Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1861 Page 2
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THE E.MW STAR. WASm.Nr.TON CITY: *ATVRDAT Oct*b*r 1?, 1*1. Ovm Kmi**!* *t tb r rarloua military cam pa and portion* will ronW a favor by keeping u? posted a* to mnmM and sfTnIra In tkelr vicinities. - - 117 Tb* ne* Pillar W?ekl> Star, fuller than V#r ftf SIrtfOT*"1 itJin rip't*? an/4 rrrtmmi mnA ? .w? 1? -- ... ?? --r? ffy Bliu VUWI' t literary reading, Is now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Kmbraced In Ita entertaint'.* contents are the following articles: An Incident of Spinney Wood; Rlfls Practice, shsrpshootlng imonj the Kngllsb; Tbe Disaster to the Great Eastern; 9bsrp Practice; Letter from Mr. Russell, of tbc London I'lmti, Lexington after fbe bartender; Vive La France. Our Military Hud|r*t, an Interesting and Important summary of stairs In Waahlngton and with tbe array of Ibe Potomac I.*te?t news from t crtress Me to. Western Virginia, Cslro. Kentucky, and Missouri, Derails of tbe late affair at llatt?r??. The Barney ca?e in the Orphans1 Court. Important departmental Intelligence; Military appolstmants and promotions; Telegraphic dispatches from all quarters; Agricultural, hortlcaltoral, and gardening miscellany; Choice selections; General Intelligence, local news, fun, wit. sad poetry. This Is jast tbe paper above all others for per*?BS sojourning la the National Metropolis to s?rid to tbslr friends at a distance Price only three cents per copy, or f>l .00 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so srranged. Spirit sf the Mtrtlnf Press. Tbe enter of tbla morning, under the beading : 41 Has the city a l<egal Mayor?" devotes a large portion of lis apace to a publication c f Alderman Moore's laborious argument to show that Corporation Attorney Bradley ! "'1 wrong, and the friends of ?x-.Mayor Berret all right uf>on the qnestioo sprung upon the Councils by the !at?f r The H'publiram devolts its attention to the confiscation measure* of tbe Confedera'es Rejoicibg too 8001.?Not a f?sw leading Northern journal* haw tone into extacles over a paragraph In a rerent letter of Correspondent Rnsnell, to the I.ondon Time*, wherein that astute observer declares the opinion that if tbe Morth puts forth Its real military strength. It will crush the oligarchy's conspiracy. We presume that no Mne man knowing the relative war-making power of tbe two divisions of our country, ever doubted the fact thus stated by Mr Russell. But the kuch arlaes from the other fact that tbe North has not, so far, put forth Its military power; while so effective have b^en the measures of the oligarchy, as that with a clear majority of the voters of the i?outh emphatically opposed to their scheme* up to their assault upon Sumter, they have managed to engage every white male there from 75 to II years of age capable of bearing arms or <rtherwi*e agisting In ?heir conspiracy, in the prosecution of tbat Infamous work Those amont: them n >t actually In arin-, a'e uryin^ on recruiting, manufacturing for the war, transporting for the war, or doing something or other, the end and aim of which la to aid lu its prosecution. On the other band, it i* but fair to say that, in proportion to white population, the loyal States do not furnish o*?, where the disloyal States furnish ten thus engaged in the contest By this time the whole five hundred thousand three year* men called for, ?heuld kare been in the Held, to j! at Ify the hope that the contest may be brought to an end n?xt ?pring ; whereas, qnite a hundred and fifty thousand of the men are yet to be raised. Oftboee tn the fl-ld a considerible portion being badly ortirer-d.are not to be trusted la action; it being rer'aln that Incompetent or inefficient oiBcers, invaria ly produce wholly unreliable troops Mnch improvement In this respect baa of lata been accomplished; while more remains to be done ere we may safely calculate . npoa gaining the victories with even numbers engaged. which our superior arms, munitions, equipment#, and the superior capacity for physical end iraaee on the pirtof our men, would otherwise warrant us to look for not long hence. At this moment an addition of fifty thousand to the force la this quarter, wbich should Ions since hare beta forwarded by the North and East, would give a guarantee of results that abould be accomplished this foil, which, under existing circumstances, may go over uutll next season; to the Imminent danger that our failure to accomplish them (those results) may be acted upon as a basis for European interference against the cause of the United States. We do not enter Into particulars in this connection, because we believe that energy here may avert the dangers in futuro, growing out of the fhllure of the North and East (including Ohio) to do their doty np to thin time Bcsmass at thi Statu Darabtmemt?By a new arrangement, Saturday has been set apart as a day for transacting businessa especially w.tb foreign Ministers; which will prevent such general receptions of citizen* as heretofore called there on that dav in bus'n ess hours. Thi Rphobed Occupation or Nkw Oblkaks The LonlsviUe J on rial of the 9th inst says : Ws have knrd vague rumors for several d*ys that New Orleans had been occupied by the Federal troops Intelligence wns received in this city last evsnlng, by way of Nashville, which leads os to bel'.rvfc that ttte rumor bat its foundation In feet Om rerort, 1b which we place confidence, ays that tb^ Federal forces took possession of the cittr on the 5th in?t without firing a gun It la aid that the fleet, after tie desertion of Ship Inland by the rebel*, peaaed Miaaiaaippt city, B'loxl. and Pan Christian, which were evacuated and made an easy conquest of the city. It was found that the Incomplete fortillcatiors at Bay t*t Louis had been abandoned by the rebels, and the city surrendered on the 5th Inst in compliance with the formal demand of the commander of the Federal forces The above statement rs the substance of a despatch said to b. v^ been published in the Nr-sb llie papers of the 8th lest R*t!trOKCIMK*ts FOB G?J? R >tKI?>v?The Wheeling (Va ) Press of Thursday, say?: We have reliable Information from the Kanawha region, that Cols Kynert and Piatt, with th?lr commands, left Charleston on Monday, to join Gen. Roeecrans It Is understood that Gen Rosecrane Is menaced by Gen Lee with a superior force. He will, doubt!e-s, be able to maintain himself In the strong fortifications at Gauley, If be is obliged to fail back that far Old Postask 8tamf??The Third Assistant Postmaster General. In re ply to a Bostonian, who supposes that the old postage'stamps are repudiated by the Government, says: The Department don not repudiate the old tUmpt. The lastroctlons which have been iasued to postmasters contemplated only a prevention of the Me of aoarly two hundred thousand dollars In value of postage stamps and envelope* for which Um G over anient baa never been paid It waa a tudv haw beat to gain a national result without aav or tbe least damage to Individual Interests, and as yet It has been proved that tbe plan adopted was tbe hest." Ribbl Pbb?okal ?John M. Botts la atlll near Richmond He tskes no part la pelltlc* Btepheaa, the rebel Vice President, baa many opponent* while Jeff Dav't'a domestic enemlea are exceedingly bitter,making up In the mtenaity of their bate wtaft they lack in numbers It la 1 bought that ben. tt 4gg, who was appointed to succeed Walker In the secretaryship of war, win have to give way, in turn, for Genetal Bishop Polk. A WAtSiRa ?The Char .