Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1861 Page 3
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V -V .* _ LOCAL NEWS. IET Though The Sta* U printed on th? fastest mm pre In bm truth of Baltimore, iu edition ! w Itrjje es to require It to be pnt to preM at an aarly hoar: Adwrtiitmmts, therefor#, ahould be eat In before 13 o'clock * ; otherwise they may may not up peer until the next day. The Huiiit Cas* uroii thi Oipha^i1 Coobt. Jcd?b Pticill.?Tkt t'Stimnnv %f Lt Barn4j'i mother and tultr ?Anoik't startling " ?pindi" tit CMrt ?At the miIor of tbe Coort resierday morning the examination of wltnenaes for defence wan continued Air * Stetl* (aister of Llent Barney) testified aa to her Intimate and confidential relation* with her brother and hta family when they lived on R street and on Twenty-first ?t Wltneaa lived In the ssme boose with them, aomettmes for three, sometimes for alz month*, u a guett: lleed next door but one to tbem for several month*; uaed to go to tbe house at all hoar* of tbe day and nlgbt; would take ber meal* there; and bad opportunities of ascertaining ber brother'* relation* with bla children. Wltneaa always found htm a kind, devoted and affectionate father, and never unkind to kls children, and tbe children affectionate toward* bim In alckneao be waa very kind to tbem, and did all a gentleman could In tb*way of nursing, and was also very anxloua about tbem The children were s great deal In hia room, because on account of bis deafness he spent much time with tbem. The children were pretty much a* other children?well clad and well-cared for? and were rerv bright for their ares Chssey In? I At tbi* point a acene occurred which we canproperly describe without a word or two of explanation. Tbe judge aits on a dais about two feet above the level of the floor of the court room. Directly In front of hi* deak, about four or Ave feet from It, ia tbe table at which tbe counsel, Ac . are seated When tbe examination of Mrs. Steele commenced. Mr. Linton seated himself In the clerk's chair, which Is between the Judge's desk and the table Thus seated, be faced the table, with bis bark towards tbe judge. Mr. Barney and bis mother (Mrs Barney) were on Mr Linton's right, and tbe witness on his left, all being within a few feet of each other. Daring the examination, Mr. Linton onceor twice objected t? Question* pat to the witness bv Mr. Davidge, and several times looked towards the witness and addressed remarks to ber. Mr Barney, soon after the examination commenced, came aroand tbe table and stood by tbe side of his sister, (the witness ) At the point where the testimony Is broken oil above, Mr Linton was looking towards tbe witness, Mr Barney suddenly advanced a pace cr two towards the judge, and addressing him, and pointing towards Mr. Linton, said, excitedly, " Will your honor remove that man? He Is saxing at the witness very Impertinently." Mr. Linton (who Is In s debilitated condition) slowly rose, and grasped his stick, (a stout black cane,) wblchrwas lsylng on the table As be did so he exclaimed. "I will knock your G?d d?d head off " As Mr Linton was about to advance, Mr Barney put his band In a aide pocket, ss if to take out a weapon, when he was Immediately surrounded by bis sister, (Mrs. Steele,) the bailiff, and one or two gentlemen, who restrained him The scene was now a very exciting one, and all in the room ross to their feet, with two or three exceptions. Tbe judge kept bis seat, and commanded his offlcer to "Arrest those men?both of them?take them into custody st once " The reporter kept bis seat, although bis bead was too nearly "In range" to make bla position s comfortable one, and be was not entirely reassured by Mr. Linton's second exclamation to the parties around Mr. Barney, "Let him go, ad?d coward, be wouldn't shoot a loose " Bv the exertions of the bailiff snd other peacemakers, quiet waa ultimately restored in a measure when Mr. Fendall rose and with much feeltug said that if such scenes were to occur, and parties were to be threatened in court, be would at once withdraw from the case Tbe Court said that the scenes which had occurred here dally could not be tolerated in a court of jnstlce, and any party violating tbe decorum of tbe court hereafter should be promptly arrested. The Judge then beckoned Mr Barney to approach. and said that be (Mr. B.) would not be allowed to bring a weapon into court. Mr Barney replied that be only carried It for elf-defence. Tbe Judge said he must surrender it. Mr Barney aald he would take it out of court. Tbe Court assented, and Mr Barney went out, followed by his counsel, Mr. Davldge. They returned in a few minutes, when tbe examination of Mrs Steele was resumed, Mr. Linton taking tbe same seat ) Witness never in her whole life saw ber brother Intoxicated ssore tbsn half a doten times, if that oftan, and never saw blm so before his marrhge. W ltness was eery certain she never saw blm Intoxicated or unduly affected by liquor In presence of bis children Witness meant by Intoxication slightly under tbe influence of drink The last time wltnee* ssw him so was about fifteen mon'hs ago, when bis mind was greatly excited by his wife leaving Pranoe and coming to this country under a fictitious name, leaving the children Mr. Linton objected to this evidence concerning Mrs Barney Tbe Court sustained tbe objection; and. by agreement of counsel, tbe words "under a fictitious name" were stricken from the record. Witne? on no other occasion saw her brother without the control of bis thinking faculties For the laat eighteen months ?he has seen a great deal of him, living in the same bouse with him, except on two occasions, when he went to France, and in that time he tai lived a more quiet life than when be lived on E street. He has spent his time home evenings, and occupied mo*t of b's time la translating a French novel. Witness' brother has necessarily taken a el ass of ale at dinner. He waa always In the habit of giving bis children religious Instructions The only additional facta elicited bv cross, examination were that Mr. Barney's wife was with him all the time on E and Twentf-flrst streets; and that witness, on tbe occasion alluded to, knew ber brother haa been drinking, because she perceived it on his breath and clothing, al> ' way* knowing be never touched stimulants; also, be almost always drank ale only, though brandy and water aad whisky and water were on bis v table ? Mrs. Mary Chan Burnty (mother of Lieut. Barney) sworn ?This witness also testified to ber Intimate aad confidential relations with her son's f?mllr? and her opportunities of knowing his habits He was foolishly devoted 'o bis children, and they were a 1 wars beautifully drrsaed Never witnessed any anklnd and anfatberly conduct to tbem, aad never saw htm raise his band against Chasev, except tbe other day, on Seventh street, wbea he(Cbasey) wns insolent. [Wltnean added, jscie ? <?, "If be had been my son I should have whipped him "J Witness never kuew a more affectionate tether than her son, snd tbe children were very fond of him Cbasey waa particularly devoted