Newspaper of Evening Star, October 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 10, 1861 Page 3
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I 11 - - LOCAL NEWS. Q^Tteagb Tn Stab la printed on the futot inui pre-* la us* Hath of Baltimore, Ito edition to to large as to require It to be pat to prese at an 'earl? boor: A<ivrrtis?mt?ts, therefore, should be mt in before IS o'clock x ; otherwise they may may not appear uatll the next day. Tbb Cass or Baio On. Graham?As stated In oar second edition of yeoterday, Brigadier General Graham appeared before Jnd^e Merrick, of the Circalt Court, at noon, In obedience to the iw*? ka sVamIiI anil mn*w?r th* 'u??H wm ?w miw ".vp charges of contempt of court, la detaining tbe minor, Jeremiah Lyons, In tbe camp of tbe Twenty-third Pennnrlnnli Regiment, wbote d tec barge bad been ordered by tbe eoart, after a bearing oa a writ of totoas corpus. District Attorney Carrtngton and Llent Col. Netaon Croes. of tbe Lena Island Regiment, appeared la behalf of the defendant. The District Attorney read aa affidavit of Gen. Graham. In answer to tbe ruling, which aet forth that be bad not intended to cWy tbe authority or show any diaresoect of the eoart, and that he had oaly obeved the laws of the la ad aad the ordara of his so perl or officer The Coart aaked If ha (Gaa. Graham) was Instructed by hie superior officer not to surrender tbe atdler. Tbe District Attorney said yes, be was acting la literal obedleaee to the orders of bis superior officer, and read section 4 of General Orders No. 73, that "No discharge of a aoldler from the service of the Tailed States shall beiwfkr be made on the ground of minority. By order of Adjutant General Thomaa " Tbe Court said it did not hear any directions in that order to disregard the procesa of a civil court, and suggested that tbe aectlon read be made a part of tbe answer; which was done. Lieut. Colonel Cross then addreased the Court in defenae of Gen. Graham, arguing to show that *o annaar Kafnro (hll fftlirt On (k* nfM. ent ocfa?!on, and in?wrr,wni tbe first which had" been sent to him, and was promptly obeyed , that court* of the United State* have no jurisdiction In cases of thia kind?It being partly a military matter, to be determined by military authority ; thit no jurisdiction had ever been conferred upon any court in a matter of tbla kind, and auch being the caae, It cannot ls?ue a writ to aaa'.at ita jnrisdictlon; that there wu no Involuntary service rendered by the minor, Jeremiah Lyons; tbat an Inferior officer must obey his auperfor officer; thnt both general and special orders must be obeyed ; that he could not have done other than he did. without being in danger of being cashiered; and that consequently Gen Graham was not the par. Ma to have been brought before this Court, but rather Adjutant General Thomas, who Issued tbe *' General Order" under which ha had acted District Attorney Carrlngton followed, and enlarged upon tbe pointa stated by Lieut. Cross, and slls<sd to military exigencies. Jodge Merrick. In giving his decision, commenced bv quoting from an opinion of the venerable Judge Cranch, given more than fifty v?-ars ago, In which tbe duties of civil courts in times like the present are forcibly and eloquently stated. Be then said that tbe enlistment act of 1914 was repealed by 'the " peace establishment" act of 1914 He said that h a understanding of section 4 of General Ordera No 73 waa, not that it was Intended to make issue with the civil tribunals, Hut that th# VVir fVnapfmcnt anil th* militarv authorities uavs not the time to make investigations aod grant discharges from the service on the ground of minority, thas referring such cases to tne civil power. The Judge, con timing. read aa opinion of the Supreme Court tbat a military officer cannot plead the ordera of superiors for wrong doing each orders may palliate, but cannot juttify. He then read from tbe great Habeas Corpua act of Cbarlea I., the section Imposing a floe of ?500 Kaay person resisting the execution of a writ beas corpus. Alluding to what the District Attorney had said of "military necessity." the Judge with great eloquence alluded to that gloomy dav, the 3*id of July, when tbe army gathered for tbe defense of the capital had been defeated and were dlanrganlied and demoralized, when the capital was at the mercy of any invader with a reasonable force, and said that at that dark hour In our history wits all was doubt and gloom, Congress in an act which met with tbe approval of the President, aaaoonced that the country in tbat hour of peril railed upon tbe voluntary support of loyal cltlseno. what a sublime spectacle of repose' Tbe Jadgs then contrasted tbat time with the present. I and aald If there was no necessity then for illegal enlistments there certainly was less now Uen. Grshsm was notlfled because tbe affidavit designated him. His honor spoke st considerable length, and auocea nameroni aumoriues, io mow mat, at all men, and particularly la tlmsa of war, tbe civil power sboald be preserved and made auperlor to Um military. In tbe course of bia remark*, be referred to a caae which happened in Philadelphia on Saturday laat, where a colonel waa marching hla regiment along tbe street, and waa obliged to stop hla regiment in tbe street, and so Into tbe court bouse to answer to a charge of detaining a minor ia the ranks against the will of his parents, la th?t ease, the court vindicated its authority, and the minor waa diacharged from tbe regiment. The General had purged himself from auy contempt of personal disrespect to the court, but not of the legal contempt, which consisted in obstructing the process of the court He then remarked that while it was due to the dignity of the court that tbla proceai should be enforced, In doing so be would imitate tbe moderation of Chancellor Kent in enforcing respect to a writ of habeas corpus served on Commodore Cbauncey and Gen Morgan Lewia during the late war He then atated the decision of tbe court to be, that, unless Jeremiah Lyon is produced In court today, (Thursday,) at noon, an attachment for contempt of court will be lasued against Gen. Graham. T*? Ciiftruti trb Ohio Canal?There has been a brisk trade on the canal for several davs past A lsrge smount of coal has been brought down from Cumberland, which is now being transferred from the canal boats at the west end of tbe town by the train ways and shutes to vessels In the river. About 75 hosts have arrived so Car this month, from all points But Utile graia Is coming by canal, and no