Newspaper of Evening Star, October 11, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 11, 1861 Page 4
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a'.... . ! THE EVEMNG STAR. The Apple Worm. Everybody know*?when we b?*e apple#? V>w T?ry generally they are infested with worm, not the worm proceeding from the egg deposited by the oulcalto, b?t from en egg deposited in the bloseom, and thus growing with the CToath of the errle. It is t fat llerk-lnnk. ing. white worm, often in inch in length, which ?ats to the very centre of the fruit, and frequently in transverse directions, throwing its *>ffal oat at the calyx, or through the aides of the fruit. The eentre is sometimes filled with this matter, so that the whole apple is thoroughly ruined In the autumn of 1859 there wag a fair apple rop, jet scarcely ten in a thousand apples could be found free from this worm! A few days since, Mr. J. W. Wilcox, of West Hoxbury, brought us a bottle of these worms, eighty odd w number, which he caught in two nights under a single tree He learned how to catch the rascals in the following manner : Several years ago, while engaged in doing carpenter work, some timber and boards were left under an apple tree, lying in various positions upon the ground- Upon removing thii lumber, he found that wherever two pioces of board or timber lay pretty eloeely together these worms had crawnri in in considerable numbers, and ae?a>?d to be well pleased with their snug re4?? * Tt.:. * * * -* - - * .. v-.. auls senea 10 give Min tna idea of s trap which hu proved the death of thousands of the offenders. He places two boards, each about three feet long, and of a prettj smooth surface, not planed, however, together, under the tree and near the stem. These boards are visited each morning and the worms found there destroyed, and the boards put back into potion agnin. Three sets of boards area usually placed nnder a tree, on its different sides, which. Mr. W. says be thinks will soon draw the worms from the fallen apples into their benificent shelter ! He also gives it as his opinion, that all old apple tree* under the walls and in pastures that are not attended to, are so many nurseries ?f thee* pests, and that if they were cot down, r all the fallen apples were eaten by swine or cattle, and the same eare observed with cultivated tree*, this great evil would be abated or entirely removed. We hOM ten - ?111 v* ? * r - ? .uvwaauu Vf?p9 Will UO SCI IV onee. and clean off thia vermin while the apple crop ia not abundant.?Maine Farmer. A Goon Joa* ow * * Cosdccto* or a Slow Ta*.i!i ?The Oiwe*o Times tella the following Rood atory at the expense of a conductor known amoTfg the "boya'" aa "Aleck." ' On the two o'clock alow freight and pasarnjrer train from Syraeuae, yeaWdiy, were a lady *nd her aon, a youth of good dimensions, the latter traveling on a -half-ticket ' After innumerable atoppagea and delaya, in unloading freight, Jts , by which th<i pitlence of passengers la vsualty exhausted long before tbev reach thia city, the conductor made hla appearance for tleketa Glancing at the paateboard received from tbe boy, be looked first at him, and then at hla mother, and then at the ticket, and rema-ked that be waa >a large b-->y to b? riding at half fere ' *1 know,1 aald the lady, I know he la, air; but tben be'a grown good deal since we started.' " A Birder State Union man writes in a Tvtvato W?h in ?ki- 1 ? ?. - .mm U ! Uip^ClII 91V IC . "* r or U'Hl 9 sake try to wmke up your northern people You all seem to at to be half asleep \ou aay, *We can pat two soldier* Into the field to th^ir one ' Y?? tmy It, and they do it You are contondln^ . with a maniac, and you measure your effort by tfce strength of a half-grown boy " ITT" The whole Australasian ccaat is to be made tbe subject of a thorough ccieutitic survey. For this pursue, the British govcriiii.ent bis contributed X10,UX) a year, and levl?* an annual tax on New South Wales rf ?3 5C0, Victoria the same, Tasmania aadQueensland each ?1,500, and Sou h Australasia ?2,000. irr When the Rlnz of Sweden attendee, the review of the British Volunteers at Aldersbott, he thus expressed his opinion on tbe merits of tbe arlous arms of theaervice: "The artillery be regarded as superb, tbe cavalry tilled btm with admiration, the Infhntry wrre wonderfully steady, but 1b their movements they were 'too slow '" HT A Toronto lady, on Sunday night last, in extinguishing a gas light, turned tbe stop-rock otirely round, and was found dead on the tioor of the apartment. She was in delicate health, and !a consequence thereof was probably very quickly overcome by the escaped ga?. !* 7** Tbe annual Canada West Pair, at Tendon, drew an immense crowd from tbe provinces and neighboring States. Nearly 20,000 people were a toe grounds at one time last Monday There were 8,000 entries, and the exhibition was deci dediy the best ever held In Canada. ITT An Indiana clergyman, during bis prayer ?*o tbe late Past Dav, used tbe following lan ff ns OTA (tOh I Ar<l V,Si4 r?* ? ?11 ^ ^uv.u, UBU tuv uaii uuiir as well Bl the Hoooler state in putting down thla rebellion, we would not be under tne neceaaity of calling on Thtf!" lL/"Tberr are now about alxty veaael* Including many large (blpa, now loading breadatulf* at New York for tbe continent of Europe. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS fbok tbb Uhtb? Statbs Fr h?i rr i Lmm. For. D*vt. Ni&c&ra. Boatos Liverpool ?..Oon? Aaia> .New York - Liverpool... Oct 23 Bremen - .New York..-Bremen?^.Oct 26 7*0* Ktr*ora Ana ,Liverpool New York ..Sept 28 Brameu-^ 8oatiirpU>n...New York.?Ooi 2 Tbe California mail ateamera ie**e New York oa tbe lat, 12tb. and glat of every month. PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. * 4*0 at., ta the place to buy your Clo?htnt. Truaka, Mntaaad Cap*. ool lm NOTICE. k5TYLl?H Autnmnand Winter Wr&ppinra for ladiee. of qua. ti?a better thanuau* ly f <und in thie mark*. in Woolena and Siika Many novel tie* in SK&W I. Wita all Irtiwta ?r r?? a~~f. ____ _ . w --?? Jf-^m J I'/t fcTir* |OU* r*i and aranta of tiamiliea and houaekeepOm pr\?