Newspaper of Evening Star, October 11, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 11, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEW& P*Tbei^ Tit Stajl to prtntod on tb? taste* pwi In dm watta of Baltimore, Its edition N to l?r*- aft to require It to bo pat to pre* at an ?Mty Wow . Adiriuimets, therofore, ahouid be oat in before 12 o'clock ; otherwi?? tbay may tiot appear until the next day. "" " ' T?i Biuit Cut nroii tii Oiriiiii' yw?r, Jim Pvbcbll?The court met vasterday morning pursuant to adjournment No appointment of a Reg liter of W Ilia having yet been * *?<!?> tb? Court announced that no longer delay would be allowed, and the wltneaaes would be Jim by the Court la the absence of the proper J?km F. Cillan sworn ?Ha* known 9. C. Barbey about thirty year*, he lived, after bla marv'age, about three or four doora from witneaa, *?ear the corner of Seventh and K streets Mr. Banter b?d two children there? boya He and hta children frequently came to the drug afore of witneas, roner of Seventh and K streets, and wltnrM saw frequent evidences of his kindness towards them The bora were a good deal Indalferi, and frequently Imposed upon other children nf their own age In the neighborhood, complaints of which conduct were made to Mr. B by witness. When witness thought they ought to have been punished for their misconduct they were net so punished. Witness saw Mr. Barney frequently with his children, snd he sppear<d kind and Indulgent towards them, and they Would "often apply to him for presents, which be gave them The children were healthy, remsrkably well dreased, and very Intelligent, snd witness never knew of say msitreatment ef them. Never heard sny disturbance in Mr. B's house, snd alwnysconsidered him a man of temperate hsblts. The only additional f?cts elicited bv croesexamlnatlon was tbst witness never saw the little girls: that Mrs Barney waa at the time he spoke of with her children: and that he never saw Mr. oarnrr unaer ine inournce 01 liquor. Mr J?hn S 7"yj?i?, affirmed?Knew but little ?( Mr. Barney before his departure for France, bat baa aeen more of blm aince bin arrival from that country ooe or two veara ago Wltneaasaw Mr. Barney principally in witneas'a own office, where Mr B came to consult witneaa about bta aflV.ra When be(B ) flr*t came to witneaa he waa la terrible dlatreaa of mind Objected to. The Court aald that Mr. Barney waa not being tried for diatr* a* of mind Witneaa never in bia life aaw Mr. Barney take drink. In bia first viatta to witness. about two yeara ago, be did aeem excited, bat seldom ; wit ee* never saw blm intoxicated Shortly and auddenlf about that time bia whole bablta appeared to change, and ainca that time witneaa baa not seen the leaat excitement about blm (Mr B ) aiislng, aa witness conceivea, from liquor. Saw him excited once since that period, but cannot ay ft waa from liquor. He bad other causea for exalting him. Air Barney a mind waa always good, but la the latter part of witneaa a acquaint* aae? with blm very eood and clear. \\ itnesa thought hli (Mr B ' ) manner at their first acquaintance waa the r??ult of drinking, but witness is not a connoisseur, and Mr. B '? manner suddenly and totally changed. Mr. Barney has been living with bis mother during this period, and wltneaa baa been there about once a week to see them, and never saw Mr B excited by liquor. Crooa examined.?Witness d<d not know Mr. Barney's wife, and was never at his house. He C Mr. B ) was never with wit new at any place where be could get anything to drink, unless it might beat hia (Mr. Barney'a) mother's, when sometimes a little punch?admirable punch it was? ww passed around, and the prexnmptlon is that Mr Barney must have tak> n a little, or he wouid'bave been more than man. The time of excitement alluded to by wltneaa was.witness did form the impressiou, the result of liquor The change in Mr. Barney's habits took place bofore the proceedings in this court?before Mrs. Barnay ' France Mn Catftariru Peitieord sworn?Hss known Mr. Barney about fourteen years, and lived the second door west from him, on E street, until he (Mr. B ) moved to the Flrat Ward Witness knew all the children, went very often to the house, and was Intimate with Mr. Barney's wife. When witness went there would always see Mr. B. and the children, and be alwaya seemed affectionate to the children. The children appeared very fond of him, and if on the street would mn to meet him. Mr. Barney had no bad habits, and witness npver saw him out of the way. 3fr Wadswrtk Ramsty sworn ?First knew Mr Barney in 1843, and waa on intimate terms with him when he ( U ) lived on E street. A porIIa? . r s V _ ICO >c* i * 1.1* _ > ?ivii ut me uiuc iruiu wo ?i WHunii viuira the bouse almost every day, dining and supping there frequently, and would always see tbe chll. drrn. Mr. Barney seemed extremely devoted to Lis children Witness nas seen but little of hlin since his return from Europe. The children were Always healthy snd well dressed, and were well taken care of. Tbvy seemed to be very fond of Mr. Barney. Witness saw Mr. Barney on one occasion when witness tbojght be (Mr. B.) was drank It was at night, after supper, about 10 or 11, perhaps 12 o'clock, and the children had gone to bed It is the only instance witness recollects. Cross examined ?Always thought Mr. Barney was a free liver, fond of eating, and the good thing* of life. Witness should n't call it drinking to excess Mr B drank ss other men did?a little every day. He was in tbe habit of indulging freely In Intoxicating drinks. Witness don't mean to say be was a drunkard, but a free liver. tHUxrt L Giberton, sworn ?Has known Mr. Barney eight years or more Lived next to h*m o? E it near Seventh st for six or eight months. t*aw Mr Barney with his oldest boy, Chasey, perhaps fifty times Mr Barney appeared very affectionate. and Cbaaev seemed to bf verv f<.n<4 nf bla father. Don't know Mr. Barney's habits? never aaw him intoxicated Heard loud talking la the bouae sometime*, but the only voice he reeogniird was Mr. Linton* Mrs Capt Oldjitld (sister of Mr Barney) tea tiled at length to utt very intlma'e and confidential relatione with her brotber'a family, from tbe time of his marriage to their depmture lor France; her going there at all boura of the day tnd night, going to mil parte of the bouae without ringing ; and bar stopping there on vartoua occasions several week* at a time tier brother wae fsnd of tertalaing hla friends, and Mr LlBton and other* were coasUntly there, eeting and drinking. Mr. Barney waa always with tbe children, and the? In hia room, which waa aa much a nursery as the nuraery waa WltneM'a brother waa tbe met Indulgent father a be