Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1861 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR is PUBUBUBD RVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, <Wmt %f ****** mmd RUvmtk it. BT W. D. WALLACH. Paper* aerred In pneka??a by carrier* at S4 t ye*/, or 77 cent* pm month. To null aabaealbor* U? prtoo la S3 JO a year, m mdrmmct; S* for ?U Mttki; SI tor three otoatki; and far leaa tku M? BMtti at rate of M tfiti i week. angle copies, o*a cb?t; la wrapper*, two cuiti. IL/" ADTUnmiiXTe ihootd be tent to the ie before U o'clock m; otherwise they may aot appear a a til tbe sat day. KIWI FROM SOUTHERN NEWSPAPERS. The feattera Side *1 the Seat el War. wistaair tirgixia. The Riohmond Examiner of the 22d say Gen Lee was baffled in attempting to draw Gen Reynold* from Cheat Mountain, and taraed awej to help Flojd and Wife. The Examiner says: The intelligence U positive that Gen. Lee h>d left the Valley Mountain, and waa on hit way to join Gen Floyd. This movement, of which we hare distinct ad rices, is the inter* asting point at preeent in the oomplioation in the West, and shows a decided change in the eampaign. Oar forces in the West here hitherto condaoted tne campaign?very desoultory we mast confese?in separate divisions, and their concentration promises at least something more derisive than has vet occurred. News has also reached the Government that the enemy at Cheat Mountain hare been rein* forced bY three Ohio regiments. Gen. tloyd. together with Wise's Legion, is in argent necessity for reinforcements. An ffioer of Gen Floyd's command, who has arrived in thia city with intelligence some days later than last reports, advises us in the strong st terms of the necessity of immediate reinforcements. The feeling in the West was one of growing dissatisfaction, in view of the constant occurrence of sending troops to Manasas nd the Peninsula, in contrast with the sparing and feeble reinforcements sent to the seat of war in Western Virginia At last accounts, two regiments from Georgia and North Carolina had arrived out, to ioin Gen. Floyd's command. Neither was full, many of their men having been prostrated by sickness along the route. Gen. Floyd s camp was at Meadow Bluff, about IS miles west of Lewisburg. Wise was in the neighborhood. In a strong position on the top of Sewell Mountain. The masterly and well direeted retreat of Gen. Floyd has enabled him to take a position to guard the Wilderness road, connecting near Meadow Ulaff with the Lewisburg road. The roads were very bad, but our means of transportation are said to be abundant. Lee's reported movement to join our forces on the Gauley line will have to be made over a distance of 100 mile*, even if uninterrupted. A oorreip^udent of the Atlanta Confederacy, writing from Camp Bartow, Pocahontas caun VA . S?ntiHrS?r IRfh aava - It is the general opinion here that General Lee hu sent reinforcements to Gens. Wine and Floyd, and therefore will not make an advance till some decisive movement is made on the p*rt of the last-named men. Another cause of oar falling back no doabt is that a body of Yankees are making their way through Hardj and Pendleton counties towards Franklin, the sits of the latter county. Gen. Jack sob. with Cols. Fulkerson and Jackson's Virginia regiments, and Colonel Rust's Third Arkansas Regiment, and our oompany of artillery, four field pieces, left here this morning for some point near Petersburg to check their advance and drive them beyond the north branch of the Potomao. The oommand of this post will devolve upon Colonel Johnson, ef the Twelfth Georgia Regiment. MAHA89AS The Richmond Examiner of the 21st says : Information from Manassas Junction reports the utmost activity prevailing there within the past few days. The only regular regiment left there is the Bightb Louisiana, and they were to break camp on Tuesday afternoon Regular and extra trains are constantly running and leaving for Fairfax Station freighted with troops, ammunition and army stores, that point having become the great centre of attraction since Gen. Beauregard removed his quarters there a few days sinee. A Sreat proportion of the accession to his forces, uring the past week, consisted of artillery, a number of fine corps having passed through Manassas to the advanced lines. Among those of the troops late in samp at the Junction, and tKrtfta niuin<r thmrnr h tn?i r?irif an/I ?n unmistakable eagerness for active service prevail#?the desire being universally expressed by them to b? ordered on to winter in Baltimore. The skirmishing which daily takes place along the rirer is reuniting so disastrously to the Yankeee that their fright generally serves to defeat them, as our soouts are, in most instances, oompelled to shoot them in their retreat, they being deoidedly averse to a close acquaintance, and willing to fight only at a very long range. On last Tuesday the enemy at Arlington Heights were reported to have Ween reinforced by ten theusand troops from across the Potomac. It will be noticed that, in the accounts from the Potomac, we have observed a marked reticence as to the movements of Gen. Johnston's division of the army of the Potomac. We shall not violate the constraints of publio and offioial prudence to engage the intereet of our readers The events of the next few days re likely, from what we oan understand, to j astonish them only a little less than the enemy themsclvee. A ROUSING 8TORT. The Richmond Examiner of the 24th says: Advioce received here yesterday from the Maryland shore give us the account of the shooting of four hundred mutineers, in the city of Washington, by order of General MoClellan. The cause for this terrible expedient is said to have been the diaobedienoe of the Yankees to obey the commands of their officers {as they certainly did ia the late affair at Lewinsville) to advanoe upon the Confederatee. This