*ton paper* publish the following order from Brigadier General Rip ley: "CUisena residing op ?uUivaa'a 1 aland will hold themselves in readiness to proceed to the city oa abort notice. Circumfttaocea can only determine when or at what moment It may be necessary to order a removal from tbe laland." That la to aay, they areeipecting a visit from the >*tdcfai test'. 1LT Stntletirn ii.ow that tobacco smoking la becoming tr.ore general 'ln most countries, and tbat In bnglaod it baa increased one quarter in tea year* T be calculation a is* suowstbat as tobacco ?on Ulna, on an average, three per cent, of nicotine. 7.5U) UM) klioKraii.iura of that poison are annually consumed A few drop* of It causes death TP* The planters are getting uneasy about tbe rotten and sugar they haee aoid to tbe Confederate Government, and to allay tbeir anxiety the Alcbmood KxamJ ??r teUsttoem tbat tbe Congress wUl pass a relief ours*"'*> *elng there in no present pronpvet *f disposu jg of lb?" staplsa U7" The So rsUry of tU Tres?ury hM directed IU CoUector of Boston nof *? P?nntt sblpatents of goo powder to the Island oi c.ub* (TT The Baroa da Vidll U ptcil'NC oakum In London prlaoa. it wllJ bs rtmtgb.^** * tad at aoo too May. ???? I I ? orn military nrDGET. A ROTH KR HA1MOXI ACHIBVBMKXT Or THK RAVT. A Htbtl Yeti*l Burned i* Dum/tit* Cr*tk USITBD StATI# STBAMSB ' Union," I Off Aqula Creek, Oct 11,1861 ) 8m : 1 have the honor to aubmtt the following report for your Information : ? Being informed oft large chooser lying in l{uantlco (or Dumfries) Creek, knowing alao that a Urge nnmber of troop# were collected st that point with the view of crowing tbe Potomac river, aa was reported to me, I conceived It to be my duty to destroy her. With this object In rlew, 1 took the launches and my boat and pulled In for the Teasel at half'past two a. m. thla morning. One of the launches was commanded by Midshipman W. F. Stewart, aroompanled by the Master, E. L. Hayne*, of the " Resolute," snd the other by Acting Master Amos Foster, of the "Resolute " I took wllh me the pilot of this vesael, Lewis Penn. Bome little difficulty was experienced tn finding the entrance to the creek, which, you will remember, is very qarrow; but bavlng found it, we pulled up this crooked chsnnel within pistol shot of either shore, until we discovered the schooner. She was close to the shore, in charge of a sentry, who fled at our approach and alarmed the camp. She had a new ault of aails and all the furniture complete In the cabin, which was collected together and fired, producing a beautiful conflagration, but unfortunately revealing our position to the enemy, who commenced a rapid fire from both binks of that narrow and tortuous stream, intermingled with opprobious epithets, until we were beyond tteir range. Our crewa returned a random fire from the boata and two steamer*, gave three cheers and palled frr their vessels, the light from the burning rchooner guiding them on their way. Her destruction was complete, and although the clothes of the men and the boats were perforated with bails, not a man was killed. Officers and men vied with each other in the performance of their duty. Acting Master Foster applied the match In the cabin of the doomed vessel. Actlug Assistant burgeon W. R Bonsill accompanied the expedition, ready should bis services be required 1 hope what I Lave done will meet your approbation, notwithstanding I Lave acted without orders This little attair will show the enemy at least that we are watching him, and ready to meet and destroy his preparations for crossing this river, at all times. I have the honor to be, your obedient servant, A. D. Hakbkll, Lieut Commd'g. .4- I _ 'P <? ? -- - v,ai>v.nii i i (haves, commanding l'otomac ' Flotilla. MISCHIEVOUS OVEE-KftTIMATKS It it strange that persons who should be better | Informed put forth the most extravagant over-eati. mates of the numbers of the Federal army of the ' Potomac. Thus as Intelligent an observer as Mr. ' George Wilkes, writing from this jlty, nets it at ( 250,WH); and J udge Merrick, of the Circuit Court, announced from the bench (in the case of the soldier Jeremiah Lyons), that we have now a well- J appointed army of 2?0,(i00 men to defend the cap- ' ltal! When such authorities over-eat! mate our! force here by the hundred thouaand, it la not to ' b" wondered that recruiting iaga at the North, ; or that queruloua complaints come up from the Weat that no much ia done for Waahlngton and ao little for Mluouri and Kentucky. In many other wayaauch exaggerations do poaltlve harm. AKXIVAla or MOKTAXa. Among the different varietlea of ordnance ar- riving htre by rail and water are a number of inortara frcm Pittaburg. Tbeae were ordered, It | will be remembered, some time alnce, and were i erst at tbe*Fort Pitt Foundry, Pa. They throw a j 13 inch shell, and are us*d in tbe siege of fortlfl- j cations and cities, the projectile forming a curve In its line through the air, falling almost perpendicularly at Ita destination. \V ith visitors from th?se "irons" dropping down In Dixie, aecesh will doubtless make as good time as It did when It danced so lively near Hat: eras last week. GOKK TO ST. LOC1S. The New York Tribu?? having aired the fact, we may no longer decline saying to the Star's readers that Secretary Cameron and Adjutant General Thomas have gone to St. Louis, to make a thorough examination into tbe affairs of the Western Military Department, it Is to be presumed Tbe fact that such is their mission, shows that tbe Government here design promptly remedying the evils and disabilities which notoriously exist in that quarter, jybich can only be safely essayed after thorough and cautious Investigation. IKDiAKa's TROOPS. Indiana basrt this moment forty regiments of mii n tk.. I ? %- * ?? -- ?? ? uiuis >uau t.vw men t-aca actually in ierTioe in the field, with ten more in process of completion, to take the field shortly: of which fourteen arc serving in Kentucky. In proportion to population, Indiana has done w onderfully well If the East bad done its duty lit the crisis as nobly. the oligarchy's conspiracy would have been fairly crushed out by this time. OEDKKIU Lieut. Jas McMillan, of 2d Infantry, l' 8 A , has been assigned to duty as acting Assistant Adjutant General on Brigadier