ever aaw?it amounted 1ml tnn fault, tbe thought. Never aaw him correct tbe children He pntd attention to their moral training, and they appeared to be very food of him?Nrddy particularly Neddy waa hla fhther'a favorite, and Cheaey hla mother'*. Wit AM anA kakAOllwioA <v# nnu a# moa bcr brother's part towirdt the children, hot thought h? was too Indulgent. The children, witnees thought, were rather ridiculously, rather extravagantly dressed Witness tnou^ht har brother dispensed a mora bounteous hospitality than bla Income JuattUed Wltoeaa never saw bor brother drank but once, and that waa an extraordinary caoe?they had to call In Dr Johnson. Baa aeen her brother a little ttpay, aa other 14entlemao at the hooae. Since hi* return from Franca, about eighteen months ago, be haa been anything bat a free liver. It brine now altar 3 o'clock, further examlnattoa of Uls witness waa postpoaed until Saturday morn lag. aa a be wished to apend to-morrow with the family of >ir Winder, wboae daughter had died, as rtated In another part of our paper. Other wltaisssi wara however to be exsmined this aaoralag at II o'clock, to which boar the court adeoraad. Pbbsbttbbt or tii Distbict or Colttmbu ffl" iw Aciool?Thla Presbytery bald its regular sesaloa yesterday, la the Aaaembly's Church, aaraar of I and Fifth streets. Reverend Mr Dunning, of Bal'more, preached oa the duties we owe la the Church sad tha State, from the text: "1?dor unto Cesar tha things which are Cesar's, aad to Oad tha thing that are Gad's." Ha vary ciaarly lad fereibly preoeated tha obllgatloaa Christian mm are ?aur to reader obedleoca to "to tha powers that be,'' and to be oonnctonaly fhlthfal to the government. Rev Mr McFalM wan elected Maderatoe,whan the regnlar business oa tha docket waa taken op. The eh are hrs cam peeing this preabvtery are In a peoeperaoe condition. nod have entered heartily Into the new fteid* of mefnlnees opened to tbam, by tha concentration of so many soldiers within ? W 1 Afihf tit 1 n--# l ? I the prasbyterr received to ei?lt, ui body, all the eherchee under lis jurisdiction, and bold services fwowvKk iBdckcbireh. At twelve o'clock M tbe presbytery adjourned to meet next January. U the water a Presbyterian Church. CexieaJ. GBA*D?ocaa Casks ?John Johuaon, dr?nk tad diaorderlv. toed 91 M Jaa Bofie, disorderly; do t5 W Dennis Do no van, do ; dtamlaard Daniel Dirge, (Colored.) do.; do. Bouaaei Perk hit, drank and disorderly; Seed 93 M. Owen McCnulry de.; turned over to the military Elisabeth Kelly, for aafe keeping d latticed. Charles Canon, dtao derly ronduct, Sard S3 W Betsey Ward, fugitive from l.bor; bald for Mr master John Nicholas, (col'dj Insolent behavior and out after hours; Sued >1 0. Bnboudt, sleeping la tbo street; dismissed Peter W Ukeraoe, do ; do Jamrs Browning, (eol'd,) out after boors and resisting the officers; workboose M days Deaata Foley drank and disorderly; (Wll M Tna Pot.ica OoMfmiosms ?'Tbn Metropolitan Potior ovoimia-looers bolu their week If ffx-wnjj aiiernooe. out no ouunru at fyiittir* *n transacts*. > PiciPocitTt Abovt ? Mr. W?. BlrtkMUi ppfcJut pi i*ad *a Cf?r Mutal nrtMl?r, sffcls mmeMMtllC over forty Mtan tBgoidu* "r?* . J i a* Not a Ca*didat? ?Capt. Jiim MeGstrs 1?-: forma m that b?tiM( I candidal* for tb? position of R Agister of Wills, as announced Dsatm. ?Cornellas Br?oahaa, a tssmsisr s C**' - 5TI nil j r i. Wot* con* to rvtomtiiT ?Robert Brown, metropolitan patrolman In tbe Fifth Ward. on thoStb last arreatod Patrick Maroney, charged with telling liquor on Sandar, tbe 8th iMt. He ruled biatrial before Juatice Cull, and Mr. William M alloy appeared aa bit counsel; bat defendant, at th? loatance of his counsel, did not appear Mr. Mulloy plead for defrnao, that the metropolitan police bare no power to serve corporation warraata: and tbla position was aoatalned by the justice, who dismissed the case without examining a single wltnesa, notwithstanding defendant acknowledged aervlce of the wnrmnt, and appeared before the justice and ruled the day and hour for hla trial. Mary Lacey was arretted yesterday, In the county, for selling liauor without a license ; and Justice Barnacloheld her to aecorlty to anawer before the Criminal Conrt?contrary to the uniform practice heretofore, which hqt been to fine the parties In accofdant-e with the law. It la quite apparent that Capt Whisky is rapidly enlarging the area of hla domain bereaoout. Fioht ?Joseph Koona and Catharine Switch yesterday got into a muss at a house on M street, near 12th, and aroused the neighborhood. It la said that Catharine has another husband?hence the row. The parties were arrested by Justice Clark, reprimanded and dismissed. TntATn ? Misa Susan Denln, to-night as "Mary GJbba," In "all that Glitters Is not Gold," and In her great patriotic part In which she de1 ; ? - L. i il T _ I ? i i as. n D I. lifcn uci "umvu suarraa." nr DOH riogrra iu two character*, and all the favorites of the company in the bill. Accidbst ?The horses sttached to an ambulance ran off In Georgetown yesterday, and the driver, Oweu Carrol, was thrown out, ran over and seriously injured He was removed to the Seminary Hospital, in that city. Tbi Campbells continue their their wonderful series of successes at Odd Fellows' Hall, being now in tbelr ntntk tottk there! To-night a wonderful bill. IsniA Rubber Ponchos.?A very desirable IVaier-proof article for horsemen ana others for tlir?*e dollars each, and white India Rubber Coat*, ilighjly Imperfect, for $250 each, at the India Rubber Warehouse, No 308 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sts. oc 10-tf Attbhtiow, Soldibb* !?Proteot your health. No B;usibJe man w ill leave the city without a aapply < f Heittnewt's Pxlti and Ointment. For Wounds, Brmaes, Sorea. Kevera ana Oyseuter y theae m?dtoine* are the be?t in the vorld. livery English A'd Frenoh soldier usea them. Only 25 oenti per box or pot oo ? Iw MARRIED In Georgetown, D. C , on the intb inatanf, by Fev M- boover, JOHN Q. ADAMS to MARGARET L. MuOliE, both of the Dutriot of Colombia. * On the iMh instftnt, at the Chnroh of the Epiphan?, t>? the R*v. Charlea H Hall, Mr JOHN H. MILLS .0 Miaa LAURA 8. BOOSE, all of thu ?.?_ / n i. a *_a_i * * vnji inrpuu. a idki./ D1KU. On the morning of the lUh instant, at ha'f-p*?t 4 o'clock, alter a p*)nfn! and lingering lilness, .Mi** HALLIK ELlZAttKTH, daugh er of the late Thomas and Kuth A. Stanford, a ted 32 years. 'l b? funeral will tai(? plaoe from the residenoe of her w'ther. Third st, Bear F, to-inorrow morning, at 7 o'clock. The body will be conveyed to B?"imore. (L'alto. Sun and Clipper oopy.) * 00 the morning of the Uth instant, WILLIAM FlsHBAUtsH, in the 234 year of bis age. His friends are invited to attend his funeral, tomorrow,(Saturday,)at I o'o!o?k p. m at the resace of Wm 6. i>eai, Esq., on street, near the ooinei of Fifth at. * On the morning of the 11th instant, in the f?th year of her age, OH K.I.