to bia mother, Neddy to his father [Mr L.inion Dere aaaresaeo a question to Mrt Harney, bnt ahe made no tniwef. He repeated It, but ahe atill remained silent. The Court said Mr Linton could question the witness on croaa-examlnatlcn ] Mr Barney, on Sunday morning, would have the Btb'e and Episcopal prayer-book, and call bla children around htm On E street hla habits were very good, and witneaa never saw him drank. There was a supper at hla bouse every night, and hot whisky punch was passed around, of which ladles partook as well aa gentlemen Never saw him when he had not control of his faculties He has been continually wi h witneaa In the last 18 inontha when he was In the city; their relationa were very intimate, and he would not bave kept up under his troubles but for her devoted attention. He passed hlseveatngs In hla own room, reading He waa perfectly aober all the time, a pint of ale at dinner being the only liquor brought into the bouse, of which witness would herself take a tumbler fnll Witness knows Alexandrine Parflatt since October or No[ veanber, 1800 First aaw her at witness's bouae 1 on Seventeenth street Witneaa attempted to talk to her la English. Mr. Devidge ?"What did ahe say?" Mr. Kendall objected, and aald the counael to impeach the testimony of the witness, must conlite himself to time, place, and circumstance Witneaa continuing, teat I fled that Alexandrine said she could not understand English She "no comprehend," and evaded wltn%a?' Interrogations, and witness then apoke to her In French A lexandrtne told witneaa ahe waa unable to carry oa a conversation In Engllah. r*be (Mre B ) meat peak la Trench Witness could get no satisfaction from her at thla time about the alleged liberties with little Hebe, and witneaa followed her ur>. and aaw her at Mrs Smoot'a. where ahe lived. iid bad another conversation Mr Fendall objected that no such conversation bid been tretifled to by Alexandrine Mr Davidge Hid that Alexandrine bad teatlfled to another conversation with Mrs Barney about " two weeks ago " W itneaa said abe bad no eon venation two weeks ago with Alexandrine. The Court said tbat unless tbe witness (&lexsndrtee) bad tcattfled to tbe conversation at Mrs ^moot's, ber testimony could not be impeached by Mrs Barney's account of tbat conversation. Court adjourned till fa>-day, 11 o'clock. Bwtn ill Gssss ?On Wednesday, in cotnf'Uaace with tbe law and obedience to ord? rs, be oAesrs of tbe Fifth Wsrd began their operations upon swine and geeae In tbelr precinct, driving them off t. tbe city asylum. On Thursday the work was continued by tbe oScers to the Seventh Ward Thla la one of the most disagreeable of the dotlee devolving upon tbe police eAeera, and le nsoallv attended with dlfllcnltles tbat load te trials la tbe Criminal Conrt for as Malta, rcataUag officer*. Ac. So far we have board of no aerioaa mlitaoca of lb? oficara Vioiijt ? L*?t night, a aoIdler, um?d Pw on. ww foaod wring about tbe ?treefa. drank and far too* yell np and wbooptog He was ao ?loirit ifeat it required four poliremrQ to lake hi a to tbe aUtlou. By bit reatatance bo worked L'.mmU 0*1 I bia abirt and panUioona, bat Ibo offiera aoccoeded la lifting bim from I be ground ?.i4 carrying bin to tbo atottoa. !*H0C?i50 Mvbdsb ?Last evening, between the hours of 6 and 7 o'clock, a horrid murder was committed at a small frame bouae on Third street, south of F, on the Island it appears that the front room on the ground floor of this house was occupied by an Irishman named Thomas Morris and his wife?formerly Margaret Kane. Mrs. Julia Cahlll, who occupies the back room, same floor, went out yesterday evening, about 5 o'clock, to a store In the neighborhood. 8h? left Margaret Norris alone in the front room, sitting on the floor with her back agaist the wall. When Mra Cahlll returned about half aa hour afterwards, Thomaa Norrlawas in the room, and his wife was lying on the floor dead, or dying, with the blood runring from ter head and face. Mrs. C. asked Norris what was the matter, when he said hia wife bad fallen against the chair. She (Mrs C ) then raised an alarm, and Norrla was arrested and examined before Juatice Stratton last evening, who committed him to tail. Rlood was found on his band* ?nd around hSa finger natla The only furniture in the room occupied by Norria and bia wife waa two amall tables, one broken cbalr, and one or two tattered quilts Wben the officers came to the bouse, one of these quilts was wrapped around the body, wbicb was lying on tbe floor, snd a large pool of blood waa near tbe body and spattered about the floor and wall A pop bottle, half fall of whiaky, was in one corner. One witness, lsst evening, testified to chsrging Norris with killing his wife, when he exclslmea, "Yes, G?d d?n her, she is gone An Inquest was held this morning, when the facts we bsve stated were testified to, a* well as Morris's previous ill treatment of his wife, who wss about 30 years old. Dr. Willet examined the wounds, snd found one on tbe left side of the nose sbout bslf an Inch wide and three Inches deep, made with a sharp inatrument; one over the left eve, also made with a sharp Instrument, and a bruise under the left ear Dr. Wlllet wss of tbe opinion that the wounds caused her death. Pkkssxtatto* or Silvxk Plat*.?Last Wednesday evening, Hon John F. Potter waa presented with a splendid silver pitcher, goblets and sslver by bis Wisconsin friend* at Clay's Hotel. The presentation was made in behalf of tbe donors by Mr Holden, of the Sixth Auditor's office. In a neat speech, to which Mr. Potter responded 1 in a few appropriate remarks. The pitcher beara tue following Inscription: Presented to Hon John F. Pottkr By bla fellow-citizens of Wisconsin, now In Washington, iu wicn ui iDcir nig a epprccisuan of hit service* aa Chairman of ihe Committee of the Houae of Representatives appointed Jul* 9th, A.D 1?81. to investigate caaea of disloyalty to the Government. Among others, the following Impromptu sentimenu were offered on the occasion : 1. Onr distinguished guest?the fearleas defender of the freedom of speech and faithful representative of hla constituency- May hla future be as glorioua as hla past has been honorable and patriotic 2 "J F. P Justice; fidelity and patriotism? the three distinguished characteristics of our guest, the Hon. J. F Potter. 3 Toe disloyal men in the employment of the Government. May they be aa clay in the bands of the Potter, all to be fashioned Into vessels of dishonor. Anothkk sufkbrka. ? Editor Stnr : I unite with your correspondent, ? A Subscriber," in complaining of the outrageous depredations committed upon the crops of the formers in the vicinity of Washington, by the soldiers stationed at the different camps. That there are many in the different regiment* who are thieves from inclination and habit, I am sorry, but compell'd to believe Tbat they are permitted thus to depredate upon our citizens ana disgrace the uniform they WMf ia tn h# lampntt).)