intelligence is derived from sources of testimony which are fully oreditcd in offioial quarters. * A a? L. -I *- - ? -m aocoubij a?t? iw wd received 01 tne arrest bj the Lanoxin Government ef Senators Pes roe and Kennedy, of Maryland. (Correspondence of the Atlanta Confederacy ] Gaiip Babtow, Pooahonta* county, Va., Sept. IS ? Sine* bj last letter of the 10th inst. General Jackson's ocmmand hu had rather an exeitiag and adventurous time. * tib as is LB SHOOTING BACH OTHER We had oat more than got oar position before the enemy, aa we sappoeed, were within one handrad yards of as, bat the road here made aeh en abrupt tarn and the bathe* that intervened were to thiok, aa to almost hide them from oar *i?w. Pretty toon one or two (ana were f red, not far from aa, when the Newaan Guarda, which eommanded the road, trad one olley into the approaehing maaa of man, whioh waa quiekly returned by them, when their comma uder 1 tnmediately gave the order to eharge upon aa. InaUntly oar bavoneta were fixed ready to receive their charge With a load yell that rent the morning air for milee around, they ruabed down upon aa, when the flriu^ :omr3?n?ed further dowa the line to the left of our regiment, by thuee who had at firat been prevented from firing inoonaequenoe of the dsns* foraat whioh intervened between them and the eappoeed enemy Aboat thu time theory '-Georgian*! Gaor* giana! Georgians !" waa heard to proceed from the rank* of the eappoeed enemy. We were at first not inclined to interpret thi* cry a* it waa intended by those whenee it proceeded, fearing lest it might be a cheat; and we were strengthened in thi* belief, when, above the irroundiag noise we distinctly heard tha stentorian voioaa of General Jackson and Calanal JohiutoB erv oat ''It's a eheat* theT lio, poor it into them. my fcrare boya;,' and wa wora iait la tha act of pouring oaa galling flra into tiair mid?t whan wa discovered the whika W<g? a* thair b?U and knaw tbam to ba oar ova aaa. Two nan?8argaaat Feldar, of the Fir?t, aad a soldier wbota nana I harn't laaraad. af tha Twalth Oorgia Regiment, war* hilled; two dangeroashr woaaded?T. T. Brown, of tha Nawman Qaardt, aad Corporal Hogne, of tha Owlathorpa Infantry; two slightly wounded?W. B. W Daat, of tha Newman Guards, and privata Weioh, of tha Soathara #aaxda?all eaoept frnwnad mentioned vara , ?I * ( (Elrmiug ar. ^????^? ??????????? ??? ? ???????? ????^ V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 12. 1861. N?. 2.698. of the First Regiment Georgia Volunteers. This was a sad occurrence, but neither party was to blame. A STARTLING DISCOVERT. As a "startling discovery" the Richmond correspondent of the N. 0. Cresent writes: An important and startling discovery has been brought to light within the past few days, which must eventually, if the perpetrators cannot be ferreted out, end in our discomfiture, if not in a crushing defeat. Traitors have been discovered in high places. The New York Times has published a full and correct list of all our forces in the field, with their regiments, with the States from which they have been contributed; their numbers, also that of battalions and independent oomoanies with dis position; giving the names of the various com* panies, the names of their Colonels, their lo* caliry, the brigades to which they are attached, inolading those in Missouri, Tennessee, and the Kentucky brigade, not omitting the regiment oommanded by Col. Mandeville Marigny, giving the date of its arrival in Richmond, the place of encampment, correctly spelling the Colonel's name, which is a hazardous experiment to those unfamiliar with the spelling of French names; also ading the information "oomposed of FrenehCreoles." Thisinformation oould have been only obtained from the war office. The Administration are not only perplexed but startled at this diseovery. CongrerS has taken the matter in hand, and, conjointly with those high in authority, are giving the subjuot a close and thorough investigation. Tbe excitement, as a matter of course, is unusually intense. It is known that in the clerical force, divided amongst the various departments, fivorites of Northern birth, who were known to be competent clerks from long service in Washington, have been invited to acoept places in tue bureaus; and there is not a doubt entertained but that this information has been been supplied from some person wbe has free and unsuspected access to the books and papers of the Adjutant General's office. Suspicion has attached itself to sundry individuals, and, if the investigation can fasten it on the guilty parties, a drama will be enaated at Richmond which must exercise a wholesome influence for the future. don't like it. The Savannah News, in alluding to the quiet, but significant telegraphic hint about the likelihood of oar troops going into winter quarter.- this (Virginia) side of the Potomac, sit jo . It is calor.inted to have a meat depressing effect upo^ tiif miuds t our p?*>ple. Since the soramer-ernent of tho war we n< t received moie unweloomu or more unexpected news. MR RIBSELL'S LETTKFS TO THE LOftDO* I1MES. From Mr. Russell's last letter (Sept. 10) we make the following extracts: THK SOCTBERN ARNT. There is reason to think that the Confederates have upwards of 175,000 men between Richmond and the Potomac. There are some who assert they exceed 200,000 men. The feeding of such a foroe concentrated in one place must be one of the most difficult matters possible, particularly in a State which has been trodden down by the feet of armiee for five months past. They hare been sickly at times, and their component parts are of a future difficult to be k*Dt tOiretn?r withnnt tK? nMMi? I r m ? ? r*~ of excitement. AS 0PI5I0!