-*TI AN A MoCLKK V, wi'tow of the late lames McClery. The funeral will take plaoe on Sunday next, the 13th instant, at 3 o'oloek, from her late residence, 21* Fst .towhieh the friend* of the family are iwited, without farther notioe. * In this city, on Thursday mormnt, October 8th, of <li*ea*e of the heart, MOLL1K H., youngest daughter of Charles H and Mary H. Winder. 1 he funeral oereaionies will take p ace at four o'oioek this afternoon, at No. 16?? F street, at whioh time the relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend. * In Clarke eounty, Va., on the 6th ult, Miss VIRGiNIA MOHKKLL, of Alexandria. f\UR ZOUAVES-A beautifully tinted FN " " VEL'-PE, oontaining portrait* of Cole. Hix!*it. Baxter and Goblibk, just pih i*h?d by 8.C. L PHAM. 3in Che*&tit at., Philadelphia, hold in Waahington by all Bookaellera, Stationer* and News Dealer*. oo 10 3t EKIN OO UNUM. E PCURIBUS BRAGH !Joat published by S. C. UPHAM.310 Chesrmt st,, Phi ad'Uhia, a beautifully tinted EN VEL OPE. containing portrait* of Cole. Coxcokan, Mkaqhkr. and Mcllioan, the Hero of Lexington. So d in YVaahincton vj all Booksellers, Stationers and News Dea:er?. oo 10 3t |_> I uLiARDS ! BILLIARDS !! 1* Chbap Pbicbs, Sxx Imp-ovtd Marb'e Bui Tables. We with to inf .rm oit>B*n? and strangera thxt we etill continue at oar reduoed price*, whioh la ope nurd leaa than the uaual oitjr pricea, via: Single game, i.Q o?a.;*ix game*, $ 1 MILLEK i SIMPSON, Atheraum Billiard Saloon, 430 Pa. av. oc 7 eo6t* Depot ^uartkrmastkr's office. Wasuixotos, D. C., Octobkx l'-th, 1861. Skalbd Proposal* are invited at thia office until October 2let, at 12 m., for supplying theQuarterm\*ter'a Department with 5,oo tona ol Bar, and loOjOnti huanela of data The Hat to be good merchantable Timothy pot up And delivered m balea. The Oatb to he a good m^ro ban table artlole put Bp in aaoka of about two bu*n?la eacn. ^cka to te retained by the Government without extra charge Oata to be received by weight at <331 tui. ty two pound - to the bu?hel. an the hay and oata to be delivered at the 6ov rnmeiit whaifor Railroad Depot in thia city witniu <3?) ihirij day* after closing the contrao'. The p opo-als to beinsepanteenvelopee. Thoae for i ay to be marked "Proposala for Hay ' Those for oata"Propoaala for oata." ? A'l to be direo'ed to Colonxl. D. H Rcrmt, DepotQaaitermaster. Washington, D C no propotai will !>* emaruinea wnion is received *f(er lb* readme of the bid* n?? been commenced, nor will any b.d be o<>n*id?r?d, unlen the partie* are pieaent or repreaeutod by an authorized ageut or attorney Good and sufficient laourlty with bond, 4.0.. will m required Kwy bidder mu.t five hia fall addre*e wi h ei'her th? number of h a honae, place of baeinM-, or Poat Office box. Tha inderaiined raaervee the right to rrject all bid* that ha may oouaidar too hiah. f>. H RU? KEK, oo l?-dtl9 Quartermaster and Colonel. rpi> MILITARY OBf-'ICERS AND OTHERS. BATCH BLOK'S GENUINE HAIR DYB, The Beat in the World, TV Only RtliabU and Harmlett Hair Dye Kncnen. Sold by all Dmrgiau; alao, at RaiKKioif'a Patent Madi iiua store,?p. fataut Offi se, o jr F 4 7th, and at Gibbs's H*ir Store, 243 Penu'a avenue, where Ladi*a pan hava it applied, if desired. Factor* ?Si Barclay at. (lata >3J Broadway) N. Y. oo S it JNGOT COP PJS R. NaTT DtriRTKIXT, ( Fmmhh of Construction, fc , tJot. 2d, 1861.\ Paot\>eaL* wil be received at this Rurean until the 14'h ot October for the delivery of40.1.000 pounds of th* b-s' quaht' American Ingot Topper, at ttu Washington Navy Yard, sub.act to tbe necessary test ai>d inrp-otinn of the proper officer* oftheyard. beiivanes to be made at the ate of Tff'.W? pounds every ten d%ys from the data of the antifioation of the aoceptanoe of the proposal, or aarlier. at the option or the oontraotor. The bid muit tteaooompanied by the usual guarantee that, tf awa'ded, "he contract will be exeouted. oc a ao ^KALfcD PHOPOSALS, till the Slat of Oatobar, IMl, at IS o'clock m.,are invited for sua ^ying the a nay with Beef t;attleon the hoof, to i delivered at Chambersbnrg, Harrlsburg, or York, in the State of Pennsylvania, as the Gov eminent aaay designateBidders are reeseated to oompy mall particulars with the form orbid pabi ahad herewith. tioveraaieai reaervea to itself the rif ht to pay in Treasury notes or other fends it baa for d is bare* went, and to reject any bid and for any cause. No had will be entertained an eee the bidder is praaant to r*tfood to bit bid. The Government will receive4,000 head nnder the contrast, at d will reearv* the right to require aay ad dit onal nana her np to U 000 he-d. Deliveries t? be made week.y in saoh quantities m may be required. . The Cattle mast avarafa ljno pounds gross weight; and to animal wili b* received whtoh weigha leas than 1.000 pounds (roes. No conditional i id mill b? received. The bids to be directed to Capt. a Bickwith, C. 8 . U. S. A , Wa*Kington. D. C,, and endorsed " Proposals for Beef Cattle/' Form or Bid. 1, A B, do hereb> propose t.? deliver to the Governmeut good Beef Oattio on tha hoof for p*r iiebdred pound* groee wight. The Cattle to be delivered at t'hainbereburg. Hamsbarg.or York, lathe ftateof Pennsylvania, as the Government >r.av designate, aroordiug to the terms of the enclosed ajvert(s*m*nt. The Cattle to be weighed on the aaaiea. anil the weifht to determ' n?d to he the purchase weight I hereby aire* to give a goo.1 and (ttA^ient bond for the fulfillment of the contract, ana to reoetve Treaeary nolee or other Government lundi in payment lor the Cattle. Tha trei de. i very orthe Cat tie wilt bt required to be made about tba 10ui of November, 1KI. bi71 td AUVANCK OF TUB ABMV; but I i-Mll ll n%e not aUvaaoed the pnca of hie Cl 'ttua# wbtak be hae uiat reoeivtd aad le eeUtug off at e?ob reuMtfkablelow pnoee Wire me a eaii and aattefy youre<<lTee of tile great bargain* that are <>w cSWed every day at SMITH'S, No 460 lovaaUeu oe 1 tn IUST RBCB1VKD, one of tbe targeet atooke of J Nag bad Fbahiaaaow Clothing evar edreraU ta Mat t? NI4 wiini- U? next '' aSSi^^Tmrwttki 10 Good*.TrJafcV Lost <!#< * fx> Hra AM^JCT.?iiftaBfMHmmhhp ytStv h - 1 AMUSEMENTS. ODD FELLOWS' BALL! Siviim, Abovk 0 St. IMMENSE SUCCESS of the IIIVHT*K!.