Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1861 Page 4
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I. : _ i? THE EVEiNtNW STAR. THE LITTLE ZOCAVB "One little ctoeky fellow ?? the Ptre Regiment kliled thirteen men In thirteen ab.da He was *TWwmrdJ killed hlmaelf "?Dai!jr Pmpcr. 'Twm a little Zooare of the l*eman *ort, Hit face powder-bla-.keocd, hi* hair ihin^lM hort, H a brawny cheat naked, hie eye# flaehing flsrne, A* ore* th?? red Held of bnttle he ra-ne. Tb#n er-r-rack went bis gun, On U>? iMnki of Bull Rnn, And the great rtbel artuy wu le*sened by on" Tbe tattn'w thundered, the cannon balls flew, The smoke and th* d i?t hid the soldiers from view. Hat wb'nfvr the cloud tiffed up you might scan The little Zouave taking aim at hit man. Then G-r-r-rack ! went bis gun, On the banks of Bull Run, And put m quietus to some rebel's fun. The dav was a scorcher, the men were athirst, And the tittle Zotnve often fluently cursed, But attll he preaaed on, am'.d shrapnel and abell, And each time he flred. an enemy fell; For c-r-r-raek! went his gun, On the banks of Bull Run, And every shot told on tbe dead list for one. Tbe rebels, astonished, remarked, now and then, "Them red-legged devils fl^ht wuss'n our men," Tor tfcey saw that no rebel and traitor could toave One-quarter the pluck of the little Zouave; So e-r-r-rack went blsgnn, On the binks of Bull Run, Making holes In the raaca's, to let in the sun. Htlll forward, bare-breasted, and sp'illne for light Tbe Utile Zouave battled well for tbe right, Ferfcape tt was lucky he never could know Jlew our army received a repulse from the foe; For, as c-r-r-rack went his irun. On the banks of Bull Ran." A mlnle-ball came, and the Zouave vu doue ' Th?r?, pro Be on the fl?ld of his proww he lay, In the lust fading light of the lingering day ; *l"o? wound in his forehead vrai gbnstly to see, Bat the Uttle Zonave b-ul done gloriously ! And hta iner -Mesa jnn. Ob the bank* of Bull Run, Had settled the hath of a dczrn and one' [Vanity Fair. (Rowing to the depresaion In nearly all branches of bnalneaa, miny of the extensive property owuera in Jersey City have reduced the rents upon dwelllnga from twenty to fifty per rent Thla reduction has caused quite a demand from raidanta of New Yorlr. !I^The Canada Or?-st Western Railroad Is about to replace all the tin upon Ita line with white oak, and the ccmp-iny are now advertiaing for ISO 000 The tlea formerly uaed on Canuditn railways are hemlock, black aab, and tamarack. tb? firat two of which decay rapidly The town of Zurich, in Switzerland, haa made a present to th? aharpahcoters of the Canton Urt of a coloaaal atatue of William Tell, which has been placed on the exact apot where the tyrant Qeaaler hung np his hat to be worshipped S" The Chinese area qut-er people to go to et. A gentleman at Canton wrltea that a neighbor of his baa jaat laid tn hts wtnter'a prosrtaloo#?? hind quarter of a boraeand two barrels of ball dogs LL7"CbarlevtoQ papers state that within a month I fourteen vesaels hare entered Charleston, and thirty-three Wilmington barbor. In the asme time ?<ne hundred and eighty thousand dollar* In dalles hare been paid to collectors. JC^What Government in now paying lor *'bra*? bands," that blow a? mightily in drefs parades and In "serenading Generals." would 1?av? supported the Navy of the United States, aa Jt stood a few years since. CT'Lady Georgians Fane a?*ms to have principally distinguished herself while in this conntry by wearing a black Jhnntl ptttiroa: under the roort splendid ball dre*s ever seen in this country yrr- When sponges get greasy and dirty, put them la a iar and cover them with milk Let than stand 34 hours, and then wash them in cold WlteT. rrr The first Jewish hotel ever opened in the Capital of Austria, and employing n>ne but Hawew servants, has just published its advertisements la Vianna. Fourteen thousand dollars waa subacrlbed ta the National Loan in New Bedford on Saturday CT" Muslin riaes extenaively in New York? avea cents a yard (n^Pretzolini, the ex prima donna, haa inher i*ad_a fortune from her father. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS Fbom iu Uairas Statu. StMSMH. Lmh. For. D?vt. N^Maxv Bostoa. Liverpool?.Oot 16 Ana. ? .New York _ Liverpool?. Oct 23 Bf?rr?*o .New York.?Bremen Oct j6 Pro* Btntora ft? l New York .Seat 2a jrremec.. Sonth'pton...New York .?Oot t Tk? California mail iteuwn Imt* New York on ?he lat, lath, and Zlat of every month. TUB PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 4f.0 Sever,th at., ia the piaoe to buy your I lothini. Trnnki, Data ard Capa. oo 1 lin ^ NOTICE. w5TVL13H Auturnuand Winter Wrappimra for ladiea, of quality a better than usually f >uud in tbia Kk*t, iit WooleLS and Silka Many noveltiea tu wla. W itk ali kinda of Dry ?oo<la for tae general and apeeiai wanta of faramea and houaekeep ra. Oae price ooly. the actual oaah atandard value, ioa ked in plain bgurea. Oar Northern aud Eastern correapcndenta Bend no new aupeliea daily. Oarpeta. Curtains, Oilclotha, Rags, Ac., upper floor* *n itspection of atook implies no obligation to F?rcki?*e. PERKY * RUO , oo i-St Pa. avenue and Ninth at. C'LOslNb OUT / CLOSING OyT! Having cone ude-1 tuolote oat my entire atcck of PANCl GOODS* 1 have removed the aam* to No. 40 Peniiay 1 vaaia av^nuo, tetwaen ftth aud 9th ?treeta, where I will offar the entire atook r.t auoh price" aa will eoable ra? former customers, and (he public genera .y. to buy uje firat olaaa French ^anoy Gooda at pamie rric**. Now ia the time to N B ?All parsoaa hiving otaim* at me are request to present .ha tara> lor etti-'ins&t; and ail ??7?4,ua lauebted to mi are repeated to raMs ?rran{?wr?nta to l'q-ii'lite their clatrna without further notice. Pr? mot attention will *reat|y oblige. Heaped Aiay, R. C STEVENS. ? 7 'f |\fc. GO^Fi'.EY'tt ANTIIX'TE n8*d for the 1' laf i a f vnturv id the 11 >?p:tVa o; L nflttj aad rar'a for th? car- f !i?er*t Uitjr now ! ? tiat at ITll AM'e,1 No. 310 v beei ut atx.ei, ?o a kh?i,' for Ijj/ the United SiatM It ooutaina ao m?rirary or other mineraa, and ?ri 1 not htrm the nut d*ho*?e o?Q?t tut!'