flour, so fsr, this month The amount of coal brought since the 1st instant ia about 7,000 tons, showing an increase la the trade, as during the mouth of Sep ? %mm want* auivum WW OB1J IDOUl U.BW tou. Wasbiimtok G fXSAsroa ?8w advertisement flMwbm of this health-promoting institution The ntaUrr person who bu never tried a coarse of gymnastic exercise has not the remotest Idea of the exhileratlon ?f feeling and new enjoyment of 1 ile afforded thereby, w Ith quickened circulation of blood, a new Impetus to the breathing apparatus. aa Improved condition of the skin, snd a wonderful growth of muscular power, the can. dldate, after half a week's experience, begins to feel like a live man. Try it. Thkatsb ?Hiss Suaaa Deniu continues on the top wave of popularity here, and, from all present appearances, might,In conjunction with tne other excellent performers of Mr. Bland's corps, draw full booses for an indelnlte period, did her engagements elsewhere permit. To-ntght, the capital drama of "The Momentous Question," with Miss Denin aa "Rachel Ryland," to conclude with the feme of " The Trumpeter'a Daughter," la which Mr Rogera and Miss Denin both have someihlag to my. Tai Nttun am Muismid?The Msrlnes stationed at the barracks la this city went out In the vicinity of the Almshouse yesterday for target irlng The targets were ef canvass and about eight feet la length aad four la bread!c., with the Igor* of a asaa la the centre of each. Tbev were placed at a distance of tve hundred yards, and out ef the throe rounds toed, one hundred snd twsaty-four struck the flfure, and nearly all the vtMn strack iketarget. This was good abootlag considering Uka* to May recutita are in the ranks. ILooc owt for tba good thing* made ready for to-ntgkt, at Odd Pellowa' Hall, la a bill oaasaally leaf, rick, ud racy?one that will *catta| button* terribly Por original Joke*, cootie song*. and 1 aim)table borlo^aae, tke Campbells can't be beat, and tke fan prepared for thla evening take* tbe palm ttom all prerleo* eatertalameat* Tunno ? Oflcer McCauley arrested a man naaaed Matthew Riley, yesterday, oa tke charge of steal la* a silver watek and chain and some talrty or forty doiUrs la money, from Mr Jeremiah Shehaa, on tbe Island He was taken before J ostlce Stratton, by whom be was committed to Jail far conrt. Gsoksitow* Mama its ?There Is a large ad1 vance daring tbe past week la flour. sad super Is now soUlag at S6 SUagS 75; corn a3 to 70 cents; oats 43*45 cents per bushel. A good article of corn would readily bring the highest quotation There la a great local ecarctty of all these article* Orricaas, Siaataars, Coaroaais, ass PatutM of tbe army should not be wlthoat a m>py of the * American Illu?t<sted Text Book," by Lleat. Williams, and for sale by Moran, 438 Peaneyleanla aeeaoe II Is aadoubledly oae of the best works at mlllta-v laaSmrlf-- eat leaned bote la letter-preea aod lllaattaUoos wmo Dow it Bklom to??a roll of drabeolofoA <o?He elote ?u token from * man la 6eorga*ewa, day before yesterday, by the Metropolltea Poltoo II U aoppoeed to bare been atelen, and la low at tee o*ce of Saperlalaadeat Webb for ldootllcaUoo. N>V MiLiTaBT Ho?p:taL.?The public ictod->iw la iadlctary Square, having boon takoa by tee bawtiaul for a military hoepltal, I be* baaa toad up, a4d waa opeaad for tee roeep| tloo of patloeta ^eterday I Taieariarve tee mod aoelal ball of tbeUoloa QeadrtMo A?rlatloa eoaaoe or at Thora'i buildtag, Srraete mat. Deal asfa l?a eajoyioent. J*' ? Statocs Cmabob ?Last night, Detective Allen, of the Metropolitan police, arm ted Mr A. J. Slough, of Cumberland, Md , upon a charge of stealing four mules from R 8 MrKalg The prlaoaer was taken before Justice Donn, who questioned htm in relation to the charge. He did not dmy taking the mules, and said they are now In Alexandria; bat put In the plea of right. Slough exhibited a bill against MrKalg, npon which be claimed > balance due; and stated that hla nhWl ?u tn wnre the nvmrnt of this balance, that be took tbe mulea Justice Don it reminded him of tbe Impropriety of sacb a mode of procedure, and illustrated by citing tbe case of a man named Williams, who worked on the penitentiary wben It waa building. Williams went np the country and blred himself to a boatman, briaglng flour to Georgetown. Upon bis trip down, his employer refused to payh'm. Wllllama, to pay himself, took a barrel of flour from tbe boat ana aold It. He waa arrested for larceny, tried, and convicted, and became the first inmate of tbe prlaon be helped to erect. Slough gave ball for further hearing. Ckhtkal GvAKT>Bor?i Ca8*s ?Henry Anderson, rcol.) loitering In liquor ahops after dark; dlamlased. Geo. Wilson, do.; do Mary Bufe, (Irank and dlaorderly; workhouae 30 dava. John Curry, do.; fined S3 94. John Aoqulth. drunk. Umsw Tnn*? /aaI \ Kaah <1 rn n W <1 a era Mwui j # vuov) ^VI.j / uau vccu u> UUB ?VI * ??? ? sod being stupid, while In the rroceaa of sobering lost himself In a neighborhood he knew all about previously, and availed himself of tbe kind offer* of the police to secure him. He wai kept all night, and thla morning dismissed. Pat Ryon, a little ur.der the influence of liquor, had hit coat tolen by acme drunken soldiers. he laid; and meetingThos Sbehan, they started in comoany to recover the lost garment, but were taken by the provost guard and put in tbe station house; they were both dismissed. Mary Marlia, drunk; fined 58. Saml Johnson, out after hours; do #*2 58. Kiiiabeth Manly, alias the cake woman, was sent to the workhouse for 90 days as a vagrant. Sxmiovs Atvxay in Gxoboxtow*.?A desperate fight occurred among a number of negroes, on Fourth street, between Fayette and Frederick streets, In Georgetown, last night?near tbe noted locality known as the Twenty Buildings?and one negro, named Theo. Chialey, was badly cut by another wboae name is not knswa Tbe wounded man bad his abdomen ripped open with a bowie-knife, and It is supposed cannot TK> hlnrk mn n urVist msHo tho mtxnlt ?u habited In a uniform He has been arrested and committed to jail to anawer Sticks, atones, and knives were freely used in the light, and some more of the participants were slightly Injured. A Warning ?It baa long been a matter of complaint in various section* of the cltv, that sooa after dark, number* of colored people gather In and about certain llqnor shop*, and become very boisterous aad noisy, and create disturbance* of the peace, after Imbibing freely the rot-gut whisky and '-cheering lager" which are there retailed. The police have determined to arrest all such