*! I* STAR n STAR PRPVOPMKR". IN A CHOICE PROGRAMME tVERY NI?HT. Loo* out f>r NEW YEARS CALL! F H e s H ItOTBLTiSa In Aotive Preparation. Admtaaion Twenty-five Centa. oo 11 Dr. 8. FOR H. Agent. T* H E A T F. R. friday, Ottfbtr 11 miss susan dknin. Tli? Beautiful and Popular Ainerioan Actreaa, Will appear in the Drama of ALL THAT 6LIT TKRS 18 NOT GOLD, And deliver a Union At)P?w??. It* For the unioni-kll worth club. The Firat Grand COT1LI.ON PARTY of the Ellaworth Club will be given at JH Stott'* H&LL.oor Pa av. and 20th at.. onJ^A WEDNE-DaY EVENING. Oct 16. TheflB member! pledge themaelvee that neither paina nor expert# will be (pared to make thia tk* Ball of the MHon, Ticket! 01, admitting a gentleman an l ladies. I'ommitte* of Arrangrmtnt* W. L. Philipa, W. K. Drurj, B. R. Reed. Floor Ma*attri. John Dant. David Bingor. c. s. Litchfield. oo 8 9.11,13.14* WANTS. A LITTLE GIRL, thirteen yeara old. wiahea a SITUATION ax nurae or to ataitt about a home Ad lrea! Box 7. Star Office. It* vi7anted-a situation, by a wpeo'able " Toung woman, as chambermaid or io cook, waah and iron for a imall Tamil*. Pleaae adHreaa box v, -?tar umc?. ?WANTED.?A JoiJRMEYMAN TAILOR it wanted immediate|y,who is willing to work onbushly. Apply at 477 Tenth st .betwen Dand E (oo 11 2t?) B. MAGRUDER. W/ANTED?By a resectable yo-mg woman, " SITUATIDN at chunb^rmaid, nurse, or to do the general housework for a email fami'y. Apply over v? & ter's Furniture Store, on E afreet, b?twefn'Qth and nth. U* WAN IEl>?F U R N I S H E D ROOM and BOARD, for a gentleman and wife, convenient to the War Department. Address *'A. E S..r* through the Post Office, stating'ars, e:o. ooll It* WANTED-A PURCHASER for a luht bnsine?? Capi'al required. $150. Profits per day, front $* to $10. Cauee of sellirg ont.snkness. Address CHaS. ELWOOD, Postdfjffioe, Washington. D.C. ooll ?'.* AOENTLEMAN, WIFE. Boy of 5 years, in fant and rurse desires BOARD in a priva'e family, on mod-rate terms. Two Rooms needed. Address S. A M , Star Offio". oo 9 St* WANTED IMM KDI AT KLV?Several good PANTALOONS MAKERS None othera need apply (oo in St) E. OWEN A CO. WANTED IMMEDIATE!,Y-A rood secondhard WHEELER A. WILSON SEWING M^CHiNE. Addrrss "N ," Star O^ioe. oolft-V WANTKP TO SELL?A SHA?PE'S RIFLE, w * in prnr?jt uruni biiu ui mv uvak^noi ?/ ? ? wit'ex^bangf for a f?r-? Spy-gla?s. Addr??s R <x li>9 Ci'y Post Often oc V-3:' WANTED?A 1 -.irymen to know that the Washington Brewrrv having oommenced brewing for th<? winter ???on, they can *et Kresh Grains over? da* at 4 o'clock, at ">cents per bushel. Call, one and all. O. COLINKAU, oo 10- 'iin* Cor K an 1 Twenty sevrnth in. WANTED?' > a n>spfctab,e rourg woman, who understands dressmaking, a SITUATION as seamstress, or to teach young children. Would have no objection to t avel with a family. Kest reference given. P ease address Box to. at the Star Office, or call at 483, corner of Thirteenth and D sts. oe lo 2t* WANTED-A SITUATION, by a yon g man, as clerk or aiNisraut lmokko<-p?r in a dry joods or notion house Has had 5 jeara exjerienoe in a retail dry goods house. Salary not > uch an object as a permanent situation The very best of relerenc?s given Address 4,X Y X," Box No. 1,031 Ba'Mmore Post Office, which will receive immediate attention. oo 10 3t* WANTED TO KKNT-A STORE on or near Pa avenue, between 7th and 15th stB , (one near Willards' Hotel preferred.) at a low rent. Inquire of HARVEY Jfc CO .ill Ninth st. oo t A FEW GOOD HANDS FOR DRF.SSMAK ing wanted at A. BUHNER'S Faria Dressmaking Establishment, No SOB Eleventh it., between Pa. avenue and E st N. R ?None need apply but good hand*. oo 9 3t* CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS fc CCi.'y. 322 F& avenue. sel8 WANTED?A WOMAN, to eook, wash and iron. To a sati#Er.ctor? perron good wages wi'lbepaid. Apply at 420 New York av , botw. 13th arui Uth Hta oo 1 WANTED- TAILORS. TAILORS-BO T% lorn competent to work on military rood*. Apply G. Wall, Stephens & Oo.'s. se25 pERS0NAL I NOTICE. HKRKRY Notify th? public against harboring or entertaining Mary Honker?er, but known aa Molly A<Wma. a runaway indentured aperentioe, who left h>r home without m* knowleJge or con euton last Fridav mornine, 4th in?t : aa the law. in ncoh cases made ard provMed. will l>e enforcd a<*inst anr ?non person so offending. She is be* tween 9 an<l lu ye*rs old dark eyes, and holda her "^t"a* """ wh'" ""rfctu. i a pamb. LOST'AND FOUND. riiiKW itd?r?t> ?Vi? UK imttnt. two straved 1 HORSES Th? turner ia reaueated to r\ * S3K? *"' "?v, oo 11 3t* 4*0 F at, between 2d ami 3d. E STRAY -C?m? in tSe anbaoriber'a premises, atTenallytown, D C.,abay HORSE. fry lftlianda high. The owner oan havs him by proving property and paying expenjoa^^2^incurred for keeping, advertiairr.4o con st JAMtea PAXTON. ?C REWARD?Strayed or ?tol?n. on the 30th September, a una 1 red buff* lo COW. ?g*r?^| She (U in good condition when ahe left. The above reward will b?p*id for th< re-AaJU urn of raid Cow to No. 334 Maryland av., or (or inf >rmation that will lead to her reoovery. 00 11 2t* A C R EW A R D.? Lnat. day before yeat*r<iay. a *bd blank PROMISSOR V NOTE BOOK, with about half the forma out ont. Aa the memoranda ma a e only of u?e to the anbaentier, the above reward will be paid for ita return to my Lime House, on Ninth at., near the oanal. POll-lt WM. H. GODEY. ^T^AKKN UP?On the premises of tHe *ubsorib< r, 1 on 8th October, one black and white COW, braaa knobs on tha horr.a. 'i'he jfW* owner la requested to oome forward proveiaJL property, pay ohargea, and take her away. LOH.8 GODPRY, corner of oo ll-3t* 13th and P iu? Washington. CAUGHT ASTRAY?A li?ht BAN HORSE, on Monday. Sept.a?th,near Navy Vard jcn, He 11 about 12 hands high and has a white T<Lp spot on his nose. I i.qime of T. K. f'lark.*^^ ? Virginia av., between 9th and 1 th ?ts. oolO-St" GEORGE JOHNSON. REWARD.?Strayed away, on Wednesday, th?2d in?t? from n??ar Bladensburg, a bay HllRsK, about 16)* hands branded on the left jaw witn the letter T,,'^SZX hair rnboed from one of hie hind le?s The finder will reoelve the above reward on leaving inforination of his wher*abonteat thu offioe. oo 1*> 3t* <&i) RhWARU FOR EACH HORSE.-Fortyleur Horses: the figure "1" branded rv on the right jaw of allexoept one. which a dark sorrel. Any one delivering the above to the ?ubaoriber'a lot, near the junotion of Penn. avenue and the oreak below Georgetown, or at hie Stable, baok of Clay'e Hotel, will receive the above reward. (oo)Ogt') J.H.DENNIS. TAKEN UP.?By the snbeonber, on the even ibc of October 7th, t.n 7th str*?t, near gy I., an Iron Gray HORSE, ab<>ot 16 hands high at d about 9 Tear* old. 1 he owner oan^*-*-1 have bun by oalling at tbe northwest corner of 9th and I afreet*, prove property, and raying ohargea. oolO-Sr M. H. GOODRICH. FOB SALE AND RENT TO EXCHANGE?A beautiful improved City Property, for a good improved rarm in the i n . * ? _ 1 _ >4 uif i ai .-?! ? a ? _ I ' Bl? * C ? f fti JW) ilium II WPbl, OpfUB.lU Northern LibarUea Market. ooll-lw H. JOHNSON HOUSK I* THK WEST END FOR RENT, ft three utorj Brick Houan, with gaa and watrr complete. Alao. FuTniali*d Room to a mesa of ge tlemen. Apply ai No. 98, six Buildings, between 21st aad 22(1 ata. Rofereaoea required, oo 11 3t*

ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN C*N BE accommodated with oomfortaMa I'ailor and Hed-rooma in a healthful location, where thi-re are no boarders. B minut-a' walk of the Treasury or War Department. Referecoea ixolia god Addreaa "J H..' oftoeof Ereniug Bt>r. oo 10 3t l?OR RENT-A DWELLING HOUSE four F atone* ingB. No. 4*X Fifth at, between K and F ata., caoat eligibly ?ituat*d. oontaininr li rouane. loq jiio aext dooi, or of ill; V ALL A 11KO., Pa. ftVtMH. oe 5 Steo* POK RENT-HOUSE 40? PejyiftylYiwift **7. r over the bookstore of Fmook T?|lor?a place far ft frofwijowu ?a. : aa Hf |_| AN 1>(90M ELY FURNISHED ROOMBII Fouraftndoomoly Faruiahed Rooma, mpalied with ifta ftftd WftUr,tnd ooavemeatto the PtO i BOARDING. BOA KD.-Kftau lies ftod air.glo gooU?nteu aw obiftU vory ^toaaftat Furbished k<ouu, with Board, oa moderate toroa, at ail awi 499 C. Lai ftJ axi Ak alrftftti IWBbmI TahU B ftOMMuria fe~' w goVt** ? 9 jk in n AUCTION SALES. ' HOOS AND GRK*K.-Will b* aoldA at th* Washington A?tI??v, on SATURDAY, at r m a Ia* a? a?a anH Hmia T?-mic*sh. J. R. QUBKWt 'f l?t?nflm W A. Kf WALL ? BARN 4 RH, Auctioneers. HKL .MARK CONCORD W*fiON a*D 1 IIaim's; at Auction ?On SATURDAY ' HiK >INO, i2tn in taut, at 10 o'clook, we will in front of oar Atctlcn R;w-nijjOne Tminr. gentle, and flwt Sorrel Mare, ??r,e t ^od C'>noord Wagon and Harness. -,>rms cash. It W?LL A BARNARD. A iota. By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers SUTLERS' WAGONS. SUTLERS' WAG^ 0!*?, at AtrcTio*?On SATURDAY M"RMING, I2!h instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, in front of 'h* Auction RoomsSix rood Ssrinc seat Covered and Uncovered Sutlers' W a tons. T erms oasn. Jt WALL a BARNARD. Auots. By J. C. MeGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. (^AS AND OIL CHANDELIER*. PINNER * Sxt, O'Ulotk, Fcbhitu**, Ac.?On MON?>AY MORNING. October 14.a* loo'olock.atthe oose reo?ntlr oooupted by A. Pickens, Em., F st, near Thirteenth St.. we shall sell? A number ofG sChandeliers, brackets.Oil Chandeliers, ai d Lamps. Oilcloth and Straw Matting, 'hairs. Tables. Curtains. Cornioe, Dinner S?t, lass Ware, to., Ao. Terms cash. J. C. MeGUIRE A CO., Aaots. oo IH (Reyublioan.) MARSHAL'S SALE?In virtue of a writ of fieri tarns I'sned from the Clerk's Office of t^ie Ciroa't Court of the Distriot of Columbia and to ?e direo'ed, I will expose to snblio sale, for <"a*?, in front of <he Banc of Warhirgton. on TUESDAY, the 22d day of October instant, com Hioncing at s o'oioo* a m , t^e iouowing gooas ana chattels, to wit.vli: Marble-top Dreasinc Ha ^?u ; Mantel Clock ; lot Mantel Ornnments ; French P'a'e Mantel 81***: Uane seat and Fancy Chairs; Bedatead*. Bedding. an<l Mattreaaea ; Glass and Chi?* Ware; 1 Globe; lot Blankets. Feather Bolster* and Pillrwa; lot Pietnres; lot Brussels Carpet; 1 Piano and Cover; lot Blind*. 1 Chamber: 1 Mahogany Glass; Oilcloth. Ae.,?ad at 12 o'clock, 1 will aeil, under ?a'd fieri faoiaa, lot of Oak umber, at the Cane Factory of J .mea Crutch-tt. a?i?ed and levied upon aa 'he goods and chattels of J wn?' Outchett. and will be *old to aa'.iafy J udlcal* No. to Jainary term, lafio, in favor of Weila A Miller ?j. Jamea Cru'cbett. W. SELDtN. oc 11-ta f,at.e IT K Maraial D.C. By 6REEN A WILLIAM*, Auctioneer*. Household and kitchen furniTURK. CaRKIAQV, TWO HoRSR: WaGOJI, Lab?* lot of Gk*r. Ac , Ac . at Auction ?On SA lLRDAY, the I2th inatant, we shell sell in front of our Store, at 10 o'clock a. m , a large lot of now and second hand Furnitnr", Til? 8ofa?,Chair*,Wafhatarda, Bedsteads and Tables, Pruthar Kedt and Kndrfinr. Nmr unit Mhnok Mit tra*ses. Chin*, Glass and Crockery Ware, Large tot Moifi, One excellent Two Horse Family Carriage, and Double Harness, On* T* Horse \Vaeon and Double Harness, With a U ?ra lot of other articles which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms oasii. oo 10 2t (Rep ' gRFEN ft WILLIAMS Auetg By WAUL A BARNARD. Auotioi -*er?. ANUTHKR LOT KKNTUCKV HOK>KS AT AUt.noji ?On SATURDAY MORNING. 11th instont, at 10 o'clock, we will sell in fro.iof tlie Auction Kooms? Another lottery Superior Kentucky Horses, AH new of the best stock, and comprising Saddle and Harness Horses. Terms oash. oc a W*.LL A BARNARD, AbcU. l\f ARSHAL'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ ol 1*1 fieri facias issued from the Clerk'a Offioe of the Circuit Court of the District of Columl ia, and to me diiected. I will expose to public sale, i n TO fc.wDAY, the 15th of October, commencing ai in o'clock a m., lor cssh. at the store room of Cha'lea Weirma", situated on 7th street. No 4 6*, in the citr of Washington, the following u rkO'ta *rH r>haftala tr\ writ a !<?? ** f m. A ?- ? - ? - wi.o.ivi", ?v w ? n i<fi, i inuTBi ii<ib oi and children- ^hr>e? J.ot of Diaws, lot Gl"ss Cases, and lot of Straw Mattin*, zed and levied upon ?s the goods and ohatteis of Charie? Wi?rni&a, and will be sold to <atisfy judicial* No. 4, to October Win 1861. in favor of Jtm?i Rurdan.also residue Z. C. Kobbins WARD H. LAMON. 00 5-d U. S. Marshal, D C. Br GRKF.N t WILLIAM!*, Auctioneers. 'FO THE INTEREST OF FAJLMERS.1 Fxtsjisivi Sals v Askicbltcbai. ImplkMaCHINKY, 9ikdi, fkrtil1zkr8 At., at Auctiok?On IHURSDAV, October luh, 861. we sha!l sell at the Agricultural Warehouse of Mr Edward F. Simpson. No. 519 Seventh street, north of Pennnvl vania avenue, oomm?noirg at 10 o'ciook a m.and continue from car today until all is (isposed of, his entire stock, oonsivtiLg in part of? Reaping and Mowing Machines, Grain Pri ls, Horse Power aod Threnhiug M?cjine?, brain Cradles, Sprint Tooth Horse Rakes, Plows, Harrow*,Cult v^tors, Churns, Wheel Barrow*. CoruShel:er", iiajr.Str&w and Malk Cutters, Ox Vokes, Bows, ice., Swugle Trees, Store Trucks, VegetaMe Cutters, Sugar M ills. Meat Cutters,4o., iiarrt?n Engires, Chain Pumps and Fixtures, Sard Screens, Reives. Ladder* and Tre leses, Corn Planters, Drills, Appl? Parera. Boot Puller*, War ard other Knive-, Traoe, Log, Mnlt*r (Taw >nH /?fl at i'r, irr <Vi .?ral? I Forks. Hoe?, Rakes, P?cke, ScytKs am^ Snathes, Hollo* Ware am Ketfces. Horse Scoops, Pmmnn Knives, Van a. Grain Sca'es, Plow Hfamoaid Handles. T'lbin*. Tile, Hamen, Well ?;urta, Plow Castings, Bolts Ac, a large variety. Fie d, 6ard'n, and Flower Seeds, Wool and Blood Manure, and other nrtiolei too numerous to mention, Patent Fire Proof Safe, with oouq|uig room funiture. ^ The attention of Fa--mer*tGarden?rs.and Hoosekn