- *m* *?. ? -- -- - - WW ...MVHK.W, UIIU, UIC hi say. iUC responsibility lies with the ?fflcera of the regiments to which they belong If the Colonel?, Lieut Colonel*, Ac , will do their duty In a proper manner, thoae living near the encampments will have no occasion to complain of depredations upon their gardens, fields, or fruits, nor of insolence from the men. From the order published in your paper from Col. T F. Brodhead, of the Michigan regiment of cavalry, I will warrant there will be no thieving or trespassing by his men; that tbey will take nothing without leave, nor anything without paying for It. The Rhode Island regiments have won an enviable reputation In this respect; they are honored ana applauded by all; let others emulate their example. Let regimental officers look to the morals and manners of their men, as well as to their performance of the manual exercise, marching, Ac. a farmer and scrmair. Fatal Accidknt. ? Yesterday afternoon, as workmen were employed In hoisting the composition used In making gravel roofs, to the top of a smsll bouse belonging to Mr Jas. Wise, on Seventh between G and H streets, the fastening gave way, and the hoisting apparatus fell to the rrfnn n/4 A ? <?-? * * *-* ? ? 41 * * m ~ a I'uumii vi it 1CU upon IQC QH1Q OI B little girl, a daughter of August Matt, who, with her another, bad been visiting at the houae of Mr. Sellhausen. who reside* In the adjoining dwelling The weight of the falling timber crushed the poor cbild'a aknll, causing the b-aln to protrude. Surgeons were promptly on the apot, but no human skill could avail, and death ensued In a very short time. The distress of the parents, who are just about making their residence In tbia city, can only be Imagined Tbey formerly realded In Baltimore. An inquest waa deemed unnecessary, and the Coroner waa not noticed The number of accident! resulting from the insecure bracing and fastening of derricks, cranes, scaffolding, Ac , should warn workmen against leaving any part of such contrivances in a doubtful condition. Their own siMy, as well as the safety of passers-by, should dictate the upmost care Victimizkd ? Last night, about 7 o'clock, the police of the Fourth Ward found a soldier lying in front of the Bank of Waahington, in a very helpless condition?so helpless that the officers did not think be got there without beln^ carried. The first impression waa that he waa ximply drunk; bat his subsequent actions Indicated something mere serious He was taken to the Central station and placed In charge of the military there, wh-re be gave hta name as Lieut L Raton, tt)d Pennsylvania regiment. This morning, Roundsman ( ronln, wbo suspected foul play, Inquired If be had lost anything; and was told at tbe station thnt he was S55 short of money, as well as other articles of value to htm The probability la that h' was drugged and robbed, and then laid where be was found His cap was nowhere about wben be was discovered, and It Is probable that it Is at tbe place where he was victimized. The case will be investigated by the police. Pabsdb.?Yesterday afternoon, the '?id Massachusetts regiment, Col Henry Wllaon, appeared upon tbe A venue with their splendid band and drum corps, and marched from Flrat to Thirteenth street, and by F and Foa'teenth streets to the Avenue, and returned to their temporary quarters near tbe depot The regiment numbers ab <ut I.4UI men; and tbeir marching and evolutlous indicate that tbey have been cared for in the school of tbe company A few weeks instruction in the HChool of tbe battillon will make it one of lue most t-fflcient corps In the volunteer service Tb s regiment has a battery and a company of sharpshooter* Police Mattibj? Before Justice Clark.?On Thi>rsdav, the police of the i*econd Ward picked up Bill Keves, alia* Bill Monkey, a well-known colored Individual, for being drunk In tbeatreet. He wu cent to the workhouse for sixty day*. James Kooues snd Catharine Smith were taken up for fighting. Th?y were lectured upon the Impropriety of their behavior and dlsmlased. Be/ore Justice Barnaelo, Yesterday ?Mary Lynch, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 days. Antolne R upper:, selling liquor without a license; fluedfc&W. 8?wt Back ?Yesterday, about 0 o'clock, Mary Lynch was discharged from the workhouse; but before 11 o'clock she bad again got In a ''weavln* way," and among her old associates in Goat alley raised quite a muss, to the great annoyance of the well diaposed Patrolman Beall picked up the say and festive lass and took her before Juatlce Barnaelo, who sent her to the palace again, for ber aptrtUnl Improvement Not appreciating the good Intentions of the Justice, Mary got aulte unruly on the way, breaking the buggy sua smashing thlnga generally. No Moil PiaxiTS ?The many complaints from various neighborhoods In which balls and dances are usually given by colored persona, and tbe necessity for dAailing men especially to attend and watch tbem, have been represented to Superintendent Webb of the Metropolitan Police, and we learn that he has decided to grant no permits tor any auch balls or dances The steady and sober portion of the colored population are greatly In favor of tbe new rule; but the colored fancy" Is bitterly aggrieved thereby. Visirsas to tbi Asmy ?It may save many good people some money snd disappointment to wie mai u 1a imp asioie ror we rrovoai muou to grant passes to the many persona who call upon him for permission to visit relatives In camp on the Virginia aide Gen McClellan's order sgalnst each visits, except In cues of extreme necessity, Is imperative. The discipline of the army is Injured bv too freqoent visits to thesoidiera. However painful the restriction may aeeon to be, it is ladlepenatble sa applications have become altogether too numerous. CsiitraL Gcardhocbe Casks ?John Taleon, disorderly conduct; ftned <6 M. Mary Whitaker, do ; do |S M Caroline Snider, do ; do. 8ft 94. W McCaffrey, drank and disorderly; do SIM J VV. Pearson, do ; turned over to the military. 5?t*at Honsx* ?Elsewhere will be seen the advertlaement of Mr. J H. Dennis of forty-live stray horse*. A reward is offered for the delive* ry of the horses at points mentioned la the advertisement Dsath or Command** Mat. U. 8. Nm.? Commander William May, U 9 Navy, died at bla residence on the Eastern Shore of Maryland^ on the 10th Instant, In the fortv sixth year of his age He was a son of the late Dr Frederick May, of Waahlngton city, and contracted the diaeaae to which be fell a Tldlm while In tbe discharge of his dutv aa executive officer of tbe flag ship on the Mediterranean In 185? The deceaaed w?