Newspaper of Evening Star, October 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 11, 1861 Page 1
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/ ' . . . . . . A , , ! , r ? "''IV . . r. r % ? ?| f 0. (Anting Star. V**. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 11. 1861. N9. 2.697. 1L- ' , 1.1 U , I , THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED BVBUT AFTERNOON, f?r*lDAY BXCKPTKDJ AT TUB STAR BUILDING!, &mtr %/ ?mmh and Sltvt?(4 ft IT W. D. WALLAOH. r*f*r? eerved la packagea by carrier* at W a T??, or 37 c??li per month. To mall aubaotlbefe the price la S3 30 a fear, m dwuu*-, Si for six months; si for three months; and for leas than Itor-* nonthe at the rate of M centa a week. 91a gle opies, oni caarr; la wrappera, two cnrra. fZJ" Advibtischbkts should be aent to the ?ce before H o'clock m ; otherwise they may aet appear until the aext day. SIR. StStELL'S LETTERS. Weoopy the following from Mr. Russell's letter* to the London Timet, one of whieb is dated at Washington, Sept. 6ih, and the other Sept. loth : rnBVOKT AJTD HIS PROCLAMATION. It may readily, then, be imagined how Gen. Fremont's proclamation locreaaea the difficulty and sugments the animoaitiea which exist In the sections of the Cabinet. Leat it might be supposed that the law confiscating slaves who bad been employed by their masters against the United States in any way, which Congress Jessed at the last moment, and which the resident signed so reluctantly, has been taken by Gen. Fremont as his authority for the edict he has pot forth, it may be as well to point oat that he goes so far beyond the terms of the statute as to liberate the slaves of masters who are in rebellion against the government, and ao far as his district extends, therefore, he would, if suocessful. liberate nearly all the slaves, because there can be but little doubt that a vast number of the masters in the South are in rebellion against the government of the United States. To the democrats of the North who are at this instant talking of "guaranties ' for the South, and the revision of we constitution in the same breath in which they speak of the vigorous prosecution of the war for the Union, and denounce aeceeaion as revolution, the doctrine, founded as it is on the undefined powers of martial law, must be particularly objectionable. It may be a bold atroke of Gen. Fremont to attach to himself a coherent mass of the Republicans, or it may be a simple aot ?f w*r without any arriere pens?e. At all events, it is embarrassing. The eommander of theforees in the West is an ambitious, bold and enterprising man, but it will surprise me to find he proves a very great man. He is profuse in expenditure, energetic in action and speculative in plana, but still I doubt whether he can effect all that is expected of hie the material at his disposal. ora OBSTACLES ASD CXCOUBAGIMBffTS. It will reauire suecess in war and great dexterity to make Kentucky safe for the Union; greater still to recover Missouri, in spite of the extreme weakness, feebleness and ignorance of the Confederate leaders, and their inability to turn their advantages to account. The war of the colonies with Great Britain must have been conducted itrj much in the same fashion on both sides. The vast site of the States, anl the enormous distances to be traversed, -" n ier it impossible for mere fighters to do %-ything e.r-^pt kill and wound each other in a ,;oprili*. * '! a leader, aome su'idier who itnowi aumeih ing about the A B C of his prof~v rises up and reduces the efforts of iiU followers to a 3jj._jj>?tio mode of warfare, it is pitiable to see the Uniun districted as it is, bat I fear the condition of things will become worse instead of bettor. * * Tho gleam of sunshine from Hatteras has thrown a dark shadow across tho South. It has revived the hopes of the North, and gilded the weathercocks of the Navy Department, not forgetting the mach-abused and hard-working Secretary, Mr. Gidjon Welle*. Bat for the present it is not considered prudent to attempt the reduction of tho fort defending Beaufort, or of other works further south, where all will bo put on the qui vive for defence by the recent operation. For a short time to come they will have a respite. The land forces are, as you will sea, engaged in skirmishes and in the preparation for deeds to come, and ao great are the issues and so thoroughly bent are the northerners in their object down here, that no one who believed in the report of Mr. Jefferson Davis's death?and there were many who did so?spoke of it as an event which would influence the course of the war or the strength of southern resistance, although some considered it unfair that he should be permitted to baulk their vengeance and esoape the gallows. Gen. Beauregard has (been feeling his way along the front of the Confederates, from Alexandria below, to Groat Falls above the capital. There are tho usual doings in scoutings and shootings going on daily, and Manson's Hill, which is only two miles outside tho Fedoral lines, and can be plainly seen with a glass from the navy-yard, is occupied, and is said to be fortified by earthworks and batteries. Is General Beauregard about to try a second 8ebastopol ? It would be a curious and interesting military spectacle to see " an investment of the south side" over again and two armies engagod in making approaches to linos of earthworks, and defending iaetn, with a eity on the water, and a long I bridge, and a navy yard, and a good many o'her thing# incidentally resembling the position before the Russian stronghold Scarcely, I think. It is quite oertain that ho has actually commenced his march on the 38th of August to cross the Potomac, and cut off Bank's column, when he received the news that