*. Of the ultimate power of the Northern end Western States to subjugate the seceded States in the South, if they pat forth all their strength and means by sea and land, I hare no donbt whatever. The South mast die of atrophy after a time, if every channel of life Is shot to it. By the end of this month the United States will have a large fleet on the coasts and on the rivers, and I have reason to think that an ex?edition will be organised also to attack the exan secessionists from the West?far as thnt is away. The oondition to which the blockade has reduced many classes in the South is bad enough; it will become kill worse. And what is the end to be? There is a notion in some men's minds that there will be a compromise, that a strong demooratio reaction and a great pe?oe party will arise which will oust the present administration, and carry some measures on which North and South will find a base to rest propositions for mutual agreement. To my limited vision the idea seems quite illusory. The South is not beaten, will be content with no terms short of "independence" or "domination." The North is now irritated; pride and passion are aroused, and the peace party is losing Instead of gaining ground, owing to the action of the government and to the violenoe of the populations, which have resulted in something like terrorism. QCI1T IX WASHIXGT05. Although martial 1 w has not been formally proolaimed in the city and district around it, to all intents and purposes it exists in full force, and I, for one, as a mere stranger and sojourner in tne land, contrasting the perfect silence and quietude which prevail at night, and the order in the streets by daj, am not disposed to quarrel with the means by which the change has been produoed. At midnight you oan near a pin drop in the streets?it ia quite an excitement tor a footfall to oome sounding along the pavement, and it sounds like disaffection for one to cough. Save such noises from infrequent passers-by, and the barkings of cur dogs, which oontend in numbers and nastiness with those of Stamboul or Moaeow, nothing would disturb the stillness if the sentries could be prevailed upon not to let their muskets go off occasionally. Milan, at the small hours, in the days of Austrian patriots, was not more profoundly lifeless. HHDRD REFORMS. With all the love of military display and parade whioh exists in America?the desire auer flags, banners, uniforms, arms, and rank, there is aa yet a want of the military or rather soldierly spirit which begets attention to personal smartness, takes prides in obedience, and bends freely to the yeke of diacipline. Slovenliness of dress and'gait when off ?uty, long locks, unbuttoned coats, unpolished boots and the practice ef saluting officers, even of high rank, is rather exceptional. But things are vastly improved. Oen. MoClellan knows that he haa a number of brave and intelligent men in his hands; they are not an army, but they are the making, as we say, of a splendid one. They have been formed into brigades and divisions, bat that is for the oonvenienee of eommands, as the brigades are not in a condition to aot in that initial capaoity. Tbe drills to which the men are subjected are still of the most elementary character, but their marching is very good indeed, and some attempts recently made to direot brigades from point to point, and to shift them from one camp to another, with order as to the observance of time, have been satisfactory. | Tue cavalry force ia now augmented, and one smart corps, dreasod in blue tunics, with yeU low hreid. 1?* "wr 7th Hussars, pas?ed through the other d*7 it rery go< d irder. There are Po!'?a *n4 'Tan^ari oj colonel* raising a regiment v.~ w<uicera and another of llmsnr??which will make the squadrons in the field reach a respeetable figure. I should cot b? disposed to estimate the cavalry about Washington at more than 1,500 aabera. Tha field guns, perhapa, maj number 15 batteriea. The battalions of infantry must exceed 80 by aome small number* ; bat it U very difioult, owing to the conatant chances and the eonfuaad nomenclature of tha differ* nt regimeota, to arrire at any sound conclusion on that point. Some of the regiments are sent info the field from their States in excellent style, and I was rery much struck by the cemplataneas of tha ; way la whieh the 18th Masaaahaeatts Regiment was turned oat, with baggaga-wagons, tents, uniforms, horsea. oonunissanat transport, to that it was ready for a campaign in all respects, except that tha men?fine, stoat, hardy-looking fellows, wera not aoquaintcd with their diTll. Tha Vermont Regiment was provided with splendid MtoUfa, and on Saturday we bad a splendid battalion from Pennsylvania. But there is still great inequality in the arms, equipments and effioiency of the line. tp-Richmond journals complf'n that some of the army clothing in that region falls to pieces when you look at It very hard. A cotemporary suggests that the rebel army around Its chief, if he stafes much at hit soldiers, must look something like Moore's description of the ballet girls In Paris, who " danced round the prophet In very thin clothing and but little of it " CJ7" Forty cases of English guns from Liverpool reached Columbus, Onio, last Saturday,consigned to Gov. Dennlson. pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Hwte of Repre.ientativet (if the United Slant A Clerk':' Office, September 20,1861. S In FUBsUAnci of the seventeenth aeotion of the aatof Congress of August 26, 1842. entitled "Anact legalizing and miking appropriations for rnoh necessary objects as hive b?en usually included in the generai appropriation bills without authority of law, and to fix ami provide for oert&ia inoident a! expenses of the Departments and offices of the Government, and for other purpose-," sealed proposals will be received at this offioe until Friday, tne zsm ca? o? October next at twelv- o'clock m , { >r furnishing the following articles of Stationery or the use of the House of Representatives of the United States, viz : Cliii No. 1. 