* a native of tbe Dlatrlct of Colombia, and entered the nary In 1831. He served nearly eighteen years at sea out of tbe twenty-eight yeara and seven months that he was attached to the navy He was a brother of thf.Hon. Henry May, of Baltimore, and his funeral will take place in this city this afternoon, at three o'clock, from tbe residence of Dr. J.F.May The Hon Henry May, who has been A I as rM.? I - #. . I ! > .. uuu Uiif u IU r uri lj?iay ?ur, ww rrirum yrainuay, and will reach here to-day In time to attend tbe funeral. Bkokxx-bank Notis ? Some mean fellow yesterday gave a aallor p five-dollar Columbia Hank note. In change for good money. The poor fellow disposed of the genuine money he received for necessaries he required, and reserved the bogus as most certain of passage here He complained to Juatice Walter, who advlaed him to ascertain tbe name of the party who gave It to htm, and have him arrested. There are many auch caaes happening now. In^uut.?Yesterday. Coroner Woodward held an Inauest upon the body of a colored man named Theoaore Cblsley. who was stabbed In the riot in Georgetown last Wednesday nlgbt. Tbe verdict rendered was tbat the deceassd csme to his death from wounds Inflicted with a bowle knife in the bands of George Jones. Jones was fully committed to anawer for tbe murder, aud his companions held as accessaries. Othrr Candidates ? Amongst tbe candidates for the vacant place of Register of Willi we hear tbe following mentioned in addition to those heretofore named by us : Mohi Kelly, J G. C. Kennedy, Dr. Powell, Gilbert L. Giberaon, and Wm. Crlpps. Thbatrr?To-night Miu Denln, who hna proved so attractive in comedy, will appear In tragedy aa ?-Bianca." In "The Italian Wife." She ii aaid to be remarkably efl'ective In this part. In the afterpiece we have Mr. Rogers In one ef hit moat amusing characters. Billiards.?Thoae wishing to enjoy the elegant and healthful game of billiards to tbe best advantage, should visit the Atheneum Saloon of Messrs. Miller & Simpson, 430 Pa. avenue. It will be seen they have reduced the prices to suit times. Go to Odd Fellows' Hall to-night without fall. One of the richest programmes of the season Is prepared?a bill that would convulse a hypochondriac in spite of the blue devil's utmost. India Rubber Ponchos.?A very desirable Water-proof article for horsemen ana others for three dollars each, and white India Rubber Coats, slightly imperfect, for 8*2 50 each, at the India Rubber Warehouse, No 306 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth sta. oc 10-tf Attrition, Soldiprs !?Protect roar health. No sensible man will leave thecitv without a supply of Hollofpay's Pills and Ointment. For Wsunds, Braises, Sores, Fevers and Dysenter y these m*dioines are the best in the world Kvery Enclish and French soldier uses them. Only 35 cents per box or pot. eoSlw PlRNIBft. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exchange at the Star Office oounter. tf MARRIED At the Parsonate of the M. E Church, on the l?tb instant, by the Rev. Mr l.anahan. Mr. JOHN H. ANDhRSON to Mis? ELMONIA V. DEN NISON. On Thursday, October l"*h. by Rev. Dr. Gurley, Mr GEORGE WASHINGTON HAGEK to Miss MARY VIRGINIA MOSELEY, all of Washington city * DIED, On the 12th instant, MARTHA ELANOR, daughter of Y. P. and Martha E. Page, in the 5th year of her age. Her funeral will take place from the house of her parents, 477 E st? on Monday, 14th inst, at 12 o'dlook m The friends and aoquaintanoes are <nvited to attend, without further notioe. * On the morning of the 12th inst., ELIZA BETH ANN, wife of Nathin Bruinfield, in the 46th year of h*r age. Deareat mother, thon hast left us, We thy loas moat deeply feel; But 'tis God that hath b*ret us, He oan all our sorrow heal. Yet, again we hope to meet tiee, When the day of life is fled. And in heaven with Joy to greet thee, w'hare no farewell tear is shed. Her funeral will take place at Graos Church, tomorrow (#un?lay> afternoon, at S o'clock. Tt>e friends of the family are requested to attend. * (Cnronic.e copy.) In thi"Cty, on the morning of the 13th instant, ROBERT W ,onl? son of Robert W.and Fannie M Motienry. of Baltimore oity. * SEALED PROPOSALS are invited for FLOUR till the 16' h Ootober, 1861 at 12 o'olock m. About 6,000 barren will be required, in separate lots of about i.noi) barrels *aoh The Floor t<> no m;ule of new wiieat, and the deliver? of the whole iot to be made by the 26th Ootober. 1861. The Flour ri-quired to be of the following brands, and to pass the inspection of a Board of Armr officers, or auoh other inspection as the Subsistence Department may direct. Arlington Extra, Congress do, 8 Pry do. Fairview do. Cedar Vaie do. Glen wood do. C'agett do. J. rvewcorae do. M. Smith do. Koxbury do. Joe Charles do. J. Davidson ft Co. do. Foundry do. tlsok do. D. L Morrison ft Co. do. Lyon's Union Uil Spring Joe Charles,do. Ede's Extra Baker *, do A few barrels of the svne grade of Southern Flour wilt be taken, provided that it proves equtl in grade to the brands above-named. The bidders to state the brand and the number of barrels of each kind they propose to furnish. The barrels containing the Flour to be strong, well-hooped and be?d-lined. The proposals to beaddressed to Maj A BfcCKWITH, C 8 , U. 8. A.. Washington, D. C., a*d endorsed. "ProDosals for Hour." oc 9 SEALED PK0P08AL9, till the 2l?t of October, 1H61, at 12 o'ol<K)k m., are invited for sapplying the -. rm? with Beef Cattle oa the hoof, to t>e delivered at Ch*mt>ersburg, Harrisburg, or York, in the State of Pennsylvania as the Gov erument mar designate Bidder* are requested to ooidb y in all particulars with the form of bid pub! shed herewith. Government reserves to itself the richt to pay in Treasury notes or other funds it has for disburse ment, and to reject anv bid and for anr oause. No bid will be entertained un ess the bidder is present to respond to his bid. The Government will receive 4,ooo head under the o?nt ao-, ard will reserve ?he right to require a'.y addit onal number up to 16.000 he'd. Deliveries t? be male weekly in such quantities as tri*y be required. Tho Cattle mukt average 1,300 pounds gross weight; and . <> animal witi be reoeived whioh weighs less than l.Ooo pounds gross. No oouditioual tad will be reooived. 1 he bid* to be directed to Capt. A. Bsckwith, C. 8 , U. S*. A , Wa**Miigton. D. C., and endorsed " Proposals for Beef Cattle." Form or Bid. I, A B, do herebr propose to deliver to tbe Government good Beef C*ttlo on the hoof for p*r hundred pounds gross weight. The Cattle to ba delivered at Chambersburg, Harrisburg, or York, in the Htateof Pennsylvania, as the Govemmert mar designate, acooraing to the terms of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be wished on the scales,and the weight ro determined to be kUW W (7l|Uki ft IIOI OUJ ORICTJ ku |ITO B good and sufficienfbond for the fulfillment of the contract, and to receive Treasury notes or other Government tunds in payment tor the <*attie. Tha first delivery of the Cattle will b^ required to be mad* about the loth of November, 1861. se 27 td j rkEPOT QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE. U Washington, D. C?j October 10tb,1861. Skalbd Proposals are invited at thia offioe until Ootober Slat, at 13,m., for supplying the Quartermaster's Department with 6,0K> ton* ot Hay, and )00,000 bushels of Uata. The Hat to be |ood merchantable Timotht put upand delivered in bales. The Oats to be a good merchantable article put up in sacks of about two bushels eacti racks to be retained by the Government without extra charge. Oats to be received by weight at (S3) thirty two pound - to the bushel. Ail the hay and oats to be delivered at the Government wharf or Railroad Depot in this oity within (3?) thirty days after closing the oontract. The piopoials tn be in separate envelopes. Those for bay to be marked "Propovals for Hay " Those for oats "Proposals for Oata ." All tn be directed to Colonkl D. H. Ruckbb, Depot Quartermaster. Wathiiigton, D C No proposal will be entertained whioh is reoeived after the reading of the bids has been commenced, nor wili any bid be considered, unless the parties are preeent or represented by an authorised agent or attoraey Good and sufficient saonrity with bond, town! tarMinrrd Kvurt hiHH?r mn. ? iva kia f..ll address vi h either th? na nberof nis home, place