Gen. MoCloUaa, foreeeing the probability of such a movement, had baffled him by ordering Banks U> withdraw from Harper's Ferry and ooneentrate his forces nearer to Point of Rooks. In the present state of things a serious aeiion may occur at any moment. From Gen. Smith's troops np at Little Falls I hear aeeounts unfavorable to success in battle, as the troops are said to be in very bad order, thongh the officer in question is one of the best in the servioe. The army hero seems to be in better order, and Gen. MeClellan considers it is making very fair progress. Still it is difficult to judge The men are kept in their camps; a cordon of sentries is drawn round eaoh regiment, and not a mrn is allowed to go out unless he has a pass, or is permitted to bathe or market There have been all kinds of rumors and alarms of war?nocturnal marches of infantry and batteries through the street. The night before last a distinguished little crowd came to my window at the small hours to ask the meaning of a movement of troops towards the Chain Bridge and Little Falla. Gen. MeClellan, at midnight. Bent out two brigades and a reserve of guns in consequence of intelligence that the enemy had approached in force across the river that day, and there were the Ministers of two foreign Powers, a rioh banker, and anxious to know "if the Capital was goin^- to he attacked." * In his letter cf Sept. 10th, Mr. Roaoell writes as folio** respecting tu unaism or m rebsl usii. * All that san be seen or heard leads to the belief that the Confederates are preparing for some great effort, and that they have retired portions of their foree from before Washington, either as a device to blind their antagonist while making it, or to oo-operate with the rest of the army by a serious demonstration abT* and below the city. If the Confederatea have moved, they mean to do some mischief They can scarcely retire and hope to make a better leap by doing so. la inactivity on both ?idee. eoupled with prodigious expenditures, .:e the b*?- <f not the only chsncs of oomproir>?? an i Suoceti on either side revives the h 'porf ?t -'o-uplete ultimate triumph of thl < i>" vnd stimulates tho animosity and the display of the roscaroes of the other. There is one thing to be taken into consideration as a element ot peaoe. During the winter the armies must go into quarters Even so far south as Virginia the weather is frequently very severe; snow lies many feetdoep on the ground for weeks at a time. The Potomac Is oeeasionally fro ten over completely The roads, always indifferent, become rivers of mad and slosh; through whioh it would be nearly isnpacsihlc to move men or guns and baggage. Vt'hen the armies are in winter quarters, will the politicians work for pease or war? Or will the leaders of divisions be yornittad to oarry on operations in the ioe and soov, remembering the great soeccss of Waottnftea after the trajoc; which is so often reprocessed in had engravings all ever North America? It Is obviously the interest of Beauregard to strike a great blew before winter sots in. and thus strengthen the base for negotiati?B? J*tAe*. MeClelUc, I aai sa tufied. will oot move a man if he oan help K, until the very end of thii jjonth or the beginning of October. About that tine there will be Mind inquiriea about th? second fifty millions of the loan, and no doubt inoreasod vigor on the part of tQONwbo are oppoeed to the war. But if wen. McClellan obtains any very considerable Kstory and ia able at the first atroke to break through the shell with whioh the Confederates ha?e covered their soft parts in the interior of tHe States, some measure ahort of secesaion and Independence may aatiafy them; and when they are menaced with destruction they may put up with an offer to live on fair terma with their conquerors. It is to be seen whether the latter will then offer them what they might easily have obtained at an earlier stage of hostility. BATTLE OP KANAWHA GAP. The Western Virginia correspondent of the Cincinnati Oasette gives the following account l*t# DS*gement at Kanawha Gap : There were about 1,050 troops under the oommand of Colonels Knyart and Piatt, who left their camp Monday morning, 30th ulto., and took up their line of march for the enemy. The foroea moved together until they reached I n 7tSna' 00 f?*er,where they Separated ; I V.?j- Bny*rt r?,nS up Cole river. Col. Enyart did not meet the enemy in forde at atif bfa(5*j I cut his men did meet and ford swollen rivers, I and marched on short rations, and were anxI i?V .to,Bl#** the running enemy of Old I \ lrgmia. Col. Lnyart did not meet Col. Piatt I I anA' i n^Bf'on the Kanawha, on their return. I Col. Piatt a eommand immediately proceed- I ed thence to Boone Court House, and Camped that night one mile beyond. The next day I after proceeding some sixteen miles, they came I U.P *nh the advance guard of the enemy, con- I siating of cavalry, when a brisk fire was exchanged the cavalry retreating After the retreat of cftY&lry the battalion was immedi- I I ately put in order of battle. The advance! I of fift?en men WM led forward by Adj't Clarke, proceeding along the road. Scouts I were sent out on either side of the road to I I meet and repulse the sharp-shooters of the I I enemy. The force proceeded in this order for about I two miles, meeting the pickets of the enemy lexchanging shots with th?m incessantly, and I driving them back with increased oonfusion at I I each charge. I u ?i1Dg "D,bI? .t? ""certain the position of the I th? ??tjre force halted for a few n?oI ? S k ? U rode in advance and I I took observations with his glas-. but cr.uld not I I aacortitin their force and position, as it wvi I I Ah#r"J, V* k Krowlb nf underbrurh. I I After these observations a comma ad was issued I ! rwar J the colau^u. The scout.