General (Provost Marshal) Porter's staff , tries Captain (now Colonel) Averill, assigned to the command of Young's Cavalry Regiment Ths Asctic Expedition ?The Arctic Explorers, whose arrival st Halifax has been announced, left Boston under the command of Dr. | I*aar J Hayes on the 7th of July, 18<K). and consequently have been absent about UUcen months Dr Hayes intended to prm wd to Upper Nsvirk, sad thence to Smith's Sound, where he hoped to winter. At :he return of sunshine In March, 1861. he purposed to start with sledge parties over the ice In Mwrch of the open Polar ?ea. The expedition readied Smith's stralu in the latter part of August, INW, and were unable t > penetrate farther en account of the ice The same cause prevented access to the Sound this year; and thus nas Dr Haves been Drevented from iwninnll?hiiii. | the main object of hi* perilous expedition, which i was to makr a more complete aurvey of that extreme northern region than either Sir John FrankHn or lit Kane wrs able to accooipliah He haa doubtless attained aome of tho objerta of the expedition, but the open polar aea Is all LI a vexed question. His return and report will be looked for with Interest The death of the astronomer. Mr August Sontag, is a calamity to the cause of science. Raids*?The latest intelligence from this Confederate warrior places huu at Pitman's Ferry, on the Arkansas border Tlie item containing this Information state* that be haa " fallen back," from which It is inferred that he has really been In this State, probably quartering his force in Wayne county. His army Is believed to be not over 4,000 strong, which is to be increased by a reinforcement of 3,DUG, raised?the Pocahontas Advertiser says?in Arkansas Pitman's Kerry is on Currant river, directl) upon the line dividing Missouri and Arkansas, at tne lower part of Kipley county It Is abont twenty miles on an air line fruiu Pocahontas, and Is ninety miles by the shortest route from Pilot Knob, fo Cairo, It l? more than one hundred miles from Pitmau's Ferry.?Missouri R^fiublitan, 9tk iHit. (D* Brigadier <ien. Pierce, late commanding at Big Bethel, Va . Is now serving aa a private soldier In Col. Fletcher Webster's regiment; thus giving the strongssft evidence of hia devotion to hi* country. Iff The New York papers publlah appeals to tbe charitable, soliciting clothing and other accessaries for the Confederate prisoners taken at Hattenu Inlet, and now conflaed on Governor's Island. U7" A'dlettngulsbed foreigner Id New York ha? takrn 93WJ.0U) of the 7 3-10 loan, and baa sent orders to Kurope for the sale of conaola to the amount of f700,000 additional, aa be Intends to Invrst ?l,000,00111 n the new loan. # (TT Henry A Reerea, editor of the Green port kl. 1.) Watchman, waa relaaaed from Port Lai#ette on Saturday. Be waa committed Sept 4th B7 Dr Charles Mackay, poet, phllaeopher and potiilclaa, to to be editor of a new weekly about to be published la London under the title of Aobln MdftOMT. ( ' V . Affairs la Mlunrl. Whuuioct* or Pkin?Bkk McCullosh not % Dead A special despatch to the Mtaaouri Republican from Jcflv-rson Cltf, Oct. fth, aaya: The report of 2,000 rebels being near Hermann last night, serai* confirmed this morning, as an order for six regiments has been sent here by the commander of the Federal troops at that point. It la suited that the rebels were eighteen miles from Hermann thia mornlug, with the intention of burning the (jaacona*fe bridge, and cutting off telegraphic and railroad communication between ' Jefferaon City and St Louis, which seems to ! render the McCullogh programme, already mentioned, as probable. Tbe commander of this post. Gen Thomas L Pricn, has m*de such arrangements, It is supposed, as will defeat the design of the rebels Much excitement exists uerr on idc iudjcti, out jcuer?wu : noi uelieved in aov lmmioent danger. Passengers frem Sednl'a arrived thi* morning bring intelligence that Sterling Price was at Roae Hill, in Johnson county, two or three davs ago, and repest the | report ibat he designs to fortify hirr self there, aa the place had ir.any advantages Others report 1 Price at Grand river, and say he designed to move South until reinforced by the troops of Ben McCullogh, estimated at ^5,000, though they stated McCullogh himself was in Trice's camp, and that bis brother Henry was in command of bis array, and was comiug up from the Arkansas line. The report in one of your contemporaries that Ben McCulloch died of a wound received at Wilson's Creek is doubtless untrue, as tbecolonel of an Iowa regiment, hurt at that battfe, frequently *aw .McCulloch, wbom be bad known intimately in Texas and Mexico, after the light, and states the Texas Ranger did not receive a scratch Sterling Price is reported to have passed through Holden witb 30.000 troops Friday niubt Sturgis and Lane, I understand, bad received orders at Kansas City to join Sigf 1 at Sedaiia, and were expected to march a week ago for that point. Sigel sent out a detachment of 3u0 troops Sunday night to cut oft'a train with rebel supplies. ThST?l<.lli?J.. I r ?? * u? iu?? iiixonvc vt tuc u'uiiri^ t'l Hit* grwwr part of Osceola by Lane la again confirmed bv parties arriving bere [Correspondence of the St Louis Republican ] Lexington, Mo , Oft 10 ? I he plan of General Price, after he captured Islington, waa to remain for a time and o|?erate on the north aide of the river, and for this purpose, on Siturday, the 28th SepU mber, be crossed the river at Lexington with 4,000 mounted men, and this force took up their line of march for the rallroad.?ith the view of Its total destruction, and then *aa havoc was to b? made among all the Government force* in Northwest Missonri. But late in the evening a rwtel, named Alfred Jonea. who had been released as prisoner at tne arsenal, where be had taken the I oath of allegiance to the United States GovernI ment, returned from St Louis to Islington, and reported that the whole country below was alive with troops; that Fremont was after Price, and that Price might prepare for a big fight In a few days This seemid to raise the courage of Price's men. and they aaid let Fremont come, they were readv for him When Jones announced that Gen Fremont had 30,f*K) men, and hi* only fear was that Price | would not make a stand, the latter countermanded hi* order for sending troops to the railroad, and a I messenger was immediately dispatched after those who had already started across the river. On that night Prfce made his preparations for a movement southward, and Gen. Rains, it Is said, went twenty miles that night on hi* southern I I# I- W-ll > * " ? mi mnvru iuin uov jaoaaon availed himself of this command aa an es ;ort to get himself out of danger Price and all his forces left on Monday. the.Wh 1 tilt ; but his train of baggage wa^'>na, about I in number, did not get off before Wednesday. If Price had desired a tight with Premont he uoiild have taken the Georgetown road, or