p?re u jat'cularly invited to the above *a e aa affording an opportunity bat sodom met with for obtaining anen goo. a at prioes to suil the tim*s, Sa'e reserve, and for cash only in specie. oofl-eoftifs GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auots. NOTICE-SJLE Of PITTSBURGH. bOtiT WAYNE AXD CHICAGO HAlLKoAUBy virtue ot a il-oree of th? Circuit Court of the United States for the northern d strict of Ohio, in a cause m^chancery there n depending, wherein Charles Mo,an and others as comslainant*. end the itisburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rail road Company and others are defendants; and par suant to auxiliary decree# of the o rouit oo?rt? of tne United Elates for the western district of Pennsylvania. ihe district of Indiana, and the northern district o' Illinois respectively, in causes desedme n chancer? in said court* reeaeotivefv.whor* in'the sarno parties are oomplainacts an<T d-fen-*&nti respectively, ?i in Mid cause first at?ove mentioned, the undersigned, John Ferguson and Thomas E- Walker, as Grantees in Trust and Trustees n one of thea*veial Deeds of Trust or Mortgage upon which said decreet are founded, and also as specia1 Master Commissioners of the aid Court< respectively, du y a pointed by *aid Courts reep?ctiT?J? for that purpose, will sell at public auction, to the higheat bi aer, for ' ash, but for not l**a than the sum of .t5"*u?o, at the United M*tej Court House,in the City orCleveiand, in the rotate of Oiiio. on tne 24th day o: October, A D. 186 , between the hour* of ten o'olook a m and fouro'cl<*ok p. m.. of said dat, the following de oribed property,to wit: The Hailroad of tue Pittsburgh. Fort Wayne and Ch oago Railroad Company, ino udinx the ri*ht of way tn refor, the road-oed tnereof, the anp rstruoture of all aorts thereon, ita water and ota ra atioa houses and shoos, and the lacdaand grounds oonnfeted therewith, and all taob and implements used or provided to be used therein, and in oon* and repairing oars and machinery for nud road, or the tract and superstructure! aforesaid; ail turn-tab'es; al depots and buildings and futures and structures of whatever Dame or us lure, and the and* arid groundaconnected thor with, used <-r provid d to be used in operating (aid road and belonging threto. and wherever situate; and all oars, eiig nes *nd rolling st<>c< belonging to aaid Co" pacy; acd all autpn*a of limber, lumber iron, fuel, and every other thing proTided by aaid Companies, or by th* sev-ral or gmal Companie* whioh were oonsoliaated into said Pittsburgh, K? rt Wayne and Ch>oaga Km road, t b* naed m operating said roac\whersv?r situate, by the same tit e by which the am-* are holden by said Compani, or bj sa'd original Companifs, severally together, with a 1 oorpora.ive franchises ot said Compauy, and of th? said original Companies severally, inoiuding the right frs. oinse of said several Companies to b- and act aa a Corporation, to be *old aa an entirety. frsl l decrees provide that the pa chaw, upon the confirmation or the and tall o >mp.iauoe with the uoud tions ther'eo , shall hold all the propert?, rights, frajctunes, and the appuit*naooer tia*reof so sold - by the same title bv wiuon thoy are held by aaid t itt?l>urgh, Kort Wayi.e and Chioaso Kail Road Company, and eaoh and aU of said original Companies, free lr< m the lien ot all aaid mortgages, and trae Jura all liability tor any deLts against aaid original or consolidated Companies, or either of tli-m. and lioin ail o.aims on account of capital stock ; but iwjict, n?rertKelc<x, t*> the Urns if any Kuoh exist, upon any r?a' estate noluded in thi- -a:e,for purchase money thereof n.ii provided by said decrees to be paid out pf 1 e proce Us ot tfc* taie or by former orders or d^orees to ba piid ot: erwiee The right of way .depot grounds and lots, and lands in the t ity and vicinity of I. hicago, porcha?d by said Company unce the pen<!en cy ot aai-1 suits, aad the bridge property auu other 1 real estate of the Company at the City < f Pitts| bi r^li, are subieot to mortgage liesa. Tine aame | Will r>? mourned ID iii* ?ai? ddi iudjpoi to raia 111cuuibianar*, no provision hav:n< t>*en v ade for the pa)meu t thereof. JOHN FKK600N. THOMASB. WALKKR. Trusteei, ana Muttr*uoo*r*.asa4or. Mid. ooa aot GEOKUETUWN A.DV KKT'MTS poTAroK?, BTRAW andoaxs 30 bbl* of Baok eye Potato**, 1*5 ?niU'l* pf fine N?? Yvfc Oat*. t9(i t?i e* of prime Straw. KVTMMV PETER BERRY, (MHi-91 (KepVt).) WMW WO. 0UGKMUN OMIV^ to Wa call tke UMBUun of Su tiara. tt*Kiaaaat?l Officera, and other* via*lag to pwoaMa Bacltaicir. Gio*, QflMMi, MUkMH. Puraea, TnhMeoPoaobM. Poitmoaouaa, Uciuu, k*, at wholeaa.8, to oar axiftnatv* atook??ilaf our ova maaataotaie? at our atom, 104 Kick (iwrjetowi Oar GioveaGaun! lata ud Mi tuna ara nf th? ^MifitSr^llwf aiicP^hiuT'flan atiata, Bnxinx ? ovaa, Buokakm Shi't* jwd Draw?ra. madaU? order -V- KaMSBUKG k BBtRr, 102 H (H ?tract, Gaoifau>wa, D C. N. If?A lam quantity of acrapi of BucJtakia ssistvst * TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Fran (illltriit Pacific Oct. 9.-Thf California poor rcprew paaaed here at boob to-day, with tba following idrlcn Tb? Uiited VUtmlocp-ofmi8t Mary'aaaUed on tbc to crniM along tbe Southern coast The Metmrr t'aclc Sam aallcd for Panama oa th? lat, carrying *250 paaoengera and 91,115 000 la tr*r*Tirr Tbe Leg lalafire of Nevada Territory waa cob WDfd at C-irson City on the 1st Inst Governor Nyce aent in hi* mfmceon the id, and r^omnrndrd the adoption of a California mining law for that Territory, and apeedly |rt ting rid of the Utah statute, which ta now the prevailing law He also recommended th? passage of a Sunday law, and treated the affair* of the nation in a patriotic manner. The ?tearner Cortex bring* Oregon date* to the V9th ult The nswals an important She brought S90.000 In gold, and a variety of government atorea, together with TOO mule* and S5 horse* for the army?the latter at a cost of I17J per head. The Sandwich lalanda dates are to the 7th nit The bark Zero arrived at Boaolnlu on the 5th, from the Arctic Oceaa, bringing the flrat report from the whaling fleet Aa la usual with the flrst advice* from the North, It is very brief and unaattafactory-aa good, however, aa the first report last year. August and September are the best months for whaling In that ocean. T M Dryer, the American commissioner, was so seriously 111 as to be unable to attend to business generally. Frsaa Fertress Msaroe Fobtrbss Moseoi. Oct. 9 ? Brig Gen Willi a ma baa not left for Hatteras Inlet, the revenue cutter Corwln having been detained by the severe gale now prevailing. Th? fntr Vnnna 4 m?rir> trhfl* ftnnn^ino (Vt? channel of James river yesterday, exchanged a few abota with the Pig Point battery. Several ahella exploded near her. but did no harm. The Union gun la now mounted ao aa to sweep the roada between the Fortreaa and Sewall's Point. Gen. Wool and Quartermaster Tallmadge have recommended to the (.Quartermaster General tbe quartering of the troopa at Old Point and N*-w. port News for the winter In comfortable wooden nouara, built so aa to accommodate two or three ecompanles each. The plan will doubtleaa be adopted Similar quartera will alao soon be erected for tbe contraband Fran Western Virginia. Elkwatek, Oct 10.?Gen Reynolds has driven Gens. Lee and Floyd from Big Sprlnga to F.Ik Mountain and Greenbrlar bridge The rebela desaroyed their camp equipage, ammunition, and several hundred muakets. Several wagons fell into our bands Gen. Koaecrans Is at tbe Mountatn,strongly entrenched. The enemy Is well entrenched at Big Sewell. lien. Rcaecran* advanced ten miles, but flndlnz the rebel entrenchment* too?t-ong re?ir?