-lb. bore * rifle gun on the forecastle, two heavy 32-lb. shiftt lng guna on truck carriage*, two braaa 211b howitzers for close quarters JET" A monkey, owned by an Edinburgh shopl" keeper, lately snatched from Its mother's arms a * baby, twelve months old, and with its teeth and nalla nearly tore the child to pieces before It could i- be rescued. GIT The rejected hymn* of the National Com? mlttee are about to be published, some of the best a and some of the worst of the 1200 contributions, ? vtrbaiim tt literatim, with a little of the original 11 music. Cy The colored prostitutes of Charleston, 8. C , subscribed 1430 for the Southern Confederacy. The Young Men's Christian Association clieerfully accepted It?perhaps some of the youths an'? expectedly got their money returned in the fund _ mr According to the statistics given in the w. Catholic Almanac, there are 344.500 Catholics b In the seceded States, and 2,906.000 in the loyal a portion of the Union. ITT- The Richmond printers have raised the price of composition from 30 to 35 cents per 1,000 * ems, and the proprietors pay tt In consequence of ? the increased price of all the necessaries of life. 1. {?7* The flrst locomotive ever run on a railroad y Is still la existence, in Darlington, Eog . and la ?. an object of great curiosity. It bears the date K. 1835 U7" The English cotton mills are reducing j* their running time The Blackburn mills are j? averaging four days a week, and the Glasgow ?. mills about forty hours a week. <d |fTCertala persons, tt Is said, are endeavoring ii to revive id rane me use 01 *ne runerai pyre una la tbe prea*rvatlq| of the aahea of tbe dead la urna, a. instead of the ayatem of inhumation, f- ITT"Tbe Chiefs of tbe Delaware* la Kansas have >n declared themselvee la favor of the Ualoa, aad 'la bsvs addreaaed thirty other trlbea of Indians, id calling upon them to eta ad by theaters and atrlpea. ' U7" An acre of cotton, of luxuriant growth, at tracta gr^at attention la ooe of the rural wards of u Philadelphia,which,were tbe eeason about thirty d*ya longer, would prove an entire ausceaa 11 ITT"One hundred thouaand blanket* are underx> stood to be new at tbe dlspneal of tbe government, ?( froaa purchase abroad, for distribution among tha h- armv. lU~ Fresh strawberries were picked la Benson, Vt , last Saturday, being the second crop of the ? >C7" The subscriptions to the National Loan In J Hi ode Island alreadv amouat to 1,000,000, and 11 the rare! uts ahow no Callloff off id ICT Tb? pfaaaura of the tliMi bM left but two spiritual papara Hi ?l*eaee In tbla country?tbc Hrnkl a/Progreaa and tbe Banner of Light AT* Tb# cranberry eroa of Maaaacboeetta li JO ?ald to U rtrf abort thla Taar, bat prlcea arc H low?oaly M and S7 par bbl. In ITFThe nuab?r of troop* now remaining in tbc State of New York la tbe Tsxloua encitnpi roe on la nearly aeriolffs tfeouaaad. a- ILT Mr. WiUaui* Aator. of New York, bai M)baaHb?d far ?M,000 of tbe 7 JO aotaa. SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. PuHtshtd in conformity with the ritoiut'on oj the Senate of July 10, 1861 At General Hotpital on K street, between Fourth and F\/tk streets, Washington, Oct. 4. 1st Excelsior Brigade. 2 9th Maine Volunteers . 9 2d do ao.... 8 2d New HampsblreVol 5 3d do do.... 2 1st Michigan Vol 1 8th New York Vol.... 1 2d do do 3 24th do do 3 3d do do I 25th do do 1 4th do do 3 31st do do 1 5th do do 1 35th do do 1 8th do do 4 36th do do 3 Stockton's Michigan 37 h do do...... 1 Independent Rifles. 4 46th do do 5 2d Wisconsin 1 8$>th do do 1 1st California I lit Massachusetts Vol. 1 1st N ir. Cavalry 2 9th do do.... 1 lit Kentucky Cavalry. 3 10th do do.... 1 1st Indiana Cavalry... 2 18th do do.... 9 27th do do 1 19th do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 3 n J If - A J _ . _ ? A A J IT U r? *u v ermuni uo.(oj u s. toysiry i 4th do do 2 5th do do (fc) 1 5th do do.... 1 lat Chasseurs. 