* iacved on I 1 *ith rapidity and enthusiasm, the main body I I y the narrow road cautiously and ( I firmly, fne fire continued to increase, und 11 I ! ? T5r? faPidly e?banged from the right I I a?.j left with the enemy, until our advanced I guard reached within sixty yards of their I I m*in foroe. The colnmn was some eighty I | yards from the enemy when they received a I. I perfect volley of fire upon their right, indi-1 > I eating that the rebels were in foroe in that di- I i I ^e"?Ln Company "A," commanded by Capt. I! Rathbone, was ordered to deploy as skirmish-1 i I ?r^i^r rif^t? UP tb? d? mountain, I; I ri possible to flank the enemy on the left. I ] i Company "C," commanded by Capt. Miller, I i I ordered to the right, up a similar moun- I j I tain, to flank the enemy on their left I < I ?-E!07^I'"Jo??m,nd?d by c"Pt Ander- I I i T. direotly up the ravine, on I' I . V j ? In this position he drew the concen- I 1 I trated fire of the rebels upon his company, I \ I who made use of the knowledge thus obtained I J I by rapidly charging upon ana destroying the 1 I enemy s breastworks. The center moved di- | 1 I ?kCti'y U' f??d' ^'tb tb" disposition of I i I the furces. Col. Piatt routed them from their I 5 I strongly fortified and well selected position, in I '< I confusion. _ Capt. Anderson was the first to I I mount their breastworks, his men following I I him in the faoe of a terrible fire without flinch- I I mg or oonfusion. I . I r. A* % Ander*>n "caled the breastwork, I; I u Pw't MllIer c'o??d upon the left and Capt. I I I Kathbone oame in upon the right, hia men I 1 I crying " Zouave!" The main column moving I ' I up the road in double quick?until they were I J I brought to a temporary halt by obatructiona I j I placrd in the road by the enemy I ! The rebela, terrified by the strange bravery I j I and alinoat wild enthusiasm that was exhibited I I by each advancing column, ran in oonfusion, I i I leaving their dead, wounded, clothing, guns, I ' I horses, &e., making their escape by Capt. I ' I Rathbone's right; his company being too far I I & mountain to cut off their retreat. Capt. | I Wast, commanding company F, was detailed I ? I to soour the mountain on the west, on the left I j I of the road. Capt. 0. P. Evans on the west 11 I side of the mountain, on the right side of the I ! I road. Capt. Herman Evans, commanding I < I Company fl, on the eaat aide of the mountain, I' I on the left of the rbad. I : Each of these companies moved with diaI patch, yet such was the knowledge of the|< I w#i _i? by-path* in the mountains, and I belonging to the " ? P. V.'s," and having I been drilled at running all summer, that but I I two were oaptared. ! Among interesting objeots captured was a I I Brown* i<?*a,ioa ?*Ptur#d by Lieut. I I The enemy's loaa was thirty killed and fifty | wounded. I I know that four of our men were I I killed and eight wounded. i I . Notwithstanding the great depresslen in I I business, land warrants, under the act of 1855 I I amounting to upwards of 2,0.)0,(Kio acrea, have I I during the year ending June 30th I I A balance remaining out la very small The I I Government new owns 8w,(**).000 acres, which I I bave been surveyed and offe ed for sale, and readv I I fur private entry. Besides thta, nearly 45,000 00u I ,U7eye^ but no* pat la the! I i i taken np by pre-emptor* ] I ki 1 v# th? ,n??nen?e tracts of land) I which have not been surveyed in the new Terrl-1 I tortea of Dacotah, Colnrado and Nevada. I i fa?m ?* Fim to tbk Birch ?It is a rather I I "jostratlon of the working of an elective I I rU ^ 'wT1 Co1' McCui,a? wbo was dismissed I i ut*y ,n consequence of bad conduct, I I returned to New York and quietly I I hta place on the bcoch Thlsm.n.whol I r" w"n?d by order of McClellan not to show I I 5 ' at Waahington, la now I I dlspenalng Justice In the largest city of America ! I i botfn Ad turn ttr I . l^"8paltWi" which was fl red from cannon, I I ^ ^ -yd> mt thr b?,tle of G?aley, ?a defined by I 1 Webster as a commercial name for xlnc. In this I Inatanco, however. It meana lrregnlar-shaped I ?f made by pouring The hot lead into water, forming dangerous missiles with I I sharp jagged corners. [ I ye now in course of manufacture In I I .New York city gun carrl.^e*, cai?sons, battery I I wagons, and forgea for over ?00 guns for the nse I I of the army. UrThe aecond festival ef French Orpiitcaiiii, I I numbering two hundred snd twentv-flve chorsl I J socieUee, and contributing in all elgLt thousand ! 1 Is to be held In Paila nett n.onth j I MOV?*1!^??2ht that after the cloee of navlga- ( * 7 New York canals, eight or ten thous- I I ^ listed /or the war from I among the hardy "canailers." Si"* ? ?*"'< . Mn? planters ef West Baton *ou?e Partah I La , have contri buted 1?7,000 worth ofligar sad molaaee for the benefit or the Ce.federe?ei?y^ l? t*:rT**Porth.c*f*M" Lagtslature hasreftiaed to call the Secession Ceoveiitfoa together Aaaong the novelties la New Yorkehnrehea I la a hydraulic engine fee blowing the organ. I , K7* **be Prince of Walea la having as Jolly a lme in PruaaU aa be had la America S year ago. ILT Butler every mouth dapulk hltaav I In the Treasury for the 7 J# notes W CTThare are one hjndmdaad sixty seeesnien prisoners sow at Camp Chaae, Ohio . ^ **? . ci|y o? Boston Bl 600 to enter I ta n Prince Napoleon sad Prtuces Clothllde j rot l?"??ry dsatrucuve la Caaa SICK AND WOCJNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Published in conformity with Ihe resolution of the Senate July 16, 1861. At General Hospital on E street, between fourth and Fifth streets, Washington, Oct 4. l?t Excelsior Brigade. 2:9th Maine Volunteer! . 3 3d do do...i 8 2d New HampshireVol 5 *t?. i .4do *" * l?t Michigan Voli.... 1 8th New York Vol.. j. 1 3d do do...