>a A *r?dM ?*Tf ?uarm'miI ac<i no ( ban?e of ri-t reqn.iec- Pn e .91 C oL1?! * *?' eo<l in Wa?hir*ton by ?. CAi.vtilir ViiHD, oorner Uth street awd Per.akylvaliiaa'euss nepS-eolt IyPBA.M'rt HAIR DVK '.-TOCOLOR BLaCX t OR BROW.' '?Oniy 39 cent* a b- x. Tftrw rx *ei for ?>!,* aoi ar or fluon hair can t-e ooaoreo iu a !t? txoubda to a it uaoit or brown, bf aaiuc Upi am'* Liquid Ha.r i)je, the l?eat aou cheapest in the world. produsiat, tn* moo tn It UMpit^d. a r.oh uatort! app?aratiO>*. Each fl<x of CYHAM'S HA'H DVK s wrrar.tedlo contain at ccacb k?ir <iv* a> othwra aetl for one dollar'. Ip8 C. UfHAM. StO ?'-h??out street, h ladeipfcia. and X. CAL.VEKT FORD, corner Uth atrret aad fa. are. i?p>-eoly JiV^TTJ. -H~G \R '"O A T K D FK ? i? ijii i> LJA flLL^ ftfQ IM try 6t?l m ? ? Tb?f operate ipMdi ) Mf' ?<a tf*otaa:ly. sail b?ins Biar-oonto L f vm i ao uma?..u lite moil do.ioau.^ r *onkoh A tml of U eu Pills vth yrovs tn?ir wp?non:j oror all oib?'*. Pnoo CHu Dollar & box- Bod only at fPHAM'3. 310 Chunut (toot by m&il to ?il part* of th? ooaatry " a M*jed ?v?iuf?, Bold la \Va?hin?w>n br 8. CALVBRT FOKD, ooiaer 11th itrart ud Pa. >?a ?? > hIT Q TOFHAM? KB VS PREMIUM TRUNK QZLifl M4/vtrr4CT0*Y, 493 Bnnn mm, Wuhimt*!, D. O. "^Sa^Ers.'"* "-,au' I mb msMuCt mails*, aod alvara haad. ?tw> ieacrlpaon tT of Coi^raaa and ttavalera will ?1?m? my atod before parct.Micf alaavhara Trwou Uat an mada in ochar oitia*. gmyertoi Laathar aod Draaa Tranka t? "tranka MWW< tad reyoired at short notice. 6<xxis daliaarad Ir* or ofcarae to aayfrart ?f Ua tx'.j Q* rt?tovn,and A>xardr.*. JAMKH BTOPHAM. T ADIIW RKAL PAKIH KID OLOVKS, ail la ?aa?aaa4 colors, varr boat *?aiitr uadiaa' LmUt t'iU, ioug ud short aieavaa. Alouri.inj Mtvu,too*aad i^iive. Fiaaacd msJium White wa are daily addu* uij noTaitiea la ftrat-ciaaa I>tt 'iooUa to oar ?fc>ek. (>? jrioe on y. the aoitai oaah ataadard value, tarked m alaiu a<ufea. ? ? - ? AJ^aaatalnalUon ol atook obljiauoa to oe Mi Pa. a?enae and Ninth'eL d \ t KICKRtf, SOLDJ KB 9. AND T? fcl R PAM \J 1.1M aeediuc ?!''?*tl Fauoy or UK V ^'ol>9. (or aa? uwaor m i?m, are ?oliciimj t. in>;aot oar est?r *' va ?Uxik . uo oLUfatioa u |/ui ?k*M lt?llt> IKin?d Obi yri^o oaly -foarked in p^ain tirnrea All taroala u>r tka iflieuor aao uiatj aad pi uperiy |ll|ll,^f<l&i|^K ^ g?OTHKR. Pa. anaa* aad N lij iL a# fy-A " Pwry Bai0U?/? SUMMER RETREATS. SbA bathTng and hafk hktkkat, At Poixt 1 oo*-Out. Marun. This C9 e^rat-d liathlnc Plaoe. situated at the jkcotior of the Potomac River with thai - . A Che#ap-ak? Hay. will be opened bytheyc*fcy aaderti'neJ ob the loth of June, in theU*3b-l t?; j bent style, for a 1 p?rn>na who may with a Ms and quiet retreat, where they <jac have tfi# benefit of t:.<? boat *a.t water hat :ng ami enjoy the ieisoa -ics cf the water, molt as Fish of ail Kinds, Oysters, Crabs, Ao r>ary de#eripti?n of bshint tackle will be kept for toe aoowBni"dation <>f guests. A 6lb utflf stab * kept on the farm. Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons: with ail other auiueewebW usually found at suoh plaoee. The table w nl be auppht<d daily with freah vegetal?:<?s fr >m the garden on the premises and from th* Ha'tir, ->re acd Washington markets. The t ent Lienors aud Ci*ara will a vaya be found I atthe bar. Board, 93 p*T day; one week, 913; aeoond week, #! ', four ? ? ?! for $35; oDiiuren and ooiored aervai.t? half-price. The steamer St. Nicholas leave? Washington Tu>?daT?:6a m.and Baltimore on Friday at i p. m. Ttiehaif parts o'cloo* p. m. train from Wa?ninrt"n will oonn?<?t at Baltimore with the boata, reaching Point Lookowt daiiy ; a ao, a tri weekly taiefrom WaahiDgt >n, by way of Leonardtown Add ea* the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Waaiuncton. 1) C., or Alexandria, Va ?n31 HKFLEBOWER A CO . Prop'r*. DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Tenth StTeeta >a 3P-e?2m M TEETH. LOOM19, M. D., trie inventor and patent** >fthe MINERALPLATE TEETH, at ien?i? personally at his olfioe .nthiioit; MsKv Many poraona ran wear theae tectti who^llltJ cannot wear wthart, and no peraon oan wear others [ who cannot wear theae. Foraona calling M my oflkceoan he accommodated ithany style aiui pr>ce of Teeth they may desire; ut to who are particular and wish the purest, i.eaaest, atrougeat, and most perfect denture that *rt car. produce, the MINER AL PLATE will be nure faj.y Roods in this city -No. 33* Ha. arenne, between Hh and lth eta. Also, 407 Aruh street, Phi adel ma. oo li tf ttlsl-iffiNQ, Ac. AWM T. DOVE k CO. K E Nc-w prepared to execute any or4tra wlti I ?h;oh they may bo favored in the PLUMBlftg, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. St?re on *th street, a few doora north of Pa, tven :e, wncr* cii? bo found a comalcte aaaortmeci 9f CH VNDELIKKS and other HAS, STEAM an4 A4TKW KIXTrKK.S UW-W I SNYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, H ** removed to |he oorner of Twelfth and F sts. He la prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon <he moat favorable terms, and guarantiee entire atiamotion. rleiita oa hard a lot of COOKING and other 3TOVfcc, which !: ? will aeil lew than ooat, aa he w:fhaa to got n't, o.'tLem. no 17 W9A9 FIXTURES. E Have :n store, and s-? d?:.i receiving, 9AS VII TURKS of oatireiy New Patterns and Deaiena and KmiF'i. superior in atrio to anything heretoiora offei d in thir. lairket. We inviteoitiiena general It tr tail and eianim* oar htook of tiaa ana Water Ft* ires, fwiiut roohdent that we have the baat sealed stock in Washington. A > t Work in the above Tine mtraated to rar oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS * McSflAN. r*? r 4-tf 3TC 1) street. 01 F.CS OF INSPF.mroR AND SEALER Or 8A* ME7EBS. WiSKisarpw, Jalr 18,1U9. flOTICB IS iiRRKBT GIVES, That, arreaably to the pro.- itona of the oidiuanee of the Cor P' ratjon t??rcT?d May IS, J aso, the undersieuou ;* oo*r pr>?a-< 1,'"w;.enr rer r&ffaired in writing, and on pra pttmsat of the fM of fifty oenta, to inspect. n.TiLe. test, pro**, and aecertain the aoonraoy of r*c:stranon of i ^.y t*a metor in u?? in tbia oity." : si > ajeW',i^f"?i^'>liaoorrp?t, will beoondyTnuo t an." w, ae?