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 3 Baxter's Fire Zouaves I 23d do do.. * Berdan'sSbarpshooters 1 26th do do.. 1 Harland'a Cavalry.... 1 27th do do.. 1 19th Indiana Infantry- 4 30th do do.. S lit U. 8. Artillery.... 1 3Lit do do.. 1 O. C. Volunteers 2 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 Total 101 3d do do...... 1 (a) Including an officer. (6) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Qtorgitovm, Oct. 2. 2<feU. 8. Infantry 2 0th Penn. Vblunteers. 1 4th do Cavalry ...(a) 1 3d do do 2 2d Maine Volunteers.. 5 9th do do...... 7 6th do do 3 6th do do 2 9th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 12th do do 1 14thN.Y.Volunteers..22 26tb do do 1 24th do do 7 1st do Artillery... 3 29th do do...... 1 1st do Cavalry 1 33d do do...... 3 4th do do 1 Slat do do...(ft) 2 Kentucky Cavalry.... 2 18th do do 1 lit Long Island Vol... 3 35th do do 1 Teamster 1 Garibaldi Guard* 1 19th Indiana (?)12 Moiart 1 2d Vermont 2 1st Fire Zouaves 1 19th Massachusetts.... 1 Tammany 2| Mo.t's Artillery 2 Excelsior Brigade.... 2t3d Vermont 11 3d Excelsior Brigade. 1 Stb Wisconsin 9 1st Michigan Vol..... 5 6 h do,............ 6 2d do do 4 33d Pennsylvania 15 3d do do...(e) 6 4th do do...(rf)18 Total 176 1st Minnesota Vol .... 2 (a) One officer. (b) Two officers. (?) One officer. (d) Four officers. (?) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Ott. 4. 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 2 12th Penn. Volunteers . 2 13th do do 4 |27th do do 3 14th do do 13 35th do do 1 17th do do 1 45th do Legion 1 18th do do 1 McLane's Regiment.. A 19th do do 2 Harlan's Cavalry 1 22d do do 5 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 23d do do 3' 19th Indiana Vol 1 24th do do 2 21st do do 1 25th do do 1 1st Michigan do 2 26th do do 1 2d do do 2 33d do do 10 3d do do 4 35th do do 2 4th do do 15 t /ill * J ? a - ?? ? - ? ? ? torn ao ao 1 ntocKion'tinap'iKeg. V 79th do do 6 2d Wisconsin Vol 5 Mozart Regiment 3 5th do do 1 5th Reg Exoela'r Brig. 1 6th do do 1 Bock wood's Battery.. 1 1st Minnesota do 1 2d bong Island Vol... 1 lit California do 15 Mott't Battery 2 Guide to Smith's Brig. 1 2d Maine Volunteers..11 Teamsters 3 fith do do 4 Hostler . 1 id Vermont do 5 Officer's servant 1 3d do do 14 5th U S Artillery 2 9th Mass ' do 4 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 1st Penn. Artillery.... 2 2d do Volunteers . 1 Total 178 3d do do 3 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, Oct. 4. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 5; 1st Penn. Artillery.... 1 3d do do 3 iflth do Volunteers . l 5th do do 4 31st ds do 4 lOttkMass.Volunteers.17 33d do do 25 14 th do do 3 1st New Jersey Cavalry 6 19th do do 1 2d do Vol.... 1 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 3d do do.... 2 6th Connecticut Vol.. 2 5th do do.... 4 7ib do do .. 2 7th do do.... 1 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. 6 1st New York Cavalry. 1 1st do Vol 5 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 3 2d do do 8 8th do do...... 1 4th do do 2 9th do do 1 7th do do 6 11th do do 1 8th do do...... 3 14th do do 1 Stockton's Mich.Vol..10 18th do do 1 2d Wisconsin Vol 2 Jttd do do b|5th do do b 25th do do...... l|6th do do 6 32d do do...... 1 1st Minnesota do 2 33d do do 8 1st California do 3 35th do do 6 19th Indiana do 11 36th do do 1 27th do do 7 37th do do 1 1st U. 8 Chasseurs ... 2 43d do do 1 3d do Infantry 1 46tb do do 1 4th do Cavalry 1 Sickle* Brigade, N Y. 3 Linn Cavalry 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 2 Berdan'sShsrpshooters 1 Garibaldi do do.. 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 De Kalb do do.. 1 13th Penn. Volunteers. 1 Total 309 At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Oct 4. 4th Cavalry 1 1st Infantry 3 5th do 5 2d do 3 1st Artillery 9 3d do 3 2d do 10 8th do 1 3d do 12 Quartermaster's Dep't 3 4th do 3 ? 