colored persons and take them to the guardhouse; and last night a start was made by way of a warning, with the arrest of two, who were dlam<ued with a dlatlnct understanding that in all cases of the kind the municipal law will be strictly enforced hereafter. Mr. Gorman okts drunk, and steal* a ntm ?Thomaa Gorman, an individual well V ?V> l. i _ At? t-.uu - ? *n?? u w> iuc pvAioc as cue wuu i? iu \ur uauu ui ??Uing drunk, wm captured by tbe officers on Tuesday night, tn the " same old way," and In possession of a huge army trunk The fact was developed that tbe trunk bad been t iken from tbe pavement In front of Mr H O. Hood's store, and Justice Walter consigned Thomas to the " blue jug" to answer tbe charge of stealing. Mr Gorman should confine himself to some nnn-olifusticating beverage?lager, for instance. Eh, Justice Walter! Lost Child ?Mr and Mrs. Tbomas Cane,who live on Mrs Dundas's farm, near Camp (irabam, two miles north of Washington, are in great distress at tbe lean of their lUtfe child?a*hoy about 4 rears old. His name is John Cane, and be was dressed In striped ltnsey and black capThis pants torn on the right knee; has light curled hair and blue eyes He wss last seen on Tuesday evening about 5 o'clock, in company with or following after some soldiers in the direction of Bladensburg. Most Catalbt ?a company is being recruit* ed at the corner of Slxtb street and tbe avenue for the regiment of New York Mounted Rifles, Col. Dickey. Over flfty men have already been enrolled, and are now encamped with the rwlmmt The officers of tbe company are Captain \frollslet?er and Lieutenants Chat. M Lammond and W. I McLeod. To bb I tv vkstigatkd ?We hear tbat tbla morn lng the proper military authorities summoned witnesses to give evidence relative to the conduct of certain young officers on duty under tbe Provost Marshal In this city. Tbe witnesses appeared and gave tbe names of others, who will be summoned, and the investigation will be conducted regularly as soon as they appear. Thi Explosion on Tuesday ?We learn that the artillery explosion on Tuesday, opposite the President's House, was not from a James shell, but from tbe cartridges of some other projectiles. Tbe gun waa not a rl tied cannon, and consequently could not have had a James projectile, wnlch is admitted to be A. No. 1. Sr. Alotsids?We hear that Von Weber's grand mass In O will be performed next Sunday at Hi Alnviini Thu / >??!? K?? ? I ??T ? - v,--.. u*iw? .n"im a ? uui- | plete reorganization Madam Cecelia Young, the well known cantatrlce, and Mr. Harry Sherman, the favorite organist, have been engaged. Is it so T?It Is alleged that the Bank of Washington, while It refutes to redeem Its own notes In specie, charges a per cntage on Treasury notes, and is the only bank in Washington which refuses to rscelve Treasury notes at par. Dead?Mr. Joshua Gibson, well known for years as the keeper of the restaurant at the corner of Seventh and E sts., died yesterday afternoon. [coxmcxicatzd Editor Evening Star?Sir: Allow me, through the columns of yoor paper, to correct an error and pat myself right before the public. In your Issue of yesterday, a case Is reported in which I am made to appear asdlmlssing the accused after being convicted of a palpable violation of the recent act of Congress prohibiting the giving or selling of liquor to soldiers. The farts, as transpired before me, are as follows: Yesterday morning, ofB^er Bsall brought wciwio iuc a mau uy iqc nainr ni LOCKPU, CDAr^ra with the above offence, and, in his evidence, | stated that 1 a one of the outer streets of this city be nv some aoldlersand acltixen drinking (wbat be supposed to be) whisky from a bottle Being some distance off, be repaired to the spot and arrested Luckett, who gave the soldiers liquor, without explaining why he did so. As the examination was ex parte, 1 allowed Luckett to make a statement In bis own defence, and be accordingly aald that, before hia arreat he was accosted by some soldiers, who desired him to go into a turnip patch near by and procure some for them This he declined to do, as it was not his property. Tbey then threatened btm with personal violence if he refused. At this moment, one of the party asked blm what was that be had In his pocket, wblcb was somewhat enlarged by the presence of the contraband article?whereupon Luckett, who had previously Imbibed a little of the "critter," disgorged, and a proposition for a general drink being raised?he waacompelled, duress per minas, j to let It go?hia earnest appeals to the contrary otwlthswadlng Disposed undsr the circumstances to give the defendant the "benefit of a f doubt." wno presented the appearance of confirmed poverty, I dismissed the charge against him. By Inserting the above correction, vou will do me a favor, whilst 1 am, very respectfully, John H. Joh.xsor . I October 0, 1801. I not a Rrsssa Poscnos? A very deslrabls Water proof article for horsemen and othera for three dollars each, and white India Rubber Coats, sHgktiy Imperfect, for S3 50 each, at the India Rubbee Warehouse. No 20fi IVnni?lf?ni? avMiia between Ninth and Tenth au. ' oc 10-tf rrsirrioR.BoLotraa !-Protect yoar health. No tcaible man will leave the oity without a arpply ?>f PiU$ and Ointment. Por Wounda, Brutaee, Sorea, Fevera and Dyaenter y theae mMioinea are the beat in the world Every Entliah a a French eoldier aaea them. Ouly 36 cent* per box or pot. uo 3 lw MAJIRIKI) ~ On Tneeday, September 34. by the Rev. George Will amaoa tfmith. at the Charoh of the Epiehaut. Waahington, 1>. C.. Maj >r H. F. CLARKE, U S. Army, to KELLE, aeoond daughter of Col. J. P. Taylor, U. 8 Army. OitLth On the 9th laetait, Capt. JOSHUA GIBSON, in th? 4lat jear of hia ace. May he reat in peaoo. Th? frienda of th* family are reap<o<fully invited to attend hia feneral. on to morrow <Friday> aiternooa. at haif-paat 3 o'clock from hia lata reaideo^e, ooraer of Seveath and J? eta. * On the9th iastaot. OKOK6K CATTRELL, a native of Hichm?nt, County LtMriok, Ireland, a**l? rea-a. His fane al Will take iI*M tram (l? ruuUus nf kia brotkar -n lav, Mr. Adjunaca, on 14 tk *t, ba tvaaa 8 a d T ?ta., 01 to morrow (Fndat) aftari.oob. at S o olock. rriaad^aid aa* uaintaaaaa ara IITl'Ol to Wl<Tl. . ? On tha 10th iaat. of akrocia oroaa. VIRGINIA., TMucaat ski Id of Jatnaa K. and Kllan Dunawm, unl 3 raara Mtd montr.a. fanar* viU i*ke pi ma* from tka raatdanoa of kar pareata, aornar F it?cth at. ajad MaaaaaiwaatU ar , at u'olook p. aa to-murrov. Tk? friend arc r'aiiM ad to attnud. vitkoac fartkar nottaa. (Praaariak City. Md., ptfara aopr ) la Gaortatava. oa t lajaorai, g of tka loik mat UtKA HHTtSLL, tka youncaat dauKhtf of !