75 reams white cap paper, extra superfine, feint lined 10 reams blue cat paper, ?xtra superfine, feint 'med 50 reams white cap paper, extra superfine, plain 35 reams white flat cap, extra superfine 140 reams white quarto post, extra superfine, feint lined, giit 25 reams blue quarto post, extra superfine, feint lined, gilt 50 reams white quarto post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 10 reams bine quarto post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 25 reims white quarto post, large sue, extra thin, feint lined 10 reams white quarto post, large size, extra thin, plain 50 reams white iaid Bath post, extra superfine, feint lined, tilt 10 reams white laid Bath post, extra superfine, plain, gilt 150 reams white note, extra superfine, large sise, feint lined, gi t 50 reams buff nota, extra snperfine, large sizr feint lined, giit 25 ream* damask note, extra superfine, large size, feint lined, gilt 25 reams white note, extra auper?ne, large size, p am, gut 75 reams white note, extra superfine, small size, feint lined g It 25 reams whi'.e rote, extra supe-fine, small size, plain, gilt 25 reams white note, extra thin, No. 6, feint lined I 4 in reams white note, extra thin, No. 6, plaia, rlit 0 ream white note, extra thin, No. 8, plain,gilt 10 reame white note ext a thin, No. 8, lemt lined, Kilt 50 ream* Jeanp k Bros, extra superfine, white wore podt, ieint lined. (wide ruled ) Class No 2?Envtlopu. 50,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, 6X by 3>* inches 30,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, 5J? by 31, inches 4^,000 buff thiok adhesive envelopes, SJi br icohee wh te thio* adhenive envelopes, 5S by 3Ja inches 10,000 white thiok adhesive envelopes, 5* by V&. inohes 25,000 white thiok adhesive envelope#, 5S by 3^ in ohea 1 000.000 buff thiok envelopes, i\ by 3K inohes 100,000 huff thick adhesive eftveiopee.7% by 39? inohea. Class No 3. Sno (rross beet metallio pens, in boxss 85 gross Perry's double patent large bine barrel pens, fine points, in dozen boxes 25 tfoxen blaok swan quill p^ns 15 gross penholders, assorted styles J gross out and pressed glass ink standi, assorted sizes and styles. Class No. 6 dozen pearl handle pooket knives, four blades dozen shell handle pooket knives, four blades 10 dozen pearl and shell handle pooket knives, 6 blades a a m? ? i oozen omoe sn?ars, 11 inohes 1 dozen offioe shears, 9 inohes 4d<zet o 16oo hears, fi inches 4 dozen scissors, 4 inches )Odoz*n ooior p^noils, larja and small 50 pounds seallrg wti, best quality 8U0 spools red tape 5 d >*iu letter clips, gilt and bronze 2 dozen letter fi es 15 pounds Indian rubber, medium sized pieoea 4 dozen bottles p^unoe 6 dozen ahort rubber penoiis 4 dozen portfolios, different styles. Class No. 5. ISO reams brown Manila enveloping paper, very touch, with smooth surface, *7Dy 37 inohes, to weigh not less than 42 poundi per ream 600 reams rown Manilla enveloping paper, very tooth, with smooth scrfaoe 2o by 25 mchos, to weigh not less than 26 ponn ta per ream too reams same as above, 19 by 24 inohes, to weigh not less than 22 pounds per ream. Proposals for the above must state the prloe per ream Tor paper, and prio* per thousand for envelope!. and be acoonpanied by the names of the sureties intended to b? offered. By tneaot aoproved June 17, 1844, the Clerk of th* House of Representatives is "directed to oonfcne his purchases exolusive'y to artioles of the growth and manufacture of the United States, pro v:ded the same ran l>e procured of suoh growth and nianufactu e, of suitable quality,and at reason able prices, upon a< good terms, as to quality aed price, as oan be obtained ol foreicn crowth and manufacture." A peferenoe will therefore be given to the productions of Amerioan industry; and all persons making proposes to supply any artiole wil' state whether the same is the growth and m?nufaoture of the United States. The are to be delivered, free of any oharge for oar nage, at the olfioe of the Clerk ol the House i f Representatives, on or before the twen tietti day of November next. r>aon maaar, tnoue n no may deaire to propoae for the whole of the artiolea above enumerated, will be required to make a separate and distinct proposal for tath class ; anil no propoaal or pa?er embaoing mo-a than a single class will be considered. bach propoaal to be endorsed. "Propoaala for Claaa No ?, of Stationery for the House of Representatives of the United Sut?s." and addreaaed to the underaigned. They will be free of po-tAge. Sulfioient specimens of each olaaa muat acoom pan? ilie proposals marked with the name of the bidder and the number of the olaaa according to the above advertisement. The peraon offering to furnish any deeoription of arlietea at the lowtat price, quality considered, shall receive a oontra^t for th? same on tx outing a bond with (wo or more sureties, satisfactory to the < lerk of the House < f Represent&'ivea. for the performance of the aasne, under a forfeiture of twice the oontract prioe in the oaae of failure; whioh bond muat be filed in the oflioe of the aaid olerk within ten days after the propoaala have been opeaed and the reauit declared EMERSuN ETHERID6E. ae25 w4w Cl?rk H. R. ?1 8 /^\ something new! /a I aJStuxiiT Diacoyiar or^i fjJ At 981 C street,' opposite tkt ' oysters steamed In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far auperior to a roast) in two minutes, tkt fastest tint* on record. Call and see. The underaigned respectfully informs his frienda in the lhatriot, and viaitora to the oity, that he has refitted hia old and will-mown kstablishmi >t ib bom laoroaga manner. Bad hu made complete arrangements to furnish OYSTKRs in any atyleand ib Bay quantity. 