-d, at hit Invitation to the rebe.t to come forward was not accepted. The weather Is rainy. Thrre hat been a bloodv affair at Chapmanvflle. Five Zouaves were killed?the rebela lost th rtyfive killed The Csalederates itCtlmbii. Caiko, Oct. 8.?a deserter from Plllow'a forces at Columbut, arrived here thin morning, repcrta the total rebel forces there at forty thousand, commanded by Gen. A 8 Johnston They are fortifying the town strongly on all sides, in anticipation of an attack from our troops Thev have a large quantity of cannon of all sizes Gens. Polk, Pillow, and Cheatham are there in command of divisions. They are planning an attack upon Paducah. The gunboat New Era reached here to-day from St Louis. She goes to Mound City to receive her armor. The expedition which left Bird's Point yesterday went only to Charleston, and will probably return to-morrow. InspartantCsrrectisn?Its Sarrender. Jefferson Citt, Oct. 8 ?The surrender of a Federal camp near Hermann, which was reported this morning, proved not to have been so serious an affair as at first stited. Col Matthewt simply abandoned bit camp on the approach of the rebels, and retired to Hermann without lost of anv kind Three cannon mentioned in a previous dlipatch belonged to the rebels Col Harding now telegraphs from Hermann that the had no spprebension of *n attack on that place, and the Gasconade and Oaige bridges are well guarded and secure against tie rebela Preparing fsr a Fight at Fadacah Chicago, Oct. 9 ?The Tribune's Cairo special advices from Paducah represent that our trcopa are preparing for the reception of the rebels, who, in heavy force, are said to be advancing against that place. The women and children of that place are being sent away. Everything Indicates an approaching struggle. Gen. McClernaud will to-morrow issue a proclamation causing all drinking and gambling houses to cea?e operations. The Fremsnt-Blalr Difficulty. CmciSMTi, Oet 9?The Cincinnati Enquirer, the paper in which all the Hlair and Fiemont charges, letters, Ac , appeared originally, in answer to Geueral Fremont's dispatch, exculpates the general or any member of his department unqualifiedly from any responsibility li! their publication. The papers, it says, were obtained through an entirely different source. Mcra Isch Wants Mare Trasps St. Louis, Oct 9 ?The Memphis papers publish the proclamation of Ben. McCulioch to the people or Arkansas, dated September 20th. asking for tbree regiments of Infantry immediate lv, to serve one year. Dispatches from fort Smith, ilar say that McCullocfc lain want of men, Lis present force being only3 500 strong Seimt of the Bark Texan Mar Boston, Oct #?The bark Texan Stir was seized to-day, charged with landing a cargo of powder at Galveston, and returning to Liverpool with a cargo of cotton, running the blockade both waya alnce the war. She arrived to-day from Liverpool. The Oklo Eleetioa. Cleveland. Oct. 9 ?The returna are very backward in being received. Twenty countlea, in different parta of the State, give Mr. Tod, the Union candidate for Governor, 11,000 majority. The Iowa Eleetioa. CHicaeo, Oct. 9 ?The returns of the Iowa election come in slowly. Thoae received indicate the election of Kirkwood, Republican, for Governor. Caavictioa for Marder. Tokojuto, C. W. Oct 9 ?Jam^s Brown was last night convicted and sentenced to be hung for the murder of John Sheridan Hogan, M. F. The Nattoaal Loaa ia Kaataa Boston, Oct. 9.?The subscription to the national loan are coming in faster now than at any previous time. Resumptien ef Specie P?yarali Pittsbcbg, Oct 9 ?All the banks in this cltv have resumed specie payment. Large wholesale and retail 8tock of Fall and If Inter Dry Goods, for cash only. HAMILTON EASTER & CO., Nos. 199,301 * *03 BaLtimoebSt., Baltimobb, Have now in store, ?nd are constantly adding thereto, a large aud varied stook of IMPORTED A?D DoMtSllC DRY 600DS, :noia"inca splendii assortment of Colored and Biaok Dims Silts. Dre s Goods m evert variety, ssttawls, Cloaks, ami Mant Embroideries. Laoea, Muiu Trimmings Handkeichiefs, Skirt*, L. c. Hdkfs. Hosiery, Linen Gooes and Hoaeekaeping ArtioJea in everr oaeib!* \ -.riety, . Mourning Goods of every description, s. Omits, i*tkrts. Good' for Man's Wear. . Also, Domestio Cottons aud Dom*stio Goods of every description, tor oaeehold purposes. sursAiiik' viir. ina Farm and Plaaiation Oar 9:ook will b? found on* of the wont extensive ana oomp ?W in f>e United Htatee. The t oreign Goods, await of our -own importation," oarefmly eelec ed by one of the firm restdiaa ta I'ane. who eeuda se Mr novelty m soon M U gpp^ri, u?r puronaeee being imlmrgt immnHtUtuIod ikt mail +dv*?t*gtous tmmt udoir Mali* Foe Cui KLY.euabiee unomtrk our good* at prioM very ftdvantaceona t-? Wh^Uml* imRum-1 buyers. An examination of oar PtooJi eolioit-d from persona v ailing Baltimore to make purchaaee. OO 1-lBS yyASHlNGTON AKJtNAU Bualxd be enaor,?i "Propoea.? for Coal," will be received at the oftee of the oommanding offloer of this Araeaal aatil M a m. of t*e M3w?hinfMf _ ! UIDIDVIinilU LlWlljUlllJ- RUOI Ml nNH, MitoU* (orblMOMtlu Ml mmb mii(( im, ud tui 11 to Ult >rrv?o??iy eurefceeed, ?rion wnl b* iuuwi oa Ml aWiOD TH ndi to to d<*nT?r*d m4 itonimf to tip toiw *4j*o?a: to tto vfcarf M toia iiimi, tt U* ufMM Of tlM OCUtTMtOf. mm psufflMEi ^ [SECOND EDITION' THREE O'CLOCK P M OUR MILITARY BUDQBT. a rnorjaioHai MnuaiH m Miae?nn It appear* that Major General F?OH?ai?