of business or Poet t ffioo box The undersigned reserves the right to rtjeot all bid* that he may oouaider too hich. D. A RU KEK, oo 10-dtl9 Q nar ter master and Colonel. DON'T FAIL TO CALL AT SMITH'S, No. 4*0 Seventh at, and buy your C othii.g, Furnish mi Goods. Trunks, Hat* and Caps. oo l-im . METALLIC r ob CleaaiBf. Pellshtaf, aad PreveitUi Rut. Tbia is superior to all other oils in the world for the above purposes, as veil as for machinery and lubricating usee It is equally appioab e to (unloose a .id sewing machines. It fa ia high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordcanoe and maohmery. Principal Dipot and Q-tntral Attncy, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, near Eleventh at IET AgenU van tad with team a, to supply eaoampmogta. se ?4 2m r FOE 8ALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?One large front ROOM, anfurm*h?d, pleasantly situated ; vill be let on reasonable terms Inquire Pa avenue, corner of Kift^enth ?t, in the Cigar fr tore. It* |T?'R RENT?Sever* FURNISHED ROOMS n?> Nisth st .between K and F *ts , N" 4?S, near the Patent Office. Inquire between he hours o 9 a- d 2 o'clock e m. ?>e 13 St* TO EXCHANGE?A beant.fu! improv d City Property, for a cood improved ) arm in the District. Apply at 361 Ninth st west, opposite Northern Liberties Market. oo ll-lw H. JOHNSON. HOI'SE IN THE WEST END FOR RENT, a three story Brick Houae. with taa and water complote. Alao. Furniabea Kooma to a meaa or ce tiemen Apply at No. 99, Mx Boildinia, between 21st and S3u ata. Referenoea requir-d. oc 11 3t* ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN OAN BE accommodated with comfortable Pailor and Bed-rooma in a healthful loo%tion, where there are no boarder*. 8 miout**' walk of the Trea??rj or War Department. Referenoea <xohar.(red Addreaa "J. H-." off oe of Evening Star. oc 10 3t FOR RENT?HOUSE 409 Pennaylvania av., over the bookatora of Franok Taj lor?a plaoe for a profeaaionai man. ae 4-tf HOUSES FOR RENT-No. 9? and No. 97.on the aouth aide of Indiana avenue, both of them very larre and oonveniect houaea, with food stabling ana carriage-houses. Alao, theoommodionaand large Houae, No 399, on the north aide of C atreet. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh atreet. jy 17 2awtf UANDSOUELY FURNISHED ROOMS.II Four handsomely Furniahed Rooma, aupplied with caa and water, and convenient to the Paftnt and Poat Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490M Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between (th and 5th ata. ma 23 ~ BOARDING. HOARD.?Families and aicfle gentlemen oan IJ obtain very > eaaant Furniahed Rooma, with Board, on moderate terma, at 391 and 393 C, between 3d and streets. Tranaient and Table Boarders accommodated. oo 9 2w* ^????^??? GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS (Y-F-MAYOR'S OFFICE, LL5 Geoegktowi, D. C.? Sept. fr'th, 1661. Thu attention of th? nitic*na nf this tnvn i? in. vited to the two following seotions of a late act of Congress, entitled "An act to oreate a Metropolitan Police Dis'nct of the D'striotof Columbia, and to e*tab)ish a Police therefor." "And be it further enacted, That the Board of Police rraj divide the said district into praoincts, not exoseoing ten. and may assign one sergeant of police to e*o* of tad precincts. The board id ay. fronri tune to time, entablieh a station or sub station in each precinct for the accommodation of the police foroe on duty therein. It may. from time to time, deUil and change, without regard to or limitation of residence, the sergrants or patrolmen to such parts of the district, or to snoh of the police or oriminal oourts and to the public offices of the government of the United States. or of the oities of Washington and Georgetown, as it ma? deem advisable. It shall promulgate all regula'ions and orders through the superintendent of polio^, who shall take the p ace of the mayor of the city of Washington or Georgetown, as bring the head ofthe police departments or force ia the said oities, but always ?ubjeot to the orders and regulation* of the beard of polioe ; and it shall be the duty of the polioe foroe to respect and obe* the said sjj>er n, tender, t of police, as the head and chief or the same, subject to the rules a d regulations and genera' order- of the board rf police. And be it furtker enacted. That it shall be the duty of the board of polioe hereby constituted, at all times of the day and night, within tho bou .da i les ol the said police dutnet, to preserve the public peace; to prevent crime, and arrest offenders; iu prm-onne rigiuii <>t p rtoni unu 01 property; 'V guard ?he public health; to preserve order at every pub io election; to remove nuisances existing in the streets, roads, alleys, highways. and other piaoee: to provide a proper polioe force at every fir*, in order th?t thsreby the firemen and property inay l>e protected; to protect slra gers and trave lers at steamboat and rhip landings and railway stations; to see that all laws relating to the observanoe of Sunday ,and regarding pawnbrokers, mock auctions, e ections, gambling. i> temperance, lottery dealers, vagrants, disorderly pers >ns, arm the public health, are promptly entoroed. and to enforce and obey all laws ana o dinano*s ot \ city councils of the c ties of Wathinston and Georgetown whioh are propei ly applicable to po'ice or health, and not inoonsistent with the provisions of this act" It will be seen that I have no further control over the polioe force and have no power or right to enforce 'he ordinances of the town in regard to disorders or nuisanoea. In all suoh cases oomplaint n.ust be made to and redress obtained from the United States police, whose sergeant will be found at the juard-house near the canal bridge. High street. It may be proper to state that this new police system promises to be the best one, io all retpects, f ir the preservation of order a .d the projection ol person* and property, hat ever existed in the District of Columbia. It gives Georgetown a force ol sevent en polioemen, f res ol expena?. in lieu of a very feelile one which has been a heavy cuarge upon our Treasury. Although 1 have no immediate control of thia polioe, yet, being a raAmyr of ita loard, I will alwa*a be ready to hear the complaint* of any cf our eltizana in regard to nuiaanoea and diaorilera to which the police m*y fail or rflusetogive p oper attoi tion, anu will endeavor to have auch remtaa neaa corrected. It will be expeoted of a 1 good oitiiens that