400 to 500 ga Ions shuoked per day . i UCO to 8,000 oaaa of Spiead and t o?h put ap daily?oans hermetically sealed Furnished tb the shell by the busha; or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore pnoes, without fear of ffcilure, rhould call and make arrangement* at onoe. Freignt. time, and money saved by purchasing of me, as 1 furnish an artiole e*ual to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioee just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clams, Strawberries, Tematoee, Pigs' Feat, Tripe, A o , Ao.,tc, Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoes. Brandy Peaches, Ao. Also, Game Bad Fresh Fish, 'l'ur ties, Terrapins, Fresh L?beters, Cod. Halibut, A o. In faot, every thing for Hale in the Nnrthrrn mark"ts always on hand, at reaaonable pries Hotels and families supplied with Oy?te-s. delivered without ouarge tv any pare of the Distriot. in season, if the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from S a m. to IS at night, every day, exoept Saaday, when 1 oloae at l? o'clock a. m. as27 T. M. HARVEY. T CARRIAGES. HK Subscriber having naue additions to his faetory, making it aow one of tae 'arios'.^Maa, LIGHT WAGONS of al! kinds oaunat be ear passed, and Iron his long experience in the bauaees, he hopes to give general sausfaction. Aifkinds of Carnages aad Light Wagons kept ?V| REPAIRS MUlr 40M. Ul tU Mai d 1? ir ?ofT?ar of Kow^?nth F- ?. IRISH POPLINS AND NKW RKPr?.?Many JLety lleh things opaaed to day. Wiih jll kind* of Dry Goods, in staple aad fancy fabries, for the ear rent wants of families. Obs price ody. the aotaat oa*h standard value, marked in slain ??r?s. BOH. Johnston, ALTintlKK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hai <MiiN<ri4 (A* Mil Spttdf and anif Kfltctuai Rtmtdf ?* Ik* World,

row. ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PR EYE NT. AFFLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. *3 1 WtOntu of -JI Ba:t, Btnciarti, Afietloaa of tb? *idm;i and Bladda? .:L?oi?ciar? Diacnarjaa, 1 enpo*. r,cf, Ganaral Dlbdit;, Nit'MUMM, ^)??o?p??, Ltonor, Cotfnit* af Uw, Lew Sptnu: ? :p'.uin of thi Ha? ri. Timidity, Trambliuja, Dimaaia of Sifnior Oiddintu, Diaaaaa of th* Haad, Tbroat, Not* or Skin. Afactiona of th? Lao.rt, 8:oraaek or Bowala?that* Ttrnbl# Diaordara anting from Bolltatj ItUu of Yootb?ihaaa Draadfol and Daatroctiaa Prat1XM vfaich randar Marriara imnouibli. anil il.afrat both Body tad Mlod. YOUNG MEN Kepaaially wba haee bteom* th* ticudm af Solitary Tie*, th?t dreedfal aod dtetracuv* habit which auaaally aweepe numtl; fttra ikwu>4ao( Voarf Meuof ik? mm eialttd taleat* and brilliant intellect, who mifhi othtrwiaa ba?* entranced lietenaug Senate* with th* tbandar* of e loautncfl or waktd to *c*tacy thl lmnf lyre, may call with fall cocid*nc*. MARRIAOE. MaillD PlllOIX, or Toinf Mid oanKmplatlof Marrim, biwf awari of pbyaical wiakotM, arfaaia debility, dtformiti**, Ac., ipeedilr cartd. Hi who place* himeelf under th* ear* af Dr. J. may r*li(i aaly connd* in bi* honor a* a ftntltmao aod cauldintly r*ly upon bi* (kill a* a phyaiciaa. OFFICE No. 7 lf)VTH FREDERICK ST. lift band eide foinj from Baltimore etr**t, a faw do*re from th* corntr. Fail not to ob**rre nam* *od namb*r. Litter* maet b* paid and contain a (tamp. DR. JOHNSTON, M*mb*raf th* Royal College of Sorjeone, London, grada*te from on* of tb* moat enuneot Collef** in th* United State*, and the ri*at*r part of whoa* life ha(b**n*p*nt is th* boapttala of London, Pari*, Philadelphia and *l**wt>ere, ha* elected torn* of th* moat a*toni*hin> ear** th*t w*r* **r known; many troubled with ringiuf in th* h*ad and an whin aaletp; great nfrvonencaa, Deing alarmed at eadden aonnde, baehralnee* with freqnent blieEing, att*nd*d *om*um?* with d*raof*ment of mind, were cared ram* TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yeanf Meo and otJiere who have injcred themeeleee by a eeruin practice indulged in when alone? habit frejotnily learned from e?II coinpamone, or at achool, th? Meet* af wbico art niffctly felt e?en when aaleep, and if not cured, reodera marriage impoaaibla, aod deeiroye both miud and body, ehoald apply immediately. Tneeeare aorea of tha aad and melaaeboly effecte produced by ??rl? babita of youth, ?m Weskneea of til* Back and Limba, Paine in tha Head, Dimntae of 8ight, Loee of Mflactiar Power, Palpitation of tna Heart, Dyapepey, Ner?oae irritability, Derangement of tha Dtgeatire Funcuone, General Debility, Symptome of Coneampuoa, Ac. McVtaLLV.?The fmrfcl effect* on tha mind are mach ta ka dreided?Loaa of Memory, Confueioo of Idaaa, Deprraeioo af Spirite, E*il Korebodinge, Avereion of Society, Belf-Dietraat, Lore of Solitadt, Timidity, ate., ara aoma of tha avila prod*cad. NlXTori DCBILITT.?Thonaaoda can now Jadga what ia tha cauee of thtir declining health, toeing their rigor, becoming weak, pale, nervosa and emaciated, having a eingalar appearance aboot tha eyat, cough or eympterae of cooaampDISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. Whan tha miagaided aod imprudent aotary of pleaaara In da he haa imhtbed the eeeda of <hie pxinfal dieeaaa, it too often happena that an ill-timed aenea of ehame or dread of diecotery detere him from apply ing to thoaa who, from education end reapectability, can alone befriend him. Ha falla into tha hande of ignorant and deaigmug preteodara, who, lacaptble *t coring, filch hit pecuniary eu balance, keep him triling uviim uitr muu;ii, or & ionr ai Ull troaiicil Tf CSO C t 0DUUiid, and In despair laa?a hire with rainad haalth to aigh a??r kia galling disappointment; or by the use of that deadly poiaoo?Mercery?hunn the conetuctional eyrnptooe of thia terrible diaaaaa, each aa ASectionecf tht Haart,Throat. Haad, kin, Ac., prngreeeing with frifhtfal rapidity, till daatb pau a nod to hia areadfai eaffennfe by eendinf hunt Jut andiecoTered eoantry from whoaa boa rue traveler retame. DR. JOHNSONS REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTBNCY. By thia niuud important ramady veakneee of the errace ata epeedlly c?r?4 and fall vigor reeiored. Thoaaaade of tha at narraaa and debilitated, who had I oat ail bopa, ban baan immediately relieved. All impadimanta to Marriage .Phyelcal or Mantal Dtecaalllcauoua, Looa of Procreatire Power, Mer'eae Irritability, Tramklinf aad Weakneee or Kinaaauon of tho moat faarfai klod epeedilj eared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TBI Mart Tmoi-iandi carad at thia ineuiauon withla tha laat eerenleea reare, aud tha namaroaa important Bui*iMl oparatiooa performed fc? Dr. Jobneton, witneseed by tha raportere of tha papara ana many ethar pereone, noucaa of wbeah bare appeared again aad again tofcra tha pablic, beeidaa kia standing aa a gentleman of charactar and reeponelblllty, la a ealcient gaarantaa to tha aflieted. mar 1S-1? NOTICE. 