posaibly the Warrenbur" road but instead of tbis be baa gone on the road leedintr down tbe western boundary of this Stftte and the southwest I have given a plain narrative of facts as they have transpired here, and if Pffc-e do?s make a stand and give battle, all who are cognizant of his movements will be disappointed. His mo?t intelligent friends consider tbia course a complete back down, while the more verdant are solaced with tbe idea that he baa gone to meet McCuilougb, wbo. from the most reliable information, la somewhere in Arkansas The forces of Price we e very large at Lexington, but many of the men were only for the occasion, and bave ' gone heme. His force was 15 000 to l&.OWrwhen he left Lexington, and aa the fact becomes certain that his destination is Arkansas, it will still > further decrease THE BTTRREtiDKB IN MISSOURI. A special dispatch from Jefferson City, Mo., to ; iut ucuiticrBi, uavea (Wl Bin, says : The following dispatch wu irnt this morning ' to Gov. Gamble bv Col Mathews, dated Hermann: . ?' I have been compelled to surrender mv camp to a superior force, with three pieces of cannon. Send reinforcements or this country will be ruined " The rebel force Is understood to be nearly 9,<KK> Strong, under Johnson, of Maries, and Col Mathews' camp was twenty miles from Hermann Its extent or the number of his force Is not known, probably a small body of home guards Reinforcements have been sent Doth to Hermann and to the Gssconsde The gallant fellows at the bridge began the erection of paliaadt-s for its defense. fV-5y?A SPECIAL MEETING of the Colombia !J < Ty?ofr*i>h:o&l Society wi 1 be held THIS (Saturday) EVENING, at 7S o clock, in the Council Chamber, City Ha!!. Members are earnestly requested to attend, a* business of impor tat oe wiil be brought before thftm Br on'er: If H i*. BOWKN, 3fQ. (Y^?KEV. 1>H. DUNHAM Will pre* h in the LLjf Methodist Prot-stant Church. N nth stre t, between !. aau F sts , i ?i-MOKROVV ts&bbath) MokNING, at 11 o'clock. All are invited to attend. It* o. O. F.?GRAND LODGE.?The Ko?LL5f n &? Quarterly Communica'i< n cl R. W. Grand l.ovige of the D striot o| Columbia ?<li t?c held at O <f Fell .we'Hall, 7ih *t, on MONDAV EVh.NI.NG, the 14th iu? 7 o'o'ook. oo lj-31 J? HM T. UANt??. G. Sep. HTk* ^(tTlCV'.-'l h" m mbe'snfFed ra Lodge, !l?t No. I,of F A Masons ar? hereby notifim thai the "Annual Vi?itatinti" of the Grand Lodg* wUI take place on TUESDAY KVKNIN6, the 1Mb mat F. ompt attendance is earnestly requcr *d. I he menders of sister i,od?f?, and tojouruing brethren, are cordially invited to be present. Ht order of lite W. M : oo 13-3f THOMAS RICH, Sec r*^**REGIMENTAL ORDER No. 2. HKAIKjUARTIRi 4TH RXSIMK>T D C. M . ( Washington, Oct 12, ia?l.\ The commanders of companies composing this regiment ar? hereby notified to muster itieir oom sanies for retimenta! paradn on 'he !7'h instant. ?t |o o'clock a m. The right to rert on Maryland avenue and 4>* street. N H ?The Commissioned Officers of this R'giment wnl wet at Co umbian Armory on the Mth Instant, at 10 o'clock a. m . for imtmntinn h? ? ?? Brigade Msjorand 1- i>p*ctor. Br order of J'-HN L. SMITH, Col. Commanding Wm G. Broth Adjutant. oc '.3 15,16_ rre-THK UNION PKAYEK MEETING J will beholden EVERY DAY this ween in fli* Enc!i?h Lutheran Church, oorrer of H and lltli ts., commencing at half-past? o'oiook p. m , to ho continu*<lone hour onlv. oo 7 3in (y-5^T URN fTkK ELECTION.?Notie* i* IL_? hereby given to tne stockholder* of the Washington Turnpike Company that an election will be held at the Farmers and M*ch\nic?' Bank, Georgetown, D C., on the^eond MONDAY (U'h) in Ootnli?r next, for the eleotion of a Fre?ident, eight Managers an.l aTreasurer to manage the affairs of said Company for the year then ensuing, or until their successors are eleot?v'. au 29 lawtd ROBT READ, Treasurer. it y DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN iJJs FOi.ICE?The Board of Police Commis sioaers having tak -n the house 616 Eleventh *.. all business oounAOt*d wi'h tie Folios of theeity will l?e transao'ed at that place. a genera' complaint boor will be opened, and citizens are re*ueat*-d to call and enter any o rupisints they may have to make ol any matter rata ing to the police or health of the city seJ7 W B. W EBB. Superintendent Hamburg cheese: HAMBURG CHEESE' 500 lbs Hamburg Cheese, two years o'd. a id very superior. KING & BTROHKLL. oc 12_ Corner Vermont av. and 15th st. L'OR SALE VEhY LOW-Two fin-Gold Fatr ent Lever WATt'HfcS and two Silver gx. An Afl i-' *"L" ~ * . s. .muioicu Ull# DOtlOA. p7t) Apply to C. MAK TIN Proprietor of Frank lin Hotel, oorner 8 .b and D ?t?. oo 12 3i* TO PHOTOOBAPHIC A RTLBTS ?A RARE CHAyCE ?F*>r eale, ?CAK for pnotogiapnio pjrpos*?. I>aut in the beat rt/le, with Ml the latest improrem^rU, atocked ana laruished o?mpl*te. Pi ire ?450, ca?h. Addreea J. H. WALZf., 413 B*ltiin;>ie at, Baltimore. oo 12 3'.* OFFICEHS AND SOLDIERS IGHT DK a T8 eo'd on a^l ,ar.a i.f th? Ur.itfd S?-ete?, in aunii to suit officers and so dier?. Alto, Draft* o i L nJon, Ireland, ftootland, ales. and Germany Uneurrent ni?>n?? bought at b*st rates. tHWhENV, R1TTKNHOU8K, PANT A CO.. oo H-itn Bankers. Pa. av., aear Brown's. Lumber: LUMBER!! 200,000 feet of LUM BbK, ooi.aictmg of WHITE PINV. PLANK.?>AK PLANK, iNAPI.E PLANK. POPLAH, CHERRY. B^WOOD, Ae., for ale ?ery low for ca?h, to olose consignment, by J. HKNRS QIKbE, oo 1? 7t at Spear's Wharf, Ba'timore. 7 3~10 U. 8 TKEAttij^Y NOTES, vkiah I _:il a Will n? r*oei vad oc deposit M spool*. 8WKKNV, KITTENHOUSfc, l-'ANT A COH oo U im B?nkwa. 338?*. in bwt Browa'a. ^KiiFlClAL LfcOB AND HANDS. Selpbo'i Patent Elastio Leg & Hand. No. 316 Bkoabwat, Nkw Yobk Tbaae anrltftilad eubatit*taa for loat limba,1 vktok Un stood the test of over 17 yatra i *a*n M ? ' ? WANTS. I WANTFD-A BAKF.RY. with a lares ov?n. Address 6. PORTER. No. 83 Louisiana sv er.ue it* WANTLD?A hail-frcv ?IRL, to do konsawnrk. Arplj at No. 439 F St.. a?ar Sixth oo IMP ANTED?Two sood WAITERS for ea?icf " taoon. Arp y immediate * to T. POTE* TIN 1,517 9 Pa. aveaue, bstae-n lfth and 1Mb sts. oo 1. 2t* _____ WJKWUD-K MAN whotkronf hly understand " takinc care of horses and dr>vinr P*? #25 arronth atd board Applr R VAN VOLKENBLTR<j A CO , 83 Louisiana ar. It* WANTF.D-A GARDENKR and"FAKMEB. One accustomed to tools p efered Mi at oi"ie well recorrm-'nd'd fo a bri<-?r a?d i dua'r , ft'dwi I ha<-? a p-rm?nent ho ne. Aprlr to Mr H. DOUGLAS'S Green House. oc 18 3'-* WAITED? Bj aresp<otab!e young woman, a ?ITITiTlri*i - - f I > - ? - - u? iu.i (m uiitinip-fiuBiu, uu'(c or iu do the gene al hon?ework for a am\ll fann y. Apply over WMd?n?? Furniture Store, on ll'th itreet, between I) and K. 't* WANTKD.