>1 ai.d marked aa true. ?'U be p'aee. If pioved to be acca a.e in iU ir.ew-?i?.iT.e*:t of ji?, itwi.i beaeaiea acco-dmgly, si.: *-i*. . ?j?. r oa'.tion for u?e. No. *l6 *?nre*i?h r'.reet,(near Odd Fol ?<r?' tit .? Opsc froni 3 a. m.. to * p. m. OHAXl.ES W. CUN INOHAM. fr H *f lr?x?ior ajid Scaur of 9aa Metert. WALL, STEPHENS k. CO.. 3si:* pa.v(a7lv.4.!fia aviltvs. military and naval merchant tailors. and heady-made clothiers, and extkn8ive dealers IN GENTLEmen's furnishing goods, set-if (Intel. K Repub.) ? billiards: I l! LJ The ioyers ' ' n of t he game of billiards will And in emrich's fine hall, | Corner o PcnnsylvAnia avenue aud 11th itrMt, ( oath aide.) two of the most Admirable TABLES in the United Slatei, with every comfort And convenience AM S tf for the plAyers. Watch repairing and silver WARE manufactory. I hAve one of the hes? establishment*, And furnished witn a complete set of tools for repair jbk in every d^^notioa of bne Watches, and fl|i partioo'ar attention cive to tiia same, t>y a^HS thn tih competent workm.v~..&ud a work frjiarar. be*1 A'.ri', evary deacnD ion of standard Ml VI' Wi KE, plain and ornamental, manufactured under my otb supervision. which in; customers will tied far superior in quality and finiah to northern ware told by <ie*tors in gecural and represented an then wn snanuianture. (I. O. HOOD, MS IS* Hi. i??rn?. BM.f ttll 'fHi: EUROPEAN HOTEL, Kfci** UY Ft I. D ^RlOd. at the comer of Fenn.fe ^ ? A arecuo and fclsvntb street, ha* b^n**^*^ greati; It,j:ot?u reontlT and now o.fei?:*Mtti create \vc. ?cr cut* for the patrcnago of 01 {liens and at s.nco.-4 s*iau auv other pjb'.io honremthe city, Lis ?r cs being less than 'hose of any other hotel on f-ta. avenue, and liia accommodations (or erroaisi.t or trapi"""it hoarders nr,e*oep?ir>na;ilo. S -r ba, and '^-Uurar.t arra igementa of the c.nrf>K?-n Holt: aave al.e*>i? bwim* re'y pop a iar. being ail t.itt oau be desired by the moat fasn<*:3:. The groaned" p)e<lf??s unremitted y.ttcntior sad or.tir.u?d .i*?r?. ox^eud;?t?re*f) giresatiiftcUv>u to a'., and tnus renews m? luvitauon " %'l U> f j?e the ?'.on>?-*r. ffotel * /I* 4-?t r U N J1 O A T 9 Ouarttrmtit'* Otneral'ii OMei, { Watkimtto* City. July 18, 1861. * Plaw* si?n Spkctficitiobs for hulls of Sun Boa's for tho Western rivers are on exhibition at this oifioe, and at offioes of Uuarterm&sters at Pittsburg, Cinoin.iati, Pt. Louis and Alton. Boau 6> b:-delivfred at Cairo lliis should be ,rui t<? (Juartcrmastrtr General ofthe United States Army, at Washington, by 1st August, at anon. - M. U. BIOS, Jy 19 Brig. Gen'! and Quartermaster Uen'l. UNION PAPKR AND KNVELOPF*.~Twen ty -afferent styles of Note and L>etter Paper, with Knve op^s to match. views of \vMninj on in the form oi a Koih,and in Mook form , amo, w<*pnr^t?> All the LlaiiT a;.d Wtjek'y Papers con?tantly on hand, rieraia. Tunes, and I'nbune reo*ived every night at 6 o'clock. Papers from all parte of the oountry. Beadle's Dime NuveLs and Son* Hooka. A freeh supply of Books for summer reading* ekeep A large assortment of Juveniles? Mayne Raid's Books, Koiio Books, Abbott's Histories, to. A discount of to60 per cent, on a I bound books FRKNCH &. RICHS'I KIN, rc? 28 Nation*! Hooks tnr?. 9TS Fa. ST. ICAbU NOTICE. N Consequence of our having to pay oash for every artioleol foods we pa rohase. vre are foroed fe> r? ioe our business to U&ah exaiuai??i> ft" areaeot. wa have in store ft v?ry large assortment of READY-MADE CuOTHING for m?n and boy*' *?r. wmcn ar? sailing at & ranch lower rata than usu&'iT. WALL. STEPHENS Jt CO.. 3i'i Pa. aT0"ua. between ttb and 10th ?t*. flaN.A Hepuh.i i\|in OF THE 8KAT OF WAR.-A iplendld i" I Map of tba Beat of War for only t oents. Also, Pooket Ma?s of ail kinds. Soldiers' Camp Dressing Casas from ?3 SO to 98. Blank Books and Stationery of all kinds, Fiag Paper and Envelopes. i-'ass. Banners ac<l Badges. Views of Washington,American and Foreign Magazines, Daily aud Weekly rMV"pRKWCH A ricHSTEIN'9 National Bookstore, ml (Intel. A Repab.) 2 7 8 Pa. * venue. W| HE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larjte assortmentof Ott 10Y and BLUE FLANNKL OVFR-SHIRrS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRANYERS, CAMP BLANRF.T8, HALF-HOB L, ko? whion wa innte all nash purchasers to examine before nuking their selections. VVAl-I- fll'L'niloaia ?? nuut oACirar^niO ? UUn SSS F? ay., between 9th and lftth ( . in g flBtel'nenoer An<i R ep?M loan.) U FRENCH * R1CHSTK1N KXAVB Juat received a freah auppi; of Note Paper, Colored Buruera, raleti and plain, with Envelope* to match Alao, Ha? t'aper of a>i kinda, with and without Motto**: t-,nye;opee to match. Paraea and MMBoofct of every ilMoriptinn. < ??. fro. all part* of um ooantry. FRENCH k. RICH8TEIN, w? > P??b aaenne MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVEL.8.?The I" A ohemuf. or the Houae of Claee; from the French of Honor* de Balsao. Free by mail, SI. dtiaa Marner.Uo Weaver of Raretoo; by Goo. VH,cS^?hT>ta W 9TN Prtflna |-MBB5? HAIR STORE, \T No. 849 Pa. it,.ht, I^th and LStH it*. alvaya op hand, or ?d? to ordor at the ahortoat 44 Tliej go rig bt to the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR DOUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough ingtautly. They olear the Throat. They give atrength and volume to th? voioe. They impart a delioioua aroma to th* breath. They are delightful to the taata. They are made of simple herb* and oannot harm any one. I ad vie* every one who haa a Cough or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a packace of my Threat Confeo tiona. They will relieve you instantly, and yon will agree with me that "they go risht to the spot.' You wiM fcnd them very ueefu! and plearant while traveling or a'tending public meetings, for atilling your Cough or aMavinc your thirat. If yoa try one paokage i &m ??fe in aaying that you will ever af terwa-da oonaider them indiapenaible. You will firnl tham r\? 