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M. and 2.30 P M. daily. 8peci?T Contracts for arge quantities of Freight can be made on application to this < "ffioe. All Goods sailed for and delivered Jr?? of Extra oharges. E. W. PARSONS, Snp't Adams' Express Company. Washington, August 23. 1861. an ? tf YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely get your money's worth by oalling at tbe PIONEER MILLS, icmtkmu tor ?r qf Stvntk strut and OtaaJ, (GEO. PAGE, Agent) They sell oheaper and give better msasare than any others in tbe oity?out, split, aod delivered free of charge. If you doc t t eheve , i vs the Pioneer Mills atna., and be satisfied. y It r gOUIS AMD B^OBS^ *0 SiIV IU We are now mans (featuring* all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and ooriitantly receiving a^^^ sapply of eastern made work of every ae-SHI sorption, made expressly to order, and will f|] be sold ai a maoii lo^er srioe than has been* Nk heretofore oharged in Qua oity for maeh lniener erneiee, Peraoua in irul of Bcou and tthoee of eaatern ?i aitj mads work, will alwaja find a rood aaeor'.inei la attreand at tbe leweat pnoee. hit# oa a oall. RIFF1N A BHO., til tl< %tkhi?. A RMV SVPPLIfi*. A. JUST RECEIVED? 480cana SAUSAGK NIK AT, 241) oana FRESH TO.HATOK3, 48 oaaa FRESH VEAL, 360oaua BF.EF, ? in mode, 240 cana ROAST HEKK, 360 can* FRF.SIl MUTTON. 240 oans BKEFand GKAVY, 240oana SOUI'and BOU1LLI, yiotaoa FRENCH DES3I0ATED VEQE TABLES. For aale at New York Faotory prioee. KING A BI RCHELL, ae t Corner I and Fifteenth atreeta. 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Pa. av., between 9th and loth ata. m S3 (Intallitcnoer and RepnMi"an.> f RIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKET# V/ and COL NTEKPAN Bi. a'l ?i?ea ant. qua i tiea. Bed Comforta,Sheetinca. Fiilow Linen i and Cottona, Towela. Napkins, TableClotha, Tiokinga, Doylies, Ao. Ail at our proverbially low prioea, marked in plain &guras. New oomera, atrangera, aojournera and oitMcaa "" " "TEVRY ? BRO , ae 87-5^ Pann. avenue and 9th at., /m\ AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, /Ov sj'ws&i _ 4% libera] advanoee made on Hold and t ilver Watone*. Diamou .a, Jawa rr.Silver wp-e.Cloihing, Piatoia, and all kipda of Met ohaadiae. Baainaaa Ml CaUaaL an Hm Batw?a <X aad tth *U. | GREAT RUSH TO A*M8 haa oaaaad m. ami i a 10 rati worth and r?#ieni?fc hia itoak I of FALL aad VtlNT&R CLOTHING, wklik b? offfcra at rem&rkah!* lov prTow, at No. 460 brr rith at. of ikxi ito pout OSw. aa M-la twkbk?? snasns JisFsgs * J_JEADyL'ARTER? THE U.S. MARINE QrAKTBKK?*Tn'S Owe*. i WasHiwoTox, September a, IMI.f Sialic PaorotALs, f rtaob^ass separately,wU I be reoeirsd at this offios until IS o olook ?n. of w?dneeday, i-th of NnT?mbtr next, for famishing to the United States Marine Cor Mi durtag the ;?r IMS, the following supplies, to bo delivered at the oin of the As istant Qurttrmut^r of tfceocrpe, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, froo of expeneeto the Unit d Mates. id aaoh qumutiMM may from t ine to time bo ordered, ?ii: Clam No. 1. 14 ?r Tarda of Sky Blue Kersey, all woo!, free from hair, 54 inebee vide, to weigh 22 onnoee to the yard, (indigo wool-dyed ) yardi Dark B bs Kersey. ill wool,free from hair, '4 mohee wide, to weigh 9 onnoee to tte yard, (iLdiro wool dyed.) 8,000 rarda Dark Bine Twilled f loth, all wool, for uniform ooata. (indigo wool-dyed,)54 laohee wide, to weigh 33 ouno< a \er ?ard. 150 yards of Soarlet Cloth, all wool, (oookinoal dyed,) 54 inches wide, to weigh 16 oacooe per yard. Class No 9. 8 mo yarda of 6 4 Dare Bine Flannel, for orerlA^ka. a. 11 vnnl i i nH irn vim! dtiwi. in Km viHa to weiafi 19 ounoea per yard. 16 O.m yards of 3 4 Dark Blue Flannel for ahirte, all wool, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 inches wide, to woi?h 6*? ounces p?r yatd 1.200 Gra* ?iank?ts, all wool, to weigh fonr pound' each, with Iett?ra -'U 8. W " in b'ack. four lnohea lone, in the center; to be 7 feet lone and 3 feet wide, and fr e from ereaae. 6,000 paira of Woolen eooka, three aisee. prop er.r m?e of go <d fleece wool, with double and twiated yarn, to wti.h three pounda per dosen p&ira, free from grease. Cuts No. 3. 6 000 yard* White 1 inen for Pasta, 80 inehea wide, to weigh 13 ounoea per yard. 10.000 yard? White 1 ii.en lor Shirta, 80 lnohea wide to we<gh 11 onnoe* aer yard. 16 000 ya-da Canton Flannel for Drawera. 27 iachea wide, to weigh 7 ouncea per yard. Class No. 4. l.oon Uniform Care, oomplete (except Pompona.) l,i*i Pompona, red worated, ball ahaped, 4 inohee in circumference. 3,"00 t-a*icue Cap*, (wi'h oovera,) to be made of blue cloth. i*digo wooi-dyed. 2.000 Stocks. CLAf a No S. 6no groaa Coat Buttons, (Eaele.) 400 groas Jacket Muttons. (twl#.) loo groaa Vent Bottom. (Kagie.) 1 ,'00 paira Yel.ow Metal Creaoenta and Soale Straps SAO teta Epaulette Bullion for Sergea- ta and Corpora. 2 ooo seta Epaule'te Bullion forPrivatea. 10 Red Worsted Sai^hea 2 joo yarda of Yellow Binding. 2,yw> jr\rda of Ked Cord. I'*) Swords for >*ergeanta 50 Swords for Muisiciara. 5o Drums (tenor,Ioomplete. 50 I)' urn Shuts. ioo Batter I) um Heafa. 5" Snare Drum Ht&tla. 100 Drum Corda. 