-A JOURNEYMAN TAILOR ta w arstfd lmmeiliatwtTjWbo u willing to work onbushly. Apply at 477 Tenth at . betwe n Dand E (no 11 2t* ) B. MAGKUDER. WANTKD-A PURCHASER for a hcht buain??a Capi'al required. $ 150. Profit* per day, from 94 to fio, Cauae of aellirg out. ai^kneaa. Addreaa CHA8. ELWoOD, Poet Office. Washington. D C. oo 11 8 * A GENTLEMAN, WIFE, Boy of 5 yeara, in fantaud tur-e desires BOARD in a private family, on moderate tern** Two Rooma re?d*d. Addreaa 8. A. M , Star OfBoe. oo 1 St* WANTED IMMKDMT^LV-geveral good PANTALOONS MAKERS Non? othera ne^d apply (ool0 3'> E. OWEN k. CO. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A rood secondhand WHKKLLR * WILSON SEWING MACHINE. Addrrsa "N Star Office ool0-3t* WANTED TOSELL-A SHARPF.'S RIFLE, in perfect order and of the best eual ty ; or wil! ex-haige for a fine Spy gl&ta. Add'taa Box 129 Ci'y Post Offoe oo l^-8t* WANTED? All Dairymen to knaw that the Waahington Brewery having commenced brewing for the winter season, ther oan *et Freah Grnira ?ver? dav at 4 o'clock, at 'noenta per buahel. Call, one and ail. C. COLINEAU, oo 10-'iin* Cor K and Twenty aev* nth eta. WANTED?A SITUATION, by ayou'g man. an clerk or asaatant bookkeeper in a dry groda or noti- n house Han had 5 yeara experience in a retail dry goods house. Sala'y not *noh an object as a permanent situation The very beat of reference given. Addreaa X Y Box No. 1,031 Ba! imore Post Offi:e, whioh will reoeive

immAilittn aUcntiAn "* - * ....... ' nvn. Ug CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS A 3'J'J Pa avonue. se 18 WANTED-A WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron. To a satisfactory person good vagea will be paid. Apply at 4'.20 New York av , l>etw. 13th and 14th sts oc 1 WANTED? TAILORS. TAILORS-SI) Talon cunyeient to work on military roods. A pply G Wall. Stephens A i'o's. sett W ANTED, FOR THE CASH?All kinds of CKCOND HANI) FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaviti( the city or having a surplus will do well to cafl immediately. R. BUCHI.Y, <e 3 4 a* Ssventh. between G and H sts. WANTED.?We are now burins SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a ?urp!ns of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give js a nail. BO.NTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 'th at., betw. I ana K sts. OUR ZOUAVES-A beautifully tinted ENVELOPE, containing portraits of Cols. Hiknbt. Raxtkr and Gom.ivk. jn?t p*b ished by S. C. UP HAM. 31? Chesnut st... Philadelphia. *old in Washington by all Uookeeilers, Stationers and N*ws Peal?M. oo 10 3t U IV tn\ M L' II i ITUtoita nn so?? u >?-111 v?i/ v .? u .Ti? ?i * ui' rv i oL'o drv au n i? Ci Jus- pub lah-d by H. C 1JPHA.M.310 r'h?? nut (., Phi vl?!phia. a tieauti'u'ly tinted ENVEL (1PE containing portrait* of Cola. Cobcokan, Mkaohkr. and Mulligan, the Hero of Lexington, fo'din War hi tic to n by a'l Booksellers, i*tati>>n'ra and News Dealers. _ oo 10 St OFFICERS. SERGEANTS, CORPORALS AND SOLDIERS OF THE A RM v AND MILITIA ?The Amenoan Illustrated Military Text Book. by 2d Lieut. L. D. Williams, reo*atly Captain in the three month's service, la denenei t? t-xp ess by Drawing* the rudiments, manuals, sautes, elements of all formation* and movements, eto , eta. It is iava u*lve to tbo iwSMiiMld sodier. Over 2W illustrations Compiled fro??* Soott, Hardee, and tk* Regulations. One oopy 75 Muis In lots lor bttt hons, tUe trade, anJ sutlers, i reduced pr oe. J.C MORaN, UcokseUer. oo 10.12J14* 43S Pa avenue. n? ar ?t Reps AND POPLINS. Plaid and Plain, new. oh'ap and stylish things On* price only, marked id plair figures. PERRY A BRO, oo 9-5t Pa. avenne and Ninth at. Li'OR CHILDREN.-lirignt Paid , riob r wintered ra. Mocsselmer, Merinos, Chintzes, Ao Wi'h all other kind * of Ltry fincdl. Una price only, marked inpiain figure*. PIKRY4BFO., oo 9 5t ^Fa avenue andJNitth ?t. Butter, eggs and cheese?no 4*0 Eighth St., Bftwn Pa av and I) ft ?100 packages prime Butter just arrived, suitable for retailing. F. euh i >ts or inirg in regu'ar. in large and 'ma i packages A so. Fre?h Eggs and Cheese, at wholesale, at the lowest rates 00 3 HI* D E. DUTROW. PW. H. HAMILTON A C<>? KODUCk a. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 4 73 Ninth Strut, below R D alers in Hutt-r. Eggs, Lard. Hams, Pried BMackerel, Codfish. Cranberries, Apple*. Dried Applrg. Onions, Dried P> aches. Cracker*, and Cakes Pure Ciaer Vinegar, Ao. Goods delivered free of charge. oo 7 lw* Dr. WEEKS Will devote his timo to the oure of diseases of a ohrono character, n<> matter of how long standing nor how hope! as the* mar hf Rheumat'sm. Sorofula, eve<-y disease the numan sistom is subj -ct to. Twenty f ^ur hours will o nvince you, headache. Toothache, Neuralgia enrol gra is DH. WEFKS, HS3 Pa avenue. ID- No charge for oousultation. oc 7 6t* Navy agents office. Washington. n. C., Oot 7,1861. Propoaals will be received at tliia otfioe until the 15th mat (or 2 uoo iba. beat Ineot Copper, 3 0> o * " Banc* Tin, 1 oo? " " Blab Zino, 10 boxea XX L> 'I'm. To he delivered at the Washington Navv Yard, by the lat of Nov'mber next. tt.B BROWN, on 7- Ot (Repub.) Navy Agent_ PUTLEK9 WANTFD. "'REAT ADVANTAGES to b? found by BatIn k. and denier* >d Boot* and Shoes,at BEW YORK WH LK8AI.E BRANCH SHI ?UME, 34* Prnii?yivaiiiaavenue,(o?er? 11 Janney'a Shoe >tore.) * Mte We manufacture our own G oda, and sell at Jiew York priee*, thereby savinc freteht. Hsvint constantly on band a large Stock, we can aupply at a moment's < otioe. an* quartiti desired. A la-ite ai-ortment of 3 eole High-out Shoea, and Long-leg ti'>ot8. Sutlers hl>-tally dealt with. A oali ai< dealers solicited. iw7 I w'jiip.^ 3 ?* WM. B. IJNCK1,E3. 1TNION OYSTKR lJEPOT.-The ?nder?icn-d 1 reapeotf" ly announce to their^^ friends and the pub io that they willVFQtt I mj) DD6I1 their AlUlillMhinAnt nn 11 BP iioxt?41*0 oorner Twrlfti and K ate' Oys'er Mii-oker# wanted. wHm' "WORD & CO Soldiers, SOMETHING FOR YOU! Pock t Comb#. .....looenta. D<>. Looking SltiiM.... .....15 " L man Envelopes, par hnudred .6" 14 PWin do. do. 25 " Amhroty pes of Scott, MoCMIau.Ao., eaoa 15 " Sent by mail to any ad re?s. ALFRED #. ROBINSON, oo 6-5w* Publisher, Hartiord.Conn. WOOD FOR SALE?10 to ? 000 oords of Oak. Hiokort an<1 Pine Wood, standing situated within H o 2H mi es of the AnnapoM* Junction. Applv to A. DONALDeON, Hsvage P. O.. near Anuapolu Junction, Howard oounty. Md. oo 4-2 w* i ULIPAN AND ELEGANTES S BOARS. Also, a number of other celebrated brands, wholesale and retail. WM GROSSK, Havana Segar Store, tea lm cor. Pa av. and 6th st. Washington. PAYMASTERS' CASH BOXES, Favor's Patent Camp Cou, Camp Stool* from V cots to ft2 SO each. Blank sts. Comforts Pillow*, iron Bedsteads, Ae. For sue by JAS. C. AloGUIRE A CO., se 77 2w Coraer T^nth st. and Pa. ay. IARGE WHO! ES * LE AND RETAIL ^ STOCK UF Fall and M Inter Dry Goods, FOR CASH ONLY. HA Ml'.TON EASTER A CO., Nos. 199,901 A 403 Baltimorb St., Baltimokx, Have now in storo,?nd are constantly adding thereto. & large and varied stock of IMPORTI.D A^ D DOMES l ie DRY GOODS. uuiu1 iut > Bpirmia a* sortment of Colored and Blaok Dim* AiUs. Dee s Good* in every variety, 8hawls, Cloaks, and Mantes, KmDroiaeries. Lao??, Muslin Trimmings. Handkf tohiele, 8kirt?, L. O. ridKfs. Hosiery, Linen Goods and Housekeeping ArUoies m every possible variety. Mourning Goods of every deeoripuon, Placne e. Qailts, ' Unkets. Good* for Men's Wear, Alio, iftmestfe C lions and Domestic Goods of very deeoription. lor 1 oueehoiJ purposes. M?r?anis' wear, ana Farm and Plantation u e. Oar 8-.oek will be fonn l one of th* n>oet extensive and o >mp ete in i > United Stataa. Tke Foreign Goods, moet<y of our ova importation," carefully selee;ed by one of Uie irm reetaiac in Pari*, who sends as any aovelty ae soon aa it appears. our purokaeae being m Jargs mmntitU* and on tk* sun lirsetsfswu ttrmt and oar Mali* Fo* Cash klt. enables ns to mark oar good < at pnoaa vary advaaiagooas to Wk^UteU ss/iUis l buyers. | ?r , | AMUSEMENTS. T " B #JTfSoIr. 