*,. 3 34th do do...... 3 3d do do.....* 1 35th do do...... 1 4th do do 3 Slat do do 1 5th do do 1 35th do do 1 9th do do 4 36th do do 3 Stockton's Michigan 37'h do do 1 Independent Rifles. 4 46th do do 5 2d Wisconsin 1 69th do do 1 1st California 1 let Massachusetts Vol. 1 1st N. *. Cavalry 3 9th do do.... 1 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 3 10th do do.... 1 1st Indiana Cavalry... 8 18th do do.... 9 37th do do...... 1 19th do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 3 3d Vermont do. (a) 2 2d U S. Cavalry 1 4th do do.... 3 5th do do (6)1 5th do do.... 1 1st Chasseurs 1 1st Penniylvania Vol.. 3 Baxter's Fire Zouavea 1 23d do do., i' Berdan'sSbarpshooterf 1 2Qth do do.. 1 Hariand's Cavalry.... 1 8Tth do doij 1 19th Indiana infantry 4 30th do do.. 3 lit U. 9. Artillery.... 1 31st do do.. 1 D. C. Volunteers 9 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 3d Maine Volunteers.. 1 Total 101 3d do do 1 (a) Including an officer." (6) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Oct. 2. 2d U. 8. Infantry 2 8th Penn. Volunteers. 1 4th do Cavalry ...(a) 1 3d do do;;<;;; 3 2d Maine Volunteers.. 5 9th do do...... 7 6th do do 3 6th do do...... 3 9th Mass. Volunteers.. 1 12th do do 1 14thN Y.Volunteers..22 26th do do 1 94th do do 7 1st do Artillery... 3 20th do do 1 1st do Cavalry..... 1 33d do do.u... 5 4th do do I 21st do do... (ft) 2 Kentucky Cavalry... 2 19th do do 1 1st Long Island Vol... 3 35th do do...... 1 Teamster 1 Garibaldi Guards 1 19th Indiana (s)12 Mozart 1 2d Vermont 2 1st Fire Zouave* 1 19th Massachusetts.... 1 Tammany 2 Mo.t's Artillery 2 Excelsior Brigade.... 2 3d Vermont 11 3d Exce'slor Brigade. 1 5th Wisconsin 8 J 1st Michigan Vol 5 frh do 6 | J' do 4 33d Pennsylvania.....15 ?' Oo ?lo...(f) 6 ' ] tin do do... /)18 Total 176 1st Mim??otd Vol .... 2 (a) Ort-officer (>.) Ywoofflcers. (e) Oneofflcer (J) Four officer* (< ) Oneofflcer. At General Ho$r>ta: Union Hotel, corner Bridge ' <7*./ *..h streets, Georgetown, Oct. 4. M N. Y. Volunteers.. 2 12th Penn.Volunteers . 2 ! I 1';. do do 4 27th do do 3 ( UtU do do 13 35th do do 1 1 17th do do 1 45th do Legion 1 lsth do do 1 McLane's Regiment.. 2 i 19th do do 2 Harlan's Cavalry 1 | fid do do 5 Baxter's Fire Zouavea 1 1 ?d do do 3 19th Indiana Vol 1 24th do do 2 21st do do 1 J6?h do do 1 1st Michigan do 2 iflth do do...... I 2d do do...... 2 1 J3d do do 10 3d do do 4 ttth do do 3 4th do do 15 Iflth do do.,,,,, 1 Stockton'sIndp'tReg. 2 ' *9th do do...... 8 3d Wisconsin Vol..... 5 ] MoJart Regiment 3 flth do do 1 1 5th Reg Excels'r Brig. 1 6th do do 1 Bockwood's Battery.. 1 1st Minnesota do 1 d Long Island Vol... 1 1st California do 15 j VIott'a Bsttery 2 Guide to Smith's Brig. 1 i Id Msine Volunteers..11 Teamsters 3 ' 1th do do 4 Hostler 1 ! Id Vermont do 5 Officer's servant 1 . Id do do 14 5th U S Artillery 2 >th Mass. do 4 Kentucky Cavalry.... 3 1st Penn. Artillery.... 2 Id do Volnnteers . 1 Total 178 Id do do 3 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, I Oct 4 i ?d Maine Volunteers.. A 1st Penn. Artillery.... l | kl do do 3 26th do Volunteers . 1 >th do do 4 31st de do 4 1 10thMass.Volunteers. 17 33d do do 35 I4ih do do 3 1st New Jersey Cavalry 6 l?th do do 1 2d do Vol.... l i Id Vermont Volunteers 1 3d do do.... 2 I Jth Connecticut Vol.. 2 5th do do,... 4 ?tb de do .. 2 7th do do.... 1 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. 6 1 1st New York Cavalry. 1 1st do Vol 5 id N. Y. Volunteers.. 3 3d do do 8 ( sth do do 1 4th do do...... 2 ?th do do 1 7th do do 6 !"? <J? do 1 Sth do do. 3 14th do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol..10 18th do do 1 2d Wisconsin Vol 2 ?d do do 8 5th do do 8 < 15tto do do 1 6th do do 6 32d do dd...... 1 1st Minnesota do...... 2 1 ?d do db 2 1st California do 3 35th do do...... 6 19th Indiana do......11 36th do do 1 27th do do 7 JTth do do 1UIU8 Chas*eurs ... 2 13d do do...... 1 3d do Infantry 1 46th do do...... 1 4th do Cavalry 1 Sickles Brigade, N Y. 3 Llgn Cavalry 1 TammanvN. Y. Vol.. 2 Berdan'sSharpshooters 1 Garibaldi do do .. 1 (Quartermaster's Dep't 1 De Kalb do do.. 1 13th Penn.Volunteers . 1 Total 209 At General Hospital, (Circla,) Washington, Oct 4. 4th Cavalry I list Infantry 3 5th do 5|*d do 3 1st Artillery 9|3d do 3 2d do 10 8th do 1 3d do 12 (Quartermaster's Dep't 3 4th do 3 5th do 5 Total 58 At General Hospital, Alexandria, Oct 4. ISth New York. ...(a)33 5th Maine 10 27th do (6) 9 32d Pennsylvania 3 17th do 15 5th New Jersey....(c) 2 18th do 6 Lincoln Cavalry 3 Wd do 18 1st Mlnneso'a 2 26th do 7 1st New Jersey 1 40th do... 12 3d Wisconsin.... 3 38th do^.. 11 2d Vermont 1 37th do 13d Michigan 1 **h do 5 3d do 3 31st d+. *9 Young's Cavalry 1 7?th do 1 1st Artillery, U. S A . 1 15th do... 1 3d do do.... 4 3d Malm 1 2d Cavalry, U. 8 A... 1 3d do .....12 4th do., 10 Total ...186 < ) One Captain. (6) One Lieutenant, (c) One Lieutenant. P*** P1?**? COP* and and bills to the War Department. oet 9?3t piRKMSN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN, Capital. tsoo,ooo. Q0? toruor O strmi emd Lomuim** *., mr Bamh of VsUswiM. INSURE HOUSE8 AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. D. ucrois. 6eo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfarn, Sanmel CropieT, William Wilson. Ilioti?rd Jouos, John D. Barolay, ! Jaoo, Gideon Andrew Roinwefl, AltRSfc, Novharjei - v.?,ea. jaar i HE S?beerlbe^^vinfAiya4e'addUicuto kls faoiory, making it now one ofthe ItriMtA^Ka for mlcu^^V^V^AG^'^uSSi AURK PAIRS neatly done, Md all eiddhr ?roo, mi attasxWl to. Bdk j?mn%tupi, ALT1MORB Lock hospital, Hut dit*o*trtd iit metI CtfMfe, Sftedy and tntt Efttlwil Rtwudf x* the World, rOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LMT NO FALSE DELICACY PRETENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WiUnmrf tha Bask, Btriciartt, Aftctiontaf tht Bidfyt igd Bladder .::.voiati;arv isitebarget, Impotent?. Goaafal Utility, NeLVoatntts, Dyepepey, Lanraor, Omlaaioo af UiU, U? Sptnu, ? pitaaou of tht Heart, Timidity, Tremblinga, Dunne, a of Bigot or Oiddineea, Diteaes of tbt Bead, Throat, Nott ot Skin, Affeationi of tbi Lun, Stomaca or Bowtlt?thtat Ttrnblt Diaofdtra ariting from Solitary Bihu of Yonvb?ihaae Dreattfal ar.d DaetAellve Prattactt which rtndtr Marriagt unpottiblt, and dtttray both Body ut Mind. YOUNG MEN Eapteialy who bavt btcomt tk* vicumt of Boliury Tito, tbal dreadfal and dtttractivt habit which a an mall/ twttpt to aa ?tin>tly (ta<a thoataadt of Tow| Mob of tbt moat aaaltad taltatt and brilliant intalltct, who ufigbt other* na