5tn do 5 Total 58 At Qentral Hospital, Alexandria, Oct 4. l6thNew Yerk....(a)33 5th Maine 10 27th do (b) 9 32d Pennsylvania 3 17th do 16 5th New Jersey....(e) 2 18th do 6 Lincoln Cavalry 3 33d do 18 1st Minnesota 2 30th do 7 1st New Jersey 1 40th do 12 2d Wisconsin 3 38th do 11 2d Vermont 1 37th do..... 1 2d Michigan 1 25th do 5 3d do :i 31st do 9 Young's Cavalry 1 79th do 1 1st Artillery, U.S.A.. 1 15th do 1 2d do do.... 4 2d Maine 1 2d Cavalry, U. 8 A... 1 3d do 12 4th do 10 Total it* (?) One Captain. (6) One Lieutenant, (c) On< Lieutenant. ITT Washington paper* please copy and send i bins to the W ar Department. oet 9?3t j^MRRMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. two.000. C#m Mfair O strut mmd Lomuitmm *., *mt Bmml Fsrttariia. IHDUKfi HUUBE.BANUUTUKK PROPERTY , A?AIN8T LOBS BY FIRE. fttoh%rd.Jodm, John 1). Ba.roI!,, JaoobGideon, Audrew Rothwell, Tbo*. Pwker. R.-hardjlijrry, B. B. Krenoh, Dr. O. WVjDavi*. No oharg* for Poiioiee. ? JAMBS ADAMS, President AinO. Dati*. Secretary. m 9eo4w CARRIAGE*. ' HE Sabaoriber having made addition* to bii factory, making it now on* of th* largest > La the Diatriot, where bie faciiitte#G^^HR 1 for maauJaotunng CARRIAGES aod*S3K? LIGHT wagons of all kind* cannot be ear ( : MMeed. and from hi* loaf experience in the b?*in*?,he npe* to fir* gwwnu wmefhotion. All kind* of Carriage* and Light Wagon* kepi , ?A11 REPAIRS Mtttr dona, and all ?rMp , ""rr- ,J3sEa&greL 1 TRI8H POPLINS AND NIT UK.n.? '*n|'ur pn? ?!> Ba>K. JOHNSTON, UTimoRE LOCI UOSPITA L,

N>i ditt&9*r$d lii most C*rt*in, Spitdf tmd mUf Eff$ttn*l Htmtdf t? th* World, FUR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WiikUM sf ?? Back, hneimi, Afftctioot ?f tht Hdatyt lid lUidi: 3iNUr|M, Impottacv, Otatrtl Dtbility, N?t.?ouao?M, j?io?piy, Lanraor, Coofaaioo f ldit?, Low Sptr.-j, ?.-.'piu;toii of tht Httrt, Timidity, Trinbluifi, OimutM of Stfbt or OiddiotM, DiHiH of lb* ltd, Tfcroat, Nuii or Skin, Afietioot of tht Lmn, Storotea or Bowtlt?thin Ttrrib.t Ditordtrt tnnnr froa Solitary Habitt of Tooth?ihttt Drtadfai tnd Dmrocti*! Prte(kn which rindtr Marriart impottiblt, tnd dtatroy both Body tod Mind. YQUNQ MEN Eaptci\Uy who ht?t bicomi thi victim of Solitary Tict, thai driadfal tnd dtatractivt habit which aimaalW twttpt to ?a aatimiy fran thoaatudt of Yowrf M?n of tht Boat tttlud utiinti and brilliant intalltci, who inifhl othtrwitt hawt tntranetd Uittmcg Seuatct with tbt thsridift of t!oqainet ir waktd to tcttacy tht living lyrt, may call wi'.h fill ronldtnta. MAURI AWE. Mahkiid Pirsoni, or Yoang Men c*otemplatlcf Marriage, being >*iri of physical weakaeaa, erganit debility, derormitiee, he., epeedilv cured. Ha who placet himeelf under tha cara / Dr. J. may reliri ely confide in hia honor aa a gentleman as J caoldently relj upon hia akill aa a phyeician. OFFICE No. 1 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand aide going froaa Baitimora atraat, a faw dacra from tha corner. rail not to obeer?e nam* and nrnmbar Leuere man ba paid and coutaic a etamp. DR JOHNSTON, Membar af tha Royal College of Surgeon*, London, crad ata from on a of tha moat eminent College* in th* United taiaa, and (ha gr*at*r p*rt of whoaa lifa haa baan apant is tha hospital* of London, Paria, Philadelphia and elsewhere, haa effected aoma of the moat aetonuhiog ear** that wara *?er br.own, many tronblad with nnginr to tha head and aara whan aaleap; great ner?oueneee, being alarmed at aadden sounds, baehfulneee with frequent blushing, aometimaa with derangement of mind, war* cured mmdiataiy. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Men and othara who ha?a injured tbemaeWee by a arum practice indulged in wheu alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companion*, or at achocl, tha Mecta of whica are ntpfctly felt e?en when aelaap, and if not cored, randere marriage impossible, and deetroye both mind ana bodr, should apply irnmediatalT. These are eoma of tha aad and melancholy effeete produced oy early naoite 01 youtn, vti: niiiiiiu 01 in* rnci ana Limb*, Paint in tilt Head, Dimneaa of Sight, Lota of Powar, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyepepey, Nervoae irritability, Derangement of the Digeative Pnocuont, General Debility, Syaiptome of Coneumptioo, 4c. M *HT?LLT.