10(1 sets of Drum Hnarea. 100 Boxwood "B" Fifea. Class No. ? 10,000 paira Army Boota. finfantry pattern'.) Class NO. 7. 1,2W Cartridge Boxea. l,2on bayonet Soahbaida. l,2?o Percu*aion Cap Ponohea l.aoo Cartridee Box Belte. 1.201 Bayonet Helta. !,??) Waiet Belts. 1,200 Waist Platea. 1,200 Breast P la tea. 850 Sword Froga. Class No. 9. 1,2?> Knapsacks. ant) Haver racks. 6(10 canteens. 600 Musket Slings. Clam No. 9. For making and trim mice the following artioles, is: Watch Coats Sergeants',Corporals*.Masioians'. and Privates' Uniform and Fatigue Coat*; Woollen and Linen Pants: Flannel and Linen Shirts; Drawers: Flannel ?acks; and Red and Bin* Jackets for Boys. The shore mentioaed artie'es mast oonform t? all re/puts, to the sea.ed stai.dara pattern* in the omoe of the (Quartermaster Marine loris Marine Baracks. Washington, D. C.; Ass stant Qaarter naitrr, office Marine Corps, 1.2*1 r?pruoe street, Philadelphia; and at the Marine Stations, Brooklyn, New York; and Boston .Massachusetts; where t^e* oan be examined. And whenever ihe artioles named abore, or a*y portion of them, shall be considered as not fnllv conforming to tan.p.'es, they will bo rejected and the contra tor vili be bound to furnish others of the required kind at once or the Quartermaster wi 1 supply the deficiency at the expense of the oontraifr. Payment will be rnada upon theaocepted delivery orthe whole quantity, which may from time 10 time be ordered, withho.ding ten per oent fiom the pajinect of account rendered urder first order, until seoond order is filled, anl tan per cent from aocouiit rendered nnder second order until third order is filed,and so on,until oontiaot is completed. Fa^h proposal must be aooompanied by the following guarantee: Form of Guaranty*. Tl.e undersigned, , of , in the State o| . and , in the State of hereby guarantee that in oase the foregoing bid of tor supplies, as abovw described, be acoepted.he or they will, within ten days after the receiptor the nontract at the Post Office uamtd, execute the contract tor the same witn good and nffiai *nt aanu r it i*a: and in ium t ha iuH ball fail to enter into oontraot * &fore?*id, we suarantee t? make good the difference between the offer of tbe said and that wbioh may be accepted. A H, Quart tor. C D, tjuaractor. E F, \V ltness. 1861 I hereby oertify that the above named are known to me ai men of property, and able to mate good their guarai-tee. G. H. To be signed by the United States Distriet Judge, United states Distriot Attorney or Collector. No proposal will be considered unless aooompanieu by the above guarantee. Newspapers authorised to publish tbe above will ?eod the paper ooiUining the first insertion to this otfcoe for examination. The bidder's plao* of buil :em, or manufaotar ing establiohment, must be speoifioaliy stated la the prosoeal. The a>v ve list of artioles is believed to beaboat the quantity of eaoh artiolethat will be required du ing the year: t ut the (Quartermaster reserves the right of orderins a greater or lesi quantity, should toe interests of iho aervioe require it Prop >sals to be endorsed tn the envelope, "Pro pcsals for Supplies for Marine Corps for Wi," and aldrez?ed to Major \A M B. SLA'. K, Quartermaster M. C., Wajninjton, D. C. se a> taw4w PROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR lSttS. Quarter master's, OJUt JJ. S Mariru Carpi, I WasAtagroa, September 25,1881. \ Sialkd Proposal* wi 1 be reoeived at this ofioe, until iHi' ?ith day ol Ootober next at 13 o'olook.m., for furnishing rations to the VI. 8. Marines,at the following st&tiona, during the year 1883, via: Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Charlestown, Ma*?aonu setts; Brooklyn. Long Island, new fork; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Washington, Distriot of Columbia. Eaoh ration to consist of ihree-sarters of a pound of mess pork,or bacon; or one and-a fourth pounds of fresh or saU beef; twenty two ounces ol bread, made of extra superfine Hoar, or in lieu thereof twenty two ounces of extra superfine flour; or one pound of hard bread, at the option of the Ootarament; and at the rate of eight quarts of beet whre beans, or in lies thereof ten pounds of noet lea sounds of good coffee, or in lies thereof ore-and a half pounds of tea; fifteeu pounds of good New < Orleans surer; four quarts of vinegar; cne pound of sperm candles, or one-and a fourth pounds of adamantine cand'es. or one-and-a-half posad* of good hard-dipped tallow oandls; four pounds good harJ. brown ansa: two aiarti nt *!? ??il (trad and filty-aix ^uinja of potatoaa, to aaah fcandred rations. 1 h? inoreaaad iDnMM of tour NMN of donor bread, and the allowanoa of potatoaa, m abort : provioad, will aaaaa. at the Carmmatioa ol th? present inaarreotion, and tha ration be aa prondad by law and regulaUoua, on tha lat of Jaly, 1*61. The beef tha i be d-Uvarad on tha ordar or tha oommandtnf < ?oar of aaoh atatioa, ether la bulk or by tha alegle ration; and ahall ood?,h of tha bast a if! moat ohoiaa pieoea of tha oaraaaa; tha port t<> be No. 1 prima mast-pork, and taa grooariaa to be of tha beat quality of kioda Diaad. All anbi?ot to inapeotioa. All bida moat ba accompanied by tha following guarantee: Form 9f frmarmmt$*. The uoderaign- d, , of ,la the 9tata of , and . of . ia tha Btato ol .hereby guaranty that in oaaa tha for?(o ni bid of? " for rationa. aa aWo?a deaonbec, ba aooapted, ha or they wilt, within tan day a altar the reo^ietof the ooutractat tha PoatOftoe named. ex?oate tha ocntract for tha MM, vita good and liftoiantanretiaa.aad ia oaaa aaid ahall fail to enter into ovmraot aa aforaaaid, we cnaraaty to make good tha riiffareooa betwaaa th* offar of tha ait and that whiah Ma* ha tMntiJ A. B., 6iMUlor. WilatHt C D., GaaiCtor. B. F. " I hereby oortifr that tM aboro > !< ? rnrm' " #V* I T?