they will oonntenanee an*l sustain thia new ayatem t > the extent of their ability. oc 1-iawSw HKNHV ADDISON, Al<yor. POTATOES. STRAW AND OATS. SO hbl? of Buok eye Potatoes, 1,?mi l.ushtl* <>I prune Near Vorx Oata, 160 ha ea of prime Straw. For tale by PETER BERRY, ool<^3t (Repub.) W3 Water a .. Ge? rget-iwn. Buckskin gloves. GAUNTLETS, fto. We oall the attention ofSutiera, Krgunenta' Officer*, and others wishing to purchase Buckskin Gloves, Gauntlets. Mittina, Purses, Tobacco Pouohea, Portmonnaiea, Leg gins, <ko , at wholesa e, to our extenai ve stock?all of our own ra%nutaoture? at our atore, 105 Hign stree?, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets and Mittens are of the beat quality, of real Buokskm. Military Buff and White Gauntlets, BoxingG'ovaa. Buokskin Shirt* and Drawera, made to order. Ra.MSBURG * ebhrt, 105 High ttreet, Georgetown, D c. ix. ti.?A targe quanuijr 01 scraped Buckskin and Charnoia for poiiahing gun*, aoooutremetta, Ao.. on hand. ae 2* lm MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Kxpooted this day, per ateamer J. Jerome? barren XX DRAUGHT ALE. 4" do. XXXX do. do. too hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for tale Term* ?a?b on delivery. AKNY A SHINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhds. prime Porto Rico SUGARB 1JO bbls. Oil Rye WHISKY, UObbla. HERRING and ALEWIVES. <0 bbla. Cruahed and Rehned SUGARS, n baga Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.(low-priced) MOLASSES. For aale by JOHN J. BUGUE. ae U LEA Ic PERRINI* CKLEBRATKO Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounoed by .23 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS El of a Letter from a to be the SI Medical tientltvlan "ONLY GOOD H Madras /W.JI To His Brother SAUCE." at Wo roe, tar. and applicable to aigffCT May, 1S5I : " rel! LfO < P?rKVRRV IjSS?; r??i tbat their Save* U-VKKY hi?hlT esteemed VA RIVIV 'n India, and is, id v a i 1 r, i > K"VaJr*5? my opinion, the moat at^bie, as well as OF DISH. Kir-mHWhe moit wholesome Sauce that is mado." The above SAUCE u n?t only the bmt and most popular Condim knt known, but the most Economical, as a j?* (Iron in Soup, Gravy, or with Fish. hot and oo^d Joints, Be*/Steak, dame, #t , impart an exquisite x??t, whion unprincipled Sauce man- j afaoturers have in vain endeavored to imitate On the Breakfast, Lunckeon, Dinner, or Supper EfXitifiASKJS" l a 4 PER KINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensaTo appreciate the excellent qualities of this delicious Prep^ratKin it is only neoeseary to purchase a sin' 11 bottle of the genuine, of a resper table gro cer or "eaier, a? many Hotel and Itcs awrant pro prietors seldom plaoe the Pure ^auoe before tneir guests, but substitute a genuine bottle filled a spurt&us mixture. For sale by 6rooers and Fraiterers ever j where. _ . JOHM DUNCAN A SO S, U 1 ?V?L Square and 14(4 street, Neto Ycrk, wholKsale Agents for the United States. A "took always m store ?A ls<> orders reoeived for direct shipments from England. (if- Beware qf Counterfeits and Imitations -/Tl sEp 5-lt.eo . f^UMK AIM!) SKK OUR NBW?rOU W FALL CL.OTHING-NO. 460 Seventh at. oo 1-lm Treasury notes of all denomina TIONS BOUGHT AND BOLD. We will depoeit in the United Statue Treasury here or in New York, without charge, all umi noj !e?a than Fifty Dollars for partiea wianing to lnveat in Three-year Treaaury Notes,bearing 7S-10 mter"SWEKNY, RITTENHOUBE. FANT k CO.. ie Il-lm Banker*. No. SM F*- evenat. SW. TUCKER Woald annoonoeto the otU gena. m.litary and aojoarncra ini WuhIngton that ne ia now proeecatiog the Tai lorinc Baaineaa in all it* branohe*, at N<>. 1A 417 Pixth at., 3d ioor north orra a*. HeiJ^ ii teada to mMiuf&ctnr*, eat, repair, r* oiodw. olaanae. anTatilre to be generally aooommoUating. Eoonwnuata ahaaldoall and ae? h'JJ I othiTrade?Fao;nc? audother MaohtneBptohicn neatlr exeontnl. a* H-aawlin THREAT RUSH TO BMITH* Na oa ?* eath at-, to aee hia new etoek of FaU Clothing, TrUk*. Hat* tad Qua o? i lm Mourning and other black SIlKS, ft nn? ftaaortment, all wiatii* ftad fi ftirtea ftC our proverbially low price*. W .tu ft toe ft ml am pie kluok of thiok ft ml una iftbrioa lor m?tauiii{ ttiwni auawla, okmUl*. Ac. perry a bro., oo 5-M Penn. avenue and 9tfe atreet. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Affairs la MliMart. Jirraso* Citt, Mo., Oct. 11? Lieut Col. Brown, of the Seventh Missouri rrglment, the proroet marshal et Tyson. shot private of the sixth Mieaourl regiment thle morning The colonel ordered him to lay down eome boards whirh be was tearing from m ttnee, end upon refusing, ?hot him, killing him Instantly The aUtir created an intense excitement among the Second and Sixth Missouri reglmentafltfco rushed to irms, demanding Lieut Brown to be delivered up to them A battery of artillery was drawn out in front of the marsbsTs office and Cel. Brown was threatening to fire on the mutineers when the train left. A scout just arrived from Springfield reports at Dnaqiiirvn t bat only < .i**> rebels are there He also learned that Ben McCullough was at Camp Jackson, with only 150 men, waiting reinforcements from Arksnsas A lsrge number of his force was with Gen. Price, and the rest with Gen.JHardee. He expects to join Price st Sec river about the'ioth. and with these combined forces to march on Jefferson City. This Is believed to ths reliable. Capi Gikardkav, Oct. 9 ?The military authorities, by order of Col. Plummer. of the Eleventh Missouri Regiment, commsnding this post, have taken possession of the postomce st this place, and placed Major Bennett, of the First Iowa Regiment, In charge. St. Locis, Oct. 10 ?The State Convention met at the Mecantile Library Hall this morning, snd adjourned for want of a quorum. They met again at 3 o'clock this afternoon, and still being without a quorum, adjourned until to-morrow. John A. Brownlee, a prominent merchant, and recently president of the board of police commissioners, died to-dsy. The War la Kentucky. Caiao, Oct 10.?The pickets, six In number, of the Fourth Cavalry Regiment, stationed four or five miles from Paducahwere attacked bvs large bodvof rebels this mornln?. Two of them were mortally wounded, and two taken prisoners.with all their borses and equipage. The enemy had divided their force, and in the excitement tired on each other and fled?each party taking the other for our cavalry. A deserter from the rebel camp at Columbns, Kywho arrived here to-day, reports that their force at that point number* 30.000 Indianapolis, Oct 11.?The news from Ken tuckv is encouraging for the I'nion cause. The rebels are represented as much discouraged Buckner's men are mostly without shoes or uniform* The Kentuckian* are enlisting manfully on tbe side of the Government Col. Hawkins has occupied Owensboro, and Judge Williams is enlisting a regiment in the first district, formerly the hot-bed of secession A body of rebels, 300 strong advanced on Hillsboro, where 5<> Home Guards attacked and dispersed them, killing eleven and wounding 20 They aI*o captured 22 prisoner* and 120 Enfield ri ties The Federal loss was only three killed