-The fearful <8 ecu on the mind arc much ta be dreaded?Loae of Memory, Confueion of Idias, Depreeeioo f 8pmte, Evil t'orebodinge, Avereion of Society, Belf-Dietruat, Love of Solitude, Timidity, etc., ere eoroe of tbe evile produced. Nirtoui DKBILITT.?Thouande can new Judge what ie tbe caoae of their declining health, loeing their vigor, becoming weak, pale, nervoue and emaciated, having a lingular appearance about the eyee, cough or eymptonie of eonemmpM. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the mieguided and imprudent votary of pleaeure lode he h?? imbibed the eeeda of thie painful diaeaae, it too often happene that an ill-umed eenie of ehnme or dread of dieeorery detere him from apply ing to thoee who, from education and reepectahility, can alone befriend him. He falle into the haada of iguorant and deeigning pretendere, who, incapable ef curing, filch hie pecuniary eul>etanee, keep him tnling month alter month, or ae long ae the emalleet fee can be obtained, and in deepair leave nim with ruined health to eigb ever hie galling dieappointment; or by the uee of that deadly poieon?Mercury?bnaten tbe eouetituuosal eymptome of thie ternble dieeaae, euch ae Affection! of the Heart, Throat, Head, kia, Ac., prorreeeing with frightful rapidity, till death pate a per lad te hie dreadful eufferlnge by eending himt a ihat ?noeecevered country from wheee ktune no traveler retarne. DK. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY y thla fi*a. ai.d important ramady waaknaaaaf tb arg am ?M tpaadlly Ctrad ana fall rigor rtcarad. Tkaaaaoda *7 th? Ht nirnu uid dtbihtatad, *bi hid laal ail bapa, ka?? kaan tmmsdiataly ralia vad. All impadlraanti ta Marrlaft, Fhyaical m Mantal Diaqaallf?aliana, Uta ?f Pracraatiaa rowir, Htrraaa Irritability. Yranobliof and Wukniu ar KnauuM sf tba CMCI faarfai kind apaadily carad. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HB PRESS. T*1 Mart Thouu^D! carad at thia iostitatiaa vitbla laat aavaotaan yaara, and tba uamaraaa important Sarfiaai aptrauaoa parformtd b? Dr. Johnatao, witnauad by tba tapartara at tbapaparaand many atbar paraona, naticaa af wliiah h??? apptarad again and again ba/ora tba tabhc, ba Mil kia atanduig aa a gantlaraan ?! cbaracur ana raipoualHlity, la a ?a>ai?nt gsarantaa ta tba aMictad. mar 18-ly NOTICE. invnmMK 'ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY" This Company offers to the public** Unequalled Advantages'' fur the Safe an t Quick l iapatch of Heavy Ft eights Packages, Valuables, Money, to. Ac., to all parts of the United Slates. Kxpresses to and from the North and West depart from and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Expresses are in charge of experienced and reliable Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers carried at "oni half" our ui-ual rates. All Go< ds for the so-called "Confederate States" and all Artioles * Contraband of War" will be kkfcskd. Ou' Expresses leave New York at 1,5, and 6 P. M.j^arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 5.30 Vvnrsaasa Inavs P k il a/UUki. o A &l i uakik/w w i uiiBUT ipiiia o?w /! in* &uu 11 P. >!., arriving in Washington at 5 30 P. M. and 8 A? M Kxpressea Imy? Baltimore at 4 30 A. M. and 3 P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 5 3D P. M. Expresses for all point* North and Went leave Washington at 73) A. M. and 2JO P. M. daily. Special Contract* for arge quantities of Freight can be made on application to this ?'ffioe. All tioods sailed for and delivered Jrt* of Extra charges. E. W. PARSONS, Sop't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August 23. 