0?<-?<rl?" N"m""" "aartfflKa'EsaW'**" to ~ In A T*AO:C CH ??CT?m. _ , f*he will ?pr?*r thu ermine in h*r grmt f*rt of thf. itaman wifk. Mr. Bbh Ro?im in "Yoif Lif?'? in P>ng>T.w * T'BE COTILLON PARTY THAT W*8 TO 1 h?v? ttliea puce l??t Thar dty.ft* <?<M g% ?- & , avj V? d. vm po?t'On*1 JB t.H TUESDAY EVEN?Nu, ih I6ih Oo o J^E h*r Twke'a 5"cmra I atom* to oommmr (MB At 8 o'olack Per ??rderL c* ? M' . WE HON' R THE NAME WE BEAR.-lh? Third GK A > 1) a8" MB Y ot the *% GEORGE WASHING I ON QUADRILLE Jl AO^'OiATIuN will take place at CnomHi'^1 New Hi 1. n*ar oorner Pa av and loth un THURSDAY Oot. 17. "I ioket* SO om'i. artanittim a c*n lrman a.d adiev a aplend.d l>and h%a been . neated. It* I A FAYETTE AND THE STAR SPANQLED Li BANNER. Br Rrqaeat c f oar tnanr I ad? Frienda, the M?m ( er? of the LAFAYETTE CLUB Intend giving their NINTH GRAND COTILLON PARTY At Fianklik Hall, oor 9th aad D ata , On TUESDAY EVENING. Ootober 1*1. IKt. The Committoe pledge themeelvea that no pain* or exaen?e will b? apared to make thia equal g% to oor last Pa tv. A celebrated ?otillon band Jn I ia rfagefl for the ocaaion. Tiok-ta 10 oenta. a mitting a gantleiranUi? and iadica, ' oo I -3t* R'ls^MBER thi METROPOLITAN BOYS. MONDAY NIGHT, the 1?A. The members of the Metropolitan Club, No. 1, take pleaaare in annoaneit r to th'ir friend* % and th public in renetal that tha* intend JW airinc the;r Frurth 6rand COTlLL<'N/HA PART? at Troir'i Hall, 7th ?t., onHi MONDAY EVENING Oot M Theftrnmitt*# pledge themae vea that neitn'r pair* nor expenae will be apared to make thia the fo?t Part? of the si>&?on. splendid oot Hon mono his been enraged for the oocaaion Tioketa 50 oents, tc'm.tticg a gentleman aid laliea. Commute* of Arrangement* M Morria. Joae?h Fletcher, Win A Channcey. Bcni Learh oo!2 ?t* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! slvfsth, Abovr d8t. IMMENSE SUCCESS of the CAMPBELL MIN9TRKL8! IS f*TAR 1* STAR PER FOR M ERJ*. IN A CHOICE PROGRAMME EVERV NIGHT. Look oat for NEW YEARS CALL! FRESH NOVELTIES In Active Preparation. Admiaaion Twenty-five Centa. co 11 Dr. fi FORR. Agent. lm)r THE UNION '.? ELL WORTH CLUB. r The Firat Gr*nd COTILLON PARTY aA or the EPaworth C'nb will be given at S9 Stott'* Hall, cor Pa %v. and 20th at., o'm WEDNH DAY EVENING. Oct 1?. Th?Ui meiiMKTB pi-?Ko inai nenner [hid* nor ejpe^e will be spared to mako this the Ball of the ruon, Tickets ?1, nlmittme % rentieman ani ladies ? ommitlf* of Arranftmtmt* W. L. Philips, W. F..I>rurj, B. R. Reed. Floor Managtri. John Dant. David Biugor. C. S. I itchfie'd. peg 9-11,13.14* Dancing acadkvikr?prof. barnks, of New York, will loach Fashionable g% Panoinj: at Franklin Hail, corner D and iHh JH ets , Wedn'sdaj and Saturday afterru pu?/tM a d everinjts ; at Stott's Hal 2t>?h and Pa.MM av.. Friday afternoon ; at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard. Mon<1a? at d Thursday ev uine?. For p*rtioulara read tbe Xati ,nal Repuoiicfcaand c*l for circulars. oc7 Iw* ???? PERSONAL. I NOTICE. HKRKBY Notify th? public Mai nit harboring or entertaioi g .Mary Hon^erter, but known a? Molly Adam*, a runaway indentured apprentice, who left her home without m? knowledge or oonseuton last Fridav morning. 4th inst as th? law. in etch case* made and provided, will be enforo'd a*ainatany auoh person so iiffetding. She is between 9 au-110 years old dark eyes, and holds her self v^rv erect whi'e wa'king. on in .V* THOMAS J A 1)4 MM LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED AWAV-On the 1<*h inaUot, three don M IJLEj*. A liberal '???"' will b? *>?i 1 for their retain to me, at Raj'a Co%l Wh?rf, Geo "u town. P. C. (oel?->*) THO? YOUt>G. L??ST?On Frid?jr thelltn inat,on Pa. av.. between (> and 7th iti. ONE HUNDRED and EIGHTV DOI.<<* RR in Maryland not>??. A mitahle reward will be paid tr? th* finder on ret?roi?n the HimJKi**F. B WILSON, at No. 3-2T Pa. >t.. bet 6th and 7th ?ta oc 12 3 * IOST-A Iarae Memorandum POORET BOOK a with valaab'e papera onlv?in my name. A J>bwa! will he paid, bv Heine left at the offio? of W<H>rd-' Hotel f If 1 T. ? DRAPER |7?OUND?On my p' irisee ots Thuredav, *he F ?nth inat.. on 22d ?t .near th? old Gliaa Houn*, a am* I Biaok MAR F., about in han'a h-rh The own?-r ia r^qoeetcd to Q<>rne forward, prove propertr, pa* ohsr^ee, and take her awa* oc 12 3** J. K FH.K. TAKEN VP?On the 9th inafent. two at rayed HClRSES rhe owner i? requeated to r\ oome forward, prove pro?e>ty, and pay *]J?n ohargea P. SEXTON. oo 11 3t* 4*0 P it . between 2d and 3d. Ij*J<TR AY ?^ame to t*?# aubaorPer'a preraiaea, a at Tenallytown, D C.. a bay HORSE. C\ VS h IL r H hivh Tha /t?r*i?a? n> n K ? ? m uv vwuvi vwi uat o nun by proving property and pay in* ex pwieei"-" incurred for keeping, advertin^-Ao ooH-St JAMES PAXTON. ?C REW ARD ?Strayed or ?tol*n.on the 30th September, a tmt 1 red buff loCOVV.^M* She ?u in good oondition when ahe left. KT The above reward will b-paid for the re-JfeaJki turn of t&'d Cow to No 234 Maryland av., or for information that will lead to her recovery. ooll 2t* tffc REW AH D.? Loat. day before veet'rday, a ! <90 blank PROMISSORY N??TE HOOK,with about half the forma out oat. Aa the memorandum* a only of u ?e to the aubioriber, the above reward will be paid for ita return to my Lime Houae, on Ninth at., near the o&n&l. ooll-tt WM H. OOPKY. T^AKEN UP?On the premiaei of the iubiorib?r, I on 8th Ootober, one h ack and white COW, braaa knobi on the hor> a. The owner n requ-ited to come forward prove&aJka property, pay obargei, and take he.- away. LOtliS GoDFRY, comer of ooll St* 13th and P ?ta? Wuhmgtoa. f^AUGHT ASTRAY?A light BAY HORSE, vnn Monday, Sept.9th,near >avy Yard ffy He la about 12 hacda high aud liai a white _r. y upot on his nose. 1 nqnir? of T. K. <"larfc, Virginia av., between 9th and 1 th ?ti. oc 10-Sf GEORGE JOHNSON. ?t> REWARD FOB E4CH HORSE.?Foityf^ur Hor??n Shm cced ; the figure ' 1 lirari'du) /v? ? ? ? * * ws ?u VU HID IIKHk J?W Ol ftll CiCPpi i^^V' on", whmh ! & dark aural Any onedaliv-*?*? erin* the ab-ve to <be iu!?onbfr,a? bit Stable, baok of Clay's Hotel, will reoeive the above rewar.1. ?K? Ki ? J. H. DENNIS. HE WAK I).?Strayed away, on Wednesday, * th?2d mst.. from ?