*tm <?l 0. aad Bluabatk Faaraoo, ta tka mk year ? Th* raUHvaa aad frtaaaa of tka fknily ar* rt~ apWtfat'y invitad to attand kar fonaraF <>a tomurrov (Friday )ar*fi>Bf, tk? 11th, at Jo'olook. from i kar Utkar'a raaid-noa, aoraar Uongraaa anU Watar , jrta. (Ntw Tort |?'fl oopy.) I AMUSEMENTS. Ti H E A T E E. THURSDAY. Octobtr Ml MISt* BL'SAN DENIN. TIi* BMntsfa! ted Popular Amerioft* Aotreea, Will umr id Dr&ma of THE MOMENTOUS QUEST ON, AnH the Farce of THE TRUMPfcTEK'S DAUGHTER Door* open >t 7 ; oommepc* at ?. It* % THI UNION MUTDKSTROVED.t->1 jra *> he inemher? of tbe U N I ti NIT*" jflE QUADRILLE ASSOC! * T'N UB tremt pleasure inannouncim to tltrir^E^a friend" and the pub'in *<ji>eraiW that their* First Grand Social BALL wih comeoff at Thobm's Hall, 7th at, 00 THURSDAY, Oet. 10. rchroeder'? oelebrated Band haa been engaged for the oooMion. By order of the Committee. oc 9 ?t? ODD FELLOWS' HALL! SiriiiiH, Abovk D St. The Chfftpett and Beat Place of Amuaeraeata In the City. Tbs Oricinal CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! 1* STAR PERFORMERS, IX A SEW PROGRAMME EVERY NIttHT. Firet W*ek of the CIRCUS. Admission Twenty-five Cents. oc 4 Dr. 8. FORD, Agent. WANTS. WANTED IMMKDIATEl.V?Several good PANTALOONS MAKERS None ofliera ne*dap?ly (oe 10 3'> E. OWF.N A CO. \JkTANTED?A SITUATION, by * reareotabl# " young n un; ia willing to make himae ( tenerally uaeful. Addrem "A. L," Sis'- Hffioe. It* WANTED IMMEDIATEI.Y-A *ood aecondh*rd WHEKLKR A WILSON SEWING MACHINE. Addr?aa "N Star Ottca ro10-3t? WANTED?A BOY of about IS yea-a of age. at No 276 Pa. avenue, between llth and 12th ?t? Good references require! It* BOV WANTFD?One capable of driving a horae, to deliver goods for a grocery atore. Good reoommendations required. Apply at thia office. lt? WANTED TO SELL-A SHARPENS RIFLE, in perfect order and of the beat qu&l ty : or wil! exchange for a fine Spy glacs. Addrraa Box 129 Ci'y Poet Office oc l'v3t* WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Washington Brewery having oommenced brewing for thn winter aeaaon. ther can cet Freah Grama every day at 4 o'clock, at lOoenta per bushel. Call, oneana all. C. COLINEAU, oo 10-im* Cor K and Twenty seventh ata. WANTED? Vf a resp'otabe young woman, who understand! dreaamaking. a SITUATION aa aeamatreaa. or to teach young ohildren. Would have no abjection to favel with a family. Rest reference given. Pleaae addreaa Box 6, at the Mtair Offlno. or null at 4*3 norner of Thirteenth and D sts. oo 10-81* WANTED-A SITUATION, by ayon?g man. as clerk or assistant bookkpep r in & dry goods or noU<>n house Hti had 5 year* expenenoe in a retail dry goods house. Salary not moh an object aa a permanent situation. The very )>est of refereno?? given. Addrem '"X Y Z " Box No. 1,031. Baltimore Post Office, which will reoeive immediate attention. oo 10 3t* AI.AHY REQUIRES IMMEDIATELY A faithful and oapable NURSE t > take charge of two small children. Inquire at Mrs. BKVAN TV, 3"3 G >t. between 13th and 14!h. oo 9-2t* A GENTLEMAN, WIFE. Boy of 5 years, in fant and r>urse require BOAK rt in a private family, on moderate terms Two Rooms re?d?d. Address S. A M ,fltar Offioe. oo9 2t? WANTED TO BENT-A STORE on or rear Pa av?nuo, between 7th ard 15th sts. (one ne*r Willards' Hotel preferred.) at a low rent. Inquire of HARVEY & CO, 311 Ninth st. oo ?-3t* WANTEH?By a white man. a SITUATION as waiter in a hoarding house or raloon; thoroughly understands the business. Best o' referenceriven as to his character, honesty and sobriety. Please address 4tO O.," Box 4, otar Office. oc 9 2t* a nnitr o /\/> r\ ri a KTnt.1 c/\n no cauu a XT Arri?v uu>iit PAin/r? rva ui\rooiunn ing wanted at A. HUBNER'S I'aris Dressmaking Establishment, No 406 Eleventh St., between Pa.avenue and K at N. R ?None need apply but good hands. oo9 3t? " WANTED.?A LAD v having a sewing machine, who with it will go out In sew, oao find emp'orment on application at 364 D street, near Ninth. j oc 8-3t WANTED-A COLORED M A N to work for a sutler One who can do plain cooking preferred. Call at 273 Pa. avenue, from 11 to if n\slk a. m. oc 8-3t* WANTE?-A VOWNO MAN with a knowledge " of the drug and prescription trade. A German preferred. Inquire at the D ug Store oorner of Third st and Pa avenue, Washington H ate. Also, a good Colored Boy wanted. oc 8 3t* WANTED?15or 20 CA RTS for hauling iron. JOHN R. KLVaNS. on 4 309 Pa avenue. HOUSE?Wanted to rent a House of, say four room*, in a pleasant neighborhood, convenient to the Treasury. Will pny in advance No children. Address Ro? No 34 1. Poet Office. oc4-lw* CLUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE/ PHEN8 k. OO.'S. 3i2 Pa avenue. se 18 WANTED-A WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron. '1 o a satisfactory person good wagea will be paid. Apply at 420 New York av , betw. 13th ana 14th sts oc 1 WANTED? TAILORS, TAILORS-BoTailora competent to work on military goods. Apply 6 KOLP, at Wall. Stephens A Co's. se25 WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AM kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leav: 11. ^ I. a ^ a ? r* i t* wti II A*t all tn r*? t I I n K mo uuj ui iia * u. a ehivi ua win u?> wwu v? v?? immediately. R. UUCTHI.Y, je 3 4'J1* gsventh, between 6 and H ata. WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHANU FURNITURE, STOVE* aud BEDDING, for which we are pajinc the highest oash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a ?urpius ot furniture, will find it to their advantage to give ui a -all. BONTZ * GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. I ana K nta. _____ I NOTICE. HKREBY Notify the puMic against harboring or entertaicmg Mary Hun^erter, but known aa Moll* A larm, a rnnaway indentured apareiitice, who left her home without m? knowledge or c?naeutoa last Frida* morning, 4th inat ; aa the law. in atoh oases made ard provided will be enforc d arainatanv auori person ao offending. She ia between Sand M yeara old dark eyes and holds herself * '? erect while wa'king. oo n> 1 THOMAS J ADAMS. LOST AND FOUND. /CAUGHT ASTRAY?A light BA^ HORSE, Vv on Monday. Sopt.Snth.noar Navy Yard cv He ia about 12 hards high and has a white spot on hia none. I nqure of T. K. r'lark,^^"Yirginia av., bstween 9th and 1 th ata oo 10 3t? GEORGE JOHNSON. ?C REWARD.?Strayed away, on Wednesday, theal mst., from near Rladensburr rr\__ a ba? HOR^E. about 15>6 handa higb.jL? branded on the left jaw with the letter 1 . ? .t c .... I... Tk. n?ir ruuinjvi iruiii *?ii^ ui ui? muu * ho 'miuoi ill receive the above reward on l?avini information ol hm whereabouts at this offioa op 1" St* CO REWARD FOR EACH HORSE.?Forty? & lour Horses; the figure "I" branded rv on the right jaw of all except one, which is a dark sorrel. Any one delivering the above ^ to the subscriber's lo*. near the junction of Penn. avenue and the oreek below Ger -getown, or at his Stable, back of Clay's Hotel, will receive the above reward. (octOSf) J. H. DENNIS. LOST OR STOLEN ?'Two or three days ago, a Black and Tan TERRIER UO?)4t j rather large size, little white on breact^nd had on a leather col'ar;answe s * to the name of "Nap" Any one returning the said oog to me will be liberally rewarded ?KO. BOGIJ8. oo 10 It* oth st.. bet. D and E. HHAKEN UP.?By the snbeortber. on the even Ji inc oi ??ctoDer7in, on 7in str?