1861. an 23 tf Ywood and coal. OU Will surely ret yonr money's worth by calling at the PIONEER MILLS, *?mthwttt cor ntr of Stvtntk strut and Canal, (6EO. PAGE, Agent.) The? sell oheaper and give better measure than any others in the city?out, split, and delivered free of charge. If yon don 11 eiieve , t ve the Pioneer Mills atria., and be satisfied. T-lt.T Buurs AHV BHUbS TU BUT VII TUCKS. Wiire now manufaoturiai all kit of BOOTS and SHOES, and oor.atantly reoeivicc ( pp.7 of eastern mad* work of every de- HI onvtiua. made *xpre??'.j to order, and willW ] be eold at a much lower ar<oe than baa been* haseiofore charged in this oity for maoh inferior Persona la want of BooU and Shoe* of eaatern er lty made work, will alwaya And a jood aaaortrora (a store and at ta* >ewe*t pnoes. Sit* as a oall. RIFFIN * BRO? Ul' St4 P?nnr*'v?nia avenaa. RMY SUPPLIES. JUST RECEITKD? 480 cans SAL SAUK MKAT, 1 240 cans FRESH TOMATOES, 4fr'oan< FRKSH VEAL, I 360 cans iiEKF, a ia madit, i 340 cans ROAST BEEF, aeooans FRESH MUTTON, 340oans BFEPand GRAVY, 340 oans SOUP and BOUILLf, 1 an oases FRENCH DESS1CATED VEGE TABLES. For sale at New York Factory prices, t KING & BURCHELL, se t Corner 1 and Fifteenth streets. i H.ISTORY of ^^Unite^^etherlanda, by John Lnthrna M Q waU K? mail * The ftiaeof (he'Dutoh' fcef nblieT'a luitory, by j ^ohn Lothrop Motley; Svoj oioth; free by mail, ? Silaa Marner, the ffeint of Ravelol, by the anthor of "Adam Bode j" oloth 7i|oenu ; paper * oanU. I Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop 1 Serjeant; tlx). After loeberga with a Painter, a Sumner Voyaaa to Labrador and Newtoandland; by Rev Loan L. Nob e; The Manufacture of Photopenic or Hydro-Car bon Oile. by Thomas Antiaell, M. O.; 91.75. Any or the above free by mail. _ FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN, ay 24 aTS Penoa. avenue. ~ BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeived within the iaat day or two a larre aMortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embraeinc all attlea of low-priced, medium, and fine qualltiea, which we are aellinf a t very low pnoee for oaeh. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 349 Pa. av.. between 9th and 10th ate. m g Mntelluenoer ejid Rnynblion.> pRIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS aud COUNTERPANES.all aiieeanc ?ua!i ti?a. Bed Comfort*. Sheetinca. Pillow Linen? and OvttoiiB, To wela. Napkin*, Tabie Clothe, Tiokin*?, l>oyliee, Ac. AH at our p'overbial.y low prioee, marked in plain fi?urea. New oomera, atraDtera, aojonrnera aid aitigeni wiU inapeot oar atoek at pleeeare. PERRY A BRO , I ae n-St Penn. avenne and 9th at.. 1 /W\AT THE OLD PAWN OFPICE.^^ ' Z.' sjsi* i eoth ?t .?>>oi.,t??wWtO<fc?" HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ' HIGHLY CONCENTRATED Compound Fluid Extraot Buchu, A Potitiv and Sptctjie Rftntdf For Diaeaaaa of tb* BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL,lid DROPSICAL S WECLINtiS. Tbia Madioine ln?r?MM the of Dictation, ard exoitea the ABaoBBXXTa into healthy aotion, by which the witiit ok c?lce*ocs depoai iod?, and ail usjiatcbal bnl bobm ma afe rednixd, aa well aa paj5 and iniLikMATioit, and u food f6r MKNi WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weaknesses Arising from Kio?iim, Habit* of Dissipatitn, Early li diier-twa or AKuse. Attended vrttk the Following Symptom/: Indisposition to Exertion, Loss of Power, "? of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nerves, Trembling, Horror of Disease, Wakefui ne*r, Dimness of Vision. Pain in the Ba?k, Universal Lassitude of the Muscular System, Hot Bauds, Flushing of Ike 8' dy, Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on the Faoe, PS. LID COIJlfTBHAJtCE. These sympt* m?. li a owed to go rn. whioh tkis medioine invariably removes, soon fo lows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of tekick the Patient may Expire. Who oan say that th?y are rot frequently fol lowed by those"?ibbftl diseases." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are a?a s of the eaneeof thMr suff ring, but SOU* WiLL COftFiSSTHE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And th' Melanekoly DeatKi by Contumption. BBA* IMrLI WITBFSS TO TBI TSUTH OF TH* assamnon. THE COIM8T1TI'TION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the a d of medioine to strengthen and I&vigorate the System, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU inrariably does. A t8ial will COJiVISCE thb m0?t skkptlcal, FEMA LES- FEMA L ES? FBMA L ES, OLD OR VOUN?. SINGLE. MARRIKD, OR CONTfcMPLATLNG MARRlAGK. In Many Affections Peculiar to Ft malts the Kxtract Buonu is u&nu&.I <1 by any other r?ni?n1y, a* in chloroaia or Ket?Dti>a, lrr gu amy, Paiiifulueas, or Muppreaaion o> Customary fcvaon&tioLn. ILof rated or Sohirrone atate of th? Uterua, I.eucor'hea or Whit>e, Sterility, and for all ooinplaiata meidett to the cex, whether analog from lnalaoretion, Habit* of Diaaipa'-ioa, or m tie DECLINE OH CHANGE SF LIFE! six sniPToMa ABOVK. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no mors Balsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Mediant for Unpleasant and Dangerous Diseases. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV CCKK8 SECRET DISEASES In alt tlieir Biagea; At little Bxfenae; Little or no onaugejo Diet; No inooavenieDoe; ilihi m n - ? It cauaea a fre*u nt deaire a&d givea atrer.fth to Urinate, thereby Removing O bat< uctiona. Preventing and Curing Striotarea of the Urethra. Allaying rainar.d inflammation, *o frequent in the olaaa of diaea?ea, and expelling ad Poisonous, Diseased, and worn out Matter. thousands vpoh thocsand# WHO HAVE BE EX THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who hare paid heavy Jees to beoured in a abort time, have fjuni ta?y were deceived, and Uiat tho "poison" hae, by the uae of"povetrful a.'trtnients" been uri?d up in the ayatem, to breaz out in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAOE. U?? HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU for all affeot?ona and diaeaaea of the UKINARY URGA.M, whether exiating in MALE OR FEVIALE, from whatever oauae originating and no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diaeaaea of theae Orrana reaulre the aid of a Di VEBT1C. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, , and it isoertain to iiavs the desired effect ia all Diseases/or tthick %t it recommended. EVIDENCE OP TBE MOST BBBPOHBIBLB ABD BB< LIABLE CHARACTER will aooompany the medicines. CERTIFICATES OF CURES, From 8 to 90 years' staodiac, with Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. PHYSICIANS'' PL MASS "NOTICE." WE MiKI "HO BECBBT" OF "IHGBBDIBBTS." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU isoompoeed of iluchu, Cu^bs and Juniper Bernei selected with great oars by a oompetent drum at. PREPARED IN TACUO, BY U. T. HELHBOLD, Praotical and Analytioal Chemist, and Sole Mao ulecturer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeareo oefore me, an Alderman o the city <JI Philadelphia, H. T. Hblbbold, wh bein? duly swo c.doii tay. his preparations oon 1 tain no narootio, no mercury, or outer lnjuriou drags, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HELMBOLD. Sworn una snbaenbfd brfore rn?. Ltai? iad d&v c November, 1864. WM. t. fllBBLKD. Aider man, Ninth ?t.. a rove Kim, Phil*, PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE 1 FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Price SI per bettle, *r six tor 91, iMirered to an; address, securely paoked fro? observation. Adilreaa lettets for information In oonfidwo* to H. T. HELMBOLD, Ckentiu, Depot, 104 Sonth Tenth ?t., below Chestnut, PkiU \ NEWARK OF COUNTERFEITS AKD UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who endeavor to dispone "of their own" ui 4*otner" Articles on Uis rep station attained by HtitpboWt G^nuimt Pripamtxom, " " Extract ButAm, ?