* only, th? aotuil cub atandard value, m* k^T in plain nturea Oar No'tbern *&<] iAateiu correapcndenta aand a? nev aappUee daiiv. Carpeta, Cart&mt, Oilolotha, Rata. Ac., upper flaera ? n loapsouoa of atook impliea no obligation to Mrelifa. PKRHV * BKO , 00 ?-M Pa avenaa and Ninth at. CLOSING OUT CLOSING OUT! llwicc eocolnded to oo?e on: my euUre atoek of FANO\ GO?>l>S, | have removed th* asme to N<?. 20 PeTLDe}!v%ai% .weuue, betweac Bth and 9th ?trneu, wh?re I anl! offer th? retire (took at *ach J".0?* ** w illeaaMa m? former ouetomera, and the I poU'? ??oeralj V> bnv the fi at o;a*x t'Twnfih F?o?>r 6ooda at pmnie yricts. Now w the time to N B ?All p*r>ona having claim* againat me are vaqaaetto araaent 'he aame for a^tirment; and ail pereone Indebted to m* are requested to make arranceaeuta to liquidate then olaima without further aottoa. Prompt attention will irf?atly oblige. K aepeotfui.y, K. C ttTEVKNB8UI??CillBKIlS UfcSPk^TFUuLY 1 invite the attention of the Army aud Nary Jo the/ fall ?a??lv of MlLl TAK aaa NAVAL FL'JlN&HlNti G'M?IW, WK an oh aa U<Lgo Blue Cloths and Doeakinr, WW_ Cape, Kpaalau, Laeee, S*honlder t*trape>""^^ Bella, Sworda. Pword Knota, Oapa, Hata, and a'l jeyjaegva amtyoidery A eo, th- oelebrated PAT ?4 nvi C.K1.1H U&.NTEK.N. o??... u?, N?t*J &a<< Mi t?rr M*rcH?atT?Mor?, >T U *40) 3?3 Pa. ? .. nnd?r Browa'i Hot?i. I|Q * TOPHAJfS gSla H F R B M I V M TRUNK QE23 MAyXTFACTORY, tit Brmn ram. WuuMtw, D. O. ewsnled hyMsrylsod Iutitato e l-.|rfsa ^fcrSA'jsi52jjrt At Lmm Pricu. M?rnf nf fnnjTTTT in-1 -wall ?1mm mmhm mm mit Mm* pudMiii wiwbui Tnaxs tteTv? m*>i? in other ctttm. Kyerlor Lwttf ud Drem Trvakt m*d? to **Trmnk? wmtd mad rwn'.rwi at ikort ?Oao. &ooda <toUv?r*d froe arefctri* to *ny?nrt of th? Aj"M R.TOPMAM. V i niiikU o ?* * ? ?- ?? .r^nst MK'swsi Dry * < * ??u?. ^ " "ZffiKIJR." ttBsassasa^ !itju?r''*Zf U>?**' 00 to Mrv^* ?? * > ifWM "* "*& < ?'???>? | PERRY" * BROTHER. r?. mj*** Ninth .C, 1 *! ?.; , "P?ry ????..- ||, i i v ' ? ----SUMMER RETREATS. -| ^EA BATHING AND SAFE RETREAT, C5 At Point Looa-Ort, This ce Bathini P ao?. aitu&ted at the I ?notion of the Potomae Hiver wit* it . A ! leeap^tke Bay. will be opened br theVcnV nderticned "n tho 19th of June, In theJL&JHa. very beat atyle. for a!l persons who ma* wish a and am?t rrtraiit. where they oan nave the benefit of the boat aatt water l-at^ing and enjoy the deiioaoiex of tfce water, suoa aa Fieh of all kinda. Oysters, Crabe, fco Every d?8uripti"n of fiahin* tackle will be kepi for tue idntiunof guests. A fiae livery atatve kept on the farm Alao, feu pin altera and billiard aaloona ; with all other aroaaeineaU usually found at e?oh plaoaa. f no tabi* will be espplied dad; witn freah ve*e wtLuiia iiuui imn?ru?u on ma premise* toa iron the B&itmora aiul W&ajuncton inivrksU. The l-eat Lnuora and Ci(&ri will &1 way a be fonnd at the Bar. Botvrd, |1 per day: or?* wc?k, ]>; aeoond weok, 1"; foue weeks for 936; ohwdren and oolored aer- ! TMti half-prioe. The ateemar St. Nioholaa leave* Waafaingtoa Tuee<;*y a:* a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. m. The half past 2 o'clock p. in. train from Wathictton wi!! connect at Baltimore with the boata, reaohtn* Point Lookont dai 'y ; a ?o, a tri-weektj etacefrom VVaahfngtnn, by way of Leonardtown Add en the proprietors, at Point Lookout. Waahincton. I) C., or Alexandria, V* m 31 UGFLKBOWKE * CO , Prep'ra. DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELEA, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Teem Street* | an 2S- eo2m M TEETH. LOOM IB. M. U.. the inventor tad patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at ^ jjTo tends personally at his office .n this olty.flwKa* Many person* can wear these teeth who^u-a-> cannot wear others, and no person can waar others wtio cannot wear these. P ersons oalMuc at ray often can be aooommonated > with ai.y etyle and prioe of Teeth they may desire: | nut to those wiioare partiomar and wish the purest, I ?le%nest, strong sat, and most perfect denture that art can produet\ the MINERAL. PLATE will be nore folly w*rr?utej. Rc.ome iu this oity?No. 338 Pa. avenue, betweei 9th and loth st?. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi.adel ?hia. oc it tf L I FITTING, kc. AWM T. DOVE * CO. KE Now prepared to exeoctg auy orders vith Which they rri&y fcj favored in the PLUMBLNtt, SAB OR STEAM FITIINH BUSINESS. fU~ Store on tth aireet, a fev doora north of Pa. arenas, where mi? be fonnd a comalete auortmecl it CdANDKLIERS and other ?AS, STEAM an* WATER FIXTURES i?T>-1? I SNYDER, PLPMBKR AND GAS FITTER. Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth aud F aw. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gaa a?on the most favorable terms, and tuaraatiee entire aaUaiaotion. He has on hand a lot of COOK1N9 and other STOVES, which he will eell iesa than ooet, aa he wiahea to set rid of them. no 17 VI7 GAS FIXTURES. " E Ha*? in store, and aro dai y receinnr, &A8 PIXTVRKSof entirely New Patterns and Deeiena and I- iniah. auperior in style to anything heretofore efi'oi d in this market. We inviteoitiienr ;enera! It tc ta!i and examine onr stock of Gaa and Water I Fix irea, feolinj oontHent that we hare the beat aeiec'od stouk in W&ahincton. All Work in the above Tine mtrneted to ear cart will be promptly attended to, MYERS A MeGHAN. taiTjp mvueveet OF 4CE OF iN8Pfc>QTOR AND SEALER OF RAS METERS. W? sh:!*?toh, J a It It, 1W, !fOTICE IS HRRhPY GIVEN. That, agreeably to the pronaioua of the ordiuanco oi the Corporation apvruTod May IS, 1^, the under*'ened ia nnw preparoi/'wb^nerer re', ired in writiue, and 3n prepayment of the f'? of filty oenta, to Irapeot, ?u,.nire. ?9*t._p<-o. ?, aid ascertain the accuracy of recusation oi fc^y tas meter in g? in this city." L ?ery jr.eter, iffoui.d mcor.eot, wili b* conderraul an.i anctlser,a^alfr] aud narked as tr-ia, wiii be aetini'** plaoo. If prnrod to be aooa-*;? ia ita 2Ee?aiiom<.