#Ua^. edgn ? auprrirr to tkt Ooerremoet at an?f Ttua 11 la ga4mta?4 bflV (Ul U lgaeiae Ua Preetdenfa authority to 4tract kin la tmb?M k? late proclamation, c buck lay kla order to tkai ?a4 under the table, a ad contlaalng to fteod Mleewri with coplea of bla original pfoouectemanto, ? amended aa the Preeideat directed tto, tee, l? the matter of tba order* of the Comma ader-laCklef, Gen Scott, wboae order directing the aecondltlonal releaae of Col Blair haa bars treated preclaely aa be treated the order ef the Praaldent a bora referred to. Blair remalaa uadrr arraal Fremont oat harlag obeyed gea Boakl order directing hla releaae thk ran wick tavaaTteiTine oraairna We noticed la the city to-day the Hoa Maaarr Dawea, of Mam . aad Btoe^.ef N i. Thamgen tlrmea are members of the (Van VV rck l committee appelated daring the lata aeaalea ef C nag rem to examiae generally Into contracts made hr the Rnimmmt ()? nf lk?lr rnlUaoM Hi HOl. man. of Indians?baa preceded tbw to W Loela, for which city they aUrted In tfcis afteraeea* parly train of can. It U perhaps uare:eeaery to ny thai the (K?. eminent haa afforded then every fncllity Ht preheating their Important lD*eeUjf?tlone, while U>e reaulU thua far have no doubt been beaeActei to the country, especially when patriotism la mA la all caaea an laceative for hoaeal dealtaga nor arroi*TE?. The atory trying that Admiral Zermaa, late of the Mexican aerrlce, an Italian, who haa alaoaem aerTice in Turkey, baa beea appolatod a caput a In the U. 8 Navy la not true. He haa received no appointment la on' nary. OBI MMiMIII Capt Thoa J. Wood, (of Ky.,) of U 8 Cavalry, and Lt. Col Richard W. Johoaea, (of ly ,) alao of U 8. Cavalry, were to-day appolatod Brigadier Generala of Voluatoera, and aaslgaed to commands under Gea Sherman, la Kentucky. MTT lilD. Lest evening tbe Joeepblne arrlvei at tbe yard and discharged a casting for a baavy rifled cannon, and a 9-inch gun for the Peoaaeola She reported no new*of interest The flag-afaip Yankee joined tbe flotilla raster day. The ateamer Philadelphia went down thl* morning, and the Mount Vernon came op aa far aa (he Araenal. The Puaev expected to go down to the flotilla with (tores this evening The Harriet Lane la about to take on board a heavier armament of 32-poundera The Pawnee. Pocahoniaa, Bealnoir, Harriet Lane, Hetiel, and Anacontta,<nre now under the bands of workmen, undergoing repairs, changing armaments, Ac., all of which will be ready for service in s abort time The E. 6. P or ties lias lie tbe channel, awaiting orders The departure of the Penaacola, yesterday, war attended with perfect success Pears were eritartsined that ahe would stick In going not; bat under the skillful guldnnce of Mnster Pilot kob t Walters she ran entirely clear, not brushing tbe bottom at all, though drawing 17 feet of water. She now lies off Alexandria. There was no news from the flotilla this morning. and for tbe last week there has been ne molestation from tbe rebels whstrver, vesnels of all descriptions passing up and down the fl>?e In perfect safety. No new batteries have bean discovered, nor are tbere any evidences at aa ! crftsffl lorcr vi rrnei uooji war inns ujim* *? tlced a few day* since. LATE LOCAL NEWTS. A Shooting Cmi in thi Cocittt ?Aa ?m 9i the Metropolitan patrolmen waa parsing Bear Dr. H awes' faroi late yesterday afternoon, ha beard a gun fired and the cry of murder proceeding from a am ail brick house near the road Ha lBimadlatelv went to aee the cause, and found a soldier bleeding about the bead from a charge of shot. There were only a woman and bey in the boose, and the soldier charged the boy with firing the gun. Pretty soon a crowd of a doaen or more excited soldiers surrounded the officer and boy, and bad their knives drawn and wera acting very violently, when another patrolman arrival, sad also an officer of (he regiment to which the soldiers be onjred. Finding the boy had fled to the upper part of the bouse pursued by the soldiers, this offi cer drew b*a sword and folk wed, accompanied by the pitro'men They arrived Just as the boy had been dragged through a scuttle,and wasdowe with several knives uplifted above him. The officer sprang forward and threatened to cleave the skull of the first man who touched the bar or prevented the policemen from doing their duty. Ilia firmness calmed the infuriated soldlera. and the woman and bov were arretted, and after examination this morning, waa committed u> jail. The wounded man wss not seriously trjured. The Lkjco* Law, aoain.? The action of G'ecnbtuv Hrown rt Henry Keaver. J P, for the sum of S2(i. being the amount of a fine lapaand by Keaver In the cess of the United States ?s. Brown for selling or giving liquor to a soldier was tried before Justice White, la Georgetown, yeaterday H P Jackson appaared as conn?1 far defendant, and F W Jones for plaintiff ait jiciion fniereo inw ?o >r^an?i w that the Justice *m not liable for aa error la judgment nor for a mistake In law; and el lad the authorities to sustain that position Justice White gave for tbe defend ant, and tbe case will be carried by appeal la the next Circuit Court, which meets on Monday, tbe ?'1st lust. >ci>diw Death ?Yesterdsy morning Miss Motile fl. P. Winder an s eomplisfced yoeag Iviy about 19 y?*rs o'd, died quiteeaddenly at her father'* r*-sidence of heart dl?-*se. Her father Charles H. Winder Esq., oar readers will reoel I erf, Is Incarcerated la the military prteoa, eorarr of 13tb street and the avenue. Deceased was his second daughter LATEST NEWS BY TELBORAPM. LATER FROM tl'KOPE. New Yon*, Oct. 11?Tbe steamabtp Asia, from Liverpool on tbe 98th of September, has arrived off Sandy Hook. Tbe American Squadron had left China fsv Ike United States, with the exoeptloo of one small vessel, which remained there at tbe earnest reqnest of American merchants At tbe lset accounts. she hsd suddenly goae to Shanghai, where it was reported, s schooner was ftutng eat for privateering (or p Ira ileal) purposes. London?Consols on Friday, t3t|s91 fc . [sbcomd DisrsTca ] It Is sgaln naserted that tbe Pops Is 111, and more Mrtootly ao thaa ever. His (ufer u lnnlMU. It lJ reported that an ittiipl wu reaeeUy aifa to aenealaaia Archduke Albert mm VlMi,lat the bomb exploded lee Late. twee a Koaeutb end other HMgartu aetahlaa relieve the affaire ef Meager?. *pa1a baa refuaed to acknowledge i?7aovervtfB of tNaplea bat Fraacla II. It la expected that the ltallaa Mlatater will aeee leave Madrid. LATBar. Paaia, Sept 38 ?The frigate "AeWIe" p? te reinforce the F reach fleet off AatlIlea The Mexico prellmlaarlea te the tiaaty betweee Eafflaad aad Spela for laterreatiee la Mexloe had not frt been algaed TTO OFF1C8ES. _ BE CAMPAIGN -A CMpa.i<air( Wafeeaa ft gyLvsagrJgjfce aiokaaeaor wopalkwilh m^U recta HftaffSb's iJSSi-asL Iplr.faSSSJsS' SpBMp?*^ A |M dOM at Bliww IIIWIi _ . OMirtM on\j, Bt kM m pUim !? ; feM* ..., I ||OWfc-liAI>? iOC^? MVM

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