1 ? J- * - 1: ...? .?V an w? u?v UfS|IQia BUU i/DAl Of 18 [V1QQ1* cm?. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My aigrature is on eaoh pack ate. All othera are counterfeit. A Paokare will be aent by mail, prepaid, on r? oeipt of 'I hirty Cents. Addreaa, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4* CEUAR 8TRKKT, NEW YORK. slic/>. CURE* CURE 0. NervousHeadache ?? s? * Headache. By the aae oi these Pilla the penodlo a tuck a o v wr otc? fliMMM may M prevented; sod 1 Ut:r t? the commencement of an attack immediate rti'jOt from paic &ndeickneaa will l?e obtained. They seldom toll m removing the IVwm ud Htttdtukt to which females are to rabjrot. They act gently upon the bowe:*??removing Cai IMOHII. For Lit?r*ry Mm, Studmtt, Delicate Females, sod all peraona of itdmumry kmbitt, they are valaable aa a Laxat'*$, improving the giving tern* and tor to the dig eat Ire organa, and re atorlng the natural elaatioity and strength of the vhole system. The CEPHALIC FILLS are the recall of long investigation and oara fully oondo?ted ex per In ante, having been in me many yeara, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and Buffering rora Headaohe, whether originating in the system or from a deranged ilate of the ttommcA. They are entirely vegetable in their eomposition and may ba taken at all timea with perfeot safety without making any ohange of diet, ?nd ik* ?bttnct (J any diittrtfobl* laitt rmdtrt it isn < tktm to cAtIdrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five aignaturee of Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Dratgiata and ail other Deal era us Medi etnea. A Box Will be aent bv mall BraMJd on reaeiBt PRICE, ? CENTS. A.i! erder* tho?ld be addreaecri to HENRY C. SPA LDIN#, 48 Cbdak Stbbkt, New Yoke. Eimi ik* E*?mmor, Norfolk, Fa. Cejhaiio fills accom?l;*h the object for wbinh iher were made, ?i?: Care ol headache In ail ite forme. Firm tkt XwaUir, Norfolk, Fa. They have been teeted In mere than a theieanc eajee, wiUi entire euoceee. ti? jDrmecraJ, Sr. Clomd, Nta?. If you are. or have been troubled w ith the haad for a box, (OephaJo Pilie,) eo that yoB mar hare them Id oaee of ai?attaok. Ptrrm tkt IfuMm A. H. UuiiU, GhUms*, III. We oearlly endorse Mr. W^aidinc, ani hla BBnralled CepUalio Pilla. ? m :ii Sontkom Pmth Mute, JVw OrUams, La. Try them ! you that are afflicted, and r?e are rare that your ie?t'mony can be added to the already onroerou* Let that hae received benef ta that do utaer medio mo can prodaoe. from tkt t9MMtrtt, Jewmrt, low. Mr. SfaidiDf wonld not eonneot hie a?,*** with an articie he did not fcwote to poaseea real nrrlt. From tin Admortuor, P*o*idmoo, JL L The Cophaiio fills- are said to he a ramarkab'j effective reu.ody tor the headache, and one af the very hurt for that very fre^ient oempUint which las ever been dlsoovtred. From tk* St. Lorn/it Donoormt. The immenan demand for the article (Ce*h&lle t'ills) ir rapidly inoraasinc. from tJks ?amstok? Toll** Ktm, ? Waarstuiethat pereona aaffari.ii the he&4 mta?, who try them, will atiok to iamb. Am tkt Aimtniur, rrtvidm**, BL I. The toctimoit m their favor la wXiong, fraa tot coat reepeotab'e e tarter a. From tin Dmii* A'a?, iYiaywt, K. J. Ceftiftiio 1'illa are taking the piaoe of all luada. ?mi Ik* Commtrtial Bullnin, Boston., Jfej* Said to be very efloacioaa for the headache. from ik* Commercial, OinemntiH, Okto. Suflenns hrnnanitv can now be relieved. A tingle bottle of Bpaldlng'i Prepared Glue vtlla&veten tiraeeita ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! i SPALDING'S PRk.rAM.ED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE TliK F1ECEB! ECONOMY! DISPATCH ILr-A Stitch w Tim 8avu NiirK."-TTI Aa Moidenta will b?p?n, *ren in wall recni*U>o is vary doairable to bftveaom* ohaa? ftr<i!oonveni?nt way for repairing Furniture, Toji Crockery, &o. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meeU eil ?aoh HHr[?MiN, And no household oa afford t<? b? without it. It it always ready. and tc the atiokinx point M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." n. B -A Break iomb|?b1n sack Bottle. Prie SmdU. Addreee MNIY O. 8PALDIN9, No. 4S Cedar street, New York CAUTION. tigssssssmmm STfi0, est PAtDiMfi ruriftu tuua JKUiKB-4* wmfHR " tMwKV3JSS?? . / fWi Ctmtk, (W, Hmtimui, /?- ] /tflV/BV Amm.mi Mmiim or SereJNmMuA mii a/ U? Tkr?tU, KiJtm U? nJHMl H?mi Ccmtk m lt1'fiHlil?lfl!l hM, frnauii, XitMi t Catarrh, Clmr mad rtri VMnMr Itrmkftk lo tks tune* if PUBLIC SPEAK Kit ai?? 8IN8ERS. F?v ire aware of the importacoe of ohMtinc tooth or "Common Cold ' in iu firmt ituc; thai trlilch in the b*c tunc voald yield to a mud rime dy, if net laoted. soon attack* the Lungs. "Brjwn't o^taeyal Trotku." containi-ni demo.cent intredi nta, allay Palmonary and B>onoh<a! Irritation. "That trouble la my Throat, (foi BROWN 8 whioh the "TVecJU#" area ipeoific! havinr made me often araereirhie TROCHES perer * N. p. WILLIS. BROWN'S ntMmmaoitto?r ueto Pvaue TROCHES *"n' REV. B. H. CHAPIN. "oreaiMTTioain auMaing BMM BROWN'S Mis." REV. DANIEL WISE. VBOOHKm " Almoit inatant rekef in the di? trsaains labor of breathing peoullai HROWN'8 to Asthma." *?w B REV. A. C. E6GLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything injurious," DR. A. A HA v KS, BROWN'S Cktmitii, Zotton. TRocEBs Msiaxt.tsr* BROWN'S BE. 4. F. ?l?8LgWj^ TROCHES " BROWN'S Bttm