<nt of jaa, it will be aea!ea aoco-<unzly, a;?d Attuu put in position /or use. trftoe Nv. '10 Sercntii aireet,(near Odd Fel?? ' da!i.) froisi I a. in., to I ?. m. "*!! A itl.K'.A W PI'MMIKOD t H ? ?? I jr M-tf (csaeotor and Sealer of 82a Vet?r., Wall ptephens & co.. 322 PlJfNSYLVAKIA AVISITH, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TaILORS. AND HKADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND KXTKNSIVF DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, se6-if (Intel. A Repob.) BILLIARDS! Tfl vT The lorera * ' of tbt GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'8 FINE HALL. Corner o Pennaylvania avecne And 11th atreet, (south aids,) | two of the unit admirable TABLES in th* United States, with every oomfort and convenience j ah 3 tf for the playera. WATCH REPAIRING AND SILVER WARE MANUFACTOR.. I have one of tne beat oatabliahmenta, and forouhe<i with a complete aetof toola for repairI&C ovary description of fine Watches, and arfiou'ar attention give to the same, by mUS l."0 -uati ooiriftteot workman .and a. worli rivbu tid Aits, evtry descnp ion of standard SlLy ER Wi RE. plain an<t ornamental, maiiufaoturedunder ray own supervision, wniob my customera will find far superior in (uaii'j and finjsh to northern ware | sold by de&. >rs in jeuerai and represented af their I Miiviaciuris n. U. HOOD, m < m P%. av?n?#? n?*r ??h THK kl'KOl'KAN HOTEL, K.LP1 BY T, 1 KidRIOH. at the oomu of Peaii.Jft . ? A *TiD'ap> tad street, hu bAenYC^Bv greatly lratrove*!* and now offersiJLliBLL irwifr inarcenenU for the patronage <>f oi^isona aiid ?tr*c{:K* taaa any other aublio honae in the oitj, in* pr.ow being le?a those of any otuer 1 hotel on avenue, and Ms accommodations | (or yer'^acect or transient hoarders nn^xoeytiootnle. The bar ?nci resUuraut arrangements of the I Karr ^ar. Hotel hare a:ready beoonie veryaoao ar.hotr.g all tiiatoan be desired by the moat fastidious. Tfta arcpnetor aiedgea nr.reiuitteu attention 6 r i couliantxl I-bsraJ expenditures to give satisfaction to ali, and ttms renews hia invitation all to ci?** the Ku?n(Mr Hou?i a o%H. rie 4-ti ^jjUN BOATS Q%art*rmatter UtmrcU'i QgU*. I WasAintto* (Sty, July IB, 1861. \ Plans and Spscificatiohs for hnlla of 8un Boats for the Western rivers are on exhibition at tuis ''tfico. and ?t offices of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cincinnati, St. Louis and Alton. do&ts to ixi deli rered at Cairo. Bids should be aeul to Quartermaster General of the United sum. a iuj, ?i waatuntUtn, by let August, at poon. N< C. MEIGS, jr 19 One. Gen'l and Quartermaster Gen'l. I [MOM PAPER AND ENVELOPES.?Twenty ty <iiffer?nt itr? of Note aud Letter Paper, with Enve op?*a to niatoh. Views <>r Washington in the form of a Rom,and in Uook term, alao, separate All the l>ai i ar-d iVeokiyPapera constantly on hand. Herald, Tim?s, and Tribune received every night at 6 -.'oloot. Tapers from all carta of the country. Uoaiiie'a Dime Novals and Son* Botika. A lreah supply of Books for aumoitr reading, ohoftp A large assortment of Juvenilea?Mayna Reid'a Books, Rollo Books, Abbott's Historic. Ao. A diaoonnt of l" to SO ?er oent. on a'! bound books FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, rv% W Nation*! tore.'j7h Pa. at. CASH NOTICE. " N Conaequenoe of our having to pay oaah for avory article ot goo4a wa purobaee. we are foroed to reduce oar bnaineae to Caah exolnalveiy, for the present. Wo h we in store a ver* large aaaortmait of KEAltV-MADE CLOTHING for man and boya' wear, whioh ara aeihna at a much low-r rata tbaa jsua.'?. WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO.. SV2 Pa. avansa. between Mb aad 10th st>. 1*^ 11 ntal. k Raawb.) |\f APS OF THE SEAT OP WAR.?A apiendid t? 1 Map of the Seat ?l War for only t oenU. Alan, Pocket Maps of all kinds. Soidiers' Camp Drecaing Caaaa /rom ?8 so to Rt. _j i uwa* auu o Hiiouri or all kinda, F.t| I fue: and Knveop??. Flan*. liauneraand Badge*. Vicva of Wwhlnitoo, Am??:oaa and Foreun Macasioea, Dally and Weak r Patera FRENCH A RICHBTKIN'S National Bookatore, m 1 (Intel, k R?tnb.) *78 Pa. a*anea WK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larjre a*aor?inentof GUEV and BLUEFLANNFL 8VKR HUIRI8. WHITE 8H1RTi*, DRAWRS. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF-HOSE, Ac., vbion v* innte all oaah parohaeera to examine before making thatr eei^otiona. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 328 Pa. av.. between 9th and lMh au. wag (InteliiganoeT and R "?ebUoan.> Hav. jSSSSAKSSSI *ou pfer, Colored Border a. riueo and plain, wit& Eu elo^ea to mafoli. Alao, I-1m Paaer of all kiada, with and without Mottoea; EciTeJojaa to matofc. Pareae and Pooket Books ol avary deaoripuon. T?*^,lT; P,M" from FRENCH A RICHSTE1N, ?wa> QTa P?nB awenw MiiW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVEL8.?The iTAloharaiat, or the Honee of Ctaae; from the asssseBsssfe tinm. KKBNOH k RICdSTEfN. * *?tft ?? ?? . hi vara on hm?t. or mad* to ordw at th? ahorteal ** Tbey |o rl|ht to lb? Spot." INSTANT RKLJfciF PTOF iOUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ABB OOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURER8, OOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, OOOD FOR SINGERS, OOOD FOR CONSUMPTITMS. GKNTI EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LAD1K9 ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. nut! noviu nov rno viii i ui/rvott viv i r vxv SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. They tive strength and volume to the Toioe. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taite. They are made of simple herbs and oannot harm any one. I advi?? every one who has a Congh or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any diffionlty of the Throat, to get a p&oksge of my Threat Confeotions. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon will agree with me that "they gorirht to the upot.' You will find them very nseful and plearant while ?.?>wi>u? vi n< vcuuii fi punilU n cuUD^B, IQT BtllllTif your Con*h or allayins yoor thirst. If yon try one packntP I am *al"e in saying that yon will ever af terwards consider them mdispensible. You will find them at the Drufgiata and Dealer* ia Medieiaea PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signatnre is on each paokage. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of i hirty Cents. Address, HEMKY C. SPALDING, No. 49 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadache Headache. Or the in ol theae Pilla the penodto attack! o "ftror.uj or Sick Htm&uk* may be jrereDtod; and I Uk*u if the co;nmciivoment ol an attack imme (Male rehef from ?*}nandaiokneea will be obtained. Tner seldom ' in remonng the TYaww and H*adriX* to which fomalea are ao rabjeot Thoy acl ton thahnw*ia? iMMtll. For LUmmry JK?, StudmSs, Delioate Femalea. aud ?il persons of ttUntmnt kitbiit, they are *!m&blr a* ? Lxzativ*, improving the ?piHtif, giving ton* and vitor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC P1LL8 are the rcaait of long investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, having been in use many years, daring whioh time they have prevented aod relieved a vast aroonnt of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in the nirvout system or from a deranged tate of the ttomack. They are entirely vegetable in their composition, and may b? taken at all times with perfect safety without making any ohange of diet, ??d lis mbtttu* af mnv ditwtabl* lasts rmdtrt it Miy ts mdwxxni.'ttr tktm to ekiidrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C Spalding on #bh Box. tto:d by Druggists and all ether Dealers in Medi tines. A Bex will be sent by mail prepaid en receipt* PRICE, a* CENTS. All erd?rs shoaid be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDIN*. 48 Cbsae Btiiit, Naw Yoax, mti mmm mm awbmmVIN9T9 iTW/OWt f ?? Oephaiw fill* accomplish the objoot for whleh ihey weio made, ru: Car* of headaohe In all iU forms. Am lit liMiMir, JVer/ett, Tm. they hare L>een tested Is a*r? than a Uiuui 4Mt, with entire auoceae. from tk* DemaeraJ, St. OUmd, Mimn. If you ?.r?, or have boen troubled w ith the h#a<iiciie. *>?nd for & box, (OepUauo Pills ,j eo that pea nay have them in case of an>ttaoi?. #Vm tk* Wutrrn fL R. III, We beartaly endorse Mr. ttpaldiilt, a?d his ?tnvailod Cephalic Pills. F,mmikt Soutktm Pmtk Pmdur, JTw Or Urn* i, La. Try them! you that are afflioted. and we are sirs that your teotiraonT can be added to the already numerous !ut that has reoeired beceits thai no other medioian can produoe. from tk* ffmiiii, D*MMopert, ima Mr. Bpaldinf would not oonoeot his mejm TlU as artiste he did not brntm to possess real merit. (Vm (1. < J ? '* ? - I. au??i ?m?Ti rrywiMMlt JU it The Crphahc 1'ills are said to be a rooarkably cflectiTe remady for the headache, and one ef the very best for that very fre^aeat eem^ialnt which naa ever been dlacoTered. From ik* St. Lorn it Dtmwat, The imtrente deirand for the artiele (Oa?Kiila i Piiia) u rapidly increasing. ' From tit DualU T *11** 8tmr, Kammmht, Tm. We ac? eaie that peraooe ?*fierl*if with Ike !>e*d aehe, ?Uo try them, will aUak to Uem. From tii iiMrtiNTi frurtwei, JL i. The toetimort in their flavor u atroci, freta tht noet reeyoctab e eurrtera From tkt Dmil* Nmt, Ifotorort, BL 1, Gethalio 1'illa are taking the ?laoe of all kioda. From tkt CommoroioU BuUtti?a, Boston, Mat* Paid to be very eftoaoiona for tha lieadaohe. From tkt Commirtial, Ctanaaait, Ok\e, Batfenai hnmanitr oan now be relieved. IL7* A aiDKle bottle of Spalding'* Prepared Glue will nre ten time* lU coet annulIj. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PRhPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! BAVE THE PIBCEB! ECONOMY! DISPATCH CT?*A &TiTca is TmbBavm Aa aocidrata will happen, even in well regulatec (araniea, it ia very demrable to have tome oheap uui!oonv?ni?nt war for repairing Furniture, Toya Orookery, &o. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUb meets ail each emergenoiee, and bo hoaaafeoid aa v? ?-? "* ?v >nw??i i* ! kivvi r?4y, uU to the tiokiai point. M USEFUL IN BVK*Y HOUSE.** N. B.-A Brut UooBfUJM?Mh BottU. PrU II NiU, A'ldrflM 1BNEY a BTALDiN*, No. 4SC?d?relmt,New Yor*. CAUTION. MM to iumiM btfir* ??ro)dfclag, u4 miUm Ui r? i mm, rALOINBt P&JtPAJtBD 0LIK^O wwr, m?mnyyryjjy? / Cmt Cemtk. Cold, Hoartomui, / /vYJ^ZV Amui any frrUatxon or Sortmii of t4? ?V?u, Ku'titi M? AhgJHHmQA Hmdnmt Couth *? Hon, Bronchitis, At km*, yaUiyilnfl t Catarrh, CUar mmt ?* ? V^BPW ffriufi* if lJU wiH t/ p 0 D L I C BPKAKBftt iAil*^ 4.HD 81N6KKS. rtF?w are a??r?ofth?_ IMUMN of oheaRiai ? w?sa or uooimi Cold" to Us first itift; lh?l wh:oh in tbe bejinmc would yield to a mila reme J?, if negleoted.soonattackstoe I.unci. "Broxtn't Bronchial 7Vma?j." ooctaini-ag oemulcont ingredients, allay Pslmonary and biocobie. Irritation. oBn?,?..Q **That troahla in mj Throat, (foi BROWN 8 whiob the "2Vot*i*" area specific harinrmade me often s more whis TROCHES jerer.* N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S raoommend their ase to P*blis Sruiiif." TROCHES REV. B. H. CHAPIN. "Great eervice in subduing Hoards BROWN'S H!?." REV. DANIEL WISE. rorhi'h "Almost instant reiief in the d>s trussing '.at or of breathini peouliai BROWN'S c. EBBLESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anything injurious." DR. A. A HAVES, BROWN'S Cktmitt, BoMcn. TROCHES J&mglXtJZT* BROWN'S " 4' TROCHES " ??? '$? 5 WKNIC, BROWNE Jo9Stc% " I hare proved them xceilent fov TROCHES Wmrg. BARREN. BROWN'S Bosltn. " Benefimal when oom??Med te TROCHES saeak, eof?rici froir. Colb. ' B.noIN? ""fcEV.S^.P.ANDgHSON, ?>t. Lwuxt, TROCHES " Kr,.P{'' rePl?Tl?iHo,r"dp?b and Irritation of the Tnroat, a* BROWN'S 00m{n?n Hrium and SmaTROCHKS Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON. La tfr??ti, fai, BROWN'S TROCHES " real benefit when taken before and after preaching, ?a the; prevent