and ten wounded. Locisvillx, Oct. 10 ?The city has been somewhat excited to day by rumor* that an engagement between tbe Union and Confederate troops wa* Drouressine at Paducab. Tbe*e rumor* are tractable to no authentic source, and are undoubtedly false It la reported that 3.0U0 Confederate troopa went southward from Bowline Green yesterday, supposed for the purpose of guarding the coast It Is reported that John C. Breckinridge, exMinister Preston and G B. Hodges were at Bow> ling Green yesterday The city is quiet this evening No newspspers or news have been received from any point South to-d-iy. From Gen. Bank*' Division. Dasnhstowji, Oct. 9.?Several movements by regiments in detiil have transpired within tbe pait few days, and it is the impression of outsiders thatotner momementaare in contemplation Everything connected with the government of Generals Banks' and Stone's commands is conducted with the greatest secrecy, and tb? most auxious "searcher after knowledge" cannot obtain any reliable intelligence in advance. A serious snd tragical affair occurred last Monday night, at tbe temporary encampment of tbe Fifth Connecticut. During tbe turmoil of pitching tents and preparing supper in the midst of a terrific storm, an unprincipled speculator smuggled a hogshead of liquor Into the lines, and, before detected by tbe officers, enough of his poi ouiivua wuiupi'uuu uau HOTU u i pc il!?ru w tlCOK tbe great* at disturbance During th- reign of Ita influence an affray occurred, In which one citizen was killed, two or three wounded, and several horaes and cattle abot. On tbe facta tranapiring. Gen tianka Issued an ord?r for all liquor found within tbe limit* of our plcketa to be destroyed, and those found aelltng it to be arrested To-day an Individual succeeded in concealing a barrel In tbe woods, and supplied It to passing aoldiera near Galtheraburg. Adjutant Stone and Surgeon Dimon, of tbe 19th New York, ferreted out tbe fellow, arrested htm and turned him over to tbe care of Provost Marshal Stone Hla villainous beverage was destroyed on the spot Gen. Williams, an officer In the Mexican war, baa been ordered to the command of the Third Brigade. Interesting from Western Virginia. [Special Diapatch to tbe Cincinnati Gazette ] Indianapolis, Oct 9?A dispatch from Gen. Reynolda, at Cheat Mountain aays: "The rubber blanketa, shirts and socks are received. The clothing ia on the way. This looks better. The enemy in our front, on the Huttonville road, has been driven Jo Greenbrlar bridge, iooip twenty mile* beyond Big Spring*, their late rendezvous They are now about forty miles from Elkwater ana twelve from Cheat Mountain. The road* on toward H utton vllle are impassable for wbeela. The enemy have destroyed hundred* of muskets, tenia, camp eauipage, etc., several of their w*kon* fell Into my naads ' The 29:h regiment. Col John F. Miller, and the 30th, Col T T Baa*, left for Louisville todav. The 36th, Col Gro?e, the Hotb, Col Steele, and the 37th, Col Hazzard, will leave In a few day* for the aame place The remaining Battalion of Col Crittenden's Sixth Indiana, reft Madison for Camp Marton, Kv , thi* afternoon, under charge of Lieut. Colonel Prather. Frmm Fsrtress Manrae. Forth*** Mo.iioi, Oct. 10?Commander Goldsborough arrived here from Washington thi* morning. There wa* an alarm in Hampton Road* last night?which, by the way, was the darkest and stormiest of the seaaon Two rebel steamers cnmr gown ioe jamri river, qoucipm wun me lutentlon and hope of running the blockade under cover of the darkness, but finding their movement* observed, they withdrew. Secretary Camersn at Cincinnati CirtcissATi, Oct 10?Hon Simon Cameron, Secretary of War, and Adjutant General Thomas, arrived here laat night and took roomi at the Burnett House. They are reported to be en route to St. Louis. Launch ( a flna Beat Boston, Oct 10 ?The gun boat Wachuaet waa successfully launched at the navy-yard, Cbarlestown, to-day. QOQ JOHNSON 4 NAGLK, OuO AO*/ No SS9 Pennsylvania AVBJiUE. Between Ninth and Tenth ata . south side, IMPORTERS OF WtNkS. i JQUOKS, SEGARS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, & 'RDINES, FINE GRitCF.RIES AND SUTLERS? STORES IN GENERAL. Just arrived the following brands of CHAMPAGNfc.8: G 11 Mumm, Piper Heidsiok. Moet & Chandon.Cartier * Co , Harat A Fa?ot, Tocretts, Royal Grape. Whioh we offer at New York Pnoes-freight added. JOHNSON & NAGLK, U+9 Penoa. aveiue. Abm. M. Bininger * Co.'s (19 Urtwd street. New York,) World renowned BOTTLED W INKS and LIQUORS, for Camp. Medicina1. and Kami ty me, oonntantiT on hand a-d sold at New York Prioas by the Cut. At JOHNSON A NAGi.F'S. 899 Penr.a. avenue. PICKLES, Pepper and other SAUCES. TO MATO CATSUP, by the barrel, gallon, or dosan, from the oe rbrated manufactory of Kohr< nbarh A Co., New York, at aatonnhiMly low price*. At Johnson a nablets. Sole Are tit*. Also, PICKLED! PIG FEET, LAM B AND BEEF TOISGUES, TRIPE, eto., by the barrel or half-barraL ae 10 M I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL 0PTI0IAH, 944 Penn'aav., noith aide,) bet, ltth and lath sU, Improved SPECTACLES, with genuine Pebble or Perisooplo Glasses, suited correctly for every FIRST M 17JU CLAM M1LITAR Y FIELD-GLASSES, Mioraeooeee, Coidmmm, and Mathematioal ! at i omenta, at the loveet KtiMri prioee. *T1 tr The CAMPAT?N?-AIC^BlStiiirl Wacoa oa the Pr jMian putc.ple. arranged for imf- g\ . Incor to act aa an Am'm anoe in oaee o! l^P ajokneeeor woundi.with ample room for ** **tor?? and piovnioDi; light, water-proof, tad pmrfrotiy new, baring t>e*n j??t ulit to order by one oftr?~ Er?t maker* in New York, ta offered for eale a coat f ire , a Mndaone, ?tr vr.(, coo ad, dart-brown U? ?R*K, either for e&ddie ui nameee. f:i>th iuaj be aeeu on app io?tion to iAMhS BR?'*N. at Ilr7 Irrnei ftablaa. torooren'j Um,betted the Cham Hoa?e.betweea 1 aad fl atreete, ee* SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK T 1 OUR MILITARY BUDGET. Oar Information from the front of our Man otf the other ?lde of tb* rleer U up to 1 p m to-day, when erervthlng waa remarkably qnlat there Gen MrClellan 1* orer there to-day leduelrtwwlf attending to tbe condition and poaltloa af bU command. DOVBTFVL. At the War Department, we lad. the Mtowtaf Associated Preaa dispatch, pobllahed la Ik* morning paper*, la discredited mm sock information baring barn received It la hardly possible that large bod lea of tbe rebels haw gat late Gen. Roeecraaa' rear, aa virtually a Ik gad la thla dispatch. from viitur viaeuns. Gall irons, Ohio, Oct It Tbe ateaaaer Isetta, laden with Government uteres left here tbia morning for Cairp Knyart. Kanawha river W hen oppoalte Red house Shoals thirty miles above Point Pleasant. she wm flred Into by a hundred rebel cavalry from tbe south bank and ordered to land. The Captain refused to obey the ordar, and mo ceeded In escaping The Government steamer Stiver Lake, It la aupposed. has b*en captured by the rebela Reports are rife that large bodies of rebala are advancing toward the river, to cot off the auppllea for Gen. Roeccrana WATT TAKD. Th'a morning the gunboat Reliance arrived at the yard, but with no newt of Importance. Last Tbureday morning, Lieut Harrell, of tha (<uboat Union, went up ljuanttco Creek aad buraed a achooner lying at anchor, In the aervlee of tha rebel* She bad new aalla, and from tbe richneaa of ber furniture it la auppoeed that aba waa uaed by ofleera high In authority Her maata are atill atandtng, but abe la deatroyed aa far aa any future ua? la concerned Tbe maitr r of tbe Reliance re porta aeelng a number of re beta near K Tanaport. bnt aa be waa aome dlatance from the abora no abota were flred at hla veaael. 