*t, nrar r\ I., an Iron Srtj HORSE, aN>nt 16 bands L_%T\ high ard about 9 jeart old '1 he owner oan^3- ^ have him by oalling at the northwest corner of 9t*i and I street*, prove property, and paying ohaigee oo l?-3t? M. H. &.HIUK1CH. LOST-A BLACK BELT, with silver buckle. A iuithble reward will be psid, by leaving it at 4ST E ?treot. ro 9 2t? tTRAYKD-On the7th ins'ant, a bay HORSE, marked 0. 8., with saddleand > ridle on. cv Any iuf?rmaUon that will lead to the reoov T-?P ery of the eame will be thankffcJly teoaivfd*^^*ataiT Pa av.t opposite Wizards' Motel, oo > tt? t? Z HE WARD.?Strayed away, on Thursday,

C*^Sept 26tb,a large si?ed red andwtute^rihnil CO W. the h>rn? (rowing into the ioi? mip head, the end of one horn tawed off to pre- Jbdke vent it enuring, faoe white. The aVove reward will be given for her return to No. 399 Fifth stre?t west, between F and tt sU north. no 8-St* STRAYED FROM MY PREMISES, ooruer O Eighteen'h st and New York av,. on^M| H idaj, 4th instant, three buffalo COWS, one spotted and two red, one with a star it* faoe. A suitable reward will -be giveu on re tnrninc them to me, or giving me information whe el ean ftad them. oc8 X WILLIAM LOONEY. C REWARD?Loator atolan,on tha7th inat , 'JO a nMium aii*<l dark baj with on# whit* hind foot, Ion* tail, and two T?TT* a mail acara on tho neok; had on ao oid^ZV bnokokin aaddia, and light colored fcgnrad booking houeath, with a black curb brldla and atwsna?url>. Deliver at ?HR EVE'S Stable,7th at., between H and I. oo t St* MOURNING AND OTHER BLACK SILK?. ( I a fine aaaortoaeat, all width* and ^ralitio*. at K~t. ??o? oo h-ht Pun, arm an and 9tdaira?t DUN'r KAIL TO CALL AT SMITH'*, No. ?A0 Seventh at .and bar jour Cothiig, Par-lushing Gooda, Tmnka, Uau tad Ca*a. oo 1-lm M FOR SALE AND RENT. r|NE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE y accommodated with oomfortable Parlor and Bad-rooms in a healthful location. where th re ara no hoarders, 8 minst'*' walk of tha Treanry or War Department, Ref*raroe* joba-*ed Addif ?"J. H.,"t,(Boeof Ere'iins Star. 03 la St TO LET?Two pleasant KOOM8, farmthod, with board, eaitaMe tor Chambers or Parlor and '"hamb?rr; tuated in a desirabla l ocality, near the avenae; in a pm?'? family whea there are no oth-r boarders. Rooms supe'iad with water and gas Good referenoes required. inquire at t a star i > Boa. oc ?-s;* For rent-a dwelling BOUSE, fonr tones hiib. No. 49* Filth at, between E and F kt?? roust 'ftKibly sitaat d. eontaininc 1? room*. Inquire next door, or ol DUVALL Jc BRO? Pa. avenue. oc 6 Steo* POR RENT-HOUSE 4?9 Pennsylvania av., 1 over the bookstore of Fransk Taj lor?% place for a professional man. ^ se *-tf EJANDSOMELY FURNISHED roum9.11. Four handsomely Famished Rooms, s???ljed with ras and water, and oonvement to the Paftnt and Post Office Departments, for rant. Apply at 49OK Massachusetts avenue, north aid*, between 4th and Sth sU. man BOARDING. UOAKD.-Families and sicfle gentlemen can * obtain very p easant Famished Rooms, ?iih Board, on moderate terms, at 391 and 393 C, between 3d and 4X streets. Transient and Table Boarder* accommodated. oo#Jw* EDUCATIONAL. PLAINFIKLD ACADEMY, Near Cailiili. Pa.?Slat aeaaion <8? weeka) cnmnihims November 4. Thorough inatruction and the ooirforta of home. Circular at Star Office Will Le at Martin'* Uotei October l?Ut; or addrea* R. K. BURN?4 e 90 aolm P ainfie!d. Cumberland oo , f'a. ASHINSTON AN D 6EORGETO WN FEMALE SEMINARY, A Boakdi5o and Pat School, No. 432 Fst , bttw*n ?** and Itk **.?., Washington ; and Ao. 151 Witt it., Georgetown. Thedatiea of thia Inatitution were resumed in September. ?*ironlara mar oe obtained at the book atorea, or by addreaunc the Pnnotpal. te 28 eotf M. J. HARHOVFR. GEORGETOWN Al>VEKT;MTfa |Y"S?? MASONIC.?A apecial meeting of Potomao JJi Royal Aroh Chapter, No. S, Georgetown. D. will h?held at their Hall, on THURSDAY E VKNI NO, Oct. loth, at 6* o'olock. By order o! the M. E. H. P. oc E I) HAHTLEY. See. . Ifwf^NOTlCE LICENSES.?All pereona whoae UoC Uoenaea from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the 30th mat., are hereby notified promptly to renew the aaine, otherwise they aubjeot tnemae vea to a fine,and the law l* cow ru.iory on the proper offijcra lo enforce said tin* ncainst all delinquents. WM, LAI KD. Clerk September 21.18S1. ae 33 yawtoot If* j^S=?NOTICK?DOG LICENSED.?! heowners L_3 of dog a la Georgetown are he eby notified that all doc lioensea expire on the 30th inat., if payment la delated beyona the 10ih of October next, the license b/ law ta made 25 centa higher, sno if not then paid, when demanded by the proper officer, the owner ia aubject to a fine, and the nffiosr ia directed to kill the doC. WM. LAIRD. Cierk. September 21.1861. ?e 23 atawtoot 10 POTATOES. 1 STRAW AND OATS. y*> bbla of Buok eye Potatoea, 1,9"0 buchtla of pnme Ne* Vork Oats, 150 ba ea of prime Straw. For aale by PETER BERRY, oc 10-3t (Repub.) 85 Water a . Georgetown. If UCKSKIN GLOVES, 13 (iAUNTLETS. to. We call the attention ofSutlera, Regimental Offioera.and othera wiatting to purchase Buckskin Gloves, Gauntlets. Mittiua, Purees, Tobacco Pouohea, Portmonnaies, Leggins, ko , at wholeaa e, to our extenaive atjck?all ol our own miuutacture? at our atore, 105 Hign atreet, Georgetown. Our G ovea Gauntlets and Mittena are of the beat quality, of real Buckskin. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, BoxingG ovea, Buokakm shirt* and Drawera, made to order. RaMSBURG a EBKKT, 105 High atreet, Georgetown, D. C. N. B.?A large quantity of sorapa of Backakin and Chamois lor polishing guna, accoutrements, 4c., on hand. se 2?