BROWN'S Hoaracneja. From their put eSeot, i think thej will be or permanent anVROCHES raniaee to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. H. BROWN'S Preaideot of Athens College, Tenn. tROCMES 4* 1-lT IOY FOR THE SICK AND SVFFERIN* J LET ALL ArFLlCTMD ATT4.1 THE EMMMJJJ _ LSJ0J9E HEALTH. Friaad, ? tob w\tnr> Art yoi ti?eafaaj IiiM* pvraerovr aiirae^u which arvae tram iataritr of tho blood.' What are the*, do yoa aak I Rather aak. what are ttcy net/ The blood ia the a? arc a of Ilia and health, and it ia the ftrat element of omr being to reapond to any ctusa wnioh ?Crcu the ayatwrn, aa the palao infallibly atu?u. Tue e??r preratlint Nemralfla, the irritatini Eryaipe *a, tna ao t:sSorefnla, thea?oniaict Rhesmatiasn, N-rrotc Deb; lity- Drapspiia, Liver Compiaint with ita tcrac: and dejeotion, and the nanher.eaa u!a that flesh ia heir to, donve ihoii hiaeoEii oricin from the b'iod, Deal kiruHjr taea and cenilr w; ;h the blood. <?a* the vitalixinc re^oaroe* of nalft'f for its aid. and aaffer as to dornmend to roar AOQlJeE.ce a&j m tUI knur yaiaaula mcihoaii?nt kaown ti mm. m. core rMUETABLB Dncorriort. With re[*r? to thia*t infa'Jible a??aiAt povalar aentimi-iit has ay*Ren in r>oided terma ftud the eridsteea cf thia fcr*at f>*cacy are hitamed fcj constant a*o%c aofeurativp efnete *r.4 th* hapyirst reaut* " rr :iM ase ire afW a.l ?tier reiL^iM trid the Ue^t msxucai skill hatr? fvilwi. Let ss eay, in conclusion, that oertiCcntoa aarea are not aoacht from ihe illit?rat? and ajaerloia!, but they are rolanteered from tb^ m^af.e y-otab'e Bourses and jueliff tin lnrheat U>r ? .0 which it la aceaitle tj ooitmeud ao valuabe a aaectno to pisblio aayrom! We rcar add alan tr at ; in a ourat;v?> propei uaa of the nie'iiuiue ar'je^uailed I only by ita realsc ati-re effete, tiid syateni recover- | inr frcmdieea*ewith ren?*."" oonatitatioral *;tor, I For aaie by ail reaftenbi^ l)r<>(risU in thia ait/, and by the proarletcr, MRU. M. COX, Kone jenuine anioea b*r name ta blown on tka bfltwe and h?r mi on the eork r~r Pnoe 01 f?r Dottle, aiz hottiea for ti. Wk?lu*l* Artnt. R. 3. T. CI9SKL, Dragfiat *eorietown, D. C? Wholesale Acent for the l)iatriot, and will aapyiy the traie at ray yrieea. aa It U V IT U.T Ui Wt>0 J ' n ?, U. UCliflAJ D BTJIKBG -HENING CORDIAL ard blood purifier r/*? OH?ATJSST REMEDY ?? :A? WORLD, taking. UUltlBf, ( ? d?Ll?i??j, ! Utitilaf tpirK, ud Ikt mi lanlltbl* f?B*dyf?r in* dUiutd iy?Ma, u4 MtUriif Ik* ilcki afartag, > < takUluud liTalid m k?aJ?k ui iuii(tk. MtLEAIfS aTRBIWTHfWINO OORDIAL Will fattMllyjU* fciTji CanpUiat, DfiHH't. '>*' BMfiB Ua?Mty,DUaaiai aft a a Bfdaaya, 111 all dlliuii trmm a iluidind Umi ?r Byaatyala, Bamkaia, laward Pila?. AaidllT > Siakaaia al Ua iltaati, FtlUwa af Bla*l la Ua Bald, Dail Pa:? at viwataf laUaBaad, PalyU&jJaa af UaKitn. Fallatta i Walfkt la Ua liaauak, ? Braauuaoa, ukakiar at af?aau>( flitlif wkaa layUf dave, Dryatu a> TaliaWaaat af Ua ikia aad Brat, Plf^i tvtaii, Uwatd Fi??n, ata ta tka laail af Ua Baak, Ckail, a* ilia. laddaa , Plukaa af Baal, Bayrtaaiaa af yWlia, rrifkifal Braaaa, btapti, Baa*aa4aa?y > any uartaaa dlitai*, Ihn at Blaiakai aa til Nkla, aad fa rat aad Afaa (at CkliU aad r*T,"J 9TBA A MIAUON B0TTLM8 kava kiaa aald dltUf Us Ian m maaUi, tad la aa Uitaata kaa it fallad la f Wlaf aatWa aatlafaaUaa. Wka, Uaa, will aafar fraa Waatatii at Daklllty vkaa McUAII TBBHBTBBBIBB OUK.DIA.W will aara tm 1 Ba lupap aa* aaaray aa aaa^aata l&aa at Ua luadlktt aad tlaiat alntilni ik<E(i yradaaad ky uktaf Uta Cardial ta tka dlaaasad, dabllHatal, aad ikat^atid aarraaa irilaa, vkaUtr ktakaa dava ky ataaaa, vtik ky Batata, t lapaittd ky tlakaaaa, Ua itlaiad aad uit.ia( aifaaitaUaa ta tattara'l ta Ha yriaUai kialU tad rifa# MJtXRISD FBREOXXi n auata, ataiilHi a? liaWiti* t?am wkataaat aaaaa, vtU lad MabBAJt* IT&BBBTBBBIBB CUBBIAfc a Ua- | faagk rtfaaa/aiataf Ua ayataaij aad all vaa at) lata ta iuad UaMtalvai ky laayafar tadaifaaaat vlU ted u Uta > Uarviat a aartaia aad ?ya? ly >?*ady. TO THE LADltB. MaUBA B*9 VTBBBBYBBB1BB OOBBlAb ta a aarar- ' tlra d >U1 ll? I"!'1"* c. " iMIHWi ar BlSaatt BfantVMttMJ diiiUiiiiIi af Bjlaa , ?( laraiaatar* MiUtrri tkaraaf, Ftlilaj af Ua W??k, Btdd!aa?, faiaUaj, aad all dlitun laaldaat u Taanlat. . THJSSE IS NO tUSTAKK ABOUT IT VaCar ua iaa{ar. Vata It aaaardiaf ta Clraatlaai. It will '.' ai.ita, airaartkaa, aad ta?i?ama yam aad u:ia tka kliM *1 i>i!U m atut year akaak afala. Brary kattja ia autuui ta fl*a aatlafaatlaa. FOR CHILDREN, If raat at a tlakly, p??y m afltttad, MekllRl CUBBIAIi vlll'kaka um alalia*, fat, aad rakaal Ualay aai a aaaaaal; try It, aad yaa-vtll a? aaavlaaad. Ilia da- : Utlaaa tataka. 9A VTION, Bavan af dr?(fliu ar daaltra vka aaaa uy ia pals apaa r*a aaraa klaar ar aaraapanlla traak, whiak tfcay aaa Bay tkaap, k? aaylar It la laat a* vaad. A?aid rack aaa. Aak fai M UlAR'k TK.KKMTrVhINS COUJUli, and uka aaiktnf alaa. Il ia tka aoly ramady that will pari ft tka Blaad iBantf ktv and at tka aaraa una auanftban tka ayataa. Una taajpaaara: takaa arary cuarmai faatinf ta a eartata pjavaaitTa far Ckalara, Ckilla aad Farar, Yallav Fa?ar, ? ay praralam dUaaaa. It ta pat aa la laraa kattiaa. Prtaa aaly 91 vat tottla, ar * kattiaa far f( " MckCAH. ala prapriatar af tkla Cardial) alaa, Makata'a Vataaata 01 kUaaat. fdaalfil Dtpat aa tka awm af Third aad rtaa atraaw, ht. kaala, Ma. XeLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TBB BUT kURIBIKjrr Ui TBS WOBkD.) Tka aaly aafa aad aartalo aara far Canaan, Pllaa, Ta- I an, BvalUaga aad Branakila ar Caitaa, Panlrata, NaaWaakoaaaaf tka Kaaeiai, Gkraola ar lutantiary BAaaaauara, BUfuaaa af tha Jatou, Cantraatad Maaclaa ar U|>aiou, Kanaka ar Taatkacha, Braiaaa. Bpreiaa, Fraak Cata. Waaada, Blaan, tarai Barat, UaMi Braaat, Ban Mtaplaa, Barat, Baalda, Baaa Tkraai, at ai^Tfalaaaatiaa ar 1 pala, na difaranaa kaw aarara ar las* Ui* ktn ailatad, McLKAVt CEkBlAAtfW kUUMJUTYi I liitlll ramadf. n?nudi af Vwu aaiofa Uti mi> aarad i lift af du arapitada ud talaary If tka in af UU ItTtlMkli ramady. Mr LS AITS WOLCANIC OIL LIU 1MB NT Will rallava fair. tllBMt luataaiaoaaaaly, and it viu llM, aart'T ui kit! Ma famlaat mim In to -.uaradikla akart tl?a, | FOR HO&S BS A ND OTHER ANIMALS. < M.kCANI CKfe?SrtATED LIKIMKNT la tba aoly aala ud ralitkla rtmady far Ua aara af Mpana, XiQffraoa, Wladfa'la, pitala, onatara) War pa, Hadaa ar vaUiaaa. I It aaaar f.ilad u aara if laad, Pallaril, Piatala, Old I B-aaoUf Baraa, ar Svaanr. tf yraaarly aapliad. fa. I araiea, Braiaaa, criickaa, Craakad