<*' Hl?densbnrf, ?\___ a bar HOK-K, about )6>? bands hisn, branded <?n the l??ft jaw witn the letter A hair rnboed Irom "lie of bishiodle** The fnder *ill reotive tne above rewind on leaving information o| his wnereatwats at tins office. o? in St* TAKEN UP.?By the snbsoriber. on the even in* of Ootober7th,r>B 7th street, near r\ I*, aii fron 6r?y HcRj'K, aN-nt 16 hands nulTVk high a d about 9 years old 'l he owner oan^^-" have hun bjr oalling at the northwest corner of 9th a>:d 1 street., prove property, and payitg charges oclW M. H. OoubRlcfi. 7H *-10 PER CENT. TREASURY NOTES of the varioas denominations are kept oa h?cd by the sabeoritora. with tit* view of aoooounodattuc their ouatomar*. oc 6-1 w R1G68 A CO. I\R M KOCH LI " CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. ad from iO'i Broadway, New York Branch office?346 Pennsylvania avenue, b?t?No 12th and 13th ?U., WMki: f*on, U. C. Corn*. Bunions, Soft Corn*. Callosities, Clab Nails, and Nail* penetrating tb* flesh, Ao , eur?d without oaasing pain or lnoonvenieaoe to tb* patient The Boot or Sboe oan ba worn immediately after the operation. Hi* treatment ts founded on the tno'iy rule of soienoe, ssoh a* all burgeon* will a ove. Hi* charces are quite moderate, tri flint indeed, oompared with the relief and satialaotion he afford* the uffersr Refers to the Physician* and 8urgeons of this oitr. Persons attended at their rooms or residenoes without extra oharfs, by !eavin( orders at 946 Pa. ave , bet 12th and tSth sts. oi I Ira* rpo M1L> TARY Q8F1CKRB AND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S OBNUINB HAIR DYK. The Best in the World, Tkd Only Reliabl* and HarmUtt Hair Dyt Known. Sold by all Dmciista; also, at Baaarioii's Patent Medioine store, i p. Patent Offioe, oor P k 7th, and M Gibbs's Hair Store, 349 Penn'a aveeae. where I a<<iae ntn h&YR it rra1im< ifA mml ?! Faotorv-Sl Barclayat.'ilit? '*? Broadway"> N. Y. oc ? lj V*AND ADVANCE OF THRARMYibft \JI ?*MITH dm not ?fauo?d the prio? of lua Clothing which he haaunat received end ia aelting off at anon remwkabielaw priori 6 i ve me a eall and satisfy joursclvee of the great birgains that ara bow offered every day at oMITH'S, No 46? Seventh at. oe I las (UflT RECEIVED, oaaof the largest stock, of W Now art Paahiona&leClotiiint ever offered ia Waahia*ton. which neat be eo'.d withia the next thirty day a to snake room for wiaterc?xii. Peraons wanting C'.oth n?,* rrr.iafcing Ooodi, Tmoka. Ha.i and Can. ahoald oall a on, aa now if tbe tune for bargains, at No 4*0 Here nth at, o, aotiu Post Oflioe ?<f iw> [ MM. wlla | ' auction salks. RUCTION PA LB* IN PBILADELPBU. wm ? smith"o?mf?/ Jtmefitmut, Ml Ck^nnt it. iton f k rtfiiw ? !- TUKSDaV aad saturday ? _ ., Mornlof at ) a IB- . . Fir* Tab> aod Pnoket Catlary. Hardware. F?n*y Gooda t*< apa. Oila, Hrafhaa. A? . Ac. Foreign aid Ton #?ti? " inland L>a?o" I o?i m-u every Tbwaiay Mora'ng o* U la* Br BARNARD A BUCKET. Aaotiooaora. TRUSTEE'* ?ALE -By nrta* of a deed of trMtv^m J oka w. Boikoroa, datad tke Oik Jnae, It*, mulii to e?ear* tka d-bt th*r*oa mmm noaad, to Baaj. P. M?xtayaad by the dl OI aata m i,'i.l wm Mil at tMiiotoa Ike 12th day orOctober 4 oV 00k i? 1 he *fter noon. in frOBl ol the p (infi, to the highest tudMr.tM following t? wit:? TV>a?pertaof Iota number 17 and It mod G'orgetown, b -f lriEir* at the red of:J fee m**eured ved on the of Fa la atreet from tkedirmii Im between lot? 17 and IS. aod running thence hum line east <8 fe*t, thfnee northerly to a V^ande^ aone no. S, beu>| * f*t from Fall* itrMt.tMM westerly to atone No. t, 46 leet, tnenoe loitW'r V> feet to the b**inniaf, being the wim yrewtiae* which George M. hotho'oc and ?there ooaveyed lo aaid Joke W. Hot Won b? d*d oi the ?th De oember. 18*3. with the buildinga the.e-.u Terms: Oue tkird of the pcrcheee bom; tiit. aad tka reaidne at six and twelve montha. tor which the pu'chaaers notea haanai iBt-re?t from the day of Bala, will be takan, ae-ared oa tka p nalwa. Dwdeattlia pu-rhiwi'i ei^ua. 11 ?he te'ma are not oiaiplied wi*h vithio three da*a from the day of aale, ike ?r miaaa will ba resold after a week a' pablie notice, at tka riak aad ooat of the defaoitt'g Btrekaaer. R. K. CRAWFORD. Trwste*. ?? to 2awlm* BAKNAKD* BUC*KY,Aeole_ Hy J. C. MoGUIRK A CO , Auctioneers. PAS AND OIL CBANDRL1ERS DINNF* V* Sit, Oilclotb. FvtNiTrBB. Ac.?Oa MONDAY MORNING. October lie-to o'clock, at u?? honae recntly oocap ej by A. Dieket.a. Eaq., F at, n?ar Thirteenth at., we akall sell? A nun her of G a Chandeliers, Brackets. Oil Chaadeliera, a d Lamp*, Oilcloth and Straw M<vttirg, < hairs- Tahtea, Cartama, Cornice, Dinner Set. Giasa Ware, A c, Ac. Term# oaah. ] J. C. MoGUIRF. A CO., Aacta oo 11-d (K?hMM? ) MARSHAL'S SALE?In virtae of t writ of fieri taoiaa i*an?d from the Clerk'a Office of tne Circa<t Court ot t^ePiatnct of Col am bta and to m direoted, I Will rxpoae to Public aaJe, for CM1, in front of ?he Bank of \\a?hir(toa. on TUESBaY. the J2d day of October :n>UiL ooemenrinc at 9 o'olook a m , t*<e fol:< w:nr *001a and cbattela, to wit, vfg: Marble-top Preaainc Ba 'ean ; Mantel Clock ; lot Mante1 Oraameata ; Freroh P?'e Mantel Glaaa; Caie arat arxl Face; Chaira; Heriateada. Bed dint. and Mattreaaee ; Glaaa and Chi'* Ware; 1 Globe; lot Rank eta. Featfcer Ped?, Bolatrr* and Pillowa; lot Ptctereei lot Braaeela Carpet; 1 Piano and Cov#r; lot Blioda. 1 Chamber: 1 Mahogany Glaaa; Oileloth. *? .,?and at 12 o'olook, I will eell, aoder ea<d fieri fiaolaa, lot of Oak I.amber, at the Cane Factory of Jamee Crutoh?tt. eeiaed and levied upon a* 'he goode and ohattela of Jame? Oratokett, and will be eoid to Mtiafy JuHictalaN'o to Jacaary term, 1?W, la favor of Walla A Miller ?*. Jamea Cratohett. W. SELDKN, 00 11-U !,??? IT s. Mara ha! D. C. Marshal's sale.?in virtae of a writ of ion faoiaa laaaed from the Clerk'a Ofr.c*> of the Ciroait Court of the Piatriet of Colaaabia, ana to me directed, I will expoM to public e?le,o? TUESDAY, the 15tk of Oetooet, eommencirg a* W n'nloAk a ? ?.V -a ?? * - ? m.| iv u??u, ?i m*" unrf mom oj Cha-ies We.rmnr', situated on 7th street No 4ft*. id the oitv of Washington, ?be following soodaand chattel', to wit: A lot <<f iriaee* and children* J-hoea Lot of Draws, lot Gl*ea Caees, and lot of Straw Mattinc, a? ixl and tevied upon as the goods aod chattel* of Charles Wiwman. ar,J will he aoid to <atiefy judicial j No. 4. to October trm uwi in favor of Jftmes KurdeD.aleo rent due Z. C. Kobhina WARD H. l.AMON. PC Vd U. Mmahal, D C. Br THOMAS DOW LING, Aeetiopeef, CHANCERY' SALE?By virtue of * d?