9be went down again to-day. Tbe Baltimore arrived last evening from Fortress Monroe, reporting all qntet at that place, though an attack la anticipated from the rebela. Tbe 12 Inch rilled gun haa been mounted upon tbe beach in tbe place of tbe 16-Inch (Union,) eo aa to command tbe river, and alnk tbe Merrtmao should ?he attempt to run the blockade m ta apec ted. The Susquehanna had arrived at Old Pol at from tlatteraa, but with no newt of Importance. In coming up the Potomac the Baltimore aaw one indications of a new battery la process of construction at Timber Branch, between Qnantleo and Cockpit Point, about 40 miles below Washington . The rebels have throws up a blind of logs scd bushes, behind which they art working, and it la tbougbtthey will soon have It completed. The river at this place is quite narrow, and a battery if erected there might be an annoyance. Just above this place quite a number of rebels were visible on foot, on horseback, and with" teams There were also noticeable a number of cattle, suppoaed to be for the camps In the vicinity. Thuradsy night the Baltimore shelled New Point at the mouth of York River, but without dlacev. erlng any rebels. The steamer Planet,which was sank some time liacf, ii oruig ioi*ru?u?vtug uccu u'vwj uuiw ed sufficiently to remove her smoke Mack Hot drum is about two feet above low-water mark, but It la yet Impossible to ascertain tbe extent of ber damage from the collision. The James Murray also came up yr^erdsy, aad will remain at tbe yard a few days, for some alight repairs to ber boiler. Tbe James Jerome arrived last night from Philadelphia, with a cargo of Government stores, which she was this morning discharging. She brings no news save that already noticed. LATE LOCAL NEWS. The MrLt St*a.lhi? Cm ?Yesterday. the ca?et>f A J Slough, who Is charged with stenllng four mules, the property of Dr R 9. McKalg, came up before Justice D>nn for trial From the evidence It appeared that Dr McKalg, wboreeldse in Cumberland, Md., la tbe proprietor of a number of boata and teama la the coal trade on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal A J Slough was la hie employ aa tbe captain of one of tbem, hla wages for the service being a share of the proceeds of each trip. Upon his last trip down, jost before tbe difficulties In April, he bad a cargo consigned to Geo Mattlngly. Tbe freight amounted to ?30, according to tbe manifest, but be would not dellv er until Mr Mattlngly paid over S10U. Tbe teama and boat remained so long that Dr. McKaiff seat to his agent to order the return of the boat, which tie aid several una, ana thought tbey bad been returned, until be discovered t?.o :ct boating wood Dr. McKaig came down, ana found two of hit mules with Slough's son, on the Alexandria towpatb He took them to Alexandria and pat them in a stable, and learned that the other asuise bad been sold to the Government. Subsequently Slough went to the stable and took these males away, and the prosecutor had not seen tbsm since. Mr. Morris, for the defence, claimed that the evidence at most proved only a breach of trust Mr Glberson, prosecuting^ Insisted that all that was necessary to prove a caae of larceny had been clearly shown. The justice was asked how be would decide, aa the affair seems to hsve occurred In Alexandria, Va. Justice Donn thought that to commit the prleoner to await a requisition from the Governor of Virginia would be folly, and In ord?r that the ends of justice might not be defeated, he should hold (be prisoner to ball for court, and that weald M'tl# all d t ftl tilK ai in th? mrwi* nf nrr^mA n m fa neb c*?es. Slough wu held to ball ta four hundred dollars. " Has tub Citt a Lbsal Mavoe?"?" Lookout," the intelligent Washington cor respond eat of the Baltimore Clipper, has the following to say In reference to the above question just raised by the ex-Mayor Berret clique : "As a general rule, wnen political jugglers sod tricksters pr?tend any special regard f >r the public good, the time has come when they tatend some particular stroke for their own private benell t and gratification. This 1 find to be the trus explanation of the effort to unborae Mayor Wallach and put Into his place some gentleman of bland manners and easy virtue, who may be counted on to smother an? Investigation Into corporation corruptions and municipal abuses which nave been perpetrated for years by the petty C?bbe and miniature Ployds In and about the City Hall " Mr. Wallach, as 1 understand, Is on tne trail of certain malpractices which have been allowed to grow up and become bold and strong He must, therefore, be ousted, If possible, before be discovers too much, snd this constitutes the true reason before which s pretext of trembling anxiety for the public good has been raised to ad as a screen and concealment. Purtber. If 1 am correctly Informed, the Corporation and people of Washington have never received any e knowledge of the rd?w of Mr. James G Berret from arrest; It is, so ftr, matter of mere beareav or newspaper report, so that even the debate had la the Board of Aldermen on the whole subject was deficient of any proper basis LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ATTACK OF THE COIPIDHATtt I PUS 1 HE BILL V WIUON Z'HAVEt. THEY CATCH A TARTAR Baltimorb, Oct. 11-Tk Norfolk Day Berk received this morning contain* a dispatch froen N?w Orleans, (lvlag aa accoant ef the aarprtee and attack a?ade oa Wllaoa'a Zouavae at Santa Ro?a IaUad, on the 8th laat Detachoaenta from aareral Mteataalppi, Loclal ana, and Alabama rtglmcaa landed la tko alffet, and drove la the pickets aad had a lasts If ht The Zouavee are credited with havtaf foogfct with great bravery, aad the rahals adaalt a leas ot 40 killed i?4 abootd?W?I???iwmmmmmm. , They claimed te bin apiked tba gaaa mt tba Zona Tea, and daatroyari all of tMf oaaap <^il^ age, and to baaa committed fraat alang blar MH{ the Zona Tea, bat tbey pn mm numbers of (to killed. Tbejr atoe earned off aarcral of ikw A Bum or* Cba*lbito?. ?Tba Cbarlaetoa Mercury al Ibe 1Mb alt, aajra that tola mm lb* mnlng of tba Xlb tba b.w >?d uy ilwtr Vaodalla, L?e1 eg too tared nearer t baa uaoai to tba barber, tba bitterlea of both forts cpm? upoa bar Par a time aba replied with aplrlt, bat tba ttotooca being vary groat, tba Irlag aooa < mrl. aad tba ' aioamer retired beyond raa*e. Irr jabn Ball la ?ov raaldiag at Tenii . Willi bto ?ou-tn-ia?r, oa* ?l in a-i??*?-?n? i Yatemaa family. Be la aoi mW poetically, atoo financially, rulaod.

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