Baala, Ckafaa, Saddla a> CaHar Balta, Qua, Baraa, at Waanda, It la aa lafallibU raaaady. Apply It aa dlraatad tad a aara U aituli la mi; laataaaa. f Tfeaa urUa aa laagar art* Ua ?aay awnklaaa Wiaiaaata 1 afaaad ta yam. Oktaia a aappl* ?f Da. M ckCABB C1UIBATSBkmwnr. li will aara yam. J- MckJKAa, Ma Praprlataa, I Onar Tklrd tad Ptaa aw., 0b baaii, Ma. diUH 0TOTT, tTI Pa. a?., Mia afiat la Vaaklif I a? B.S * CIHIh.taMraun a?M-NVl> j | QUNBOAT8 bob ruWESTKftN RIVERS. Qmmiui|p 9nnaui!i Omn. I _ irwtNUtM, Jttnt IT, lact.f ( P*0P0?A.Li are lnritM for eonatnMti&c 0u- 1 bo?u uaon the Weatrrn riT?r? I Speoifioatoona will be immediately prspwid Mi may be exanuned at the Uurteruibr*! OAoe at < Ltnomnatj. Pifabu'gh, and at tbia ofcoe. Propoaala from boat bail ere aad eagiae MM 1 er? alone will be ooneidered. i Plana aabautted by buxiare will be taken late i VV., TRAVKLIN? TRUNKS. ' p^TSP|LES,l?S^?W ' BeeajOerfet Baga, 4o., whiefe we are new ae hag * at very lew mew. i wU WALL. ?TBPj? K* 8*^ CO?, TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY, IJNIT&D 8TATBS ^MILITARY ROUTS. gl??p SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVBLfifltfc. Ob tod after Monday, September M. IKL Pm enter Trtjna between WASHINGTON tad Baltimore viii m aafoiiowa: TDiTVC U/ivrv/1 a?/> n?*?* mania mwhi;? nunjltMorning Expre?s leevs w&shirgton 6 a. x. Arrive at Baltimore 7 45 a. x; Philadelphia 12 90 r. M ; N?w York 6 p. Harris, u'g I II r K. Morning Aooommo?l*tion lea re Waging ton 7 JO a m. Arrive at Baltimore9.10a. x.; Phi.adelplua 9m; New York Ir.M Evening Express le%ve Washington UB r * Arrive at Baltimore 4.13 p. x ; Philadelphia 8 30 ? m ; New York s a x. hvening Accommodation leave Washington 5.45 p. x. Arrive at Baltimore 7 90 p. x.; Harrisberg ** *' TRAINS MOVIXQ SQVTH. Leave New York at 7 a- Pm adelphia 11 90 a. | x., BaiamoreS <4 p. x. Arrive at Washington 5JO p. x. l.eave New York at 6 P. x.; Philadelphia 1030 p. x.; Baltimore 5 a. x. Arrive at Washington ? a. x. Aooommodat'on Train* leave Baltimore at 41 a. x., and 5 p. x .and arrive at Washington 10 96 a. x ,6 45 p. x. Passenger i'rains leaving Washington at 7 90 a jt.aada.9 p x . and Baltimore at 40 a. x aod 3.46 fx, make direot connections for Annapolis at the J a notion. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash iu|wn m ojo a.n- im 2 p m Passenger Traiu? living Washington at 4. m. K id 2.91 r. m.. and Ba 'timore at 5 a. m. and 3 45 p. M-. W 11 ttop only at Annapolis Jmntiton and Htiny Junction Wi? Passengers are requested to take the 4scmmolation Trnini or the Regular Touife Tram, ?l>ieh wi I t ave passenger oar attached. Trmna wil> ieive the Washingten Depot prompt ly upon eird tim* A:i articles ui freight (not oontraband of war) will bo transported over the line Regular Tmnage Trains will eav* Baltimore at 4 a m beave Wash iat !"r at 3 30 p. ic. By oraer of u<e Secretary of War: R. F MOKLE Y, Genera' Manager. THOMAS H. CANF1 ELD. Assistant Manager. SPECIAL NOTICE. O SUNDAY TRAIN. Leave WASHINGTON at290 p. m. for NEW YOKK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor* and Philadelphia, arriving li Washington at 611) a. m. R. F. MoRLEY, se tT General Manager. rrftsi steam weekly between new yonk and liverpool, [.aiding and embarking passengers at Queenstown, Ireland. The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend dispatohinc their ftall powered CydMmitt iron Stearuihip* as follows : glasgow Saturuay, August 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE. - " Mb. Kangaroo. " " ?h. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North river. kates or pass aos. First Cabin. .#75 rtn i ?a? ? / IJ'IDUUU - i . T i W Do. to T"ana K6 Do. to Hamburg M Steerage. #30 Do. to L<oodv.t) ? 34 I to. to a- l*.". .... %K Do. to Humburg..... .. 55 Pansenger* foraardtd lr> Havre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, An , at reduced throuan lare*. Heraon* wiahmg to bring out ?heir friend* ?an buy tickets at low rate*. t or further icfbnnation apply at the Captain* Ofko*. JOHN G. DAL , Agent, lft Broad war. N. Y.? Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adama Lipre?* Baltimore. _fP?^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LINE. yKM idniiW EASTERN AXD WESTERN SHORE oTEAMERS. "LENT," Capt J H. Kirwan " t IONEER,'' Capt W. Nor it an, Will run their route* a* follows, learr c Light street, Ma.timore, f <tt of Camden. at 7 o'clock A. M: KKNT?For Cambridge, Denton aad Lar.dinga on Cbqntank rive-, every WEDNESDAY and SATI'RDAY, returning everr Thnradar and Monday. For Annapolis and West River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning aa i a days. , PIONEER?For 8t. JMlohaoi'a an-1 Eaaton.via Mile'* River, every WEDNESDAY,and return the same day. a rrr k is; <"? - ? - rvi .lujiapuiisi hi niTvfi vdnDfidfCf uxlord and Eaeton Point, ?rery THURSDAY, retnrninc by mine route on Friday. Foi Aniaaolia. W?t Rlrer, St. Michael's aad Pa.ton, via Mi!e'? Hirer Perrj, every SaTL'RA y, returning w> Monday dt nme routeam to Cambridfe, Denton, Oxford and Faaton Point *1 80 Faro to St Miohae 'a and Miles' Rivera round triB.fll.) . - 1 ne Fare to Wwt River, (roar dim, $1) ... 1ao Fare to Ann&poli* (round trip*5 coats), . . 7i MBALS EXTRA. tTKFreight mmt beareaaid. wharf and Ofioe, LIGHT ST., foot o/ Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. M. NORTHERN flpBH CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE.I Caxvvkt Station, Batimore. May 11,1K1. J On and after Sunday. May 19th, 1861. Traina on the NOR'l HERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart aa followa, antil farther notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 115 A. M. EXPRESS at*? P. M HAHRIsm K? imiifiiniiiTlow-? ? vw WA a i vn I M. Ths 8 M A.M. train ooaneoU at R?I*t Hoaee with traina <>n the WMtern Maryland Kai road, at Hanover Jut.ction with Htnortraod Gettsbarg Kailrovls; at York with York and Wrijhtavlile Railiuad;at Harr *imrf with Pennj rania Rai road for all parta oi tlie Weet. also with Lebanaon Valley Railroad to A?w York dxrtet; %l Northern beriand with L and B. Kauroad :or Rincaton and all parts of Wyoominc Valley And at ftunonry with the Philadelphia and Erie Kail'oad tor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.30 P. >1 train makea all the above oonneotiocs axoept lUuover Kailrrad, Wrighuvuie Railroad and the Lebannon VaJW Railroad. The 8 P. M train maiea connections with Penn v'.vania Railroad for al' parts of the VVeat, and direct oonnecta for New York. TRAIN8 ARRIVE. Mail at 610 P M.; Express at? 4t A. M.; Hamebnrc Aooommodation at 2.4B P.M. For Tioketa and icforu ation inqnire al the Ticket OlBoe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK. Bapt. ? LEAVE PHILADELPHIA aasB fuk wew york. The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and iBtr & PLACf 8. from WALNUT STREET WHARF !W Ik VL'MUI AlflTAK< ni^?