have entranced Weterang Stntttt with tht thuodere af etoaaence or wakid to ecetacy tha living lyra, may Mil With fall conldeoca. MARRIAGE. MaBBlBD Platops, or Yoang Man cantemplating Marriare, being awara of phyeical weakneet, trganic dtbility, defotrouiea, Ac., epeedily cured. Ha who plscee himeelr ander tht ear* of Dr. J. may reliriaaely cotiBde in hit honor at a gentleman and cosjdtntly rtly upon bit (kill ai a phyeiei&o. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. Itft hand tidt going froaj Baltimore etreet, a few doort from tht eortitf. Pail not to obeerve name and nambtr. Letters matt bt paid anil ecnt&ic a stamp. DR JOHNSTON, Member af tht Royal College of 8or(tcnt, Loadoa, gradaatt from oot of tht roott eminent Collegee in ?bt Bnittd taut, and tbt fleeter part of wbott lift hat bttn eptbt It tht noepitale of London, Pant, Philadtlphia and alttwhtrt, baa elected torn* of tht moet aetonithing earaa that wtrt tvar known; many troabltd with ringing in tbt htad and tart whtn atlttp; great narrontntta, being alarmed at tat(*tn toandt, baahfalneea with frtqaeut blasCing, atttudtd tnnttlmtl With derangement of mmd, wtrt cartd mandiataly, _ TAKE PARTWt/LAR NOTICE. Toang Men ana othere who havs injnrtd themftlvse by a tnam pracuct indulged in whtn alout?a habit frtqatntly la arm 4 from evil cotupanione, or at tchool, tht afltcu of whicn art nightly felt tvtn whtn atlttp, and if Dot :urtd. rtailtrt marriagt impotaiMt, and dtttroyt both mind and bodv, thoald apply immtdiatllr. rntat art Mrr,t of tht aad and melancholy effects produced bf terl# habita of vonth, vis: Wtakottt of tht B*ck and Limbe, Paint ill tht Htad, Oimnttt of Sight, Loae of >laaca?ar ftwar, Palpitation et tut fTtm, Dyeptpty, Nerroaa irritakility, Dtran/rtmtnt lit tht Df^tttfTt Fcnctioot, Gtntral Otbiiity, Symptorot of Cooanmpt""- Us. Miwtall*.?The foarfnl ctTec'j on tht mind art mach to bt drtadtd?Lota of Memory, Confation of Idt*l, Otprettion af Spiritt, KtiI Porebodinft, Araraioo of Society, stif-OitLratt, Lovt of Solitadt, Timidity, ttc., art aoant of tht trill prod acad. Nervous Dmilitt.?1Thootandt can now Jadft what it Lht eante of thtir dtclininf htalth, lotinr thtir vigor, becoming wtak, pait, ntrvoot aad emaciate*, having a lingular apptartnet abvat tht tytt, congli or tymptoant of contampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Wbtn tht raiagoidtd and unfradent votary of pleatart (ndt bt hat imbtbtd tne teedt of thit pamfai dlttatt, it toa of:to happtni that an ill-timed tenet of tbamt or drSad Of dtvcovtry d ttc re him from apply ing to thott who, from tdocatidB and rttptctability, Can alout btfrund him. Ht fallt into tht ba&dt of ignorant and dttigning prtttndtrt, who, incapable tf carinr, filch hit pecuniary tcbetanct, kttp him trifling month after month, or aa long ae the tmallttt fit can bt oblaintd, and ir dttpair leave him with rained health to tigb aver bie galling dieapfmintmtntj or by tht ait of that dtatly poiaoo?Hercary?haeten tht coaittittuiotial symncmt of tbie Itrriblt dieeaat, tuch at Affections nf tht Heart, Throat, Htad, Ikin, Ae.. progrttomg with frightfal rapidity, (ill d?atb pait a ttriod to hit drtadfal tafftringt by listing himt o Jia'JUiutcavtrtd eoantrr from wbott kaarnt aa traVelef Htlrfl. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thit nta) aj 1 important rtmtdy w takattt af tht argaat trt apttdily cartd ana fkll vigor rtttortd. Tboatandt of tht oat norveat and dthllitaUd, who bad loot all baps, bavt Ittn immtdlattly rslisvsd. All im^tdimtntt to Marriags.Phytltal or Mtoul Dleqaalfeationt, boat af Pi?ertativt Powtr, Htrvaas Irritability, rrtmbling aad Wtakottt ar KtbtatUaa af tbt moat ftarfal Had tpttdily cartd. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Til Mart Thousands ekrtd at this insUtatiao within At laat ttvtntttn /tart, and tha n am a f oat important Sarfikal opt ration! perrormtd by Dr. Johntton, witnasttd by (Jit rtporttra af tbt paptrt and many otbtr ptraont, notictt af aaiab bavt apptartd agaia and again bafart the pabUc, btiWm his SUAfllBf * ( BtUflMu wf tkaractat aa4 r?ip*aal. ?Ulty, It a >iLflfirat jw*r*n\,9% U tf satctsd. mar IS-ly SfOTIGti. - uiamv Thi? Company offers to the public " Unequalled Advantagea" for the Safe &ni Qmck l>irpatoh of He?vy Freight* Packages, Valuablea, Money, Ac. kc., to all parte of (he Un: tad Htaieg. Kzpreg?e? to and from the No-tii and West depart from and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Kxpretkei are in charge of txptrirxttd and reliable Messenger*. All Packages for The Soldidri carried at "on* half" our uRual rates. All Go< dk for the so-oalled "Confederate State*" ?nd all Article* " Contraband of War" will be Rkfuixo. Ou Expresses leave New York at 1.?, and 6 P. M.. arriving in Washiagton at 6 A. M. and A90 P. M. Expresses lea re Philadelphia at 8J4 A. M. and [i P-M., arriving in Washington at 5 3D P. M, and > At ffl. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. arriving in Wasl.ington at 6 A.M. and?30 Expresses for all point* North an^ We*t leave Washington at 7.30 A. M. and 2.30 P M. daily. SpeoiaT Contract* for 'arge quantities of Freight oan be made on application to thi* i tftoe. All Goods sailed for and_dehvered fret of Extra Bhargea. E. W. PARSONS, t l , Sop't Adam*' Exprea* Company. Washington, Augu*t 23.1861. au a tf Y?? ?T ? WOOD AND COAL. OU Will an rely get your money'a worth by oahinc at the PIONEER MILLS, scmthwut ear a" *nd Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Agent.) They sell obeaperand gi*e better maaanre than any other* in the city?cut, aplit, aod oelivered free of charge. If to? doe 11 elieve . i ve the Pioneer Milla a tna., and be aatesfied. gOOTS AMD *0 * * We wet now mapafaotaring all kinda of BOOTS and SHOES, and ooiiatanuy receiving a^^a n?ir oi eastern made work of everyae-B9H aon*tion. made exroealy to order, and wilir ! be aold1 ai a mto i loifer anoe than haa been* pHL keretofore charged in una eity for mach lnfener Person* in want ot Boots and Shoe* of eastern ar ei?j uutae work. wi:i always And a good aeaortv>ea a atore and at the lowest priea*. Give aa a call. . SKIPF1N A BRO., *et-v tT4 >*?nfev!vtmt traraa A RMY SUPPLIES. A JUST RECEIVED?0cana SAUSAGb MEAT, . *40 oan* FRESH TOMATOES, ai cans FRESH VEAL, 360 oan* BEEF.a la mod*. 240 cans ROAST BEEF, SBOcans fresh mutton. 240 cans BEEF and GRAVY, 340 cans SOUP and BOUILLI, SO oaaes FRENCH DEStvlUATED VEGE XAoLi CaO* For sale at New York Factory pnoes. _ KING A fiURCHELL, _ae* Corner l and fifteenth streets. NEW BOOKS. LlSTOUY of the United Netherlands, by Joha Lothroa MoUey ; ? vols.; fVee b? mail, fi he Rise of (he Dutch Republie, a history, by J win Lothrop Motley; a voi eioth; free by mail, Weaver of Ravelol, by the author of Adam Bade eloth ?i|ceau ; paper AO Lift and Career of Major Andre, by Wiatrop 23^I?C&nt ? After loeberga with a Painter, a Summer Voyage NojHk-^rAU Newionndiand; by Rev LoaisL. Tne Mauufkotur* of Photogeoio or Hydro-Carbon Oils, U Thomas Antisel", M. D.; 01.7S. Any of the above fr<>e by mail. FRENCH A R1CH9TEIN, aa 24 U7E? penna. avenue. W~~TT B6YS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeived within the laat day or two a M*?rt<nent of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embracing all atyles of low-prioed, mediAi, and ftne qualities, wmoh we are selling a t very low pnoea for oaah. . wall, stephens a co., SMPa.av., between 9th and 10th ata. m P flntetlirenper ?nd Reanblioan.i C^RIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS j and COUNTERPANES.all aiseaaiK. qnah ties, Bed Comforta,Sheetinea, Pillow Linen< and Oottoas, Toweia. Napkins, Table Cloths, Tickings, l>?Tl?efa?o. All at oar proverbially low prteee, aaarked la plata figures. New eomers, sfaugers, sojourners and oitixeas WiU inapeot osr siook at pleasure _ ? ' PERRY A BRO , ae 2T-54 Pens, avenue and Mb st., /w\1t mb "feofawf. office. a, a B<yk.r u, WumI HIM. 0 Mtst liberal advaaoee made on tiold aad silver cess strictly oor.fiiieiitiai. , iO^AC HERZBKRG. S?I C atraet. au 1 ?m 1' at wet.o iij aad ath ata. l^HE GREAT RUSH TO ARMS has oaosad 1 SMITH to ru?? North audree.ier.ish tus stoak of FALL and WlWtfik CLOTH t.NG, wkiZkke offers at remark* i.e low prioaa, at No, 4M8stepta st^oaaoa'tw PostQajaa. aa>-lm trea-t oel-Im PROPOSALS FOR INDIAN GOODS. Dbpaithvkt or th? Irtiiioi, I Ofice Indian Aftirt, Strtrmbtr *1, MM Pealkd Proposals, endorsed " Proposals for Indian Goods," (01m 1,2,3 or 4. as the oate mar bo,) to be dslivsrsd is the oity df New Y??tk, will no received at the Once of Indian Affaire until It o olook a. m . on Satvkd&t, the 12th day of Ootober next, for fernlshiug tiie following named articles. ? _ Class No. 1. - jy?aekim** Slanbttt, Ciotkt. and Dry Goods. 2,000 pairs 3 point whi e Mackinao blankets. to measure SO by 72 inohee. and weigh 8 pounds 2,500 pairs 2X-p int white Ma-kinas h anceu, to measure 64 by 68 inohee, and weigh 6 poinds 1,000 pairs 2-poiut white Mackinao blancets, to measure 42 by 56 inohee, and wrick Mf lbs. 800 pairs IX joint white Maokinao blankets, to measure 3R by 50 inohee. and weigh 4JK its. fifO pairs 1-point white Ma kinao b ankets. to meaure 32 by 46 inches, and weigh SM lba 300 pairs 3 point ?cjvrl-t Mackinac Maskete, to measure 8n by 72 in ;h?s, and weigh 8 pounds 300 pat is point sca'let Mackinac d arkeie, *o measure 54 by ? inohe;, and weich 6 pounds 25Ppa<rs 2 point scarlet Maokinao bianke s. to measure 42 by 56 inohee, and weigh 5K ibe. 2fti pairs 1-point ?u<ir!et Mackii ao biai k'ts. to measure 32 by 46 laches, and weigh 3V be. 100 pairs 3>a-point green Mackinao bl*ns??ts, to measure 66 by 84 inehee, and weigh 10 lba. 600 pairs 3 point green Mackinao blar kets, to measure 6ft by 72 inches, and weigh * pounds 600 pairs 2X point green Mack-nao blankets, to measure 54 by 66 inches, and weigh 6 ponnis 200 pairs 3X-pomt indigo bine Mackinac bunkets, to measure 86 by 84 inohee, and weigh 10 pounds 2no pairs 3 point indigo blue Mackinac blankeu, to measure 60 by 72 inohee, and weigh I >be 200 pairs 2H-P?int indigo blue Maokinao blankets. to measure 54 by 69 incbee, and weigh 6 pounds 2no pairs SX-point gentinella bine Mackinac blankets, to measure 86 by 84 inches, and weigh 10 pounds 500 pairs 3 pumt gentinella bine Mackinao b an kets, lo measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds 400 pairs 2^-point gentinella bine Maokinao blankets, to measure 54 by 66 inches, ana weigh 6 pound* 350 pairs 2-pc int gentinel'a bin* Maokinao blankets, to measure 41 by 56 inohee, and weigh 5^ pounds 2r>0 pairs 1H point gentinella blue Mackinao blarketa, to measure 36 by 50 inohes, end w?igh 4* poun-la 150 pairs 1-yoiut gentinella bine Maokinao blankets, to mrasure 33 by 46 inches, and weigh 3>4 pounds. 