" 1 have proved than a*eellant for TROCHES WAERENBROWN'S Bern*. .ROCHES C^>M " BROWN'S ^TO.r.ANOERSON^ inPBGD u KmrrvjiL In reaoTiac Hoaraaneaa and Irritation of the Throat. ? BROWN'S eomTnon with Sriitxti and Stitavionik^ ""'Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON, TROCHES L* Or ???, ba. RRnwN'a Taaaher of M nsio, Southern ? ^ pem&;e College. TROCHE? "Greet benefit when taken before end After preaching, as they prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their past effect, i thir.k they will be of permanent adTROCHES nniut to me, REV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Teun. WOC.KS t? 1-1T TOT FOR THE SICR AND SVFFERIN* J LMT ALL WHO A A K AFTLiCTMD READ! AIN.Y THE REMEDY MB JO 193 J* HEALTH. Frl?i4.4* yem safer/ Are yo< the vietla ef uy f tkoae nameroas ailments wkiek anse fram imBlty of tie blood.' What are the*, do yoa ask/ ther ask. what are they net/ The bk-odis the soaree ef life and heaith, end it is the ftrst element oi oar being to respond to any aaase whi jh affects the system, as the palae infallibly attests. The ever preraiunc nrarai(ii,u?irriui!D( tvr.?Bipe:?.*,ine aabtla Sorofcia, the ecotuains feiieametiam, NerToia Debility, Dy??ep*ie, Liver Complaint with it* tori>or erri dejermor.ecd tie cr-nbfrieaa lilathet 2eah ia heir to, derive ?be\r htdeoai on tin from tha blood. I) ?al k!n<hr then t-d jeutiy with the blood. Vaa the iteiiiiac reaoircea of satmre for Ha aid. end lai'er aa to ctnnmend to year eoaidenooaaa im teat tralr vaiaabie meuioement kaawn aa MRS. M. COX'S INDIA* TSHUTABLE DEVOWTIOff. With racera to thia almoat infallible taeeita aopalar aontimeat haa apeken ;n decided terroa %nd the endeneea of thia treat eAcecy are aaatained by oouatant erowaa of curative efecta end the heppieat r*aa:ta trora its mae ere alter ell other remadiea and the ^eot medical akiit here failed. L?et aa a& cououaior., that certificate area er* nut aoarht pem tbe illiterate and eepertoial, bet they a-re volunteered from tfce moat reapeotablo poaroea and jeatify the hicbcM terms us which it ia possible to commend ao valuable e o^oitto to pa.nic approval. We may edd aiao that tnecurative propertfeiofthemedicineeree*D*';*d only by lie restorative effects, tho eyctem reoorer ac from disease with renewed ooortitntiocel vitnr. For ae!e by ali r?*pootabie Drnceiati in thia lty, and by ta? proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None teaaiae nu.oni her aajae ia blowa oa the aottie and her s-Mt on tb? eorr fry Price #; per " 'it;.?, aiz !x>tt.'eafor ft. We?<?iaii Aft*i. R. ?. ?. CiSSKL, Dragiiet ieorjotown, 1). C., Who'.eeaia Agentfor tea I)iafrioi, and will aapp.y the trade et my pnoea. aa lt-t, n> t n Mni.ciN'a BTSEIJGTHE^IHQCORDIAL ASl) BLOOD H aiFliiH THE GREATEST REMEDY m tk* WORLD, tB*rk> tad aadaiiaa 111 IM' liffit'i'i'!! _ :v?.i;v^tcr 1 c % 'laUltlaf, Mtdatl. ( a OtlUtami, ttailiftllaf apim, aal Ika aat lafalllkla itatdj fat . ? !?tUf in dliiiitd (filw, U4 taatailaf Ika alak, i(f<rU(, ul diklUlattd la??lld M kaaltfc aad autiiU. M* LEAWS STRENGTH* XI If ft 90RDIAL Will afaaiaal.y ??! Imi Cafapla'.ai, Driatpala, li? dtaa, C*?aiui at *?nm DaWlilty, Mlia-.iat %(it Kliatyi, tad all U'ltiia ttitlaj titm a diaardarnt klvtr at liaaiil. aaiikira, laarrrd Pliti, AariUv ar Itikaan at Ua Buaail, Fallaaaa af liaal u Ja Baad, Dail Paia at ?laaa*af la Ua Mdl, Pr .pUauaa af lha Baan, Pa latx a* Wtlfkl la Ua Ktaaiaak, Soar Braatauaat, Ckaklaa at >afaaaua( Faallaf vkta taring i!i?, Dryaaaa ai YtllaW. ataa af ika >k.a aad *jaa, Wif r.? vat la, la>uJ Fatari, PaIb la ika latll ml ilia Kt?k. Ckau *-9 )<(*- ? ?!*? Platkaa ( apraaaiaa ( ftoiw, IV.gkiral !>> > , bofitl, SiiMitMiy any naraaat dllMH, l?ll > I.Mtm aa lit lkii,udriniuii i|i< (n UUUt tad TlfMj ftry.M, A MILLION BOTTLES *t?T? kaaa l*l<l dartag tk? laat ill P?Ui, tad 1l UlUilt kit h fallal U gfrlag *iiU?t t?ut(aa;iaa. Wka, ikaa, ?1il tafar fttn Wiiiuo ?r Dtallity vkta UiLlil'l SHIM GOE^IAk will aara ya? 1 Ma |?|u|t iu mimj aa aaaqaata 14m tl Ut Ibbi(Ikit aa i ilaHl alitttrftt akaug* frtdatt ) ky taklag tkta :<i4u: n ika d'.atatsd, dikilltttaJ, aid akauaitd atl'tat lytiaa, <ki'.<iikitkla4m ky titatt, wtak ky aaiait, at latytlitd ly aiaxstaa, tka Itltztd udiuVM| a>|tallauaa la iir.Ntt ta Su prlatlaa ktaltk aad r!f ?t MA* RlJtV TMKEONB^ at atktrt, iniilm ?f laaWHty frat vkata??r ataaa, wHl ad MtklAIf mSK?YflB>lVft OOMtAJa a lk?'aagk rtftatraiat #f ika aynaa: aad all wka iut kttt la Bad Uaataalrat ky lay/ajiir la.4?lg<aaca will tal m IkU (dial r. iimlint *9**rf raa?4y. TO THE IJ 1)1 KB. Makliri avaUI?TKSaia? OORDIAk t> a aartratga aad apatdr tart fa* latitat Gabaaayiaa, Wk'.taa, 9 an rat tad ai SUUklt Maaiuatnaa J aaaailaarta af Vrlaa a* laaalmtarr Vlalturt laataaf, Faillag if Ut Wuab, T.ddtaoaa, ralalUg, aad all dUtaaai Utldaal U PtBalta. THERE IB NO MISTAKE AEQVT IT Mil ta itafti. Van It ttaarluf it llrtauna It will rtlaalata. auaagtfcra, aad lartgarata yarn aad ataai tka klaaa at kaatta w vaan year tkck agata. Bitty Wait)a la wairaaiad ta gt*a ctmfaauaa. FOR CHILDREN, U yemi ttlMiia art alakly. p?at ar afliatad, MeUUII OOKSIAk will aaka lata kaaluy,fat, aac rakati. Dalay a?i a aaatali iu It, a>4 th-wUI ki wartalid. Ilia dalUlaai tataka. 9A moN. awart af drvgglau at daalara wka may try ta pala aaaa raa aama ktuai at aaraapartlla traak, wkiak thay aaa tar aaaaa, kya*y-!sgll la taai aa gaad. Aaatd taah aaa. Ail fat ilcUiil'i in c nkTRMINU COfcDLAk, aad Uka aatklng alaa. It ta tha au'.y ramady that will parify tka laa.l ibaraagklT and attaa aarna :>cpa ttranglhan tka tyatam. Una taaapaaafal takaa aaary maruing faaling u a cartata ft aatatlaa far Cbalara, Ckilla aad fi?tr, T aliaw Faaar, ar aay anralaut diaaaaa. It it ytlay lo larga ka.tlat. frua aaly gl par kaltla, ar kaulaa far tfk J. MckEAK, ala tnirlaitt af tbla Cardial: alaa. Makaaa*? f?iu?n m kla'lattnL Prlt>alpal aa Ul wim< af Third ui nnitlllto.ll Licit, Ma. KcLean'? Voloanio Oil Liniment, <T?* HIT hlllMUT IB Tit WORfaO.) Tki aaly Hftul tintlu Mithi Uuiin, Filu, Tmaan, BwtiUaf* tad iMtiibili u CbIui, PtnlTiu, Mtlr>lfU, Wuk:.ui ?[ at MbicIii, Cbranlt at UlimmiiOTj fthiamitlini, attfuiit if {hi Jilati, Ootraetid Maielu at UfiaiDU, MttUl wTMthttkl, InliH, Icrtlm, fn>k Cau, Wiudi, IUm, r???r Iwh, Caltd Irian, Imi Mlaplii, rut, htKi, Tbraat, at uj tDtaiarci'.iao ar MLB, DB dlffltlOtl IITIII U I*C( <> dillUI Bit kti uUud. Mckum CBbSB&ATXD kUUMKBT li a iiruin hbi<;. Tltuudi af Hui tiuift Uti tin ittili lift Bf All anpltadt Bad bIiii; by ibi aii af Uti lsTilatkli ramidy. MeLEAITS TOLCAN1C OIL LINIMENT Will tili vi pain ilntti IniUMaaiawly, Bad U will data, partfy Bad hill Ui faaliil iirti la an iairidlbli ihact u?i. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MikSAVI CJCLKSRATLD LINIMENT li Ui aoly mM iad riliabli iiatit fat Ui ?ari of Ipitia, liifWi, Wtalf alii, tyltata, Vnaataral kamni, Had it a? illiafa. It Bitir lallad la lira Big Maid, Pailirtl, fiatala, Old Baaing ? , at Ivaaay, If praairly iipltid. Fat pralai, Btakiii, Birallhii, Craikid Italt, Cbifii, taddli at Oallar alia, Cm, laraa, at Waaodi, It la to lofailiaii natty, ipflj It u iinuad ul a un to Mttola li itm taataaaa. TMb Wit aa l?Bfli wtto ttol aaaay unkiiai klalaiiati affaatd u jaa. Obtain a layyly af Dm. MckEABt Clkl EATBD klBlMBBT. It will aati tat. I m M. L rik Oral* Tkiid ut Pin' ?u., Bi. , Ha. OSALkll ITUTT, rth.if^ wlMfiil la Wiahtag MB K.I f QUNUOAT8 tor the WESTERN RIVERS. UciKTUMiiT? SmmL'a Omn. I Jtm* 17,18nl.{ Proposals art invited for oonetrootiog Gunboite utott us Weetam river* 8p*K3ifio*tioni will be immediately prepared and ro*y be examined at the Q ur'trmMUr'a Oftee at CiLolonati. Pit ?bDr(h. and at tnie oflse. Proposal* from boat boil era and enfine-bnild er? alone will be ooneidered. P ane submitted by bidden will be taken into Btf . ?...a stsns& w_ TEATELIN? TRUNKS. nA^W-twM Jss$nsT2fii lieee. Carpet Baca, *e? wtteh we are now ee'lmg TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJN1TED STATES MILJTAET SOUTH. Ob aatl after Monday, Peptein*er 8, Ml. Pmeeneer Tr%jo? between WASHINGTON uxl BALTIMORE will mn aa follow*: TRAINS Monro NORTH Mornicf Ripr*?a leave Wutin'oc C a *. Arrive at Baltimore 7 45 a. M-; Philade pnia lg SB r. M ; New York p. m.. Harria .arj l 14 p. m. Morning Aooomrc.-d vuon Inn Wa-hrngton 7 JO a.m. Arrive a* Baltimore 9.10 a. PkuaUeJphia ?p m ;New York s r u livening Kxpreca leave Washington tjn p n. Arrive at Baltimore 4.1? p. m; Phi.aCelHia ?3? ?. m ; New York 9 a m. Evenidk Aoc 'innKMiatioQ leave Washington 5-45 p.m. Arrive at Baltimore 7 3D p. m.; HarrUbarg TRAINS MOT ISO SOUTH. Leare New York at 7 a. M.; Phi ade.phia 11 SB A. M.; Baltimore 3 45 r. u. Arrive at Washington SJB ' Leave New York at p. Philadelphia 10 SB p. m.. Baltimore 5 a. m. Arrive at WaeaiactOB a. u. Acoommo<1at'on Tra.t i leava B* t;rnore at I.O a_ * .and 5 p. m ,and arrive at waeki&xton W * Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7 V a m aadU r and Baltimore at 14B a. m ak 141 p m , make direct oonnections for An?polls a* tae J uDotion. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and VV ask initon at 6Jfi a. m. aod lr. a Paasenger Train* leaving vVaahltgtot at Ca.ii. a'>d X.S> p. m.. and Ba'timore at 8 a. m. and $ 45 p. M-. v II ixsp only at A nnmpoixi Jmtunom mmd JU4ay Junction v\ a? I'assecgers are reeoeetMl to take tke Accommodation 7V?*?t or tke Ret liar Tonnage Train, whioh wi.l have riseengsr oar attaohed. Trains will lesve the Washington Depot prssipl It upon cird ttm* Ail artioiee oi freight (not contraband of war) Wil] hA ?L- w ?? * ? -u-rvi v?ci UIV liav ntfBlftT IODQUV Eratei will leave BaltimoreUUi i^eare W mItftno at 3 30 p. x. By order of ine fUoretarj of War: R. F MORLE V.?enera. Mana*er THOMAS H. CAN FIELD. Anntant Manager. SPECIAL NOTH E. SVyDAT TRAIN. Leave WASHINGTON at*.*) p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Vor< and Pbilidelphia,arriving la Washington at 6 in a. m. R. F M??RLEY, ge71 Genera! Manager. f fli STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN tAtHli* NfcW YORK ANDLIVKRPOOL. ^Landing and embarking r? at QueenMown, Ireland lhe Liverpool. New > ork and Philadelphia gleam sine Company intend dispatohing their fall powered C rde-built iron bteam*nip? a* follows: GLASGOW Satsrcar, August 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, " " Wth. KANGAROO. 44 " nth. And ever; Saturday, at aoon, from Pier44, North nver. aATI9 or fiMAM. Firet Cabin . #75 Do. to London ? | Do. to Parie^.^ ?6 Do. to Hamburg M Hteer^ge ? #sn Do. to Ix>iKlun ? 94 Lo, to fa i? ? Do. to Humburc ? raseengera forwarded to re. Breme:.. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Jko , at rednoed throush fare*. Person* within* to brine out their friend* can buy ticket* at Sow rate*'. tor further informaMon apply at the Captains Office. JOHN ?. DAL . Arect, 16 U road way, N. Y-, Or to Q. A. HERRING, Aaama Expreaa Oat-.more. .ip?^lNDiVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LINE. EASTERN AND WESTERS SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt J B. K-rwan "PIONEER," Capt. W. Norman, Will run their route* a* follow*, leavi g Light i street, Ua tiniore, foot oi Camden, at 7 o'olook A. ' M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landiaga I on Ohpptank river, every WEDNESDAY ai.d ' SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and W?t RiveT, every TUESDAY aiid FRIDA V nn?i returning *a e day*. PIONEER?For St. Michael'* an-1 Eaaton, via Mile'* River, every WEDNESDAY, and return the came day. For Annapolis, West R ver, Cambridge, Oxford and Eaabm Point, every THURSDAY, returning br aaire route on Friday For Annapolis. West River, St. Miobael'aand I Ea ton, via Mwe'a River Ferry, every SATURI DA Y,returning e/ery Monday oy same route Faro to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fastoi I ft U1UV. . . ?. - . mm m m . I 1 60 Firflto m Miohael'aand Milee* River,(roand (11 i?Alf J ? i? i 1M Fare to we?t River, ( round trie, #1)........ 