/\na it ?? ? - ' miv uuiioiiiu i uii x/t*i uij will tMTV aS rol low?: Ate A M , )* Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. Aooominedation.) . At 6 A. M i Csvmdeo and Jtrwr City, (N.J. Aoooromodation.) At s A^Myit CMDdtnud Jersey City,tMorn AtlU A M .via KeLsington ud Jersey City, (Western Express.) A*. li>* P. M., Tia Camden and Ajnboy,( Aooonunodat'pn.) At 2 I* Camden and Amhoy, (C. aad A. Kx vrwt. > At 4* P M., via Kensington aad Jersey City, (Evening Exprees.) At 4>i P. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (boooiid Class Tioket.) Ate P. M., na Camden and Jersey City,(Evening A11 Uf V. M., Tia Camden and J ereey City, (Boath era Mail.) At5 P. M , via Camden and Amboy.t Aooomjqodation, fieight and passenger, Firet Class Tioket.) Second Class 'IwkotT TUaS P.M. Mail Train rnns daily. *hell*P. M. Mail, Saturdays excepted For Belvidere, Easton, Lambertrille, Flemington. Ao., at 7.10 A. M* aadifc p. M., from Kaal^F^Mr>\Vater Gap, Stroadsbnrg, Bo ran ton, W ilkeebarre, Montrose, Great Bend, ho., at7J0A. M1 from Kensington, Tia Delaware, Lackawanna ana Weston Railroad. For Maueh Chunk, Allentown and Bethlehem^t 7.10 A. M. Siiid 6H P. M.. from Kensington depot; the 7.10 A. M. U>e oonneets with tks train leartag t sston at >35 P. M. For Mount Holly at t and A. M. aadl aad 4* SP *or Freehold at A. M-and 1 P. M. or Bristol, Trentoxiko.. at 1MJL. V.M and I* P. M from Kensin.Um. iupVi Walnut atreet wharf. For Palmyra Rlverton. Delaaoo, Beverly. Burlington, Floreoneoo, Bordentowa, Jto? at life, I, ft, & and 6 P. MBteamar Tranton for Bordento wn ,aad lilw mdiate plaoca, at M P. M. from Walaut afreet W(nr For New York and Way Liaea. leaving Kenaington Depot, take the oar* on rtAb etreet, above Walnut, half an boor before departure Tbe oara run intD the depot, and on arrival of train raa from the de,>ot 1-ifty pound* of bacgaca only allowed to each pa*eenger. P&aeengera are prohibited from taking anything an bacgage but thair wearta? apjmreT All baggage over ftjVy pouuda to be paid 'or xtru. The oompany limit their reepooaMility f r baccate to one <>ol ar par pound, ano will not be naMeTor any amount beyoad one baadrad do.lara, *' gigfr ?AT?..K?.AW Bn RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn, 1861, the train* will gu u follow*, ns:?Leave Camden Station. Ba.uinore.?Mail, texoept Sunday,) at I 90 A. JN.; fcx FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between BlUmore nd Piedaeat kki fee A. M. rraia; between Piedaent Bad WtotUv Ae Munodetion Trein, ]h*?i PJWi lont el ft.?? A. M itad totveee Qreftoe ead Pert eraberr, take ikeftS* A M" Trmia troea Beltiaere Th* FRkDKKlCK TRAIN i<?\ee DllUaeie Ukd Kllicoit'a Milla *X1M ud UA A. M .MdSAf 1 ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. IU8T Reoelved on eotuifaueot i>0 . .ee>? H?* ci'jr'(^^>' ?Nwooi 9. ^ rl?me^l?u?r after Up arrival ? a^arJF1wk*b ?? -* ? p-.?wtf M. H FA LI*. ??r?t Sr^^? PHILAIlKLPHlA. WIL hHiHE MINOTON AND BAL TI?OII! RAII.IK'AD A45 A.M.: Ikvenidi Mil kt<u o'n r*>k fwimT DA Y8?t 4 40 P. IT. o?l?. AU tmlM tMHatvltk N?w York trtina exoept 4 46 P. M. (mi oa MMtr toji. A Freiiht Trmta with ptmuir oar attached IwrMMS P. M, stoppjniat StkUoLi b?tw**i VkUmorrtM H*w 4?-tr*c?. PlMWItn for D*'avar? am) Um Ka?t*m "bora nt Marjlaod will iad UaaoatexpediUoea roitoby vmyoi W >1 aiBfton. UJTA1I ColoradPmoos Mil (!? boat M?n Liering Uxotri. WM CKAWFOfP.Aint p^^^URKAT CENTRAL HOlTKFojl tuk wKsr,?? Hvdsqs Mr J R KAlTkoAU mmd AEW YOlK CENT HAL RAILROAD- Fxpreaa Tra4n? Nev York o ty o*pota of Hadaon River Railroad d*i j. 9vod?vi exoeptfd, M fol'Owa : From Chamber! atraet list tt ataUoa. AtfNkn AtTSftaa lino 600 p m I*" 6?p?a .3 an pn> SA6 p m If nnfr. Du^WIA Train with sleep ngi mti, t."6 9 m I 1 45 r ? Connecting at Albany with U? N#w Vofk Cm trm.1 K a< "'t.d for Schenectady. Ro?MrUr.l)t)M Baiana. Rohm, and s-atoous oa Rome a ad W?Ut town Rwir<a1 Hutfaio. Syracuse, Niagara Fat a, Sii?p*ns?' n Brid(? An) urn, Geneva.Ca, ai.daigia Trains in ootinection leave Bnli'cir^iifii ion via Lake Shore, Buffalo am! ake Huron and Sreat W-sstern Railroad. for Hamilton lofooto, stroit, Chicago. Tolado. Milwaukie. Kon f)u Lao, La Crosae, Madison Prairie Du Ctitn, <au.a, Dunleitb. Dubuque, Peori*, Rook island, Musoa tiae, Iowa City, Burlington. Quirt?. Ssrinc&eid, Alton, St. Louia,Cairo,Terre haute, Indianapolis, Louisville. Cincinnati, lav ton. Colin boa, Cirwland^and al". point* \\ eat. Northwest and South NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Tran.a at Itoi, with Troy k. Boston and Keni A Saratoga Foads for Saratoca. whiteha Rutland, Burlington, r-t. A'l>ar.s, R? u?s Point, Platt.burgh,, Montreal, Ac., Ao ILJ~ Freight Arrangcmer ts by this route aa above, wittiort chants of Cars, trom the ttepota in Chambers and ?'anal streets, are at all time# * favoraMe as medf bjr 0U1 r Railruari UtyMiM. TJrie facil'tiea of thia greal New York R'nt\?o the Weet commend it to the cor fider.c* of ir.e chaata an* ahippera for promptreea nd dispatch PUMtrr 'rum, with Pmoking and Weepies ?iri ron in oonnection oa the New York Centra) ok). For ;*stiea'are as to local trsiaa aad freight *r rangementa, inquire at the depot. *> Warre* at. A. F. 8M1TH. Papenntendent. _ U P GOVKRNMKNT LINK FORT MONROE AND OLh POINT COMFOhT. Le*re? the lower er*J ?f l\NIoS DOCK.Ba*i m?re, west side, OAILY, (flinders inoloded.)at ?X o'clock P >!. talunr pas?e> rra ar d fright ac?i connecting with the Railroad lines. to and f'??m Washington, D. C., Phi ade phia.New York, Mom ton, York, Harriaburg, Pittsburg, P* , and the West, immediately anar th? arrival of the upreaa Trait from New Toik and Philadelphia. The following la the ?ohedo.e : From New fork to Fort Monroe and t ack. From Philaaelph a and r?ek? (M From Baltimore aad baok .... ?. IET PROCURE YOUR TICKET*.