4,ooo yards fane list blue oloth 5ifl do do green cloth 2,ooo do grey ii*t bluo cloth t,fiO do saved list blue oloth 1,000 do do scarlet c'oth l,3nn do do gr-?en cloth fori pounds worsted jam,i9 fold) loo doSen ootton flag uandkerehie* 100 do fanoy ootton 50 do blaoK silk 100 do 8 4 ootton shawla loo do 6-4 do 50 do 4-4 do 100 do 8 4 woolen do 500 pounds linen thread. No. 50 gro*s worsted gartering 4*V0nn jards oahoo 29,Of? do Merrimao calioo 7,000 do Turkey red oalioo 2u,ono do blue drilling 10.(00 do osnaborga 7.5fio do brown drilling 5.000 do Georria atripoa 5.000 d > bine d nima 5.000 do oottonade 12 500 do be<l ticking do Kentucky jeans 1.500 d> aatinetts 10,ow do plaid linseys 2,?? do b eactied shirting l^W6?-do domestio shirtict, unbleaohM ltnCn do do snooting, do iflUt) do bleaohod do bv?x> do brown ootton dnok I0,imi do checks, stripes, and plaids 2,ooa <to fla- nels, assorted l,n00 pounds ootton thread 1/no do brown filling twine. No. 90 >oo do ootton maitro 1300 twilled flannel skirts 1,600 oalioo shirts >00 dosen hiokory shirts 100 oo Madras handkerohiefk. _ Class No. 2. /lo<?<lp immSm CVwi4w?is 175 frock ooats, indigo bine bnmdolotfc 175 pantaloons, do ao 50 mdigo blue Mackinao blanket oapotss 175 blue satinett o.i's 175 do pantaloons 76 cadet- mixed satinett coats 75 so do pan'aloons 275 gray satrnett ooats, < ?ack> 275 do pantaloons 275 do vests. Class No. 3. Hardware. A in cultural Jmpltmmxt, fe. 4,000 pounds braes kettles 400 tia kettles, (6 sixes) 125 oest* Japanned kettles, (S in 4 nest) 275 "amp kettles, (3 sises) r*6dogen 2 quart tin pans l.V>da?n3 quart tin pans 20 do fl quart do 375 do tin cups M? do aqaawawla 7? do fish hooka 2u" do fi?h lines 750 gross needles, assorted 2% dosen ooarse tooth combs 75 do fine tooth combs 50 do scissora 200 do shears 25 do grubbing hoes* 25 do werding hoes 150 drawing knives, 10 inohes 50 hand saws 100 dotes hand saw files, 4X <nchea 5 do shovels 25 do spad6a 750 short band's fry-pans 25 dozen baaiing spoons 9oo do iron table spoons 90 do ax*s, to weigh 4l{ to Hi pounds 100 do half axes, to weigh 3 pounds, (with handles) 100 do sino mirrors 100 de fire steeis loo pounds brass wire loo do best Chinese vermillion. Goods of American manufacture of the reqsired styles and quality will bs prefeirsd; bat aa the aamplee of blankets end olotha are foreign fabrics, it will be neoessary, in proposing a domestio article of either of those kinas that a sample thereof shall accompany the bid. 1 he artioles to be furnished mast in all respeets oonlorm to and be equal with the Governmentea?p,es which may be seen a. this oAoeon and after the first of Ootoosr next. The artio es will be ngidiy inspected ai d compared witn the samples by an agent or acente appointed for that puipose. Suokas may be unequal thereto in any particular will bs rejected, in wh eh case the ooatraotor will bebo'jnd to furnish Uhersoithe required kind or quality w-thin tnn<e days; or, if that be not done, ther will be purchased at ins expense. Paymaot will be made (or the goods received on invoioes thereof, certified ?>y the agent or agenU ap?om:e<1 to inspect tbem. it is to be understood that ths right will be re served to require a greater or less qsaot tr of any of the artioles named than that specified in Us above so?edu:s; and all bids for furnishing iam artioles may be rejeoted at ths option of the l>e Mrtment; aua that none from arsons who have ikiled to comply with the requirements oi a previous oontract with the Unitsd Statos. or who are not manufacturers or wholesale dealers in tke reauirsd artioles, wUl be considered; and the (kot tat bidders are suoh msnufaoiarsra or dealers must be svidenoed by the certificate of ths coilsotor ol ths port whsrs the/ rs?de. or where itM p.opoaed to deliver the articloa The proposals must smbraos ths articles, witk the q uaauues thereof as they are arrasgsd la ths eoheda.e, with the prions annexed to eash, ia dollars and cents, a?; winch they are to bsfnmished; and the amounts must bs oarrisd oat and footed as for each olass >aid pnoes and amounts mast be so given, without any asodifioaUou, or sroeoasd moaification, or variauon whatever. Thsy should be submitted with the following headinc: "1 (or we) hereby propoee tolurmsn for ths ear sioe of the Indian Department, and aooording to tk* terras of its advertisement thereof, dated 21st September, 1861. the following artiolee, at tke f rioas thereto fixed, (here insert the list aooortflng a the elsea or olaaa *s proposed for,; ds.iverable ia the oity of New York by the first day of April next, or at suoh time or times during the year latt aa may bs ordered by the Couinuaaioner or Indian Affa rs: and, if this proposal bs accepted, (here insact the words,'in whole or in pari' if mors than one olaaa be proposed for,) 1 (or ws) will, witkia twenty daya thereafter, execute a oontrast aoeordingly. ana give s^ouritv, satisfeotory to ths Gosa nissioner of Indian Aflaira, for the faita/ui performance of ths aame." h aoti proposal must be aaaoasMOMd with a gtarantee in the following form, to be aigasd by two or more respoaatbie persons, whoss sufioieasv asust be oertified to by a United Stataa jaoga or district attorney. -We nsrebr jointly and severally guaranty that theabovs biacer,(or bidders.) if a contract sha bs awaided to him, (or then.f acoordiag to kia or their bid or proposal. Till execute a contract asoordingly, andgivet'.s rsquisits sssarity lor tke per lormancs tkefooi, aa l^eeerifcsd ia ths advsr ;.?eiueiu io-proposal* for Indiaa goods, daisS 21st September, 1181; and, in ths event of^his(ar tkW) (knars so to do, we kereby agree to bind nuisslisa. oar osira, necntors, and asalgag to forfeit and aar ths United Bta ea. as damages, a aam not lass than fi rteenfper sent, on ths amount of aaiTbidor