1 *0 Faro to Annajo.i* (rooad tri?75oenta) 7i MEALS EXTRA. fT^ Freight mpit be lrejald. Wharf and Ottoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. , Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. SB5?3R CEN-^IULVRA/LWAY. SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE,/ Caxvmt Ptatiow, flatiniore. Ma* 18, hb1. ( On and after Srndat. Ma* 19th, 1161, Traits on the NOR I HERN CENTRAL HAIi-WaY ar rive and depart aa follows, until farther notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M. EXPRESS at SS> P.M. AILRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at P. M i The 8 15 A.M. train oonneota at Relay Hone i with train* on the Western Maryland Rai.r<>ad; at Hanover Jur.otion with Hanover and Gettubu'g Railroad.:; at York with York and WnchUrlile Railroad; at llarntiur* with Pennsylvania Railroad for a.! part* of the Weat, aieo with Lebannoa * anoy n?uru?u 10 i*M? Iork d*r*ft; at Northnm l>erland with L and B. "aiiroad for Kincaton tad ali parta of Wyooming V allay .and at Banbury with tba Philadelphia and Eria Railroad lor all parti Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 3t> P. M train makea all tiia above oocneotiona exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrlghtaviile Railroad aoi the Labennon Val^y Railroad. Tf.e 8 P. M train maaea ounneetiona with Penney.vania R&iln ad for all parte of the West, and direct oonneota for Naw York. TRAINS ARRITB. Mail at 610 P M.; Expre?a at 7 46 A. M.; Hamaburc Aocouimodation at 2.48 P. M. Por Ticket* and lnlor.i ation inqnire at the T">M -JJIHUI, LE^o5 NmSSk.rHIA The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Tren-fH Railroad Compeaiea'Line Irona PHILADELPHIA TO NKW YQ.HCj^Ffi WAV PLACER, from WALNUT PTREET WHARF AND KENdlNOTON DEPOT, wilITeuve aa fcl At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Aocoin mod at! on. ( At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jeraey City, (N.J. I Accommodation ) At l A. M., via Camden and Jeraey Crty,(Morale* Mail.) 1 At 1VS A. M . via Keaaington and Jeraey City, 1 (Western Expreae.) At Life P.M., via Camdea and Am boy,(AMoaaadatvpn.) ! AtSP M., via Camden and Amboy,(C- and A. j Exarera.) At 4fe P M . via Kenaincton and Jeraey City, 1 (Evening Eifraea.) At ?fe P M , ija Keaainiton and Jeraey City, (ftacond Claaa Ticket.) t At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jeraey City,(Evening Mail.) At life P. M., via Camden and Jeraey City,(Boatheru Mail.) AtS P.M., via Camden and Am boy, (Aooomm?d?, tion. freight aud paeaenger, Pirat Claea Ticket.) Second Claas Ticket. i The 6 f. M Mail Train rn&a daily. The life P. M- Mail, ^aturdaya excepted I Eor Belvtdere, Eaaton, Lam bertviile, Fleming I ton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M^ana 4fe P. M., from KeaWater Gap, Strondaborf, Soranton.Wilkee iw i oiim'uu i???, wiwh oeoui AO*. K7J0 Ailit from Keanniton, Tia Delaware, LtoUvknu ud WMt?rn Railroad. , For Mauua Chunk, Allentown and BetfclebemAt 7.10 A. M. and 6* P. M.. from Eendngton depot; the 7.10 A. M. li e oonneote with the tiUBmnii h Fo?MottctVo.y'at ud I A. M. w41 and 4* ^ Por Freehold at I A. M and t P. M. For Bristol, Trrnto&rio. at 7.10 A. )f-? and b% P. M from Kensington, and WP. M from Wainnt etreet wharf. j For Palmyra Riverton.palncoo, Beverly. Barhn*ton^Fijre^neoo, Boraentown, Jte., at UM, I, 3' Bteamir Trenton for Borden town, and intermediate plaoca, at M P. M. from Wainnt street For New York and Way Llpee. leaving 6enstngton Depot, take the oars on Fifth street, >ove, half an honr before depature The oars run into the depot, and on arrival oftraia ran from thede>ot. Fifty pounds of baggage only allowed toeaeh passenger. Passengers are prohibited fro* tairiag anything as baggage bat their wearing apparel All bazsace ortr Sft? ? ? -* '? extra. Ttie oonjp&ny limit their reeponsi?itit7 f t Uuut to one dol ar per sound.and will not be liable Tor any amount bejond one baadred dollars, exoept by special contract. WM. H.BATZMKR, AfKLt. ?e?sbmb we^t andsoutb "lii mm BALTIMORE AND OHIO RA1LKOAD. On and after May Utn, lt61, the trams will ^aa aa loliowx, vis:?Leave Camden Station. Baltimore.?Mail, lexoest Sunday.) at & SO A. M.; Express duty at S. 45 P. M. Both Trains to directi? Ihrourh H)R ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWE8TT FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and rieumott take the A. M. Train; between Piedaiont and Wheeling take Accommodation Train, leaving Piedmont at A 40 AMi and between Grafton and Parker* berg, take the ft SPA M Traiatrom Ba ti store. The FREDERICK THA1N l-avee Baltimore at 4 Si P. M. aad Frederick at (St A. M Tb< ELL)COfT*S MILLS I BAIN leave Baltimore at? ?s and S.16 A. M. an4 146 and f.40 P. M-. and Elliooit's Milis at7.40aad 11 JO A. M .and 14* acd 7.M) P. M. For fertfc?r information, Tiokets of every kind, ns^i^NsSSkS ?SMasmk .P** M. H TklAM. Pr??V w 3?^?3p T^?j!Hf^EiSE uAipMivr. our. iiu nwai N?r York MtM n**ft (41 P. M. tmi mBMh. 4mi> A Preicbt Traia tritk >infw ear MmM imw msp. m, itow'h*1 allbutmhm mini ?aumor* aoq H%tt? de-?rea?. naMitri for p* awara aed tka Rutin fkora ?nc will tad tka awet axpediurai route by ?y rfw'wwrtn. |fy- All Colorad Ptraoai ma at give toad kefo ra <? starts* thtoara. WM CKAWFORP. A??t. WiiSHEi! CM RITUAL HAJLKUAp. tirHJ TreJaa iaere Nov York c'tf tt?ro?a ft fiadaoa Hirer ftaiiroad From Ckambera atreet fprow Mat at. itatioa. At iMia At7*am !? f?>m l'J? iSf* ?J" f m tttpm MoctrtaJ aed HaftlM Trut with aTaepiag! oara, .'?? I 1 44 > Cocneot 11 M Albany wtthtte Naw Tort Cm ga Ki,.u*d lorla irtaiy. WLoefce?t>?'tije VowmX^uUSl1.'SafUo. sT7a^M?NM?&r* Seepeeeirn Bridge Aaberc. Own.Cn.M<anH. Traiaa ia o> aaaatooa leave Buffklo and Baa? aioa vift Lake Saora, BtffaJo and i tka Barea aed 6rent Waeteni Kai!ro*d. for Hamilton. Torr^ito, Detroit, duetto. Tolado.Milwaakia.Fon Da Lae. La Croaea. Madtaon. Prairie Da Cfclea, 6i r-aa. RiiImU, DibiiH, Peoria. Roefc iJaad. MiaaaOua, !<>wa City, BarWnrton. trainer, Sarin tkeid, Alu>?. $t. Loaia. Cairo, Terre Ha at*. |ndiaaaeo<ia. Loaiavilia.Cinoioaati.l a?ton. Coianbaa, CI*Ta (and. UM aJ' aointa WmI. nortkwa^ ?W a???i NORTHERN ROUTE. Coan?<iinc wuh Tral>* at lro?, with Troy h Boaton and Kens. k. Haratofa Poada for Saratoga. Whitehall, Ratland, Harlinttoa. ft AIbaoa. Roa?* Point, Platt?barib, Otdenabargb, Montraa.. A a., *?fl7 Freight AmKMnwti by tbi* roate aa above, without chance of Ca-a, trow the l>epota la Chamber* and Canal atreeta ara at all time* aa favorable aa made by oik r Bail road Compani**. T>* facilities of Uu* groat NewVork Kr-?t?,' the Waat commend it to tha eoiidetat of n*'akuti an shipper* for pronptoMa and diepatah Paasetger train*, with Smoking an) SJ?*ping Caravan in connection oa tbe New York Cea.ra. For'partica'.ar* aa to looal train* aad frmikt ar rangamanta, inaaire at tbe depot, ?