* ' " Sart opart lia. " " lmprvctA R?4 Watk. 8 jld by 8. B Wajt*, Z. D. Gilkaii, Jomi Wilit. 8. C. Fo&i>, 8. B. fcjrrwuTLs, B. C M ajok, Kidwiu. k. Lavkbmcb, J. ft. Muoi I Vinh.untorn ud Gaorgatuvn* AND ALL DMUGVIkTS ETEMYWHBME. ASK FOE HSLMBOLD'8. TAKE HO OTHHB. Cat oat the a4v?rtuenrat and mtmi lor it. AND AVOID IvpCSiriON and ?X?0*UKE ' D??fr%tySympiam* *? *11 Communications, t araa Ga?r?atecd; Atfrlc* Or?U? : Hi* THE WEEKLY STAR. coafell'.** greater variety 1 latwaHat readl*C cu b? foaad la Uf attaaa la pMkM on Friday mora lag. Single copy, par iftBUi .J$l Five copiea 4 71 Tea copiea * 9 99 Twefity-|?f oopiea. ...?........... B ? It lavarlaMy aaatalaa the " Waafclaftaa W<aa' ao generally tbrwifknt tba cooatry CT" 81a*le ooplaa (la wiappaia) eaa to procured at tbe couatar, Immediately after Ik* tana of ta* paper Prtoa?THREE CENT?. PROPOSALS FOR 1NDIAM OOOS. ?^araa? ssisrscvt P*alip PkoroAAL*, eoduraod ** rri|ii i ?or led M. (Claael, 3, S ?f 4 utbl MM Mf b?,l to bodelirorod ij tk oity <fl K?*Y"ik, ml bo wee;red at the Oaoe of Id^imAIu'* FH " o'e ook a. m . on Batvbbat, tke tfth ur of Oo obor noxt, for finUaiuiv tho 7ollowi?f oa*ed bftioieo: Cuu No. 1. Mi'lrtnv F nnJfll, Gtki. ?Hi Lhf Ottdl. 3 too m>" Ijomt vbito Maokioao Maoketa. to w fSr^a ?KVsksi jarttusn: BMiurt 64 by ? iaob?e.aad *?rt ^kki 1,000 paire 3-point whit# Maok.nac blaakota, to om?m 42 bj 56 lDOhee, Bod vriik Idtf lb*. 800 paira iHi romt white Moekita^ Monkete, to mea.ure 38 by 50 l?ab*e. Bad we?ck 4tt ido. 500 paira 1-pcint while Maokinac b aofceta to BiM-uroS by 4C inokM, Borfvoick Sk lbo 900 paira S point oMrlM MBokiBBO tktlMi, to m"*?or? 60 bjr 72 in ;h?e, Md weigh pou t.d? 9B0 firm ?H poiat eooMet Mackinoe b or ke'a, ui?aaare M by ? ir.ckoe, and woifk < powade 25P pa-re 3 point aoorlot Maokiaao VUake a. to meaaure 43 by 56 mo bee, aad wei?h iU I ha. 250 pairs 1 point eoarlet Maeklrae KWok-Oa, to uivunre 3B by 46 laokee, a ,d wei?k Ui .be. 100 paira aolnt traai Mtakiaaa Htatau. I* measure 66 b? 64 ineh?a, aad with 10 the. 60r> p?iir? S yoiat graea Mackinac blaaketa. te mean>1 re 60 by 78 inc hea. aad weigh ? p4Wi 600 paira 2X point green Ntck nac hianketa. to maeaore M by 86 icehea. and weigh 6 poaade 200 pair a sh point bin* Maekinaa blaak?U, to meaaare ? by S4 ftoohea, aad weigh 10 pound* Son pairs 3 point indigo biua Mackinac blaaketa, to m?a?u ~e 60 by 73 me baa, aad weigh I I be. 300 pair* 2^-polnt indigo biaa Mackinaw blaaketa. to maaaare 54 by iaaaaa.aad weigh 6poonda 200 pairs SS-point gantinalia Wee Maokiaaa d ankata. to meaaura 66 by 64 iaahea, aad weigh 10 poanda 500 paira 3 p >int gantinalia Mm Mackinac hiaaketa, to meaaare 60 by 73 mehaa. aad weigh poarda 400 paira 3J< point gaBtiaalla blaa Mackinac oiankata, to meaaare M by 61 taokaa. aad wauh 6 ponada 350 paira3 point gentinel'a Wee Mackinac Haak? ta, to maaaara it by a iaahaa. aad weigh 5\ pouida 9W paira IK point gantinrtla Mae Mackinac b.a? keta, to maaaare X ky iaahaa, aad weigh m poanda 150 paira 1 point gentinella blae Maokinac biaakrte. to mraaare at ky 46 taokaa, and weigh Sl4 poarda. ,wo yarda lane* iiat blae olotk 500 do do greeo eloth 3,000 do grey lift blaa oloth S.o? do saved Hat blaa eloth do do aoarlet olotk 1,200 do do green oioth ino p ?undF worsted yarn. <3 fo'd) imiium r..i'?n nag uiiuwiwuii inn do itdct cotton 50 do blacfc silk 100 do 8 4 ootton ihkWlf ino do 6-4 do 80 do 4-4 do luo do * 4 woolen do at* pounds linen tkraftd. No. SO gross wor?ted gartering 40.000 yards caliOO ?.we do Merrimno oaitoo ' 7,000 do Turkey red cftlioo ? .??? do bin* dn!.iaf lO.iOi) Co osuaborgs 7.5no do brown drilling 5 no? do Gwrril str 1 pes 5flH> do b ue d- mmi 5.000 do oottjnade It 500 ao bed tioking 5.000 do Kettaoky jeans l.Vfl d ? saunrtu 10,000 do ?ltid linseys 9 5u0 do b eacr ed ?hirttr.