profBonds will be reauirei ia Us an.ouat of ths Wd (or theiaitkfnl perijrmaooe ot ills U<IS<I1S<. aim two or more aeretise. whose sufioienoy mast ke w??sd by a t ihsi StatM jadge sr daatrtstat No proposai will bs sonasdarsd that *o? ?t strictly soaferm, in all pamsalare, as tkstatms ia1 lirrstiirns tti this admi iiassMal ?e n 3-awQer M Aotiftg 6ow""s^?csr pi AN cm, PtANOK PIANO*. ilfr I>a?as sortlnentat wTe'llbl-ZSR^^SIwSo oorner Pa. av and Kisvaqt* m> ft* I THE WEEKLY STAR. This uMllMt PwUt u4 Km ? | I oeatalaiac ? gtmtm tvw*t at tola ?h ra?! i*( thfta eea be fcu4 ia vrr i?a li MkikM I * morula* ??PT. P* "?. *1 m Pt^oopi? 4 T .. aw II lavariably ooat&iM the "Wi?kla|(? Mews' I that has nW( Tk* M, m?mm? Stmt d re nlete I ?e geaeraliy throng boot the cooatry. CrsiBgie copte* (la wrappers) eaa he pee. I eared at Ute constat, immediately tfto the imee of thr paper. Prtoa-THHEE CEWTH. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. "migulr CONCENTRATED** Compound Fluid Ix tract Buohu, 'A fNrim aU SfcxJU Risnrf| For Diseases of Us BLADDER, SIDNEYS. GRAVEL,aa4 DROPSICAL SWELLING?! } Thie M?die<ae Inorseaec Ue sower of Diass&oa* h5 w*h".?h tttke 4Mo,,",T? "??o ?>?aJniyaet??B. by wfeioh the watbbt ok ciunen deaeeiue?1 *hl?mmmii are redaerd' JSr A>? '"^??t.o?, and ia (OM MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU , , . For WeakneeKs I Anaiag from Kiohin, Habit, of Diaalsatioa. v*x\l 1* direr*tina or A*?ase. I .A'****** vitk tk* Following Symptom* : Indiepoaition to Exertion, Loee of Power. v'Sk W-"' DiHeslty of Sreathiag! I as Tf?Kliae Horror of Dim&m, Wfcisfulni*#* I Dimnesa of Vision, Pub in the Kaok' DryM a or the Pkfa, &ptl?S ? thett TK? oPA"LICIMMR4M rn^?6 ?ympt< in*, if & :owfd to go ro. whioh Uui I medicine invariably remove, aoen fotlowa IMl'OTKKC Y. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In on* / vkuk tk* PmUmU may E*r*r, I ***t th*T mr% ** fosses tly flMI loved by thoae niasrtJi. Dieaaaaa." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the aaaee of their aafenti I bvt notrw will coarses. I THE RECOR DB or THE INSANE ASYLI MS And tk* Mflmmckoly Dttukt by Cntnm^ttcn. I BUI AMPLI WITKXSa TO T?* TIVTI OF NI I Aaanrioa. TflE WTSSaSoWtUB^P Reemrea the aid of msdioias to streagtksa and I l vigor ate the System, whieh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU invariably do*t. a TkUL will rojrvifici rira most unncu. FEMALES? FEMALES? FEMALES, ou> 8S/A'i?ftABKl^KaA,litWil?- ?? In Many Afftttxont Peculiar to FemmUt the Extract Btiohn ia aneeaalkd by any oUar rwajKly, aa 10 chloroaia or Rstsattoa, irr gsianty, Painfalnma,or Sappreeaton ot Ceelowiary Evao nation*. I crater or Scl.irrosa atate of the Uierna. Leocorhea or Whitea, Sterility, atdfor all oomplairta laeident to tha, eea. whether arista* from Indieoretion, Habita of DiasipBtioa, or ia the , DECLINE OR CHANGE GF LIFE' a* sTwrroiaa above. NO FAMILY 8H0CLD BE WITHOUT IT. Tnb* no m*r, Bait am, Mirrmry, ar Vnpltmtmnl Mtdtctn* fm DnpUmtnnt mm4 Dmmgtrmwa Jiwem. HELMBOLD'S .EXTRACT BUCHU CV1LE9 SECRET DISEASES Beaaaea a fre^a bi doaira aud jivea atreaath to nsatthereby Rem^wag \j bat uetioaa. Preventuif aafl Curiae Striotarae of Ue Urethra. AlUyiae rateaud inflammation, eo freenent in the elaaa of diaea>ee. aui exaoUtac ml Pouonom iHitattd, mftd team ma Maiirr. THOvaaaoa VPOB TaocaaHna WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who tare paid k-nt-1 j**> to be eared in a abort time, have 1 and taty were deeeivad.aad that the ''roieoM" haa, by the ?ae ?f *>e?anful mtrimgmt*" been dned np in the ayatem, to break oat ia aa aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. ____ e Uai HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU fhr all aJect oLi an i diaeaiM > f the UHINAMT ORGANS, whether exiattng ia MALE OH FEVALK, from whatever oaaae origisattag aad aa leather of MOW LONG STANDING. Diaeaaea of theea Orgaaa reeaire the aid ef a Dtvamc. |^HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, aad it ia certain to have the deaixod effaet ia all l>ieeaaea/ar vaica tl it rtcommmitd aviDBirca or raa Hoar asaroaaiBba An aaliablb cHAEacraa will aooompaay the medieiaaa. CERTIFICATES OF OURBB. From I to SO ycara' awndlBg. With Nam** known to SCIENCE AND FAME. U MPHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." wa vui "no sacaav" or "?sami>uuiTa." HELMBOLD'S KXTRACT BUCHU a oompoaed of hnoha, Ca -ebaand JaBiper Bemea. aeleetad with graat oare by a eoaapetent drmrftat. PREPARED IN TACVO. BY M. T. HELHBOLD, PraeUaal aad Aaalytieal Cheaoiei. aad Sole Maaaiaotarer of HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared oaiwre me. aa Atdw sm of the oity m Philadelphia, H. T. Hblmbolb, wto beiaidslyewo s.dotn eay. his preperaUeaa eeataia ae nareot o, ao aterearf, or otae* uuartoaa druga, bat are parely vegeUb)^ ^ ^ p Swore aad asbaanbed before ?.(? of > \ , niijii'fr fit in u ??iu<iii o Iji 11 n' 1 PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDAMCM FROM tf A. M. TO S P. M. Frftoo HI par beetle, or ska hf 9*. Delivered to aay add rasa, seesraly peeked froa observataoa. Add rasa letteia for lafomakioB ia aoaSdaaee to H. T. HELM BOLD. Chaeiut, Depot. 1M Soath Teath at., below Cheetaat, Phiia. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who eadeevorto dtapoee "o^thatrows" aad otner artioias oa ^ao rspaaaoa akaiaia y HtlmbtUTt giasiai Pi paeaNaei, a it Jt Wet Sacks, ?? ?** Motapartla, ?? ? /syrseed Reaa IFeak. Sold by S. B. WaJT*. Z. D. TtUkaa, ian Wiut. 8. C. Peaa, S. B. ki 1 wish i, B. OL ** AND ALL DRUGGIST* EVERYWHERE ' ASK TOR HELMBOLD'S. TAE1 SO OTBE. Cat oat the alveitieemeat aad aaai Iw it. AMD AYOID IMPOHtriON fRl ! |.H? B?rH* Sfwfunt fl'Ci mmtummiim * Caroe Ga^raateed : MfReM* sa?-Iy^

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