\*Yt4n*4by tkt Vmxud Stmut Ditritt jwdtf, Un*t*d Siattf THstrict Att*mn.0r (Msttm.) No proMMl will bo oonai4oro4 in I to* ?M01 TNaw??*>?r? Mthun*oSBt?'>?feUafc *bow v ii aokd Lk* 9*pmr oonteiniag tM ftrat laoertioa to thp"rnp1ltj? to bVondora '?,,> Pro?otl? lot JUtlo? tor lMt," tod to tbo ^ reltBW. m8M?V4? Major Mult *** >? ** * ??5??????5S55-5-S THE WEEKLY STAR. TUi omIM F*?l)y ?4 flnn iwml Mtoialag |mk> nr)??T * latatoMaf nUt*g ttu CU be foo&4 la aay ittif U HMkMI m Friday Bormlaf. Tuai-Oiii, mvmrtmHp, m Wagl* o?pr, p*r .91 Plve eopla .. 4 ?? Tec oop'.? ...MM..MMM. It linrliMy Mortal m the uWwfciagtee New' that has mad* TV Dmtlf A Mr dmMl o federally throng test the cowtry tT'Slifl* copies (la wrapper*) au to P?ot the paper. Price?TURRG CENTS. IIELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED** Compound Fluid Extract Bmokm, A ftiiim ?md SftcxJU Mtmtif Por Dimum of the BLADDER, EIDNETS. GftAV?L,a?4 DEOPSICAL IWELLINOB Th?? Medio'oe Inofeaee* power of DifHw. Ud exo'it?? the tiuiiiim Into fcealtky MOM. by which Ue watkbt oa ctLrnora dtrw ioM, aod ?1 rxHtiVK*L IM.IMIH tMi kft r?<?rd. m weii aa run a*d mrLAHMATioii, u4 k? jm ** MEN. WOMEN. OJt (Mill,MM 0 HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakneaaea . Ariatnt from Exc?aa*a, Habita of PiMlytttn, Early It di*cr?t>na nr A*>iiaa, Attmdfd trilk the Following Sfmp?me : Indiapoaition to Kirbuo, Lom of fttir, ,oea of Memory, Diftonlty of Breathiac, Weak Nerrea, Tr?aMiaf! Horror of Diw?n, WUiMnh, Bimneaa of Viaion, Pun ia the Haok, n:T?r*a' Laaaitade of tba Mnacular itm. Hot Haoda, Fliabiai of U* liody, Dryne?a of tha Fkl?, ^ ^mMoaUafW, PA! LID rorWT*HA?CB. TIimc ?ymat ma. U a owrd to oa, wktah tkia mediome invaria ly removaa, aoon fo Iowa IMPOTENCY, FATI'IPY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of which the Patient majr ?cyin. Who can fay tiia> th?*y ara rot fiaaamtly followed by thnat "rtaarv! neBAaaa,n INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are awara of t>i? naaae o< thair avffariac, BTT WOHB WILL COtirBMTHE RECORDSof THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melancholy Delhi It CkajaiaHaa. BSAR AMTLI WITHSaa TO TBI TIVTI OF TB* AtaaKTiOH. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Re*uirea the aid of medioina t<> atrrnc'han aad ItTUorilt U? ttraam. whioh HELM BOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU *nvnrt*bii dot. A TII4L WILL COHV1NCS THt MOST &K.BPT1CAL. FBMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, PINOLE. MARRIED. OR CONT KM PLATING MARRUOE. / Man y Affections Ptcuixar to Ft ma let the fcxtrnct Bucuu is bdmi?iIhI by any other riaedy, a* in Chlorosis or Retention, Irr gu amy. Painfullness. or Suppression o? CesUmtarr Kraoustioos. Uioerated or Sohirroas stats of the (Jtarns, Leooor'hea or Whitee, Sterility. for aJl oorepl\ints incident to the ?!. whether ansing from Indisoreti oo. Habits of Dissipation, or la the DECLINE OR CHANOE OF LIFE f SKI S1MPTV1U AlOVl. NO FAMILY 6H01LD BE WITHOUT IT Tok* no more Bottom, Mrrrsry, or Umptimmmt Medicin/ foe UniUanamt and Dmngerono IKmsmi. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ccbbs SECRET DilEAIII In all their Sieges; At little Exeeaee; Little or no change in Diet; No moon veal eaee; And no iixrormr*. ltoanees a fre^u-n: desire aud fires strength to Urlnat", thsreby Renuvinf libs* eetoons. Preventing and Curiae Strtoteres of the Vretard. Allaying ran and inflafnmtUoc., so frequent in the olase of disrates, aM expaiiiag aii fcuMuwt, Vistated, and v?m ??i Montr. TRoruRW CPOH THOKUM WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who i are paid kearyjt j to be oared la a abort Umt, hare f juntl th*y war* deceived, aad that the '-poison" ha*, by Us us* of "peterr/al a<insiwu'' been dried ap in the system, to breax eat iaaa aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAOM. Us* HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCRU far All affections ani diseases of Um URINARY ORGANS, whether existing ia MALE OR FEMALE, from whatever oaaea origlaatiac aad ao ailtw af UOW LONG STANDING. Diseases of theaa Organs require the aid of a Dtnmc. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, aad it is oeitain to hare the deal red effect ia ail Diseases/er w*u? ?1 ii rttrmmtnd?d. BTIDB5CB OF TBS MOST BBSPOBIIBLB ill RSLUBL1 CBABACTBB will aooompanj the medioiaea. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. _ Krcai t to 3D years' stand lag. with Names known to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE 'NOTICE" W? Mill "1*0 B1CRIT or "OMlSIBni." HtLM?OLl>'8 EXTRACT BLCHU is oompoaad oI tiaehu, Cb ^aba Md J iiipw Bwiim, aataoted viU |rMt oar* by a aompataot draft iat. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELDIIOLD, Practical and Aa&lytioaJ Ch??ia>. ud Sola Mm litohuM of HKLMBOLD'8 genuine prepaeations. AFFIDAVIT. Paraonajy appoarad uefora me. M AHirn of th? ony dj Pkiiftdcirhto, M. T. Hiihmu,*W being duly nrc s.dota iay. kia ^ritMUost ?oitain bo narootto,bo aweary, or otaar lajartoaa dnu?. bat are paraly rentable, w_-. ? n. T? b ^ ..M HOLD> Bworr and aabaonbed twfura ma, tkis md day of November, 1164. W*. f. dlBBEilP. Akiormaa, Nlaia aC~ atxrr# fcaoe, Fail*. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM ? A. M. TO 8 P. M. Frlc* ?1 pw krtiu, or all tmr U. Dahrarad to aay ad drew, aaearaly yaokad frw obaarratioa. ddraaa latUia for latenBih? la mmUmm ta a. T. HKLMBOLD, CU,mitt. Dapot, 104 Bomtix Taatt it., fcalow Ckeataat, Pkife. BEWARE OF COUNTB&TK1T8 AMD VyPAlMCIfLED VMALMK8 wk? iMlMTOf tm - * tkM.r owm" ud "gU?r" arti?lM on tea fi?iliH?? ???!?< *J Htlmb?U'i OniMM rrijtmmtimi, m m /uprMMl A*m VM. Boi4 by ft. E Waits. 2. D. Siuuj, Jtu Won. s. a r**?. . b. iiTwiiTit, b. c. Mum, Imru * Unnci, J. L Mum, A*I> iU DMUB9HT8 WrMBYWfftMW fiX FOB HZLMBOLD'fi TAD SO OTHXE. CU ? " '-| 1 IIMMI ?i m< |M II AND AVOID IM POSITION Mi KXfOSVE*. B?er**4 Symptom* *? mil Q^^*1 CwwOwwwmi; *+*? ?* **) Hu -r . .. -? A**1 * # A - ' 1