^ In New York at the New Jereey Railmac 0?oe foot of Contend ?tre< t. In Phi.adeipiua, at the Cotrpony's office. N. W. 0<>rner of Sixth and Ch*eUi..l (('?! . or at U*e I Depot, Broad and Prime etrceta. In Baltimore, ou board t'.e 9t?amera. foot cf Uaion Dock. Hl'OH O'CONNER. Paa?enger Ag?n* NEW ^Ul. K, IIAK l.EM AND ? ?? ALBANY RAlLRi'A D LEAVING NEW YORK FOR ALBANY. TROV, NORTH AND WKST. SIMMERARRANGEMENT Commencing Monde*, Mar nth, ts*l. For Abanr?Uw a. m. fast eiprea* tnua from Kth street. Por DorAr Plffi.ll.* d-f* m m *tAaaii? al U' kll* Cains aoc stationa no*th to Dover f t ina? from tb atreet tatio'-. (Thie train will ran to Millertoa evarv Saturday (TfUBti) For Croton Fal'e??:t6a. m. stoppinc at a I atationa north of Fordkam from S9< h atreet station. For Wiute Plains??:*, 4 ) ard S.-0 p. ei. atop vine at all stationa from 36tb atreet atation. For White Plains?6: 6 p. m. (topping at a'l stationa from White atreet station. For W Lilians Bridge?7.*', 11:15 a. m. and p. m. atopsinc at a i a'ationa from J7th atreet atauon. Returning will Have? Albany-***) a. <n. last expreat. train. Dover Piaina?630 a. m- (Thi* train learsc Mu larton every Morxiay morning at 5 a. m.) Croton Fails?5 e. m. Whits Piaina?&10, 7M a m. 4:10 ft 7*0 p m. Wi liami Bridge?fc;S , 9^0 i. a.A Mp.a. Scadar trains will leave 4th Avenue owner ad {tre^Lror Central Park, Yorkvil s. Harsib aad Itch Brids? evsr? frw mir.utea. f'oir Sr"* anto 7*6 p m. JOHN Bl RCHIL1-. Aa>t gap't. YORK AND fcRib RAIL ihhhi road Pmwci* Train* leave via Pava| nia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Cham era trext, New York, a? followa, ru: 7 00 a. m , EXHRKSiVfsr Dunkirk, and Buffclo, and sriDc pal murine mv s Stationa. on a. m .MAIL, for Dunkirk, and intermediate Stations?This Train remains ovsr night at Klmira, and prooeeda the next mcmni JMw a m.. MILK dail., for Otisville, and inter mediate Stations. lloea.m .ACCOMMODATION.daily, far Port Jervia, and p> lnoipai Stationa 4M1 a m WAV tnr ** ?j >??k. - -- r M'l -' *? I ?vi mt??uv?WU( nvwvn|f| a:. j ir.t*-mediate Stations. A? i m.. NIGHT EXPRESS. daily, for Dankirk, Buffalo, C*o*Dd?itn?Acd principal ? tat tona The Tram of Satarday atop* at ait Mail Traia StaMona, and run* oalj to fclmira. 6 ? p. m.. ACCOM MODATION,for Horneavil a. and prtaeiyal Static m CBAS. MINOT.Gen'i Sap't. NATHANIEL MARSH. Kwriw. . j-^roi B^NT^H.wru.T By the apletdud aiH aapenor StaMM METROPOLIS, EMPIRE STATE, Bay STATE, and STATii OP M A1N E. at graal strength aad aaeed, bot particularly adapted fc> the navigation of Lcrt It.and Boasd. reaainf la aoaneetion with the Fall V i?er ar>d O'd Colon) Railroad, diatanoe of St TiHea oniy to Boston L?ve Pier No.? N??th River near tt?* Batte-y. ! The Summer BMPIAR6TATE. Cart Sraytoi. Mondaya, W ec: eeJ&ya, and Fncaya. at 6 o'eloek P. M., io*elun* at Newjaort each *?'. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt Brown, oa Tneadata.Tknredaya aad Seta'da' a, at I o'elaok PJf.. teaching at r^rwjort each way. Theee Steam ere a.e Ltted with oowmor'ioae atate room a. and every arrangement for the earantT and oomfort o: paaaengera who are afforded by 1 Uua roawa nighu' raat oa hoard, and on armal at Fan Btaar proceed par Steamboat Traia taaaa1 in* Boaton early the following morning: or may remain on ro&rd nntiI atartini of tha AoooirtaoOa tioa at A. M., by wbtoh they may react Boaton abont t.?6 A. M. A baggage maater ia attached to eaah ataamar, who raoeivae and ttokrta the baggage. aad aoooaapaniea the aame to iu deatiaatiou. I A ataamer nit a in oonnootioc with thia Lioa be Been Fall River and Providenoe daily, exoept adaya. Freight to Boston la forwaaded throagh with Kat diapatoh by an Kxpreea 'Brain, which leave* 11 River aver* momma, Saadaya excepted, at W o'clock for Coaf n a?d N*w Bec.otd, arriving at ita daaunation at aboat 11 A M For freight or pa?aag* aap.y on board, or at tha OBOfl OB Kim Nn I Nnrfh ftf i?a* ?- -- --- ?*t*vi rvi ? *? rvum Ad b?'th? aM!7 on oard. of if de-lrw toe?c?r* therein kdmooe, to WM BOKDKN. A|'t 70 and 71 v\ ??t strrot. fc. V. JP? THKIK9CLAR MAIL LINE .^^Kih^VU. GKOTuN, BTONIN0TON PEOVlDh NCE, POM BO* TON?iniaud Ronte-Tha aad dm( ik *V i ianii, in oor.Leotum with tha 8to?frgt??r aj.c ProndfCM.aDO Bm<ouu4 Prcnoet ee Raitr<?4?, leavinc New York daiiy. Hundar* UMfM. No II North River, at t o'aiuat P. M..>M S:oul at 8 JO o'oloc* p. M., or on the arriva. of he Mai! Truit wt jS laaTot Boeton at 6*. F. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from Naw Yo**~ Moadtr, wada??eoat, aad rrtday. From Oro Promdeaoa and Brxtot. in fte Kxpr*M Mail Trail, rvaohiag aa?d place lr. advanee oftho-* by Cher roata*.aad ia ameletim* lor a 1 the aarly Morning L.ln coaaaUn* North aad K?t iae aeccert that prefer it. maaia on iwaid tka l-eamer, eaji>? a nighta' reet uadiatarUM l*?ah AmIU OMirad.and leave 6roCoa in the 7 14 A.M. Trait, oonneetiBc at Provtdaoc? with the Id* A M. Tra.c for Boston. Pare Koki frorida-ae to Newport, Pifty amU. A baccace masta. aaoompajuoa U? sttaaoN* mm* Tram eaoh way. For Paaeace, Bartha. (Mate Room., or F oitht aeely on hoard tha itoajner, or at lae Fr?*a? Offioe, Piar li North River, or at U.c Oft** ut the C< mpacy, No. 118 V*> ?>t ?t'**t, career of Tort laad etraet. Now Yorfc .Pete, a, Tuy. F. ENCH ."??? . par eaot balow tha racaiar itUtl peieaa,-ia 0 UUlQg a*. ^yoTaataarVM ?w?l.>rol?. mi 8rw" fCT H^N>> Tseiw, lav The 9oldt?r biM*. *M 4riU tKK>k fcji t\* a?? jj tj,# Vvlut*^ MtUu* *??d ^?sEsax&xt*i^ A.?), Milittrj Mtft, Mtf m tM w*?, "T"" miw, m N*. 4? ttrrnU 1. if n-l?

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