-lm MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILAIiKLPHTA HK A llti HT Expected this da;, per tMm?r J. Jororae? barrels XX DRAUGHT ALK, 40 do. XXXX do. do. MO hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale. Terms sash on delirery. ARNV ft 8HINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? lo hhds. prime i'orto Rioo SUGARS U0 bbls. t>id Rye WHISKY, Mo bbls. H KRKING and ALE WIVES. m bbli. Crushed and Refined SUGARS. >0 bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hbds.(low-priced) MOLAS3E8. For sale^br JJJHN J. BOGUE. se 1? rpO MILITARY OBFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Best in the World, The Only Reliable and Htrmlest Hair Dye Eneten. Sold ty all Druggists; also, at Rkirktos's Patent Medicine store, i p. I'atent Oflicje, cor. F ft 7th, and at Gibbs's Hair Store, Ui'Z Penn'a avenue, where Ladies oan have it applied, if desired. Faotory?81 ISaroiay st. (late 233 Broadway) N. Y. V? 4 I J J N O O T COP PER. Navy Dbpartmixt, ( Bureau of Conttrucnon, ire , Oot. 2?1,1861.\ Proposal# will be received at this Bureau until the 14th ot October, for the delivery of400,000 pounds of the b??t ?ualitr Amenoan ln<ot Copper, at tfte Washington Navy Yard, sub.eot to the necessary test and inrpeotion of tne proper officers of the yard, ueliverie* to be made at the Tate of 10i,(KK) pounds every ten d\ys trom the date of" the utiboatiOD of the aoceptanoe of the proposal, or earlier, at the o[tion or tne contractor. The bid mutit beaooompanied by the usual guarantee that, it awa'ded, the oontract will be executed, oc Seo SEALED PHOPOSAL.8, till the list of October. 1WI, at 13 o'olook ra., are invited for supplying the irmy vith Beef cattle on the hoof, to be delivered at Chamb?r*burg, Harrisburg, or York, in the State of Pennayivani-, as the (iov rnment ma? designate. Bidders are requested to oorap y in all partioulara with the form o( bid publ shed herewith, lioiernment reserves to itself the rivht in hi in Trea-ury notea or etner fuada it bu lor diafiurae irimt, and to rejoot &nr bid ar.d for an* cause. No bid will be entertained ua eso tne bidder is present to respond to his bid. The tioverr.inent will reosn e 4,ono head under the o?ot act, ai d will reserv- the right U* require a-jj addit ona! number up to 16.oon he-d. Deliveries tm be made weekly in suoh quantities aa may bs required. Th9 Cattle mint average 1,300 pounds groas Wfight; and ?.o animal wili be reoeived which weighs lesa than l,0uu pounds gross. Nu conditional bid will b? reooived. The bids to be directed to CaplA- Rkckwith. C. 8 , U. 5. A , Washington. 0. C., and eudorsed " Proposals for Beef Cattle." Form or Bid. I, A B, do hereby propose t'< deliver to the Government good Beef OMtio on the hoof for per hundred pounds gross wight The Cattle to be delivered at Chambersburg, Bamsborg, or York, in the State of Pennsylvania, as the Governmert sr.a* designate, according to the term* of ?h*enoioaed a vertfarmpnt. The Cattle to bewighed on the soales, and the weight so determined to be the puroha?e weight, i hereby agree t<> give a good and suffisi^nt bond for the fulfillment of the contract, anu to receive Treasury Botes or other Go vernment lunda in payment for the Cattle. The irst de ivory or tie Cattle will b? required to b? made about tne 10th of November, 1861. an T> td TTO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on the Prussian principle, arranged for ?leep- (TV iugortoact as an Amhu anoe in case of siokness or wonnds. with ample room for^*-"stor** aud provisions; light, water-proof, and perfectly new. havi ,g been ju?t tuilt to order by one of the first makers in New York, is offered for sale at cost price. Also, a hsndfome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Roth may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine^ fcutbiea. Corooran's f _ A - <-ii *w * - -? - ? ? I tAur, uoumu mo vuuu nuitie, oeiween i Ma ti tre*ta. ie 21 Mkuical dkpartm^nt of gewkgetown college. Waskunion CUy. Com*r tf Fand Ttetlfth Struts. session ov 1s?1-'6s. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBLh YOUNG.. M. D.. Profaaaor of Pnnoi?l?a and Praotioa of Madioiaa. JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D.. Professor of PrinAiplas and Prn.otiea of Surgery. jameh k mohgan. m. d . Professor of Matori* Medioa atul Therapeutios. J. M. SNYDER, M. D.. , Profaasor of Obatatno* and Disease* of Woman and ChUdraa. THOMAS ANT1SKLL. M. D. Profaaaor of Ma.ioal Chemistry , Toxiaol?gy, and Phyuoiofy. J. K. willel f, M D.. Demonstrator ot Anatomy ETha ohair of anatomy to ba fi .lad. mmioi will oommano* on the Zid of Oeto bar and and ia March following. For further in- I formation lUdrru JOHNSON ELIOT, M. U , F-"'-F "Z-hiSZXtf' SEALED PROI'OSa L8. wul be ? ? ?* en til the loth ineiaat, lor t*e imkmUsU delivery, tin* offioe, of twelve Uioeeand poundi cf Rfd Aah Coal.aod one oordof ak Wood. Propoean honld beaddreucd to Mm enbeoriber ud indorNd on the envelope, "PrtNau lur ! a el. MOR*lT?. MluLHB. Major QaartaraMeter. 179 F at. between l?tt and l*b. ?"?a6ssswsfii, o?.b??o. oal 8t HAVMA8TERS1" Jr CASH BOXES, Kavor'j Patent Camp Cote, ST3?2K5B^W u For eaia by JA8. C. MoGUIftB ft CO., hTJ* Coraar Tenth ft, and Pa. at. * % v K telegkaphicTnews ftmh Wester a Tirflalt, via ChtrlMUaLm aad Floyd FtreM-Fit^'i Amy Deatraiftfd. LoruviLLR Oct 7 ?Charleston paper* of the 9d lMt , received here, elate that Gen Lee joined Gen. Floyd with four regiments and two cannon, | on the 90th alt. Flovd'* troops had been demoralized since the battle of Carntfex Ferry. The Richmond Knqulrer says : " The relation* between Flo\d and W Ise are painful enough to explain all our reverse* in Western Virgin*. Wiae will probably be court-martialed " The rumor of the capture of New Orleans has been revived at Nashville, where the details. It Is said, have been received. Union men from Lexington deaf that aay session of the State Leglaiature has been held there Gens. Sturgi* and l^ane are said to have received orders to march from Kansas City to Join Gen. Slgel. A I nisn Surrender la Mtssoart. laaaaasAV P r *? ( lef A PaI II atl Kmm with ?? m w r mm my n v i i ( w ?vv? ?? ? uw w?, ? a force of four hundred Homo Guard! and three cannon, baa been compelled to surrender hi* camp, twenty mi lea distant, to tbe r?bel forcea, two tbouaand of wbom are on tbe inarch to burn tbe Gaaconade bridge Reinforcements bare b?