*? w arrovi at. A. F. SMITH, gBponateadoat. _JP*?a. U 9 OOVKRNMKNT LINK >T0 FORT MONROB AND OLL POINT COM POUT. Laam the tower and <>? IM(?N DOCK, Bait* more, waat aide, DAILY, (Bandara included.) at iHo'oirck P M. taking paaaonter* and (eight, aad ooan*oting with tbe Railroad lines, to and t orn Washington, D. C.. Phi ac?iahia. New York, Boa ton, York, Harri*har?, Pittsburg. Pa, ar.d tha W eat, immediately after the arnral of tbe Expraaa Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. Tna following i* the Benec a.a: Prom New York to Fort Monroa and back. R14 From ^hi'adelph a ar.d hack? . 1M Prom Baltimore and baok )i CTPROCURE YOUR TICKET* .O la New tbe Naw Jaraay Railroad Oftoa fout of fftlirtlRrd atrdMit Id PhuaJeiphia. at th* Cnmpany'a oiM.N. W . oorner ?f Sixth ud Clwctatt etreeta.or at U? Depot. Broad and Prim* atrteta. In BaJtimurt, on board tb? Hutrnm. f??t of Union Dook. HIGH O CONNER. Paaaoniter A c?n? [^HENbW YOKK. HAK1.KM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. leavi>6 new york fob isnfaw Comm?ieiH Mrndav. May nth, Ml. For Abany?llsOf a. a. (Ut expreaa traia irvm SStb itrMt. Cor Dorar Plaice?4:0r p. etopptu at Whit* ina and atatioaa north to Do tot p .aiaa?froa Mtb atreot atauon. (Thia train will rnn to H11 lertoa ererr PatarOay FomSto?ob Falla?1:11 a. m. etoppina at a 1 atatioaa north of Fonlhaa fraa 3B<h atreet atatioa. For White Plaiaa t?, fcW a<4 Ma a a.itay ping at all atatioaa from SBth afreet atatioa. For White P.aina?a m. atop ping at all eta bona from W hit* atreet atatioa. For w llliama Bride*?7*, 11:1* a. a. aai p. a. atop net at ail atatioaa Iraa mh an?> atatioa. R rt l r t- of will laa*?? Aihacy?a. a. laat nirM train. Dover Piaina?&S> a m. (Tiua trait Uavae Mu lerton eren MoLday moraine at I a. a.) Croton Jri:,*?6 P. a. w Lite PLaiae?del*,?** a a. 4:K? A T*> a a. Wllhawa Bride*?m . ?*? a. a. A lioa p. n Snadat traioa will leare ?th A venae oorner M atraaf mmm D..w v v.? it - .? _ f?- - -j- ?. -\j? , ~ iuiitiiw, MS Hif h Bridge every f-w minute*, (row *? a. m . to 7*6 p a. JOHN BURCHlbl.. Aest t*mp'U i^h.NEVV YOKE AM? RAIL road PuMD|?r Trtiai Iwvtu P??oma Ferry and Long inx-k. from foot of Ckta'tri lUMt, New follows, tii : T OO a. m , EX PR F SS for Dunkirk, tad Buffalo. and sncoipai irtrrmr ta'e ^tttlow. 8 oi'a. m .MAIL,for l>?nkirc. and intermediate Stations?This Train renuun* over night at Klmira, and srooeeca tiie next ntorn .ng ?jv a m MILK daily, for Oturiwe, aad latermediate Stations. 11 mam .ACCOM MODATION. daily, for Port J?mi, and stinoisai Station* 4 00 p. m . WA\ for Middletown, Newbargh. and intermediate Station*. Sjoo ?. ru.. M6HT EXPRESS. daily, for Dnn kirk, Buffalo, CanandaignaAnd principal Stations Tee Train of Saturday (top* at a*. Mail Trail Station*, and rone only to Elmira 6 or r. m.. ACCOMMODATION Jot Horaasnls. aad prteoipal Stabons CHA8. MiNOT.6ea'l Sa?H. NATHANIEL MARSH, Reo?4Tor. j^.for boston via newport and pall^Iver. By the apiendia and anterior strength and saewl. b?t particularly adapted to tee navigation of Loot 1,* aad Sound, ranaiag in ?oaMotion with the Fall River a?d Old Colony Railroad, diatanoe of M miles omy to Boetoa Lwn Pier No 8 No'th River near thf The learner KV P1RK STATfc, Capt Brtftoa, Monday*. Wednesday ?, im Fncaya, at t o'aloek P.M., tnuekinc at Newaort each *? . The 8UM?r METROPOLik, Capt Brova, on Tuesday a. Thursday a. and Ba tarda* a, at t o'elooh P.M., touol.iLg at Nrr^ort eaoh way, Theae t* learner* a<? fitted with oowmodioua atate room a. aod every anuf?mt for the aorart tr aod oomfort ?t |M?? who are afordod by thia route a nithu' raat on board, and on arrival at Fa!1. River jrooeec ur 8teamr>oat Train.reaeb log B -?tor. aarlr -the following morning : or may remain on board until atarting or the Aeoofntnoaa tion HI A. M., by which they may reach Boaton about M6 A. M. A baggage master ia attachad to eaeh ateamer, who reoeiyea and tiok^ta the baggage. and aaaaapamea the lame to Ita deeUnatioa. A ateamer nra in ef cn?otioa with thia Line be tween Fall River a&d Provideaoe dauy, exoept Hudaya. Freight to Boaton la forwarded through with great aiapatoh by aa Kxpreea Train, which eavea Fall River ever* moiuina, ?uadaya ejoepted.a* o'olook for Boaton at.d New Badfoid, arriving at ita dean nation at about 11AM For freight or pa?aag?. app y ?. a board, or at the ofioeon Fier No. S North River T or a tate room a and bertha aaply on board, or if deairoo to aeoara them in advauoe, to WM BORDKN, At'l TO and T1 VN eat a tree t. N Y. VIA 6ROTu\ BTON lN?h' 0? l^^?aad PROtlDtNCK, FOR BO* TON?inland Routa-The ahorteat aad moat di Wili)aaM, la ooulaouoc wiu the Htominior ape Prondenoe,aod Boa-oo and Prondenoe Railroad a, KffTnEz 6rotors atIJD o'oloolt P ' liVor "on the* arrri'tTof J8? & AitWMonday, WwtiMliM, and Friday- rna ?rongfc^tLi.rr-'^ifc. *- 4~~ PMMafWi from Grotoa itocMd Mr miM to Providetat and Boaton. id tb? Expr^a Mi Train, renomr.i *a*<i place in n4v*nc* ? fmmm by otner roitw, im in unala Uim tor a I Ue aariy Moraine Lino* oonooting North and Kau. Cm aeniara that jrnfar it, rtna:i. ?>n boa 4 the earner, anjoy a nif hta' reat nndtatnrbed braalfnat if deaifed, aod iosto 6rotoe in tkalUa. fi. True, oorneotinc at ProYidenna Vith iha 1?* A M. Tram for Boa Ion. F?r?froin ? iov.da-oe to Nnaport, Filty #euta. b&cgace wiUt naoonpouioa tb? ritenraar and Trninaa:h way For Paaaare, Bertha, Ptate Room*, or Froifbt. paly on board thn n^nm?r, or at th? Freight Oftoa, Pier U North Kivar, or a 1 the nftae of the 0< rnttnj, No. lift W *?t t-eot.oirsar of Cortland streetC New York, Fab.?. nr.. M* MILITARY BOOKS. r RENCM 4. R1CH8TIKN bora)? laaa^nd % large and com p at* aaaortaaent of Military Boot* of all kinda, whtoh thoy offer irom tec to ft/ty per oont beiow the rofnlar rotaii priona,? Manas: A now edition of Hardoa'a lafiurtry aad Rifl* Tvctioa. tuaklau. a l m For VuTiBMri' Muul.S rols. |i Alia ' Cflmp?o<Ua? o(R?rd??'a Tmun, Sro*'? MiliW? Aargrri. 16o . _ stte'eFieiO fortification &n4 Ontp< at, M*k 1# JrWi Twtiot, oKmp editioa. ate ptS. StteraSK/KKi a ttw.Mt A ?o.Mu:t*ry Mlfi.MM of U* Bm** W-, L F !*? , jUd^i M M?da>a

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