| do domect;o shirung, onNeechec iyuO' do do abeetiac, do 1,000 do blenched do 10^.00 do brown ootton dnok do ohecka, stripes, aDd p.aids 2.000 0O flaDels, assorted l,noo pounds ootton thread l,non do brown killing twine, No. ?n no do ootton maitre l^n twilled flicnei shirt* 1,8M oaitoo skirts V* dozen hickory shi'ta 160 ?o Mndrns han^kerohiefk Class No. ft. Rtmdt mod* CUtkma. 175 frock oonts, indigo bins bronco loth 175 enotaloons, do do 50 indigo bine Mackinac blanket capotes 175 bine snUnett ocas 179 do pantaloons 75 oadet-mixed satinett coats 78 do do pantaiooaa 976 gray sattnett ooats, (tack > M do putaloou xn do tnu. Clam No. 1. H*rdwart, Atncultufl lmjitmmtt, #*. 4,0on pound? bra** kectie* 400 tia kettle*, (6 use*) 128 cMti Japacned kettle*, (I la a Mat} 375 oamp kettle*, (3 ?* *) 17Sdu?en 2 *uart tin pas* 160 d> sen 3 **art tic pans 20 do 8 *uart do srs do Un caps 1?0 do Kuvavli 70 do fi*k book* ?? do fi*h hue* 780 gross needle*, assorted 876 oom ooarae tooUi oomh* 75 do ine tooth oonb* 60 do aoiMor* 300 do ali^ara 25 do (rubbiDf hoe*! 25 do veidibi hoe* 150 drawing knivs*, lo inebM Sf> hand aava loo dosen hand sav ilea, 4X inches 6 do *borela 25 do apadri 7S0 Short batidt* fry pan* 25 doses baa; in* spoon* 200 do iroa table apooac i ?'o ftsa?, * I 100 do alno mirrors l?o do t -e n"< > ion pounds VraM wire ? luo do beet Chi mm reraullioa. Goods of American macu facta re of tbe res a trad S,:^v2;e!Ai:as; It Will b? DMMISri, u Ptopootag * ^OfHUt artiole ofeither ofthoM kindi that - iifu ftrrr of shall acoompanj tbe bid. '1 he artiolee to be furtuihed must la All rssoists oocform to and be eqaal with th? Gorsrnmeatsun ies which mar be mm a this oImoi mm after the irst of Ootoxer next. The articles will be rigid:* ir.?pect?d and compared witjj thesaaaplee by an acent or Meats appointed for that parpose Sucb m mar be ace* ual thereto la my parnoomf will be rejected, is which nse the ooatraator will beboaad tofa r.:?h oibsraoftke resitk kind or eaalit; within thr?e oar a; or, if that M aot dose, l they will be parehaeed at his expense. Parmsat will be made lor Um foods reeelfM oa lavoieea thereof, oerti bed Hy the aceat or aceats appointed to incpeot them. It is to be anderstood that ?be right will be reserved to reeuire a greater or leu ?aaot tf of mt of the articles aamed than that ?pecih>d ia the above so-edals; and all bids for furaishiM said articles mar be rejected at the optioa ol thft De partment; ana that aoae from tersns who have failed tooompl? with Ute r**airemeato of a previous oontraot with the Uaiuo Mrate., or who are not manufacturers or wbo;oeato dealers ia the ret aired articles, will be ooneiderM; a ad tbe fact 1 that bidders are saah amnafbatarers or isalsrs matt be e* idenoad br Ike stftiissia mi ik* mII** ' "iffs&ir* " " it th?<uui>nM th?r*ofu tfcay ?i tmuTlilB cr>bdal?, wiUi tht intM uMiid to Mok/n ?FLara and woti, at which ttay art to liaforatahad; j^j^wftmovnu mitt t* ov oat Muajootoe t>* mLrmHtadwiUi tha frttfwtehar 1 < or w*) baraby aropoaa toiaraiahfor tha Mr tea of tha Idohh WMitaaaLiW aaaerTiai to tha tarma ml lta adrartlta^aat tharaof, datadllat Sfptambar, 1K1. tha Wiiowraa arUolaa. at Oka ir.on if freu> ,(kmn .caart Ua Uat aaaordiac lur ctr* & t,stezzuzr3 ass k Afaira, and. if Una proaoaaJ ba aaaaatad, <hara in*art tha w?.-c:?, 'ia wtuJa or la part' u mot* tlba . oaa oiaaa ba propoaoc for,)! (or wa) will, witkia >wi1i dan ' haraaftw, aaaoat; a taatraataaaord isirossroSSrE tas^sr i formacoaaf tha aaaaa. Jgfarawgfer* I KImSA'f?5IS ami ?S<mL?tM ata^asyja t?? awaidad ?o hua, <?r thmm.f aaa^diai to hu or tt.c r b.0 or ptopoaaL riS axaouU k ooatmataal aordioilT, and (Ira* .a ra?auita Minto Jar Ua ariorauM tk?r*o(, ta i motiM U tkatw uaanaat for aropoa^ for laSba aooda. datac ZVat - ^Uwb*f| ??*fQfr<at?a"> "SSif will b?retired '? U??**Mt rf Uthg f?r tb? IWithfal pe:formA.r?e at Ihffoctraeu wiU; !su7.t&ss,

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