*n aent to tbe bridge, where our troops are erecting pali?ad*? for Its defenceGen Prlce'a army was on Grand river. Henry county, when laat beard from, msrcblnc aouth. Rrtnrasf Dr. Hayes' Pelar Expedltioa Halifax, Oct 9?i)r Havea'Polar Expedition arrived bere tbla morning. In tbe I'm ed Stales party all are well; but two have died?August Sontag. the astronomer, and Gibson Carultx Dr. Hares reached Smith's Straits on tbe *i6tb of August, of last year, but could not penetrate tbe Strait with bis ves?el laat season or this He wintered at Port Flnkle. near Cape Alexaader. and with a dog sledge reached lat. 61 deg. 35 I rain. May 19th, of thla year. C?l Rnnkia's Laucer Regimeat. Dxt koit , Oct 8 ?It Is believed that tbe charge agalnat Col. Rankla, for a breach of the neutrality lawa in Canada, cannot be austalned In anv event, bia arrest by tbe Canadian authorities will not Impede tbe prompt organlxatlon of the regiment of lancers which Is rendexvouslng here. , Over thirty recruiting officer* In the Northwestern State* are actively at work, and squads numbering five hundred men have already been enrolled. Sad Adair. Poitlaxd, Me, Oct. 8.? Six men were drowned this afternoon by the upsetting of a pleasure boat; only one of Ihe party wa? saved The schooner William Apur bu been condemned, on the ground tbayber captain intended to run the blockade. Ohie State fcleciisn. Cleveland, Oct. 8?The return# are coming in very slowly, but all thoee received show a heavy Union msjority. DR. M. KOCH. CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And from ft0*2 Brna-lway, New York Branch olftoe?246 H- nnsylvania avenue. Itetween 12th and 13th st?., Washington, II. C. Corns, Bunions, Sift Corns. Cal!ositirs, Club Nails, and Nails penetrating the flesh, ftc , car?-d without causing pain or inconvenience to the pa'ient The Boot or Sfcoe can be worn lmmediiteiy after the operarion. Hu treatment is founded on the stnotly rale of science, such as ail ?urg?on? will app ove. His charges are quite moderate, trifling indeed, oompared with therelieland tatisiaction be affords the Rutferer Refers to the Physicians and Surgeons of this citv. Persons attended at their rooms or residences without extra charge, hy eavmg orders at 216 Pa. avw . Iwt 12th and 'Sth *t? oi l ira* 318 NOTiCE- 318 ARMY AND NAVY OFFICERS, CITIZENS AND STRANGERS, PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. I would moit re?p?ctfullj inform job that I hire cow in store my full supply of HARDWARE. COOKING and HEATING STOVES, PARLOR HEATERS, that beat abote, PARLOR GRATES, COOKING RANGES, for Houses and Camps, HOT-AIR FURNACES, HOUSE-FURNISHING GOODS. All full and oomplete, and vill sell them very oheap for cash. C. WOODWARD. No. 318 Pa av., bet. 10th and 11th eta., se 3f-eo6t Baloony in front. SOMETHING NEW ! /A I ffytiK?AT?>T tMocoyiar o> il SSI C street, otto site ~ ?. the Tkta tr. ? OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shall and Thoro ughly Cooseri (far cu?erinr to a roa,t> in two minutes, tke fittest time on record. Call and see. The andersigned re< peotfaily informs his friends in the Listrrt and visitors to the oity, that he ha* refitted his old and wsll-known ih?blishmi>t in a moat thorough mannt-r, ai.d ha* made compete arrangements to furniKn OYSTER a in any style and in any quantity. 400 to 5uu ga Ions thuoked per day. % U.0 to 3 OOu can* of Spioed a d t re.h put up daily?oans hermetically staled Furnished tu the shall by the fcushe< or barrel. Persona wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at ba:timore prioee, without fear of laUuxe, fhou d oail and make ar r?cf * in Til* &i onoe. r rngni. 'line, nua money saved by purohasing of me, u I furnnh an Article ndiI lo the celebrated Baltimore establishment*, at prioes just &a lov. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Li bstera, Sa'dinea, Clami, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Fr-et, Tripe. Ac, Ac.Ao. Alao, Picklea, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy Peaches, Ao Alao, Game and Fiesh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh L'l-fctars, Cod, Halibut, Ao. In faot, eveiy ihing for sale in the North m n arket* always ou hai d, at reasonable piioes Hotels and families supplied with Oystera. delivered without cnarge is any par'of the Uistriot, in season, it the money is seut with the order. My estab ishment is open from 5 a m. to 12 at night, erw uay, exoept Sunday, when 1 close at 10o'clookv in. se 27 T. M. H ARVKY. QUO JOHNSON A NAGLK, QUO jZOis No sif9 Pennsylvania a vinci. 4ut/ Between Ninth and Tenth sta.. south aide, IMPORTERS OF WlNES. > iQOOliS, SMGAhS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, SARDINES, FINE GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STORES INUHNERAL. Just arrived the following brands of CHAMPAGN fc??: G H. Mum in, Piper Heidsiek. Most A Chandon, Cartier A Co , Barat A Fagot, Tourette, Hoy a! Grape, Whioh we offtor at New York Prices?freight added. JOHNSON * NAGLK, 8S8 PetjuaT*venue. A Km M & Pa t./lA i M^s. I'lUi iU> wiu unci ?. vw. m \ t J livv York.) w orM-ranowned BOTPLEA WIN KSaod LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicicv>jLaji4 cimm u?e. oeottantly on haud ana eola at V1* York Price* by the Cm*. At JOHNBON * NaGLE'S. W*?9 Peona. ave&ue PICKLES, Pepper and other SAUCE*. TOMATO CAT5?l' P. by the barrel. gallon, or doaea, from the oa'ebrated luanuftotory of fohrt nbarh A Co., New York, at aatonifhincly low prioea. t john&on A NAGLK'8, Sol# AfPcta. Also. pickled! pig FEET, LAMB AND beep tongues. tripe, eta., ^y tie harrel or haif-barrel. ?10 Bl. I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAV, S44 Penn'aav.,no:th side.) bet. 12th and ISth ate. Improved SPECTACLES, with genuine Pebble or Periroopio Glaaaea, aaitad oorractty for every aya-aight. first class MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Miaroaoopea, Conipaaaea, and Mathatn^tioai Ieatrumenta, at the loweat Eaatarn priaaa. ae 37 tr ASH1N6TON AESBN^U bBAW PaopoeaLe. to ba eaooreml ' P* |K>aal? for Coal," wil ba raoaived at the oftoe of the ooa f;,ffi:.yy.db^v;?x?arqr ?f *S5S e*u? in onaiitr to thM intIoii); wratoNi Vtftotl Wllrfc*?hOWH Oil tllllMt'.OI! T*? vtealo to bo doliTorod Md storod i?*r to th* ? ki-?oiM adjvoent to tbo wharf at thia AroaaaJ, at tk* *poaaa ta.ooatrootor]feoRoE >jWy M Lt. Col. Cnnaaa#ia>. f'HEAT RUSH FO* SEVENTH STREET, &**?&?