*or?e of the Cireuit Court of tr e Diairiot fColumb.a for the oounty of \\ aahmcton, siiticg m CUcoert, and earned in a oaos* wherein Henry Walker etal. a ee <mf ainanta.and Elizabeth Walker etal are d>fenda ta 1 aha 1 proceed to aell, ou the preniaea. on Tu acay, the i.'tn day cf Octjb r, at 3 oMork, part of Lot nam ered twenty twojJ^i id I homee rtea'I's of Get.rce'a, A dition to Geor?etowr,lyn g ia theooi o r i fWu the lint-ioto Co.utiI is,which ladeao'U^d and boat ded aa f -1 ow?,to wit: The moat soother j e rbt'en feet front of a? id lot, extending back thirty feet; thru no th. parallel with Waahiocti n atreet. two fee'; then weal, parallel with Bridge street, thirty feet more: then sooth twe iy feet, nntti it mteiseeu ti e south line of aaid lot numbered twen'y two. together with tae improvem-nta thereon. Terms of sale, aa preacri^ed by decree : fue'hird of tbe purchaee money to t? paid in cash, a> d the reaidue in two e*. al 1 natal meits at ais and twelve months, hearing intereat from the day of Mie, and soured by the notes or ootids of the puroMaar. With good and sufficient personal aeour.ty, to be approved by the Truatee EDW'D SWA NN, Truatee. ae 34 ttaw&da THOS. DOWL1NQ. Auot. Rf THUS IKIVVl IMC TBMU9TKE*8 HALF -Vy'^rtae oTa deed of trust dA ted A in I 5, lftM, and recorded in UMr J. A. K, No. 1U fo lot ?7, i wi 1 o#>r for ea e, a? puhlioe acotion, on* 16th day of Ootober next. a*. 4 ?",ol >ck p m ,on Ik preimree, all those pieces of g roiud in Georgetown. deter i ted u follows, V s: 1. All thst pnrt of lot seventeen. (17.1 ia old Georcetown, beginnirg for its b u'd?. atthe end of Ute third line of Mid lot. on Fa is street, nod runcinc theme, by and with Falla street. ea*? ihtr'y-three feet, theno* no a boanded atone. No. S, teir.g n Let? five feet from Falla atreet thenee westerly to a bounded atone No S, f?>rt?-fcv* feet, to in'erseo. said third lire of lot seventeen, being uinety fire feet from Falla atreet, and ttenoe southerly, with sard third tin* to the beginning, w th the ims t.vem?r t?. a Also, that moiety of lot eighteen of old Geor* et->wi, be/ inning, jor its bom da, at the enaUiwest corner of lot sevnteep, being wester y. from bonodarT No *6.58& feet, and in the line of Falla atreet. and running with >ot aeveeteen, north to Prospect street, thence with the line of Prospect atreet wester y thirty three feet, thence with a line drawn aonrherlr. para'lel witn the first line to Falls street and ihecoe with said street eaat, t j the beciocicg. with improvements Terms uf aa e : Une third of the pnrol-ase money to lie paid in oah.and the reaidne in two eqnal instaimnnts, at six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured by deed of trust. Terms of sale to be complied with within one week after the rale, or the property may be reeo'd at the risk and ooat of the purchaser, after oee weeks' notioe. EDW. TAMMACK. Trustee. as86 3awfcds THO*. DOWUNG, Asot NU UTICK -SALE OF PITTSBURGH. WAYS* ASD CfflCAGO RAlLRuAD py virtue 01 a a?cree 01 lb* (Jiromt Court of tbe Doited States for the northern d strict of Ohio, in a oause m Zahanaery therein deperdmf. wherein Charles Moian and others are comsla oants.sbd the ?itubnrcb, Port Wayae an<i Ctiovc F v road Company and others are defendant*; anu pursuant to auxiliary decrees of the o rosit oourts of the United states for the western district o! Pennayl-ao a, the dlstriet of I cdiaca. and the northern dlstriolo* Illinois respectively, ia cause* deve-a int n chancer* ia said Courts respect.\e *.wherein the tame parties are oomplainants sod defendants respectively, as iu said cause first above mertioned, the undersitned, John F*rns>D axu fhonas K- Walker, as Grantee* in Trust and rustee* in one of toe several Deeds of Tract or Mortsac* upon which said decrees are founded, and a'so a* bpeoia. Master Commissioners of tha said Court- respectively, duly appointed by eaid Courts respective!* for that vura.>*e. wil' re:i st public auction, to the highest bi der, for < tsli, bat for cot>ss than the saut of at t^? LaiMd Mate? Court House, ia the City of Cieveiau't. in the s"tate of Ohio, on the Sttb day o' October, A. I>, 186', between the hour* of ten o'c ><>?; a m ar d lour o'olock p. m.. of sa.c da*, tiie following de soribed property,to wit: The haiiroed of tue Pittsburgh. Fort Warn* and Ch caco Railroad Company, ino udint lh? right of way th'refor, ths road-bed thereof, the sup ratruoture of all sorts thereon, it* water and other atioa house* and ahoea, and the ^odi ai.d found* oonneoted therewith, and all tools and imp ementa uaed or provided to be need Uiereie, ana in oonatrnotiog snd repairing ear* and maohinery fnr eaid road, or the traot and snperstraoturra aforesaid; ail tnrn-tablea; all depots and builcitiga and fixtnree and structures of whatever name or natare, and the aoda acd i'oulCi oonnected tber', aaed or preview: to be as^i in operating eaid road and belonging thereto, and wherever aitaate; and all oars, engines ard ro.ling etoe* be&gmg to eatd Co? eany: and all s*?pli?s of tim. Inmber-iron, fnel, and every other thing provided by eaid Companies, or by th* several orifteaj Comeanie* whioh were ooaeohaated into naid Pittanurgh. Port Wayne aad Ch<eage kai road, &be need in operating eaid road.wherevar annate, uie same tite by wViah the earn* are hoUea by aid Company. or by aad original Companies, eeveraliy together, with a 1 ooreorauve f anchisee o( said Comaaay, aad or ths eaid original Cow pa nie? severally, mending U? right and fra. chise of eaic several Companies to b* and aot as a Corporation. to be sold as an entirety. isalo decrees srovidp that the pa chase*, spoa the oontrmauoB of the sale aad tall e mp ianoe with the conditions thereo , shall bo d all the propert*. rights, franchisee, and the appnrt-nanoee thereof so eold. t>y the sane title bv whion they are held by eaid rittehargh, Fort VVa?t.e and Chicago Rati R -ad Company, aac each and all of Mid origiaal Companies, free from the lien of a!! said mort> gagee. aad free from alt liability for any debts against sa d origiaal or eoneolidataM Companies, or either of them, and from all e aims on aoooent of capital a took ; but n*rtrtk*Utt, to the liena if any aeoh exist, upon any rrai estate included id the sale, for parehaee money thereof a t provided t r said decrees to be paid oat of tf.e proceeds of the ??! nr K? fnmar * - be rud other vim Tbe ngC of way, depot rr???*a ami lots, and .ar.da in tbe ity and noiaity ofQirfoa*o. pa re haw d Ly paid Company aiaeeUwawd* ay of aaid aaita, ud the brldx* property aaU ott? real aetata of tbe Company at tha C?ti*f Pi'teb^rcb, are anbi^ot to mori?a?a liana Tka aaia wilTbe laoladed m the aala bat aabjaet to aai4 laenmbtaooea, no i^oneion b?en n ada tor Ua paymentthereof. JOHN PKtOtAOX. THOMABE WALKER. Trcateea, aad Maitar Con miaaioaara. aaaiur aatd, educational. PLAINPIKLD ACADKMV. Nu> C.ainim. a Pa..? letaeaaion (SB vaeka) oommteae M?Timair 4. Thorouih iaatraotion aod ik? eomfwta of Tom*. Circu are at Star u?ee WiU.te at Martin'a Hotel October 17th ; ot a4drea? _ IVASHIN6TON ANDOEOIGKTUlVJi KM. _ MAI K HEMl VAft i? w. * t'OilD the 04T rc??*L, i*? 4S F*i iwn ?-* ??4 7U m? , W*ik **i-? ; #. 151 Ifwl ?< , Co?r$?tiwn. rkld?UHorthulMUMI.M VMI tMIM< ?? ?2~. "j, ^bs:

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