% ? fSW&K: ?h:JK& C???. ftp. 4N baroaU) ?U orpoata paM? . V* ~ % second "edition ? ? - 1 wp" THREE O'CLOCK P IT OUR MILITARY BUDGET n*iK? aat? to atn Ml* ?ea?? As we f? to preea, we bi*t laforfMtt?a M lr1n( of arttliery and ir uaketrv vm beard far twa houra thla forenoon, on Ikli aide of tbe river, Im* the dlnrtlM and rlelillf of LcvtMftllt If tb?a be true, the eneaae fci*e attacked Gen ??ra1fb; la wfcat force we kaaw aa ye* At 3 a 6?Smlth taUmobcd bare ttat all wm hM %m bte (LewlaavlUe) vtclaity. CAfT UOITI nuit Cap* Emory D Bryaat, of tbe M MlehtgaiT volunteers, baa be?u acquitted by court iMrtlat, of absenting hi mar If all algbt from faU caaap without leave, under which be baa been under arreat. the riminu orr. Tbe steamer Penaacola, whlcb baa beea a* long in tbe ban da of tbe busy mechanics at tbe Ni*y Yard, to-day left bar moorings at tha' potat. nod. atarted off down river, towed by a steam-tug citizens' rassvs H adq'rt City Ouatd, Prvrctt Mmrtkml t Oflc?. > ' Washington, 0. C., Oct Mfi \ Cikcclak.?Tbe Proyoat Marabal directs that tbe attention of oAcera commanding guard* at brldgea and terries oa tbe Potomac, be called to tbe requlrementa of Geaeral Orders No 1 from tbe Headquartere, D1 vlaioa of the Pale mac, aC July 3uth, I SCI. Citurns going from Washington across tbe Potomac will be required to have a pass from tba War Department, tbe headquarter* of tbe U 8 Army or 01 lor roiomic, or irsauc rrvTmi nil otl of Waahlngton. Tfte puM?f brigade commander* will be regarded only when held by tjittrs and solditrt, or otbn persona la the employ of the United states Government and connected with tbe army Butlers. wttfa their goods, will be allowed to pan to and from W ashington spaa tbe paaaea of Brigade Commanders, but no ardent aplrlta will be permitted to be uken under tbear paaaaa No ardent aplrlta will be allowed to craat tbe Potomac, unless accompanied by evidence of tta belonging to the Subalateooe or Medical Department of tbe U. 8. Army Peraeas attempt! ag ta croaa tbe river wltb Intoxicating llquoea will be deprived of tbetr paaaea. their liquor daatrcyed. and tbey turned back wltb tbalr stores By command of Brigadier General Porter, Frovoat Marshal. * W*. W. Avimll, A.. A. A. 0 1 m * m ? LATE LOCAL NEWS. Tat IliBiii Coarcs Cut ?Brigadier General Graham to-day produced before Judge Merrick the minor Jeremiah Lvona, and be vrasa ? a lr* 1T 43 * - * w _ * ? irum iur l c kitiut, vaiui en> w prr?^rfa ings In t^i? cue. Affairs ih Alixasdsia ?The ninth meeting of tbe unconditional Cnion m?u of Aiexandrli and vicinity ?? held In the Lyceum Hall last eve-ilDK rwentv-elfitat new member* *rer? added to the list, and after some spirited remark* Wy Mr Massev and other*, the meeting adjourned until tbis evening. The Wi?.?Mr Wallack : Amidat the multitude of advantage* thai ought to be meted out to the men who are doing battle far our country, I tbink It would not beatnia* to call attention to the fact that Fourteenth street, from the canal lo the Long Bridge, la not lighted with gas, although there wai an appropriation made for lighting streets, all of which la not expended Tbe re la no greater thoroughfare in the city than Fourteenth street from tbe point named to the bridge, and ** tae night* are much longer than the da v?. much of the travel mutt necessarily be after night, yet this street is a* dark as a mountain pass Let it be lighted st once. A CiriscR. ITT" Last Mondsy, In Wbeeling.Vs, s drunken soldier jumped from tbe Suspension Bridge Into the river, a distance of not le*s than seventy fset, to escape a aquad of soldiers who had been ant for him. He was rescued, though with much difficulty. W?k Movement* ?The 25th Regiment, now in quarter* at Turtle Bay, are expe? u-d to tare this city for Waahlngton tbia evening. Th? <Jnartermaater baa made arrangementa for their dtparture. and alao for Colonel Wilnon 'B( Maaa ) Regiment, wbo are to go by the Ainboy line An imtnenae supply cf provialoaa, with ordnance atore*. were forwarded to Waahlngtoo this morning Gen Negley'a Brigade, recruiting nt Plttaburg, will proceed to Mlaaouri The new Cayuga regiment (Col Dodge) will go into camp to-morrow?400 musket* and 75 uniform* have been received at Auburn Tbe total amount paid from the Albany volunteer relief fund to date la ftf> 97? 84. Tbe new Cortland Regiment (Rev. A. J Orover, Captain,) la filling up Tbe men are In cusp on the Fair Ground* between tbe village* of Homer and Cortland Mine com pan 1?* are on the ground, under command of Col. Neloon W Green, a Weat Point graduate. Col L B. Piatt baa got his regiment at Vermont cavalry Into camp He waa to get tnem ready In forty day*: be baa dooe It la leea than thirty day*.?ralaed l,mo men and bought 1,UJ0 horKf* What do think of old Vermont * Connecticut baa enltated an average of 100 man per day. At me raie men are now coming lofward. a regiment can be readily enlisted to tbo maximum number ererv ten day*. It ta believed that thia will be on the increase for tlx weeks, at least, and that 6.0U0 additional men will bo collated between the present week and December 1. A. Y. Erprt *, Oct 9 Tax Catalink Casb.?L*rk'n was oa Saturday discharged by Justice t^uackoobosh. oo the merits of the case, and wllttout regard to tbo question of jurisdiction He held that bo legal evidence had been tff>red which would warraat Larkln's detention ?.\ Y. Post. d7~Gen Tench Tllghman, of Talbot county, Md!. who waa r?e*ntl> arrested by federal author ltv and taken to Cambridge, has. after an examl nation, been honorably discharged and returned to his borne. |p" Dr. Charles Mackay, poet, philosopher and politician, is to be editor of a new weekly about to be pnbl shed in Londoa under the tiUe of ftobta Goodfellow. UZF Most of the tVressionlsIs sajr there isa t any D.H Government. Prentice thinks t boos of tbem in Fort Lafayette think there ta. LKi ft PERRINI' CBLBBBATBD Worceitenlilre Sauce. ProBonoMd by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Bl <* LMtm ttcm B M u Midm ONLY GOOD - ? V . To Hu Brikm SAUCE." 9^9 M WoraMUr. Bod applioBbl* to ^Tjj m - RViX. V V V D V .BT%*J tkdf J^Ottcm K V fcK ? . tin n ? MtMi?d i?X^ln j i ai?. ui la. m VARIETY ^f^L^p.^on.UwaioH m vn mm OF DISH. Tb? Bbcr? SAUCE u ?.?t unit U?e iHTWd aotl FOPVbAB COKMMKWt ICBOVB, bat tt? BOM htmmgm* b J*w drop# IB 8mm, Gram*. m wiU fUk. hot Bod bo d J*tun, B-. Sttk, WBBlJt. i?pBU Bn enwi te sett, vkicl wmprvmtxplU Sbb?b?m %rj2*i.iaL7ti?:0 ^uartiaa^mTiMS To tppraoiBU tfca xcmlUmt rmmkhM of Una dmHrs.r^v^^TtrrsyaKSr rorHBBtor.M mmm, fit# mmfkmi^.W: nosnsksmsam sera: M^tttr^u^S'AsJsV t*to?k always ia Mort-AlMM^m rtaaivM lordireci siiiyroeote froe Be<Wi4. __ __ |nr b>~+rt q.' ( * MlX?r/Mll ?U Miwriwi.^li Sf S-ty^o W. TUCKKfc WwiiimniH to t^? ?tti S^ruvn^ssK '^rw hi intoada ,? ? %?*?. ?at, r^tir, r* SUIT* totM rwrally ^s^^v^'aas'iSsfel. octt J|OMB-rju>K MOOTS AND M<? Uw"j Mieeee* J' Obium*'* Wui, .."fflk #* '

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